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cheating men

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Guy Details for  David Bruce Hutchinson

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He uses many accounts all over the internet. He cannot tell the truth even if you have it in your hand. He makes up false stories about his life. He denies his children constantly. He does not raise his children nor support them financially. All he cares about is his penis. He is run totally by his penis no matter what the circumstance or what can happen as a result of his actions. He has unprotected sex with everyone - so beware.
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8/10/2006 6:39:10 PM - Holy crap this is so true lol. Woman, I feel ya! I hope everyone knows about this dog of dogs!!! BEWARE WANDERING HEARTS. SILVER TOUNGED DEVIL!!!
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1. This man has
Had sex with one of your friends, associates or multiple partners behind your back while involved with you
2. If he was ever caught cheating, he would
Deny, deny, deny and look you right in the eye and try to be sneakier next time
3. This man can be compared to
A lying, cheating scumbag and you canít believe a word that comes out of his mouth
4. This man has lied to me
Too many times to count
5. Regarding trust
You can NOT trust him
1. Regarding verbal abuse, this man
Hits below the belt by shifting the blame i.e., referring to past things you have done instead of dealing with the current issue
2. With regards to jealousy and control, he
Accuses you, for no justifiable reason, of flirting and may get even by flirting with other women/men
3. This manís temper can be described as
Physically abusive. (i.e., hits you, others and/or animals)
4. Does he ever apologize or admit when he is wrong
Never (i.e., he thinks he is always right)
5. Describe his selfishness
He always puts his needs before yours
1. This man wants
A relationship with no substance (i.e., for outside appearance sake only)
2. This man wants
A slave, mother and slut
3. This man
Wants dependents and/or pets as long as YOU take care of them
4. He has been divorced
1 time
5. Regarding marriage/life time commitment, this man
Will NEVER get married or commit fully to anyone
1. Regarding this manís ego
He thinks heís Godís gift to women/men/the world
2. This man
Appears to be organized, but really isnít
3. This man would help you: (i.e., fix your car, home repair, lift something heavy, etcÖ)
Only if and when it is convenient for him
4. Regarding companionship
He will spend time with you, if you nag
Donít touch him with a 10 foot pole, heís a complete waste of your time
Date Survey Submitted: 8/10/2006 6:33:45 PM
Last known residence: Canton  Massachusetts, United States
Dating Site Alias & Website it's on: Hutch, so many to mention... on yahoo.com
  LtDaveHutchinson on hotmail.com
  LtDaveHutchinson on lycos.com
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