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Guy Details for  Everett Raymond Brown jr

Number of Times Viewed:  19754
The photo, which, I think was taken while Jay Brown was living with, or married to, his first wife, Pattie, that I will upload later, attached to this profile, is posted in hopes that any gay man, who might have sexed him back then, might recognize him, and post a comment, or post his own profile about when and where he sexed Jay Brown. I previously posted this photo on the Don’t Date This Guy web site, in hopes of same, but that web site is “temporarily unavailable”, and has been down for a couple of weeks. I hope that I can upload it in an upright position, when I do,at least, to have it appear upright, unlike happened with my profiles on him, on the Don''t Date This Guy web site. Please see other profiles on this site and on others, for example, on dontdatehimgirl.com, for EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR , his legal name, otherwise known as JAY BROWN, and his nickname was “Junior” I profiled him on DDHG as JUNIOR BROWN, too. I also profiled him as JAY BROWN, several times, with several photos, including ones not shown on DDHG, on the Don’t Date This Guy web site, but that site has been “temporarily unavailable” for at least two weeks now. I seriously believe that this male is a SOCIOPATH.
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5/1/2010 12:56:24 PM - give it a rest. you made your point. this is just spam.

5/4/2010 12:50:55 PM - spam............................

6/17/2010 8:46:03 PM - why don't you just stick to outing the guy you actually KNOW, instead of Spamming the site with information thats already online ? or start your own site.

11/14/2010 5:26:34 AM - This is just an ongoing post of women that hate men. Get a life girls? And a vibrator.

1/1/2011 10:37:05 PM - Oh Honeydid you just learn how to copy and paste? Hang onto that as that''ll help you in the job market. Actually, maybe not. As often as you copy from them to post into here it''s a good bet you are already unemployed. But keep those skills up and fresh! And Thank You for making a small portion of the DDHG website now searchable where it wasn''t before. Or didn''t you know that? Or, more likely, are you one of the favorite numbers of Mr. Jay Brown, and now you''re pissed off that he''s been OUTED and that upset you?? Awww, poor cheater. Well, just wait for the job market to come around for you..

1/28/2011 10:59:29 AM - Compare Jose Diaz, aka “Joe”, “Homo”, “Fudge packa” {Brooklyn, NY}: “Age: 49” “Joe01745 on FB” “I am gay, love wrinkled old men. My son Ryan 17 yrs old is a spoiled rat who loves to smoke pot, and to top it off my mother Evelyn is a lesbian to her butt ugly lover Carmen” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=28324


1/28/2011 11:02:33 AM - Compare Vinny Dias {RI MA}: “Ladies...please run from this psychotic man. I was married to him...wish I had this site before I did. Vinny is a borderline personality disorder....He is beautiful and charming and you will think you have met your soulmate. Too good to be true right? Yes. Everything he ever told me was a lie. He seemed vulnerable and sensitive...he would cry all the time. When I met him I was attractive, confident and wealthy with a great life. 1 year after being with him I was broke, insecure, a physical mess...my own friends and family didnt recognize me anymore...It was like I needed an intervention from a man that supposedly loved me. He lied and manipulated me and islolated me from all my friends and family. He is a vampire....he will slowly mentally, emotionally and physically abuse you...until he has sucked the life right out of you. He abuses drugs and alcohol...he was secretively having sex with other men...using my money to buy prostitutes. He obsessively made racist remarks toward gay men and black women...but when the truth came out he was having sex with both. He has several domestic violence charges against him...public record look it up. Im one of them. He gets off the charge every time. If you have small children beware...I dont have proof but I think he molested his daughter...when I met him he had his 5 year old daughter sleeping with him every night...she would sit on the sofa with us and constantly want to play with his penis...she would go in my closet and get my high heels on and come out and dance naked for him...a 5 year old ?? The signs are there. Ladies please..do your homework on this guy..the facts are there..I wish I had this site before I married him...be safe” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:03:20 AM - Compare Brear Diamone, aka Diamond {Baltimore, MD}: “Hello my name is Diamone I meet Jason on Blackplanet. Jasons screen name is H0tlikehell1. He has a girlfriend, however he has slept with and continues to sleep with anyone that will show him so attention. recently Jason told me that he is into transexuals and that he enjoys sleeping with and performing oral sex on them. If you have slept with him go get tested immediately. He doesn”t like using condoms and literally has sex all day long. I thank god for saving me from making a mistake that would have killed me” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:03:56 AM - Compare Trent, aka “Doc” {San Antonio, TX}: “plays a good game but be very carefull. He is a drunk and an abuser, closet gay bi He is married but abandoned his sick wife” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:05:42 AM - Compare John Coe {Scottsdale, AZ}: “Age: 68” “Occupation: Consultant” “This person is a con artist and a fraud. He claims he is 63~65 years old on various dating sites. He is a pathological liar, a sociopath, narcissist, and addicted to porn. This creep spends most of his day viewing young girls involved in dangerous acts, on the internet. His greeting on various dating sites is “Rich Man Seeks Travel Partner”. He presents himself as a successful speaker and author. But don”t believe him. He hasn”t got a dime, and everyone he comes in contact with, is cheated on, taken advantage of and left with their self image and bank account shattered. He has been married at least three times. The wives all worked full time, and each time he abandoned his wife/child, and left them homeless and peniless. He will forge your name on documents and talk you in to getting a credit card, stating he will pay the balance. Don”t believe it. He won”t. He has several judgments and warrants against him. He loves to brag about his MBA, but trust me ladies, he admitted under oath that he does not have one. Oh, and his “package” is so tiny, you can”t find it ~ and it doesn”t work” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

1/28/2011 11:07:10 AM - Compare Reid Cockrell {Ocala, FL}: “has a problem with pornography. He looks at what I deem to be “deviant” porn. You name it, he”s into it... Pregnant women, MILFs, underage girls from 14 and up, bestiality. I saw it all on his computer searches and on burnt CDs. He also has a criminal record for this. Look it up in the Clerk of Courts. Steven Reid Cockrell. He”s very immature when it comes to taking care of his business. He is irresponsible. He also has a temper. He might be good looking but don”t judge this book by its cover, girls” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:08:10 AM - Compare Gudmundur Jonsson unknown whereabouts: “This religious nutjob is heavily into BDSM and seducing young girls by telling them that his manly fluids have healing properties. Beware: He likes anal, but only if he”s on the receiving end” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:09:41 AM - Compare Wayne Jones {Cottage Grove, OR}: "Knowing this man was the worst experience of my life! He is a liar, a very twisted, negative person, and a...well, let's just say that you would not want him around your daughters, your granddaughters, or as a neighbor. He also is one of those that no matter if you are dating, living together or married to him, he just keeps right on searching on dating services and lying to you about it" "a know it all, a boring bragger" , and a...well, let's just say that you don't want him to watch your daughters grow up, or be around your granddaughters, or have him as a neighbor if you have young girls. There is proof of this. The entire time that I was with him, he lied to me about everything he could. He is on a lot of dating services ~ myspace, yahoo personals, matchmaker, match, true, adultfriendfinder, and has two profiles of his little tiny wee wee on sexsearch.com. He uses bigspud69, but there is nothing big about it. He is so limp without his viagra, he can barely get it up, unless he is looking at little girls. This is one sick, twisted guy. His whole life is rutting around on the internet and at the same time he is telling you that he loves you several times a day. He loves one night stands and casual sex. He thinks women are just a hole. He thinks he is so charming and will tell you everything that he thinks you would like to hear. Whether he is dating, or living together, or married, he continues to communicate with other women on the internet. He reads their profiles and emails and IMs them all the while lying about it to you. Even when he got caught, he would just lie or click off of the screen and say what are you talking about. Watch out for tape recording devices in the bedroom without your knowledge. I found one where he recorded us having sex without my knowledge or permission. His last wife and I both divorced him for almost the same reasons within three years and we both found pictures of her daughter that he had that were inappropriate. There is a lot more, but I think you get the picture. If you meet this man, RUN!!! He is nothing but lies and a world of hurt� SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:11:35 AM - Compare Jon Leigh Huseby {Tacoma, WA}: “Lying is first nature to this guy. He lies about how much money he makes at Microsoft, claiming he makes much more than he actually does. Gets bored within a month of a relationship and starts cheating. of not sooner usually with multiple women. Cheats all the time and never feels bad about it, lies easily and constantly will call you every bad name in the book, uses women and goes through them fast. He”ll tell you he loves you after 2~3 weeks. Falls in “love” quickly. Has hacked into email and cell phone accounts, checks your cell phone all the time for messages, but gets pissed if you do the same {that”s only because there”s always messages to and from other girls} Has posted nude pics of an ex girlfriend with all her contact info just because he got pissed. DO NOT LET THIS GUY TAKE NUDE PICS OF YOU!! He”ll keep them, hide them on his computer, and claim to have deleted them. He does NOT wear condoms, ever. So far, he has given his girlfriends chlamydia and herpes, but refuses to get treatment. He has been with a transvestite, and made out with other men, has really strange sexual fantasies. He likes to be pissed on during sex, wants to run trains, etc. Likes to meet women online. His favorite sites to meet women are myspace, hot or not, and plenty of fish. I”ve read the comments left, and got an email address just for the option of people to get ahold of me concerning this guy. It”s jonsajerk@yahoo.com” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/28/2011 11:20:35 AM - Compare Charles Hurston {St. Louis, MO}: “a baby making machine that does not care about anyone else or anything that does not have to do with getting a finger inserted in his ass. Charles is a clepto maniac that steals shoes from his job at footlocker. Watch your things he will still the stink out of your **** and ask to shove it back up is ass using any foreign object. Charles has children he has not seen and has not taken financial responsibility for beware ladies beware. He refuses to take a HIV test. He is a no good, fast ****ing, funky breath, assplaying, sucking his own dick, broke ass, babymaking, tongue ring having, bitch made, punk” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:21:50 AM - Compare Jamison Hurley {Lake Dallas, TX}: “We met in March, he asked my to marry him in May, and by July I was finding proof that he was running around on me. I even went up to Kansas at one point, and he sent off his phone number to a complete stranger he met online so that they could meet up that night while I was away. He comes off charming and sweet and loving, but he is not. He is a liar and a sleeze. He had supposedly been searching for a job and not finding anything for several months after we moved back to Texas, but he was just sitting on his butt at the computer, doing a few things on ebay, and a ton of stuff on personals and porn and swinger sites. He just wants someone to take care of him while he just sits there and meets up with girls and has sex with them. Don”t fall for his apparent charm. If you ever have any question of him, just let me know~ I have many many things that attest to what I am telling you now. He is a cheater and a liar. He may tell you he loves you and cares about you, but that is a wad of baloney. Do not trust this guy at all” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/21587/

1/28/2011 11:22:17 AM - Compare Joseph Hunter {Chicago, IL}: “I was with him for three years before he had a sleazy night in a sleazy hotel with an even sleazier guy” “I got pregnant and while I am forced to abort the child he is trying to score with one of my gay male friends” “Leave this loser for the dudes” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:24:42 AM - To the comment of 1/1/2011 10:37:05 PM ..It is almost impossible, per on line content, to detect "tone" within remarks, especially "sarcasm", but I can smell it a mile away. If you have nothing else better to do with YOUR day than to invalidate women, I would not be calling the kettle black if I were you. Leave the researcher alone. If you think women do not need better FRAUD laws that protect us from down low and closet gay frauds, to protect us from their sexual orientation/fraud, that is YOUR CHOICE, but a down low list is HELPFUL to many women, and allowing it to appear in these comments is not illegal. You also ASSumed that it was the profiler who quoted the profiles, jumping to conclusions, when she clearly stated in a previous post that she allowed a researcher to post them. Unless you have walked in her shoes to have a DOWN LOW fraud cheat you out of almost a decade of your life, then right behind that, was assaulted by a felon..two traumas, back to back, I would not make snide comments about her work ethic, her ability to work or not, etc., otherwise, you just show your ignorance. Without statistics to show a need for improved fraud laws, like the one I think is needed for women, justice will fail us again. Lists like the one provided can clearly suffice for those statistics. But you are correct, women might not otherwise know about those DDHG profiles, if not for the list..random selection, but most, if not all focusing on men on the DL and bisexual men who have allegedly abused/exploited women, financially/sexually/psychologically and often physically. Yes, of course someone else can take their time to sift through DDHG and womansaver profiles, but they might not find them slotted into the same category as lists like the one provided does, and it would take another researcher time to do that. Women are more and more experiencing shattered lives because of men like this. I, for one, think that new law is long past due. To me, that list is not SPAM but a highly effective advocacy tool, to see the legions of down low frauds who are being profiled. I see no such list on the internet, standing alone. I also think it is fair use, to quote those profiles, as the researcher cites the sources, and his/her doing so, with each one, is no different than, say, another profiler up here posting her comment to say, compared to my ex, this guy is a boy scout. Check out [whoever it is] up here

1/28/2011 11:25:41 AM - Compare Jaysum Hunter, aka Jaysum”, “Jason”, “Prettyboy {Mobile, AL Chicago, IL}: “comes off as a “nice guy” who wants to get to know you. He tries his best to get you to go out with you. He”s in to attractive women but will sleep with anyone. Many has suspect him as “GAY” WHICH WOULDNT SURPRISE ME! He tries to show off” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:27:32 AM - Compare Bill Hunt, aka “Henry Willbert” {Pittsburgh, PA}: “He likes 2 dudes S and C. his favorite position is doggy style and is the biggest dick sucker in Pittsbugh}” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

1/28/2011 11:28:10 AM - Compare Calvin Hunt {Vancouver, WA}: “Tall good looking Native Man, smooth talker, has a gambling problem. Does not have a job. Gets his money from scamming people and sweet talking women. He will do anything for a buck {including blackmail} He usually has a harem of women and/or men that he uses to foot his bills” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile

1/28/2011 11:28:44 AM - Compare David Richard Hunt {Vancouver, WA}: “has had 4 known affairs in the last 7 years and had sexual contact with other men. He has three children and owes over $10,000 in back child support. He works in a hospital but is studying to become a paralegal. He is a man who only thinks of himself and blames everyone else when something doesn”t work out. He is a pathological liar and you can”t trust anything he says” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/28/2011 11:30:14 AM - Compare Maurice Johnson{Puyallup, Tacoma, WA}: “This individual is not only married with 3 kids in Kansas but lives with an intimate girlfriend in Puyallup, Wa. He has bad credit and tries to win women over with his words, body and sexual skills. He is very good with convincing women and will promise them anything as long as he can sleep with them. At first when you meet him he will be extra nice but then you will find out he is married, lives with a female, and has many friends that are female. He does not like children and is mean to kids. He will only pretend to be nice if it means he will meet is sexual needs. There is absolutely no future with this man and will only cause you heart ache and waste your time. He is also bi sexual with his body building partner. Which he denies at first but spends more intimate body building partner than with his own “girlfriend”. He will at first seem overly nice like he will give you the world and cater to your every need but it is only an act because he is a sex addict and not enough women or men can please him. And he is mean to children” “This individual you want to stay far away from. Not only is he married to a woman in Kansas with three children but he lives with a female who he is intimate with. He will say anything he can to sleep with you. He uses his sexual skills to lie and manipulate. He has many female friends and is bisexual with his body building partner. I know this because he spends more time with his partner day and “night” then his own girlfriend. His friends are all super ghetto with no class. He tries to act like he has class, but when you surround yourself with people who curse every other word, it shows no intelligence. He will waste your time. He is mean to children. He doesn”t like children and there is really no reason anyone should date him even as a simple booty call. He drains the life and energy out of people and will ultimately turn your personality as ugly as his. Thus why I am posting this on this website” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:30:55 AM - Compare David Johnson {Detroit, MI}: “Bisexual Been hookin up with guy although he has a girlfriend and a son. He has an account on bgclive which is bi and gay community live. If you are the girlfriend that goes with him STOP. He didn”t use protection so he could pass to you a sexual transmitted dieases that he got from one of the guys he been with” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:32:10 AM - Compare Daniel Johnson, aka Daniel Cummings”, “Ricardo Cummings” {D.C. Brandywine, MD NY NJ}: “STAY far away from his lying possibly GAY azz. Says that he has money and he”ll send a limo.. trust me it”s all a lie. It didnt matter to me if he was rich or poor but when you”re a liar I have to call you out. LADIES and MEN stay far away from this lying *** fool. He goes by rc1love on yahoo and mochacity.com” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:33:06 AM - Compare Carl Johnson {Nicetown, PA}: “has the claps. His piss is really hot if you know what i mean. This black mutha****a thinks he”s gods gift to women, he goes around sleeping with women from all over mainly NICETOWN. WARNING this nigga is liable to burn up your coochie, get you pregnant, **** about 2 or 3 of your girlfriends...He is also gay on the low his main sex partners is his 2 best friends NAEL & DOM.. He might have AIDS” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/81158/

1/28/2011 11:34:37 AM - Compare Ronald Herbas {Chicago, Poland, IL}: “Ron is on singlesnet.com as “rherbas”, and apparently on a swinger site called fling.com as “El_don_latino”. I dated him for a couple of months before dumping him because he was always working and never available. I just got an e~mail today from his ex~wife. It was addressed to me and several other women that he has been dating for the last year, revealing in chilling detail all of his encounters with all of us and the excuses he made for not being able to see us. He even stooped so low as to tell me his daughter had fallen down the stairs and was in a coma for 2 weeks and he was at her side in the hospital, when in reality, he was rendezvousing with other women. Don”t believe anything he tells you. He will say he”s a workaholic and is so busy with his start~up company that he only has time to see you once a week or even less. I talked on the phone with one of the other women who got the e~mail and found out he was with her the weekend before I dumped him, when he told me he was still in New York with his daughter. This guy is the lowest of the lows, but is good looking and very sweet. He had everyone fooled. If he contacts you, run the other way as fast as you can. He is a complete loser and a compulsive liar” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:35:25 AM - Compare Fred Hepding, aka “Lisa Stockton” {Greeneville}: “Married for 20 years to a jerk...he never worked, never kept a promise...made me feel inadequate because I wouldn”t sleep with other men and women to make him happy. A total loser...he lives in Johnson City Tn now...Fred Hepding...watch out ladies! He was accused of molesting my 5 yr. old daughter...watch your kids around this guy!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:37:37 AM - Compare James Williams, aka “Jae” {St. Louis, Belleville}: “He”s all talk and then some. He has nowhere to live, so he stays with friends or women he meets on line. Into a lot of swinging stuff. Claims to be in Banking and Finance/Entrepreneur, he is a dreamer but works for a temp agency because he does not want to be “tied down”. Was fired from Citibank. Has a daughter in South City. He is 45. His car would be repossessed if they ever found it. He is charming, gorgeous, but... avoid this one. He will take and take and take.. might give you an STD” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:38:18 AM - Compare Jared Lee Taylor {Philadelphia, PA}: “herpes having, prostitute ordering slime bucket, bi~sexual, abusive” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/78064/

1/28/2011 11:39:04 AM - Compare Steven Stowers {Huntingtown, MD}: “It starts off fun and he is really sweet. He is a crackhead and an alcoholic, he uses and abuses women. Don”t let him bait you in girls cuz he like to have his dick sucked by men! A complete LOSER!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:39:39 AM - Compare Glenn L. Stoudemire {Birmingham, AL}: “this is the most insecure bipolar having young man i have seen in a long time he is a dead beat dad he has 4~5 kids and doesnt take care of any of them he works for wachovia bank he is a compulsive liar he has a lot of ass tendencies that would make you question his sexuality run girl RUN!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/310811/

1/28/2011 11:40:06 AM - Compare Billy Storemont {no location mentioned, when first profiled}: “I dated him for 2 years when I found out he had a fetish for crossdressing! He had house sitted for my family when we went away for a summer and it turns out he wore all of my clothes while we were gone, and took pics which he then foolishly sent me! Not to mention the fact that he tried to hook up with my best friend while I was gone” SOURCE: former DDHG profile.

1/28/2011 11:40:37 AM - Compare Wayne Wetherington {Atlanta, GA}: “is a manipulative, abusive, possessive, EXTREMELY insecure drunk who fools everyone around him into thinking he”s a “nice” guy. He”ll treat you seemingly nice for the first month or so, and hides the fact that he cross~dresses and you will notice that your clothes and such have been tampered with. His temper and rage are unpredictable, and he”s pretty much the most disturbed lunatic I”ve ever met. He will try and control your every move, even hiding your keys and standing in your way so you can”t leave. He”ll try and find girls online, and then tell them he loves them within a matter of days. Has been known to propose to EVERY girl he”s gone out with a few times, after only a few months. He just wants to have two wardrobes. Stay AWAY from him! He needs a therapist, not you” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/28/2011 11:41:28 AM - Compare Ronald Westfall {Greenwood, USA}: “Successful {military career}, I suppose, but morally~depraved. DL bisexual and swinger, goes to great lengths to hide this from his wife. Be careful” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:41:57 AM - Compare Troy Westenbarger {Lauralville, OH}: “AKA the whistler LOL not to on the straight side but claims to, you will find out when he asks you to do him” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:42:32 AM - Compare Cain Westbrook {St.Louis, MO}: “is a drug dealer that serves all the crank and crack heads in Normandy and North St. Louis. he is an informant for DEA office. This fool is not to be trusted. He likes to **** men in the ass. Men watch him and Women beware” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:43:02 AM - Compare William Aronald West {Omaha, NE}: “claims to be retired but is really on disabilty. Makes around $500 a month. He is looking for someone to move in on and use. And after a couple of months, will turn evil. Claims to be a recovering alcoholic, but he still drinks when he can. He is useless and will steal money, medication, credit card numbers, and on and on. Also he doesn”t like children. I also suspect he might be bisexual” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile

1/28/2011 11:43:33 AM - Compare Eric Vincent {Rochester, NY Philadelphia, PA Baltimore, MD Fort Dix, Iraq, Afghanistan}: “is a cheater. He will sleep with anything that moves too. He has a particular fondness for bartenders and waitresses. Zero sexual skill with women. He says he wants NO relationship with any woman just random lousy hookups. His true love and affections are toward other men. go to blogs.myspace.com/mazzystarzmusic for the full story” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:44:32 AM - Compare Wayne Vaughn {Ft. Wayne, IN}: “This “Christian Man” loves to cheat and play games. He has 3 kids by 3 different people. The last one was silly enough to stay. He loves to sleep with married women or men. He”s also been to jail 2 times for domestic battery! he also loves to spread STDs” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:45:05 AM - Compare Ryan Uszuko {Portland, OR}: “This dill knocker was on a prison pen pal site and fed me nothing but lies. He was writing to numerous women and men ~ getting money and sympathy. He did five years for raping a girl {criminal record check can be done through the Oregon DOC website for proof!}. Now he”s out and has left a trail of broken hearts behind. He”s short, muscular with tatoos and a bald head” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:45:28 AM - Compare Billy Kaser {Brooklyn, NY}: “Liar, user, manipulator, in the closet queer. Need I say more” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/211557/

1/28/2011 11:46:02 AM - Compare David Kass {Pittsburgh, PA}: “He will tell you he can”t wear condoms 2 spread whatever disease he getting from these guys” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:47:01 AM - Compare Lowell Kaps, aka “Max” {Hoboken, NJ}: “is well known at swingers clubs and will not have anything to do with you unless you go with him” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:47:27 AM - Compare Steve R. Kaplan {Franklin, TN}: “I looked thru his laptop and found all kinds of gay and escort sites! he denied everything until his teeth were blue..total scum he lies about everything and uses everyone. hes big on bareback sex..so everyone who knows him..GET CHECKED!! also..he inflates his penis, Ive seen it uninflated once..NOT impressive” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/28/2011 11:48:09 AM - Compare Cooper Kanaji {New Haven, CT}: “is a dog, he lies about his children {he got madd kids girl}, he is and opportunist, low life, dead beat, and he thinks sex is the answer to all his problems. He will fu^% you, ya momma, ya cusin, ya sis, ya bro, and grandma. Women in CT look out for him he is no damn good” SOURCE: DDHG


1/28/2011 11:49:37 AM - Compare Kevin Wichman {Omaha NE Arkansas Moore, MT}: “has MAJOR sexual issues. He doesn”t like to shower or brush his teeth and he also likes to try having sex with women while they”re sleeping and one of his fetishes is to eat his own semen” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:50:05 AM - Compare Joseph Bernard Williams, aka “Joey” {Moncks Corner, SC}: “By his own written admission, Joseph is believed to have raped or molested other children in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. His victims include a 2 y.o girl in Winston~Salem, NC, his own brother from infancy until age 10, a 4 y.o. boy, a 6 y.o. boy {w/crowbar}, a 5 y.o. handicapped girl {all in Charleston, S.C., metro area}, and a 4 y.o. girl in Orlando, Fla” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:50:42 AM - Compare Siddik Elaroui {Dallas, TX}: “Met Siddik Elaroui one night...we laughed together and started seeing each other every weekend after that night. He”s from Morocco and uses that as part of his charm. He”s a sweet talker who will lay in wait like a snake before he bites. He makes you feel like you”re the one and only and offers to take you on trips domestically and to his homeland, of course I didn”t hold my breath on that offer! He is a student and currently attending one of the local universities. He”s only here for probably one more semester...and he won”t tell you...I found out through the grapevine. All he wants is to do is get in your pants!! Oh and his so called cousin is not really his cousin...more like his secret lover because homosexuality is forbidden in the Muslim world. He confessed in a round about way one drunken night. DO NOT FALL FOR HIS SMILE OR CHARM!” SOURCE: DDHG, profile was posted under the profile name, “nvbu Dallas”


1/28/2011 11:51:38 AM - Compare Tom J. Elder {Chicago, IL}: “This is a picture of my STBX. We were together for 15 years and I just kicked his ass out and filed for divorce after finding out he was cheating on me with a 25 year old whore at work. I have also found out that he has lied for most of our marriage with alias”s on various websites and porn sites. Beware Ladies, he”s really smoooth, he had our friends and family, especially my daughter fooled for years!” “Update, also has account on www.theeroticreview.com, another porn/escort site. Beware! You would never believe it when you meet him, these are the worst kind of liars” “Update~ I guess the men out there should watch out too! I have recently discovered that he is frequenting a particular Asian gay restaurant/bar. Not only is the guy a creep, but a liar, cheat, and a thief! He will stop at nothing to feed his selfish needs. Who knows what I have been exposed to? so far my tests have come back clean, but you have to go every 6 months to be sure. I don”t even care what he did to me anymore, it”s my daughter who is heartborken, it”s pathetically sad. Please beware” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/28/2011 11:52:08 AM - Compare John Brewer {Patterson, LA}: “is one of the worst. he”s one of those “typical” cheaters that thinks he can get away with cheating on his girlfriend and basically having another girlfriend. he has cheated numerous times on his girlfriend of over a year, and she has found out numerous times also. she”s not very intelligent and keeps john around, only because she says she can”t get anyone else. pathetic excuse. and the girl john usually cheats on his girlfriend with: she moved on and john is quite pissy about it. he thinks he can have two women. life sucks for him because he”s too immature to make a choice between women. That”s why it was up to the girl [that he usually cheated on his girlfriend with] to completely break things off. john has cheated on his girlfriend with: workers of sonic, bisexuals, etc.” SOURCE: DDHG


1/28/2011 11:52:49 AM - Compare Robin Briejer {Puyallup. WA}: “a truely sick abusive sociopath. He put one of my girlfriends in the hospital. We followed him once and caught him cheating with a crack addict. Then he tried to get her and my friend to let him have a threesome with him. He is a habitual liar, lives off a disability he does not have because he is too mental to work amongst real society. He is a sick sick sociopath. Do not believe his match profile. He is a master manipulator. Evil” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:53:08 AM - Compare Daniel Briggs {Las Vegas, NV}: “He is addicted to meeting with mutiple women on the Internet, looking for one~on~one sex, group sex, and swingers” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:53:54 AM - Compare William Bright {Jackson, Mississippi~~Houma, LA NC SC Surprise, AZ Macomb, MS Louisiana}: “THIS MAN {AND I FOUND OUT HE OVER GOT JEALOUS AND TOLD ME HE WAS HAVING SEX WITH HIM.N POLICE DEPARTMENT, IN JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:54:54 AM - Compare David John Britt {Queensland, Australia}: “dont date david john britt he”s gay” SOURCE: DDHG, profile was first posted under the profile name, “sasha taylor”, who I assume is the profiler, not the profiled

1/28/2011 11:55:33 AM - Compare Shawn Britton : “Age: 41” “ Occupation: scam artist” “I dated this guy until I googled him and found out he was married. Dont believe his sob stories about his two exwives, he is the true psycho. Sex was terrible and he”s a SMALL small man with STDs. Im also sure he”s gay and still in the closet~he made passes at my brother! No wonder he cant get that small thing up. BEWARE!” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=28293

1/28/2011 11:55:50 AM - Compare Shelton Brock : “Gay as his middle name: LAVERNE! Raped in prison and now always wants to do women anal. He”s so small that you won”t feel anything anal or missionary. No children because he”s still a child himself. BROKE! BROKE! BROKE! Momma”s Boy still sucking on tit! Fake A** Wanna~be ganster, smooth talker. Jealous of both men and women especially the women he”s dating. Tries to intimidate others with his size but he”s a big ***. Jealous and out for himself. Watch Out Ladies~ HE WILL F**K YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES! Don”t trust him!” SOURCE: DDHG, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/161571/

