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cheating men

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cheats- no woman is going to stop him from cheating- he has been married 2 r 3 times. Likes blondes who drive nice cars with good jobs and big boobs- narsacist-liar-extremely good looking- not smart-likes women that are socially connected, so he can use people to his advantage. LIES all the time while he lies he tells you to trust him. He should be in politics, when he lies he convinces you to believe him. Instincts are never wrong, ever. Low self esteem, talks highly of self.
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9/25/2007 5:47:25 PM - The comments listed above are too kind for this loser. Lets establish what kind of idiot this guy is. He has a girlfriend of 7 years who lives 2000 miles from Portland (he recently moved here in January 2007) who has supported him for several years. By the way, she is awesome and way too good for this louse and has dumped him. He thinks he is smart and tries to date another woman in Portland only to be busted, in public, outside of Paragon restaurant by both women. The waite staff are clued in that this idiot is getting busted for cheating and are instructed not to give him so much as a glass of water! His only friend who he idolizes is invited to this little party to witness this event and further embarrass this idiot. The guy lives in a slum apartment, drives a old beater truck that was given to him along with everything he wears and works for a flamming queen who has made him his love slave. Armando's little gate swings both directions for anyone who is willing to pay; male or female he is sold to the highest bidder. He really isn't that good looking and lets not bother mentioning how horrible he is in bed, a 2 minute man - tops!! He has no self esteem, he prays on women who are highly successful and he is a wanna-be, morphing to what ever you want him to be, he has no depth and completely lacks integrity, morals or values. Ladies, it doesn't last long, he has no personality, no money and no redeeming qualities to hold your interest. He is a complete wretched dog, the lowest life form. He is very quick to profess undying love to you and anyone else who will listen to his tirades. He thinks himself a Latin lover, he is a poor mutt that has been sent to chateau bow-wow for behaving badly. Armando has no redeeming qualities - he is laughed at by everyone in Portland and is considered a social outcast by everyone in the arts. He is nothing more than a lowly houseboy for hire; if you need any yard work or hauling done he's your man. Keep your children and pets far away from this loser, he isn't one to be trusted with anything other than your trash and I'd shred everything first!! My advice RUN AWAY fast before you catch something from this sleaze.
9/25/2007 6:21:54 PM - For your reading pleasure - this is our boy!! Copy each of these into your internet browser and you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about Armando, in his own words!! www.mnartists.org/organizationHome.do?action=info&rid=16085 news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/12/29_julinc_badboyballet/ www.ressldance.org/event.html www.berkshireballet.org/bb_dncr.html www.dspride.com/music6.htm

10/18/2007 11:20:04 PM - I'm a college friend (23 yrs.!) of the woman who put up with Armando, A.K.A. total jackass user and loser, for 7+ years. It's about time she finally got rid of this pathetic excuse for a man. This is the same piece of dog crap that beat up a woman...inside of a woman's restroom in a restaurant...simply because she was trying to block the door to prevent him from entering the restroom to harass my friend. Why? Because she left poor, pathetic Armando Maldonado sitting at the bar alone for a short time while she stopped by a table to chat with some clients of hers. What kind of psycho would get so mad that he would chase his girlfriend into the bathroom and then proceed to physically attack and violently assault the woman who was in the bathroom with her, trying to assist her? Could I put the icing on the cake for ya' here? The woman who Armando assaulted in the restroom was none other than my friends SISTER!!!!! Could this psycho-freak-loser-user-jackass possibly be any more pathetic? I for one am totally relieved that my friend has gotten rid of this freak and can move on with her life. Besides being a cheating moocher, he also is a ticking time bomb. Stay far, far away from this piece of doggie doo doo, ladies.

3/15/2009 8:17:36 PM - OMG, Is this the Armando that was living in Duluth, MN, and moved to Portland, OR. Is a ballet dancer, family lives in Texas.....OMG Makes me sick. Please respond

3/19/2009 4:53:15 PM - Yep its him. Did this happen to you too? Which city and when just curious on behalf of 2 women in Portland.

