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His legal name is EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR, but he usually goes by JAY BROWN. This photo of him was taken in, I think, Sept. 2009, when Jay lived with me. If any gay guy recognizes him from this photo, and had sex with him, please post a comment. The female in the photo is not me. Her name is Kristi/Kristy/Cristie [not sure of spelling of first name] Fox. She was the bartender at the Kenmore Inn in Fredericksburg, one of the venues where my jazz combo performed. She was also a photographer, by trade, and was a guest to the 2nd of my backyard parties. Another guest, a male photographer and friend of mine, snapped this candid photo of Jay “making eyes” AT YET ANOTHER WOMAN, while my back was turned [I was probably in the kitchen, getting food for my guests.] He was wearing the green tropical shirt THAT I BOUGHT FOR HIM. The expression he wore in this photo was similar to the one he had when he had that stripper do a lap dance for him, when we were on our last vacation together in the outer Banks of NC. About one year before this photo was taken, I threw another party, that Melinda Yalom attended. I caught him with his arm around her, when I came out of my kitchen from getting more food for our guests [she being one of them.] He quickly withdrew his arm as soon as he saw me come out with the food. He is sneaky that way. So was Melinda [who was married, then, to Ed Rejuney], apparently, and is stupid if she thinks he will not do something similar to her, or worse..HAVE SEX WITH MEN BEHIND HER BACK! In my strong opinion, Jay is an emotional/sexual/psychological abuser, imposter, predator, script~flipper & gaslighter who loved downgrading or badmouthing women to have them feel like they cannot get anyone better than his sorry, no underwearing, acne~scarred, hemorrhoid~having carcass [and yes..anyone with shallow emotions, who fakes loving women, like him, is a carcass..not alive!] He seemed to have turned all his friends [some of them my friends, too] against me for reasons I still do not know. I had lived with him for 8.5 years, in Manassas, VA. In 2000, my last year with him, I found his emails, to/from a swingers site that he had joined, advertising himself as bi seeking bi sex with men, and found his ad on that site. I kept the proof. I had a long phone conversation with his 1st wife, Pattie. She told me that two of her gay male friends had told her that they had had sex with him. Apparently, he had also had sex with the wife of a neighbor of theirs. She also told me that he wanted to switch sexual roles with her [role play], to have her be the guy and he be the woman, asked her if she would wear his underwear and for him to wear hers. He tried the same crap on me..donned my wig one time, and my underwear and bra. Do not kid yourself, something is wrong “upstairs” with Jay. He has an history of honking after married women, an history alcoholism, a juvie history, history of foreclosure on his marital home with 2nd wife, went bankrupt while living with me, history of using illegal substances, and had two failed marriages behind him before he lived with me. He rented/ bought nasty porn when he lived with me, seemed to have “porn creep” and seemed, toward the end that he could not get aroused without first viewing gay male porn and other raunchy porn. He told me that his sister, Dulce [oldest of five older sisters] helped him pay off his bills to the lawyer who handled his 2nd divorce. I also saw the legal document that he and Paula, another of his sisters, signed, stating that, should he go bankrupt, he would not be able to write off his debt to her of $17,000 if he went bankrupt. He did go bankrupt while living with me. He did not show me that document until he had lived with me for many years. He is probably much balder by now, and closing in on age 60. Besides his joining that swingers site while living with me, he also had an affair with a MARRIED woman. I think his affair began with her one year or more, before he ended things with me, and while he was house painting for her. She had pretended to be a friend of mine for about two years, when Jay and I were invited to her home, for jazz jams with her then husband, Ed Rejuney. Her name is Melinda Carol Yalom. By now she may have married the twice~divorced fool. Jay told me that, when he was age 12, his gay male cousin, Paul Brown [SEE http://datingpsychos.com/psycho/PaulBrown/5304], had oral sex with him. He also told me that his sister, Linda, let him watch while she masturbated. He also told me that he learned from his niece, Holly Holstrom [daughter to another sister to Jay, Jeannine], that his father would come into her bedroom when she was a teen, to try to fondle/molest her. If all these things occurred, then there was some serious INCEST going on in that family. He deserves to be profiled up here.
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1/26/2011 3:41:38 PM - I also suspect that Jay probably has more than one mental disorder, such as Borderline Personality Disorder, Disassociative Identity Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, or Schizoaffective Disorder. His ad for casual sex on that swingers site, in 2000, when he ADVERTISED HIMSELF AS BISEXUAL, informed: “Hi, I’m a SbiM iso someone to share my other side with. I’m a 48 yo, 6’4” 230lbs, good looking I think healthy, discreet, regular guy. N. Va. Area Manassas.I like 69, j/o” The title for his ad? “BiMale iso a Man” The ad ID number back then was “Jay 1248” This jerk cheated on his first two wives and cheated on me. He also cheated on Evelyn Vignola, the woman he lived with before his two wives. This happened when I was between ages 17 & 18, in Great Falls, VA. I was at the Big Joke house, where he lived with Evelyn, but Jay forgot to tell me he lived with her until AFTER he got naked, trying to have sex with me [he could not get it up, then.] He is a SERIAL CHEATER and SERIAL ADULTERER. I also think Jay is a THIEF. He told me that he stole the Cottage Lane [Fairfax County property, I think] street sign, from the street where he said he once lived with his 2nd wife, Lorrie [maiden name, Walters.] Pattie, wife #1, told me that Jay once lived on that street with her, too. So I am thinking he possibly overlapped Lorrie & Pattie, too. Jay said that he tried to find Pattie, to return her antique/heirloom bed, but “could not find her”. Pattie said he did not try or did not try hard enough to find her to return it to her. Jay said that the bed ended up in the bedroom of his daughter, Jolene. Pattie also said that she never gave Jay that baby photo of her, that he used to keep at the base of his lamp, in his workshop, on our back porch in Manassas. When I first began dating Jay, he ran a shop with his 2nd wife, called Stone Art, in Canterbury Square, in Manassas. I had asked if he would sell my heavy gold wedding ring on consignment. It went mysteriously “missing” after that. He knows how to melt down gold. So shocked was I, when he was moving out of our home, that I gave him a blond wood tiki bar, with a black top, that my father had given me. Yes, I gave it to him, but he did not seem to object to taking yet one more thing from me. I also found, hidden in his ledger book, a half nude photo of me, that he had snapped without my express permission. I took it back. I wondered why he would want a photo of my naked breasts, when he said they reminded him of a “wall~eyed dog”. The photo showed me trying to avoid having my photo taken, my head turned away, whipping my hair around, so that he could not capture my face. To me, he is no better than a sick perverted gigolo. Pattie said that Jay also asked if she would wear a strap~on penis, to do him in the rear [which I feel sure she refused.] SEE other profiles up here and on dontdatehimgirl.com for EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR.

1/26/2011 4:13:48 PM - To get a better idea of what he looked like, when he lived with me, see URLs to the dontdatehimgirl.com profiles I posted on Jay: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/84065/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/84063/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/84057/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/89815/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/89817/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/89811/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/89800/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/84064/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/89800/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/84064/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/74748/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/94796/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/94682/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/94678/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/94668/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/213784/ Often, I thought those gifts of jewelry Jay gave me or bought for me were like “antecedent” or “premeditated” guilt gifts, for something that would “assuage” his guilty conscience [if he even has one] for when he was about to abuse me sexually/psychologically/spiritually. Or it may be that, on the side and behind the scenes, he is partaking in his other life, possibly sexing men or swingers! He had advertised for same activities. E.g., he took me on a day trip to D.C…, said we would possibly visit galleries, book stores, etc. Once we were in D.C., on the way to a bookstore, he bought me some silver earrings from Afghanistan, w/green agate in them, from a street vendor. Only a few minutes after that that we arrived to that “book store” he knew about. The book store turned out to be a GAY BOOK STORE, unknown to me, before we arrived. After he told me “it is over”, possibly on that same day or days later, he ADMITTED that in his youth, he used to meet up with gay guys for sex. It was AS IF HE WAS LAUGHING AT ME..to say, “ha ha..you never knew..pulled one over on you, did I not?” Jay will possibly tell you I am loco or that I am just angry b/c he no longer wanted me. His 1st wife gave me her phone #, had me call her, & she told me who/what he really is, which aligned w/what I already learned about him, from many painful years living w/him. He hid his “other side” very well, for 8.5 years w/me. He also embarrassed me in front of our friends. Happened more than once. He had invited a jazz guitarist we had both met to our home. It seemed he did not want this guitarist to know about my musical talents, even though Jay probably knew he was about to abandon me, thus leave the jazz group we had formed together [I found most of the gigs we were almost a house band, for one year, at one bed & breakfast, & were gaining more gigs/venues], which would leave me w/o a guitarist & in a fix. Jay insulted my home décor, remarked to the jazz guitarist that it was “busy” looking. That same jazz guitarist had invited Jay to his church. Jay said he told the guitarist that church made him feel uncomfortable. To my chagrin, the jazz guitarist told Jay that he thought my décor looked pleasant. I also ended up befriending same guitarist, & hired him to perform with me, years later, for concerts & club venues. I think part of Jay’s M.O. is to build a woman up only to break her down years later, to leave her with lower confidence, sensual/sexual & personal/professional than she had before he came into her life..that he is JEALOUS of women because he WANTS TO BE A WOMAN, so hates it when the limelight is on anyone but himself. I think he likes to see the “fireworks” when he pits woman against woman, because possibly, w/five older sisters & he being the only male sibling, he could not control the “fireworks” in his family dynamics, so he wants to “re~create” the scenario so he can look back to see “fireworks” between women. He told me, early in our relationship, that when he was a young boy, he would hide under a table, covering his ears & cry, when he heard his sisters arguing. He also told me that his sisters paid him $ to wash their panty hose. It occurred to me, years later, that the gut feeling I had when he made that silver bib necklace with charoite cabachons, was when he began his affair with Melinda Yalom [when she was MARRIED!] I later suspected he might have been making it for her, but when I told him I liked it..asked if I could have it [probably was around Valentines Day, my birthday or Christmas], he gave it to me. Another GUILT gift? Jay also told me, around the time he was divorcing his 2nd wife, that his 2nd father~in~law, Lu Walters, wanted to put him out of business permanently, & told me that Lorrie, wife #2, told him that he had ruined [or nearly ruined..it was so long ago, I do not recall his exact words] her line of credit.

1/26/2011 5:02:25 PM - He was so disgusting to try to blame me, not copping to his infidelities, he said that I made him “choose” between me and his family. Well, I did not “make” him have me help pay for the roof over the head of his daughter, for every other weekend, with few exceptions, for 8.5 years, when he had his custody time with her. I did not “make” him use me as a babysitter for his daughter. I was extremely generous with her. I let her girlfriends stay overnight whenever she wanted. I was not bossy with her. I did not try to be her “parent” [she already had two], I merely tried to be her friend/mentor and sounding board when things went wrong. I curled her hair for a high school dance, gave her little presents each year, and she and I often hugged each other. He accused me of “impugning” his manhood, when he impugned HIS OWN manhood. He said that my magnanimity was “ingenuous” when it was really HIM who was the INGRATE, especially when, between my IT contract jobs, for a whole season, I worked in his 2nd Stone Art shop, on Battle Street, in Manassas, FOR NO PAY, while he drove cabs to stay afloat. I helped him set up his jewelry tables at trade shows and strip malls. I also helped him shore up his waning confidence during his messy divorce/bankruptcy, helped him get through the grief over his sister, Dulce dying, and helped his in home jewelry repair business that he conveniently took up in our home, and since he could not, for many months, get his own phone, I had to ween his customers from calling our number, until he got his own phone number. Conveniently for him, all the utility bills were in MY name. I know for a fact that he probably saved himself more than $21,000, across 8.5 years, storing his rock shop inventory in our garage [98 percent of the stuff in there was his, not mine], because one of the two part~time jobs I held, after he left, was in property management, renting out those spaces to people, when they were between homes. Does anyone smell a USER/ABUSER here? I think everything he PROJECTED onto me, playing the “blame game” were things of which HE was really guilty. I mean, come on..at age 40+, he was living with his elderly mother when he began dating me, when legally separated from wife #2, and I will bet my bottom dollar he did not help her with mortgage payments, either.He seemed to have problems holding down a job with a regular paycheck [I do not mean those piecemeal jobs he did, painting houses and occasional carpentry stints, or jewelry repair jobs like a gypsy would do. I also doubt if he was bonded to do that kind of work.], so seemed to prey on women who were more stable than he was, financially, creditwise and jobwise, .. would rather have a homeowner as a lover than a non~homeowner. He told me once that because of his alcoholic history, he could not get jobs with, say, Fedex or UPS. My guess is that when he found his next naďve prey after me, who fell for him and who would not find out about him soon enough, he would marry her fairly quickly, before she could wise onto him. My bet is he is after more than just her sexual assets. Seemingly, he uses female lovers/wives with whom he lives to live off of for support, puts them in debt, then leaves them with nothing. Oh, and if Melinda thinks Jay is the “wonderful handyman” .. just wait and see if HER house gutters fall down when/if he forgets to clean the leaves out of them. That is what happened to the gutter on the house where we were BOTH on the lease, which he broke. What resulted was that I had to forfeit, to the landlord, much of the security deposit extra month of rent that I FULLY PAID when we first moved in there, and Jay failed to pay me for half of that, when he broke the lease. Seemed like he had no true motivation in life and was just is waiting for a “rich” girl to carry him.I also think he lets females fight his battles for him, like cowards do. Examples? His daughter, after us hugging each other many years & exchanging gifts, she sent me hate mail to tell me I was a worthless piece of skin, after he left me..after all the years I helped pay for the roof over her head! Or when, after years of feeling loved by his mother, she suddenly sent this little book [I forgot the name of it], about how the passionate cycle ends with all couples, so, more or less, I should expect no more passion from him..yahdee yada. Anyone seen the film, Children of the Corn, or the other one, The Manchurian Candidate? Well, I thought that his mother went from years of being like Aunt Bea from the Andy Griffith Show, to morphing into the Manchurian Candidate’s mother. Like my elderly widower/US Marine said about Jay, “he knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.” When I told Patrick about Jay having told me he [Jay] faked being gay to get out of the Vietnam draft, Patick said, "he must have not had to fake it very much."

1/26/2011 7:44:07 PM - Jay also stooped to emotional blackmail goading/baiting, too, I think, accused me, in a smutty email his last to me of being a homophobe. It came after I confronted him by email. I’d written that I hoped he wasn’t boffing little boys in those empty homes he’d been hired to paint. He replied, on Oct. 3, 2000 with, “Where was all this selfrighteous fervor when you were soaking your panties watching lesbian porno movies??? Do I detect a bit of hypocracy here? I wonder who would be interested in that bit of truth?” His email address back then was EBrown1762@aol.com. Yes. Once or twice I watched films with “lesbians” in them, with him. One was not a “porn” film, per se, and one that anyone could rent at Blockbusters, another was a film about derelict artists in New York, that Jay had chosen for us to watch, and had one lesbian theme in it. But he exaggerated, later, as if to make me out to be a lesbian, which I am not one. My male therapist thought that email of Jay’s was the worst he had ever seen. And I think that any woman, once Jay is done with her, will need to see a therapist .. possibly for many years. He was the one always renting/buying porn films, from adult video stores, not me. Those videos were mostly about gay males or female lesbians, in orgies together.He might try to flip the script to say I was a gold digger. Before getting involved with this male, do a thorough background check and/or contact me. Paperwork talks, BS walks. I have all the proof you need in black & white to make you stay clear of his sick mess, who, in my opinion, is a CLOSET MANGINA who is morally bankrupt & stops at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means hurting others along the way. In the first couple months of him dating me, he was stopped for peeing in public by two Manassas City policemen. It happened in the alley behind his Stone Art shop. The dummy could have used his key & gone back inside to use the restroom in his shop, instead, but noooo. I was red as a beet with embarrassment. In some states, that activity is considered a sex offense. Then there was that page with his own handwriting, in his spiral paper notebook/journal that I found, before he left, which I Xeroxed. He wrote that he “could never love just one woman” and felt “like a fraud”.. that is because he IS a fraud. The precise repercussions he has on others are not immediately discernable, it may take years, possibly as long as a decade or more, before they all surface. He is adept at lulling women into a false sense of security. The reason I have all these old photos of him was because I had been kind enough to assemble a photo album for him of his past, so that he might see come continuum in his life, & be glad to have found reasons to finally set down roots, to stop his roaming ways & roving eyes. I had made a copy of the photos in case, one day, his daughter went to college and wanted them for herself. The original album I had assembled included one photo with Jay holding the hand of his young son, James, while on the beach [I discovered that photo missing when I got back home, after I had gone on a 2~day trip to Richmond for training, to learn Quark Express.] But, you see, I found a better purpose for some of those photos [see other profiles for JAY BROWN, up here.] He finally admitted to me, in the last month we spoke, that in his younger days, he had hooked up with gay males for sex. If I recall correctly, he told me that he had met them in places like theaters, books stores, public parks, clubs, restrooms, etc. What you have with him is not “informed consent” when he fails to tell you, for years, how many sex partners he has had, and if/when he had those encounters with MEN. No. It amounts to EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL RAPE! He can be violent, too. Once, during an argument with him, he threw a set of keys toward my head/facial areas, when we were sitting at the dining room table. They landed on the wall behind me & made a hole in the wall that he later spackeled/painted to hide the hole. Another time, he lifted his fist as if to hit me. I told him that if one finger landed on my body, I would call 911 so fast, it would make his head spin.

1/29/2011 12:55:23 PM - In my opinion, Jay harassed me by harassing my elderly father. He called my father, telling my father to tell me not to harass him, I think b/c I had sent out several letters to several of his friends, each containing a copy of his ad on that swingers site he had joined, & I had circled his email address, as proof, with a Red Sharpie marker. I think Jay also harassed my brother by calling my brother to tell me [or so I interpret] that I should not have filed a workers comp complaint against my former boss, Ezra Yu, a "friend" of his, and when that complaint was a legitimate complaint, when I was crime victimized at my former work place. In the first few months of living together, he told me that his first wife, Pattie, cheated on him. He flipped the script..LYING. It was HIM who cheated on Pattie. You should have heard nasty things he said behind the backs of some of his friends. John Leigh was in at least two bands [Change of Heart & Night Patrol] with Jay, supposedly was one of Jay"s best buddies for years. He said about John Leigh"s guitar playing technique, "he plays guitar like he"s carrying two pails full of water" .. about Bruce Turner"s capacity to learn new jazz tunes, [Bruce was the jazz guitarist with us, in the first trio I formed, in the mid 1990s] Jay said, "Bruce"s eyes would glaze over whenever I tried to get him to learn [something new]" About Julia Leigh [John Leigh"s wife], he said Julia was "clinically depressed" [because of John"s personality or behavior] About John Leigh, he said John"s first wife left him to become a lesbian [possibly true, but so what] About Jill, female singer who was in one of his former bands [Change of Heart], he said Jill, before she married, used to do phone sex [those 900 number calls?] for a living. I easily compare Jay to the male psycho in the film, The Dirt Digger and to the female psycho, Lilith, in the film by same name, starring Warren Beatty. Pattie compared Jay to the psycho in Silence of the Lambs, when I spoke with her. Sometime in Sept of 2009, I think before I noticed on the internet, that Jay supposedly got engaged to Melinda, I had tried to warn Melinda"s relative, Abraham Yalom. I left a voicemail for Abraham, letting him know I had spoken to Pattie, Jay"s 1st wife, and found out what I did from her. My message included that if he really wanted to know who Jay was, he could read the profiles up here, on DDHG or on dontdatethisguy.com. On that same day, later, I got a call from Jay. His voice was shaking and he seemed vexed, as if he was about to deal me some verbal abuse. I hung up immediately when hearing his voice, and blocked his phone calls from then on. You should too. Remember when the minister said, "If you know reasons why this couple should not be joined in matrimony, Speak now or forever hold your peace"? I would be the first in line to stand and speak out, so no more women could ever again be abused by this freak/clown, b/c I do not think he operates on "all four cylinders" . It would not surprise me if it was Jay who made those breather calls to my place of work for the City of Manassas, that I logged for five months [many of them], but finally had to ask my boss for a caller ID detection, to see who made those calls. I was let go after 5 mos. b/c of my complaint, though the job would have probably ended, eventually, because I stood in for a permanent worker on disability. But if he was the breather caller [READ: STALKER], that was illegal. If so, that was a shame, too, since that job was only 5 blocks from our home, & paid well. I also suspect it was also Jay who, w/in three years, broke the driver side mirror to my car [vandalism/retaliation]. Though I cannot prove it. I wisely/consequently thought to rent a garage space from a neighbor, so that will never happen again. Do not be surprised if any MALE ONLY pipe~smoking club he joined is really a ruse for more down low activities.

1/29/2011 2:13:55 PM - If no one believes that ugly e~mail that Jay sent to me, [that I still keep safe] was Emotional Blackmail, he/she should read: http://www.soulwork.net/sw_articles_eng/emotional_blackmail.htm, “Emotional Blackmail & Emotional Freedom [] End Manipulation and Compliance by Martyn Carruthers. Next are a few excerpts from it: “Emotional blackmail is abuse. Like other forms of abuse, it is usually motivated by a desire to manipulate or control, often by people who claim good intentions. Some victims of emotional blackmail may perceive their abuse as normal, although all forms of emotional abuse have heavy consequences” “Emotional blackmail includes excessive demands, punishment for normal behavior, unwanted displays of attachment {love} and withholding affection or care. The damage caused by this emotional abuse often manifests as dysfunctional relationship habits and suffering. We help people to gain emotional freedom and develop emotional maturity” “Emotional blackmail are attempts to influence or control by manipulating emotions. Emotional blackmail often follows a cycle of Demands ~ Resistance ~ Pressure ~ Threats ~ Compliance ~ Repeat” “Abusive Victims [ ] Abusers often justify their emotional blackmail with fear abusers are often afraid to lose something important material or immaterial that their victims provide. This can include the loss of a home, access to money, the loss of credibility, the loss of a partner, sexual intimacy and the loss of parenting opportunities, etc. Most people who resort to emotional blackmail fear losing something” “To gain coercion, compliance and dominance, abusers may: 1. Act like victims 2. Make angry threats 3. Install limiting beliefs 4. Block the victim''''''''''''''''s goals 5. Disguise abuse as humor 6. Withhold essential information 7. Forget promises or agreements 8. Contradict their victim''''''''''''''''s perspectives 9. Invalidate their victim''''''''''''''''s reality and perceptions 10. Trivialize their victims thoughts and achievements” Emotional blackmailers also get others to ally with them, to have them share their way of thinking, or perspectives, to abuse victims. Jay will use you for whatever you have, a car, money, a house, & once he is done with you, he will leave you stranded, destitute, broke, unemployed or close to it. When your money runs out, so will he. He even used me to baby sit his daughter. Just try faking being poor for a few months, & see what happens. When he said “its over” he flipped the script on me, to say he needed someone to “roll up her sleeves” when he knew I “rolled up” my sleeves for all those years, paying my fare share of the bills. He even suggested that I would need a psychologist, when it is him who really needs serious psychological help. He was seeing a counselor, Michael Borash, before he met me and for a few weeks when he began dating me. I know this, b/c I had a rendezvous w/Jay, in front of the offices where Borash practiced. Jay also attended AA meetings when we first began dating. He stopped attending meetings after he moved in w/me, or at least I never heard him say he was going to any AA meetings, after that. He lied about that burn scar on his forearm. In the beginning, he said it came from burning himself with his jewelers torch. At the end of our relationship, he said the scar really came from days of his youth, playing “chicken” w/another teen boy, cigarette lit btwn their arms, to see who could hold it there the longest. Self~harming is one trait of a Borderline Personality disordered person. If Jay lied about those little things, think of the larger things he lied about in his life. His lies are pathological. His mother went halvsies w/me a couple of times, buying him his leather jacket, LL Bean slippers, for Xmas or birthday gifts, but I bought him black dress shirts for his band jobs, expensive Italian silk ties, tropical shirts & other clothes, for years, & for what? So he could look all Dapper Dan to go seduce the next woman? I assure you, he does not respect the institution of marriage, given his track record, not his marriages on file, not common~law marriages, either [several in our former mutual friendship networks thought of us as common~law married, including Bruce Turner, & our next~door married/elderly Christian neighbors, Patrick & Martha.] Pattie, wife #1, told me that when she got pregnant, he would not even help her name the baby. She was left no other choice but abortion, which left her w/an infection so she could no longer conceive of children from her body. To add insult to injury, her Catholic father told her girls who have abortions should not be believed ..do the math before becoming involved w/this monster.

1/29/2011 3:51:43 PM - I will always think of Melinda Yalom as a back~stabbing adulteress who pretended to be my friend for 2 years. She deserves every bit of heartache/anguish that will inevitably come her way. Hope she experiences the anguish/humiliation I endured, when having to get tested, twice, with 6 months between tests, for the deadly AIDS/HIV, crying meanwhile, in a clinic where derelicts go to also be tested. I asked him to get a test and he refused. She was the last of his victims to be suckered by his brainwashing/deceit. When I finally wised up to his ways, it took years, & felt like I had been deprogrammed after being sucked in by a sex cultist/addict. I was in deep shock. I come from a respectable family with high morals and high work ethics. All three of my brothers are still married to their first and only wives..each of them, each after being married for more than 20 years. Wow, what a contrast to Jay Brown! He ate well on the fat of my family..was invited to many holiday/family events, fed well. My father, retired diplomat, even paid for a Valentines Day weekend trip to Coolfont Resort in WV, as a gift to us, treated us out to many dinners together. Jay & his daughter were even invited to a gratis mini vacation that celebrated my fathers 80th B~day w/my relatives. My father, the gracious man he was, usually had Xmas presents for Jay & Jolene. I will always think of Jay as a sick gigolo. Yes. Because I was deeply in love w/him, I bought him clothing. By contrast, I believe he bought me only THREE items of clothing, the entire 8.5 years we lived together [think of that seducing tune of Ry Cooder he sings,"The Tattler" w/the lyric about the fool who "goin bout dressin up other women, who wont put clothes on his own wife"!] One black leather dress w/straps, & two POLYESTER items. I threw them all out, wanting nothing to remind me of him. I even sold the jewelry he made for me or had another jeweler change the design, not wanting to be reminded of Jay. I believe that Jay envied his former male band members, who married "up" .. so wanted the same for himself. Thing is, I think his male band members did not have a juvie history like Jay had, at least not two of them, I think, [John Leigh and Rick Burnette, from the former band, Night Patrol, come to mind] had higher education. Jay did not have much college under his belt, if at all. I think he barely graduated high school. He might even only have a G.E.D.. Yet, I think Jay had delusions of grandeur, felt entitled to "more" .. envied his male friends, even though he [allegedly] did not have anywhere near the same work ethic or accomplishments that those two band buddies of his had. Jay told me, while still living w/me, not long before he broke up w/me, that Melinda, his next muse, had encouraged him to write. Maybe she encouraged his writing that story about the stripper who lap danced for him [that he submitted to a magazine, but got rejected from same publication, for poor/inappropriate content~I saw the rejection letter, he was dumb enough to show it to me] about having a lap dance from a stripper RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. This is ONE SICK MOFO, able to mimic emotions & mirror the "qualities" that his next victim wants to see in him. WHY DO YOU THINK HIS 1ST WIFE, SUBSEQUENTLY BECAME A SOCIAL WORKER? My theory is, she wanted to help women who have been abused by creeps like him! I also saved an e~mail from Paul Brown to Jay Brown, that I found around the same time I found the ad Jay Brown placed on that swingers site. It said, "Be careful".. so I think Paul KNEW about the down low activities of Jay Brown. Anyone think as I do..that there was collusion between male cousins? Melinda should ask herself why it was that Jay denied her..denied being her lover, when he called it quits with me. He denied there was anyone else in the picture. She should also ask him why he continued to "make love" w/me, for, I think, another year after he had begun his affair w/her, still telling me I LOVE YOU, & continued both things right up until a week before he said it was over. She should ask herself, What Is Wrong With This Picture? She should also ask Jay why he told me, "Your lovemaking is too strong for me" .. as, I think when he said that, he was projecting what HE felt, from his childhood, about being sexually abused by either his gay male cousin or his sister, Linda, onto me. He should have confronted his relatives, if they had incest w/him, to say, "you violated my body and soul".. not re~enact his issues onto me or any other of his adult female partners.

1/30/2011 1:21:43 PM - When I expressed concerns, confronted him~~asked point blank about what was going down & why the sudden change of heart [out of the blue], he patronized me, told me that I had abandonment issues .. [who would not have abandonment issues when someone who has had a HISTORY of abandoning women, is about to do it again?!] But that was not the end of it. He kept coming back, asked if I wanted to go to the Harville Hendrix,Getting the Love You Want seminar [said he would pay for it], said Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater, treated me to a lunch at a Tavern in Manassas [to ask about the Harville Hendrix date.] Of course he did not mean a thing about Harville Hendrix. It was all B.S. ~~ the typical push~pull trait that I have read about, that persons with Borderline Personality Disorders have. Last, but not least, he dropped by with a photo art book about transvestites or transsexuals in the fashion world, that he thought was a, quote, cool find, unquote, & written by wife of Calvin Klein [I was not amused in the least.]

1/31/2011 8:08:07 PM - Jay probably sensed that, had he stayed with me after we were still attending parties at the home of Ed & Melinda, where long~time friend to Ed, Carey Creed also appeared, Carey & I would have eventually spoken w/each other, & she would/could have spilled the beans about him..the way she did to Ed, eventually. You see, Carey was married to the brother of the first wife [Pattie] of Jay. Pattie tried to warn Melinda through Ed & Carey, but Melinda would not listen. It is a small world, this circle of musicians, and Jay seems to have forgotten that. Also, Carey Creed is still a friend to the husband of my best friend [since age 15]. Carey went steady, long ago, after high school, with the guy my best friend ended up marrying [& is still with, to this day.] The mother~in~law of my best friend once thought so highly of Carey, that she had wanted her son to marry Carey, but changed her mind when she knew that my best friend was the soul mate for her son..CHOSEN by her son. I doubt Carey would lie. She is a beautiful/spiritual soul, accomplished professional musician, whose forte is gospel ballads [piano & vocals]..a highly spiritual individual. Women ARE in the know .. & there are at least FOUR of us who know what a bad guy Jay Brown is. One among that four has not come forth yet. The other three have spoken the truth. Mentally ill men can stay hidden for years and will try to destroy our spirits & our sexual/sensual/spiritual confidence. The women in the know will know who these frauds are. Jay never met my best friend, either. I was waiting until he proved himself to be the best guy I ever knew, before I introduced him to her, so she would approve. Perhaps had I introduced her to him, she could have clued me in to the Red Flags of his down~low life/activities, because the husband before her last also deceived her..he was on the down~low, too, and even made a play, in the middle of the night, for her own brother [who was sleeping on her couch], while under her very roof, when her brother was visiting her. Her brother told her what happened, just like I hope some gay guy will come forward to tell Melinda who/what Jay really is. He will cheat, lie & take from you whatever you are willing to give to him. If you have money he will stay with you until he finds someone that has more money than you. He also admitted to having low self esteem [Gee..wonder why?] I suggest reading The Marriage Masks: Three types of sociopathic relationships on www.lovefraud.com

2/2/2011 10:28:55 AM - At first, he presents as a great guy, but has serious issues you need to beware of. He definitely has some deep psychological issues that have affected him & others, all his life. Many of these he will "transfer" or project on you, as in "TAG, YOU ARE IT". He introduced me to his sisters & mother early in the relationship, but that was only to boost his credibility. He will virtually & emotionally cheat on you & use you for his own needs. He will ask you to do disgusting things just to benefit himself & he is emotionally bankrupt. Yes, he is charming/convincing. Most think so at first, even the male musicians he worked with [one bass player we worked with, Jim, remarked on what a "musician"s musician" & a good guy Jay was. I will bet Jim does not think so now, after I sent him a Xeroxed copy of that swingers ad Jay placed!], but do not let him mislead you. He is no good for anyone. The sick porn~viewing habits he had and probably still has do not mix with any stable personality or relationship that I know of. Only pathetic men call their women a bitch & put their hands on them he did the former to me & almost did the latter. He lived w/his elderly mother when we began our relationship b/c, I allege, he walked out on his family when he was not ready for the responsibility of being an adult. He did it to wife #1 & he did it to wife #2. He was legally separated when I began dating him, yet he tried, in the end, to make it seem as though I was the home wrecker, which I was not. Debby, Janet [he told me that Janet was married, that he had, or tried to have an affair with her, but she told him, "I do not want your problems to become mine"] came before me. Janet is possibly the reason his 2nd marriage dissolved. Certainly, I was not the one who did this. I was not the Other Woman. Ask Lorrie. She probably knows who Janet is.] & whoever else, came before me. I met Debby & know that she told mutual friends of ours that Jay had performance problems in bed [probably the same ones I found.] If you want to eventually be verbally abused, belittled/humiliated in front of friends, so be it. Though he might come off like the Great Father to his daughter, Jolene, you will finally come round to think that she learned nothing about what it means to pick a decent mate for life, from him [unless she got it through her thick head, finally, that she should pick the OPPOSITE of her father!] I allowed her to have her birthday party at our home, to invite a few of her friends. In her group of friends she invited was a guy who turned out to be a racist & felon. Within a year after that party, he murdered a girl in Manassas. His name was Paul Powell & was put to death on death row. I have good reasons for posting same profile on Jay, w/different photos, some from his teens, some from his 20s, some from his 30s, etc., as, any gay guys who may have sexed Jay may recognize him from one photo but not another. His M.O. seems to be to prey on vulnerable women, single mothers with child/children, women who have been abused/neglected/rejected in their past, women with failed marriages, and MARRIED women. Most of his women have fit one or another of those profiles. I was freshly divorced, abused in my first/only marriage, & abandoned by my first long~time love of more than 9 years..another alcoholic Lorrie, wife #2, was left an unwed mother, allegedly abandoned by some motorcycle guy Melinda admitted to me that her 1st hubby cheated on her. See the pattern? I can only hope/pray that the reason his adopted son, James, seemed to have a scowl on his face almost every time he visited or I saw him, when Jay lived with me, was not because Jay sexually molested him as a boy. I hope that did not happen, but given the past of Jay Brown & what Jay told me about his gay cousin, Paul, who knows. I know Jay told me that James had to have some type of counseling when James was in high school, & Jolene told me that James had substance abuse issues [one reason why I did not want James staying at our home during custody visits with Jolene], but I did my best to mentor James whenever I could. I took him to get his drivers license, I had him over for dinners, I gave him an acoustic guitar lesson, & even gave him Xmas presents, though I never got one from him, & James seldom gave Jay presents for Xmas, Bdays, not that I noticed, anyway. One last thing.. Jay loves to lick all over..armpits, etc., & suck the toes of a woman. Ok, so many of us, including me, read Joy of Sex, decades ago. Thing is..you may find yourself thinking years later, that he was probably pretending to have a penis in his mouth, while sucking your big toe, & I do not think it just coincidence that that, in my first months w/him, I asked him who he had made that silver pendant, containing a PINK TRIANGLE, rose quartz cabachon, that he said was for a gay guy who never picked up the job. I suspect he may have worn it himself, when undercover..even my b/f suggested as much.

2/2/2011 4:03:24 PM - The books he bought in the local book stores for himself, the year before he left me, mostly contained gay male erotica/pornography. I also doubt that the photo he showed me of himself in drag, where it looked like he wore a tutu, & he said he dressed that way b/c it was Halloween, where he was the same age as he was in the photo in the profile, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=28688, with the same haircut..was just for Halloween. & why did he bring home the gay newspaper, The Blade, to decide where we would go Salsa dancing? Do not believe him when, after you have caught him repeatedly watching gay male sex sites on the Internet [he may or may not minimize the screen when you walk behind him sometimes he did when I was around, sometimes he did not & was just blatant about it], to tell you it was just a diversion. Besides any other diagnosed/undiagnosed mental disorder he might have, he could possibly have ADHD. He can also fake crocodile tears on Q. He did w/me at least 4 times, 3 times in the beginning of our relationship, & once at the end, after he called it quits. He cried, said, Look what I have done to you, as if he meant it. Yes. He knew what he did, but was not remorseful. He was just sorry I had caught on to his on line deceit, about which he asked me not to tell his family. He mostly seeks women who can offer him either money/opportunity. He can do handy jobs, drywall, paint houses, some carpentry, jewelry repair. He impressed ME w/those at first, too. It seemed his mother went from acting like a mother to me for years [like an Aunt Bea from the Andy Griffith Show], to behaving like the mother of the Manchurian Candidate. She even paid for photos taken of him & me together, in the initial years of our relationship, like a mother would want marriage photos of her son & his wife. Jay was only too happy to oblige. One pix, as I see it now, shows him w/a fake halo of light on his head, his face in evil shadow as he lifts my chin, looking longingly, seemingly lovingly into my eyes on him, my face brightly lit, like one of those film noir cinematography affects, [Evil vs Good.] He will hit on women while your back is turned, when you two are in the same room, meanwhile lying to you, every week, if not daily, saying I LOVE YOU. He accused me of making him choose btwn me & his family, as if I was a homewrecker.. like I had held a rifle to his head to make him spend all those holidays/weekends w/not only me, but w/my family, & his, many of them his mother also enjoyed at our home. Then, after being caught, which obviously gave him the perfect opportunity to end things, he still kept saying he loved me. Adding insult to injury, was how he set me up, torqued me around week after week, w/the push~pull thing [characteristic of BPDs, by the way, I think he is one.] This creep is NOT emotionally healthy & has been leading double, if not triple lives, his entire adult life. As soon as he saw bigger $ signs, he was off to better pastures. I hope Melinda got stuck w/the major part of his debt to Paula. She deserves what crap he will eventually deal her. He was & probably still is into sick sex. Though most of his porn watching was hard~core gay male porn, I also thought, besides his ad for swinger sex, he was a voyeur w/a sick masturbation habit. Jay likes a woman w/money or that comes from $, such as when the wife [of another guy] has inherited or is about to inherit, or $ from a dying parent. He told me that his mother told him he would not be getting any inheritance from her because she had given him so much, for years. Guess he had to find another cash cow. He acted like he was the Great Father while courting me, made sure to include me when going to rifle practice w/his son. We took Jolene bowling w/us. We all went ice skating together, assembled puzzles like a family, went on vacations w/his daughter/son, did family things. I did not hold a gun to his head to make him choose between me & his family, like he faulted me for doing. He acted all happy when he assembled my IKEA piece, after he first moved in w/me. I did not draw that smile on his face. Smiles were there on the faces of him & his daughter. My photos prove it. For the 1st months, when visiting his mother, I slept on her couch & we refrained from demonstrating affection around his daughter, so as not to upset her, kept things proper. His M.O. seems to be to try & build his image by getting w/established women so he can build his image off what they have to try & impress people into thinking he functions well in life, only to feel entitled to cheat later, w/anyone. All in all, a very toxic relationship worsened by his children who, IMOP, were ill mannered & out of line. His perpetual I LOVE YOUs mean nothing. He was just a fraud who SET ME UP for a very bad, long fall.

2/4/2011 11:55:51 AM - The creepy way he ended things : One day, after work, he told me he was delivering a stained glass window that Lorrie had sent for him to repair, but after he left, it was STILL on the back porch. RED FLAG right there. He was not home by 11:30 P.M. I had seldom called him on his cell phone, but I did & left a message asking where he was. He got home much later. He told me that he had had a talk with Lorrie [ex wife #2] & she had told him that this was his pattern.. even with her..to cheat & never be true to any woman. RED FLAG #2 right there. Why had he suddenly made her his confidante about OUR problems? Or was he trying, to PROJECT on me, falsely & out of the blue, after 8.5 years living with me, that I was a home wrecker with their relationship [I was not one], thus he possibly wanted to drive his point home..rub it in..flip the script on me, to gaslight me? Next came his justification story, about how he wanted a woman who could roll up her sleeves and get dirty [when I had rolled up my sleeves for 8.5 years, helping to pay for the roof over his head & the head of his daughter, every other weekend, when he had custody time with her], not to mention me paying half for the utilities most months [gas/water was in MY NAME ONLY..how convenient for him. Does it seem like a Friends With Benefits situation, to you..& when he used me for babysitting services, early on?].. so it was over .. Jay fails to realize that the common denominator in all of his failed relationship is himself. I also still suspect it is Jay who has, for many months now, been instigating having SPAM e~mails sent to my box, from third parties.., e~mails with subject matter like Viagra/Cialis ads, penis enlargement ads, dating service ads, psych meds ads, etc., which would be considered a form of ILLEGAL STALKING OR HARASSMENT, & against the Federal Communications laws. I also think it is HIM who has instigated third party marketing calls to my home [example, from MD party, Jim White with Federal Mortgage Service] ..those recorded calls where you hear nothing until you say "hello" .. I have a caller ID & have a record of knowing who called when, so can go back to know when those calls occurred. I may have to file a restraining order against him if I find out it was him instigating those calls and/or the SPAM e~mails. He is still, in my opinion, ONE SICK individual. It seems he even loves NEGATIVE ENMESHMENT [yes, he knows about that term..he even used it to describe his relationship with Lorrie, after or when they were divorcing, while living w/me, before they started friendly talk again, so that she could continue delivering repair jobs to him, using their daughter Jolene as the go between, so that he does not want me to be happy w/my love of >10 years .. seems JEALOUS of me & where I am in life..that I finally found happiness, or is just ticked off b/c I exposed him up here & elsewhere on line. I hope the relatives of Melinda read these profiles on him & that they conduct a thorough background check on him, or hire a P.I. to see if he really works when/if he says he does. Who knows..he may even have DV charges on his record from when he was married to Lorrie [once, when he & I drove to either pick up Jolene to/from his custody time with her, I saw him & Lorrie arguing, on the front porch..looked like a heated conversation, & he definitely raised his voice to her.] I have no idea, nor would spend one red cent to find out..I could not be bothered, but they may want to. Watch him, because when/if Melinda finally wises up to the truth & dumps him, he might jump state lines, to assume another identity..possibly even change his name, die his hair, or whatever..to try & escape his past & his lies. He might possibly move to Florida [his buddy from his Edgemeade days, Dan Cleary, lived down there, on a boat, last I knew] or to live with his sister, Linda [who, I think lives in either Indiana or Illinois..not sure, but she married her cousin Les, & Les was her husband after her other husband, a guy who I think lives in Charlottesville, VA, named John Hunley/Hunly, who Pattie & I both thought was old enough to be her father!] If you do not believe that his sister Dulce helped pay off lawyer bills Jay accrued, to divorce wife #2, you can always verify that with Michael Fowler, physics professor in Charlottesville, VA, & former husband of Dulce, deceased sister to Jay. Juvie record for Jay was probably expunged once he was no longer a minor, so we really cannot know what all he was in Edgemeade for, but he told me he was in there for [cannot recall which] for auto theft or breaking into cars.

2/4/2011 3:13:23 PM - You might also want to speak to Ed Eastridge, another buddy from Jay's Edgemeade days [web site: http://www.hanoverstrings.com/musicians.html?pPage=2&pMusID=126], to see if you can find out why Jay was in Edgemeade. Among the other friends of his who Jay talked about behind their backs, was Ed, who Jay thought he was better than Ed, because Ed [allegedly] continued with drug use/sales, after Jay had stopped using. Jay also may or may not have been exaggerating his professional credentials. Last I knew, yes, he knew some silversmithing, but at least FOUR pieces that he custom made for me, had firescale on them [look up the term, it is a purplish spot or black spot that cannot be shined up, to cover the mistake when a silversmith forgets to pickle or anneal the metal that he/she has worked.] Seems like everything Jay does or has touched, spills over into his next relationship, to affect the life of his next woman, in a negative way. This happens with sociopaths, thus, I think Jay is a sociopath. I suspect that Jay wanted to turn me into him, or the negative persona of him, the alcoholic, as in the Conway Twitty song, The Image of Me.. he did not succeed, but I think he tried. Otherwise, why would he, for several weeks, before calling it quits, have bought me a large bottle of wine, when he bought our weekly groceries [for years, he seldom, nor regularly, bought any bottle of wine, along with the groceries, while living with me.] Why would he do this, each week, for several weeks, before he dumped me? When anyone finally cleans the slate of his/her life, to create a tabula rasa {blank slate, so he/she can start again}, he/she must finally come clean with all .. to be open to reveal the truth of all, to anyone who asks. I think Jay has not done this & persists to deceive others. To me, Jay still represents someone who practiced the OPPOSITE of the AA tenets [See http://addictionrecoverybasics.com/the~opposite~of~the~12~steps~anything~sound~familiar/], because, to me, he has not come clean, and has hurt/exploited the lives of women, for decades. One guitarist, a long time friend of my S.O., knows Jay from his past, from the Big Joke era [name for a residence where Jay lived, when Jay lived with Evelyn Vignola, in Great Falls, VA], & remembers when Jay asked him where he could get an alcoholic drink, at 10 a.m. The answer might have been the club, now known as JVs in Falls Church, VA. Yes, week after week, year after year, Jay will declare his love verbally & in writing .. cards, flowers..everything, for every occasion. He is nevertheless known as a bed hopper, cyber cheater, & serial slut who has serially gone after married women..THE WOMEN OF OTHER MEN! How will you know when he is lying? You wont. Not when he backs up his good words with good deeds, over time, & you believed all along that he was honest. But Jay has serially has off on making a women fall for him just to make himself feel better, because he has low self esteem [he admitted so to me], After years, when he is sure she has committed her heart, he loses interest. He has done this over & over again, & left a string of disrupted/shattered hearts in his path. Any guy that does this has to be mentally & seriously disturbed. He plays gay ass games & wants animate AND inanimate things put up his rump, so he has GOT to be closet gay. I just wonder if, in addition to, or besides the car vandalism he confessed to, there might have been some other reason he was in Edgemeade..like some sex offense or male prostitution, or him getting caught for soliciting male prostitutes. Whatever else he is/was, though, he was a cyber cheater when with me. I swear, he would have stolen my shadow if he could have. He regularly/monthly had me give him haircuts, as he sat, naked, on a pillow on the floor, between my legs, while I sat on the couch. He also had this weird thing of liking to bathe in my bathwater after I was done. One time, he wanted me to hold his penis while he peed, so I could see what it was like to be a man. After he had moved out, his niece, Kathy, called our number by mistake. I spoke to her, conveyed my grief, said what an ass I thought he was. She agreed with me..said she thought he was off, too. & I did not deserve that nasty hate letter his daughter Jolene sent to me, calling me a worthless piece of skin. I had mentored her for years. Many were the times I picked her up from her home to bring her to ours, for her custody time w/her dad, when Jay worked late, so could not do it [READ: he exploited me..used me as a chauffer!] I even kept protecting her after Jay moved out. A letter was sent to her from that felon/murderer, Paul Powell, from prison. I wrote on it No Such Addressee Lives Here, & sent it back in the mail. Jay even admitted, before his divorce to Lorrie was final, that his father~in~law, Lu Walters, wanted to put him permanently out of business..to make sure no one did business with him again.


2/5/2011 7:37:34 PM - I never checked to see how many DUIs he might have had, when he was still a drunk, living w/Lorrie, but I can only imagine he probably has some on record, somewhere. Seriously, I believe he preys on the wealth of others. [Remember how you got him, Melinda, because that is how you will lose him, if you do not wise up first & can his ass! You may be able to still have your marriage annulled if you discover his mask, the way I did. You might be able to claim he defrauded you similarly, as in Fraudulent Marriage, b/c a guy who hides his sexual identity w/fraud, to me, is no different than a rapist/bigamist ..the woman has NOT given her CONSENT to an open relationship, nor to sleeping w/a guy who sexes men!] He seemed to even have his daughter convinced that being bisexual was normal. She wrote as much in that hate letter she sent to me. TO JOLENE: Sorry, honey, but it is NOT normal in my book when a guy hides that other side, to defraud women, & not normal given what he told me he did w/his gay male cousin, Paul. He also broke the Guy Code by going after the wife of Ed Rejuney, his so~called friend. Ed told me he had to get therapy sessions after what happened. It is sickening, considering, when I had asked Jay, several times, throughout the years, if he thought he was bi & he said I dont think so or deny, then admitted to it after he called it quits w/me, & after I found his ad for bi sex on a swingers site. Made me want to wretch, more so when I found out from Pattie that he pulled similar crap on her. At least his marriage to her was only about a yr., whereas he defrauded me 8.5 years of my life, so multiply the pain 8+ times, & you will know my sentiment. His emotions are fake/shallow/contrived, like the emotions of most sociopaths. He lied for 8.5 years, saying he loved me, even after he, I allege, had shagged Melinda, & was probably doing both of us at the same time, different days. He is known for keeping his old lovers around, still in the picture. He will say they are friends. Had the nerve, when dating me & I had my own apartment, to invite Evelyn Vignola to stay overnight there. It would not surprise me if he effed her while I was asleep. It was around that same time, when I demanded the intentions of Jay Brown, after he waffled w/me. I told him to make up his mind or leave me alone. He came back, it was Valentines Day, w/a basket of two crystal goblets, a bottle of wine, roses, & a sweet Valentine from his 10~year~old daughter, Jolene, that said To Daddy & [****]. I thought he had finally made up his mind to commit to me. I forgot to ask Pattie if Evelyn was still in the picture when he was married to Pattie. Evelyn was still in the picture, last I knew, after he moved in with Melinda. Our entire relationship was grounded in his deceit. He used me & my family. He convinced me that he was in love w/me, enough for me to move to his town & get my own apartment, in order to see him. It was a SET UP. He is full of lies & HE is a lie. Excuses/reasons he gave me for ending his marriage to Lorrie? ~ she bought too much inventory or the wrong inventory for Stone Art [I think this was the excuse he gave for that shop failing] ~she did not want to work at Stone Art, except for giving beading classes, after they opened it ~said she did not want to go to Alanon after he participated in AA, told me that she said IT IS YOUR PROBLEM, NOT MINE ~told me that she treated him like a cash machine ~told me that she overreacted ~told me and others [quote], It was the cats, for Gods sake [unquote].. told me that Lorrie paid so much money for vet bills that he could not afford to go see a doctor about those carbuncles he still had on his upper back/neck area, that stunk like pus, when he lived w/me, so that I finally convinced him to have them removed. How did he segue from artsy/erotica movies he would rent at Blockbuster, to slowly upping the porn factor, until he was renting/buying GAY MALE PORN repeatedly, and MASTURBATING to it? First, he would rent those supposedly artsy movies from Blockbuster, like Red Violin, Blood Oranges, 9˝ Weeks,Eyes Wide Shut, High Art, the Red Shoes Diary series, the movie series: Red, White & Blue, then, as years went by, he rented/bought HARD CORE porn from an adult shop in Manassas. But, when I think about it all now, even those early films he rented from Blockbuster, ALL had topics about sick, porn~addicted men/women. I will forever remember him as a VERY SICK, MENTALLY ILL GUY, whenever I happen to think about him, which is rarely, if ever, these days.

2/7/2011 1:31:00 PM - I think he had little more to bring to his next relationship with Melinda, but heavy debt to his sister, Paula. My crimeagainst Jay, apparently, was believing that I was his common~law wife, after 8.5 years. What woman would not want to try common~law marriage, when she had been verbally abused in her first marriage [though my husband, at least, did not object to supporting a wife/child/me]? Jay left me in a very bad way, exhausted from his weeks of psychological Push~Pull games & his gaslighting, in a lousy job market and recession times, after my last Unemployment check ran out, between jobs. Although my credit line was good & intact, I slaked 40 lbs & had to survive for awhile, on beef broth made from cubes & COSTCO jars of beef jerky, until I found 2 part~time jobs [neither of which had health benefits] that just barely paid the rent/utilities, not in my usual line of work. Then I was crime victimized & assaulted by a felon on one of those jobs. I hate the bastard. I paste below one section that I posted in another profile about him up here, for emphasis, because I mentioned above how I think Jay is/was an emotional blackmailer, so I want to give an example: Jay also stooped to emotional blackmail goading/baiting, too, I think, accused me, in a smutty email his last to me of being a homophobe. It came after I confronted him by email. I wrote that I hoped he was not boffing little boys in empty homes he was hired to paint. He replied, on Oct. 3, 2000 w/ quote,Where was all this selfrighteous fervor when you were soaking your panties watching lesbian porno movies??? Do I detect a bit of hypocracy here? I wonder who would be interested in that bit of truth? ..unquote. His email addy back then was EBrown1762@aol.com. Yes. Once or twice I watched films with lesbians in them, w/him. One was not a porn film, per se, & one that anyone could rent at Blockbusters, another was High Art, about derelict artists in NY, that Jay chose for us to watch,& had one lesbian theme in it. But he exaggerated, later, as if to make me out to be a lesbian, which I am not one. My male therapist thought that email of Jay"s was the worst he had ever seen. I think that any woman, once Jay is done with her, will need to see a therapist .. possibly for many yrs. He was the one always renting/buying porn films, from adult video stores, not me. They were mostly about gay males or female lesbians, in orgies together. Heck, I think he was supporting the porn industry. I think, seriously, that he had PORN CREEP, b/c, toward the end of our relationship, he often would watch those videos before trying to bed me, & I suspect he found it difficult to get aroused, w/out them, when, in the 1st yrs of our relationship, I was sexy enough for him, & he did not need them, needed no coaxing to make love, though he almost always never lasted longer than 8 minutes, if that long, and that little problem of his was worse, I think, when he 1st tried bedding me, when I was age 18. He could not get it up, back then.

2/7/2011 6:59:22 PM - Another sad thing..his daughter once had an email address with the word psychochic or psychochik in it..made me wonder what kind of psychotic behavior she thought was cool due to her fathers acting out [Children Of The Corn, anyone?] I know I have a copy of one of them somewhere in my Shady Jay file. Also, to whichever unlucky woman who might marry him next, make sure he does not, while using YOUR credit, sign you up for credit cards of which you are not aware, for that is another con some guys pull. Jay will tell you he loves you, that there is no one else, meanwhile will be searching around on web sites for other women or men, to sex. Once he realizes that you are not an idiot & you find/call him out, he will turn tails on you, becoming disrespectful, cruel, mean, & will care no more about you. He has already, by that point or before then, decided to move on to the next woman. Seemingly, he attaches to no one in any genuine way, & possibly has an antisocial personality. I also think that Jay is a Somatic Narcissist, the type of narcissist who uses females to get over on & live off, to dispose of them when he is done using them for all he could get, yet also likes to remain friends with two or more of his exes so he can keep one foot in the door in case things do not work out with you. What Melinda did to me was disgusting. Jay told me that she had confided to him that her husband Ed was in a mens cult. If a guy is on the down~low, wanting to sex men, too, on the sly, is that not a mens cult? He would tell her personal things about my medical conditions..very private stuff, so that she suggested [he said] a book he gave me about peri menopause. I was bleeding profusely for months, but I had also meanwhile had polyps removed from my womb, in hospital surgery, that I think came from stress living with Jay. He had no business discussing my personal/medical issues with her. But again .. that is what home~wrecking adulteresses do, they undercut the mans relationship with his domestic partner, to get the one~up on the other woman. Do not trust her, either. I am nothing like her ..would get bored to see one room in my home full of Barbie Dolls in their boxes. Seems like a hoarding habit to me. I left mine behind at age 12, along with Skipper and Ken~~gave mine away to the consignment shop, took up oil painting instead. Jay is probably the worst guy to ever get into any type of relationship with, the worst guy I have ever known. When you first meet him he may appear extremely charming/confident & will mirror all of your attributes only to get closer to you & use what you are most self conscious about to chip away at your self worth. He has done so in several of his prior relationships, including at least one ex~wife, probably both, when overlapping & misleading most of his relationships. He lies by omission, conveniently omits facts about his past/present to gain initial levels of trust. To me, he will always be a manipulating bully who cannot form true emotional attachments. Must have thought he was a cunnilingus expert. Ha ha. All he could do was mash the mons.. nothing subtle or intricate there. Watch your back, as he might bring up past boyfriends who have cheated on you, to hurt you. He did so to me. He suggested I call an old b/f in another state, from my past, to confront him. When I did not call him, Jay did, to ask what was his relationship with me, despite my objections. I advise against you sharing deep secrets with him, as he might want to pick those scabs or tear open a scar that healed you over, causing you to relive the pain [am I right about this or not, Holly Holstrom?] & for the sake of God & your own sanity, do not look to him for emotional support if you had to fight an EEO case which brought you a settlement, or he might do as he did to me..tell me I should have, quote, put up & shut up .. kept zipped about the abuse [just like at home!] You see, this is what HE had to do in HIS family, so he wants you to be the same way..broken & confused.

2/8/2011 10:14:53 PM - He has usually cheated to leave his relationships/lovers, meanwhile taking short cuts on the souls or dollars of other women to get ahead in life, & will demoralize you, justify everything to make himself look innocent & decent, meanwhile pulling them into his drama. He even lied in his ad on that swingers site, about his age..made himself out to be about 2 years younger than he actually was. He is also adept at TRIANGULATION, an online predators FAVORITE position [SEE http://cyberpaths.blogspot.com/2006/12/luresofonlinepredator.html] In fact, read each of the descriptions on that site, about how a predator operates, causing cognitive dissonance in his prey [which is what he did to me & probably what he did to Melinda]. Read THE LURES OF THE ONLINE PREDATOR/Exposing Online Predators & Cyberpaths .. especially Part 7~ENTER THEIR SPIRIT .. Part 13~ DISARM THROUGH STRATEGIC WEAKNESS AND VULNERABILITY, Part 14~ CONFUSE DESIRE & REALITY: THE PERFECT ILLUSION .. then you might know how Jay first brainwashed me, then later gaslighted me, to move to his next prey, Melinda Yalom. I will always think of him as a serial cheater, online [when one advertises as a swinger, that is serial to me], & in real life. Before Jay, I had never met a sociopath in my life, maybe a few narcissists [which I think he is one, too], but not a sociopath. I honestly think he is a sociopath, but at least he is HER problem now, not mine. It will be HER dealing w/whatever mental disorders he might have [I think he has several, diagnosed or undiagnosed], not me. Thank God I did not officially marry him, otherwise, he could have ruined my credit line w/that huge debt to Paula he had. It is not just one, two or several one day/night stands he might have behind your back, but an actual full relationship going, while living w/you, & it wont be until he has dumped you that he finally fesses up to having sexed men in his past. He actually thought that I would move out instead of him..probably hoping to keep his business place intact. I let him think so for awhile. He even bought boxes & tape for me, so I packed most of my things up, let him think I was leaving. Then I told him to get out, I changed the locks [well, Jay, if you left behind some of your rock shop inventory, tuff, possession is 99% of the law. Consider anything you left behind a trade off for that tiki bar you took when I offered it, that used to belong to my father.] So, I did feel I got a little revenge, especially when I knocked his phone off the hook but forgot to put it back on the cradle for days, so he still had a phone bill to pay, & because, for a while, he thought it was ME who would be moving out. Haha. I supported him throughout the entire process of his final stages of divorce from Lorrie, emotionally without once turning my back on him or showing any envy toward her, not even after he became friendly again with her, to where Lorrie started sending Jolene to our home with jobs for her shop [as if she expected his work to support her household?] From what he told me, during his initial stages of separation from her, he left his home with Lorrie two or three times, to go to the home of his mommy & that was way before he began his relationship with me. A total coward & wuss. I believe his emotional development was arrested at age 12..the age he told me he was when his gay male cousin, Paul, had oral sex with him. I hope his neighbors see this profile, & if any gay guy sees this & recognizes Jay from sexing Jay in his past, post a comment below, to say when/where that happened. Jay did not admit in words, until the VERY END, after he had left my home, to having hooked up w/gay guys for sex in his youth. It might take awhile for any gay man or several gay men to find this profile, but it will be worth it to finally/completely out Jay for the complete fraud I think he is. Thanks.

2/10/2011 11:21:20 AM - He was STILL sexing me for months..& for another year or more..probably after he had begun his relationship w/Melinda on the side..sexed me even up into the last month before his departure, all the while pretending to still love me, so I believe he was doing BOTH of us w/in the same time frame. A friend of her husband [Ed Rejuney], Bill Broderick, a happily married man, warned me, "Melinda is not a nice person." I wish Bill had said more about why he thought so, but he did not, so it left me to be the last to know..just cruel. Part of the M.O. of Jay Brown is to find the next victim from among either the network of his current woman or of another woman he knows. I think he met Janet when she was a customer to LuBon [not the full name for it], shop in Fairfax, VA, that belonged to the parents of wife #2. He met Debbie/Debby who was a friend of Mari Ane, wife to his band buddy, Rick Burnette. He would not have met Melinda if I had not invited him to a party that a former friend of mine from my high school days threw in Brown Town, VA. Pattie, wife #1, said Jay seduced the wife of their neighbor. He has a sketchy/tainted past that should not be ignored. One of my Xmas cards from him had a creepy IOU in it. I believe that his addiction is to attention/seduction, thus needs someone for "supply" due to his [I suspect] BPD, & has blamed women in his past, including his wives, for his problems, typical for people w/BPD. After he has called it quits, he will return, again & again, each wk. or every other day, giving mixed signals, typical to the Push~Pull thing that BPDs do. Several times, before he was completely gone, he would hug me, saying I LOVE YOU, but would not kiss me & just hold me. Jay, in my opinion, is a PSYCHOLOGICAL BULLY who wants to create DOUBLE BINDS, 2ND GUESSING, & PAINFUL COGNITIVE DISSONANCE in his victims/prey, only to GASLIGHT them in the end! His is the face of a user/abuser/cheater/liar, & ADMITTED THIEF. The more truth he omits, the better it is for HIM, not you. He wrote in his story about that lap dancer named "Faith" [which he callously showed me later, when we got home from vacation. I think his convincing me to go into that strip club w/him to have her lap dance for him was as close as he could get to fulfilling his fantasies of having a 3some &/or of trying to turn his woman into a lesbian w/o her knowing what he was doing, or to turn her into a sick voyeur, like I think he is. He joked that going there would be just like in the movie, Cage Aux Folles. That was his sick "assurance" that that activity would be ok to pull off, on our last night at the beach!] that her eyes were "kind" [were blue, she was blonde..probably a REFLECTION of himself & his narcissism.] I innocently thought, when I agreed, that, like those pole~dancing classes that married women throw for their female friends, that possibly I could learn some sexy moves to use w/Jay, when we had intimate moments together, when alone, when we got home. But Jay had the propensity to turn something playful into something raunchy. The raunchy ideas always originated from him, not from me, but he had a way of turning it around on his women, as if he had a Whore/Madona Complex. Like when, at his workbench, he listened to the Dr. Laura [Holier~Than~Thou] radio programs, about how bad it was to live out of wedlock, as if he took on her ideas/thoughts to suit his own, as if he did not have a mind of his own [he would have never made it in the intelligence business, where I worked, requiring high govt. clearances, b/c that field will not hire people who can be too easily subjected to influence or who have poor impulse control], as if he sought some excuse to view our relationship in a bad light, suddenly. That strip club venture turned out to be another of his abuse methods. IMOP, Jay is a romance scam artist w/numerous hurt women in his wake. I believe Jay cons money/things out of women while by pretending to be in a relationships w/them, that his real motive is to mooch off women for yrs. When the woman confronts him b/c she intuits something is very wrong w/his behavior, he tells her that she has abandonment/trust issues~has her feeling confused/guilty for ever doubting him. FLIPPING THE SCRIPT. His GAME. He might have said to you, as he did to me [which will probably occur in the 6th/7th yr. w/you], "I am here because I want to be, not because I have to be" .. RED/PINK FLAG! HEED IT! Smoke & mirrors! Jay The Jaded One is all about shell games & mind games. If he manages to say he is sorry, it will probably be in a most unremorseful/insincere tone. He will give you the silent treatment when he is guilty about something. Think: Silence = Sneaky. While pretending to be interested in your life for years, all he is after is sex &/or your money. He can & probably will fool you into thinking he changed, when he has not. Your years w/him will be one big charade, as he will inevitably have someone else lined up on the side.

2/10/2011 7:56:13 PM - One excuse Jay used to me & others in his social circles [I saved one e~mail from Julia Leigh to me, that affirms as much], as to why he divorced Lorrie, was It was the cats, for Gods sake .. yet he knew Lorrie loved animals BEFORE he married her [so why marry a woman who devotedly loved animals only to use the excuse of her having animals, later to divorce her or distance himself from her?], & when I would go with him to pick up Jolene for her custody visits with him, he certainly did express [fake?] affection/love of that black cat at the home of Lorrie, PJ who he said was HIS cat at one time. LOOK FOR CONTRADICTIONS IN HIS REASONING! I would have loved to have at least one pet/animal, like a short~haired black or gray cat, when he lived with me, but b/c of his excuse about the animals of Lorrie, I refrained from having pets [much like I decided to love his daughter, when I had trouble having my own children, from my own body!] With my new love since Jay..the man who came into my life after Jay with whom I still reside, more than ten years later, I have enjoyed two cats, that my partner loved and cared for, before he ever met me. Heck, with Jay, I could not even have a fish magnet collection [that true friends of mine added to, when they realized I had a collection, but most of them I bought. I probably one or three magnets each beach trip, every year to the beach with Jay. Meanwhile, I noticed that Melinda had a fairly large collection of tea pots in her home, that took up more room in her house than my fish magnets did on my refrigerator! Talk about kich!] on my refrigerator without him making fun of it [when it cost much less for me to have fish magnets than it would to have a tropical fish tank with the fish I actually admired, and when fish magnets cost nothing to feed real live fish, that I would have otherwise had.] Watch out for men who do not love pets. Many sociopaths are known for abusing animals, too, before they abuse people! Let me tell you, ladies..my S.O., my true love who arrived in my life after Jay, had more to offer, emotionally and otherwise, than Jay did..was more grounded, had more culture, was world traveled as I was, had no debt like Jay had when Jay left me, and, best of all, was not afraid to let me FINALLY set down roots, build my garden behind & in front of his house.. allowed me to landscape, allowed his musical heart/soul & mine to truly merge.. THE VERY OPPOSITE OF WHAT JAY BROWN HAD OFFERED ME. Ladies, you have to close one door before a better one can open for you, but closing the previous door should not mean you have no responsibility to warn other women against any male who has abused you! When any male tamps down your dreams for a full life, tamps down letting life in..SUSPECT HIM. SUSPECT HE MIGHT BE AN ABUSER! When he limits your full possibilities for a FULL life, SUSPECT HIM! Do not let those little dream~like gifts of his, like, when he walked on beaches with you every year & gifted you with washed clam hinges that he picked up, smoothed by the sand & salt water, that he convinces you are like the wings of angels or birds, as if they came from the hands of an angel, convince you he is real. He is not real. Suspect, instead, that you have been brainwashed by him. That is more likely what happened. Suspect, also, that he may have tried to steal your identity because he may not have an identity of his own. It seemed like, with Jay, that he often tried to impress me with things his previous ex, before me liked, for example, Lorrie liked eating her smoked oysters with lime juice squeezed on them, so that was what he suggested for me to do. He often took me to her favorite [or so he said it was] Chinese restaurant in Manassas.

2/10/2011 9:33:40 PM - He would not have known about the NPR programs, Prairie Home Companion or the Sunday program, G Strings if not for the cultured tastes of my brother, who told us about them. Seemed like Jay never had an original idea of his own..seemed to recycle the same love songs to different women. He introduced me to logastina [small seafood animal, consistency between a shrimp & rock lobster]..a favorite food of Lorrie [his 2nd wife], he said. [Aw, common, Jay..the falconer that I chose over you, when I was age 18, introduced me to snow peas, & knew, from his mother, to marinade lamb chops, more than one inch thick, in Italian dressing, & PREPARED THEM FOR ME! He called me "my lady" & "sweetie", had a DEEPER voice than you, & did not have to borrow/lift ideas/tastes from his previous girlfriends, to impress the next girlfriend! & his mother truly seemed to love me for years, until I discovered that he, too, was an alcoholic! I chose him over YOU, when I discovered that you lied to me, seduced me before I discovered, at the time, you were living with Evelyn Vignola!] Jay told me that Melinda suggested where we should vacation [before our final vacation].. either to Assateague Island or Chincoteague Island, I cannot recall which [DID SHE THINK THAT I WAS NOT ENOUGH OF A NATURALIST? Before Jay, I lived w/a falconer & bird breeder for nearly 9 yrs, helped him band/trap birds in Quantico, VA & Cape May, NJ, under the sponsorship of a renown ornithologist! [Meanwhile, what I gathered from Jay, she & her husband then, Ed Rejuney, enjoyed the hobby of bird watching on the island, when vacationing there together. Seemed like she persuaded Jay that she was an avid nature lover. Let me see her walk in the wilderness, the many miles I walked, in NM, VA & CO, w/my ex, while banding/breeding & exercising his hawks!] I think she was jealous of me & so was Jay..jealous of what I represented/accomplished! I may have been a Tom Boy in my life, but I have never been a lesbian, nor will ever be! Nor was I raised to support a man financially. I was not raised to be the MAJOR BREADWINNER so that a man could sit on his fat ass & do less than me. If he did that, he would be no better than a pimp!] Jay & I went to Assateague Island, not b/c of the suggestion of Melinda, but b/c I had wanted to go there long before her suggestion. She even suggested the restaurant where we went, Ella"s, as in Ella Fitzgerald, whose jazz style I had studied for yrs. Later, years after Jay left me, a press clip about my musical performance, framed in the foyer of a Falls Church/VA restaurant, compared me to Lady Day [Billy Holiday]..another artist I had studied for yrs., long before I had ever lived w/Jay Brown. I am certain now that he was jealous of me, that he wanted to suck my soul dry. Sorry if my story turned out to be a novella. I had to tell the truth. That time, when role playing, he tried on my wig, donned my underwear, & asked me, "Do I look like Robert Plant?" Well, I doubt he was trying to look like Robert Plant as much as he, I allege, thought he was trying to be a FEMALE, in that instance. Besides, most of my boyfriends, before & since Jay, resembled more, in handsomeness, like David Crosby, Martin Sheen, & Eric Clapton. I never had a "thing" for Robert Plant, even though, yes, I learned many songs of Alison Krause, long before I lived with Jay. Ha ha. There is HEALTHY ANDROGYNY and UNHEALTHY ANDROGY in men [and women!] I have learned that much. But a guy who does not protect/defend his woman, child, wife, family, is NOT a man! Any guy who, at age 40+ who has to live with his mommy when he is between women, is not a man! One summer, Jay, Jolene & I were the only ones at this beach on the outer banks of NC. The only ones except for two surfers in the distance, in the area. Jolene & I were stuck on a sandbar while Jay was on shore. Jolene was under age 12, then. The current was tricky & we were trapped when the undertow would not let us swim back. If it were not for my screams that had the surfers save us, we probably would have drowned, because Jay, even though he heard my screams, seemed like he was not about to jump in the water to swim out to save either me or his daughter. Supposedly, he was born in Gainesville, FL. The cracker. Did he not know how to swim? Wow. What a guy, huh? Jay seemed so STUPID to me, when he advertised for sex with bi or bi~curious men on that swingers site [WITH STRANGERS?], when he probably knew nothing before hand, whether those strangers might be jail birds, or not! Think of what diseases he might have brought home or still could, if he continued with those ways of his!

2/12/2011 12:09:37 PM - You might also tire of his lesser old bad habits/mannerisms, like leaving rings from his coffee cup on the bathtub, not brushing his teeth at night, not wearing underwear; that sucking sound he made when he sucks his teeth..as if he thinks he is actually getting them clean, that tap~tap~tapping of his spoon against his cereal bowl, as if he has obsessive compulsive disorder or is anxious or that his conversations seem pseudo intellectual, GLIB [e.g., “it disturbs my sensibilities”], or that he seems to affect/use glib/pseudo intellectual/psychobabble speech/jargon~~probably learned from his AA meetings or sessions with Michael Borash, which are Codependency buzz words that he might use against you or when he talks about his exes, flipping the script [examples: enmeshed, over~reacting], etc. Never let him take photos of you in a bathing suit or lingerie, & do not let him have a camera in his hands if you happen to be undressing or are undressed. He seems, in retrospect, like those rapists who love to keep souvenirs of their victims. He had a photo of Evelyn Vignola that a professional photographer [George Vincent, I believe] took of her, that I am not sure if she gave him or not. He kept the antique bed of Pattie then gave it to his daughter. He kept a baby photo of Pattie that she did not give him. He tried to keep that half nude photo of me that I did not give him express permission to snap me with nude breasts! I suspect him of having damaged my car in the past, twice, when the drivers side mirror was knocked off it, possibly w/a bat or crowbar. That is only conjecture on my part, but no one that I know of in my current my social circles is perverted, nor has a violent past or a juvie past. I also suspect him of harassing/stalking me by phone, suspect that he does this from a “restricted” number & suspect him of instigating 3rd party “robo” calls to my phone #. He may have been the one years ago, on two jobs of mine, in a row, where I got “breather” calls that I had to complain about getting to my supervisor & HR. You know, some sickos do that & masturbate, just so they can hear your voice on the other end. And I KNOW that Jay had a sick masturbation habit while watching gay male porn! Eventually [I bet my money on this!], Jay will project his issues on you, as he did with me, & probably others before me. I still think Jay is a SPATH. Sociopaths are full of lies, about who they are & where they have been & with whom. They often want women to invest or get involved in their businesses/projects, to help them “get started” again. They do this over & over again, with different victims. I was warned, early on about Jay, when I worked in his 2nd Stone Art shop, on Battle Street, Manassas, VA. A gray haired man came in and told me that Jay would suck the life out of me & discard me like a lemon rind. I wondered, years later, after Jay was gone from my life, if that older man that might have been Lu Walters or some gay guy that Jay may have sexed in his past, who Jay might have spurned. Possibly, it was a vendor who got ripped off by Jay, when Jay filed bankruptcy. I have no idea who the guy was, but he was right. For all the services/work I did for Jay, for 8.5 years..chauffering, babysitting, cooking, cleaning, laundry, fielding phone calls for his businesses, etc..I could have been well~paid for doing same for, or caring for, an elderly couple, or working as a nanny [I am, after all, a licensed Nurses Aide, from working as such, decades ago..could still do, if the market does not bear out work that requires my B.A…college degree, & if the market permitted me, & that work is NO LESS IMPORTANT than that of any perverted, sick BLUE~COLLAR, piecemeal worker w/a porn/sex addiction!] I was lucky if I could get him to wash a kitchen/bathroom floor now & then. IMOP, he does not respect the work any woman does for the unit, whether out of home or in home. Supposedly, Melinda went from working a F/T job under a Moslem boss, then went to P/T, which was when, I guess she began her affair with Jay while he lived w/me. If she thinks he will pull his weight, to support her, if/when she is unemployed, she should think again. BTW, my true love since Jay, still w/me >10 yrs. later, was influenced by & learned guitar, akin to the styles of Buddy Guy & Eric Clapton. I do not miss the plunkety plunk, heavy handed, plodding style when Jay practiced his guitar nightly, way past the hours when I thought Jay & I could be intimate. Who cares if Jay could sing/play, or imitate the styles of George Jones or any # of artists [sociopaths mirror the talents & acquired tastes of others]? To me, Jay is a BIG CLOD/DOLT, w/o sophistication/finesse in many areas of his life, but who probably THINKS he was blessed w/both.

2/13/2011 4:26:24 PM - I have no personal conceit whether I am hired as a white~collar or blue~collar worker [Hey..no matter what possessions we have accumulated in this life, we cannot take them with us when we go, can we? But those of us who have been duped/defrauded by men in our past, can surely try to prevent our exes from taking, fraudulently, what might belong to the biological progeny of his next woman & female victim, right? Please see profile up here for alleged man on the down low, Tony Lewis Shortall, alleged to have tried to poison his wife, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=14918. In the comment section, it mentions the name of Jay Brown.] In my 20s, I worked overseas, much like a Peace Corps worker would do. I think that Jay, on the other hand, is a SOCIAL CLIMBER, who wants to live on the backs & paychecks/income of women, b/c I think he ENVIES his sisters for being successful women [whether in profession or if they were traditional women, married to successful men! I think he wishes he could BE A WOMAN instead of a man!]..I think he is a class snob when he has no call to be, given his past record w/women, his past juvie record, his past porn/sex addiction, his alcoholic past his seemingly fly~by~his~pants way of surviving his alleged past of abandoning/neglecting/abusing women, or for just not wanting to take responsibility in his relationships his past history of two failed marriages his past history of substance abuse history of bankruptcy history of foreclosure on his marital property his Stone Art business folding his heavy past debt to sister Paula his alleged sexual identity/orientation confusion time spent at Edgemeade and Melwood Clinic in MD [I assume to correct his, I allege, defective social/mental behavior or possibly predatorial behavior on others] allegedly having asked his first wife to wear a strap on penis & wanting women to insert inanimate objects up his anus his desires with several women with whom he lived, to role switch, etc. Believe me. Believe his first wife, Pattie. Believe Carey Creed [wife to his first brother~in~law], but DO NOT believe JAY BROWN. I seriously hope that any gay guy who may have sexed him [for example, those two gay friends of his first wife, Pattie, who she said they told her they had sex with Jay] to COME FORWARD & COMMENT BELOW. I am thinking they may have met Jay at one or another of the Mr. Henrys restaurants in D.C., either in the late 1960s or the early 1970s, as Jay told me he worked at one Mr. Henrys restaurant back then, and that restaurant chain was known as a club that gays frequented. Sorry if I got too graphic up here, but I had to let it all out, to expose everything I know about Jay. Careful, Jay might hide in AA meetings [not where he met me, by the way, b/c I am not an alcoholic] to find his next victim, seeing as how most of his past victims have been in vulnerable states in their lives. I implore you, do a THOROUGH background investigation on him if you think to date him or live with him. I am afraid to do one myself..afraid of what I might find out. Who knows. Possibly, the time he spent at Edgemeade might have been actually for some sex offense, but that is just me guessing, but I would not be surprised if it turned out to be true, as I look back on how he exploited me. His M.O. has been to use women to escape his former girlfriends/wives. He even admitted to me that one issue he had w/Lorrie was that he could not show affection w/o it having to do w/sex [whatever affection he showed, it was only for getting himself off sexwise.] I moved on 2 mos. after Jay left me & found a good man that I did not have to fix, everything that Jay is not & has everything that Jay did not have.

2/14/2011 3:26:26 PM - I surmise that Jay kept me clued out, for almost a year, if not longer, that he was more than just a “friend” to Melinda. How that began, I can only imagine that it did while he was hired to paint her home. So, I can only imagine him doing the deceitful “unthinkable” with her asking him about his sex life with me [he, at that point, had been my only partner for at least 7 years, if not longer, and ever since we began our relationship] and probably him asking her about hers with Ed. I guess he fully divulged everything, holding nothing back, to tell her everything he thought [or made up, that was false, about me], betraying my trust, cheapening me, & hurt me in the deepest possible ways. I picked Jay up when he was “dusty” .. supported his morale through his separation/divorce to/with Lorrie, & through his bankruptcy [ow! What a headache! What baby mama drama!], when he drove cabs to stay afloat, when his sister Dulce died, etc. I helped him rear his daughter when I allowed her to stay almost every other weekend with us, for years, and mentored her, as much as any stepmother would. I worked in his Battle Street shop FOR NO PAY. I helped him set up his strip mall displays, to sell what was left of his goods .. designed necklaces, etc., did whatever I could to help him, and overlooked his history of alcoholism..to find the “best” in Jay, only to find, in the end, he was a fraud, looking for the “next best thing” .. that is how he repaid my friendship. I do not know what was worse, that he denied there was anyone else, over & over again, when I confronted him & asked the seeming betrayal by our mutual friends who left me “last to know” his ad on that swingers site or his cumulative lies about his past [like flipping the script to say that Pattie cheated on him, when it was, I allege, and she told me so~~ the other way around!] He fooled my family members, too. They thought he was so “charming” [just like he has had many others think of him, at first, and for years]..convinced them that he loved me. He derailed my life in a big way and he deserves to stay profiled up here. My final opinions are stated, next. I think he deceived Melinda, too, led her to believe that he was only sleeping with her while still sexing me for another year. If he respected her one bit, then he would have told her that we still enjoyed an active sex life even after he had sex with her the first time. Instead, I think he told her half truths when telling her about me but meanwhile was not up front with her enough to tell her everything, so he could still get what he wanted from her..which, in my opinion was SEX, MONEY & YET ANOTHER PLACE TO LAY HIS HEAD &/or to start over any number of his businesses that flopped. If he had been 100 percent honest he would not have gone after the sex he wanted from EACH of us in that same year [or possibly more]. He was a home improvements handyman. I think most of his clients were women, when he lived with me. But I allege his M.O. was to get women by being their best “confidante” or “advisor” about their “bad” boyfriends, & to move from woman to woman to keep from having to care for himself. Why do I think these things? Seems Jay has only been “wronged” his entire adult sexual life by be a gold digger of women, so he wants it to appear he “never did anything wrong.”

2/15/2011 1:24:04 PM - TO JAY BROWN: Any wonder why your cassette tape of your Night Patrol band is no longer in your possession [after all, I spent at least two years with you, admiring/cosseting you, no better than a groupie would, babysitting your daughter, when you were in that group]? Or why the original MASTER TAPES you made of me/you performing in those jazz bands we formed together, are no longer in your possession? Maybe you left them behind after I had the locks changed, after you broke the lease & ABANDONED me! Well, my S.O., after you helped me to produce my CD, made from those tapes, which I consequently sold to many MD/VA/DC friends, who love me, & who NOW KNOW ABOUT YOU! Maybe you were JEALOUS of me, b/c I had good press about my musical performances, long before you ever did, when I performed as a solo artist, & also since your leaving me. Maybe NOW you know what it feels like to have your musical soul raped! Seemed you glommed onto any song I liked, to back me on them. Almost seems now like you were trying to assume MY personality/identity..seemed like you counted on me admiring the duo of Tuck & Patty Andress & how they succeeded as a team. I did not MAKE you do that, or work with me, you WANTED to, & even said so on a cable show..video of us. Then you turned around, in the end, & said, JUSTIFYING your sick actions, accusingly, to say I wanted you to work for me!One BETTER guitarist [jazz style] I worked with, since you, his parents were diplomats, married for life as their hobby, his father played jazz guitar, his mother was the vocalist in their duo. So I KNOW that there are exceptions to the Keep Professional/Personal Separate rule. I know better now, that I should never have trusted you. STUPID BOY! Me having that Night Patrol tape of yours and my master tapes of our performances together, is not that much different than your trying to keep a half nude photo of me, that you took without my express permission. Like having your history erased or not being able to find records of it? Ha ha. Think about THAT, A~HOLE!

2/16/2011 12:11:49 PM - About guys who want things doneto their pooptydooks .. Engaging in that activity could bring on E. coli bacteria or giardiasis. See, Who is most at risk of getting giardiasis? ANSWER: People more likely to become infected include: [] # People exposed to human feces {poop} through sexual contact SEE What can I do to Prevent and Control giardiasis? ANSWER: To prevent and control infection with the Giardia parasite, it is important to: [] # Prevent contact and contamination with feces {poop} during sex. Source: http://www.cdc.gov/parasites/giardia/gen_info/faqs.html#what

2/16/2011 8:37:56 PM - He seems beyond a mere narcissist .. more like a sociopath. Why, you ask? SEE lovefraud.com blog, “Just what was he thinking” & read about the 8 PRIMARY COGNITIVE PATTERNS IN SOCIOPATHS, described by Prison psychologist Glenn Walters, Ph.D., THE CRIMINAL LIFESTYLE AND CRIMINAL BELIEF SYSTEMS : “There is a distinctive thinking style that derives from the lifestyle criminal’s decision to engage in delinquent and criminal acts” “{5}. The content and process of criminologic thought are reflected in EIGHT PRIMARY COGNITIVE PATTERNS {6}. [ ] sociopaths try to fool both themselves and others with these disordered thinking patterns. #1 MOLIFICATION: ~ the thoughts sociopaths use to lay blame for their irresponsible antisocial behavior outside themselves. According to sociologists Sykes and Matza these justifications can be grouped into five major “neutralization techniques” 1. DENIAL OF RESPONSIBILITY. Sociopaths deny responsibility by claiming their behaviors are accidental or due to forces beyond their control. 2. DENIAL OF INJURY. No one got hurt, and therefore there’s no harm. 3. DENIAL OF THE VICTIM. Sometimes sociopaths admit that their actions cause harm. In these cases they can justify their behavior by denying the victim. 4. CONDEMNATION OF THE CONDEMNERS. Instead of focusing on their own actions, sociopaths focus on the motivations or behaviors of the people who disapprove of them. 5. APPEAL TO HIGHER LOYALTIES. Sociopaths claim that their behavior is consistent with the moral obligations to their group. COGNITIVE PATTERN #2 CUT~OFF: ~ techniques sociopaths use to avoid thinking about negative consequences. They cut themselves off from any worry or guilt they might be inclined to feel. ENTITLEMENT: Per Walters, most sociopaths believe that laws and social rules are necessary. “However they also believe that they are somehow personally exempt from the rules that govern the rest of us. This sense of entitlement is what provides the {sociopath} with permission to violate societal laws and the personal rights of others” POWER ORIENTATION: There are those who are strong and those who are weak. The weak are prey for the taking. “If a person is stupid enough to fall for my con then he doesn’t deserve his money anyway” SENTIMENTALITY: ~ involves an attempt by the sociopath to present himself in as favorable a light as possible. SUPEROPTIMISM: The sociopath’s tendency to be extremely optimistic and self~confident about not getting caught is referred to as superoptimism. According to Walters, “Experience has taught {sociopaths} that the many crimes they get away with greatly outnumber the crimes for which they have been caught” COGNITIVE INDOLENCE {LAZINESS}: According to Walters, “Like water running downhill, the {sociopath’s} thinking takes the path of least resistance.” DISCONTINUITY: The sociopath fails to follow through on commitments, carry out intentions, or remain focused on goals over time.

2/18/2011 1:02:04 PM - Thanks to whoever posted the sources/comment just above this. I totally agree. But it is HER problem now [or possibly HIS, heh heh], not mine. I have always wanted, in my past, for men to be MEN, not sexual~orientation~questionable freaks who abuse/exploit women. One reason why I thought Jay tried to “simulate” a threesome with me, when he “dragged” me into that strip club, when we were on vacation together in NC..well, if anyone has seen the movie, “Showgirls” [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114436/], there is a part in it where the character, Cristal Connors [portrayed by Gina Gershon] hires the heroine [portrayed by Elizabeth Berkley] to do a lap dance for her & her boyfriend. Later, friend to Nomi, James Smith, a male dancer, tells Nomi that she “had sex with both of them” [Cristal & her b/f] My favorite part of the movie was when Nomi beat up the male musician who raped her friend. Though the film was a little racy for my tastes, it was a release to see Nomi beat up that musician .. almost like I wish I or some other woman, in future, would do to Jay for what he did to me. One time, out of the blue, about a year before things ended, he became distant, slept on the bed in the room we kept for Jolene. It puzzled me why he did that. I cried all night. In the morning, apologized ..said he would not do it again, that he would not again make me cry that way. He never slept in the extra room again. We resumed our sex life for another year. His was a “feigned repentance” like I read about on lovefraud [reference: “Bad vibes from a workplace psychopath”, blog # 31. OxDrover] Another sociopathic trait I thought Jay had was when I kept questioning him, in the end, asking him if there was anyone else. When he kept denying, he seemed to become utterly sullen and defiant. What surprised me, was he SEEMED like a nice guy for so long. He even fed the birds out back & refilled the birdbath [I think now that, often when we visited my father, he noticed that I liked that my father fed birds, every day! Maybe he was assuming a facet of the personality~read mask~of my father, to ensure seducement of me! He said Melinda had suggested that Aceteague trip for us, so we could watch birds. Hah! He probably came on to HER as an avid tweetie bird watcher, too..even back then! & remember, if he ever offers to take you on a romantic weekend at Coolfont Resort, in WV. It was the idea & grace of my father, who gifted us with a Valentines Day weekend there..probably a >$500 package! We watched birds from our restaurant window, where birdwatcher books were at each table. I bought him a bird watching book, after that.] Pattie, his first ex wife, told me that he had fooled her, too. Even visited her brother in the hospital when he was sick. Well, he visited me in hospital too, when I had those polyps removed ..polyps that probably developed due to my stressful years w/Jay. But look how he turned out! He even complained to me while working for that one music store in Manassas [if I recall, he worked there 4 mos. or less], that one sales guy there was horning in on his sales. In my eyes, he will always be a pathetic liar. I am sorry that I ever invited Jay to the parties of my musician/artist friends, or parties where my friends attended [honoring my fellowship with them.] I know .. my fault. It took me awhile to forgive myself, but I finally did. God came through for me after I was done w/Jay. I have a loyal/supportive partner w/many gracious/honest friends who love me, too, & have been since made aware how much bigger/real musical fellowships can be. I now enjoy friendships of musicians, who, in my opinion, have a lot more on the ball professionally than I thought Jay ever had, & who invite us [many of them, gratis] to their concerts/performances, as we help them, too, whenever we can. And THEIR performances are NOT in [in my opinion] mostly low~life venues, not [in my opinion] those skanky/seedy dive venues [that seemed to be racist establishments], like Moose Lodges, VFWs & places where you might imagine biker low~lifes or KKK~ers hang out. Night & Day difference from the relationship I had w/Jay. I was in the darkness too long w/him. In the 1st months of our relationship, while working at Stone Art in Canterbury Square, he also hung out w/this republican, Rob. Rob had also gone bankrupt & I think was on his 2nd marriage, to a successful female landscaper. We went to their home near Front Royal. Jay told me that Rob thought we were “incongruous.” The A~hole [he probably thought I had not enough property or $ for Jay to “get over on” .. that is what I think now.] Not sure if Rob was another AA buddy or not. I have always believed in honoring my commitments, throughout my life. Whereas, I felt, Jay did not & has not, consistently, in different relationships, across decades. I am not sorry he is GONE from my life.

2/18/2011 2:58:42 PM - Glad you appreciated the lovefraud sources/blog. See also, “How They Blend In” Some excerpts follow: “Sociopaths look and act like your best friend” “Sociopaths come from all walks of life~~including well~educated, well~off families. Many sociopaths, therefore, have good social graces. They know how to dress and how to behave in polite society” “This doesn”t stop them from lying, cheating and stealing. On the contrary, it makes their deceptions easier. Sociopaths from middle~class or privileged backgrounds often excel at white collar crime~~fraud, phony stock schemes, embezzlement” “Why sociopaths are hard to recognize” “fluent talkers {liars}. Even when caught in a lie, they change their stories without skipping a beat” “totally comfortable in social situations and cool under pressure” “They use family or business connections to make themselves appear legitimate” “They will say absolutely anything~~“I love you” “I''ll never do it again”” “The words, to them, mean absolutely nothing” [http://www.lovefraud.com/01_whatsaSociopath/sociopaths_blend_in.html]

2/19/2011 11:41:10 AM - Thanks for those sources. My opinion..I believe Jay is guilty of “premeditated stealing” since I think he knew/knows that when he preyed/preys on women the way I think he did w/me, & knew I would be earning money that he could live off or get many things I could buy for him [even if mostly clothing, but also the “comforts” my salary/income could provide that he did not provide, like furnishings for the household, paying for services like upholstering furniture, buying household goods like kitchenware, linens, etc. [making things “comfy” for him, yes?] as if “enjoining” me as his “friend with benefits” by seduction [without the woman realizing his intent], and I think he will do to others as he did to me and others before me. The worst was him using me to help rear his daughter for all those years, only to bolt approximately 7 years, more or less, after he filed bankruptcy, & not too long after his daughter was no longer a minor [now he could get a new credit card, slate seemingly clean, appear to be “genuine” for the next poor sucker, yet buck paying half of what it cost my household unit when he broke the lease!], then he would move on to Ms. Next, probably to snow her family members, as he did my own. Jay also seemed to gravitate to hang out with other seeming “losers” .. many of them alcoholics on their 2nd marriages, & who seemed to be as mercenary as I thought~still think~Jay is. For example, the two musicians in the last jazz group I formed w/Jay..Jon Frederick & Jim Gilliam. Though Jon & Jim seemed to have strong work ethics, Jim was on his 2nd [at least I think it was his 2nd] marriage to a woman named Nancy, who lived in a large framed house BUILT BY HER FIRST HUSBAND, in or near Lakeridge, VA. Jay said that Jim had told him that his first wife was a musician. More or less, I got from Jay that Jim had this idea that female & male musician combos would not work in long~term love relationships. It was as if Jay did not have an opinion of his own..had to live by the opinions of his male buddies, several of them who I thought were misogynists. Jay told me about his “male bonding” talk with Jim, where they both discussed what asses their fathers were. Jim made a crack, one time, during band practice, about one “muff diver” [lesbian] musician, whose song I liked, yet, I never saw hide nor hair of Jim, after I informed him about the DL activities of Jay Brown. It was as if Jim had sided with Jay. Then there was Jon. Jon was divorced with a child & ex wife who lived somewhere in the Midwest. Jon, in my opinion, was an alcoholic who worked for Northrup Grumman. Ex Navy guy, I think. Jon dated this petite pretty red head, Lori Pierce. Lori was the one who told me about Melinda. Lori also told me that Jon treated her like a sycophant. She said she had offered to sign a prenup to marry Jon [I guess she had been living with him for quite some time.] Lori had a disability, but had at one time, held a high~level position that helped her support her son. She was a good worker.. even worked as a maid for awhile, to keep things going & support her son. I thought she was very responsible. She needed medical benefits & wanted to move on to the next level of commitment with Jon. Jon would not marry her, she said. I digress. I think Jay apologized to me, in total, 3 separate times, in all those years. If you ever get an apology from him, suspect it will be trite, hollow, insincere. Jay is a pro at living more than one life at a time without the woman ever knowing it.. will use you then go after one or more of your friends, & will turn she/them against you.. he will use you for a place to stay & for his pleasure until he finds the next best thing, then break your heart, spirit & nearly your mind. Hallmarks of a sociopath include multiple relationships & failed businesses Jay had both. He also he got quirky/antsy when we were on a Ferris wheel together, at a fair. Now, I have heard that commitmentphobes get claustrophobia. It might have been something as simple as him having a fear of heights, but I got to thinking that maybe someone may have sexually abused him, when he was on a Ferris wheel, as a kid ? He is also very good at sandbagging/gunnysacking/gaslighting, to project faults on his women, after they are finally on to his cheating, & which will happen after he has decided to call it quits, soon after you have found out. Now go read the profile up here for another male, alleged as on the DL, Tony Lewis Shortall. Shortall supposedly tried to poison his wife [see http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=14918] In the comment section of that profile, it mentions Jay Brown. The profiler wrote that Shortall was on Jay”s down low list, and on other men”s down low list. These things are frightening!