1/28/2011 11:56:11 AM - Compare Robert Dunn : “He is just a plain mess. He”ll try and boo love with you but it”ll never get anywhere. He was my 1st and then went and broke up with me, got back with me again and then tried to cheat on me with my BROTHER who is straight and has a gf and was talking with all these other guys so he”s just a mess to beware about him. He still lives with his mom and doesn”t have a job He”s around the Hunting Park section of philly. I”m still not sure why he calls himself Blaze or Ice cuz he”s just a wannabe playa” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/24049/

1/28/2011 11:56:39 AM - Compare Johnny Duong {Columbia Irmo}: “We were together off and on for seven yrs, thru the whole time, i would say he slept with about 150 different women. i wondered if he slept with guys too. he acts that way sometimes. anyways women and girls from columbia ,south carolina stay away from johnny duong!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:57:06 AM - Compare Bernard Dupree {Wison, Macclesfield, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, NC}: “is a true “DOGG”. He is a member of AdultFriendFinder screen name allicanget34, Online Booty Call and BlackPlanet tryme2see. He also goes by tryitansee~yahoo or tryitanc~aol. The man does not like to use condoms~so beware. He also likes going to swinger parties and group sex. If you ride him bareback be sure to schedule a HIV test 6 months later. Make sure u use your condoms with this one. is a player to his heart. He on AFF OBC Blackplanet and chats on Yahoo as Tryitanse and on Aol as Tryitanc. Gay.com but profile states str8. Adultfriendfriender Profile Reads: AllICanGet34” “41 year old Man in WILSON, North Carolina Looking For: Women, Couples {man and woman}, Groups or Couples {2 women} for 1~on~1 sex, Discreet Relationship or Group sex {3 or more!}” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:57:25 AM - Compare Paul Durbala, “tall gay guy” {Des Moines, IA}: “he is 6”4 and works for ING. HE is gay and likes to have it up the butt. He is a liar capricious and thinks he is funny. He is mean and he drinks every day” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:57:52 AM - Compare Trevor Durham, aka “Tricky Trev” {Hawaii and Sydney, Australia}: “His name is Trevor Durham and he is 39 years old. He has never moved out of home and still lives with his mother. He is oozing with superficial charm but there is nothing below the surface. He will lie cheat and do absolutely anything to get what he wants regardless of how many lives he destroys in the process. Empathy is something he has a lot of trouble understanding in that he doesn”t have any! He is a compulsive liar and will cheat without a second thought. He even cheated on his fiance when he was at his own bucks night. Hence the wedding was called off. Many think he is really gay and therefore he can”t connect emotionally to women. He certainly doesn”t care how much he hurts them. Don”t be fooled, he will promise you the world but he is incapable of loving you because he is already in love with someone else, himself. If you come across this nail~biting, narcissistic, mummy”s boy don”t date him ~ you would be better off with Norman Bates” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:58:10 AM - Compare Jordan Durow {Cedar Rapids, MI}: “is a pathological liar. He is extremely manipulative, and only cares about himself. He can”t decide if he is bi or gay. He lives with his mommy and doesn”t have a job. He doesn”t pay child support. He has an extremely explosive temper. Girls and gays, steer far from this one!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 11:58:27 AM - Compare Craig Dzierwa : “Fat obnoxious compulsive liar. Self~centered and arrogant. Cheater. Bisexual” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/53260/

1/28/2011 11:58:55 AM - Compare Bill Eade {Bethlehem, PA}: “Says he”s romantic ~ he”s not. Cheap as the day is long. Selfish as the day is long. Has to eat by 5:30 at night or is a complete train wreck. Has to sleep at a certain time or is a complete wreck. Has ridiculous routines that he refuses to bend on. Serial dater ~ begins sentences with “this one time, me and my ex...”. Has a son who”s a pedophile, it”s in court records as I”m sure if you end up dating him, he”ll tell you. Could be also possibly gay since he likes things up his rear~end. Talks non~stop about his dead friend. Gotta say CHEAP again ~ never paid for anything but is willing to take, take, take. Fools himself by thinking he needs extra large condoms when really it”s just a tiny mushroom. :} Stay away. He”s been married twice, and dates from one to the other, thus like I said, serial dater” SOURCE: DDHG


1/28/2011 12:00:54 PM - Compare Timothy Eatherly, aka “Tim” {Dallas, TX}: “will try to hookup wit u thru some girl u kno, but that girl will know that he really like dudes more. That one of the reason hes so bad in bed, he doesnt get off on girls. He will try to live in your house, take your money, and blame his family alot. He will get real drunk and try to come onto u even if your not into it. Dont date him, if he doesnt cheat on u with girls, he will cheat on u with guys. His friends dont even like him, a cheater and user” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:01:14 PM - Compare Craig Eatmon {Detroit, MI}: “is a pedifile. He is an ex~felon. His cell mate called me when he {the cell mate} got out of jail just last summer and told me that he and Craig were lovers during that four years. The cell mate”s name is Don” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:01:30 PM - Compare Daryl Clyde Eaves {Tuskegee, AL}: “GAY KAPPA BOY that preys on women with this sob story about his family. Hangs out on BlackPeopleMeet.com ALOT, but dates men in other states. Moved back from ATL to take care of sick parents, he claims. BEWARE!” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=27293

1/28/2011 12:01:56 PM - Compare Duane Eberhard : “Very weird dude ~ he has no emotions whatsoever and will never tell you how he feels. He”s a compulsive liar and is on Match making his rounds. He only likes “anal” ladies and he”s got a huge member ~ ouch! He”s also into bondage, which he won”t tell you about until you like him enough to tolerate it. Don”t fall for this goofball ladies. He”s only in it for himself. Oh and by the way ~ he”s cheap, cheap, cheap! Plan on paying for half of everything” COMMENT UNDER PROFILE: “He was abused severely by his parents. I think that”s the reason he likes to inflict pain and physically control you. He used to hold me down and when I looked up at him I swear I saw satan himself in that grinning sinister face. He never said one unkind word to me though ~ that”s the really weird part. He never verbally cut me down. You would think that would go hand in hand with the rest. He definitely has a serious anal fixation. He”s also on adult friend finder. His profile says, “Let me ANALyze you”. The man has issues ~ no doubt about it” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/75544/

1/28/2011 12:02:19 PM - Compare Joshua Freshour {Sacramento Antelope, CA}: “has a history of violence with his past 3 or 4 girlfriends {you can request a police record, they will verify he does have a record}. Every relationship he”s been is has ended because of him going “psycho” & flipping out & using violence towards women” “He has Gay tendancies {wanted to have things pushed in his ass}...He”s a porn addict..He”s a “One Pump Chump” that lasts no more than 2 minutes in bed {might be because you”re not a man}. He blames his ex”s instead of himself for his problems”. “A huge LIAR! A Cheater & is not very bright at all” “he”s a compulsive liar that doesn”t even know he”s lying anymore because he”s lied to himself his entire life and to anyone thats ever loved him” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:02:52 PM - Compare James Frist {Hollywood Hills, CA}: “there is something wrong with him. He is a baby, insecure, control freak and selfish. He must have his way at all times and does not have the money that he claims to have. Girls beware! He is not charming. He has no compassion in life. He is a sociopath and will change his personality in one minute. He should be on America”s Most Wanted List. He also dates several women at one time {maybe even men, as he may be gay in the closet}. He dates in the AM and PM and makes excuses for where he is while dating other women” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:03:28 PM - Compare Dale Froehlich {Manchester, NH}: “Today, I went and filed for divorce. I discovered yesterday that he has been cheating or at least trying really hard to! I knew something was up and I needed to find the proof myself and I found something that was close enough. I found a collection of e~mail messages that he shared with women he met on AdultFriendFinder.com ~ a sex and swinger network. In the messages they talked sexually about each other and he would say things such as “I can”t wait to explore your body” etc. His profile and personal info that he provided was disgusting. He even had the nerve to post pictures of himself that I took on our HONEYMOON! WTF!? I don”t have proof that he actually committed the acts, but as far as I am concerned, that was bad enough! He was trying to hook up with women! So, it is over! Now, to give you a little history: We separated 4 months ago, only 8 months after we had our son. I moved out because he is a pathelogical liar and was lying to me constantly! About big and little things. I thought that maybe me moving out and us taking a breather might smarten him up. But, that didn”t work. He immediately went on the AFF and started trying to get laid. All the while, telling me how much he loved me and he wanted to save our marriage. We were going to marriage counseling and everything. He is a dispicable pig and NO ONE should ever date this guy! Nothing but a liar and a deviant! You have been warned!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:03:52 PM - Compare Scott Froehlich {Levittown, PA}: “This mess dated and lived with one of my closest friends in a GAY relationship for over a year. Scott is the State Farm insurance agent who was arrested for stealing the identity of his clients what everyone DOESN”T Know is he pulled this same thing on his grandparents, Parents and his “BOYFRIEND”” “He stole so much money from my friend that he actually was in foreclosure before he caught on, and then little Scotty went running home to his mommy and daddy to bail him out {Which they tried too do, he STILL to this day owes my friend over $5k and RUINED my friends credit for the last 2 years and for the NEXT 5 YEARS!} until little Scotty got arrested AND convicted of doing the same thing to his clients at work {I wonder if the courts know he bought a HOUSE with the money he stole from State Farm} Scott always seemed to have a lot of friends that were girls but always said they were friends, but after a few drinks he said romantic and sexual things to me and other woman that were with us at the clubs bars. His bonded teeth give him a sparkling smile and his whispery voice make you melt until you realize not only is he a scammer, but he”s had dick in his mouth!! you can”t even be friends with him because EVERYTHING he says is a lie! he likes guys and girls, he steels from EVERYONE no matter who they are {Even his own FAMILY, C”mon!!}” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:04:20 PM - Compare Michael Fromgosford {Gosford NSW, Australia}: “Has a girlfriend who calls her a “friend”. Not good looking on the eye but likes to make women feel good about themselves. Likes to sleep behind his partners back and your back not with just other women but other men. Can”t stay committed to one serious relationship. Could have 2 or 3 partners going at the same time” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:04:41 PM - Compare Patrick Frye Jr., aka “Lenny” {Indianapolis, IN}: “hangs out on the eastside of Indianapolis and travels to N.C. often. He has herpes from a stripper but denies it. He is known for sleeping with his male friend and does not believe in using protection” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile

1/28/2011 12:05:02 PM - Compare Joshua L. Fruecht {Tallahassee, FL}: “We never officially dated, but I can tell you from experience that he is a use job and a rapist. He raped me five months ago and then claimed he was gay so he couldn”t have done anything. He is an ugly bastard inside and out. I wouldn”t touch him with a ten~foot pole. DON”T mess with him unless you want to be raped” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:05:20 PM - Compare Scott Fugass {Cashville, TN}: “Me and this guy were dating and one day I came home and i caught him wearing my Walmart panties and they were down to his ankles. When he turned around to hide, I saw something furry coming out of his back end. It was the same color as my guinea pig, but I thought it could not be possible. Well, it was.....and when I laughed he called me a sneaky bitch. He pulled out his ghat and shot my guinea pig after he pulled it out of his rear. I WAS DEVASTATED. This was very strange and it has taken years of therapy for me to be able to talk about this. Gosh I am glad for websites like this, so you can check out the guys before you date them” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:05:38 PM - Compare Billy Fugate {Olmsted Falls, OH}: “video disc jockey in the cleveland area. sleeps with everyone. does threesomes, etc. lives in a house owned by his mother. mother runs his life including everyone he sees. currently going to school to become a barber. very short tempered. drinks too much” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:05:59 PM - Compare Hardin Fulcher : “ladies this proctor is a malice to all man kind BEWARE aids herpies crabs and he loves the men he is a in the closet freak ladies he”s here on this page for a reason he lost custody of his kids due to his lifestyle he says he”s a promoter No thats not true even the police department dont like criminals he is Completely Broke he is begging to keep his bussiness alive he sleeps with women for money to make ends meet but he does nothing for his own kids which the state is trying to take from hin in alli guess hes only doing what he has been taught well when you live in a 5BEDROOM HOUSE with 9 men someone is liable to get *** i know his ex girl dont mind cause when her and chico are in each other”s company they seem pretty happy so she dropped that zero and got her a hero” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/146382/

1/28/2011 12:06:35 PM - Compare Ken Fulghum {Athens, GA}: “is the world”s biggest liar and con man. He simultaneously dated three educated, professional women for 10 years before one of the three women dismantled his house of cards. The discovery was made June 1, 2009 and to date he has shown no remorse or offered any kind of sincere apology. He”s a pathological liar and sex addict who uses his family and his religion shamelessly to assist in all his cover~ups and alibis. He would email and call each of us from the others driveways and homes spewing the same lies to each...i love you, i miss you, couldn”t get naked with anyone but you, want you pushing my wheelchair when we”re old and gray, blah, blah, blah. We believe there are many, many more women in the southeast that have passed through his bedroom during this entire time. He alluded that the stud service aka male prostitute, was some sick form of payment for room and board, car use, introductions to business contacts, and convalescent care after his many plastic surgeries over the past ten year...and there”s been a ton of it all. He”s extremely homophobic, but at the same time thinks every gay man wants him. He lies about everything in his personal and business life. He doesn”t have a sincere bone in his body and every move he makes is calculated and motivated by succeeding at his next con. He”s a predator of all ages. One of the three women involved in this post was 18 when they began to see each other. He was 43. He takes advantage of everyone and every situation and loves no one. For every seemingly good deed he does, you can be certain there will be 10 evil deeds done. Ironically, the only thing important to him is his reputation, which he goes to great lengths lying about. Ladies, if you every encounter this con man, RUN. Don”t walk, RUN. He talks a very good game and you”ll be sucked in before you know it” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:06:57 PM - Compare Christian Fuller {Great Falls, VA}: “is 6”8 feet tall, he is a Realtor who works for REMAX, he has had 3 DUI”s. He had a girlfriend who he would abuse and even put into the hospital. He sleeps around with prostitutes and likes to take pictures of his girlfriends after he gets her really drunk. He is a drug user and many people think he is gay. Girl~Trust your instinct I wish I did!” SOURCE: DDHG


1/28/2011 12:07:32 PM - Compare Joe Funk, aka “down~lo boy” : “Age: 60” “Occupation: addict, drunk, pimp wanna be” “This total waste of dna preys on young strung out girls. He pays their fines and sometimes bail and then owns them. He is violent and abusive. He”s a down~lo old bald, toothless dirty old man who has invented a narcissistic dissociative personality, or lack of conscience. He is armed, insane and a menace, as well as a sin against mankind. He”s done time twice in a federal prison and will never change because he doesn”t have to. He never seems to get caught in the act. There is no justice as long as he is free. He never pays the people that have been good to him. He has 0 credibility. He never pays his bills. He spends his weekly pay on cheap wine, which he carries everywhere he goes, weed, which he smokes every 30 minutes, cocaine to get his lazy fat ass moving. Lastly, his #1 addiction ASSHOLES, prefers black men {they”re free} but will pay out the ass for a young female if he”s lonely too long. Chronic abuser and ugly old troll with grey gotee! I can prove all of this! He”s also a racist, using the N word every minute he”s not f~~~ing one!” SOURCE: http://datingpsychos.com/psycho/joe~funk/2368

1/28/2011 12:08:23 PM - Compare Gregory Chandler, aka “G” {Sacramento, Pittsburg, Antioch, bay area, CA}: “is a swinger, he goes to parties meet girls and seduce them into loving them. He will then use you for your money, force you to become bi sexual or he”s leaving. He is violent and a LIAR. Don”t trust his sorry a$$. He doesn”t use condoms and has 9 kids” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:08:41 PM - Compare Eric Chandler {Gary, IN}: “has been in jail for a while {sexual assault on a dude no lie!} He has an ex~wife and a little girl he doesn”t support. Also has 2 other kids he doesn”t take care of from someone else. Don”t leave him alone in your home because he will steal your TV and sell it for crack, coke, or anything that will get him high. He seems like a real fun party guy when you 1st meet but he will steal your purse girls!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:09:20 PM - Compare Rick Chamblee {Manchester, TN}: “He is a smooth talker and con artist. Don”t be taken by him. He cons females into trusting him and takes money from them. Then the worst part is that you will find out he had rather be with a man than a woman. He does not work he bums” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:09:49 PM - Compare David Costello : “He”s married and lives with his wife and 2 children. It”s not the wife you have to worry about because she”s been having an affair with her married boss for 2 years. They can”t offord to get divorce plus she has a live~in babysitter and David”s too busy having sex with men to care. You can find him at the Pink Door on Thursgay nights. He still sleeps with woman to throw everyone off but now the secret is out. Be very careful with the 2 lesibans he runs with because they”re dangerous and very possessive of their boy. He is a pathological liar and would lie to God if given the opportunity. His behavior is very reckless and it nothing for him to get extremely drunk and pick up boys or girls at the club. And please don”t tell him anything secret because he will tell the first person he”s sees. He has no loyalty to anyone and if you”re one of his friends please know that he has told all your business to someone. Yes, your business is out! He will do anything to fit. David is extremely co~dependent which makes him very reckless. Please be careful for many reasons. Don”t let his nice guy, best Dad, clean~cut act catch you off guard. Because he is one sick individual” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=27695

1/28/2011 12:10:08 PM - Compare Brian Cortez : “is such a drama queen. He works for Women”s World Magazine. Talk about GAY! He moves really quick and will give you his sob story about being engaged once and how he”s moved on, but really never did. He dated someone else while seeing me. Glad that didn”t last long. Brian will make you feel loved, but really he is selfish as they come! Do not be fooled by this drama queen. He is a *** and from NJ to boot! Yikes!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/219187/

1/28/2011 12:10:31 PM - Compare Anthony Cornell : “He is a liar and he likes to milk attention out of everyone. It seemed that he was a good guy and that he was different from the rest of the guys I”ve dated, but that wasn”t how it ended. When he gets in trouble he will try to push it off on the ones that are close to him. He told me that his dad was abusive to him when he was growing up, which I found out was a lie. His dad was so nice everytime I seen him around his son. He told me that he is bi~sexual, which is true. He told me that even though he is bi, he had never done anything with a guy he said that he only had a guy give him oral sex and he kissed several guys. That didn”t bother me though. Well, I found out that was a lie. He is bi, and he has had oral sex from a guy and kissed several guys, but that”s not all he did. I found out from that lovely married couple that he did more than that, and that wasn”t all he did that stuff while he was in their mom”s house and against their wishes. I was on the name brokensoul1987, earlier, I logged off for a moment, then it wouldn”t let me log back in. N/e ways, I just wanted to finish my story. Well, I was trying to get him to cooperate, but he was being pissy. Well, I was hearing my mom and the rest of my family complain about him. I also got tired of him being up my *** 24/7. So Tuesday, April 17, 2007, my mom and I decided that she was going to kick him out, but she was going to be nice about it. When he got home from visiting with his dad {who was on a business trip in Cali.} We sat him down and told him that he needed to get out. My mom told him that if he couldn”t find a way by Saturday, she would buy him a one way ticket to where ever he wanted to go. Well, he called his dad. We thought he was telling him what was going on, and come to find out, he was just thanking his dad for dinner. He had told us that his dad was on his way. Two hours later after we got off the phone, he used the phone. He called the same people that we just got off the phone with. He told them that “I just got off the phone with my dad, and he”s not going to help me, so I don”t know what I”m going to do.” My mom told him “yes your dad is coming, cause you can”t stay here.” The reason she said that was because, after he talked to his dad, he came into my bedroom {where he use to sleep} and was making loud noises with my 2 younger sisters and my step~dad trying to sleep. Then while I was handing him his things and talking to my mom, he turns around and says “I hope your happy with your mom,” in that smart~ass attitude. So my mom completely kicked him out and she and I finished packing the rest of his things then drug it to him. After a while of my mom talking to my friends, she looked at the caller ID at the outgoing calls, and found that he didn”t call his dad back. So, my mom asked him for his dad”s number. He refused to give it to her well, finally my friend”s husband got on the phone with Anthony and said something to him. He then, not only, gave my mom his dad”s number, but gave her his cell phone. She deleted all the numbers where he could contact my family and my friends. Then she called his dad and told him what was going on. His dad was concerned and didn”t really know what was going on. Well, his dad told my mom to take him to the end of the road and if he gave us any trouble the call the cops on him. We told him to get his stuff in the back of the van and get in. He did that. Then when we got to the end of the road, he got out and got his stuff out too. When he was finished getting his stuff out, he said “Thanks alot!” then slammed the trunk door of the van. My mom jumped out and told him “I supported you for the last month and you did nothing but treat me and my family like crap. Do you like it when your life is nothing but chaos? It seems that when everyone around you is unhappy then you are happy. You know what you”re 23, GROW UP!” The only thing that kept my mom from laying him down right there was me in the back ground saying, “Mom...Mom...Mom, get in the car.” That”s my story” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/51966/ & http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/51979/

1/28/2011 12:11:14 PM - Compare Craig Corey {Stamford and Quincy, MA}: “is an RN in Boston. He is very charming and funny when you meet him. DON”T FALL FOR IT!! He lied to me for 5 years. We had plans to get married, have children, the whole 9 yards. Come to find out, HE”S BISEXUAL. He”s been with men! He lied to me for 5 years of my life” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:11:46 PM - Compare Rene Corona {Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Garden Grove, Orange, Fullerton, Irvine, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Westminister, Orange County, La County, Montebello, Los Angeles, La Habra, Cypress, San Diego, CA TX FL AZ Corona}: “HE”S CONFUSED ABOUT HIS SEXUALITY OH YEAH HE IS, HE”LL TELL YOU THAT EVERY WEEK” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:12:08 PM - Compare Randy Core, aka Corcelli {Las Vegas, NV}: “this is the worst kind of player~~comes on strong, tells you his sad story {poor baby has been so hurt by women}, tells you he”s never felt like this {you are the love of his life}. Demands that you make him the center of his narcissistic world. Then when he”s got you, he pressures to have sex with his friends so he can watch {trust me baby, if you love me you”ll do it}. When you refuse to be that kind of girl, he lashes out with the most offensive put~downs you have ever heard. Run as fast as you can from this one ladies, he”s a 52 year old body builder, so tan he”s crispy and if he”s not on steroids, he acts and looks like he is~~he may be attractive on the outside but he”s as ugly as they come on the inside. I got out in time but this man has abuse written all over him” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:12:38 PM - Compare Steve Cordray {Los Angeles, CA}: “Sociopath {manipulative, subversive to relationships}, Narcissistic Controlling Uneducated beyond HS Predatory {molested his stepdaughter in previous relationship} & lost parental rights to his son due to criminal behavior ~ all documented! ~ but his stories are customized for you to think he”s the victim, which he definitely isn”t Passive~Aggressive Violent, explosive temper Not remorseful No impulse control long~term {37 yrs or so} alcohol abuse & prescription drug abuse history Porn~addicted to point of not being able to “be” with anyone unless they physically resemble someone in the porn itself had to escort him to every meeting with every conceivable AA, CA, NA, group there is or else he”d say he”d been there but wouldn”t, or would use it as his “personal dating service”, in spite of living together “ “He”s become an expert at “using” the justice system & he”s quite “known” to them, yet they”re at a loss to protect his victims since he”s so good at “toeing” the line” “Has had 40 roommates in 4 years ~ says he “can”t stand men” so they”re all female, & walks around naked whenever possible at all times of day roommates move out w in 1~2 mos, typically He”s loves to hang out in WeHo & goes into gay bars to “go to the head” & fails to protest much if he gets grabbed {so how is it he hates men ?? it”s easier for a tall explosive guy like him to intimidate women, that”s why he prefers them} His favorite sport, once he”s dated you for a while, is to start other relationships in front of your face with the waitresses serving you, & with him dangling cash or drugs in front of them, they go along with this loser...in the 10 years I”ve known him, he”s NEVER been able to attain an erection & perform...painkillers & booze, for one reason, & his host of medical issues related to long~term abuse of his body for another...YET, HE”LL BLAME YOU for his impotence & everything else that happens to him on a daily basis He has no relationship skills whatsoever, & can”t maintain a satisfying sexual relationship much less a platonic one! He”s arrested in development He thinks he”s still 35, not approaching 55, & looks 65! never wears underwear {think: E. coli}, developed Peronie”s Disease last year” “Uses his profession in “the {entertainment} industry” to seduce unsuspecting woman, although his reputation in the industry tends to revolve around the alcohol & drugs aspect, not his competency or “who he knows”” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:12:58 PM - Compare Steve Cordova {Virginia}: “Also from AZ. He has dated countless women, and promises long term relationships. He belongs to singles groups, BBW date sites and groups, he also belongs to swingers groups. He doesnt always use protection. WARNING! He without exaggeration is probably in 10 serious relationships at this moment. He has on more then one occasion mett single Moms and tells them he had a dream of them as a family and with his kids and theirs they could have a Baseball Team Yes he is goober enough to use the same old tired lines on each woman. So to break it down he is a liar, cheater, cons single Moms out of money for trips etc... Engadgement rings, he is BI Sexual, A swinger, bad just bad business” SOURCE: DDHG


1/28/2011 12:13:41 PM - Compare Tony Cooper : “This is a bit embarrassing to admit. He is my ex~husband. This man is married to another woman and I believe he was married to me and another woman at the same time. He caught me at a vulnerable time in my life. I was a single mom and he was a single dad of “2”. I later found out that he had several other children and over $35,000 in debt! He destroyed my credit. He could not tell the truth to save his life! He is a joke and later came out the closet to me 5 years after we were divorced!! Yuck!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/221576/

1/28/2011 12:14:49 PM - Compare Larry Ray Cooper {Plantersville, MS}: “Larry”s idea of a wife is a woman who will do anything he requires sexually including having other women in the relationship, using dildos on him, bondage, whipping and anything extreme in the way of sex. He needs or requires more and more to achieve sexual satisfaction and holds his partner responsible for not meeting those needs by using the marriage vows the validation. He fooled me and yet tells me and everyone I pulled the “bait and switch” because I vowed to be his wife and help mate but would not do what he has to have to be satified. Larry is an alcoholic, drug user with narcissistic traits. He is an abuser both mental and physical and lies with ease. He cheats with both women and MEN, telling me once that men give better oral sex to him than women do. He does feel that a 14 year old girl is a “woman” and his porn collection does contain under age girls {13~ 18 year olds} His computer back up I have taken to the law enforcement department and they are aware of his tendicies and are watching him. The man talks a great game and seems so wonderful. He is not. Please remember my words and experiences if and when you are contacted by him. By the way, we are not divorced even though he tells people he is. I am not signing a no fault divorce, he will admit to his adultery, alcholism and drug use, for him to file against me, he has no grounds. thanks for listening unfortunatly the “mrs larry cooper” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/28/2011 12:15:10 PM - Compare Larry Ray Cooper {Plantersville, MS}: “is a drunk and druggie. He has a sexual addiction and is a major player. He needs to go to the extreme with sex and enjoys blow jobs by guys and multiple partners. To this man appearance is everything. His own that is. He is an alcoholic and has issues that he covers by putting others down. Has porn addiction, thinks the idea of a 3 some is NORMAL and you are not for not wanting to have one. Control should be his middle name and he is VERY married but he prowls the net for women and keeps in contact with old girl friends {of which I am one and have FIRST hand knowledge. HE CHEATS. First hint will be the “ask to lunch”. He is big on wanting pics and is quick to send them of himself. He tries to impress with pics of his house and cars {which are low class and redneck to say the least} and of course his story is his wife was great when they first married but doesn”t satisfy him now. Same ole song and dance. Ego is everything with this loser. Avoid him like the plague and feel sorry for his wife, she is clueless to his cheating” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/28/2011 12:15:33 PM - Compare Lamar Cooper {Philadelphia, PA}: “He”s from North Philly but says he”s from South Philly. Yes he”s a dick eater. He”s known to be a snitch. His breath smells like ***! He”s acts like he has money, but is really broke. If he”s not dick eating Zack he”s dick eating Pooh Pooh. Be your man you clown. Get a real job and stop working at your dad”s car you *** *** ***. He is suspect to {I mean it”s been said he is guy} so watch out unless you want to labled as a clown lover!” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile

1/28/2011 12:15:58 PM - Compare Jody Erwin Cooper {Cleveland, TN}: “Some of my friends who met him, thought that he might be gay. Who knows? But he is one of those guys who will dump you by pulling the disappearing act. He just stopped returning my calls. I saw him at a club a week after the last time I talked to him and he was making out with every girl who would let him. Our last conversation gave NO indication whatsoever that we would never speak again. Everything seemed perfectly fine. I guess I got “old”. This guy is a player! He will make you think he”s a good, honest Christian boy. Oh and he”s addicted to pain pills and spends thousand”s on them every month. Oh and he tells everyone that he doesn”t smoke, even though he does. Now that I have known him alot longer, I thought I would update. First of all, he”s on pretty much every dating site out there. He usually puts his name in his profile. Watch out for a good~looking, tall, blonde named Jody who lives in Cleveland, TN. I managed to break into his profiles once and he”ll send messages to about 20 or so different girls a day, just to see how many “bites” he gets. And he is a TOTAL addict. Any drug you can think of, he does it! And I do mean ANY! He is a liar. He is manipulative. He is a very smooth talker. I thought I was pretty savy at catching liars, but he knows exactly what buttons to push and how to finesse people. We were never in a committed relationship, so I can”t say that he cheated on me, BUT I do know that he is a liar and he will tell you exactly what he thinks you want to hear. He can be a good friend. I give him that. He will do anything for you. Except be honest. Just be aware that is NOT boyfriend husband material and with his drug problems, I don”t know that he ever will be” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/28/2011 12:16:26 PM - Compare Jesse Cooper {Rosehill, KS}: “Almost everything he says is a lie. He says he doesn”t care about sex, but of course he does. He”ll leave you when the next best thing is available, and he”ll give a lame excuse, and still expect you guys to be friends, but DONT LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT! He says he cares about you, and says some pretty sweet things, but in the end its all lies. Many of his friends claims he has done sexual stuff to animals... He has a big temper, that could end up to be abusive” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:17:15 PM - Compare David Cooper, aka “vegaschef” {Las Vegas, NV}: “Very very unattractive man who tried to manipulate women for their financial worth, and only wants to be in a relationship for financial gain, no sex, no commitment. Can be portrayed as literally GAY. Wants to be a baller on woman”s expense” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:17:44 PM - Compare Brian Cooper {St Louis, MO}: “has genital hepes will not disclose his std” “He lives with mother who we believe sexually molested him and they may be still sexually involved, They have some weird bond. He is illiteral and an alcoholic. He is addicted porn and masturbation several times a day. He ask me to insert objects in his rectum during sex. He even ask to invite his male friends into our bedroom. Please beware, I have no really proof but I once caught him watching my brother in the shower” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/46238/