3/19/2009 5:43:21 PM - All I can say, is YES, this is him. It makes me SICK. Yes, she did have a child. Did you know that he also has a 21 year old boy that he has no contact with? Been married twice? I knew he lied, could just feel it. I know he was sleeping with one of his dancers in Duluth. I knew he had a major anger problem, too, and was drunk alot when I spoke with him. I am SO sorry this happened to you. I just hope that you were single when you dated him.

3/19/2009 5:49:37 PM - I know he has a boy. I knew he was married before as well. His second marriage in Portland ended because he was cheating with a real estate agent who was 60 some years old. Money hungry guy. Did you date him too or just your friend. He was working here in Portland on the LeftBankProject.com but left Portland because of wrong doings at work. Hes living in San Antonio again next door to his mom.

3/19/2009 6:01:53 PM - Eeeewwww, a 60 yr. old??? I was more than a friend AND am married. So, I cant say much, but was floored when I found this site, just wondering whatever happened to him. I guess I know now. Lives next door to mom? Figures.

3/19/2009 6:25:32 PM - He lives with his new girlfriend...she obviously doesnt google him!! Thats his M.O. love em and leav em....anything to get ahead and when it doesnt go his way he moves. Tell a story!

3/19/2009 7:13:31 PM - OH LORD, god help her. Well, hell its a step up for him, living with someone! I am sorry you were hurt, also. Good to share thoughts, although it makes me mad!!!

4/29/2009 8:33:04 PM - OK its time to let the truth set all free, Yes this is the real Armando Maldonado that lived in Duluth and Portland. I am so sorry to say that there is so much false information in all of this. My divorce in Portland was not over an affair, we just did not see each other as we did when we were married. As far as my affair, I had no affair with Paige! My former girlfriend would come over to my house at 3 a.m. to try to catch me, but no surprise Paige was not there, you what to know why, because she was living with her boyfriend and in his arms not mine, I looked at Paige as my little sister, nothing else! She also did not tell you that I''m the one that took her to rehab for her addictions did she or all the multitude of other loving things I did, but ultimately her addictions is what broke the relationship, 7 years of trying to reach her in a bottle just did not work. And please in all fairness did T tell you about her affair with a married rich fella, do you guys think his wife in Florida was happy that she was being flown around the world to be with him and he was paying her rent! OHH but we can not forget negative K who a 5''0 thought the world should bend to her will, and if not will it was everyone''s fault but not her own! Maybe this would explain why her fiance locked her in a trunk to keep her from doing something yet more stupid. To top it all off I was having dinner with K when she called her daughters boyfriend and offered to pay him $5,000.00 to kidnap her own daughter from a court appointed care giver in Idaho so that she could kick her exhusband''s sorry ass. Believe or not, but this is when I realized she was 51 cards short of a full deck. YES I made bad choices and was not always a nice person, but the comments on this is so far from the truth that it is not even in the realm of truth. So if you wish to believe it, please do at your choice, but these are not a very classy means of pointing the finger at someone and saying it''s all you. I think most people find it petty. I am sorry for the hurt I may have caused, but when is enough...... enough I''ve moved on with my life and now am with a wonderful person that I adore, respect and love. She is not wealthy, but she is still beautiful nonetheless. And yes I do live next to my mother because she is ill with heart problems and it was a choice to have my mother live her independence or a nursing home, what would any of you had done?! I left Portland making great money, I had a great job working in the PDistrict. I moved to SA and had to take a huge cut in pay, so if there is a bad person here, well so be it. To this point, we all make mistakes, let those with no sin cast the first stone

