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cheating men

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Guy Details for  Jody Erwin Cooper

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Number of Times Viewed:  529
Now that I have known him alot longer, I thought I would update. First of all, he's on pretty much every dating site out there. He usually puts his name in his profile. Watch out for a good-looking, tall, blonde named Jody who lives in Cleveland, TN. I managed to break into his profiles once and he'll send messages to about 20 or so different girls a day, just to see how many "bites" he gets. And he is a TOTAL addict. Any drug you can think of, he does it! And I do mean ANY!!!!! He is a liar. He is manipulative. He is a very smooth talker. I thought I was pretty savy at catching liars, but he knows exactly what buttons to push and how to finesse people. We were never in a committed relationship, so I can't say that he cheated on me, BUT I do know that he is a liar and he will tell you exactly what he thinks you want to hear. He can be a good friend. I give him that. He will do anything for you. Except be honest. Just be aware that is NOT boyfriend/husband material and with his drug problems, I don't know that he ever will be.
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6/16/2009 10:47:00 AM - Please see my profile on Jay Brown, aka EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR, on http://datingpsychos.com/view_psycho.html?psycho_id=2586 Also see comments under that profile, where I’ve provided a partial list of other men alleged to be either: on the downlow, swingers, and/or “bisexual”. If you want the whole list, just ask me for it, I have it. PASS IT AROUND TO ALL YOUR FEMALE FRIENDS! WARN THEM! In fact, I have several profiles up there on him, and on DDHG, and a couple up here. The man you profiled? His name is on that list, so I brought more attention to it, in the comment section, under Jay Brown’s profile.

10/1/2009 10:44:54 AM - None of this information posted is true in the least. This was all posted by a person that was bitter and mad over a bad breakup and she just wanted to post some really unkind and untrue comments. I know who she is and hopefully she is over it by now but I and many others that know him totally agree this is not true and I know him personally better than anyone. Also, it is illegal to hack into someone else's profile as this girl did and completely obsessive and considered stalking. Jody has a bigger and better heart than anyone I and many, many others know and for everyone out there to see, this is NOT TRUE. Anyone can post comments about anyone and just sign a ridiculous legal form and crazy sites like these say it is true when it absolutely is not. They will not remove it for any reason and suppposedly it is there to stay regardless of if it is all lies. I myself, would never make terrible and untrue comments about someone I was aquainted with. If I was hurt over a breakup, I would just get over it and move on like any NORMAL person would do.
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1. This man has
Never cheated on you as far as you know
2. If he was ever caught cheating, he would
Admit, under pressure, and lie that it only happened once
3. This man can be compared to
Someone who makes up elaborate scenarios and/or teams up with friends/associates to cover his lies
4. This man has lied to me
A lot, but tries to deny it
5. Regarding trust
You can NOT trust him
1. Regarding verbal abuse, this man
Avoids confrontation by avoiding the subject
2. With regards to jealousy and control, he
Allows you total independence
3. This man’s temper can be described as
He deals with his temper constructively
4. Does he ever apologize or admit when he is wrong
5. Describe his selfishness
He is usually selfish, but occasionally thinks of others
1. This man wants
A relationship with no substance (i.e., for outside appearance sake only)
2. This man wants
A relationship of convenience where he doesn’t have to work at it
3. This man
Loves dependents and/or pets and enjoys and actively participates in taking care of them
4. He has been divorced
5. Regarding marriage/life time commitment, this man
Will NEVER get married or commit fully to anyone
1. Regarding this man’s ego
He’s extremely insecure and compensates by over inflating himself
2. This man
Is a complete slob who you have to pick up after
3. This man would help you: (i.e., fix your car, home repair, lift something heavy, etc…)
If you ask him, he is happy to help you and/or if he sees you need help, he offers
4. Regarding companionship
He will spend time with you, if you ask
Don’t touch him with a 10 foot pole, he’s a complete waste of your time
Date Survey Submitted: Prior to 04/19/2006
Last known residence: Cleveland  Tennessee, United States
Dating Site Alias & Website it's on: iwantyoutowantme1 on cupid.com
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