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Infidelity, Romance and Relationship Quizzes

Test your sexual communication.
1.  Regarding contraception
     You and your partner have discussed what is best for both of you.
     Your partner asks if you have taken care of it.
     Your partner and you never really talk about it.
2.  Sex has been exceptionally good. You
     Tell him it was great.
     Tell him it was great and continue with the compliments.
     Just smile.
3.  You want to try something new sexually with your partner. You
     Tell your partner during sex.
     Moan a little louder and hope he gets the hint.
     Tell your partner in a conversation other than during sex.
4.  You and your partner are having sex but not quite at the right angle, you
     Tell your partner later after itís over.
     Tell your partner during sex and simply move until you are comfortable.
     Bear it. Hopefully, it will be over soon.
5.  After you are done undressing, you
     Donít say a word and get under the covers.
     Kiss your partner and tell him how hot he is.
     Kiss your partner and hold him.

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