1/28/2011 12:18:04 PM - Compare Brandon Cooper {Lexington Nicholasville, KY}: “CHEATER! Bi~polar. suspected bi~sexual. Cheated on me when i was 3 months pregnant and got another girl pregnant. then made up and cheated over and over untill i gave up” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:18:48 PM - Compare Ronnie Cooks {Dayton Bellbrook, OH}: “is on the Down Low it would be okay if it wasn”t for the fact that hes married to Andrea he keeps this fact a secret and justifies his actions by saying he”s only using her everytime we engaged in anal sex he never used protection he liked to give and receive our relationship ended when i found out he was sleeping with male prostitutes he is A HEALTH RISK LADIES he works out @neolimits on main st in centerville, ohio” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:20:05 PM - Compare Timothy Larkin {Buffalo, NY}: “was sweet talking me from day one on and off the phone. he promised me the world and then some. Wanted a baby right away and everything. had me divorce my husband so we could be married. he seems to prey on woman on AOL and yahoo and any other Internet site you could think of. I was with him for over 2 years. Then all of a sudden because I want to text him call him etc during the day it was wrong according to him and a bit obsessive. Ladies if you call texting calling and emailing etc.. like 3 times a day then maybe this *** is for you. he is into swinging also. He has a few tatoos and something pierced. he will use the same lines which are whats a pretty girl like you doing up this late etc.. Ladies be forwarned. he is a chef or so he says but seems to work like 13 hour shifts almost day. he can become very obsessive and also be careful because he will do that nasty things to himself on the phone and not tell you but you can hear it in his staggered breathing. TCLARKIN is very deceptive” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:20:28 PM - Compare Devin Lark : “This kid is an absolute moron. I dated him for over 6 months and all I get when he broke up with me was a ****ing text message. lame?..I THINK SO!! Also, he offered me to his friends as a piece of ass. oh and he”s a closet gay!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/56655/

1/28/2011 12:21:09 PM - Compare Dwayne Croucher : “left me when I was 5 months pregnant, for a man! Ran off to join the army” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/29490/

1/28/2011 12:22:16 PM - Compare Shelby Devon Cross : “The real deal is that he”s BROKE from his 3{!} divorces {all before he was 35} AND from his current assault charge {for breaking down a woman”s door and beating her with a BAT!} DELINQUENT on his child support for two children he rarely sees anyway {becuase he”s always laid up w a different woman}, is bald, has gingivitis, crabs, AND ***~.. {and God knows what else since he”ll try to NOT use a condom!} And his bedroom skills are nothing to brag about considering he can”t eat a *** to save his life, and his dick could stand to catch up with the rest of his body. Oh, and did I mention he is into MALE PORN ? ...Yeah, BIG TIME! Would you consider a lying, cheating, broke, little dick, balding, 35 year old, 3 times divorced, deadbeat man with bad teeth, crabs, AND who”s KNOWINGLY SPREADING THE UNCURABLE *** VIRUS around a “good catch”? Exactly. What ever you do ~ ~ Don”t Date Him Girl! Your vagina will thank me later” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/62582/

1/28/2011 12:22:38 PM - Compare Mike Cross : “I only dated this creep for a month or two but he is such a manipulative physco I HAD to let the rest of the female population {meaning the ones he has not slept with yet} know that he is bad news. Cheating on me was the least of his perverted attributes. Not only that but he is a compulsive liar, sex addict, homosexual tendencies {but claims not} and sociopathic loser. I could go on forever, but I think this is enough to get my point across. Realizing this kid was a sick freak was the greatest epiphany in my dating career. I suggest we {females and males in this case} make sure to pass this info along to anyone you know if you are to, god forbid cross his path” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/36823/

1/28/2011 12:23:12 PM - Compare Jerome Crosby, aka “Mann” {Erie, PA}: “I heard that this sexy ass chocalate nigga was ****in with this chic for a long minute and didn”t hit, not cause he couldn”t or like there was somethin wrong, this nigga just dont let up, and I have experienced the same thing with this dude, I mean what the **** is the problem , Nigga is you Gay, I mean is you really Just GAY, tell the truth and please come from behind the closet. Don”t get me wrong he a cool dude but he”s gay and he”s not givin up no dick, so girls you have been warned, don”t date him ok, and Jerome stop leading girls on your Gay and you know it” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:23:48 PM - Compare Roland Croner {Southpark, PA}: “Ladies, please beware of this man... He will wine you and dine you, treating you as if your the only woman on earth. However you are just “one” on the hundreds of women that he has met on line. He uses the same line with everyone of the ladies. “If I love you I will do anything in this world for you”. All he wants is to put another name in his “little black book” of internet women. He never dates anyone that lives in his state because then he would get caught sooner. He starts off very committed to you, calling you several times a day &/or night. He loves to role play, have phone sex and fly you to meet him. As long as you don”t catch onto his game he will fly to meet you or fly you there to him. He is real big on “flashing money” like he is so big time spender. But it is just show. When it is all said and done, he has nothing but bad credit and empty life. Please don”t fall for his lies and games. He will only suck you in until he has used you up and moves onto the next woman. Some of his favorite sites are the bbwdatefinder, mateone, adultfriendfinder. He has a huge fetish for guy/bisexual men. Loves to see them in drag. BEWARE OF HIM LADIES” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:24:10 PM - Compare Dave Crocchi {Monrovia La Canada}: “has cheated online numerous times. As far as to put ads up for slaves. We were together off and on for 10 years. He made a real fool out of me. His latest is that he has to have a threesome {guy or girl} by the time he is 50” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:24:26 PM - Compare Terry Critton {Jacksonville}: “This dog crosses both sides...male or female...downlow brother with cunning smile and charm. Smooth hustler that will con anyone with a dollar. The brother pretends he is hard and street but creeps to my place {I”m a man} when he wants to get his real freak on! Beware...Run” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:24:45 PM - Kristopher Cristofol {Fontana, CA}: “You know when a man spends LOTS of time with his Mom you don”t want to be with this man. looks for “discreet relationships” with men and women or with two women at a time. He has a VERY HIGH sex drive. He is addicted to porn videos, magazines and the internet. I wanted to get married after years of dating, but he is commitment phobic. He is violent towards animals and people” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:25:16 PM - Compare Pedro Crespo {Alsip, IL}: “This dude is a total piece of work! He is a complete waste of human life. He may fool you with charm, misdirection, deflection, and con~artist tactics, but be warned that this guy has a serious mental problem. He is a sociopathic narcissist who will do or say whatever he needs to get what he wants regardless of the pain it may cause others. This man is not capable of truly loving anyone, including his own family. I honestly believe he has no soul. He can”t look past his own insecurities and selfishness in order to have any kind of a meaningful relationship with anyone. He is married to a very nice woman but will dog her and talk *** about her to convince you their marriage is over. He has done this at least 5 times. He is losing his hair on the top of his head and likes to have a dildo put up his but” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:26:03 PM - Compare Greg Creeper: “Age: 29” “Occupation: Jeep Assembly” “I don”t know his last name. All I have is his plenty of fish profile, and phone number. He claims to be a “nice guy” and a “catholic”, looking for “the one” to “fall in love.” In reality, he is a pervert who cannot even lie believably. He told me he couldn”t send a recent picture because his phone was new, and left it at that. But after I told him to get lost he apparently figured it out and sent me a creepy shirtless picture that doesn”t really look like the same guy on the PoF profile {above} Not long after I gave him my number he asked me creepy things like “Do you live alone?” He was trying to get me to meet him for sex, or sneak him in to my parents house at 3am. After I told him to lose my number he text messaged me at 4am, claiming he knew how to find me with GPS and tracking the cell tower my signal was using {someone watches too much CSI}. Then he sent me the Freddy Kruger rhyme from the movies, {one, two, he is coming for you} but he couldn”t even spell it right. lol. He also acts like a 13 year old boy. After I rejected him he called me a tranny, and told me to keep my dick in my pants, and harassed me over the pictures that I sent him {when I thought he was a decent guy}. All I sent him were some bikini~like body shots, but he was begging me to send him pictures of my “bare *****.” Beware of this one, he is not a nice guy. He isn”t very intelligent. He is only looking to hook up {bragging about his penis, which is most likely a lie too}. No man should refer to themselves as “hot” as much as he does. Especially, because he is not hot. Don”t let the picture on the profile fool you, because he doesn”t look like that in real life” SOURCE: http://datingpsychos.com/psycho/Greg~Creeper/5145

1/28/2011 12:26:52 PM - Compare Stanley Harvey Burkart {Some Army Base, KS}: “Stan emailed me after not seeing him for almost eight years ~ as a young girl, I had a huge crush on him. Didn”t take long before I was feeling that way again. For a few months we talked through email and over the phone {he was in KS in the Army} and before I knew it, he was telling me that he loved me again. He told me that he was divorcing his wife, Janette, who was stationed in Puerto Rico. In July, he scheduled a trip down to see me in Texas, as a layover to Puerto Rico, supposedly to finalize the divorce. Right before he came, he told me that he wanted to marry me but he wanted to make sure that I understood what it was like being involved with a military man, and told me to watch “Black Hawk Down”. He wanted me to think about the dangers and risks involved and to know that this life was something I could handle. Not only did I watch the movie, I visited my church and talked to an elder about my feelings. When Stan came to my house that afternoon, I knew that I was ready. We ate lunch and had sex. Anal sex. I thought it was odd that that was all he wanted to do... until I saw the look in his eye when we finished. I just knew. I was so stupid. He didn”t want to get me pregnant {we did use protection, Thank God!} and I just knew that I had been a complete sucker. He was going to Puerto Rico for leave with his wife, not to divorce her! So, I threw him out of my house completely naked and threw his suitcase over the stairwell. No, I”m not kidding. Then, as his last name is Burkart, it wasn”t hard to look up his number in Puerto Rico. I left a message on his wife”s machine telling her everything. She called me back the next evening. It truly hurt me that another woman could have such a low self~esteem ~ she blamed me for everything. Stan had said to me that he felt that she would never leave him because she was seven years older than us and felt that the best years of her life had passed her by. He then said that this was the reason why he had to divorce her, which is a crock. I will never understand why he emailed me after eight years. He could have been unfaithful with some girl he met in Kansas... instead he picked me” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/28/2011 12:28:02 PM - Compare Dante Hunter {Austin, ATX, capitol of texas}: “HE STILL PLAYS FLAG FOOTBALL AND THE DUDES IN THE LOCKER ROOM WON”T DRESS IN FRONT OF HIM CUZ THEY THINK HE LOOKS AT THEIR DICKS. HIS SEXUALITY IS STILL UNKNOWN. HIS BABYMAMA GOT PREGNANT CUZ HES A QUICK PUMPER AND A MINUTE MAN. WHEN HE FARTS IM SURE IT SOUNDS GAY! LOL....HES DISRESPECTFUL AND TREATS WOMEN BAD. KARMA IS A FAT ***. *** IS *** AND WHEN HIS DAUGHTER GETS OLDER.*** WILL DO HER THE SAME WAY. I LIKE THIS PIC BETTER. YOU CAN TELL HE HAS NO SOUL, JUST LOOK INTO HIS EYES. DAMN DANTE, U *** THAT MANY *** THAT YOU CANT REMEMBER WHO YOU LICK. tae tae is gay” “updated: DON”T GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT ISN”T DUE....THIS IS KESHIA...HE HAS *** SO MANY *** HE PROBABLY DOESN”T EVEN REMEMBER WHO HE LICKED. HE SAYS LICKING *** IS HIS FAV THING TO DO. SO THAT MEANS HE DOES THAT TO EVERYONE. I”M SURE THIS *** HAS HAD A DISEASE OR HAS ONE. NOBODY WANTS THIS SCRUB. HE LIVES WITH HIS GRANDMA AND HE DOSENT HAVE A JOB. HE STILL PLAYS FLAG FOOTBALL...GAY...AND THE DUDES IN THE LOCKER ROOM WONT CHANGE IN FRONT OF HIM CUZ THEY THINK HE LOOKS AT THEIR DICKS. HE HAD A BABY BECAUSE HES A QP “QUICK PUMPER” LADIES. *** CHEER LEAD AND RIDE HIS NUTS CAUSE HE HAS A NICE FACE...BUT HE HAS NO BRAIN LADIES. IF ITS BEING PUT ON HERE ITS CAUSE ITS ThE TRUTH. IF HE DOESNT ADMIT IT, ITS NOT MY PROBLEM. For too long this *** has got away with disrespecting females. Now every female is gonna know the dick is not I repeat is not good. Dante is a poor excuse for a man and its only too great he is having a daughter so he can really and truly see what females go through behind ***! So be proud Dante because you will definitely get yours in the end. No one walks through life without consequences! And for you females taking up for him or even dare saying this is a stupid site you are idiots! This site is to expose trifling ***! And that lame comment about me mad cuz he dont want to dick me down! First he never put it down! Ive had the dick and its lame! The best thing about this *** is his tongue! But you gotta come harder then that! Anybody can put they tongue on it but its the dick that makes the sex! So ladies, beware of this ***! Take my word for it the time it takes to pull your panties down isnt worth it! Lmao! Come back Dante leave your comments! Someone tried to give credit to another female so I had to edit your profile baby!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:28:37 PM - Compare Hugh Hernandez, aka “Hubert”, “Huverley” {Queens, NY}: “Hugh and I were together 6 years and ENGAGED. He said I was his life, the only woman he would ever marry, he said many times that he is my soulmate and he would only leave me if he died. Well he is still alive! I was planning our wedding and he suddenly changed his phone number on me! I called him at work and asked what was going on and he continued to say he loves me. THEN he quit his job and moved! he NEVER called off our engagement. Never said anything to me. After this happened I found out he is a serial cheater. Thanks to my doctor who told me about the STDs he gave me including HPV. LADIES, this man will say anything and he is a real charmer. He has everyone snowed don”t beleive him. He has no integrity, I”ve seen him go to cvs and steal, he likes to hustle and get money anyway he can. He even wanted to be a male stripper at a gay club for money. The list goes on. be careful” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:29:13 PM - Compare Daniel Hernandez {New Orleans, LA NY, NY}: “I have known this liar for a few years and we just remained friends, but never quite hung out...just hi and by type of deal, although the flirting was there. So it just so happened we both ended up being single at the same time. Anyhow...we started to date and became serious fast, since I thought we both wanted the same things in life! We talked marriage, kids and everything and I was in love. Long story short...I come to find out he has been whoring himself out to any female and maybe even male, that will lay on their back and spread them. He is a VERY VERY smooth talker ladies and loves to write and quote poems, but this is how he gets you and he is COLUMBIAN and speaks spanish to swoon you, lol...loser. He will also use the sad sob story about his mom passing {may she rest in peace} to get sympathy from women. He is beyond a sad story...he has a cute face, but his penis is literally like 5 inches, he is kinda chubby, he doesn”t make much money, he drives a old *** explorer, and he spends more time in the bathroom primping his little bang that any woman I know” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:29:37 PM - Compare Armando G. Hernandez {Fort Worth, TX}: “Under the abuse column...I needed to check off more than one. He is the meanest man in the world. He will pull punches below the belt, throw things back in your face that you may give in confidence, holds grudges, shuts you out, won”t talk for days at a time, he is resentful, aggressive, selfish, expects you to change without changing his own behaviors, demand you not talk to your friends, take gifts away, lies, cheats, hides, and he has a very sick attraction to such things as multiple sex partners and bestiality. He fantasizes about sex with ANIMALS....in addition, he has herpes and doesnt tell anyone, and then acts like it is your fault...because he will convince himself you have been unfaithful. He is possessive, jealous, controlling, insecure, and downright ignorant. Do not trust him with your children. He will make promises he has no intention of keeping. He has no contact with his own children because his ex protects them. I understand why now” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/28/2011 12:51:35 PM - Compare Jim Williams {Perry, GA}, PART I: “is one of the worst liars, gigolos and cheaters of all time!” “He is addicted to sex, porn and online dating sites! Has been on most of the dating sites for SEVERAL years, using various names” “WAS married twice and cheated on both wives, repeatedly, because he has a problem keeping his pants zipped up! He has this whole routine of sweeping women off their feet, moving fast and pretending it”s LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT” “he believes in INSTANT gratification for himself!” “He was very attentive in the beginning, but after he had my trust, he became a free loader and very restless. He soon claimed to be extremely busy with work when he wasn”t with me. Much later I learned he was out meeting other women and he was not particular about their quality, taking anyone who would have sex with him! He”s a desperate and hopeless loser who will suck you dry, emotionally and financially! He has admitted that he cannot remain faithful and is addicted to “THE CHASE”. He is incapable of real intimacy with a woman and has deep seated issues with control and being vulnerable. He”s a majorly screwed up guy and very self absorbed” “When he becomes uncomfortable with your questions, he throws you on the defensive, acting very hurt or saying you don”t trust him and then turns the tables and acts like YOU are the one with the problem!” “I was stunned to learn he had asked several women to marry him in the same year! He selfishly uses and abuses women and has hurt many women with his lies and games! He became violent and broke a woman”s nose, landing in jail in Charlotte, NC ~ in January of 2003” “of course he claimed it wasn”t his fault!” “a woman he scammed out of thousands of dollars, somehow got into his e~mail and contacted all the unsuspecting women on his buddy lists. They wrote to each other and put everything together! Another girlfriend called his cell phone and his very FULL message box began to play back tons of voicemail messages, from various other women he was seeing at the time” “There were also messages from credit collectors, as he was in deep debt” “It was a horrible betrayal and he clearly lied to me too!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:52:09 PM - Compare Jim Williams PART II: “It was shocking to find that he leads a double life, while pretending to be a mild mannered and SHY drum teacher” “He was exposed as a con man, but it took me awhile to recover and even longer to trust men again. DO NOT trust this pervert! This man never bothered to show remorse or apologize to the women he hurt. Each time he was caught being dishonest, he simply got new email addresses, joined new dating sites and started over, chasing new women. While professing undying love, he stays busy visiting porn and adult web sites. Shocking to learn he was meeting women in motels for sex!” “Very risky behavior but this proved how sick he is, because I later learned that he had a sweet, lovely fiancee at the time! What kind of man behaves this way? A sick, selfish predator. Think of psychopaths, such as Ted Bundy or Scott Peterson!” “I also learned he was fired from his teaching job, because his indiscretions were catching up with him, in such a small town. No school wants a pervert like him around teenage girls! Of course, he is always full of lame excuses and claims someone else visited and built online dating profiles in “his name” or that an ex girlfriend named Suzanne, up in North Carolina, was “out to get him”. Yeah right! I communicated with her and her experience with this man, was just the same as all the other women he gigoloed. They were all perfectly sane and mostly embarrassed that they ever befriended this loser! He brags of how easy it is to get women to MELT and fall for him, by simply building up their self confidence in the beginning and telling them things they want to hear, ie, that they are so wonderful and beautiful! But when caught in a lie, he accepts no responsibility! The ex girlfriends I talked to, all seemed to be bright, honest, attractive women who trusted and got betrayed by a gigolo, who thinks he is SO much smarter and better than everyone else!” “He made the rounds on sex sites such as Adult Friend Finders, where he had a profile soliciting for sex with “multiple partners and married women”. He is SO preoccupied with sex that he cannot function as a normal man anymore!” “I heard the continuing theme that he became weird and rough with sex and had some questionable “rape” incidents from a former job with Geico insurance” “He is slippery and has managed to escape prosecution so far, but his bad deeds are catching up with him” “I found him to be much too argumentative and glib with his excuses! He is always in debt, trying to borrow money and get women to pay his way” “I found out he scammed some women in North Carolina, out of thousands of dollars. Of course, he claimed they “gave it freely”! Yeah, right! He conned them all” “not everyone was able to talk about it, understandably so, but the those I did reach, were ALL used and abused by this creep, who simply thinks they all “deserved” what they got!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:52:37 PM - Compare Jim Williams, PART III: “Even when courting me online, I learned he had a fiancee in another state!” “is only after sex and games, but pretends to care deeply for you, in order to gain your trust. One of the women he lived with for a few months, kept getting his cell phone bills and bank statements long after she kicked him out” “she learned the hard way, what he was up to and with HER money! She located yet another trusting victim he had asked to marry ~ and pretended to be deeply in love with, just to get money and sex from her, while still pursuing others. Once he finished his con and was ready for his next victim,which happened to be ME” “he told her he was in THERAPY and needed to break up and be ALONE, so he could HEAL. The callous bastard left the poor girl very wounded and threatened her, if she didn”t go away!” “This creep got another girlfriend pregnant, pretended he never knew about it ~ and turned his back, leaving her with major medical bills and infections, ie, STDS” “Some of us tried unsucessfully to reach and speak with her, to offer assistance and to further expose him, but got nowhere, understandably so, as she was probably too traumatized to talk about it! He is a Narcissist and arrogantly justifies his bad behavior!” “He will leave you with much less money and probably with an STD and tons of excuses! He described himself as a warm, fuzzy drummer guy who is “totally faithful and honest, looking for a long term relationship. I wondered why his photo was always invisible online. {I later learned he rarely posts his photo online, because he”s been on all these sites for TOO long!” “He is a predator with no integrity about women. Sadly, he has not changed to this day” “He will drain your energy and cheat on you repeatedly, because he enjoys it and worse, feels he is entitled to take what is not his” “He is starting to get a record in a few states and his luck will run out eventually, because he is arrogant. One of his ex girlfriends had him investigated and they created a profile about him in a few cities” “Some say he is secretly gay and hates women!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/28/2011 12:53:06 PM - Compare David Lingle {Web City, MO}: “This man is a womanizer, he will tell you anything that you want to hear. Do not believe him. He has been married four times last wife was named Kay, relocates routinely, declared bankruptcy twice, likes twosomes and will want sex immediately and then claim it is love. Currently is enrolled in Vatterot College in Web City, Missouri, studying for an undergraduate degree” SOURCE: http://www.womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=25878

1/28/2011 1:43:22 PM - Profiler here, responding to comment from 11/14/2010 5:26:34 AM..I need no vibrator. I replaced the S.O.B. with an GOOD/HONEST man, within two months after J.B. got good and gone. I am still with the GOOD man to this day, better off without J.B. I also suspect it is Jay who posted that “vibrator” comment, just as I suspect he has been continuously instigating having SPAM emails sent from third parties, to my e~box [per Viagra ads, penis enlargement, etc.] for many months now. I know no other depraved/sick person, especially not in my social circles who would do that. I also suspect it was him who vandalized my car, knocking the drivers side mirror off of it, twice within three years. Consequently, I have rented a garage space from a neighbor, to park my car, so it will not happen again. In my opinion, Jay “harassed” me by “harassing” my elderly father. He called my father, telling my father to tell me not to “harass” him, I think b/c I had sent out several letters to several of Jay’s friends, each containing a copy of his ad on that swingers site he had joined, and I had circled, with a red Sharpie pen, Jay’s email address, as proof. I think Jay also “harassed” my brother by calling my brother to tell me [or so I interpret] that I should not have filed a workers comp complaint against my former boss, Ezra Yu, a “friend” of his, and when that complaint was a legitimate complaint, when I was crime victimized, by a felon/robber, held at gunpoint, bound like a hog, left bleeding from the assault, at my former work place. A wise, tenured professor, my former supervisor, once advised me, Save your energy for fighting only the big battles ..well.., this IS one of those big battles. It is the battle to gain every ounce back of my soul/confidence that Jay tried to suck from me. To me, he has led nothing more than a PARASITIC lifestyle, for decades! And as for him being "outed"..he is not completely "outed yet"..not until he ADMITS what/who he is to all, or until some gay guy comes forward to tell us if/when/where he sexed Jay Brown. But let him get paranoid worrying when that will finally happen. He deserves to be on edge & humiliated, like he has had too many other women feel.

1/30/2011 11:13:57 PM - Compare Gary Ridings {Desoto, TX}: “Beware of a wolf in sheep”s clothing.By all appearances this is a hardworking family man, but dig a little deeper and you”ll find the truth. Narccisism takes on a whole new meaning. 2 wives and 5 kids have found out that being involved with this individual means physical, verbal, mental, emotional and even spiritual abuse. That”s right..if you don”t “obey” him you”ll get the Bible thrown at you! There is not one ounce of chilvary in his entire body and most of his pleasure comes from your pain. You will be made fun of, demeaned, neglected and manipulated. He may not cheat on you..but he will want you to have sex with other men and women while he watches and engages in the activity himself. In my book that”s adultery..but I don”t know..some people are into that! Keep your kids away unless you want to subject them to tongue lashings as well. Take this advice and Don”t find out for yourself!” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

1/30/2011 11:14:26 PM - Compare all the losers on marriedsecrets.com Rick, Mark... {Ohio, all cities, all states, all countries}: “Think you”re special with any one of these men {used the term loosely} and you”re in for a revelation. You”re not, you don”t mean a thing to any of them. They say they”re not having sex with their wife. Probably because they”re not good in the sack anyway, and their wives don”t want them. One is a perv, and goes to kink parties. He”s married and has children. Sick perv. One has an outdated pic, which is totally funny. One just likes to take pics of his member and send it to you. One is into child sex. Most are sick pervs!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:14:52 PM - Compare Jonathan Rickaway {Tennessee, Iraq, Colorado}: “seems to be BI all this time I thought he was Straight he comes out and tells me he is BI. Not only has he had plenty of females in his day he is also a cheater. Now we know he cheats with the ladies and the fellas...its just gross...I could have caught something from this guy like WTF. PLease becareful with this one....he also lies ALOT everytime you turn around he is telling a lie...Be Safe, Cautious and aware ladies..these men are just out of control” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:15:27 PM - Compare Travis Richardson: “He is a liar, a cheater and a drug addict! he also likes it when you finger his ass!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/39952/