2/20/2011 12:25:59 PM - Also see lovefraud.com, “BOOK REVIEW: Silent Partner, by the wife of former New Jersey Governor James McGreevey” .. Excerpt: “Matos says she did not know that James McGreevey was gay. That”s because the man isn”t gay. In my opinion, he is a sociopath” Another good lovefraud source is “LETTER TO LOVEFRAUD: Marriage, then discovering the lies” [“Oulier says”]: “I visualise a man in his late teens trying to be like an adult, trying to have relationships with adult women ~{whom I sense must scare {humiliate} sociopath men to a certain point, so their only response is to discredit their [the female”s] insight} ~but failing at practically everything. [ ] The sociopath adult never grew up in his mind and tries spectacularly hard to function with adults, imitating their behaviour to blend in, fails because they can’t handle the responsibility, drops it so fast as they never understood or wanted to understand empathy {that’s all adult sh!t}, so dropping them at an instant is all they know how. So they”ve found it elsewhere, the whole charade happens, just different people involved, like a child they think in abstract terms how a lie lives until their victim questions, they learned to notice the same stress signals in their current woman and before they start “nagging” him with adult like responsibilities as truth ~~~> divorce, custody, bills, legalities, STDs, they project it all onto that woman. She”s out of their life, “geez what got into THAT crazy woman!”, then they start the whole cycle again, like children shrug off bad stuff in a moment without understanding the consequence of their behavior. It”s easier to dump it onto the truthful insightful adult who simply couldn”t keep quiet. Their attention happens in short bursts, they”ll find something crazy and fun, get bored when the adult talk happens, learned to observe the stress signals and how using the mental health trap works, and seek the thrill elsewhere until that bores him… rinse, repeat. Think disorder ~ a personality disorder. We don”t have these problems with normal functioning people, disordered ones are impossible to function with. Imitating adults is how they survive but fail repeatedly. It is only when the thrill of game wears off and the woman isn”t going along with their game the thrill has gone”

2/21/2011 12:21:47 PM - RE Paula, the sister who loaned him $17,000. She had a write up, I think it was in Newsweek magazine [not sure which pub] about her successful human resources biz [I think it was a temp company in CT], that Jay said her successful husband, Joe [I think he was disabled, he was always in a wheelchair when I saw him..seemed like a nice man], helped her start up, w/his money. Well, if [not sure if she thought this way] Paula [Pendergast~not sure how she spelled her last name] thought I was not financially “set” enough for her brother, she possibly could have used her DC HR connections [if she had any] to help me secure/begin a STABLE profession, instead of me having to work for agencies/contracts [however high~paying they were & w/benefits while they lasted] I worked to help float our household. I did not ask Paula for help or any handouts/favors like I think Jay did from his sisters/mother. [TO PAULA: Did a woman w/a B.A., the daughter of a retired diplomat not have enough “social standing” to be the mate of your brother? Or was it just ok for you & your sisters to have that “good life” & find successful mates/husbands, but not a woman who struggled through recessionary times & a bad economy, w/Jay, to help him raise Jolene? If so, that would be quite the double standard by which to hold any woman! Too bad no one in your family warned me about how dysfunctional Jay is/was, when knowing such could have saved me 8.5 years of ANGUISH. Now I am here to warn other women about him. Paula, I honestly believe that you & your sisters, if not your mother, should have committed Jay to a mental institution long ago. HOW MANY MORE LIVES WILL HE BE ALLOWED TO DESTROY?! I believe that his biological family should have INTERVENED to do that, so that he would not hurt women in his life. Sadly, I believe he is a SOCIOPATH, & I think, if you had any compassion at all, you would not let Melinda go through the same thing I went through, but TELL her, if you know that/if he has any mental disorders, TELL her WHAT THEY ARE! If at least 2 people profiled their own brothers on DDHG [James Dixon, area is “Hillsborough” .. alleged to be a child molester, & Eric Harrell, area is/was Philly, PA, alleged to sell his sex & alleged crossdresser], & at least one daughter profiled her own father [Richard Smith, area also is/was Philly, PA, alleged to have had 6 wives], then what, Paula? Have you less guts than a daughter who reported her own father, or 2 others who reported their own brother, to warn other women??? The very least you could have done was TELL ME, in the beginning of my relationship w/Jay, that Jay owed you $17,000! It would have saved me YEARS of grief! Jay humiliated me & embarrassed not only me but my family members. It seems only fair to me that karma would smack some of your family members in their faces, to humiliate/embarrass them, likewise, by exposing how I think you & others “enabled” him, & how I think you omitted telling me about his mental disorders [if you knew of any], if so, failed to WARN me about him. The only person in your family who vaguely hinted that Jay might be a spath, was his daughter, Jolene, who mentioned something~think it was in my 4th or 5th year w/him~that Jay was more or less a womanizer. “OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES” [not unlike those Art Linkletter shows]! I ignored her warnings & should not have done. Would it bother you to know that, on one vacation we took to Dewey Beach, DE, w/Jolene, James & a female friend to Jolene [possibly still a teen at the time, who told me she was on an antidepressant], that, the next morning after our 1st night at the beach, Jolene confided that Andrea had sex w/James [who was, I think, in the Army at the time]? Jay & I, had she gotten pregnant, could have been cited as having “contributed to the delinquency of minors”! Little, it seemed, that Jay or James cared about those potential repercussions. I WENT THROUGH HELL & BACK W/YOUR BROTHER! Jolene also embarrassed me at one point, much later in the relationship, she blurted out that the reason Jay stopped having sex w/her mother was because Lorrie had a dropped uterus & it was painful for her to have sex w/Jay. Jay brought her up on that remark, but I actually think that Lorrie may have stopped having sex w/Jay because she possibly caught on to his down~low ways, so may have been worrying about contracting some disease from him. I wondered, for years & years later, why everyone in his family seemed to be “covering” for him & enabling him. He denied, when I confronted him, that he was a sex addict, though his actions spoke volumes otherwise.] He told me that he would return to AA & that he would see a therapist [who I once saw when I was put on administrative leave unlawfully, which I won a settlement b/c of it, over issues that Jay said I should have “put up & shut up” about..not supportive AT ALL], but then flipped it around to suggest I needed to see a therapist again, when HE WAS THE ONE WITH THE ISSUES!

2/21/2011 3:49:18 PM - Jay very well could have [if he did not actually do so] compromised my career path or jobs I held, with his porn buying/renting habits, because that path required me holding/keeping high~level govt. clearances that sometimes required having the FBI investigate me, inquire of my neighbors, etc. The kinds of “sensitive” positions I held required that I not be “easily influenced” by anyone else. Well, when a person suffers abuse at home & she meanwhile tries to ensure that she has a good job/profession..tries to maintain some decent level of independence, “just in case” her partner proves disreputable/abusive, it is nigh impossible for her to extricate herself from her domestic abusive situation, if her partner compromises her standing in the professional community. Think about that Judge Thomas & the case filed against him by Anita Hill. Think about his alleged porn habits. [Oh, and Paula..do not think I am a “light weight” .. Sure, I did not earn my B.A. until I was age 40. It is difficult enough for a woman to secure decent professional standing, before age 40, but it gets worse after she turns 40. You may know NOTHING about these things or about age discrimination, as your life path seemed to be “privileged”, but I was on the Dean”s List in my last semester, had a 3.3 GPA. I would have had a 3.6 GPA or higher, possibly even a 4.0, had I not endured abuse from my 1st husband..the only husband “legal” on paper, & while attending college. I divorced my husband after only 4 years, mid college track, & left him, because of his abuse, to live with a single mother, a Montessori school teacher who had to see a therapist because of abuse from her porn addicted ex husband, who she suspected might have molested her child, under age 4. I helped her to care for her daughter. My husband, after I left him, accused me of being a whore, though, sex with a man was the LAST thing on my mind, while metriculating, & I had never been unfaithful during my marriage. But that was HIS justification, flipping the script, much like Jay did to me. I was still in college then. My “mantra” now is borrowed from another woman who profiled her ex on the internet, but I improved it: “Mantra: Your actions will not change me. They will not make me a whore, nor a psycho, nor a lesbian, nor a gold digger, nor a “drunk”. I am a woman of principles today. I answer to God. No one else.” Jay made my life more difficult than it was before he entered it. But Paula, I suspect you would know NOTHING about these kinds of life hurdles. I am glad I grew up the only girl, with three brothers, who all respected their wives..their ONLY wives..one each. Glad that each & every one of my brothers has better moral compasses than I think Jay had. Glad that the only woman I could have learned “cattiness” from was my mother [Melinda told me that she had “issues” with her own mother I also had “issues” with mine. I suspect Jay went for the jugular..saw the vulnerabilities in BOTH of us! I sense, now, that he knew about those kinds of vulnerabilities b/c he grew up with a preponderance of female siblings & females!], not from sisters who might have been gold~diggers. I am glad I am not Jay. Am glad that I am a STRONGER woman since Jay is not in my life!]

2/21/2011 5:47:25 PM - Better than that “Showgirls” movie.. hear Hands Clean by Alanis Morissette: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6pkKXtgXTI ...Heal with music, if you are a female musician..or not a musician!

2/21/2011 6:13:46 PM - Hey..I know about those kinds of tunes. When I was age 18, I learned, note for note, the open tunings of Joni Mitchell, to sing them on stage in DC, NM, CO & VA venues, for money. No woman I met, besides the woman who taught me open tunings in high school, knew how to play those tunes likewise..no one I have known since, has performed them like Joni, the way my instructor taught me, and I performed them in three states..interpreted those songs. I think that was why Jay envied me, envied my talent. For example, the song, Gallery. It was about a guy who [I assume] was a painter or who collected nude photos of all his female conquests. Well, I think Jay did the same thing. I think he JUST DOES NOT LEARN from his mistakes. I have been a fan of J. Mitchell ever since, especially of her album, Turbulent Indigo .. especially “Sex Kills,” “Not To Blame,” “Magdalene Laundries,” “Borderline” and “The Sire of Sorrow” … I cannot but help but think that one message Jay conveyed to me, “Your lovemaking [read: sex!] was much too strong for me” was Jay transferring his too~late aggression, about what he felt, as a child, when the incident of sexual abuse he described to me, as having happened [which he seemed to pass off as merely child”s play, when he told me about it] between his gay cousin & himself, when he was age 12..that he was “transferring” this hidden, pent~up aggression toward Paul Brown onto me, as if he never, but should have, told Paul, “you have no right to sexually mess with me when I was a minor!” It was as if I was to be his sacrificial lamb, to abuse, likewise. It was as if I suddenly took on the sins of Paul Brown, and I was supposed to be the scapegoat, because of the incest between he & Paul, that Jay had described to me as having occurred .. as if he was purposely hurting my soul, the way he had described to me that Paul, and/or his sister, Linda, had hurt his! He may do to you as he did to me, charmingly dupe you & also not~so~charmingly dupe you with projection, deflection, misdirection, & other tactics that con~artists share, but I am SERIOUS. Jay, IMOP, has SERIOUS emotional/mental problems. He did odd jobs for his “living” .. In my opinion, the next duped dope will need more than just good luck with him, as she will probably be financially supporting him for the rest of his life while he continues his cheating, & she will probably have to start all over again, to build new networks, once he is done with her, because hers with him and before him will probably be destroyed/sabotaged or nearly destroyed.

2/22/2011 12:30:23 PM - Thnx for the lovefraud sources. After reading a few articles up there, one in particular struck me as “familiar” to my experience with Jay. It was “Sociopaths keep the charade going for awhile”, in the comments/blogs numbered 76 [“GOT2GETFREE”] & 79 [“Bubblewrap”] It is important that I quote excerpts from those blogs, here, to illustrate why I think Jay is a sociopath, just like the sociopaths described in those blogs: GOT2GETFREE: “Apologizing, you know the big act…well, THAT incident was “the test”. I gave in and he knew he had won” “he became much more attentive to the relationship when he learned what I was getting in my divorce {from public records and doing an illegal credit check on me thru his employer without my knowledge or authorization}. And like many of you, he changed drastically, almost overnight, following the marriage ceremony” “I was an independent woman before he entered my life but he took control, defiling and destroying everything I had worked for. He wanted what i had, but not the responsibility that went with it, he just wanted the pleasure of taking it away from me. He had intense rage about the fact that his first divorce rendered him homeless and all of his belongings in one black plastic bag, he wanted revenge” “His targeting me would get him cash that he needed AND the joy of watching someone suffer. Summing it up in one sentence he said: “I only married you to use the legal umbrella of marriage to steal from you” “the red flags never change, they just morph. We have to learn to see around {in, out, upside down, behind and through} the morphs. It is an exhausting and draining way to exist” Bubblewrap: “you found yourself living your life to “please” him. This is the norm for a SP into SM. This guy was the Dom and looks like there were plenty of Subs in his life to dominate” “ he said if he sent me a picture, would I send him one of me? He sent me a nude photo. He asked me to take a picture of myself nude and email it to him” “ If my husband was upset because I was playing Wow with my new friend, this guy would take it as an opportunity to put my husband down, and feel sorry for me, and give me great ideas on how to put him in his place. He told me how to hide our chats so my husband couldn”t read them if he came around” “Then I met some other “friends” of his online, and I noticed they were married too. I also noticed they were wondering who I was, and they asked me all kinds of questions. HE told me he told them we were just friends” “In hindsight, I realize it was all a part of what he liked to do to women, build them up emotionally and then crush the daylights out of them. I found the 2 friends who hung with him and talked to them. One gal left her husband because of this guy! She then found out he had strung her along with the other married lady, and these gals were doing things besides just being friends. The other married lady decided she loved her husband and left the game” “These people have a need to orchestrate, and control. They make “scripts” for everything. Especially sex. They keep records, pictures, dates, info, files on everyone they encounter, and if possible a “trophy” of their targets, or victims. I shuddered when I spoke to the one woman who”s marriage was ruined by this guy. She did many things to please him. He was into SM. He was the dominate in the relationships” “I eventually figured out what was going on and quit having contact with him. He was able to make new characters and appear as a new person and try to start chatting with me and befriending me again in this game. So I quit the game” “I found out from his ex girlfriends, and I got a letter from one I didn”t know about, but she knew about me, { he tried to me to talk to him via her letter to me } and we talked and she too had been married and he came between her and her husband. She was now living alone in a government apartment and her ex husband was remarrying. It was tragic to see all the harm he had done to these women! And this lady, was friends with another lady he had suckered into leaving her husband too. She was living in a home with 2 drunks, in a little room. She had no money and he sent her money all the time because she left her husband and life for him” “The horror for me was after I quit having contact with him, learning about the devastation that could have come to me and my marriage if I had only submitted to his requests. It was a huge battle inside myself” “I just want to warn people, that online games are a breeding ground for pathological liars, people into S/M relationships, Sexual predators, and just normal everyday people pretending they are young or hot or whatever. Don”t bother to delve into these places, its a waste of life” “ This SP i met, is still playing games and caught up in their drama world of make believe”

2/22/2011 2:55:05 PM - Below is Jay”s Buddy List [that I also posted in comments under another profile up here for him, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=21289] I kept a copy, after culling it, when he lived with me, and after living with me for more than 8 years he had given me his password, to use his computer, when I was job searching, showing the handles of the guys and others who contacted him in 2000, around the time I discovered it. Notice the one NoMoreGurlz3, about a third of the way down the list. The stupid idiot IMO didn''''t realize that I''''d been working for one of the global IT leaders/companies in the world, so knew how to capture/cull information, before I became a part of a massive downsizing at my company. It let go 1400 workers, nationwide I was only one among hundreds in my region. We were all told, one month before the layoff, it would happen, and the last hired were the first to be let go. I was one of the last hired. Folks don’t collect unemployment insurance if something was wrong with their work conduct or skills, but to hear Jay Brown on this topic, you’d think he thought otherwise. ALL of those folks let go from that company collected unemployment, most probably, and collected it because THEY DID THE BEST WORK THEY COULD, even if under~trained, which many WERE under~trained there, else such would not have been posted, about that company, on the net! He complained about my income and net worth, probably because, I think, HE WANTS THE LITTLE WOMAN TO BE THE MAJOR BREADWINNER, NOT HIM. So, if any of you ladies found to your shock that your guy was using a discrete handle, and it was one of these, and your man lived in the DC/VA/MD area at that time first through 4th quarter of 2000, I would logically conclude that your guy might have also been on the downlow or is a swinger is my opinion. These names or handles came from Jay’s buddy list, around when I discovered he was on the downlow, in 2000, and he’d given me his password to use his computer I was jobsearching..he was, apparently, pretending to be understanding of my unemployment situation, in 2000. I saved this list to a disk, in 2000. Below are the handles I captured, mid year 2000, off Everett Raymond Brown Jr’s Jay Brown’s computer, around the time I also found/captured his membership emails, from a swingers'''' site he’d joined. If these handles appeared in any of your men”s computers, in his email correspondence, then I WOULD SERIOUSLY BE CONCERNED that he is on the downlow, or involved in swinging activities, or advertising/soliciting same, as Jay was/did I HAVE PROOF and I would seriously be concerned for your own health, mental and physical. [KEEP READING, PLEASE..THE LIST WILL FOLLOW!]

2/22/2011 2:55:30 PM - I still have hard copies of his emails from 2000, confirming his membership in The Swingers Directory www.swingdirect.com. This is the buddy list of people who I assume & allege he was swinging with, or, at least from whom he received correspondence, in 2000. This was the list with which I confronted him, & after doing so, he asked me please not to let his family know. He also, at one point, tried to pass off his gay porn viewing computer activities as just a distraction. DON''''T BELIEVE HIM! HE''''S BEEN LYING FOR MUCH OF HIS ADULT SEXUAL LIFE! Whenever I''''d catch him viewing gay porn on his computer, he''''d: 1 minimize the screen, OR 2 he''''d get angry at me for coming into the room where he was watching the stuff, as if I''''d violated his privacy. THAT''''S HOW SNEAKY AND OILY HE WAS! Somehow I could not get the List table to appear on this profile, as it should, in tact: Listed in order of Screen Name, Member Name, and Location for each, unless the name stands alone, and didn’t state address, then only the Screen Name appears, grouped in lines of three, for each buddy on his list. I have spaced three times, between each name. Hopefully, perhaps Interpol or some other public protecting organization can use it to possibly bust a pornography or pedophile ring. I am not sure the spaces between the names will appear when I post this, but I kept a hard copy of the files, when Jay still had his computer at the house we rented together. My purpose for providing this list is in case women who suspected their men of being on the downlow might recognize their former mate’s alternate/hidden lifestyle, if/when recognizing his handle. I also have hard copies of emails, from year 2000, that Jay received, not only confirming his membership on swingdirect.com from Ashley, Customer Support, Swingers Directory Network, http://swingdirectcom, email: admin@swingdirect.com SwingDirect Admin, but many more emails to him, from that site. This information is what I found, also shocking. NOTICE THE HANDLE, NoMoreGurlz3, in the middle of the list [KEEP READING, PLEASE..THE LIST WILL FOLLOW!]:

2/22/2011 2:55:58 PM - THE BUDDY LIST: CrZyGrL134 Sandston Va. FOUR PLOG Lanny VA LarNOVA LarNova Arlington, VA ScRFCE6866 b patrick g Richmond, VA AsherZ4u Ashley, Ash, Asherz in boring va Ffyrman if i tell you''''ll va PrincessHthrboo Heather blonde Roanoke, VA SWard22 Sherry Fredericksburg, VA Allusion62 Mel 24, Amanda 20 Va, NC and OH KATXSOON2BHUSBAN WILLIAM Richmond, VA R11GS96 michael 6''''1 Va. Beach, VA TheyCallMeKirk Kirk E. Hozman, Jr. Fairfax, VA CALIkid13 J D Stafford, VA I''''m Easy Ed EASY ED Leesburg, VA MustangEMT, Lou Newport News, VA VampiroNIN Lew Newport News, VA ChicnHawk7 i''''ll tell if u tell Virginia Beach, VA Hetfan Hetfan, Scott Cville, VA Centerville Rusti211 Rusti211 lea VA Beach yatyas01 HERO Quantico, VA BIGDROTC David VA InfiniteV63 Vic VA NLheard Lorenzo Virginia Beach, VA Tasteysnak I wanna your Richmond, VA Abenson51 Adam Benson Botetourt, VA JGray10695 david VA SALLEYSAL TROY SALLEY VA ChinaDoll20 Richmond, VA F12vasfan Jimmy Williamsburg, VA Matt145059 matt VA Stngbkmn chaz Northern VA BoneCrusher534 matt VA ILuvCaGnGn Yes it is My Mame Arlington, VA Peruana717 TRAVIESA**LILBEBE Falls Church, VA XSMEGX Magpie eater AKA Va but not 4 long DuDwli OOOOO oooohhhhh Chester, VA HaRoLd6883 Harold aka my babys might tell later Virginia Beach, VA OAKSTIGGER VTWill01 Wil McLendon Blacksburg & sometimes Cartersville, VA Adobe2981 Sir Everythings A VA JUD72J Judy formally Q.C. Alexandria, VA MES0102 Mary Beth Roanoke, Va. but for now Fairfax, VA VaDirtBiker Jeff Richmond, VA Brandy5273 Shari Live in Maryland, also interested in DC, Va and NM Kwjellypig Big Bertha Fairfax County, VA Mike81765 Mike Hopewell, VA YurUltimateLuva Luva Md, Dc, Va area Cheer iwa Niki and that''''s more Somewhere in this boring little place called Smithfield, Va Ira5860 *eMiLy* Lil town in VA, AKA dulpecker! MrGoooddic Mr. Good Woodbridge, VA Whitetigerva Richmond, VA Bassace220 Brian Chesapeake, VA JCline1999 Jess Bristol, VA/Tn. NoMoreGurlz3 Richmond, VA Wildejokers if i feel you need Richmond, VA DannyboyVa Danny VA JFranssen5 JOHN Midlothian, VA MSY22 MEL DC, MD, VA Zepplin278 john Fairfax, VA BiDCcpl Washington, DC Justine849 Justine AKA Latina Va Babe Mlstrawser Melissa Hampton, VA Vaultr311 Alex New Castle, DE/Harrisonburg ChillBMnVA Central VA JBPoersch JB Poersch Northern VA Remeo22 David Michael Lynchburg, VA WKS1180 WKS1180 ITS STAND LIVING HERE IN VA CHILLIN VA Decris01 Beach,jVA GR8DANZN1 ****~Ericka BIG VA Photo1chic angela Richmond, VA USA Vallygal16 Ashley EB C’burg, VA Cookieaz7 You’ll find out Petersburg, VA Guyute214 Christie Richmond, VA Libs19 *~* Libby *~* VA TattaButt02 *~* Shannon *~* Altavista, VA Blaze23669 Kat Kris, Rayn VA Justic875 Ask and you shall Virginia Beach, VA 04U2B6andIB9 Boy Meets Boy, Boy Richmond, VA UVAgemini R Roanoke, VA Ailasuisej Alison, Al, Ali such a great place JAnde76215 Janita Hernandez Dale City, VA LiLMiSsBIOnDy88 Ashley VA Thomassm SMT Sterling, VA CptWife Beth Ft. Lee & Virginia Beach, VA Jonescin16 JASON JONES Ft. Lee, VA RaistlinDN David Northern VA SugurRe88 Ashley Q I live in VA I wish I live in FL Crikkett19 Didn’t we go over VA Jessamy Jessamy PlaynLife Jeff Parrish Poquosan, VA WBanks942 JB Virginia Beach, VA Ananas17 Tara Charlottesville, VA HARVNUTS Christopher Norfolk, VA RRSEAMANS David, Rachel, Adam VA XWkD420X I am 420 GoD VA sucks DrewPowles DREW M. POWLES Herndon, VA GMERCK G Merck Alexandria, VA LARGEPAPA BRIAN MCHUGH CAN U Virginia Beach, VA STAINDsHeAdTrip shannon H VA

2/22/2011 3:13:07 PM - Simone de Beauvoir, in her book, Second Sex, exposed a few of her friends who she thought were hypocrites. b/c she did, she lost several of them, but she STOOD UP for what she believed, & yes, I read that she had an element of homophobia about her, but I think she KNEW what was going down in her world when she wrote that book. If Melinda wants/chooses to possibly be a “beard” w/o her knowing it until years later, or chooses to be a BRAINWASHED STEPFORD WIFE/GROUPIE, w/o her knowing it, that is her choice. But I will not tolerate men like Jay, from here forward. Me? I am neither a staunch “traditionalist” nor a staunch “feminist.” To be honest, I would have rather been a “traditionalist” woman/wife, allowed to breed/raise children [TWO of my brothers sired BEAUTIFUL SONS who have, so far, succeeded in life, & when they were tots, could have been the envy of those young boys in the children”s section of LL Bean catalogues .. nothing wrong w/MY family genes, though I suspect Jay thought his were better than mine!], w/out relying on “suspicious” child care from outsiders, but raise them in my own home, had I the CHOICE that Jay, I think, finally ENDED for me, in my last years of potential child~bearing, but I also believe in “shades of gray” ~ that many women fall in between those 2 strict categories, who also have suffered domestic/emotional/sexual/psychological abuse from past partners. “Shades of Gray” should be recognized, to recognize the Whore/Madonna Complex hidden in many male abusers. I hope that his neighbors on Aragon Ln. in Chevy Chase, MD [if that is where he still lives w/Melinda] see this profile. I hope that ALL FOUR of his neighbors [like the FOUR WINDS that blow, East, West, North, South]..neighbors across the street from him, each set of neighbors, to each side of his home, & the neighbors behind him..all see this profile. They should know, that if they get a “creepy” feeling when around him, I felt the SAME way when I 1st walked into Stone Art on Canterbury Square in Manassas, VA. I just failed to listen to my instincts, my “gut” feelings about Jay, that told me, “he seems like a criminal.” I blamed myself, for months after he left, for not having heeded my/those initial gut feelings, my instincts. NEVER AGAIN! When Jay lived w/me, he also did some job [do not know if it was painting or carpentry] for this middle aged retired man, I think it was in Nokesville, VA. I went to the job with him, met the wife of the man, a Danish woman, who translated a Danish article about my grandfather, for me. She grew beautiful irises. Jay told me that the guy would watch porn.. [dunno if it was gay porn] Jay seemed to revel in the fact that he found another guy who [seemed to] share his love of perversity..porn. The wife of that guy died, within 2 years, according to what Jay told me. The old guy looked like an old red neck fart.

2/24/2011 5:33:19 PM - If any of you ladies have found out your guy is on the DL, or even any GAY guys, who know about those “undercover” gay male sex web sites, & if you ever find a profile/profiles about Jay on any those, please tell me which one/ones, okay? Better yet, contact Melinda & tell HER if he is on those web sites. If I were her, I would hire a P.I. to thoroughly investigate him, & to see if he is on any of those web sites & if he has ever had any domestic violence charges filed against him. After Jay had left me, before he sent his disgusting “emotional blackmail” e~mail to me, he phoned me, faked concern, in a tearful voice [I said he could cry on Q, and I meant it!] asked, “You are not going to hurt yourself, are you?” I said, “Of course not. No one is worth hurting oneself over or dying over.” I years wondered if he had actually HOPED I would harm/kill myself. I compare Jay to Ted Hughes, alleged bisexual once married to Sylvia Plath. Plath committed suicide, so did the woman Hughes left for Plath [I may be wrong but I think the woman Hughes left Plath for had previously been a friend to~or pretended to be a friend to~Plath] committed suicide the EXACT way Plath did [head in an oven] It was rumored that Hughes tried to live on the laurels of Plath”s success to advance his own writing career, & that Hughes colluded w/the shrink who treated Plath w/psych meds, so that she became MORE depressed [after taking same] than she was BEFORE she was prescribed the meds. These are reasons why I think Jay is a SPATH. Because his M.O. seems to be to prey on married women or “weak” women going thru relationship breakups. From my experience w/Jay, IMOP, he is a DEGENERATE REPROBATE, EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICALY ABUSER, who will try to have you doubt your own sense of reality. He is much like Roderick A. Russell, profiled up here, b/c he seems to have preyed on financially stable women w/steady jobs, cars, their own places [he did not have his own place & I doubt Jay w/be able to keep work, either, & yes, he DID use my car, after he gave Jolene the yellow “lemon” that was his!], single, divorced w/children/child [yes, I, too felt I was to be the “playmate” for his child..a “reliable caregiver”], married w/without children [I also thought b/c he found them “discreet” or who would not have to commit, or who would not hold him to commitment, especially the wife of the neighbor he effed, that Pattie told me about!], w/low self~esteem or going thru a depressive/trying [possib. a major career transition] time in life [so were happy to have him, and who would provide for him], & yes..even confident ones like me, b/c I think he PURPOSELY set me up so he could break me down later. I still wonder if that professional pix he showed me of Evelyn Vignola {that I think photographer, George Vincent took} was a pix that Evelyn actually GAVE him, & since he told me that he worked for the restaurant, Mr. Henry”s in D.C., around the time I met him, & that club circuit was known as a GAY venue. Hey, WHAT GUY HANGS OUT IN, OR WORKS FOR A GAY CLUB, IF HE IS NOT GAY OR UNDERCOVER GAY?! I also would like to have comment, his former lovers or would~be lovers, Janet [who Jay said told him, “I do not want your problems to become mine”] & Debby [who was the friend to Mari Anne Fowler [who worked, I think, as a VP or in a high sales position at JUDD in Strasburg, VA, wife to Rick Burnette], while Jay was still separated from Lorrie, post their opinions up here, as to what their experiences were, when they knew Jay. Honestly, any woman who he lives with should put a key stroke recorder on his/her computer, to see what he is up to, because those gay male sex sites he prowled when living with me were NOT funny. He will SWINE YOU AND DINE YOU, but his one needs to be Lorena Bobbitted! My current partner of >10 years, a beautiful male musician..beautiful INSIDE and OUT, allows me the PEACEFUL PACE IN LIFE that Jay DID NOT allow for me. So, I am MUCH healthier, mentally/spiritually/sexually, than I EVER was with Jay, and I love my partner with every fiber of my being. So, there IS hope for the rest of you up here. Do NOT give up!

2/26/2011 1:19:24 PM - That time Jay took me to a Salsa Club? It turned out to be a club where closet crossdressers hung out. While I ate my shrimp scampi @ the bar, waiting a looong time for Jay to come out of the men”s restroom [wonder what he was doing in there so long? Having a thrill at the Glory Hole?], a guy that LOOKED all male approached me, confided that he was married but was a cross~dresser. Another RED FLAG! I found 52 of the 170 “red flag” traits, from http://www.heartlessbitches.com/rants/manipulator/redflaglist.shtml that I felt “fit” Jay: 6,11,12,13,16,18,21,22,26,27,31,33,36,39,42,45,46,52,54,56,57,61,62,63,64,68,73,74,77,79,81,84,85,87,89,90,97,100,101,103,107,110,112,115,119,128,129,131,136,156,157,168 … The author of that list suggests that if any guy has just TWO of those red flags, the woman should lace up her shoes and RUN. I will cite only 4 of the worst ones I thought he had, though: “[63.] He immediately starts sucking up to your friends and trying to become buddies with them. I am not saying being nice to them, I mean trying to establish his OWN close relationship with them [] make you start doubting them later if he wants to alienate you from them, to make you more dependent on him, and to prevent you from having someone to talk to about problems with him [] Manipulators try to get close to YOUR friends in order to feed misinformation behind the scenes, so that they come off looking like martyrs when they pull the rug out” .. it had everything to do with him destroying my networks! “[64.] They have had a chemical dependency problem in the past. Addicts usually replace one addiction with another, if they ever leave on addiction behind at all. Alcohol today, porn tomorrow” “[110.] He has ANY history of childhood abuse {abusive parents or siblings}, ESPECIALLY {but not limited to} sexual abuse, and he hasnt been in YEARS of therapy {and I mean YEARS ~ like a decade or more, depending on his age}, working through his issues. Men who were abused have a very strong tendency to become abusers. It takes many many years of therapy to overcome this, if they can at all. And when they start therapy, they often get worse before they get better. Manipulative men who have been in therapy for only a year or so or are probably at the WORST stage to get involved with” “[112.] Hes seeing someone else {and he is intimate with them} and he falls for you. It may seem very flattering, but he”ll only do the same thing to you later. It”s a sick pattern and it ISN”T going to stop with YOU” I also think Jay has the BPD characteristic of Proxy Recruiting others to help him do his dirty work, & I think Melinda was “recruited” to do just that. Why else would she have allegedly said I “badmouthed” him, when all I was trying to get out was THE TRUTH about him. I think he controlled her the way he controlled/abused me, by manipulating her to unwittingly back him up about my character..getting her to “speak for” him. Meanwhile, I think she remains an ostrich, head in sand. Another BPD trait I think he used when he did that was “Divide and Conquer” .. BPDs use this method to gaining advantage over their “perceived rivals” by manipulating others into conflicts with each other. I would also not share sensitive painful experiences/info about your past w/him, as he might turn it against you. He seemed to like to “dredge up” my past pain, with past boyfriends, to do what I now refer to as “scab pick.” One time, he suggested I should confront, via telephone call, this jock I had a brief relationship with >20 years prior, who I had not seen since. Jay suggested I call him & ask him why our relationship went the way it did. I really did not want to call him, so guess what? JAY CALLED HIM in front of me, to ask what my relationship w/him was. Can you imagine his GALL?! Before he did so, I said I did not care what he did, but I was so exhausted by his seeming to bait me, that I threw up my hands, defeated. I had given him the chance to opt out of a relationship with me, when he waffled in the beginning. I lived in my apartment then, before we lived together in a house. I got tired of his waffling, so shoved all his musical equipment near my door entrance, told him to make up his mind what he wants or get out of my life. Well..that did not work, because he “hoovered” me back in, to intensify/build our supposed “exclusivity/momogamy” & not long after that came that basket of roses from him with the 2 crystal goblets & the cute Valentine from his daughter, “To Daddy & ****” .. yeah! Used his daughter as chump bait! He admitted to me that he left a job unfinished [not sure if it was painting her house or carpentry] for Bonnie Hawley, in Manassas. When he told me that, he described the situation in angry tones, AS IF IT WERE SOMETHING SHE DID!

2/27/2011 10:28:44 AM - Maria Robinson [posted article or blogs on Lovefraud.com?] recommends reading Crimes of Persuasion: Schemes, Scams, Frauds. How con artists will steal your savings and inheritance through telemarketing fraud, investment schemes and consumer scams, by Les Henderson: “The book briefly discusses victim psychology. It is not only the wives and family members of sociopathic con artists who suffer trauma. The victims of the sociopath”s financial fraud also suffer trauma that can be severe and lead to suicide. Henderson says, “Fraud crime is a personal violation. Although there is no serious physical injury many victims of con~men speak of the betrayal as the psychological equivalent of rape.” “the book points out in many places that con artists use other people who become their unsuspecting accomplices. People who are used by con artists in this way carry that burden for life. Henderson says, “Family members and business associates may have been financially exploited at your urging, resulting in increased feelings of guilt and blame.” “Henderson says, “The dread becomes immeasurable, unrelated to specifics, just an all encompassing blanket of depression.” “When I was in relationship with the sociopath, I made desperate changes. Living in constant fear, I was desperate to keep him happy. In my desperation, I contorted and distorted myself to fit the image he told me I had to fit. Most of what I did was about keeping him happy and my life, as it were, intact. Often, the changes I made were “inspired” by his anger [ ] Using intermittent reinforcement, he trained me to be his co~conspirator in my self~destruction [ ] I learned very quickly that my silence and acquiescence bought his “good humour”. Eventually, it took less energy on his part to keep me silent as I fell beneath the weight of the sorrow that was pervading my life and my fear of his anger [ ] One of the hardest aspects of leaving an abuser is naming what they”re doing as abuse. Our minds recoil from the reality, fall back from the precipice of the truth. How could someone who says they love me, willing, knowingly, consciously choose to hurt me? Believe it. Name it. They will. They can. They do. Accepting that truth is frightening [ ] LOVEFRAUD.COM”

2/27/2011 1:28:55 PM - When I wrote, above, “he tells her that she has abandonment/trust issues~has her feeling confused/guilty for ever doubting him. FLIPPING THE SCRIPT. His GAME” .. This “flip~script” game he played seemed to be, in retrospect, CONSISTENT throughout our relationship..like I think he flip~scripted about his ex wives. Like when he told me I was “childish” & “living in a fantasy world” .. I believe he was REALLY talking about himself! When he PROJECTED that I had “abandonment issues” .. I believe he was really talking ABOUT HIMSELF! Like when he said, “Your magnanimity was disingenuous” {READ/INTERPRET “insincere”].. I think HE was an INGRATE, & PROJECTED the characteristics of himself onto me! He admitted to having low self~esteem, at the end, but I recall instances of him confiding same, when, for example, he said he did not like his “flat slab of a head” .. like his sister Dulce had [his exact words.] Even one Valentine he wrote to me had the message, “I hope this Valentine is good enough for you” [does that not smack of INSECURITY, to you?] And what does it tell you about the hygiene of a guy when he does not wear underwear, &, as I recall, NEVER brushed his teeth at night, before coming to bed? Or that, in all those 8.5 years of living w/me, I do not remember him EVER making any appointments with a dentist. Icky! Phooey! And those man boobs & increasing tire around his waistline. And his [admitted] dyslexia [poor spelling/grammar. I have writings of his that prove this.] Melinda can have him..is welcome to this insufferable, uncouth dolt/clod! When a woman is left childless/barren, NOT by her choice, and she is an artist, she does not need her mate to cut off the last options to her life progress, especially to downgrade/denigrate her art, when her only option left is that her produced artistic expression becomes her “baby” .. I think Jay did this to me, left me NO other options, and downgraded my musical professional progress, when cutting me off “at the knees” mid~point..about one year after our 2nd jazz combo had established itself [almost a house band, for one year, at a bed & breakfast in Fredericksburg, VA.] It seemed that he wanted to cut off all the “prolific” areas of my life, professionally and personally. He had already [I allege] consumed the last years that I could have reproduced a child from my body, so that I would never become a biological mother, grandmother, or great grand mother. What did he hope to do? Take away the last avenue for my professional growth [my OTHER baby]? Annihilate every life dream I ever had, so that I never achieved any of them? He is much like James Mcguinness [profiled up here] : “He will always cheat on whomever he is with, no matter what. You see, that is what excites this disgusting person. He actually gets his excitement from the thrill of deceiving the woman who loves him” “he will do or say anything to get you to help him play his game and stab whichever woman he is currently with in the back” I was in tears, or practically in tears, when I showed, to five businessmen who once did business with Jay Brown, the copy of his ad I printed out, the ad he had placed on a swingers site. I showed it to Walter, an antique dealer in Manassas. I showed it to David B., a jeweler in Manassas. I showed it to Willy K., a silversmith in Manassas. I showed it to Steve Cramer [not sure of spelling of last name, but I was concerned that Steve might hire Jay to give music lessons to boys, at his next shop, after the one Steve established at Canterbury Square]., owner of the music store, who used to own a store next to Stone Art on Canterbury Square, in Manassas, VA. Last, I showed it to Ezra Yu, my former supervisor. I wanted others to “witness” what I had witnessed, to get my true story out, about Jay. My guess is that he was so embarrassed about what he had done to me & other women in his past, that he had to move to another state, after that, to “save face”.., but there IS NO SAVING FACE, when a man defrauds a woman, more so if he has defrauded several.

3/2/2011 5:52:47 PM - It is also very possible that Jay has schizophrenia~spectrum psychosis. Many alcoholics have schizophrenia from past alcoholism. It is also possible for a person to have several Cluster B disorders simultaneously, and I suspect that Jay has several. See Lovefraud.com article about “how a S manages to keep is half truths and doesn”t seem to be bothered when he”s caught lying” http://www.lovefraud.com/blog/2008/12/31/a~sociopathic~interaction/ See also, “After the sociopath: How do we heal?” I quote, below, some of what I learned/gleaned, from that web site: “Sociopaths, cluster B personality disorders and psychopathy” “Sociopathy is a lifestyle” “The American Psychiatric Association has defined a group of personality disorders it calls “cluster B”. According to a recent paper* by German psychiatrist, Christian Huchzermeier, M.D., “ The cluster includes disturbances of personality that go hand in hand with emotional dysregulation phenomena, a tendency towards aggressive—impulsive loss of control, egoistic exploitation of interpersonal relationships, and a tendency to overestimate one”s own importance.” The disorders of “cluster B” go together because what underlies them is a disturbance in three developmentally acquired abilities I have called The Inner Triangle. These abilities are: ~ Ability to Love Impulse Control Moral Reasoning ~ These abilities that a child gains during development are a triangle because the development of each depends on the other two. A child begins to acquire ability to love in the first year of life, impulse control begins in the second year of life. At two years of age there is already a link between ability to love and impulse control. Children with the best impulse control also are the most loving/empathetic. Moral reasoning begins in the third year of life and its development depends on a loving nature and impulse control. Similarly the most moral kids are also the most loving and selfcontrolled. I think of the cluster B disorders as different manifestations of damage to the inner triangle. I think of sociopaths as individuals who completely lack ability to love and have impaired impulse control and moral reasoning. Given the Inner Triangle, it should come as no surprise that it can be difficult to find people who have only one cluster B personality disorder. For that reason individuals with antisocial personality, narcissistic personality, borderline personality and histrionic personality often have symptoms of the other disorders. If someone gets a diagnosis of only one of these, it doesn”t mean that the person doesn”t also have one or all of the others” TO BE CONTINUED

3/2/2011 5:53:11 PM - CONTINUED “The person making the diagnosis simply thought that the one chosen best described the person. You should know there is a gender bias in diagnosis such that women are often labeled “borderline.” These women can also be sociopaths who leave a trail of victimized friends, lovers and children in their wakes. A recent study reported in Behavioral Science and the Law, “The Relationship Between DSMIV Cluster B Personality Disorders and Psychopathy According to Hare”s Criteria: Clarification and Resolution of Previous Contradictions” examines the relationship between psychopathic personality traits as defined by the screening version of the PCL and Cluster B personality disorders. The authors of this study were careful to examine people who had only one cluster B disorder. They found psychopathy to be associated with all cluster B disorders. The authors conclude: “One clinical implication of our results, nevertheless, is that in cases where a cluster B personality disorder is diagnosed a high psychopathy value is to be expected, especially where antisocial, borderline or narcissistic personality disorder is involved. The PCL score is a better predictor of subsequent events, such as problems during criminal custody or a relapse into delinquency, than a diagnosis of a DSMIV personality disorder, especially in forensic populations therefore, an additional investigation with the PCL should be carried out, if a cluster B personality disorder has been diagnosed ~ It is important for Lovefraud readers to be aware of this study especially if there is a divorce/custody proceeding or a cluster B personality disorder has been diagnosed. Many people might think that if the partner has been “diagnosed borderline” or “diagnosed narcissistic” that means the partner is not a psychopath/sociopath. This study suggests otherwise. IF YOU ARE INVOLVED WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS THESE YOU HAVE TO CONSIDER THEIR HARMFUL BEHAVIOR AS AN INDICATION OF PSYCHOPATHY/SOCIOPATHY. There are some people with cluster B, histrionic, borderline and narcissistic disorders who are not highly antisocial. ““But if the person is lying, cheating and manipulating, that is antisocial behavior.”” This behavior in the context of any cluster B means the person is potentially very dangerous. As the authors state: “Screening for PCLbased psychopathy can also be important for general psychiatric patients with a DSMIV personality disorder, so that potential difficulties in the course of their treatment can be anticipated and this comorbidity can be targeted in the planning of therapy. Patients with both a DSMIV personality disorder and PCLbased psychopathy can exhibit behavior that is particularly dangerous to therapy Stafford & Cornell, 2003”

3/3/2011 10:34:34 AM - Please read Out of the FOG Banner article, “Emotional Regulation Disorder” .. in particular, the part about ERD Characteristics & Traits, BECAUSE I THINK JAY DEMONSTRATED/HAD MANY OF THOSE CHARACTERISTICS, INCLUDING: Alienation Blaming Bullying Chaos Manufacture Cheating Cognitive Dissonance Denial Dependency Dissociation Divide and Conquer Domestic Theft Emotional Blackmail Engulfment Entitlement False Accusations Favoritism Fear of Abandonment Gaslighting Harassment High ~Functioning [“A High~Functioning Personality~Disordered Individual is one who is able to conceal their dysfunctional behavior in certain public settings and maintain a positive public or professional profile while exposing their negative traits to family members behind closed doors”] Hoovers & Hoovering Identity Disturbance Impulsiveness/Impulsivity Invalidation Lack of Object Constancy Neglect No~Win Scenarios Pathological Lying Projection Proxy Recruitment Push~Pull Raging, Violence and Impulsive Aggression Sabotage Scapegoating Selective Competence Selective Memory/Selective Amnesia Self~Harm Self~Loathing Self~Victimization Shaming Situational EthicsSplitting Thought Policing Threats Triggering & Tunnel Vision. [Source: http://www.outofthefog.net/CommonBehaviors/Top100Traits.html]

3/3/2011 10:35:21 AM - See also “borderlines sometimes inadvertently reveal their own vague awareness that something is wrong with them by taking a whimsical interest in a famous person who exhibits borderline traits. It''s classic BPD” Source: http://www.myspace.com/psychorand & BPD source http://www.palace.net/llama/psych/bpd.html The authors mention several theorists who have very similar ideas of what BPD is. For example, Judith Herman, who believes, “when PTSD takes a form that emphasizes heavily its elements of identity and relationship disturbance, it gets called BPD when the somatic {body} elements are emphasized, it gets called hysteria, and when the dissociative/deformation of consciousness elements are the focus, it gets called DID/MPD” A 2nd theorist is MARSHA M. LINEHAN, Ph.D., founder of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, who purported that BPDs “were raised in environments in which their beliefs about themselves and their environment were continually devalued and invalidated. These factors combine to create adults who are uncertain of the truth of their own feelings and who are confronted by three basic dialectics they have failed to master” A 3rd theorist is OTTO F. KERNBERG, M.D., who purported that three categories of criteria on which BPDs are diagnosed, the foremost having TWO SIGNS, “the absence of psychosis {i.e., the ability to perceive reality accurately}” & “impaired ego integration ~ a diffuse and internally contradictory concept of self. Kernberg [said], “Borderlines can describe themselves for five hours without your getting a realistic picture of what they''re like.”” “The second category is termed “nonspecific signs” and includes such things as low anxiety tolerance, poor impulse control, and an undeveloped or poor ability to enjoy work or hobbies in a meaningful way. The authors cite Kernberg’s Borderline Personality Organization Diagnoses of BPO, on how borderlines are “distinguished from neurotics by the presence of “primitive defenses. Chief among these is splitting, in which a person or thing is seen as all good or all bad [ ] which is related to another symptom: “borderlines have problems with object constancy in people ~~ they read each action of people in their lives as if there were no prior context they don''t have a sense of continuity and consistency about people and things in their lives. They have a hard time experiencing an absent loved one as a loving presence in their minds. They also have difficulty seeing all of the actions taken by a person over a period of time as part of an integrated whole, and tend instead to analyze individual actions in an attempt to divine their individual meanings. People are defined by how they lasted interacted with the borderline”” ““Other primitive defenses cited include magical thinking {beliefs that thoughts can cause events}, omnipotence, projection of unpleasant characteristics in the self onto others and projective identification, a process where the borderline tries to elicit in others the feelings s/he is having. Kernberg also includes as signs of BPO chaotic, extreme relationships with others an inability to retain the soothing memory of a loved one transient psychotic episodes denial and emotional amnesia”

3/3/2011 10:35:58 AM - I SUGGEST READING THAT WHOLE ARTICLE, BUT I HAVE QUOTED BELOW, THE PARAGRAPH UNDER THE HEADING, “Traits involving identity”: “5. Marked, persistent identity disturbance shown by uncertainty in at least two areas. These areas can include self~image, sexual orientation, career choice or other long~term goals, friendships, values. People with BPD may not feel like they know who they are, or what they think, or what their opinions are, or what religion they should be. Instead, they may try to be what they think other people want them to be” THIS WAS HOW JAY SEEMED, TO ME…EXACTLY HOW HE SEEMED TO ME. HE ALSO SEEMED TO HAVE THE “Miscellaneous attributes of people with BPD” DESCRIBED IN THE NEXT PARAGRAPH: “They may have problems with object constancy. When a person leaves {even temporarily}, they may have a problem recreating or remembering feelings of love that were present between themselves and the other. Often, BPD patients want to keep something belonging to the loved one around during separations” & “Many have a background of childhood physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or physical/emotional neglect” SOURCE: http://www.palace.net/llama/psych/bpd.html Granted, I am no psychologist, but I have read enough to know why I think Jay has BPD. It would not surprise me if Jay has alcoholic neuropathy, from having been off the wagon for years, in his past, before he attended AA meetings and supposedly “got sober.” I do not know how many years he was an active alcoholic, but I suspect it was from age 16 until he quit drinking..just my thoughts. I also suspect, that if he is not working in some low~paying retail job, like a music store, he probably works off the books. I found another source, about things that sociopaths do to manipulate others, the Psychopathy Checklist from Robert D. Hare, Ph.D.. I think Jay has ALL of them, or at least I think I WITNESSED all of these “traits” .. if not from Jay having admitted to me, to having some of these, during his relationship with me: 1. Charm 2. Risk~taking, and convincing others to do it with them 3. Recognizing a person who is decent and trusting~~the perfect target 4. Sexual seduction 5. Crocodile tears~~especially when sociopaths are about to be confronted 6. Righteous indignation~~Plan B when sociopaths are about to be confronted 7. Exploiting social and professional roles 8. Gaslighting~~making victims doubt their own perceptions 9. Glib and superficial 10. Egocentric and grandiose 11. Lack of remorse or guilt 12. Lack of empathy 14. Deceitful and manipulative 15. Shallow emotions 16. Antisocial lifestyle 17. Impulsive 18. Poor behavior controls 19. Need for excitement 20. Lack of responsibility 21. Early behavior problems 22. Adult antisocial behavior. If I address just one trait on that list, giving one example of what I thought was antisocial behavior from Jay? I think it was within weeks after he left our home, he had been hired as a bass player to back Bob Williams [my former friend, jazz guitarist. We were invited, as a couple, several times, to the home of Bob & his wife] It was as if Jay was gloating that he was hired to play with Bob, & that he would wear a tux [I never saw him in a tux the whole 8.5 years with me!]..as if he gloated that he had social “Ins” with my former friend, but I did not. Among the proof I kept of his nasty activities, were the box tops of the gay porn he had bought at an adult store. It would be easy enough for an investigator, like a police official, to go to that store, scan those box tops, look for the inventory of who rented/bought those videos, then match it up with the license plate # of whoever rented/bought them, because I am fairly certain that Jay had to show his drivers license for those purchases, and when cops are looking for sex offenders or looking to see who MIGHT be sex offenders, I would think they would keep an eye on those shops, too, and whoever purchases/rents that material.

3/6/2011 5:03:54 PM - When you are riding shotgun with him in his car, he is good at squeezing your knee, while saying, “just like a mule eating corn” .. as if it is a love squeeze. It was part of his “aw shucks, John Boy” routine/personna, I think. Just fake. Wonder how many women before me he did that with [Pattie? Lorrie? Evelyn? .. Melinda after me?] Since Jay has been out of my life, several years ago, I ran into a goldsmith in Old Town, Alexandria, VA, who, I think, knew Jay.. a guy named “David” who possibly did business with him at one time. He might have been the guy who came into the 2nd Stone Art store Jay ran on Battle Street, when I worked [for no pay] for Jay, because some guy I thought was gay came in & said he wanted to buy a bunch of rock samples for his shop. Fast forward to my conversation with the goldsmith. I asked him if he knew Jay. He seemed like he knew who I was talking about. His eyes looked scared. He seemed to say “I am not in that lifestyle anymore.” Draw your own conclusions there. I went to the shop of the goldsmith to have a couple of items [that I thought were “guilt gifts” Jay had given me] that Jay had custom made for me, changed, because Jay had made them, & if I wore them as was, they would forever remind me of those ugly times with Jay. There was that time, when Jay still worked at the first Stone Art shop in Manassas, when a robber got caught stealing an amethyst parrot. Jay said that the guy was gay, that he let him off any charges, because [quote] the guy said he had AIDS so thought if they caught him, he could be treated for it, at no cost, in jail/prison [unquote]. I wondered..why would Jay have decided to let the guy off the hook. Because he wanted to punish [transfer aggressive feelings about gay men] from what he felt about his gay, cousin, Paul? Or because he did not want any gay guy to serve time for his crime? Or both..possibly/if Jay had dual/conflicting personalities, maybe BOTH of those reasons for letting the guy off the hook, were present, in his reasoning. There was the time when two gay guys came to our home, apparently, customers who wanted Jay to design a ring for them. Then, there was the time when Jay told me that he wanted to have a “private” meeting with just his sister and his mother, and said he would meet them at a Bed & Breakfast [I think, in Pennsylvania] that he said was owned by “two gay guys.” I wondered why Jay would want to meet with his sister & mother without me..wondered what were his reasons. Yes. Draw your own conclusions. I have notified one minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring, MD, about this profile, because I noticed “Melinda Yalom” mentioned on the web page for same. I know not if Melinda works for the organization or if she belongs to it, as a member, but I strongly felt that the minister of same org should be notified as to this profile on Jay, to read it, if she wants. I think that members of that congregation should stay on vigilance regarding Jay Brown. As far as I am concerned, he pretended to be a “good Christian” but, meanwhile, I recall when he said he turned down an invitation from one jazz guitarist we both knew, when that jazz guitarist invited him to his [Universalist] church in Manassas Jay told the guitarist that he “would have felt uncomfortable” in the church. Gee…wonder why? Could it be because his M.O. has been to leapfrog from one woman to the next, use each up for whatever he can get from her, then sets up Ms. Next before he leaves the woman with whom he lives, so does not want anyone to catch on to his sick ways?!? Would not surprise me in the least if Jay has not, again, “chameleonized” himself to “fit in” with the networks/friends of his next prey, to do his dirties.

3/8/2011 3:12:05 PM - I still think Jay destroyed many social networks for me. One example was w/the former bass player in one of my two jazz ensembles, Jim Gilliam. Jim & Nancy had invited us to one of their pool parties. The invitation Jim sent, had “wear your lewdest thong”.. I am sure Jay probably got off on that part of the invitation, as if Jim was “joining him” in perversion/lewdness. After Jay & I parted, I was never invited to the home of Nancy & Jim, though my morals & value system more coincided w/theirs, even though they were republicans & I am a democrat, & even though, for almost 15 years, I had worked for military contractors/agencies, many of those years in Crystal City, as Nancy did, I think, so I had much in common w/Nancy, though I held a Secret level govt. clearance, as she probably did, for my line of work, even though I was the daughter of a diplomat & she probably was not even though we each worked as independent women, whatever our futures bore out for us. The face of Jon Frederick, who worked for Northrup Grumman, usually seemed w/a flourid complexion of the typical alcoholic, yet, he kept his career w/Northrup, & yet Jay always dissed alcoholics [he being formerly active.] Seemed like Jay surrounded himself w/handsome/masculine men in his bands, probably so he could ogle them [my opinion.] Jim made the remark about one famous female singer, who is allegedly a lesbian. He said she was a “muff diver” after I told Jim about one song of hers I liked. If Jim sided w/Jay instead of me, after Jay & I parted, KNOWING FULL WELL what Jay was “up to” [I sent Jim a copy of the ad Jay placed on the swingers site, advertising himself as bi, seeking bi sex w/men or a man], what does that tell you about hypocrisy? IF Jim sided w/Jay..not saying he did or not, but Jay seemingly convinced Jim Gilliam & Jon Frederick to rehearse w/out me, as if they were building a group where they could perform in all of my former venues. I did not mind if they wanted to form a side group, but I think Jay Brown INTENDED to tear me way down, break up my music group, that had performed for > than a year, & we were building steam, until then, had performed together for almost a year regularly, each month, one or two gigs per months, so we were almost a house band at that bed & breakfast in VA. I found gigs for our quartet, so Jim & Jon got paid for those, too. It seemed that Jon & Jim sided w/Jay JUST BECAUSE JAY WAS A MALE, or possibly b/c Jim Gilliam & Jon Frederick seemed to “see no wrong” in “jumping up in life,” on the skirts of a high~earning females” to get to “better” places in life. Jay told me how Jim described his 1st wife [female musician] & how “male & female musicians do not work well as couples.” Jon lived w/my former friend, Lori Pierce, who once earned, as I recall, a salary in the 70K range, but was let go for some reason. She had a disability, loved John, & consequent to that high~paying job, did whatever she could to support her son. She wanted to marry Jon, even told me she would have signed a prenup, but Jon, she told me, treated her like a sycophant. To me, all these guys are no better than Nazis who promote negative eugenics! Could it have been that Jon & Jim [each of them, I think, served, at one time, for one military agency or another] worked too many years in office/work cultures that used the Delphi Technique, Group Think, and shady Performance Review Techniques, that “acclimated” them to abuse [by neglect/oversight/ignorance] .. a REDUCTIONIST culture, REDUCING women to mere nothings. I recall, one of my former male supervisors chatting, behind my cubicle, in earshot of me, said to another male, who would become his replacement..said, about a high~level female employee, “[heh heh] I would not mind getting some of HER Oral Reviews”.. but they were never called up to HR, for their harassment of women on the job! Others, or to adjust their mindsets to misogyny? I know, well, those methods. I worked for DoD/military contractors since the early 80s through the late 90s. [I one song that Jay seemed so eager to harmonize w/me, that I had learned years before my relationship w/him, a song by David Garrett, “For Love of Money” w/the lyric, “Jesus was betrayed”..while you seem to PRETEND to be oh so “Christian”!] Another lesson from my Jay Experience..I learned that men, REAL MEN, who are not just fake [Ken Dolls?] still exist..learned that Pretty Boys are not the most responsible men on this planet, that sometimes the men who are not “all perfect” make the BEST husbands. For example, Joe, husband to the sister of Jay, Paula, in a wheelchair whenever I saw him, yet seemed to HAVE MORE ON THE BALL, more to offer a woman in life, possibly due to his humility/disability. A major CONTRAST to the HUBRIS I thought Jay had. Joe seemed to know how to PROVIDE for his wife, & helped her get ahead professionally. So, yes, I learned, from my Jay Experience, the difference between MEN & BOYS.

3/8/2011 8:08:22 PM - Clearly, while Jay lived with me, that time when I was ILLEGALLY put on Administrative Leave [when Jay told me I should have put up and shut up about the situation], at my VA State job [I fought this & won, if you consider my having to resign from my State job a “win”, after I had two letters of high recommendation, about my excellent professional performance, from the supervisor~~who told me I was “fighting the [org. name omitted] fight” ..when ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS DO MY BEST, ON MY JOB, NOT GET INVOLVED WITH POLITICS ON THE JOB~~before the “despot supervisor” took over to disrupt the work of several others, including many tenured faculty] My next supervisor who put me, illegally, on administrative leave, was LET GO, subsequently, for other than evidence than what he did to me, & held his job, in total, less than EIGHT MONTHS since he was hired! That should tell you something. Yet, Jay, treated me as though I should have “put up” and “shut up,” after all went down. Does any woman want a male, like I have described Jay was, to be in her corner, on her side, when she has to go through this situation? If so, I feel sorry for her. I also pity his daughter & thinks she should read “A Paper Life” by Tatum O”Neal, the daughter who understood how her father was a creep, who used/abused/exploited women. No one should have to live with a man who leads a parasitic life.

3/11/2011 9:22:12 AM - One of my goals is to educate others about sociopaths. The article, “The Psychopath”s Relationship Cycle: Idealize, Devalue and Discard” http://psychopathyawareness.wordpress.com/2010/12/22/the~psychopaths~relationship~cycle~idealize~devalue~and~discard/ will show you why I think Jay Brown is a sociopath/psychopath. Excerpts follow: “Because they suffer from incurable personality disorders, psychopaths repeat over and over the same relationship cycle, no matter whom they’re dating or for how long. Relationships with them are always castles~or, sometimes, marriages~built on sand” “During the manipulation phase, Babiak and Hare go on to explain, psychopaths construct the “psychopathic fiction.” [ ] While seeming your complement, they also present themselves as your mirror image. They claim to share your interests and sensibilities [ ] {Snakes in Suits, 78}” “Their loss of interest appears as a devaluation. From the center of their life, you suddenly become just an obstacle to their next pursuit. Since psychopaths are intuitively skilled at “dosing,” or giving you just enough validation and attention to keep you on the hook, you may not immediately notice the devaluation. It’s as if the psychopath intuitively knows when to be charming again {in order not to lose you} and when to push your boundaries, further and lower” [[MY NOTE: This technique is also called “INTERMITTANT REINFORCEMENT”]] “You rationalize his inexplicable absences, his increasingly frequent emotional withdrawals, his curt and icy replies, his petty and mean~spirited ways of “punishing” you for asserting your needs or for not bending to his will” “He also inculpates the other women. He implies that you were not good enough for him. He claims that the other women tempted or pursued him. But that’s only a diversionary tactic” “psychopaths twist the truth to fit their momentary goals and to play mind games. When you actually pay attention to what they say instead of being impressed by how sincere they may appear, their narratives often sound inconsistent and implausible. What they say about other women, both past and present, is most likely a distortion too. Psychopaths commonly project their own flaws upon others. If they tell you they were seduced, it was most likely the other way around. If they tell you that their previous girlfriends mistreated them, cheated on them, got bored with them, abandoned them, listen carefully, since that’s probably what they did to those women” “the way they maintain control of you is through deception, isolation, abuse, gaslighting and undermining your self~confidence” “If and when he talks about you to others, it’s as if he were ashamed of you. That’s not only because he lost interest in you. It’s also the instinctive yet strategic move of a predator. If your family, his family, your mutual friends have all lost respect for you~if you’re alone with him in the world~he can control you so much easier than if you have external sources of validation and emotional support” “If he criticizes you to others~or, more subtly, fosters antagonisms between you and family members and friends~it’s to further wear you down and undermine your social bonds. Once he tires of you, he induces others to see you the same way that he does: as someone not worthy of him; as someone to use, demean and discard” “He uses your weaknesses against you. He also turns your qualities into faults. If you are faithful, he sees your fidelity as a weakness, a sign you weren’t desirable enough to cheat. Nobody else really wanted you. If you are virtuous, he exploits your honesty while he lies and cheats on you. If you are passionate, he uses your sensuality to seduce you, to entrap you through your own desires, emotions, hopes and dreams. [ ] If you are artistic and cultured, he undermines your merit. He makes you feel like everything you create is worthless and cannot possibly interest others” [[MY NOTE: This last statement explains why the years we had spent building musical groups, were suddenly devalued! This was AFTER he INTENTIONALLY orchestrated which musical format we would use, when playing professionally. He said, “tell me what you like to do best..country or jazz” I told him that jazz suited my voice/feelings better, so he went about becoming the jazz bassist, in one group, for three years & the “jazz guitarist” for three more, with me. ALL ORCHESTRATED. In retrospect, I think it was so he could build me up only to tear me down later, because this is what sociopaths do! Fortunately for me, I found other guitarists, much better, who would not let me down, with whom I performed, for years later, proving I could do it WITHOUT him. He nearly destroyed my musical soul.]]

3/11/2011 10:07:28 AM - One definition of “intermittent reinforcement” is “A schedule of reinforcement in which not every correct response is reinforced” [source: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&defl=en&q=define:intermittent+reinforcement&sa=X&ei=NEd6TbzXNMrbgQeSrM3nBw&ved=0CBQQkAE ] Next, are excerpts from a lovefraud.com blog on Intermittent reinforcement, by Ox Drover: “When you get right down to it, in many ways we {humans} control animals the way that psychopaths control their victims” [] Intermittent reinforcement [] Psychopaths also use the intermittent reward system with us, and we keep hoping that by doing what they want, the NEXT TIME we will get the “jackpot” reward from them. [] We could rebel and tell them to take their intermittent rewards and shove them, that we are not going to knuckle down and be their victims, to “pull their plows” by going to work and giving them our money, but we don”t rebel against them. We are unaware that we have the strength and power to rebel, to stand up on our own. If we are earning the living and giving them the money, why do we need them?” Source [substitute the squiggly lines for straight ones]: http://www.lovefraud.com/blog/2011/02/26/becoming~aware~of~our~strengths/ When our defenses are down, as mine were, particularly when I was between work contracts [it is not good to be “defensive” when one is interviewing for high~paying jobs! Not to mention, I had endured exploitation in the workforce on several occasions, often at the hands of misogynistic men, one being the guy who put me wrongfully on admin. Leave, so I had to file an internal complaint about him. I was not the only one! Several tenured faculty saw through his despotism to fire him before he had worked eight months in that position!], the “red flags” about Jay were not as apparent to me as they otherwise would have been, thus my intuition that should have kicked in about him, through the years, was “compromised” so it was easier for him to exploit/abuse me. Plus, two characteristics of sociopaths, “Divide and Conquer” [a method of gaining and advantage over perceived rivals by manipulating them into conflicts with each other] and “Favoritism” [the practice of systematically giving positive, preferential treatment to one child, subordinate or associate among a group of peers] seemed everpresent for Jay, where I was concerned, but also, I think applied when he destroyed, I allege, the marriage between Melinda Yalom & Ed Rejuney. It seemed he pitted me against others, but especially at the end, to destroy my networks. But the MAIN sociopathic trait I think I saw in him was he seemed to want to “jump up” on the financial skirts of successful women, and/or use their connections to opportunistically “better” himself, as I think he saw his male band buddies do, so thought he could do same. The main difference I saw between him & those male band buddies of his, was that most of those band buddies had HIGHER EDUCATIONS and Jay did not, but I think he THOUGHT he deserved [another sociopathic trait..SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT] what he thought THEY had. I sense, BUT THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION, that one of his other former band buddies did same [Jeff Lodsun, also profiled up here, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=28782 His facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff~Lodsun/665415056 Substitute squiggly lines for straight lines. Look for the part about the article about Jeff, “Yikes! The driver has no clothes” published December 21, 2007 BY KEITH EPPS”] I still often wonder why men who do “unseemly” things that are, or seem, not in the best interest of society, are “promoted” on the web for their accomplishments, but their antisocial traits seem to be down~played, AS IF IT IS NORMAL FOR SOCIOPATHIC HABITS TO BE OVERLOOKED. Not saying Jeff is a sociopath, but that is a possibility. Jeff married a lawyer [Beth. He had children with her. She said he left her for a woman who had previously pretended to be her friend], but even her good standing, nice home, salary, potential, apparently/allegedly, was not enough for her to keep him “in line.” I could be a sociopath, too..just my opinion. “Birds Of A Feather Flock Together” I will never acquiesce [COW UNDER] to the platitude, “Boys Will Be Boys,” I will not compromise my values for anyone, nor will I “zip it” [refrain from exercising my Free Speech.] Beth told me that Jeff was caught phone sexing his girlfriend when still married to Beth, that it happened in earshot of his child. To me, that is nothing to dismiss. Had I anyone like that in my life, I would get him out of it, as far away from my children as I could [forget ever trying to remain friends with him! That would never happen with me. I would not allow it.]

3/11/2011 2:33:53 PM - To Beth Lodsun, who I once considered to be my friend: sorry, Beth, but I HEARD you say, about Jeff, “I will no longer let a man rent my mind” & that “his attention span with women” was not much more than “7 years.” Beth.., I still live by the values of the blues song, “When Things Go Wrong With You, They Hurt Me, Too” .. they always will. You know who I am. I recall when Jeff lived in that house in Great Falls, VA, called Big Joke .. that was when I was around age 18. I actually met Jay through Jeff. That was when Jay said he had worked at Mr. Henrys, known for being a gay club in D.C. That was when Jay lived with Evelyn Vignola. I gave Jay a first chance, when I was age 18. I gave him a 2nd chance, when I was in my mid forties. He blew both chances, IMOP, has been LYING to women ever since. It hurts much more, for a woman to be duped, when she is in her 40s, than when she is a teen, for, when she is a teen, she has her whole life ahead of her. I think I was perpetually naive, for years, just as I think you were, but I WILL NOT stand back from airing my opinions on this subject about what I think are sociopaths. Never! Beth, I heard it said, from one of our mutual female friends, at a party of yours, where she compared my handling of the ending of my relationship with Jay, to the ending of your relationship with Jeff, “Beth did not do that to Jeff” .. as if you handled things better than I did. Well, perhaps you do not harbor the same animosity for Jeff, as I do, about Jay, because, at least, you have your children from him. By comparison, JAY USED ME TO MENTOR/REAR HIS DAUGHTER WHEN I COULD NOT HAVE CHILDREN FROM MY OWN BODY, then left me with NOTHING. Jeff left you with children from him & with your career intact. Jay left me after he used up my last years for conceiving, & when I was unemployed! I think you should re~examine social trends impacted by sociopathy. Then & only then, I think you will FINALLY understand what I endured. Sure, we all have bad eggs in our histories. Usually, when those guys are bad eggs we are able to move on, forget. But, when we are LEFT WITHOUT CLOSURE FOR YEARS, AS TO WHAT REALLY OCCURRED, and when those bad eggs are TRULY SOCIOPATHS, it is that much more difficult to move on .. I know many may not understand about sociopaths because, when we who have been exploited/abused by them, try to explain what happened, to our families/friends, many of those family members or friends, look at us like we have just said, I was abducted by an alien .. but this is why ONE of my goals in life, from here forward, is to EDUCATE women about sociopaths, & I will not be discouraged/deterred from doing just that! What still saddens me is when I think that/if you chose to remain friendly with Jeff [possibly just because you had children together] after he, IMOP, shafted you, and remained that way with him, to forsake me as a friend later, for speaking my mind about him having hurt you. It was almost as if you were saying that, just because he was a talented MALE musician, he got Favoritism from you [the practice of systematically giving positive, preferential treatment to one child, subordinate or associate among a group of peers], even though I endeavored to become your friend, after he had left you, & shared similar experiences, about my ex, w/you, & even though I am also an accomplished FEMALE musician. It seemed, to me, when you seemed to cut me & my S.O. from your social invitations, that you could not move forward, to embrace new friends, to begin new experiences in life..just my opinion. But, you see, I was MOVING ON, to ESTABLISH NEW FRIENDS, when this happened! If I am wrong, ok, I can live with that. But, IMOP, you are from NO BETTER “social origins” than I am. You chose to be a lawyer I chose to be, for >16 years, an editor, plus I was also a professional artist [Hey..YOU FELL IN LOVE WITH A MALE ARTIST, DID YOU NOT? Should a male, just because he is musically talented, have more “social standing” or “acceptance” than a female who is same? If so, why? JUST BECAUSE HE HAS TESTICLES? Or because you share biological children? What example have you set for your daughter, Alexis? That it was OK for her father to cheat on you, that she can, in future, expect nothing less from any man with whom she falls in love? Wow. If so. My pity on you. If so, you possibly share a degree of denial with Lorrie, wife #2 of Jay Brown, who possibly taught his daughter the SAME THING..that she can, in future, expect no more from any male in her life, with whom she becomes involved seriously, & with whom she falls in love.] My biological family includes two lawyers who DO NOT SNUB ME, & who recognize my musical talents, & who do not refuse empathy when I, or anyone else they know, seeks it.

3/11/2011 2:34:27 PM - CONTINUED, TO BETH LODSUN. Yes, Beth, you are, apparently, “higher” on the social/economic ladder than I am, with more material things..house, career, children [I am not a “landed” lady, since I sold back half my land/property/estate, to my abusive ex husband], but at what cost your social conscience, when/if you refuse friends who empathize with your situation? I know, too, that my S.O., who I love deeply, was your friend, before I endeavored to become your friend, & know that two of his lifetime friends, a couple, who are still your friendship circles [yet they seem to be in no better “social status than me & my S.O. are, in fact seem to be in less “fortunate” circumstances.] I know, too, that the female in that couple seems to “promote” the talents of Jeff Lodsun. Her hubby was the same male who told me about those times, at the Big Joke house, when Jay asked him where he could get an alcoholic drink at 10 or 11 A.M. in the morning. I know, too, that the female in same couple [funny how she can remain your friend, when her main goal in life seems to be that of a female musicial/artist/performer~no different than my own ambition!] was the SAME person, at one of your parties, who said, “Beth did not do that to Jeff” .. as if I was “below” the norm, when exposing what I did about Jay Brown. I forgave her but her statement caused me to be hypervigilant~stay aware~of any “waffling” where my other so~called “friends” are concerned, w/respect to values/morals. That same female musician, or her hubby, was the SAME source who told me about that article about Jeff, “Yikes! The driver has no clothes” .. no, I will not mention her name here, but just wanted to point that out. Sometimes, Beth, I wonder why you seem to favor keeping HER as a friend, when it seems you did not want to retain me as a friend [why..because I only have ONE CD, when she has 2 or 3, but when my S.O., who you seemed to befriend, long before I knew about the ending of your relationship w/Jeff, helped me to produce my CD, which Jay seemed to promise me would become an album, but that project got ditched when Jay ditched me, but that project was only finalized/realized when my S.O. & I became a couple? Are you counting “statistics” on who is more “musically accomplished” on who or who should be your friend?] These things go through my mind now & again. Meanwhile, I only want friends who are REAL, who value people over things/possessions ..have ALWAYS been that way, my whole life. When I think of this situation, I think of the lyrics of Shawn Colvin, from “I Don”t Know Why”: “if there were no music Then I would not get through” & “They”re not trying to cause you pain, They”re just afraid of loving you” .. the same song that one local yoga instructor uses. She is a female friend to the male supervisor of my S.O.

3/11/2011 2:55:26 PM - I felt pretty shoddy, years after Jay left me, when I was trying to find closure, when Ed Rejuney, previous/2nd husband to Melinda Yalom [cuckolded by Jay Brown] refused to meet w/me for just ONE hour, I allege, to discuss what all “went down” .. I got, instead, some, I allege, SUPERCILIOUS, SHORT~SIGHTED, PONTIFICATING e~mail from Ed on 7/28/08 offering no closure, w/the content, “I thought I might as well write to you to let you know that I am divorced from Melinda, and that we have been in no contact for a number of years. That period was very painful to me and it took some long~term therapy to work through the feelings, which was very useful. I recommend it. I have moved on {and in fact am getting married this fall to a wonderful woman}. sorry there was a misunderstanding between us, but I”d prefer that you not contact me in future ~~ I”m not interested at all in rehashing any of that history” .. as if his moving on & getting married again would ERASE all that had happened & any of his REMISS, when failing to talk w/me about what happened, could be suddenly removed. POOF! That was ALL I got from Ed Rejuney, after what I thought was 2 YEARS of musical fellowship, jamming w/him, @ his home, & after he & Melinda, had come down from MD to hear Jay & I perform at a Bed & Breakfast, in Fredericksburg, VA [before Jay seduced her out of her marriage.] To illustrate what kind of a sick F*CK I think Jay is, I quote his hand~written note to me, that he enclosed in an envelope [I think it was on one Christmas, while living w/me, & yes..he would alternate capitals w/small case letters, typically, in his writing]: “DeAR contest Entrant, Gee we”Re soRRy you didn”t win The 10,000,000 DollAr PublisheRs CleARing house GRAnd PRize, But As A speciAl consulAtion pRIze for All contestAnts with The fiRsT nAme [****] And TheR LAst [****] who live on stReets By The nAme of WinDSOR Ave we hAve AwARded you 1 oF the following : 1. An Expense pAid cRUise to HAwAii 2. An ARounD the woRld 1 wAy plAne ticket 3. The conTents oF The mysteRy envelope To see which pRIze you have won TuRn pAge .. CONGRAtULAtIONS you hAve won the contents of the mysteRy Envelope” I wonder what a handwriting analyst would say about that one? See Sam Vaknin”s video, Narcissist Hates Happy People, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no5-rKy_rqc&feature=related, for a possible answer. Jay has always had, IMOP, a SICK REPROBATE MIND & will continue to have! If you have ever seen the Lifetime film, “Familiar Stranger,” about a bigamist/fraud who just disappears from the women”s lives & never looks back .. likewise is what Jay got away with, at least twice, all but the bigamy part, though, to me, the mindset of Jay Brown is no better than that of a bigamist/fraud. He w/tell you he loves you for yrs., only to enjoy physical/financial pleasures .. cheated on me before having the balls to break up w/me. He has ALWAYS done that, in EVERY relationship he had, I think, .. did so w/3 OTHER WOMEN he lived w/before me, Evelyn/Pattie/Lorrie. His shabby treatment of women has left several of them probably feeling like discarded wives of a polygamist, when NONE of the women EVER agreed to polyamory. Before his divorce was final he started dating me. I was NOT “The Other Woman” who drew his attn. away from Wife #2. He told me Janet did that. Debby was next, then me. He lied by omission RE his former sexual activity w/MEN [until deciding it was “over” btwn us, & ONLY THEN was he CRUEL ENOUGH to admit the truth, that, before living w/me, long ago, he had had sex w/men he had met in adult bookstores/theaters/public parks & restrooms], along w/other alarming facts that would have altered my decision making process about entering a relationship w/him. He used me for 8.5 years, meanwhile I worked @ whatever work available to me during recessionary times, & had no other option but to live paycheck~paycheck, MEANWHILE I HELPED PAY FOR THE ROOF OVER THE HEAD OF HIS DAUGHTER, WHO STAYED W/US JUST ABOUT EVERY OTHER WEEKEND, FOR ALL THOSE YRS! Then came his ad on that swingers site. Whether he followed up or not w/those swingers or not, if the action is there so is his motive! Creepier now, is thinking how he probably saw the boy he adopted, James, naked, many times, from age 2 [or at whatever age he adopted James] while James grew. Who knows if Jay molested James, but I would not put anything past Jay, & if I were Lu Walters, father to Lorrie, I would be furious enough to kill Jay. When I spoke to Pattie [1st wife to Jay], she told me in that same phone conversation, besides telling me about her 2 gay friends who said they had had sex w/Jay, she also told me, that at one time during her relationship w/Jay, [I guessed this happened when Pattie”s little sis was staying overnight at their place, but not sure of location, Pattie did not say] her little sister woke up from sleep to find Jay stroking her.

4/14/2011 3:22:16 PM - To James & Jolene, children of Jay Brown. I tried my best, for 8.5 yrs, to mentor each of you, gave you each the hospitality of my home whenever I could, believing Jay was a “real” man. To my disappointment, & I will bet, your own, he, I allege, is not~will NEVER be~a “real” man, nor will EVER be honest. I feel certain he disappointed you each, like he did your mother, me, & his 1st wife. I feel certain that your mother would not have felt that feeling that Jonathan Brooks sang/wrote about in “Angel in the House” [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQd0y61FOuQ] unless the guy she felt those things about was a CON ARTIST, whether or not he was closet gay or a serial adulterer/womanizer/sociopath. No woman could EVER feel the crappy way I finally felt, & the way your mother probably also felt, after HER relationship w/your dad was over, unless some man CONVINCED her, WITH INTENTION, that he was WHO HE SAID HE IS/WAS. I still allege, more than 11 years later, that your dad IS/WAS NOT WHO HE SAID HE WAS, & even convinced the next woman after me, that he was that same “sincere” man he pretended to be. J. Brooks never would have created that beautiful song about her own mother, if her own mother was not similarly convinced that her ex was a “good guy” for years, which, I insist, YOUR FATHER IS NOT! He violated the spirit of my relationship w/him, did same w/your mother & his 1st wife, & Evelyn Vignola, w/whom he lived before marrying his 1st wife. Think he will be different w/wife #3, #4, #5..whichever wife# she is? Even when I gifted Jay w/that James Dean tie I gave him in my 1st year or 2nd [I gave him MANY silk ties, across the years, as well, including other clothing to help him improve his image, he soaked it up like a SPONGE, which, IMOP, is what he is..a SPONGE], my “intuition” tried warning me even then. I did not know then that James Dean was historically known to have sex w/men AND women; it was written in biographies about him [skanky male.] I did not heed those PINK flags, as in PINK TRIANGLE..the SYMBOL for a GAY MAN! I hope that some day Jay lands in jail for fraud charges, or worse, for some sex offense, of which I thoroughly think he is capable. IMOP, his 1st two marriages were entered fraudulently, & that he possibly married Melinda fraudulently, too. I will bet that he married her for her money/property, not b/c he ACTUALLY “loves” her [he told each woman he lived with “I Love You” .. can imitate emotions & emotional words extremely well, like a parrot learns to say “Polly Wanna Cracker”] Before Jay, of any man I ever became intimate with, I never hated any of them, UNTIL Jay, have not met any man since/before him who brought that out in me, & hope I never do. One of these days, & I hope that is soon, some gay guy he [I have to say allegedly, but his 1st wife, Pattie, said 2 of her gay male friends had sex w/Jay, while he had a relationship w/her] sexed in his past, will see this profile, to comment, so that it will finally be MELINDA CAROL YALOM who feels like THE FOOL! I might even post 2 or 3 more profiles up here about him, w/different photos from his past, that I have not yet posted, just to give any gay guys a chance to see what he looked like back then, b/c, while some may recognize him from photos that I have already posted here, I still have more that give different perspectives from his youth, that those gay guys who Pattie said he sexed, might recognize. I hope he sweats bullets looking over his shoulder, wondering when that will happen, when/if those gay male friends of Pattie will recognize him. He deserves any & all paranoia/nervousness/shame/humiliation/degradation, & MORE, than he, I allege, has “perped” on any of his female vics. I seriously think that Jay is a SOCIOPATH & that no male, UNLESS A SOCIOPATH, would repeatedly pit woman against woman, to overlap them serially, across yrs., the way your father has done, over & over again. Too, I DID NOT DESERVE that letter from Jolene, calling me a “worthless piece of skin”. If I was that, why would I have, w/in only 3 mos. after Jay left me, replaced your dad w/a BETTER MAN, w/his stuff on the ball, fitter, financially more responsible, & I think, A BETTER PROFESSIONAL MUSICIAN to boot, who knew my GOOD reputation, who has friends in common w/me from our same high school? NO. YOUR DAD IS, I think, A SICK PERP! I almost feel sorry for Melinda but she will eventually know just how mentally disturbed [I think] he is. A guy who would trade in a beautiful/single woman [good heart, college degree, no saggy breasts or stretch marks from childbearing, no kids to distract her attn. from her mate, who gave her complete devotion to him for yrs] for a MARRIED woman? I think he changed me out for her b/c SHE HAD PROPERTY THAT HE WANTED! Fare thee well, all you [I allege] MERCENARY Brown family members..USERS in my opinion!

4/16/2011 6:44:07 PM - I have reached the conclusion..my opinion..that Jay ENVIES women..HATES them, deep down, but REALLY WANTS TO BE A WOMAN. You see, IMOP, Jay cannot be truly vulnerable, with ACTUAL emotions, so he FAKES them. He cannot actually FEEL true emotions, so he FAKES/MIRRORS them. He is ENVIOUS of women b/c he has seen [seen this because his older sisters had men PROVIDE for them, who were NOT gay] that his sisters had men PROTECT them, so wanted the same thing, only, because he was born with a PENIS, he could not have the same thing, so went after women, SERIALLY, to TRY TO CONFUSE THEM, tried to have THEM SEXUALLY CONFUSED, in the SAME WAY that he feels. He cannot bleed. Does not have a vagina. Could never be vulnerable or IN PAIN enough to have gone through monthly periods for decades nor experienced PERI~MENOPAUSE/MENOPAUSE [so, in my opinion, he MANIPULATED the circumstances of my own, probably due to his MISOGYNY & HATE of the female species!] to know that type of grief/pain.] He cannot breed children, so he could NEVER find a REAL man to “protect” him, like HETEROSEXUAL WOMEN have, but WISHES HE COULD. This is my opinion about JAY BROWN, aka EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR! Why else would he have worn MY PANTIES during sex play, one time [as if THAT was supposed to be FOREPLAY, & WHY ELSE WOULD HE HAVE DONE THE SAME THING WITH HIS 1ST WIFE, WHO DESCRIBED SAME TO ME!? Why would SHE say that he wanted to REVERSE SEX ROLES w/HER, & ASKED HER TO WEAR A STRAP ON TO PENETRATE HIM? [Why else would he have DONNED MY WIG, one time] .. EXACT circumstances that Pattie described to me [except for the wig part]? Why else would he have ROLE PLAYED that “pharaoh” thing he did, w/his T~shirt dangling from his head, like a headband. I thought, after things were all done w/us, years later, that he PRETENDED TO BE A FEMALE even then! Forget the cloth of the T~shirt, think WOMAN WITH LONG HAIR! HA HA. WHAT A MIXED UP SICK PERVERT! Answer those things & if you cannot, you will probably arrive at the same conclusion/opinion that I have & continue to have, after 11+ years, that he HAS A SEXUAL IDENTITY PROBLEM & is MENTALLY ILL! Why else would he, when he was living with me, have discussed my supposed “perimenopausal problem” with Melinda Yalom .. taking my PRIVATE/MEDICAL business to HER, then bought a book for me about perimenopause on HER SUGGESTION [he said it was HER suggestion]? THINK ABOUT THAT! I still think JAY IS MENTALLY ILL! Trust him & you are at your FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, SEXUAL [at least as far as him eroding..or trying to..your sensual confidence], PSYCHOLOGICAL & possibly PHYSICAL peril!

4/19/2011 7:50:16 PM - His charm is a façade. For those women [aside from Pattie .. she is/was RIGHT ON THE MARK about him, so does not doubt me] who know him and fail to believe what is written above, try this..to FINALLY GAIN SOME OBJECTIVITY & COME TO YOUR SENSES!..Try substituting the names JAY BROWN and EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR, for the name of another guy. Then substitute, for each of the women mentioned in this profile [who you know] the name of another woman. THEN READ IT, AGAIN, but this time, OBJECTIVELY, AS IF YOU WERE SEEING IF YOU OR ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS WOULD EVER WANT TO HAVE EVEN ONE DATE WITH THIS PERSON. SEE IF YOU WOULD WANT YOUR BEST FRIEND OR DAUGHTER/SISTER/MOTHER/COUSIN/NIECE or GRANDDAUGHTER TO DATE HIM. SEE IF YOU WOULD EVER CONSIDER HIRING SUCH A PERSON, WOULD EVER WANT TO BE AN EMPLOYEE OR EMPLOYER OF THIS PERSON, WOULD EVER WANT TO HAVE ANY FINANCIAL DEALINGS WITH THIS PERSON, OR WOULD EVER WANT TO HAVE THIS PERSON LAY A FINGER ON YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW …… I am certain you would be as disgusted as I was, if you are sane and moral.

4/20/2011 10:03:57 AM - fear of abandonment, spiritual bankruptcy, distorted thinking, remorse, and self~deceit. * Sexual activities outside the primary relationship result in loss of self~esteem to both partners as well as severe stress to the relationship. [ ] * Legal: Many types of sexual addiction result in violation of the law, such as sexual harassment, obscene phone calls, exhibitionism, voyeurism, prostitution, rape, incest and child molestation, and other illegal activities. Legal consequences of sexual addiction result when illegal behaviors such as voyeurism, exhibitionism, or inappropriate touching, result in arrest and incarceration. * Financial/Occupational: Indebtedness may arise directly from the cost of prostitutes, cyber sex, phone sex and multiple affairs. Indirectly, indebtedness can occur from legal fees, the cost of divorce or separation, and decreased productivity or job loss. Financial difficulties from the purchase of pornographic materials, use of prostitutes and telephone and computer lines, travel for the purpose of sexual contacts, and other sexual activities can tax the addict”s financial resources, sometimes to the point of bankruptcy, as can the expenses of legal representation. * Psychological: Loneliness, resentment, self pity, self blame. These consequences are progressive and predictable. The addict tends to minimize the consequences and tends to blame others for them. *Family and friends minimize consequences by believing the addict”s promise that the behavior will change. Sexual Addiction Cycle: According Patrick Carnes {Out of the Shadows} ~ the cycle begins with the “Core Beliefs” that sex addicts hold, that drive the addiction on its progressive and destructive course: * Pain agent ~ First a pain agent is triggered / emotional discomfort {e.g. shame, anger, unresolved conflict} Sex addict is not able to take care of the pain agent in a healthy way. * Disassociation. Prior to acting out sexually, the sex addict goes through a period of mental preoccupation or obsession. Sex addict begins to disassociate {moves away from his feelings}. A separation begins to take place between his mind and his emotional self. * Altered state of consciousness / a trance state / bubble of euphoric fantasized experience. * Preoccupation or “sexual pressure” involves obsessing about being sexual or romantic. Fantasy becomes an obsession that serves in some way to avoid life. The addict”s thoughts become focused on reaching a mood~altering high without actually acting~out sexually. He thinks about sex to produce a trance~like state of arousal in order to fully eliminate feelings of the current pain of reality. * Ritualization or “acting out”. These obsessions are intensified through the use of ritualization or acting out. A sex addict first cruises and then goes to a strip show to heighten his arousal until he is beyond the point of saying no. Ritualization helps to put distance between reality and sexual obsession. Rituals are a way to induce trance and further separate oneself from reality. Once the addict has begun his ritual, the chances of stopping that cycle diminish greatly. He is giving into the pull of the compelling sex act. * Sexual compulsivity ~ The next phase of the cycle is sexual compulsivity or “sex act”. The tensions that the addict feels are reduced by acting on their sexual feelings. They feel better for the moment, thanks to the release that occurs. Compulsivity simply means that addicts regularly get to the point where sex becomes inevitable, no matter what the circumstances or the consequences. *Despair ~ Almost immediately reality sets in and the addict begins to feel ashamed. This point of the cycle is a painful place where the Addict has been many, many times. The last time the Addict was at this low point, they probably promised to never do it again. Yet once again, they act out and that leads to despair. He has betrayed God, possibly a wife, and his own sense of integrity. At a superficial level, the addict hopes that this will be the last battle. For many addicts, this dark emotion brings on depression and feelings of hopelessness. One easy way to cure feelings of despair is to start obsessing all over again. The cycle then perpetuates itself {Carnes, “Facing the Shadow” 2006}. Source: Except for my paraphrases, this text was quoted from the comment section that another profiler posted, about her alleged pathological liar & sex addict.

4/20/2011 10:25:13 AM - Thnx for posting that info about sex addiction. If you search key words w/in that text, “fear of abandonment” [sick justifications for why he decided to leave me, he PROJECTED “fear of abandonment” on ME, when I think he was ACTUALLY talking about himself!], “voyeurism” [think about all those raunchy gay porn films he bought/rented. If that was not “voyeurism” .. what is?], “masturbation”, “inappropriate touching” [think about what Pattie told me about Jay “stroking” her little sister, told me that her little sister awoke to find him doing that! I assume she meant he “diddled” little sister.] & the sentences, “A sex addict first cruises and then goes to a strip show to heighten his arousal until he is beyond the point of saying no” [he DID go to a strip club, then, when he got home, had the GALL to write a story about the woman who lapdanced for him, later shoved it in my face!] & “Financial difficulties from the purchase of pornographic materials, use of prostitutes and telephone and computer lines, travel for the purpose of sexual contacts, and other sexual activities can tax the addict”s financial resources, sometimes to the point of bankruptcy” [He went bankrupt while living w/me! He purchased/rented HARDCORE pornographic materials, regularly/often! He masturbated to them!], then & possibly ONLY then, might you recognize what I do & still think, THAT JAY BROWN WAS/IS A SEX ADDICT, probably STILL in denial! Clear to me now that he had no boundaries [sexing the wife of a friend, while living w/me advertising for BI sex on a swingers site & according to Pattie, sexed his neighbor”s wife] Extreme manipulator. It seemed, en fino, that he did not have a firm “identity” of his own, that he just “lifted” little pieces of everyone else”s identities [puzzle~pieced them together, to make him more appealing to women, &, I think, “morphed” into them], especially famous musicians, like George Jones, Kevin Welch [the ponytail thing~Jay had one when I began dating him, I told him if he pulled it back in a ponytail forever, it would make his receding hairline worse, so he cut it off. In his youth, he shared some of those “handsome” facial features Welch had. I bought Welch”s cd w/Somethin Bout You. Jay learned the song [so did I, on guitar, BEFORE he did.] It seemed then like he wanted to “morph” into Welch, but did not have the songwriting talent Welch had], & Robert Plant [what was that thing about trying on my wig, asking if he looked like Robert Plant? Maybe a little, in his youth, but he looked like a ridiculous woman in drag when he tried it on.] I was a “jump off” & so, I think, was Melinda [from me.] Probably Lorrie was, too [from Pattie]! One woman, a friend to me & my partner, well, she & her husband knew Jay from “way back” when he lived at that Big Joke house in Great Falls, VA. I think her husband [excellent rockabilly guitarist] lived in that house for a while, too, around the time that Jeff Lodsun & Jay lived there. She said she thought Jay “seemed oily” .. he is not as popular as he thinks he is. Her husband attended the same high school that my partner & I attended, & her husband is a best friend to my partner, since high school. IMOP, my partner & her husband can “play circles” around Jay on guitar, in the rockabilly/blues/R&B genres. Many knew Jay longer than I did, from musical circles & the jewelry business, & numerous others do not have high opinions of Jay. [TO JAY: I think that you eventually will “align” w/the same reasons Melinda”s first husband left her. Who knows what they were, but I think that her 1st husband had alleged bad character, so far as she described it to me, briefly, & NOT FAR FROM YOUR OWN. You even asked me, once, “Do you think Melinda might be someone who complains too much?” Figure it out for yourself. She seemed to have a “kitch” collection far greater than my own.. head bands, seemingly obsessive/compulsive Barbie Doll collection, & other things that I did not have. I seriously think you ENVIED Ed Rejuney”s talents, classical talents that you DID NOT have. I think, the only way you could GET NEAR HIM~did you not know that when you have sex with someone, you also have sex with EVERYONE he/she has ever had sex with?~ was to have sex w/his wife! Proof of your low self esteem?] “skylar” on lovefraud.com, under “Dumb Sociopaths” wrote: “My own spath preferred 12 year old native American girls but he also fuked young skinny blond men & some old women that he could use to seed envy against me so that he could destroy me” .. I think Jay is much like the SPATH skylar described, only, as far as I know, Jay had no proclivity for native American girls, though he might have a proclivity for young girls & boys [I said “might” .. this is my opinion.] I do not know how old the little sister of Pattie was, when Jay allegedly “touched” her [as Pattie told me he did], but I know that Jay was > age 18, when/if that occurred.

