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Does Your Man Know the Real You

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Does Your Man Know the Real You
Does Your Man Know the Real You

In a relationship, it is very important that you be open and honest with one another for the relationship to be successful. How often do we as women say "I want my man to be honest with me" or "I want my man to tell me what he's really thinking"' Yet, we don't always show our true colors to our partners.

Does your man know the real you' Or is it possible that you've been showing him one side in order to "land him"' We often act one way in the beginning of the relationship and as time goes on, we complain that our men don't understand what we really want. Perhaps this is because you're not showing your man the real you.

Here are some signs your man may not know the real you:

  • You pretend to like things that he likes

  • You pretend to like things to please him

  • You never remove your makeup, wear comfortable clothes, etc when he is around

  • You never talk about your past

  • You never talk about your family

  • You never talk about your true feelings

  • You feel your partner doesn't understand you

  • These are just a few signs that you may not be revealing your true colors to your man. If you're just in a short fling, it's not that big of a deal but if you're looking to serious with someone, you have to open that emotional door and reveal yourself to him. This doesn't mean you have to open the floodgates and let it all out at once. However, over the course of a relationship, little by little, you should begin to know one another. Through chats and time spent together, you can begin to share things about yourself that will help your partner get to know you.

    Does your man know what makes you tick' Does he know your favorite color, your favorite song, your favorite movie, how you feel about world issues, politics and religion' Have you ever debated with your man over a controversial topic' Have you ever shared a secret or something very private'

    Revealing things about yourself heightens the intimacy in your relationship and makes the bond between the two of you stronger. It also helps your man get to know what you're really like inside so you both know if you are a true fit for one another and also how to keep one another happy. A relationship built on false pretenses will not be very fulfilling and typically does not last very long.

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