1/30/2011 11:15:51 PM - Compare Thomas Richardson, Jr {Laurel, MD}: “He only came home to sleep and for sex. He stopped paying bills and laughed when our utilities kept getting turned off because I was the only one paying them. He is really good at tearing people down so that he can look better. He proclaims to a christian but he is the devil. Our daughter died in Oct 06. If you were to look at him now, you would never know. He is living the life and being the ladies” man he always wanted to be. So if you meet him, watch out. He will crush your heart like you don”t matter. Plus, he has some gay tendencies. I had to constantly ask him if he was gay. So just watch out” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:16:15 PM - Sukarno Richardson {Baltimore, MD}: “45 yr old player” “going for an all time record probably more than Wilt Chamberlain of screwing over 20, 000 women and before you close your mouth~ some men too” “is smooth as ****, very quiet and reserved but a damn liar, sneaky as **** and most of all a cheater, he uses the same line on all the women, check him out on OBC/online booty call. Go to the site www.onlinebootycall.com he will **** any thing. he says hes a musician that travels a lot so he makes a lot of booty calls all over the USA, but get this~ hes a DL Brotha also. I came across a picture no man would want a female to see, a man giving head to another man..OMG. be careful who you meet on line, be very careful. This man is so smooth, he will give you a sad story about being alone and no one really liking him while gaining your sympathy, hes scheming for your *****, Mr Man is so smooth he”s ****ed half the women on his job” “he”s still hoaring around B~more in the local hotels & motels ****ing everything he can get his hands on and Ms stupid is at home caring for his child” “what you need to do is go to the Dr and have yourself checked out, because this man Loves Pussy, any *****, he has good stamina and as soon as you leave, he has another person coming” “He”s a swinger for sure, you better check him out, he hangs out at swing parties and secretly engage in sexual acts with men. he may make you want to love him, he will have those words coming out of your mouth once you”ve had multiple orgasm, but wake the **** up!!! hes playing you, he dont want a damn thing but whats between your legs and thats all. He will **** you and turn around and **** a man, then dick some females in the same day, just like he dicks his co~workers” “straight up Dawg, Pussy lover for life, but what kind of consequences will you ladies have to pay dealing with a man that has unprotected sex with over 20,000 women including some men. Is your health worth it?” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:16:40 PM - Rennie Jay Richardson {IA, NB, KS, OK}: “will take any woman, married, dating, or single” “He is dangerous. Violent, handsome and charming. He lives a life of lies, deceit, conning and scamming. He finds his victims either on~line through single sites or cheating wives sites or were he works” “employment is typically with car dealerships. He has been fired from all of his jobs {aside from his last 2 from Feb~05 August~05 where he quit, to avoid paying child support} He was fired from his previous jobs due to servicing more than the pretty women”s vehicles at the dealerships he works at” “Richardson”s second wife received 3 STDs from him. Other women he was dating {he dated many at one time} had also contracted STDs. There are 3 confirmed abortions, with three different women. Ren is very promiscuous and does not believe in using a condom. He will take any woman, married, dating, or single” “was discharged from the service due to the raping of 2 women. Fired from a coaching job for having sex with a 15 year old team manager. Teaching licensed revoked due to having sex with two students in junior high. Hospitalized in a mental facility twice” “worked in a boys and girls home and charges were brought against him in Kansas for having sex with some of the young girls” “has been married 3 times as of August of 2005. NONE of his wives are gay as he will state. He has 3 beautiful boys that he has abandoned. During his first marriage, that ended in 1996 he kept a book, and in the seven years he was married to his first wife, he had been with 70 women, most of them were confirmed” “I too, met him on a website. I too, was taken in by the charm” “He SWORE he was not married, SWORE he wanted me and only me and SWORE SWORE SWORE that he was everything he said he was, and MORE. Oh yeah, he was so much more. More than I would wish on my worst enemy” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/30/2011 11:17:04 PM - Peter J. Richardson {Barrington, IL}: “This lying cheating SOB is a classic sociopath with no remorse or heart who uses single {unsuspecting and faithful to him} Mom”s for his cover of normality while he proceeds to bang hookers, cavort with people into swinging, S&M, bondage, 3~ somes and any loose women he can get his hands on. He”s listed on alt.com as cbhawks14 as well as adult friend finders. Just call him, Mr. Secret Life. When he gets caught in his big lies, he becomes extremely vicious and vindictive” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/30/2011 11:17:28 PM - Compare Maurice Richardson : “JUST DON”T DATE HIM. He”s a liar. A user. And has anger issues. All of his friends are women..except maybe one or two that are men. He has A LOT of gay male friends. I don”t have anything wrong with gay men...but he may have been on the down low. He”s disrespectful. Isn”t doing anything with his life. CLAIMS to be in school, but he”s not. He just goes to the school. Meaning that he hangs out in the student lounge playing card games all day. When you need him he”s not there. He will hardly call you. He didn”t call me for like a month..and then for some reason thought we were still together. His immaturity, on the 1~10 scale is on a 10. He”s constantly seeking “revenge” against his friend Damien Johnson for some stupid reason. If you associate with baby phoolish you will have to deal with random girls calling your phone, people threatening you and emotional abuse from him. He will break you down mentally. He has anger issues. One time he twisted my arm back and then acted like I deserved it. there”s no excuse for putting your hands on a woman. Bottom Line: If you see him run. Fast. He will make you mentally weak and then when you break up act as if YOU did something wrong. He will accuse you of cheating only because he will cheat from day 1. And lie about it..even after being caught” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/224493/

1/30/2011 11:17:51 PM - Compare Jack Richardson {Marysville, OH}: “Jack is a bisexual asshole. Will he nail anything with a heart beat? Yes” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:18:17 PM - Compare Eric/Edgar Richardson : “Age: 40” “sociopath with borderline personality disorder who is a perpetual compulsive liar who is fraudulent in who he presents himself to be in order to get a woman into his bed” “he hates the black woman deep down and says “we are all the same, from the oldest to the youngest” and that “women should be wards of the state” “A perpetual compulsive liar who is fraudulent in who he presents himself to be in order to get a woman into his bed. *Had sexual and emotional affairs on me as well committed incest with possibly two of his cousins from Hopkins, SC named Anisha {daughter of sister Mills} and Pamela Powell. Pamela claims he came onto her inappropriately and she had to put him in his place but when I had him call her from his phone she didn”t seem to be uncomfortable at all. In fact she was using her “sexy” voice for her cousin. He was in love with the cousin Anisha though and celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with her which happens to be on Valentines of 2010. He called her often as if he was some type of stalker. *Hid assets. *Interested in very young girls. *Pedophilic tendencies in the past which are possible now. *Will have unprotected sex with others including his cousin which could lead to inbreeding, a baby, or an STD. *Thinks there is nothing wrong with any of the above things. *Emotionally abusive. *Possibly bipolar. *Addictive issues. *Victim of covert incest {mama”s boy to the extreme} He intended or intends to abandon my children and I in CT by moving back to SC to live with his mother at age 40 which is where I found him at age 26. *Slightly impotent and doesn”t last long in bed. *Expect no spontaneity and excitement. *Claimed to be a militant black man who love his black people but he hates the black woman deep down and says “we are all the same, from the oldest to the youngest” and that “women should be wards of the state”” SOURCES: DDHG, dontdatethisguy.com, datingpsychos.com & womansavers.com

1/30/2011 11:18:39 PM - Donald Richardson {Belleville/Newark}: “This Bitch ass Fag has abandon his 10 day old daughter, watch it ladies he thinks he”s the next Puffy, he lies about his age he is 40 years old not 32, he still lives at home with his parents. he can”t be with a strong woman that has her head on straight because that intimidates him he wants a chick that he can lie to he like young females that way he can play with their mind... so when you see him tell him to kick rocks and go take care of his daughter” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:19:00 PM - David Richardson {Bronx, NY}: “Stay away from him. He is a disgrace. He is a magician and works magic to get girls, There is a lot of girls under his belt. Probably gay!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:19:20 PM - Compare Jim Peter Micheal Powers : “He comes across as a nice Irish boy… yes he”s a punk rocker guy, but he seems nice. He”ll talk for HOURS about nothing and you will think he”s great! He”ll even talk about his failed love life. {aw so sad ~ riiiight} Then, when you feel comfortable with him and you sleep together or you give him a hand job or blow job.....then next morning he says “I”ll definately call you later tonight, or tomorrow... don”t freak out if I don”t talk to you by monday... ok? I really like you...” HE NEVER DOES… and no he doesn”t like you... nor will he answer his phone or emails. Sometimes he”ll play it cool and 2 weeks later he”ll say his phone was broke, or someone died. Then he”ll come back and do the same thing again…. HE ALSO HAS SEX WITH MULTIPLE GUYS..... watch out for this guy!” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=11771

1/30/2011 11:19:44 PM - Compare Kirk Robbins : “is a habitual liar and you won”t know until later. He is very convincing and appears sincere and honest in the beginning. He hides all of his secrets and eventually his addictions take over and he is no longer able to hide them. He”s an alcoholic. He has a sexual addiction that was mind blowing to me. he has a sickness for watching and listening to sexual sounds while he jacks off. He will pull his little 3inches out anywhere and start jacking off. He will not be in to any woman he is with because of all the porn and swinging he does. He will try to coerce any woman he can in to going to this nasty, disease holding, hole in the ground place where couples go and watch porn. You have to be a couple to get in so he will use for that and if you go for the first time, you will realize he is a very sick man. He will tell you to stay and ask you to go over and over and if you won”t go, he will try to make you feel guilty by saying if you love him, you will do it for him because that”s what he likes. He doesn”t know how to treat women. The husband would get this man off the sofa and let him F*ck his wife, he f*cked him in his a** and then the husband threw him out of the bedroom, back on the couch. He will pick up a crack head woman and street walkers and take them to a sleazy run down hotel, pay them $30 to watch them play in their p*ssy while he jacks off, he didn”t get off, so he went and got a regular crack head man to come in the hotel and gave him $30 to f*ck her while he jacked off. He still couldn”t get off so they all joined in. He has been burned several times from catching diseases from unprotected sex. He doesn”t care who he is with. He will prey on women that he thinks he can control, manipulate, and suffer from low self~esteem” SOURCES: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=27228

1/30/2011 11:20:07 PM - John Roark {Lake Charles, LA}: “I had once placed this guy up before and feel the need to do it again to warn others about his deceptive sexual personality. He”ll pretend to be 100 percent heterosexual, but actually prefers transvestite and transsexual males.... and other forms of kinky sex. He will give you the impression he is a nice guy and looking for a serious relationship to get you to give it up sexually for free, but don”t believe a word he says. Also, he is not good~looking enough to be playing these games with anyone” “{bi/gay/player}This guy is a straight~up player. He”ll use a woman to cover his sexuality, but he actually prefers transvestite and transsexual males. Tranny~Chasing is his pasttime {and passion}. He”ll be seeing queens on the side while he tries to hook up with a woman. Typically, he”s a low~rent male. If his dick could reach his ass he could **** himself and leave the rest of us alone” “While I don”t know if this guy is a cheater, he is a “creeper.” He”s white, short {5”7”, and bald. About 48 y/o as of this post {June 16, 2007}, and BISEXUAL “dates” {or ****s, or ****ed~up} women, men and trannies... I think his speciality is trannies. BUT BEWARE ALL!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:20:31 PM - James Roach, aka “Cin” {Pittsburgh/Arlington}: “he will kiss ur ass to get what he wants. he is a bisexual he likes men and woman he messes with some white boy randy.he burnt me and gave me genital warts and gonorrhea and Chlamydia he is dirty. he only ****s people he thinks he has a chance in ****ing because there hoes or if he”s trying to prove a point to one of his niggas like he gets hoes he beats the **** out of women. he ****s wit white tall nikki that got aids” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:20:53 PM - Robert Ross Rizzo {Melbourne Victoria, Australia}: “COLD *** WHO WILL HAVE YOU FOOLED AT FIRST” “was with him for a year and a half. we started out as two people wanting to find love. well he was more handsy and sleazy at first instance. he ended up being my first relationship and i had no other relationship to compare it to so i knew no different. he didn”t treat me the way a woman should be treated. you shouldn”t have to always be embarrassed cuz you always had to foot the bill because him and his italian family were extremely tight. felt awful not feeling like your worth it : {I always be made to feel like you were not second, but third best. he was a self absorbed prissy boy who had a lot of homosexual traits and was rather feminine with not a shred of manliness” “he would also pressure me into doing physical activities which endangered me and i injured myself several times in the process he would verbally abuse me. he belongs to a strict catholic family. but he is far from honourable. his mother was an awful woman who has him wrapped around her finger. she acts nice as pie but judges people and makes them feel worthless” “he was an AWFUL boyfriend that never made you feel loved or wanted. never texts or bothers with you unless he wants sex!” “girls don”t be fooled he”s a using mummy”s boy” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:21:14 PM - Quinton Rivers {District Heights}: “once you”ve vested some time or energy you find out with this one that he the proud owner of how many 1,2,3,4 children! Has no obligation to them or the mothers. 3 BM”s total, does he spend time with these children it would be accurate to say “NO”. He currently holds a position with WMATA as a “Station Manager” on the RED Line. Ladies beware he”s a HPV carrier and not only that he”s molested someone of the same gender and can not control erections prompted when in the presence of his 7 year old daughter. Which in all honesty may not be his fault cause he too was sexually molested and usually history repeats itself when untreated. He screws random people and avoids condoms. He”s also a woman beater or at least he”s tried to be he wasn”t No work for the female I know dated him. He stays looking for sympathy when in fact we all have our mishaps in LIFE somebody needs to smack this bitch ass niggas and tell roll wit the punches champ. Ladies beware and be safe his hawk nose, and bumpy face may have you feeling sorry but don”t be his next claim to fame or victim. SS&AOWMACO” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

1/30/2011 11:21:34 PM - Jim Madonna {Pompton Lakes, NJ}: “blue collar scum. I met him at World Gym on Route 23. Got a hot body and was very charming. I was going thru a ruf divorce and he wanted to help me out. After many dates of just wine and talking, we finally got serious. Well, it ends up, he has 4 other girls in his king size bed. A stupid illegal mexican, a stupid rich girl, a stupid slutty greek, and a stupid old chick who works in a cafeteria. Don”t let his sad puppy eyes woo you, he”s bad news. He will cancel on you all the time, forget to call you, and will rarely pay for the tab. Also, he”s hung like a poodle. It”s from all the steroids and vitamins he takes for that body he shaves with a ladies razor. All he cares about is his dumb white truck, paying off his measly credit card bill, and riding his quad with his gay high school friends. I thought this would be a great friendship, ends up, he”s a total loser. He”s an uneducated light bulb changer who thinks hes an electrician. The guy is dumb and can”t even dance worth ***. He may know his wine collection, but good luck in finding anything good in the sack. Don”t waste your time with this guy...a lot of us have already” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:21:57 PM - Compare Dwayne Madison {North Carolina, RTP}: “has no respect for women, PERIOD. We started as friends for 6 months ~ boy was I fooled! Once we got together, everything changed. He WAS charming, funny, polite, and religious before we got together, but when we were officially in a relationship it all changed. The main thing was that he was cyber dating this woman in Arizona before he dealt with me ~ I found that they were even discussing marriage! He wrote a love letter to her after we got together ~ I found it and confronted him ~ he apologized and said he was just “venting.” I felt stupid but I forgave him” “The next month he went to California with his family” “his girl from Arizona posted pics of them on photo bucket, on the dates he was supposed to be in Cali. I printed the pics and told him to leave my house. When confronted, he went ballistic, broke my coffee table, as well as my pictures, and even threw a butcher knife across the room. He refused to leave or let me leave. Call me retarded, but I forgave him and took him back” “1} He has a preoccupation with group sex and swingers, and tried to join fling sites. When I confronted him about this, he bit my face and shoulder with left teeth marks, choked me and scratched me. 2} He is a LIAR he lies about big thing, little things, it doesn”t matter” “3} He loves to call women *** when he is upset, called his Grandmother a ***, and was repeatedly rude to waitresses when we were out in public” “It is only by the grace of God that I found the strength to escape him ~ He recently has been threatening me via yahoo, myspace and facebook, and I”ve had to block him from all of it” “He will appear charming, and he is. AT FIRST. He is very intelligent, articulate, and has a lot of friends. But if they knew the monster inside, they would steer clear” “he prefers large women ~ .so big girls watch out” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

1/30/2011 11:22:19 PM - Compare George Madias {Detroit/Ann Arbor, MI}: “loves to brag about his large endowment. he says all his girlfriends go psycho but its always him that does it. he makes them crazy because he cheated on them so much! he was kicked out of the marines for smoking pot. he still smokes pot everyday. he has a job as a painter with his family”s company and thats because his family is the only people that will hire him. he left his wife and 3 kids in California and never talked to them again. that was 6 years ago. he was always cheating on her with anyone. marriage meant nothing to him. he is also bisexual. he is addicted to gay porn and has met a lot of gay and bi men online. he”s even been caught trying to meet other guys when he left his email open. but he will deny it. there are pictures of him with other guys too. he used to be on yahoo messenger under the name thegreek696 and he used it to meet a lot of people for anonymous sex. he”s a real freak who doesn”t know how to be normal in bed. he likes some kinky stuff and is into transsexuals too. the freakier the better he thinks! he also is a HPV carrier and has her pes, that he doesn”t tell anyone about until he is caught. he”s given it to a lot of people and doesn”t even feel guilty. he refuses to accept responsibility for his actions. He was engaged to be married for 5 years to another girl and he cheated on her all the time too. with at least 20 different women and men he met online and on phone chat lines in that time. she took him back all the time too because he swore he would get help for his sex addiction. then he met a married woman and cheated with her for 2 years while he was still engaged. and then that woman got pregnant. he”s with her and their son now and still continues to cheat. she doesn”t know everything he does, but he still sees other girls AND guys. he”s a serial cheater and will never be faithful to anyone. he will end up with aids because he refuses to use condoms. He always knows how to play his cards right. he will sucker you in by telling you he”s unhappy and how much he is falling for you. he is the kind of guy who gives gifts and is thoughtful, but that is usually out of guilt for all the crap he is doing behind your back. he does not know how to be faithful and starts believing his own lies. he is also very physically abusive when confronted with evidence of his cheating. he has a police record for domestic violence. you can look it up! if you meet him, run the other way! He”s a player!” “and if you are cheating with him or know about him, contact his girlfriend. she”s on myspace under the name Sandy Claus and so is he under his name. i have tried telling her and she doesn”t believe me. maybe the more that warn her the more she will believe in what he is doing. that woman will end up dead from aids or him beating her and their kid will be a orphan. that baby they have deserves better and he should learn not to break up his family over cheating!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:22:43 PM - Jon Madeiros {Marthas Vineyard, MA Port St Lucie, FL}: “He use to live with me and touched my daughter”s private parts when she was just 3 years old while babysitting. I found this out because she not only told me but he later cried and confessed. Please be careful who you leave your children with it can happen to anyone. This is every mother”s nightmare. Although this was a very long time ago I still fear he could do this to someone else. Also i have a journal of his which he denied but it is from someone named matt saying he sodomized him” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:23:05 PM - Compare Kent Kent {Jackson, TN}: “Women please be ware of this viper he wears dreads nice looking brother, has a nice smile and is a barber by profession but don”t be fooled. he is a down low brother. Kent will pretend to be straight and try to tell you before hand, that there is a nasty rumor floating around that he is gay but it not true....Ladies run do not let this man put your life and health in jeopardy take it from me he is a habitual lying dog he will have sex with anyone man or women, he will steal from you in the blink of a eye he can not be trusted and because he will forever live on the down low anyone that deal with him is playing russian roulette, he also has STDs please run the other way for your health” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:23:25 PM - Compare Marquis Kennedy, aka “Quis, hot boy” {Toledo, OH}: “i think he is gay, he has been know to give out STDs to women” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:23:47 PM - Compare Jason Kennedy {Scottsdale, Rocky Point, Gilbert, AZ}: “I met him in 2002 @ Pattie”s in Old Town and thought he was nice and smelled good {Ugh... I”m so stupid}. On our first date, I noticed his back seat was absolutely stuffed with Costco size packages of BOD {that body spray stuff} but I didn”t think anything of it. His constant “B~12” shots in his *** and jars of bees {yes...real honey bees} he kept in the fridge could even be ignored. But I had to leave this cheating fool when I found pictures of him and his jock buddies in Rocky Point, Mexico gangbanging whores {they looked like trannies!}. Anyways... DON”T DATE HIM GIRLFRIEND! PS: He can”t dance” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:24:09 PM - Compare David Kennedy {York, PA}: “David is a liar I was married to him for 6 years until he told me he was gay and then I found out if you google his name hes being charged with 4 felony 3 counts for child porn. possession of child porn and distributing child porn. he also has a record for exposing himself to a child. now that he is gay I guess we should start warning men...but incase he changes his mind and decided he”s not gay just as fast as he became gay I am telling you girls to be aware of this guy. especially if you have young sons. he doesnt go for little girls. just boys” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:24:29 PM - Compare Aaron Kennedy, aka “Jessie Reins” {Salt Lake City, UT}: “is the biggest liar and cheater. He reels girls in by being smooth and making them feel special. Then next thing you know, he is taking all your money. He is always IMing people and meeting up with females, males and couples. He doesn”t care ~ as long as you put out he will bite at ya! Girls beware! In the picture, he is the one on the right” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:24:52 PM - Compare Brian Kendrick {Los Angeles, CA}: “Drug addict and boozer. Epitome of a man *** and abusive piece of scum into twinks and VERY young women. Walked out on wife after only less than seven months of marriage {she is currently pregnant}, after cheating on her at every opportunity BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER their marriage. Professional liar and back stabber that uses people for his own benefit and then talks *** about everyone from co~workers to his own best friend behind their backs. Will not be faithful. Will talk about how respectful he is to women and how he likes a certain type and age range, but don”t have any of it ladies~~he does just the OPPOSITE ~ looks and cheats with anything male or female that walks by. That”s right, he loves MEN and WOMEN and has slept with both! Thinks he”s better than everyone because of his dick size and six figure income, which he”d be NOTHING without either. RUN, don”t walk away from this self~absorbed ***, player, user, druggie, drunk, whiner, abuser, liar and cheat~~he isn”t what he wants you to think he is. He”s not even all that attractive, just another short, ugly freak whose money and penis size are the only things that are really getting him laid to begin with ~ . he would be NOTHING and NOBODY without either. Hell, even most of his “friends” can”t even stand him because he”s such a fake, and it”s time for the truth be exposed” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:25:20 PM - Compare Thesele Kemane {Cape Town, South Africa}: “This guy is so full of ****. Firstly he claims to like women, yet he sleeps in the same bed as men! Secondly he is a player who is highly promiscuous and hasn”t been tested, ever~so watch out unless you wanna die early. He also has a kid who he is denying. Women, watch out for TC! He needs to stop wasting womens time and come out of the closet!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:25:43 PM - Compare Dean Kelman {Rockingham/ Mandurah/Perth}: “is a lying low life junkie, jailbird and a sociopathic liar. Woman bashing {though terrified of MEN} so in other words a pathetic piece of ****. He is such a scatter brain junkie that he believes that people are watching him from the bushes. Can”t manage to stay out of prison for longer than a month and whilst out is scheming and scamming all the time.. Keeps all old girlfriends in tow by bribing them with drugs cause hes a one {1}n second wonder in the sack and probably the only way this feral dirty pig can get a bit. Has children to diff women and dont pay a cent for them. Child gets molested and he has the nerve to say “I”m happy with my life and I”m glad I”ve done everything I have cause makes me the person I am today”” “What a joke cause this guy shouldn”t be able to sleep at night for the pain and suffering he has caused woman that have been unlucky enough to be in his life. ONE FINAL SENTENCE FOR THIS GUY” “He”s a prison princess who has had numerous boyfriends in jail..AVOID” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:26:02 PM - Compare William Kelly {Willingboro}: “How bout dude is a dancer...like come on be serious..how you dance and smoke weed and blacks?? LoL it just dont mix..He”s a big fan of spongbob square pants too..reps round 1 like no other...sounds like a profile of a DL nigga to me...ladies keep your eyes on this one” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:26:22 PM - Compare Floyd Goldsmith {Chicago, IL}: “Don”t date Floyd C. Goldsmith..he is a worthless liar, cheat and selfish bastard..He is a poor, poor excuse for a black man, he has no direction..he will sleep with anyone including men...he hides behind a police uniform..he needs to be arrest for being a ***! he like to date rape women...he drinks every single day...he thinks he”s better than everyone...he dumb as a damn door knob..he is a follower...and ***” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:26:45 PM - Compare Todd Goldman {New York}: “is a child molester. He was my client and pretended to be my friend in order to near my child. He has threatened to have my child raped. He does all that stuff “Boys are Stupid, Throw rocks at them” He has an art Gallery at the Grove. His clothing line is David and Goliath. He has a clothing line named “HOMELESS” He has lines and stores all over, including Target and Walmart. He also writes children”s books, but it is a ploy to get near children. Please be careful. If he gives you his number, call the police immediately!! His phone number is 727~251~3808. Please be careful, he is dangerous!” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

1/30/2011 11:27:06 PM - Compare Barry Goldman {Florida}: “UNBELIEVABLE liar! A Sorry Cheater, liar, insecure, obnoxious, fake personas all the time, fantasizes about celebrity women he will never ever get because they are on a different planet than he is on. He cheats on his wife with men and always talks about how his “next wife” will be better. Also BEWARE of STDs. You were warned” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:27:27 PM - Compare Quentin James Williamson {Greensboro, NC}: “Liar and Cheater. This man is married but claims to be single or a swinger. He has five children and everything he owns I helped him to get. He will lie and manipulate woman to get whatever he wants. BEWARE...he is no good!” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/30/2011 11:27:48 PM - Compare Mariell Williams : “is a Pedophile {CHILD MOLESTER}. He”s not circumcised, known to carry CHLAMYDIA,YEAST INFECTIONS AND HPV. He served 10 YRS in prison for GANG RAPIN A BOY AT THE AGE OF 15. HE”S ALSO A DOWN LOW BROTHA. ALSO a criminal and a WOMAN BEATER!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/10883/

1/30/2011 11:28:12 PM - Compare Floyd Williams III, aka “Floyd/Denoh Wallace {Herndon, Manassas, VA Beach, Bristow, Fort Belvoir, Arlington, Fairfax, VA}: “is a con~artist, fraud, pathalogical liar and serial dater. He will lie to you the FIRST time you talk or receive an email/IM from him. DON”T GO ANYWHERE NEAR THIS MAN. If he tells you he works for the military/government, Navy Seals he is lying. All he is is a computer contractor. Not even an intelligent man. After all, he”s been busted, right? This man is also a serious porno freak. You will be at his house for a “romantic weekend” {this man doesn”t have a romantic, emotional or sensual bone in his body}, he will “attempt” to have sex with you and, oops, it”s all over. He then watches porn on his computer while you are still in the room. It”s non stop porno. No love involved, just him “trying” to get his rocks over any woman that will fall for his BS. And there is a lot of it and A LOT of women. He will also borrow money from you” “He can”t pay his bills and he won”t EVER pay you back. He will ask you to buy him all kinds of stuff or ask for cash loans. DON”T DO IT” “He has nothing to show for himself, no property, his car is leased” “has no real friends. Even his body is not real. He has great stories though and is VERY inventive. It”s all lies” “He will have very extreme stories about what he”s been through which are believable but taken off the news, trust me. I swear he”s started to believe himself too. Sick man” “He will get mysterious calls which he may or may not take when he”s with you. It”s usually another woman calling but will tell you it”s work related or some other excuse. More BS” “his body look so unnatural, viagra {as a well~known result of steroid use}, has regular unprotected sex” “serious doubts as to his true sexuality too” “He will repeatedly lie to you, deny everything, be so damn convincing you end up believing him. But this man needs help and will suck you in as best you can. Denoh has no conscience, no morals, bad heart” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:28:35 PM - Compare Chris Williams {Manly, Seaforth}: “Whilst with his girlfriend, he was having several relationship and paying for sex on the side. He is bi even though he protests loudly that he is not” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:28:54 PM - Compare Goran Wibran {Vaxjo, Sweden}: “he is a serial philanderer and has had countless affairs over many years. In getting to know this man, you will find that he will be very intent on learning all he can about the various aspects of your personality. You will be flattered that someone could really care that much. He then gauges his general approach towards you based on what he perceives will be well received. This applies also to sex. If you are relatively inexperienced, then he will be too. He will subtly bring up a variety of possibilities, two of them being sado~masochism and Tantric sex. He has a video on Tantric sex, which you may enjoy together. He may give you a book about sado~masochism that he just happened to have. He insists that he is “just curious” and wants your take. After you express your honest feelings about these sexual practices, funny enough, you will find that he feels the same. He never mentions these practices again. Interestingly enough, though, you may find yourself socializing with his friends that, coincidently, are involved in bondage, dominance and sado masochism. After time, maybe as long as 2~3 years, you may have the good fortune of finding out that these people have known your sweet, loving, boyfriend better than you. Don”t be surprised if you find out that he has engaged in this type of sex with one or more of these people, your now, “mutual friends”” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:29:20 PM - Compare Ernest Williams, aka Will {Lee”s Summit, MO}: “Run~not only is he a ladies man and smooth, but he”s also a downlow brother....run to the clinic. Still up to his same ole tricks~He won”t marry you~he can”t!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:29:38 PM - Compare Efrem Williams: “he was supposedly going thru a divorce. I just couldn”t do it. He lies and he keeps a really nasty house. His kitchen looked like the back of a project alley. So he probably don”t keep his body clean. I almost slept with him until I saw his very very little penis... My 4 year old son has more down there than him. I made up and excuse and rolled out. He has less than 3 inches and that was on hard. He keeps his car really dirty and his hands are always ashey. He lies about starting his own business driving trucks but that is all he does talk. He has a record. You would think someone that tall would have something on the ball. NOT!!! When tries to sound intelligent, you wonder what it he talking about and he is always talking about he hates gay men.. Makes me wonder if he is not on the down low. Watch out for him, he might be on both sides of the fence” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/172026/

1/30/2011 11:30:03 PM - Compare Bill Sweeney {Ludlow, MA}: “I did sent all the prove of evidence to all his family member to let them see that so he doesn”t have to make up story and blame on all the woman that he been dated that not his fault, he act like gay even his own daughter teased him that when he”ll be out of the closet right in front of me” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:30:22 PM - Compare Derek Williams {Clarksville, Ft Campbell, Roanoke, VA}: “SLUT—****s anything that shows him attention. aspires to become porn star and videotape girls without them knowing or his “roomie” double ****ing them. VERY EGOTISTICAL! **DISEASED** has past issues with highschool g/f. tries to play victim when both of them were swinging. ew” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:30:39 PM - Compare Tommy Lawrence : “is a freak that I always suspected liked men. Still not sure about it but am sure he is not trustworthy” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=27769

1/30/2011 11:31:01 PM - Compare Shawn Lawrence : “Shawn is a dark hair, blue eye hottie. BUT!! He is a user. He will shower you with all you want to hear, he will tell you how much he loves you, you are the ONLY person he has ever said that too, besides his daughter, he will worm his way into your heart, house and bank account. He will be good with you for about 3 months, then he gets the itch and will start chasing young women. He thinks they will easily fall for his words. Once your hooked and he drains you, yep....bye~bye! He will try and tell you, it is all you, you cause the problems. But he will already have another hook up when he dumps you. SO PLEASE do not be stupid like I was and don”t fall for it! COMMENT UNDER PROFILE: “Been there done that. I am 23 he is 39, said and did everything you went through and then some. I might add he has an online addiction to teen porn and incest” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/218935/

1/30/2011 11:31:22 PM - Compare Darryl Lawrence : “is a lier, a cheat and more importantly a Thief! He would come home from being gone for hours with hickies all over him and tell me that him and his boys were playin” around. Who knows, he might be gay too” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/35122/