4/23/2011 3:09:18 PM - If Melinda thinks she is “special” .. she is NOT. If she thinks because she met & spent “quality” time with his extended family, across years, that she is special? Uh uh! So did I! Does she think she has created a “new family” & has all of his baby photos & photos of him at all stages of his life, to prove it? Well, so do I. I seldom, if ever, look at them, anymore, but one photo shows me with his very young daughter, all three of us, sitting in some restaurant, with red roses at the table. The expression on my face tells it all..THE SIGNS OF EMOTIONAL ABUSE! ABUSE THAT I WAS TRYING TO HIDE, then! His rental/buying of porn/gay sex videos had already begun, at that point, I think. I think someone in his extended family took that photo..not sure anymore. Another photo shows Jay, his daughter {again young..probably around age 10}, and his mother, celebrating his daughter”s birthday. They are ALL smiling, as if they were ENJOYING their life with me, in MY back yard, birthday cake on table! One photo shows Jay w/a ponytail, @ a Thanksgiving celeb. I think it was at the home of Doug, son of his sister, Linda. Doug was, I think, an alcoholic. In that photo was Michael Fowler, brother~in~law to Jay, married to Dulce [oldest sister who Jay said helped him pay off his divorce lawyer, 2nd divorce], & the expression on the face of Michael tells me that Michael did not think too highly of Jay [my interpretation.] The eyes of Jay Brown look DEAD in that photo, too. In another pix, at the 80th Bday party of my father, my family reunion in Rehoboth, MD, that Jay enjoyed, sans cost to him & his daughter, he stands behind me, his hands on my shoulders, as if posing for my entire family, expression on his face seeming IDENTICAL to my own.. as if he were MORPHING into me, assuming my very identity! Seeming as if he loved me to all. Chameleon! Sucking the life/soul out of me! I am not so emotional as many other women, that I felt like tearing up those photos, to burn memories. No. I saved them for proof, proof that he ABUSED me on many levels. Funny how he thought/said, “pictures are only pictures” .. Even in my first years w/him, one video of he & I performing, taken by a cable channel in Fairfax, VA, where he claims “this is what I want” [to work as a musical duo w/me], I see strain on my face! I do not even recognize the bright/beautiful/talented person I was, BEFORE my relationship w/Jay! I think the emotional abuse began EVEN BACK THEN! Fortunately, the person who worked for that cable channel, “Karen”, after Jay left, she became my good friend, booked me in many concerts, after that. She was an artist, too. A painter, among other things, like me. She rendered a chalk drawing of me, performing in a local blues club in VA, gave it to me, helped to rebuild my self esteem & confidence in myself, professionally & personally. She, too, was abused by HER hubby [he worked for the FBI; she awoke to his fist in her face, had to move several states away after her divorce..left town to go take care of an ailing mother.] Any relationship where a male has lived w/a woman for many years but goes after the wife of his male friend, to replace the woman w/whom he has lived for years, is a SICK INDIVIDUAL! Any relationship that begins on a fraudulent front, to deceive others, to pit woman against woman, is bound to fail, eventually. With his history of TWO failed marriages, what does that say about Jay honoring the vows of marriage? It tells you, I think, that he will REPEAT THIS PATTERN, no matter in which relationship he involves himself! Any male who has WIPED HIS ASS with as many women as he has in his past? That is ONE BIG RED/PINK FLAG! AVOID him!

4/24/2011 4:24:07 PM - He seemed to have at least two different personalities, possibly more. One of them, I think, is that “gentle Giapetto” type guy who works at jewelry repair & wears glasses, & pretends to be shy to get women. Another of them, I think, is the guy who PRETENDS to be a moral guy, who sang songs on stage with his band [the “macho” cover of “ladies man”, who REALLY wants to have sex with men on the side?], songs like On The Other Hand & Glen Frye”s The One You Love. Even THOSE songs were about cheaters getting away with cheating or WANTING to get away with it, or who RELISHED the thought of having the OPTION to cheat. Meanwhile, he had a SECOND LIFE, hidden from everyone, it seems. If I am to believe Pattie & believe his ad on that swingers site, for bi sex with men, he is/was a VERY SICK, MENTALLY UNSTABLE REPROBATE, indeed! He was able to keep this mask on for YEARS! Will do so with you, too, I predict! [How long was it with YOU, Lorrie? How long married before it crashed? 13 years..not sure, I merely estimate that he probably began with you when James was about age 2, and James was around age 15, I think, when he began his relationship with me. But that is a rhetorical question. I do not need your answer. The point is, he is able to keep up his mask for many many years, and that, to me, is JUST SICK!]Having a set of keys thrown toward my face/head area, by Jay, was nothing to sneeze at; I will NEVER forget that, nor forgive it. I think Jay COUNTS on his victims being stunned or too shocked to say anything about abuse, so they cannot “tell” later. IMOP, Jay cannot be depended on to be honest about his sexual history. If Jay has did not engage in the behavior that this & other posts, elsewhere on the internet, outlines, then Melinda or Jay should be able to provide direct documentation disproving all of my claims. She should be able to provide documentation proving that those were not his emails he sent/received, to/from that swingers site, or that that abusive emotional blackmail email he sent to me, re “panties dripping” was not his. She/he should be able to get written proof from his ex wives that Jay did not lie to them & never sexually/psychologically/financially/verbally abused them. Since neither Melinda or Jay can disprove any of the statements made in this profile & others about him, she or he might resort to slander & personal attack by trying to claim this & other profiles on him were posted by a “mentally ill woman.” If Jay did not engage in any of the behaviors listed above, then Melinda, Jay, or any other of his friends/family who defend him, should be able to provide direct evidence to the contrary.

4/27/2011 12:49:23 PM - Jay very possibly, if not probably, knows [if this happened..if this is WHY he saw Borash] that his treatments from Michael Borash were for treating~~or could have been for treating~~ Ego~dystonic Sexual Orientation [“an egodystonic condition characterized by perceiving a sexual orientation or experiencing an attraction that is at odds with one”s idealized self~image, causing anxiety and a desire to change one”s orientation or become more comfortable with one”s sexual orientation [ ] The World Health Organization lists egodystonic sexual orientation in the ICD~10, as a disorder of sexual development and orientation [ ]The diagnostic category of “ego~dystonic homosexuality” was removed from the American Psychiatric Association”s DSM in 1987 {with the publication of the DSM~III~R, but still potentially remains in the DSM~IV under the category of “sexual disorder not otherwise specified” including “persistent and marked distress about one”s sexual orientation”” SEE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ego~dystonic_sexual_orientation] [“One theory is that they are more likely to reject homosexuality if they place the blame on abuse, which helped contribute to the misconception that homosexuality is caused by abuse, since a huge number of people with ego~dystonic homosexuality had been abused}” SEE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk%3AEgo~dystonic_sexual_orientation] .. OR, another reason why Jay had sessions/meetings w/Borash, MIGHT HAVE BEEN to treat Jay for Sexual Maturation Disorder [“Sexual maturation disorder is a disorder of anxiety or depression related to an uncertainty about one”s gender identity or sexual orientation” SEE http://www.enotes.com/topic/Sexual_maturation_disorder] ..OR, Borash MAY have also treated Jay for Sexual anhedonia, aka “Pleasure Dissociative Orgasmic Disorder” [“Anhedonia can be a characteristic of mental disorders including mood disorders, schizoaffective disorder, schizoid personality disorder and schizophrenia. Affected schizophrenic patients describe themselves as feeling emotionally empty [ ] Causes [ ] Researchers theorize that anhedonia may result from the breakdown in the brain”s reward system, involving the neurotransmitter dopamine. Studies by Paul Keedwell, MD, then of King”s College, found that the brains of clinically depressed subjects had to work harder to process rewarding experiences [ ] Sexual anhedonia in males is also known as “ejaculatory anhedonia”. This condition means that the person will ejaculate with no accompanying sense of pleasure. The condition is most frequently found in males” SEE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anhedonia#Sexual_anhedonia] I will tell you one thing..whenever Jay ejaculated, while supposedly “making love” to me, he was typically SILENT, not like my other two longest~term partners, with whom I lived, LONGER than I lived w/Jay, one for almost ten years, another for >10 years. Those other two partners displayed NOTHING BUT SPIRITUAL/SENSUAL PLEASURE when with me, BEFORE the act, DURING the act, & AFTER the act. So I think I am ON TO SOMETHING HERE. Let us not forget what Debby thought/said/wrote about Jay in the sack, that he “had problems/issues”! [so, if it is you, Jay, who keeps getting 3rd parties to send me emails re viagra or psych meds, I think it is YOU who needs them, not me or my partner!] NORMAL guys have NORMAL responses during sex; ABNORMAL guys do not. LISTEN UP..take heed. Seems to me that any of those disorders might fall under the main “therapeutic theme” Borash is allegedly known for: IMAGO THERAPY. Whichever therapy Jay had, I allege: IT DID NOT WORK FOR OUR RELATIONSHIP, AND WILL PROBABLY NOT WORK FOR YOURS EITHER. WHO THE HELL WANTS TO END UP WITH ANY GUY THIS [allegedly] EFFED UP!?! I have done much research, lately, reading on the net. It almost seems as though Jay is like “Matteo” on [replace squiggly dashes with normal dashes, for the true URL] http://www.brainphysics.com/questions/ocd/hocd~or~ego~dystonic~sexual~orientation~i~have~always~wanted~with~all~my~heart~to~have , at least confused similarly, but confused in the EXACT OPPOSITE way. I doubt Jay would ever admit how [I allege] sexually confused he is, to any woman in his life. That is the sick part. "Matteo" also seems to have patted himself on his back from that doctor"s advice, when I think the doctor does not seem to understand how confusion of this kind sadly devastates the lives of others who the "confused" person touches. It is as if the doc told Matteo its alright to be confused, no matter what the costs to anyone else.

4/27/2011 2:53:23 PM - I mentioned above, in one comment, about a guy [I did not mention his name, though; It is Bob.] who knew Jay from the Big Joke house days in Great Falls, VA, where Jay lived with his then girlfriend, Evelyn Vignola [but Jay did not tell me he lived w/her UNTIL he got naked, trying to have sex w/me. This was when I had rented my 1st apartment w/my best friend, my first apt. after high school. I initially met Jay thru a female friend, Joni, who introduced me to Jeff Lodsun, back when I performed music in HS w/Joni.] Bob is the husband of the woman who said she thought Jay was “a little oily” .. Jay KNOWS who Bob [excellent rockabilly guitarist] is. Bob is one of several dear and long~time friends to my S.O. Bob, I think, once ran a delivery service in DC, possibly the SAME delivery service where Jeff Lodsun worked, too. If so, possibly too, it may have been the same delivery service that John Lee [Leigh? in the band, Change of Heart, that included Jay & Jeff Lodsun & John] worked for. So, the husband [attended same high school as my partner & I] might have also known or employed John Lee [Leigh?] It is a SMALL world, Jay, and you should not keep dipping your pen in the same social circles [ink wells], as the world is JUST TOO SMALL. As far as I am concerned, your TAINTED reputation will CONTINUE to be TAINTED, until you expire from this world. My networks, carefully built back after, I allege, YOU DESTROYED MANY FOR ME [it took YEARS to build new ones back, after you.] Now, every woman [usually wives, long~term girlfriends, or commonlaw wives, of excellent musicians, luthiers, guitar techs, professional performers, guitar teachers, “effects geeks” & music store owners who employ guitar instructors] will, if I befriend them, to share my story about you with them, will KNOW about you & what a closet queer I think you are, including wives & girlfriends of musicians from guitar shows & amp shows across the country the PRS events, parties & performance venues in Maryland, etc., will KNOW about you, which includes HUNDREDS of folks in Maryland. Hundreds of guitar pickers & guitar builders & professional performers & their wives, from Frederick to Annapolis to Waldorf to Baltimore to Silver Springs & Chevy Chase, to Edgewater, & ALL THE “waterbilly” towns in MD where musicians perform, will KNOW about what a SICK PERVERTED SOCIOPATH I think you are! I doubt that any of those Night Hawks were queers, no matter how “rough” they seemed. They & their wives will KNOW! Many more will read this profile & others about you, AROUND THE GLOBE! & guess what? They will probably side with ME. Many of them will be my FRIENDS, to whom I gave a gratis copies of my CD {released in 2008.} Already, one of the members of the local groups famous in VA/MD, “The Night Hawks,” knows me & my partner..visited our home..has a copy of my CD..complimented me on my talents. I will bet that Jay & his former members of “Night Patrol” WISHES it could have had the success of the Night Hawks, with more than, I think EIGHT CDs to their credit, when, as far as I knew, Night Patrol had not even one! Notice, how close in band name, “Night Patrol” was to “The Night Hawks”? Was the band, “Night Patrol” a WANNA BE band..wishing for the success of The Night Hawks? You decide. Yes. Even in the “waterbilly” circuits of successful musicians, I predict, your reputation, Jay, will be, if it is not already, MUD, & will continue to be MUD! If I were the proprietor of any music store in MD/DC/VA, I would not hire Jay as a guitar instructor to young boys..just my opinion.., but if Jay were to seduce or molest one of them, what would that mean for liability, on the part of the music store proprietor, if a parent brought charges? Just speculation, but it is worth thinking about. I think now, that the reasons Jay might have married Pattie were b/c he thought she would make a good “sugar mamma” and/or b/c he wanted to gain entry to musical circles around Pattie, because the brother of Pattie was an excellent musician [formerly married to Carey Creed, excellent pianist & musician in the gospel genre] who was once the steady girlfriend of the guy that my best friend ended up marrying, he broke up with Carey, or so the story goes, then lived with my best friend, who he, years later, married.] See how that works?

4/28/2011 8:49:11 AM - Jay seemed to compartmentalize women into categories, like those who have had children were “worthy” and those who did not, were not. Evelyn wanted children, she told me that her relationship with him ended because he did not want children when she did. So, what was he doing while living with Evelyn? Sexing her for a year, without intention of bearing children with her? Possibly living cheaply on her salary? Letting her serve him miso soup? He probably did not earn much, while working in that gay establishment, Mr. Henrys in D.C. [wonder what he did then..wash dishes? Was he sexing men on the side, for cash?] .. or when staying with her in New York..was he selling his body to men, then? Good questions. Yet he & she remained friends for years. Pattie, wife #1, when she got pregnant with his baby, he was not there, she said, to help her with names for the baby. She aborted, under pressure, probably, from his infidelities with their neighbor, and from what she told me, infidelity.. sex with her two gay male friends. Left barren, she was “unworthy” of him, apparently. Lorrie, wife #2, had had a child out of wedlock, with another man..some “motorcycle guy” Jay married her [he told me that his mother told him he should .. ha ha, probably could not make that moral decision on his own!], had a girl with her, but was unfaithful to Lorrie, as well. Melinda had had a child and was MARRIED when he seduced her. I guess her having had a son made her “worthy” to seduce. My relationship with him began as a barren woman. The only way I could have had children when I was younger, was to bed some meathead, unworthy of me, like him, who could not seem to truly love only one woman. My other choice would have been to have a baby out of wedlock with someone I did not love, like the woman did in the film, The World of Garp. I was not about to do that. I knew that the best families were those born from love, with a mother AND father, especially a father willing to stay a lifetime with a woman, which, apparently, he was not willing to do. Even his daughter, in her nasty letter to me, after he left me, seemed to “carry down” or inherit his sick form of what I thought to be “pronatalist extremism” in its rudest form. She wrote something on the lines of, “you could never know what it is since you never had children” .. accused me of being a “worthless piece of skin” .. a most ungrateful female, considering all the years I paid half for putting the roof over HER head, while staying with us, 8.5 years of weekends. Like father, like daughter. Rude. Again, seemingly like out of the mothers for Nazi Youth groups, or like from the movie, Children of the Corn. Even a few of the women in his family who had babies within wedlock, apparently, were deemed worthy by Jay, as if marriage was a “joke” .. or as if those women existed ONLY TO BE USED in some way, as, if I am to believe what he said about his father, more or less that his father was a pedophile, then that would mean that his father was UNFAITHFUL to his mother, too, and maybe she knew, and just LOOKED THE OTHER WAY.

4/28/2011 2:49:32 PM - Yes. I think, every time Jay accused one of his “victims” of something, he was PROJECTING himself, or some deficit about HIMSELF, onto her. Like the time he said, “you just want me to work for you” [as if he resented it, meanwhile, he surely did not mind JUMPING into my music business, to enjoy some profit from it, & I think HE wanted WOMEN TO WORK for HIM, so he would not have to, too much, ..much like a PIMP, &, to me, PIMPS are NO DIFFERENT than GIGOLOS!] But how CALLOUS of him, to come back from [he said], the home or business of Lorrie, ex wife #2, to emphasize wanting to break it off with me, to say..as if rubbing it in.., “Lorrie said I do this with everyone” .. [Yes. Go ahead, Melinda. Ask EZRA YU at Dalestone Jewelry WHY Ezra said that he “knew” Jay was “sick” .. I challenge you to inquire! But you probably still have rose colored glasses..horse blinders on, not wanting to see the REALITY of his past life/lives, or that anything could POSSIBLY be wrong/sick about him! If you examine things HONESTLY, I think you might look back, to see HOW MANY FRIENDS you have lost, because of your involvement with Jay.] It was SICKENING..all those parties we attended at Melinda”s home together. I did not question, then, how he would hug her and call her “sweetheart” .. such FAMILIARITY I did not even THINK to try with HER husband, Ed. That was a BIG RED FLAG. Like..when did he go from being an “acquaintance” who he barely spoke to, to calling her “sweetheart”? Most probably, him calling her “sweetheart” came AFTER he had sex with Melinda when she hired him to paint her house, while living with me! He was not~probably still is not~afraid to ogle ANY female attractive to him, RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE. He had to GALL to write parts of a story about it, with that story he tried to publish [it got rejected] about that stripper, same weekend. The part I mean, is, when we went to a shop and he purchased a black/white photo of a nude black woman, her derriere facing the public. While waiting in line, to pay for his poster, some woman smiled at him & he smiled back, right in front of me. He was probably glaring at her, lusting. He wrote in that story, about that woman, to pat himself on the back that he was “still attractive” to other women. Then showed me the ugly story he had written. I did not over~react. I think I did not react in the least. In fact, I barely glanced at it, tossed it aside. At that point, I had lost most, if not all, respect for him. I read it much later.

4/28/2011 3:59:59 PM - I have posted this before.. if Jay, at the end of your relationship with him, tells you, “you are like a child” [his JUSTIFICATION, I think, for shifting the BLAME onto you!] ..well, that, I think is yet ANOTHER projection of himself, because, to me, he is nothing more than a CHILD in an ADULT body, who never developed emotionally, after the age of 12 [the age he said he was, when, he said, his gay male cousin had oral sex with him!] How dare he, attempt to PROJECT those things onto me..HIM..with no college education, who [according to what he told me] left Bonnie Hawley”s job UNFINISHED in Manassas, & when he had a JUVIE record [of course, expunged, probably when he was no longer a minor] had no college degree [when I had one & had worked in a professional capacity, with it, the whole time living with him!], and when he ADMITTED to having been a THIEF, in his past..car theft or vandalism, & about that Cottage Lane street sign he said he stole, in Fairfax County, VA, where he lived, he said, with Lorrie….but Pattie said she also lived with him on that street, too! Go figure. Sorry if I repeat myself, but even major media knows that repetition makes people more aware of the facts. I repeat, also, that Pattie told me that when she was with Jay, Jay still dealt/sold drugs, so, if that happened, it was probably AFTER he got out of Edgemead [sp?] in MD, & despite more or less "bragging" to me how he was so much "better of a person" than Ed Eastridge, who ran/operated MO recording studio, in or near Annapolis, MD. Jay boasted that much, after he had heard that Ed had been busted for drugs or drug dealing, when Jay lived with me.

4/28/2011 4:47:57 PM - To Melinda ..you may think he is "cute" w/his wolf howls, watching Redskin games. I hope you also enjoy those peanut shells he leaves in the furniture, that you will probably clean up, or the coffee cup stains left on the bathtub edge, while he sits on the commode, reading crossword puzzles! So many more bad habits of Jay I could tell you about..but then, you probably already know, by now. Did he morph into a person who suddenly decided to wear underwear, for a change, after not wearing any, the whole 8.5 years he lived with me? Did he suddenly decide to brush his teeth at night, before bed, when he did not do so the entire time living w/me? Does he still listen to the Rush Limbaugh or Doctor Laura on the radio? Hypocrite! He probably MORPHED into what YOU wanted him to seem like, as I think he did w/me. Did he take you out to dine at Thai restaurants? If so, probably b/c HE KNEW THAT WAS WHAT I LIKED. I invited HIM out to Thai restaurant in Arlington, VA, at Ringcom [sp?], when we first dated, not sure who paid for it, but it was a restaurant where my family & I had dined, in the past. Later, for years, he took me, many times, to dine in Thai restaurants in Manassas, CHOSEN BY ME! Seems he gets his "original" ideas to court the next woman from his previous women, that this was a CONSISTENT pattern for him! Seems to me, now, that he HAD NO ORIGINAL THOUGHT OF HIS OWN..not unlike a RETARDED person [sorry everyone..I know the politically correct term to use is "developmentally disabled"] Think your expert cooking talents will keep him around? Think again! I gleaned, for years [they seemed only too happy to give them to me, when I asked for them], the recipes of his mother/sisters/others in his family, prepared for him. That did not stop him from cheating! That woman he flirted with, while waiting to purchase his nude poster? She looked NOTHING like you or me [had coifed hair, a shag,blue eyes.] Seems he has no particular type ..will go after ANYTHING that looks his way. I tell you,he seemed, in the end, like a [sorry for the politically incorrect term, people] RETARDED person, in one of his "alter" personalities..or maybe that was his MAIN personality? Now, sometimes I wonder if that seemingly "underdeveloped" trait of his was not b/c he was born the last child [& only boy, & youngest child, w/5 sisters], among 6 siblings. I hope this profile is observed by psychologists/psychiatrists the world throughout, to make him an example! He needs, I think, to have a "bead" on him, under close observation, at all times, ..as in, under a microscope/periscope, or like in the crosshairs of a gun. If Jay ever PROJECTS women [used this as an excuse to his next woman, about the last woman] who he has burned in his past, as "crazy/overreactive" .. that is probably his PROJECTION, too, because HE, I believe, has exhibited crazy making behavior, for decades! If any of his past women seem crazy .. I can just about PROMISE you, it was b/c of how HE treated them. He, I think, as a rule, for decades now, has SUCKED/SYPHONED the energies from his FORMER woman/women, to give to, or present as "energy".. from himself, to his next women/woman/man, meanwhile, depletes/destroys her social networks & her professional/sensual/sexual/personal/financial/spiritual CONFIDENCE, which, I think, are CLEAR signs of a SOCIOPATH! Do NOT believe Jay is "spiritual" just because he can make you weep while singing/playing "From A Distance" .. He can sing it even sweeter than Bette Midler, only with the deepest dulcet, seemingly masculine expressions/tones that could almost rival Tommy Emmanuel"s [he harmonized with me on many, like "Just Once, In A Very Blue Moon" & other tear~jerkers. He IS a tear jerker JERK!] Just watch Tommy Emmanuel & Lizzie Watkins, on "Walls" on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIcgVyjxuL8&feature=related .. & on "The Water Is Wide" [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmdXzymyQJM&feature=related] Yes, you will understand on what levels Jay torqued/elicited/seduced his & my duo w/him, for yrs. In fact, Jay & I probably did "Water Is Wide", too. It was a favorite of mine since I played it at age 16.] Good at singing "Hickory Wind" b/c he is, IMOP, a HICK, buck teeth & all! I think he counted on torquing my emotions, dug deep into my musical core/soul, to ensure he could twist it into something ugly, way later. All built on DECEIT. Probably seduced EVERY woman in his life with those SAME SONGS, & if God is Watching Us, God certainly had nothing to do w/the way Jay devastated the lives of several women w/his lies. Can cry alligator tears, too, all too convincingly. Believe you me, God had NOTHING to do with the ad he placed on a swingers site for NSA/BI sex, for a man/men to sex, indicating he liked to "j/o" .. I wont define "j/o" .. I need not get graphic.

5/1/2011 3:09:18 PM - Any guy who wants to keep women hanging on while he keeps his options open .. particularly when he has lived with the woman for years, is not man enough for you, either. I honestly believe that had our relationship continued he would have hit me at some point. His M.O. seemed to be.., at least with Pattie, Lorrie & me.., to use fake identity/identities to get women and then systematically exploit them, as time goes on, eventually. Who knows, maybe Jay was not breast fed as a baby. Perhaps his mother breast fed all of her daughters, but not Jay, and just got tired, toward the end of her childbearing years & felt lazy. I know one guy who is a "stand up" sweet guy, who had older sisters who were NOT breast fed, but he & his younger brother were, and they ended up as stellar/responsible men in their adulthood, able to be MONOGAMOUS to their women, & actually able to TRULY love their wives, on whom they NEVER cheated. I know that all three of my brothers were breast fed and they all turned out to be faithful/moral men. Breastfed or not, it does not give Jay an excuse to have abused/exploited so many women in his adult life. But it is definitely not worth it, trying to figure out why Jay seemed to have so many mental/emotional deficits to his character. Any guy who wants to keep women hanging on while he keeps his options open, particularly when he has lived with the woman for years, is not man enough for you, either. I honestly believe that, had our relationship continued, Jay would have hit me at some point. If his fist lands on you, it is HUGE! I REPEAT..he DID lift his fist to my body as if to hit me, as if to strike me, once. He drew it back as if he INTENDED to land it ON MY BODY, but I warned him, �IF ONE FINGER LANDS ON MY BODY, I WILL CALL 911 SO FAST, IT WILL MAKE YOUR HEAD SPIN!� I also reiterate about the time he threw that set of keys toward my head/facial region. Good thing he missed, but it HIT THE WALL and LEFT A HOLE that he later spackled & painted over he got a "good deal" off the rent, soon after, from our landlord, when he agreed to paint the kitchen, living room & dining room [the latter was where the incident occurred], in exchange for a rent decrease, that month. His M.O. seemed to be.., at least with Pattie, Lorrie & me.., to use fake identity/identities to get women and then systematically exploit them, as time goes on, eventually. Who knows, maybe Jay was not breast fed as a baby. Perhaps his mother breast fed all of her daughters, but not Jay, and just got tired, toward the end of her childbearing years & felt lazy. I know one guy who is a "stand up" sweet guy, who had older sisters who were NOT breast fed, but he & his younger brother were, and they ended up as stellar/responsible men in their adulthood, able to be MONOGAMOUS to their women, & actually able to TRULY love their wives, on whom they NEVER cheated. I know that all three of my brothers were breast fed and they all turned out to be faithful/moral men. Breastfed or not, it does not give Jay an excuse to have abused/exploited so many women in his adult life. But it is definitely not worth it, trying to figure out why Jay seemed to have so many mental/emotional deficits to his character.

5/5/2011 3:34:26 PM - To Mari Ane Fowler, wife or former wife to Rick Burnett [Burnette? not sure of spelling] who lives in Strasburg, VA..or at least did when I knew you & attended many parties as your guest, there & in 2 of your former homes, before Strasburg, & who I once considered to be my friend.. If you have read what I posted about Jay here and elsewhere, & if you fail to see that your friend, Debby, as well as I, & the 1st wife of Jay Brown, Pattie, ALL cannot be liars .., then I feel sorry for you & that he fooled you & Rick for so long, as well as fooled John & Julia, too. But hey..that is what SOCIOPATHS do best..fool everyone around them, in their circles, FOR YEARS, meanwhile devastating the lives of others! Those who KNEW about his deceit & covered it up, are just as bad/amoral as he is. I also recall, Mari Ane, you telling me, among others, about some lawsuit you were once involved in, contra a former company for which you once worked. I believe it had to do w/your using business contacts from that former company, within less than one year, or, allegedly, you were supposed to wait one year before using those contacts, to profit in your next job, but allegedly did not, so, I guess, you were sued for that. Funny, how some people can hide or ignore the deceit of others, especially if/when those people who hide the deceit of others are alleged DECEIVERS themselves! Karma is a bitch, is it not? Not everyone who lives in a Mansion On A Hill is a nice person. Those who lurk in the shadows behind psychological bullies/sociopaths, & who defend same or defend their sick actions/behaviors, or provide cover for them, to me, are bullies/cowards themselves, & no amount of wealth they can acquire or have acquired, can cover their STINK..just as I think/guess/allege that Paula, older [well off, as far as I could discern .. Jay told me that her husband, Joe, funded her successful business in her HR profession] sister to Jay, who lent him $17K, tried to cover: THE STINK OF JAY BROWN. My opinion. I also suggest, to Mari Ane, to read lovefraud.com blogs, particularly those posted by women deceived by sociopaths. Perhaps she has known one or two in her OWN lifetime, so should not dismiss the testimonies of any women, who are her friends or former female friends, who try to tell her THE TRUTH! Ask yourself, Mari Ane, why did a RESPONSIBLE/EMPLOYED social worker, Pattie, 1st ex wife of Jay, confide/divulge to me, things she knew about him, if they were not true? WHY did Jay say to me, while showing FAKE CROCODILE TEARS, AFTER, I think, he KNEW I was about to unravel everything VILE about him, W/PROOF! WHY did he say to me, Look What I Have Done To You? .. WHY, AFTER he finally left our home, did he, in one phone conversation, ask me, Are you going to do anything to hurt yourself? .. as if FAKING concern? ASK these questions, if you want to know the REAL sickness behind the, I allege, FAKE personality/personalities of Jay Brown! & WHY did he, after that conversation, later invite me to a restaurant, where we met in Manassas, on the pretense to see if I wanted to attend a seminar, Getting The Love You Want ~ a Harville Hendrix seminar, when I think he NEVER MEANT to go through with it? HE TORQUED MY EMOTIONS EVEN THEN! I could not thoroughly mentally process all that Jay had put me & the other women before me, through, not until years later, when more FACTS came pouring in, & not until I had time to sit still, examine the facts, do my research on SPATHS, to finally determine that, IMOP, Jay IS a SPATH [SOCIOPATH]! Was like waking up after a coma! I think he actually WANTED me to hurt myself! Back in my great grandmothers days, when psychiatry was still unrefined, women who suffered psychological abuse from men, who ended up shell~shocked as a result, were often committed to mental institutions by their families. My mother explained, no other option was available, back then .. I think she meant that no other options were available then to describe/document what happened to those women, to explain the SOCIOPATHIC traits of the men who had destroyed their lives! But now, explanations abound. Women should not ignore them! Neither should those in the former support groups of those women, ignore the data. If they do ignore it, I pity them! In those last weeks, after I confronted him w/the EVIDENCE I had found .. his online ad on that swingers site, his buddy list, etc., & before he finally left my life for good, he continued to TORQUE my emotions. He NEVER admitted that he had had sex w/Melinda Yalom while living w/me, which, I think began one year or more, prior to leaving me. I kept asking him, repeatedly, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? He said that there was no one else. So much for him being proud of his relationship w/ Melinda!

5/6/2011 5:29:05 PM - The SERIES of scenarios I described, above, in the VA music scene, would have been enough for ANY woman to swear off, or EVER be trusting of ANY male musician, in her life! It was after my experience living with Jay, that I developed a stronger “raydar” [in the case of Jay, I would call it, later, “GAYDAR”] or intuitive feeling about abusive men, so, I think, could recognize them sooner than others could. I felt that my “radar” about Billy F., tried to warn Julia, when she confided to me, one night, at a blues club, where he/she performed, that she felt she had to write a song to “keep Billy on his toes” .. that was when I felt that he was torquing her emotions. I did not say it, at that time. Any woman who has been through that kind of abuse/manipulation/exploitation, later develops a “sixth” or “seventh” sense, about abusive men, to help warn other women, later, & so I did. My prediction that Billy F. would abuse/exploit/abandon Julia, came true, in my opinion. I know that, on her website, she described how she bled [literal description], afterward, & I have more than enough reasons to think that Julia R. bled because of Billy F. I was more easily/readily to recognize a NARCISSISTIC EXPLOITER/PREDATOR of women, after my experience with Jay Brown, to "call it" when I see it, and be "right on the mark" .. to warn other women, perhaps more naive than I was, when I met Jay, & forever after, will try to help other women, if I can, avoid the PREDATORS.

5/9/2011 11:28:28 AM - Did he, by any chance, behave like this? [Quoted from © Roger Melton, 2000 [psychotherapist, teacher and writer in Los Angeles, CA], "Romeo"s Bleeding ~ When Mr. Right Turns Out To Be Mr. Wrong"] If he did, he probably has BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER: "Shortly after he had seduced and married his third wife, a Controller named "Tom" developed a calculating and classically "I hate you~I love you" borderline way of sexually controlling his woman. Since he knew that the marked conscientiousness of his wife"s character made her particularly loyal, he was certain his method of erotic control would work because, no matter how much she desired sex, she would never seek it with someone else. This was the key to his method, and his way of making her feel simultaneously responsible and guilty for her own desires and his cunning manipulation of them, "Knowing that he had control of her loyalty, he would work her sexual longing by timing its gratification. He would do this by turning her on, then losing interest by feigning "a tough day at the office," "sore back," or some other pretext. All the while, his borderline instinct for reading her level of sexual frustration watched and waited, until he could tell that she was in a state of carnal gridlock. Then he released the laser intensity of his loin~lions upon her now fever~pitched libido and gratified her to the nth~degree. To increase the agonizing effect of this cycle upon her, he added two more factors of frustration. He initiated the first by catching her while she secretly masturbated. And when he caught her, he always feigned outraged and agonized sexual betrayal. This ratcheted up her sense of guilt even further. Then ~ just to twist that ratchet one last click ~ he dropped using excuses like tough days at the office and sore backs for one that was a psychological coup de trompe of controller manipulation. He started accusing her of sexually abusing him! He had completely succeeded in deceiving her into believing that she was manipulating poor, erotically~exhausted him. And he had gotten her to cling to him! Once a Borderline Controller has succeeded in this kind of sexual "trick," or in other less genital manipulations, the Hater appears. This hateful part of him may have emerged before, but you probably will not see it in full, acidic bloom until he feels he has achieved a firm hold on your conscience and compassion. But when that part makes it"s first appearance, rage is how it breaks into your life" "What gives this rage its characteristically borderline flavor is that it is very difficult for someone witnessing it to know what triggered it in reality. But that is its primary identifying clue: the actual rage~trigger is difficult for you to see. But in the Borderline"s mind it always seems to be very clear. To him, there is always a cause. And the cause is always you. Whether it is the tone of your voice, how you think, how you feel, dress, move or breathe ~ or "the way you"re looking at me," ~ he will always justify his rage by blaming you for "having to hurt you." Let us know if you think he did this to you.

5/9/2011 11:58:37 AM - Just got tagged by email to that last comment. Wow… Thanks for that source. In my opinion…ABSOLUTELY Jay did that to me! Not only the SEXUAL FRUSTRATION part [more toward the end of our relationship, when he vacillated between being “passionate” & the other extreme..like you read about how sex addicts suddenly have periods of SEXUAL ANOREXIA], but, before it ended, he bought sex toys that he would want/have me use on him or myself, then, had me feeling ashamed.. like it was MY fault, later, for consenting to use them or for “being on the edge” about sex play or experimentation or innocent exploration/curiosity [it was certainly NOT about role switching on my part at least I WAS NEVER CONFUSED about MY gender/identity & knew my own was ALWAYS female and WOULD ALWAYS BE FEMALE, & ONLY desiring a MALE, NEVER someone of the SAME sex!] That part about that guy, “Tom” .. catching his woman masturbating, after he had sexually frustrated her? Well, what Jay did was very close to what THAT guy “Tom” did. That part about “ratcheting” it up & the “psychological coup de trompe of controller manipulation”? Any & all orgasms he managed to give me, in restrospect, seemed VERY CLOSE to him having used a VIOLENT [as in TOO MUCH PRESSURE..MASHING THE MONS] CLUMSY METHOD..nothing more! Even as “pretty” as his mouth seemed to me, he did not seem to know how to kiss, either..it often felt as if his mouth were a washing machine! The thing is.. I knew better..or should have, as I had had two longterm lovers, each almost 9 years, who were BETTER lovers than he was. Jay lacked subtleties & finesse in many areas, & to me, was INCAPABLE of TRUE intimacy..he could FAKE as if he could, though, with the constant I LOVE YOUs. ONE GIANT SICK, CLUMSY PERVERT/DOLT!..apparently a MISOGYNIST PIG, who thought years of HIS time was more important than taking up YEARS of mine, ..and Melinda WILL get the HELL she deserves from him, sooner or later, for failing to heed warnings from me & via Pattie, his 1st wife. Apparently, he thought Melinda had better quality because he could convince her to sabotage the other womans life with him, & hers with her husband, Ed.. convinced her to let him cuckold Ed [??] If she could only see a photo, taken by a friend of hers [Matt], who caught Jay & Bruce laughing behind my back [at what, I could only imagine, but Bruce later cheated on his wife, with whom he had two children, & also cheated with a MARRIED woman..left his wife for her, apparently.] Yes, pictures speak a thousand words. It was taken at Borders Books & Music, while Jay & Bruce were performing in my first jazz trio. Jay has “leapfrogged” from one woman to the next, most of his life! When I, very occasionally, view those old photos of us, I notice, from year to year, my face seemed drained of its spirit, more & more, as years passed, & next to me in those photos, Jay seemed as if he gained energy from sucking mine out, meanwhile he wore the clothes, many of which I BOUGHT FOR HIM. Jay has probably managed to lay low more, these days, though, since he has been outed up here & elsewhere. I predict, that any relationship that is built on deceit will end badly/horrifically..suspect it will for Melinda, too.

5/11/2011 9:13:18 AM - These passages from stop walking on eggshells: taking your life back when someone you care about has borderline personality disorder by Paul T. Mason, MS & Rani Kreger, helped me understand more about BPDs: Many studies have shown that BPD tends to run in families. Whether the tendency is due to genetics or environmental factors, such as learning behaviors from a parent with a mental illness like BPD~~or some combination still not fully understood. Children who do not develop BPD themselves may still be at risk for developing BPD~related traits such as: ~ difficulties regulating their emotions. ~ problems with eating disorders, addictions, and substance abuse. ~ tendencies to over~idealize or devalue people. ~ feelings of shame, emptiness, and inferiority. This tendency may result from biological factors as well as environmental ones [182] Children with BPD parents may also receive a distorted view of how interpersonal relationships work. For example, one of Fishers patients feels that he cant become emotionally involved with anyone because hes afraid the other person will take over his life. He stays on the edges of all his relationships, and his emotional life is very sterile Children whole borderline parents vacillated between extreme love and raging or abandoning behaviors often have particular difficulty developing trusting relationships with others. They may unconsciously set up tests designed to prove the other persons love, or they may feel abandoned because of small or imagined rejections [183, 184]

5/11/2011 9:18:55 AM - This, from Tag, Youre It : A Game of Projection .. http://www.bpdcentral.com/resources/basics/games.shtml, also helped : "Some people with BPD who act out may use a more complicated type of defense mechanism ~~ weve named it Tag, Youre It ~ to relieve their anxiety, pain, and feelings of shame. Its more complex because it combines shame, splitting, denial, and projection People with BPD usually lack a clear sense of who they are, and feel empty and inherently defective borderlines cope by trying to tag or put these feelings onto someone else. This is called projection [] Projection is denying ones own unpleasant traits, behaviors, or feelings by attributing them {often in an accusing way} to someone else Sometimes the projection is an exaggeration of something that has a basis in reality" "The BP"s unconscious hope is that by projecting this unpleasant stuff onto another person~by tagging someone else and making them it like a game of Tag ~~ the person with BPD will feel better about themselves. And they do feel better, for a little while. But the pain comes back. So the game is played again and again Projection also has another purpose: your loved one unconsciously fears that if you find out they"re not perfect, you will abandon them. Like in the Wizard of Oz, they live in constant terror that you"ll discover the person behind the curtain. Projecting the negative traits and feelings onto you is a way to keep the curtain closed and redirect your attention on the perfect image they"ve tried to create for themselves people with BPD deny that they are projecting when it is so obvious to everyone else shame and splitting may combine with projection and denial to make the Tag, You"re It defense mechanism a more powerful way of denying ownership of unpleasant thoughts and feelings Some adults who enter into relationships with borderlines feel brainwashed by the BPs accusations and criticisms. Says Benham: The techniques of brainwashing are simple: isolate the victim, expose them to inconsistent messages, mix with sleep deprivation, add some form of abuse, get the person to doubt what they know and feel, keep them on their toes, wear them down, and stir well"

5/12/2011 7:48:46 AM - Good luck, Melinda, trying to maintain a “good reputation” .. I predict that you will NOT do so if you stay w/Jay. You are JUDGED by the COMPANY YOU KEEP. HIS reputation is TAINTED..majorly, & it PRECEDES YOU, by decades! I kept asking Jay, repeatedly, “Why are you doing this?!” .. he lied. Instead of admitting his affair w/you, said there was NO ONE ELSE! Ask yourself why he denied admitting to me your relationship with him! Meanwhile, w/in the last 6 mos., prior to this conversation w/him, HE ADVERTISED ON A SWINGERS SITE.. as BISEXUAL or BICURIOUS seeking sex with bi or bicurious MEN/MAN! You must be STUPID not to listen to me or his 1st wife. & you would be sadly mistaken if you think my purpose for posting this is b/c I want him back. Absolutely not! He is NO PRIZE, & I allege..he is DANGEROUS to the health, mental & potentially physical, for ANY woman! Eventually, you will GET WHAT YOU DESERVE, & you can only hope that w/not be AIDS/HIV! I mean..GOOD GOD! Jay..who wanted me to insert anal beads up his yazoo, & who, according to Pattie, asked her if she would wear a STRAP ON, to do him in the rear end?! [How do you think he GOT that hemorrhoid, huh?! & why so many love triangles in his lifetime/past?!] YOU MUST BE CRAZY not to believe us! Then, consider how eager he was [or at least he told me he wanted to do this] to go to our nearby nursery school, to give a talk about rocks & minerals, to give away rock samples/posters he hired boys, a couple of times, under the age of 9, to rake leaves in our yard [I have photo proof.] That MAY all be “innocent” .. but it ALSO may NOT be! Do you not think it an ENORMOUS CONTRAST from what you/I thought his “decent” behavior to be, early in our relationship w/him, that he [maybe] “mysteriously” adopted the young son of his 2nd wife..but the “contrast” I speak of might/would be that ad he, yrs. later, placed for sex w/men, wanting to JACK OFF w/them, apparently?! I only want to warn other women about Jay. If you will not listen, maybe they will. Melinda, for sociopaths, EMPATHS [who can ACTUALLY FEEL for others, like me & possibly YOU, before you became involved w/Jay] are their “favorite food”! They CONSUME OUR SOULS..FEED off them because THEY DON”T HAVE SOULS! They SYPHON/DEVOUR the souls/energies of others, b/c THEY HAVE NONE of their own, & can only FAKE emoting, but FAKE it well! You probably liked it when I inquired what movies you & Ed liked to watch [I think I shared my favorites w/you, too, back then, as is customary “cultural diffusion” among friends], but I think that Jay PREYED on those “connections” btwn women, to eventually DISSOLVE them. I think I know, that you, Melinda, will not believe me, but Jay is/was, I allege, an expert at CONNING women, to use their strengths against one another. Are you more lax than me, having not asked yourself why he had TWO FAILED MARRIAGES before I lived him? Had my 8.5 yr. union w/Jay been recognized legally, Jay might have done me in worse than he did financially, as I think he did to Lorrie, 2nd wife! Did/do you have the COURAGE to ask Lorrie what HER reasons were for divorcing Jay? I think you LOST when you left Ed Rejuney, b/c I think Ed WORSHIPPED you, & IMOP, had hands~overfists, more accomplishments in life than Jay Brown had/has. YOUR LOSS. If a “Higher Power” exists, though, I think that Higher Power saw me, b/c my current man since Jay, as far as “cultural refinement & “life achievement” goes, culturally & spiritually .. is HEADS above either Jay Brown or Ed Rejuney! I need not explain my reasons, but [rhetorical question] did Ed marry you because you OWNED property? If so, MAYBE Jay Brown did, also. I did not have to marry “on paper” the love of my life, to realize spiritual bliss, & the love of my life [now] has no worry about gaining materially from the labors/backs of women..not ever. He has introduced me to more wonderful/talented musicians than I ever met via Jay, & has done more for my musical ambition than any man, including Jay. So there was & still is light at the end of that “dark tunnel” I call Jay Brown, which is getting brighter & brighter each year, & I did not have to cheat another woman out of her life, to have my own. I pity you, Melinda. I do not care what happens to YOU, anymore [just as I would not care what happened to any other woman who I once thought could be my friend, or who PRETENDED to be my friend, but who would/did stab me in the back, later], but I DO care what happens to OTHER WOMEN, after you, & I predict..there WILL be other women..DO NOT KID YOURSELF!

5/12/2011 7:49:13 AM - Do not let Jay fool you into thinking he is “spiritual” because he sings Christmas carols. He had me going w/those, too. Please read the profile on datingpsychos.com, about Dean Landy, or you can read it posted as a comment [I allowed a researcher to do this] under my other profile up here, about Jay, on http://www.womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=26144 .. , as I SINCERELY BELIEVE that Jay is the SAME KIND of SOCIOPATH as Landy is alleged to be. I would not persist w/my advocacy, public service message this long, for this many yrs., if I were not concerned about what he could do to the next unfortunate woman/man, if he finds another “victim” after Melinda. I guess he needed a “soft landing” after me, but being profiled all over the intranet is not very “soft” .. would you think? He would probably rather have me give him a swift/hard kick in his gonads than be profiled, many times, on the intranet. Wish I could, but it is not going to happen. Please do not forget to read the “handles” [short cuts for names] on his Buddy List, that I captured/saved and posted on one of these profiles up here for him one of the “handles” on that Buddy List, indicated “NO MORE GURLZ” .. look in the comment sections, under profiles about Jay, for the key words, “Buddy List” .. and you will find it [how much MORE proof do you need, Melinda?] I hated that he would have me “ashamed” of wanting monogamy and to be married..as it that was “abnormal” for me wanting to establish roots & a secure home. Careful of his tales about what a good father he has been or is..just another way for him to seem normal .. more responsible than he is, in the eyes of his victims. I can almost promise he will do same to next woman, whether or not he is married to her. And I am fairly sure it is Jay that keeps entering my email addy into 3rd party sites that send SPAM email. I continue getting them almost daily, when I NEVER subscribed to any entities that would send SPAM, for example, regarding weight loss, Viagra/Cialis ads, dating sites, psych meds, etc., etc. No one, and I MEAN, absolutely NO ONE in my friendship circles is nasty enough to cause crap like that..but I think Jay is, and honestly think he has potential stalker/harasser tendencies. When I wrote that Jay talked about some of his friends behind their backs, I meant it. Even about GOOD friends of his. One example.. when Jay seemed to act as though it was “inconvenient” for his former band, Night Patrol, that their drummer, Bill Rich~nearly blind then, but my favorite guy in the group, I thought Bill was THE UNPRETENTIOUS one among the group..Bill NEVER put on any airs of self importance~, could no longer get to as many gigs with them, because someone else in the band had to pick Bill up, since Bill, in Greenbelt, MD, could not drive..as if someone having a DISABILITY was an “inconvenience” .. or so it seemed the attitude of Jay Brown [perhaps “airing”, “revisiting” or “transferring” his own frustrations, when his oldest sister, Dulce, had an ailment that took his Mommy”s attn. away from Baby Of The Family, Jay?] Ample media is available on how sex addicts become addicted, become obsessive compulsives, etc., not in control of their behavior. See NGC series, “Taboo” .. the “Addiction” episode aired on Channel 121. One guy shown in that episode, as an adult, could not control his buying habits he admitted that as a boy, he had been sexually molested. A woman in same episode, became a sex addict she also admitted to having been sexually molested as a child. She could not control having sex w/strangers. Her daughter finally confronted her. Be careful, especially if you are a female accomplished musician, well versed in folk/country/jazz genres, as, if he lives w/you, he will, I predict, “glom on” to your likes, to harmonize w/you on tunes, from every composer/interpreter, mostly female, from everything to Loretta Lynns old tunes, to Mary Chapin Carpenter”s “Something of a Dreamer”, especially when his victims [like me!] chose those songs to love & learn [when they were HER ideas, not HIS, & were HERS long before she met Jay!], only to suck her/their soul dry! He more or less treated me like a Friend With Benefits. I never “signed up” for that title. He had me paying half the rent most mos. & half the utilities [all in my name..even the phone..until he finally got one of his own & I had to wean his customers off my phone number!] .. has jumped from one woman to the next, using ea. to “get ahead” in life. And me? Used me to get away from living w/his old mother, at age 40~something. Again, he saved himself about 21K in storage fees, storing his rock shop inventory in our garage I KNOW this, b/c I worked in property management, for a storage facility, after he left me, so I KNOW how much it cost to store his things in the large space that was our garage, with FEW things of mine in there. Again, his past is that of a SLIMEY SERIAL MONOGAMIST.

5/20/2011 10:30:42 AM - Hi. I read womansavers profile on my lunch hour. I agree with you that what this Jay jerk did, probably emanated from him having had incest with one or others in his family. What might be helpful .. read lovefraud blog, “Psychopaths, victims and therapy” .. specifically the blog entry by “Kathy Hawk” addressed to “hurtnomore” the blog entry by “lesson learned” and the blog entry by “Joanie123” .. Then see the video, “Liar” by Henry Rollins on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vgQalXaIxs Quoted next are blurbs from those blogs. 1st, from “Kathleen Hawk”, addressed to “hurtnomore”: “I”m an incest survivor and your response makes a lot of sense to me. Our control of our sexual identities, development and activities is a tremendously important part of our sense of personal integrity. Being incested, at least for me, made me feel for years like I was disposable trash, because it felt like that”s how my father treated me [] this kind of abuse tends to be passed down through the generations [] I was incested when I was older than you, 13 to 17, and I never forgot that it happened. But I too had buried the specifics and the feelings, and it warped my life until I finally went to work on uncovering it, after I had a relationship with a sociopath that forced me to figure out of what was really wrong with me [] As far as the promiscuity goes, incest can really mess up the meaning of sex in our lives. Some of us confuse it with love or safety or acceptance. Some of us feel that, since we lived through having our choice and our innocence taken away from us, that sex has no real meaning and we can use sex for anything we want ~~ fun, money, manipulating people to get what we want from them, or even a way to hurt ourselves to deal with our feelings of worthlessness and shame [] you may have the totally surprising experience of discovering that the abuse got you stuck developmentally at a young age, and you actually have some growing up to do [] for right now, you might consider the possibility that this promiscuous behavior has more to do with your “little” self looking for safety or a playbreak from the hell she was living in, or even something of her own, when circumstances were stealing her most private self”

5/20/2011 10:31:00 AM - [Continued from last comment] Next, from the “lesson learned” thread: “I was molested by my stepfather for four years. My biological father then molested me, a neighbor molested me and I was raped by my first boyfriend and seriously sexually exploited by my last two spaths. And that is the carnage of sexual exploitation and abuse at its absolute worst. I think our minds have a protective mechanism from that kind of acknowledgment and pain. I wasn”t able to deal with any of the real fallout of the abuse until very recently and it”s so slow. The fallout dictated the choices I would make in whom I allowed into my life to abuse and exploit. I didn”t realize I was choosing the familiar” …Next, from the Joanie123 thread: “my aunt [] married a spath when she was a young girl & he had deserted her [] he came back into my aunt’s life in her senior years [] One of my daughters has been happily married for years but my youngest is 23. I always tell her stay away from lady killers. Men who can”t stay with one woman. Playboys. I also tell her spaths can be very tricky & you don”t know you got one till it”s too late [] I even tell her make sure your involved in a relationship a while before you consent to marriage [] I can only imagine what the poor woman who fell victim to my ex went through after me. Him not telling her he was married and her folks shelling out money for a lavish wedding not knowing what they were getting themselves into” … BTW.., I commend you, as I think you have come a long way in your healing process, to “diagnose” his personality disorders .. even if they are YOUR OWN diagnoses, not those of a shrink, I doubt many shrinks would disagree with you. This is what ALL of us have to do, having dealt with sociopaths..IDENTIFY their thought processes, so we can recognize them..know them..to avoid any more spaths who try entering our lives. That identification process is healthy to healing, & recovering our boundaries & our sense of self worth that deteriorated merely by being in the presence of a spath/gaslighter. So congrats, kudos and hugs! One last thing..what you described about your “rendezvous” with him, in the beginning of your relationship, at the office bldg. where Borash, his counselor, saw him..it would not surprise me at all if that Borash was the SAME therapist he saw when he had “marriage counseling” (?) with his 2nd wife. That is JUST what a SPATH would do..derive some SICK pleasure out of seeing his next victim within the same region where he had counseling with his wife! Very SPATH~like, indeed!

5/20/2011 12:03:21 PM - I just recalled, within that last year, before he left me, he complained about having lent his daughter his cell phone, complained about her running up a cell phone bill of >$200. Yep..that was the TYPICAL DRAMA with which I constantly dealt, from/between Jay and his daughter, Jolene..far more than I deserved. He brought more financial/psychological stress into my life, than any jerks I had dated in my past before him, combined.

5/23/2011 9:11:31 AM - I think Jay worries about becoming his perverted father, or at least he more or less told me his father was A PEDOPHILE [Jay told me that his niece Holly Holstrom..maiden name, Holly Siprelle~not sure of spelling~, had told him that his father came into her bedroom at night, when she was a teen, and molested her], so Jay probably figured, “I can not be all bad if I only cheat on two wives and two other women with whom I lived, because, at least, I have not “cheated” with children, like Dad did” … but, if what Pattie said is true..that her younger sister told her that she woke up to Jay “touching” her, then Jay might have ALREADY “turned into” his father, right? I mentioned a source, above, & where I thought Jay had employed “proxy recruitment” when he found/USED Melinda to TRIANGULATE our relationship, to destroy me. Sam Vaknin, author of Malignant Self~Love: Narcissism Revisited, an admitted narcissist [possibly, Vaknin published his books about narcissism as “his way” of “making amends” to his past victims], produced his videos on methods of abuse [including gaslighting], many of which I believe Jay exacted on me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikouCKUwQ1Y and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpX76Env1-A I KNOW what Jay did..believe he has done this to SEVERAL WOMEN with whom he lived, before Melinda, and feel confident that he will INEVITABLY/eventually do same to her. Vaknin suggests that victims “demand” [to “being kept in the dark”] “a just and proportional treatment. Reject or ignore unjust and capricious behavior” .. I DID BOTH..but it DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK WITH A SOCIOPATH! Vaknin relies, it seems, heavily on Codependency Theory. I trust more CULTURAL RELATIONAL THEORY. I “ignored” that “story” Jay wrote, that he tried to publish [it got rejected] about Faith, the lap dancer/stripper, as if it was of “no importance” .. I “ignored his unjust and capricious behavior” .. I CONFRONTED JAY..TOLD him that I did not want to watch~~nor appreciated any video content of nudity between people, where the plot did not involve persons ACTUALLY in love with each other. My request WENT IN ONE OF HIS EARS & OUT THE OTHER! I CONFRONTED him about his online activity, which I deem to be that of a sex addict. I STOOD MY GROUND, DESPITE Jay asking me to “keep things quiet” from his family. Vaknin advises/purports, “Another tactic is dehumanization and objectification. The abuser dehumanizes his victims, treats them as objects” “by dehumanizing and objectifying people, the abuser attacks the very foundations of human interaction. This is the alien aspect of abusers. They may be excellent imitations of fully formed adults, but actually deep inside they are emotionally absent or very immature” “Physical, psychological, verbal and sexual abuse are all forms of dehumanization and objectification.” Vaknin advised, “do not succumb to blackmail” .. “tell your friends, inform your colleagues” “do not keep your abuse secret, whatever you do, do not keep it secret, secrecy is the abuser”s weapon. Share your plight” .. Per that advice, I HAVE, indeed, shared my plight with others, & will CONTINUE to expose Jay for the SOCIOPATH I still think he is. Vaknin further purported, “Abusers also abuse information. From the first moment of an encounter with another person, the abuser is on the prowl. He collects information. The more he knows about his potential victim, the better able is the abuser to coerce, manipulate, charm, extort or convert the victim to the cause. The abuser does not hesitate to misuse the information he gleaned, regardless of its intimate nature or the circumstances in which he obtained it. This is a powerful tool in his armory” .. I think on that para. .. about how Jay wanted me to call one of my long ago boyfriends, to see why he had behaved how he had to me. I thought it odd at that time, that Jay wanted me to do that, & wondered why, when I would not call that ex b/f, WHY Jay called him, instead. I think Jay wanted me to REVISIT that pain of that time, when I had long GOTTEN OVER IT. I think of that nude photo Jay snapped of me, WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION. That paragraph of Vaknin”s reminded of how Jay USED my “peri menopausal” info against me, to TRIANGULATE Melinda on our issues..WAY BEYOND MY BOUNDARIES..things he SHOULD NOT have shared with her, but did, to put me in a ONE~DOWN position to her, I think. BUT THAT IS WHAT SOCIOPATHS DO! I KNOW what Jay did..believe he has done this to SEVERAL WOMEN with whom he lived, before Melinda, and feel confident that he will INEVITABLY do same to her..eventually.

5/24/2011 1:22:21 PM - When I wrote, above, “Vaknin relies, it seems, heavily on Codependency Theory. I trust more CULTURAL RELATIONAL THEORY” .. I should explain. When Vaknin advised, “Reject or ignore unjust and capricious behavior” .. that statement smacks of “codependency theory” .. what S~ANON steerers use, I think, to “brainwash” married women into ignoring the sick habits of their husbands.. when advising same women, “pay no heed to his inventories”..at least I know that one steerer did this, in a Catholic church. Codependency theory MIGHT work on alcoholics, but does not always work on SEX ADDICTS. AA meetings are RIFE with drenching their members with CODEPENDENCY theory. Those meetings employ heavily, also, I think, CHRISTIAN beliefs, which leaves those who are NOT Christian, of other faiths, or who are “spiritual/moral” but who do not adhere to organized religion, and leave those others often feeling “left out” or “without an objective moral compass” or doubting the one he/she had. I think Jay COUNTED/THRIVED on CONFUSING that compass for his women. Jay was an AA member when he first began our relationship, and relied heavily on CODEPENDENCY theory, that he heavily, IMOP, BORROWED the jargon, to use to his own TWISTED/SICK agenda. Jay quickly recognized the idea of “negative enmeshment” .. Jay even described it to me, early on, when he described HIS OWN relationship with Lorrie, his 2nd wife, when living with me. He said that his relationship with Lorrie was “negatively enmeshed” .. Jay used words like “enmeshed” and “over~reactive” to describe his “victims” .. including, I think, HIS OWN MOTHER, though, you would never know they were his victims until he was DONE with you! Even Vaknin, in one of those 2 videos, discusses “negative enmeshment” and how the perp thrives on it, long after the relationship is finished. Jay seemed to almost brag about counseling sessions with Lorrie..about how she gave up on them, to tell him, “it is YOUR problem, not mine” .. he told me [and others in his Night Patrol band circles, I think] that Lorrie did not want involvement with ALANON, for those reasons. Remember..narcissists & sociopaths are FULL OF GLIB LANGUAGE! I recall how Jay seemed to liberally use the expression, “it disturbs my sensibilities” .. IMOP, AFFECTED language or AFFECTED “intellectual” statement, as if trying to impress others. He probably learned the word, “untoward” from his educated sister, Dulce, when he said he had asked his sisters, “Did dad to anything UNTOWARD to any of you?” Heck, I am not even sure if Jay actually received his H.S. diploma or G.E.D., or if he ever actually graduated from high school in Virginia. Still, Vaknin DOES have some good advice in those videos, especially that which IDENTIFIES sociopathic behaviors, like gaslighting, proxy recruitment, exploitation & dehumanization. These ideas ARE NOT Vaknin”s ORIGINAL ideas..he got them from theorists who came BEFORE [I think] Vaknin ever delved in authorship or “counseling/advice” activities. Much of my knowledge about sociopaths comes from my own higher education [Jay did not have one!], long before I met Jay. Even educated women have been duped by SPATHS..so have counselors/therapists. Would not surprise me at all if Jay conned Michael Borash, too.

5/26/2011 8:59:34 PM - When I say that my healing process from my relationship [more like relationSHIT] w/Jay [IMOP, SOCIOPATH], took MUCH LONGER than it would to recover from any otherwise NORMAL relationship previous to Jay, I meant it. It took A VERY SPECIAL person..a MAN/musician, NOT A BOY, w/SUBSTANCE/HONESTY, to subsequently care for me, a MAN, who is not PRETEND~CULTURED, like I think Jay was. It took a MAN who gently led me to the healing arts/media, i.e., holding me while we watched the film, Phoolan Devi: Bandit Queen, together. Phoolan is a REAL person who had been gang raped. She survived to become a high~level, accomplished woman in her country & government, had a subsequent successful career. It took my new love, after Jay, sharing w/me many books he found, including biographies of successful female artists who had been abused by their former partners [I TINA is one example.] It took a very CULTURED man who had lived/worked overseas, as I had done in my young life [both as an adult & as a child..the life of my new love after Jay had practically PARALELLED my own!], telling me about ancient India”s cultures HONORING females, for me to begin recovering from Jay”s [alleged] ABUSE.. a SLOW healing process that continues to this day. IMOP, Jay GLOMS on to his women, sucks whatever socio/cultural “auras” from them, earned/gained/acquired in their lives, to make it seem as though HE, himself is cultured, BY OSMOSIS, but IMOP, he HAS NO CULTURE & only acts PARASITICALLY to suck whatever worth from any woman he encounters, particularly those w/whom he lives. Were I to write a book about my Jay Experience, my title would be, Counting On Us Being Stupid. When sociopathic males do this to women, too often, it leaves same women w/WORSE feelings/grief than widows have, worse off than widows who were ACTUALLY loved by their GENUINE life time mates [when the women KNEW that their mates truly loved them.] For more on what I think Jay did to me, see The Manipulation Series ~ Gaslighting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hllgfPCooYE&NR=1The Manipulation Series ~ Scapegoating http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RhGck2M16g&NR=1 Per Vaknin statement RE abusers, “they may be excellent imitations of fully formed adults but actually deep inside they are emotionally absent or very immature” ~ what I found to be ultimately true, about Jay. Jay seemed to generally, if not mostly, prey on females that have had some kind of loss/trauma, like exes that ran out on them, and/or who have mommy/daddy issues [Melinda confided to me, early on, when I thought she wanted to befriend me, that she had issues w/her own mother that made her uncomfortable], & if you are not careful, he might try to “re~cognate” that trauma in you, to have you re~experience or “revisit” it .. to use against you, personal info he has gleaned about you, to your detriment/despair. Yes, just like the PSYCHOLOGICAL BULLY I think/remember Jay to be. Jay also told me that his sister Linda [the one who he said let him watch, when he was a teen, while she masturbated] used to massage her father”s head while he sat in an easy/arm chair. That, to me, is a little TOO intimate a thing to do w/a father. Wonder if that is why her husband, before Les [her cousin, Jay told me], John, seemed old enough to be her father? Pattie thought so, too. Then I recalled when Jolene would, at age 13, jump onto the lap of her father when she visited him/us. That, too, seemed to “verge” almost on the “incestuous” .. not something a normal teenage does, w/in healthy boundaries, w/her own father. Those things & that Jay would KISS HIS OWN MOTHER ON THE LIPS when he greeted her, were CREEPY things, to me..again, reminded me of the mother/son in the film, The Manchurian Candidate. Main difference? In that film, the mother “cancels out” her son”s chances w/the woman he loves from the very beginning, while Jay”s mom acted like the perfect “alternative” mother to me for yrs, even sewed a few of articles of clothing for me [as a mother would for her daughter] gave me her USED [size 9], FAKE/leather/black boots,black boots gave me her faux Xmas tree, for my ornaments, bought crab legs from Red Lobster to birthday celebs for her grandson/granddaughter to my home, accepted w/SEEMING graciousness, ea./every present I gave her, ea. yr., for X~mas enjoyed several meals that I prepared in her honor, @ her home or mine she paid for photos to be taken, professionally, of Jay & I as a couple, like a mother/mother~in~law would do..all to have her SEEM like the perfect would~be mother~in~law for yrs., only to TURN on me later. I also thought it eerie that her name in phonetics was the SAME as my own~made me think that Jay had targeted me for abuse, to get back @ his mom.

5/27/2011 3:08:59 PM - Of the 4 women w/whom he lived & cheated, I think he treated me the worst of all of them. At least, Evelyn spent a short time w/him & so did Pattie. Lorrie, at least, I think, got 1/2 of whatever was invested into the inventory, bought, I think, from the $17K he borrowed from his sister, Paula, plus Lorrie got a child, Jolene, out of the deal. All he did was leave me when I was nearly penniless, after all I did for him, for years, helping him mentor, if not raise, his daughter. To me, he is NOTHING BUT A FRAUD/CON! It was about the 6th or 7th year that I lived with Jay, when Jay told me how much better he thought he was than his friend, Ed Eastridge, his former Edgemeade buddy. He told me, then, that Ed had been busted [I think for cocaine or some drug charge], while Ed was still employed at Mo Recording Studio, in or near Annapolis, MD. Jay acted as if he, Jay was SO MUCH BETTER than Ed. Ha! If I have said it before, it bears repeating..the most hideous thing out of all this is that I think a few of his sisters knew/know about his [I ALLEGE] MENTAL DISORDER, but I think never bothered to inform any of the women of it early on, before they became involved with him, to help them avoid him, to save those women time~~at least two of them, even years~~from their lives. PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE JAY IF HE TELLS YOU HE IS A “CHANGED MAN” [other than he stopped drinking..which I am not even sure he did not resume drinking, after he left me] .. he probably told EACH and EVERY ONE OF HIS SUBSEQUENT WOMEN THE SAME THING, but sociopaths NEVER CHANGE THEIR WAYS, and I HONESTLY BELIEVE THAT JAY IS A SOCIOPATH! How can anyone doubt me? I have provided enough details/facts! Remember ladies, to read nonverbal ques too. I recall that Manassas news article on him, when he was still in his 1st Stone Art shop, the photo of him w/his arms folded, looking like a Big Shot & successful. He would soon go bankrupt. Remember.. Arms Folded tells of a CLOSED or SELFISH person. When Jay was underemployed/unemployed [Jay even admitted, while pending his 2nd divorce, that Lou Walters, father of 2nd wife, described him as underemployed], he seemed/was content to live with me for 8.5 years. At the 7.5 year point was when I believe he began his affair w/Melinda Yalom, married @ the time, to Ed Rejuney. She owned a home, I did not own one [had sold my half of my property back to my ex husband >10 years prior.] It was just a matter of time before I realized what a broke, aging, homeless piece of dung he was, that he would take whatever he could from a woman to make himself look good. Did that part of my story tell you anything about MALE GOLD DIGGERS, yet? WATCH FOR THIS FRAUD IN Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings [he might go back to them] local to DC & MD, and DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF THINKING HE IS A GODLY MAN OR "SPIRITUAL" KIND OF GUY.

5/30/2011 2:01:18 PM - Trust me..twice divorced alcoholics, whether dry or on the wagon, do not make good husbands, no matter what “talents” they have. I should know & so should my mother, whose 2nd husband left his 1st wife, then left my mother in his 10th yr. married to her. Another tall baldie, only he was a BRILLIANT man [had much more going for him than Jay], a career analyst, retired Army Col., & accomplished artist [syndicate cartoonist & Dixieland jazz pianist.] Karma came his way, though. After he & my mother divorced, less than 3 years later, he died of prostate cancer. Probably all his drinking shoved him into worse health. At least HE did not try to live off the purse of my mother.. was a traditional Calvinist. Yes, I allowed a researcher to quote other profiles in the comment sections of the URL [WOW! 16,991 hits, so far! Glad that many people know about him, now], http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26144, including about many TWICE DIVORCED alcoholics, who did not stop their cheating, after their 2nd marriage. The stats of them making a 3rd marriage work ARE NOT GOOD! The following source further illustrates why I think Jay Brown is a sociopath: http://www.matchdoctor.com/blog_76871/Dating_A_Sociopath_Part_1.html .. Do not let any male FOOL you into thinking he is “decent” just because he is married. The “marriage badge” .. no matter how many times worn, will not be able to hide his psychotic deficits, if he is a sociopath, and I think the more times he wears that “badge” it is even MORE telling about same deficits. Ask yourself, WHY HAS THIS MALE BEEN MARRIED SO MANY TIMES? I, too, thought that large oval, sepia~toned and colorized photo of his mother & father looking so romantic..the one with the convex glass..was beautiful..the one with his father embracing his mother, from behind [Not unlike the photos of us that his mother paid for, to have taken of us..as if they were wedding photos of us..like the one with him lifting my chin, looking longingly, down into my eyes, as if I was his “all” and “everything” .. Phooie Hooie Phony!] But if his father was a pedophile, as Jay suggested, what does that tell you about possible/probably contradictions, lies, “appearances” .. false representations or dysfunction in that family, or how that family keeps secrets it shouldn”t? [Even though I thought his sister Jeanine seemed to have created the least dysfunctional family of all of them, why did two of her three daughters, Anne and Holly, each divorce their hubbies..their first hubbies, I think? Could they not tell what a “good” husband should be, to avoid bad ones? Or was it the WOMEN who were dysfunctional, not the hubbies? From what another of Jay”s sisters, Joyce, told me, if I recall correctly, her 2nd hubby was “no good”, too. My three sisters in law all chose GOOD men for their first & ONLY hubbies..my brothers. Those sisters in law were also all successful professional women, like I think Anne & Holly were/are.] Now I can see why Jay said to me, “pictures are only a pictures” .. when I confronted him, asked him what all those photos of us appearing to be happy together, for all those years, meant. May his Karma w/Melinda be that, whenever they have a heated argument, they will ea. say to the other, out loud or w/out speaking, but w/horror, when looking at ea. other, “But I destroyed him/her to be with you!” .. If that does not happen..well..he always will have the reminder that SHE is at least 1/2 the cause, or at least, for my REASONS, for my profiles about him being up here, & why I have drawn so much attn. to him from world readers [& hopefully, his neighbors/employer..ha ha.] Again, you might want to check his records, to see if he had any AVOs, DVOs or DUIs, prior to 1991. I never checked, but should have. I doubt that Lorrie, 2nd ex wife, would be forthcoming w/that info, if she knew he had any. Please do not PROJECT me as “obsessive” b/c I am concerned about the impact of male cheaters worldwide. In my 20s, I worked for child support enforcement as a legal secretary & in other responsible human services capacities.. 2 for a country government, in positions that would not have hired me unless I was empathic by nature [I doubt that Jay”s sisters knew any of that.] I deserved a TRUE partner who treated me like an EQUAL, w/respect, someone EQUALLY as empathetic as I am, not a FRAUD/SPATH. My Higher Power saw to it, after Jay, that that happened for me, & it did not take long. My partner cherishes me to this day, still, has no FAKE words of endearment, only TRUE/CONSISTENT/KIND actions.

5/31/2011 4:50:03 PM - If Melinda wants to, she can ask Ellen Jennings, at mre@uucss.org, who I think is either a minister or co~minister in the church where Melinda works or worked, & let Ellen know that she would allow Ellen to forward her at least one SPAM email that I think Jay instigated having sent from a THIRD PARTY [as in..I think Jay CONTINUES to stalk me, “3rd party”, by e~mail..by having 3rd parties send me SPAM, by giving them my email addy.] I have received many SPAMS via 3rd party, from entities to which I DID NOT SUBSCRIBE, & since Nov 2010. About one or two arrives to my email box almost every day. The majority of them, I think, contain ads for Cialis or Viagra. I have saved them all. But one dated 5/27/11, had in its subject line, “wanna hook up” & is one I also saved. I am WILLING TO FORWARD it to Ellen Jennings, & give her permission to forward it to Melinda, IF & ONLY IF Ellen Jennings is O.K. with the idea, & if she lets me know that it is O.K. for me to forward to her, that ONE email [I have not forwarded to Ellen any such SPAM, so far], & if Melinda says to Ellen that it is O.K. to receive that ONE email that I am willing to forward, 1st to Ellen, & which arrived to my mailbox on 5/27/11, then I will do so, ON ELLEN”S EMAILED PERMISSION TO ME, ONLY! To my knowledge, NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE in my social circles, since I formed new ones after Jay left our Manassas home, would send me THAT kind of SPAM, nor would any in my new social circles have 3rd parties send same. The ONLY person I can think of who is, in my opinion, THAT DEPRAVED, who would do such, is JAY BROWN. I honestly believe that Jay is stalking me by email, & has done this since Nov 2010, if not before. Ellen knows my story .. I let her know, on 3/2/11, via email, about this profile. This comment is also an ADVISORY comment to Melinda & Jay. Human Resources offices, with most US employers, advises those who are sexually harassed, to report their harassment, so that the harasser/harassers can be STOPPED. What I do now is no different, IMOP. If I find that it was JAY who had those 3rd party emails sent to my box, he WILL find a CEASE & DESIST ORDER or RESTRAINING ORDER.. legal & filed by me, & I will REPORT HIM TO THE FCC, & WILL INFORM the Chevy Chase police about these emails that have arrived to my email box, since Nov 2010! Jay should LEAVE MY LIFE IN PEACE. I am OVER him..was OVER him long ago..found a BETTER man since, but continue to believe that JAY IS A SICK MAN, with either BPD, D.I.D., schizophrenia, or ALL three personality/mental disorders. If anyone thinks I am “crazy” or “obsessed” on these issues, THINK about that one email that Jay sent to me, not long after he left my home in Manassas [I still keep the HARD PROOF..copies of same, & keep SEVERAL copies of it elsewhere, not only in my home, but w/friends], w/his message on 10/3/00: “Where was all this selfrighteous fervor when you were soaking your panties watching lesbian porno movies??? Do I detect a bit of hypocracy here? I wonder who would be interested in that bit of truth?” Again..his email addy back then was EBrown1762@aol.com. One of his mistakes, I think, was UNDERESTIMATING a fine woman who worked in the IT field for years while living w/him, thus, IMOP, UNDERESTIMATED my intelligence! I saw nothing wrong with being a “renter” rather than a “home owner” .. because of my family”s history in Foreign Service [Foreign Service officials often do not own property, when they are On Tour, like my Dad was, for years] .. but, you would think, when Jay discarded me, that he thought a MARRIED woman was “better” than me, simply because she “owned” property, rather than “rented” same..understand?

5/31/2011 6:23:06 PM - MORE TRUTH. I admit, Jay told me that he did not want to buy a home w/me, but did not tell me as much UNTIL he had moved into that Manassas rental unit w/me, &, I think, not until 2 years AFTER we had moved in & lived together. So, he DISSOLVED my dreams/plans w/him at that point, I think. Only, me, being the Eternal Optimist, kept trusting that he would change his mind. I should have told him to GET LOST then. I did not do so, to my detriment. I kept giving him the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT, as to his “good” character, which I SHOULD NOT have done..but what was a woman to do, when she came out of an ABUSIVE FORMER MARRIAGE, from a husband who, from Military Officer”s Training, learned the INTIMIDATION TACTIC of YELLING, w/in one inch of another”s face, to INTIMIDATE another human being?! Geez! I pay careful attn. to the media..have always done so. My own experience w/Jay [preceded by, I allege, abuse from my 1st & only legal, so far husband], seems MORE abusive [from Jay Brown] than female characters abused in films I have seen, like the heroine in Tess of the D’huberville. It more than seemed that Jay wanted to pile abuse onto former abuse. I will not apologize for this lengthy discourse. Part of my healing from Jay is recalling that, before him, I had a high GPA, earned mainly, with A”s or B”s, from my college professors, particularly for courses that required writing. I think Jay envied me my intellect. I think now, that Jay PURPOSELY set out to destroy my self esteem, to destroy my good feelings about my professional accomplishments & hobbies [when my hobbies often earned $, since I was age 15. Yes. Jay earned $, too, from his musical endeavors/hobbies, but I think I recd GOOD PRESS about my musical talents long before Jay ever did..IF he recvd any at all, & I think he was ENVIOUS of me. Yep. I have the press clips to prove what I say!] Thank God that my “Kudos” go back much father than my relationship w/Jay Brown..back, even, to my high school days, when I received high Fine Art honors, which my S.O. also received, but my S.O. received one yr. ahead of me, in same high school, each of us, recognized for Fine Arts, Music Awards, etc. I doubt that Jay Brown EVER achieved recognition for same, when he was in H.S.

5/31/2011 7:15:09 PM - Were I to compare Jay to the 2 antagonists in the film, “Tess of the Dhuberville” .. Jay would combine ALL the negative aspects of both antagonists..MERCENARY & JUDGMENTAL.., mercenary b/c I think Jay sought to gain on the purses of women, & JUDGMENTAL, b/c I think Jay knew not really where his “spiritually” side was, so sought to destroy any woman who ACTUALLY had a “spiritual/innocent” side. Both antagonists in that film were cowards. Angel, Tess”s love, was a COWARD, but worse was [or was he?] the OTHER male who controlled her, who had RAPED Tess when she was young.. a guy who ONLY WANTED THE LANDED TITLE OF TESS”S FAMILY, which he DID NOT HAVE, to make himself APPEAR to be presentable to society. Angel, on the other hand.. the guy Tess met while working on a dairy farm, who was “taken” with Tess, later became disappointed in Tess when she told Angel the truth, after Angel engaged her to marriage. The truth was that Angel was not the “first” male w/whom Tess had had intercourse [not “the first” b/c someone else, before Angel, had raped Tess..taken her virginity, yet, Angel was the ONLY guy w/whom Tess got intimate, since she was raped!] even though her “first” was the RAPIST, who she LATER MARRIED, under coercion or pressure, after Angel rejected her for not being a “virgin” .. Tess, left w/no other choice, HAD to marry her rapist .. married the RAPIST who took her virginity, AFTER Tess”s spirit was so broken/violated, she had no other option but to marry the man who had raped her, b/c Angel, whom Tess TRULY LOVED, who Tess met, AFTER she was raped by a sociopath. The man Tess loved, Angel, was a WEAKLING/COWARD, in the end, who goose~stepped to his parents” ideals of who “should” be his “perfect mate” .. gave in to RELIGIOUS DOGMA, suggestions by his parents, so was WEAK in his thinking..had WEAK BOUNDARIES, unable to establish SEPARATION from his parents” STRICT conscriptions/preconceptions of morality..saw ALL women who were not virgins are those “unworthy”], an EMOTIONALLY UNDEVELOPED male, from a SHORT~SIGHTED, RELIGIOUS family, Angel, Tess”s true love, deserted Tess when he found out she was not a virgin, even though it was NOT HER CHOICE TO BE RAPED by the male who took her virginity! [This lesson escapes meat heads who have no formal education!] It was only after Tess was married to her rapist [out of desperation, that Angel returned to her life, appearing “sorry” for what he had done to her, & not until she was married to her RICH rapist, did Angel come for Tess, to save her from a cold, unfeeling husband. WHY DID ANGEL NOT COME FOR TESS WHEN SHE WAS POOR, & NEEDED ANGEL?] Back in my college days, when I competed for grades, I learned the art of analysis. I should have also learned not to let emotions intervene w/my goals/dreams of success w/a partner w/whom I wanted to spend my life. COLLEGE DID NOT TEACH US THAT LESSON, at least not when I was OPEN to formal education. When Jay lived w/me, he admitted that he never saw anything, in any college catalog, that might inspire him to get a formal education. I gave Jay TOO MUCH the “benefit of the doubt” b/c I thought he was “artistically talented” [silver smithing & lapidary..I think Jay learned those via the biz of his 2nd wife”s father & another guy named Jensen.. my opinion, but I think JAY SAW THE $ SIGNS!] That SHOULD have been another Red Flag w/me from Jay. I ignored the signs. Do not make my mistake! You might see why Tess of the D’huberville has been my favorite film since it”s release. I also think of Tess at the point when the Catholic Church denied giving Tess burial rights for her dead baby, an episode that made me think about how Jay, according to his 1st wife, Pattie, could not care less for the baby he had made w/her, & his attitude, as I interpret it now, left her w/no other choice but to abort their child when he was married to Pattie. Possibly, Pattie also did it b/c she suspected Jay had something wrong w/his gene pool, so did not want for her child to have to live with SPATH genes that she might have suspected that Jay inherited? Notice that Angel finally comes for Tess, when she is of “comfortable means” .. not when she needs Angel the most, when she is at her most destitute of circumstances, nowhere to be found when she is in her most dire of circumstances [did Angel have a home to which to take Tess, had she NOT killed her rapist, to allow her to leave her abusive marriage in a LEGAL WAY? Seems not!] To me, the character, Tess, represents ALL the women who have been duped/defrauded by Jay Brown. Think about it..would YOU want THIS male in YOUR family, w/all his baggage?

6/1/2011 3:54:39 PM - I post excerpts below from the URL/site, “GASLIGHTING ABUSE” from http://dividedheart.com/index.php?topic=1092.0 BECAUSE I BELIEVE THAT JAY BROWN DID ALL THESE THINGS TO ME! AND IF HE DID THIS TO PATTIE, LORRIE OR ME..or ALL OF US, THEN HE WILL SURELY DO THE SAME TO MELINDA, ONE DAY..I CAN ALMOST GUARANTEE HE WILL! I will break this text down into parts, because it is long:

6/1/2011 3:55:11 PM - PART I First, from “What is Gaslighting? The Extremes of Emotional Abuse” By Jeanne Sparks~Carreker” [I leave out the paragraph breaks]: “Emotional Abuse, in its extreme forms, can cause the victim insanity. Sometimes, this is the intended result of the abuser! [] There is a type of pain a woman experiences when, after years of faithful marriage, she begins to witness changes in her husband that, when confronted, are then said to be the creation of the wife”s imagination, a plot to hide her own actions, or the perception of a woman in need of psychiatric help. To describe the pain endured by victims of emotional abuse with written words is like trying to explain what a person experiences when facing the realization of certain, impending death. It seems quite impossible. There are rips, tears, stabs & agonizing pain within her heart. Sometimes she panics, believing she is losing her soul mate forever. Sometimes her husband may actually tell her that the suspicion, the digging around for answers, or the accusations involved in the panic are the actual things causing the couple to have distance in the first place. If a man does this, he is using a manipulative, cruel technique known as Gaslighting. Emotional abusers who partake in the horrific methods of Gaslighting have an agenda of which society may presently be unaware. [] Whether he intentionally chooses to actually drive his wife crazy or not, the statements & lack of concern a husband displays over them even after they cause pain are forms of emotional abuse. They are normally used to cover up actions for which he does not want his spouse/girlfriend to discover”

6/1/2011 3:55:32 PM - PART II “A healthy relationship produces spouses who are more than happy to comfort & prove the amount of love they hold for their partner until there is complete clarity on whatever subject for which the questioning party needs the explanation & reassurance. [] Doubt happens, especially in a world where there is evil, hate & insecurity. As well, we live in a country where many channels on the television are trying to attract consumers to their wide range of products to create a perfect appearance. Although wise people know that they do not need to look like Pamela Anderson Lee or The Rock in order to be desirable, our society is obsessed with “Being Beautiful.” When one adds to that the notion that affairs are tolerated & sometimes even encouraged {especially on the Internet at certain "we help you cover up your affair" sites} in our society, anyone, especially the one who adores & loves you, should understand why there is doubt at times. [] When no sympathy or support for the hurt feelings are available, more times than not it is due to the Gaslighting abuser not wanting to empathize with their spouse/girlfriend because he would then have to take responsibility as having been the one who caused the hurt. [] Gaslighting is more commonly facilitated in an attempt to hide any actions or truths a person does not want brought to light. More often than not, a person does not want their spouse to be driven insane simply because they want to cover up a fling with their secretary. Still, using manipulation & lies to hide truth is always damaging to a loved one because, though they know their spouses” usual behavior, likes, & dislikes, though they know their spouse has changed in some manner where the love relationship toward them is concerned”

6/1/2011 3:55:54 PM - PART III “We all know that healthy relationships need two partners who are both willing to listen, understand, share what is inside them. They decide early on what is most important between them. Without true caring for the other person, one cannot relate to the other in honest sympathy or heart~felt sincerity. Gaslighting, however, would involve a denial of these things. When an abuser refuses to listen, appears to misunderstand what he is completely capable of understanding, or declines sharing his emotions, he is “withholding” a part of the essential intimate actions of the relationship. {When a partner really does not understand the other, then at least the intent to understand & compromise should be there, with perhaps a request for the partner to help them understand somehow.} But when Gaslighting is the main technique & “withholding” is the tool, the abuser feigns confusion or a lack of understanding. A victim may be met with defiant, even accusatory words” [] When Gaslighting, the abuser will emphatically call into question the memory, thoughts, & ideas of his victim, & even further use that at a later date as a new “countering” point to make: [] This is declared even though the victim did remember things correctly, & even despite the fact that he knows she did {except in cases of extreme self~denial in the Gaslighting abuser}”

6/1/2011 3:56:13 PM - PART IV “Even if it seems the cruelty cannot become worse, the abuser has been effectively “countering” by throwing the victim off the feared subject matter at the time, getting her to instead mull over why in the world her husband would decide for her what her memory should have been instead, & then even declare another circumstance as a relapse of memory confusion. This is where the real struggle within her starts: if she hasn”t already started questioning her own opinions & ideas about life before this method, she will at this point. When constantly told that her memory, experience, feeling & instinct is emphatically wrong, chances are, she will eventually start to believe him, if not only to keep peace within what seems like a relationship of love. [] Normally, the victim is never entirely clear what the abuser”s intentions are. Since the abuser responds quickly with anger, the victim starts to believe she may have “taken it all wrong,” which is why she was quickly met with his anger, much like the role of a daughter & father {i.e. if he”s that angry, I must be wrong.} [] After all, isn”t believing that better for the victim than believing he intended to make you lie to yourself? “Blocking” & “diverting” is a method of Gaslighting whereby communication is controlled & manipulated. The abuser refuses to comment or answer {because he has already stated “I”m not going through this again tonight”} & closes the discussion on things he “has already discussed.” Also, when withholding information, the Gaslighting abuser prevents all possibility of coming to a fair resolution, or in giving comforting knowledge to his spouse/girlfriend”

6/1/2011 3:56:37 PM - PART V “By “diverting,” the Gaslighting abuser changes the subject, & even accuses her of accusing him wrongly or in the wrong manner in which one is supposed to accuse. He may continue into the lie of how her absolute gall in accusing him is actually the growing problem between them. Gaslighting in this manner effectively dodges any resolute answer, much less shows a healthy concern for her feelings. The abuser diverts her attempts to gain clarity or sympathy, & “diverts” her from the actual subject by getting her to forget the topic at hand using irrelevant declarations in order to side~track her [] A Gaslighting abuser often accuses his partner of having done something wrong {to justify his actions or to give misleading ideas as to why he treated her a certain way when she questioned him}. Healthy partners do not want to see their spouse feeling bad or hurt, & instead desires to comfort or heal their pain. Alternatively, the goal of abusive accusations is to blame the partner for her anger, irritation, or insecurity, thereby proving the anger/abuse she is enduring is justified because she is at fault or in the wrong for the way she accused or reacted to something he did. [] **You”re not the woman I thought I married. [] “Trivializing” is confusing to her because, if she doesn”t recognize Gaslighting by “trivializing” for what it is, she believes she somehow hasn”t been able to explain to her mate just how important certain things are to her. “Trivializing” can be very subtle, so that the partner is left feeling depressed & frustrated but isn”t quite sure why”

6/1/2011 3:56:56 PM - PART VI “Abusive “forgetting” is also a method of Gaslighting. The abuser conveniently forgets anything pertaining to what the victim has needed closure on. We all forget things sometimes; but this is not genuine oblivion; it”s denial that an event {interactions, usually} happened at all. These forgotten events usually have had great impact on a partner. Victims of Gaslighting often try to discuss incidents with their abuser to help resolve issues sometimes only in the hopes of avoiding the same hurt, explosion, or confusion in the future, though he will still deny it ever happened, with an accusatory comment [] Some abusers consistently “forget” making the promises which are most important to their partner, thereby causing her more pain & confusion. Whether the Gaslighting abuser intends on the lies or not, the result is still the same, leaving the victim in emotional peril. [] The Gaslighting victim is also left to deal with the fact he knowingly denied this, & what else could possibly be unknown to her. Overall, the victim starts to realize she needs to be careful when relying on her own perceptions of life. Sometimes clarity will filter through the hogwash of her abuser & she feels she may need to stop having sex with him, as a protective means to herself; but sexual moments usually become the only time she is given his attention & what was “love” at one time. It is hard for the victim to let go of, & usually is prompted by the victim simply to have a familiar moment with her “soul mate” ”

6/1/2011 3:57:15 PM - PART VII “Eventually a Gaslighting abuser wins the ultimate war, the final argument, when she begins to collapse mentally & emotionally. The worst Gaslighting abusers will then mock her, humiliate her by sharing her “wrongdoings” {of searching for a solution} with their mutual friends, hoping to get a response of “I wouldn”t listen to all that nagging, Man,” from them. Perhaps it better eases his conscious to have others tell him it is all her, or that she”s just a bitch, or just a nag. Hell, she”s not worth the effort it takes him to keep on living with her! [] **I never told them anything! [] Though she knows she heard it correctly, has endured the looks on her friend”s faces, has been asked strange questions of which she was only able to give a confused look over as the shock riveted through her already weak mind” ..THAT LAST PART IS EXACTLY WHAT I THINK JAY DID..NOT ONLY WITH MELINDA, WITH HIM TALKING SH*T ABOUT ME, BUT I ALSO HAVE A SAVED EMAIL FROM JON FREDERICK, FORMER DRUMMER IN MY JAZZ BAND, and in its subject line was “Beating A Dead Horse” .. DO NOT TRUST JON FREDERICK, EITHER. HE IS ALSO PROFILED ON DDHG.

6/1/2011 3:57:34 PM - PART VIII NEXT ARE EXCERPTS FROM “Gaslighting & Reality” , http://groups.msn.com/AbuseVictimsandSurvivors/gaslightingandreality.msnw : “What if these sort of oddities began happening day in & day out? The world that other people perceived, understood, & remembered was different from the world you understood. [] And now suppose that this condition persisted, not just for days, but for weeks, months, & even years.[] If you have a shred of rationality, you would begin to think that it was you. Your anger & frustration would begin to shift & include anxiety or even fear, depression, confusion, & self~doubt. If you have a shred of rationality, you would wonder if you might be going crazy. Watch a baby test the world & learn about her reality detection devices. The baby reaches out her hand, picks up the pretty bobble, raises it over her head, & lets it fall back to the surface. She giggles with glee. She is delighted by her reliable & consistent understanding of the way gravity works in the universe. She couldn”t tell you that. But inside, she knows what she is learning. She is learning that reality is consistent & that her senses are reliable devices for detecting reality. Her self~esteem is building. She is thinking {in baby think}, “I can, I can, I can”

6/1/2011 3:57:57 PM - EXCERPTS FROM “Gaslighting & Reality” , PART IX “Surprise changes in reality are amusing in small, brief doses. It is why we like jokes & are excited by thunder. When reality briefly defies our perception, we get a rush from the novelty & then quickly restore ourselves to reality. But the story is different if reality is altered in permanent ways. It is a different story if those we trust to help us remain in touch with reality tell us that we are not in touch with reality. We begin to feel odd. “I see dead people”. We check out reality with other people all the time. It is part of how we keep our reality detection devices properly tuned. “Do you see what I see? Is it me or is that ladies hair on fire?” Our self~esteem suffers & our trust in ourselves begins to erode if our reality detection devices begin to seem unreliable. In the end, we begin to think we are crazy. This is an essential component of bone fide Brainwashing. If you have complete control over another person & you make reality unpredictable, they have to rely on you for reality. “Today is Tuesday. So is Tomorrow.” The organizing fabric of reality as derived from sensory & perception begins to deteriorate if that reality is not validated by those around us. This is a technique for making other people crazy. [] The more the victim of Gaslighting trusts the person who is bending reality, the more the victim suffers”

6/1/2011 3:58:17 PM - EXCERPTS FROM “Gaslighting & Reality” , PART X “Usually, if our intuition is working & our friends are truthful, they validate our intuition. [] Sex addicts lie to keep their secret lives secret. They lie by omission & commission. They lie to lots of people. Most especially, they lie to their partners. They lie to cover up. They lie when their partners ask questions & express suspicion & doubt. Addicts gaslight their partners. This is one of the wounds that partners suffer & must heal. When addicts get into recovery they are often surprised by the intensity of their partners reactions. But reflect on the little thought experiment that began this essay. When you deceived your partner, you caused her or him to call reality into question. You damaged their relationship with reality. Because your partner trusted you ~ trusted that you would not distort reality ~ your partner may have felt quite crazy. There is relief for partners when they know the truth ~ they begin to know that they are not crazy and so can begin to restore their own relationship with reality. But trust does not restore quickly. Return to your imagination & think what you would think & feel if your partner & coworkers & friends admitted that they had been deliberately distorting reality to keep secrets & make you crazy. Imagine that they had been doing that for years. Even if those people disclosed their acts, expressed their remorse, & promised never to do that again, how long would it take you to again trust them to validate your reality?”

