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Current Online Dating, Adultery and Infidelity Poll Results

Which celebrity divorce was the biggest shock?
Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillipe
 4099 votes (55%)
Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt
 1786 votes (24%)
Heather Locklear & Richie Sambora
 478 votes (6%)
Madonna and Guy Richie
 409 votes (5%)
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey
 670 votes (9%)
Vote on this Dating and Infidelity Poll
Which celebrity divorce was the biggest shock?
Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillipe
Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt
Heather Locklear & Richie Sambora
Madonna and Guy Richie
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey
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Which male race do you think cheats the most? - 4137 votes
Single ladies only, how do you feel about Valentine's Day? - 4215 votes
Ladies, has a man ever knowingly given you an STD without telling you? - 5697 votes
Ladies, would you ever cheat? - 7145 votes
Ladies, do you still believe in the institution of marriage? - 9564 votes
Ladies, how soon does a date turn into a "relationship?" - 6201 votes
Ladies, how many men are you currently dating? - 6216 votes
Which age group of men do you think treats women better? - 8780 votes
Do men have more or less morality when it comes to values, character, and integrity , then they did five years ago? - 6793 votes
Would you forgive your partner if he had a sexual affair? - 6859 votes
How long should a woman wait to have sex? - 10591 votes
If you are the other woman, would you ever ask your lover to leave their partner? - 9443 votes
If you've had an affair, what's the reason? - 5744 votes
If you've had an affair, how long has it lasted? - 5760 votes
If you've had an affair, how did it start? - 4708 votes
Who do you think cheats more? - 9446 votes
Do you run a background check or google a person's name before dating? - 3486 votes
Do you believe that online affairs constitute infidelity? - 13966 votes
Do you believe that emotional affairs lead to physical affairs? - 8723 votes
Do you believe that viewing porn is emotional cheating? - 8660 votes
Should adultery be prosecuted in courts? - 10628 votes
Does your husband/boyfriend masturbate? - 9284 votes
Has your man ever had sex with another man, or mentioned that he desires this? - 10013 votes
Do you ever have kinky, adventuresome, or unusual sex with your husband/boyfriend? - 5336 votes
Have you ever satisfied your man with oral sex? - 11170 votes
Has your husband/partner ever requested that you participate in a threesome with another woman? - 8376 votes
Would you / Have you ever had sex with another man at the request of your husband/partner? - 10400 votes
Which celebrity couple will divorce next? - 6801 votes
Which celebrity divorce was the biggest shock? - 7442 votes
Who do you think has the strongest celebrity marriage? - 6486 votes
Which celebrity is the worst cheater? - 30943 votes
Ladies, were you ever sexually molested by an adult male as a child? - 10910 votes
Vote for the sleaziest website on the internet. - 6247 votes
Has there been a time in your life when you've hated men? - 11063 votes
Would you do a 3-some to please your man? - 11659 votes
Ladies, have you ever been sexually abused? - 13515 votes
Ladies, do you watch porn alone? - 9446 votes
Ladies, are you offended by your man watching porn? - 11400 votes
Ladies, have you ever thought of having a same sex affair? - 13661 votes
Ladies, has your guy ever cheated on you? - 147003 votes

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