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Signs of a Sociopath

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Signs of a Sociopath
The Sociopathic Modus Operandi - Signs of a Sociopath

I have a friend who lost his wife to cancer a year ago. Hes recently started going out in search of companionship. He knows my history of being involved with a sociopath, in fact, he knew my sociopathic ex-husband. So when he had a bizarre experience with woman he dated for a few weeks, my friend had questions for me.

The woman claimed to be separated from her husband, although Im not sure that was the case. She pursued my friend relentlessly, until they had sex. At some point, she made a comment about a lion needs fresh meat. After that, they spent an entire day together, then she unceremoniously dumped him.

My friend asked, was this woman kooky like my ex?

He told me more, and it sounded like the woman had sociopathic traits, although perhaps not the full-blown disorder. So weve been discussing this personality type. One conversation went like this:

My friend: Whats the first thing sociopaths do when they meet you?

My friend: Whats the second thing they do?

Me: Look for your vulnerabilities.

Thats it, the sociopathic MO, or modus operandi. First, do you have something he or she wants? Second, how can they manipulate you to get it?

Feeding opportunities

Here is the brutal truth: Sociopaths view the world as predators and preythey are the predators, everyone else is prey.

Heres another brutal truth: Sociopaths view all social interactions as feeding opportunities.

So what do they want from their targets? In many cases, the answer is obvioussex, money, a place to live, someone to support them.

But we also have to remember that sometimes, sociopaths just want entertainment. They want the fun of manipulating someone into doing what they want. They get a rush from getting over on their targets. These cons feed their primal desires for power and control.

My friend is shaking his head over the encounter with the predator female. Like all of us who have experienced these disordered people, hes having a hard time coming to grips with how soulless they truly are.

Written by WomanSaver's Feature Guest Writer Donna Andersen, copyright 2011, all rights reserved. Donna Andersen is the author of Love Fraud - How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan. She is also the author of LoveFraud.com, a website that teaches people how to recognize and recover from sociopaths. http://lovefraud.com/book/index.php/b/ ©

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