6/1/2011 3:58:35 PM - EXCERPTS FROM “Gaslighting & Reality” , PART XI Reply #9 on: September 30, 2008 [] “After several years of marriage to what I thought was the perfect husband I am now finding out that he may be having an affair. When confronted he has now started gaslighting me. He has taken the approach of claiming he never said or had conversations with me that were intimidating and hurtful. Every time I find another bit of evidence he conveniently forgets any facts prior that we already discussed regarding the affair. It”s like starting over every time we discuss it from square one. He is now playing a cat and mouse game where he mentions he wants to buy the same vehicle as the OW or paint our house the same color. I actually have a daughter that is named after this woman. She was responsible for his previous marriage breaking up so has been in his life off and on for some time. When we named our child he volunteered that he liked the name because he had never dated anyone with that name before. At the time I didn”t even know she existed but now that I do I feel so deceived that he would lie about something so significant as naming our child. He says he never said it....I cannot prove the affair but the way he has approached this is very telling that there is one going on”

6/2/2011 12:30:30 PM - Compare Joshian Rivera~Torres, aka “Joshian Rivera” {Bronx, Castlehill, NY}: “Joshian is a very big liar, he lives double lives and he is a major mama”s boy, his mother blames his mistakes on him being young. He is a grown man ladies, 24 years old don”t fall for that. He is a loser his idea of working is playing xbox 360, he”s abusive to his family and he is very verbally abusive, he admitted to hitting a girl a couple of times. His behavior is very bipolar like and can be dangerous for you. If you date him you need to check his background, he cannot be trusted. He has profiles all over the internet portraying himself as a guy trying to find a honest girl. He”s not. He openly admitted to sleeping with a prostitute one, sleeping with his relative”s girls. He has had 5 aborted kids by different women. He is not a “nice guy” he treats his own mother like trash and he says he doesn”t give a damn who he hurts because his father”s past wasn”t good. Don”t let him make you feel responsible, he has no job, not in school, he barely got a GED at 22. If you get pregnant by him, go very far away from him, he isn”t a good person nor he would make a good father. He threatened me when I was pregnant. I had to get away. Ladies, beware, it”s your choice if you want him but he will put you through the same thing. He”s a spoiled grown man who needs to act like a man. He”s done this too many girls. When you see him go far away. He”s on BEBO, myspace, localhookupz, online booty call, true.com., plenty of fish..and plenty more all profiles are lies. He”s nothing but a 5ft3 Puerto Rican guy who has a big head and bipolar” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 12:32:34 PM - Compare Jose Rivera {Miami, FL}: “At first I found him charming [] but then it was just like everyday all he wants to do was lube up my bootie and stick it in. I think he has a problem, in fact the only thing he liked better was to ride me jackhammer position for like 2 hours. So if you like to frequent the gay bars on south beach watch out for this guy, cause he just has one thing on his mind!” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/2/2011 12:34:55 PM - Compare Julio Rivera {South Fallsburg, NY}: “CHEATED ON HIS WIFE WITH OVER 300 GIRLS IN A 10 YEAR PERIOD. MOST OF THEM HE MEETS THRU HIS MYSPACE OR AT HIS JOB CUZ HE”S A LAZY MECHANIC. YES LADIES HE DOESN”T LIKE TO WORK. HE LOVES HAVING THREESOMES OR ORGIES. AND HIS MOTTO IS “NO SHAME IN MY GAME” HE LEFT HIS WIFE FOR A LESBIAN WHICH HE STOLE THAT GIRL FROM ONE OF HIS FRIENDS. HE SUCKS IN BED ALL HE DOES RIGHT IS FINGER AND EVERYTHING ELSE IT SUCKS! HE HAS 5 KIDS AND ONE OF HIS SON HE NEVER MET. HE”S ABOUT TO BE A FATHER AGAIN WITH TWINS. IT SURE HAS TO BE A STUPID BLONDE BIMBO TO BE STUPID ENOUGH TO GIVE THIS MAN MORE KIDS CUZ HE DOESN”T EVEN CARE ABOUT THE FIRST 5 KIDS THAT HE HAS!!! HIS DISGUSTING, LAZY, SPOILED, ANNOYING, JEALOUS, AND ALWAYS SEEKS ATTENTION AND DEMANDS HE GETS HIS WAY.. HE”S ALSO A PERVERT. LADIES BEWARE!! this guy is a cheat, he”s married with 4 kids and left his wife for a dumb blonde. He knows what you want to hear, he”s the most romantic man on earth in the begiNning and then he plays you. He gets bored easily so soon enough hell cheat on this blonde bimbo soon. He”s on myspace and myyearbook. he will say things that will make you have pity for him and fall for his lies but don”t fall for it. He”s interested in one thing Sex and getting a thrill about the game” SOURCE: DDHG


6/2/2011 12:37:57 PM - Compare Miguel/Mikey/Mike Rivera {York, PA}: “30 yr old. He is Married. Says he is separated but still has to live with wife due to finances and children being young. He is a job hopper and unstable. Worked in his church. Living a double life. Has many female friends he “helps” and counsels. Secretive, texting constantly. Says wife and he are getting a divorce. She had no clue. Says he is not attracted to her and she has no sex drive. Uses children and church to legitimize his story. He is an excellent liar. Uses diversion and wears you down. No conscience, no empathy. Selfish” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 12:39:10 PM - Compare Tim Rivero {Medford, OR}: “This guy is not only a major cheater {he slept with everyone from my closest friends to women in other states} but he is also abusive and a chronic liar. Stay away!” SOURCE: dontdatethis.com

6/2/2011 12:40:38 PM - Compare James Allan Rivers {Murfreesboro, TN} : “Allan Rivers will treat you well, introduce you to his family, let you play with his little boy, and wow you in bed... but he”ll also mortify you by getting himself arrested for being a PEEPING TOM and for LEAVING HIS OWN TODDLER HOME ALONE while he goes to get off while peeping in the windows of strangers. His half~assed way of life will not make a woman happy... especially since he still texts his ex, Andrea Otto, and tells her he loves her while he is trying to get you to pay for his child”s daycare. TOTAL LOSER!! STAY AWAY!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 12:43:48 PM - Compare Jackie Ellison {Memphis, TN}: “He is attracted to big breasted chicks. No matter how she looks. If she is cute, she most likely is lacking self esteem. He has no real self esteem of his own either. He is an avid cheater because of that. He lures girls/women in with his car {works at a car place} or whatever other possession he believes she will be attracted to. He will promise you the world if that would get you to lay down with him a few times. I dated this guy for about a year. If you want to call it dating. He told me he loved me about four months in. I ignored the signs since the 2nd week of knowing him. There were women on facebook and myspace {women that I later found out he had some kind of sexual contact with almost all of them}. He had excuses of why he didn”t want to go places at certain times. He would do things to redeem himself. So, I believed his lies. I finally suspected him, whole~heartedly, a little over a year when I found condoms in his car. I, then, went into his e~mail and facebook and myspace account and found he was more than just a cheater. He was the epitome of a male hoe. He had relationships with everyone. With his baby”s mama, the women on facebook and myspace, he had gotten people pregnant there were two emails about abortions from two different people. I informed as many people as I could. In the end, I don”t know who believed him or me. His baby”s mama {acts like his mother} took him and her excuse was they never had a real relationship. Well, they don”t have one now either. He still cheats as he makes her believe that they are in a relationship. He still contacts ME ~ his ex~fiancée ~ and others and his excuse was he doesn”t know what he got into with “her” {his baby”s mama}” “Just, stay away from him..and anyone like him.. For your own good” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 12:46:00 PM - Compare Nate/Nathan Williams {Mesa, AZ}: “Age: 29” “Race: White” “This guy goes by “Nasty Nate.” Somehow he gets girls and women to sleep with him, but he never tells anyone that he has herpes. He”s given herpes to several women that he has been with, and he knows it, but doesn”t feel bad at all. I know this first hand because someone he trusted told me. I”m glad for this website to make people aware of this awful guy. Nasty Nate also steals money and swindles people. He pretty much does whatever he wants to without any remorse. It”s very sad that he has a young daughter. He says that he loves her, but with the way he treats women, who knows how she will end up. You will know him when you see him because he starts out very charming, but quickly becomes devious. He”s also beginning to lose his teeth, and spends his money on drugs instead of on dental care. Stay away. Even if you feel flattered by him at first, don”t let him infect you and stay away!” SOURCE: dontdatethis.com

6/2/2011 12:47:46 PM - Compare Quincy Williams, aka “Que” , “Chris”, “Terell” {Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, CO Afghanistan}: “This man is married has 7 or more kids” “He”s a dog, he has sex raw...has a baby in every state he has been stationed then denies them...he is disgusting. He uses women for money, even senior citizen that he will meet on line” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 12:49:19 PM - Compare Stanley Wills {Muncie, Indanapolis, Yorktown, IN}: “Stanley Wills a.k.a. Stanley Chrisp, JR. is the lowest life~form on the planet. He is 29 years old, about 250 pounds, just over 6 feet tall, and he is African~American. He has 12 children and counting, does not pay a dime of child support for any of them and does not even claim half of them. He is a convicted felon and sells crack~cocaine for a living. He had four women pregnant at once in 2004~2005. He likes to push his women around and even has a domestic violence conviction on his record. These convictions are matters of public record” “He cons women out of money with promises to pay them back, but he never ever does. He does not like to use protection and always has an STD because he is always sleeping around. Watch out the brother is shifty” “Stanley is a sociopath. He tricks women by buying everything in the beginning, then he starts to borrow and eventually steal from them. He lies when it is easier to tell the truth, and he has a “non~curable” SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE! He does not like to use rubbers, and if he does he will sneak it off or pretend it breaks. He is killing people, and creating sick children in the meantime. Don”t let him near your pets or children!” “Watch out ladies, he is infected and ready to procreate!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 12:50:47 PM - Compare Jeremiah Willsey {Phoenix, AZ}: “this guy is a cheater, a liar, a thief and an alcoholic. He doesn”t like to hold a job..He finds women to take care of him and all the while he lies, cheats and steals. He”s not to be trusted. He”s a smooth talker, the ultimate sales man but if you pay attention and listen closely you will catch him because he”s not the slick. Just watch out...he”s not worth the trouble or heartache...Especially since he can”t keep it up in bed!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 12:52:25 PM - Compare Lee/Leander Webb {Charlotte, NC}: “is a charming attentive person {in the beginning} he will wine and dine you make you the center of his world. Then his other personalities will appear. He will begin to get very possessive, he will isolate you from your friends and family, he will go thru your things, forbid you to have any male friends. He is controlling, has low self esteem, very insecure. He will mentally and emotionally abuse you. He has a history of cheating in the past, but he will convince you that he has changed and he has turned his life over to God. During my relationship with him, he did the above to me and more. Come to find out in addition to that he was cheating on me from day 1 unprotected I might add. He started another relationship while he was still living with me, and know has moved on to the next victim. If you run across him, or you know anyone that dates him, please tell them DON”T. I will warn anyone to save them heartache! He will make you fall in love then, he will get bored and find the next” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 12:54:16 PM - Compare Lucas Deon Webb {Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, FL}: “is a con artist and lies about everything he can under the sun. I lost my virginity to him because I knew I loved him for the person he put himself out there to be and because I believe that when he was saying he would marry me that we would and in return he gave me {his last girlfriend} Herpes and continues to say “he didn”t know” but still goes around having unprotected sex with other females {he acts like he is mentally allergic to condoms} and doesn”t tell them about his STD. He cheated on all three of the girlfriends he has ever had. And has two kids to prove it with the two **** buddies he was with behind my back and his second girlfriend”s back. He is also very fascinated with not only having unprotected sex with females but seeing who he can “accidentally” get pregnant. He has so far including the two **** buddies who had the kids has gotten seven women pregnant but the five of them got abortions unlike the other two. He is now past 17 people he would have had sex with and nearly 70 percent of them have been unprotected. He is happiest when emotionally, mentally, verbally, sexually and physically {yet rarely} abusing the women he is with. If you aren”t doing everything he says he will get upset and start abusing you till you do. He doesn”t like women who are independent in anyway and wants you to cater to his every need. He works in Ft. Lauderdale as an E6 Sergeant at the army base and as a Food Program Manager in a head start daycare in Coconut Grove and South Miami. This “man” is selfish, dangerous to your health, and manipulative in every way” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/2/2011 12:55:53 PM - Compare Oliver Webb {Lincoln, WY& UK}: “He cheated on me for six months, with a girl still in school. Told me he loved me every day, while telling her the same thing. Told me he wanted me to move in with him, told her the same thing {God knows what he would have done if we”d both taken him up on his offer}. Let me spend Ł1000 on a holiday to Jamaica with him, where he spent every day surreptitiously texting her, saying that once we got back he would break up with me {which he didn”t}. When the girl finally told me, he refused to admit it for ages, saying that she was mentally ill, and to just leave it alone. Then admitted it in an email, and since then has been too cowardly to even pick up the phone and talk to me about it. Better off without him, avoid at all costs!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 12:57:46 PM - Compare Simon Webb {Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK}: “Chippenham man on trial over underage sex 8:02am Monday 31st August 2009 By Gazette Reporter » A Chippenham man is to face trial by judge and jury accused of having sex with a 15~year~old girl. Simon Webb is said to have had sex with the child during a four month period last spring and summer. The 25~year~old is accused of committing the offence between the start of April, when the girl was almost 15~and~a~half, and the end of July. Webb, of Brook Street, Chippenham, pleaded not guilty to one count of sexual activity with a child when he appeared at Swindon Crown Court. He was released on conditional bail to Monday November 23 when he is due to face trial by jury” “my name is simon webb I live in chippenham wiltshire. I have been to court on one acount of lowering young girls in to my car. now im going to court in november 2009 for the same thing. so if you are 13yrs to 15yrs keep away” “just look out all you young girls out there for this person! SIMON WEBB FROM BROOK STREET CHIPPENHAM. HE LIKE TO LOWER YOUNG GIRLS AGE 13YRS~16YRS” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 12:59:15 PM - Compare Ben/Benjamin Webber : “He lies about anything and everything, having a girlfriend, having a job, and even going to jail when you start picking apart his lies. Plain and simple, he is a dead beat and lives off the girl he is with and always has a back up so when that girl figures out what”s going on, he has some thing to fall back on. STAY AWAY!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 1:00:24 PM - Compare Michael Benham, aka “Michael Williams” {Kelso/Bathurst, Australia}: “is nasty, sneaky and uses you until there is no more left to use. I was married to him for 17 years, and still didn”t really know him. He cheated on me, lied, and has had no contact with our children even though he lives close by. They call him and he always has an excuse not to see them. Be careful as he also has a severe temper under alcohol and other substances. If he thinks you have money or your family has money he will be there as sweet as. He won”t pay child support and knows how to work the system” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 1:01:47 PM - Compare Chris Benhatzel {West Seneca, NY} : “this kid is an undercover douchebag. He”s not who you think he is. He decides its cute to rub his scruffle on your face and its disgusting. He leads you on and expects you to know what he”s doing. He”ll treat you like he wants to be your boyfriend yet when you least expect it he goes back to his exgirlfriends and tells you “you were only fun”” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 1:03:12 PM - Compare Marshall T. Benjamin : “Unless you want to get taken advantage of for your money, apartment, car and emotions – don”t date Marshall T. Benjamin Sr from Atlanta GA, Brooklyn, NY or Washington, DC. He spends his time online looking for his next sugar momma and if you are Christian, even better for him. He will romance you online and and a host of others until a fish “bites” and then he will move on to the full court press, and he might even pop the question online. And once you let him in your life, don”t expect him to log off the internet. He is always lining up the next one in case you finally figure out he was nothing more than a lying, cheating, manipulative bum with a laptop and a cel phone who hasn”t been able to keep a steady job for a year, for the past 5 years and doesn”t pay his child support on time. And, when busted he will swear it was “a computer error” and look very sincere when apologizing ~ that is because he has perfected the art of lying with sincerity” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 1:09:56 PM - Compare Chris/Christopher Bennett {Pilot Mountain, High Point, Winston Salem, Kng, Rural Hall, NC}: “He has a lot of problems. He has a NASTY PORN ADDICTION! If you date him you will find that he blabs all your business to his mama and daddy! His daddy will be in competition with you for his son and will tell you this. If you feel hurt by the porn, well YOU are the one with the serious mental problem! NOT HIM! Porn collecting to him is like collecting fishing poles! And he will tell you this! His porn habit will come before you so know that before you get mixed up with him. If he has to choose between you and his porn tramps you will lose! He owns enough porn to open his own store but tries to hide his addiction. He will tell you that you come AFTER THE PORN, MOMMY AND DADDY!” “He cries to mamma and daddy! But he always plays the victim! You will be the bad, crazy person! He has poor hygeine! Bad Teeth! You will not find out he has poor HYGEINE until you”ve dated him awhile!” “He is addicted to porn! He has a library full of it! This is not good, not good. He goes to bars to try and pick up women! He does not care about STDs! He will sleep with one on FRIDAY and Another on SATURDAY! This makes him feel superior! When we stopped dating HE SAID “He wanted to go get strange PUSSY at the bars! If you are one of his one night stands he will tell other people you are a HOE! Never mind that he is a manwhore! I know he will because he used to tell me when I ask him about 2 that he had been with at the bar and he said “They are just nasty whores” Expect that from him if you are one of his one night stands! I later found out that he had been having sex with me and someone else! When I ask him about it he LIED! He didn”t even care about me or if he”d give me a STD. He is very much into ONE NIGHT STANDS and said “HE MISSED THAT”! “he”ll ask you to take him home or if he can go home with you. He will get DRUNK sloppy DRUNK! I made him go get cked for STDs and AIDS! I make everyone I am with do that. He told me later in the relationship That he didn”t have a clue how many women he”d been with maybe 50 or 60. I AM SORRY THATS NASTY ! And I told him so. He will want to take naked pictures of you if you do date him. Do Not let him, he wants to show them to his daddy! Be very careful Because he is out there and he does NOT care about STDs! THAT IS TOO DANGEROUS!” “For about a year and a half, he was sweet but it was a big front. Chris is a mamma and daddy boy he likes to run blab all his business to them” “He will tell your sex life, he will tell every arguement! And he always, always plays the victim! He is addicted to PORN ! A Library of porn! So if you want to feel less than a woman he”s the one for you! He will sleep with anything. He doesn”t care about STDS! He does not like to brush his teeth” “after you date him a long time you will find he doesn”t like to bathe! He will go for 2 weeks without washing! He lies! He will have sex with one woman on a FRIDAY another on a SATURDAY! Remember he doesn”t even bathe! And tell you he is only having sex with you! I found out he was sleeping with me and his Boss Lady! When I ask him if he was sleeping with anyone else He flat out LIED! ! Now guess who has to go get checked for a STD! THAT”S JUST WRONG TO BE SO UNCARING ABOUT ANOTHER PERSON!” “He will tell all intimate details of your relationship to his parents as well as any other business you have. His parents run the relationship if you can indeed call it that! Do not expect much with him because he is very much into one night stands!” “He will be sweet in the beginning then mommy and daddy get involved! He will brag to a girl that you are in competition with his daddy for him! {CHRIS} Because daddy has to have babe all to himself. And Mommy will not if she is around let you talk in private with him! She cleans his trailer, cooks his food and mows his grass! If he calls she comes running! He has a PORN ADDICTION that he will push you to the side for!” “If you by some chance get into a relationship he will tell you “You wasn”t suppose to happen I only want one night stands!” His hang out is a bar on peters creek parkway in Winston Salem NC. He gets really drunk that make him feel empowered so he can talk his lines!” “Mommy and Daddy only baby him they have NEVER made him and want let him grow up and be a man. If you can compete with MOMMY AND DADDY and his PORN HABIT.. THEN ENJOY!” SOURCES: DDHG

6/2/2011 1:11:34 PM - Compare Castro Aaron D.: “CHEATER! He was married for 25+ years and cheated on his wife the entire time. And yet, he was so shocked when she found out and divorced his ass. He slept with his best friend”s girlfriend. He cheated on me... and I”m ashamed to admit I stayed with him. I tried to walk away several times, but I was weak and he reeled me back in every time. Until he was tired of me, and I was broke.... then he discarded me with ease. Like a piece of rubbish. He”s easy to become addicted to. He”s smooth and knows all the right things to say to keep you right where he wants you. But he”s a narcissist, and it is always all about him. Don”t loan him any money! Even though he will “accidentally” let it slip that he”s broke. He”s not. DON”T TRUST HIM!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 1:13:52 PM - Compare Nate/Nathan Abara {Sioux City, IA Omaha, NE San Diego, CA}: “Age: 29” “this low life will lie, cheat and steal from you!!! He is a USER and a LOSER!!! This low life piece of **** preys on women, young and old, at the gym, at work, and in the clubs and NEVER uses condoms. At first, He will come across as a nice guy, but when you get to know him look out. He uses women for money, sex, and cars. As a fake personal trainer” “He will **** any girl that pays attention to him. Ask him about who he ****ed while he was in Chicago Nocona, Carolyn, Crystal, Julie, Laya he has spread herpes to two of them and one was already HIV+. He will deny it all, then try and win you back by telling you it”s all lies. Don”t believe it, because he”s good, and he”ll have you fooled. We need to feel sorry for anyone who might be in a relationship with this piece of garbage, and if it”s you, and you fall for his lies, then you”re a lowlife also. That”s right, they”re his lies he”s trying to cover up. If you”re screwing him, you better get yourself tested” “is a habitual liar/cheater/and womanizer! He had a wife that he dumped for a co~worker all while having 4~5 other chicks on the side and maintained them all until he left for the military” “He will ask women repeatedly for sex and for money ~ the guy is always broke and never pays for crap! He”ll pull the I”m pitiful card out because he never has money but he works everyday but blows his money on god knows what! He uses his son as his chick magnet on facebook and myspace to message and meet up with other chicks on the side” “He has a dangerous temper and is a compulsive liar, MANIPULATING, and a TRUE CON ARTIST! At first he clings to you as a friend, but any REAL woman will catch him in a thousand of his lies. He also changes his cell number on a monthly basis because he can”t keep up with all the women and all his lies and is known to have multiple cell numbers such a freak!” “is a true and real SOCIOPATH!” “He preys on young women in their early 20s and he is almost 30!” “A womanizing low life pathetic USER” “he will lie, cheat, and steal from you meaning raking up thousands on credit cards! Known to cheat with young & old women it doesn”t matter in this jerk”s book! He has multiple girls that he constantly uses for money, sex, & for their cars. He never ever uses condoms and is riddled with STDs!! As a fake personal trainer he preys on females at the gym, on his female coworkers & on women in the clubs. This loser had the nerve to join the US Navy and is serving our country as the biggest FRAUD/USER around. When he first approaches you he will come off as a nice guy but if you do not give in to his many lies he will become verbally and physically abusive and will then disappear from ur life” “RUN FROM THIS STD, LYING, SOCIOPATHIC, WOMAN BEATING & DEGRADER OF WOMEN PSYCHO!” SOURCES: datingpsychos.com

6/2/2011 3:20:52 PM - Compare Lou/Louis Roberts {Palm Coast, FL}: “He”ll tell you he does all kinds of work truckdriver, carpenter, ect.. the truth is he doesn”t even want to work. He”s behind on ALL of his bills, always 2~3 wks late for rent, $13,000 behind on child support. I found out he”s a drug user, crack is his choice. That”s why he never has money to take you out anywhere. In the 4 months I wasted with him, we went out 0 times. I found porn videos of very young girls {about 14~15yrs}. Plus, this is the best, I found on his cell phone home videos of his butt hole and penis. He has a blue chair with pecker tracks all over it, which was shown in this video, LOL. Now I know why he wouldn”t get rid of it!! Oh, and to top it all off he will LIE about everything!! That”s what crackheads do. Stay far away from this one” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 6:41:30 PM - Compare Ron Robinson, aka “Rob” {Boise, ID}: “is a user and a loser. He is so very materialistic and will play you for all he can get. Then he”ll haunt you with law suits to only get more money and possessions. He is always playing the victim and nothing is ever his fault. Beware ladies, he”ll only tell you the side of the story that he wants you to hear. He”s been married 4 times and counting. He won”t be happy until he has all the money and possesions one can get. Then he”ll turn on you. He”s very shifty in that he”ll steal / hide things from you including your passwords, pin numbers, etc. and then use them to bribe you and steal from you. He”ll play loving when the game is in his favor and make you think that everyone else, in his past life, is awful. He”ll tell you he”s a Christian {don”t think he even knows where church is anymore}, has Harleys {which he didn”t even pay for but got through divorce}, has travelled the world {on someone else”s dollar}, has a boat {that he didn”t pay for} and is extremely intelligent. What he won”t tell you is he”s broke, has lost his home to foreclosure, has filed bankruptcy several times and everything he has is due to another woman”s misfortune. Beware ladies ... he”s not what he appears. He”s a gold digger!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 6:42:29 PM - Compare Reid Robinson {Manchester, UK}: “REID ROBINSON is a diagnosed sociopath and lives among unsuspecting humans in the island of Bermuda. He is a liar, a manipulator, and a selfish human being. He treats his family like they are dirt and that should be your first sign. He is a good looking man who can sweep you off your feet with his charm, however all the time keeping his options open. He will always be looking over his shoulder at other women no matter what he tells you about how he feels about you!! He will hide your relationship just so he can appear free to other women. Once you get comfortable with him, he will smooth talk you and ask your fantasies pushing you towards an “OPEN” relationship, if you do not agree he will either break up with you or carry on behind your back. He is an evil, selfish manipulative man. He may seem like all that on the outside, but be warned ladies, HE WILLL HURT YOU in the end!! It”s his pattern and has been for a long time. And if you date him I wish you mercy!” SOURCE: initially posted under the profile name words, “by him abused”, DDHG

6/2/2011 6:43:21 PM - Compare Norman Robinson {Washington DC; NC Anywhere}: “will cheat and lie so much you won”t believe it in the end. He is bisexual and claims to be a Buddhist which is a big joke, he claims in an ad to want people who don”t cheat but he has cheated on me like it was Christmas, he has nothing but exes and will talk about his exes all though your relationship with him, has two kids, ex wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, whatever. It took me a while to do this but that ad got me and I think I should give fair warning. Will screw anything RAW, and go the next one, ask him his status, he won”t get tested so he won”t be able to say, I know of at least 12 dudes who came in him a dozen times. Ask him, he”ll tell you like he”s proud. Date him you gonna lose, he is selfish and heartless. A perpetual victim, but he only victimizes. I have never encountered a using person like this in my life. If he can work you in between playing games on line, his friends, his exes and his kids {which is the excuse to **** other people} you can get some sorry loving {sex not loving}. He stinks, is unclean, but looks clean and is what makes men look really bad. Oh and he uses minorities....but you will swear he”s a good guy until the **** hits the fan, and it will. I had enough of the arrogance and self deception which is Norman/Gildastalmadge {can”t even use his real name so that should be a bell ringer, stupid me}. As a friend told me, which I didn”t listen, empty wagons make a whole lot of noise. This is one empty wagon” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/2/2011 6:44:27 PM - Compare Marlon Robinson, aka “jesus_saves1” {Cincinnatti, OH}: “is liar he will lie about his occupation. He can be found on blackplanet as Jesus_saves1. He lives with his ex~wife and son. He don”t take care of his five yr old" "I”m the mother of his five yr old. He will bleed you dry if you let him. He has no car nor place to stay. Lets see no license to drive no money will try to charm you. he has met men on the internet and went and spent time with them. I guess you can say he is gay not bisexual. Marlon hits women but he met his match when it came to me. Women have called my home for him. Oh yeah he has been diagnosed as being bipolar. He wouldn”t take his medication. Let”s see . . he accuse you of sleeping around he is the one doing it. So women beware of this evil person” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 6:45:31 PM - Compare Lee/Leroy Robinson {Scottsdale, AZ}: “I think this guy is on the DL. When I dated him I asked to use his computer. I tried to type in certain information and his computer had that memory so if you type in sex...it would finish off and say transvesties or men who look like women. After getting to know him I checked his email and he would receive emails from these people about dates. Talking about the last time they dated. He also would get so drunk he was a falling down drunk. He ran into several people and the police was always looking for him. I heard that he went to jail for 10 months. You can really tell if this is the guy if he has a eye problem he has to get steroid shots in his eye. He is originally from California. Girls beware of brothers on the DL” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 6:46:43 PM - Compare Kenneth Robinson “Kenneth is a 28 year old anesthesiology resident at the ghetto Cook County Hospital. {He couldn”t get a better residency because he went to Middle School a.k.a. Meharry.} He will make you feel sorry for him by talking about his dead daddy and how he attends church, but he”s a womanizer and a sexual deviant who likes fingers in his anus and will admit in private to being bisexual. He”s cheap and ghetto. I”m ashamed for even associating with this saggy cheeked, old faced, Simpson~colored fool who”s ugly azz can only get women by mentioning he”s a doc, but you live and you learn!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 6:47:07 PM - Compare Jerry Robinson {Pittsburgh, Homewood, East Liberty, PA}: “is a woman beater, & he is bisexual, He wanted me to put frozen hotdogs up his ass while he was on top of me” SOURCE: DDHG

6/2/2011 6:47:28 PM - Compare Joseph B. Robinson, aka “Joe”, “Byron”, “Bernstein” {Chicago, Austin Area Westside, Bellwood, Bolingbrook, IL}: “there is the possibility that he is on the DL, giving his living arrangements and favorite sex position” SOURCE: DDHG

6/3/2011 8:36:18 AM - Compare James Rice [Philadelphia/Mt. Airy, Slocum Street,near Stenton, PA] : “James is 25 or 26 is a low~life dick rider. Plays ball in fake~ass summer leagues in Philly. Walks with a limp/ or used do to a self inflicted basket ball injury. He is secretly a homo. He like to be ****ed in the ass by men. I know this because I walked in on him and one of his homies {he plays ball with} IN MY HOUSE! He enjoys disrespecting women and calling them all types of names. He does this because he secretly wants to be one! He is a weed smoker, has yellow teeth and black finger tips and dirty nails. He wears his hair in braids, they ALWAYS LOOK LIKE SHIT! He drives a beat up car, lives with his mom and has several STDs. GIRLS/WOMEN beware he will try to wear your draws if you leave him alone in your crib!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/3/2011 8:36:41 AM - Compare Larry Rice {Tracy, CA}: “he has a wife. He insists he doesn”t because in California they have a thing called a Domestic Partner Contract for Gay Partners or for Athiests {like he is} who do not want a Religious Wedding but who want a marriage contract. He thinks because it”s “only” a Domestic Partnership he can deny he”s married. He also uses Clinton”s definition of sex and thinks as long as he doesn”t have classic missionary position sex that he “has not has sex with that woman”. He warns the women he meets on line that someone may contact them saying she”s his wife but she”s not she”s only his friend or fiancée or his room mate or his ex. He makes up all sorts of stories about her that gains him sympathy. In some of them she”s his mean Dominatrix who beats him and loans him out to other Dommes or even men. In other stories he makes up: she stocks him and just wishes he”d give her attention but he barely knows her. In other stories she”s strictly a room mate who pretends it”s more or even moved in on him uninvited. In other stories she”s an old ex from years ago in the hippie years who he feels sorry for so he still takes care of her as she”s so sickly or helpless for a number of reasons he makes up which are always changing. In some scenarios she lives with him and travels a lot & in others she doesn”t. The truth is they own more than one home and depending on the time of the year they live in one or more of their homes together or apart. In some scenarios he begs sympathy because his mean Domme won”t share her fortune with him but only tosses him crumbs and makes him beg for what he has and forces him to work when he”s disabled and in others he pretends she”s poor and it”s his money and he”s the one taking care of her and she”s using him and he”s the meal ticket on his meanial teacher”s salary. But all his stories are designed to get sympathy and free phone {or oral} sex. He promises women he will marry them and swears he”s single he even travels to meet them under the guise of looking at property near where they live that he may want to invest in. I know all this as I was one of his victims and later became one of his wife”s friends after hiring a private investigator to find out his game and follow him through three separate cheating affairs after mine which ended in 2002 when he”d already been married for 2 years at that time. He posts himself on several dating sites and hangs out in chat rooms that are for submissive men Dominate Women and Athiests. Watch out girls he likes the young ones as well as the seasoned ones and he has quite the silver tongue” SOURCE: DDHG

6/3/2011 10:32:58 AM - Compare Jose David Gomez, aka “Dave Gomez”, “D” {Staten Island, Long Island, Brooklyn, NY}: “This guy is absolute slime. He ropes women in by doing sweet things, just to f*ck them over later. This cheated on me constantly with married and engaged women, and didn”t consider it cheating because these women were committed to other men...then had the nerve to refer to them as cheating whores. He blames all of his problems on other people, and lied to me about his previously serving jail time and why. This guy loves putting women down and will do so in order to try to convince women that he”s the best they can ever do. He is absolute slime and all women would be advised to ignore his good looks and stay away far far away from him” SOURCE: DDHG

6/3/2011 10:33:47 AM - Compare Frank Valenti {Buffalo, NY}: “is a two timing liar. He tells every woman a different story. For some, he”s a sad, depressed, “victim” of a bad divorce, who just wants to start over again. For others, he”s into partying, going to the bars downtown, drinking, and multiple women. He will tell you what it is YOU want to hear because he”s a sociopath. I honestly think he”s a closet homosexual who uses online dating as a way to find women he can bring home to his Mommy, to prove he”s straight” SOURCE: DDHG

6/3/2011 10:34:20 AM - Compare Joe Valente {Toronto, Canada}: “is on dating sites like plentyoffish and campuskiss. lying, undeserving CHEATER! Careful ladies! He does it with men and women!! He is disease infected! Worse than scum, heartless bastard. He likes men, has Diseases, does a lot of drugs. I saw that he has kiddy porn too on his computer! Keep your kids away from him!” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

6/3/2011 10:34:53 AM - Compare Woody Valentine {Mctootle} [Orange City]: “NOTHING this guy says is true” “Dumb as a stump..his picture is nice but who is to say it is really him?? Says he looks like prince HA! I think he also lives with his boyfriend ewww. Hope no one else falls for his line..he was kicked off match.com for being lewd and rude” SOURCE: DDHG

6/3/2011 10:35:20 AM - Compare Giorgio Valentini {San Francisco, CA}: “Italian guy in SF, gay but pretends to be straight by having a gf so as to hide this from his friends and family. He loves to hang out with guys at gay bars in castro or in other parties and pretend to be all innocent about it. Sweet talker but a big wimp to face reality of his life. He jumps from one girl to another until they find out the truth and move on” SOURCE: DDHG

6/3/2011 10:36:00 AM - Compare Joie John Valeriano {Richlands, NC}: “Age: 27” “is a SGT in the usmc. He likes guys, and the only reason he wanted to get married was to prove that he wasn”t gay to anyone else” “he is a complete control freak... He will not allow you to have friends, he wants to control every second and every min of the day .. He has to know what you”re doing at all times, he won”t let you go to the bathroom alone, calls you over a hundred times a day. He stalks you” “I was at my sister”s house and he stole a chair from someone”s yard to peek through her windows to see what I was doing knowing I had five kids in the house sleeping. He completely creeps people out.. He is obsessed with himself. Everything is about him.. He is into himself a lot too... He might also possibly be gay but didn”t want the marines to find out.. He even likes to try on girls clothes.. I had a miscarriage and he went to california to party it up with his friends and even dressed up as a nun” “his longest relationship before me was two months” “He is still a baby... Also he is still attached to his mommie”s tits.. His parents still pay his bills. He is the oldest of three boys. He doesn”t care about anyone but himself. You could be on your death bed and he wouldn”t care at all” “He also talks you to death and is one of the most boring people on the planet. He”s verbally abusive and physically abusive” “has a habit of hitting little kids too. Kinda why we fight” “He flipped out cus I had a friend who I talked to... He called the cops and told them I was committing adultery because I was babysitting my niece and nephews and I couldn”t be home with him.. He is also a liar.. he lies so damn much I think he honestly believes himself... But he”s so bad at it cus he always ends up telling on himself.. Every time there was a argument he involved the military cus he”s too much of a ***** to handle anything on his own.. Real piece of **** .. Trust me if you value your freedom and self respect you will tell this guy to go **** himself” SOURCE: formerly datingpsychos.com profile, now on womansavers.com

6/3/2011 11:13:09 AM - I think Jay is one of those “10 Guys You Never Date...Ever!” by Tasha Cunningham, & he seems to have ALL 10 deficits ... : “1. The Liar ~ Your interactions with him are based on false information that wastes your time. His coping skills are zero, and he will do it over and over with false apologies when caught. You believe him, and then get sucked in again. [] 2. The Addict ~~ Can you fix him? No. Will he fix himself? Maybe. In the meantime, his ability to interact and forge real relationships is stunted, no matter how good a man he might be. The haze of addiction clouds everything. [] 3. The Kid Who Won”t Grow Up ~ He will forever need a mother, not a lover. [] 4. The Angry Man ~ He will destroy your self~esteem and self~confidence over time. [] 5. The Mama”s Boy ~ He is the Kid Who Won”t Grow Up, with his mother attached. [] 6. Mr. Too Good To Be True ~ He will come on strong, hook you and then disappear, every time. [] 7. The Drama King ~ He creates ups and downs that turn your life into a yo~yo. One minute it”s good then the next minute it”s bad, and it”s all about him, always. [] 8. The Coward ~ He is afraid to love and afraid to leave, and he won”t have your back when it counts. [] 9. The Passive and Distant Man ~ He is the one of the most frustrating of all. He turns on the charm when he senses you leaving, and then pulls back when he knows he has you. He will always be absent, wistful, and wanting more. You will not be enough. [] 10. The Control Freak ~ This man will eventually abuse you, first verbally and emotionally, then physically” .. Let me put it this way..had anyone warned me .. told me THIS MUCH TRUTH, about ANY guy that has THIS MANY PROBLEMS.., and if he/she had told me BEFORE I could decide if or not I wanted to date him.., I would have stayed clear! His past, [& very possibly his present] included [still might!] SERIALLY CHEATING WITH MARRIED WOMEN! Listen to Shawn Colvin lyrics in “Polaroids” , on both YouTube sites: “ever the malcontent..he left without incident..vanished into thin air” …because Colvin understands what males like Jay are like. Colvin captured perfectly how these kinds of azzholes make women depressed. I suspect the guy about whom Colvin wrote that song was someone who was JEALOUS of her, her talents..and everything else HE did not have! .. especially her own confidence in herself, professionally/musically/sensually/openness/ability to truly love, or otherwise.., which he would WANT to destroy. Reminds me of other musical duos that failed, Ike & Tina, Joni & Chuck Mitchell [to read about the latter, read “GIRLS LIKE US”], when it seems, both men in those musical combos, seemed threatened by the talents of their female partners [tongue in cheek, here]..did not want to be “overshadowed” so did anything they could, apparently, to sabotage the skills, potential or confidence of their partners, on every level they could, subtly or unsubtly, covertly or overtly. About Shawn Colvin..yes..it came out in the media that she suffered depression….how could she HELP but suffer depression, if she encountered someone like the FRAUD I knew? It would have, I imagine, been EVEN WORSE for her, if the man who jerked her around was EVEN MORE TALENTED or more sophisticated than Jay. Jay, IMOP, was NOT sophisticated .. rather, he used FRAUDULENT MANIPULATION TACTICS of SOPHISTRY/SOPHISM, much like I think the former husband of Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughs, used on Sylvia and on the next woman after Sylvia. It has been written that Hughs more or less “rode” on success of Plath, to try to advance his own literary career. Anyone is welcome to comment on this point. For example, did you think that Ike Turner ALSO “rode” or was “codependent” on the talents of Tina, for his success?

6/3/2011 6:59:20 PM - It was in Brown Town, near Front Royal, VA, where I invited Jay to the home of Ed Constanza, who I thought of, then, as a friend of a friend, Matthew [Matt] Andrea. I had met Matt when I was age 16. Ed”s house had once been an old school house. Ed turned the schoolhouse into a home. Ed then, had invited his friend, mutual to me, Matt, whom I had known since age 16, to a gathering at his place in Brown Town, VA, in the late 1990s. Matt was a peer of Ed Constanza”s at Georgetown University in the 1960s. Matt & Ed both attended Georgetown University in the 1960s. Ed Costanza owned the “renovated school house” that he turned into a home, to which I was invited, in the mid 1990s. Jay, as my significant other, in that same time frame, went with me [EAGER, I feel sure, now, that he, Jay, could “ride” on the “ins” of my social contacts, b/c, I think, MANY OF HIS OWN HAD FAILED, after he cheated on his past partners!] Ed Costanza had been a friend to Matt Andrea, since college, together at Georgetown University [the SAME COLLEGE WHERE MY OWN FATHER GRADUATED. MY FATHER ACHIEVED A CAREER IN FOREIGN SERVICE!] Matt, I think, focused on the field of Urban Development. He became, consequently, IMOP, successful in that professional track. I will omit more details for now, but I think what Jay did was DESTROY my friendship connections from back then, even those I had developed since I was age 16 [I knew Matt Andrea back that far, & had spent time with Matt & his then college friends, met many artists who helped me develop my love for folk music, from 1968 forward..many of them friends in common, to Matt Andrea & myself!] Oh, please, please..DO NOT TRUST Jay Brown. He will hurt you in more ways than you can imagine! I care not if Melinda heeds me or not. No doubt, she probably will not. But for other women/men Jay might or probably will, try to dupe after Melinda, this is my warning.My main point, though, is that Jay is a FRAUD who has caused much tragedy in the lives of THREE WOMEN: Pattie, Lorrie and me. I doubt anyone can refute that fact. NOR can they refute the FACT that Jay ADVERTISED himself as BI on a site for SWINGERS, seeking sex with a BI or BIcurious MAN or MEN.. that was the SAME curious/irresponsible BI side of his personality that Pattie told me ALSO played out in his life with her..ANOTHER FACT, apparently, and about which TWO of her GAY MALE friends KNOW.I explained, in one comment above, about how Jay told me [said this in the 1st or 2nd year while living with me] that he was “negatively enmeshed” with Lorrie. Yes. He SAID that. Negative enmeshment means to be TRAUMA BONDED with someone. I think part of his sickness is that he WANTED/WANTS women to be “trauma bonded” with him. Well..I’m not “trauma bonded” anymore. I am FREE of him. His problems, whether she recognizes/acknowledges them or not, are HERS now, not mine. But I truly believe that it was in his SEXUAL ADDICTION phase [kind of like a “fugue” moment] that he began his affair with Melinda. Whatever triggered that phase [there ALWAYS is a trigger] .. possibly his porn renting/buying, but it seemed to escalate on that last vacation I took w/him in NC..with the strip club incident]..whenever it began, I believe his triangulating Melinda into our picture, on a sexual level, started or escalated, during that SEXUAL ADDICTION phase.Even in the story Jay tried to have published in The Sun [meanwhile “sharing” with me how Melinda was “encouraging” him to write], ..the one about that stripper, Faith, it seems obvious he was trying to CONVINCE himself of what a “good guy” he had been with me..the part about how he “tried to be supportive” .. almost boasting about how we had hardly had an argument all those years. What crap! One paragraph from the book, GIRLS LIKE US, about the life of Joni Mitchell, puts things in true perspective, about males like Jay Brown: “In two very different ways, over twenty~plus years, she had lost two babies, and in both cases men had profoundly let her down by failing to hear what she wanted but did not say, instead of what they wanted and she agreed to.” [486] When men use women as vehicles/vessels for masturbating in and/or ride on the backs of women for their purses, yet convince them they are doing otherwise, for years, they are no better than gigolos or pimps, when DEHUMANIZING women.

6/5/2011 1:00:01 PM - Compare Johnny/John Stryker {Rocky River, OH}: “lured me into his den with sweet talks of marriage, love, and kids... all while he was playing a controlling, manipulating game to get me to submit to his every request. I fell for it and didn”t see it coming. I was often told, “You”ll do it if you love me. We can”t move forward unless you.”... He was so controlling me made me get rid of my guy friends, move out of my house where I had a male roommate and move into a condo, and even made me get rid of my myspace page. All while he was convinced me to do sexual things I wasn”t into... naughty pics, videos even a 3some... 2 days after our 3some his door was being beat down by another girl, Angel he was cheating with. In addition to the sexual abuse the physical abuse wasn”t any better... he tried choking me one time badly, had bruises on my arm from being thrown across his room and even a bite mark so deep on my belly that it stayed for days. He is so charming that he can convince the world its all you when he is a very Controlling Manipulative man. He makes it seem like women are obsessed with him... in my case I thought I really loved the broken fella... so ladies be careful bc John Stryker will never be able to commit to one woman, nonetheless stop the abuse game” SOURCE: DDHG

6/5/2011 1:34:54 PM - Compare Joseph Russo {Palm Beach County, FL}: “is addicted to sex with strangers ~ female and male” SOURCE: DDHG

6/5/2011 1:37:35 PM - Compare Kevin Russo : “Trust me. Don”t date him girl! This guy will lie and tell you anything you want to hear. He will compliment you and flirt with you all to get you in bed” “He is horrible in bed” “selfish. You will find him in the bar or wasted somewhere. He is always on something. Double wrap it if you do decide to sleep with him, girl, cause you are guaranteed an STD. He is the kind of guy that would sleep with you, your mom, you sister and probably your brother! Oh and he smokes and has inches of plaque on his teeth” SOURCE: DDHG

6/5/2011 1:45:45 PM - Compare Michael Russo, aka “Mike Rousseau” {Boca Raton, Palm Beach FL and CA}: “PREDATOR” “THIS MAN IS CURRENTLY IN JAIL FOR FELONY BATTERY AGAINST THE MOTHER OF HIS 2 YR OLD CHILD” “Normally seeks his victim through churches or Christian web sites. Recently affiliated with tattoo shops and proclaimed sport~biker Exposed countless women to HPV and refuses to use protection, rumored to participate in gay sex. Uses his website http://liquidfusionstudio.com/ to cyber~stalk women” “Is Married violent, refuses to pay child support, been baker acted and on mental health medication. This man needs to stay in Jail. Has a history of arrest and violent crimes against his ex~wives in both Broward and Palm Beach County, Florida. Verifiable on both counties” clerk of the courts public search sites. Let the facts speak for themselves. Also uses the web site http://praisesocial.com/ to meet women, apparently he is the administrator” SOURCE: DDHG

6/5/2011 2:06:21 PM - Melinda met Jay & I at Ed Constanza”s place in Brown Town, VA. Ed had one or two parties that Jay & I both attended there. At one of them, I overheard Ed”s argument w/his then girlfriend, a naturalist [sorry, I cannot recall her name, but she was blonde, was neither thin nor fat, but had a pleasant disposition, all around], she had worked, in, I think, a respectable county government position, possibly for Arlington County, in VA. I overheard Ed, I allege, verbally abusing her for making “too many eggplant recipes” for the party. I was appalled! Why would Ed be complaining to his then girlfriend, who, as far as I could tell, had HELPED Ed landscape his Brown Town, VA property, or, if not that, at least, helped Ed plant his substantial veggie garden on same property, w/her hard labor? I recall the wooden stakes all around..protecting the garden, w/bars of soap nailed to their tops, to keep the deer away. I am blessed..or cursed.. with an eidetic memory, a rare form of memory where one can remember everything in incredible detail. Thus truth, in CLEAR DETAIL, about the past, does not escape me. Same memory allowed me to become the musician I became. Ed Costanza specialized, I think, in some kind of Human Ergonomics/Factors field, at least, that is what I gathered from Ed spouting his credentials to me & his peers, then. Ed, back then, claimed to be a republican, but I also overheard Ed Costanza & Matt Andrea, when I attended one party that Ed hosted, in the 1990s at Brown Town, where Ed & Matt discussed how they had taken [“dropped” is the “hippie” term”] psychedelics, not sure if it was LSD, mescalin or siliciben, but I was disappointed in the BOTH of them, for their seeming contradictions, in philosophy, i.e., why would Ed claim to be a “republican” when/if Ed consumed that sh*t? B/C of all these contradictions that I noticed from, seemingly, Ed & Matt, I profiled Ed on DDHG, & b/c, I later thought that Ed had opened up his Brown Town home, back then, to a “free for all” or potential “free love chance” [as in, I allege, potential “orgy” oppty, or oppty for WHOVER to cheat on his/her mate .. seemed Ed and/or Matt did this at least twice, once when I was around age 18, the second, 30+ years later, also in Brown Town.] My “sensory detection/perception” systems should have been better honed by the mid 1990s, b/c, when I was still a teen/minor.. yes, in this same town, Ed & friends threw a party, w/their then Georgetown U. friends, in the summer. All guests were ENCOURAGED to feel “uninhibited” .. as if it were Walden Pond. At night one of the GU guys read poetry by Rimbaud & e.e. cummings, etc.. I was btwn age 16 & 18 then. All slept on the living room floor, most in sleeping bags. The party went on all wknd. The 1st night, my sleeping area was not far from Matt”s. I heard him masturbate, next to me. I felt sickened. He was NOT very quiet about it. I was NOT interested in Matt as a b/f, I felt no attraction to him, whatsoever, in that respect. It bothered me, what he did. I compartmentalized my thoughts, back then, about Matt, though, b/c he seemed to be a good frnd to me, a bright man & talented photographer, so I remained friendly/platonic to him for yrs., tried not to let that one incident “color” my opinion of him, so I would not immediately think of him as “immoral” back then. Yet, in that same summer, I recall Matt had invited me to join him & his girlfriend, & maybe another frnd of his, to a rock quarry, off Rt 81, in VA. I seem to recall that Matt”s then girlfriend was miffed @ him for some reason, but I could not tell why. When we got to the rock quarry, he was persuading everyone to go skinny dipping in BROAD DAYLIGHT! I think that Matt hoped, back then, for a “voyeuristic” nudist experience w/the females in the group, including me. Still, I dismissed it as “boys will be boys”, but I swam in my bathing suit, that day, not in the nude [as I think he hoped I would] >than 30 yrs later, Ed threw another party in Brown Town. It was as if many who attended Ed Costanza”s home there, especially the MALES who attended, sought an “opportunistic” moment [I more than suspect..a SEXUAL one!] w/ “available” women at same event/s, as if not caring for the moral feelings of anyone else, especially VULNERABLE females who envisioned MONOGAMY as their lifepath …w/exceptions. One exception, I think, was Melinda Yalom, who attended w/her husband, Ed Rejuney, another party, in the 1990s, hosted at Ed Costanza”s Brown Town place. She would later, I allege, exploit my relationship w/Jay [at that pt. he had lived w/me >6 years], as if it was OK for her to later “passive aggressively” horn in while STILL MARRIED to Ed Rejuney, to destroy my relations w/ Jay, after Jay & I had lived together for >6 yrs, & help him DESTROY networks I had built for yrs. It took me many years to sus out all of his lies. My final opinion is that Jay is emotionally/mentally ill & a BOUNDER~GIGOLO hybrid.

6/5/2011 2:49:29 PM - Compare William GayBert, aka “Billy Busa” {BoonVille, IN}: “Age: 42” “Occupation: Gay trucker” “Billy Busa Is a psycho. He spends most of his time wackin it to gay porn. There is no bigger pleasure in Billy”s life than to think of two maybe even three dudes butthumping in a shower” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/5/2011 2:52:05 PM - Compare Darick Gayden {Jackson, Columbus, MS, School of Math}: “Beware, even though this slug is getting married, he is still dangerous. He will not change. He says awful things about innocent people. He trashed his marriage vows. He cheated and had unprotected sex with multiple women. He calls himself a religious forgiving man. That is a lie. He is trying to hurt innocent people now. What a ***. Boo hoo for Darick the Dog, he is so misunderstood. He could not keep his wife, because he cheated on her. He is very religious now, because everyone is against him. He gets married now, because there was one person that was too desperate to care” SOURCE: DDHG

6/5/2011 4:11:17 PM - Compare Charles Mayaka, aka “Michael Charles Johanness” {Syracuse, NY} : “This guy is truly the best liar I have ever met. For three months I thought I was dating a guy named Michael Johanness from England. He says he is an aerospace engineer for Lockheed Martin. Claims he went to Syracuse University and graduated in 2006 {more like 2008}. He wants you to think that he is brilliant. He says he graduated high school and college early, was in the Royal Air force and then got his Masters in England. It can”t be possible, if he is telling me he is 24. Although no one really knows his true age. His life is fantastic. His parents are diplomats for the UK government. Still have no confirmation that this is true. They allegedly work in China and Japan, and he will tell you he has diplomatic immunity in the US. I never got to meet any of his friends or family, and when it was brought up it was a dissapointment that I didn”t trust him. He will tell you he works late all the time. One night his working late was going out to the bar. He was picking up girls, moments after talking to me on the phone. The girl he chose happened to be my best friend”s sister. He told her his name was Charles and that he was born in New Jersey. He was later set up by my friend and I {on a date one of the nights he was working late and didn”t have time to see me} and mercilessly humiliated. After about 50 requests he showed me an ID. Nothing with his DOB, but a student ID that said Charles Mayaka. He then called his mom. He will lie to get you into bed as much as he can. I honestly think that he is some kind of sex addict who uses lies to get what he wants. I couldn”t tell you if anything he has said in the past several months has been true” SOURCE: DDHG

6/5/2011 5:38:52 PM - Compare Grant McBride, aka “Grant Jolley” {Alamogordo, NM}: “I spent 2 and a half years with this guy, he has cheated on me with at least 5 other guys, ran up all my credit cards, messed up my credit, and is just a downright ugly bastard” SOURCE: DDHG

6/6/2011 10:55:45 AM - Compare Rich/Richard Beers {Harrisburgh, PA}: “Does horrible drugs, such as crack cocaine. Not a good person. Do not breed with him. He is also Bisexual, so will cheat on you with anything that moves” SOURCE: DDHG

6/6/2011 10:56:26 AM - Compare Christopher Beckwith {Toms River, NJ}: “is on his third marriage and has never been faithful once. He has 3 wonderful daughters that he hasn”t seen in years and never wants to see again~ nice father!! He is a part time musician~thinks he’s gods gift to women. He doesn’t leave a woman until he has another to move in with. He also has problems with his sexuality~ can’t figure out which way he wants to go!! He is also a habitual liar!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/6/2011 10:57:02 AM - Compare Jong Tran {Medford, MA}: “Age: 29” “I have tons of email between this person and a person pretending to be 13 years old that he tried to solicit sex from. Apparently he has a girlfriend too. If anyone knows the location of this pedophile, please let me know. Unfortunately, I wasn”t able to finish my little investigation before it ended. Here”s what I learned from his emails” “He”s a 29 yo, Asian male, lives in Medford, has a panty smelling fetish” “Drives a Silver Toyota Camry” “Cheats on his gf cause they don”t get along {his words}” “Originally from Vietnam” “In the first day of chatting, says has gf, just wants to be friends. Yet in the 2nd day and on, asks the decoy 13 yo. many sexual questions and tells her his fantasies. By the 3rd days, wants sex from her” “Very needy, if no response in 4 ~ 6 hours, he thinks she doesn’t like him anymore” “Went off the grid when he realized it was a setup” “I”ll update this more as my investigation continues” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com


6/6/2011 10:59:23 AM - Compare Doug/Douglas Romero {Metairie, New Orleans, LA}: “is a liar, a cheater, a user, a bi~sexual, and steroid abuser. I KNOW. I dated him for 3 years and we lived together for 2 and a half years. He is a liar~always said there was no one else, however EVERY TIME I looked in his phone, there were sexually explicit text messages to and from other women, which last time I checked is inappropriate behavior when you”re in a committed relationship with someone else. He would tell me they are “just friends”, but I”d call the girls, and they”d tell me otherwise. I”ve lost count on how many times I caught him cheating. I”ve had numerous chances to cheat on him, but I”m not like that. I cannot cheat on anyone no matter how they treat me, because I know how much it can hurt someone”s heart. I was dumb and always took him back praying and hoping he wouldn”t do it anymore. Come to find out, he has cheated our entire relationship. When I”ve had conversations with some of these women, they”ve told me lies that he”s told them. He will brag about himself, but it”s all embellished in order to make himself look like a real prize” “He”s not even good at cheating, because he gets caught every time. He will lie about his age. He tells you he is 29, but he is 34, and will be 35 in November 07. He owns nothing! No home, no furniture. The car he”s been driving has been in my name ever since he got it. The insurance is in my name, and I pay for it. It”s a ****ty old 1993 Acura with an old faded, crappy, rusty old paint job. Today, I transferred the title and registration over to him. I also, dropped him from my car insurance policy. He”s still using me for a roof over his head. I cannot kick him out because we are both listed on the rental lease. And he whines that he has no place to go. All these girls he cheats with and he has nowhere to go?? Is he serious?? Not my problem, I”m not the one who lied and cheated. He refuses to look for another place to live until our lease is up in December 07. He claims to have a ton of friends who are like “family” to him, but if they REALLY were like “family”, I think they”d let him stay with them until he finds another stupid girl {or guy for that matter} to take care of him as I have done. Obviously, these friends don”t want him either. He”ll need a place that is fully furnished and allows large dirty dogs. {His bullmastiff and himself} He”s a bisexual~a year ago, he left his email up on MY computer. I read some of his messages and there was an email to some guy he had met on some dating/sex website. Doug wrote in the email that he”d never been with a guy, but was definitely interested in pursuing a physical relationship with one. I should have known he was bisexual when he bought a strap~on dildo for me to use on him. He would ask me to lube up my hand with Astroglide and **** him in the ass with my fist and then he”d attach the strap on to me and ask me to **** him in the ass with it. I”d do it because I loved him and wanted to satisfy him so that he wouldn”t stray, but afterwards I”d think to myself, “What the Fuck are you doing? He”s a sick mother ****er. Ladies, this guy is NO GOOD. I wish I had gotten rid of him sooner, because he has caused me nothing but heartache and a ton of confusion. It”s not a good feeling at all. He”s a steroid abuser. He has been using steriods since he has been in high school. He”s been told by several physicians that his body is no longer capable of producing testosterone naturally on it”s own, because of all the steroid abuse. He continues to abuse steroids, because his body needs testosterone in order to perform sexually. His body has no other way of producing testosterone, so he fights this {artificially} by injecting himself with steroids containing testosterone in order to maintain a sex drive. I bailed his ass out of jail not once, but twice” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/6/2011 12:27:49 PM - Compare Ramon White {West Palm Beach, FL}: “coke head drug addict alcoholic smooth talking piece of shyt acts as if he”s so religious and so concerned with being righteous ~he uses and abuses people~he puts you down to make himself feel better~he tells you w/I 2 days he loves you ~got me pregnant on purpose then left me~then turned around and told mutual friends I”m crazy and the kid”s not his, he took my ideas for a business and ran with it~he made my child love him~and then deserted that friendship~he might also be gay from all the things I”ve been hearing and seeing~you would never guess that this is him ~he thinks he”s slick~he also sells drugs and robs friends and clients~background check shows fraud on his record~but he”s doing a lot worse than that he”s just not got caught yet~plz make sure u strap up with him, I”ve seen now his track record and it”s trife~I am disgusted with every inch of my body that he touched~I can”t shower/bathe enough I would not wish him on my worst enemy” SOURCE: DDHG

6/6/2011 12:35:22 PM - Compare Bobby/Rob/Robert White {Horsham, PA}: “is a loser that wins you over with his nice guy façade. He makes you feel bad for him, telling you stories about all the bad things that have happened to him, playing himself up as a victim. He started off being really sweet and emotional, he acted like he genuinely cared about me. However there were always incidents where he would show his true colors. And he does come with his share of baggage including having a little girl with a mentally unstable drug addict. One time he had even become very violent and punched me several times in the face, neck and chest, he is currently on probation. He has been known to just disappear for days or weeks at a time. He would eventually call saying he left the state to visit his cousin or he was in the hospital or someone died. I heard rumors and I had beliefs of my own about what he might have been doing and let”s just say it involves sleeping with loose, disease ridden girls and a couple men. I didn”t care to try find out what he was really up to, I would just stop talking to him. But after months of not speaking he would always find a way back only to be an even bigger dick. I broke the cycle and cut him out of my life for good. Do yourself a favor and never let him in your life. He may seem great at first but once he knows he has you he changes, making you more and more miserable. He has serious mental issues that he needs to deal with, alone!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/6/2011 1:08:04 PM - Compare Michael Whitfield {Southaven, Horn Lake, Walls, Cleveland, Olive Branch, MS}: “He is a Liar Cheater and a *** DO NOT LEND HIM ANY MONEY. HE DONT PAY BACK. HE THINKS HE IS ALL THAT AND HE IS GAY. Check him out on BP and Bgclive http://www.blackplanet.com/BigWhitfield/” SOURCE: DDHG

6/7/2011 8:59:04 AM - Compare Jory Kyle Whitlock {Durant, Ada, OK}: “he LOVES women with children, preferably divorced but he”s OK with them still being married, and if you”ve been beaten in one of your last relationships he likes that too. Makes him feel all “manly” inside to come in and “save you”. If you are a young lady who hasn”t been married, nor beaten or experienced motherhood and you encounter this lad, he will take you to his mother as a “sacrificial lamb” in which she will work her “Mormonism magic” to slowly destroy your every dream, vision and aspiration. No matter what you do, you will never be “good” enough for her little boy ~ and you will never “fit” into their family. He will sit back, and enjoy the spectacle as she rips you apart, all the while saying nothing and then denying anything at all happened. He lies and he cheats, but don”t bother confronting him about it, he will create his own stories of “truth” to disguise any shred of incriminating information in which you have against him. I would suggest reading “The Pattern of the Double~Bind” before thinking about dating him or even associating with him for that matter ~ because if you date him you will be living the hell of the Double~Bind. He is Mormon, and regardless as to what he says, he is Mormon to his very core, there is no changing in that area. He will drain you of every last morsel of life and money that you have in you. He will mooch and expect you to care for his every need and every whim. He has terrible hygiene, and likes to get rough in bed ~ and if you object, that makes it much better for him. He will never tell you the truth, nor will he tell you the whole story about anything, keeping you in the dark is part of his control tactic. If you knew the whole story you could then make an educated decision about him, and he can”t be having you thinking on your own ~ because if you knew the truth, you would leave him. He is addicted to pornography of all kinds. He keeps a stash of Playboy and porno tapes/DVDs hidden, yet within reach so an evening at home alone he can “play”. He likes to play the “wounded pup” card, acting as if he”s been handed a bad hand at life, saying he”s never really had a chance, and acting as if he”s just down on his luck. Don”t believe a word that he says, he creates his own bad luck, and his very being thrives on being an asshole to anyone and everyone that he can. He truly enjoys making others miserable, that is where he finds his true happiness, but then he realizes he”s really not happy, and thus it must be you that are the sole root of his misery ~ the misery that he brought on himself” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/7/2011 9:00:16 AM - Compare Rocky Allen {Oaklahoma City, OK}: “is a “music producer” entrepreneur from Oklahoma. From 1998 through 2004 he lived in the New York area, {Mt. Vernon, Brooklyn, Harlem, Jersey City...} where he purposively worked on various music projects. He established a company called, Shine Baby Inc, and Roc4Tune and is a member of ASCAP. He is active in the HIp Hop community. I really do not know for certain of any of his successes, accept for music he says he wrote for an HBO pilot and a pending venture with Kool Moe D. It was revealed that not only was Rocky cheating on me with this 40+ year woman, but it was discovered by her daughter one evening when she happened to walk in on Rocky and Robert in the middle of the night standing in the room naked, facing each other and fondling each other”s penis! Rocky is on the DL!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/7/2011 9:01:49 AM - Compare Burton Allison, aka “Ted Davis”, “Jim Davis”...probably more... {British Columbia, Kelowna, Canada}: “Ladies, this guy is a charmer, but he is bad news. He uses multiple aliases...has gone by Ted Davis, Jim Davis, and probably many others. He sometimes goes by Bert Allison, Burt Allison, or Allison Burton. He loves the internet dating scene, and will let you call him by his “screen name” even long after you have started dating {or until you realize it isn”t his real name and call him on it!}. He has TWO ex~wives, SEVERAL ex~fiancées, AT LEAST four biological children {who he is not supporting} and he will leave you emotionally and financially ruined. He starts dating one person, but keeps his eye out for “bigger and better” and when things start to go bad he just moves on, leaving you to deal with the financial devastation he leaves behind. Be careful of his anger, as well. He”ll do his best to keep it in check at first, but once he lets loose, look out! He”s an amazing chameleon and it will seem like the two of you have everything in common, but he”s just agreeing with everything you say because he has no clue who he is anymore. He might come across to you as that “little boy lost”, he”ll set off all your maternal instincts and you”ll just want to “take care of him”. Trust me, ladies, he”s one project you”d do well to steer clear of!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/7/2011 9:02:56 AM - Compare Tyler Alloy, aka “Walt” {Dallas, TX}: “this is my husband. Today is 1 25 09 and we are still actually married. We had a house in the country. His 13 year old daughter had lived with us since she was 8. Then one day, about a year ago, he decided not to come home. He always had addiction issues. He drinks endlessly. The only time he calls me now is to be hateful to me. He likes to tell me how I am trash and how he can”t stand me and about all the women he has slept with. He also lies to himself regularly. He has convinced himself that we are not really married. I think he may have started using meth but I honestly don”t know for sure. He has taught me a lot and I enjoyed our marriage but he never believed in me and never tried including me in his circle of friends or family. He has a terrible habit of wanting to yell at me almost every night. I have been to the hospital on more than one occasion. I was with him about 6 years and his first wife who went through all the same things was with him 10 years. Other than that though he is very talented and intelligent. If you ever have questions about him please ask. I care about him a lot but I am not interested in perpetuating deceits of any kind” SOURCE: DDHG

6/7/2011 9:03:51 AM - Compare Baha Alrashed/Almomani, aka “Steve” {District of Columbia}: “is a complete creep. He”ll come off as sweet, charming, and considerate, but it”s all a front. His main goal is to sleep with as many women as possible, and he”s currently dating a girl whom he”ll never marry because “she already gave him the goodies” and she”s not Muslim. He also has a fiancée back in Jordan. Let me also add that he”ll try to become your friend, use you for whatever he can get {car rides, money, a phone, clothes, time, food, etc.}, so WATCH OUT! Never leave your wallet or information in front of him, because he”ll look through it and take whatever he can. Then, he will lie about it and try to make you feel guilty. If he approaches you, RUN. Oh, I believe he has STDs because as of right now he”s had sex with over 100 girls and HE”S NEVER BEEN TESTED. I was never with this guy, but I feel that I have to do my womanly duty and warn the entire female population about him” SOURCE: DDHG

6/7/2011 9:05:23 AM - Compare Oram Miller {Los Angeles, CA}: “Age: 64” “Occupation: Building Biology home inspector” “The websites speak for themselves. Oram Miller used to be an osteopathic physician in Maryland, California and Iowa. In Maryland he lost his license for sexually abusing a patient and sexually abusing a non~patient teen. He evidently was then practicing in California without a license and ran into trouble for that. He moved to Iowa where he received a medical license. He continued sexually touching female patients in Iowa. The Iowa Board of Medical Examiners evidently demanded that he follow up with a psychologist. After several years of licensure, he confessed to the psychologist that he was continuing to sexually touch his patients and had done this with over thirty patients” “During his time as a physician in Iowa he married a beautiful woman who he shared his office building with. She was an acupuncturist. After she found out about his sexual proclivities, she had a breakdown and ended up in a hospital and then a nursing home for several years” “Oram lost his Iowa license, but never served time in prison for his crimes” “After his career as an osteopathic physician, Oram Miller took classes in “Bau~Biologie” and became a Certified Building Biology Environmental Inspector and an “EMF” Consultant. It”s a New Agey thing where the inspector looks at your house for electro~magnetic fields in your bedroom that might interfere with your sleep and other things such as mold. While I have no knowledge of how his sexual perversions have played out since he lost his medical license, I might point out that his current profession allows him to be alone with women in their bedrooms” “Oram Miller is also associated with the transcendental meditation organization and likes to hang out with people in that organization. He also has worked at a radio station as an announcer for “world music.” He likes to folk dance and joins folk dance groups. He worked in Minneapolis, MN before moving to California” “Anyone dating Oram Miller should understand his past and understand that his current profession gives him ample opportunity to continue his sexual assaults on women” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/7/2011 10:56:01 AM - Compare Jay/Jamez Thomas {Newark, DE}: “This “man” if you can even call him that is a poor excuse for a human being. He has lead a path of destruction and lies wherever he has been. His real name is Jamez but he goes by Jay or Justice and has traveled all over the country and it seems to be a constant that he is a liar, a cheat, and a deadbeat who does not work and feeds off of a woman”s generosity. He will lie to you about his past and will tell you that he served in the air force, which is most likely not true. He will lie about having a car ~ he does not have one! He will lie about work ~ he does not have a job and sells partylite candles. He will go out with you and then expect you to pay and makes you feel sorry for him. Jay has moved around a lot. He is originally from San Jose, California and lived in Delaware for a few years. He has a 3 year old daughter in Delaware that he never sees or pays child support for and will even deny that the child is his. There is a possibility that he has another daughter in California by an ex who is still married. There is a warrant out for his arrest in Delaware as well. He will tell you that he moves around a lot because he likes to travel and see the world but I believe he moves around a lot because when people find out about him he bolts. He has lived in El Paso Texas {summer of 2009}, Tacoma Washington {About Jan to May 2009}, and Kannapolis North Carolina {2008}. He does not pay for anything and does not ever have money in his wallet. Jay also has a weird relationship with a man in Arkansas, where this man has given him his credit card number and Jay has ordered thousands of dollars worth of clothes and video games, and also food. Supposedly he has stolen from his own sister and nephew and his “best friends” as well. Overall, Jamez “Jay” “Justice” Thomas has lied, stole, and cheated from the people in his life. When asked about anything he will lie and turn it around so the other person looks bad. He is on plentyoffish.com and currently goes by the username “JusticeStrange”. Ladies be careful” SOURCE: DDHG

6/7/2011 11:04:52 AM - Compare Joe Thomas {Roseville, MI}: “I was dating this momma”s boy man child for 4 yrs, the first year of our relationship he was being on his best behavior and not showing his true colors yet, second year was about the same but little things start coming out such as being a insultive smart A hole and being a paranoid germ~aphobic and always hanging out with his guy friends and talked gay with them which I know some men do but not to the extreme my ex was doing his friend called from shower talking about their penises and they also watch porno in the back seat of a car together in a dark field now thats gay, so I suspect he is a closet bi, the third year I was helping him around his parents” house and I experienced him verbal abusing his dad and his mom and yelling at his 85 yr old grandma, and after he would argue with his parents he would then be a smart A hole to me and verbal abuse me so we would break up and then I would go back and break up and I would go back the 4th year was the worst the verbal abuse was even worst ever and he also started slapping and hitting me, you could not talk to him about a problem or reason with him, he would get pissed at me and yell at me can you say anger management lol. He also hasn”t worked for 3 years. I used to buy him things and lunches and etc and he even wasn”t very grateful for that. So ladies, if you see “Joe Thomas” of Roseville Michigan, run for your life unless maybe you like being abused and used by him and sex..he has nothing to work with there” SOURCE: DDHG

6/7/2011 11:13:48 AM - Compare Kevin Thomas {Orange, CA}: “Age: 41” “THIS MAN IS THE WORST” “USING WOMEN BY PREYING ON THE OLDER RICH WOMEN, HE”S A CLOSET FAG” SOURCES: datingpsychos.com & womansavers.com

6/7/2011 11:34:24 AM - Compare Nathan Ernest Burl Thomas Jr {San Antonio, TX}: “Age: 53” “Occupation: Con man/Retired Military” “POSSIBLE BIGAMIST/ CON MAN ON THE RUN!” “he may tell you he”s CIA or Special Ops” “He has been cleaning his online activities and has already closed some email addresses he used to communicate to one of his “wives” and other targets” “is one of the biggest psychos and a criminal WHO MAY HAVE COMMITTED BIGAMY” “uses the online dating sites to find vulnerable women!” “His MODUS OPERANDI is always the same: He tells his targets he is a widower from a Puerto Rican woman called Felicia, who passed away of cancer some years ago ~ {we sell Kleenex for all those who have cried hearing this fake story} ~ and he will fake a strong sadness for this imaginary woman” “After some time, probably after a meeting, he loves bomb his “woman target” and starts a torrid relationship. He flies to the “victim”s” country pays for his victims to fly to meet as well. It”s a perfect romance copied from the best love story out there. He acts like a gentleman, fakes religiousness, helps old ladies on the street, loves children, gives money to beggars!!! You will NEVER see his “house” ~ he will always stay in a hotel with you” “As if it weren’t enough, Nathan Thomas also implies he is a CIA operative, and Special Ops” “This is completely false. The CIA has never heard of him” “He offers expensive gifts” “This LIAR, CHEATER and sex ADDICT, GOT MARRIED to a woman in Canada, WHILE BEING STILL MARRIED to Mrs. Georgine Thomas with whom he supposedly lives, in Texas” “There”s also a STRONG CHANCE THERE”S ANOTHER WIFE, called Marion, living in Germany, with whom he has two kids ~ Alina and Nathan” “This man’s imagination is better than a Tom Clancy political thriller ~ but also PURE FICTION” “The truth is that he goes from one wife/family or girlfriend to another” “Georgine thinks he goes away on business for his company when he goes to stay with another wife. When he goes back to Georgine, the other wife thinks he is back in Iraq, and so on… or on a “secret mission” [] “He takes explicit photos and makes porn videos with his targets, as well as asking some of his wives/ girlfriends to take sexual pictures & videos ~ saying they are personal, just for him [] that are probably sold by him to porn websites” “There are reasons to believe his brothers may be his accomplices” “He appears to be a SERIAL CON MAN WITH WIVES, GIRLFRIENDS AND POSSIBLE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES IN MANY COUNTRIES” “He has a company “Thomas Special Services, LLC [], which appears to be a cover of possible criminal activity” “If anyone has any information about this man, PLEASE COME FORWARD and help stop his predatory and criminal activities” “Thomas is aware that people are on to him and has been frantically cleaning his online activities, erasing things and has already closed some email addresses he used to communicate with his “wives” and other targets” “He uses several nicknames like Grizzlybear, Suntzu, DSZO, Bear, “T” or T_Bear {they may have slight variations as well}” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/7/2011 4:48:44 PM - Compare Don Shain Mcmurrin {Eugene, OR}: “has had 4 long term relationships, 3 resulted in marriage, and three children from 2 of these relationships. He abandoned his first wife with their two children {one was unborn} and cheated on her with the woman who would have his third child. Abandoned that woman with the child she had to date someone who was 15 {he was 21} whom he later married. Cheated on 2nd wife claiming 2nd wife had cheated on him first and it was to “know someone wanted me out there after my wife hurt me”. Abandoned one child with a step mom. He had an affair {3rd wife} 6 weeks after their wedding with an engaged woman at work ~ he attended his mistresses wedding! Paid child support for none of them until courts garnished his wages. Pays child support now to either A. Look like a good guy or B. Not get his DL suspended. He paints himself as a helpless victim of circumstance, cries, pouts and makes huge promises that never come to pass. He uses people to his own ends. Be VERY careful with this one. He will have you believing YOU are the one who is mean, insensitive and callous, the will apologize profusely, labeling himself as “worthless” and get you to feel sorry for him. He uses his sexual prowess to get you ~ he is very good sexually and one heck of a charmer. It is all a sham. His story is one of perpetual victimization. If he does take responsibility, it is only verbal and he does not follow up on his words with actions, just repeats the same behaviors again. Has unpredictable temper and talks down to you/makes fun of you and calls it “teasing” or is contemptuous. BE WARNED” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/7/2011 4:49:20 PM - Compare Ronald Lee Ikner {Shreveport, LA}: “This person is just not stable. He is very insecure about who he is and constantly monitor all your phone calls, drive by your home in the early hours of the day to see if you are there, and will treat your family and friends like dirt. He works by isolating you from all the people in your life. He has a problem with pre~mature ejaculation [] which only adds to his problem of self esteem. He will go through your personal belongings and take money from you in order to keep you dependent on him. He calls your phone almost every hour to check on you. Every person in your life he will accuse you of sleeping with. He goes into fits of rages and becomes very violent and hostile. He has relayed that all the women in his life have told him he has an anger management problem, with which he will not seek counseling. He is a very dangerous man, BEWARE” SOURCE: DDHG

6/8/2011 11:56:15 AM - Compare Randy Norman {Minneapolis, MN}: “Local restaurant owner who acts very nice and seems honest when you meet him but he is known for having numerous women in and out of his bed at all times. When I dated he would call and I would drive nearly an hour to get to his place often to find women”s clothing laying next to his bed or him on the phone with another woman for long periods of time in my presence. I finally got the hint when he tried to tell me that his mother”s pajamas were next to his bed!” “He is a great liar and can talk in any situation. He knows wine etc so it makes him seem sophisticated but he is a terrible dog and although he has hurt tons of women it is something no one ever seems to talk about. Randy has a small... hard time getting or staying hard, HIV weirdness and drug abuse are all factors. You are not safe, this guy seems to just get off on tossing women around like they are nothing all while presenting himself as a great guy” SOURCE: DDHG

6/8/2011 11:57:54 AM - Compare Dave Yanda {Manitoba, Brandon, Canada}: “Dave is just looking to date and he has many partners. He takes you out and expects something in return from anyone he dates. Such a negative, immature man. I never fell for the game. He seems interested in you, but he has his friends with benefits. Totally disgusting. Please ladies be careful of this man. He will date rich women and try to take everything from them and take advantage of you. He is all talk and thinks he is a great man, but watch out! Please be wise and keep your guard up! He really is something else. Unbelieveable....makes you think how some one can be so like that” SOURCE: DDHG

6/8/2011 11:59:08 AM - Compare John Yank {Patersburg, NJ}: “He is a lying, cheating and bull crapper of all crappers. He will tell you what you want to hear, brag about what he has, does etc.... suck you in, use you for sex and then moves on. He is on several dating sites, talks to lots and lots of girls, dates them all and screws them all. All while he says he wants you and only you. He never uses condoms and he lies completely. He told me stories of his X and now that I know what he is like, is was him who caused the issues. HE LIES, HE CHEATS and he will never, ever commit. STAY AWAY. He will promise you gifts, trips, and things and he never ever follows through. STAY CLEAR AWAY~~he is emotionally unavailable and needs attention at all times. He is narcissist and that is a horrible trait to have” SOURCE: DDHG

6/8/2011 11:59:47 AM - Compare Michael Yarbrough {Corona, CA}: “He is a pilot that is in the army. I want to make sure I get his name out in the open air women to know about. He travels to Texas, Atlanta, Alabama, and Virginia and various parts of Southern Calif.. He is a disturbed little man that takes medication. He lies and tells women he loves them and takes them for their money then moves on. Many women have contacted me about him. Check him out on facebook and don”t be fooled by smile and all those teeth” SOURCE: DDHG

6/8/2011 12:00:31 PM - Compare Dave Yaremko {British Columbia, Courtenay, Canada}: “He still lives at home, is unemployed and is a CAD! I was stupid to fall for him and ended up being used and then tossed away without any word. He is a regular on a free dating site. Just be careful ladies and pick someone better. Lazy, lives with parents, no wood, redneck, liar, cheat, consumed with porn and young girls. Does not practice safe sex. Sociopath” SOURCE: DDHG

6/8/2011 12:01:47 PM - Compare Christopher Craig Yates {Memphis, Oakland, C~ville, TN}: “I went out with this guy for a little over a year and in that time period he cheated on me with what I know of ~~~ I”m pretty sure 15 or more girls. He completely denied all of it and is a complete sweet talker and WILL I repeat will make you fall in love with him. And he makes you think he loves you back. We argued all the time and it got to the point where he held me up against his hall way closet door and choked the *** out of me and weve been in fist fights in public places at least 3 times. And if you try to break up with him hell fake like he”s going to kill himself and start fake crying. His mom is a absolute sweetheart and he got all of this pathological lying and abuse from his x stepdad. I could go on for hours but that”s the basic view of this mama”s boy, no confidence wanna be hard. But cries when he gets on inner tubes even though there is no waves and going ten miles an hour. BEWARE” SOURCE: DDHG

6/8/2011 12:04:01 PM - Compare Jason Yeiser, aka “Jason Smith”, “David Yeiser”, “David Smith”, “Justin”, “Yeiser” {Fort Wayne, IN}: “Jason is a lying cheating ***. I”ve been dating him and only him for the last four years but he thought it was ok to sleep around then accuse me of cheating. I”ve been waiting 4 yrs to marry him and he starts ****ing some 19 yr old and then turns around and marries her after a month. But yet still keeps telling me he wants to marry me and be with me. To make it worse, we have 5 kids. Jason is a cheater! Found out he cheats on every girlfriend he gets or every wife. Found out he was cheating with some skanky 19 yr old and tell her she was the “one” when we were set to get married and we have 5 kids together! Turned around and asked her to marry him while we were STILL together” SOURCE: DDHG

6/8/2011 12:04:41 PM - Compare Olympia Sanchez, aka “Pica”, “Jose” {Taos, NM}: “is my ex boyfriend who is now playing in a girl”s world. He lied to me and said he was gonna marry me and live the good life until I caught him with my uncle! Now this is what he is living life as Olympia. Please stay away this guy girl will hurt you and steal your ****!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/8/2011 12:07:15 PM - Compare Dan Nichols, aka “Tristin” , “Roy”, “Tristan”, “Troy” {Girard, OH}: “This is nothing to shrug off! He is a CON MAN! Currently running a barn telling people he”s a horse trainer ~and giving riding lessons : when he knows very, little if anything, about horses! He is ripping people off stealing borrowing loaning ~ what ever it is that he”s using as the excuse. He has a public record in Mahoning County and Trumbull County ~ Public Access. This is NOTHING to turn a cheek to. LADIES ~ COUPLES ~ GENTLEMEN BEWARE – He”s out there waiting for you to have a weak moment and will take all he can get from you!” “Please be careful when coming in contact with this con artist. He is a liar, scammer, con artist. He will tell you everything you want to hear and con you out of every penny you have. Or try to. He has no soul and no heart. When he doesn”t get what he wants, he will tell you he doesn”t trust you. He is not what he says he is. Everything he has was bought with other woman”s credit cards. He has no job and is a sad person. Please don”t trust him” SOURCES: DDHG

6/8/2011 12:08:06 PM - Compare Guy Nichols : “I dated Guy Nichols for 3 months. He came on really strong. Lavished attention and flattery from the beginning. He told me he wanted to be exclusive. He wanted to have a baby with me. He was crazy about me and loved me, etc. I found out that he had another girlfriend. He conned her into buying him the car that I wanted after 2 months of dating her. He led me to believe he was buying the car for me. I have since found out that he is a sociopath with a history of conning women for money” SOURCE: DDHG

6/8/2011 12:09:32 PM - Compare Ramiro Nilo {Puerto Vallarta, TX}: “Age: 48” “Occupation: unemployed” “his response to difficulties/ challenges of life are way out of proportion with the cause: he explodes, he yells in your face. He is always insisting on honesty and comes across as really respecting the truth, unfortunately he is incapable of speaking it” “he says he has had a major brainstroke and has had to re~learn everything from walking to talking. There is no documented proof for the encredible journey that he claims as his re~covery” “He is looking for a Canadian girl in Mexico so he can spend summers in Canada and winters in Puerto Vallarta. He stalks us. I was lucky enuff to find out about the other Canadian girl he was targetting, and we compared notes: He lied to both of us and strung us along for everything he could get” “he was selfish in bed and not satisfying at all” “the other woman agrees and also confirms that he is bi~sexual, which slipped out when he was with me... and he denied, I know he said he was interested in little joes ... um stuff...but most of all its his rages. They are out of control and totally inappropriate in respect of the presumable cause.. he runs on highs and lows and is very unpredictable” “He does not let go of things and is very likely to stalk as he gets fixated, in fact he followed both myself and the other woman he dated while in relationship with me, before he approached either of us. and used it as an opening line” “also he totally profiled us, asking extremely personal questions about our past love lives... not one or two but one or two hundred” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/8/2011 12:48:26 PM - Compare John Wickel {Idaho Falls, ID}: “Slime ball. He has the looks of a movie star and the charisma to match. He will profess his undying love for you with in a week, and after he sucks you dry, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially if you allow it, he”ll set his plans into action to make sure you catch him with another woman. Don”t buy it sister, this dude”s into boys” SOURCE: DDHG

6/8/2011 1:12:11 PM - Compare Blaine Duncan {Ocala, FL} : “likes dating girls A LOT younger than him, and he”s gay” SOURCE: DDHG

6/8/2011 5:28:27 PM - Compare Dwight Carlisle {Englewood, Venice, Nokomis, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Rotunda}: “there are court documents that show that this thing molested a 14 yr old girl and was ejected from a church for inappropriate touching of females, he”s constantly hitting on anyone he can so people will think he”s “normal” but he also admitted to having sex with men. If you give this thing the time of day he will stalk you as he has many other women. He owns a carpet cleaning business called Bee Dry Carpet Cleaning and the rumor is that he steals ladies panties cause he enjoys wearing them too, and probably anything else thats not nailed down. It has been reported that he takes woman out and used coupons cause he”s so cheap he even had buyer remorse and took back a ring he gave a girlfriend because she would not have sex with him and his boyfriend. She reported that he used to come visit her at her work and bring her panties and bras to wear and everyone thought he was creepie his dating site title on singlesnet.com states his his name is nottheboggieman. He was fired from his teaching job at Lemonbay High School, reportedly for conduct unbecoming a staff member. Screwing around with the kids and hitting on the teens is the truth that”s what the students will tell you. He preys on woman in trouble and makes incredibe promises of generosity but the truth is he”s a skin flint cheap cheap cheap he”s listed in the Englewood Chamber of Commerce. If I were you and you need your carpet cleaned don”t call him. He hasn”t paid child support for his kids, either. He”s beyond creep that doesn”t realize no one likes him. His own attorney thinks he”s crazy, there is also an indefinite order of protection against him and he has been tresspassed by a church, [in other words,] he”s not allowed by law to step foot on the church property or he will be arrested why he attacked a Sunday school teacher there at Suncoast Worship in Englewood, Florida” SOURCE: DDHG

6/8/2011 5:29:38 PM - As I see it now, Jay misrepresented his relationships regarding his ex wives to get MULTIPLE women to feel sorry for him, across years. He probably did the same, about me, to Melinda. He compromised my informed choices. The “informed” part of it was compromised because, Jay, in my opinion, is a SOCIOPATH who REDEFINED the meaning of truth. Several times while living with me, he bitched about his bank racking up overdraft fees on him, as if the bank tellers/employees were “mistaken” or wrong. I encourage Lorrie, the 2nd ex wife of Jay Brown, to read the blog entry posted on June 7, 2011 at 8:43 am, from “Deb says:” under the topic “The special problem of the “sort of” sociopath” [replace squiggly dashes in this URL for straight ones & you will know the specific web page.]: http://www.lovefraud.com/blog/2011/06/02/the~special~problem~of~the~sort~of~sociopath/. I quote a paragraph from it below, but I think Lorrie should read the ENTIRE blog/thread, to see if she thinks Jay MANIPULATED her, in the SAME MANNER as described in that blog, when/if he was in couples therapy with her [When living with me, Jay told me he had been in couples therapy w/Lorrie. In the beginning of our relationship, Jay seemed to blame HER for why the therapy did not work out for them!]: “This type knows counseling and therapy is a part of his life and he learns to use counseling and therapy to his/her advantage. Many sociopaths will intentionally seek counseling for depression {of course caused in some way by his/her partner}. Here he will solicit sympathy from his therapist and if it”s couples counseling he will acquire a partner in abusing the spouse” In retrospect, it would not surprise me at all, if Jay lied to me about having been “separated” from Lorrie for about 1.5 years, when he entered into a relationship with me. Very possibly, he was only separated for a much shorter time than that. Still, I was NOT..I repeat..was NOT the “OW” [other woman] who destroyed his marriage. As I wrote before, “Janet” [by his own admission, a “married woman”] came BEFORE me. Then, I think, came Debby, who he met, I think, through the wife of Rick Burnette, who was another guitarist in the band, Night Patrol, with him. See how he thought/thinks/behaves/behaved? He meets/met his Ms. Next, through his FRIENDS, USES/USED the networks of his FRIENDS to cheat! His reputation, based on his past behavior, includes being a SERIAL HOME WRECKER or ATTEMPTED HOME WRECKER .. his own and those of others [Wanna sue me, Jay? Bring it on! I will find Debby & Janet, if I have to, & Pattie will stand behind my proof, to testify!] His house painting, home repair & carpentry jobs & jewelry repair work allowed him to travel, house to house, so made any deception that much easier for him.. he could always say he was “working” even if he might not have been. He might say to you [as he did to me], while you are in bed, “In a dark room full of naked women, I could find my woman by her scent” .. to how many others of you has he said THAT? I guarantee he has not been honest w/any of you about how any of his relationships ended. I assure you, any Pity Me stories are just more of his ploys to have you empathize w/him. Stay clear of him. The truth will eventually catch you so off guard, unaware, & in shock, it will seem like your entire life has been short circuited..derailed. I say he likes/liked to USE people, make them feel good about themselves, then tear them down. Also, when I was MARRIED, between 1985 & 1988, one time, I walked into LuBon in Fairfax, not knowing he worked there. Obviously, I wore a WEDDING RING then, & he REMEMBERED ME..was MAKING EYES AT ME, when he was probably married to Lorrie, wife #2, at the time, daughter of the shop owner. I walked RIGHT OUT OF THERE, as soon as I saw him gawking at me w/the SAME sort of look he wears in the above photo of him. I should not have even begun dating him, in the 1990s. He deserved no SECOND CHANCE, let alone a 4th or 5th! Careful, he might have changed his appearance, back to wearing a pony tail, again, [as if he is like the artsy ponytailed hubby of Sally Jesse Rafael..which only makes his receding hairline worse.]

6/8/2011 5:31:02 PM - Jay was very insecure about his big slab of a head, just like his sister Dulce had..he told me that. Imagine the shape of the head and AGING HAIRLINE of actor Jack Nicholson, then you will have the picture. If Jay thinks wearing ANOTHER “marriage badge” with Melinda is going to PROTECT him from his shady reputation/past, accumulated across >30 years, IT WONT! [We ALL know what you did, now, Jay..ALL of us..each and every one of us, and so will the rest of the world! You are a LOSER! You LOST me. Never forget that it was ME who finally told YOU to get out of my home!]