1/30/2011 11:31:47 PM - Compare Barry Lawrence : “is 5 out of the 8 dangerous man pathologies. his main secret is that he is a closet homosexual. he is charming, brilliant, manipulative, cunning. his main weapon is that he appears to be normal, almost meek. he can talk his way into or out of almost any situation, with an appealing British accent. he hates and envies women and is out to destroy his female partners, emotionally, spiritually, and possibly other ways” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=21930

1/30/2011 11:32:07 PM - Compare Aljamaal Fuquan Lawrence, aka “Jamaal Fuquan” : “Girls let me tell you as someone whom has had the displeasure of meeting this sorry *** excuse for a man, lets see where do I start? he is HIV positive but tell everyone its his brother he has 2 .. count them.. 2 stupid ass females pregnant at this present time that is due a month apart from each other. Not to mention he has 2 ugly *** kids by this other chick need I say another one caught up in his bs and madness she might need to be tested as well he use to work for the city of newark dumb ass felon the only job he has ever had other than being someones *** in jail he claims he in school to be an electrician, but how are you going to be in school and his dumb ass cant even spell school? All he does is sit around trying to plot his name scheme on what chick he can spread his disease to and get pregnant next. So if you know anyone at all that even live in east orange or orange and around long ave in orange where he lives when hes not at some chick house please run like hell” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/291101/


1/30/2011 11:32:51 PM - Compare Ryan Lavigne {Saint John, Miramichi, Moncton, Dieppe, Sackville, Halifax}: “This guy “broke up” with his girlfriend for me....then I find out he started seeing her again behind my back. WWAAYY to into himself to have a girlfriend...homosexual tendencies” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:33:08 PM - Compare Olawale Jafojo, aka “Wale” {Atlanta, GA}: “Nigerian lier. When I first began dating him, he told me he was single, straight and in his very late 2o”s...all lies! Wale has been a married man and leading promiscuous and sexually adventurous relationships outside of it~with both men and women. see ring on finger in photo. He works for the City of Atlanta and initially likes to act professional and prominent, but he is a common freak, with no sexual limit in the bedroom or in his City vehicle” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:33:35 PM - Compare Kurt Jafay {Sequim, WA}: “Kurt went behind his girlfriend”s back with me. We sexually fooled around in a hotel and exchanged many sexual e~mails. I did not know that he had a girlfriend until he finally came clean. I genuinely cared for him so this was extremely devastating. I gave him nice gifts and paid for nice dinners, stupid me. He had not the character to return an expensive gift or pay me back. I would never ask for that but I was lied to and deceived. He is the type to sue for slander but this is not slander, this actually happened. He did this. He knew I was in despair and walked away, did not care. Be careful of this man and proceed with caution. I am here to warn women so that their heart is not mutilated like mine was. He begged for me to set up a threesome for him, he has many sexual issues. Be careful of porno. He has been exposed to genital *** but never took a blood test. I paid a month of his medical bills out of my good heart. Please be careful. He had me send packages to a PO Box because he claimed that he did not have a home address. Please watch out and sorry to his girlfriend, I had no idea” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:33:58 PM - Compare Beethoven Jacques, aka “BJ”, “Thomas”, “Benjamin” {Killeen, TX}: “is a military man so deep in the closet {if ya know wat I mean}. He will pretend to love you then drop you like a bad habit. He lie ALOT. Can”t be with one woman has to have many I should know cause we was together for 2 long years. Never knew if his male or females was just FRIENDS” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:34:17 PM - Compare Michaelis Jacoby {Hollywood, CA}: “he”s a charmer but a ***, he likes em young he likes em old he likes em better if they are rich, an specially a chick with a dick, he”s got a girl in every hood and a hooker on every block....he sure speaks the speak hes even gay for pay he has slept with ALL of us in aa, while searchin for new victims, he”s a predator, run girl run” SOURCE: DDHG


1/30/2011 11:35:08 PM - Compare Tre Jackson {Duluth, GA}: “He loves chatting on messenger with bunch of ladies. He is often on Myspace posting his picture with naked. He has so confidence with his body. He tells you he works for special operation in Navy. He will request you to have phone sex or 3sum or 4 sum, whatever. He loves to have sex with more than 2 ladies at the same time. And he is excited with seeing ladies eating each other. He treats ladies like sex toy. I feel sorry about his way to live” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:35:28 PM - Compare Tedrick Jackson {Albany, NJ}: “a liar, a cheater, a dog. He skipped town to a place in Arkansas where i know he is probably trying to fool somebody else. He been to prison and is in and out of jail at least twice a year. I also heard that he might be gay!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:35:48 PM - Compare Paul Gerlach, PART I : “this alcoholic uses women for money and sex and for years has cheated on all of his women, including his ex~wife with MEN. That”s right, he has unprotected sex with men and never discloses it to his women. Bad Idea ~ very, very, very bad idea: health risk + heart risk = extremely high. Ability to say ANYTHING true = extremely low. Meet the King of Fraud, Illusions, Secrets and Lies. Very, Very, Bad Idea. *NOT SINGLE*. PUSHING 60~YEARS~OLD. He will PLAY you and he will HURT you ~ Guaranteed! Known for general disdain for women and disrespect for the law. Previously Divorced by Several Women due to Multiple Failed Marriages. {He is only too happy to tell you lies about how he”s been unappreciated by ungrateful women who have done him wrong.} Constant multiple UNPROTECTED sexual encounters with questionable partners as to gender. Expresses frequent references to being GAY ~ BISEXUAL. Apparent Sexual Predator, Internet Stalker, Addict, who will say/do anything to get what he wants. PSYCHOPATH. Fond of relating sexual exploits with married women. Also fond of describing how he has avoided/fooled/deceived law enforcement, especially when it comes to driving drunk. This Pathological Liar likes/uses internet PORN daily. Untreated Stage 4 Career ALCOHOLIC” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/72542/

1/30/2011 11:36:13 PM - Compare Paul Gerlach, PART II : “Perceives/presents himself as sex God {NOT}, and high roller millionaire type {NOT}. Brags incessantly about his prowess when usually impotent and without stamina. Can become threatening in his manipulations in order to induce fear and gain control of his subject whether a man or a woman. Kept by a scheming, unbalanced butch~looking woman who presents him as a “family man” and step father. He services her and acts as an escort and valet for events, errands and travel as well as a house boy while he philanders. This PLAYER knowingly offers rich monogamous lifestyle via the internet/chat rooms while he actually has no income. His agenda is to “sincerely” push a faithful long~term relationship including support and travel/expensive vacations or whatever it takes to draw someone/anyone in with words alone. Frequently leaves town and “disappears” in order to hide and attempt to live in any situation with any woman who will have him as a fake marital partner. He”s not picky” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/72542/

1/30/2011 11:36:35 PM - Compare Paul Gerlach, PART III : “Narcissistic Sadistic Player/Cheater/Twisted Manipulator/User/Gun Collector/Lying Womanizer. EXTREME HIGH RISK BEHAVIOR. HUGE HEALTH RISK” “Introducing the King of Fraud. As your basic Dirty Old Man, he will PLAY you and he will HURT you ~ Guaranteed! NO CONSCIENCE/NO GUILT/NO RESPONSIBILITY/NO REMORSE. Born 10~22~1951, he is almost 60 YEARS OLD, but lies about his age frequently. Known for general disdain for women and disrespect for the law, especially as to driving drunk/DUIs/Wreckless Endangerment/Speeding. Previously Divorced by Several Women due to Multiple Failed Marriages. {He is only too happy to tell you lies about how he”s been unappreciated by ungrateful women who have done him wrong.} He will also tell you that an ex~wife or girlfriend{s} have died of cervical cancer. {Possible STD WARNING here as he refuses condom use or HIV testing.} BEWARE ~ This PLAYER knowingly routinely offers rich monogamous lifestyle via the internet/chat rooms/cameras while he actually has little income” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/72542/

1/30/2011 11:36:59 PM - Compare Paul Gerlach, PART IV : “He compulsively pushes a monogamous long~term relationship, ie., “you are perfect for me”, including support and travel/expensive vacations or whatever it takes to draw someone/anyone in with words alone, while professing he is without any love or companionship in his life. He constantly plays the sympathy card. Once he has used his considerable library of charms and lies and has “hooked up”, his typical MO is to claim any property a woman owns, including any house or car, as his own to whomever will listen, {see his My Space}. While he cuts a woman off from friends/family, he will make her think and feel that she cannot function without him as in “I don”t want to share you”, while he continues to target anyone who will let him connive to deceive. A TRUE CON MAN! One of his favorite fishing terms is CATCH AND RELEASE. He also likes the plane~ landing term of TOUCH and GO ~ both terms suit his methods. This WOMANIZER is kept in Miramar, Florida, by an uninformed, extremely butch~looking, unkempt, poorly~dressed woman who apparently deludes herself in the extreme in order to attempt to make herself appear as a “normal”, “professional”, “socialite”, “straight”, {no cigar}. She presents him as a “family man and step father”, as well as her “husband”. He services her and acts as a social and travel escort and house boy. While he philanders, she supports him/insures him/provides cars, etc. ~ even his phone is on her account. He describes HER as “unbalanced mentally, constantly on the edge, threatening, controlling, possessing volatile/violent tendencies with a horrible temperament”” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/72542/

1/30/2011 11:37:20 PM - Compare Paul Gerlach, PART V : “Cheater shows NO RESPECT for the law and especially no respect for women. He has trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy. Seems utterly charming but he is a CONTROL FREAK who will play his sick little game of “EMOTIONAL PUNISHING” on you: he will pull you in, showering you with intense amounts of attention and apparent affection and then for no reason he will push you away then pull you in, push away ~~ and become increasingly condescending and emotionally abusive as he goes. He has damaged many many women with his sick on/off game. He is a lifelong commitmentphobe and narcissist. A MOVING TARGET as he frequently leaves town to hide from his current keeper, and attempt to live in any city in a fake marital relationship with any woman who will have him. He”s not picky. especially as to looks. Meanwhile, he keeps in touch with many other women by “wish I could be with you” tactics” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/72542/

1/30/2011 11:37:41 PM - Compare Paul Gerlach, PART VI : “Be assured he will constantly troll for other women while he is seeing you! His ABSENCE OF REAL FEELINGS is substituted by 2 selves: in one, he is “hyperromantic” and “on,” and says he loves you in position 2 {to which he can switch in 5 minutes}, he is “off” and you won”t know who you are talking to, as he is in a personality dominated by fear, withdrawal, and an extreme need to control. He is truly a CRUEL COWARD, a real piece of work, a walking/talking PERSONALITY DISORDER. Be assured he will constantly GO AFTER OTHER WOMEN while he is seeing you. He comes on like romantic gangbusters, then fizzles to nothing, especially as to sex. He seems to know little about female anatomy and is often impotent and without stamina. In order to maintain control he will threaten: “I know I am dangerous to you”. Truly, do not underestimate how dangerous he is, though he seems at first like just a nice and slightly silly man in his attempt to deflect any true intimacy with humor” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/72542/

1/30/2011 11:38:04 PM - Compare Paul Gerlach, PART VII : “He does horrible things to women and is fundamentally a TRUE MISOGYNIST, seeing women as a species apart and as objects, he really looks down on women in general as well as his own mother. Daily PORN is a solid interest as well as sending nude pictures of himself via the Internet and chat rooms. Mentions gay sex very frequently. Per medical guidelines, is a Stage 4 ALCOHOLIC refusing rehab or any other treatment. Other long~term addictive drug use is highly indicated. There is a history of a troubled childhood per him, as well as an “above the law” teenager, also per him, including probable arson and inappropriate extremely early sexual encounters coupled with drug/alcohol abuse. NARCISSISTIC, SADISTIC PLAYER/CHEATER, TWISTED MANIPULATER USER/GUN COLLECTOR. POLITICAL EXTREMIST WITH POSSIBLE MUSLIM TIES” “WOMANIZER PAUL GERLACH IS KEPT in Miramar, Florida, by JILL SUMFEST, an uninformed, extremely butch~looking, unkempt, poorly~dressed woman who apparently deludes herself in the extreme in order to attempt to make herself appear as “normal”, “professional”, “socialite material”, “straight”, {no cigar}. She presents him as a “family man and step father”, as well as her “husband” while she attempts to control him with threats, hiring detectives, and having him TAILED WHEREVER HE GOES. He services her and acts as a social and travel escort and house boy. While he philanders, she supports him/insures him/provides cars, accounts, clothing, gifts, box seats for professional sports, travel, etc. ~ even his phone is on her account. He describes HER as “unbalanced mentally, ABUSIVE PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY, two~faced, mean~spirited, constantly on the edge, threatening, controlling, possessing volatile/violent tendencies with a horrible temperament” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/72542/

1/30/2011 11:38:28 PM - Compare Paul Gerlach, PART VIII : “Meet the GREAT PRETENDER ~ King of Fraud, Illusions, Secrets and Lies, as well as Broken Promises via Deceit, Manipulation and a False Façade. Very, Very, Bad Idea. *NOT SINGLE*. Born 10~20~1952, PUSHING 60~YEARS~OLD. He will PLAY you and he will HURT you ~ Guaranteed!” “Failing to plan ahead or hold up his end of a bargain, he only acts on impulse seeking constant stimulation as he is self~absorbed and motivated solely by his own desires. He is a master of destruction on many levels in a countless number of ways with a constant pattern of disregard for, and violation of the rights of others. Focused on meeting his own needs to the detriment of everyone else, he presents an aura of great confidence, smooth charm and good humor. However, he”s a forgery in a twisted world of addiction and dysfunction serving only his own agendas. NO CONSCIENCE ~ NO GUILT~ NO RESPONSIBILITY~ NO REMORSE ~ INSENSITIVE TO YOUR NEEDS ~ DISLOYAL ~ EXPLOITIVE. Acts as if he is in a high school fantasy both in language and deed. Being very skillful at reading people and faking concern, he is beguiling and smooth at first as he pretends to be easygoing, charming and a romantic when he feels it beneficial, but he lives in a world based on fear and control while he then becomes irritable and aggressive, presenting truly as two~faced and mean~spirited with uncontrolled mood swings, while forcefully asserting his own will and FINANCIAL EXPLOITATION on others oblivious of the pain it causes” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/72542/

1/30/2011 11:38:52 PM - Compare Paul Gerlach, PART IX: “Self centered and impulsive with a long history of overspending and poorly managing finances, he continues a job history of numerous changes, job firings, frequent and extended periods of unemployment resulting in support requests. He verbalizes only disdain for children and is proud that he never had his own. Only seeking sexual conquest, illicit affairs and multiple brief sexual connections, he has narcissistic defenses which make it impossible for him to accept intimacy. Apparent Sexual Predator, Internet Stalker, Daily Porn Enthusiast. This alleged Sex Addict will say/do anything to get what he wants with no thought to consequences. In his “recruiting phase”, he presents himself as single and lonely, with NO Partner whatsoever happily showing nude pictures he has taken of himself” BEWARE if his mouth is moving, he is compulsively lying and playing the PITY card! He is completely self~absorbed and will call/text/IM a woman frequently to talk about himself and send pictures of himself, presenting his keeper”s house as his own and their vacations where she is nowhere to be seen of course but he will never learn who any woman is, as the woman is actually never a priority WARNING ~ he will list all the reasons you are “perfect” for him, that he loves you, and then he will dump you. He has all the traits of the SOCIOPATH: extremely superficially charming, unreliable, self~aggrandizing, hyper~vigilant, hyper~sensitive to criticism with no empathy and no remorse for his bad behavior and game playing. He exhibits constant need for attention, adoration, stimulation, with no planning for the future” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/72542/

1/30/2011 11:39:14 PM - Compare Paul Gerlach, PART X: “He is characterized by illogical reasoning and poor judgment, with well~developed contempt for his victims {girlfriends}, especially when he is controlled or held accountable. Previously Divorced by Several Women due to failure to maintain monogamy or income. Once he has “hooked up” by misleading while pursuing with a vengeance, his typical MO is to claim any property a woman owns, including any house or car, as his own while cutting her off from friends/family in order to make her think and feel that she cannot function without him. He will say “I don”t want to share you”, as he cuts you off from friends and family. Comes on like romantic gangbusters, and then fizzles to nothing while ignoring you, especially in bed where there is little imagination or knowledge of female anatomy, and little stamina with very frequent impotence” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/72542/

1/30/2011 11:39:35 PM - Compare Mike Gerighty {Gloversville, NY}: “Online predator! He will charm you and tell you how much he cares about you but will always have an excuse about why he has no time for you. He has a woman at home and still wants his ex wife back {ex who left him for cheating on him with his current girlfriend} He is a drunk and doesnt do anything with his children, he lets his live in babysitter, AKA Girlfriend or roomate to his co~workers, take care of them. He likes women and men and is a habitual liar. DO NOT fall for his BS. He is on several sites looking for people to occupy his time. He has a lie for every situation and will do his best to rope you in” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:39:55 PM - Compare Anthony L. Gerald {Philadelphia, PA}: “sleeps with prostitutes, transvestites and admitted to be an “Undercover brother”. He moves from woman to woman, often to coworkers or strangers. He has been homeless because he spends so much money on prostitutes and strip clubs. He will try and move in with you and not pay rent. He will try to borrow money and never pay it back, or steal money out of your purse. He is highly manipulative and will try to sleep with you unprotected. Beware, he is sinister and is very charming and lies frequently, but has major sexual issues. He has a large DMB tattoo on his arm and a “Biohazzard” tatoo on his hand. He charms you for several weeks/months and then disappears but then will return with an excuse/lie and try to manipulate his way back in your life” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:40:15 PM - Compare Darkel George, aka “DG” {Sewickley, PA}: “is a skinny recovering crack head. all he does is smoke weed and cheat on his GF. He also enjoys cuttin his pubes with his mom”s facial hair trimmers every other night while on the phone with his gynocologist. Him and his bros enjoy runnin trains with each other and ugly hoes...he never has any money and will actually buy a grl nethin or take her out ne where...he thinks he is a gangster but has lived in saewickley that has no violence or ne trouble unless he makes it...basically he is a wannabe gangster who will never get nowhere in life and also has STD SO DONT TOUCH HIM!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:40:35 PM - Compare Justin David George {Toronto, Canada}: “he dresses up in women”s clothing in secret, waxes his eyebrows, and most of his high school classmates thought his drag ways were annoying, according to his high school yearbook. Find someone who doesn”t secretly wear your clothes. who has the balls to own up to things he”s done, and who won”t post ads looking for someone to film him having a threesome {among other things} while you”re out of town and engaged to him” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:40:56 PM - Compare Hakiem Allah George : “doesn”t only like girls ladies he is bisexual. He did my brother and my brother felt guilty and just told me the truth after finding this out some h03 knocked on my door trying to fight me because she thought i was the girl that gave him Chlamydia that allowed him to give it to her” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/16308/

1/30/2011 11:41:17 PM - Compare Paul Gemma : “is on many dating websites which I guess is fine but he is also on gay dating, or rather “casual sex” sites and swingers sites. After several dates, I googled him and found him on a gay cruising site, wearing pink women”s panties and asking to be called Paula. According to this site, he also hosted gay cross dressing parties. He is a hypocrite as he said on many occasions how against homosexuality he was. I guess he”s a self hating gay man. Beware of Paul. YOu don”t want to get involved with a man who is confused as to his own sexual identity” COMMENT UNDER PROFILE: “OK, so it gets even worse. I also found this guy on a bestiality website. This guy is S~I~C~K. Search for yourself under his e~mail address gaffat@hotmail.com or you can search under his tag name, Paulandu. He is very uncreative and uses this sign in name and the same tired old description of himself on every site he goes to” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/145552/

1/30/2011 11:41:38 PM - Compare Tony Gelfo : “His name is Tony Gelfo. This guy is a full blown closet queer. He”s a fag. I even think he has AIDS. He goes with woman for appearances sake to bring around his friends and coworkers and family so they don” t think he is gay. He has a cousin named Joey and he”s worried that Joey will think he is gay if he doesn”t have girlfriend. He lives in Las Vegas and he is from Chicago. His fathers name is James Gelfo and he has a sister named Tiffany. Don”t allow him to use you to hide his homosexual secret from his family, coworkers and friends” SOURCE: http://www.womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=28615

1/30/2011 11:41:59 PM - Compare Armando Miguel Avergara {Gaithersburg, MD}: “fat ugly cheater. horrible hygiene. not very intelligent. possibly gay” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/30/2011 11:42:18 PM - Compare Edward Audette, aka “Teddy Audette” : “edward audette likes to cheat on his girlfriends, he likes to call the cops on them and have them arrested, he likes to wear their underwear, he likes to look at porn all day long. his screen names are thewizzywizzrd@aol.com, themanwholikesit@aol.com, thewizzard2007@aol.com and retdman@aol.com” “he hits his girlfriends, wears women”s underwear and bras he watches porn all day on the computer and tries to meet up with other women and cheat on his girlfriends” SOURCES: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/50639/, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/52960/, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/50580/


1/30/2011 11:43:05 PM - Compare Christopher D. Austin {Hurstville Grove, Sydney, Australia}: “is a heartless son of a bitch that ruined my life twice. he will reel you in just as any of these other wankers will.. u know “the works” CHEAT...pretend that he cares about u, never give this guy a 2nd chance he will stab u again ad quick as lightening. if something life changing happens dont rely on his support even if u are romantically involved with him.. because he will RUN” “YOU CANNOT TRUST THIS GUY. HE IS A COMPULSIVE LIAR! **Also lies about how many girls hes been with** believe me its an UNHEALTHY amount” “not too mention THIS PANSY BOY IS A DANCER! hes GAY! as in homosexual just waiting to come out of that closet... i feel sorry for his mother because shes the 1 thats always going to have to put up with his **** in the long run” “OVERALL this prick still has A MILLION blind girls running after him on myspace because they dont know what this creep is really about. all they see is a PRETTY BOY” “he is very deceiving. the sweet guy that he claims himself to be doesnt exist.he will turn anything around to make it seem like you are the one in the wrong all the time.. when in fact he is the 1 always in the wrong. CHRISTOPHER DANE AUSTIN WHO EVEN KNOWS IF THATS HIS REAL NAME! DONT GO NEAR THIS PANSY! ITS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:43:25 PM - Compare Donovan Austin {Stone mountain, GA}: “He”s a liar and a ***... He cant even pay me 200 for child support and he wears a big diamond chain, “fronter”... ladies i encourage u to run when u see him, he stays with 2 of his friend in a two bedroom apt.. what a loser, if u ask me i think hes a little gay too as well that 5 years in prison turned him into a faggot” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:43:48 PM - Compare Hal Austin {Jacksonville, USA}: “After Hal ran up the bills in our house he set up home with his current sugarmama and left me and his 2 year old son homeless. He didn”t care that we had to sleep in my car because he was safe and warm. His new girlfriend, Shelly Davis Lewis, aka Horseface, turns a blind eye to his cheating. Hey Shelly, check out his phone records, YOUR phone records. When you work 7p~7a, he called me to have phone sex because you”re not good in bed! Also, he”s been to the Hospitality Inn on 103rd st., and Kings Inn on Arlington Blvd. Hmm, didn”t see you there. Wake up and smell the cum! How can you be with a man who beat his wife and left his baby to live on the streets? He has 3 children that he never sees, and owes over $30,000 in back child support, and we”re still homeless! Good job picking this guy! He obsesses over sucking other guys dicks to the point where he bought himself a dildo for Christmas. The man puts his own cum on it and licks it off like it”s the best thing he”s ever tasted! Yuck! And he tried to convince me this was normal. There is nothing normal about this man!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:44:09 PM - Compare Sadiq75 Austin {Renton, WA}: “is a charmer, but watch out cause he will sleep with your friend, sister, cousin.... and maybe even your brother if they let him. He lies about everything down to his age, occupation, and how much he makes. If your looking for something serious he”s not the one, but if your looking for a good time in bed he”s the one... And he gives good head, just tell him to take it easy and your all good” SOURCE: DDHG


1/30/2011 11:44:51 PM - Compare Henry Avant {Reseda, CA}: “is a liar ~ with a small dick and lies about anything and everything, where he lives, his age, and worst of all his name. However bad all this sounds, the worst is that he will give you an STD and act like he don”t know where it came from and he might be on the downlow too. Beware and be warned, didn”t nobody tell me and now am here to testify” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:45:11 PM - Compare Melvin Avante, aka “Melvon Avante”, “Marz Blackmon”, “Marz Simpson” : “Melvin, Melvon, whatever he calls himself, he need to call himself, a lying, cheating, manipulating, bad in bed, no good man. And to top it off, he likes to get down with Transexuals aka “chicks with dicks.....real ladies beware cuz he”s in the closet or at least he was until i found out and gave his sorry *** the boot, afer six years and had the nerve to bring a child into this....hes no good and he will lie constantly and take you for everything you got. Oh ya and his son is a lil lying bastard with a *** for a mama” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/67559/


1/30/2011 11:45:53 PM - Compare Craig Averdung {Houston, TX}: “is a PIG and you will will also find out that he is a SWINGER! You will not only get your heart broken you will get diseases” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:46:12 PM - Compare “Avery02” {on blackpeoplemeet}, aka “Avery” : “is a down~low brother. I dated him for a couple of weeks {luckily never had sex with him} and he admitted to me that he slept with two men” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/19222/

1/30/2011 11:46:36 PM - Compare Q. Awan, aka “RoughRider Rawstick” {Brooklyn, Queens, Jackson Heights, NY}: “a man by day and a woman by night. I was fooled for almost 6 months. He is good. He convinced me when I caught him dressed like a woman that it was his twin sister. I was wrong this guy is a freak and bi. Also has STD and herpies” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:46:58 PM - Compare Jeff Ayers : “He”s a bisexual, pot~smoking DJ and will lie and cheat his way to get what he wants and then dump you for the next thing...even cheats while you”re “dating” him” COMMENT UNDER PROFILE: “He is a player with both men and women, don”t let him fool you into believing otherwise. Check out his MySpace and Facebook profiles ~ he”s deleted the other MySpace profile mentioned above but still goes to college in Tampa. He works at the “G” gay bar in Ybor City {Tampa} on Wednesday nights and sells music on digitalbeatport.com as well as working for OnDaMike Productions as a DJ” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=20433

1/30/2011 11:47:20 PM - Compare Charles Barickman : “is nothing but a liar, a cheat. he claims he is straight but he”s not. has been intimate with a guy that is hiv+” SOURCE: DDHG & http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=28158

