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Guy Details for  Clyde Adolphus Taylor

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Number of Times Viewed:  1184
This is a live one, ladies. Currently in West Hartford, CT, but may be headed for Norfolk, VA (his hometown). At the present time there are 5 ladies who have joined forces to out this guy. He is a predator. He’s looking for single mothers, so he can look like a hero. He bonds with your children, and then leaves you to explain his disappearance. He promises you the sun, moon and stars, and delivers NOTHING. Actually, he’s had some of us pay his bills. One has paid his rent, and one has paid his son’s college tuition. He proposed to one because his lease was up on his apartment and he had no place else to go. He makes a good salary, so we can’t figure out where the money is going and why he can’t pay his bills. He’ll let you pay, so watch out. He was seeing 5 of us at the same time (that we know of) and each of us thought we were the only one. We’re pretty sure there are more. 2 in Connecticut, 1 in Indiana, and we know that there are others in Texas, Washington State and Florida. His job allows him to travel extensively and often, so we’re pretty sure that his victims are strung out all across the country. He travels to most of the major cities in the US, and we know that he looks for hook-ups in these cities. He also likes to troll the following websites; ctsingles.com, match.com, blackplanet.com, and blackpeoplemeet.com. He claims to be a Christian, but hasn’t attended church for quite some time. Lied to one of us that said she was a Christian so he’ll tell you anything to get what he wants. He becomes whatever you want him to be, says what he thinks you want to hear, and then fulfills NONE of the promises he makes. If his lips are moving, he’s lying. Beware of this one. He’s smooth……………..
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11/23/2009 7:45:19 PM - I believe you. For comparison, read about ANOTHER SEX ADDICT as well as ALCOHOLIC..and I use both terms about him in the context of “whether former or current”..because, even though an alcoholic may be “recovered”…he’s STILL ALWAYS AN ALCOHOLIC, and will be for life, whether he drinks or not!..see my profile up here for EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR his legal name, otherwise, he''s known as JAY BROWN, and his nickname is JUNIOR, and choose the profile for the area, Chevy Chase, MD.This musician is twice divorced. I also profiled JAY BROWN many times, using many different photos, on the Don''t Date This Guy website, because I want to smoke out the downlow bastard who advertised himself as bisexual, on a swingers site, in my 9th year living with him, to my shock, and in 2000. I want any gay guy who had sex with him, whether that was in his teens, in his 20s, in his 30s, in his 40s..or WHENEVER, to comment and say WHEN and WHERE, so I can SMOKE HIM OUT FROM BEHIND THE CLOSET! I only got SOME semblance of closure after talking on the phone to his first wife, who told me that TWO of her GAY male friends told her they had sex with him, when she was supposedly in a committed relationship with him, either while living with him, or while she was married to him. So, yes. I think it''s important to show different photos and profiles of the same guy, especially if the woman thinks the guy has been defrauding other women FOR DECADES, like I do. I also think he has Multiple Personality Disorder, because he admitted one time to me, that he had oral sex with his GAY MALE COUSIN, when he was 12 years old, and said his GAY MALE COUSIN was about age 15 at the time. Yes...compare and read..and comment please to that profile I posted, on that web site I first mentioned. I also read DDHG profiles nightly like I would the newspaper or the obits, and I’ve noticed that most guys profiled up here, who are alleged to be bi, closet gay, or on the downlow, are usually also alleged to be gigolos or golddiggers.

11/23/2009 7:46:31 PM - Also see profile up here for JAY BROWN legal name: Everett Raymond Brown jr I lived with him in Manassas, VA, for about 8.5 years.

11/12/2015 7:35:55 PM - FEMALES! WOMEN! GIRLS! .. DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO MALES! DO NOT DATE MALES WHO HAVE NOT MADE SOMETHING OF THEMSELVES BY THE TIME THEY ARE AGE 30. If by that age they do not have THEIR OWN money, then they have NOTHING TO BRING TO THE TABLE and are probably Wannabe Old School Pimps or gigolos, and are NOT men .. just boys. JUST DONT DO IT!

11/12/2015 7:42:12 PM - I suggest you might want to write a story about him [or maybe just copy and paste the above profile about him, and along with the link to this] and post it on christianaggressian.org with this link. Even if he might be passive aggressive, that is STILL aggression.
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1. This man has
Had sex with one of your friends, associates or multiple partners behind your back while involved with you
2. If he was ever caught cheating, he would
Deny, deny, deny and look you right in the eye and try to be sneakier next time
3. This man can be compared to
A lying, cheating scumbag and you can’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth
4. This man has lied to me
A lot, but tries to deny it
5. Regarding trust
You can NOT trust him
1. Regarding verbal abuse, this man
Uses constructive communication
2. With regards to jealousy and control, he
Pouts when you talk to other men
3. This man’s temper can be described as
None of the Above or Choose not to Answer
4. Does he ever apologize or admit when he is wrong
Always, by taking the blame for everything (i.e., until you are apologizing to him)
5. Describe his selfishness
He is mostly considerate but occasionally selfish
1. This man wants
A relationship with no substance (i.e., for outside appearance sake only)
2. This man wants
An equal in some areas, but he still has to be King
3. This man
Agrees to compromise and helps you take care of dependents and/or pets
4. He has been divorced
2-3 times
5. Regarding marriage/life time commitment, this man
Is divorced/separated but willing to try again
1. Regarding this man’s ego
He’s a little too submissive and a push-over
2. This man
Is a complete slob who you have to pick up after
3. This man would help you: (i.e., fix your car, home repair, lift something heavy, etc…)
If you ask him, he is happy to help you and/or if he sees you need help, he offers
4. Regarding companionship
He would rather spend his free time on the couch, on work, and/or on the computer, etc…
Don’t touch him with a 10 foot pole, he’s a complete waste of your time
Date Survey Submitted: 4/6/2007 2:11:45 PM
Last known residence: West Hartford  Connecticut, United States
Dating Site Alias & Website it's on: ctsingles.com on myspace,com
  blackpeoplemeet.com on blackplanet.com
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