6/9/2011 11:30:37 AM - Compare Damian Arrington {Riverview, FL}: “Age: 33” “Occupation: Barber” “Damian aka “Divine” will sleep with you while also sleep with 4~5 other girls on the side. He will give you an STD. Then ask you to go to the clinic and continue to want you to sleep with him. This man is a huge pot head! Smoking at least 11 blunts a day. He picks up a lot of women while working as a barber at Klever Klippers in Riverview, FL. He has this crazy religion called 5% percenters where he actually believes he”s god. “Knowledge of self” is his creed” “Damian aka Divine uses women and will call you at all hours of the night. If you try to break it off with him he will pop up at your house even if he knows you have kids. He is vulgar to say the least. He treats women as objects. He will only have sex without a condom eventually he”s gonna get AIDS, has to watch porn while having sex, insist you wear high heels even if they”re another girl”s high heels that he keeps in his closet. He also has to watch himself in the mirror while he”s having sex. He only participates in rough sex. Hair pulling, spanking, and derogatory comments toward the women he is with at the time. He loves to make you his slave. He will call you, leave work and have you meet him at his house for a quickie. When you object to anything he has to say he will call you every obscenity. He will never be in any type of good healthy relationship. His baby mama left him after countless dometic violence issues. She has not let him see his kids in over a year. If she”s smart enough not to be with him. YOU should too!” “Here is his mug shot from an arrest 2~3~10 for driving with a revoked license” “He drives high so don”t drive with him!” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/9/2011 11:31:24 AM - Compare Clint Wolf & Alison Blydenburgh—Wolf, {Palm Coast, FL}: “Age: 55” “Ingredients : Alison Dawn Blydenburgh aka Alison Wolf aka Alison Dawn Wolf [ ] Definition: 1 desperate, ugly, thin lipped, spotted, {are those pimples or age marks everywhere?} witch~nosed, {did you see that ski hump??} slag, hag, bag, lying, cheating, dishonest, did I mention desperate {LOL}, small~minded, manipulative, catch a man by opening your legs” [ ] Clinton Leroy Wolf [ ] Definition: [ ] 1 infected, {lice, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, scabies, candida} infested, {if you have ever had sex with this person you need to get tested. He frequented Atlanta, GA & Plano and Dallas, TX & Ridgewood, NJ & NY & CT ~ various locations ~ posing as a Dominant/Top in the BDSM scene and frequented hundreds of strip clubs and bars in those areas.} Amoral, psychopathic, sociopathic, fat, ugly {double chin, double rolls, double trouble}, womanizing {402 women and counting ~YES FOR REAL}, serial lying, mother~hating, failure, threatened by anyone with a brain bigger than his, pimple~arsed, cock loving {just check the computer~ see all the “dick pictures” on there}, closet gay, complete narcissist, needy, pathetic, blubbering, thieving, lying, pathetic LOSER who hasn”t held a job in over 5 years who needs to steal from people on Ebay ~ YachtTV account suspended due to THEFT, supposed “entrepreneur” {not a single success in 10 years}, schemer, dreamer, bull**** artist CLINTON WOLF of YachtTV, PalmCoastTV, LocalPowerTV and a million other pathetic, failed, registered web sites ending in TV” SOURCE: DDHG or datingpsychos.com

6/9/2011 11:33:34 AM - Compare Roderick A. Russell {Houston, TX}: “Don”t let him know that you care about him. It”s a game to him. He plays on your emotions. He uses women for whatever he can get out of them for as long as he can {Sex, money, clothing, food, more sex, etc.} He feeds on your vulnerability. When you”re ready to “define” the relationship as “taking it to the next level”, & you want him to commit, then you will see his true side” “Ladies, it”s not you! He is a DOG! HEARTLESS, CARELESS, INCONSIDERATE & CONCEITED!” “He has a son and daughter by different moms” “He likes thick women! Oh, and older women too! He has more than one motive for dating “older” & “thick women”. He preys on thick women who are financially stable with a steady job, car, own place {cause he”s not gonna keep one}, Single, divorced with children {playmate for his & reliable caregivers}, or even married with/without children {discreet~doesn”t have to commit}, low self~esteem {happy to have him & will provide} or even confident {he wants to see if he can break you down}. Naturally, you want to do things for the man in your life and he welcomes it. Later, only to say that he didn”t make you do anything for him. So don”t invest too much time, effort or money on this user who is just out sowing wild oats & playing games with your heart & mind! Not to mention, getting all the booty he can. You can probably find him on any dating website. He”s had a least four so~called relationships {not including booty calls} that I know of this year and it”s only August” “One day he”ll realize he has a heart that can be broken too, when that woman he eventually falls in love with uses him. Maybe then he will know & feel the pain that I have. Just remember KARMA!” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/9/2011 11:35:30 AM - Compare Shawn Yeary {Dale City, VA}: “He will tell you he”s divorced {NOT}, has a C~30 Volvo {NOT}, works at the Pentagon {NOT ANYMORE}. He seriously does look like James Pattinson”s character in Twilight {Edward Cullen}, and he LOVES the attention from it. He constantly gets stopped by girls that say, “Oh my God, you look just like that guy from Twiliight!” He pretends to hate the resemblance but that”s a total front. He even went out and bought a pea coat and the twilight wrist band. {so gay} He”s a COMPULSIVE liar and he sucks in bed but you”ll know that if you kiss him because he sucks at that too” SOURCE: DDHG

6/9/2011 4:53:55 PM - I read some things on lovefraud.com that I want to share with you, because I think it “fits” the deviant behaviors of sociopaths, so I will quote a few little blurbs from the lovefraud.com bloggers, to educate others about psychopaths: “Spaths [] want dominion over all who enter their realm and they want more than influence, they want complete control. So they resort to mechanations like trauma bonding, which involves inflicting pain. It”s possible that my spath doesn”t know that he is trauma bonding people. He just notices that he likes to make people feel pain and that the best way to do it is to make them happy first [] There is the possibility that his desire for control has merged with his method of controlling. In other words, because whipsawing people gives him control, he may have become addicted to giving pain and pleasure. [] Then there is the fact that all sociopaths want to steal your life. Some do it with actual murder but others do it by controlling how you spend your time or money or efforts. Those are components of your life and they want to own them”

6/9/2011 4:56:14 PM - More from lovefraud.. about COMPARTMENTALIZATION: Ox Drover wrote, “People with borderline personality disorder tend to use this a lot and many times they think that someone is ALL EVIL or ALL GOOD and there is nothing in between…it is difficult for them to see any gray areas in anything” lesson learned wrote: “I can”t explain compartmentalization [] I can give you an example from experience [] With spath, it meant that I never knew what was going on with his “other” life. meaning his wife and kids and friends and church. I was deliberately kept from that and only told what he wanted me to know. This was part of his control of our situation. BUT he also did the same thing to his wife too. She didn”t know about me, she didn”t know about any other women he was with, what he did during the day, his work life was COMPARTMENTALIZED from her because this is when he was doing his “dirty deeds” with me or other women. [] We are ALL kept from his “hidden” life. [] I think that”s the best way to explain it. A part of themselves is hidden from you deliberately to keep you under control and in the dark to what he”s really doing and whom with”

6/9/2011 4:58:24 PM - darwinsmom wrote: “about pain or just collateral damage for the gain. [] At first, when I accepted ex was a spath, I too thought pain was the collateral damage for his extreme egotistic living in the moment and his lack of empathy and deep feelings. I saw myself first as a means to an end: sex, money, traveling and social status. [] But slowly it started to dawn on me that there were [] several tells from very early on: showing off to me how he could pickpocket, having me not say anything when he conned a guy just for his cap [] He loved the con, just because he knew he could. The cap he”d lose or forget a couple of days later without any regret or afterthought [] I discovered he kept simultaneous love posts [] It made me sick how intertwined they were in timing. Nobody would be able to see that unless they had both of us as friends [] But he could see it, and once I actually saw it, it could only mean he had some pleasure out of it. And the fact he would delete my little love reminders to him when they didn”t suit him {new victim believing him to be single for example}, shows he kept the other intertwined love reminders of mine intertwined with the evidence of his deceit on purpose [] His latest victim overheard he seduced women in order to travel. That seems a material pursuit [] I can only conclude he gets some type of satisfaction or thrill of seeing a woman pay double or twice because of his negligence, and in some cases the negligence must be purposeful [] Though it didn”t work, I know very well a few instances where he tried to get an access to emotionally abuse me {other than gaslighting}. None of the angles worked, but he tried all the angles. Yes, abuse is about gaining control, but it”s also about wanting to inflict pain. The emotional pain coming from emotional abuse is not just collateral damage [] I also recall his demeaning comments about other people: those of his town, tourists, his family, and women. Yes, part of it was used to play the victim, but a lot of it wasn”t. He [] treated everyone as a tool he could con [] I now fully believe that my spath derives pleasure by inflicting pain, by fooling people, especially good people with ideals. He”s in it for the hurt and pain he causes, not the money, not the drugs, not the sex, not the traveling”

6/9/2011 4:59:14 PM - Another lovefraud blogger, slimone, wrote: “I have been in short relationships with a “variety” of spaths/narcies [] All of these men had a few things in common. One of them being that they all found the pain buttons, and pushed them. Each of them used the infliction of pain to produce a negative attachment, or a trauma bond” “The other thing they had in common was each of them tried to take me to a really high place of elation, before the pain. Like hiking up to a REALLY high cliff, before throwing me off the side. That, to me, seemed like a set up to make the “splat” more dramatic and enjoyable for them to watch. And, in the end, it was ALWAYS the SPLAT, the bloody crunch of my bones at the bottom of the cliff, that they ultimately enjoyed [] Maybe this is an evolving manipulation for spaths. What I mean, and this is TOTAL wondering on my part, is that maybe they are SUCH failures in their young years at the “normal” stuff {like connecting with others”, and love, and feelings, etc….} that over time they begin to “naturally” evolve the thing they are truly “gifted” at: hurting other people. Then they find the ways that they are even more uniquely gifted in delivering pain. [] Like the handsome ones collect and destroy lovers. The intellectually gifted steal others” money and destroy students, etc…..They may look like sex addicts, powerful politicians, party boys, super models, spiritual guides, or men of “righteousness”. But all of them, in the end of any con/cycle of abuse/relationship, will always pull out the stops and try to inflict the MAXimum amount of pain they are capable of” “Whether this is because their primary motivation is to inflict pain, be in control, dominate the environment, win at all costs, satisfy their selfish impulses, or convince themselves of their superiority, I don”t know [] I don”t know if the motivator describes the personality disorder. And that only those with the primary motivation of causing pain are the sociopaths, and all the others” are borderline or narcissists” “But I do know that all the men and women I knew, who I KNOW are disordered, ULTIMATELY cause PAIN. And lots of it”

6/9/2011 5:00:41 PM - Next is lesson learned”s response to Slimone”s wisdom about spaths: “They bring you to the HIGHEST cliff only to WATCH YOU FALL and that is the thrill of it for them. To get you there, then to see you HURT! [] That”s the reason for the challenge of the lure/honeymoon stage. And that”s the stage we get stuck in, also precisely the reason the spath uses it. Suck us in, devalue and then trauma bonding us the rest of the way” Another lovefraud blogger, HurtTerribly, wrote: “he conducts himself in such a manner, that he flies under the radar very well. Only someone who was actually aware that he is a half baked sociopath narcissist could see the warning signs [] We all have to remember that the true horror show is them. What”s left is VERY hard to deal with, but being free of being abused, gaslighted, menaced, stalked, preyed upon, and then dumped and left for dead, is where its at.” The author of the article, “The special problem of the “sort of” sociopath” nailed it on the head: a “Remorseless, chronic boundary violator”

6/9/2011 5:02:24 PM - Another lovefraud.com blogger, pollyannanomore, wrote, “I didn”t know he was so sick back then and couldn”t understand why he was incapable of change when he professed to love me” “The question I asked was “At what point has he done enough bad stuff to me so I can leave?” “My vision of an abuser was a batterer – that”s it a physical batterer was my view of a bad man. Or an alcoholic or drug addict or criminal.[]He also abused me sexually by constantly putting me under pressure for constant sex when he wanted it. But took no account of how his crap behaviour in the relationship affected my libidinous urges towards him. [] He took ten years earnings from me and put me into major debt, which I”m still paying off. I know the situation could have been much worse, but it”s starting over again from a deficit position rather than with the accumulated assets of a decade.[] I should have had a lovely home environment, lovingly cultivated over many years with small treasures and a display of my life [] The psychopath is incapable of ever being truly present and authentically responsive to anyone. They are incapable of the selfless attention to the other that is necessary for one being to empty and take in the soul of the other in order to understand the person. [] The psychopath undertakes one part of the dynamic – he {or she} pretends to give attention and acts responsive but ultimately it is words and all show. The person targeted is exploited twice – once in the baring of their soul for the other to fall in love with and in the psychopath”s devouring of this soul by targeting every good thing in it and destroying it by any means possible. [] The target is given their soul back in tatters. The psychopath is like a wild wolf who tears it apart then spits out the shreds to rub salt in the wound. How do you recover from something that is essentially a spiritual injury? []“I have no doubt whatsoever that the relationship with the psychopath has left me with permanent relational impairment compared to how I was before I met him. I now know the bottomless pit of evil they truly are and the world can never again appear as the beautiful place it once was [] The guy who has a bad credit rating might be telling the truth about a bank stuff up causing it. But then again he might not be [] Lying is a definite no go. Lying means someone who has no inner morality and I don”t wish to be around that”

6/9/2011 5:03:01 PM - imustacheyouaquestion wrote, “He will never get diagnosed by a professional and doesn”t want to change. He did attend couples therapy a few times, but was often able to convince the counselor that I was the one with a problem. The times he couldn”t, he quit the therapy. He seems like such a charming, helpful guy, that most people don”t get why it was dangerous for me to be with him. If I even try to explain, it just seems like I”m a hateful ex or nut. Only a few people who know me extremely well believe that I was in danger and that he has issues. I don”t know if anyone else believes that he is a sociopath, because they aren”t informed enough to realize that there are sociopaths all around us” Ox Drover wrote: “the psychopath doesn”t have those “brakes” on what they impulsively want”

6/9/2011 5:03:30 PM - imustacheyouaquestion wrote, “I have accepted that people have no idea where I”m coming from, and I”ve stopped trying to explain it to most people. Without experiencing it themselves, they have no understanding [] All they can think is that I never showed physical signs of abuse, plus I stayed with him so long, plus he seems like such a nice guy, how could there have really been a problem? [] I was angry for a while with the people around me who didn”t step in to help me when I almost became a non~person/zombie due to being overwhelmed by his manipulation. But I realize that they just have no context to get it”

6/9/2011 5:22:33 PM - Thank U thank U thank U for those blurbs! Well put..I could not have said it better. Yes! Fits my idea of Jay to a TEE. I also think Jay is a WHIPSAWER [If that ploy.. asking me to attend a Harville Hendrix, Getting The Love You Want seminar w/him was not a whipsaw move, you tell me what is! He offered to pay for us to attend. It was supposed to be an event that supposedly helped couples fix their problems. But Jay left it w/a double entendre or double binding message, asked “What if you dont like what you find out?” Was he going to tell me, @ that seminar, about Melinda or that he was secretly BI, because he had a PUBLIC FORUM where he could HUMILIATE ME? That is what it seemed like, in retrospect. He will render you completely broken w/his mind numbing games, so that finally, you are a mere shell of yourself, defeated because you tried to work things out w/him, & due to his ability Flip The Script..torquing your emotions all the while, w/crazymaking behavior. There was that journal page of his I found, handwritten, with “I can never love just one woman. I feel like a fraud.” Behavior of this kind often belongs to those w/borderline personality disorder. BPD stricken folks typically compartmentalize..see things in only black/white, people are either ALL GOOD or ALL BAD. They cannot comprehend win~win outcomes, they have to WIN at all costs, for their own gain! Just more reasons why I think Jay has BPD, & a sub form of it, Disassociative Identity Disorder.] and a STALKER/HARASSER! That lovefraud blurb.. “slowly it started to dawn on me that there were [] several tells from very early on.” Jay also gave me “early tells” [RED FLAGS] I think, of “things to come” .. told me about stealing that Cottage Lane street sign, was one. Then what is written from the lovefraud blog about how spaths like the SHOCK EFFECT, waiting to see what shocked expressions might appear on the faces of their victims? I think he did that w/that story he wrote about Faith, the lap dancer, & I think he did that when he, out of the blue, dropped by to show me that book about vogueing transvestites/crossdressers! & yes, those 3rd PARTY emails keep coming. I save them, so I can frwd them to the Chevy Chase police, if/when I finally decide to call them. Today, 2 more, one about penis enlargement, another about Cialis. THE BEST INDICATOR OF FUTURE BEHAVIOR IS PAST BEHAVIOR. NEVER forget that around Jay Brown. Though he pretends to be kind/caring, he will never settle, not even if he marries you. Remember, he already had TWO failed marriages before you. I only wish that one or two of his sisters had TOLD me if they knew he had emotional/mental disorder/disorders. Had they done that, I would have given him the boot early on, saved myself yrs of grief/aggravation. I also believe that Jay is a “Remorseless, chronic boundary violator” & an EMOTIONAL BULLY. Bit by bit he takes and takes, then has the flair to have you feeling that he did it in protest of you, then, when you confront him, he says, "you just want your pound of flesh” .. He deserves MORE than a lb. of flesh beaten out of him. His long~standing M.O. has been to use women for living accommodations, the cheaper the better for him. He will pile lies upon lies, or gaslight/justify his actions [rules dont apply to him, apparently], to where you will end up w/your head spinning, not knowing what is up or down..just looking for the next place to lay his head since his serial mindset has been to jump from home to home, telling the next female he ‘loves’ her, feigning affection, leaving not much, if any, closure, so that the female is left thinking “it was my cats” or, more likely, because she ran out of “financial importance” to him [SEEM A LITTLE “developmentally disabled” to you?] IMOP, Jay Brown is NO LESS of a spath than Larry Cassity is alleged to be, by whoever profiled Cassity on datingpsychos.com : “tries to train condition” by having or trying to have the woman/women “watch degrading “porn videos”.. trying to get person to be a “submissive” i.e., getting no pleasure at all and just getting degradation and giving pleasure to psychopath” Jay ADMITTED that he tried getting Lorrie to watch them, too! He should be in the pen .. have huge bullies sodomize him w/broom handles! Maybe that will JOG HIS MEMORY about the experience he said he had w/his HOMOSEXUAL MALE COUSIN, abuse I think he has RELIVED/REENACTED onto his past female partners. In that way, he may come to KNOW what pain he has caused others, in “sexual” & MIND F*CK contexts! I changed the locks on the house we rented in Manassas, after Jay left. Why? The antique/heirloom bed of his 1st wife, ended up in the home of his 2nd wife, Jay said. Pattie never gave it to Jay. Neither did she give him that baby pix he kept of her. Who knows what “other” photos of me he might have tried to take when I was not home. Who knows what else he might have “gotten away” with. See profile about his cousin, Paul Brown, on datingpsychos.com

6/10/2011 10:43:00 AM - Compare Danny/Daniel Villacis {New Jersey, west New York}: “we were engaged together for over a year, out of nowhere he leaves me because I wanted to have a girls night out with my friends. He is insecure. I barely was able to spend time with my friends and family because he is so controlling and possessive. He is a lying cheating good for nothing low life he called me by his ex”s name. People called me several times saying he was cheating. He used me I maintained his good for nothing butt. He has an STD and refuses to admit to it. I was 6 weeks pregnant when he left me and ended up in the hospital and he didn”t care. This guy is no good and I believe he is under cover gay. He kept asking me to do things to his rear end and wanted to do the same to me. He is really crazy, bangs his head on doors, cut himself in front of me, has a dead end job, broke, no college, followed me, and has physically attacked me. Stay away from him” SOURCE: DDHG

6/10/2011 10:45:13 AM - Compare Tim Case {Centreville, VA}: “will date local women but he has many online girlfriends from around the country on the side whom he meets in various chat rooms and regularly IMs and talks on the phone with them and sometimes it escalates to traveling for face~to~face sexual encounters. Each one doesn”t seem to know about the other. He receives naked and erotic pics from these women and keeps them as a collection. Even if he is in a committed real relationship, he will not give up these women, he will just lie to everyone about the others. He is very intelligent and comes across as honest, sincere, and emotional. But in reality he is very selfish and doesn”t care who he hurts as long as he gets his needs met. You cannot trust him, he is always hiding something and only telling you “half~truths”. He has dated married or otherwise attached women as well. Be careful if you are lonely and vulnerable” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/11/2011 11:30:47 AM - My opinion stands that Jay is extremely adept at manipulating and destroying otherwise healthy persons/businesses, or getting others involved in his shady business ventures. Do not bed him, cosign for him, date him, or let him have you pay for his debts or his way in life. He will leave you drowning in tears, trying to suss out who he really was/is. Once he thinks he has the upper hand, or gained some “confidence” in himself, draining YOUR confidence of yourself & your love for him, he will resume his same old deceit/shadiness. The fact that that antique/heirloom bed of his 1st wife, Pattie, went from Pattie”s place to Lorrie”s [2nd wife”s] place, WITHOUT Pattie”s permission [Pattie DID NOT give it to Jay!], tells me that Jay in all likelihood OVERLAPPED those two women, too. It is almost as if Jay gave this precious present to Lorrie, to impress Lorrie. This also MORE THAN suggests, I think, that JAY BROWN IS/WAS A THIEF and CON ARTIST! I suggest, for anyone else who knows him or knew him, such as any gay guy who may have had sex with him, or any others he may have duped besides me, to post your comments on the other four profiles up here about him, like others who might recognize him from years past, from the other photos of him up here. I have no mercy for him b/c had none for me & I do not believe in double standards, never did. Apparently, he did. Remember these two words: SERIAL ADULTERER! That is him!

6/11/2011 1:27:38 PM - Compare Bob Wicks {Ridge, NY}: “Age: 45” “Occupation: truck driver” “Lived with this sociopath for eleven years. Lived off of me for nine of them. Gave me two STDs which caused a cancer that almost killed me twice in four years. Left me four times, three of them for another woman. Abusive in every way. Very manipulative, perverted and enjoys hurting anyone for his own gain. Had seven jobs in eleven years and two short term businesses, too stupid to become a moron. Can”t hold a relationship very long, l was the only fool who believed he was capable of love. It took three shrinks before l was told what he really was. I”ve spent the last six months creating the site thefaceofevil.net and traveling to womans groups and orgs to help them not have to go through the hell l went through that left me deformed and suffering from PTSD everyday of my life. Run and dont look back” “Lived off of me for eleven years” “Pathological liar, a cheat and abusive in every way” “Gave me two STDs from other women that caused the cancer that almost killed me and left me mutilated. I spend my time traveling to womens groups and orgs warning them about him and other sociopaths like him. I let them know on the face of evil. net how they destroy the lives of others for their own pleasure” SOURCES: datingpsychos.com & womansavers.com

6/11/2011 1:28:02 PM - Compare David Fabricius {Dallas, TX}: “is from South Africa and is looking for an American girl to marry so that he can travel internationally. Currently if he leaves the US he can”t come back in. He is a user and a cheater. He is very smooth talking but once he ropes you in he is very controlling. He will insist that you do not hang around your family as much, put him before your children and stop spending time with your friends. He wants you to attend sex clubs and have sex with others while he watches and will encourage you to have a boy toy and let him watch. This guy is totally bad news! I was warned by his previous girl friends but didn”t listen. Now I wish I would have” SOURCE: DDHG

6/11/2011 1:28:26 PM - Compare Eric F. {Morristown, NJ}: “Cheating Bastard. Knocked up my best friend. Dresses in panties, wears stockings and paints his toenails. Here”s proof” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/11/2011 1:28:46 PM - Compare Wyatt Ten Eyck {Kingston, NY}: “sleeps with as many girls as he can~ even underage ones. I am 16 and he had sex with me, told me he really liked me then had sex with my friend the next week. I also saw white warts on his balls and penis and I asked him about them. He told me they just peop, like pimples and then he pooped one! It was not acne~ there was green pus coming out! He also admitted to having sexual feelings towards someone he works with~ a guy! Stay away from Wyatt the Slutbagpig!” SOURCE: DDHG


6/11/2011 1:29:40 PM - Compare John Earl Ewing {Huntsville, AL}: “has hit up PRE OP TRANSEXUALS” “He will go for anything in a skirt ~ literally” “Anal sex is his fetish and now I know why! He”s bisexual it seems if liking pre op transsexuals makes you Bi! Can”t work that one out!” “aged 37 race ~ black, height 6 foot 2, weight 205lbs. my NOW ex boyfriend, he is a liar & a cheat and has been hitting on many many women on LOTS of dating sites and another photo site called YAFRO and they are only the ones I found him on. To one woman on a site he said he even said “I could fall in love with you” “You make my heart pound and MORE. WOW you got to know it HURT to read that, he had always swore he was not chatting to other women and that he loves me only me, he was always declaring his love and he has talked of marriage and being together forever. So if you ever know or knew this man, then know he is lying to you too. John is a control freak too and is extremely paranoid/jealous about what you are doing and your intentions I realise now that was because HE was doing those things {like talking to/going after other people} himself but he would go crazy if he thought I was. Sexually John is very WEIRD, he likes to do things I am not prepared to state here, he is very kinky though, he is selfish in bed too and does not care about your pleasure” “He also received phone calls/emails from women who he couldn”t explain said they were “friends” but not friends I was allowed to talk to, although I could talk to male friends and his family. He also made financial promises he never kept {he owed me money he has still never paid back, but always promised to} Yes he”s quite cute looking I know {I LOVED HIM} but ladies don”t trust him” “John is the kind of man who starts out fairly generous but quite soon financial misfortune befalls him and he starts not paying for things he has previously agreed to pay for, I received in over 2 years only ONE present from him {chocolates}, no other gifts {although I gave him gifts}, I believe he only got me those cos I dumped him. I just hope that I will be able to avoid someone getting hurt by this selfish individual and saved over 2 years of my life and a large sum of money spent loving him. He operates on many dating sites with a different picture {actually one he looks ugly on} UPDATE 7/7/06 Yesterday thanks to a comment left on his Yahoo 360 page I spoke to a lady who is being played by him too, he has been chasing her for 8 months, whilst all the the while telling me he loves me, wants to marry me and so forth, of course never mentioning her to me and vice versa. PS He may not be on the sites mentioned above because as and when I discovered him he removed those profiles and found other sites” SOURCES: DDHG & womansavers.com

6/11/2011 1:30:07 PM - Compare Frank Saint Maly, aka “Frank St. Maly” {Ann Arbor, MI Chicago, IL Boston, MA Winetka, Berkley, Ireland, changes daily}: “Criminal Record? Yes ~ State of Michigan ~ retrievable with full name and birthdate. Married? Yes Living with current wife? Yes, in a residence” “hotel Cheater? Yes, multiple women simultaneously while married and living with wife” “Psychological Profile: Frank specifically told me that doctors have told him that he is narcissistic, obsessive~compulsive, and borderline personality disorder...then he laughed and said the doctors didn”t know what they were talking about”“Tends to “borrow” things from his victims....money, cars, valuables, etc. IF they are returned it is usually in a damaged or unusable condition...certain things he never returns”“Unclear if Frank made it through high school as he”s a bit fuzzy on that info. Independent verifications have failed to show evidence that Frank has ever attended any type of college, and especially not MIT in Massachusetts, which is his favorite place to say he”s graduated from. Frank is very smart and loves to brag how he”s memorized the so~called “seven personality types” that exist in humanity and the means by which to manipulate each type. Frank openly admits that only the smartest women are a “challenge” for him and I”ve actually witnessed his manipulation of several women with advanced degrees be taken in by him. Frank uses several popular online dating services to contact “as many women who will write me back” and 95% of the time uses mass mailings of plagiarized poetry and prose [] to his current “harem” of women” “Frank brags about the photos he uses of OTHER men on the online dating sites. Have seen his extensive collection of fake photos on his personal computer. What Frank really looks like: short, beer belly, silver hair {most often worn long and possibly in a pony tail}” “always bragging that he doesn”t wear underwear and can often be seen on the streets of Ann Arbor riding his bicycle around the downtown area. His modus operandi goes as follows: witty, charming, hopelessly romantic, vague avoidance {as a new acquaintance starts wondering about various discrepancies}, superficial indignation, nastiness and his last resort when he”s been exposed...threaten legal action. Frank is only capable of controlling those who allow themselves to be controlled....he is very adept at identifying emotional/social/romantic weaknesses and exploiting them for his own agenda. In the end, he has a criminal record, no money, no car, no job, is married, and if he tried to start legal action against anyone who exposes him the judge would laugh him out of the courtroom {he has bragged to me on numerous occasions that he has {or had} numerous restraining orders taken out against him!} He controls by the power of the word” “look up information on narcissism on the internet. Through a caring male friend [] and a critical error in judgement that Frank made regarding what “type” of personality I was, I was able to expose him for all the things he is without losing my heart, my money or my belongings...others were not as fortunate, as I learned later. While I am highly educated, I have made paths in all walks of life, within a world~wide community and do not “fit” any personality type perfectly. Knowing that it was mostly sheer luck that I was able to expose Frank so quickly has led me to want to warn others of his abilities, which cannot be underestimated” SOURCE: DDHG

6/11/2011 1:30:35 PM - Compare Sundar Krishnamoorthy {Irving, TX}: “He is from India, but currently works for Deloitte in Irving and travels all over the US. He will pretend to be interested in you, but behind ur back he will talk bad about u and is always looking for sex from websites. His favorites are S&M websites” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/11/2011 1:31:04 PM - Compare Cale Kritzer {Glendale, Phoenix, Tempe, AZ}: “This guy is a self proclaimed sex addict and alcoholic. He”ll use you for all he can and cheat on your the entire time, even has a child that he signed away rights to. BAD NEWS! RUN! Steals your things and sells them for his fix, but OH so charming initially. Possibly into men too” SOURCE: DDHG

6/11/2011 1:31:54 PM - Compare Rob Jones {Seattle, WA}: “Be careful ladies he”s a charmer but he”s actually a scary guy. At first he is nice and loving but he is always drunk or high. He also get very mad and scary. He like to flirt and sleep with many women too, don”t be fooled by him. He likes to make out with drunk women, it”s the only way he can get them to sleep with him. He has STDs, I warn you. See his pictures page, http://www.myspace.com/iggee” “Age: 41” “Race: White” “He likes to sleep with married women and ruin their marriages” “He also has some diseases that can be given to others and he doesn”t like to use protection” SOURCES: DDHG & dontdatethis.com

6/12/2011 7:27:45 AM - Compare Frank Herrera {Gilbert, Phoenix, AZ}: “is MARRIED even though he will tell you he”s single or that he”s getting a divorce. He sleeps around all the time ~ he simply can”t keep it in his pants! He will flatter you, bring you flowers, endear himself to your family, and then continue to lie, lie, lie, and sleep around. He”s a pathological liar and does it so often, he starts to believe his own lies. He works for Crescent Crown Distributing, a beer distributor, so he uses company money to take you out on the town, that way his wife doesn”t see the costs on their credit cards. He lies to his bosses, his wife, and all of his girlfriends. He”s been busted for picking up hookers, and his wife thinks he”s gay. I wouldn”t be surprised. Anything he can put his dick in would be a good idea to him!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:28:59 AM - Compare Steven Lemock {Erie}: “will cheat and lie to you over and over, don”t have kids with him because will **** you over even more, he”s compulsive with his lies and crazy ways. Control feak. Just a warning, my friend thinks he”s gay, but I fell and now I”m paying the price” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:30:05 AM - Compare Mark Lemmons {Greer, SC}: “frequents several internet sites such as HotorNot, MySpace, Adult Friend Finder, Yahoo Chat, and Match.com on a regular basis looking for his next victim{s}. He will lure you in with his famous line, “I”m just looking for a woman I”d be proud to take home to Mama.” DON”T BUY IT!!! His ultimate goal in life is to have threesomes with two girls and he is on the prowl looking for this daily. If you become his girlfriend then he will use you to try to convince young girls to come have sexual encounters with his girlfriend. To make matters worse, Mark is a hardcore alcoholic and does not miss a day without drinking a case {sometimes more} of Budweiser!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:31:06 AM - Compare John, aka Lokstar1@aol.com {Nassau, Long Island, NY}: “HE”S A CHEATER, LIAR , USER! In this pic I posted of him he was doing stuff to himself and fingering his hole. He sent it to me thinking it would turn me on, IT DIDN”T !! Makes you think what else he”s into girls!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:31:59 AM - Compare “John from Bridgeville”, aka “Mike”? {Bridgeville, PA}: “Mike always fantasized about having sex with a girl with a dick, that is what freaked me out. Watch out ladies he”s a bi bitchboy” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:33:54 AM - Compare Tom Bowman {Garland, TX}: “is 27 and unfortunately, does not have anything to show for these 27 years. I made the mistake of being with him for a few months~complete waste of my time. I thought it would be good, since he was into the goth scene and so was I. It didn”t work out. He had one night stands with various men, yet he would never have sex with me. {Looking back, I”m glad that he didn”t, lol.} He has never had a job before, lives with his poor mom who supports him like he is still a child. I guess that explains why he expected me to wait on him hand and foot. I would go out of my way to visit him...he lived an hour away. Not once did he ever give me gas money. We would go out to eat...not once did he pay. We would go shopping at Wal~mart and he demand that I buy various things~yet not offer to hold any of the items that I would buy for him. He wouldn”t unload groceries out of the car if I went shopping. He would spend the nite at my house...stay up all night, watching gay tranny porn on my computer. After a couple of months, I had to say to myself, “Enough!” I deserve so much better than this. I was being used the entire time. I”ve learned my lesson. I”m glad he”s an ex” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:34:42 AM - Compare Jay Bowsher {Saint Petersburg, FL}: “he”s a ****ing gay ass idiot who beats his wife and cheats on woman with men and he”s a crack monkey for real” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:35:34 AM - Compare Caprice Barber Boy {Cleveland, OH}: “is gay he strips and cuts hair but I swear he sucks dick. His girl Charisma lived in the same building as me when I got knoked off then she moved across the street and I still was getting mine. So if you be on Euclid in E. Cleve look for him at KD.s He aint got no money” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

6/12/2011 7:36:15 AM - Compare Rohitha Boyagane {Colombo, AL}: “Age: 39” “Occupation: no job” “his passion towards breaking families” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/12/2011 7:37:10 AM - Compare Joshua Boyce {Washington}: “is a liar, a control freak on a power trip, an abusive *** ***, a sex addict, and everything he says is a complete lie in order to use you for his benefit. He even enjoys occasional dildos being shoved up his ass. He is obsessed with weapons and killing so dont get on his bad side. He has a way of ruining your reputation. His future plans are to become a child molester and policeman. His last marriage ended only after 6 months. He has had rape accusations against him and is a total creeper. Stay far away” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:38:21 AM - Compare Charnelle Boyd {Garfield, PA}: “Don”t waste time on that piece. He jus like to talk alotta shyt. All game and no name. Just a dog fulla tricks and scams. And he will chase anythin wit a vag probly peni 2 for all I know. Ladies move on dont date him hate him. He will play u lyke a game of monopoly. Got kids too. He”s no good, find someone else in a good neighborhood” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:39:42 AM - Compare Christopher Boyd {Raleigh, Norline, Warrenton, Durham, NC}: “He is not so much as a cheater than he is a down low brother. I”m just suggesting that anyone who knows him be careful. He frequents Raleigh, Norlina, Warrenton and Durham areas and is in the military. He went to school with me at VGCC and goes to North Carolina Central in Durham” “he is a cheater as well, that is if you believe his lies. That didn”t bother me as much as him sleeping with another man. Life is too precious to take this risk! I know that they are a lot of guys with the same name so if you want to be sure its not your guy, send me a message” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:41:22 AM - Compare Darrell Boyd, aka “Bud” {Philadelphia, PA}: “this *** is conceited and doesn”t care about nothin but takin flicks wit his ugly *** and ladies I think he might be gay jus puttin on a front {jus look at his pic}. He makes me sick and will lie to u dead *** serious in ur face. I only use to used him and made him fall in love wit me then broke his heart after he did me dirty....PAY BACKS A ***!! He”s a chump and tha dick game is so out tha door he”ll have u sittin there thinkin wen will this be ova with” “he”s a dog and tried to talk to 2 of my friends while I was messin wit him... He ain”t *** on the real... LADIES THIS IS A PUBLIC ANNOUNCMENT IF U SEE HIM RUN AS FAST AS U CAN, cause this lame as *** aint ***...He attends Virginia Union and he is playin every girl that he messes wit up there” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:42:12 AM - Compare Dominic Lamar Boyd {Washington D.C.}: “He is gay. be cheating on you with multiple girls and guys. He will even go as far as saying he is homophobic yet and still he only “plays” little gay games, and enjoys attending homosexual parties” SOURCE: DDHG


6/12/2011 7:45:09 AM - Compare Jake/Jacob Lee {Brooklyn Center, MN}: “He likes to wear women”s undergarments, cheats, does hard drugs, drinks a lot has no job lives with mommy and is a dead beat dad also enjoys ass porn!!! He also had two children one of wich died and he didn”t even bother to attend his funeral to busy gettin drunk with mom” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:46:42 AM - Compare Kerry Lee {Orange County, CA}: “looks can be deceiving. On myspace he has 123213, 231231 girls on his tip who think he”s so damn hot. He loves the attention because of it. In all actuality he”s really weird. My first impression from his myspace was that he was extremely cute and had a lot going for himself” “He doesn”t drive so you have to drive out to see him and pick his ass up and drop his ass off. He didn”t have a job just promoted for a club and pocketed small change so its not like he could take you out or pay for you. He”s a lame who has nothing better to do than stay on myspace on his sidekick and post bulletins every 30 minutes tellin people to hit him up. He lies and ****s with other girls on the side. He”s even been known to *** with other dudes girls, even his own friends. He supposedly “models” but its just one of those things where he gets little calls here and there to do a little shoot and blah blah. Nothing big or special. He doesnt necessarily treat you bad he just doesnt have *** goin for himself and is more of a lame than he portrays on his page. Just lettin girls know he aint really ALL THAT! Sorry to burst your bubble my dude” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:48:16 AM - Compare Miles Lee, aka “Mickey” {Atlanta, Macon, Savannah, Columbus,Valdosta, GA}: “is the poster child of pure evil. He is 62 years old and a career criminal and con man for at least half his life. He hides behind a so called credit card machine business which he does have but it is just a front to meet and use women. He meets women on the internet or where ever he can. He is very smooth talking and will make you feel extremely special. Loves to buy you 3 or 4 inch heels and run you bubble baths. He never has any money and uses women for his financial needs. He has promised at least 8 women at the same time to marry him. He is a pathalogical liar. He has no car or place to live so he will prey on women who have their own business or women who are heavy or women who have low self esteem. He has a 3 inch penis so insertion is not feasible so he does other things to satisfy you and he can”t get it hard anyway so you are out of luck ladies. If you see this man please, please run the other way. He also has women in California, South Carolina, Texas, Birmingham, Hawaii, Florida and these are just the ones we know about. Oh yes if he gets angry with you he likes to sue you and right now he is presently serving 1 year in the clayton county penile system for probation violation due to get out june 2010, so beware. By the way he owes everybody!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:49:21 AM - Compare Rick Lee, aka “Tim” from Fort Wayne on Yahoo Personals {Kalamazoo, MI Fort Wayne, IN}: “Previously owned a used sporting goods store but went bankrupt a few years ago & hasn”t been employed since. Was dating three women at once telling each that he loved them. Appears very compassionate and sincere and can cry when needed. Serious alcohol, drug and porn problems. Very skilled at being a martyr and tends to attract well meaning women who are born rescuers. Currently posing as “Tim” from Fort Wayne on Yahoo Personals but almost all his profile information is false” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:50:31 AM - Compare Timothy Lee {Canberra, ACT, State: WV}: “Age: 48” “will worm his way into your life, then will want you to be involved in some fairly strange sexual relations, then will hit on your friends and relatives, then will find a way he can make money from you. You then get called a client, while he tells you how much you mean to him, and he sees other women. He has 8 children to many women, the last 2 being of the same age to different women. He also might call himself by his father”s name. Please be careful, he is well practised and good at what he does. I live in Sydney and saw him for 2 years until recently. Be especially careful if you live in the ACT {Australia}. I believe he is looking for a wealthy woman who can pay his way. He will start out by fixing your pc, or housecleaning, painting, yard work...etc etc. He has no concept of morals. He will leave you feeling very unhappy about yourself, for part of his m.o. is to find lonely women and then strip away anything which may make them feel worthy, so he can weasle his way into your life and your purse” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/12/2011 7:51:34 AM - Compare Tod Lee {Vallejo, CA}: “He is insecure. compulsive and seeks booty on line. He”ll lie about his previous girlfriend, say he wants to cut ties with her and yet he”ll be lying to you about her in an instant. He”ll take days to himself and say he needs time, he”s needy, never has money, has a temper. He”ll have your number in his cell phone but the last digit will be off.....so when another chic gets up in there and tries calling you~she can”t. NOT THAT CREATIVE. He”s young and dumb. Girls, he had his PHONE NUMBER as a user name for these dirty sites. onlinebootycall.com etc etc. this jinky fool is horrible at lying and he fabricates stories to glorify himself” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:52:12 AM - Compare Simon Leechuy {Calgary, Canada, Alberta}: “Chinese raised in the Philippines. Corrupt/buys people. He is the worst kind of liar. He lies without a conscience, and has no guilt, remorse or shame for what he does. Romantic but usually has 2 women on the go at once. Uses women for money or to help his kids then he throws them away while he manipulates the situation to make the woman look at fault” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:53:19 AM - Compare Matthew Leeds {San Fernando Valley, CA}: “has an Asian fetish. Matt has no money for rent or to at least get a decent car but will spend hundreds of dollars on porn. Goes to strip clubs, gets horny then wants to have sex. Found receipts for call girls. And when out, he”ll check out girls left and right. If you go to a bar with him {Matt} and he notices another guy “picking up” girls and is failing, Matt will walk on over and hit on the girls with him. Matt says he”s helping the guy out but who”s kidding! Worst of all, he”s 34 and needs Viagra because he”s always drinking {daily} and smoking. Not only that, if you don”t do what he says he becomes verbally abusive and will tend to push you around. Best thing I”ve ever done was leave his sorry, EDD ass” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:55:06 AM - Compare Brandon Thomas Leigh {Las Vegas, NV}: “His {self given} nickname is bnasty....and he is nasty! Not a good nasty either! He THINKS he”s super fine and he THINKS he”s good in bed. The only thing he”s good at is convincing himself these things are true. Oh, and he has given out some special gifts to women he”s had sex with {STDs}. Beware of him...Word around town now is he”s gay. So maybe women don”t have to worry about him any more, but maybe he”s swinging both ways” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/12/2011 7:57:26 AM - Compare Bruce Leiran {Fargo, ND}: “My girlfriend dated this 40 year old loser. She was friends with him for 6 years and then decided to try dating him well they got pregnant and she moved for him soon after they moved in together he would stay out late he wouldn”t call. He would come home wasted then he started cheating which she thought was going on but he only admitted it when his new girlfriend dumped him and he needed a shoulder to cry on. Recently he lost his license for a year because he is an alcoholic skirt chaser and again he tried running back to my friend” “he is a dead beat dad he always says he is going to come and see his son but then there is always something better that comes up usually a night on the town. He will always ditch his son for his friends but NEVER the other way around. Girls watch out for him. He is smooth and then you get to know him. I guess he was married before and cheated on her with a married woman and they both got divorced and then he cheated on her, too. This man is relentless compulsive liar, cheater, drunk and who knows what else” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:58:17 AM - Compare Steve Lener {Winston~Salem area, NC}: “Beware ladies. This man has a history of: cheating on wife with multiple partners, explosive violent anger {private and public}, alcoholism, mental and emotional battering, financial abuse of wife, terrible money management issues forcing him and spouse into bankruptcy, penchant for get~rich~quick schemes, severe depression. Put short, this man is a volcano bubbling under the surface of a charismatic, charming guy. Don”t fall for it!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 7:59:09 AM - Compare Jade Lennox {Tasmania, Australia}: “a liar, a cheat, a thief, a bad manipulater, a bad father to his kids” “He has a scrapbook of his sexual conquests with naked photos from camera phones that he shows ppl n doesn”t care, he smokes n injects drugs n is open about it like it doesn”t matter. Everyone one knows n he”s proud. Beware of this guy, he is trouble” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 8:43:35 AM - Compare Carlos Vasconcelos {Tampa, FL}: “At first you will think he is wonderful. Then you will realize that he FLIRTS with EVERYONE.... men and women. He loves attention MORE than he will ever love a girlfriend, and he will NEVER COMMIT to anyone, because he likes getting attention from where ever it will come. Yes he will cheat!" "he will never change. Oh~ and watch out for that temper~ouch!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 8:56:51 AM - Compare Michael Vassilakos {Rockhampton, Australia}: “con~man liar” “is a liar, cheats, has drinking problems. Will steal your money. Don”t give him your bank details. This guys is danger. Don”t trust him around your kids. This guy is still married with 4 other children. Never pays a red cent. Oh the big thing He Gay. STD Girls. But LOL Can”t get it up anyway LOL. Danger Girls Danger Girls” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 9:02:48 AM - Compare Chris Michael Vaughan, aka “Chris Fisher” , “Chris Hunter” {Tyus/Bowdon, GA}: “Age: 35” “Occupation: professional bum/cocksucker” “this lazy fat bastard can”t keep his dick in his pants! He”s been married 3 times, has 6 kids, supports none of them, his last two kids he signed them away so he didn”t have to pay child support anymore, he thinks he”s god”s gift to women, he has a wife at this time but they had another woman living with them he was ****ing! He don”t want to get a job, all he wants to do is bum money off anyone, go fishing, go hunting, and go **** every woman that will put out to him! He is seriously contagious, takes advantage of the world, and has to have sex at least 5 times a day, he is over 6 feet tall, weighs 240 lbs. looks like larry the cable guy, always wears a hat” “Stay as far as possible, he is armed and dangerous, has a criminal past, and is a convicted sex offender” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/12/2011 9:08:18 AM - Compare Howard Vaughan, aka “Jamal” {Huntsville, AL}: “is yellow as hell pretty boy from Birmingham, has a silver Honda with a bra on the front, and he has a 1977 old ford pick up. Ladies Howard “Jamal” Vaughan is a pathological liar. He might be fine but he is not where it is at. I have known Howard for a couple of years, and the whole time all he did was produce lies. Come to find out after two years he has a girlfriend and BABY. I asked him more than once did he have a baby or a girland he said no to both. Ok deny a girlfriend that''s common for wack ass niggas to do but to deny his child. That”s a grimey nigga for you. He talks a good game but all he feeds is bull****/ lies. I should of known better from talking to him after everything I heard about him. First I heard he was a downlow brother, but I couldn”t prove so I continue to talk to him. Then I heard he was ****ing everything under the sun. He is a nasty KAPPA that would eat any ***** that lays in front of him and he tries to bare back with everyone. Ladies he tried to disappear off the earth so if you previous messed with and can”t get in contact with, He moved down s. pkwy at 11319 Crestfield Dr. off of Meadowbrook. He is a smooth talking bastard” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 9:12:47 AM - Compare Jason Vaughan, aka “J.V.”, “Giovanne” {Houston, Katy, The Woodlands, Dallas, Denton, TX}: “don”t judge a book by it”s cover. He”s a thief and a liar. Besides stealing motorcycles his favorite thing to do is date several girls at a time. He usually will hang out at any local pool halls, Hooters is one of his favorites, too. He was married at one point, but amongst the many affairs he had the final straw for her was when she walked in from work one evening she found him on the kitchen counter with a stripper. If you search his car or closet, among drugs and weapons you”ll find gay porn. But it”s “not his”, he”s “just holding it for a friend.” He goes by many aliases, and will never put anything in his name to hide from the long list of outstanding warrants! P.S. He likes prostitutes and strippers the most!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 9:24:41 AM - Compare Josh Vaughn, aka “J Vaughn” {Hamilton, Fairfield, NJ Cincinnati, OH}: “Was making gay porn tapes for his boss while getting paid for it behind my back... then spent the money on a ring for me!! On top of that was having sex with another girl while I was in the same house! We dated for 2 years and he cheated on me 90% of the time. Is GREAT at making you feel guilty for the stuff he did and on top of everything is a complete bastard!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 9:32:08 AM - Compare Wayne Vaughn {Ft. Wayne, IN}: “This “Christian Man” loves to cheat and play games. He has 3 kids by 3 different people. The last one was silly enough to stay. He loves to sleep with married women or men. He”s also been to jail 2 times for domestic battery! He also loves to spread STDs” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 9:34:12 AM - Compare Gregory Vaugn {Ft. Worth, TX}: “will lead you on just to get in your bed. He will tell you what you want to hear, **** you then leave you!! He is also a down low brotha, womanizer” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

6/12/2011 9:38:42 AM - Compare Demetrin Veal, aka “Demetrius”, “Villian” {Denver, CO/ Atlanta, GA}: “has herpes. Does the off~season in Atlanta and has had an ongoing discreet relationship with a man, Joe Stephens, for the past two years. In all fairness, I guess it should be called “on the DL” because he does sleep with women, particularly around his ballplaying pals” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 9:53:25 AM - Compare Armando Miguel Vegara {Gaithersburg, MD}: “fat ugly cheater, probably gay, and has horrible hygiene. Never date him” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/12/2011 9:56:26 AM - Compare Rick Veira {Portland, OR}: “has some severe mental issues {takes tonz of meds} and is also an alcoholic {in denial}. His sexual orientation is also in question” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 10:12:34 AM - Compare Stanford Leef {Mesa, AZ}: “has an STD from excursions in foreign countries” “Stanford was a promiscuous man who in a difference of 3mths got two very much younger girls pregnant. One who was already dating her now husband the other who he cheated on with his ex girlfriend after confessing his “supposed” love to her. I was the second and when he when he left me for his ex he was still willing to have sex which I took advantage of, which got me pregnant. I wonder if she knew we were still having our kicks? at the discovery of my pregnancy, stanford demanded an abortion which I refused, responding by saying he hoped I had a miscarriage. He denied possibility of being the father, then threatened that if the baby was his~ him and his girlfriend would take the child through the court system and not let me in her life and make a family of his own!!! He then left me to the world without any help, money, but with only worries and heartache. So the first child was born, which he decided not to be involved in the child”s life for the first year or pay child support~DEADBEAT DAD!!! But when comes time that my daughter was born, he was attached to her immediately, picking favorites? Him and his girlfriend split so the threats of taking my child were less of a worry. I had started anew, with my own abode, man, and life. A year later, Stanford had nothing~ he was living in his car, wanting to end his life, about to give his son up for adoption willingly, and begging for me back!” “I made the mistake of my life that year. My family didn”t like my current boyfriend, and pressured me to giving Stanford another chance, which later I had found out his manipulative efforts of visiting at my grandmother”s house every weekend, crying {literally} and proclaiming he would take care of me and give me a life of no worries, and wanted to marry me” “after our reunion he dropped his visits with my grandma and no longer returned her calls. he had used her for his own purposes of getting me back and then she was no use to her. This is the pattern of Stanford”s relations with everyone in his life” “I had always loved him even though I knew his true face, the deciever who pretends to be an angel, the liar who speaks half~truths, and the lover who loves when convience is in his gain” “when he said he wanted to marry me, I gave in. I allowed him to move in with me rent free, eat home cooked meals free, bought him anything he desired and more~ records, a mixer {$500} clothes, entertainment money, child custody battle money {$1,900}, a loan, and everlasting love {more than it was worth to}. He lived freely and in comfort, but still didn”t have anything to give because his bills were so high in which I gave him $500 to claim bankruptcy. Now he decided to not give his son up for adoption {the only repectable thing he has done} and was in the midst of a lengthy difficult child support case in which miraculously we find that he had an extra $770 to pay per month towards his other child!” “I gave him all my help and support~ preparing court documents, giving endless testimonies, doing research, consolations and paying bills. Regardless, I accepted all this for a year, only slightly suspecting he was a user. Then towards the end of our relationship~ a month after I dole out a $2000 loan, his mother a $1300 loan and aunt I think around $1000, he decides the affection, passion, and love he so strongly proclaimed a year earlier is gone, and is hesitant to work things out. Now after all I had given, sacrificed, and struggled with I had become to him a repulsive cruel *** who had only caused him a hurt self esteem and endless expectations and who disgusted him because occasionally I wouldn”t shave my legs. THIS LADIES IS NOT A MAN! HE IS IN THE LOWER SUB~CLASS SPECIES OF HUMANOID THAT APPEARS TO BE MALE, but is far less” “Stanford has a scarred member from masturbating too much {problem??}” “and is Christian?” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 10:15:53 AM - Compare Gary Spencer {NY, NY}: “PHONY” “LIAR” “PERVERT” “CHEATER” “INTERNET PREDATOR” “Lives in NYC”s East Village” “lies to women and says he”s in his 30s and he owns NOTHING and is FLAT BROKE” “He is 44 now and does not work much and is a wanna be OLD rock star, he”s signed with with CLICK Model Management IN NYC, I told them what he was doing and they have done nothing!! He used me for flights to lA where he stayed in my home for 22 days while lying to my face DAILY! I paid for tickets to NYC to stay with him for 4 other weeks, he NEVER pays ****, whined about being broke all the time! Said how much he cared for me, called me 15x a day, wanted to move to LA with ME all while trying to screw young girls he picked up online” “spends most of his time online in wanna be model sites like www.Mayhem.com, his ID is GSVB, see him in action here~http://www.modelmayhem.com/member.php?id=32006 in the Shout Box scamming and whoring with the married Kristin Anne! [] when he has some sick relationship with as she sits scamming on him while we were together leaving him CONSTANT sexual comments on MY THEN BOYFRIENDS PAGE including “I LOVE YOU YOU FU**ER” and dozens others, this THING is married and still does this behind her husband”s back!! I told MODELMAYHEM moderators what he is doing, scamming young girls there and because I warned people about his, THEY deleted ME NOT HIM. A woman named Theda chose this pervert and deleted my profile, HIS VICTIM!! They are protecting perverts not innocent users of the site like me and MAI the other woman he did this too that told me about him!! He”s there picking up VERY YOUNG, possibly underage girls while he was my boyfiend FROM MAY OF 2005, WHEN HE PICKED ME UP ON WISH2MARRY.COM, UNTIL MAY OF 2006 WHEN I DISCOVERED HE WAS A SICKO and PERVERT!” “it”s really to feed his disgusting internet addiction to VERY YOUNG and probably EVEN UNDERAGE WOMEN!! He was sending me and other women NAKED PHOTOS OF HIMSELF ALL THE TIME, while he was in a committed relationship with me! A WOMAN OFF MYSPACE AND MODELMAYHEM TOLD ME ABOUT HIM, THAT HE WAS DOING IT TO HER WHILE HE WAS WITH ME AND FROM MY HOME!! Sick piG was doing this from my house, in my son”s room when I paid for him to come to LA over the holidays as I slept in the next room!! He IS a Cheater, liar, scam artist and dangerous internet pervert AND PREDATOR!! I sued him for work I did on his CD and flights I paid for and I won but he is ONE SICK PERVERT, LIES AND DECEPTION AND PAIN AND MISERY TO OTHERS ARE ALL THAT COME OUT OF HIS TWISTED HEAD!! Sign the petition please to send to Lens Crafters and others to stop using this sicko!” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/12/2011 10:17:36 AM - Compare Stephen Clayton Spencer {Oklahoma City, OK}: “I met him in a chatroom” “He had no car, no job, and was staying with a “friend”. Looking back, I”m sure it was some girl who felt sorry for him like I did and he was cheating on her with me. We ended up moving in together after a short period of time {2nd mistake}. He said that he loved me and wanted to marry me. So, we went to the courthouse to see a justice of the peace [] We got all the way down there before he finally revealed to me that he was already married!” “My friend found out that Steve [] did nothing but talk bad about me” “Even though I was paying all of his bills” “The day before I moved out he had the audacity to bring his new “girlfriend” to our apartment. She was as pathetic as I had been and I tried to warn her, but she wouldn”t listen. She kept saying how much he loved her. She bought him a car and paid more of his bills. I guess she had a great job. After only 1 week of living together, he had emptied my checking account, ran up all of my credit cards, cheated on me god knows how many times, and left me with nothing”“His mom is in Oregon, so since he”s worn out his welcome in Ohio, Michigan, and Oklahoma, he could end up there” “It has taken me forever to get my life and my self~esteem back” PROFILE COMMENTS: “Steve tried to do the same thing to me. He is a child in every way. He has been married three times now. He swears that he”s about to leave his current “ex” wife but he is quite the liar. He really cannot utter a single truthful word. He stole money from me with some lame excuse attached to it. He has active warrants out of Michigan and Ohio for Credit card fraud and bank fraud” “He really is good at playing up the whole victim role until he”s done with you. He tried to suck more money out of me than he did, but what”s really low is that he steals money from poor single moms” “he mentioned some poor girl on myspace who was a single mom on welfare that he was going to just go “have fun with”. Chances are he did to her what he did to me. When we first met he gave me the “Oh you”re so beautiful, and so unique” line and then within maybe an hour he tried to get into my pants”“he was hitting me up for money and was trying to get me to open a credit card in both of our names”“He is a liar and a thief” “I met Steve through Myspace, he contacted me and we began talking. This must be his way, he must always be surfing for new women”“he was constantly telling me that he wasn”t going anywhere and he was always going to be there for me. He even approached the living together situation briefly which freaked me out” “That next day he broke things off, said I was moving too fast, which wasn”t me at all. I wasn”t calling or asking to see him” “about a week later he calls me late on a Saturday night telling me he misses me and that the other women he had gone out with, didn”t compare to me” “he got so mean and ugly that I was literally very afraid of him” “He came back into my life a little later with excuses and apologies, we planned on spending the weekend together at my house. Another red flag went up quickly when he mentioned that we should go get movies, I told him that I didn”t have any money for that, he then said “use your credit card” which I replied I don”t have one, then he said “let”s go to Best Buy and get a card in both our names and I will make payments on it”, I of course said no. He didn”t like that” “he had no job, no car, he had been being supported by his ex~wife” “he was bringing up the topic of us living together again, so he is searching for another woman to take care of him” “on one of his personal sites, he had listed that he had a PHD, when I asked him about it, he acted like he didn”t know that was there. He admitted to me that he never has graduated from high school” “he”s going nowhere in life, just playing women” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/12/2011 10:28:08 AM - Compare Jeff Yingling {Pittsburgh, PA}, PART I: “SOCIOPATH PSYCHOPATH” “TRUST THIS!!! Otherwise you will learn the very hard way ~ he”ll take you for money and whatever else he can manage to pull out of you. Hire an Investigator to check him out if you need more proof” “He has multiple full~blown relationships with women at the same time. NUMEROUS girlfriends at one time, living a double life with women in Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania +. Known to be Engaged to marry one woman ... while living with another woman ... while dating at the VERY least 3 other women. Does contracting/demolition work as well as selling goods at Antique Shows. He will be 50 years old in July” “He will look you straight in the eye and lie without flinching. He will attend your family gatherings, holidays, funerals, picnics, sit and have coffee chit chatting with your parents all the while he is cheating on you, he most probably just left another women to meet up with you. He will keep you around for as long as he can use you, then, look out. He picks on NICE women, trusting decent, unsuspecting, good, kind women. He will even pick up with women that have children, getting all involved with the child”s life. Mostly looking for women that can offer him either money or opportunity. He can do handy jobs ~ paint, tile floor, drywall, etc. He may try to get you to buy fixer~upper properties promising that he will restore them in a matter of weeks ~he”s looking for a way to suck you in ~ promising he will make you all kinds of money ... you”ll be stuck with a gutted property. He”ll get you involved in financial situations that he knows you will need his physical help with ... He”ll get you so deep in debt that you can”t just walk away from the situation. He”ll try to do favors for you and your family, give you gifts, etc. to try and win you over. He probably took the item from another women to give it to you. He claims to be a “Christian”, always wearing at least one crucifix. He seems so sensitive and sincere, a lost soul ~ it”s just a front” “the cell phone, he leaves it on vibrate so that you don”t always know it”s ringing... then he looks to see who is calling and will tell you it”s a male buddy or his mother. He will call you, then call the next lady as soon as you hang up. As soon as he gets in his vehicle he is on the phone, you may be driving right behind him as he waves to you and blows you a kiss while he is on the phone with a girlfriend. He may be driving the girlfriends around in your car” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 10:28:31 AM - Compare Jeff Yingling, PART II : “is always watching his back, very attentive to the cars and people around him at all times to make sure his girlfriends haven”t caught him” “usually won”t show public affection unless he is sure nobody is watching. Goes out of town on business to Antique Shows or Construction jobs and shacks up with other women ~ they are totally clueless that he is involved with other women” “he”ll get you to put financial obligations in your name so that he has no paper trail. Once he gets caught he just moves on to another area, even within the same city but on the other side of town” “Makes up crazy wild stories about his family, jobs, etc. Claims to own property, cars and land that he doesn”t ~ his girlfriends own them not him” “He”ll keep you apart from his family so that you can”t find out the truth. He will promise to marry you but won”t” “He filed for bankruptcy years ago” “If you go away on vacation together he will wait until you get back to the room at night and you have changed into night clothes to say that he will get: ice, alcoholic beverages, soda, etc. just so he can slip away to call his girlfriends” “in the morning ~ he will go out to get you coffee ~ it”s so he can call all the other women” “checks his cell phone messages first thing every morning to make sure he didn”t get caught during the night by one of the girlfriends” “needs to be in constant contact with all of his girlfriends” “will do everything he can to make sure you don”t get near his cell phone” “If you should happen to find out about a girlfriend he will say that he just simply has “business dealings” with her, she is just a “customer”, “business associate”, any story he can dream up” “can be VERY CHARMING and charismatic, people like him until they get to know the con man” “He will try to turn it around on you so that you think you are being overly jealous” “He will hit on women while you have your back turned when you are in the same room. Cheats on women while they are being treated for cancer” “doesn”t get along with most of his family except the ones that he can con” “goes on glamorous vacations with other women while he will use your money to finance it!” “All the while he is driving a vehicle in your name, has access to your bank account and the cell phone he uses is in your name” “When he gets caught he will only deny” “Don”t give him access to your business, bank account, credit cards, nothing! He Gives a sob story about his childhood and how traumatic it was” “You”ll feel so sorry for him & think you can help him with your love and compassion which is exactly what he wishes you to believe. He seems so sincere but he is only out to use anybody he can” “A Very Dangerous, Evil, Cruel, Scary, Sick Man” SOURCE: DDHG

6/12/2011 2:06:52 PM - I hear you, completely, woman. Back to that same lovefraud blog aforementioned. Someone else added to that blog, “working with my animals give me a feeling of peace. When I was smithing I could work for hours and be where ever my mind went to. Maybe this is why he took everything that brought me joy [ ] He enjoyed the good money I made, but he cut off his nose to spite his face. He took my smithing equipment and sewing machines even tho I made money, cuz they gave me peace” .. I am hearing that he sabotaged your band mere weeks before he lowered the anvil on you? That he, too, knew that you derived joy/peace from working with the band, especially if it was adding $ to the home coffers & you were between contracts or surviving on UI.

6/12/2011 3:39:19 PM - Precisely. And even when/if he knew he was about to sabotage our working band, neither did he seem to want me to find a replacement for him as the guitarist. Or so it seemed, because, one night, he invited a true jazz guitarist, Scott C., to our home, then it seemed he did not want Scott to hear what my material was. That evening, when Scott came to visit, Jay made fun of my home decor. Scott called him on it, said it looked very nice..well put together. But I had the last laugh on Jay, about all that, as, two years later, I hired Scott to perform with me for several gigs, including one jazz festival venue, for which we each received good press. It also proved to me, and to my former band mates, that it was ME who was the leader of that band, not Jay. The difficult thing, though, Jay bailed out after our band had performed one year at one bed & breakfast, where I guess we had become one of the house bands, so he cut me off just when we were gaining ground in our band, and it took me two years to get back on my musical feet, with my following lost from that venue, several of whom would have followed me to other venues. Another “first time” venue, closer to my home, when our band was still in tact, well known for hiring jazz acts, I wanted to hire an excellent jazz drummer for that one gig, because our regular drummer sometimes had “other priorities” .. his day job, for example, and he was really more of a “rock” drummer. Jay didn’t want any part of me hiring that jazz drummer, even if it was only for that ONE gig. I think because of it, I lost that venue for a follow up performance, because I think our total sound was compromised for not having a true jazz drummer that night [the room was filled with many from my following, including some of my own family members.] Jay just seemed so controlling. A true pig! I think he really WANTED to see me fail. I really think he has a “Woman In Charge Complex” ..does not want women to succeed at what they love doing, particularly if the woman has a long term goal/plan and has worked diligently on it, sinking her whole soul into the process. Seems like HE was the only one allowed to be the “artist” in the couple relationship, as if..how DARE any woman should be as talented musically as he is, to actually succeed at booking gigs? Before breaking up our band, he told me he had had a long talk with Jim Gilliam, who played bass with us. He told me that Jim had told him that his [Jim”s] father was a jerk, and that he told Jim that his own father was, too. He seemed to “relish” this man to man “bonding” moment with Jim. I doubt, though, that he told Jim the REAL issues he had with his dad. Always a “pity me” ploy with Jay, it seemed. But Jay also seemed so smug as to say to my face, during one band practice, at Jim”s house, that Jim had confided that an ex wife of his was also a musician, and that Jim did not think that two musicians, as a couple, could make their relationship work. After that, it seemed as though Jay was hell bent on making that “self fulfilling prophecy” of Jim”s come true, or it made it seem like Jim was an interloper. Yet, when Jim first auditioned for our band, Jim gushed about how great Jay & I were as a musical duo! I wonder if Jim would have dissed the loving relationship & musical duo of Richard Farina & Maria Muldaur, or that of wive/husband musical team, Flora Purim & Airto Moreira? Did Jim not realize that the woman with whom Jay had worked/lived, for 8.5 years, KNEW more about those issues, having lived with Jay 24/7? Jay has unresolved issues from his past that I think he was, for YEARS, & probably STILL is, acting on, and I believe most of them have to do with INCEST in his family!

6/13/2011 1:21:51 PM - Compare Ted/Theodore Kelzenberg {Lakewood, OH}: “He had numerous cyber affairs with women for 10 years. I knew about it but chose to look the other way. The last straw was when he cheated on me with 3 different women for over the course of year. Two of the women are married” SOURCE: DDHG

6/13/2011 1:22:58 PM - Compare Alejandro Kenig {Miami, FL; Argentina}: “this MAN is a con artist. He is very dangerous and is a sociopath. He will charm you and then take all your money~ the beginning he will represent himself as a very famous soccer player with a ~soft sweet soul, then.. In time, the relationship will become dangerous with verbal and physical abuse. He has now fled the country and living in Argentina, ran away from his debt here in America and leaving his x~wife with over 120k in debt. He does not have a conscience. Please beware~ of you heart soul and most importantly ~ your wallet. He also likes to engage in cyber sex with women all over the world” SOURCE: DDHG

6/13/2011 1:24:26 PM - Compare Robert Kehoe, aka “R.L. Kehoe” {Redding, CA}: “I dated this man for almost three years, and he lied about almost everything I can think of. I would have run screaming from this charming, nice looking, “trying real hard to please you” man, except I was out of my game. I”d been divorced for 6~months..wasn”t even thinking of dating, and he shows up..right across the street from the temporary rental I was living in..well I ignored the red flags, the perfect facade, in fact when he told me he loved me a few months later..I thought, wow, the real thing. BUT, he was the real thing to many women, including a family member. This man is without a soul, he should wear a Scarlett letter of “N” for NARCISSIST! for his lack of empathy, interpersonal exploitation of others, risky business of multiple sex partners, and lack of a true self..ladies beware. This man is bad news, before I knew what he truly was, I started seeing him again, after a 4~month break, only to find out he had started a new relationship days after I”d left, but he denied this, saying she was a friend, I have met this woman and she is quite kind..I wish I had the guts to tell her what he is. He”s 57~ years old, and although he has expressed concern for his reputation no one [including me] speaks up. He is allowed to go on this way only because others stay silent to his evil!! I wish she knew how disrespectful he is, and what terrible things he does say about the women in his life. He is just so believable, It took a few people to slam me into reality before I got a clue” SOURCE: DDHG

6/13/2011 1:26:01 PM - Compare Glen Keller {South Venice, FL}: “swinger” “This guy is on Yahoo Personals under the name Glen located in Florida. I dated him for a short time. He is very nice at first and tells you he wants to have kids and get married. All the stuff you want to hear. I made the mistake of having him come out with me to meet my family. Here is the red flag I had spoken to someone who told me that he has tried to get 10 other women into the swinging lifestyle. He never mentions it on his profiles. He told me he likes to have sex and watch people. What he does not tell you he is into Alternative Lifestyles and swinging. He is a silent manipulator. He will tell you he wants to have sex and have people watch both of you. He will try and get you into that lifestyle or swinging. He wants you to do more things sexually. Run like crazy and don”t look back. I don”t think he can be faithful to one women. This is a type of man that needs sex. There other things about him he can turn on you ladies he is very nice at first then he tries the power control on you. Then I realized I could never be married to someone and have kids and have sex with other people that is not my style. He says anything so he looks good just keep running and don”t look back. He makes you feel like your the one and he feeds the fire and he will be silent about things” SOURCE: DDHG

6/13/2011 1:27:10 PM - Compare Lorenzo Atencio {Garden City, MI}: “Con Artist” “Predator: Has lived in 41 places and is 44 years old and lives off women as his survival tool and he is bankrupt and makes $60,000.00. He will tell you what he thinks you want to hear to get into your home to live for free and spends his money on porn or other women, and sex. He will tell you that he has “relocated with his job in the Mid~West” as an engineer, but has been living in the Mid~West with multiple partners/women. His money “it is not for you” only in the beginning, it is all for himself or to spend on other women and he will go to the “highest levels trying to impress you in the beginning” and after he moves into your home you find he is financially flat broke. He lies to all women as his other survival tactic about himself. He will take you to 5 star restaurants and he will live out of a apartment or hotel and wants to keep his money to spend on other women and is not faithful to any one woman but tells them that he is. His entire life is a lie and he lives out of a suitcase, that is all he has to offer, for the several years, and is always looking for any woman to take care of him and to support him financially in the Mid~West. He also owes back child support. He is on match.com also so beware! After our first date I talked to others and I was confirmed correct. He does not like kids at all! 44~year~old man Garden City, MI, US Seeking: Women 35~55” SOURCE: DDHG

6/13/2011 1:28:09 PM - Compare Dustin Atkins {Decatur, Trinity, AL}: “is a compulsive liar, gambler, alcoholic, abuser. You think of it he can lie about it. He goes around telling girls he has lots of money. Truth is his family used to and don”t anymore. He has been married to 3 women. The last one had it annulled before they got back from the honey moon. He has had countless DUIs and wrote countless bad checks. Stolen from his family and friends and pawned their possessions for alcohol. Stay away for your own good!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/13/2011 1:33:29 PM - Compare Ty/Tai Shawn Burt {Woodland Hills, Newbury Park, Los Angeles, North Hollywood, CA}: “when I say bastard, I mean it literally” “says he loves women but in reality is a misogynist. He is a sociopath and Narcissist []just an ugly person, inside and out. At first he will woo you with his sensitivity but soon will show you how manipulative and childish he really is. When it comes to the sex dept he will need a couple of rounds of his late night porns to get started and will beg for head but won”t return the favor. He is in love with his penis, which isn”t that great at all. BORING in bed but thinks he”s doing it right...when he really has no clue” “thinks all women want to sleep with him” “his usual tactic is to text you over and over until you agree to see him [] that will never be at his place. He might even give you some sob story to make you feel sorry for him {aka I just need someone to talk to}” “He is a sociopath liar and cheater. He abuses women and is currently on probation for kickin his last girlfriend”s a$$. His own mother accused him of assaulting her a few years back. He lacks empathy and isn”t bothered by lying while staring you straight in the eye. He twists stories to make him out to be the victim [] will have at least 5~8 women at one time. It does something to his ego. He is a serial cheater and has been cheating for as long as I”ve known him. He will tell you he is a changed man only to get back into your life. Then you learn that he is married, which he currently is and the cycle starts all over again” “JUST GOOGLE HIS NAME AND YOU WILL SEE ALL THE POSTS OTHER WOMEN HAVE POSTED. TAI SHAWN BURT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL! HE IS MARRIED, BUT LIES AND SAYS HE ISN”T. HE IS BLASTED ALL OVER THE INTERNET FOR CHEATING, LYING, SPREADING STDs AND BEATING WOMEN. AND IT”S ALL TRUE” “HE HAS SOME REALLY DEEP ISSUES” “HIS 38 YEAR OLD A$$ IS AN INTERNET PREDATOR. HE POSTS HIMSELF ALL OVER THE NET, CLAIMING HE IS SINGLE BUT HIS WIFE LIVES OUT OF STATE. HE HAS GOT KIDS ALL OVER THE PLACE BUT ONLY RECOGNIZES AND ADMITS TO HIS SON IN CANADA. HE LIES ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS AND WILL TELL YOU HE ISN”T IN ONE AND THAT YOU ARE THE “ONLY GIRL IN HIS LIFE!” “DO NOT BELIEVE THAT LINE. I DID! NOW, I”M EMBARASSED THAT I EVER TRUSTED THIS USELESS PIECE OF GARBAGE. HE LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING OTHER THAN WHERE HE WORKS AND HIS SON. HE EVEN LIES ABOUT WHERE HE LIVES [] WILL USE YOU FOR WHATEVER HE CAN GET OUTTA YOU. HE TOLD ME HIS MOTHER HAS MENTAL ISSUES AND MAYBE IT”S HEREDITARY BECAUSE THIS GUY ISN”T DEALING WITH A FULL DECK. HE HURTS GOOD PEOPLE AND DOESN”T SEEM TO CARE. HE WILL WALK OUT OF YOUR LIFE WITHOUT AN EXPLANATION [NO] MATTER WHAT YOU DID FOR HIM. ONCE HE GOT CAUGHT, HE JUST LEFT” “DON”T LET HIS QUIET INTELLIGENCE FOOL YOU. DO NOT BELIEVE HE IS SINCERE. HE ISN”T. HE IS JUST WARMING YOU UP FOR THE KILL” “IF I KNEW HIS WIFE, I”D FILL HER IN ON SOME SERIOUS SHIT” “heartless, crybaby, abusive liar” “39 yr old *** lives in Newbury Park CA with his momma [] because he was thrown out of his house that he shared with his wife. This boy is such a scam artist, liar and head case. He”s also a pothead.Watch for his controlling” SOURCES: DDHG

6/13/2011 1:35:05 PM - Compare Edward Lee Clark {Southern California}: “This guy is a real liar, he seems very convincing at first. He will steal from you and I have been told by a friend he is targeting women who are a little older to get money. He is also a cheater you cannot believe a word he says. Save yourself a lot of pain. Avoid him like the plague. Ladies if you have ANY questions please contact me there is more that I could not put on website” SOURCE: DDHG

6/13/2011 1:36:06 PM - Compare Joshua Atkins {Fresno, Oakhurst, Coarsegold, CA}: “I was with Josh for 2 yrs, and every single day he yelled at me, cussed me out, called me vulgar names...and number one... CHEATED ON ME, and continuously lied about it to me over and over again. Every time I tried to get away and break up, he would beg me to come back and even go far as to ask me to marry him, and promise he would change. As much as I loved him I believed him and eventually ended up just telling myself I had to treat myself better than this, and I left him... the best thing I could ever do. He is a little boy who works in an arcade, does drugs, is mentally unstable, and he is always asking me, a single mother of 3, for help with his bills, and if I didn”t he would be irate, and again the name calling and breaking of the heart began again...I think the worst part about it all is he, sees nothing wrong his behavior. If you meet him, I suggest you go the other way” SOURCE: DDHG

6/13/2011 1:37:08 PM - Compare Greg Atkinson {Bloomington, IN}: “He”ll seem like the biggest, sweetest teddy bear in the world! His charismatic and charming personality will suck you in. But don”t be fooled! This man is just looking for someone to keep him. He won”t work, has 3 kids he doesn”t support, has a prior on his arrest record, and no driver”s license!” “he hasn”t figured out that he isn”t the only person on the planet. He”ll cheat on you. You”ll find disgusting pornographic material in his email and on his phone, but he is so silver tongued, he”ll talk you right out of being upset. Beware!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/13/2011 1:39:09 PM - Compare Mark Atkinson {British Columbia, Surrey, Canada}: “This guy is a narcissistic pathological liar, sexholic, he traps and screws a woman every 3 years, promises the world, and totally raped you off by the end. Divorced twice already, and unloaded tons debts to his ex~ who will never know where debts come from. Now he is sleeping with his lawyer, an old women who is playing sugar mom, her name is Sarah Pollard, for free legal service” SOURCE: DDHG

6/13/2011 1:40:10 PM - Compare Chad Aucoin {Tibbidoux, LA}: “Chad Aucoin is a huge cheater. We were Engaged to get married in July of 07. A week before we were to get married with everyone here he told me that he was going to marry my best friend Shannon on our wedding day. Needless to say he did which broke my heart. He has been married before. I would of been wife number 6. Ladies this man is not worth your time or tears run if he asks you out” SOURCE: DDHG

6/13/2011 1:49:50 PM - Compare Frank Avila {Greenup, KY}: “61 year old womanizer..He proclaims his love to you while having women all over Kentucky he likes to lead on..He says he is single but he is still married. I had a 5 yr affair with him” “I supported him and when it came time for my surgery to save my leg he abandoned me at the hospital. When I went into surgery He went home, to my home, met a woman there for drinks and that weekend started moving in with another woman..My animals 2 dogs and 2 cats were left in the home for 3 weekends to use the house as their potty cause no way out and he didn”t have the courtesy to tell my family..I was in critical care for 8 days..I spent a total of 2 months in the hospital and 3 months of recovery...That”s a real man for you he could have at least told me, I don”t care he is gone, it”s how he did it... So all women beware he is prowling in the Kentucky chat rooms on yahoo, facebook, msn, yearbook and porn sites...I even bought him a truck..I have pictures of how he trashed my garages and sheds ..He has even left this woman and is with his 3rd woman in 6 months. He is now in Greenup Ky” SOURCE: DDHG

6/13/2011 2:34:14 PM - Unless he turned Melinda”s sun porch into another convenient workshop for his jewelry repair/lapidary/silversmithing work, like he did when he lived w/me, he probably will try to paint houses [DONT let him clog up your utility sinks when washing out his painting supplies!] or work in carpentry, if he cannot get anything more than a low~paying retail job in a music store, which will probably be his fate..another dead~end job. But that is what happens to most drifters, too, if they even can GET jobs, after all their job~hopping & women hopping. A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss. How true. It seemed obvious to me, after he left me, that he either could not or did not want to take care of himself so he stayed close to his mother & sisters, until he could find Ms. Next, to suck dry her emotions/finances. If the past is any indicator of what the future holds, Jay will not just be sexing his wife, but others. When I started relaxing [exhaling ..finally.., years after divorcing my abusive ex husband] & believing that I could see myself building a future with Jay, everything changed, Jay became a different person. His M.O. across decades, is that of an EMOTIONAL cheater AND a PHYSICAL cheater. Like one DDHG profiler wrote about her ex, Keane Keil: “he wants you to be madly in love, but will drop you as soon as the illusion can no longer be feasibly maintained.” I would check, if I were anyone else Jay might try to con, & see if he has any AVOs, DVOs or TPOs in his background. Were I not still, after 10 years, w/an HONEST/LOVING partner since Jay, & had to face the ugly dating world again, I would do a THOROUGH background check on ANY guy I considered dating. I would do that BECAUSE of what I LEARNED TOO LATE about Jay. My guy, since Jay, can TURN A BUCK, in at least 6 ways that Jay did [or that Jay tried], but can also TURN A BUCK in at least 15 WAYS that Jay did not. My guy DOES NOT NEED WOMEN TO LIVE OFF! Again, last I heard, Jay worked for Music & Arts in McLean, VA. Were I any music store proprietor where Jay wanted to work, I would be cautious about hiring him to teach guitar to younguns. No proprietor would ever want to be sued by the parents of a child because an employee touched some child inappropriately! And that emotional blackmail email he sent to me only tells me of his sick crude sense of humor. Look out for another of his WHIPSAW moves..the one he tried on me w/in days after he moved out & had said it was “over” .. he dropped by my home, looking defeated [or FEIGNING shame?] & said, “I agree..lets not throw the Baby Out With The Bathwater” .. & if Jay is the one who keeps having 3rd parties send me Viagra/Cialis ad emails & Penis Enlargement ad emails, then I think that is b/c HE, in my opinion, has/had ED or IMPOTENCY problems, so wants to PROJECT it on ME or my partner that that particular PROBLEM of his belongs to us, not HIM, b/c that is how I think his SICK MIND works. Look up “personality assimilation sociopath” on the intranet. I think it fits Jay Brown to a Tee. He was too stupid to clear his web site search history off his computer and too stupid to delete the incriminating emails he received/sent. I saved PLENTY of evidence. Jay has relied, for most of his adult life, on his friends, girl/wife at the time, his mother/sister or another female, to get him from Point A to Point B in life. Not exactly my definition, nor probably yours, of a RESPONSIBLE, SELF RELIANT man! He acts shy but he is a monster. Those little fetishes of his..donning women”s underwear & wanting/asking his 1st wife to wear a strap on to “do” him..and asking me if I would stuff his butt w/anal beads? Those were NOT just little “innocent” fantasies or “innocent” role~playing. Those were SIGNS that he is/was a SICK MONSTER.

6/13/2011 2:53:45 PM - Compare Ashiao Greenidge {Atlanta, GA}: “is a liar he will lie to you and tell you you”re the world, he promises to take care of you. He cheated on his wife with some many other women. He has a little girl that he don”t even take care of. He was sleeping with men behind his wife”s back when she caught him with another man” “He is a bisexual ladies so strap up tight...Always promises gifts but never follows through...He wants you to believe he is loaded with cash...in truth he just wants yours. He will get your money anyway possible. He is in the military...ladies just know you should head for the hills if you see him coming” SOURCE: DDHG

6/13/2011 3:44:34 PM - Compare Brody Carson {San Antonio, TX}: “stay away from this guy! He is an online predator! Not only does he sleep with as many girls as possible, but he also sleeps with guys too!! He will get you to fall in love with him and then tell you that you moved too fast and that you need to take a step back! He is always going out with other girls and lies about it!! And if he tells you that he isn”t sleeping with any of them, he is lying! STAY AWAY! He will break your heart into a million pieces and act as if he did nothing wrong!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/13/2011 6:28:25 PM - Read “THE PSYCHOPATH ~ The Mask of Sanity” a Special Research Project of the Quantum Future School, http://www.cassiopaea.com/cassiopaea/psychopath.htm .. It might help others to understand what a sociopath is, how they are able to fool the best of us, and might shed light on those fake[?] tears that Jay seemed to easily produce, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Yes.., of course the tears fall, but it is all part of the ACT. Sociopaths are expert at learning to fake, mirror and mimic emotions.

6/13/2011 7:48:30 PM - I KNOW all about those fake tears..saw them a few times, at least five times during our 8.5 years. Funny, though, I never saw tears in his eyes when his sister Dulce died. Never. I also have read profiles about guys, up here & elsewhere, who also are profiled as to their ability to cry convincingly, Alexis Tamayo, for example, profiled on DDHG. His profiler wrote, “one of the things he does also is to cry quite excessively so as to show that you mean a lot to him because you have been able to make him cry, it seems to be a way that he uses to capture the girls more because it seems honest, when truly its to doubt” … EXACTLY! Same thing with Jay..

6/14/2011 6:46:25 AM - Compare John Talmage, aka “JR” {Kalispell, MT}, PART I : “this GUTLESS WONDER was the BIGGEST WEAKLING OF THEM ALL! He lied about EVERYTHING from the beginning. He said he was 2 years older than me, but he is really 11 years older than I am. Even his age wasn”t a problem, except he was an OLD man before his time” “He just lied constantly about EVERYTHING. He didn”t lie to just me...I saw him lie to everyone in his social and business circle, and it seemed so scary and unnecessary. He cheated on me during most of our 2 ˝ year relationship, but I didn”t know it until the “other woman” started answering his HOME PHONE when I called! Turned out she was PREGNANT! John had 2 of us women pregnant at the same time! I, myself, became pregnant with John”s baby last year. To John”s credit, he didn”t once question paternity. He knew full well that in our relationship, I was the faithful one, he wasn”t. He was absolutely horrible to me when he found out about the baby. He called me names, accused me of tricking him, told me he hated me. Told me he wanted nothing to do with me or the baby. He never wanted to see the baby EVER. He told me he wouldn”t pay child support...that I would have to take him to court and the court would have to order him to pay. I was devastated. John Talmage turned his back on me and our baby, when we both needed him the most. I miscarried his baby last year, and I had to go through that awful time in my life all alone. I had no medical insurance and John happily left me with the hospital bill to pay myself. I loved John with all my heart and in the end I forgave him for his unforgivable treatment of me and our baby. I went back to him. With all my heart, I wish I hadn”t loved him and trusted him so much! Not only did he cheat with women...but he OPENLY DATES OTHER MEN! He dates them at Scoreboard, King Buffet, Finnigan”s EVERY NIGHT, and still does! He always told me they were just his “friends“ but he was actually buying their meals and drinks! {What kinda GUY buys other GUYS dinner every night?}” SOURCE: DDHG

6/14/2011 6:46:47 AM - Compare John Talmage, {Kalispell, MT} PART II: “while he was my “Boyfriend”, and claimed he loved me, knew that I often had to go to the FOOD BANK to get free food for myself to eat. Especially after I was left with all the medical bills from miscarrying our baby. I was eating FOOD BANK FOOD while my boyfriend was taking other men out on dates and BUYING THESE MEN DINNER & DRINKS! I didn”t know he was paying for men”s meals at the time, because John said it was too expensive to take me out to dinner, said his “Friends” paid for their own meals, where I couldn”t afford to pay for mine. But John was lying....Again. :{ A female, who dated John before me, described to me the John she knows. She said he is “a Monster, a True Monster”. When I heard that...it really hit home, I felt it in my gut...he is a True, Evil Monster! LADIES!!...John Talmage knowingly and happily RUINED ME FINANCIALLY, he tried, unsuccessfully, to RUIN MY GOOD REPUTATION! He told me that he was faithful, and I TRUSTED HIM and it turned out he was sleeping with a promiscuous meth~addict! Now I have to worry about him having given me AIDS! And I HAVE NO MEDICAL INSURANCE! Can you even imagine my agony as to what my future will hold because I trusted John Talmage”s word about his fidelity?! He did all this to me KNOWINGLY and WITHOUT CONSCIENCE, all the while claiming that he loved me! I GUARANTEE HE”LL DO THE SAME TO YOU! And this man claims to be a CHRISTIAN! He has a disrespect for woman worse than I”ve ever seen in a man before! John Talmage is truly the most selfish, self~centered man I have ever met in my life. Like that other women who dated him said...He is a “Monster...a True Monster”. He is a Lonely, Old Man, who only feels important when he is hurting others with mean words and un~Christian deeds” “I have a HUGE, 11 page homepage on the Internet, called “MY 2 ˝ YEAR NIGHTMARE AS JOHN TALMAGE”S GIRLFRIEND”, detailing my years as John”s girlfriend. This posting only scratches the surface” “If his BUSINESS had been a success, as he claims, he wouldn”t have just gone through BANKRUPTCY!! If his LIFE is a success, he wouldn”t have and OPEN AND ACTIVE WARRANT OUT FOR HIS ARREST IN ANOTHER STATE!” “He is a cheater. I became pregnant with no medical insurance and he left me with the entire bill to pay. He claims to be antigay, but dates other men. He uses women like me as shills, to cover his gayness. He should come out of the closet and quit using women” SOURCES: DDHG & womansavers.com

6/14/2011 6:47:31 AM - Compare Willie Willis Jr. {Calumet City, Markham, IL St. Paul, MN}: “is a constant drunk and will stand you up and then cry because you told him off. He claims to love his son that doesn”t live with him because his very own mother is raising him {Probably killed his baby mama}. He claimed that his ex~wife was bipolar and that she was crazy, but he is the one that is crazy. He is very insecure and has gay tendencies” SOURCE: DDHG

6/14/2011 6:48:06 AM - Compare Masataka Takahashi, aka “Michael” {Wright City}: “He”s currently separated from his wife, because he was a prison guard who let a male inmate give him a BJ, and he got caught and did some jail time” SOURCE: DDHG

6/14/2011 6:48:38 AM - Compare Grant Talabay {Chicago, IL}: “Not only has he broken the jaw of an ex~girlfriend, but he has a thing for prostitutes and men. He is very good at convincing you he”s independently wealthy and doesn”t work. His parents support him. He has prescriptions from three different shrinks at three different pharmacies so he gets triple the meds every month. He”s an alcoholic that will go to AA meetings and then go out drinking. He will come on strong and be very attentive at first and then he will push you away. He doesn”t bathe or brush his teeth also. Additionally, his psoriosis is pretty gross” SOURCE: former DDHG, see also womansavers.com

6/14/2011 6:49:14 AM - Compare Elvis Talavera {Kenner, LA Miami FL, Charlotte NC Esteli, Nicaragua}: “Ladies, here”s the face of evil! My public service announcement=don”t date him. Instead, run! 1. Arrested for stabbing someone in a parking lot, hired a lawyer to get out of jail 2. Cellphone disconnected bc he couldn”t pay the $400 bill 3. Lied about being the supervisor of some construction company – he”s really 1 of the workers 4. He”ll say it himself: lazy, loves to smoke, drink, spend 5. Said he was bisexual {wears an earring stud at the top of one ear}, later said he was kidding. Once told me he fantasized about a girl putting her finger up his butt during sex! All true! The whole 5 months I knew him he never said he had a “girlfriend”. When he suddenly stopped calling I gave him space but demanded at least an EXPLANATION or REASON WHY, didn”t give me anything, when I finally got him on the phone he denied everything. “I haven”t met anyone since you” he said...uhhh SURE... See, he LIED TO MY FACE about whatever happened with this puta. Then she calls me from his phone to tell me Elvis doesn”t want to talk to me b/c he”s too much of a coward. She asks if I know who she is. According to what Elvis said she”s either the psychotic girlfriend or the girl he did up the ass, which one of those she is I am not sure! “I”ve been dating him for 4 years and we”re going to get married,” she says. It”s obvious she”s lying, but if she wants to think that..then who am I to deny her delusions? I ask her if she knows that her “fiancé” has been lying to her, trying to meet other girls and lying about being with her. “Oh I know Elvis, he”s like that,” she says. “Good luck marrying someone like that,” I say” SOURCE: DDHG

6/14/2011 6:49:51 AM - Compare Justin Talley {Columbus, OH}: “I was with justin for 2 years and everything was good in till on the day I got off work early to find justin in my bed with an he/she. Yes he”s on the low. He drives a purple Caprice. He”s always in jeff place, a club off Joyce ave. Stay away. He looks good an got a little bit of money, watch out” SOURCE: DDHG

6/14/2011 6:55:13 AM - Compare Tim Tallman {Wichita Falls, TX}: “He”s 41 years old, professional liar, Woos them emotionally, cocky personality, has many female “friends” and doesn”t use condoms {could be burning ya”ll}. He will use his 2 failed marriages as an excuse for the heartbreaks of many. A cheat, he”s also known for using vulnerable females like me. He causes mental and emotional harm when he feels he has you. We have been dating for 2 months now and now he is dating some cheap woman in Dallas and met with her while I went to visit family in Chicago. Ladies be on the look out for Tim Tallman of Wichita Falls, TX. He is a player. If you meet him run the other way as fast as you can” SOURCE: DDHG

6/14/2011 6:55:40 AM - Compare Todd Tally {Houston, Dallas, Arlington, TX; Fort Hood, NJ; Everywhere; Afghanistan}: “is a pro. He is great on the internet. He does a lot of date sites. I just found out he had me and a girl in Jersey and his x~wife. Yes all three of us at the same time and whoever else he found on a date site. The 3 of us have joined forces to let all woman know he is a user in a huge way. His target is woman with money, lets you think he loves you when he is so clueless about love. He is in Iraq at the present time looking for his next victim. BEWARE. PLEASE NOTE. It is myself and x~girl friend and an x~wife who have been hurt by him and we all talk. RUN if he contacts you..... He will leave you broke in the banking department because he does not have a nickle and I have all the bank statements of his to prove it and he will run you out of your own money and leave your heart broken” SOURCE: DDHG

6/14/2011 6:56:13 AM - Compare Andrew/Andy Nelson {Salt Lake City, Jordon, UT Elko, NV}: “Single mothers beware this guy has picked up on two single moms that I know of. He is based in Iraq with the national guard, he is a border line stalker, likes to promise you the world before his psycho side comes out!!! and when it does you are stuck with collect calls and wondering what the hell was the point of all that! Anyway, bottom line is the guy is just straight weird! There is no point rhyme or reason to his actions, and to be frankly honest, I think he may be in the closet, he picks girls up on my space and probably other chat lines but I guess the point is the guy is really really out there!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/14/2011 6:57:04 AM - Compare Norberto Rodriguez {Hagerstown, MD}: “I married the dog. He was a liar. I should have listened to Lisa, the ex he cheated on before me. He cheated on me with a teacher Robin. He cheated with others, too. He is living now with Sherri another teacher but is cheating on her, too. He just wants her money. Everything he says is a lie” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/14/2011 6:57:31 AM - Compare Raphael Rodriguez {Surrey, New West, Canada}: “claims he”s an engineer, but lied on his resume of what school he went to. He never keeps a job for long. He lies and cheats on all his women. He will seem like a sweetheart, and talk about how he”s been hurt by his “psycho” ex, when in fact he”s the psycho! His story is often the same. Says he was born in Cuba, that his mom died when he was young, that he was sent to live with an Aunt in Quebec. That he went to the University of Ottawa. He has been back and forth between Ottawa area and the Vancouver area for the last 5 years. He likes to control his women, he is very jealous. He seems to go after older women, BBW and single moms. He gets verbally and physically abusive. After one fight he told and ex that he had AIDS and that she should go get tested. He was arrested in 2005 for beating up another ex. He may tell you about the “psycho” ex that broke his heart, that he thought he loved, but that she was “bipolar” .. that she even faked a pregnancy to try to get him back. Where in fact, this girl was pregnant with his child, that he treated her like sh!t, left her high and dry, and she lost the baby due to stress! He”ll try to woo you with his “oral” skills. He will claim to love you, to want to marry you, have babies with you.. but when you are not paying attention he is online looking for his next prey! But oh no, you better not be online! That”s not allowed! This guy is a disgusting human being. I have spoken to about 8 of his exes this week, and it”s the same story over and over again” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/14/2011 6:58:01 AM - Compare Sam Rodriguez {League City, TX}: “He”s the most selfish man ever, and will gladly tell you that. Also, he has a problem with reality vs fantasy and needs the constant adulation from others who he meets through phone calls {at work}, online and then it moves to emails, texts and phone calls. He is also been with a few men and still wants that as well. He left his wife and child because of it and he told me about some of it, but also that it wasn”t happening anymore. Only that the women wouldn”t stop...even when he asked them to. Only he doesn”t ask them to! He needs them too bad! He is COMPLETELY narcissistic” “he DID cheat for real once {that I am certain of} in addition to all the other “fantasy/emotional” cheating. Seriously, don”t date him. And ESPECIALLY don”t have sex with him!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/14/2011 6:58:59 AM - Compare Harvey Rodstein {Laguna Beach, CA}: “Brilliant and accomplished in art of manipulation ~ prefers ladies who provide services/finances in exchange for sexual “partnering”. Alexithymic, and just dumps and walks when he is done without any attempt to repair the damage. Entitlement Complex, Narcissistic, careless with women and children” “commitment phobic” SOURCE: DDHG

6/14/2011 6:59:27 AM - Compare Mikey/Mike Rogacki {Indian Rocks, FL}: “Man W H O R E! This guy had to leave Michigan because all the girls there were used up. Watch out Florida girls this guy will use you. ALWAYS practice safe sex with this one.....you never know where he”s been” SOURCE: DDHG

6/14/2011 6:59:57 AM - Compare Derek Gene Rogero {Orlando, Kissimmee, St.Augustine, Daytona, FL}: “Although Derek comes off as “Mr. personality” he is a pathological liar” “license suspended, behind on child support..a real mess Stay away ladies!” “Age: 38” “Occupation: nothing but says he is a mortgage broker or private investor!” “Says he has a house, car and job HE HAS NOTHING! Has been known to hang out with gay men but says he”s straight. He has an extensive criminal record, theft, fraud, domestic battery etc. Can”t see his own children. Doesn”t support them. Womanizer, will sleep with anyone. Sociopath~always has a sob story” “Will rob you blind. Do not believe anything he says. He can and will destroy you. Stay FAR FAR AWAY from this piece of garbage” SOURCES: DDHG & datingpsychos.com

6/14/2011 7:00:29 AM - Compare Charles Aleo Rogers, aka “Lee” {Baltimore, Essex, Parkville, MD}: “is a liar and a cheater! He continously lies to women and uses them for his own gain. He will make you fall in love with so that he can get whatever he wants out of you including sex, money, cars and a place to stay. He then takes your money and goes out to spend it on other girls at the club. All women should be warned before the even meet this man, no not man, a little boy. He is such a loser and is dirt on all women”s shoes. He needs to be put away. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT HE SAYS, YOU WILL BE SORRY!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/14/2011 7:30:19 AM - Compare Steve Stegall {Kansas City or Liberty, MO}: “can look you in the eyes and lie like there is no tomorrow...seems genuine, but has a trifecta of addictions including alcohol, drugs and having sex with strippers and/or prostitutes. Should have a huge warning label tattooed on his forehead. Was with him almost 5 years and kept believing his lies until faced with the undisputable fact that he left his drivers license and credit card at a brothel in Nevada. I let him rip my heart out all because I wanted to believe he was the person he pretended to be” SOURCE: DDHG

6/14/2011 7:30:42 AM - Compare Matt Steffe {Frisco, TX}: “meets his women at his Multi Level Networking Meetings that either he holds or he is at. He only like to meet Married Women because he says {They have as much to lose as he does} This guy has more then several women that he will juggle around at the same time. He will start off with the women he likes and will begin with subtle text messaging to your phone. He then will throw out a few feelers before he begins his game” “HE IS MARRIED AND HAS TWO KIDS. I feel terrible for his wife that she has no idea that this scum bag is going to town with other women while she”s home with the kids. He thinks its a game. Any women that have run into this man should stay as far a way as possible. I hope and pray he gets what”s coming to him one day” PROFILE COMMENTS: “This guy is a total dirtbag. I too know that he is married and has two kids. I too feel sorry for his wife if she has no clue about it. Although he seems like such a gamer I don”t know how she wouldn”t know” “I”ve known him for a long time and it amazes me that his wife hasn”t caught him yet” “I have recently met this guy before I knew about this site. Ladies, this is as bad of a guy as you can imagine. Complete scum of the earth. All he will talk about his himself and his money and what you can do for him. He apparently is still married not sure what kind of an idiot would stay with him but he comes across with saying that he and his wife are doing so goooooood, then immediately tries to get me to let him play with me. I mean the balls of this guy to think just any of us girls would fall for his bull. He even showed me a picture of his kids AFTER he asked me to play with him in his car. Nice huh? I hope this guy gets exposed for who he really is” “From one of the girls I heard from he mess with her and she was married also. He would tell her the same thing that he had a great wife at home but was looking for fun outside of the house when he traveled. He acted like he loved his wife and kids and I”m sure he does if she has no idea what he does outside of the house, any man would. It really is a shame” “This is an addiction” “IMO, he”s a classic Narcissist. Narcissists always think they”re entitled. They easily come across to others as “Prince Charming” b/c they mimic normal people. They are really a soulless, empty shell and they are quite dangerous. It”s a big part of their “game” [] They feel very entitled and don”t like when their “special” treatment is threatened. Maybe his wife suspects, or she knows, but believe me, getting away from a Narcissist, especially with children, is like trying to escape from prison” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/14/2011 7:46:19 AM - Note..this profile has been pointed out for viewing, on Soul Pitt Messaging Board: http://s2.excoboard.com/The_Soul_Pitt_Message_Board ..the topic on that site was something like Expose Downlow Men or Expose Men on the Down Low

6/14/2011 8:51:53 AM - I hope all the lovefraud.com readers see this profile, as well. If they do, it can mean thousands of more viewers for you. Hope this profile reaches the top 10 viewed. Thanks for warning us and exposing him.

6/14/2011 8:54:58 AM - That is their hope..their magical thinking.. that they will not be discovered. Karma is catching up to them. LOL.

