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Top Dating Tips from Dating Expert Stephany Alexander

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Top Dating DOS and DONTS
By Dating Expert Stephany Alexander
April 2011

As a dating expert who has given dating advice to thousands of singles, there are 20 basic Dos and Donts in the world of dating to help you increase your chances of succeeding. Dating can be fun and exciting but getting involved with the wrong person can destroy your life. How do you put the odds in your favor when dating? I have broken down the top 20 rules of dating to help you find that special person.


1. Do relax and enjoy yourself. Dating is supposed to be fun so make it fun. Choose activities that you both love so you arent miserable or dying of boredom. If you dont like dating, then dont do it.

2. Do groom yourself before your date. Make sure you are freshly showered, have fresh breath and have an outfit on that flatters you. Save your crazy or overly sexy outfits for when you get to know the person better.

3. Do Listen. Listening is more important than talking. Ask your date a lot of questions and hone in on similar interests. Dont brag about yourself constantly because that is the ultimate turn-off.

4. Do compliment your date. If you think your date looks nice, say so. Dont focus on your dates imperfections; focus on their good points. If it looks like your date took time to get ready, compliment them by letting them know.

5. Do be positive. Nobody wants to listen to you complain or hear how miserable you are. A poor attitude can destroy a date faster than anything

6. Do be honest and upfront. If the date didnt click, tell your date that you will have to think about it and that you will contact them again if you are interested.

7. Do be proactive. You need to take the initiative to meet people to date. Practice flirting, smile, be friendly and make eye contact. This will show people you are available and will increase your chances of being asked out.

8. Do date creatively. Dont go to the movies where you cant talk or get to know your date better. Go to dinner, bowling and then a movie or go horseback riding, hiking or to an art or music festival. Think outside the box!

9. Do stay open minded. You really dont know much about a person after just one date. Even if your date is not love at first sight for you, if you like something about them or their personality, you may want to consider giving them a second chance.

10. Do be polite and respectful. Offer to pay for all or half of the date even if you are a woman. Say please and thank you and be respectful towards the other persons feelings.


1. Dont be late. Make sure you leave early enough to deal with traffic delays or other things that could prevent you from being on time. Being late shows that you dont respect the other persons time and sets the date off on the wrong foot.

2. Dont chase someone. Dont phone, text or email your date more than once a day unless you are in a conversation with them and they are replying. Being desperate or clingy is a huge turn off.

3. Dont date people who you think will use you. If you have money, dont tell the other person. If a man comes on too strong for sex early on, shut him down and move on. You want someone who wants you for you, not what you can do for them or give them. Besides, once they get what they want, theyll move on to their next target.

4. Dont lie to your date. Dont over exaggerate your income, education or what you do. These lies will eventually come out and then you will appear as a dishonest loser.

5. Dont come on too strong. If you are anxious to get married right away, thats okay. However, constantly talking about serious commitment issues such as marriage and children on a first date can scare your date away.

6. Dont sit around and wait for his or her call. Stay busy. There is nothing more pathetic than someone who immediately drops their life or routine for someone they just met. Your goal is to have a fulfilled life that another person can add to, not engulf

7. Dont get drunk or use drugs on your date. What kind of an impression are you making if you are incoherent when you first meet? Your date will think you are like that with all your dates and it will make you look irresponsible and foolish.

8. Dont flirt with others while on a date. This may seem like common sense but nothing will end your date faster than you hitting on your dates friend or someone else.

9. Dont have sex with someone until you have dated them a while. A while does not mean 1 or 2 dates. If it was meant to be, it will be and part of the fun of dating is the thrill of the chase.

10. Dont give out too much personal information on a first date. Keep your home address and telephone number confidential until you get to know your date better and make sure you always meet in a public place and someone knows where you are. A check-up call from a family member or friend at a certain time during your date is always a good idea.

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