5/2/2009 8:47:08 AM - Mando You lie to woman you are suppose to adore, respect and love. It really really hurts when you are CHEATING and LYING! Period. None of these women lied to you or cheated on you EVER. That is what this is about. I called your cell phone in Portland beginning of Sept., and a man answered who said If I knew or found the son of a btch to let him know so I dont think you left Portland on good terms. Something happened. I found your resume online. YOU DIDNT OWN A CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS IN DULUTH! YOU DIDNT RUN A CREW OF 30 PEOPLE! You wrote on your resume that you owned the company so no one can check your references. Proves you still are a huge huge LIAR. P is probably a very nice person, she would have to be. Deep down inside she knows you wont be in her life forever and she does consider your history with women and knows that you lied to Me, C, B, L, L,and the girl from Ashland. You told C you were going to marry her and loved her soooo much, but you forgot to break up with me and you didnt tell me you started another relationship REMEMBER! You might get married yet again, but Armando you cheated with a girl that you met in the check out line at Target. Thats fact. You cheat and lie to make anything work in your favor. You didnt care about anyone that supported you in your efforts with American National Ballet, you just used all my friends to get money and up one day and left. You run, just like you did from Duluth and Portland. I know you wouldnt move to SA and live next door to your Mom unless you were desperate. You loved Portland thats why you moved back there. You were outcasted in Portland because of your bad decisions too. Your MOM ISNT SICK.. I talked to her almost everyday up until you moved next door! That ISNT the reason you moved back to SA.... she is as healthy as a horse, except her allergies! again, LYING. I wouldnt have left you, I loved you very very much,you know that, but YOU Lied and cheated. You were a coward. I would have appreciated the respect, after 7 years, being told that you wanted to stop our relationship before you started another one with C. Im certain C would have appreciated knowing you were in a relationship with me and calling me at 9am and 5pm everyday you were gone telling me you loved me and have a good day...and saw me in Minneapolis on your way back to Portland, like nothing had changed in our relationship. While you were telling C you loved her and wanted to marry her at the same exact time. This is the truth Mando it is.

5/2/2009 1:26:12 PM - Well, well it is T, do you have nothing else to do? have you no other interest in your life other than to continue to spend time on this and hold on to the past. As I had said earlier, I am sorry for your hurt but I'm not responsible for your choice to hold on. T what does any of this really matter, sending this to BSA and P's work. It did nothing but put you in a bad light, because ultimately it is not the person that I am now and you know about all that I went through in Duluth! YOU OF ALL PEOPLE!! YES my mother is not well and as usual you do not know all the circumstances behind me and P deciding to leave Portland or me leaving that job, I left because I did find a better job and because I reported the site for numerous permit violations, this is why little D made that statement to you, and yes I did project manage that site with 30 workers for the window rehab! So what is it that you are trying to accomplish? What is it that you hope to find? My dear all of this is in the PAST, I can not change it, you can not change it, GOD can not change it. P and I sat down after she received it at work and her boss had one simple comparison to all of this.... she threw it into the garbage can, BSA the director there when she received it in January of 2008 did nothing with it other than to delete it. so again what is you final solution to end all of this, you point the moral finger at me but what about you and John did his wife know about you? When you took the trips and money for rent did you turn this moral magnifying glass and examined yourself? WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES, but it what we do after the damage, that I feel makes us a different person or the same. I wish that some how you could find peace and move forward, I have found mine and yes I am so lucky to have found a strong person to help hold me up when I am weak as I do her when she needs me. Please stop all of this and move forward to heal and I do so wish for you to find happiness and joy with someone that deserves you and that you deserve. I imagine that the truth is somewhere in between. T

5/2/2009 6:26:31 PM - This started 2 years ago... can you read the dates on the posts. My email notified me that you wrote on here. Otherwise I have put you in the past Sweetie. You talked P into keeping you, your good at that. Until she gets cheated on then she will feel stupid for trusting you. Remember you said to me if I lied or cheated it would be over, I never did, YOUR the one who lied and cheated. REMEMBER you said if you were ever going to leave me you would tell me and not cheat? You didnt do that either. Im sure you told her the same thing you told me... if we dont have trust, we dont have anything. You havent changed at all.. Your resume is total lies. E properties was in Duluth in 1995??? You didnt come here until 1999. What is e properties. The house you lived in and the condemned property down the street? What is Armando Maldonado Construction from 1999 to 2008??? You left Duluth November 2006. I thought you were the world renowned Artistic Director for American National Balletin your own words cuz you wrote itduring that time. I dont remember your construction company.. or anyone here that worked for you. You must have had construction in between working at Menards and Ballet.... You say above you left Portland becasue you found a better job?? In your first statement you say you took a paycut to take care of your sick Mother...which is it...liar. Who is Paige and if she was in another mans arms and not yours...Why would you care.... if she was like a little sister. Isnt that a bit twisted? ANd who is little D? Mando. Women need to be warned about you. You took Trust, Love and Money from me. I think you paid for dinner once in 7 years... pathetic.