6/14/2011 9:00:29 AM - Maybe you should mention this link on some of the gay community web sites and ask everyone in those gay communities if they know of him. That way, you might find those two gay friends of his first wife, who said they had sex with him? ..just an idea, but you might also get more viewers.

6/14/2011 9:02:55 AM - You might also want to post, on some of those gay community web sites, a message asking if any gay guys in DC or in the salsa clubs in DC or in those Mr Henrys restaurants, knew him, from the past..again..just an idea

6/14/2011 9:05:23 AM - Heck, you might even find a salsa club community in DC that has a web site. If you think salsa clubs are hang outs for men on the DL, well, so do I. I had a similar experience. Anyway, if any DC salsa club community has a web site for blogging, you could mention this profile there, too.

6/14/2011 9:18:34 AM - Thanks for all of your comments..One correction as to when the above photo was taken. Since I posted the pix when I first created the profile and created it under a different PW and forgot the PW, so I could not edit this profile, to reflect the true date that the photo was taken, so I had to create another PW, to be able to respond to comments made on this profile. The photo was ACTUALLY taken in September of 1998 or September 1999. So the photo is actually about 12 or 13 years old. I am sure he is much balder now.. ha ha

6/14/2011 9:39:54 AM - I liked the suggestions of posting to gay sites or to salsa club web sites for DC. You might consider taking a few pictures of him, to those gay/salsa clubs, inquire of all the men sitting alone in those clubs, if they know him or know of him. That might help, too. Bless you and hope those two gay guys who knew Pattie will find this profile.

6/14/2011 12:00:34 PM - I think this list is a GOD SEND. It should stay up here because I have never seen any list on the internet, up to now, of that many guys listed as alleged down low boys. I, for one, do not consider it to be spam. Each individually quoted profile is sourced .. good job to whoever..and each one posted is no different from any other comment that says ha, you think YOUR jerk is bad? read about mine!

6/14/2011 12:25:17 PM - I totally agree about keeping this list up here. It was good, too, that someone had the wisdom to save those profiles from dontdatethis.com, because that web site came down many moons ago, and I feel sure that many of the women who profiled their vile exes up there possibly felt defeated after that web site came down, so might have felt reluctant to post about them up here, worried that the same thing would happen to them..to be disconfirmed or invalidated over and over again.

6/14/2011 1:18:02 PM - You go, girl! I would have the entire gay community of the world on his ass, to help you gather info, if he is or was fooling both sexes.

6/14/2011 1:28:35 PM - I must agree with the last comment. Even if some crossdresser or tranny might have met him in secret for sex, that tranny or cdresser probably would not want to get herpes of the mouth from him, would he/she?

6/14/2011 2:22:07 PM - wow..a Campaign of Exposure via the gay web sites ... i never thought of that one ...maybe i will try that, since the guy I profiled also had sex with men behind my back..

6/14/2011 2:49:14 PM - Yeah..well..that is what he gets for EFFING with my femininity and femaleness..trying to CONTORT it or DISTORT it into something it wasn’t, nor that I ever INTENDED for it to be. Nor did I ever INVITE it to be contorted or distorted..If Melinda wants to be the pants in the family or a butch to his femme, that is her business. I dont envy her, though.I really don’t care if this profile makes it to the top 10 viewed or not. I am not competitive that way. I do, however, appreciate having more viewers, though, and I WOULD like for those two gay male friends or former friends of his first wife, Pattie, to find this profile, and comment to the other 4 posts I have up here, not the ones of Everett Brown, but the ones of Jay Brown, that depict him at different times in his younger days..so they will comment as to recognizing him.I mean..if Melinda wants a male who regularly, when he lived with me, BEAT OFF to GAY MALE PORN.. and I suspect, WILL AGAIN, when she is not at home..then THAT is her business, too.And there was this old married geezer who lived in Roanoke, or near Roanoke, who Jay did some home improvements job for. I met the guy’s wife. Jay took me there. Weeks later, Jay told me how that guy watched porn, too..as if it was OKAY for the guy to do so when he was married. Now I wonder if that guy killed his wife, because Jay told me that the wife was no longer alive, some months or weeks later. Really, you will never know what part of Jay”s stories are lies or truth. I think he loved/loves to “embellish” to get a rise out of whoever his victim/victims were/are. .. but I went “gray rock” when Jay told me about that geezer watching porn, just like I did when he showed me that story he had written about Faith, the lap dancer, and just like I did when he came over with that book by the wife of Calvin Klein, about vogueing trannnies or crossdressers. I did not react with disgust or shock, as I think Jay hoped I would. You see..I was ON to him. In a way, I wanted to see just how far he would take things to the “edge”, while I MEANWHILE kept a journal and kept the PROOF!In that story he wrote about Faith, he even mentioned in it having watched the movie, Eyes Wide Shut with me. Maybe that was his HERO, the villain in Eyes Wide Shut. Well..that villain was not MY idea of a hero, and Jay certainly is not going to be one for ANY woman. In fact, I was so ON to Jay that he probably does not even know if or not the photographer who took the photo for this profile was my PLANT that day [how does it FEEL, Jay..to be UNDER OBSERVATION..as if a P.I. has you in his cross hairs?!?]

6/14/2011 6:09:46 PM - Ahhhhhh...ya gotta love Prime Time hours..those hours when this profile WILL have more viewers than usual. Kudos for outing this jerk.

6/14/2011 6:12:47 PM - Hola, chica...I honor you for exposing him. How awful, men like this.

6/14/2011 6:21:53 PM - i dont blame you.. even honest gay guys do not appreciate cons by DL guys. decent gay guys with morals, are also tired of getting the short end of the stick..I should say…Short Stick, Soft Stick, Soft Too Soon Stick, or Too Quickly Disappearing Stick, after the Too Soft, Too Soon, Too Seldom is all done. LOL. I will do my best to pass word around my friends in the gay community, about this profile and hope that will help you, in some way, some how.

6/14/2011 6:36:06 PM - Oh yeah! I think this site will work for you, and yes..Prime Time also works…the time when peeps are off their day jobs and can view this site. Thank Heavens for its creator! And I think, if you did go for that Gay Web Site Exposure, to mention this site, it could work well in your favor, if you have not done so already.

6/14/2011 6:43:23 PM - Come All Ye lovefraud.com readers and bloggers! We know you will find this profile sooner or later. Gather your minions, post your thoughts! Give this woman some help & verbal hugs! Hey “Hens”…can you help her out, to let your gay community know about this profile, even if you might not live in her area? You still might have other gay friends in DC, VA or MD who you can inform about this profile. Do so, Hens, if you can. Help empower this lady.

6/14/2011 7:04:40 PM - Sometimes the only immediate karma, for healing, is the BACKSPATH, that is, to hold the mirror up, to reflect the bad energy of the SPATH, but to hold the mirror up in the SUNLIGHT, or the TRUTH, so that it falls on him, burns him, like a laser beam, dead on.I saw how that energy worked from a Japanese film about Samurai warriors. The good warrior, at the end of the film chose to fight his opponent, the bad Samurai, on a sea shore, and chose to do it in sunlight. Of course, the good Samurai chose to fight his enemy with his back to the sun, while the bad Samurai had to face the glare of the sun [i.e., symbolism for Truth] in his face. Naturally, the Good Samurai won the fight.

6/15/2011 12:45:41 PM - Jay wanted recognition? Adulation? Well, now his face is all over the map of the sky. He is infamous, has notoriety, will be memorable. He disrespected me, my visions in life, even though I helped HIM all those years. It Wasnt God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels. He should know that Kitty Wells song by J. D. Miller. He ought to. I used to sing it to him. Probably, I was not the perfect groupie..so could not ADULATE him enough, as Melinda could. No. I was his EQUAL or his BETTER at music, so I think he was JEALOUS of me. He is no more of a “songwriter” than I am. I could Travis pick as well as he could, I knew open tunings that he did not know. I think he was JEALOUS of me because my hands, when playing guitar, were delicate and precise, while his, in my opinion, were clunky, plodding, and often unprecise [and in bed? Pish! Talk about cloddy, heavy handed..and MASHY with his mouth..NOT delicate!] That hinted to me, years later, of how he wished he were a GIRL! He noticed how I created an arrangement of Distant Water, by David Wilcox, with open tunings [remarked how he did not like Wilcox. I think he thought Wilcox was Namby Pamby or too sensitive. Telling, is it not, that Jay would dislike an artist that sensitive, honest and brilliant, with his lyrics?] He was no better at singing standards/covers than I was. His vocals were no better, professionally, than my own. The only difference, I think, was that I actually FELT what I sang, whereas he FAKED the emotions of the tunes. I could sing the blues at age 16 [Bessie Smith] and could play her songs on guitar [though not upside down style, like Bessie], I knew to put my name on mailing lists of other musicians, so we would know where to seek gigs, looked in the City paper, in the Weekend section, to find more.

6/15/2011 12:47:00 PM - I got Jay work as a musician, for our duo, for our trios, & was the main marketing person for our band/quartet. So, I put my marketing skills to work again, on a campaign, to expose him! Nothing wrong with advocacy, either, to help other women like me who were defrauded. He had my whole family snowed. That photo of him schmoozing up to my oldest brother, talking in his ear, meawhile checking out the photographer..the sexy FEMALE photographer..all that..at the 80th Birthday celebration of my father, in Rehoboth. Ate well, often, at the tables of my family members, for years. He will be recognized, alright….recognized for being a psychological bully. I, for years, lived on my own..totally independent. He did not. Maybe he was jealous of that, too, the fact that I could survive/live/thrive in my youth, living on my own, the way he seemingly couldnt.

6/15/2011 12:48:16 PM - Sorry to be trite, but like a bull in a china closet against the feelings of a woman, he probably wishes he were a masher alpha, or wished he could BE w/an alpha man, sexually, but being the hidden femme he also is, or probably wishes he could be, too.. he amounted to~finally emerged to me~, as a VERY CONFUSED, SICK INDIVIDUAL! Yes, IMOP, he has the BULLYING MEATHEAD MENTALITY of a BULLY ALPHA, but is a big, clumsy COWARD. As written above..compare him to Lilith in the film, Lilith, because her sickness is the SAME sickness I think Jay has. I have counted on my FaceBook friends to read this page, too..friends I had to develop from scratch, after Jay left. That took me years, no thanks to Jay. I heard it straight from his mouth, blame Lorrie, wife #2, for not supporting him with ALANON, when he was in AA. Funny thing, though, he stopped going to AA, after he moved in with me..or at least, all those years he lived w/me, never saw him attend. He was always “working” days, so if he was, he would not have had time to attend AA meetings, I would think, and he was always home with me nights. What a damned hypocrite. He even mumbled something about his intention to return to AA meetings, after he decided to end things…..[as if that would solve his sex or porn addiction problem? Uh uh. Doubt it. Maybe with quitting alcohol, but as far as with sexaholism, he probably cannot or will not follow through w/Step Five, “Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs” , Step Eight, “became willing to make amends to them all” Step Nine, “Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others”, Step Ten, “when we were wrong promptly admitted it”] He might apologize, but his apologies will, I think, also be fake, rehearsed, not sincere. You will not thrive with a male who insults the intelligence of women, who only PRETENDS to appreciate it, in the beginning, & can/does for years, carry out his CHARADE, the entire time.

6/15/2011 12:49:00 PM - I think Jay wants/wanted it both ways..for the woman to be intelligent enough to make most, if not all, of the $ in the unit, but stupid enough to overlook his sick ways. I heard it from his coworkers at his first Stone Art shop in Canterbury Square, that he thought Lorrie was lax because she only wanted to come to the shop to give beading lessons, but did not really want much else, as far as the responsibilities for that business. If so, I think he flipped the script on her that way, too. At that time, I also thought I heard him mumble/complain about Lorrie having “bought too much” or the “wrong kind” of inventory, so it seemed he blamed her for the failure of Stone Art, too. IMOP, Just a smug, smarmy S.O.B. Think the lyrics to You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette. My sentiments, precisely, only I do not wish either of them well. I do not wish well for anyone who sees the need to triumph by causing pain to someone else.

6/15/2011 12:50:43 PM - My current partner lead me to that tune, too, for healing, just as he led me to the film, Phoolan Devi, Bandit Queen. Keep singing, girls, if you are a professional. Better musicians than Jay, who have MORALS, BOUNDARIES and CONCIENCES, will appreciate us, eventually. I think Jay thought he could, by osmosis, with Ms. Barbie Doll by his side, he could acquire status/position/sophistication..someone who could DEFLECT the bad vibes of HIM. Again, one cannot make a silk purse out of the ear of a sow. My purpose for continual exposure of him is for my VALIDATION. Being validated by his 1st wife, Pattie, is not enough. I truly wish that any gay guy who has had sex with Jay, or allegedly had sex with him, SPEAK UP, on the four other profiles I have, about him, up here. He has probably underestimated my determination to COMPLETELY expose him. I do so with the belief that Squeaky Wheels Always Get The Grease. They didnt call my mama Spitfire for nothing. Yes. I am headstrong..became more willful because he nearly broke my will to live and thrive. His behavior & his daughter”s, after all I did for them, in the end, seemed almost Beverly Hillbilly feudlike. Seemed, again, like he hid behind, yet, the skirts of one more female..his daughter, whose rude behavior was uncalled for, with a hate letter. Did he encourage it? Dunno, but it seemed she learned about BOUNDARY VIOLATIONS from him. Who knows..he might get a kick out of seeing himself in a negative light, on line, as, I think he loves negative attention as much as positive attention..you know..TRAUMA bonding. He always loved the limelight/spotlight on him. Only, I hope this will BRING him trauma. Whew! Ok..I will stop now. If I have to say any more, I hope some film producer will ask to make a movie of my story..a story about a slick male, who I STILL think is STILL..on the DOWN LOW! I already wrote a book, that took me FIVE years to write, about that part of my life with Jay. I had a publisher with whom I signed. That publisher rescinded my contract because I could not pay a lawyer to “vet” potential libel, even though I offered to take on a ghost name as the author, and changed all names in my book, so that no one would recognize anyone in my memoirs. That hurt, because, I passed through permissions, for the research part of my book, from 2000 authors I quoted, either within fair use, or paid for those permissions. My current partner was..still is..behind me all the way, on getting my book out. Because this web site does not allow advertising, I cannot mention the name of it. I have not given up, yet. I found out, since, that same publisher allegedly “stiffed” many would~be, first~time authors..I found many web pages that said as much. A sad thing for innovative artists, especially artists talented in more areas than one. It has been said, that in most professions, women have to work twice as hard as males, to achieve the same success. I have found this to be true, especially when without the support of an honorable partner.

6/15/2011 1:40:32 PM - Double standards from men should have been curtailed/stopped, in the 1970s.They were, but not enough to stave off misogyny, apparently, and many males who joined the Band Wagon of the feminist movement, suddenly saw AVENUES for progress in their lives, as if, by glomming onto females W/financial security, they could "progress" in life, as if they could SEGUE into an "acceptable" life on the backs of women who worked full time, when they often were reluctant to do same. I do not buy that tact, and neither should YOU.

6/15/2011 2:00:37 PM - Alright, on most issues/points in my life, I AM NOT COMPETITIVE, by nature! Mostly, to be honest, my musical/professional endeavors were the areas in my life in which I was, or was considered, by others, as competitive. I tell you now, that I never had ANY intention of competing w/Jay Brown, to the point it would have possibly created insecurity in his core. I tell you that I suspect, that all through our relationship, his core was thin and UNDERDEVELOPED, & I more than suspect that same insecurity was due to INCEST issues in his family. I WILL NOT apologize for my profiles. End of story.

6/15/2011 2:02:31 PM - Compare Chris/Christopher James Boyer {Elkton, MD & Newark, DE}: “Women in Delaware/Maryland watch out! THIS MAN IS A MASTER DECEIVER! Chris Boyer is the sneakiest kind of man. He tries to represent himself well as far as morals are concerned. On the surface, this man appears to be sweet, kind, good looking...a great guy. WRONG! It”s a façade. The truth is that he is a self~proclaimed pathological liar, a cheater, a drunk and a stalker. He has a drinking problem. A serious one. He drives around while drinking. He gets violent when he drinks. He cheated on his wife with several women. He even had an a affair with his best friend”s wife, got her pregnant and has been stalking her ever since! In the past two years, Chris has been arrested for physically abusing his ex~wife, driving without insurance, leaving the scene of an accident and has other police reports filed against him for harassment and stalking! Sadly he is such a good liar that he even has his family and friends fooled! I don”t enjoy posting someone”s dirty laundry on the internet like this, but this man is out there dating and I would hate to see another woman fooled by this man as I was. Trust me when I say that he is a very, very good liar. I was fooled by him for a long time and I am very disappointed in his behavior. I was warned too, by his own sister who told me that he has had a lying problem since he was a teenager. But I didn”t listen and paid the price. Therefore, I feel it is my duty to warn others and save someone else the heartache I had to endure! Please contact me if you are concerned about this man as I have proof of all of the above information” “cheater, liar, stalker” “Chris Boyer is a POS. He cheats on his wife, she forgives him and then he continues to do it behind her back. He is a stalker and has police reports filed against him in MD and DE. He has cheated with his wife”s co~worker, his best friend”s wife and his old girlfriend. He even got the best friend”s wife PREGNANT! Worst of all, he then lies to make himself look better, denies most of his mistakes and is a complete COWARD!” SOURCES: DDHG & womansavers.com

6/15/2011 2:21:03 PM - To God, or whoever my Higher Power is, if female or male, when will this abuse against women stop??? When will males, abused by siblings/family members/clergy, etc., STOP abusing women?! For my remainder on my time on this planet, having, in my past, paid in my former position in child support enforcement, in 1981, I will dedicate my life to helping other women in their sad situations, to stop males from abusing them. I promise!

6/15/2011 2:35:47 PM - If Jay had the ability to dupe me, a 2nd time, >30 years later [1st time when I was btwn age 17 & 19], think about that, and what he MIGHT do to any other female, in future. I gave Jay 2nd chance, >30 yrs. after he had had his 1st chance to make an HONEST relationship w/me. One needs not be a rocket scientist to see the [I allege] moral character flaws that I FINALLY realized, were in JAY BROWN! Okay, not the TOTAL end of story. We are left with a quandry as to who was the “major” person in Jay Brown”s life, pre major, as to who could have contributed to his delinquency or later alleged infringements on the souls of women with whom he would JOIN, PROMISE TO BE FAITHFUL, TO EACH, ECT. I say, he lied to all of us! Jay has done it all..Listen to THE MANIPULATION SERIES: Gaslighting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hllgfPCooYE&NR=1 Scapegoating: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RhGck2M16g&NR=1 Projection: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHbVL30_5eM&feature=related Minimalization: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq7j8RQrFM&feature=related Since Jay seemed to want to be the only “artiste” in his coupledom unit, he will probably expect YOU to go out, face the stress of the office or working world, while he can lazily sit back and do what he wants, work from home, or PRETEND he works from home, which very well might mean that is when he will do his “dirties” BEHIND YOUR BACK. When I began dating Jay, when he worked at Canterbury Square, at Stone Art, in Manassas, he was living with his OLD mother, driving a beater car, and had been separated [or so he said] from his 2nd wife, Lorrie. DO NOT LET ANY MALE turn you into the one “wearing the pants” in the family, so he can be the “lady” .. otherwise, he will never be a RESONSIBLE MAN, will never pay for the roof over your head, as a man should, who wants a one on one relationship. That was my HARD lesson. LEARN from my mistakes! IMOP, he is NOTHING MORE than a GIGALO, with the mentality of a PIMP or BIGAMIST. I went slumming ONCE IN MY LIFE..with Jay Brown. Never again! Before him, all of the men I dated had DECENT CAREERS. Do you think it was just a COINCIDENCE that the utilities were only in MY name, in that home in Manassas we rented? Think again!Instead of encouraging him to remain in a committed relationship with me, to encourage him to firm up our commitment..a long term relationship at that, Melinda barged into our relationship as an interloper, when he treated me, all those years, it turned out, like a ROOMMATE, undeserving of a settled home, meanwhile, I had helped him pay, most months, half the RENT on the house on which he was ALSO on the lease, AND helped him mentor, if not rear, his daughter all those years, & meanwhile, SHE WAS MARRIED TO ED REJUNEY! I feel certain that he leapfrogged to her because she owned property. What responsible man does this?! Only a PIMP or a GIGOLO, in my opinion. No. He only wanted to take SHORT CUTS on the backs/labor of women, & I can almost guarantee he will do the SAME with the next and the next, ad infinitum. What I did not need after my divorce & abusive husband was another abusive guy & bad relationship. Jay made sure that was the bad outcome. What Lorrie, wife #2, did not need, after her relationship ended with the biological father of her son, James, was ANOTHER bad relationship. Jay made sure that was the bad outcome. RINSE & REPEAT! He put us BOTH through the ringer. I feel that his true goal in life is to use/abuse women, and to corrupt them, if he can get away with it, for whatever sick reason, known only to him.Jay can look you in the eyes, lie w/out flinching, conscience or remorse, to leave one feeling like an unpaid devoted servant of years who gets dismissed w/out a thought, or like a whore unworthy of setting down roots [what do you think all the guilt gifts were for?] Looking back now, he seemed to have an extreme/odd whore/madona complex. He also worked/works as a carpenter framer or painter, so appears to be the “handy man” to many women, to impress them w/his skills..a true “opportunity” to get into houses, empty or unempty, to do whatever w/whomever. Each of my 3 brothers are STILL married to their 1st & ONLY wife. Ha ha. That must mean, among other things, that they all have better, bigger, longer enduring, & more LOYAL cocks than Jay had. 2 of them produced SONS, not daughters, & they ALL had GOOD CAREERS! Wish I had been so lucky w/Jay. Oh, & NONE of my brothers are queers!

6/16/2011 1:17:15 PM - Compare Robert Ware {La Mirada, Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA}: “He”s a liar and a racist but loves white overweight women. He has many issues and is a big bully that mistreats women and always preys on the weak minded or the small women. He has a small *** now who”s been around. If you see him at the Long Beach airport run the other way. He”s a womanizer, a user, a liar and a ****ing faggot” SOURCE: DDHG


6/16/2011 1:20:50 PM - Compare Frank Carfaro {New York}: “Looking for a rich wife. Watch Out! Self~absorbed and ethically~challenged, and maybe a little confused {i.e. ~ is he gay? We still don”t know.} This guy dated my friend, he started off charming, and ended up treating her like dirt. My bf tells that for months before he broke it off, he was saying evil things about my friend and sleeping around. Not a nice man” SOURCE: DDHG

6/16/2011 1:23:11 PM - Compare Jeffrey Carl, aka “Azale Habibi” {Vancouver, WA}: “He”s either in Vancouver WA, or Portland OR. But he will move anywhere across the country if he”s found his “one true love”. He will tell you he doesn”t do well with children, but your love is worth it. He will win your heart and truly make you believe you are the one. Then one day, absolutely out of the blue, he”ll leave. He may leave you a letter, or not. He will turn around and tell you he just can”t be with you anymore, even though he may have told you the exact opposite the day before. And of course since he warned you about kids earlier, “you should have known”. Jeffrey has an empty hole left by his abandoning mother, so he preys on mothers. Once he realizes the hole remains, he”ll blame it on your kids, the family life, the animals. He”ll even go so far as to tell YOU you need therapy. But he”ll leave you bankrupt, bewildered and devastated. And probably going to a therapist. I myself was put on 6 wk medical leave, and now suffer Post Traumatic Stress from the event. After our divorce, I have been approached by exes before me..and he”s a serial sociopath. More women than I can count on one hand, all left in the exact way. Protect yourself. Keep your sanity and money. As much as he makes you believe you”re worth it {and as much as HE probably believes it}, he is SICK and will never know true love. He tries very hard to make sure his exes never talk...and this is why. He has a history to bury” SOURCES: DDHG & dontdatethis.com

6/16/2011 1:24:42 PM - Compare Gerald Travis Young {Oklahoma City, OK}: “Gerald is the most disgusting human being I”ve ever met! He is a worthless douche~bag! I met him at a comedy club {because he thinks he is a comedian}. He wined and dined me. After going on a couple of dates, we started fooling around. I kept hearing noises in this closet, but he said he it was the pipes. Our escapades came to and end one night after we finished having sex, I opened his closet to find his brother there jerking off with a video camera. I looked to Gerald for comfort and he said that this is what he and his brother do.... they have been pulling this scam on any woman they can weasel into bed! The most horrible thing that came out of all of this is I ended up with ***! That mother *** never said he had it! EVEN THOUGH we used a condom his case is so bad that I got in from skin to skin contact. He and his lame *** brother need to be institutionalized! Told me his fantasy was to have his brother {Brandon Young} come over & have sex with us” “the bastard gave me HPV {genital warts!}” SOURCE: DDHG

6/16/2011 1:28:16 PM - Compare Russ/Russell C. Young {Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale, AZ}: “age 51” “This whore~dog is slick. He”ll tell he”s been married 2 times, but his exes will tell you 5 times, engaged 2+ times. None of his relationships or marriages have lasted past 4 years. Hangs out in country bars picking up the unexpected, lures you in by wining and dining you. He”ll date you several months and then it happens, the ring of doom, yes he”ll tell you this is the last time, this is it. The ring is only a symbol of control for him to do what he wants, in his case nothing but go to work. He”ll move in with you and expect you to pay and take care of his kids because he has no responsiblity for them. In fact, he doesn”t want any responsibilities at all. After the honeymoon stage is over is when his true anger and temper shows because you”ll catch him in so many lies it”ll make your head spin. You”ll put up with it for so long and then it”s too much. With the added intimidations and the back peddling it”s amazing how he believes his own lies. He”ll get you so far in debt and think nothing about what he owes you. Good Luck if you start dating him, because he”s not an honest, trusting person. Notice I didn”t ever call him a man because he”s not. Don”t say I didn”t warn you about him. WARNING he”s a LOSER girls! He claims to be married only 2 times but it”s really 4 maybe even 5. My gf told me his relationships haven”t lasted longer than 4 or 5 years that”s because he”s been in therapy so long he knows exactly what women want to hear until they figure it out. He”s a BIG TIME PLAYER. He”s a COMPULSIVE LIAR and VERABALLY ABUSIVE once you get to know him” SOURCE: DDHG

6/16/2011 1:29:33 PM - Compare Serg/Sergio Yourgules {Tucson, AZ}: “Sergio is 28 years old, graduated from Pueblo Highschool. He is employed with Tucson Unified School district and has three little girls. I was with this guy for awhile and he made me believe I was the only one. In the end, I found out he cheated with numerous and he gave me a STD. He talks himself up to all these girls and makes it seem like he is father of the year, yet he is barely able to provide for his children, doesn”t have a car or a place of his own.. on top of all that, he has major baby mama drama which I put up with for years. He is a loser and will spread his diseases to you, cause he doesn”t like to use condoms. You can find him at a local strip club” SOURCE: DDHG

6/16/2011 1:32:53 PM - Compare Sarosh Yousuf, aka “Bobby” {Ontario, Toronto, Canada}: “Sarosh is known to go out with many girls, sleep with them and dump them. Once he sleeps with you he gets bored and doesn”t want anything to do with you. He lies to women to get them in bed that he wants a future with them. He preys after young girls cause they are not looking for something serious in his mind. He slept with a 22 year old intern at work and even got a 20 year old pregnant {then later dumped her once she did the abortion}. He is very selfish. He only cares about his needs and wants to have fun. He is 33 years old. He still parties, drinks and tries to pick up girls at clubs to take home. He is very abusive and temperamental. He verbally, emotionally and psychologically abused me. Don”t ever go out him even for fun. He also lied about using protection. He obviously didn”t or else he wouldn”t have gotten someone pregnant. No matter how nice he can be and even if he says he wants a future don”t go for him. He is just a player looking to fool around. He ruined my life don”t let him ruin yours. Not only did he hurt me by leaving me, the names and the abuse I suffered and then ruining my reputation by spreading rumours” PROFILE COMMENT: “I don”t go on this site at all. Today I was getting bored so decided to check. There I saw in one of the comments that he wrote pretending to be a woman. He says the same thing to everyone which nobody believes. He claims I am mentally ill and he has a restraining order against me. If that was the case I would not be working. This man is a sociopath. He will say anything to make himself look good. He got exposed and if you don”t believe me then hey you can date him and find out the hard way. He use for sex and then throw you like a used condom” “He tells everyone he has a restraining order {I could not work if that was the case} and I am mentally ill when in reality it is him who is the sick one” SOURCES: DDHG & dontdatethis.com

6/16/2011 1:34:20 PM - Compare Richard Wammack {Cordova, TN}: “Age: 45” “Occupation: Management” “Richard Wammack of Cordova TN is quite a charmer but take caution he is not what he seems and will make your life feel like a nightmare come true. On the outside he is a businessman with a masters, works out, prays and worships regularly and loves his daughter dearly. Inside he”s destructive, very emotionally unstable and not a good man. His thoughts are all consuming and selfish of material things, women and alcohol. He”s very moody and has extremely bad behavior when he drinks which is a lot and doesn”t remember anything. The sexual thoughts are also very out of control and when confronted he is defensive. The highs and lows indicate bipolar or depression although I don”t feel he would ever get help because he feels praying for forgiveness should take care of it all. Consider yourself warned” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/16/2011 1:35:47 PM - Compare Frank Patrick Ware, aka “Pat” {Mesquite, Lancaster, Dallas, Desoto, Duncaville, Texarkana, TX} : “He”s married but will cheat in a heartbeat with your best friend or family member....it doesn”t matter to him. He was fired for having sex on his job with a female inmate at a Texas State Jail. He”s also a suspected “down low” brother. He”s an insecure man with low self esteem who is looking for acceptance. He lies for no reason at all~unsolicited lies! To sum him up, he”s a REPROBATE” SOURCE: DDHG

6/16/2011 1:37:25 PM - Compare Tim Warfel {Morrison, CO}: “took advantage of a friend trying to help him thru the weakest point of his life, going thru a divorce. After he made promises and gave her false hope she fell hard for this sweet talker. He fed her false hope about a life with him and love. Then after months of her taking care of him he decided to start dating his now ex wife again. He strung the friend along saying he was just closing up loose ends. For over a year he led both girls on living a double life with each girl, telling them both they were the one and he just needed time, until the girl who foolishly stood by his side came to the harsh reality that the love of her life was never going to choose just one. He left her heart broken with no more faith in true love” OTHER PROFILE: “I helped him thru his divorce, we spent so much time together and he was so upset. We ended up falling in love, or so I thought. Then about 6 months later he tells me he”s gonna try to work things out with his now ex wife. But I stuck by him cause he gave me false hope that he would return to me because what we had was special. Long story short, he continued to come stay with me and tell me he loved me and that it would all work out. And when I thought we were finally gonna get to be together, I find out he”s still sleeping with his ex wife and telling her the same lies he was telling me” SOURCES: DDHG & dontdatethis.com

6/16/2011 2:19:40 PM - Compare Manny/Manuel Robertson {Oakland/Fairfied/Castro Valley/Haywar/Orinda}: “is a user, he is charming and appears to have a manly yet innocence about himself he appears to be an honest man who has been done wrong in previous relationships. Truth is he is a liar and a cheat I have reason to believe he might be gay and scared to come living on the DL. I tried to help him get on his feet he was seeing other woman lying to my friends about things I have said. Just an all around bad person. I could go on and on but the moral of the story is ladies beware. He is a lying cheating dog. Who seems to hate women. He might be gay he is always playing putting his dick between his legs so it looks like he has nothing there I thought it was funny at the time but now things that make you go huh!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 10:12:32 AM - Sounds like your typical Domestic Abuse Cycle, to me. Abuse is abuse, whether physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, sexual or verbal. The cycle is always the same...Abuse, then Guilt [or the APPEARANCE of it, because the psychopaths are incapable of feeling guilt], then Excuses, then Normal Behavior for awhile, then Fantasy, then SetUp, Abuse again..RINSE REPEAT.

6/17/2011 11:42:09 AM - Compare Jerry Hoffman {Scottsdale, AZ}: “is a TRANNY....he is excellent at covering it up for business and family life....if I hadn”t seen it with my own eyes and then obtained full documentation and photos~ would never have believed it ! DO NOT DATE OR HEAVEN FORBID MARRY HIM {as I did}” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 11:44:00 AM - Compare Hĺvard Rřd {Asker, Norway}: “On several datingsites, an experienced liar, who lies about almost everything. Desperate for sex/needy. Intelligent with muscles and good writer but, dull in real life. Also in bed. Things are small... Has been on sex~club and sex~vacation with women from dating sites, has several children with several women.... Dropped by a lot of women last years, also ex~wife Idunn Larssen Rygg, a woman who he says have mental problems and is cutting herself....Lots of alcohol and pornaddicted. No respect for women except family. Very selfish. Mental problems. Was suddenly muslim with extreme long beard and hair for a long period in 2008...Don”t let him make a fool out of you! He is absolutely not worth time or energy!” SOURCE: DDHG


6/17/2011 11:46:59 AM - Compare Roland Rocha {Dallas, TX}: “I was with him and all he did was lie and cheat. It was a constant battle with him, he was never happy no matter what you did or didn”t do. You hear stories of people who enjoy being miserable, well he”s one of them. He”s not happy unless he”s making someone else unhappy. Unfaithful, lying, bastard with gay tendencies. He really freaked me out when he asked me to put a vibrator up his, well, you know” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 11:48:28 AM - Compare Christopher Rockwood, aka “the Great Masturbator” {Revere, MA}: “Age: 43” “Occupation: UPS Driver, Cheater” “Gives the gift that never stops giving, Herpes. Dirty ass. Loves fat, tattooed chicks that smoke pot and doesn”t bathe between the folds. Steals from the dead. He”s a worthless piece of ****. His breath smells like ****. You can recognize Chris with a huge growing widening bald spot. He constantly masturbates even in the UPS truck. He stinks of cum and leaves his mark everywhere. He”s gross with a tiny spec of a weiner. Has no sex skills at all and asks “do ya wanna ****” Total turn off” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/17/2011 11:49:49 AM - Compare John David Robles {Miami, Hialeah, FL “gets around”}: “6ft dark brown hair, has an ugly scar between his eyes on his forehead! Liar, manipulator, smooth talker, moocher, will separate you from your family and anyone who you love and care for so that he can isolate you and emotionally drag you down so that you have no self confidence, he will lie to you on his money and people he knows as well as big paying job deals. He will manipulate innocent people to work as “John the Carpenter” lol no~~ he is a lazy bum and will steal from the people and you and run for it. Cheater, yes! Will suck any good out of you and will make your life a living hell, Drug addict, Coke, weed, smoke all day longggg. Horrible. Ladies and Gentlemen, run, you don”t need him as a friend as anything. He is a convict and has a son and will tell you a story of well “Daisy” doesn”t want to let me see him because she is mean and crazy, and cheated on me....whatever, liarrrrr! He will threaten to hurt you and your family too~ ow yeah, Jesus this Jesus that hypocrite, he definitely isn”t with Jesus! He sometimes runs home to his daddy”s trailer park home, lives like a junkie and looks like a beetle juice, he is the most awful person I have ever met. I heard his so called mother was the same way. Anywho~~~alcoholic and is crazy has gone both ways. Loves hurting AND DESTROYING PEOPLES” LIVES. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS PLAGUE....RUNNNN HE IS COMING....HE GETS AROUND. PS~~HE”S A NIGHTMARE” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 11:51:06 AM - Compare Reggie/Reginald Walker {Atlanta, GA}: “has currently tested positive for the following diseases Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Herpes. In his lifetime he has paid for 10 abortions and his currently caring for a baby that ain”t his. He enjoys it up the ass with no protection and then will try to stick it in your ass. call 770~256~1238 or if you want to make sure this is not the same Reginald Walker that gave you herpes please email me” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 11:52:49 AM - Compare Rick/Richard Keith Walker {Bryceville}: “I can forgive myself for being vulnerable, stupid, and wide open for emotional rape, at least I was always honest and sincere. Telling my mother on her deathbed we were engaged and I would be safe with you......that will never go away. If there is such a thing as a spirit then perhaps she has her hand in this discovery. God pity the next guy that comes along and says, I love you. I don”t know what will happen with you and your wife, whatever happens I hope you will seek some professional guidance. Your wife seems to be a loving woman with a lot of love for you, deserved or not. That is easy to understand. It might have been easier for her had you not “spread” yourself around so much. I had/have every intention of posting pics and information to all those sites warning of predatory men. A google seach enlightened me even more.....he not only preys on woman but has a thing for transexuals: What a lying, cheating, sociopath, with charm and sweet talk that never ends. google seach enlightened me even more. Here”s a website he created for transexuals. What a lying, cheating, sociopath, with charm and sweet talk that never ends. Geosex.nl ~ Cum and get it... size, and race are of no concern to me, so feel free to contact me at RhumbRunner2005@yahoo.com if you feel you need some special attention. ... www.geosex.nl/home_pages/html/a/d/o/adojh.html ~~CATHERINE” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 11:54:13 AM - Compare Ronny Walker {Atlanta, GA}: “He has 6 kids, no job. any money he get he spends it on oxy conton. He is a bastard that likes to beat me. I cant leave him because we have 2 kids together. He gave me the clap. He owes every one and their grand mother money. He runs around on me with a fat black ***. He likes to rape women in the ass and he is in a gang. What a loser. Stay away... he has the clap" SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 11:55:22 AM - Compare Stanley Walker {Huntsville, AL}: “Age: 50” .. “He”s a game player. He likes “swinging” and has a foot fetish. He”ll convince you your the only one but truth be told he has women all over the country, not to mention all over Alabama, and Tennessee. He will say he is going to Nashville or Memphis for recreation, when in truth his recreation is just of a sexual nature, and he is off to see some woman or another. And to be honest, the sex wasn”t so good. Look at his photo then picture him with white hair. His photos are all from a long time ago. He tries to portray a classy man but he”s just another ego maniac out to see how many women he can accumulate” SOURCE: womansavers.com, formerly on datingpsychos.com


6/17/2011 11:57:36 AM - Compare Ainsley Walkins {Baltimore, MD}: “is currently married, and has been for 11+ years! He has one child and had lost another. He was caught having a 5 year affair with a female claiming to be a “minister”. He was thrown out of his marital home and lives in a separate home in Baltimore, but is in the marital home daily and shares the marital bed with his wife daily as well. Yes, that means we have unprotected sex! He has been caught with with a few co~/ex co~workers, has had one night stands, has posted internet ads stating he will “travel for sex”, gives out his number to anything with boobs, and has a severe porn addiction, especially online! He is also into strap~ons and being the submissive one if you know what I mean. He is currently seeing at least 3 different confirmed females on a regular basis and at least sleeping with his wife and one other regularly. He is a piece of SHIT father and neglects his son to go see his whores! I have names, email addresses, phone numbers and pictures of him and most of his whores” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/17/2011 11:58:27 AM - Compare Dustin Wallace, aka “James” {Houston, TX}: “This scum bag will cheat on you with both sexes! Smooth talker, convincing at first .. Loud Mouthed Liar! Player/cheater supreme, beware!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 12:00:12 PM - Compare Jon Wallace, aka “Lonelyfaggot” {Manchester, GA}: “sleeps with any woman that will lay down. He meets girls off of the internet and pays them to sleep with him, WHILE IN A RELATIONSHIP with ANOTHER girl. He lives off of whatever “girlfriend” he has at the time, and runs around on her til he finds some other poor girl to support him. He has back up women like nobody”s business. He talks big, but his equipment is quite small {if you know what I mean D}. He will tell you that he”s looking for commitment, but all he wants is somebody to support him while he “goes to work with his father,” or “his stomach hurts,” when in reality he”s at home, sleeping with other women” “his best friend is a homosexual, with whom he has had physical relations with. His hair line is receding. He has a bad temper, and tends to throw things which has included cell phones belonging to OTHER PEOPLE, as well as furniture. He is a pathological liar and is addicted to “barely legal” porn and has a strike on his record for something involving a 16 year old, which prevents him from getting a good, steady job” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 12:01:52 PM - Compare Joe/Joseph Wallace {Cherry Valley, Beaumont, Palm Springs, Redlands, CA May also be living in Rialto on Grant St., Yucaipa}: “Age: 43” “HE”S MARRIED and he always forgets to tell you about the little wife. Pathological liar! Sociopath big time! Loves anal and needs to come out of the closet. He will show you a great time wine and dine you but you have NO chance he will always go back to the wife even if he says I love you. Just so you guys out there don”t think this is some one else b~day 7/5/64. Don”t be fooled, he”s a charmer BUT you cannot believe one word out of his mouth. A wife and girlfriends what kind of man{?} is this? He WILL hurt you deeply it just might take some time but it WILL happen. Come on ladies, surely you have something to say about Joe, used to own Joe”s Garage in West Los Angeles on Gateway. This guy is a true narcissist..to the max!! So much admiration and love of self it”s sickening. Loves to talk about himself and very materalist. Charming and an extrovert with a real sense of entitlement, he never thinks that he is wrong! He constantly seeks validation and admiration from others, he is over confident and extremely DISHONEST!! But he is charming. It will start out great and you will think you have found the one...think again” “HE IS MARRIED!! No matter what he tells you..he”s married. Lousy, selfish lover. I could go on...watch out! He will try to convince you that he is separated HE IS NOT! Nor will you be the only girl that he is dating....YOU WILL NEVER BE THE ONE! He may make you feel that way but it”s all a LIE!” PROFILE COMMENT: “Hey, I think this guy used to work as a bartender in Palm Springs at a place named Bucketts, then they got all fancy and it closed. But it sounds like the same guy....cute to the max but what a bull****ter. Girls all over the place but he never said that there was a wife and kids, boy what a pig!! He needs to keep it zipped up and stop all his cheating” “Nice looking guy lots of fun but girls HE”S MARRIED and he always forgets to tell you about the little wife. Pathological liar! Sociopath big time!!! Loves anal and needs to come out of the closet” SOURCES: datingpsychos.com & DDHG

6/17/2011 12:02:36 PM - Compare Joe/Joseph Wallace {Tulsa, Oklahoma City, OK}: “Joseph {Joe} E. Wallace {34 years old}, usually living around Oklahoma, drives a truck over~the~road, but sort of works on and off will usually start whining about his job once he gets a new girlfriend conned into taking care of him. He dresses cowboy, but is more a drugstore or maybe a rhinestone cowboy. He has been married at least three times, not sure how many divorces has at least three kids in his past, but is a lousy excuse for a father. He elected to give up parental rights and all contact rather than pay support on one kid. He was moving his belongings out of the apartment in Oklahoma City to be with his new girlfriend in Tulsa while his “permanent relationship” was in the hospital giving birth to another son leaving her with all the bills. He denied that one was his, but DNA testing proved it was and his wages are being garnished for support. Somebody needs to castrate him for the good of mankind. This dude is essentially homeless, bunks up with buddies between shackups. {He has some furniture he conned somebody out of most of his belongs were bought by somebody else}. He is very prolific online and usually is lining up his next conquest while still shacked up with his present “permanent committed relationship”. He likes to get on your checking account and get a debit card to support his lifestyle, likes things in your name so he isn”t responsible when he moves on. He has no concept of credit or finances, just spends it has been through at least one bankruptcy {his “committed relationship” at the time borrowed the money for the bankruptcy legal fees from her parents, then he moved out and left her to pay for it}. He has totally trashed credit. He even stole his disabled fathers” government disability checks and converted the money to his own use. He likes us queen sized ladies, at least he says he does part of that is he lacks confidence and can more easily charm us. He carries some STDs, but isn”t one to use any protection or birth control methods. He has some mental health and substance issues also. He usually tries to get his shackup to provide him something to drive although he did have an old truck he probably conned somebody out of. His “permanent committed relationships” are good for a few months, “long term committed relationships” last about a year. This guy is really a manipulative con artist, moves in your house, uses your credit, drives your wheels, starts out with great stories but gradually turns into a goober looser and he moves on to his next victim” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 12:03:55 PM - Compare Callum Wallach {Auckland, New Zealand}: “Preys on girls and lies his way into their lives over the internet, joins diff courses. Finds out things about you and then hones his approach to you. Seems like the perfect guy. Rich, deep thinker, thoughtful. But he”s dating lots of others. Goes away a lot, “by himself” but actually taking other girls on tiki tours around NZ. Sleeps around, breaks down your self worth so subtly and bit by bit that you don”t even know who you are anymore. Talks about his perfect turbulent ex so much that you compare yourself constantly to her and b4 you know it you”re doing all this freaky stuff that she did to live up to her. He saps your strength and you don”t even notice it. BE VERY CAREFUL. He is a PRACTISED liar that is VERY good at seeping his way into your life. He will even fly to you whatever country you”re in, which makes him seem sweet, but in reality, its to get whatever he wants, which is mainly sex, without a condom {because he just won”t have sex if he has to wear one}, which means you”re stuck giving him blowjobs. woopydeedoo for all you girls out there! Oh and he has a major asian fetish and porn fetish, and generally is just a dirty old man” SOURCE: DDHG


6/17/2011 12:06:07 PM - Compare Bob/Robert Hofer {Parker, CO}: “Sicko Alert! Here”s one who has managed to turn Yahoo Personals into his own porn site...apparently can write to you only using pornographic language on this site. For example, “what is your bra size?”, “have you had anal?”, and it”s much worse from there. Will absolutely not answer ANY questions involved in normal conversation. This man gives new meaning to “head in the gutter”. Has no interest in talking to you, getting to know you, or God forbid, taking you out on a date. Extreme disrespect for women. Not worth a second of your time! May still be married. “Flight inspector for the FAA”. Born 6~19~51” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 12:08:07 PM - Compare Ryan Hogue {Dallas, TX}: “From the beginning he expressed a desire for children even though he had medical issues that prevented him {or so he says} because I trusted him, we did not use protection..5 months in I became pregnant. He was excited and said it was a “blessing and miracle” He asked me to marry him and we decided to move in with each other. We started looking and considering where we would live. As the time got closer for me to move, he became very distant and claimed to be working a lot, always claiming it was for the “baby” and we wouldn”t have to worry about finances. I decided to hold off on moving in and he jumped at that and agreed completely. He became more and more distant and hard to reach but still maintained he was with me and could only think about me and our baby. 4 months into my pregnancy I recieved an email from a woman claiming to having a relationship with him from Feb 2009. She knew all about me and said he had told her I was a one night stand and he was sure I would give him full custody and they would raise the baby together. She said he had asked her to marry him and had even gone so far as to put a deposit on a wedding ring {he told me he would not be able to get a ring for me right way due to the doctor bills}. She also said he was basically living at her house when he was not working and spending a lot of time with her kids. They also had gone to look at property and even discussed baby names for OUR BABY!!!! When confronted he was sorry {only that he had gotten caught} He has since decided to persue a relationship with her and has left me pregnant and alone....This guy is a total douche bag and lies with out conscience.....BEWARE” SOURCE: dontdatethis.com

6/17/2011 12:08:58 PM - Compare Gary Holcombe {West Chester, PA}: “is a cheater and a closet homo” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 12:11:07 PM - Compare Brian David Farmer {Virginia Beach, VA}: “He”s 48 years old" "He”ll tell you what he thinks you want to hear to get you in bed. WATCH OUT. He”s slick. He”s into one~night stands, group sex, 3~somes. I”m thinking there”s waaay more to this man. I, fortunately, was only able to scratch the surface. I got a little stove~burn boo boo. Hurts, because I trusted him to be a straight player, but my gut says iceberg. Hangs out on websites like Adult Friend Finder. He”s a Marine. I had serious doubts about the truth of this, because he is not like the Marine I dated before, and is not the tough guy he tries to pose as. But a Marine he is, technically. I know this because I had him checked out. He”s very verbally abusive. I suspect physical abuse of others, but this has not been verified. Not a good risk. At all” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 12:12:13 PM - Compare Ty/Tyrell Farmer {Evington, Lynchburg, Bedford}: “He”s A Faggott” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 12:13:13 PM - Compare Shawn Patrick Farnham, aka “Shaun” {unknown, United States}: “Convicted drug user and trafficker with a history of violence towards women. Recently extradited from Kings Cross Australia for illegal immigration back to U.S.A in 2009 which in turn he left behind his prostitute female companion pregnant with his child. This character has a long history of mental illness which required frequent hospitalization. Just recently he committed theft of a laptop from his current partner and left her. He is currently online looking for his next victims” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 12:14:21 PM - Compare Peter Farnum {Calgary, AB}: “is HIV infected but in total denial, while healthy looking he prefers unsafe sex, utilizes bathhouses, cruiselines, pretends to be straight, changes his phone number hides behind his mommy and moves on, claims he is straight is under investigation by CRHA {Calgary Regional Health Authourity}. He has infected multiple people but hides, frequently lying about his status, orientation, although at first charming is diabolical and evil” SOURCE: former datingpsychos.com profile, see also womansavers.com

6/17/2011 12:18:23 PM - Compare Ralph Elmer Bledsoe {Colorado Springs/Denver, CO & Phoenix, AZ} : “Didn”t really know he was a psycho until I googled his name. Suspected something was wrong. Far too good looking, and far to hard to believe he was real. I am so glad that I googled before I got hurt. Have not met him, will not meet him and will block all further calls and contact....Thanks to all of the women before me......Debbie” “is one of the most charming men, online. He makes you feel as you are the only one for him. The problem is, you are not the only one that he is charming along. He tells you how much he loves you, adores you, cares about you and even wants to marry you. I am sure he has profiles on all the dating sites and charms his way into good womens hearts. He is a pilot and is in Colorado and Arizona frequently. Along with all his charming qualities, he lies over and over to cover what he is really doing. Don”t be like me and believe him! He is not what he seems to be. He has a sickness and will spin his web around you! If you have had any experiences with this guy, PLEASE share them and WHEN you had them! We have to UNITE to stop this guy from hurting unaware women, what kind of guy this is. He is middle aged and needs to be stopped with all this bs. I know I can”t be the only one! PLEASE share your story and time frame so we can catch him in his own web!! We need to protect each other and that is what this forum is for!” “IS A WOMANIZER. RALPH IS A PILOT WITH A MAJOR AIRLINE AND HAS LOTS OF FREE TIME TO PLAY HIS GAMES! HE SAYS HE IS LOOKING FOR LOVE AND WANTS TO BE YOUR FRIEND, BUT IS DOING THE SAME THING TO MULTIPLE WOMEN AT THE SAME TIME!! HE LOVES TO TEXT...I LOVE YOU...I MISS YOU..WISH YOU WERE HERE....I ADORE YOU....I TREASURE YOU...THINKING OF YOU...AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. HE EVEN WANTS TO MARRY YOU! HE COMES OFF AS SUCH A KIND, SINCERE AND ROMANTIC GUY. HE IS GOOD AT IT, BECAUSE HE HAS HAD LOTS OF EXPERIENCE AT IT! HE HAS BEEN DOING THIS FOR 10 YEARS PLUS. HE USES WOMEN AND WANTS THEM TO MOVE IN WITH HIM IN HIS HOUSE IN COLORADO WHICH IS CLOSE TO FORECLOSURE, AND IS ALSO LOOKING FOR HIS NEXT PLACE TO LIVE OFF A WOMAN IN PHOENIX. HIS INFIDELITY WAS THE END OF HIS MARRIAGE, WHICH HE WILL NEVER ADMIT. HE FREQUENTS MANY DATING/SEX SITES WITH PROFILES OF BEING A ROMANTIC AND LOVING GUY. THE PROBLEM IS HE HAS MULTIPLE AFFAIRS HAPPENING AT THE SAME TIME. HE FEEDS ON IT! HE SIGNS HIS EMAILS TO YOU...LOVE, ME..... EVEN WHEN HE WAS ENGAGED, HE HAD SEVERAL WOMEN THINKING HE WAS THEIRS FOREVER. HE KNOWS NO SHAME! HE ADMITS THAT HE HAS A SEX ADDICTION! THIS MAN IS WELL PAST MIDDLE AGE AND HAS THE MENTALITY OF A CHILD. HIS PHOTOS ARE 1015 YEARS OLD! THE SAD THING IS THAT HE SEES NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!” SOURCES: datingpsychos.com & womansavers.com

6/17/2011 12:19:01 PM - Compare Charles Elmer Bledsoe, aka Chuck {Vernonia, OR Alaska}: “Chuck and I met through eharmony. Spent 10 months together. In January he finally confesses that he has lied to me from the very beginning of our relationship. I suspect that he had already started looking for a new girlfriend. Never had a fight or disagreement in our time together. His own mother thought he was happy. Several weeks ago I filed a small claims suit to try and get back some of the $$ that I put in to our relationship, his house financed a trip to Florida, repaired his vehicle. He also has problems stealing from his employer the Hillsboro school district and I have reported him for that. One of Chuck”s family members contacted me about his personal life. It is not a pretty picture. His 2nd wife tried to commit suicide after learning that he was sleeping around with another woman. And he was married to #1 when he started cheating his wife #2” PROFILE COMMENTS: “Chuck has spent most of his life living off from women or their families. He has been married 2 times. Numerous affairs during each marriage. He was married to wife #1 Rose for 23 years. Wife #2 Cathy he was married to wife#1 and had affair with her. This is a list of his likes: bowhunting, hunting, fishing, outdoor activities and scuba diving. Doing any event on your $$. He pays for very little. He likes walking out in the woods and does some trapping here in Oregon. He watches the outdoor channel on TV and likes to watch romance videosDvds. That”s probably why he is such a smooth talker. Very picky eater. He has asthma and is allergic to cats and long hair dogs. He has taken Prozac in the past for mental health issues. He was employed at the Hillsboro School District and terminated from his job, when I returned items he had stolen. He had been stealing from the school district for a long time. Honesty issues again” “Chuck has moved to Alaska a few weeks ago and I will be sure to do another posting of information of his character. Spiteful and vindictive ?? Guess he needs to be kissing is rear end that he isn”t in jail for theft, viewing pornography at a school district computer and taking pictures of his girlfriend in a compromising position with a school disctrict camera. Charles CHUCK ELMER BLEDSOE is not a good man” “Update on Chuck Bledsoe, of Vernonia. He works for the Hillsboro School District and lives in Vernonia. This man lies, steals and cheats. He has been in trouble in the past for downloading pornography on the school computer” SOURCES: womansavers.com & DDHG profile posted under the profile names, “judy clay” and “rjclay”, who is probably the profiler, not the profiled.

6/17/2011 3:54:48 PM - Compare Ron Vette Playa {Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, Houston, TX}: “BEWARE THIS ONE IS A CLASSIC SOCIOPATH: Is a total player. No stranger to the dating sites. He cannot post his pics on the site because he is in a relationship with someone and if afraid of being found out. He will email them to you though. Has a SIGNIFICANT OTHER whom he “loves” and cheats on non stop. Will take, lie and cheat. He is emotionally abusive in the worst way and tries to win his arguments by being loud and name calling, telling you that you are insecure when asking about his profile on single sites while he is in a COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP, catching him in a lie. He believes his own lies for the truth. Refers to his exes as “Stalkers” or “Cheaters” hoping that you will disregard anything negative about him. Lies about his age usually says that he is 42 when he is 47 years old” “He is very deceptive, he will lie to you and try to convince you that you are the crazy one. He”s like a cat on crack in a litter box trying to cover up his *** telling his lies and deceiving. When you meet him face to face you will see he has that “hard life” look about him. If you don”t believe anything on here just have his plates run off of his Vette when he comes to pick you up in it” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 3:55:26 PM - Compare JC Veum, aka “Jerrod” {Moreno Valley, Riverside, Temecula, Perris, CA}: “This guy is a *** who likes to break hearts and has a sex problem and watches nothing but PORN all day. He”ll even get close to your kids and it will all be a fake *** joke to him. Ladies watch out he can really hurt you and he won”t work or do any but juice you for what you have. BE CAREFUL” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 3:56:09 PM - Compare David Viar {Rochester Hills, MI}: “David is a serial liar and cheater. He was dating me while still seeing his old GF~~telling her he was in love with her while shopping for engagement rings and houses with me! He said terrible things about me to her and shared intimate details about our sex life with her~~but at the same time he told me that she was stalking him {when he was the one that kept calling her}. The most despicable thing was that he would sneak off to have sex with her then THE SAME NIGHT come to my house to have sex with me. Ladies....run away from this lying loser as fast as you can....he is an incredibly smooth liar and will break your heart if you let him” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 3:57:26 PM - Compare Kalvin Victoria {Friendswood, Missouri City, Dickinson, TX}: “Liar. Cheater. Snake in the Grass. Kalvin is a liar, cheat and manipulator. Lies until he gets what he wants. Throws more fits than a female, can you say moody bitch. Been living with a female off and on for close to a decade. He lies that he is not with anyone but lives with her. He gets mad when he gets caught. She knows of his ways but rather look the other way. She knows what kind of man she has and he knows what he can get a way with” “Friendly warning to women in Houston and surrounding areas....this guy “pimps” the speech of single, successful man with no children, and he is far from it! Not sure, he knows how many children he has, or the name of all the girls he has them with. Which says less about him knowing the name of the girls he dates {all at the same time}. Does not know how to be exclusive is emotionally irresponsible has no respect for women or himself. Will leave you with a child if not a STD. BEWARE: Self~centered, cheater, emotionally abusive, and a very moody individual. The only thing everyone can agree on is he has “issues” possibly psychiatric issues. Lies about his name, age, marital status and denies his children. I feel for anyone whose path he has crossed” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 3:58:37 PM - Compare Joey/Jose Villafranca {Wichita, KS}: “This is the most worst guy I have ever met. He lies cheats and will use you in any way he can. Does not pay his bills. Doesn”t help take care of his kids. He is a loser. Ladies, run when he talks to you. He is very good with words. He likes to tell the women what they want to hear just to get you in bed. He lies so much he doesn”t know how to tell the truth. Just stay away from him he is bad news. He will use you I know he used me and now owes me over 3000.00. He also had a gas bill under my name and didn”t pay for it so he made my credit bad. That bill is over 500.00 and I am stuck paying for it. Leased a place for him and he didn”t pay the rent on time or didn”t pay at all. Ladies, don”t give him the chance to use you stay as for away as you can from him” “uses women he steals lies and will sleep with anyone that will open their legs for him. He has even slept with men. He is a smooth talker but he is a bastard. He loves big big big women at least 250 to 350 lbs” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 3:59:24 PM - Compare Rashad Fremd Village {Pahokee, Belle Glade, South Bay, FL}: “is a big liar. He abuses children, have sex with punk. He wears coogi that this dumb hoe name whammy bought. He love having with punks, I this because maybe I am one of them! He never have money, all he do is lie to girls to talk them out of their money. He has a small penis. When having sex with him he likes you to *** on him! PLEASE DON”T DATE THIS LOSER! He broke my heart when I found out he supposedly had a baby on the way cause I thought he was gay!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/17/2011 4:00:25 PM - Compare Sean Villaros {Las Vegas, NV}: “is dangerous. I was with him for the last 9 years. I was married to him for the last 2 years. I recently found out that he was cheating has been cheating on me through out our entire relationship. He is a pathological liar and honestly he scares the hell out of me. I found out from his teenage girlfriend who called me and told me this. She was a 17 year old employee of his, he was 33 and they were having sex, while at the same time he came home to me and we were happily trying to get pregnant and start a family. He is sick and twisted. Even when we were dating in the beginning of our relationship. I went out of town and trusted him with the key to my apt. He brought a married woman who he was having sex with back to my apt for sex, in my bed !!! We were living in California at the time, then all of a sudden he wanted to move so we decided to move to Las Vegas together, I always wondered why the sudden change of heart, wanting to up and move so fast. It was because the married woman he was sleeping with, well her husband found out about the affair and wanted to kill him. Maybe we should”ve stayed in California. This guy is sneaky and manipulative. He will use your sympathy to get what he wants from you and he will tear your world apart. He is very convincing and very dangerous. He also likes young girls 16~24, and has an internet porn addiction. He is a truly twisted individual and he stole 8 years of my life and replaced them with nothing but lies. Beware of him ladies..he is no good. He is nothing but dirty” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/17/2011 4:01:38 PM - Compare Derrick Vincent {Colorado Springs, CO}: “black man with overbite. Liar! Cheater with a son. Baby”s mama lives somewhere in the Dakotas. He will lie about everything and has postings on many adult dating web sites. Do NOT trust this man with any of your friends. He will try to hook up with them too. Never trust him when he says he is just going to be at home for the weekend. He will tell you he is addicted to sex ~ he is just a cheater” “This is the second posting for Derrick as he just found out about the other one and somehow blocked all the postings from all the girls. {so girls...please repost}. I was his girlfriend for the past 2 1/2 years and just found out he has been cheating on me the entire time with many different women. He has been all over the porn sites as well as his neighbor, and many other girls. The more I searched the more I have found. He continues to lie and I continue to find more. I am a single mother of 2 who is educated and hard working and extremely loyal. I have been completely devastated and I do not want anyone else to have to go through what I have gone through. He is trying to cover his tracks by blocking the posts from the other women on the other posting so he can go out and hurt other women. He is about 6ft1 with a son and baby”s momma lives in South Dakota. He is very convincing....... but do not be fooled..... just walk away. Derrick......you know this is true. You have text me telling me how much you love me and want me... so when you read this do the right thing and let me tell others how you”ve treated me so they can avoid you. That”s how you can show me you love me” SOURCE: DDHG

6/18/2011 10:07:18 AM - Compare Tod Davis {Charleston, SC}: “This guy is married and pretends to be a big manager at the new airplane company in Charleston. He is broke and his company has him in an apartment they pay for. He has *** and a mental condition. Stay away. He dates internet whores that like to swing and anything that walks” SOURCE: DDHG

6/18/2011 10:07:47 AM - Compare Trousdale Davis {Jackson, MS}: “cheated on me with women from the internet and Couples from a swinger site {which he has a life long membership to}” SOURCE: DDHG

6/18/2011 10:09:41 AM - Compare Matt/Mathew Dawson {Lithgow, Sydney, Bathurst, Australia}: “met him a year ago, he promised me the world n was so nice for the first month buying me stuff n coming to my work n telling me he loved me then he got heaps possessive n kept calling me ugly mole all the time then the next minute act like he didn”t say anything wrong. If you know the train station at Lithgow, you”ll know him, he”s the ugly blond guy that hangs at the station like a teenager even though he”s like 23. He lives with his mum in a really dirty house. He left the computer on once n I ran over n saw really bad stuff as he hadn”t deleted his browsing history, I dumped him right then n there, there was a website that had adult women who hadn”t developed properly dressed up in like little girl clothes holding teddys in pink rooms, he was on findsomeone, adult friend finder, swingers.com, plentyoffish, adult matchmaker, red hot pie etc. I didn”t see his profile but I could see he had looked it up. Beware of this one. n matty if youre reading this I dont care my brother wont let u near me anyway” SOURCE: DDHG

6/18/2011 10:10:37 AM - Compare Paul Kenneth Dawson {RI, FL, CT, Vegas}: “This male is 43 years of age. He is a DEADBEAT DAD. He has 3 beautiful girls and loves to hide from paying child support. HE IS A GAMBLER AT FOXWOODS OR MOHEGAN. He loves to charm you as long as you have money. He worked for a wresting outfit and had sex with men that worked there. He is into the ladies and men. He likes foursomes. Also if you”re married he doesn”t have to commit to you. He always makes promises he can”t keep. He likes the finer things in life as long as you are paying. He also has been in the drug scene has a record for it. Also domestic violence. He loves to have sex with just about anyone. His cousin is his deaf neighbor. Ladies beware and stay away. I know because I have one of his children” SOURCE: DDHG

6/18/2011 10:11:11 AM - Compare Dan/Daniel Transio {Melbourne}: “is secretly gay and in denial. He persued me and tried to win me over ~ he even gave me the keys to his house on the fourth date! But all he wants is a girlfriend for show just a chick who”ll hang on while he persues his secret gay life. He just wants an alibi, so his family don”t find out. He”s the biggest d*ckhead I have ever met, he f*cked with my mind and made me believe he really loved me. Beware ~ he likes to hang out online and prey on especially the girls who have been single for a while” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

6/18/2011 10:11:59 AM - Compare Christian Trask {Lake Arrowhead, CA}: “Mr. realtor.... loved to follow my domestic partner around the real estate office, telling her how he wants her and can”t stop thinking about her. Stalks us at local events, drives by our house, parks and watches. A real creepy guy, 38 yrs old with nothing to show but going to the Twin Peaks gym working on his Big arm muscles to compensate for the small one between his legs and ears. The poster child of oedipus and napoleon complexes. Spends more time in the mirror than a Miss America beauty pageant contestant...still can”t figure out what he is looking at {must be the huge nose}...and can I say, his cologne lingers long after he leaves a room. Currently living in mommy”s house...and probably wearing her clothes. STAY CLEAR...especially you married women!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/18/2011 10:13:39 AM - Compare Narry Tillman {Prattville, AL}: “This dog face bastard is worst than *** on the bottom of your shoes. This childless gay *** has caused my cousin to lose her job and is fighting for the custody of her daughter. This predator is known to be on many dating internet sites begging for women attention. His come on line is “I”m looking for my wife.” This midget was forced to retire from the military because he was caught with child pornography on his government computer. He also had charges on him for child molestation of one of his girlfriend kids. Tillman often likes to call women darling or sweetheart. This is because he don”t want to call out the wrong name. His exwife Irene divorced him after she became an U.S. citizen. When sexual with a woman, he loves for you to stick a toy up his *** in order to get him off. He is about 5”5, baldheaded, stocky built, wear glasses, and thinks he can dress. His clothes not even name brand and out of date. He has an older blue BMW, white Corvette {tag ZVette}, white truck, and a motorcycle. He wants a woman to think he has money but *** is broke and living off of disability {mental disorder}. He rides with a motorcycle group called the Buffalo Soldiers and known to sleep with many groupies. Tillman has threaten to cause bodily harm to my cousin and her 12 years old daughter and has an active restraining order against him in Las Vegas. My cousin left him after her daughter told her of something he said to her inapproprately. He had the nerves to ask my cousin who is she going to believe her daughter or him. After my cousin kicked him out of her life, he constantly harassed her on her job and accused her of harassing him. This man is an impulsive liar and cares nothing about the human heart or another person”s soul. This man is a hideous monster that preys on those who loves or loved him. Please beware if you have small female children around him. He is known to live in the Montgomery/Prattville, AL area but because of military might have lived in other places. This dook mouth smelling bastard would swear he is the victim. I have emails that I am willing to share that he has threaten my cousin and her child. If you are interested in reading the emails, send me a message and I will forward them. If you are a victim of this man or child has been assaulted by him, please contact the police dept because he has other cases now pending. Also, look on your states” Sex Offenders website and see is he registered there. It is rumor that he is in some state” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/18/2011 10:14:13 AM - Compare James Timbers, aka “Junior Kincade” , “James Kincade” {Columbia, MD Washington DC}: “is a straight up liar. He will lie about his kids, his picture, his education, his job and about all of his girlfriends! He has a little dick and he is a loser! He also goes both ways and likes guys as well!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/18/2011 10:15:11 AM - Compare Shawn Timosevic {SouthBoston, MA Portsmouth, NH}: “If you don”t want to feel used for money or sex {phonesex, webcam sex, or a REAL Booty call} or be lied to repetively or have him go behind your back cheating on you, then don”t hook up with Shawn! He makes threats on other people”s personal Lives cause he hates his own Life! PLEASE STAY CLEAR OF SHAWN TIMOSEVIC, for your own Sanity and Physical and Mental Health! Shawn desires to be with Bi gurls, so he doesn”t have to TRULY commit to anyone. Womanizer. Mooch off of women who have money. Live with mommy aka “Mama”s Boy””“He has no intentions of ever working to provide for himself and/or his family. Also, he will some how convince you to take your clothes off for him on Webcam, just so he can “Get Off”. Don”t let him talking you into giving him anything least of all Taking your clothes off. Shawn always says he”s “Lonely” and “Alone” and that he “Feels like Killing himself” just to get what he wants, and cause no one else motivates him or encourages him to do anything remotely GOOD with and for his life”“SHAWN LOVES LOVES LOVES TO MOOCH OFF OF “KEPT” WOMEN. He seeks out women who already have men who may be taking care of them and/or families that may be taking care of women. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON”T FALL FOR HIM OR ALLOW HIM INTO YOUR HOME or I WARN YOU, HE WILL TRY TO TAKE THINGS FROM YOU”“HE WILL USE YOU LADIES, SO PLEASE PLEASE STAY THE *** AWAY!!! Shawn has a small Criminal Record as well as Major Anger issues. Guaranteed ladies, HE WILL MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE CRAP AND BLAME YOU FOR EVERYTHING THAT IS GOING WRONG IN HIS LIFE and what he isn”t doing to “Better his Life”. STAY AWAY IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SANITY!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/18/2011 10:16:21 AM - Compare Joel Dee Delizonna {Suisun City, CA}: “This cheater needs to be known about. Its frightening that for 26 years he has gone on undetected at my expense. There isn”t much he hasn”t done to me. He”s been both mentally and physically abusive, he”s cheated on every opportunity, lied daily, put me in the streets homeless several times, had me jailed, wrongly had me convicted of domestic violence {the only one time I tried defending myself}, used our children as shields, filed for divorce several times {to hurt me or get his way}, had me lose several jobs, has never allowed to have anything, emotionally damaged those closest to me, shamed me for his wrong doings, divorced me without any knowledge of doing so, for many years he used me as a fraudulant tax deduction, and tells those who will listen, what a rotten crazy person I am. Joel really thinks that being a S. F. Fireboat Captain he is the law and can do as he chooses” “HE IS THE BIGGEST LIAR. HE”S A WIFE BEATER, SEXUAL PREDATOR, PHONEY, CHEATER. HE PLAYS THE ROLE OF MR NICE GUY, IS IS NOTHING OTHER THAN A PERVERTED CREEP. WORKS THE SAN FRANCISCO FIRE DEPTMENT DRIVES THE FIRE BOAT. HE ABUSED HIS WIFE AND LIED ABOUT HER FOR 25 YEARS. HE BELONGS IN JAIL. HE HAS FILED FRAUD WITH THE IRS FOR THE PAST 12 YEARS, HE A REAL SMOOTH OPERATER. HE CAN”T BE TRUSTED EVER. THERE IS NOTHING HE WON”T SAY OR DO TO GET HIS WAY” SOURCES: DDHG & womansavers.com

6/18/2011 2:32:11 PM - Compare Michael Lee Gainous {Houston, TX}: “is a user. Charming, he will knock u off your feet then try to take you for every dime u have. He is in financial ruins, preys on older larger women, I guess because he feels that they have self esteem issues and are easy targets. He steals, after our breakup he took my bank account info and paid his bills online, of course I got my money back, but he can”t be trusted. He frequents all of the plus~sized sites, BBpeoplemeet, Blackpeoplemeet, BBWdatefinder and Marriagemindedpeoplemeet are his favorites, he is an internet hoe! Ladies please stay away from this man for your own good! Myself and another one of his victims from Canada compared notes and this man is a poor excuse for a man and he is still out there up to his old tricks. His primary goal is to have a woman work hard and take care of him and his dysfunctional kids, and even though you may think actions like this maybe so obvious, he does it in such a charming way making u feel like u are a queen when he is swindling u out of your money and paying his bills. Once a month u can either expect that his lights, phone, or water or all maybe be turned off! He may also try to lure women with his house, and paint a picture that “we should move in together and be a happy family”....yeah right then u will be stuck! Stuck with all his bills, because what he brings home in a month can”t even begin to put a dent in it! And to add insult to injury, while u are busy busting your a$$ doing this he is carrying on other internet relationships in the event that u leave because u had enough, you could easily be replaced and his bills won”t fall behind. He has owned his house less than a year and has already filed bankruptcy in order to keep it. He gets travel benefits with his job and now that he is being exposed here locally, he is seeking women internationally where it would be easy and he doesn”t have to pay for travel. All I can say is stay away for your own good! Unless of Course u wanna be a sugar momma to a lazy, lying, cheating, black man” SOURCE: DDHG

6/18/2011 2:32:34 PM - Compare Curtis Day {Beaumont, TX}: “Curtis loves using women for sex and he is a good liar. He told me he was a country singer, but look at the picture then and now don”t see the resemblance. When he goes back to Beaumont he never calls or text u until he leaves Beaumont. He travels all over Texas and he plays softball. He is a smooth talker. Ladies beware” PROFILE COMMENTS: “Ladies if u come in contact with him, he thinks he is god”s gift. He is rude loud and has no respect for women. If u don”t do as he asks, he gets mad and actually blames everything on u” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/18/2011 2:32:55 PM - Compare Brent Day Lexington, KY: “This “man” is nooo good ladies {and men alike}! He isn”t very attractive so most would be led to believe he is a good guy~~ but he is not. He does sell a pretty good game though so beware! He lies, cheats, spreads funky STDs and enjoys sticking things up his nose~ not to mention in other orifices of his anatomy {eww...} He is pretty sick, and even though he was recently married you should still watch out” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 10:40:09 AM - Compare Rob/Robert Tanha {Ontario, Toronto, Maple, Ottawa, Windsor, Canada}: “half~Iranian, half~Irish loser” “Besides giving me a STD during our 2 year relationship, I recently found out that he cheated on me with a 16 year old girl and a skanky, STD ridden, ECE teacher up North who Robert had unprotected sex with, and hence give me a STD that will last me for the rest of my life! Robert and his friend Sean like to pick up young women {teens 16~18} on the internet and have threesomes. I think Robert is bisexual because he seems to enjoy watching women perform oral on his male friends maybe he wishes it were his mouth on his friend”s penis. He”s a degenerate sex addict and a complusive liar with a very small penis. Besides spending his time watching porn and frequenting massage parlors and prostitutes, Robert likes to impress the ladies by telling them he”s a lawyer when in actuality he”s a 29 year old man living with his mother in Maple. He frequents the club scene quite often, so beware ladies!” “I tell you this because I”m already paying for my mistakes. I hope you”ll pay heed to my admonition as I don”t want another woman to go through what I went through with Robert and the STD he gave me” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 10:41:34 AM - Compare Rick Tapp {Pahrump / Las Vegas, NV}: “This sick little freak of nature likes to rape women in their sleep, watches animal porn and gay porn and is a dead beat dad. Enough said” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 10:44:37 AM - Compare Michael Wynters [Nashua, NH Spokane, WA anywhere he can be a con man}]: “married 2 years known each other 3. Sold my house to move cross country with him and my kids, little did I know he had a girlfriend where we moved to. Was there 1 month he was out all night drinking and meeting other women on 3 occasions said it was work related. Later I found girls phone numbers and text messages. Not even a month after I moved cross country with him I found out I was pregnant so we married and not even one week later his ring was off and he was screwing around with someone completely different. Went away for weekends to ref hockey games and cheated with strippers. This is all within 3 months. Stupid me bought a house on my credit alone because his credit is so terrible. Which he claims isn”t his fault. A trait of a true narcissist.We move into the new house not even one month later and he is out all hours drinking and screwing around. Only to come home to me pregnant and crying he then makes it my fault and screams at me that I should take my f”ing kids and go home that the baby I”m carrying is a mistake. I was just a substitute for the family he screwed up and should of had. There I was 3000 miles away from any friends or family & pregnant. He has no respect for his women or his children. He even went as far as online dating while we were married. He even sent pictures of himself on our family camping trip to a woman who was supposed to be helping us fix our credit. That he screwed up in a matter of months. So out of 2 years he was faithful for maybe 3 months. He”s a drunk with a pathological lying narcissistic personality disorder. I filed bankruptcy because he said all the bills were paid. Twice I came home to shut off notices taped to the front door and foreclosure notices. He will make you think he wants to be your sugar daddy but the truth is he is cheap, manipulating, controlling and an emotional disaster. He doesn”t just manipulate women he cons whoever will listen to him. He is a convicted felon and has 2 domestic violence charges against him. I”m not his 3rd ex wife because he”s a great guy. Great guys don”t abandon their kids or cheat on their wives. To top it all off he doesn”t even have a high school diploma! He has scammed and conned his way into a 6 figure a year job without completing any school. He is the ultimate con~man. Make sure you use protection if you do get caught up with him. He definitely isn”t honest about where he”s been” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 10:46:22 AM - Compare David Wysong {Jacksonville; Atlanta, GA}: “Manipulation is his game ladies! He will sweep you off your feet until you two become serious. He then will become emotionally abusive and a serious mooch!! He is a manipulative, lying, closet drug addict! He talks trash about his previous girlfriends which are absolute lies and you will figure that out after his paranoid delusions begin to wear you down. He will accuse you of everything you would never do. He has no problem crossing any line to hurt you in a blink of an eye or for no reason! He will tell all your friends what a horrible, lying, cheating, gold digging bitch you are! {Yes, a gold digger that has been supporting HIM!} When you try to explain your side of the story he will flip out on you girls! The more you try to please him the worse it gets. All he cares about is himself and his image of being rich and successful {because he”s taking YOUR money!} if you are not willing to throw your whole life away for his loser and worship his every move and mistakes then you are the devil! Run away from this boy ladies he is a 2 y/o with Borderline Personality Disorder! He has lost everything because of his addiction that I was a horrible girlfriend for not “supporting” his problems and lives with his parents now. I am getting an STD test ASAP ladies, run away from him if you want to continue to live drama free!! He will harass you until you block him out of your life completely!! RUN!! He is a master liar and manipulator. He blames a motorcycle accident for his “memory” problems. He will turn everyone against you when you break up with him until you feel guilty enough to give him another chance. He will not change ladies it only gets worse!! He is a spiral of self destruction trying to suck everyone down with him. Get out of his way ladies!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 10:47:32 AM - Compare Fred Wise {Bear, DE}: “comes off as a great guy, loyal and caring but he”s not! He is a serial dater and a pathological liar!! He has a history of sweeping women off their feet and then dumping them, cheating and lying to them. He”s been engaged a few times and abruptly ended it. He has emotional problems and claims to be confused but will continue to tell you that he loves you and only you while he pursues other women. You will feel on top of the world with him at first until you find out that he lies about EVERYTHING ~ I don”t think he can help himself. Claims he is a one woman guy but that/s another lie. He”s on yahoo and plentyoffish under Bandit3561 ~ will change the numbers to try to be slick. Protect your heart and stay away from him, he really is a headcase” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 10:48:25 AM - Compare Francis Winters Jr {St Louis Park, MN}: “Age: 38” “Race: White” “Francis Winters Jr this man is married and only dates older newly divorced women, he uses them. He hasn”t worked in 4 years and gets them to pay for everything by telling them he loves them and wants to marry them. He sleeps with anyone and everyone, and does not know how to tell the truth. He uses his kids in the games he plays with women to tug at their hearts” SOURCE: dontdatethis.com

6/19/2011 10:49:53 AM - Compare Ed/Edward Winters {Appleton City, MO; Thermal, CA} : “Has affairs behind all of his 3 different ex~wives backs” “lives in southern California in the thermal area~uses many different names on oline~lies about his occupation says he is a helicopter medi vac pilot when he is really an retired aircraft mechanic~had 3 affairs behind my back~caught him online scamming on a woman in Vegas arranging meetings~has a second falling apart house in appleton city missouri~collected disabilty while working for cash on the side~tells women what ever they want to hear~has unprotected sex~does not tell current girl friend~or x wives~is very verbally abusive when you have been with him for a while~huge ego~compulsive liar do not believe anything this man tells you~has had three girl friend going at one time~each thought they were the only one~will want your money~big time conartist to women~went to el monte high school~tells everyone he is single when he is seeing someone~will hang around bars~his latest game is the internet dating~if he doesn”t get what he wants will eventually treat u really badly~dates anyone from strippers to decent unsuspecting women likes them usually 10 years younger than him and blond but will also lie about his age” SOURCES: DDHG

6/19/2011 10:50:52 AM - Compare Dave Winters {Harriman, TN}: “comes off as nice but actually is addicted to prescription drugs, stole his best friend”s wife {who later left him for another man ~ talk about karma!!} He is manipulative and controlling and tries to batter down your self~esteem. He was calling my own cousin behind my back and telling lies to his family about me to make me look like the bad guy. We were engaged before I figured out a lot of his true self. He left me at the altar and everyone at my job and my family knew. It was so humiliating. I am glad now that I didn”t marry this ***!! He was engaged again less than a year after we broke up!! I can”t say enough about how truly soul destroying he is” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 10:51:56 AM - Compare Tom Winstanley {Woodstock, VA}: “Ladies beware, this is my brother in law, he trolls Myspace for women. He stalks the women he finds there when they fail to live up to his “expectations” of total devotion and perfection. He has made literally thousands of harassing calls to women he has picked up on myspace, he has cheated on his wife and his girlfriend, he has four children that he has been barred from seeing by court order as he is not a fit parent. He will tell you that he has given up his job to move his elderly and ill parents into his home, however, he has moved in with them because he cannot keep a job. He has gone so far as to become “engaged” to three different women at the same time without ever meeting them face to face, promised to buy them houses and to take care of them, only to turn on them and shower them with abusive calls, emails and text messages all hours of the day or night when they did not live up to his demands. He has even threatened me for getting in his way. Please, be very careful who you add to your friends list on Myspace. Especially in the Virginia area” SOURCE: dontdatethis.com

6/19/2011 10:52:44 AM - Compare Jelani Winslow {Los Angeles San Francisco Pasadena San Diego Anheim Beverly Hills, San Jose, Oakland Bay Area, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Santa Monica, Malibu, Houston, Dallas, Washington DC, NYC, SC, NC, Atlanta, Miami}: “claims to be a gentleman, but he is a liar, and is suspected to be a homosexual. He”ll try to convince you to have unprotected sex. But before having sex with this guy make sure you both get tested, this guy likes to leave things behind that condoms don”t protect you from. Be CAREFUL” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 10:53:36 AM - Compare Dedrick Winn, aka “Darryl” {San Antonio, TX}: “is a 31 year old African American RN with the US Army. He is currently stationed at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. Dedrick is originally from Beaumont, TX and has an eleven year old son. He claims to be smart, confident, and a phenomenal lover with superb oral techniques. Truthfully, he is a lousy lover, a mooch, and will manipulate you to spend money on him. He is quick to say “I love you” and ask for your house key. Dedrick frequents online personals, especially Craigslist. He has been known to venture into swinger sites as well. LADIES, BEWARE, GUARD YOUR WALLETS AND YOUR VIRGINIA!” “Listed below are some of his commonly used emails. He could have other ones stashed away somewhere! Thatboydwinnfromtexas@yahoo.com Mrmanntexas31@yahoo.com richardrndtr@yahoo.com” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 10:55:06 AM - Compare Bennie Umstead {Upper Marlboro, MD}: “is one dirty, low down, lying, selfish, erectile dysfuntion son of a ***! He is about 6ft2, 45 yrs old, and rides a honda motorcycle, and dresses up in gold jewelery like some type of teenager. This fat face bastard is a predator among single women with kids. He looks for women who have busy schedules so his dumb *** can go have rendevous with other innocent unsuspecting women. Ladies, hide your checkbooks, your deeds to your homes, your retirement info, and any other financial assets. That son of a *** will try to take that from you and your kids. He is totally materialistic. He is such an idiot that he thinks “things” and sleeping with 5 or 6 women equal success. It is also sexually frustrating to be with him because he has a teeny, tiny, infant dick! I put it this way..his dick can barely fit a condom!!! You have to fake an orgasm with him just to stroke his ego. You would think that the little blue pill that he takes would help him with his sexual complications. Not only that, he tries to give oral sex, but he is a amatuer in that dept. I”m telling you it”s sad. Ladies, please don”t be mesmerized by his “things” That fat face faggot always tries to throw the cash around like he is balling, but the reality is that he his up to his ass in debt. He owes so much money because he has to fund his little toys. Single ladies run as fast as you can when you see the pillsburg dough boy” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 10:56:04 AM - Compare Andrew Tammar or Tammaro {Orangevale, CA}: “comes across as a devote Christian in ministry. Andrew is a cyberpath with a terrible sex porn and masturbation addiction. He cons and swindles money and is involved with phony money scams. He is violent and dangerous. Please be warned about him” “Andrew Joseph Tammar is wanted on a Canada wide warrant for his arrest. Please be warned he is dangerous” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 10:57:11 AM - Compare Cliff/Clifton Tancemore {Detroit, MI}: “This man will cheat on u no matter how good u treat him, he”ll also try n date ur kid sisters, daughters, anything that he can screw. And because I was so faithful n loving he even passed along a lil gift 2 me b4 he left.. If ur wit him, make that man use a rubber!” “n don”t expect nothing but one night stands, drama, n frustration cause u”ll never get a real relationship outta this man, just ask me or one of his 4 babys mamas” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 10:58:34 AM - Compare Anthony/Tony Tancredi {O’Brien, Live Oak, Orlando, Lake City. Gainesville, FL}: “this guy is a serial CHEATER. He has been married two times {still married to the second one} and CHEATS with ANYONE and DOES NOT WEAR protection! He tells you all kind of lies and he can be very convincing....He is 55 years old, Italian with brown eyes, gray hair and most of the time wears glasses.... WORKS FOR PEPSI BOTTLING GROUP, so on his route he picks up women in the retail stores and customer accounts that he goes to on a regular basis. He is a charming talker....promises marriage {wait..he is already married} and LOVES to have sex in his truck...Black 2007 Silverado with tinted dark windows.....He is a BIGTIME liar. BEWARE ! He is not going to leave his wife because he was cheating with her on his first wife 20 years ago, and this second wife lets him cheat...she just looks the other way.....Don”t believe anything this cheater says. He just wants to use you for sex” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 11:00:06 AM - Compare Damian Tanguna {Morrison, CO}: “Age: 44” “Occupation: Gutters” “Hi...I”m Damian. I will make you feel that I am the best thing in the world...I”m a writer and I own a house that my mother bought for me and my 20 kids...all from different mothers b/c I am a “right to lifer” {Although everyone else watches the kids because if I see them too much, I abuse them verbally and sometimes with a belt}. I work for my father, who I have no respect for and get paid even if it”s a “snow day” or I”m just too hung over to work {O yeah, did I mention I drink into black out”s at least every other day}? I asked my new GF to get engaged a month after I met her and said I wanted to do it on Valentines day in which I didn”t even get her a card after all that discussion! I”m a verbal abuser, I criticize your every word and action and I go out to strip bars and get other women”s numbers while you are waiting patiently at home for me and lie about where I”ve been. I will accuse you of being a liar because I cannot keep track of my things. Even though I am a writer, I read other peoples writing and then use it for my own “Book” that will never be published because I don”t know how to type. I will make you feel horrible about everything and then turn around and do the very same thing I reprimand you for! Then I will make fun of you and laugh at my own jokes. If you meet this charming guy at a bar {which is the only place you will find him}, turn around and run for your life!” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/19/2011 11:00:44 AM - Compare Damian Alexander Tapp {Rosedale}: “Beware he has sex with both men and women! He has acquired herpes and refuses to get treatment. It”s your life so be careful. He lives in his parents” basement and free loads as often as possible. Buck tooth bastard” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 11:01:40 AM - Compare Joevon Alberto Wynn {Petersburg, VA}: “Jay is a liar and a cheat. He will use u and abuse you. He loves woman who work because he doesn”t. He currently has 6 kids, two on the way. He”s been married twice. Always wants to get married to the women he meets online. He”s very controlling and abusive. Ladies just beware, he is an internet predator” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/19/2011 11:58:20 AM - Compare Justin Arroyo {Brooklyn, NY}: “Liar and cheater. Pretends to be a nice sweet caring sharing momma”s boy, but the reality is he has a long term girlfriend in the UK who doesn”t know he”s cheating. Also has a circle of female friends he sleeps with. Has a drink and drug problem which he pretends to be in control off but isn”t, and is all over the place, mood swings, deceitful, can”t trust a word he says. Plays women like it”s a game. Works as a fashion editor, lives in Carroll Gardens, birthday August 1973, short about 5ft6, shaved head, one younger sister, puts on a British accent!” “Age: 38” “Occupation: fashion” “He is an alcoholic with an 18 year drug habit. He lies about EVERYTHING. He will conveniently forget to tell you he lives with his girlfriend. Just like he conveniently forgets to tell her he picks people up online. Refuses to practise safe sex. He is nasty” SOURCES: DDHG & datingpsychos.com

6/19/2011 11:59:39 AM - Compare Paul Haugh {Chicago, IL}: “Age: 40” “Occupation: Douchebag” “Paul is a pathological liar. He is violent. He is a thief. He is a repeat offender who can be found on the OTIS {Illinois Offender Tracking Information System} website. His favorite target is single mothers” “This man is dangerous and if you are reading this right now it is because your intuition is telling you something is VERY wrong.....trust it and run” “HE HAS CLAIMED TO BE AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER A SEAL/RANGER/GREEN BERET and DEA agent. It is a lie” “He is a controller, and needs to have things done his way or no way, if he doesn”t get his way, he makes your life a living hell! Whining, complaining from the time he gets up to the time he falls asleep, and back at all over again. Never happy unless bitching about something. Always talking about how sick he is, and is going to be dying soon” “He talks about being followed, and being afraid of people trying to kill him. He is anti~social, and always have to be the center of attention. Unless you give all attention, he will interrupt phone calls, with your friends and family. When he starts an argument, he makes it looks like you are the one who is augmentative, when all you are doing is trying to discuss the issues at hand. He wants to know everything about your past and makes it look like he is truly interested, when in fact, really uses the information for his own use in throwing it in your face at later times. He starts out telling you has much he loves you, and cannot live without you, however, he constantly saying how sorry he is for everything, then does what he does all over again. If you ever meet him or have the opportunity, please aware, a wolf in sheep”s clothing” “http://www.linkedin.com/in/paulhaugh” “www.dailydealsville.com” “www.snaghag.com” “www.ucashcow.com” “President IPA~~ Internet Profit Associates, Inc.” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/19/2011 12:31:00 PM - Compare Kyle Carmichael {Pacifica/Sonoma, CA}: “Kyle and I were together for just over a year. In that year he cheated on me twice once with a girl I knew, next with a girl he met when he went to CSU Sonoma. On speaking with his ex, I found out this was not the first time he has cheated on a girl. He has effeminate tendencies and has confided in me that he has had relationship with men {losing his “virginity” to another boy when he was a freshmen in high school}. He was verbally abusive throughout the relationship and, near the end, became physically abusive as well. He his above all this a pathologic liar. He claims he has killed several gang members and thrown their bodies off the Pacifica pier. Ladies, please, don”t date this lying, cheating, abusive closet case” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 12:40:22 PM - Compare Christopher Carmon {Wessels, Northwest, IN, Everywhere, US}: “Age: 41” “Occupation: computer tech” “LADIES beware this sick man is currently awaiting trial on TWO COUNTS OF CHILD MOLESTATION. He preys on women and uses his sick charm to only use them for money and a place to live. If you have a child watch out he will try to have sex with them. He has a temper and mental issues with court documents to prove it. AGAIN, HE”S A CHILD MOLESTER WHO IS CURRENTLY FACING 50 years for each count. I HOPE HE ROTS IN HELL FOR ALL THE PEOPLE HE HAS DESTROYED FOR HIS OWN SICK PLEASURES. I dated this guy for 10 months, and had me believe he loved me. I loaned him money and allowed him to drive my car. He will take your money, your heart and anything else he sees fit for himself. I wish I knew of this site before. I could have saved myself a lot of headaches and emotional pain. If you meet this guy girls, RUN! He will take your money and run. He will come off as prince charming and make you feel you need him and make you feel sorry for him, just to use, deceive and manipulate you. Hope he gets whats coming to him. What goes around comes around 10 fold. He is a SICK, SICK bastard! I”ve lost just about everything and pray he pays for all the hell he”s put me and countless other woman through. We need to stop him. For all the innocent woman and children out there he”s already hurt and for all the future victims, we need to fight together to keep him locked up and to pay for his crimes. If you”re dating him....run while you can. He will suck you dry of your money and your credit. He will run the wheels off of your car. He is mentally and can be physically abusive. {Court docs to prove this}. Severe allegations against him {yet more court docs on this}, kids have been put in foster care, and dates around while married, leading you to believe he is divorced. As a word of advice, I wouldn”t date him unless you want to be used, abused, and treated like dirt. Player Womanizer Cheater: The package small, the technique boring AND OR possesses a deep~seated fear of being gay thus, the need to deceive and use women trying to prove to himself {and anyone who may be watching} that there”s nothing WRONG with him. Psychiatry 101” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com, photo provided showed an electric guitar in a stand, so I assume he plays guitar, and/or hangs out with guitarist musicians”

6/19/2011 12:54:10 PM - Compare Fletcher Carmon {Lanoke, AR}: “I dated Fletcher Carmon of 133 Arey Court in Danville VA for almost 3 years. I just recently found out he was on the downlow and also had a serious relationship with a man. He gave me *** and also gave his male friend the same STD. He works at Nestle in Danville. He is a liar and a faggot and I am taking him to court for child support because unfort. I had a child last month” SOURCE: DDHG profile posted under the profile name, “Belinda Bell”, who I assume is the profiler