1/30/2011 11:47:39 PM - Compare Ron B., aka “Shango{808}” {Pearl City, Hawaii Greensboro, NC}: “My friend was seein this dude and guess what, he gave her an STD. This man think he smooth and got game but really he just a man~h*e that will f*ck anyting with a nani. He has been with half the girls on dis island plus several mahu”s {dude that dresses like a woman} and will keep on going. I heard he in North Carolina now. He think he all that cause he “Shango!” Please, ain”t no body interested n ur music u low down, dirty {and i mean dirty u std carrier} dog!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:48:00 PM - Compare Jesse Williams, aka “Grant” {Atlanta~Decatur_Lithonia, GA}: “meets women by doing work in their homes and business. Business name J Grant Williams Company. HVAC. Air Conditioning Repair. Lawn Care. Anything dealing with a home. He find out if your single and than he uses his charm to bring you on in. He”s been married 4 times and still is. Have 4 children my 4 different women that I know and probably more. He”s on probation in Dekalb County case #08c02179 where assaulted his pregnant wife and was charged with 12 counts of domestic abuse. He a liar BEWARE OF THIS MAN. He lives at 2070 West Flat Shaols Terr in Decatur Ga 30314. He will lie and abuse you and he picks women with children. He 5”10 200 black man bald head and a violent person. He goes by Grant Williams. BEWARE” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:48:21 PM - Compare Jermaine Williams {Pittsburgh, PA}: “This Wilkinsburgh, Homewood, Northside now zhoove lame *** *** is to be watched out 4 ladies !!!! unless u r a prodject *** lookin 4 somebody ur kids can call daddy he is real good at that!!!! as a matter of fact let me tell u just how good at that he is !!! he is currently trying to save a hoe now by the name of AYLA!! yall niggas might know her as tatta head well the *** would know her by that 2!!! anyway they both r 2 nasty pill poppin coke snortin H I V havin *** junkies!!! if u are from the zhoove i feel sorry 4 u !!! cause these 2 get around and they are both down 4 whatever men on men women on women !!whatever the case may be !!! its a shame bcause ayla just had a baby !! a HOOD BABY that is she is going to be on the COVER of the next hood 2 hood dvd tryn 2 find her baby daddy and if she aint yall know who took the fall, JERMAINE! hahaha {L.O.L} im not going to get real personal if u from that side you already know! b4 either one of you try 2 respond getya money up, move out the P.Js then holla!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:48:43 PM - Compare Timothy Viera {Las Vegas, NV}: “I was married to Timothy Viera for over 12 years and found out when we lived in Las Vegas that he had been sleeping with numerous women he worked with in many different car dealerships. He finally hit rock bottom when he took money and property from our home and his children, walked out and didn”t speak, support, or help his minor children for almost a year. He comes by now and then but still has no desire to support, care for, or be a real father to his now teenage children. He claims to love all women and his kids if that will get a woman to date or have sex with him, then leaves. Unemployed because of being fired numerous times because of his activities at work {including sleeping with a co~worker that was married to a friend of his} he lives from woman to woman who ever will support him” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:49:05 PM - Compare Mj Vaughn {Dayton, TN}: “is married to 2 people right now and denys all of it he will lie to you and cheat on you and is good at it” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/30/2011 11:49:27 PM - Compare Kelly Vandermark {Portage, WI}: “Registered Sex Offender. Recently married without allowing that to interfere with his other relationships and courtships. Claims his marriage is a marriage of convenience. Run” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:49:52 PM - Compare Tony/Anthony Kayrouz {Jeffersonville, Louisville, KY}: “Bigamist, compulsive liar, inflated sense of self” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:50:13 PM - Compare Sanjeev Katariya {Bellevue, WA}: “A boy who has no respect or care about the marriage and relationship of others! Thinks he is a family man yet his values are low, dishonest, and does not have the strength to tell the truth when confronted! A Thing who should be taking care of his family but rather interfere and try to separate someone else”s relationship! This CRAP does not have a good heart only a bad one!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:50:36 PM - Compare Jeremy Karsel {Rockford, IL}: “He is conniving. He has no sense of humor, whatsoever, can”t even take a joke! He is extremely immature and likes to spread lies about people he doesn”t even know. If you try and do him wrong, he will go around telling people that you are pregnant, and are going to have an abortion for the third time. He will also constantly harass you through text messages because he isn”t man enough to say anything to your face or on the phone. He goes out to lame gross bars every night, trying to pick up girls, but can”t because he has no game. He moved to South Carolina for a girl, but got kicked out of his house and school, so he moved back to Rockford to live with his parents, for a different. Then decided that he was going to go for a girl with no eye brows. He has no job, he is a low life alcoholic piece of ***. I also believe that he might currently have an STD from no eyebrows girl, but its questionable. Don”t EVER think about dating this queer” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:50:58 PM - Compare Dean Kaitschuck, aka, “Marshall” {Redlands, CA}: “is a loser and a cheater. he is a sweet talker and is very dangerous. Anything can piss him off at anytime. He has a wife that went missing 6 months after he married her never to be seen again. he has a record of violence. He lived in Arizona, California, Georgia, and Tennessee. he claims to have been a firefighter, EMT, a fire Marshal and a Marshal. His current MO is a student Nurse. He will use you while he is dating others at the same time. he does not have a job and mooches off every poor unsuspecting girl he can. beware and don”t fall for his games. he will serenade you with his guitar and country music. he will claim to be whatever your desire is just to hook you. beware!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:51:21 PM - Compare James Odell Taylor {Kernersville, NC}: “is a leach and will drain you both financially, and emotionally. He will never admit to his mistakes, and lives in a fantasy world. He makes up his life and blames others for his failures, and when you discover this fact, he will leave you with all the bills and responsibilities, he has done this 4 times to women, 3 of which he married. He is a good con man, pretends to be your knight in shinning armor but once he gets the ring on your finger, he changes. He is also emotionally and physically abusive, a slob, and lazy” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/30/2011 11:51:45 PM - Compare Peter Briggs : “is a man that let a man with an obsession with pornography and an earlier fascination with a 9 yr old neighbor girl baby~sit [] This pervert of course ended up molesting his daughter giving the excuse that he was “horny.” When I expressed my outrage, an abuse survivor myself, he screamed that he was “glad” I had been raped” “he had a history of cheating and he admitted he has never stayed faithful to anybody” “slept with an old girlfriend the night before he got married. He is such a pig he kept the pathetic letter this poor girl wrote asking why he used her like that” “After I moved out we stayed friends and he hooked up with a woman he called his “sugar momma” along with at least 4 other women. When this woman, Karynn, found out that he was cheating on her she blamed everyone but Peter and believed the phony tears and his fake contrition. She broke up him after he cheated on her again but still thought I was to blame since I called him out on it. She still spies on me MONTHS later. Took both her and 50 yr old Carolyn out together but playing Carolyn off as a “friend” [] He has no shame [] preys on much younger or much older women that tend to be unattractive and or overweight so they think they found a catch with his attentive and seemingly sincere and thoughtful ways” “He lavished presents on me in his attempt to assuage his guilt” “slept with his ex wife”s maid of honor while they were married. Explained that away by saying she “threw herself at him”. After he was divorced hooked up with a girl Jenni and lived together while sleeping with his “good friend” Heather the whole time. Not only that but after his mother died in England he pretended to go back to visit the family [] instead he was getting together with a girl there [] She wised up and broke off their engagement. He only moved out of Jenni”s house because he had to prove to his fiancée in England that they had their own place to live. Told her all that time he was living with a “roommate” Then came me [] Currently hooking up with a older 40~some yr old woman named karynn bonner that had only just recently filed for divorce from her husband [] He told me she had money and that he had found a real sugar momma” SOURCES: DDHG & http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=17010

1/30/2011 11:52:08 PM - Compare Peter Briggs, PART II: “After I moved out we stayed friends and he hooked up with a woman he called his “sugar momma” along with at least 4 other women. When this woman, Karynn, found out that he was cheating on her she blamed everyone but Peter and believed the phony tears and his fake contrition. She broke up him after he cheated on her again but still thought I was to blame since I called him out on it. She still spies on me MONTHS later. Took both her and 50 yr old Carolyn out together but playing Carolyn off as a “friend”. He has no shame. DO NOT BELIEVE HIS LIES! He preys on much younger or much older women that tend to be unattractive and or overweight so they think they found a catch with his attentive and seemingly sincere and thoughtful ways. He is so good at this that his latest groupie, a young girl named Charly Moore, has taken to defending him with the full knowledge that he is with her only because all the other women he was cheating with have told him to get lost. He is very adept at playing the “victim” and garnering sympathy even when caught red~handed. Now has to work two jobs since he no longer has anyone to pay his bills and had to move in a roommate situation unable to support himself. I was even stupid enough to try to stay friends and believed that he felt remorse for damaging our relationship on a romantic level but he said he cared too much to lose me as a friend but when he couldn”t even be bothered to take time off for his daughter”s birthday but took the day off to stay at his girlfriends I had enough. He lavished presents on me in his attempt to assuage his guilt and I felt no guilt towards the end when I used him as he had used me. When I couldn”t stand him anymore I wrote a scathing blog about what I really thought about him. He did not like being on the receiving end of being played the fool but was his just reward. So BEWARE!! This guy can charm the pants off anybody, I have always prided myself on my intelligence and independence and even I got suckered. He has a knack for making you seem like you are special...but believe me, everything he tells you has been already told more than once to other poor women” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:52:33 PM - Compare Jeff Brilling {East Hampton, NY}: “IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. This man is bad news especially if you want to keep your money and your heart in tact. He is one of those guys who is on every dating site. He changes his location depending on where he is at the time. It doesn”t matter whether you are in a relationship with you or not, he will still be on the hunt. I caught him advertising himself from North Carolina, Doraville, GA, Dawsonville, GA and East Hampton NY. He is the ultimate cad. He appears to be a very normal person and is so endearing and sweet to you at the beginning. He is dead broke, is bankrupt, and will use you for everything you have. He will take your money. He has been an habitual liar since I have known him. He appears to be the normal person who is a great father. But turn your back, and he will cheat on you and lie to your face. I have caught him too many times in a lie, but I haven”t been brave enough to bring it up. I fell in love with this man twice. The first time we lived together and things were good, until I caught him cheating, while living in my house free right under my nose. I suspect that he used to bring women over to my house during the day, but that is only speculation. The second time we reunited after being apart for 2 years. He did everything right, making me think he cared and we were back together. He slept with other women within a month of us coming back together. He was attentive to me, acted like he was really into me. Then he went off to South Hamptonm, Long Island NY. to do job for a rich customer of his. He has been gone 2 weeks now. He contacts me several times a day acting like things are normal. I have found at least 4 profiles on dating sites that he has set up as having a South Hampton NY address. Just 2 nights ago, he went to a local hardware store that was he says was an hour away. He later told me that he had left the store a little past 9 pm and took a wrong turn that took him 30 minutes in the wrong direction. He admitted that he didn”t get home until after 2 in the morning. Left the store at 9, went 30 minutes in the wrong direction, turns around to go home, that would be 30 minutes back to starting point, 1 hour get home. you do the math. should have been home at least by 11:30. So where did those missing 3+ hours go. I have heard him lie over and over and again. He will stab you in the back and talk about you to his other sexual partners online. He will latch on to any woman who has money or an inheritance. This is just the latest story of many, believe me” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:52:56 PM - Compare Jamie Brinlee {Denver, CO}: “this douche could possibly be in colorado, or montana where he”s from. he has a sad story about falling in love with a chick named sabrina, who tried to run him over and broke his heart while he lived in minot nd. he is prior air force, but got out cause he”s a freakin dirt bag. this *** takes advantage of girls, is charming, and tells sad stories about how he got screwed over in order to make you think he”s really a good guy who just has a broken heart. B.S. ! he”ll screw you over, tell all his friends what you both do together sexually and laugh about it. oh don”t let him *** rape you, he loves to do it up the pooper, and if you oblige to be nice, you can bet he”ll tell everyone about that too!. don”t fall for this lazy, chain smoking, pathetic piece of crap. it”s all a joke, and he”s probably sleeping with another chick at the same time he”s feeding you lines of *** about how he likes you. jaime is tall, over 6 ft, full of moles, has a freaking beak nose, and the lamest flame tattoos you”ve ever seen. he likes to bowl and hunt and drink, may he rot in hell. and if you bring up this post i”ll bet he”ll laugh and tell you that the person who wrote it is crazy. i can assure you, i am not. please be wary if you come across this scummer, don”t fall for lies” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:53:37 PM - Compare Darrell Britton, aka Britt {North Andover}, PART I : “Shortly after our first anniversary my then husband, Darrell W. Britton, Jr., decided with another couple he met on the Internet, Barbara Emma Anderson {later to be name co~respondent in my divorce petition} and her husband Leslie Anderson of Rumford, RI, that they wanted to “swing.” No one bothered to ask me if I did. The few times we got together socially, no one mentioned it either. Darrell knew that I was against swinging prior to our marriage and he married me knowing that I would not engage in this kind of activity he even said that he “learned his lesson as swinging broke up his first marriage.” But when we went to the Anderson”s home, Darrell went upstairs with Barbara after dinner while her husband proceeded to try to have sex with me. When I shouted for my husband while fighting Les off me, my husband never came to my rescue. When I proceeded to go upstairs to get him and leave, Les said, “I wouldn”t go up there if I were you. You won”t like what you see.” On the way home, Darrell was actually angry with me asking, “Why couldn”t you just go along all I wanted to do was F ~ ~ ~ her!” Barbara and Darrell agreed to never see each other again and Darrell and I tried to heal – or so I thought. A year later he revealed that he had started a business with Barbara. {AND according to hotel records, they were doing more than that!} They lied. Two years after that, though he claimed that their relationship was purely business, Darrell gave me a STD. He lied again. During our divorce trial he denied giving me a STD, though the medical records said differently. He lied again. Once I found nude pictures of teenagers on our PC. Darrell”s explanation was that the daughter of a co~worker had disappeared and they feared that she was sold into sex slavery. He was “investigating” the matter. Then I found a business card from a couple in Pawtucket advertising themselves as a “swinging couple.” When I filed for divorce, my investigations proved that he lied to me PRIOR to our marriage. He said he was a captain in the air force, contracting for them and working undercover with a woman named Gina. He told a neighbor that he was a fighter pilot in Vietnam. All not true. The military has no record of Darrell W Britton, Jr. in their files in any capacity. During our divorce trial a story he told his sister about a secret mission he undertook in the Middle East, was evidenced by a letter in his own hand. I quote the divorce decree, “The letter had details about a mission he was about to undertake in the Middle East. He gave his rank and officer number in the Air Force and included instructions for his sister about what to do if he was killed during the mission. The letter proved to be a “fake””. Darrell claimed on the stand that he was writing a book but offered no proof. He lied. According to his sister, she was beside herself with fear for his life. Where was he? He was with another woman ~ a flight attendant ~ and he never told her that he was married” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:54:02 PM - Compare Darrell Britton, PART II : “Darrell forged my signature on a line of credit for his business with Barbara Emma Anderson and for two years he lived with me and slept beside me and said nothing. I found out when he moved out of the house and the vendor called me looking for payment. Darrell left me to defend myself in court. He lied again under oath claiming he sent me, my counsel, the vendor, and their counsel a letter stating that he was responsible for the claim. Again, he could not produce a letter when asked. Besides using my identity and credit due to his own abysmal credit for their business, he lied to employers telling them he was on the job when in fact many times he was either with me or wit Barbara in another state, all documented by credit card purchases. He told friends that he went to Russia consulting for a major corporation when he actually moved out~of~state where I met him. He claimed in his resume that a business he owned ran million dollar projects but for three years the government shows no income and his past bankruptcy papers even dispute what the government has on record. How can someone in the construction get million dollar projects and not make any money? He lied to me continually to get money out of me – and continued to lie during trial about fabricated businesses he bought and was looking at purchasing. I found out later from his sister I was really paying off his past debts to her. He told me after I filed for divorce that he had killed men and I will never know if that was fiction or a threat. But when he was served, he came home furious and immediately went for his handgun. The best advice I received from my attorney was to remove the gun from our home. Over five years of marriage, Darrell claimed approximately 30 times that he was away from home {overnight, of course} on business. But his previous employer stated categorically that he was never assigned projects where he was staying. Darrell claimed during trial that his relationship with Barbara Emma Anderson stopped in 2003 but the “business trips” continued throughout 2004. In my decree it was stated that, “The court shares the Petitioner”s lack of faith in the Respondent”s {Darrell} candor.” In fact, the court found that “the Respondent”s testimony was, at times, not reliable.” During the discovery proceedings, Darrell even lied to his friend CPA and his sister who were on his list of witnesses for HIM. When I asked Darrell why he did all these things to me during our marriage he said, “Because no one tells me who I can and cannot see!” I think it would have been easier to just ask for a divorce if he was so unhappy. But that wasn”t it. He needed my money for their business. The deceit continues even after the divorce is final. A woman came up to me, a total stranger, showed me a voided check of mine that I sent to Darrell and a blank check of Darrell”s. She stated that Darrell asked her to put $1,000 of her own money into his account and forge one of his checks to me for my alimony payment. She came to tell me that she was not going to do it. She said she was going to call Darrell”s sister to bail him out. Here is a woman about to be a single mother, who I doubt earns a great deal at her job, being asked by a guy who makes six figures to pay his ex~wife”s alimony! Darrell owes a lot of people money. Darrell put in writing that he will pay me back money he scammed me out of for his failed business venture with Barbara Emma Anderson. I hope everyone gets what he owes them. I”m sure I won”t. I know that there are others out there who have been scammed and compulsively lied to as he did to me. One woman called me prior to marrying Darrell, but Darrell claimed that she was insane. She was not insane just angry at having been betrayed and used like me. I should have taken heed. Even his sister told me that she didn”t want Darrell to marry me she didn”t think that Darrell could ever have a meaningful relationship with anyone. And my best friends immediately saw him for what he was after only five minutes and told me so – he was a con artist. I hope others come forward” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:54:23 PM - Compare Tim Dunn : “DON”T DATE HIM! He did not physically cheat on me, but he”s addicted to porn he also engaged in a bit of phone sex with his best friend”s wife. He was verbally and physically abusive toward my son. He has a fetish for young {teen} girls. BAD NEWS LADIES! Don”t let the “military man” fool you” SOURCE: DDHG, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/36992/

1/30/2011 11:54:42 PM - Compare Charles Joseph Eanes {Salina Lawrence, KS}: “usually has a story {all lies} to suck you in..he has 3~4 women going at time..never works..lives off whoever will support him while he is sleeping with several women at a time. He use to physically abuse the mother of his child. Takes your money, tell you lies you wouldn”t believe..people think he is nice until they see the real side of the freeloader, user, abuser, cheater..he conned an almost 60 yr old woman in Kansas for months, slept with many women at KU while living off her..he is a very sick man” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/30/2011 11:55:03 PM - Compare Jack Easdale {Arlington, VA “Also in Hermitage TN, Toronto Canada, and Denver CO John C Easdale”}: “Is only into conquests. Stole my girlfriend from me, married her and then dumped her a few months later. This is a man who seems to “have it all” but basically just wants to take what others have. Ladies, don”t let him fool you ~~ the Ivy League degree and good job mean nothing to this man except that he can impress you. He is a loser and will screw around on you incessantly. Financially sound but emotionally bankrupt. Stay away from this man!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:55:26 PM - Compare Parker East {New Smyrna Beach}: “Parker and I started dating in January 2006. Our relationship ended in November of 2007. I am pregnant, and am living with my parents for a little while. He has stated that he would rather murder me than ever pay child support because I could choose to have an abortion. A week or two before I conceived, he had stated that he would support me if I became pregnant. We had been making plans to get married. Apparently, he would say anything to have sex without a condom. Now he says that all he meant was that he would be a shoulder to cry on. Parker became an alcoholic, an abuser of heroin and cocaine, and a user of crack any other drug he could get his hands on. During the course of our relationship he slept with at least five other women and made out with countless others. By the end of our relationship he had become abusive and took to hitting, choking, and roughly pushing {leaving bruises} me. He knocked down our front door in an effort to grab a hold of me during one argument. He wanted me to have sex with wealthy men for money, and stole hundreds of dollars worth of items, including from “mom and pop shops.” He is bipolar and usually unmedicated. He justifies everything he does and always makes whatever has gone wrong out to be somebody else”s fault. He believes he is special, superior to everybody {including great philosophers and scientists} and that death does not exist. He also believes that it is a tragedy to be alive and I am a bad person for not wanting to murder my baby. He thinks that death, in the case of infants, is a kindness. He also has said that if he had a hot daughter he would not hesitate to have sex with her. I hope I am not having a daughter, or I do that he never comes near her. I know that he would be the major cause of suffering in her life. He also believes that parents should be allowed to murder their own children. He is crazy. Do not make the mistake I made. Do not date him, do not love him, do not trust him” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:56:19 PM - Compare Jacques Eastment {Townsville}: “Drama fag. I work with him at Target. He is such a manipulative freak. No time for me. Damn him, die jacques die. NEVER TRUST THIS PERSON! It started out as just casual sex of course. We went out to the movies and to dinner a few times, i really liked him. After 4 months we went for a romantic weekend away to Magnetic Island where he organised a delicious picnic basket and we lay on the tropical beaches of North Queensland for 3 days. It was amazing. The sex was the best i”ve ever had. Until one night while I was in the shower after a hot and steamy session of love making, he went to “get some chinese”. Damn straight he got some Chinese, he was screwing the *** in the next unit. I only found out because I needed to borrow a hair dryer and I”d had a chat to this lady in the pool and knew she was a hairdresser. Talk about shocked. Here he was the man I thought was the one, ****ing an asian *** up the arse. I screamed and ran back to the unit~ he stayed to finish her off! Got my stuff and caught a bus to the ferry. I spent the night at my girlfriends house crying with her. All I can say girls is watch out for your friends and stop them getting hurt by dickheads like Jacques” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:56:41 PM - Compare Jeff Easton {Bridgewater, MA}: “Don”t be fooled by his sheepish looks ladies, he is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Jeff and I met about 6 months ago through Myspace. I was just browsing my favorite band”s Myspace {Fallout Boy} when I noticed that this cute boy made a comment saying he liked their music too. I sent him a message, and that”s really where it all began. We discovered that we live very close to each other, and after about a month of sending messages we decided to meet up. Fast forward a few months later and we”re living together. At first, everything is great, he was everything that he made himself out to be, but slowly I noticed strange things happening. He worked at a local Gamestop {a video game store}, he bought a lot of video games, and video game systems, it became evident to me that he never played them. I became more and more curious why he owned so many video games but never played them so I began to snoop. I got on his Myspace one day and looked at his message and that”s when my heart broke.. I saw he had been sending messages to under aged girls in our area and using video games to spark the conversation. He invited under aged girls over to OUR house to play games like Pokemon and who KNOWS what else. When he came home that night I confronted him about I found and he laid it all out on the table for me. He told me he had been fired from his job at Gamestop for stealing Pokemon games and because of that he might go back to jail for violating his probation... If all of the things I”ve said so far have shocked you, wait until you hear this, he served time in jail for killing one of his neighbor”s sheep during the act of bestial coitus. Whatever you do, stay away from this guy, he”s dangerous, and not at all what he seems to be ” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:57:03 PM - Compare Matthew James Eastridge {Baltimore, MD}: “Is a predator of older women, who he cons to purchase vehicles, clothing, and basically support him. Cannot hold on to a job. 6 time felon who is currently on parole, and was recently arrested again, and managed to con some poor soul into posting bond for him. Last person who posted a bond lost her home in 93 when he jumped bail. Dumped me cause he found an older woman in Glen Burnie who would buy him a truck, left her once he had the truck, but not before he cheated on her with me. After leaving there, he moved right in with another older woman, totaled his truck and got her to get him a replacement, then promptly left her without even a note, calling me all the while to whine about how he didnt like her. This man will literally lie, cheat or steal to get money for Cocaine. He is a total loser...WATCH OUT!” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/30/2011 11:57:24 PM - Compare David Freim {Mcmurray, PA}: “Age: 45” “my daughter happened to google my name and i came up on this web site. years ago i dated this man david freim, 36 years old never married, no children. was with him for several years. through those years i was pregnant twice. first time i miscarried, second time i had to abort. not because i chose to. dave had a chromosome disorder {which he knew about since he was little} and at 4 months when the test came back that the baby had too many chromosomes and would not live after they cut the cord dave did not want me to have it. it was a choice i still struggle with today. the same week i was struggling with the outcome dave was in brazil having sex with several different women. he came straight home tried to empty his suitcase out right away to wash his clothes. when questioned he said he was in a crowded bar where women rubbed up against him. that was not the end. when he quit rockwell he took a job that required him to work in ohio. told me it would be easier to get an apartment and stay monday through thursday. found out that the apartment was with another woman. i left this man, who thought i would stay because he had money. i went through the hell. found child porn on his computer, {which by the way was the last straw considering i did have a 8 year old daughter at the time}. 6 months after i left him i started dating a man i met, he lived down in virginia. me and my daughter went down for a nascar race. shortly after i returned from the race i caught Dave, who drove 6 in a half hours down there, slashing my tires on my car. which by the way I”m glad I saw him because he ended up paying for them rather then have charges pressed. when i returned home this same man came to my apartment and asked me to marry him, i declined. during my own wedding planning and even days before my marriage day he still was trying to ruin my life. it killed him that he had no control of my life and he couldn”t have the one thing that his money couldn”t buy, me. he has since married {was dating his wife while he was still pursuing me} and i wish her the best, but beware. he is a very sick, self centered man who feels his weakest when he can”t control the person he is with” SOURCE: womansavers.com

1/30/2011 11:57:51 PM - Compare Jajuan Chapel, aka John Paul”, “Jay” {El Reno, Norman, Houston, TX}: “If you meet this half Puero Rican and black brotha beware! He is a habitual liar. Has 2 kids he lies about being his {maybe more}. Likes to call girly lines and visit porn/dating sites and ain”t got a penny to his name. He finds women he can charm and normally by the time you realize he is full of shyt he”s already taken you for a ride financially. He lies about everything. Blames you for everything and takes responsibility for nothing. Has 2 ex gf”s who have had restraining orders placed on him, several girls who have aborted pregnancy and he ain”t too proud to ask you for money and will never pay you back. On top of all this, he has an anger problem and has hit several of his ex gf”s...all of whom did their research on his past a little too late. If you see this guy...run!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:58:13 PM - Compare Luc Chaoui {Austin, TX}: “If you”re looking for a straight up ten point sociopath, then this is your man. He will charm your socks off, with his french accent, promise you the world, and give you nothing. He uses women in any country he can to get what he needs and when he does not, he moves on to his next victim and i say victim. He feels no remorse for hurting others” feelings, has a grandiose sense of self and has disdain and little empathy for others. He uses women and moves on. This man will charm you and before long you think you must be the one that has it all wrong. He is a sheep in wolve”s clothing, because he will dazzle you but inside is a very emotionally distraught human being that promises love and more but delivers heartache. He is a ten point sociopath. Stear clear of this man unless you want your brain twisted, your heart broken and your bank account cleaned out. He is a manipulative con man that preys on women, lies like a cat and then when he has you where he wants you, he calls you needy and turns the tables on you. Its a game to him. Don”t let this sociopath into your life. He is downright dangerous” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:58:36 PM - Compare Christian Chandler {Ruckersville, VA}: “Christian Weston Chandler is a sick PERVERT who you should stay far away from. He has been banned from many local malls, shopping centers like Target, and even a local college campus for attempting to solicit sex from women there. He likes to sexually harass and abuse women close to him, despite their protests to this. He also likes sending nude pictures of himself to and attempting to solicit phone or IM sex from women he meets online. Once he has fixated upon a specific target, he will harass them with constant phone calls, e~mails, and, eventually, what he considers to be “innocent” sexual abuse. He also uses common, popular social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook to acquire information on his “target” and will also acquire and posted personal pictures for his own unsavory purposes. He is severely mentally~imbalanced and, despite his nice~guy act and his claims of wanting only a “sweetheart to care for and to be cared from”, he merely wants sex and wants it bad enough to possibly do some very dangerous things. He can be identified by his large, round glasses and a yellow, clay medallion he wears around his neck, fashioned in the likeness of his internet persona, “Sonichu”” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:59:00 PM - Compare Roy Corn {Huntsville, AL}: “This man is a player in marriage and outside of marriage. has been married twice, cheats terribly and has never made commitment. He has admitted that he has never been faithful in any relationship. He considers himself faithful as long as he is not having s8x with someone. Phone s*x is acceptable to him. He comes on loving in the beginning and becomes verbally and physically abusive as the relationship progresses. Is very jealous. He does as he pleases and when the female attempts to do things, he becomes verbally abusive and insulting. If you are anywhere and he becomes angry, he will leave you where you are. He will have several girlfriends at one time when just dating. He will also stay with you until he uses a person all he can. Then he moves on. Not a good choice for long term relationship. But is fun for a date or two. Nothing more serious unless you like pain” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:59:25 PM - Compare Mike Corell, aka “phil free”, “birch” {Santa Cruz, CA}: “claims to be pagan, but is really just trying to get laid as much as possible by as many women as he can get” “If you meet this guy BEWARE he is a possible pedophile and certainly is a user and abuser of all women” SOURCE: DDHG

1/30/2011 11:59:47 PM - Compare Jeremy Cooley {West Palm Beach, FL}: “is a womanizer at heart and knows very well how to lie to woman. He comes off so nice and friendly and acts like he is so into you. I dated him...big mistake and I am passing on what I know to others. When I dated him he was sneaking around behind my back and my friends would see him out with other woman. When I would ask him...oh they are just friends or he knows them through his work. ALL LIES! He also is really freaky in bed....don”t believe what he says about how few woman he has been with either. After I broke up with him he started chasing a girl I knew and she told me he asked to wear her panties one night. Also ladies....he is really small! No joke...he is maybe 4 inches at the most. It was really a huge turn off! Just stay away from him and when he starts to act into just run. He loves to tell woman how amazing he finds them and he can see himself with you forever....it goes on and on but you get the point. Just run!” SOURCE: DDHG

1/31/2011 12:00:17 AM - Compare Cheyenne Crow {District of Columbia}: “He now has a match.com profile under beachnightwalks. This guy is a liar and a cheat. Charming, will seduce you and manipulate you for his purposes, some of which may be soliciting money from you. He does not care if you are married ~ bound to ruin your marriage. Sleeping with a bunch of women, and coming up with the most outrageous excuses for why he is not available. Stay away ~ you will get hurt” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:14:44 PM - If I had my way, there would be a map on the Intranet, where you could zone into the areas where all the down low creeps live, where you would see a red dot on the map..kinda like a pin, then if you clicked on the pin, the profile would pop up on him, along with his name, location, and the links to where the profile/profiles about him can be found. A map of the world, where you could slide the cursor to find his country/state, where each area would appear with those little red pin dots..then we would see just how bad this problem is in society. Seems our government courts do not care to improve the fraud laws to protect us from these guys, even when they spit out babies that they do not support. All the govt. cares about is that more babies mean more social security income for the govt. kitty, no matter if the kids are left dadless, with only the mothers holding the bag. Anyone think as I do, that this is the case? It seems like all these guys are reading the same book about how bisexuals, swingers and down low boys can get over on women, because most of their MOs are similar, and most are also alleged to have tried to live off women, which pimps also do. I highly recommend, before dating any guy, run a background check on him through Intellisearch or US Search. The problem of fraud amongs men on the DL has become so widespread, no wonder marriage is not as “valued” as it once was .. or has this antisocial/sick impact on families/society spread to even the straight guys, so they became perpetual commitmentphobics? Really, a map is needed on the Internet, to show our lawmakers what is needed to improve our current laws pertaining to fraud. Maybe that map would allow anyone searcing to click on the dot once & it will produce the name of the guy & URL or URLs on which he is profiled, & if the dot changes from red to green, the guy has also been alleged as a sex offender, porn addict, bigamist, polyandrous/polyamorous, or with a criminal record, as a child molester, or any of the “worst” categories. Why should hundreds/thousands more women become the major or only breadwinners, to let the guy be a “stay at home parent” if he might be a child molester? If he does that, suspect that he might also be a pimp, or selling himself to men for sex, or buying sex from another man! Amazes me why no one has yet created that kind of map.