5/2/2009 6:53:01 PM - Ill have my sister write on here, you know shes a deputy sherrif right. Do you want to tell me she will be saying false things too? I would take a lie detector test, nothing in this is fabricated EXCEPT what you wrote!

5/3/2009 11:41:58 AM - Hi Armando this is S...I am not sure if you remember me from the womens restroom in Blackwoods. Maybe you will have a hard time remembering my face since there were a few people trying to get you off of me while you were kicking my A$$. Plus you ran so fast after you beat me up because the bartender had to call the cops....hows your memory now? I have read everything on the posts and I can see your scrambling a little. Just remember a leopard cant change their spots to clarify, your the leopard. I have to thankyou in a way, it was because of the beatdown you gave me that I decided to go into law enforcement. The reason being so I could personally help other women that have gone through what I had to endure from you. The bruises on my neck. back and legs went away...the visions didnt. That night I tried to protect my sister from the beast that you are, and I failed, trust me I never failed again. I feel very sorry for P, she doesnt know you very well, or you just lied really well to be able to take her across state lines. I am sure we will be reading future posts from P, because you will do it to her as well. If she thinks you have changed because you are now with her...she is sadly mistaken, and not to bright. Just watch Oprahs show on Rihianna and Chris Brown, that may educate P a little. I never understood what my sister saw in you, when I first met you I thought you were gay, after reading posts above... I was partially right. Didnt you sell yourself at the Main gay bar for charity or something? If I am wrong about that I apologize, I dont like to write untruths. I hope that you rot in hell, and you never hurt any other women....P take heed of this please. I hope you still have a place in Oregon because you will need it.

5/4/2009 9:33:10 AM - Well, there you have it, by the way all the details of the night in question is open to the public at the St. Louis County Court House in Duluth Minnesota, decide for yourself what this is. T and S I again am sorry for what I did to you and I hope that someday you can forgive. As for the Main, I helped to raise money for the gay pride this is true, but that is it the Pride of Duluth was very supportive of the artists and that is why I help to support them. Because one is a dancer, does not mean he is gay. I'll be sure to share this with P and point her to Oprah. Yes, I did take money from T, but not for myself, Yes I did take money from her freinds but not for myself. The money that was given to me was for the artists, I never took the money for myself. I see that no matter what I say this will continue as it always has, most likely always will. I've said all that I'm going to, I wish the two of you the best of luck in all that you hope to have for your lives.

5/6/2009 9:09:01 PM - We would be happy to give ANYONE the details. You can post on this site and it privately will come to us. Along with a copy of anything you need from the St Louis County Court House is Duluth MN.

10/5/2009 7:40:06 PM - Posted by: Armando Maldonado This resume is FALSE!!! $45,000 a year LOL! There was no Armando Maldonado Cunstruction in DULUTH EVER! Posted date: 1/29/2009 Contact Info: Show Contact Info Salary: 45,000 per year Country: United States State: Texas City: San Antonio ZIP: 78233 Email: w5y9tz@r.postjobfree.com Map data ©2009 Europa Technologies Terms of Use Resume Text: Armando Maldonado 147 Moonlight Terrance San Antonio, TX 78233 210 595XXXX Hm 503 381XXXX Cell Objective : My objective is to create practical solutions in an efficient and positive manner. I also engage in the development of strong working relationships with superiors as well as employees under my direction to create a positive working atmosphere. I will increase your recapture rate and decrease your capitalization rates and so by doing will maintain a positive rate of return.. I have also owned and managed Entrepreneurial Properties, with in Minnesota, Oregon and in Texas. I am currently a licensed CCB contractor , HVAC certified as well as have an Real Estate Broker‘s license. Summary of Qualifications: E Properties Duluth, MN/ San Antonio, TX 01 95 to 1008 Owner . Section 8 applications . Collect Monthly rents . Section 42 Tax Credit . Deposit into Trust Account . Background, credit and criminal review . Tenant Care . Rental Licensing . Walk through with City HUD . Eviction and Court Representation . Management coordination . Housekeeping schedule . Paint schedule and mapping . Management consultation . Budget projections, audited financials, IRS files . Excel, Outlook, Word, Yardi, Works MS Money, PC skilled Armando Maldonado Construction Duluth, MN 0899 to 1008 Owner . I was responsible for change order, quantity work ups, the construction, invoicing and quality control. . I managed a crew of 10 to 30 members . Managed payroll, filed 941’s . Budgeting and Accounting Audited financials . General oversight. . Client care. . Tenant care. . Tenant Buildouts. . Vendor payouts. . Plumbing . Electrical . Finish and Cabinetry . Sheetrock . Painting . Flooring tile and Hardwood . Framing . Roofing . Concrete form and pou