6/19/2011 1:08:57 PM - Compare Robert Carneal, aka “Charla Mae Goff” {Winter Garden}: “He is so sick that words can”t describe the turmoil he causes in women’s lives. Everyone who knows him, including his first wife knows he”s a thief and a wonderful liar. Not anyone in their right minds would make themself out to look like a woman. To use people for his pleasure and cause so much damage in their lives is a horrible crime in itself. BEWARE of this so~called man woman. How pathetic of a life to use women/men for sport. He has had numerous affairs and has created turmoil in many families” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 1:12:58 PM - Compare Mark Anthony Carnazzo {Wakefield, MA}: “Cheater, abuser, heavy alcoholic and thief. Fits the profile of a sociopath, currently in the Mass legal system for violating 8 restraining orders in the past 10 years. Has been convicted of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and several DUIs. Has been arrested for soliciting a prostitute, definitely a sexual deviant as well. Very charming in the beginning but turns on you as soon as you are on love. Will manipulate and hurt you to get what he wants. Anyone who meets him or comes in contact with him should speak to his family, ex wife, ex girlfriends. I only wish I had listened to all of them when I had the chance” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/19/2011 1:18:01 PM - Compare Rich/Richie/Rick/Ricky/Ricardo Carmona {Denver, CO}: “I was with a PSYCHOPATH for nearly 8 years. I don”t use that term lightly, a LCSW {licensed clinical social worker} that we were seeing for marriage counseling told me that he believes my ex is a sociopath psychopath anti~social personality disorder. I did my research and found that he fits the profile perfectly. You can look it up yourself but in short a PSYCHOPATH possesses these personality traits: * glib and superficial charm * grandiose {exaggeratedly high} estimation of self * need for stimulation * pathological lying * cunning and manipulativeness * lack of remorse or guilt * shallow affect {superficial emotional responsiveness} * callousness and lack of empathy * parasitic lifestyle * poor behavioral controls * sexual promiscuity * early behavior problems * lack of realistic long~term goals * impulsivity * irresponsibility * failure to accept responsibility for own actions * many short~term marital relationships * juvenile delinquency * revocation of conditional release * criminal versatility Ricardo Carmona {aka Rich} grew up in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua Mexico before moving to El Paso, TX as a child. He moved to Denver, CO in 1999 and I met him in 2000. I had a child with this man and he has at least two others that I know of, one in CO and another in either TX or CA. He never met his son and has abandoned his daughters. He”s over $2,000 behind on his child support obligation for his oldest child {as of Feb 2009}. I give this background because he very likely has even more children. He was cheating on me the entire 8 years we were together ~ I didn”t find out until the end. He left me saddled with tons of debt that I”ve had to repay {and am still paying} by myself. He conned me into asking and my parents into loaning us money to start a business, LOWLIFE TATTOO in Denver, CO. He has not repaid any of that money and unfortunately probably never will. I”m having to throw even more money away to divorce this ***. I can”t wait for my day in court, I only hope that he is not able to manipulate the judge into believing his outlandish lies {he already has his lawyer buying all his crap}. You can see pictures of him on his MySpace profile: www.myspace.com fuknlowlife Stay away from this man! He will ruin your credit, cheat on you and constantly lie just to mess with your mind so much so that it will make you think you”re crazy. The best way to deal with a PSYCHOPATH is to avoid all contact and as soon as my divorce is over I will do just that” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 1:19:32 PM - Compare Pat/Patrick Carney, aka “officer carney”, “detective carney” {la Habra, CA}: “This man has been nothing but a liar and a cheat. He has continually hurt women. Women may date to marry, others may date to get laid, but Pat Carney dates to maliciously hurt women. If there are others out there, please come forward and let the world know of this monster. He has dated as many as 5 women at the same time, promising all of them forever...while lying about having children. He is an officer for Buena Park PD....please watch out” “I met Pat Carney on a dating site {watch out ladies!}. He started off being a nice, charming guy then he slowly shows off his arrogant, my~****~don”t~stink attitude. He likes dating women who are very young and/or vulnerable. If you”re young and naive, like a high school kid or somebody who has had a history of bad relationships....stay away from him. You will be prime target if you have children, not because he thinks he can be a father figure but because he thinks you”re desperate and are hopeless. He is secretive because he has a lot of nasty secrets. If you must have sex with him, one word: ANTIBIOTICS! Please do your research! He is heartless and he is an arrogant son of a bitch. He should be suspended for conduct unbecoming a police officer” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 5:27:33 PM - Compare Dave/David Schneider {Anoka, MN}: “sleeps with his employees, he”s a liar and an alcoholic. Dave Schneider uses his employees for sex and dumps them {usually over the phone after they have moved in with him} or just tells them to “get out” so the next subordinate can move in. The younger the employee the more he wants her even though he needs Viagra to get it up ~~ and that usually doesn”t work because he drinks too much alcohol every day. He lies through his teeth and will make you feel so loved~ right up to the second you receive his “get out” call. He is a narcissistic, commitment phobic, fat, self centered, arrogant asshole. He also enjoys blow~up dolls” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/19/2011 5:28:32 PM - Compare Andres Alvarez {Houston, TX}: “If ANYONE is dating this ***...drop him and RUN the other direction...he is a lazy, cheating, and manipulative ***! He goes around just trying to find a girl to SUPPORT his ass and CONSTANTLY “loses his jobs”...in other words, he doesn”t like to work! He used to live in Dallas, Texas and was married twice! After his last marriage ended he moved to Houston...so Houston chicks BEWARE! He may look different now...probably skinnier and run down since he”s been addicted to cocaine for the past year or so...he has a tattoo on the back of his neck with the name “Perla” and another over his heart area with the name “Celia” on it” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 5:29:06 PM - Compare Bruno Alvarez, Jr {Skokie, Deerfield unincorporated, IL}: “The worst kind of Cheater!! With his MOTHER!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 5:29:45 PM - Compare Chris/Christipher M. Alvarez {Chatsworth}: “I left him after finding out that he is a pathological liar, a cheater, bi~sexual, and is secretly in love and is planning on having sex with his blood cousin {girl}. WITHOUT EXAGGERATION!” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile

6/19/2011 5:30:57 PM - Compare Edwin Alvarez {Woodbridge, Fairfax, Centrevill, Lorton, Chantilly, VA, Washington D.C.}: “Edwin is the biggest damn liar you will ever meet in your life. He has two different baby moms and about 5 kids. He loves to go back and forward between his baby moms and likes to pull in other unknowing girls just for the heck of it. He is also an internet freak. Likes to send and receive nude pics so he can get himself off while you are asleep. Sure doesn”t like to use condoms either cuz I know of at least two other dumb girls talking about they pregnant by him like that”s the best thing to be in the world. Yea he”s handsome and can charm you but what price are you willing to pay for all that? The two mothers of his children have been thru hell with this guy because he likes to play games with their heads. I can say for one that she did get hip to the game and got away from his butt but the other is just plain dumb and likes to that way. In all honesty, it never really amazes me when I hear about all the grimy things he”s done or doing {and no I”ve never dated him just been his best friend for a very long time so believe I know what the hell I”m talking about}. I just think friend or not that other ladies who don”t know is ways should be warned at least. If you still go for him after that that”s your dumbness then” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 5:31:44 PM - Compare Lucas Alvarez, aka “Johnny” {Tampa, FL}: “I wouldn”t go near him if I were you. He is married and has 2 children. In addition, he has issues with even being faithful. He not only cheated on his wife numerous times but from what I heard gave her an STD as well as giving it to other women he”s slept with. He recently left his wife to be with one of his prey who still doesn”t believe the things he”s done. He is a woman beater, disease spreader and dead beat father. He is not from this country and he uses people for money. He is a Colombian and will often tell people his name is Johnny or something other than his real name. I have pictures to share that I got from his wife if you”d like to see them. The girl that he is currently using needs to be smacked for not listening. He has been arrested for soliciting prostitution and beating his wife. And does drugs too” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 5:33:11 PM - Compare Jason Schmidt {Northside, Perrysville, PA}: “I aint haten, just speakin the truth. This boy is a big time CHEATER! When we got together he broke up with his girl, “supposedly” then all of a sudden she got pregnant, yet we still stayed together. When she found out we was together, she lost the baby. The whole time he was with me and her and some whores from club Erotica and his “little sister”, talk about incest? Ladies if you ever get the pleasure of meeting this backstabbing ***, watch out. This holla back busy “B” *** him in my apartment on my bed while I went on a beer run, and she has a man of her own. Too bad he”s a fag who won”t *** her so she turned to what was mine. Oh and dont let me forget about his yao habit. The boy doesn”t have a job, his occupation consists of robbing niggaz for whatever he can put his hands on. He has a daughter he dont even see and a stupid young *** who puts up with his ***. When she was pregnant, he shot at her with a shotgun through the ceiling! Also a woman beater. Girls watch out for this one, his game is good but the drama his dick brings aint worth it!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 5:33:53 PM - Compare Christopher Schmitt, aka “Schmitty” {McKeesport, PA}: “BOUGHT MY SISTER BOOBS!! THAT WAS SOO FUCKED DOWN CONSIDERING THE FACT THAT SHE”S A MAN!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 5:34:34 PM - Compare Lee Schneggenberger {Buffalo, Tonawanda, Kenmore, NY}: “Lee will get close to you and act like you are everything he has ever looked for. He will call and text and tell you how wonderful you and tell you he loves you but will suddenly disappear without a trace. He”s 43 and still lives with his mother who appears to run his life. He is extremely cheap and has some major mental issues. He goes by Leebert40 or Leebert41 on various dating sites” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 5:35:31 PM - Compare Randy Schnell {Cabot, Macon, Jacksonville, AR}: “I met Randy on an online date site, we met in person on 9~30~09, went to his home and to his bedroom. He let me know up front that he wasn”t looking for anything to serious to fast but was open to the possibility. I am married but separated. Shortly after our first time he informed me he had a girlfriend. We planned to get together again on 9~26~09 but due to a family emergency I was unable to keep that date. Then we planned another for 9~30~09, we kept this one. Also planned to get together again on 10~5~09 but for some reason that didn”t happen. Bottom line, this attractive, clean cut man that pays enough attention to his grooming that he trims all of his body hair is only looking for a series of 1 night stands. He just doesn”t want to travel to girlfriends house all of the time” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 5:36:35 PM - Compare Bobby/Bob Schoewe {Chanhassen, MN}: “LIES, CHEATS and MORE LIES from BOB SCHOEWE ~ he is dating/living with a nice but blind girl who has no idea that he has been cheating and lying to her the entire time they have been together. He”s 50, she”s in her 30s ~ he loves young girls with big boobs. He”s flirty, married or single he will flirt with you even though he has a “serious” live in girlfriend. He sends love notes and text to his many affairs~ some married, some single but mostly gals who have kids. He”s just looking for cheap and easy sex. He lives in Chanhassen, and owns a recruiting business~ where he “hires” then dates his female employees. He”s been married and divorced twice, engaged who knows how many times. He uses “marriage” to keep women around but when he finds a new love interest then he makes excuses and claims she”s crazy or too controlling for him. He pretends to like kids but can”t have his own anymore . . . shoots blanks. Verbally abusive and very selfish. Comes off as a nice guy but treats you like crap when he doesn”t get what he wants. He likes to pick up girls at the timberwolves games or the flagship gym or redstone restaurant in eden prairie. He will only invite you over to his house if his live~in girlfriend is out of town” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 5:37:27 PM - Compare Dan/Danny/Daniel Schoonover {Williamsport, Mill Hall, Lock Haven, PA}: “His Mom calls him Danny” “This guy dated a 17 year old {he”s 24} for the whole 3 months he was back with me. I wrote to him while he was in jail, I stuck with him even though he was jobless and homeless for the most part. He was telling me he wanted me to move out of state with him and then I find out he”s been saying the exact things to this 17 year old kid. WHILE he”s on probation for FELONIES. This guy is BAD NEWS! He has nobody”s interests in mind but his own. He”s a pedophile and a felon and he has no business dating anyone... if he gets with you, he will cheat and lie and steal and take your money... if you can”t give him what he wants IMMEDIATELY he will guilt trip you or yell at you for it. Not very smart... I saw it coming so I”m alright, just trying to save any other naive CHILDREN out there if he decides to go after them. Moms watch out for this one... full of promises that he won”t keep” SOURCE: DDHG

6/19/2011 5:38:51 PM - Compare Tommy/Tom/Thomas A. Schott {Phoenix, AZ}: “is an EXTREME emotional and financial liability to any woman that he comes in contact with. He”s kind of handsome {but his teeth and breath are horrible}, very charming and “seems” very caring. He is 49 years old. He knows how to MAKE YOU like him. He is very handy and can do many things...every woman”s dream man...WARNING: He is a predator looking for the needy, weak, stupid, well~off, addicted and gullible women. He will sleep with under~age girls. He is addicted to meth, porn, sex and gambling. He is always a cheater! Sleeping with trash, as well as anyone else available he answers adds in papers, magazines and sites on the computer. {probably using YOUR computer to do this right after he has sex with you and you fall asleep!} He is a two~faced liar and is a MASTER manipulator and has a million excuses often blaming his x~wife for his short~comings, his loss of “his” business and his things. He actually took her for a huge ride! He will not admit to any shortcomings unless you catch him in a lie or he thinks admitting them will get your sympathy so you will “put out”. He keeps track by actual number count of every woman he has slept with. For some pathological reason, it”s important to him to “keep count”. He is a manipulator, a sneak thief, a con and an addict. He never has any money after he “has” you. He looks for someone who will pay his way in any way he can get them to! He has bad credit. Your things, your friends things or even your neighbors things are not safe. He will steal something from you and then “help” you look for it. {from your bottle of Asprin to your Grandmother”s antique wedding ring...nothing is sacred.} Or if you introduce him to your women friends, he will sleep with them. If he is doing you a favor, look out! Something bad will happen because of it. He does not pay his child support, even tho it is less than $300.00 per month. His only son will not speak to him. He has no legal driver”s license since 1990. He has wrecked or just plain TAKEN friends and lover”s vehicles costing them dearly! He has been in and out of jail for years for various drug and driving charges. I am out my life savings because of this guy! I fell for his B.S. hook, line and sinker! PLEASE LADIES, PLEASE BEWARE!” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/19/2011 5:39:55 PM - Compare Dave Schrader {Circle Pines, MN}: “The women who he has used and abused are afraid to come forward. He threatens them and bullies them, using his power and connections to ruin them and make them feel powerless. People need to stop worshiping this creep who emotionally, mentally and spiritually abuses women! He is married with six children to a wife he claims is abusive and neglectful of him and his kids. He is a dark and mentally unstable person who drops pain pills like candy. He prefers unprotected sex with his women. It”s about power and control. He will want to have you emotionally strung out on him so that he can get by with whatever he wants. The man has a deep anger toward women. He will break things off with you only to return at some point saying he made a mistake, this is a game for him and he does it with all his victims. If you let him control you, you will end up helping him and supporting him while he victimizes other women, he has a true pimp mentality. Dave has a internet radio show called Darkness on the Edge of Town, he offers paranormal retreats and is in business with TV celebrities in the paranormal world. He prefers women who he can overpower, petite with low self~esteem, often those inclined to abusive relationships” SOURCE: Formerly on DDHG, but as of now, the only other place you can find it is on womansavers.com. I think it bears repeating, even though I never knew him, and hope not to. I had to guess an age for him, otherwise I would not have been able to post about him, so I guessed age 26. Perhaps the woman who initially profiled him and who knew him can apprise us, with a comment below, as to his true age. Check also datingpsychos.com

6/19/2011 5:40:47 PM - Compare Tim/Timmy/Timothy Schrang {Brentwood, East Islip, NY}: “Pretends to be a retired FDNY medic {fired from fdny due to addiction to opiads} as well as a retired Military man. He is neither. He creates forged documents online to pass off as a retired military man. He preys on women online and is on several dating sites. You can find him on Myspace.com and facebook. He”s manipulative and will tell you exactly what you want to hear. His tell when he”s caught in a lie is to vehemently deny it even yelling and screaming and then turning it around making you feel guilty. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN. HE WILL STEAL FROM YOU AND YOUR FAMILY W/O BLINKING AN EYE” “See previous posting by another member. He claims to play the guitar with a famous flamenco group. Just stay away from this man” SOURCES: DDHG

6/20/2011 8:02:43 AM - I have to agree with you. Only an IMMORAL or AMORAL woman would step out on her husband to interfere with the longterm/domestic relationship of another female. Bad Karma will land on them hard, eventually. Trust. I know from experience.

6/20/2011 8:56:29 AM - Compare Danny Wandell {Elgiin, SC}: “He is also a liar you have to piece his life together because there are so many lies! Danny why did those guys really slit your throat? He also dresses as a transvestite and fantasizes about men doing him. He can not have sex and get off after you have been together awhile without fantasizing outloud about something or someone else” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 8:57:40 AM - Compare Kurt Didier {Dallas, TX Atlanta, GA Tampa, FL}: “liar, balding, fat, stretch marks, stupid, cheap, lazy, closet bisexual” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

6/20/2011 8:58:47 AM - Compare Pat/Patrick Dickson {Mckeesport, PA}: “eww u don”t want him he”s a rapist, he gots a VERY lil dick, and he fingers his own butt hole seriously look at his fingers thats why there yellow...he”s a liar n cheater, he uses ppl 4 nthng he can n if ur under 18 he”ll def date u the youngr the bettr to him...hes dirty and ugly as ****oh and hes a women abuser he chokes girls and tries to stab them with knives...and he”s a racist bastard.....so....DONT DATE HIM GIRL!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:02:16 AM - Compare Mark W. Dickson {Formerly Vernon, CT Newark, NJ & Currently NYC}: “I don”t know Mark, but he tried to destroy my reputation by creating a website using my first and last name with my photo and private number saying I was desperate for boys. A Casting Directors saw it and thought I was a prostitute! It ruined my reputation in the Acting industry and the website was up for over a year before it was discovered. I only worked on 1 maybe 2 projects with him as an extra ~ and I didn”t associate with him because my boyfriend was with me the whole time. If I did have any random interation with Mark, like getting standing in line behind him at lunch, I know I was nice, because I”m nice to everyone. I didn”t deserve this. I”m a stranger ~ I”d hate to see what he”d so to his ex or someone he considers an enemy. What he did was illegal and slander!” “OMG, this guy cheated on me with an older woman ~ MUCH OLDER ~ like old enough to be my mother. He is terrible in bed ~ thinks he knows what he”s doing, but I had to fake it otherwise he”d keep rubbing me until I was raw. He also has serious mental, emotional and rage issues. He”s child in a man”s body. He”s addicted to Guitar Hero ~ and that is more important to him that having a meaningful relationship. He tries to come of as intelligent and mature, but then he”s rather spend time with his toys than me” “He also indulges in self~destructive behavior. Not responsible” “he only works a couple of days a month. Thank you to his ex for telling me about this site. I hardly know Mark, but he put up a nasty website about me saying my picture and my mobile number saying that I was desperate for boys and would be willing to do all anything with them, and I have been in a serious relationship for years. He even used my first and last name as their website. So it went like this: www.firstnamelastname.com I am an actress and was thinking of buying that domain to put up my resume and headshots. A few Casting Directors assumed I had a website, and typed in my first and last name.com and saw all those terrible things Mark wrote about me. I don”t know why he did it ~ I never did anything to him. In fact, I don”t even really know him, I only did extra work with him and I didn”t even interact with him at all ~ my boyfriend was there. He”s just a mean person for no good reason” SOURCES: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:03:19 AM - Compare John/Johnathan Ward {Aberdeen, MS}: “is a good actor. He”ll make you believe that he actually cares about you. Then he”ll turn around and start to be rude to you. This is when you find out that he has cheated on you. When you argue, he plays mind games and makes you believe that you are the guilty one who did something wrong. Be careful, there are rumors that he”s gay. I don”t know how true this is, but it”s better to be safe than sorry” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:05:04 AM - Compare Jack Ward, aka “Randy” {Myrtle Beach, SC}: “is as sweet as can be when you first start to date him. I fell for the sweet façade. He had his own house and job when we first met. He quickly quit the job and moved in with me within 3 months. But since he kept the house clean and cooked dinner and did laundry I didn”t see anything wrong with it. I figured he would find a job eventually. Which he did. Working under the table. We continued this way for a while and had a child within a year. While I was pregnant his true colors came shining through. He left me at home one day and unplugged the cable and phone wires from outside and padlocked the box, he thought the house wasn”t getting clean enough on my days off. When he got home from work that day an argument ensued in which he took all of the groceries in the house and destroyed them all over the kitchen and living room floors, as well as many of the pictures on the walls and electrical equipment that he threw out the front door and broke in the front yard. Over the next few years the abuse got worse. Beatings with belts and using the internet to try and me women were just a few of the things my children and I endured. I finally left him when he viciously threw my ferrets into the next door neighbors yard and hit me with his truck. I later found out that he had been cheating on me while I worked nights and he was again out of a job with the married lady across the street. He has been arrested several times since then for automobile theft, utility theft, improper use of phone calls and of course non~payment of child support. When you first meet this guy, he will tell you nothing of his past and as he starts to get to know you he will tell you lies about previous times in his life. He left out the time he broke his mother”s jaw until he was beating me one night and threatened to to do the same thing to me. Stay far away from this man!!! He will only ruin your life and any other life he comes across” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:06:35 AM - Compare Irvin Ward {Washington, DC}: “This west Indian native is a liar a fraud and a fake. We had a working relationship that turned into more, dating what I thought was exclusively but he has women all over DC Maryland and Virginia. Some of his victims included a woman I had to get a restraining order against because she was duped like me and she has been with him for years. His baby~mamma, a girl named Tiffany who he claims is a friend but more like friends with benefits, and his latest victim Erica L who lives in NE DC. Ladies, guard your heart, your wallet and your vajayjay.. He rarely uses protection and my embarassing trip to the gynecologist tell me he doesn”t care about his health or the women he”s dealing with. Avoid this sorry excuse for a man at all costs!!! Pu$$y has no face and he has a phone tree he runs down until he finds somebody dumb enough to let him screw them” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:07:34 AM - Compare Christopher/Chris Ward {Port Hueneme, CA}: “Watch out for this one. I managed to escape this “relationship” after being physically attacked by this crazy man leaving me battered and bruised. Sent me a text afterward telling me “I could have stomped your f***ing face or smashed your f***ing head” and that part of him “wants to f***ing kill me.” In the beginning he seems so genuine and pulls at your heartstrings when he tells you his tales of woe about being abandoned by his mother, abused by his father, traumatized by war and how he can”t manage to maintain relationships. I helped him find a psychiatrist to help him with his anger issues but he is so damaged it obviously isn”t helping. Over a period of six months I saw him spiral out of control. Bottom line is he is an abuser, a seriously chronic pot smoker and has bizarre sexual fantasies. Is very into the “cuckold” thing with black men and keeps two large black dildos that he likes to use. Asked me if I would want to have sex with him and another guy and afterwards would I “be offended” if he “sucked him off.” I should have run in the other direction at that point but didn”t and wasn”t surprised when later he asked if I would be interested in buying a strap on to use on him. Again I just dismissed this request, thinking it a bit weird but stayed with him. Told me he can”t stay faithful to anyone I understood that from the start so I can”t fault him on that level. Is great at listening to your problems and giving advice but is such a mess he can”t manage his own life. He doesn”t work, doesn”t drive because of his road rage issues and can barely support himself. He will take advantage of any goodness you have. Stay far away from this guy. He is bad news and I was such an idiot to have stayed as long as I did” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:08:36 AM - Compare Brian Ward {Christiansburg, VA}: “is a veterinarian and has lived in Lexington, KY, Auburn, AL, Raleigh, NC, and currently Christiansburg, VA while he completes his residency at Virginia Tech. He has a hell of a lot of charm and is easy to fall for. He will make you feel guilty about everything as he will not take responsibility for anything. He will break your ego down quickly. He has been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder. If you don”t know what those are, you should check em out because this is a person you will never change and he will never truly care for you. DO NOT SLEEP WITH HIM ~~ HE IS DIRTY AND DOESN”T CARE ABOUT TELLING YOU!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:14:56 AM - Compare Dennis Aaron Ward {Columbus}: “is a liar, cheater, user, and abuser” “he might lie to you about his age. He often says he is 22 or 23 when he is actually 27. {Born in 1980} That”s because he doesn”t want to look like such a loser” “at 27 he has no job, no education, no place of his own, and no real friends. He uses women and treats them like objects. He will flirt with and get with anyone and I mean anyone. I also found out he has a child out of state that he has never met and owes over 8000 dollars in child support for, so he”s a deadbeat dad on top of being a womanizer. He physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally abused me. He threatened to kill my cats and to cut the brakes on my car. One minute I would be beautiful and his best friend and the next he would call me fat, a b*tch, a c*nt, and a number of other horrible names. He had to do time in jail for hitting me but acts like he barely touched me and that I”m overreacting. He is a narcissist to the highest degree. It”s all about him...all the time. If it ever starts to be about you, he will run away or get angry or put you down and call you names until the attention is back on him. I even heard a number of rumors about him having engaged in homosexual activity..I figure at least some of them have to be true” “he”s been kicked out of the military and fired from 5 jobs {that I know of}. His most recent firing was for looking up a co~worker”s skirt in the work place. Disgusting! He never has any money but was all too willing to spend mine. He is also a sexaholic and a total game player. He uses sex as a way of getting self~esteem, so he will never be sexually loyal to anyone because he is always seeking out new women to sleep with and make him feel better about himself. Everything has to be his way or the highway. He will only be nice to you if it”s to get what he wants. He has no long term friends and has never had a stable relationship. He hardly sees his family and they live right in town” “his family is completely dysfunctional too. All of his exes refuse to talk to him anymore, and you can see why. He is 27 years old and I found out the girl he saw before me was 17 years old. The funny thing is, they are probably at the same maturity level. If you try breaking things off, like I did so many times, he will call you over and over again. After I broke things off, he broke into my house once and was waiting for me when I came home. He also tried to break into my voicemail box to see if I was talking to other men. He is a sexaholic, but is also selfish in bed as well as out of bed. If you happen to be pleased, it”s not because he was trying. He is all about receiving pleasure versus giving it. I {stupidly} let him move in with me and he lived here for 2 months without giving me a dime for rent or bills or groceries. I kicked him out when he hit me, and he went to live with an acquaintance of his and he also got kicked out of there for not paying rent” “this loser lost his license for two years for drunk driving with an expired license and no insurance” “he has no car. I drove his ass everywhere and never got a dime of gas money. He in fact has no money...his credit is screwed up and he doesn”t have a bank account” “he acts like he is god and the greatest thing on earth. He will make up all kinds of stories to make himself look better to others. Please don”t think you will be different or be the one to change him like I thought. You won”t. I tried as hard as a person can try and it only led to heartache and pain and financial ruin on my part. I hope this helps someone. I was shocked that he wasn”t already on this site. Every other girl probably ditched him way before I did and didn”t have as big of a chance to get hurt” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:15:25 AM - Compare Myron Wand, aka “Chris Bleak” {Waldorf, MD, Washington, DC}: “He likes transvestites but by looking at him you would never know” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:16:31 AM - Compare Robert Wachter {Salem, OR}: “complete sociopath” “is VERY angry inside” “If you do not agree with what he says or you do not do what he says, he will SCREAM at you to scare you into submission OR hit you “by accident” BEWARE his temper. NEVER make him look bad in front of his friends even if he”s attacking you. You WILL regret it” “At his age he still doesn”t have a real relationship and tries to attract women by telling them he just bought a house and has a really good job and pulls in over $1500 per pay check. He feels that if you don”t respond to what he”s offering in booze & drugs that he has no value and will be unsure of himself around you” “he can”t hold a real conversation” “has no ability to talk about real life issues, and can recite technical information on equipment and thinks it”s stimulating conversation. He is like the guy from Knocked Up but without the epiphany and maturation at the end of the movie” “he has a desperate NEED to be admired even when unfounded” “If you don”t bend to his will or think his ideas are great at ALL TIMES, you have a problem. If you don”t think the sun rises and sets with him, you are insensitive. If you don”t drop your plans to submit to his whims at the drop of a dime, you are NOT a real friend. He”s like a spoiled and entitled child that can NEVER be satisfied” “he lacks empathy” “He will NEVER recognize the feelings or needs of others” “If you expect this guy to EVER think of anyone other than himself...think again” “he takes advantage of others” “He threw one of his BEST FRIENDS out of his house because he had an injury and couldn”t work for a few weeks. The friend had money issues and instead of giving the guy time to heal, he threw him out without a care in the world about it. This is a guy that helped him when his woman cheated on him and helped him move into a place” “he is cheap” “He will spend money on a whim for himself but will use coupons and wait for a sale to buy things for his own child. {will tell you that the mom was a rebound and he knocked her up when he was drunk & high}” “~he has a perverse sense of entitlement” “He TRULY BELIEVES that he should be admired, catered to, looked up to and flocked to because he went to jail, was strung out on drugs, was a thief, liar and manipulator that was busted time and time again but still has a job, house and car. He thinks he”s gotten over and that should be admired as proof of how SPECIAL he is” “he is arrogant” “In spite of the sketchy past, mistreatment of others, dependency on drugs and alcohol, lack of morals, small penis and lack of education, he is truly haughty in attitude. One of the most embarrassing things that I continuously witnessed is his condescending attitude when putting others down while trying to use words that don”t exist, such as, “dramatized” {meaning traumatized}” “He will put a a good front that he”s a decent guy. Keep your eyes open to see the signs, though” “EVERY gf cheated on him. No talk about his inner thoughts and dreams. When speaking of others, only puts them down or talks about their negative traits and finally how every conversation leads back to HIM. He will make you feel sorry for how wrong the WORLD has treated him but if you REALLY think about it, how can so many be so wrong about the same guy? Food for thought ladies and pretty boys!” “RUN away...don”t walk!” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/20/2011 9:18:21 AM - Compare Jeffrey Alan Mallow {Asheville, NC}: “Jeff is a pathological liar. He has PTSD, and a behavior control problem. Has physically assaulted me, verbally assaulted, cussed and screamed at me many times. {He just blows up all of a sudden} I should have paid attention to his background check, which revealed 2 prior assaults on a female, and 1 prior assault on a government official. I have had to leave my own home in my own car, to get away from him. Also, his previous wife left with his 12 year old child, 10 years ago, and he does not know where his kid is, because the woman had to go into hiding. At first, he is very adorable, and loving, fun, and very agreeable, UNTIL HE MOVES IN! Yes, he was a good lover, but come to find out, I was not the only one he was sleeping with, unlike he told me. “We are soulmates” he said. He will promise you the world, make excuses, and deliver very little. I have caught him in several lies. He is a construction worker. He was so sweet and charming, even though I had read his background report, showed him a copy of it, he had excuses, and made like it was all the past women”s fault. Jeff always has a sad story, of all the other women who he says are “crazy”, and have done him wrong. He will even shed a tear, if he feels it will help him in his agenda, to suck you dry. Please spare yourself the misery, in addition, the construction work he does is not up to par” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/20/2011 9:48:47 AM - Compare Jim Williams {Perry, GA}, PART I: “from the Perry and Macon, GA area. Hands down, he is one of the worst liars, gigolos and cheaters of all time! His birthday is May 9, 1963. This man is a sick sex addict and has some severe anger and control issues and a huge, arrogant chip on his shoulder. He is addicted to sex, porn and online dating sites! Has been on most of the dating sites for SEVERAL years, using various name, including: Jwilli1812, Drumguy5963, TimeforU64, JDAWG401 and the lowest of all, “WIDOWER LOOKING TO LOVE AGAIN” ~ just to list a few. He has NEVER been widowed, but WAS married twice and cheated on both wives, repeatedly, because he has a problem keeping his pants zipped up! He has this whole routine of sweeping women off their feet, moving fast and pretending it”s LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. He will tell you that he is just a “very passionate guy, who knows what he wants, fast”. In other words, he believes in INSTANT gratification for himself! He will look right into your eyes and tell you how “beautiful” you are, acting dreamy and SO in love with you, but beware. He uses that line on everyone! He was very attentive in the beginning, but after he had my trust, he became a free loader and very restless. He soon claimed to be extremely busy with work when he wasn”t with me. Much later I learned he was out meeting other women and he was not particular about their quality, taking anyone who would have sex with him! He”s a desperate and hopeless loser who will suck you dry, emotionally and financially! He has admitted that he cannot remain faithful and is addicted to “THE CHASE”. He is incapable of real intimacy with a woman and has deep seated issues with control and being vulnerable. He”s a majorly screwed up guy and very self absorbed. Notice how he checks himself out in the mirror and primps in the bathroom! When he becomes uncomfortable with your questions, he throws you on the defensive, acting very hurt or saying you don”t trust him and then turns the tables and acts like YOU are the one with the problem!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:49:14 AM - Compare Jim Williams, PART II: “I was stunned to learn he had asked several women to marry him in the same year! He selfishly uses and abuses women and has hurt many women with his lies and games! He became violent and broke a woman”s nose, landing in jail in Charlotte, NC ~ in January of 2003. When I asked him about it, of course he claimed it wasn”t his fault! With losers and addicts like this, NOTHING is ever THEIR fault, as they make EXCUSES for everything! Lucky for me, a woman he scammed out of thousands of dollars, somehow got into his e~mail and contacted all the unsuspecting women on his buddy lists. They wrote to each other and put everything together! Another girlfriend called his cell phone and his very FULL message box began to play back tons of voicemail messages, from various other women he was seeing at the time ~ {unknown to her, as she believed she was his sole girlfriend}. There were also messages from credit collectors, as he was in deep debt. At first I couldn”t believe it and didn”t WANT to believe it! It was a horrible betrayal and he clearly lied to me too! It was shocking to find that he leads a double life, while pretending to be a mild mannered and SHY drum teacher. This man is anything but shy! He was exposed as a con man, but it took me awhile to recover and even longer to trust men again. DO NOT trust this pervert! This man never bothered to show remorse or apologize to the women he hurt. Each time he was caught being dishonest, he simply got new email addresses, joined new dating sites and started over, chasing new women. While professing undying love, he stays busy visiting porn and adult web sites. Shocking to learn he was meeting women in motels for sex! I was repulsed to learn that he had pursued a very unattractive, 350 pound, grey hair and grossly obese woman, who was a complete stranger to him. She wrote to some of us, that he was the ONLY man who ever responded to her dating profile! He was SO desperate for sex that he took advantage of her low self esteem and met her in a cheap motel, right in the small town of Perry, GA ~ where he lived! Very risky behavior but this proved how sick he is, because I later learned that he had a sweet, lovely fiancée at the time! What kind of man behaves this way? A sick, selfish predator” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:49:40 AM - Compare Jim Williams, PART III: “Think of psychopaths, such as Ted Bundy or Scott Peterson! No offense to anyone who is over weight, but no reasonable or normal man would behave this way, when he has a choice to be with a beautiful, caring or exciting woman! On top of everything else, I also learned he was fired from his teaching job, because his indiscretions were catching up with him, in such a small town. No school wants a pervert like him around teenage girls! Of course, he is always full of lame excuses and claims someone else visited and built online dating profiles in “his name” or that an ex girlfriend named Suzanne, up in North Carolina, was “out to get him”. Yeah right! I communicated with her and her experience with this man, was just the same as all the other women he gigoloed. They were all perfectly sane and mostly embarrassed that they ever befriended this loser! He brags of how easy it is to get women to MELT and fall for him, by simply building up their self confidence in the beginning and telling them things they want to hear, ie, that they are so wonderful and beautiful! But when caught in a lie, he accepts no responsibility! The ex girlfriends I talked to, all seemed to be bright, honest, attractive women who trusted and got betrayed by a gigolo, who thinks he is SO much smarter and better than everyone else! He believes himself to be great in bed, but he”s nothing at all! That”s the only humor we found in this! He made the rounds on sex sites such as Adult Friend Finders, where he had a profile soliciting for sex with “multiple partners and married women”. He is SO preoccupied with sex that he cannot function as a normal man anymore!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:50:10 AM - Compare Jim Williams, PART IV: “His personality is very edgy and he is very short term with women. I heard the continuing theme that he became weird and rough with sex and had some questionable “rape” incidents from a former job with Geico insurance. Naturally he had an “excuse” for that one too! He is slippery and has managed to escape prosecution so far, but his bad deeds are catching up with him. There has been too much bad stuff swirling around him and I found him to be much too argumentative and glib with his excuses! He is always in debt, trying to borrow money and get women to pay his way. He gave me a huge sob story about his finances, but I found out he scammed some women in North Carolina, out of thousands of dollars. Of course, he claimed they “gave it freely”! Yeah, right! He conned them all. When the emails were swirling and people were finding out about this creep, not everyone was able to talk about it, understandably so, but the those I did reach, were ALL used and abused by this creep, who simply thinks they all “deserved” what they got! I almost fell into his trap too, but thank God I saw through him fast! He continued to try and sweet talk to me on instant chat for awhile, but when I revealed that I had been talking to his ex girlfriend, he panicked and said “most of what she said was not true”! I eventually deleted him from my chat list! Even when courting me online, I learned he had a fiancée in another state! What a pig! He is only after sex and games, but pretends to care deeply for you, in order to gain your trust. One of the women he lived with for a few months, kept getting his cell phone bills and bank statements long after she kicked him out, because he was too stupid to change his address! So she learned the hard way, what he was up to and with HER money! She located yet another trusting victim he had asked to marry ~ and pretended to be deeply in love with, just to get money and sex from her, while still pursuing others. Once he finished his con and was ready for his next victim, which happened to be ME, {unknown to me at the time} ~ he told her he was in THERAPY and needed to break up and be ALONE, so he could HEAL. The callous bastard left the poor girl very wounded and threatened her, if she didn”t go away!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:50:33 AM - Compare Jim Williams, PART V: “THERAPY? Remind you of Hugh Grant”s character in Bridget Jones Diary Two? There”s more: This creep got another girlfriend pregnant, pretended he never knew about it ~ and turned his back, leaving her with major medical bills and infections, ie, STDS. A real pig! Some of us tried unsucessfully to reach and speak with her, to offer assistance and to further expose him, but got nowhere, understandably so, as she was probably too traumatized to talk about it! He is a Narcissist and arrogantly justifies his bad behavior! He regards himself as this huge intellectual, but does not have the brains or the decency to treat women respectfully. He will leave you with much less money and probably with an STD and tons of excuses! He described himself as a warm, fuzzy drummer guy who is “totally faithful and honest, looking for a long term relationship.” I wondered why his photo was always invisible online. {I later learned he rarely posts his photo online, because he”s been on all these sites for TOO long! He pursues YOU}. After he sees your photo and is certain you aren”t someone he already slept with or chatted or dated before, he will reveal his photo to you. But of course he lies and says he keeps his online photo hidden, because he is a teacher and would be “so embarrassed” if any of his students saw his profile. Yeah right! This pervert does not know the meaning of embarrassed! He is a predator with no integrity about women. Sadly, he has not changed to this day. If you meet him, RUN, or you will be badly hurt! He will drain your energy and cheat on you repeatedly, because he enjoys it and worse, feels he is entitled to take what is not his. DO report him to your local police precinct, if he ever acts weird to you. Just do it! He is starting to get a record in a few states and his luck will run out eventually, because he is arrogant. One of his ex girlfriends had him investigated and they created a profile about him in a few cities” “Some say he is secretly gay and hates women!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:56:45 AM - Compare Eric Vincent {Rochester, NY Philadelphia, PA Baltimore, MD Fort Dix, Iraq, Afghanistan}: “is a cheater. He will sleep with anything that moves too. He has a particular fondness for bartenders and waitresses. Zero sexual skill with women. He says he wants NO relationship with any woman just random lousy hookups. His true love and affections are toward other men. Go to blogs.myspace.com/mazzystarzmusic for the full story” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 9:57:54 AM - Compare Matt Vincent {Brownsville, KY}: “will take your heart *** on it then when you think he”s in love with you, he sleeps with your brother!! Not only that he likes it rough. I thought he loved me for years and come to find out he was in it for something else. My brother! He could of at least warned me that he was gay! I don”t discriminate. At lot of my friends are gay, he was a true undercover brother!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 11:23:35 AM - Compare Mike/Michael Vogel {Santa Barbara, CA}: “Gay guy who can”t face the truth. All he talks about is his glorious time in the navy as a pilot. I think he spent more time lusting after other pilots. Practices unsafe sex with other PCH bathroom boys...beware of deadly diseases” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 11:25:32 AM - Compare Ronnie Vogel, aka “Chad”, “Lt. Vogel” {Troy, Keene, NH}: “His aol screen names are Mysticheart2006, Mysticheart2000, Mystivlove2000, and Lonelyguytroy. Make sure you block him on AOL and AIM. Ronnie is a white male, with light colored hair. He”s somewhat chubby. Stands anywhere from 6 feet to 6ft 2in. He likes to tell ppl that he was a LT. in the army. That he has never been married. He also likes to tell ppl that he has a daughter Nicole or Nicolyn. His pretend daughter he will say is 4 years old. After about 6 months of dating him his daughter will “die” therefore he will need your help paying for expenses of his. Ronnie is 30 years old going on 31. He drives a semi for a living and also collects Social Security Disability {the latter he will never admit to}. He says he is single, but in fact he is married, has a seven month old son named after him, and two step children {a sweet little boy and little girl}. He will lie to you, he will con you out of money and sex. He will do anything to get you to give him whatever he wants. He has a wife of 1 and a hlf years, a girlfriend of 1 year and 5 months, a girlfriend of 2 months, and yet another of 1 month. No one knows how many others have fallen victim to RONNIE RAY VOGEL. He was never in the military also, lol. His own birth mother said he lied as a child and she couldn”t handle him so she gave him up for adoption. She also said that she believed Ronnie was BiPolar or had Multiple Personalities. Please beware of this man. All he can do is hurt you mentally and physically. Stay clear of him and tell all your home girls about him too. He goes all over the road on his job. So just beware please ladies. I don”t want to see another female fall victim to this whatever you want to call him like I did. Oh yeah and he”s BI but he has a gay fetish also, a very strong one. Has a gay fetish also, a very strong one” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 11:29:05 AM - Compare Steve Vogel {Aptos, CA}: “Don”t even go there” “a verified history of mental illness. Diagnosis, multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia. He admits to “hearing voices” and has no control over personalities. He has no money or income and is looking for someone to bankroll him” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 11:32:19 AM - Compare Anshuman Vohra {NY, NY}: “Not one for showy displays, this conceited narcissist plays by the rules, at first, but don”t be fooled. I learned the hard way, there is a woman hating sadist lurking just below the surface. List of skills ~ artfully works to lower your self esteem by withholding affection, and other *** up maneuvers, etc., then uses degrading sex acts as a substitute for affection. Not unusual for him to be working on a few girls at a time” SOURCE: DDHG profile, posted under the profile names, “erika ErickaBlithe” and “blithe”, who I assume is the profiler

6/20/2011 11:34:19 AM - Compare Wade Voigt {Kansas City, MO}: “has had a girlfriend for years while he cheats on her ALL the time. You’ll think maybe he is gay? And to tell the truth, I think he does swing that way from time to time” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 11:39:55 AM - Compare Lenny Volturo Jr. {Ft. Lauderdale, FL}: “Pathological liar. Very possibly GAY. Tries to cover it up by constantly getting engaged. Lures you in by pretending to spoil you {as if you”re the only one} dinners... concerts... etc... throwing money all over the place {that he doesn”t even have} then eventually never wants to have sex with you~ but cheats behind your back. He lives a double life. Pretends to detest tattoos... drugs... strippers... but gets with white trash girls cover in tattoos...is possibly on drugs and has messed around with strippers in “back rooms” before. He hates the real him so he puts on a show for everyone but still does what he really wants to do. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY~ OR YOU WILL END UP MISERABLE” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 12:06:56 PM - Compare Mike/Michael Waddell {Eastover, SC}: “basically hides behind the fact that he is a youth minister for his church. He pretends to be religious or maybe deludes himself into thinking he is. Goes to church every Sunday, etc. What is telling is that this guy is into Female Domination, being submissive, is bisexual, enjoys anal penetration, toys, etc. This guy is out for one thing and one thing only. Once he gets it he”s off to his next conquest. He hides behind being religious. Once he has bedded you he then lets you in on his need to be dominated. If your not into that stuff or get turned off by it, he uses his religious side as a shield and THEN says let”s take our time...He is clearly wanting sex but no commitment, though he will promise you the world to get in between your legs. So be forewarned. This man is no good. He won’t even call you later! WHAT A DOG” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 12:22:29 PM - Compare Jim Wagner {Elk Grove, CA}: “Serial cheater, liar, deadbeat, broke loser. This man is a fraud ~ gave me this big story about how his first wife was having affairs, treated him like dirt, spent all his money, blah blah blah. I believed the whole thing, married him like an idiot and 4 years later found out it was ALL lies. He was the one having affairs on wife #1, when he met me and found out I had a good job and made great money, he kicked her and the kids out. Took him several years of lies to get me to marry him and what a huge mistake I made. Caught him cheating with the same married woman he was cheating with when married to wife #1. He has horrible credit so of course everything is in my name so I am not stuck with all of his bills ~ total deadbeat. Meets women in places like Starbucks, tells them he”s divorced, gives them the worn out story of how his x~wife made his life hell to suck them in ~ gets them to pay for everything and dates as many at a time as he can. Marriage counselor says he”s probably a narcissist and definitely a person of bad character. Stay away from this man girls ~ he”s nothing but a user who will break your heart and take your money” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 4:37:23 PM - Compare Jim/James Waterfield {Virginia Beach, VA}: “A first class liar and thief. He targets single mothers, offers to help ease our burden by fixing things around the house, helping the kids with their homework, etc but look closely because your money, independence and custody of your children will soon be gone. He has a criminal record for breaking and entering {but that doesn”t count because he thought it was expunged..yeah right}, assault and battery charges were brought against him by his second wife Tina {but that doesn”t count either because it was thrown out...umm hmm}. There is currently a protective order against him for threatening to kill is 3rd wife if she came back to the house {oh yeah...that doesn”t count either because she didn”t hear him say it, THE COPS DID}. Do not believe a word this man says. He is on Yahoo personals searching for his next victim...don”t click!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 4:38:02 PM - Compare Chad Waters {Redrock, CA}: “is the biggest liar and cheater in the world!!! This man told me he had a daughter even showed me pictures, lied about conversations they had and even cried when he told me about the birth of this child. He told me he had gotten a job for Haliburton and was moving to Vegas, so we went, he had no job at all we even looked for a house, got a realtor the whole nine right, well he couldn”t get a loan, no job and he was kicked outta the airforce in Panama City FL. He also stole all my furniture including my children”s bedroom furniture! He was also always looking up how to get a hooker in vegas on`line! He is a total liar, complete scum, he has a myspace page and says he”s a swinger!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 4:38:55 PM - Compare Michael Waters {Atlanta, GA}: “Michael is a very immature person with hazel eyes. He is very charming, says all of the things women want to hear. He is homeless and does not have a real job. He uses women for sex and money. He has slept with hundreds of women and prostitutes and visits sex and porn sites. He has also met women on BPM dating site. Michael has a serious sex and porn addiction and is possibly a downlow brotha. He is one person that you do not want to allow into your life!!! He will lie to you about everything. Currently he is seeing women in KY, West VA, IL, GA, NY, NC, and IN that I know of” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 4:39:41 PM - Compare Malcom Waters {Anaheim, CA}: “This guy is the worst kind of liar. He will tell you everything you want to hear about how he wants to get married and have kids and tell you how he is a Christian. He has 3 kids by 3 different women. He is a cheater and lies to everyone he is with. My intuition told me he was cheating but I found out when I searched his phone and saw that he was telling another woman he loved her. What”s sad is that he swore on his daughter”s life he wasn”t cheating. I called her and found out they had been together a year and that just the previous day they were together and had sex” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 4:40:10 PM - Compare Neil Waters {Cairns, Australia}: “serial cheater. I was with him for 17 years. He cheats, lies, steals your money and then dumps you” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 4:40:44 PM - Compare Al Watkins, aka “Smith”, “Papi” {Atlanta, GA}: “moves around and takes different jobs ever few months in Washington, Oregon, and Montana. He is originally from California Portland, OR” “He used to belong to a swingers group in Atlanta as well” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 4:41:46 PM - Compare Bob/Bobby Dean Watkins jr {Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, TX Beaufort, SC Atlanta, GA Bedford, Oak Cliff, TX} : “The 6ft3, 250lb dishonorable discharged marine has five or more children that he does not take care of. The divorcee is narcissistic. He is full of lies. He is physically and verbally abusive. Stay away. He is a user. He will say he loves u and wants to marry and pressure u to marry quick and move in with u. He preys on vulnerable women off blackplanet. Successful smart women looking for love. He is a sexual predator who takes off condoms. Be careful. A master of disguise. A wolf in sheep”s clothing. A hustler. A pimp. A gigolo. He has married women, single women and freaky women. Be careful. He lies about working so much when he only works 40 hrs a week. He”s an inteligent man and has verbal game. He will tell u he wants to marry but all he wants is to come up thru u. He picks vulnerable women fresh from divorce or relationships, preys on their weakness and then tries to make it like he”s in love. He also chooses women w/something to offer financially. He has 5 kids by 5 baby mamas. He is on blackplanet. He is a coochie bandit. He practices unsafe sex and is a sexaholic! 3sums 4 sum 80 sums!! Whatever! And his house and car are nasty and dirty just like the inside of him. He”s looking for a woman to take care of him and feed him and cater to him while he doesn”t reciprocate. He”s an egomaniac and his favorite movie is American Psycho!” SOURCE: DDHG


6/20/2011 7:19:10 PM - Compare Brad Swaffer {New Philadelphia, OH}: “This guy is smooth so watch out ladies. Not only will he cheat on you every chance he gets he will lie to your face with a big smile. This guy loves to play mind games and he”s really good at them too. He is super cocky and never thinks he is wrong about anything everything is always someone else”s fault. He never takes blame for anything. He never pays his bills, he is always moving from one place to the next after a few months. When he stops paying his bills and the landlords kick him out. But of course its always his ex”s fault for taking child support from him” “DEADBEAT dad alert as well!!! Has kids and doesn”t see them but once again blames his ex for that even though once again that”s a LIE. Loves married ladies that way he doesn”t have to answer any questions to them. He”s an over all slime bag who will screw with your mind and heart. I”ve watched him do it to two friends of mine and watched him tear their lives apart time again just so he can feel better about himself and his pathetic excuse for a life. And from what I understand, he sucks in bed. So if you have the displeasure of running into this guy RUN and RUN FAST because he will come in sweep you off your feet treat u like a queen for a short time and then drop you and leave you heartbroken and laugh the whole time he”s doing it” “don”t be fooled by the clothes and smile this guy is a ****bag. He works in a telemarketing place so he knows how to smooth talk people and lie threw his big ass teeth. So if you or a friend run into him take a friend”s advice that”s watched 2 friends go through crap with him, and run don”t look back just RUN because if you fall into his lies you will be very sorry” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 7:24:07 PM - Compare Greg/Gregory Swanberg, aka “Gregory Neil” {East County somewhere, CA & El Cajon, CA; Ramona, CA}: “He is a loser with a capital L. Owes money wherever he goes. Cheats and lies to get ahead. Has many court judgments against him. Owes women money that he left in his wake of lies. The biggest hypocritical “Christian” you will ever meet. Probably has an STD or two. Be careful ladies” “Is a cheater, loser, womanizer uses people to get ahead no matter what the cost to others. He likes to date multiple women at the same time GROSS. He loves to network people uses them. too” “There are two other posts by others written about this man SOCACWBY is now SDcowboy... He is back on plenty of fish ladies, with same pictures from years ago. He used to use El Cajon as his city, now it is Ramona. His latest girlfriend must have finally figured him out...they always do. He had that girlfriend on his myspace as of a week ago. This man is NO GOOD. Trust those of us that have made a huge mistake by allowing him into our lives. RUN! You won”t be sorry you did” SOURCES: DDHG

6/20/2011 7:25:37 PM - Compare Travis Raymond Swanson {Reveal Magazine} {Lenexa, KS}: “{DOB 11/18/1979} of Lenexa, Kansas. He owns Swanson Media Group and Reveal Magazine. Don”t let him fool you. He will lead you to believe that he is a sweet, normal guy who will give you the world...he claims he is a “great catch.” He will eventually tell you about his past and how he is a convicted felon...you will believe that he changed because he will look into your eyes and tell you how he has changed. He”ll look into your eyes and tell you how beautiful you are....you”ll be caught up in how great he seems....too good to be true...don”t buy it. He has done this to too many women...don”t be one of them! Travis Swanson is a loser...don”t give him the time of day! Believe all the rumors...they are true...I am writing this to help prevent other women from wasting their time and feelings on this piece of scum” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 7:27:35 PM - Compare Tom/Thomas Swanson, aka “Frank Strickland” {Tacoma, WA}: “is all over Craigslist and the greater Tacoma/Seattle area making all kinds of gregarious claims. When he was married to my best friend, he used to beat the crap out of her physically and emotionally. He cheated on her with several of our friends. {Remember Melissa... Frank? What about Val? Debbie? Sheila?} He changed his name from Frank to Tom aka Thomas Swanson to avoid paying child support. On his son”s 1st birthday he went out and cheated on my friend and created another baby with a woman he worked with. That woman and my friend have remained in contact for the sake of their sons. But... Frank/Tom is all over Craigslist and other personal sites claiming he has never been married and has no kids. He says he is looking for a sexual relationship cuz he loves to give oral and he has a girlfriend at home named Denise. He”s been with this Denise chick for quite some time, but claims on craigslist that he is single and sometimes says that he”s in a “financially based” relationship. In other words... he is staying with her in an empty relationship cuz she keeps all the bills/house/cars in her name cuz he is avoiding the child support he owes for his 2 sons that he refuses to claim. What”s funnier is he claims he lives in a storage unit to Child Support and in his truck. But is actually living pretty nicely in a suburb of Tacoma in Salishan. We KNOW where you are Frank.... you are a duck sitting waiting for us to pounce on you! Karen and Theresa KNOW where you are. Your sons know you are a loser. It”s a matter of time before we include Denise in on who you really are. You are a wolf in sheep”s clothing. He claims he”s received a purple heart and that he is a former EMT and Firefighter and Navy Seal. Any Navy Seal I know would kill this wanna be man. Ladies beware! He loves him inter~racial and black women!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 7:30:17 PM - Compare David Sean Swartz {Clearwater, FL and Dunedin area of FL}: “he lives in Clearwater/ Dunedin area of FL. We had been together for 3 years. He has a child from a previous relationship. He recently left to run away to Ohio because he has substance abuse problems and thinks that this will solve it. Well his last day here he called me we ended up arguing and he hung up on me. He decided to spend his last day in town over at his Ex”s house to “be with his daughter”. He had no concern with seeing me after 3 1/2 years didn”t even want to say goodbye to me. He is the most self centered person in the world. He is controlling and mean. He”s cruel and heartless. He cares for only one person and that is him. In 3 years he never had to go to the ex”es house the daughter always came to our house. Now all the sudden he has to go over there and spend time with “his daughter” .. Well, any smart woman knows what he really is going for. Don”t date him any woman he has serious issues with telling the truth and verbally abusing his girlfriends. HE DESERVES TO BE ALONE FOREVER. He”s cruel and heartless” NOTE: This DDHG profile was posted under the profile name, “Lea Crist”, who, I assume is the profiler.

6/20/2011 7:31:49 PM - Compare Rich Swartz {Mesa, AZ}: “is a nice looking professional which he uses to get women to date him. He dresses business casual and has a really nice ride so he looks quite successful. He says he doesn”t want a committed relationship or a girlfriend all the while taking all of your time. We were together about 6 days a week, 3 of which are his weekends as he only works 4 days. As long as everything is “simple and easy” he seems like a great guy wanting lots of physical touch early on only to toss you out like an old shoe when he”s thru. He”s posted on several of the internet sites such as the social place and adult friend finder and used to participate in the lifestyle lounge with his past girlfriend. He”s interested in just about anything as long as it”s exciting and there”s no strings attached but once you begin to have feelings for him he pulls away and wants out saying he never wanted anything more than to share a moment. Watch out for this guy. He”ll romance you into a broken heart and nothing more” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 7:33:06 PM - Compare Brian Swayne {Gwynn Oak, MD}: “Married man living with his wife, his adult children and grandchildren. When he thinks he can get away with it, he pretends to be divorced. He uses his work cell phone number to maintain contact with the women he is trying to take advantage of. He is 51 years old and prowls the internet romance groups, dating sites and social networking sites looking for victims. He once commented in a yahoo romance group that he went to the home of a young single mother. Had sex with her, although he saw that she had young children and as soon as he was satisfied, decided that he should not have visited her and never saw her again. He bragged about how easy it is for him to seduce women with his charm. I became suspicious after he approached me online. He claimed to live in Baltimore, but he lives in Gwynne Oak, MD. A quick google search will turn up the truth. When I confronted him, he said it was a marriage of convenience. Yes, his convenience of being able to have sex with women, then suddenly pretend his wife wants him back when a woman gets close to the truth” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 7:34:07 PM - Compare Peter Swift, aka “Pete the Painter” {Barre, USA}: “He practices unprotected sex with all of his partners. His male partner right now is 27 yrs old.... could be his son.. Adam... Adam and Pete.. run ladies to the nearest clinic if you had sex with him. Call his ex in FL for a list of known partners. Ask Peter how “close” he is with that male in the passenger seat of his Bronco. Ask him why he has the “Blue” dildo that he stole from his ex.... Why would he want it. If you get the chance to search his bedroom.. he has pic of him with male partners... Confront him ladies... he is GAY” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 7:35:17 PM - Compare Dennis Swift, aka “Jahmal” {Los Angeles, CA}: “this one is a real winner! He has 4 kids with 2 different women, and is married to another one. He plays on the weak and will tell you his kids are starving in belize, and needs money to feed them. He has caused 2 women to go into bankruptcy because of him. He claims to own a business in belize and wants you to invest in it with him. He will tell you he has never loved like this before, give you massages, fix up your house, cook for you, anything you want. He will wait until you fall in love with him to start bleeding you dry, he has abused his wife physically, and mentally. He is a true gigolo, and hasn”t even completed junior high. He cannot offer any “Real” woman anything but some good oral skills and a decent paint job of her walls. Don”t fall for his b.s.. He meets women online and at Venice Beach, so if you see this man and his wanna be island accent, keep it moving, or you will 4 ever regret it!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 7:36:13 PM - Compare Archie Ignacio Quintana {Miami, FL}: “Age: 53” “Occupation: Marketing Director” “Ladies, beware of this spoiled, obese, overfat 50+ year old Cuban brat who lives in Miami. He is a sharp manipulator who smooths his way into women thru lying, cheating, deceiving, & misleading” “The stats: he has been married several times, has multiple children & has had multiple arrests. He also dates multiple women just enough to get the sheets wet, and then he”s out!” “He is irresponsible with money and even more so with women as he refuses to use protection. He also has a hidden past that we still dont know too much about {see his mugshot attached}” “This man is very shady having no permanent home, no driver”s license, and only pays for everything with cash, at most of South Beach”s popular bars & restaurants, where he lives and works. But we DO know that he drinks too much and is verbally {& physically!} violent with women, if anyone should ever question his rude & snotty behavior. His family is worth an estimated $40 billion” “Its sad that this fat bully should have so much financial & dating success. Sometimes villains do finish first... but for how long?” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/20/2011 7:40:48 PM - Compare Frank Swain Jr., aka “F Swain, Officer” {Long Beach, CA}: “I”m his soon to be ex~wife. We”ve been apart almost 2 years. All I can tell you is RUN AWAY!” “he met me while he was still dating his ex~wife, and his momma didn”t want them to hook up again, so she strongly suggested I meet her son, even though I protested for months. But, being she was my boss, and against my better judgment, as I was experiencing my first divorce, I met, and again, against my better judgment, later married Frank” “I married him so I wouldn”t be living in sin in front of my child, as we were living together” “At first, he is a perfect gentleman. Funny, gets out and hangs out with his friends, and has a lot of get and go, when he wants. You will soon find yourself separated from your family and friends, along with some control issues and money problems. Frank is emotionally abusive, has an addictive personality and uses narcotics. He actually tried to convince me that he hadn”t used drugs in so long that he wanted me to be there with him when he did it, and he also wanted me to try it with him. {make him take a drug test girl}. I had to bust him out by letting him know I tasted the smoke when I kissed him, plus there were ashes everywhere...Damn that Febreez, I couldn”t smell it. He is a habitual liar and despite his appearance, he is manipulative and a big fat cheater!” “Yes, him, and his mom will lull you into utopia, with all their sweetness, but once the rubber hits the road, {which most of his relationships average about 4 years}, the true animal emerges. Due to his inappropriate lifestyle, he now has major health problems. Overall, he is a momma”s boy, even at 50+ years of age, and momma is tooooo involved. Not only was he verbally abusive to me, but to his entire family and friends, when he does not get his way. His M.O. is, his ladies call him when he”s going to work or on his job, which he works late at night til 6am. They want him for the benefits, but trust, there are absolutely not benefits in dating this man!” “He actually had his phone disconnected because he accidentally left it at home and didn”t want me to intercept his calls, {I figured that out once I got a clue}. I killed him with kindness, when he was trying to get me to act a fool. I guess when I didn”t put him out after he went to Jamaica with his “viagra,” he left of his own free will, and he now lives at home with his mother. The crazy thing is his mother is sugar sweet [] another sign I missed, because she flipped out too, in front of my child” “Overall, he is a momma”s boy, even at 50+ years of age, and is verbally abusive when he does not get his way” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 7:42:30 PM - Compare Randy/Robert Swain {Knoxville, TN}: “He”s got more but haven”t got all of them yet....He is Married and works for an insurance company...watch out for this one ...he talks very much and makes you feel comfortable with him so he can use you for sex or money or both...watch your wallet and your home...he”ll try to move in with you...be careful” PROFILE COMMENTS: “He starts out with “all men are asswholes just some hide it better than others” or talks about his fiancée that died and how bad it upset him....but I found out you can”t be engaged to someone if they are married and you are too....and she killed herself and not someone else like he says...be real careful he takes all of your money or gets you to spend it on his kids..then the first woman that comes along he leaves and takes your stuff out of your house with him” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/20/2011 7:43:43 PM - Compare Justin Sutton {Clarksville, TN, Ft. Campbell, KY, Orlando, FL}: “MAJOR USER! He sweet talks you, draws you in and then he begins asking for this and asking for that. If you don”t have the money to sustain him, he will just straight up leave you and make you feel like it”s your fault. NOTHING is ever his fault. He is a MOOCHER, IRRESPONSIBLE, DEADBEAT DAD, WEEDHEAD, that just wants to get by in life with minimal work on his part. Yeah his freckles may be cute, but don”t let that cute sweet face fool you. He can lie to you looking you dead in the face and NEVER bat an eye or look away” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 7:44:27 PM - Compare Korey Allen Sutton {Stratford, WI}: “is all around bad news. When I met him he claimed to be single but turned out that he had a girlfriend. I confronted him and he refused to answer me but sent his Army friend to verbally put me in my place. The guy completely used me for selfish gain. He also made up a bunch of lies about me and spread them around to cover his butt. Not only did he have a girlfriend but he also has a relationship with his exgirlfriend Heidi. You can”t ask about that either without consequences. He seems like the nicest guy {even was in the US Army stationed in Stutggart, Germany} but actually has quite the temper. He is a mama”s boy and there is nothing his mom won”t do to cause trouble between him and the girls he dates” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 7:45:35 PM - Compare Brian Swearingin {Wichita, KS}: “Brian is manipulative but charming. He knows how to flatter and work you over, even if you are on your guard. He”s a liar and only interested in getting as much out of you sexually and financially as possible. He”ll claim to be broke so you buy him things but he spends his money on his airsoft obsession. He lies about being in the Air Force, has 5 children by various women, and lives with a woman he claims is one of his ex~wives. He is a taker, a manipulative liar, and a narcissist. He prefers inappropriately younger girls and will flirt with under~aged girls right in front of you. He”s a player and to be avoided at all costs. You can”t believe a word he says. He”s on Singlesnet.com as well as plentyoffish.com. Beware” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 7:49:13 PM - Compare Wayne Eric Sweeney {Elyria/Lorain, OH}: “Wayne is a very good CHRONIC liar, he cheats, he uses people. ladies he will cheat and when you break up he will lie and say you did it and blame everything on you, and will always make you out to be the bad person. He will keep stringing you along afterward and tell you that he wants to work things out and that he is stressed out where he is at and wants to come back home, then he will go right back over there. He does NOT pay his bills or will NOT help you pay yours if he is living with you” “He does not deserve the father of the year award as he will leave his child with you all the time and not spend time with her, complains about picking her up and taking her home because he dont want to make the drive to where she lives, and will make you think that he gets a lot of crap from her mother, but he is the one who dishes it out to her, {I am not the mother}, and he hardly spends any time with her” “He is lazy, and has mood swings more than a woman on PMS” “He is not financially stable as he likes to spend on himself and not pay his bills, and his checks are always short because he calls off all the time. He will let you support him and live with you until you can”t take no more from him, and then move on to the next woman and use her for her money also. If you ever have financial problems its never his fault, only yours, and he will ruin you credit, and you might even have to pay for your own engagement ring, because his credit is crap and will have you put it on your credit card and he will promise to pay it and won”t. He will borrow money from you and make you believe he will pay you back and won”t, EVER. If you have money, when it runs out, so will he. He will move in with another woman the day he moves out of your place and lie and tell you that he is living with a friend, but then you are never allowed to go over there and when you find out he is living with another woman he wants you to believe that there is nothing there” “He is very selfish and only thinks of himself and noone else. If something doesn”t benefit him or he doesn”t get his way he gets mad and will take it out on you. He will tell everyone that you sleep around, while its him doing it. He will constantly accuse you of cheating, even if your always accounted for because he likes to keep track of you, but he is the one cheating. He will take you for everything that you have and all that you are and use his child as a pawn to get what he wants from you, then won”t speak to you again until things are not right with where he is at and then he wants to come back. He will make your life a living hell” “he was married when he met me and didn”t tell me, and I didn”t find out until I seen the marriage certificate, although they were not together and he was living with me he would not get a divorce for about 4 years. At first you will believe he is a great guy, and it will be hard for you to see his true colors, until you break up. He is a garbageman, and stopped on his route to sleep with another woman” “If he wants sex and you don”t, he gets mad and will fight with you all night long, even if you have to be up early for work the next morning. He will keep calling you after you break up wanting to have sex with you, and of course because he makes you believe that he wants to be with you, and not the other woman, and that he hasn”t been with anyone else, you let him, and he will keep doing it” “then if he thinks he can get something out of you, he will try. If he thinks he might get caught cheating, he will tell you that someone is trying to start rumors to break you up, but that is just to cover his butt so you don”t believe it. He is EXTREMELY MANIPULATIVE, and use you until you can”t be used anymore, and he will hurt you until you have hurt so much that he can”t hurt you anymore. So if you value your sanity, DON”T BY ANY MEANS DATE HIM!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/20/2011 7:52:35 PM - Compare Chris Sweet {Baltimore, MD}: “is a complete con artist loaded with charm, charisma, and false sincerity. He can talk someone into or out of anything. He seems completely amazing until he is upset and then he becomes a raging lunatic. His violence put me in the hospital. Don”t date him, girl! Otherwise you”ll end up like me with a list of hospital bills, a pile of bleached clothes, a broken heart and anything of mine worth having has now been stolen by him. I should have put him in jail, hopefully the next girl will!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/21/2011 8:59:35 AM - Compare Ty/Tyrone Lamont Jones” {Hartwell, GA}: “This is such a compulsive liar” “he likes to sweet talk and [prey on] you! Do not let him move in with you, he has no where else to go. He tried to sleep with women in our apartment complex” “stay far away from him as possible, he is a sweet talker” “smokes crack and loves women! He will screw anything that walks, maybe even men if u give him a chance! He is so irresponsible and acts like a damn child and is selfish as hell!!! He needs 2 b a man and grow up and get some business bout hisself! He”s 38 yrs old and acts like he”s 8. Yes, he can make luv but ain”t no tellin who he”s been with and what u will get ****ed with him!!! He even told a lie on his own son, his firstborn and said he was hurt 2 go cheat on his girlfriend with some 1 else, now how sick is that?” SOURCE: DDHG

6/21/2011 9:00:19 AM - Compare Tony Jones, aka “Antonio” {Charlottesville, VA}: “possible HIV carrier. I enjoyed the attention as well only to find out he has been aware of his “alleged” HIV status for sometime, yet still insists on sleeping around. He has a different girl at his house every night” SOURCE: DDHG

6/21/2011 9:01:15 AM - Compare Roy Cornelius Kinsey {Jackson, WY}: “is an internet predator and a serial abuser. He has been married four times. He is known to law enforcement and therapeutic professionals in his community. He is currently on at least four sites trolling for women. He puts on a convincing show, but underneath, it is ugly. Two women have been seriously injured in the back country while alone with him. There is lots of corroboration for this information. Beware” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/21/2011 9:02:09 AM - Compare Jim/James Eberhard, aka “SSG James” {Winslow, AZ}: “will feed you a sad sob story about beind a wounded Iraq war veteran that came back to US to be left by his wife who according to him cheated many times. He CAN be a really nice guy but ladies look past this and see him for what he IS....EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE and EMOTIONALLY DETACHED. My best friend was sucked into this loser”s game after we tried to warn her, so now we are warning women on a broadscale range. DON”T DATE THIS GUY. He even had sex with his best friend”s younger brother”s wife” SOURCE: DDHG


6/21/2011 9:08:05 AM - Compare Thomas Jones {Lumberton, NC}: “is an Internet predator. He meets different women from many different states off the net and has a polygamist type dating relationship. You may think that you are the only one but this man has many women from various states. The main states that Thomas solicits his women from are the Washington metropolitan area, Texas, Florida and New York. Thomas or TJ which he is also known by lives in Lumberton, North Carolina. This man is a womanizer. One of his charming appeals is the way he brags about being a doctor and a business man. Yes, he went to medical school but he did not finish his medical degree. Yes, he has his own business in real estate however, after continuous dating he will hint how he is struggling in his business and needs a certain amount of money to get through. If you fall for his, “the house that I am working on is going to be foreclosed” blues and give him the money he will not pay you back. After the initial stage of dating, Thomas will convince you that a long distance relationship is good and that he loves you, wants a commitment and a family. After he feels he has conquered you emotionally, the calls will become less frequent. He will act like he is too busy to talk because he has to travel for business reasons. He will travel to different states “all business related,” he says, and won”t answer his phone for days. When he does call he will request phone sex constantly. If you have not gotten tired of TJ”s infrequent phone calls and are willing to wait until he is less busy, you may decide to visit him at his mama”s house in North Carolina. While visiting him in Lumberton, NC, TJ will ask you to pay for the hotel room because he is so broke. Thomas has two cell phones. One cell phone is for his so called business and the other cell phone is for play. Thomas is constantly on the phone and his phone is constantly ringing. Often times, he will be having dinner while on a date and talk on the phone the whole time. TJ will also be out with you and talk to one of his girlfriends on the phone. Of course, it is one of his “cousins” that he is saying I love you to. If you have any doubts about his fidelity he will swear up and down that you are the only one. However, that is not true” SOURCE: DDHG

6/21/2011 9:10:02 AM - Compare Mike Penney {Ontario, Etobicoke, Canada}: “I met this guy on PoF. We dated for a couple of months, and very early on he suggested that we see each other exclusively. I was more than happy to oblige. Things seemed to be going well~ he suggested that I meet his brother and his fiancée, we talked on a daily basis, and we seemed to really get along well and have great chemistry. Out of nowhere he cancels our date on a Friday night and claims he “doesn”t know if he is ready for a serious relationship”. He says he needs some time to think about things. A week later, he breaks things off with me over BlackBerry messenger. Doesn”t even have the decency to call me and talk. And he wasn”t calling me his girlfriend, I hadn”t met any of his friends or family, and we were only seeing each other maybe twice a week. So no real commitment besides the exclusivity. A week or so later I get a text from him saying “you better go and get yourself checked for STDs. You are the only person I have been with since my ex.” I find this very hard to believe, since he reportedly broke it off with his ex {who he was with for six years} about a year before we got involved. I know I am not the culprit who passed anything on to him because I am very careful, and I am very selective about who I sleep with. He also sends me a brutal text message and throws some very personal things I told him back in my face and insinuates that I have been sleeping around on him. So just to ease my mind, I go and get tested. Of course the results come back negative. So apparently he had a different understanding of “exclusive” than I did. When I tell him my results were negative and that he needs to look elsewhere for the source of the disease he has contracted, I get no response. The *** doesn”t apologize for accusing me of giving him an STD or questioning my character” “the guy is a commitment~phobe and a heartless *** who likes to sleep around and pretends he doesn”t. He claimed he was taking himself off PoF when we became exclusive, but I later discovered he was still on there and had just changed his display name. Keep an eye out for this one~ he lives in Etobicoke, is 28 years old, a Libra, has dark hair, an “athletic” build, and in one of his display pictures he is holding a pug and in the other he is wearing a suit and tie. His most recent display names have been “acanadianboy” and “uncommon” though as mentioned, he seems to like to change that up when it is convenient. I only wish I could do more to protect girls from guys like this!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/21/2011 9:12:03 AM - Compare Tim/Timothy Jones, aka “TJ” {Greenville, SC}: “is extremely promiscuous. He has been identified to have been dating over 6 women in the last two years simultaneously from Atlanta, Georgia to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Currently resides in South Carolina but uses the address 3882 Appaloosa Trail, Douglasville, Georgia. And no, this isn”t his relative”s address it”s one of the 6 women he”s dating. He does have a criminal record and he is a womanizer” SOURCE: DDHG

6/21/2011 9:13:10 AM - Compare Torrance Jones {Windsor Mill, MD}: “I was dating this guy from Windsor Mill, Maryland originally from Louisiana” “This guy got me pregnant and told me he wanted to give up parental rights of his child. We were in a relationship for approximately 2 years. He lied and cheated. He met different women on the MARC train and metros from Washington to D.C. This guy is a womanizer and irresponsible. He doesn”t like to take care of his responsibilities. Be careful he frequents bars in Baltimore/Washington/Virginia. This guy used me for two years, I was pregnant by him last year and he harassed me until I lost the baby. This year we started dating again and the same thing occurred and he disappeared” SOURCE: DDHG

6/21/2011 9:19:00 AM - Compare Tony/Anthony Jones {Charlotte, NC NY Greenville, SC Baton Rouge, LA Raleigh, NC Mobile, AL}: “Don”t believe this guy, he”s married. I found out when his wife found my phone number on his cell phone bill and called me ~yikes. Seems they live in different states, but he pitches himself as being “never married”. He says that he was a news reporter for 12 years and lived in Elmira, NY Greenville, NC Baton Rouge, LA Raleigh, NC Mobille, AL during those years. Now he lives in Charlotte, NC. He”s quite a charmer and {seemingly} very sincere. Until his wife called, I”m embarrassed to say that, I had no idea. Dodge this man like the plague. He”ll say whatever it takes. After being confronted about having a “wife”, he made himself out to be a victim, not the perpetrator. Be forewarned” SOURCE: DDHG

6/21/2011 9:20:11 AM - Compare Victor Jones {Bronx, NY Everywhere USA}: “loves anything smutty ~ strip clubs, strippers, etc. Wanted to be a porn star, would call exes and old hook ups while we were dating. Has been with Korean hookers” SOURCE: DDHG

6/21/2011 9:21:40 AM - Compare Thurgood Jones {Dorchester, MA}: “He”s married. Say”s it”s rocky. Lies about everything! Has 5 kids. Wouldn”t know it. Spends more time looking for women than he does with his family. He”ll say anything that sounds good or benefits him. He only wants one thing. Don”t let him tell u he loves u. That means don”t take the sex away. He”ll use u up and spit u out. A lot of people cover for him” SOURCE: DDHG

6/21/2011 9:23:45 AM - Compare Vinny Jones, aka “Major Vinny Jones”, “Vinny Mahan Jones” {Pennsylvania, could be anywhere}: “is involved with “soldier scams”. He has scammed several girls out of money {was able to track others down}. He is guilty of impersonating a US Army officer. He claims his name is Major Vinny Jones. However, in his pictures {matrimonial sites, dating sites, and what he sent via email} his uniform has the name “Mahan” written on it ~ additionally, his uniform has SARGEANT chevrons on it ~ not the oak leaf of a Major ~ one is enlisted the other is an officer ~ no way to go from one to the other. When confronted he tried to say that his name was hyphenated Mahan~Jones and refuses to discuss the rank issue. He claims to be 50 years old ~ but he has a different birthday on his yahoo account than his other profiles” “He has claimed to be a Muslim convert depending on who he is trying to scam. He claims to be American with a British mother” “occasionally he slips up and it is clear that he is not a native English speaker. He claims to be from Allentown, PA” “his unit patch in the picture depicts a unit that belongs to the Mississippi National Guard ~ a LONG WAY from Pennsylvania. It is unlikely that the pictures he sends are even his own” “it must be a soliders stolen ID” “He seems to prey mostly on women in the UK and also the US” “Lord knows how many women he has swindled money from so far” “a real Major would be in no need of money. This man is a con man, and guilty of the federal crime of impersonating a US Military Officer. If you have any information or have been conned by him yourself, contact your nearest US Army base”s CID unit ~ if you are in the UK refer it to the US consulate for advice. Save any emails or chat logs that you have with him” SOURCE: DDHG

6/21/2011 9:25:14 AM - Compare Nigel Anthony Pearce {Harlem, NY}: “The Rev who pretended to be a Wall Street Financier, married a woman of means who was from another country. Brought her to the US where she had no family or friends and subsequently began looting her life savings and abusing her. He left her alone for almost 7 years in Bergen County, took her car, physically abused her and caused her to lose everything she owned. They had one child together and he has since driven this woman who loved him into poverty. She has since gone back home and he used the courts in Bergen County NJ to not even provide her with interim support and used their child as a pawn in the divorce proceedings. This woman came to the US with almost a million dollars in assets and left with nothing but the clothes on her back. He is currently under criminal investigation for filing fraudulent Bankruptcy papers and if there is justice, he will go to jail. Upon Discovery of his many infidelities it was discovered that he has done this to women before and that he currently tells people in the church that his former wife who has never harmed him is an alcoholic. This man is exceptionally devious, cruel and criminal. He is also currently dating 2 women in his church” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/21/2011 9:26:54 AM - Compare Daniel Leroy Peck {San Bernadino, CA}: “This is the man that has two daughters that he doesn”t see, call, or pay any child support for. This is that man that rapes you while you”re on drowsy medication. This is the man that sabotages condoms to get you pregnant. This is that man that lies and deceives you. This is that man that neglects your child because he”s strung out on meth from the night before. This is that man that gets fired from a job because he”s messing up while on Meth. This is that man that sells it and does it while you”re at work being the sole bread winner. This is that man that cheats on you while you”re at work. This is that man that manipulates every situation to make you seem like the bad guy. This is that man that makes life so miserable that you”d rather be in a homeless shelter with your daughter on a cot, than in the same house with him” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/21/2011 9:28:58 AM - Compare Scott L. Pearson {Cedar Rapids, IA}: “is the biggest player! He will tell you what you want to hear, make you feel like you are the only one, when he fact he is probably balancing several woman at once. He will get you to buy him things and pay for things. Scott works for a school district around CHILDREN and he has assault charges, lives with convicted felons, and has been known to smoke crack cocaine among other things. It is a common occurrence for him to have some kind of illegal drugs in his house. Scott also works for another agency working with children to teach ANGER MANAGEMENT, when he was just convicted of Domestic Violence. He will scam city.state.federal programs to benefit himself in getting rent for imaginary renters, food stamps for himself, among many other things. This man is a fraud and will destroy your life. Once you get involved with him be prepared to deal with drama and bull**** as long as you know him. He will not ever let you go. This man is dangerous” “Proceed with caution! Scott is only about himself and what he can gain from others. He has no respect for woman at all. He will call you out of your name and degrade you, especially when he has already stepped out on you. He will treat you as if you are the one that cheated, rather then him. He is an awful person, and Karma will get him” PROFILE COMMENT: “This is a man that will threaten you and destroy everything around you until he can completely dominate you. If you try to move on into a new relationship he will do everything he can to cause trouble and has been known to assault men that try to deal with his exes or he will flatten tires, throw things through car windows, etc. The list goes on. He is a sociopath with no heart or soul!” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/21/2011 9:30:59 AM - Compare Tory/Tourean Jones {Fayetteville, NC & Ontario, Canada}: “He”s a liar. He will tell you anything, or make up an elaborate story to make you feel sorry for him. Then you believe he”s the victim when he”s really the culprit. He”s a cheater, has two babies, one by his wife, the other by his on again, off again g/f while he was married, and other girlfriends at the same time...scumbag...and he”s in the military...so watch out” “very manipulative. He makes up elaborate stories to try to get around doing his dirt. He will make you feel sorry for him like he”s the victim, but really he”s the scumbag doing the dirt. Has one wife w/ daughter, and a son w/ some other chick he got pregnant at the same time, and now was dating me, and this other girl in Fayetteville, NC at the same time {where he”s in 82nd airborne, army}. Cheats and lies incessantly. Watch out, he”s a charmer” SOURCES: DDHG & womansavers.com

6/21/2011 9:33:15 AM - Compare Young Zae {Dallas, TX}: “Age: 25” “Occupation: Dumb Ass” “Since the age of 15, this screwed up young man has started having sex with older men in an effort to make himself feel more like a man” “He has succeeded and now preys on young boys on the internet” “He will dump you and beg for you back over and over again. He intially tries to pretend he is kind, humble and that he is rich! He talks very grandiose about purchasing businesses, buying yachts and owning expensive cars. The truth of the matter is that he is bankrupt, has no credit, lives with his parents, dropped out of high school and has no education” “Tony is extremely arrogant and self~centered. He has a huge sense of entitlement and demands that his partners are images of perfection, otherwise, he is JUSTIFIED in cheating on them” “He has admitted to me that he is proud about driving many woman to the point of being suicidal. This man is very dangerous and can cause a lot of damage and trauma to unsuspecting men {and women, as of recently, he has confessed to being bi~sexual}. He will come on very strong initially, be clingy, propose to you after one month, talk about buying a house, you are his “Soulmate”, etc, etc.” “If approached or contacted by him, run” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/21/2011 9:38:48 AM - Compare Adam Pearson {Charlotte, NC}: “Closeted gay man. Claims he”s bisexual. Has relationships with women while engaging in sex with men he meets online. Cheated on first wife with a man” SOURCE: DDHG

6/21/2011 10:56:36 AM - Hats off to you for allowing the list to be posted. Doing so will also “confirm” the experiences of the other victims like you, is tantamount to having an empathetic person paraphrase what he/she hears, while actively hearing the pain of others, to let he or she “get it all out” .. a therapeutic method, BTW. You wrote that it seemed his daughter learned boundary violations from him. You wrote that he “glommed on” to learn the songs YOU loved. You wrote that he bathed in your bathwater and it seemed that if he could have stolen your shadow, he would have. This might help you and others understand how sickly sociopaths work: “Everything about the sociopath invites us in, says join me—the voice tone, smile, hypnotic stare—making them the most dangerous predator of all. All the posturing is done to create a false belief of interest and concern. The more pathological, the more rapid and intense the bonding.” [] Building the disguise [] The disguise begins with studying you: your values, interests, beliefs, vision, goals, concerns, and any other information they can glean. From the trivial to the most significant, all is stored away for future use—testing and noting what pushes your buttons, what moves or excites you. Sociopaths are ardent students of human behavior, having spent much of their lives investigating the difference between themselves and the rest of the population. [] Using each piece of information, they create the disguise—a mask carefully constructed to look like their prospective target. Flawlessly, they weave a canvas picture of their mark, a tapestry precisely reflecting the brightest, most honorable aspects of your personality, sewing in the most desirable and wanted details, literally stealing your persona, mirroring this image back, without the defects of character, flaws and shortcomings. [] The pathological relationship is a one~dimensional interaction. You fall in love with yourself as presented by this reflecting object. The attraction is irresistible. People are attracted to those who are similar to themselves. By transforming themselves into a reflection of their prospective prey, the sociopath becomes the most alluring figure imaginable, and the propensity to trust that person becomes compelling, promising to meet whatever need or want may exist: friend, advisor, mentor, brother, mother, father. This personification is deception at its most radical level” ~ from “Everything about the sociopath invites us in” , http://www.lovefraud.com/blog/2011/06/16/resource~perspectives~everything~about~the~sociopath~invites~us~in/ [replace wavy dashes with straight ones, for the true URL]

6/21/2011 1:21:26 PM - Compare Wilbert Printice Garth {King, NC}: “Cheated on his first wife with his second wife. Cheated on his second wife with his third wife. Cheated on his third wife at least twice that I know of. Will be divorced from her in a little more than 3 more months. Is cheating with another woman now. If you find him ~ good luck ~ RUN. He is a total romantic until he feels he has you ~ then he is totally self~absorbed. No more romance. He is excellent at manipulation” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/21/2011 1:21:58 PM - Compare Gary Bower Garst {Roanoke, VA}: “This man is physically and emotionally abusive. He practices chiropractic care and has a history of dating and having sexual relations with patients. He is currently practicing and Roanoke and Smith Mountain Lake, VA” PROFILE COMMENTS: “Uses anger and power to belittle and control women” “Most dangerous attribute is masking evil with kindness” “A deceptive predator. Fits the profile of an abuser by charming his way into your life while subtly tearing apart your social network. Creates a constant state of disequalibrium in your life. Acts like he doesn”t know why there is so much turmoil, all the while he”s working hard to tear apart your life while he is lying and cheating. Complete sociopath. You”re not even sure who you are and what happened when he”s finished playing with you. I finally got away by having the courage to tell family and friends what was going on behind closed doors. WATCH OUT! This guy gets off on head games” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/21/2011 1:22:44 PM - Compare Bolatto Garrett, aka “Jo” {Sebring, FL}: “For any woman who encounters this man, exercise extreme caution. We were together for several years, but his behavior became too much. His low self~esteem meant that he became controlling and extremely jealous. He would become suspicious of any male I spent time with or even spoke to. He demanded huge amounts of my time, and when I wanted to be alone was stubbornly hesitant and refused to leave me be. He openly admitted that one of his attractions to me was because I was a virgin, and he said he”d never date a non~virgin {which included breaking up with me if it turned out I wasn”t one}. The final straw was a video he sent me that made me extremely uncomfortable, one that he admitted he only made in the “expectation that [I] would send nudes”. I had previously made it clear I was uncomfortable with sending him nude pictures of myself, especially because, at the time, I was under 18, and he was not. When I finally said I “needed time”, he hardly stayed away for more than a day before bothering me again. Six months ago, I broke it off. Now he”s stalking me, sending me emails every 15~30 days expressing how much he misses me, ranting about his undying love for me, how he”s doing, etc. He openly admits that he knows I want nothing to do with him, but apparently fails to understand why, claiming that his emails “can”t be that bad” and, every time, promising that “this is goodbye forever”. Please, be careful around him. I fell for the damaged, wounded fawn routine, and it”s resulted in losing several years of my life. I now see a counselor in order to cope with this relationship. This man took my high school years ~ what I thought was a relationship turned out to be a nightmare that I still live with today” SOURCE: DDHG

6/21/2011 1:24:18 PM - Compare Remy Garner {Carson, South Bay, Inglewood,VA; GA; OK}: “Super ho and disease of the Army, he”s a heavy drinker and loves porn and teenage girls..My friends ex. He can appear to be real sweet but he”s evil..He likes to break up with you on holidays and right before your birthday!! He and my friend were off and on for 5 years. He never bought her a gift took her anywhere he hadn”t taken his other chicks..nothing. Anyway, reachin almost year 5, she finds out so much she came to find out he has a daughter almost a year old who he asked to get stationed out of state just to be away from her.When asked about when she was concieved the dates don”t match!! He”s a liar! His myspace page loaded with about all the women he cheated on her with his married “bestfriend” Pia and a girl named Amber who my friend asked about a year ago he said she just wanted to buy some of the clothes he got from Korea to give to her boyfriend! He ****ed her and more then half of his Army squad!! The worst about him is lack of respect for black women he says he doesn”t like em and the only reason he liked her is because she has long hair..but my friend is black.. He got her pregnant twice once he turned off his phone and moved then when he came back apologizing after her miscarriage he got her preggers again just to call her a month later to tell her he had a STD and needed to get checked..That he had it from his ex..mind you my friend and him were together for 3 years. She never got an STD” “she lost her baby again from all the stress. She stayed with him due to the fact he was the 2nd man she was with she was raped by the first man. And he knew this” “he claimed he”s changed and that they”d work, then a week later he moves to Atlanta where she found out he likes to live as a down low brotha! If you check his myspace his orientation is blank, he”s low key gay. And there isn”t enough space to write out his Gay activities. Most important was the time lost on him he could of left her alone he could have moved on it wasn”t like she spending money of doing anything to make him want to use her but maybe for her kindness. While he was aways these past 3 months he”s text her about how much he loved her and messed her and to send him naked pics...she never did though! He even wanted to fly her out to be with him this October. She couldn”t make it so he told her he”d be back in la December!” “The thing that hurt her the most was when he called Christmas Eve after 3 months of her not seeing him while he was in Oklahoma! He calls and says I don”t love you, that”s what he gave her for Christmas! No other words were said! She”s okay but damn how evil do you have to be to play with and on someone”s emotions!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/21/2011 1:26:16 PM - Compare Jerrence Garrity {Dallas, TX}: “is terrible, he is a school teacher for DISD and he is 29 years old and he lives in oak cliff off of POLK st. He is registered on FLING.COM. He preys on women and lies to them. When he decides he doesn”t want to see you he tells you he is cheating on his girlfriend, which he doesn”t have a girlfriend. He stays high on illegal substance and he teaches our kids. This is ridiculous, don”t believe the hype, he aint no good” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:06:18 AM - Compare Jonathan Rothermel {Philadelphia, PA}: “is a cheater and a liar. He will always claim he”s sleeping or working when in reality he”s out with other women. He will post private photos of his “girlfriends” on the internet, without their knowledge. He is a sex addict, with very off sexual tendencies. He will also claim he”s a college graduate and an engineer, which is not proven. He frequently signs up for personals web sites and meets women on the internet, while he has a girlfriend. He is a very smooth talker, and will make you believe anything just so he can get you into bed and keep you waiting around for him. These actions are from the accounts of multiple women. Ladies, beware” SOURCE: dontdatethis.com

6/22/2011 10:07:49 AM - Compare Chris/Christopher Hodges {Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, NC}: “is SHALLOW, to the point of being conceited. When I knew him, he was always at the big apple. In fact, he wouldn”t go anywhere else! Oh, and he poses for homosexual pictures which are displayed across the internet. The idiot doesn”t care as long as he gets paid. I”ve even seen him on an adult personals site looking for a piece of who knows what. He tends to like the trashy whores around town who are in the bar all night. I was not this way, and probably why he was an asshole. I wouldn”t even want a trashy whore to hang with him and get played” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:08:32 AM - Compare Steve/Steven Hodges {Alberta, Calgary, Canada}: “Steve can be and is violent, agressive by nature. He”ll make sure he can get what ever he can out of ladies, even for them to support him and his son. He has a criminal record and has been bankrupt once or more” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:09:19 AM - Compare Robert Hodor {South Elgin, IL}: “Robert is a liar. Following a jury trial in the circuit court of Boone County, defendant Robert J. Hodor was convicted of one count of criminal sexual assault {720 ILCS 5/12~~13{a}{3} {West 2000}. The trial court sentenced defendant to four years” imprisonment. The assault was on his 17 year step daughter, touching her private parts with his tongue, giving her black russian to drink while her mother was at work. If you date him, he will not tell you about it, instead all he cares about is getting laid. He has no regard for other people”s feelings” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:11:23 AM - Compare Garrett A. Rogers {Port Arthur, TX}: “Ladies in Texas and around the country beware! Because he will travel...Dated him for 4 years, he has been unfaithful and cheated on me the entire time, with online women and offline women. He is a writer, so he is able to twist words to make him look innocent all the while he is in your face lying to you. Since I loved him deeply I continued to forgive him on his promise never to do it again. He will lie and tell you he is a personal trainer, because he does work out, but he never made it in the profession, he works in the ministry, yet has a lives a double life” “he is cheap and you can not expect to get anything from him except a few burgers at a fast food joint, and you might as well forget a nice gift for the holidays. His addiction to porn, will allow you to only step into his life, in a very limited way, cyber sex and phone sex gets the rest, of what he has to offer, leaving you basically in a relationship alone. He is cocky and arrogant, and will never ever admit to being wrong, but all this is covered up by a cute shy smile and his word manipulation. Yes ladies he will even shed tears and get on his knees to do it. Ladies, please beware of him, it”s not worth any pain you will endure, he is simply incapable of being honest or being open. So unless you are a porn star, online for cyber, prepared to keep him satisfied on the phone~ forget about obtaining a meaningful relationship with this man” “he lives with his nagging, controlling, day in and out mother, and she pays all of is bills including schooling and the fact that he will not hold a full conversation with you but would much rather save it for a perfect stranger online? His profile on yahoo 360 tells it all and much much more ladies...take a look for yourself, see how his mind works” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:12:15 AM - Compare Jermell Rogers {Cincinnati, OH}: “is gay as hell, on the DL....LAMO, know his ex girl, she busted him out on Urbanchat” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

6/22/2011 10:12:49 AM - Compare Larry Rogers {Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, Spring Lake}: “This brother is an under~cover,on the down low, bisexual. Very Dangerous and he is a leech and can”t keep a job” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:13:34 AM - Compare Lewis Rogers {Houston, TX}: “ “Pastor” Lewis A. Rogers. You a regret the day you met him. PLAYER/WOMANIZER/CHEATER: The package small, the technique mediocre AND/OR possesses a deep~seated fear of being gay. Therefore, the need to DECEIVE and ABUSE women TRYING to reassure/convince himself {and ANYONE who may be looking} that there”s nothing WRONG with him and he is not the INSECURE man that he KNOWS he inevitably is. Psychiatry 101” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:14:13 AM - Compare Steven Andrew Rogers {Emerald Isle, NC}: “There are some questions to whether or not he is actually straight” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/22/2011 10:15:05 AM - Compare Tim Rogers {Woodville, AL}: “We were engaged to be married. A woman approaches me, calls me by name to tell me there are things about him that I don”t know. He had been involved with her in an intimate relationship for the past 10 months. He was with her 5 weeks before he asked to marry me. He has serious problems with fidelity, honesty, truthfulness and integrity. He can be very charming and has more one liners than most comedians!! She was an angel sent from above, thanks to her she saved me from a life of lies and deceit. He was lying to her the entire time, she found out about me, he dumped her, she had the courage to come forth and I thank the Lord for her. Beware use extreme caution and run the other way as fast as you can” SOURCE: dontdatethis.com

6/22/2011 10:15:38 AM - Compare Jeff Rogge {Broadus, MT}: “told me he loved me to have sex with me and then gave me VDI went out with him for a year before I found out he was cheating on me with another man. Turns out when I confronted the guy that he was not a man but a hermaphrodite” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile


