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Infidelity, Romance and Relationship Quizzes

Are your expectations for a man realistic?
1.  You partner is a terrible kisser. You:
     Give him a lesson.
     Forget about it. He has other strong points.
     Are grossed out. This is something that canít be taught.
2.  The two of you have been together for a while and the sex is now less frequent, you:
     Worry that he is starting to lose interest.
     Start looking for sexual fulfillment somewhere else.
     Are happy. Your sex life was never that great.
3.  Your manís hairline is starting to recede. You:
     Break up with him. You could never be attracted to a bald man.
     Couldnít care less. Bald can be sexy.
     Forget about it. Heís going to continue to age.
4.  Youíve had to work very long hours for the past few weeks. Your partner:
     Doesnít give you a break and expects things to be the same as when you were working normal hours.
     Does all the housework and cooking without you asking.
     Takes care of his own needs but doesn`t make an extra effort to help you.
5.  Your guy gets very jealous when you are around male acquaintances or friends. You:
     Get irritated. Why canít he just trust you?
     Are flattered. Heís scared to lose you.
     Reassure him that he is the only man you care about.

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