2/1/2011 3:22:31 PM - Compare Tyson Kinnick {Tucson, AZ}: “Claims to be your “friend” just to date you and says bad things about all his ex~girlfriends behind their backs while trying to still be their “friend.” Has being in 6 long~term relationships that ended with the girl breaking it off~~and he will claim it is all their fault. DO NOT TRUST this guy. He is one of those “down~low” guys who likes putting things in you know where :~o!!! Go with your first instincts when you meet him...I wish I had gone with mine” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:23:02 PM - Compare Kenneth Kirby {Fulton, NY}: “Watch out ladies, this sicko is a real sicko. He”ll get close with you to gain your trust, then when you leave him with your young male children he”ll rape them” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:23:23 PM - Compare Timothy Kirby, aka “Tim”, “Chico” {Southerntier, NY}: “handsome but violent, divorced and bisexual” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:23:59 PM - Compare Owen Kirk {Lincoln, UK}: “This guy looks like the lead singer from the band “one republic” at first he comes across as caring and loving making plans for your future i.e. trips to italy, family weddings, then he dumps me out of the blue! i could handle that in itself but walking in on a surprise visit to find him on all fours giving his supposed best mate {WHO IS MALE} a blowjob! If we could safely assume he was gay and struggling to deal with his emotions then maybe id handle it better but tryin it on with my 58 year old mother three day before was just the final straw . . this guy is clearly confused and selfish so i advise you all to stay away from OWEN KIRK!!!! Hes a mess!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:24:24 PM - Compare Nathan Kirby {Gwinnett County, GA}: “Not a “cheater”, per se, but has a “secret life” as a cross~dresser, thereby making him a COLOSSAL LIAR and serious emotional cripple. flying from the Midwest to Georgia to visit her, claiming he was a Christian with nothing but “good, pure intentions” toward this girl. Within a matter of months, he convinced her to marry him, even though he had no future, no goals, no plans, no education, and worked as a carpet cleaner” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:24:58 PM - Compare Preston Crowe, aka “Dr. Preston Crowe MD, Dr. Marshall Jones”, “The Lying Pastor, Marshall Rock Jones”, “Downlow Brother!” {Indianapolis, IN} : “Age: 58” “Occupation: Pastor/{Whatever he makes up} Dr and Forensic Psychiatrist/Liar” telephone number and I stepped out into the hallway to call and found out that her mother was also engaged to marry this man and that they were to be married to this man and that she, along with other women in his church, are sexually involved with him and engaged to be married to them. The daughter told me that he does not allow the women to confer with one another in the church” PROFILE COMMENT: “I only come on here today because I recieved a call from someone the other day stating to me that they”d been in a relationship with Crowe for the past several months and that they had been at his home. He went to church and allowed them to stay at the house. {This was not the type of thing that the GOOD REVEREND WOULD LIKE TO GET OUT} so he allowed them to stay at his home while he went to church. They decided to do some investigating and said that they found letters from his doctors stating that he is HIV POSITIVE. They said that as they continued to search, they also found the medication hidden in a trunk {music trunk or something} in the house. “Nikki, I suggest to you, for you and your baby”s sake to go to your local health department and have yourself tested. Not only you but every lady that he has encountered. This telephone call concerned me because first of all they called private and secondly it was a Man {well a Transvestite}” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

2/1/2011 3:25:35 PM - Compare Andrew Crum {Wyoming and Central Coast, Australia}: “IS A LIAR A CHEAT AND A DRUNK MY NAME IS CHANTELLE AND HE HAS LEFT ME PREGNANT AFTER STARTIN A FIGHT WITH MY EX OVER THE BABY. HE TOLD ME COUNTLESS LIES THEN LEFT ME HIGH AND DRY DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN, AT THE RISK OF SHAMIN MYSELF HE GAVE ME HEP C AND HERPES He is the biggest low~life i know, from not taking care of his kids, 2 hitting women, this brother suffers form”lil penis syndrome” a disorder in which his penis is EXTREMELY small so he lacks in that department and that turns him into being an A**HOLE towards women this disorder is NOT CURABLE and he suffers from PREMATURE EJACULATION {yup he”s a 2 minute man}, this nutt doesn”t work 2 support his family but to support his lil weed habit, he”s a loser who is only good for producing off~spring, he also has no respect for women WHAT SO EVER, and has homo sexual tendencies {any man who BEATS WOMEN is a homo} his priorities are all f**ed up, and he lives only for the day and not for the future or his kids future” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:25:56 PM - Compare Damien Crump {Albemarle}: “He”s a LIER , DEADBEAT, GAY, To make a long story short “He”s a PLAYER by day and a FAGGET by night”” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:26:23 PM - Compare Kevin DeWayne Crutcher {Atlanta, GA Chattanooga, Alabama Los Angeles, CA}: “I dated Kevin for 15 months. I just found that he”s bi~sexual ad has been for some time. Don”t be fooled by the fact that he was married and has children. He is regularly on the prowl in chat rooms everywhere soliciting sex, Xtube, and I do have proof {via text messages, emails on yahoo, and pix }....And ladies I did ask him when we first started dating and swore he was straight. He never wears underwear and always sunglasses, and a funny colored hat. He drives a blue Ford Explorer.....picture to follow” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:26:55 PM - Compare David Cruz {Land O Lakes, FL}: “David Cruz This guy pretend to be a straight professional~serious looking person, but it has the worst instincts a human being can posses... PEDOFILE. He molested his stepdaughter and got away with it, now tried to molest my 12 yr old daughter but I flew away before the worst after a 4~year relationship. Now dating a 18 yr old girl with a look of 14.. I swear he is sick” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:27:21 PM - Compare Nelson Cruz {the Bronx~BX, NY}: “seeks his prey through both myspace and him being a supposed artist. For which he is not. He draws on top of magazine pictures and basically makes collages. He is HIV positive, 35 years old, with three children by three different women. He also has and continues to engage in unprotected sex, w those women that he approaches by using their sympathy for him as a manipulation tactic or crutch. This man has no money, barely works, and will try to whew you with his speal about being political, poetic, and “conscious”. He substantiates potentially exposing people to the virus by using the political conspiracy theory crutch that “it”s man created and just a way of categorizing people.” However, with that whole speech whack defense he kindly leaves out till much later how he was a crack smoker who engaged in homosexual unprotected sex for three years~all while still dating women unbeknownst to them. Yes ladies, he”s a dominican brother on the DL as well. This man will burn your money, time, and listening skills into the ground, if worse, he doesn”t pass off the virus to you. His myspace address is: http: www.myspace.com zaa7” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:27:46 PM - Compare Noel Cruz, aka Rico {Brooklyn, NY}: “OK here”s the story i”m a transsexual who was with this low~life Noel aka Rico for almost 2 years. Noel aka Rico {his wannabe hardcore persona alter~ego} is a liar and a cheater. He gets you to fall in love with him and then he starts his bull****. He runs around ****ing and cheating constantly {HE HATES WEARING CONDOMS EVEN THOUGH FUCKING HIM IS A WASTE OF TIME, 12 inches uncut and don”t know how to use it besides it smells like bleu cheese and sweat while his *** smells also} but when you call him out about it his response is “I don”t want to talk about it, you must be cheating”. When you call him, he never answers but is quick to text. We were supposed to get married on June 6 2008 but he married his baby mama whom he said is a “dirty smut who cheated on him”. He goes to anger management but is really a phone and internet warrior for those who don”t know what that is...a person who is the biggest *** in real life but tries to be hard on the phone and internet. Hell I had to yoke his sorry *** up on the street for getting an attitude with me. He likes to act like he is Latin King but he ain”t. He has NO JOB and hell he can”t even afford a wedding ring. I”m glad I got a chance to talk to his current victim and warn her. To all other women he might be trying to talk to BEWARE! sexrico22 on aim and deathsythe127 on yahoo messenger www.myspace.com/imasexydaddy10 he”s also on www.urbanchat.com as sexyrico and also on woome.com” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:28:07 PM - Compare Ross Culliver, aka “Sabrina Culliver” {Forest}: “This person is a transexual on top of being a lying cheater” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:28:33 PM - Compare Jim Andrew Kitchens : “abusive narcissistic, gay porn watcher, had severe herpes, spits and cusses women and hit women abuses animals and denies everything a real smooth talker he can make you believe it was your fault he watches gay porn.. but he is a sick twisted heartless not once in 4 years did he care if i cried he called me a stupid bitch shutup was the nicest” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=25551

2/1/2011 3:29:02 PM - Compare Thomas Grant Kitchens {West Seattle, So Cal}: “If you have any other talents or assets he”ll exploit those too” “he”s a narcissistic, never~married 41 year~old boy who lies about his age, dyes his hair blond and finds it necessary to apply fake tan after every shower {once every three days if he needs it or not}. Try and get him away from a mirror!” “you should be prepared to watch porn daily, as he is an addict. He will incessantly ask you to perform as part of a threesome in bed. When you go out together, he will ask you to stand a little further away from him so he can leer at women with huge breasts more easily… the bigger and faker the better” “Expect him to constantly troll for more “relationships” on his beloved laptop at your house while you”re home!” “If you question or complain about any of his other outrageous behaviors, he”ll smirk, roll his eyes at you and say, “I”m not responsible for the way you feel only you can control your feelings.” If you ever cry, he”ll stare at you like you”re an animal in a cage at the zoo, and say, “Baby, it”s a savage world.” Basically, Tom exists for himself and no one else” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:29:33 PM - Compare Amear T. Kitson {Austin, TX}: “he really was terrible to me. Cheated, more than once. I should have learned the first time. Has hit me and shoved me, broken my possessions when angry. Smokes weed ALL the time, uses it to “control” his bipolar disorder, instead of lithium. Thinks he can control his bipolar disorder without medication... that is more sad than anything else, and I hope he faces reality before completely destroying his life. Has been arrested and jailed more than once... was sentenced to over 3 months in Atlanta for his manic behavior in an airport. Has disrespected/humiliated me in front of friends and family. Emotionally abusive. Said, among other things, “I ****ed you up the ass” IN FRONT OF MY MOTHER” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/1/2011 3:30:05 PM - Compare Jeremy Kitt {Granger/Elkhart/South Bend, IN}: “Fresh out of jail after pleading guilty to his 3rd convicted domestic battery charge. This diagnosed bi~polar manic depressive habitual liar and alcoholic will charm you senseless. Preys on insecure woman. Enjoys controlling and degrading who he is “with” and has many side projects of both female and male. Refers to himself as “Twisted Reality.”” “Long story short of us is I was in Foster Care and 17 and he swept me away. He told me he loved me the 2nd day we were together. I was young and naive and fell for him. Hard. We were together 5 1/2 years. Married for 2 of those. Throughout he would chat online when I was in bed and get his jollies from porn. He would stay out all night and not answer his phone. One day he was 5 hours late coming home from work and said it was because he missed his exit on the bypass playing with his radio. Several times I would see his car at the bar where I was told he was with other women. He left me when I was pregnant to try to get back with his ex. Two of his battery incidents were making me miscarry the two times I was pregnant. The last time he chased me with a knife. Everytime I would catch him messing around, and yes, I saw him with others, he found a way to turn the finger at me. Everything he did was always my fault. A year of therapy and I am finally beginning to realize, no, he did those things. It was just his way of keeping my esteem low and dependant on him. This is not anything anyone ever deserves. Take this serious ladies. There is state record of him for being a convicted felon. Google “Jeremy Kitt” and see for yourself. Be careful with this one” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:31:13 PM - Compare Allen Klaugh, aka William”, “Allen”, “Thor {Newport News, Hampton, VA}: “Allen is a professional liar, cheater and user. He can lie, better than he can tell the truth, and he will look you right in the face and lie without blinking. After we had gotten engaged, he started an account on American Singles. His “buddies” at the fire station had informed me of this. He will use you for both sex and money and take advantage of anyone with a good heart. He is a short tempered abusive freak. He once had a threesome which involved himself, his ex~wife and his uncle. A bit incestuous ~ don”t you think! He can”t wipe his own butt without his mom”s help. At 47, he is still probably being breast fed. He had a custom made Thor costume made as he thinks he is a super hero. {Along with the tights and wig} He even got his arm tattooed with the ridiculous “super hero”. LOL When he is naked, he looks like a pudgy, small packaged cherub” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:31:45 PM - Compare Robert Klauzowski, JR : “This conservative accountant from St. Petersburg Florida, would have anyone believing he is shy and an introvert. However, this is far from the truth, this creep has not an ounce of integrity. For starters he is sexually turned on by pornography of teenage boys, transvestites, and gay phone sex lines. The freaker the better. He meets up with gay men{who knows the age} from the internet, for discreet sex. He also frequents strip clubs. Yet he wants people to believe he is a straight male. He committed tax evasion, and yes he is a CPA. He cheated on his wife. He also left his 3 year old son at home alone, so that he could go have some discreet sex, he took out a $300 cash advance {home coming night 2006} to pay for the sex, and then got busted by his own son, who at 3 years old left the house to go get help, how sad for a little boy. He got caught red handed and had supervised visits for a year. His wife left him. This guy is so sick he also was on “my space” posting an ad while married, stating he was single and did not want children, he also did not know his sexual orientation?? Let”s face it ladies he knows he is a mess, and a closet freak. Save yourselves the trouble and stay away from this creep of all creeps. He is abusive, a liar and turned on by teenage boys and transvestites. SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/82483/

2/1/2011 3:32:11 PM - Compare Michael Kleinschmidt : “Cheater & liar and is addicted to porn. He has profiles on multiple social networking sites like adult friend finder, online booty call, mate 1, xxx black book, tagged, cupid, passion ads, myspace and facebook. He goes by user names and emails on various sites as sharkbait2002, turtlediver04, turtle812 and biguydesires. He has even placed explicit ads on craigs list for one night hook ups with both men and women. He has associations in Arizona, California, Michigan and Texas. He comes across as sweet but he is some piece of work. BEWARE!” SOURCE: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3438

2/1/2011 3:33:21 PM - Compare Jamie Kneen {Kalamazoo, MI}: “is into degrading and humiliating women. He loves BDSM and cross dressing. His marriage ended because of multiple affairs. He has caused much pain” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:33:59 PM - Compare Steve Mason : “A real player in every sense. He knows what to say based on friendly conversation. Then works and changes it to make you think he is something he is not. He is a swinger/player type. Found out he was hitting on and seeing people behind my back, using hockey and work as excuses. be careful!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/226591/

2/1/2011 3:34:31 PM - Compare Calvin Pheinix : “This man is a CON! Please do not allow him to ruin your life, as he has ruined the lives of so many others!” “also goes by the name of MARIO DUMERVILLE, but no one is really sure what this man”s name truly is” “This man is a stripper, but will also tell you that he is a nurse. He is NOT a nurse!” “He will tell you that he loves you and wants to be in an exclusive relationship with you, and then he will start having unprotected sex with you. He has been having unprotected sex with at least 20 women and telling them all the same lies. He will take your money” “He took some of my stuff and gave it to another girl and said he bought it for her” “He has done this to women in CA, NY, MO, and IL” “He may also be having sex with men for money. He is a horrible person who preys on women to emotionally devastate them and take from them whatever he possibly can. He targets white women in particular, especially those over 30 who have children. He can be controlling and verbally abusive. He is nothing but a con man! Please stay away from this man and do not let him allow to hurt you or your children!” “If you have had unprotected sex with this man, please go get yourself tested. The number of women that he has unprotected sex with is probably in excess of 50, and that is within the last 6 months alone” ONE PROFILE COMMENT: "the new news is that he has went to MEN!!! yep he is seeing a older man. He keeps some of the ladies around that use him like they use them. But now he is dating an older man that can take care of him financially" http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=23788

2/1/2011 3:35:54 PM - Compare Ewing Pirtle, aka Rusty : “He is a closet homo, which in the three years we were together cheated on me with 2 of his male co~workers. The evidence was found documented on VHS tapes in which my 8 year old daughter found! Pretty ****ing disgusting! My marriage was a joke, he is now trying to legalize gay marriages. He also fathered a baby for a lesbian couple” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/57480/

2/1/2011 3:37:30 PM - Compare Eric Price : “Liar Cheater Con Artist User Abuser Moucher. What a mentally ill, bi polar nightmare this “man” is! Bi~polar, psychotic, paranoid schizo, liar, cheater, user, abuser, con artist. Pretends to be a decent guy, but he”s anything but. Get ready for the rockiest rollercoaster relationship ride ever, full of hi/lows and erratic mood swings that change daily, and the good times never last long and there not that good, at least not compared to all the bad times, and there will be plenty. He is immature and emotionally unstable. Can”t keep a wife/fiancee/girlfriend, or a job, house, etc very long. Once you know his real history~ 5 marriages and 5 divorces~ dozens of jobs that don”t last, no bank account, money or savings, doesn”t even own his own home or car {lives in a 2 room shack owned by his Dad~ still sponging off Dad that is} you will run like all the others. His own son has nothing to do with him” “Talked bad about all his exes, and at first you believe him, feel sorry for him, till you know him and then you know why they all left! What a faker and cheap ass taker” “nice in the beginning until you see the control and manipulation behind it all. Its all part of his act to fool and deceive. He”s also an alcoholic, a moucher and a taker” “Doesn”t mind mouching off women, using them for sex and money, except the sex isn”t any good” “On top of sexual dysfunction he”s got more than one sexual transmitted disease~ one that”s permanent~ genital warts” “Highly promiscuous, will cheat on you with anything, and not picky or selective~obviously ~with all those failed relationships under his belt. With 5 marriages and 5 DIVORCES~ and that doesn”t include all the numerous engagements, 3 or 4 since divorce #5 in 2006” “he was right back out there 4 days after our breakup getting his next victim from his favorite sites for prey~ Flashbacks, TJ Mulligans, in the Memphis, Oakland area” “With 5 failed marriages, he”s had a lot of practise, all before age 45. Wanted me to be #6~now that is crazy!” “He is incapable of being honest, not trustworthy, lies about EVERYTHING, manipulates every situation, very immature, constantly starts arguments and then blames you for everything as its never his fault. Will only apologize if it fits his hidden agenda~ is part of his manipulative plan, because its all about control, domination and manipulation with him, and his personal gain/benefit” “He has severe personality defects, even his family thinks he”s crazy. He lies, cheats, is abusive mentally and physically, deceptive and deceitful. Don”t expect anything permanent or long term with this person. Nothing lasts. Eventually everyone sees the sick, pathetic, disgusting real person that he is” “No one will ever love or stay with the real Eric Price {which is worthless and unloveable} that is why he pretends to be something that he”s not. He”s had lots of practise faking it” “all his breakups have been equally ugly that”s why he gets thrown away so easy despite promising undying love forever. That”s why at least 5 grown ass women in recent years have called his parents and complained about his crazy behavior, stalking, stealing money from them, cheating on them, and using them, plus his psycho behavior when they try to get out of the relationship~ he still pursues me. Just ask his Dad, he”ll tell you the truth” “is afraid of growing old and dyes his hair like a girl” “and a very very feminine girlie tramp stamp on his low back, how gay is that?” “Thinks he”s charming, but under that fakeness is one sick, evil, scheming liar” “This guy is certified and will take you down with him, make you think your the crazy one. Starts off normal enough~ you will hear all the I am crazy about you, In love with you, Want to spend my life with you” SOURCES: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3414, http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=2948

2/1/2011 3:37:58 PM - Tony Price {real name is Gary} : “He”s actually a gay man playing straight just to *** with his daughter”s mom”s life. He doesn”t truely care about what happens just as long as he”s “winning.” Even though it”s really hurting his daughter. He”s a constant cheater. Every woman he”s been with, he cheated on the current wife/GF with the next current wife/GF. He did this to his own daughter. Don”t think it won”t happen to you!! He loves being in court as he brings every woman he knows {besides his psyco mom} to court over very stupid reasons {the judges constantly tell him to get a life!! Its in court records!!} I feel with all my heart what he”s doing to his daughter and her mom. He is burning bridges with his daughter faster than the queer can put on his tutu on!! He hates that you tell him he”s the same size as a 16 year old. Which he is. But I do know most 16 year olds that are more manly looking than he is! He will eventually ask you to use your dildo”s/vibrator”s on his butt. This is as close as he”ll come to coming out of the closet. Two of his friends he”s known all his life will have nothing to do with him. He made sexual advances on them that they did not care for. He is the laughing stock of the small town he”s from!! And the large oil company he works for!! Oh!! And he does this really queer thing after he comes! He thinks that by vibrating his body, while he”s still in you, is what you really want! It”s such a gross representation of what a man really thinks and what a woman really wants! Everything he tells you he totally believes {like the vibrating even when you tell him its gross!}, that valentines day is the worst day of his life {make he try to make us cry more...maybe if we were gay!} that every woman has done him wrong! Well, I guess woman kicking him out of their lives or leaving him for his cheating, lieing ways, that”s wrong? He deserves to have a slap against the head to straingten up!! Oh wait again! He has a closed head injury!! FREAK!!!! He”s a total disablility freak!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/57614/


2/1/2011 3:39:06 PM - Compare Tony Lewis Shortall : “is a womans worst nightmare. Psychiatrists have diagnosed him as a sociapath, and for all you ladies who dont know one, scott peterson who brutally murdered his wife a few yrs ago is one. Instead of divorcing me my sis. who”s a CSI major found he was poisoning me with cyanide!!! He thought i owned real estate is my guess why. He has been with me since i was 18 yrs. old and used me for EVERY dime i had, repeatedly cheated on me, and ostracized me from any family or friends i had so he could ultimately control me. I was brainwashed by this psycho. He is very, very bitter and insecure if you get that deep you will see. Disease is what happens to people who hate condoms like him as he meets men on a chatline via phone and has one~nite stands in parking lots with them. He needs a girl to be around to make him appear straight is all i can figure as i asked him why he ever married??? He never answered. I couldn”t take the gay phone sex bills on his phone bills i found AND HAVE IN MY POSSESSION, and the nite i caught him with a Transvestite in front of all my friends was the FINAL straw. Oh besides the SECRET apartment he rented all the while he lived with me IN THE SAME CITY {BALTIMORE} to meet the people from dating sites on and his russian stripper galpal. As of this writing, we are still unfortunately married. I am seeking divorce which he has begged me not to do and calls incessantly. I opened his emails onetime and was so sick to see he had been setting up house with over 10 women from LA, IN. and baltimore...all the while coming home to me!!! He says he lives on the road and i thought his job provided housing as he works on Race Teams as an assis. crew chief all over the country. He looks like Elvis and drives the LEASED jag and DRINKS away all his money and then leaches off you telling you “baby i make great money while slyly gettin you to cover his share” He hates pets and says he loves kids, only if YOU raise them. Dont be sucked in like me as i wasted the best yrs of my life on a man incapable of loving ANYONE>>>>God Bless” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=14918

2/1/2011 3:39:37 PM - Compare Ali Attaway, aka "Ely”, “Eric" {Bronx, NY}: “BEWARE of this TRANNY chaser ladies he been around, does not work will sleep with your girlfriend and next door neighbor will have his hoes calling your phone while they thinking your his sister because he made them to believe that. He does not work never did, and goes into temper tantrums. BEWARE you”ve been warned. Now he is in a better place JAIL probably having a good time with a Transvestite thats locked up for prostitution” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:40:00 PM - Compare Jerome Clark Atkins Jr. {Atlanta, GA}: “He has gay tendicies” “he a dead beat daddy” “Dates different girls at one time. FREELOADER!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:40:29 PM - Compare Herbert Clark, aka Herbie {Port Jervis, NY}: “he is a *** who uses women. he has a tiny dick that went soft inside me, i think he is gay. steer clear of this guy unless you want to be hurt and not cum” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:40:49 PM - Compare Blair Clark {Larimer, East Liberty, Garfield, PA}: “HE PROBABLY SCARED OF PUSSY GAY ASS NIGGA” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:41:20 PM - Compare Bishop Clark {Perth}: “I met this guy at a pub one night and I thought we hit it off. Fast forward 2 years later and he is living in MY house and I feel his starting to move away from me. He portrays lightness and good and says I”m being silly. Then I come home early one day from work to find the radio on and clothes strewn all over my lounge room floor. I go straight to MY bedroom and find him boofing a guy up the ass on MY BED! Turns out the freak is really gay and has been using our so called relationship as a cover to hide it from his parents! He admitted to boofing several men in the 2 years we were together! I got checked for AIDS straight away and I”m clear. I threw him out and changed the locks and dumped all his **** in his car in his parents front yard. Beware ladies! I heard his looking for more females to use as cover!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:41:49 PM - Compare Anthony Clare {Arlington, USA}: “Anthony is probably a sociopath. He lies as easily as normal people breath, and lies about things which require no lies. He uses internet to find women from all over the world. He tells them that he is new to online dating services and has not met many people. That is a lie. He is obsessed with sex, porn, and has been to swingers parties. His wife divorced him for his sexual perversive ways. He is very convincing and makes lots of women fall for his sweet talking, indeed. He will persuade you to be emotionally open and intimate with him, until you feel raw and vulnerable. He will say that he wants to own you, that he never wants to lose what you have. It is all lies. He will be saying it to others as well at same time. Don”t be fooled, you are not the only one who he is talking to in this way. He uses Adultfriendfinder for many years, passion.com, amigos.com, porn sites, has mutliple profiles on eHarmony, hotornot and nudist sites. He likes sending photos of himself naked. he will use you for sex and then abandon you completely. All he wants is to have sex with as many women of different nationalities as he can. This is why he has a liking for long distance relationships. He travels with his job in foreign servivce so meeting women in other countries is easy for him. He lines them up in advance. Internet makes life easy for men like him” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/1/2011 3:42:33 PM - Compare TC Clanton {Dallas, TX}: “All he does is use Women for there money so watch your wallets. Don”t think your the only one that he with because he has many men & women: {i WAS TOLD THE HE HAS HERPES BE CAREFUL” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:43:02 PM - Compare Guerdy Claimon {Tampa, Naples, St. Martin, FL}: “is a WHORE and will **** anything RAW! He surfs the web for porn and booty call sites! personally I think that he”s a little “sweet” and when I would ask he would get extremely offended and state that he was homophobic...yeeaah riiight! he never wants to have protected sex and probably has a cesspool of diseases flowing through his veins!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:43:25 PM - Compare Chad Claborn {Omaha, NE}: “will find the low~end bottom of the barrel in desperate need of a bath whores to cheat on you with! Rumor has it he”ll even cheet with a transvestite!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:43:47 PM - Compare Cheikh Cissoko {Saint Louis, MO}: “Please stay away from a Senegalese guy named Cheikh Ahmad Issa Cissoko. Not only is this man married to the dumbest woman in the world, but he is a bi~sexual Sex addict that has Herpes and Gonnorhea. I caught this man going down on my brother in my own house. I came home from work one day and there they were on the couch. I immediately kicked them both out of my house. My brother is now homeless and he is back with his wife. Fortunately for him, she does not care about his infidelity.... He is the most disgusting guy I have ever dated in my life. Whatever you do, stay away from this sicko. He likes to have lots of sex and it has to be raw dog. Be careful. I learned my lesson the hard way” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:44:33 PM - Compare Scott Cich, aka R. Scott Cich {West Fargo, ND}: “I know several people he dated, including married women. The last girl he knocked up and left her to go to CA for the wannabe manager thing. She lost the baby and then he stopped talking to her for months. He failed in CA and came back to Fargo promising this girl he wanted to be with her. She is pregnant again and he is off having sex with other ppl. He cheated on her the whole time they were together and trash talked her, blaming her of sleeping with other ppl. He is the epitome of a loser that will tell u he loves u and as soon as he thinks he has you he will put you down and cheat. P.S. he is known to have hpv and other STDs” “Scott Cich is a liar, a cheat, abuser, alcoholic. He dates married women. He cheats on anyone he dates. He has gotten a girl he dated pregnant and refused to support the child. A few of us {the ex~girlfriends} compared notes and each one of us contracted HPV from Scott” “He”s gotten at least one woman pregnant twice and left both times” “He just makes a woman feel like she means something to him for awhile and becomes abusive. He”s passed an STD to quite a few woman and he may be bi~sexual. He thinks the world revolves around him and cheats on anyone he dates. He will lie to a girlfriend just to see how many people he can sleep with before he gets caught. He is not the brightest crayon in the box. Bottom line, don”t let him be your friend, thats how he tries to get woman” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:45:14 PM - Compare Attilio Ciarla {Paterson, NJ}: “is a liar, crazy, and has relationships with relatives of his. In addition, he is 30 years old and still lives with his parent, 31 year sister that acts like his wife, and 21 year old brother. He is not a normal man!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/1/2011 3:45:59 PM - Compare Camilo Gutierrez Asuncion {San Francisco, CA}: “Camilo comes off as a sweet, kind, genuine, gentleman, but ladies BEWARE. After dating him for 6 months, and speaking to his ex~girlfriend of 2 years, his behavior is that of the quintessential SOCIOPATH. If you are unfamiliar with the character/behavioral traits of a sociopath Camilo WILL fool you...he fooled me for a few months...and his ex~girlfriend for 2 years...and then fooled her again after I dumped him and he tried to dupe her once more” “He also has no problem asking people to cover up his lies. By the way, he blamed her for everything, took no responsibility for his actions or how he treated her, and portrayed her as a psycho~ex who was trying to ruin things between us” “All the signs were there for both me and the ex~girlfriend...and we let his sweet demeanor and acts of kindness override our gut instincts. We both agreed that we wished we would have listened to our inner voice, instead of allowing him to explain away his compulsive lying, deceiving, omitting, and cheating” “Camilo is a compulsive liar Camilo is a financial disaster Camilo drives drunk Camilo is duplicitous Camilo is highly deceptive/secretive Camilo has erectile dysfunction Camilo takes generic Viagra & Cialis Camilo is addicted to porn {especially female degradation} Camilo has a wandering eye Camilo is a cheater Camilo hates to wear condoms Camilo has a serious anal fetish Camilo likes very young girls...teens Camilo does not experience genuine remorse Camilo is a serious pretender Camilo has little to no genuine respect for women Camilo had a VERY f”d up childhood/upbringing Camilo will not pay back the money he owes you” “Camilo will continue to lie, even when flat out busted and you provide proof/catch him in the act Camilo will ruin your life before you are even aware that he has done” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=19682