6/22/2011 10:19:28 AM - Compare A. Rolle {Miami, FL}: “I dated this guy, initially we were friends. I would assist him certain issues. We were not intimate. Several months later this guy came back into the picture. After the loss of his mother and ex~wife I would try and give him words of encouragement” “he asked to be in a relationship with me. I gave him a chance because we had first met he had just fathered a child, although he and the mom were not together, or so I thought! That situation was one I knew I did not want to be in” “three years later and we are in a relationship. I was added to his will, given acess to all of bank accounts, and email accounts. I”m thinking ok this is a real relationship, he trusts me enough to give me this information. It would later be revealed that he was not only with me but two other women {maybe more}. I was helping with preventing his home from going into foreclosure, constantly on the phone with the bank trying to work out something before he left to go over seas to Iraq. I emailed him a link to a nice resort for us to spend time at for valentines day, he took the other woman. While, I”m steadly handling his business he is cheating. He flirted openly on Facebook amongst other things. I discovered that he really does not care about women but will do whatever it takes to make them feel special only to have them do things for him. I want to save other women from making the same mistake I did. He someone to avoid at all cost. He is a master of manipulation. He is the single father of 4 kids and struggling financially, but finds plenty of time to manipulate women. He recently asked me {and I later found out 1 other women} to spend time at Marco Island. Reviewed a picture with another women and him by poolside. She was not one of the original people he had asked either. He just does not stop” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:20:18 AM - Compare Darren Rolle, aka “Chico” {New York, Nassau, Bahamas}: “Works at a hotel as a bellman and is the island gigolo. Sleeps with tourists for money and natives for fun and has gonorrhea. Travels to NYC a lot. Keeps in touch with some tourists he met in Nassau and visits with them. Has more than one, but convinces each of them that they are his one and only. A serial cheater and a sloppy one at that” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:22:27 AM - Compare Francisco Roman, aka “Paco/Pancho”, “Manuell” {Springfield, OR Mexico}: “This man sucks ass!! Literally..no j/k..he likes to play major mind games. Sometimes he is sweet. Funny. Calls you every night. Shows up on time. Writes u love letters. Tells you you”re his life. Even brings up marriage but then other times he goes out to the bars repeatedly every night and doesn”t call you sometimes from anywhere to 2 days to 2 weeks. He never accepts responsiblilty, he is a liar. He has an excuse for EVERYTHING. Don”t expect to have a productfull talk with him about where things are going. He will just stare blankly at the tv and ignore you. His friends always come before you. And he uses drugs pot, cocaine, Cristal, ect..he tries to hide it but is not very good at it!! He continually goes to the strip clubs and even pays for prostitutes..he cheats all the time. He blames the way the relationship is going on you..he says ur immature and don”t understand him.. but he is one of the most immature men I have ever met..come on, he is 27 years old and has a room full of spongebob! He hates confrontations so don”t expect to get a closer breakup. He just will stop calling and never tell u till u have to call him to find out what the hell is going on. And he uses the all famous line “it”s not you it”s me” .. but then changes it around to you behind your back. He has sexually transmitted diseases and doesn”t tell you until way later..like the middle of the relationship..or he might not even tell you. He is a sloppy drunk and can not hold a job for more than 3 months. He has a tendency to act very gay towards other men so be careful bringing your guy friends around.. I think he may seriously be gay. He never has time for you because of work..even if he lives 2 blocks away you may not see him for 2 weeks or more..he has a small penis and sucks in bed. He smells like old farts {seriously}.. and he likes to show up at ur door step a week prior to break up with his new girlfriend..he never wants to do anything with you unless it consists of a 2 am drunk bootie call..or just sitting in his room watching tv, or maybe he will splurge on some domino”s or taco bell..but that”s as far as u will get..he is the king of broken promises” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:23:38 AM - Compare John Romanelli {Penn Hills, PA}: “We were married for nearly 10 years, had 2 children that he barely helps take care of! Took me for spousal support after we separated {and won}! He works 1~2 days a week legitimately and under the table the rest of the time! He”s manipulative, a user and a huge loser! Told everyone while we were married he was going to school so he didn”t have to work, when I was working 2 jobs to make up for the income. I wasn”t allowed to have friends or family so his family was told I was out drinking every night! I don”t drink! I feel sorry for the current girlfriend he has now. he still calls me once every few months to see if we can “hook up” and tells me it”s me he has to invision just to be with her! Please she”ll be the next one walking into his little dark secret” “He”s BI~SEXUAL” “yeah leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you walk in the door after a long day”s work and your husband”s performing oral to a strange man!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:24:52 AM - Compare Jimmie/Jamie/James Romano {Ponder, TX}: “check florida drug conviction and denton texas divorce records. He works for the City of Lewisville. He will lie about anything. According to his x wife, he was abusive mentally and physically. Still lives with parents at 39 years old. Gave up his parental rights to avoid child support with daughter from first marriage. Cheated during second marriage. Posts ads on craigslist and yahoo personals. All stat info is a lie. He will lie, cheat and steal” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:27:03 AM - Compare Shawn Rome {Sherwood, OR}: “Age: 40” “Shawn Rome is a married man who is a serial cheater. He cheats on his wife Angie who gave him two sons. Shawn claims they are not happy together. At his 20 year High School reunion he made his away around the room trying to get just about any girl to sleep with him. Shawn has been trying to sleep with the moms on his kids soccer team, girls he meets out drinking and friends wives as often as he can. He likes to frequent the Holiday Inn Wilsonville and often gets a room there to try to take ladies to. Shawn is a liar and a cheat. He will tell you how bad it is with his wife only to go home and tell her how much he loves her. He is overweight, not very intelligent and generally a white trash redneck” “His wife doesn”t know that he recently began a relationship with his ex~girlfriend Heidi” “He uses the online ID “Samben2”” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com & DDHG

6/22/2011 10:28:40 AM - Compare Ivan Romero {Chicago, IL}: “compulsive liar. He is a freeloader that lies so much I really think he believes himself. He has a 14 year old and a 2 year old. The 14 year old is from a previous relationship but the baby is from his CURRENT girlfriend, he lives with her in Indiana. He will lie and say he lives with his mom in Chicago, he drove to Chicago everyday from Indiana and insisted he lived in Chicago. He is a free loader that takes advantage of women. He ALWAYS has his phone on silent because his girlfriend calls constantly and he doesn”t want all his other girls to catch on. He was in jail for years, he came out in 2007 and has been lying and manipulating ever since. He will act like he doesn”t want your money but trust me he does and before you know it he will have his friends trying to free load too. He will tell you whatever you want to hear, he loves you, he wants to go to school, he will take care of you and its all LIES. He will trash his son”s mother saying she is a drug addict and a hoe and she doesn”t take care of his son and he will say he is looking for someone to help him get his son out of that situation when in all actuality HE is the bad one. He makes himself out to be father of the year and he is a dead beat dad who doesn”t work, just borrows money from his family and anyone else who will be dumb enough to give it to him. He also preys on single mothers, so ladies please beware of this loser. His is not worth your time and energy he is truly the meaning of lost cause. If you don”t believe me watch for the signs, he won”t call you or answer his phone for days sometimes and he will give you the excuse that his son is sick or he was planning something for his son that took so much time up. He is lame that has no education or money. A total SCRUB!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:30:41 AM - Compare Wil Romero {Albuquerque, NM; CO}: “The guy has no meaning or comprehension of what “commitment” he thinks that commitment means having a live in girlfriend of 2.5 years to which he later proposes to and having an affair with not only one but two girls....for the past 6 months. This creep actually had the audacity to regift the gifts that were given to him by the other two girls. He also got one of the girls pregnant. All during this time he was accusing me of cheating when it was him being the manwhore. He told lies to these girls that he was single, not in a relationship of any kind. He blamed both myself and his two ex~wives for being mentally unstable and causing harm to the relationship when all along it was his insecurities. Watch for this guy, he loves the gym, absolutely LOVES himself and thinks he is gods gift to women. He claimes that any woman would kill to have him. This *** even had the nerve to take the same pictures with the different girls using the same pose as he did with me! He is in the military and claims to abide by all of the warrior ethos but in all actuality is nothing but a lying, cheating hoe. He stands about 5ft6 and has a short military haircut and is ALWAYS looking in the mirror of flexing his arms. New Mexico and Colorado, watch out for him!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:31:43 AM - Compare Clinton Eugene Roberts {Charlotte, NC, Dayton, Ohio, Columbia, SC}: “Clinton is a complete liar. He is originally from Dayton, Ohio but now lives in Charlotte, NC I was in a relationship with him for 7 years and just recently found out that he is living with another woman whom he has a 6 month old son. He was living 1 separate life with me and 1 with her. He never informed me about another woman ever in his life when we first met back in 2002. He even told his entire family not to tell me about his already made new family. This low life drives a white Monte Carlo and can be found in the Charlotte, NC area. I feel sorry for the baby mama because she thinks she has a good man. He cheated on me with her, he probably has more women out there as well. Picture will be posted very soon ladies so that you can see what type of low life this is” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:32:36 AM - Compare Steve Littlefield {Fargo, ND}: “knows exactly what to say so you believe him. He owes me over $12,000 and will not pay any of it! He is an ex~con, but won”t tell you about that until after he knows you have fallen for him. He actually moved in with me before telling me. Convinced me we would get married, even picked rings and HE started making wedding plans. I helped him get custody of his kid, helped him buy a car, and once my credit was stretched so thin I couldn”t afford anything he left. DO not trust this guy, he is only in it for him and what he can get from you. HE will leave you without looking back and you will be picking up the pieces {emotionally and financially} for a long time!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:33:04 AM - Compare James Littleton, aka “Huero” {Beltsville, MD}: “His ex left him right before he caught syphillis from one of his friend”s wives. He and his wife are swingers, they both go both ways” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:34:58 AM - Compare William Litton {Cheektowaga, Williamsville Snyder, Orchard Park, NY}: “Smooth talking, very sexual, preys on women who want the “fairy tale”, knows exactly what to say to make you feel #1, but the first time you talk to him, follow your gut instinct that something doesn”t feel right. If his lips are moving, he”s lying. If you can HEAR his voice, he”s lying. If he”s sending you messages, he”s lying... get it? He”s a LIAR and a CHEATER” “Major player, cheat, liar. Multiple email addresses, addicted to internet porn and adult chat/webcam” “preys on women looking for the fairy tale because he knows just what to say to make you think you”re #1. Dates 5~6 women at a time, all thinking they”re exclusive. Goes by “Fisherman”, spends hours/day away fishing, but never baits a hook ~ get it? This guy is a major liar/player/cheat. Will sleep with anything & everything, 18~99, married, single or in between” SOURCES: DDHG & womansavers.com

6/22/2011 10:35:59 AM - Compare Ryan Litzinger {Los Angeles, CA}: “Owner of the Hollywood Arts Society. Claims to be famous scriptwriter and film teacher. I dated him for six months until I learned he was living with another woman the whole time. He made up elaborate lies about his whereabouts claiming to be a workaholic. He even constructed a lie that involved him telling me he was going to visit his children, when he was really just getting drunk with his live~in girlfriend. He is a deadbeat dad who only sees his daughters once a year and gives them no child support. He is trying to run a non~profit organization as a front for a bar while he does not pay taxes. He is charming and easily lies his way into women”s lives. He even admitted to me that he lives off his current girlfriend so that he can get his “business” off the ground. Please stay away from this white, trash loser. Don”t believe anything he says. 8 months later, he still calls me in the middle of the night wanting to “meet up” BEWARE!! Go to my profile for pictures of this snake!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:37:31 AM - Compare Joshua Livingston {Fallon, NV}: “I met Josh a few months ago. At first he seemed like a really cool guy. I could tell from the beginning that he wasn”t sincere. I know that it was a risk to date him after just meeting him but he was very manipulative. So I gave him a chance. Not long after I found that he was lying... A LOT! So I broke up with him. Every time I told him it was over he would cry like a little baby and get me to feel bad. He would refuse to admit it was over and continue to call me and come over to my house. In the short time I”ve known him, I found out a few things. He lies a lot, he cries a lot. He”s slept with more women that he can count {like 200 plus}. He has already been engaged twice and with both women, that he claims to still love, he was untrue. And he said the reason he cheated is because someone else came around that wanted to ****. I wasn”t going to let this happen to me. So I talked him into moving with his family to Minnesota. Aww, freedom, I thought. Over the time I ended up meeting this girl... and surprise, surprise, she was one of his exes. She was cool. She told me all things things about Josh. He has a routine with all of his girl friends...he hops from one to other and pulls the same ****” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:38:19 AM - Compare Tony Llinas {Tampa, FL}: “has 2 kids with his ex~wife and refuses to pay child support. He lives off of women because he can”t get his own place, car or anything. Any man who can look into his children”s eyes and say “I love you” and then could care less if they have money for food is NO MAN” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:49:52 AM - Compare Jerwaan Andrewlique Lloyd {Charlotte, NC}: “LIAR! This guy, notice I did not say man, this is not a man. He is all into his body and has all the brawn and no brain. He lies just to hear himself speak. Don”t believe sh*t that he says, most likely its going to be a lie” “he will even attempt to drop a few tears to get you to go along with the plan, that”s a lie too. He is married, to obviously some clueless azz woman that does not seem to care she has a hoe or does not know! He will lie about his kids. He will state that he only has two when he really has three. He lies about getting a divorce that is supposed to be final in a month always a month. This lille *** has no respect and he has to or claims he has to check in with his family before he makes a decision. He will have sex with you knowing he is still actively married. A manager at a popular little restaurant this is his side gig. All I can say is this is a real loser, a liar and married, nasty, hoe that his side game is to lie and pick up women at his lousy job. Very cheap an immature, will make up 50 excuses why he can”t go anywhere. Will continue to try and lie even after he is caught. Don”t waste your time on this puzzy azz negro!” “Biggest fucking liar and cheater of all time. Totally selfish and wants to be a player. This busta will lie about how many kids he has, that his marriage is over and anything else he can think about. He is a waste of air. Don”t believe anything this lying fucker says. Cheap and don”t want to be seen out in public, will only want to come to your place to sex you and its not like its that big anyway. Its good for making babies only! Will give every excuse in the book on why he his not available. Will always use his kids as an excuse, not to mention that his marriage is over and he is getting a divorce. Lie, lie and a triple lie. Will make you think he has been single and sexless for a long time. Tries to come off as a Mr. good guy, this piece of shit is just as bad as the rest of them. NO respect for his stupid ass wife that may not know she even has such a sneaky, disrepectful piece of shit and no respect for you either! He even lies to your kids and has no problem doing it or sleeping well at night. This motherfucker will stick around long enough to make sure you have aborted the baby he left you with. And then its off to the next victim!” “This brother is married, married, married, he will tell you that he is in the process of divorce, DO NOT BELIEVE THAT! He will tell you that he only has two kids. None with his supposed to be soon ex wife. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT! He will tell you that his wife did him wrong and that”s why they are separated and don”t live together. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT! He lives with his wife and his new baby daughter. He has three kids is not planning on getting a divorce. Although if she knows what she has she would run for the hills! He will make you think all this *** is true and that he has not been with a woman since they have separated because of what she supposedly did to him. The sad and nasty thing is this man will go raw with you and he damn well knows that he has a wife that he is actively screwing as well” “Lying, screwing and bullshiting! When you”re supposed to go out and spend quality time with you, he will come up with all kinds of excuses and lies to get out of it. Even attempting to start a fight. He can never spend time at night. Another excuse that”s when you start to see the writing on the wall. This *** will go to any lengths to lie and get some ass. He will state that he does not believe in being all under a woman, that is unless he fucking her. Other than that, that”s the excuse he will give you for never being around. He, is a hoe, a liar, and just plain old nasty. I really do feel sorry for his wife. Felicia, this dirt ball you”re married to has no respect for you or your child. If you would go so far as to deny your own child you”re a true low life!” SOURCES: DDHG & fuckthisguy.com

6/22/2011 10:51:37 AM - Compare Alan Czarnopol {Chicago, IL}: “When I met him he had no job, was broke on some serious drugs and living with Steve Dammann {who is also shown on this site}. I was involved with him for almost 3 years. He forced his way into my life with sad stories about how his father left when he was 4, an abusive step father and how his mother killed herself just before his 18th birthday and other really bad things that had happened in is life. He is a liar, serial dater/cheater and master manipulator. His own family will not communicate with him anymore. He currently lives with Steve Damman and together they are very dangerous! I seriously believe he is mentally ill. He is currently on Match.Com, EHarmony, Singlesnet Facebook and Myspace...as Alanayal, Alan Hurricane or by his real name. You can contact me if you have crossed paths with him and I will tell you more” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:53:20 AM - Compare Steve/Steven Czeck, aka “Stanley” {Asbury, NJ}: “Don”t date Steven C. of Warren County, NJ. He is a pathological liar. I started dating SSC three years ago after a friend set us up. Initially he told me he was enrolled in the state police academy. He even told my parents, friends, co~workers, and my boss that he was a state trooper and graduated from the Sea Girt Police Academy. After dating for two years and even living with him I started to notice “little lies”. Then one day he left his email up and I read all the messages. I found out that other ex~girlfriends wanted him to go to therapy for lying and anger problems. I became concerned and started keeping track of everything he told me. After one lie too many, I dragged SSC to therapy myself and he lied to our therapist! Then I moved out and he made a million promises to me to get help ~ . Months went by with me hoping he”d change and then an argument over Valentines Day made everything worse. We were supposed to go on a romantic vacation. Of course he lied about booking hotel rooms and making plans, so we didn”t go. I found out in that week, after talking to his family, going through emails, and pushing him into a corner that he was never a cop! He lied and impersonated being cop for almost 2 ˝ years. My parents treated him like a son and he took advantage of them! He even lied to girls he talked to while we were “on a break” and told them he lived in different counties, had various homes, made good money, etc. He really lives in his mother”s old home which is falling apart, pays her hundreds of dollars a month, has no privacy because his family comes over whenever they want, and works as an airplane mechanic. In his own words, he “wants to do what he wants, when he wants, and doesn”t want to have to answer for it.” He wants someone who will let him do anything and if they can”t “deal with it” too bad. And if he hurts people he doesn”t care as long as he”s happy. Stay away from this one girls! He looks great on paper {he”s on all the dating sites} and even sounds great the first few times you meet him, but he has deep psychological problems and anger issues and he”ll end up wasting your time and messing up your life!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:54:35 AM - Compare Darin D. {Brooklyn, NY}: “This “man” is just nasty. Please don”t let the good looks fool you! He”s pretty much on EVERY dating site out there. He also has profiles on Blackplanet, Myspace, and Migente. He”s predictable. He uses either user name each time. He”s also using apartment 2A. He boasts about running his own real estate business from his brownstone. THAT”S A LIE. Not only does he not work in real estate, as his name suggests, HE LIVES IN APARTMENT 2 A! And he”s ALWAYS broke. He”s a beggar which is a complete turn off. He really expects you to take care of him. He”ll beg for money, renting him cars and everything else in between. I learned the hard way. I LOANED him money once, months ago, and I”m having the hardest time getting it back. He also is a gay basher. On every profile all he talks about is how men are always after him. He”s extremely suspect. He once told me that women on top does nothing for him. He”s always wanting to go through the backdoor! And he”s hung but he doesn”t know how to use what he got! He also claims to have a daughter that he”s been raising since birth. Honestly, I don”t think he has kids. I think he uses that line to make himself seem more desirable. He”s so not worth the aggravation” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:55:11 AM - Compare Devan D., aka “Dancing Devan” {Masury, OH}: “used to be a stripper and I don”t know if he still is, but he preys on girls that are under 18. I can”t remember his last name, but he is a liar, cheater, and a pedofile” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:55:56 AM - Compare J. D., aka “Saucy” {P~town, NH}: “is a liar and a cheater...his weakness are woman co~workers with no self~respect! He cheated on me twice, then lied about it for six months. After he finally came clean, I was pregnant and trapped. The only thing he says he learned from his mistakes is that he will not tell his next girlfriend that he is a cheat or that he could cheat on her. Do not even entertain the idea of dating this loser!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:56:49 AM - Compare Sam D. {Overland Park, KS}: “We were married for 10 years. In this time he has had a severe issue with pornography. Child porn as well as man on man porn and other sick things. Insists on doing drugs {x} and has had sex with a prostitute on at least one occasion that I know of. He is a total freak in bed and if you cannot keep up, he loses interest in you. So if you feel the need to get in a relationship with this man, make sure you don”t have children *child porn* or a problem with him wanting to have sex with another man! Oh and “allowing” him to do drugs. He is only SORT OF romantic in the beginning and then it stops. He is only interested in one night stands or sex partners who can fullfill all of his sexual fantasies. {peeing on him and vice versa, man man, girl girl man, group sex, hours of playing doctor, every hole imaginable, etc etc, you get the picture, he is a sicko!” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/22/2011 10:57:48 AM - Compare Scott DaCambra, aka “Scott Dacambra” {Ontario, Pickering Toronto, Canada}: “Dishonesty does not even begin to describe this guy! You will find Scott in and around the bars and clubs in the Toronto area and in Pickering and Ajax {his home town}. You will notice that something seems a bit off about this guy. Let me save you the trouble...Scott dates other men! He will neglect to tell you this until he gets really drunk after 5 months and lets it slip {if he ever tells you}. I know it is true, as it cleared up his strange habits in the bedroom {ladies I am sure you can follow me here}. I also had to listen to the whole story from his own lips. The look on his face when I flipped out said it all. He said that I had promised to be understanding and not get upset. He said he wished he could tell me that it wasn”t true but that it was....I don”t even think his friends know. He is also married {which he will also forget to tell you about}. Ladies if you see this guy coming...RUN...do not walk away in the opposite direction. I really hope that this post helps the next poor girl that he tries to take for a ride” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:58:38 AM - Compare Fred Dabner {Little Rock, AR}: “I contracted an STD from him. He lied to me about being married and the amount of children he has. He preys on young girls. It seems as though he loves to hurt women in any way possible. It has been 2 years since I dumped him, and I”m still mad as hell because I keep having herpes outbreaks and that reminds me of him every 4 to 6 months. YOU WILL CATCH A DISEASE. PLEASE BELIEVE he is on the DOWNLOW!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 10:59:27 AM - Compare Christopher Dacus {Los Angeles, CA}: “looks and acts like a nice guy, but he is a HUGE cheater. He dated me and another girl for three years, telling both us us that he was dating us exclusively. At the same time, he was repeatedly on match.com and we discovered an archive of naked women he had slept with on his computer. If you ask him directly if he is dating anyone else, he will lie to your face. It is truly amazing. In addition to his other “girlfriend,” I found out that he was sleeping with a friend of mine ~ she did not know we were dating, and he did not know we were friends. When I told him that I was going to have dinner with the girl, he freaked out and tried to keep me from having dinner with her, telling me that my friend was “crazy” and that I would get “knifed” if I went to dinner with her. I cancelled my plans out of fear, and later learned that the real reason he did not want us to have dinner was because he was cheating on me with her. When we found out, the other girl and I were devastated. This guy is a complete sociopath ~ stay away! He often puts up a match.com profile that says that he is new to online dating. Don”t believe him! He”s been online for several years, while maintaining at least two “girlfriends” at a time” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:00:29 AM - Compare David Lawson Dadisman {Richlands, NC}: “is a child molester. He molested all 4 of his daughters, the youngest was 5 and the abuse had gone on for a long time. He uses social sites to stalk women with little girls. He is on FUBAR, FACEBOOK, and MYSPACE just to name a few. He lies about his age to appear younger so the women he attracts will have little girls he can target. He is not what he appears to be. He was arrested for molesting the 2 youngest girls but got off because their mother was out of state and after the girls were returned to her, she didn”t cooperate with local law enforcement. He is a danger to your babies. DON”T trust him. He works for TIME WARNER CABLE. This man could be in your home around your children. He is currently trying to relocate to Texas with a woman he met online who has 4 children. Two of them little girls. He has never met this woman but she has fallen hook, line and sinker for his lies. Her children will be his next victims. This woman works in a preschool. He will have access to lots of little children. The perfect playground for a predator” “ molested all 4 of his daughters. He was finally arrested for molesting the youngest 2, then 4 and 7. The older daughters, 15 and 17 also admitted to friends and family that they were molested but would not talk to law enforcement officials. He got away with it because the mother of the 2 youngest was out of state and when the girls were returned to her did not want to come back for trial. He stalks women online, pretends to be younger than he is in order to find women with young girls. Please keep your little girls safe from this man. Eventually, he will screw up and be caught but until that time, your children are in danger” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:01:36 AM - Compare Ratt Dagger {general}: “You better watch your back and probably even your very soul if you get into a relationship with this playa. When I was dating Ratt Dagger, he told me the strangest things. In fact, it seemed like HE was telling ME that he was cheating. First, he said that he had love affairs with death, danger, and insanity. That”s just the tip of the iceberg as to how creepy this dude is. A couple of times, I would wake up by his side, and he would just be staring at me with those cold, cold eyes as if he”d been up all night. And, hey, Ratt Dagger moves FAST. He would always whisper in my ear how badly he wanted to plant his “black seed” in me. Ladies, keep your eyes peeled for Ratt Dagger. He is NOT your type” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:02:30 AM - Compare Dean A. Dagliere {East Haven North Haven, CT}: “is an unregistered pedophile. He was arrested on 9 1 93 in North Haven, CT for molesting a 13 year old girl. He later plead No Contest to the charges and was convicted of Sexual Assault 4, Unlawful Restraint. He has abused numerous women over the years as well as several minor girls. He is currently awaiting trial for additional charges for Risk of Injury to a Minor in Meriden CT. He subscribes to numerous dating site where he targets women with low self esteem and confidence. He also targets women with preteen daughters. He was cheating on his exwife before they were married, through her pregnancy and after the birth of his daughter. He later went on to cheat on his girlfriend whom he got pregnant before becoming divorced from his wife. He has been arrested numerous times for Domestic Violence and Battery. All of this is verifiable by filling out a background request and sending 25.00 to Connecticut State Police. Stay far away from this man. He will use you, cheat on you and take you for all that you are worth and leave you in financial ruin” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:03:35 AM - Compare Alexander Dagnino {Virginia Beach, Norfolk, VA NYC, NY}: “One of the most disgusting people I have ever met. He will lay it on thick in the beginning and make you think he loves you but he will then smash your heart to bits. He is a lying, cheating, pathetic man that just goes from woman to woman. He only wants a woman in each state he visits at the time so he can get his rocks off. He is a womanizer. He will promise you the world and you will get NOTHING. He works for Blackwater and uses that as his tactic I believe, OH POOR ME!! He loves to make you feel guilty too. We met on match.com. He is on many dating sites I have come to find out, he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to the computer so I found out all about him. He is a nomad I think and just goes from place to place using women and people in general to get what he wants. He will send you songs via email and tell you he loves you pretty much right away so don”t fall for it like I did. I am so mad at myself but at least I saw what he was before it was too late. BEWARE! If you meet him just move on!! Oh! And the sex is not that good so don”t even bother” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:05:04 AM - Compare Matt/Matthew Dahlberg {Canyon, TX}: “Met this man over what was supposed to be a primo dating website. Master”s degree, etc. His profile referred to him as a Christian family man who was a social drinker. Sociopath was more like it. What it did not refer to was his daily habit of drinking beer from the time he came home from work until the time he laid his head down on the pillow. It also did not disclose the fact that he is the worst kind of racist and these behaviors only became evident first with the nomination of Barack Obama for President and then worsened with the election of this man and the death of Michael Jackson. His idea of Christian family man omitted the information about him NOT going to church and the only interaction with his daughter was a once a week dinner where she did nothing but text on her IPhone the whole time. Other than being a cash machine for her, that was it! Poor kid....no wonder her Facebook entries are so depressing! Unfortunately for me, this guy kept a lot of his behaviors in check until after he had conned me into moving to his city and picking out a house with him complete with agreement about mortgage terms. We were supposed to get married and buy this house together” “thank God for small favors” “he took advantage of my good nature and continued to accept my $1000 a month contributions to this mortgage and never put me on the house. He now says that he was conned when I refused to pay anymore money after finding this out. That was bad enough, but then came the issue of his obsession with pornography. He liked the hardcore stuff that showed young girls being sexually assaulted by men. Unbelievable!! Stay very far from this man and keep your pocketbooks even farther. The only thing he cares about is himself and money” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:07:20 AM - Compare Ronald Elliot Dahlgren, aka “Mike” {Mobile, AL}: “is a ***, plain and simple. He doesnt even use his real name because he is embarrassed by it. By birth, he is Ronald Elliot Dahlgren but he tends to use “mike”. Its because once, he was ****ing some girl and her pops hated his ass and he shaved his head and went over there with a different name. Its sorta cute, if you enjoy being lied to and played...but even if you do like it, it WILL get old after about 7 months. Trust me, We dated for around 4 years and then got married, and therein lies the problem... That little *** piece of paper changed his entire being. After all those years, he of dating he decided that I had changed immensely. All of a sudden, my friends were “too ghetto” [and please believe that he”s a racist ***, just in the closet about it, at least at first...his whole family is, they all suck if you are an opened minded individual.] He lied to me, about wanting a divorce, saying that he wanted to work it out [but it was only because the house was in both our names [[and my grandma paid for moving in, that money was returned and he tried to keep it, like my grandmother owed him something]] and then, from Afghanistan, informed me that he had lied to keep me from ****ing his stuff up. I also, because I”m a sucker, assisted him in moving his belongings BACK to the barracks...He will manipulate you, ladies. Act like you are special if you wanna, but he”s a liar. He”s very smart, I will give him that, ridiculously so, actually...he”s also against pot, but all about popping pills, so date him if you dare....He”s a HYPOCRITE” “about 3 months after we married, we had a halloween party and I caught him FUCKING some pregnant *** in our MARRIAGE bed, and conceeded to “work it out” which obviously didn”t work. I”m just warning you ladies, he seems very “good” but its a trick. Just because he”s nerdy and has a big dick does not mean he”s worth the effort” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:08:30 AM - Compare Sean Dailey {San Diego, Clairemont, CA}: “lead me on for many months and I found out he was cheating on me with 3 random whores {right before my birthday, no less}. He did the same thing to another woman I know of, who also didn”t deserve it. He”s got his little act down, pretending to be “a nice guy,” helps you out all the time, does things for you, introduces you to his friends, etc., only to get your guard down. He has his friends totally snowed. He also tends to prey on single mothers. He has a serious jewelry fetish too, more than what is normal, it”s pretty gross. He”ll also lie if you find other women”s jewelry and sex toys in his room, saying “oh, someone gave it to me as a joke” etc. I think he”s secretly in love with his former step~daughter too. His mom is a drunk and he”s estranged from his father. Watch out for this loser. Apparently he still lives in his friend”s basement and is aging very badly, so at least I didn”t lose anything, except my valuable time. He”ll probably brag too about directing his lame little Fox 6 weekend show and his dumb Fox Rox show that isn”t even on anymore. Is a total cheater, liar and loser. Don”t fall victim to his cheating ways like I and other women have. He”s said before that he”ll probably die alone. I hope this prophecy comes true {unless he runs off with his ex~stepdaughter}. He”s a total waste of flesh and space” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:09:20 AM - Compare Saleem Dakkak {Orlando, FL}: “was also making “dates” and “hosting” sex gatherings with gay men on craigslist.com in Orlando. All the while he is sending me emails saying he is coming home and that he loves me and hasn”t done anything with anyone. Compulsive liar” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:11:11 AM - Compare John Dalaigle {Bangor, ME}: “This man John Dalaigle started dating my sister just after she lost her fiance to complications from surgery, and after that was having a bad spell of luck. John comes into the picture and “swoops” in to the rescue and everything seems alright until I tell her that I already knew him and that he had been lying to her about his drug use and alcohol addiction. He used to live up the street from myself and my husband and thought that because he had seen us around that we were friends and would come talk to my husband about the garden he was tending and so on and so on. Then he began to show up all messed up on pills and beer, two things we do not tolerate and we asked him to stop coming around under the influence because of our two small children. He seemed okay when he was sober, although clearly he was a story teller... It didn”t take long to figure that one out. My husband and I had seen him in action with another of his girlfriends and she was a nurse who was fired because of her pill addictions now applying for disability with John at her side helping keep her strung out self supplied, and telling her who to talk to to bilk the system some more. GA paid his rent every month cause his unemployment went to keeping up appearances with all his other ladies. If I had known he was the one my sister had been talking about sooner none of her story could have come to fruition. I warned her that he was a drunk and a liar and that I had just seen him with someone just before they hooked up~ someone different than the first girl I knew of. He told my sister all kinds of lies and made her compliant to his every whim or made her feel like s... if she did not. mostly verbal, emotional, and some physical. He likes to make you feel like he is the only one who loves you yet accuses you of flirting with and wanting his friends when he is the CHEATER! Bottom line... DON”T DATE THIS GUY IF U HAVE ANY SELF ESTEEM LEFT!” SOURCE: dontdatethis.com

6/22/2011 11:12:02 AM - Compare Aaron Dale {Merredin}: “lies and cheats. Would rather hang around men to the point of being gay and yet will come across as a super human stud. when asked for photo of himself he processed to send a dick photo on the mobile. He loves to degrade women, thinks and says women are all dogs, sluts and bitches. Is obsessed with anal sex is convinced all women love it and still believes he is straight” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:12:51 AM - Compare McCue Dale {West Mifflin}: “is supposed to protect and serve but really he is a 12yr old with a badge” “He likes to smack women around and drinks just way too much. He likes them kind of young that is his side pieces cause his old lady is like 47 or some. The uniform is attractive but that”s about it. Do yourself a favor and date a mailman or something if you like the uni but beware of him unless you like Jerry Springer cause that”s what its like being in his world” SOURCE: DDHG, the profile about him included statements that suggests that he is gay and posed for a “fag shot” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:13:37 AM - Compare Stephen/Steve Ross {Shawnee, KS}: “he is also mentally abusive and has been married 5 times and likes to have sex in the ass” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:14:36 AM - Compare Steve/Steven Douglas Ross {Manitoba, Brandon, Canada}: “is a crackhead Sociopath who uses women for whatever he can get. He has a bad temper as well. In the beginning of the relationship he will be a charmer but eventually he will start getting caught in all the lies. He lies about everything to the point he believes what he is saying. He took me for everything and made me lose my house due to his crack addiction that I didn”t know about till the end. His birthday is August 26,1982 and his parents are Nancy and David. Please don”t date him as I don”t want any other woman to have to endure what I have gone through. He also has threatened to kill me and said no one would ever know about it. Pretty scary. I will talk to anyone who meets him and is feeling low as he will bring your self~esteem down as well. He is a regular con artist who knows how to use power over women” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:15:58 AM - Compare Scott J. Rossi {Brookfield, WI}: “40 years old and still lives with his mother. He said she lives with him because she”s sick but that was a lie. He filed bankruptcy a few years ago but still hasn”t learned and is still in major debt. He can”t afford his own car and has to drive his mother”s car to deliver newspapers for a living because he can”t keep a job. Scott is paranoid that every woman is cheating on him and gets anxious when you”re on the phone with someone because he thinks it”s another man. He”s needy, paranoid, insecure and just plain crazy and always wants you to compliment him and tell him how handsome he is even though he”s not. He wants to be up under you and calling all the time. So much for trying to date someone and not go by looks. He”s balding, physically unattractive, lousy in bed, broke. No kids because he”s a child himself. He always has to ask his friends for advice on what to do with even the most basic life decisions. Needless to say this “relationship” didn”t work out. There was just something about him and I would not be surprised to find out he”s gay or bisexual and in denial. He can”t get his own car unless his manipulative mother co~signs for him. He watches porn then goes to church on Sundays professing his Christianity. My male cat is more masculine than Scott is!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:17:03 AM - Compare Erik Rostad {Las Vegas, NV}: “Former Marine who attends UNLV. Gets high all the time and expects his girlfriend to support him. He stays out until the wee hours of the morning and will not pick up your call if he doesn”t deem it appropriate to answer. He has excuses for everything. I have personally had his password to all his accounts and while he was living with me, letting me foot the bill, signed up for multiple dating sites ~ most notably sexsearch.com, eharmony.com, and match.com as a SINGLE. He tried to join a swinger”s club in Las Vegas as a single male after a weekend where I spent almost my whole paycheck trying to help him get on his feet. He has no job, poor grades and no ambition. His motto is “Take everything you can and give nothing back”. He treats his mom like **** and his girlfriends even worse. He believes the world revolves around him and will tell you that he loves you just so he has a place to stay at the end of the day. If you choose to get involved with him, keep an eye on his accounts, especially his text messages. He cannot be trusted and is only out for himself” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:18:47 AM - Compare Chuck Rothberg {Los Angeles, CA; Nashville, TN; Atlanta, GA; Seattle, WA; NY}: “I”m amazed this guy isn”t on here already. An Italian Jew from Brooklyn, he goes by the name Geovanni. He preys on women, pursues them like a fiend, and puts them on a pedestal. He makes women believe they”re God”s gift to mankind. He earns your trust, and begins asking for money. Tells you you”re his life partner and promises an eternal future with you. When he asks for money, like a fool, you give it to him. A result from his wooing ways and incredible good looks. I was conned out of TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. He has active warrants for his arrest. He”s stolen cars and becomes abusive to all women he dates. He does NOT use protection, and tries to impregnate women on purpose ~ most likely so he”ll always have financial ties to them. Still calls me asking me to wire him money. He has a Philadelphia drivers license. Currently in northern Cali with a girl he left pregnant with twins in 2007. He is incredibly charming and attractive. He has a tattoo of a skull on his neck. DO NOT TOUCH THIS MAN WITH A 10 FOOT POLE lest he leave you broken~hearted and penniless and forced to file bankruptcy. This man is bipolar and a habitual liar. Told me he had a twin that doesn”t exist. Nothing from his past is true. HE”S DONE THIS TO COUNTLESS WOMEN ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. He sells speakers out of the trunk of a car you will most likely rent for him. He tries to move in with you after one week. While he does make an astonishingly good living selling speakers, he blows it ALL on pot and bar tabs. He”ll use you up until there”s nothing left, then move on to the next unsuspecting victim, or go back to one of his former girlfriends who have been left wondering where he is and why they haven”t contacted him to see how they OR his children are doing. He does become physically abusive ~ strangling, punching, bloody noses, busted lips, etc.” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:19:46 AM - Compare Anthony/Tony Roubal, aka “Lee” {Burnsville, Shakopee, Apple Valley, Rosemount, MN}: “has a reputation for being a bull**** liar. He is a meth user, and has had a past of physically assaulting girlfriends. He pretends he has money and doesn”t because he filed bankruptcy. He is phony, has a past history of mental illness, and drinking problems. He moved to the area from North Dakota. He”s a big mama”s boy, so therefore he can”t do anything wrong. This guy is a big ****ing baby!!! Oh and he isn”t circumsized~just thought you”d like to know!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:25:13 AM - Compare Marios Roussos, aka “Mario” {Astoria, East Elmhurst, Hicksville, Bay Shore, Glen Gove, Carlye Place, NY}: “advertised himself as being kind, honest and sincere on Match.com. Nothing could be future from the truth. This charming Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde is actually cruel, insincere, extremely selfish, immature, dishonest, misogynistic and has a mean streak longer than you can imagine. He will bedazzle you with the words of endearment that every woman wants to hear. He may even tell you something like he could love you forever... You will be lead to believe that you are in a serious relationship but he will leave his options open and you won”t realize until he dumps you. In reality he is a womanizer who will use you emotionally and then dispose of you like a piece of trash. The ironic thing is that he says things like “all women use men”. Maybe he is the one with a hidden agenda” “He has a low opinion of women, and a sleazy mentality. He actually said things like waitresses give cooks blow jobs so they can get their orders quicker” “He brags about how adept he is at deleting women from his life when he is done them. He will treat you the same way he uses his credit cards. He will use you, throw you away, and then avoid taking responsibility for his actions. He didn”t even tell me he was dumping me. Basically, he will dump you with no explanation. If you call him, he will not answer the phone. Don”t leave anything of any value at his house because after he dumps you without telling you, he will avoid returning your things because he doesn”t want to tell you what happened” “This guy has very bad credit {by his own admission}, and his x wife still won”t talk to him after something like 5 years. He never gave the impression that he was friends with any of his x girl friends” “one time I told him that he was a nice guy, and he said they don”t think so when it”s time to break up” “When he called guys he said were his friends they didn”t call back” “his profile on Match said he has a PhD. Unless that means possible hiddenagenda it”s not true. When I saw him take things from the office of a guy he was working for, I asked him if it was ok. He said, the guy didn”t know what he had, but he then had the nerve to give me a hard time about using the free internet that happens to come into my apartment” “don”t fall for the fake charm. Something must have happened to make him so cold hearted. Underneath, that cold heart there must be a lot of pain” “If you decide to proceed get a background check and have him get check for STDs. This guy could be a common sociopath. He himself said that he has no conscience. He told his cousin very personal information about me and his cousin brought up the info in a series of cruel, immature, harassing, and demeaning emails. He may have been involved with it as well” NOTE: Comment about Marios was posted under DDHG profile for Per Erik Berglund: “This guy sounds a lot like Marios Roussos, another sociopathic man listed on this site. Marios owes so much he had to move back to Cypress, and move in with his x~wife in an attempt to ditch his debt. The slime couldn”t find a sugar mama willing to bail him out on any continent so he conned the x~wife in to believing that he was back for the sake of the kids [] yeah right!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/22/2011 11:26:28 AM - Compare Ty/Tyrone Rouse {Browns Mills, NJ}: “is a walking red flag that screams “bipolar” this man has many issues, you can find him anywhere...myspace, blackplanet, lavalife ect. and you will find him stressing all his material possessions along with body shots” “he will tell you that he is a great Christian man with many Christian values and does go to church {lies}. He will try to make you feel bad by telling you LIES. He was married and his wife never cooked, got up and just abandoned the poor guy. He will then show you his “bachelor pad” that contains a hot tub that seats five. He most likely probably tell you about his most recent girl who lived with him and would probably describe her as crazy when all along he was the crazy one. If you ever make it into his bedroom, please note his huge porn collection in dresser and realize that when you puts on the soft music the first time you have sex it won”t be the first time for him. Please note he has “candy” on speed dial and occasionally will tell you he has meetings but in fact he is out with someone. He recently stolen a woman”s virginity in exchange for a promise of marriage and it was just a game to take something so sacred to this young woman. Eventually he will ask you to move in but before hand you will most likely see signs of aggressiveness if you CHANGE OR LOSE anything in the house. Once you move in is when all the real fun begins, he will buy you things but there is a such thing as take backs when it comes to him. Soon enough, you will move from the comfortable king size bed that you will share with him to the very comfortable sofa or if your lucky spare bed room. He loves to point fingers and play the blame game with woman. He can also shed tears on Q. He works for grainger drives a civic {black} owns a motor cycle {please don”t leave prints} lol you will also notice put his phone on silent or vibrate and use the excuse that it because of spam” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/22/2011 11:28:30 AM - Compare Ricky/Rick Edward Ross {San Jose, CA}: “This man is a Con. I married him in 2008 after he paroled from Fresno County Prison. He joins dating sites and scams women for money. He will visit you at your home and text with little to no phone calls from him. He will ask for tons of pictures of you including of a sexual contexts. Rick Ross will send naked pictures of himself shower pics and speak of anal fantasy including asking you to use a strap on... which I never did, thank god! He tells many sob stories and makes women feel like the are the most important person in the world. You would know this is you have western union money to him by his request. Some excuses include I”m going to be evicted from my apartment or I am now homeless living out of my car. He will always say that he is not a deadbeat and will pay you back. After I met him, I found out that he was cheating with 2 other women which he took for money. He is a sexual person and preys on women who have children, divorced between the ages of 35 to 40. He uses his sob stories of why he was in prison for attempted murder when he was 17 years old due to a family member being assaulted or raped. Who wouldn”t feel horrible for protecting someone you loved? Turns out that he has been to Pelican Bay, San Quentin, and Sac prisons for 2nd Degree Robbery. I should have ran for the hills after learning that he had an affair with another women in Bakerfield 12 days after we married. He”s good, but not that good with the lies. He never remembers dates and time lines and if you catch him in a lie he gets very angry and turns things around on you! Recently, I recieved a message on myspace from a women who had a relationship for 9 months prior and during our relationship. He scammed her and her children for $1400. This women who got out fast from his tricks, has told me things which have many similarities to the stories Rick has told me, and she feels that he has bisexual tendencies. Rick will make you feel as if you can touch the moon when you are with him. He made me feel as if his mistakes of his past are over and justified and he is a changed man, he was a skinhead and his tattoos show this. I thought that I had shared things with Rick that no other person had...wrong! Many others have! I am now divorcing him and he has crushed my children and my hearts. After learning about all the additional scams this man has done and continues to do to other people, I have felt that no person deserves to ever have such a thing happen to them as well. When I met Rick Ross he was jobless and living with roommates. Now he is set... full time job, student at a local college, and has a new reliable car which I helped him purchase, the car he had before we met another women purchased for him as well. Be careful and don”t ever fall for any of this man”s lies. He will be sure to leave... I got out as a very lucky women. He didn”t get much money, though he damaged my soul” SOURCES: womansavers.com

6/22/2011 2:02:06 PM - LOL girl..I just about split my sides laughing..guffawing as the last few lines of your comment on 6/15/2011 2:35:47 .. practically sprayed my coffee outta my mouth before I got to swallow it. My bros are all loyal to their wives, too. My ex was born "the last" too, with many sisters..all successful, and yeah, I thought he was jealous of them, too, so, a few parallels there. Ya think maybe guys born the last, with a bunch of sisters born before them, might be predisposed to turn queer.. sort a like the runt of the litter? I have always wondered about that.

6/22/2011 2:20:20 PM - Compare Jack Morley {Tempe/Scottsdale, AZ}: “Age: 50” “Race: White” “Jack Morley has a little 3 inch hard d.... He cheated on me constantly. He loves to expose himself to unsuspecting women. One of them was my good friend. Jack and I had talked about marriage. One night, I had passed out cold after taking some new medication. Jack had sex with me when I was totally unconscious. When I awoke, he had clipped off all my pubic hair, which he kept. Then I found out he had exposed himself to one of my friends in a bar. That was the end of it. All Jack cares about is sex and he”ll get it anywhere he can. I”m glad a friend told me about this post. Now the truth is out there for all to see. Have a good day Jack. Jack Morley is always hard. He makes a point of pulling his dick and balls out of his shorts to rest on barstools while talking to pretty barmaids like Celeste at Pranksters 2, talking while fodling himself makes him feel eloquent” “Jack Morley loves younger women. Unfortunately for him his dick is about 3 inches long hard. He is constantly cheating. He likes to expose his little dick to unsuspecting women. He says his favorite hobby is flashing and I know it”s true. He recently had a $30,000 Coloplast Titan penile implant installed. He told everyone at work he was having a hernia repair. Now he has a constant 3 inch erection. Just google Jack Morleys penis and see for yourself. He once jerked off in a crowded bar so women could see. Unless sex is public he doesn”t like it. He is charming and funny so watch out girls. Unless you do it in public with him he”ll drop you like a rock” SOURCES: dontdatethis.com & filthyliar.com & womansavers.com

6/22/2011 2:28:01 PM - U mentioned somewhere in your post about how he, toward the end, bought you a large bottle of merlot each week, before he bolted, when he had never done that for years before, when living with you. I betcha he tried to make you appear to be an alchie, after the fact and to his friends and family. My ex, who was definitely a sociopath, did that to me, when he was the alcoholic, not me. I can readily identify with what you wrote about him..about that part where you thought he practiced Alcoholics Anonymous in reverse. So yes, sociopaths flip the script on the women they discard, often projecting their own faults onto the woman, who has no such faults. Sounds like that is what happened with you..just like it appears he did same in that nasty email he sent to you, about “panties dripping”..as if he wanted to project YOU as a lesbian, when undercover gay was HIS “M.O.”, not yours. Oh..and I would not blame you if, for awhile, you drank out of grief. He might have planned it that way, I know my ex did that..purposely tried to cover his tracks, creating a mask for others and a false/stark contrast between him and me, so he would look good to others..justification for his abuse, and to hide it. Also, many abusive males drive women to drink..well, I must admit, many abusive women do that to their men, too..just so you know I am fair and not a sexist. The true motive of a sociopath is to have you second guessing yourself, at the end of their sick manipulations.

6/22/2011 3:00:41 PM - Compare Eric Patrick Joseph Tremblay {Dallas, TX & Quebec, Laval/Montreal/Toronto, Canada}: “This man is a NARCISSISTIC PATHOLOGICAL LIAR WITH NO EMPATHY!! He claims to be a criminologist, working in Dallas, TX, when in reality he is living in Montreal {Laval}, Canada!! He lies constantly!” “We met online {Lavalife} and 2 weeks into our starting things he claimed to go down to Dallas for work. He would tell me he was going to watch the July 4th fireworks {in Dallas} when he was in Laval, Canada! He would talk about going golfing in February and “how warm it was down in Dallas” when all the while he was in snow~covered, winter~wonderland Laval, Canada!! He claimed his father is an attorney in Toronto, Canada, but the Law Society of Upper Canada has no record of him! All LIES!” “He will romance you, and say all the right things, basically lead you on by claiming exclusivity, when really he is cheating!! He is a master manipulator! He pulls you in with romance and gives you lots of attention then disappears for business, family functions etc. Really it”s so he can meet his other woman! He uses guilt to manipulate, then gives you hope of a future! He is VERY controlling the first sign of an abusive man! He withholds information about himself like where he works and justifies it by claiming he had stalkers and now has trust issues and needs time to clear his head. All lies!! When questioned about his work info, he gets defensive and says maybe I”m not the right dude for you threatening to end things since he is not trusted!” “He will emotionally abuse you by pulling you in and then pushing you out, this pullpush is constant, creating insecurities, selfdoubt. Despite all the red flags, he is a MASTER MANIPULATOR!! He knows exactly how to reel you in. NEVER DATE THIS MAN!” “He has no empathy. NONE! He has NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER. His motivations are spurred by his disorder, but he is an adult who knows right from wrong. He has the ability to make moral choices. But he deliberately chooses not to because he lacks in empathy. He will waste your time and leave you feeling used and abused! I am a good looking, well educated woman with options. I never thought I could be the victim of an emotionally abusive man. BEWARE! If it could happen to me, it could happen to anyone!” SOURCES: DDHG & womansavers.com

6/22/2011 3:23:38 PM - Those emails he sent, not only the one he sent to you at the end, about “panties dripping”, but those he sent to that swingers site, plus the emails he received back from the swingers site, not to mention that Buddy List you saved….should all be proof positive to the next woman he defrauded after you, and proof positive as to his mental or emotional disorder. Too bad if she is so desperate that she failed to listen to you, his first wife, or friends of his first wife. I am glad you kept the proof, though. I agree, she should ask that former boss of yours [Ezra?] about what he meant by knowing Jay was “sick”.. you are probably right that his 2nd wife probably confided in Ezra about that. You might want to mention where your former boss is, so that Melinda can find Ezra, to ask.

6/22/2011 3:33:32 PM - Responding to last comment, thank you. Ezra Yu was the proprietor of Dalestone Jewelry Collection Inc, 2253 Old Bridge Road # D, Woodbridge, VA 22192~3025. I agree, Melinda, if she wants to, can ask Ezra what Ezra meant, when Ezra told me that he “knew” that Jay was “sick”. I feel certain that Lorrie, wife #2, probably confided to Ezra Yu, a professed Christian, at one point, about what she felt was a sickness of Jay”s or about Jay”s abusiveness toward her. I believe that Ezra Yu was a business contact with Stone Art in Manassas, VA, Canterbury Square, even before I began dating Jay. Stone Art, or at least, the FIRST Stone Art, was the business that Jay & Lorrie operated together. Thank you for that reminder. At one point & for the longest time, I thought the world of Ezra Yu. At least, when I worked under Ezra, as my supervisor, I thought Ezra was a decent man, a “good Christian”.. true to his word. Ezra even hired me during Christmas seasons, before I worked part~time for him [after Jay left me], & before Jay left me, b/c Ezra knew I needed additional work between those professional contracts that I landed, that paid highly & that provided medical benefits & that required my college degree. Ezra was ONE “professed Christian” who I finally found who seemed NOT to be a hypocrite. If Ezra is not a hypocrite, then he will answer, honestly, any questions about the character of Jay Brown, that Melinda might have. Yes, I openly admit that I would have not been hired by Ezra, to work at his shop, had I not first been the partner of Jay Brown, had Jay not worked with Ezra, on business terms. But what happened after Jay left me, at the shop of Ezra Yu, though was not the “fault” of Jay Brown [I was crime victimized at that shop, by a felon who assaulted me, bound me, held me hostage, left me hog tied, left me bleeding!], it seemed as though Satan had followed me, simply because I had joined paths with Jay Brown for 8.5 years! If one male with whom you have lived for 8.5 years, abuses you, emotionally, sexually, psychologically, physically, verbally or physically, then leaves you…., even though he may not have RAPED you physically, but you think he has RAPED you psychologically, and if what follows that situation was that, subsequently, when trying to heal from that awful abuse, when trying to advance/heal yourself with HONEST work, when in the workplace of that same work, DIRECTLY BEHIND the abuse of your former partner, comes MORE abuse, but this time CRIMINAL/PHYSICAL ASSAULT by a criminal [not your former partner, but a different abuser], what would YOU expect the results to be? Yeah. I ask you about the “straw that broke the back of the camel”! Can you describe it any better? Then, after I filed my Workers Compensation case [which the judge found in my favor], after being crime victimized at my place of work, Jay, I allege/insist, tried to stop me from that. I allege, Jay tried to INTERFERE with that, too. Oh yes! My brother, I think, will attest to that! One more example, I think, of how Jay Brown wanted me to look like the bad guy, I think, to DEFLECT blame from himself! Again, I suggest for all doubters to see the films, “The Dirt Digger” [you might have trouble accessing/buying this film, b/c it, I think is a British film. I could not find a source where I could purchase it, but saw it on either Masterpiece Theatre or on Fox movie channel..do not remember which] & “Lilith”, starring Warren Beatty [more accessible..you can buy this, w/out problem], as I compare Jay to the female psycho, Lilith, in the film by same name.

6/22/2011 4:53:19 PM - To all three of my sister in laws: I admire you, I respect you, welcome you to my family.. did so, long ago. You all, to me, are the “utmost” examples of “feminine success” [not to say that “traditional wives, who earn much less than you, or who “merely” work in the home and nowhere else, are worthy of less, or merely because they do not have professional positions of “worth”], if only because you found an HONEST man with whom to become a SUCCESSFUL wife. I was not so lucky as you all. I tried, though. Oh boy, did I try! Remember, my sisters in law, you had mothers who were STRONG..at least, I think, one of you had a professional mother, who presented excellent role model for you to become a successful professionals, & at least 2 of the others of you had strong “traditional” mothers, to provide same. Many women do not have either. Many others had mothers who were “traditional wives”..like my own mother..a wife to a DIGNATARY, or diplomat, or wife to a man in Foreign Service, so, as a result, that wife could NOT gain in any professional career, because HER HUSBAND HAD TO MOVE OFTEN for his job, every two or three years, & often, the only option left for her to work, was to VOLUNTEER, possibly as a Grey Lady, in hospitals where her husband was posted. Not to say that the “traditional” wife is “less” than the “professional wife” with a career. THE WORTH OF A WOMAN AND HER WORK, WHETHER INSIDE OR OUTSIDE OF HER HOME, IS WORTH MILLIONS! To the rest who read this profile…, DO NOT LET ANY MALE DISCOUNT/DISCREDIT YOUR WORK/WORTH, whether that work be IN THE HOME, or OUT OF IT! I thank ALL THREE of my brothers for staying, each, with his first & only wife, to date, for more than 20 years each, to set an EXAMPLE to the world, on how RESPONSIBLE men should behave. No matter what faith Jay had, or if he was religious or not [one of my brothers is a proclaimed athiest..still, he succeeded in his marriage of >20 years!], two other of my brothers seemed to accept the religion of their wives. Jay Brown, in contrast, seemed majorly confused as to his spiritual leanings, & seemed to REMAIN that way for more than three decades, but also seemed able to fake, for many years, that he was a spiritual guy.. & seemed to pull it off, w/out a hitch. Why else would Jay have said [or so Jay told me happened] at one time, to the jazz guitarist, Scott C. [who later came to our home, one night], when Scott, according to Jay, had invited Jay to his Unitarian Church, that he, Jay, felt “uncomfortable” being in a church? To me, Jay Brown is no more than a sick, REPROBATE GAMER/PLAYER, who sees fit to undo women, at their utmost spiritual levels, to have himself feel “better” about himself, as if he is actually a “man” .. when, if you look at his past, as he described it to me, especially those supposedly incestuous parts, about his gay male cousin, Paul, & about his sister, Linda….those descriptions of his HAVE to or SHOULD cause anyone to wonder WHY his 2 first marriages failed. I guess my final statement is that I think Jay will NEVER be a “protector” in any sense of how any daughter who knew her father to be a traditional hero/protector or responsible male, solely devoted to ONE woman, as my own father was. My father, finally said, about Jay, “you were right..he was only out for himself..” I heed those words of my father, because he was ALWAYS an honest man, throughout his life. A man is only a man if his word is truth, otherwise, HE HAS NO GOOD REPUTATION! Perhaps that is why my father was buried in Arlington National Cemetary..had the ceremonial burial of an honorable military man, who earned the career of a diplomat, subsequently. I doubt that the father of Jay Brown earned the same honors.

6/22/2011 6:08:46 PM - Even more poignant in the Colvin lyrics to "Polaroids", were the lines, "and the vows that we never keep, from bedrooms to business speak, make me remember how cheat words can be" .. because Jay raked me not only in my professional life [music] but personally, with the FAKE I LOVE YOUs. The HUGE difference, I think, in the way Jay learned/performed tunes from the way I did, is that he PRETENDED to have the feelings, to MIMIC those in others, & so he could LEARN/MIMIC how others felt, because HE COULD NOT FEEL, whereas, I learned/performed them because I ACTUALLY FELT them, and had LIVED the experience. He KNEW that. That is why he wrote a PR piece about me & the band we were in, “touting” my ability to “feel” the songs! [Yes. I keep that proof, too..in his own handwriting!] That is what SOCIOPATHS do, also..they MIMIC the feelings of others! And they do it expertly! An expert at GUNNYSACKING, GASLIGHTING and PROJECTING his own deficits onto women, like in the end, when he said that my “magnanimity was ingenuous”…it was HIS “magnanimity” that was INGENUOUS. He was a HUGE ingrate and FRAUD! In the end, another excuse he PROJECTED, was that I did not “roll up my sleeves”.. WHY DID HE SAY THAT? Because, I think it was HIM who never really wanted to “get dirty” and “roll up” HIS sleeves, to become fully responsible to ANY woman! Or, reading another context to his statement that I “did not want to get dirty”… well, that could have been PARTIAL truth, as he is given to give..bits & pieces of truth, but not the WHOLE truth. The “truth” he may have meant was that I DID NOT WANT TO JOIN HIM IN HIS DIRTY, FILTHY FANTASIES, so he decided to PUNISH me for that! He tried to CORRUPT me, knew he had tried, but FAILED when I CALLED HIM OUT! So why did someone like JAY BROWN have to DESTROY my life? Possibly, because his relatives/forebearers/ancestors were ALCOHOLICS, and my relatives were NOT. Seriously...I believe that Jay entered into THREE marriages fraudulently, not just one. That is my opinion [BUT THAT AD OF HIS ON A SWINGERS SITE, ADVERTISING HIMSELF AS BI SEEKING BI, & THOSE EMAILS OF HIS ARE NOT MERELY OPINION, THEY ARE FACTS, & so is that buddy list of his I kept, a FACT!], and that he needs to be STOPPED, if not committed to a mental institution by his relatives! Bad enough when men usurp, under PRETENTION, YEARS from the life of any woman, but when they do it when a woman is middle aged, when too many women already face age discrimination in the work force, the “injuries” to those women are 20 fold![even former friend to Jay & I, Julia Leigh, wrote in her email to me, more or less that sensible people just do not do this kind of thing in midlife. She also assured me in same email that she knew I was responsible, w/a decent work ethic.] & his statement [excuse? Justification?] to me, at the end, “You are still attractive” [like it was easy to change partners again at that stage in my life]..PISH! So what if I am? That tells me even MORE that the main reason he “changed up” to Melinda was FOR HER MONEY/PROPERTY, b/c she had NO BETTER OF A WORK ETHIC than I have, nor was a better cook/homemaker than I, nor “more attractive”! The thought of him & what he has gotten away with sickens me..yes..STILL!

6/22/2011 7:48:38 PM - Compare Wayne Baer {Springmills, state college area}: “Says he”s bi~sexual, but will fool around on you with anyone that MOVES! A LOT! He is addicted to online porn and has a billion profiles saying he”s single and what~not! He is constantly looking for someone to screw! He told me I was the love of his life and I was the one, but he was still keeping his eyes peeled for “the one” as he puts it. He cheated on me more than once with nasty ass hoes and “joes”. He”s NASTY!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 5:30:03 PM - Compare Christopher Lequia {Green Bay, WI}: “There are many reasons why girls should NOT date him. He is controlling cheats lies and spreads STDs to unknowing victims. He goes for the girls who have self esteem issues or some other type of problem and plays the victim card. He acts like every girl he has been with has screwed him over. THIS IS A LIE. He screws over girls ALL THE TIME. He cheats on every girl he has been with and its with anyone and doesn”t use protection. He says he puts on a condom but it eventually comes off without your knowing. He blames you for cheating ALL the time, especially if you have guy friends. Really though its a cover for his own cheating. when he was with me he cheated with 4 or 5 girls that I know of. he had sex with all of us knowing a girl he had slept with prior had an STD. so if you don”t want one stay away from him. PS he likes to flash his dick at the gay bar for keychains and free drinks. He also has a lot I mean A LOT of anal porn. and he likes to shove a finger up his ass to masturbate. I think that just screams CLOSET GAY!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 5:34:28 PM - Compare Chris Taylor {South Bend, IN}: “is worthless. Make sure you check out his criminal history before you date this cat. His sheet of domestic batteries is taller than he is! He claimed to love his mama more than anything, but he never gave a damn until she was on her death bed. He claimed to be a good father ~ but only when it doesn”t interfere with gambling and bingo! He does have 3 bikes and a convertible ~ but NONE of them run. He has a gambling addiction that has forced himself into bankruptcy. He loves trailer park broads. And the ones that are bald headed. He screwed a couple broads that work with him at the Hummer H2 plant. His Trailblazer has the coochie juice of many women in it. They are not stains from sour cream from a baked potatoe that fell in his truck after one of his brothers BBQs. Be careful!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 5:36:12 PM - Compare Corban Taylor {Cedar City, UT}: “This guy is the biggest user and liar you”ll ever meet. He tells women what they want to hear and is ok lookin, I guess, I guess, but then he takes you for as much as he can and in the mean time he”s off having sex with any and every girl he can get his hands on, he loves to go after his friend”s wife or girlfriends and then lie to his friends and act like he”s such an understanding friend. He”s a physco and if anyone crosses him he goes after them in every way. Trust me ladies, he”s bad news. his car, he got from a poor lady he took for about 50g”s and couldn”t stand her the whole time..he slept with numerous girls in her bed...don”t let his smooth talk and ok looks throw you off..cuz he will leave you feelin pissed. Ask him what he”s been in jail for..oh and he loves to tweak and do other drugs, so look out ladies..he”s always on the prowl. And if he tries to tell you he”s a big business coniseure, he”s full of crap, he”s broke livin at mommie”s, last we heard. Careful around this one girls..tummy” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 5:37:49 PM - Compare Jason Lemieux {Ottawa, Canada}: “is a convicted criminal, thought you”d never know at first as he”s smarmy and smooth. He contracted herpes by cheating on his wife, and when I met him he told me he was STD~free. I am a nurse, so we both agreed to have blood tests done before we ditched the condoms. He said his were negative. Then I got herpes” “he has been convicted of criminal negligence and has a 9 month house arrest for his actions. Girls, if I can be fooled by him, then anyone can. Pretends to be Dad~of~the~year, but can”t keep up all the acts. He will promise you the world, but really he”s a loser. Save yourself the energy, he”s a real dead end loser” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 5:39:17 PM - Compare Randy Sureman {Kelowna, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada}: “Randy is the player of all players. while in a long term relationship with one girl he was sleeping with the entire mall staff as well as myself. When his girlfriend found out about me he decided that I had to suffer just as much as I made him suffer and harassed me with phone calls, text messages and emails for weeks before, I finally threatened to tell his girl friend about the other girls I KNEW he had slept with at the same time. Crazy thing is, I didn”t even know about his girlfriend until she approached me. He”s a single deadbeat dad who plays the drums. He”s covered in tattoos and LOVES Mike Patton....watch out for this manipulative a......!” SOURCE: dontdatethis.com

6/23/2011 5:41:28 PM - Compare Ben Surufka {Ft Myers, FL}: “Travels around like a tumbleweed and picks up women in bars, racetracks etc. Says he”s from Chicago, but is from dirt~poor southside suburb. Seems nice @first, opening cardoors, paying for everything until he starts borrowing and not paying back. Currently seeing Bonnie from IN, but cheating on her with about 6 women in FL, 2 in KY, 1 in Muncie IN, 1 in Loveland OH, it goes on and on.....You”ll find him@ tiki bar in ft Myers or the dog track or any Fl racetrack. Currently in Ft Myers FL with KY license plate and Wisconson drivers lic. What a deadbeat, no job, no money, but will tell you he has enough money to retire. ha ha. Will try to pass himself off as a big time real estate investor but can”t hold property in his name because of IRS leins. Has Wisconson driver”s li. because of his numerous DUIs, most recent in Albert Lea, Minn. Drinks and gambles away every dime that crosses his palm and thinks of nothing more than where he is going to stick his little needledick next” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 5:42:21 PM - Compare Joshua Supak {Richmond/Morgantown, VA}: “{1} This man has no interest in having a real relationship with anyone. All he does is meet women online, and have casual sex with them {2} He is a compulsive liar. Can not tell the truth as far as I can throw him {3} Has made plans and not showed up {4}Awful in bed, literally lasts two seconds. Overall, if you are concerned about your health.. do not mingle with this ***” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 5:44:26 PM - Compare Clyde Adolphus Taylor {West Hartford, CT}: “Currently in West Hartford, CT, but may be headed for Norfolk, VA {his hometown}. At the present time there are 5 ladies who have joined forces to out this guy. He is a predator. He”s looking for single mothers, so he can look like a hero. He bonds with your children, and then leaves you to explain his disappearance. He promises you the sun, moon and stars, and delivers NOTHING. Actually, he”s had some of us pay his bills. One has paid his rent, and one has paid his son”s college tuition. He proposed to one because his lease was up on his apartment and he had no place else to go. He makes a good salary, so we can”t figure out where the money is going and why he can”t pay his bills. He”ll let you pay, so watch out. He was seeing 5 of us at the same time {that we know of} and each of us thought we were the only one. We”re pretty sure there are more. 2 in Connecticut, 1 in Indiana, and we know that there are others in Texas, Washington State and Florida. His job allows him to travel extensively and often, so we”re pretty sure that his victims are strung out all across the country. He travels to most of the major cities in the US, and we know that he looks for hook~ups in these cities. He also likes to troll the following websites ctsingles.com, match.com, blackplanet.com, and blackpeoplemeet.com. He claims to be a Christian, but hasn”t attended church for quite some time. Lied to one of us that said she was a Christian so he”ll tell you anything to get what he wants. He becomes whatever you want him to be, says what he thinks you want to hear, and then fulfills NONE of the promises he makes. If his lips are moving, he”s lying. Beware of this one. He”s smooth” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/23/2011 5:46:03 PM - Compare Nate Levit {Pittsburgh; Hilltop; Homewood, PA}: “always manages to keep a woman, a lame *** woman at that. You would think he would have a star history but his background says kibbles and bits! Had Carla *** up, Shay, Kendra, now he”s wifying lil Sheen from Homewood what the *** is that *** about maybe he likes her cause nasty Nate likes his women bisexual so maybe that”s why he”s with her, but that *** be in the past time that”s his spot and the *** be on his dick everywhere anyway, so I guess you can call him an official dont date him girl cheater SHEEN sleeps with him every night!” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/23/2011 5:47:49 PM - Compare Steve Leventeris {LIC, NY}: “That disgusting little meat head on the right is unreal! And not in a good way. He”s actually not into women. He”s a spineless loser who wouldn”t know what to do with a woman”s vagina even if it came with a handbook of instructions. He also has the sensitivity of an alley cat – doesn”t know how to treat a human being. A real pig!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 5:51:57 PM - Compare Mike/Micheal Leon {Hammond, IN}: “Micheal Leon is actively searching for love on myspace. I was basically forced into this relationship because my parents kicked me out when I was 17 and I had no where to go but to move out with him. We shared a apartment together for 3 years. He would never help out when it came to money and instead spent all of his earnings on expensive records from ebay ranging in $5~$500. There would never be help coming from him physically as well, I was finding myself doing all the work dishes laundry, cooking, everything. I was never treated well by this person and he ever took me on a date once, instead made me pay half of the meal when going out to eat. He manipulates you into thinking he means well he does NOT, by telling you he did work in the house etc. He wants kids, but he cannot take care of himself, for example his personal hygiene. He would not take showers for days, and would smell grotesque. He is not looking for a girlfriend or love, he is looking for another mom/caretaker. Micheal says he loves animals especially because he is a vegetarian. This I feel is not true, Micheal had told me that he would routinely hit my parents dog when nobody was around to release anger, and said this to me in a crying confession. Micheal would be classified as a deadbeat because if it weren”t for my dad he wouldn”t have a car, and was jobless for months {which is fine} but did not look or attempt to look for work while having bills to pay. His family is full of backstabbers, {but his mom is nice, but she had enough of dealing with him.} His dad is a 50 year old creepy man who supplies Mike with porn all the time and does not care for his wellbeing and left him while he was young. {I have nothing against porn but a parent should not supply it for their kid}The rest of his family is stuck up and racist, they did not talk to me or address me while I was present because I”m white. Micheal also has an addictive personality, if he”s not addicted to one thing, he will go to the next, for example, if not porn, he will go to buying things in excess, if not that it will be food, he would secretly eat candy bars ad fattening food behind my back, treating me as if I were his parent, I would find all kinds of wrappers in his car hidden, it was strange. Micheal stole a lot of my stuff during me moving out of the apartment including my car radio, and other home appliances. Micheal also buys liquor for underage kids and hangs out with underage kids on a regular basis, only because they might share the same music interests. Please do not give this person the time of day he will screw you over, he is looking for a mom. Also, I found out from a friend he had a rebound girlfriend right after me and she dumped him asap for the same reasons. Here is his page http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=7213734” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 5:53:04 PM - Compare Sean Leon {Lewisville/ Dallas, College Station}: “has at LEAST six children by as many women. He is paying child support on NONE of them. He repeatedly raped me, my cousin, my friends... and made us all believe that we either deserved it or gave him permission to do it” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 5:54:31 PM - Compare Ive/Ivan Leonard {Pittsburgh, PA}: “He”s a liar, cheater, manipulator. He uses girls for their money!! He cheated on his wife! He said he joined the army, he said he makes 6000 a month, he promises your the only one important in his life and when time gets tough with him and you help him out he never pays you back! He owes me over 3000 dollars!! He”s inconsiderate and selfish and treats women like **** and plays games with them til he gets what he wants from them! Ivan is a big liar, manipulator, and player. He plays with women”s emotions to get what he wants and uses them for money and sex and for other things. He is very selfish! He only cares about his needs and no one else!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 5:56:25 PM - Compare Jeffrey/Jeff Leonard {Philadelphia, PA}: “This guy is a con~artist and player in every sense of the word. He loves to find chicks online, since he has no job and no money, he lays up in his mama”s house with nothing but time to surf the internet for his next victim. He loves the thick white girls. He”ll come across like a DREAM! He”ll be the nicest guy you can imagine, saying all the right things, telling you that he wants to prove he”s the only one for you, telling you he”s going to be the best man you”ve ever had, and how he”s been looking for you his whole life and you”re the one he”s been waiting for. In reality, he”s a loser. Can”t keep a job, has a drinking problem, has no car, no money, lives with his mama and mooches off women. He”ll want to fast track the relationship and live with you within a month of knowing you, telling you you”re going to be his wife and have his babies. You”ll believe it because you WANT to believe it but don”t! ITS ALL LIES!” “This cat has at least 2~3 chicks on standby at all times. As previously mentioned, he has no job, so he”ll get women lined up all over the country, spend hours talking to them on the phone, scrape up just enough money selling weed to fly out and see them, then move on to the next one ~~ thinking he”ll never get caught. STATS: 32 years old, 6ft5, 300lbs http://www.myspace.com/147041576” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 5:58:10 PM - Compare Reggie/Reginald C. Leuty, aka “Jason Williams” {Spring Valley, Chula Vista, Sunnyvale all over San Diego, CA and DFW Texas}: “is a serial cheater, I dated him for over 2 yrs and he said his ex gf was his roommate. But he”s been living with Shannon M. McDowell for well over 9yrs and they are still very much a couple. When he was caught cheating the first time, he had at least 7 women he was dating. The second time he put several ads on craigslist to find cougars, bbws, and asian women. When I dumped him I found out about his gf he had in Texas for over 7yrs, but he kept telling me and everyone else he was going home to see family 4 times a year on holidays and his birthday. He has no male friends all his friends are females, either gfs, *** buddies, or women he is persuing, he can”t just be friends. When he is caught he says that these women were “just friends who fell in Love with him”. He acts very feminine, is concerned about the way he dresses, we all think he is bisexual. He always pushes for blow jobs and loves to stick dildos in his ***. He will tell you what you want to hear, but he is always on his cell phone with his live in gf or any other prospects. He is into going to the movies, plants and reptiles. He had an Asian fetish for awhile, he is originally from Texas so he has the accent” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 5:59:13 PM - Compare Chris/Christopher Lester {Jacksonville, FL}: “beware of Chris from Haines City, FL. He”s a liar, cheater, and broke as hell. All he wants to do is play Madden, smoke weed, and hang out in the streets. He stays in and out of jail 24/7. He can”t keep job, a car, or a place to stay. All he does is live off women. If you see he coming, run for the hills!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 6:00:10 PM - Compare Ron Leverone {Newport Beach, CA}: “[twice] divorced father of 4. Ultimate liar and cheater. Says he is looking for a a relationship, but is just looking for sex. Can”t take care of himself nor his children. Alcoholic and verbally as well as physically abusive. Can say the words commitment and relationship but have no idea what they mean” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 6:01:29 PM - Compare Steve LeSueur {Portland, ME}: “I went out with Steve for a little over a month before I realized that he was a complete *** and got really rude/mean when he was drunk. I found out from his ex~fiancée”s best friend that he cheated on her more than once. He would never admit he cheated on her, his best friend Jeremy ended up having to tell her that Steve was cheating on her more than once. That is just the icing on the cake to how bad he was to her~~he is a lying, cheating, evil man. Don”t let any of your friends get close to him. He lies and will cheat. He denies anything and doesn”t take responsibility for ANYTHING” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 6:03:09 PM - Compare Richard Lessig {Gilbert, AZ}: “This guy has the appearance that he is very wealthy. Lives in a community with a country club, tells you he owns several businesses {medical staffing, pearl imports}, only wears Versace, Armani, etc... In all reality, he picks up women on Match.com to swindle money from them as an “investment” in his businesses. You will never see the money again!” “He TRIED it with me, but I am not that naive. However, I met another woman he did it to and she informed me of yet another woman who was recently bilked out of $25,000. He is a very smooth talker {but a smart woman can pick up on the discrepancies}. I know he is now looking for someone to “invest” in his aviation business ~ he needs money for flight training school. He tends to go after Asian women, however, I am white. We also believe he may be married. This other gal said she found a pair of high platform shoes in his house in the bathroom. He claims his sister lives there sometimes, but no one has ever seen this “sister” ” SOURCE: dontdatethis.com

6/23/2011 6:04:28 PM - Compare Peter Sundström {örkelljunga, Sweden}: “My friend had a relationship {if you can call it that} with this one. He”s a compulsive liar and a manipulator!! He lies about everything! He tells you made up stories about what a hero he was being in afghanistan as a soldier and so on~ he”s never been there!~ my friend found out about all of his lies. And all the time he made up stories about that he didn”t have any money, so my friend send him money ~ now afterward we found out that he owes a lot of money to many people ~ she will probably never get the money back. He is a psychopath and said that he was against drugs~ found out later he”s been in jail for SELLING drugs! Basically~ he”s really sick ~ and if you see him – don”t believe his lies ~ and RUN!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 6:06:32 PM - Compare Brent L''Esperance {Vancouver, BC}: “Age: 35” “Occupation: drug Addict/deadbeat dad” “TROUBLE!” “On the run from having to pay child support. Was last known to be in B.C. This guy thinks he”s a modern day Cassanova. Not at all what he appears to be. Good looking, presentable etc... The kind of guy that deceives very well. He is an IV drug addict, abusive, gets women pregnant and runs, spreading STDs, has Hep C and more than likely AIDS. Anyone knowing this guy”s whereabouts please leave info in comments” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

6/23/2011 6:08:06 PM - Compare Toney Leonard, aka “marcus” {Akron, OH} : “Sorry to say but I had dated and lived w/ this man for over a year. He will not work and does not want to do anything but party and you buy him things” “he will cheat~steal~lie and beat on a woman, he does have a domestic violence record due to hitting me. He has done this several times in over a years time. He will take and never give back. Nor does understand the concept of be responsible for his own actions. So in light of all that he put me thru and SOME of his family. Being beat when you”re sick and I mean sick and running around on a woman that does everything under the sun to make him happy and show love. He is no good. The hitting will never stop, nor will it with the next girl” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 6:10:16 PM - Compare Keith Lentz {New Port Richey}: “He is a swinger and does not reveal this to you until it is too late” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 6:11:45 PM - Compare Richard Lentz {Vernon, FL}: “This guy is a BIG liar and he has a history of abuse towards women in Florida and Wisconsin. He owes back taxes and back child support. He will give you a sob story and he will make you believe he has been used and abused by all his exes. I can promise you he has been the abuser in some form. He is still married right now but that will be over soon and thank GOD I am getting getting him out of my life now. I am telling you to beware of him” SOURCE: dontdatethis.com

6/23/2011 6:13:01 PM - Compare Jamie/James Leslie {London}: “Cheats on every girlfriend. Uses them for money, sex, gifts. Will use his bad credit excuse to put all bills/purchases in your name and will leave you will a bill. Will borrow money and will either never pay it back or take a long time to do so if you”re on good terms with him. Will lie about everything! From where he is to who he”s talking to, to who he”s sleeping with. Has spread STDs and doesn”t care at all” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 6:14:38 PM - Compare Michael Levick {San Antonio, TX} : “as of 822009 Run a background search on him in Texas and New Mexico. 8 DWIs Wanted for parole violation in Texas Bench warrant outstanding in New Mexico for failure to appear on 8th DWI which he received only 2 months short of completing 2 years on parole for DWI. Spent 2 years in jail sentenced to 4 for DWI and felony theft. Violent with women. Borderline Personality Disorder. Very charming cowboy goodlooking. His own family says he can sell ice to an eskimo. Moves VERY fast at the beginning of a relationship. Look up a personality disorder called The Permanent Clinger he fits this description. He will overwhelm a woman with attention, flattery, chivalry but will expect and then demand her FULL attention. He will become paranoid and jealous. He will overreact to innocent things. He is very unstable and becomes increasingly violent over the course of the relationship. He has been married 2 times but will not talk about the first marriage. He has a child from the 2nd marriage. After that, he had a pattern of living with women and getting them pregnant. The first after his 2nd marriage resulted in a miscarriage. The relationship before he went to jail ended up leaving her pregnant. He lost all parental rights to this child. He will not tell people about it. His past is a secret and he will NOT want to talk about it. In turn, he won”t want to hear about your history because that would mean he would have to share his. Please be very careful. He is also very promiscuous and not discriminating when choosing partners. HE HAS HERPES use extreme caution. I have been tested and all other results came back negative” SOURCE: womansavers.com

6/23/2011 6:17:14 PM - Compare Marlon Lesfloris {Brooklyn, NY}: “Age: 33” “Race: Black” “I am one of several victims of this man Marlon Lesfloris, who enjoys establishing relationships with several woman at the same time I was one of 7. Marlon is an extremely charming person. He come across as extremely sincere he will do what is necessary to get your guard down to get you to fall in love with him he makes you feel like it”s just you and him and will tell you such. In the beginning he will spend so much time with you, call you constantly, spend money on you, be there for you whatever you need he does it. Once he has you then you”ll hear the constant excuses his first excuse when you ask to come to his house is that he lives with his aunt and she”s ignorant and doesn”t like anyone other than people from St. Lucia so to avoid problems he just doesn”t bring people over there he will come to your functions on occasion get close with your family and friends. Next excuse is that he”s working nights. He”ll tell you that he”s going out to help tow cars with a friend who has a tow truck or that he”s helping his friends fix there cars or that he has personal customers that he does jobs for this is all believable because Marlon is extremely skilled and handy in several fields he does locksmith, plumbing, mechanic, painting, & many more. If Marlon ends your time together early or cancels your plans he will tell you it”s because his stomach is or was bothering him. Marlon has a specific group of friends that he hangs out with beware ladies he will introduce you to these friends and you will hang out with them he”ll also bring you to his job but it”s all lies because they will smile in your face knowing that you”re just one of many. He”ll also use that his aunt is sick and he has to always accompany or take her to the hospital lies, when you question why can”t you come to his house, he”ll tell you that he doesn”t want his aunt to call his mother and upset her because she”s sick” “I can”t forget his so called godfather that you”ll never see. But he always have to go to functions with him or be there for him because he”s had a stroke or something. Marlon is extremely skilled at telling sob stories to convince you to help him with something. If you question him about stuff that doesn”t seem right he gets angrier than you and will tell you “I am a straightforward person and I will tell you if I don”t want to be with you” .. don”t believe the lies ladies or just like me you will be one of many notches on his belt and will learn the hard way that he is nothing but a user and a cheat” SOURCE: dontdatethis.com

6/23/2011 6:19:07 PM - Compare GT Keenan Levant {Brooklyn, NY Japan}: “I met this man while we were stationed in Korea. He told me that he was in a marriage of convenience and trying to end it. That was a lie. Turns out he”s married with children. He wooed me and awed me. I got pregnant, he got ghost. Now he is in Japan living the life. He lied to me about his whereabouts. I had to track him down on the internet. Don”t fall for him. He”ll grow tired of you and toss you to the side” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 6:22:09 PM - Compare Leroy {Chicago, IL}: “Yes, Sexy Chocolate off Myspace. Leroy yes I met Leroy off of myspace just to see what was going on with him. This man have nice sexy picture but don”t fall for that body and that bible reading ***. I chatted with him for about two weeks and all this dude kept talking about is how his girl get on his nerve that he is tired of her and her nagging. Talking about how he want to get up with me, he don”t know me from dirt. Yeah this dude got two baby mamas. I don”t know how many kids, he talk about his first baby mama talking about he don”t deal with her cause she don”t want to do nothing with her life. To me her life is about her kids. Look on his page you will see his first baby mama Mz.ladycakes. He second baby mama is his first friend. I think he live with her cause how could someone nagg you and get on your nerves so much if you lived by yourself. Yeah he said he got his own crib in Glen Ellyn, he said that he own a Charger yeah right that *** probably don”t even have a car. That”s why he broadcasting simi porno on myspace he probably a broke as ***. He talk about how he confuse cause there too many good looking women out there to be tied down. This *** need to deal with the two women in his life instead of trying to get up with ***es of Myspace. Yeah if anyone reads this his myspace profile name is Sexy Chocolate. Just look under Leroy if you from Chicago, put your zipcode and put 50 miles and his picture will pop up as sexy chocolate. If you see him on the street run!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/23/2011 6:23:39 PM - Compare Jeff Lerner{Sunrise, Boca Raton, FL}: “I met Jeff on POF and was in an exclusive relationship with him for 6 months before that I invested 2 months emailing back and forth with him, and one month talking on the phone before meeting. We finally met in June 2009. We hit it off wonderfully, or so I thought and saw each other every week~end from the day we met, and spoke a minimum of once a day on the phone. A couple of months ago I felt a shift in the relationship, but I put it down to the fact that he was under a lot of stress from being laid off his job, so I left it alone and patiently waited for him to get over his stress. Since I was starting to fall for him, I decided to do what was necessary to protect my heart {all is fair in love and war}{ and I checked whether he was back on POF. Was I in for a surprise ... I started off with googling his POF I.d., which I knew off by heart, and from there I was able to find his other I.d.”s. He is active on pof, jdate, yahoo personals, afroromance, matchmaker, matchdoctor, tangowire, metrodate. All his profiles were active within hours and in one case, he was online at the time of my search. I think he uses us as stepping stones to bigger and better things. Date him if you must, but just be wary of what you”re up against” SOURCE: DDHG

6/24/2011 8:40:47 AM - Compare Michael Estevez {Key West, FL}: “what another girl posted but took down: “This man uses people, especially women. He will use them for sex, money, and even a place to stay. He”ll lie to your face and tell you that he really likes you and that he is not using you. He says the whole “I don”t want a girlfriend right now” speech and calls you a friend but will snuggle up to you like he loves you. He”s only using you until something better {at least by his definiton of “better”} comes along. BEWARE! This smooth talker will even tell you he wants to have a baby with you. I”ve known him for 10 years and he has never changed. He has absolutely no conscience. NONE” “He does not care if he hurts you and he never will. He”s out to get what he wants and will lie about anything to get it” “he has had at least 3 Orders of Protection against him in his life, including one from his own father. Most of his immediate family distrusts him, doesn”t like him, and wishes he would just go away. He cheats, too. On EVERYONE! He cheated on his first wife with his second wife and he cheated on his second wife with his current girlfriend” “Then there are the countless girls in between his wives and girlfriends that he has used and cheated on” “He is on the “down low”. That means...he likes to have sex with guys every once in awhile. He”s had a friend named Anthony since November 2006 that lives in the Miami Homestead, Florida area. Right now, Mr. Estevez is a tow truck driver. So when he doesn”t take a girl with him on his tows to the Miami area, he”ll meet up with Anthony for some action. Even the current girlfriend has been heard saying, “If I can”t date the best because they”re already taken, why not date the worst.” Let”s just say this guy is a bad seed and everyone, women and men, should stay away” “He”s a liar, a thief, and a cheat. Always has been. Always will be. His girlfriend thinks he is so in love, but he has already cheated on her with a little girl named Tiffany. And this time her own boyfriend witnessed her screw Michael on a late night tow to Miami for a Zeferhills water truck because she said she wanted to screw Michael and she wanted her boyfriend to watch. Gross! Now she”s pregnant and in jail and guess who the daddy might be! He carries on an affair with another little freak named Kelly. Yeah B, guess who”s at your house when you”re not? Michael tells other girls that he only stays with his girlfriend because her baby might be his but we know he is not. He will say anything to get what he wants. He wants to be with his xwife so bad that he tried like hell to charm her before she got remarried. If you ever wondered what was going on with him in July and the beginning of August Janine, it was Michael taking Shanna a 6pack and trying to talk to her. You are a fool to think he will ever be faithful and you should know that everyone in town knows that he screwed Tiffany and let her boyfriend watch. People have been laughing at you for months and Michael has been threatening or trying to charm everyone so they wouldn”t tell you. Now that he got fired from his towing job, things might seem more stable but that never lasts long. So go ahead and make plans to marry, have babies, move to Georgia with this man. You”ll only be hurting yourself like you”ve already hurt those who cared about you enough to tell you the truth or want to be there for you.” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile

6/24/2011 8:41:52 AM - Compare Adam Evans {Albuquerque, NM}: “Please I am cautioning anyone who does get in a relationship with this unstable person. He is black with green eyes. His birthday is march 10th 1982. He was heavy set but was skinnier when he got out of jail. Unless he has received extensive help and counseling you should not get involved with him. He has anger issues and is abusive, and not healthy in the head. I was lucky and finally able to get away from him after six years with my life. I tried to get him convicted but the New Mexico courts are full of it and don”t really do anything to help anyone with domestic violence the protection they give is useless so...you have to protect yourself! If you decide to stay with him I can only say good luck and I hope you turn out better than I do” SOURCE: DDHG

6/24/2011 8:42:18 AM - Compare Barrie Evans {Oakland, CA}: “This guy is the biggest piece of ***. After being warned by many of his ex friends I wasted 4 years of my life with him. Things were actually pretty good between us we even talked about marriage and got an apartment together. That is until a fugly tranny started *** with me and told me about their relationship. Of course, he denied everything and after repeatedly lying to my face I forgave him. Until today, the tranny”s boyfriend called me and told me everything. Barrie was not only sleeping with that ***, there are photos to prove the whole incident including their posting on craigslist to find a 3rd person for their STD infested threesome. Despite the fact that Barrie is pushing 50 years old he is still trying to hook young girls. He is a big loser who lives on workers compensation. After 30+ years of struggling in the music industry he is still trying to hit the jack pot. He plays base in a band called Plan9 and sings in Christ on Parade and Hellybillys. He likes to give oral sex, but is way too rough and sucks at it. If you were to ever meet this person, no matter how he tries to make himself look innocent as to the reason why he has no real friends believe me, he has mental issues and should get professional help. He is a sick..sick ~ sick person” “This guy takes cheating to the next level. Not only is he pushing 50, has nothing going for him. He has no job and after 30+ years of failure in the music industry he is still trying to play rock start picking up on girls that can be his daughter”s age. He is a complete douche bag. Not only did he cheat on me with a tranny, he took photos and videos of their sick sex escapade and even tried to invite a 3rd party on craigslist to join. Whatever you do, do not date him. He gives painful head and can”t *** for ***, all you will get out of him is a BATCH of VD” SOURCE: DDHG

6/24/2011 8:43:24 AM - Compare Massimo Leonardo, aka “Max” {Every city, US, Italy} : “We have been married 4 years and together 6 years during this time he has cheated on me at least once a month! Right now he took a trip to Rome, From Sicily, and took this girl along with him. We have two children together that he cares nothing about, but will be online for hours chatting with other women while paying no attention to his children. He lies about what he has in order to impress and will cheat on anyone and everyone that he is with!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/24/2011 8:43:57 AM - Compare John Leontaritis {Stafford} : “He purposely did not tell me he had a wife. He gave me 2 STDs and when I confronted him about it he said the doctor was confused and had mis~diagnosed me. If anyone knows his wife, please let her know she needs to get tested right away” SOURCE: DDHG

6/24/2011 8:44:58 AM - Compare Steve/Steven LePage {Tulsa, Pryor, Claremore, OK Dallas, TX}: “Works at Pelco in Claremore, lived in Dallas, moved to Pryor where he was married for 5 years, recently moved to Tulsa to live near me. He cheated through his whole marriage, and I just talked with the ex wife, and found out he cheated on me with her during our 4 months together. Steven is a major game player, liar, and cheater. He can look you in the eye and lie and never blink. He will lie about how much money he spends on you, he is a major braggart. He”ll lie about everything, and he will move fast, and is a great sweet talker. He”ll tell you he loves you and treat you great, or so you think. It”s the lies and the cheating you will find out about later. I”ll answer any questions you have about him. He”s 6ft4, weighs about 230, recently lost a lot of weight. He”s 38 until February” SOURCE: DDHG

6/24/2011 8:45:58 AM - Compare Marc Lerebours, aka “Marc Eddy” {Boston, MA}: “Marc Lerebours is a “Christian” who thinks he is God”s gift to women. He is charismatic, funny and charming. But most of all he is a liar and full of deceit. We had a 1.5 year relationship and then I found out he had a “Christian” girlfriend who he had dated off and on for 2 years. He is a sorry excuse for a man. In the time we were together he went above and beyond with trips, broadway shows dinners... The works. But in the end he was living a lie. He will lie until proven guilty and even then he will try to lie” SOURCE: DDHG

6/24/2011 8:46:50 AM - Compare Richard “leryck” {Quebec, Canada}: “This guy won”t disclose his personal info and gets mad if you ask any questions while telling you bunk about how he thinks about you. Pesters one for pictures of you and especially nude shots then calls you every name in the book and that you”re a lowlife and not worth his time. After looking up his profiles on cached pages and other sites I found that his story changes regularly. He gets jealous and you”ve never met or even heard his voice and he likes to tell you what to do in your own life. Admits to being short tempered and jumping to conclusions. He picks out older women mostly” SOURCE: dontdatethis.com

6/24/2011 8:47:23 AM - Compare Dylan Lerner {Penticton}: “goes after single mothers, takes them for everything then dumps them for the next one, he”s a user and a liar and a cheater, watch out ladies!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/24/2011 8:48:25 AM - Compare Jason Lescault {Corinth, NY}: “He is very very abusive! Physically, mentally and every other way possible. He has put me in the hospital 2x”s from beating me so badly. Broken noses, broken jaw and countless bruises all over the body. Not to mention all the emotional damage he has caused me and my family. We dated for almost 2 yrs. and have been broken up for almost 1 yr. and he still bothers me. I have had him arrested several times in the past year. He has even ruined every possible relationship because of his rage, jealousy and his constant need to control every part my life. He started by treating me like gold and then about 2 months later it became abusive and controlling and the first time he hit me it wasn”t going to happen again. But he always made me believe it was my fault. He had me believing I was worthless and no one would want me. I can”t even tell you how many times he threatened to kill me. THE POINT IS DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH HIM AND DON”T ALLOW ANY OF THE WOMEN IN YOUR FAMILY TO, EITHER!” “HE IS DANGEROUS!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/24/2011 8:49:40 AM - Compare Stan/Stanley Lessard {Port Huron/Croswell, MI}: “Stan is a serial cheater. He has several girlfriends {3 at last count}who live at least an hours drive away. He is a slumlord and works on his apartments, works at the Poletown Plant in Hamtramck and works a lot of “overtime”. He has a lot of unaccounted time on his hands. Even if you kept him on a short leash. He visits a lot of his “relatives out of state” a lot and spends massive amounts of time with his grown children. He has raffish good looks and seems quite charming. Clues: I”m a Gemini and I have a double personality, factory rat and slumlord. My wife left me for another man. Said I was selfish and unfeeling {big clue there}. Amongst other things. He speaks in generalizations and you cannot take him literally for what he says” SOURCE: DDHG

6/24/2011 8:50:35 AM - Compare Pat/Patrick Surgeon {Greensboro, NC}: “This man is a liar! He is 29 years old and lives with his parents. He searches for women with their own places because he needs somewhere to hang out. He prefers women with children because he figures that they will not come out at night to look for him. He is a drunk!! He dresses like a hood rat because he is one. He will try to speak intelligently to hide the fact that he isn”t very smart. He is going no where in life. Beware!” SOURCE: DDHG

6/24/2011 8:55:12 AM - Compare Damon Deich {Borden, IN}: “I hope all you girls out their don”t fall for this A~1 con artist, he lies about everything, yes everything, from employment, which he has none, on disability for bipolar. Lives on welfare section 8 in a doublewide that his mom owns and collects section 8 on, well she runs his life, tells him who and what he can and can”t do, and controls his money, givin him 25.00 a day, etc. but they will tell you different, he will tell you he owns rental real estate and pro boxer, and she is 2 faced she only likes girls with $$ and if you lose your job like I did, she evicts you and calls the police and you have know idea whats goin on. Or if you have an opinion and you don”t stand there and let her down grade you and cuss you, and you stand up for yourself, she calls the police and lies to them accuses you of going to do something to her house, at least that”s what the police told me, not counting his cheating on me 8 times well 9 counting this last one, and he damn sure don”t tell anybody about his STDs herpies and genital warts, {I was very lucky not to have caught them} I have proof of everything I”ve stated, we were together almost 6 years and he asked me to marry him the first time 2yrs ago on april fools day and that made me the fool and the joke, just like I am now, then he asked me 3 more times before dropping the bomb on me when I had to relocate for work when he said he was moving with me. He has hurt me so bad, but I”m not