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Womens Photo Gallery

Member Bunnyluvins Belly Button Barbell with a photo of Little Miss WomanSavers Head

Stephany "on the air"

Black & White of Stephany Alexander CEO/Founder WomanSavers.com; Relationship & Infidelity Expert; Author - Sex, Lies & the Internet, An Online Dating Survival Guide

Stephany on the slopes

Anonymous WomanSaver supporter holding a WomanSavers bumper sticker in Morocco

Stephany scuba diving in the Bahamas holding a WomanSavers.com bumper sticker under water

Riding around the Pyramids of Giza on camel in Cairo, Egypt

Stephany Alexander skydiving in Cairnes, Australia

West Wing actor Ed Begley Jr. with Stephany Alexander 10/07

2008 Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney & Stephany Alexander

Famous celebrity comedienne Elayne Boosler & Stephany Alexander. Elayne supports WomanSavers efforts.

Lee Ann Womack, Country Singer

Stephany with Alexandra Paul

Stephany with Howie Mandel

Stephany with TV Celebrity Kim Kardashian

Stephany with First Lady, Maria Shriver, aka Mrs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Stephany Alexander as a guest on the Gregory Mantell Show

US Senator Orrin Hatch and Stephany Alexander

Stephany Alexander telling James Malinchak about WomanSavers

Stephany hanging out with David Wolfe

Stephany Alexander with 5 Time UFC Champion Randy "The Natural" Couture

4-Time Grammy Jazz Vocal Award Winner Dianne Reeves and Stephany Alexander

Author and Speaker Brendan Burchard with Stephany

Collage of speaking and media engagements

Dr. Gabriel Cousens at lunch with Stephany

Evan Marc Katz hangs with Stephany

Governor John Huntsman and First Lady Mary Kay Huntsman with Stephany Alexander

Bad Online Dates Jennifer Kelton with Stephany at iDate Conference

Stephany live from the Playboy "mini-mansion" in Los Angeles

Markus Brooks of Plentyoffish with Stephany Alexander in the "Mike and Juliet" studio in New York City

Networking at NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners)

Ric Fleischer of Honesty Online spoke with Stephany at iDate

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Former President Bill Clinton

Stephany hanging out with CNN Reporter Olivia Zaleski in Laguna Beach, CA

Stephany with Public Relations Agent Jacquie Jordan

Dating Expert Stephany Alexander with NBA Great Karl Malone.

Dating Expert Stephany Alexander and designer Nicole Miller.

Supporting California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on his eco-conscious causes.

Stephany Alexander with the Olympic Arial Team after a training performance.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert with Stephany Alexander.

Jerry Seiner of "Jerry Seiner Chevrolet" and Stephany Alexander.

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and his dog "Jag" hanging out with Stephany Alexander

Talking to Miss Utah about womens abuse prevention.

Luau dinner with Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle.

Stephany With Utah Governor Gary Herbert and his wife DeAnna

Stephany With LA Lakers Coach, Phil Jackson

Stephany With comedian Adam Carolla

Olympic medalist and speed skater Apollo Ono with Stephany Alexander after watching the movie Inception.

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