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Womens Support

If you are having any issues with the site please email us at techsupport at womansavers dot com.
Provide us with a detailed description of the issue, including links, names and emails if necessary.
Include Login name to our site if the problems you are having are login related. Thank you!

How do I search for a guy?
You can click on the "Search-A-Guy" icon on the home page under our featured survey. You can also click the "Search-a-guy" menu button above. Type in the search criteria you would like to use and click search. Tips for searching include searching your entire state and/or also your city.
How do I delete a posting?
If your profile is posted and you feel it is an untrue opinion, you may do the following: 1. Post a FREE rebuttal or comment. Womansavers.com does not guaranty, verify, or edit surveys and/or comments unless they contain personally identifying information. Upon notification, all personally identifying information such as addresses, social security numbers, telephone numbers, etc... will be removed. 2. Click "Rate-A-Guy" on the menu bar above and then "Delete-A-Guy" from the sub menu and either remove or edit a listing from the database. The fee is US$25.00 to delete a posting and US$10.00 to edit a survey. A percentage of proceeds are donated to abuse women and children's charities. **Please note, only the ORIGINAL poster has the ability to delete or edit their own posting. That means if you didn't post it, you can't edit or delete it because you are not the copyright owner of the post.
Can I find out who posted the information?
No. All postings are completely anonymous. We delete all IP addresses from our servers on a weekly basis. This is to protect the anonymity of our members. For those who fear for their safety out, you may post from a library, cyber cafe or copy center where internet service is available.
Can I request people I date to rate me?
Of course. The more ladies that post surveys on your behalf, the easier it is to verify if the information in your profile is accurate. Character references are a bonus.
Will WomanSavers.com edit a profile if it is false?
Under certain circumstances, such as if a survey contains personally identifying information, we may remove the information in question. If this is the case, please contact techsupport at womansavers dot com .If you feel untrue information has been entered about you, please post a rebuttal or comment to provide a correction. WomanSavers.com does not guarantee or verify any of information posted.
Is this legal?
Yes. This website falls under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 which states "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider". Effectively, this section immunizes ISPs and other service providers from torts committed by users over their systems. We do not edit or censor the information which is automatically entered into our search engine database. In addition, according to the United States Supreme Court, two items must be proven for a libel (written) law suit. 1. Who wrote the libel (WomanSavers.com keeps no records or IP's so therefore, you must prove and subpoena the person who wrote the information.) 2. You must prove the information is untrue. The truth is 100% defense for libel and is covered under the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech. The original poster would have to testify that the written information is untrue in a court of law. All WomanSavers.com members must agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy BEFORE they post. This includes that they are telling the truth. If a correction needs to be made to a posting, anyone is free to post an automatic rebuttal or comment at no charge. Please note, WomanSavers.com Inc. is not located in the United States and does not do business in the United States. We are located in the country of Costa Rica. Except as explicitly stated otherwise, any legal notices shall be given by postal mail to: MSC Marielos Melendez Hernandez J.D. LL.D., Attorney at Law Barrio Gonzalez Lahman de Casa Matute, 50 Este Edificio 2162, Av. 10, Calles 21-23 San Jose, Costa Rica
How do I delete a Message Board posting?
Only the original poster has the ability to delete a message board posting. Quotes used in another member's posts, can only be deleted by that member, accordingly. As postings become old, they will eventually be purged from the system and disappear.
Which forms of payment does WomanSavers.com accept?
WomanSavers.com accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. All credit card transactions are processed through a secure server to ensure safety for our members. We also accept Pay Pal, E-checks, and Google Checkout for your convenience. A percentage of proceeds are donated to abused women and childrenĺs charities.
Where is WomanSavers.com located?
WomanSavers.com does not do business within the United States. We are a legal corporation under the laws of Costa Rica. Our servers are located in a secure location off shore. If you would like to contact our main office, please write: Hombre Odios, S.A. c/o WomanSavers.com Corner of Avenue 13 & Calle 35 Office Number 3390 San Jose, Costa Rica
How do I become a WomanSavers.com representative??
You may email techsupport at womansavers do com to request more information on becoming a representative. Join the WomanSavers team of over 200 representatives to support our sisterhood network.
When I go through the checkout process it asks me for an email address and password or to sign up a new account but it doesnt recognize my information?
The login processed used in the shopping cart is seperate from your WomanSavers.com site login. Our site logins allow our users to remain anonymous. Because purchases require specific information we collect it separately and use it for purchases only. Simply choose to create a new account and supply the information you will use for purchases only. If you have any problems or questions with you can contact techsupport at womansavers dot com
How do I cancel my account?
Choose the "My Account" link at the top right of WomanSavers.com when you are logged in. Click "View/Delete Posts" if you would like to remove any or all posts you may have left on the message boards. (This will not remove any surveys you have submitted to the Rate-A-Guy database. You will need to remove those through the shopping cart.) To delete the account click on "Account Details" under the "My Account" section and choose"delete my profile" at the bottom of the page. This will remove your WomanSavers account.

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