12/1/2009 6:56:24 PM - I empathize. I believe you. I typically don’t post this comment unless someone else’s profile has many “parallels” with my own profile up here, about my former boyfriend. When I say I BELIEVE YOU, I mean that I am trying to AFFIRM your experience, because too many women who’ve been abused by these types of men, are not believed when they should be believed. For comparison, read about ANOTHER SEX ADDICT as well as ALCOHOLIC..and I use both terms about him in the context of “whether former or current”..because, even though an alcoholic may be “recovered”…he’s STILL ALWAYS AN ALCOHOLIC, and will be for life, whether he drinks or not!..see my profiles on another site squish the letters together, and you’ll know which site I mean: w o m a n s a v e r s . c o m for EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR his legal name, otherwise, he''s known as JAY BROWN, and his nickname is JUNIOR, and choose the profile for the area, Chevy Chase, MD, on that first web site I mentioned. This musician is twice divorced. I also profiled JAY BROWN many times, using many different photos, on the Don''t Date This Guy website, because I want to smoke out the downlow bastard who advertised himself as bisexual, on a swingers site, in my 9th year living with him, to my shock, and in 2000. I want any gay guy who had sex with him, whether that was in his teens, in his 20s, in his 30s, in his 40s..or WHENEVER, to comment and say WHEN and WHERE, so I can SMOKE HIM OUT FROM BEHIND THE CLOSET! I only got SOME semblance of closure after talking on the phone to his first wife, who told me that TWO of her GAY male friends told her they had sex with him, when she was supposedly in a committed relationship with him, either while living with him, or while she was married to him. So, yes. I think it''s important to show different photos and profiles of the same guy, especially if the woman thinks the guy has been defrauding other women FOR DECADES, like I do. I also think he has Multiple Personality Disorder, because he admitted one time to me, that he had oral sex with his GAY MALE COUSIN, when he was 12 years old, and said his GAY MALE COUSIN was about age 15 at the time. Yes...compare and read..and comment please to that profile I posted, on that web site I first mentioned. I also read DDHG profiles nightly like I would the newspaper or the obits, and I’ve noticed that most guys profiled up here, who are alleged to be bi, closet gay, or on the downlow, are usually also alleged to be gigolos or golddiggers. Also see profile on DDHG for PAUL BROWN area: San Francisco, Jay Brown’s gay male cousin. My main point? This Maldonado guy might be on the downlow, too..if he behaves this way. Too many parallels with the guy I profiled, to ignore.

12/1/2009 7:07:54 PM - Oh boo hoo to Maldonado''s comment of 4/29/2009 8:33:04 PM. One divorced is one thing. Twice divorced would make anyone''s eyebrows raise..but three times was it? Uh uh. Something''s ROTTEN IN DENMARK!

12/1/2009 7:18:30 PM - Ha ha. If this joker was helping raise money for the Gay Pride, that confirms my suspicions and I don''t even know the guy, that he is probably on the lowlow downlow.

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five.People compare and contrast notes with and check with their acquaintances and colleagues who definitely have recently visited

1/15/2012 3:55:19 PM - You might want to report abuse of this site because someone..possibly him..has filled up the comment sections with junk spam..repeated spam, repeated content, and this site might be able to delete the junk comments but not the real ones. Also, if you did not tell us his age, please do so..give us his date of birth or year of birth if you have it. If not, at least tell us, by the date of this/my comment, if he is in his 40s, 50s, 60s or older, as we do not know how old the photo of him is that you posted. Thanks for exposing him, though, ladies.

9/22/2015 1:13:01 PM - Thank you for your warning. This is cookie cutter closet gay behavior ..as if cloned from a cookie cutter. They MIMIC emotions. Their intentions are to DESTROY as many women as they can! Quite often, after YEARS of deceit, they want women to hate men so much so that they try to turn REAL women .. MONOGAMOUS HONEST WOMEN into lesbians, but they know they cannot do this, because REAL HETEROSEXUAL women are REAL HETEROSEXUAL women who will be REAL HETEROSEXUAL, even after the deceit from a sociopath, when she finally finds the RIGHT man! You eventually find out who these guys really are, because most, if not all of them INTEND to make a mockery of the idea of heterosexual/monogamous couples, and in the end, you find out that is EXACTLY what they did. Of course, different cookie cutter forms abound, but the end result amounts to the same thing .. disaster, chaos, drama, ruined lives.

3/20/2016 8:27:06 PM - adultfriendfinder.com, ashleymadison.com, alt.com, Hornyhousewives.com, bestwivesex.com, Lifestylelounge, bondage.com, www.theeroticreview.com, woome.com, youporn.com, redtube.com, gay.com, bisexualplayground.com, Power Exchange in San Francisco, NiteFlirt.com, localhookupz.com, meendo.com, HotorNot.com, SexInYourCity.com, Atlanta cut buddies, Wifelovers.com, Interactive male [gay chat line], bondage.com, passion.com, erotichumiliation.com, f*ckmeandleave.com, fling.com, sexsearch.com, lava life, realsexdates.com, badoo site, www.threepillows.com [gay and bisexual site for men], hoverspot.com, adamforadam.com, fetlife.com, swinglifestyle.com, adultfriendfinder.com, Manline, madamxfetishliason [kinky website], singleswhoclick, gaymatchmaker, fridae personals [gay website], gaydargirl.com, gaydar.com, outpersonals.com [site for transvestites, transexuals, transgenders], pleasuretime, Speeddate.com, www.geosex.nl/home_pages/html/a/d/o/adojh.html [website for transsexuals], Date.com, Amor.com, Singelsnet.com, blackpeoplemeet.com, thrubiginings.com, grannycumshere.com, Playnaughty.com, casualsex.com, filthywivesclub, discreterelations, sexyads.com, match, yahoo, asianfriendfinder, sexysingles, and yes .. craigslist.com .. are all sites that swingers and wannabe swingers frequently use. If he is or was into cyber sex, chat room activity of a sexual nature with one or more women or men in secret, chronic masturbation or BJs from strangers, phone sex, web cam sex, voyeurism, prostitution, strippers or strip club frequenting, BDSM lifestyle [including any weird fetishes connected to it, like golden showers, toe sucking, requests for strap ons, or for anal beads inserted, crossdressing, etc.], incest fantasies or experiences, incest porn, bestiality, group sex or the swinger scene .. or was on or frequented any porn or sex sites at all, or engaged in any form of online speed dating or online chat groups, paedophilic tendencies or tendencies to go after underaged females .. or maybe he has a history of several failed marriages .. then I think the comments up here about Alex Lucchesi , www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=482183 and Robert Lewis, www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=506444 would apply to this guy, too. A male cannot be into group sex or the swinger lifestyle and be a family man simultaneously. The two do not mix! It is also widely suspected that many males who are closet gay get into that lifestyle to purposely abuse women, and that they mainly go to group sex to see the MEN perform, and join other males in this activity to support their own degenerate ways, and objectify women, as in like a pack or mob mentality, often ignoring safe words from their victims. The perps either sold their souls, or, more likely, they never had souls to begin with. I also suspect that porn stars sometimes pretend to be couples so they can join swinger sites, then try to corrupt others, and possibly could even blackmail others with hidden videos or bad videos, cameras, etc. Sociopaths often have blackmail components to their personalities .. they seek stuff about you to try and use later against you. Also see profile for Jeffery Scott Waltman, www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=718138
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