2/2/2011 1:17:10 PM - Compare Robert Rue : “is a no good ugly, mole faced FAG and light weight gay he beats his women. He even has fractured the skull of his 2 month old daughter which he was incarcerated for only a short time of six months which was not enough. He loves drugs but can”t afford to buy them. He lives at home with his mother where he is not supposed to be living because of his felony. He does not support any of his kids cause yet again, NO JOB and he”s a scrub. No car! If you run up on this man, I”m sorry Mother F****r watch out and run like hell. If you are stupid enough to try him out all I can say is I told you so” SOURCE: DDHG, posted under profiler name, “Sunny Love” http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/244059/

2/2/2011 1:17:39 PM - Compare Robert Ruddock {Canada~Ontario, Bradford, UK}: “Robert”s image is nice guy image and when and if you meet him you”ll think he”s the nicest guy you”ve met. Robert has very feminine characteristics and I think this is how he has so many female friends etc as a lot of people mistake him as being gay. I had a 6mnth r/ship with Robert and until he did what he did to me would have sworn that he was the nicest guy in the world. Robert dumped me a week after he found out I was pregnant. Right up until that moment he was still telling me he loved me. A week after that i received a text msg sent in error mean”t for another girl telling her how much he loved and missed her. When i asked him about it he got nasty with me and informed me he was off to Canada for a year and would have nothing to do with the baby. Since then he”s not even contacted me to see how me and the baby are doing despite knowing i was in hospital at the start of the pregnancy. 2 mnths into our r/ship I caught Robert on a dating site and flirting with women in his area on facebook. Robert denied he was cheating and I accepted his excuse. Then 4months later I discovered Robert on 5+ websites all of which he was active on. Including a sex website in which he said he loved S S” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/2/2011 1:18:11 PM - Compare LaKeith Rudd, aka “Keith” {Eagan, St. Paul, MN}: “THINKS he is a player. He will make you that you are the only one but there will always be many more females in his life. He says and does all the right things to make you believe that he has good intentions. Keith has multiple personal ads up on yahoo, blackplanet {id is 2wothee} he will say he is on there talking to his boys from back home {Memphis} when he is really on there meeting/hooking up with other females or even dudes. Looking back on my relationship with him there were times I may have questioned if he could be on the down low sleeping with other men as well” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/2/2011 1:18:43 PM - Compare Tobias Ruch, aka “TJ” : “After dating TJ For 3 months I learned he was not only controlling, I wasn”t allowed to talk to anyone on the phone, I was only allowed to wear the clothes he wanted me to wear, He tried to tell me he was a male prostitute who wore make~up. He tried to tell me at night he turned into a wearwolf {Yes Im very serious he tried to convince me this was all true} He was totally nuts, he would try to destroy my car so I couldnt drive, he would tell all our friends i was pregnant. Ladies stay away from this man, not only because he”s insane But he really is dangerous” PROFILE COMMENT: “I dated his cousin for about 5 years and let”s just say the whole family is insane. Stay away at all costs” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/63739/

2/2/2011 1:19:14 PM - Compare Jonathan E. Rubin {Andover, but from NY}: “OBSESSION with broadway and show tunes. I swear he is gay. I mean if breaking out in song for no reason what so ever and then crying because you laughed at him isn”t a sign im not sure what the hell is. He is a pathetic excuse for a man, and complete liar. You can”t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. He”s a smooth talker and knows what to say to make you warm up to him. But its all a bunch of bull ****. He saids the same thing to every one. I Know of at least three other girls he has done the EXACT same thing to” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:19:54 PM - Compare Al Rubin {Highland Beach, USA}: “It wasn”t until he ensnared me in his web of deceit that the true Al showed his face. I dated him for six long months. The trouble started early on in our relationship” “Al also has these strange, annoying quirks for example, he”s completely obsessed with this guy named Bing Gordon” “don”t get me started on the nickname Al has for his penis which brings us to sex. He barked orders at me: “Faster! Slower! Flip over! Don”t bogart my new sheets!” He also has this thing about spanking. Sometimes, I wasn”t able to sit down comfortably for hours afterwards” “the proverbial last straw came when he asked my twin sister, who was visiting from New Jersey, to join us for a threesome” “I couldn”t take it anymore. Despite my intense attraction to Al, I knew that for the sake of my own sanity I had to get out” “I found out that he”s now trolling social networking web sites like facebook ~ no doubt prowling for his next victim. I suspect he”s also on those adult dating sites” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:20:25 PM - Compare Joe Rozanski {Chicago, IL}: “Into polyamory {multiple sexual partners}, nudism, likes to jack off on a daily basis to Internet photos and doesn”t use a condom. Has performed {and been performed on} by both male and female {high into she~males}” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:20:59 PM - Compare Marques Roy : “this ***.. Married 2 kids ..had 2 women pregnant at the same time.. women abuser ..just got of jail for beatin HIS babY moMMA OPPssi meaN WIFE ***....trifflin *** ***..dead beat ...has sex with multiple of women.. no car..no job..uses women to the maxxxx....... have *** n ur house ur car.. went away 2 school blew his scholarship.. he lives in long beach, california...but right now he is in albany, georgia currently livin with some dumb *** that aims people non *** stop... his aim is {royboyxtradout}.... umm let”s see he has a lil mini babby thinGY.....smH nd head extra horrible.. umm *** stay away cause hes *** no GOOD.. real lIfe he hangs out with a guy name CAM that he calls his brother.. he use to drive a blacK expeditioN...bUt i dont know what haPpen.. they always tryna have orgie with women.. found out when we was datin he had 3 other girs he was also datin o p.S : he will try to *** ur bestfriends . so if them *** is scandlous keep him away walking *** porn BROKE porn star umm i hOpe u chOke on a dicK nd go to jail again nd break ur other leg” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/184866/

2/2/2011 1:21:32 PM - Compare Kirk Andrew Rowland, aka “Captainkirk” : “seems so~o~o~o gentle, kind and honest. But none of these things are true. Because of him disappearing and being bi~curious too who knows where this dog has been.. He seemed generous, especially in the beginning. Catches you completely by surprise as he is a habitual well~versed liar who has a history of beating women severely. Also in Missouri check name and DOB 5~16~67 Criminal Registry...Broke one rib in front, one rib in back and hit about my face..He will do anything to get you back, then give it 3 weeks, he will call you dumb c~nt, b~tch, for no reason, then drive off drinking and disappearing from you, or just beat you up again... and he will hurt you again...Don”t do it....A complete loser” “He is afraid of the law, otherwise he would of tried to do anything again to get me back. Will even swear to God that you are the only woman he even looks at it, but buys Maxim girls on cell or other things you will eventually find out. Then he will make it like he turned Christian all of a sudden, and his mom will believe him too. Yet you will still hear racist remarks and fake promises from the holier~than~thou “king of all liars” named Kirk. Those promises are the only way he can keep you. What is sad is he is size~challenged with ED, but I believe this is because he likes to be a cross~dressing “bottom” who will tell you you are his first. He has been through this rodeo many times and has been in prison, so suppose what you may. Try to explain away his male “secret” friends that you will never meet” SOURCES: datingpsychos.com

2/2/2011 1:22:08 PM - Compare Marvin Rowe {Windsor Mill. MD}: “is MARRIED. He does not see a problem with sleeping with other women {yes, women} while he is married. He separated from his wife and had a “girlfriend”, but was STILL sleeping with other women on the side as well. When you initially meet him, he will not deny that he has two children, but he will not mention anything about his wife or the girlfriend that he has. Additionally, while he was still with his wife, he starred in a PORNO with his best friend and his best friend”s WIFE. His wife does not know about this” “he does NOT like to use protection while having sex, which is unheard of nowadays. Financially, he does very well since he is an electrical engineer, but he will continually lie and tell you that he has NO money” “please don”t think that I”m making all of this up. Everything that I have said here has been done to me by him” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:22:35 PM - Compare Eric Rowe {San Marcos, CA}: “I dated him for about 3 weeks and was too long. He is a jerk. He puts you down. Persistent about having anal sex. Has slept with hundreds of women. Took me to panda express for our first date. Gets drunk too much and urinates in my yard. The list goes on. He is just a jerk and I hope none of you make the same mistake I did” SOURCE: DDHG


2/2/2011 1:23:48 PM - Compare Jonathan Rothermel {Philadelphia, PA}: “is a cheater and a liar. He will always claim he”s sleeping or working when in reality he”s out with other women. He will post private photos of his “girlfriends” on the internet, without their knowledge. He is a sex addict, with very off sexual tendencies. He will also claim he”s a college graduate and an engineer, which is not proven. He frequently signs up for personals web sites and meets women on the internet, while he has a girlfriend. He is a very smooth talker, and will make you believe anything just so he can get you into bed and keep you waiting around for him. These actions are from the accounts of multiple women. Ladies, beware” SOURCE: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3568

2/2/2011 1:24:18 PM - Compare John Roth : “He is GAY girls and has yet to admit this to himself. He asked for the weirdest things in bed and had to watch porn to even get it up. He comes off as a rich guy who has so much going for him and is always offering to buy things and he seems normal and sweet but it is a cover. He is really a weirdo in bed and very freaky! I once saw him wearing woman”s black lace panties...he denied it all the way but I know what I saw. A friend of mine [him] saw coming out of a gay bar hanging all over another man one night. I asked him and he lied about where he was and said he was at a bachelor party but my friend had proof. She took a picture of him with the guy. Just beware....he is bi~sexual and will not admit it” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/196494/

2/2/2011 1:24:45 PM - Compare Brian Roth {NYC, NY}: “Was discovered lying about dating and sleeping with other people. He is also bisexual. He doesn”t treat any woman with any respect. He is short, out of shape, and ugly. Ladies...this loser has nothing to offer” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:25:24 PM - Compare Erik Rostad {Las Vegas, NV}: “Former Marine who attends UNLV. Gets high all the time and expects his girlfriend to support him. He stays out until the wee hours of the morning and will not pick up your call if he doesn”t deem it appropriate to answer. He has excuses for everything. I have personally had his password to all his accounts and while he was living with me, letting me foot the bill, signed up for multiple dating sites ~ most notably sexsearch.com, eharmony.com, and match.com as a SINGLE. He tried to join a swinger”s club in Las Vegas as a single male after a weekend where I spent almost my whole paycheck trying to help him get on his feet. He has no job, poor grades and no ambition. His motto is “Take everything you can and give nothing back”. He treats his mom like **** and his girlfriends even worse. He believes the world revolves around him and will tell you that he loves you just so he has a place to stay at the end of the day. If you choose to get involved with him, keep an eye on his accounts, especially his text messages. He cannot be trusted and is only out for himself” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:25:47 PM - Compare Randy Mederios, aka “Dominic” {Dartmouth/Newbedford}: “is a liar thief and a cheater. he doesn”t know if he wants men or women. {fiancées}” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:26:31 PM - Compare Christopher Medellin {San Antonio, TX}: “He decided to stay here and get a job because he wanted to be with me. He was wonderful, he treated me like a queen, the way I deserved to be treated. A few months later he told me that he was technically still married but they have been separated for a long time just because they couldn”t afford to go through with the divorce. They also have two kids together. Love is blind, so like an idiot, I stayed with him. I started to notice his phone vibrating in the middle of the night and he wouldn”t answer it, I had checked his phone but the call log was always erased” “I started to get suspicious but not soon enough” “I left for work” “I came home around 1:00 because I had a weird feeling and the apartment was empty. He had taken all his stuff and when he went to his work to get his last pay check, he changed his phone number. The bastard didn”t even leave a note or anything. He thought he was so slick, he took everything, almost like he was trying to erase himself from my life, like he never existed. I am not as stupid as I sound, I checked my cell phone records to see if there were any numbers I didn”t recognize. THERE was her number. I called her and explained the situation, told her who I was and what he had been up to. She said that he came the 2 weeks sooner to sign a lease with her for their new place, they had been having problems but they had never been separated” “I am glad to say that she was smart enough to get rid of him. So not only did he leave but he knew he wasn”t staying when we signed the lease together for the place he knew I couldn”t afford by myself. I had to recently file bankruptcy because of the debt he left me with” “he is probably desperate and he is a compulsive liar and will say and do anything to get some woman to take care of him” COMMENT UNDER PROFILE: “I”m sure you are talking about the same guy, I also worked with him at 2 different places and everybody knew he was a downlow brother...Travelocity was one of the places he worked at but that is not where the incident took place” “i know this guy. we used to work together. i heard that he slept with another coworker of mine. a GAY MALE coworker of mine. this doesn”t surprise me at all. yet another loser!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:27:02 PM - Compare Darius Medelis {Canada~Ontario, Whitby, Bowmanville, Oshawa, Pefferlaw}: “This man is a predator...he seeks out women, rushes relationships and marriage and tries to get control of money. He is a compulsive liar, has extreme mood swings and anxiety issues. He is addicted to prescription tranquilizers, pornography and sex with strangers. He is unable to perform in bed within an intimate relationship and can only perform with teen porn. He has had three marriages and several common law relationships none lasting more than a couple of years. He is controlling and mentally unstable. Is not able to understand the seriousness of what he does. He lacks empathy and leaves a trail of financially and emotionally broken women. When confronted for lying he will use any excuse from....being sexually abused as a child, to having an anxiety disorder. Making lies up as he goes is common. Please, please be aware......he usually is trolling the dating sites before he is out of his present relationship. He is very needy and time consuming. He lies about his education, his life, his wives, his parents, his jobs.....he is in and out of therapy for porn addiction and anxiety. This man is unwell and a predator” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:27:46 PM - Compare Dare Meacham {Indialantic, cb.}: “is married, will lie to and relocate his victims promising the world, moreso attractive to him if you have a young child. He is married to a poor little thing named Martha, after extensive investigation of this person for an upcoming lawsuit on the fraud he committed to a single woman with children, we have found out the reasons why he is married to Martha and will remain that way after taking all from his next victim. Martha has and is the trustee of a substantial trust fund as this man works as a salesman for a pool company. As he uses her money to support his “soulmates” she has pulled the brakes. He continues to solicit women to be the “love of his life” at Paradise beach and “OUR GYM“ in indian harbor beach. This man is destructive, beware, and keep your children as far away as possible. He”s a pro in his approach” “likes bdsm, crack whores and the like did some homo stuff but that was third grade. {john merwin was asking for it” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:28:14 PM - Compare Richard Therrien {Holiday, FL}: “This high spirited guy likes, swingers clubs, night clubs, getting high, screwing the law, beating women, using foul language in every sentence and having wild sex with just about anyone. So if your looking for a man that has a huge criminal record or one that will lie to you, cheat on you, and just plain screw you over this is the guy for you! So hurry up ladies, act now, before he gets incarcarated again” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:28:50 PM - Compare Michael Colby Theodorou : “Tells you how beautiful you are, how much he wants you to get you hooked into displaying yourself on webcam. He says he wants to meet, but will disappear. Conveniently doesn”t have a phone and doesn”t have webcam. HE IS A FAKE, PHONY, LIAR and is seriously mentally disturbed. IF someone wants this......why not just be honest and say so? He is full of deceit and lies and just likes to play games with women”s minds. Make you think there is some possibility of FWB...friends with benefits relationship with him. He obviously cannot handle a real relationship with a real woman. He just wants a free sex show on webcam....he is loser and a pathetic excuse for a man” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=26592

2/2/2011 1:29:24 PM - Compare Romeo Lorenzo Thakoer {Bloomfield, NJ}: “a chain smoking, heavy drinking manipulative and pathological liar. He has cheated on EVERY girl friend he”s ever had, like a juvenile picks fights with women he”s dating as an excuse for breaking up, doesn”t have the mental capacity to plan and execute an actual date, is verbally abusive/manipulative and has trouble putting sentences together when caught red~handed in a lie. This loser only calls friends when he wants something but when friends need him he disappears, making him a very unreliable, unfaithful, dishonorable individual. At one time he skipped visiting a friend of his for years when they were in the hospital because consuming illegal substances at a party a few states away was more important. He is still in the midst of an identity crisis regarding his sexual orientation {one month he”s straight and others he”s bi} and can”t decide if he wants to be with a woman or man. No woman wants to be mixed up in that. Hes recently been seen hiding under a full beard and may possibly be hiding in the U.S Navy”s lowest ranks. WOMEN BE WARNED” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:29:46 PM - Compare TGO Unknown, aka “TGO thetgozone.com” {Glendale}: “TGO located at www.thetgozone.com is a psycho who beats his wife and molests his children” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:30:15 PM - Compare Michael Tetreault : “We have been married for almost 8 years...and his other wife has been married to him for almost 1 year. Yep, you got it...BIGAMY! His sentencing is on Monday August 14th, so that should prove to be interesting. I should also mention that his second wife had no idea. Nice lady, bad situation. He and I have been living separated for a while, but had been trying to “work things out” until January 2005. However, it seems he and his second wife began before then” “they were married in August 2005, and she had his son in November 2005, this leads me to believe that their relationship had been going on for a while” “the truth shot through my brain at 11pm” “actually made me jump up as fast as my legs could muster it and make my way to the computer to do a little digging. In no time at all I found his marriage license dated last year, to another woman. As the stars that were swimming before my eyes began to clear, I got VERY angry. The next day I started calling his employer and the police. To make matters worse, the second wife works for the same company. Of course this all led to a HUGE investigation, and they demanded he bring in proof of his divorce from me” “we are still married” “leave it to Mr. Resourceful to make his own” “he made some others for his proof of a divorce so he could obtain his marriage license” “Once the company actually looked into the facts, they were astonished” “he is no longer with this particular company. Now we are at the divorce proceedings. Or rather, his attempt to screw me yet again. He actually has the nerve to want me to walk away from him leaving him completely financially free from the 120K in medical debt his fraud/forgery has caused. I figure it this way...If Hodgkins Lymphoma isn”t going to kill me {stage 3B}, there is no way in HELL I”m going to let this boil on the *** of humanity screw me over again. Ladies, if you see this clown, run the other way! He is a liar, a cheater {so many women, and even one he moved into our home while I was there}, a bigamist, and an all~around general ***” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/26182/

2/2/2011 1:30:55 PM - Compare Fred Tessari, aka “Fred Russo” : “Beware of this deranged freak people. This lunatic cruises parks, back streets, car parks and gutters for his next screw. The more feral, confused, sexually repressed the better. His sexual appetite for the perverse is only matched by his insanity. He refuses to use any form of protection, and has multiple anonymous partners. He has multiple STD”s and couldn”t care less who he transmits to. This guy lures the unsuspecting into his lair with promises of “massages” and “sensitive talks” but really only takes advantage of inexperience and nativity. Fred is a complete freak with a twisted view of the world. This guy is a devout Christian, spews scripture at ever chance, yet screws anything that walks past him. He is a pathetic, fat fruitcake that is a deviant and predator. Avoid him like the plague, as he”s just as infective” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

2/2/2011 1:31:21 PM - Compare David Terelinck, aka “David lee” {Ipswich Australia}: “he cheats beats up on women and children.. sleeps around with men for money and comes home to be with you.. and puts you though mental abuse like you never dreamed off.. STAY AWAY I DIDNT LISTEN AND HE PUT ME AND MY KIDS THOUGH HELL!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:32:43 PM - Compare Robert Teufel, Jr {West Chester, Millersville, PA}: “used the girlfriend before me for the use of a phone and told me he broke up with her…but in retrospect, I believe she is the one who dumped him…WISELY!!! When she called him in my presence one day, he said she was still hooked on him…but I think she was just trying to reclaim her property! He knew I had a former fiancée who took me for a very large sum of money and berated him all the time. He would say that any man who would even THINK of taking money from a single mother who is supporting children in the first place is no kind of man…but it didn”t stop him from using me to finance a school trip to England, did it? {$400 which he has YET to pay back!} Hey Bugsy…if the shoe fits…LOL. You are actually even worse than my ex~fiance” because you borrowed a TV from my CHILDREN and never returned it!! Stealing from children is a VERY admirable trait, isn”t it? NOT! He is living with a woman named Diane…who also has 3 or 4 children to support on her own” “he”s going to college near West Chester, PA…and has avoided all attempts of mine to collect the money he owes me” “it IS an act Diane. I would bet you”re paying your mortgage, for all the renovations to your house you were making for him, for the utilities while also trying to support your kids and he”s putting off paying you his portion with one excuse after the other! get out NOW before he bankrupts you! left his wife and his 3 children…moved hundreds of miles away, did not even TRY to contact his kids, pays no child support, and blames the fact that the kids had nothing to do with him on his wife telling them he was gay!! The kids were starting to contact him again after I broke up with him…but as for the wife saying he”s gay? Let”s just say, I wouldn”t rule it out. I caught him watching quite a few guys while we were together. He also claims to have a severe back problem, for which he takes oxycodone and collects disability however, while doing shows at Millersville University, he was jumping around on stage like a teenager!! {If anyone would like to report THAT to the disability administration…feel free!! I”m sure Millersville recorded some of the rehearsals. The disability people might be very interested in watching it!!} During the later part of our relationship, he practically bragged about owing various hospitals, etc. over $50,000, and when I asked if he is sending each place a little bit towards paying it off, his response was that they can”t get blood from a turnip and he had no intention of paying it off” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:33:19 PM - Compare Amar Tesch {Albuquerque, NM}: “This “man” is garbage, we had been dating for 3 months when he came over SUPER DRUNK one day [ ] And started confessing that he was married and had a daughter, but that”s not all! He added that he also had a relationship on the side and that his “girlfriend” was 6 months pregnant!!! WOW! I never thought a man could be such trash, Then to top that off he has the nerve to tell me that he doesn”t care about them and that he wants me!....Later on I was told he was a WELL known BI~SEXUAL disease spreading player! WARNINGS ABOUT THIS GUY SHOULD BE ON EVERY SINGLE BILLBOARD IN THE WORLD!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:33:49 PM - Compare Ben Tesch {Columbus or Canton}: “he may call himself Brian online” “Ben and I dated for over a year and a half and even lived together. For most of this time he was on a website called Adult Friend Finder meeting and hooking up with strangers behind my back. When confronted he admitted to it but never stopped. He is also known to be on Book of Matches.com, Yahoo personals, Craigs list, True.com and many many other dating/hook up websites” “He hooks up with men and women and is dirty. He is attractive and will seem charming but he is a liar and a sociopath so don”t be fooled. He is incapable of telling the truth and incapable of being faithful. Also he is physically and mentally abusive” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:34:33 PM - Compare Craig A. Terry {Austell, GA}: “He posts a lot on Dating/Single Sites on the Internet. He”s married to a woman name Gabrielle and they own a house together. He sits at home all day surfing the net to prey on woman, he likes to do web~cam shows, collect pictures of women and men, emailing, texting, phone and meet and greets. He likes to meet several women off the Internet every week. Have sex with them and womanized them afterwards. Refuses to speak with you again until he wants some or something. He will comes across as a sincere, passionate, caring and concerned man. He doesn”t care nothing about any women just uses them for sex and his ego. He”s addicted to the Internet he”s worse than a Porn Addict Ladies Beware his hours to prey on you are 9:00am~5:00pm He”s on BlackPlanet, BlackPeopleMeet.com, Yahoo Personals,Tagged.com, Adult Friend.com, Match.com, Moccoaspace.com, Sugardaddy.com, SeekingArrangements.com. He likes to travel to meet woman in Atlanta Ga, Americus Ga and El Paso Area and close by” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:35:06 PM - Compare Rodney Terrell, aka Keith {Dallas, TX}: “This dude is off the chain. He will pretend that a family member died to get you to wire money in your bank account ..which turns out are stolen checks. He lies about being is age...is is only 25 he had been arrested for {male prostitution} he claims to be a minister of music...he will steal anything he can from you. I have seen him on several dating sites now claiming to be a builder looking for a queen to spoil. This dude is slick...report him to Dallas PD Det. Forney 214 671 3547 This is serious! He has stolen from several women..and he is at it again...I saw his profile on BPM. Don”t let him continue to do this...he is a heartless criminal” “This guy is a thief...he will steal from your purse..steal your checks deposit them into other women”s bank accounts..after he tell them he has a wire coming in and he has to pay for funeral expenses. He has been arrested for male prostitution...he is bi sexual but will use any woman he can...he says he is in his 30”s but he is 24 years old. Please contact Det. Forney with Dallas PD if you come in contact with this man...he is dangerous. 214 671 3547. DONT” “is on Blackpeoplemeet.com and he takes advantage of women tells you someone in his family died then steals your idenity credit card or what ever he can get. He will get you caught up in his drama offer to pay your bills all the while he steals from you. He has been arrested for prostutition..its a public record...he sleeps with men and women both. He does not own a car lot...dont fall for his lines!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:35:36 PM - Compare Tom Tempfer : PROFILE COMMENT: “OMG I got involved with this freak. I thought he was amazing. He was so charismatic and totally swept me away and I believed that he was my soul mate. This guy can charm the skin off of a snake but beware because once you fall in love with him then he turns into this evil man. He is a control freak and has terrible fits of rage and anger. He was awesome for about the first 3 months then he turned into this monster. He seemed so sweet and caring but it is all a mask. He is a fraud. I also believe that he is bi sexual so be very careful as who knows what you will catch from him. I feel he is because I went over to his house to surprise him and this younger guy was there and it was very weird and then the young guy left without saying a word to me and when I asked Tom he got real crazy and accused me of spying on him. That was the final straw for me. I don”t want HIV!! Ladies this guy is the best con artist ever. He can lie at the drop of a hat and doesn”t even realize it. He wouldn”t know the truth if it hit him in the head. Save yourself some heartache and getting a disease........stay far away from this guy” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=25865

2/2/2011 1:36:11 PM - Compare William Gibb Jernigan : “MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL, MORE INDEPTH POST ON THIS PATHOLOGICAL LIAR {ACCORDING TO THE DDHG THERAPIST} Gibb is also on a few online sites. On Mate 1, his profile name is “jetnsex”. On Perfect Match, his profile name is “jetngo”. On HotMatchUp, his profile name is “ravenair” and he is looking for “erotic emails, 1 on 1 sex and group sex.” He is currently telling women online that he is a 6”3 airline pilot in Houston and that is the reason he cannot post his picture on the web sites” “Jernigan is also making appearances on ***.com, datingpsychos.com and karmabites.com” “The Arizona Corporation Commission lists his second wife, Suzanne as the President of this LLC while Gibb is listed as the VP of Sales. Nice...get married, get a job. The job ended just after his alleged divorce in Sept. of 2005” “Mr. Jernigan claims that his second wife, Susanne and his three children live in Phoenix, while Mr. Jernigan lives in Houston. However, Mary Jean was found in Woodville, TX, along with her child. Currently he is pursuing two women in Houston. An engineer, Veda, who is not divorced yet and a single woman, Liz, with whom he sees approximately once a month. He has no problem having sex with still married women, as he was with 2 to 3 women prior to his own divorce allegedly being final in September of 2005” “**UPDATE** He is now telling women online @ www.hotmatchup.com {a sex dating site} that he is an airline pilot in Houston and is 6”3. Jernigan is also making appearances on ***.com, karmabites.com and datingpsychos.com” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

2/2/2011 1:36:40 PM - Compare Brian Jernigan {South Bend/Mishawaka, IN}: “he is a drug addict. He does nothing but smoke pot, drink excessively and do cocaine. He has NO sex drive unless he is drunk and then GOOD LUCK with him getting it up. He is always talking about the size of his cock, but it”s average at best. He nuts in just a few minutes and says it”s because he cares about you. He fantasizes about watching his girl getting screwed by some other dude while he watches from the closet. He smokes like a chimney stack. He has Krohn”s disease which makes it so he ****s 50 times a day. He doesn”t shower regularly or brush his teeth. He is a pathological liar and will use you up no matter how well you treat him. He lives on Social Security for no reason at all. He is a career college student. HE IS THE EPITOME OF LOSER!” SOURCE: DDHG


2/2/2011 1:37:36 PM - Compare Mica Jepsen {Hillard, Columbus, OH}: “Girls if your looking for an egotistical cross dressing hairy assed drunk ive got the man for you. His name is Mica A. Jepsen and he is the biggest worthless piece of dung on the planet. This man is self absorbed, uses people to get what he wants, thief, alcoholic abusive piece of dung. Who thinks he can charm the pants off any woman, but chooses women with low self esteem so he can beat them down and make himself feel better, belittles them to the point they feel they have no self worth. He also likes to wear women”s underwear and has admitted to cross dressing and threesome”s with other men. Which surprises me because he”s the perfect spokes person for viagra” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:38:03 PM - Compare Lars Erik Jensen {Linkoping Sweden, AE}: “is just looking for a rich girlfriend/wife. He is a completely revolting freak! He”s on numerous dating sites” “once he”s with you he does seem to be faithful ~ however, he”s just using you!” “lives day to day on his wages” “this psycho is trying to get his pilot”s licence and that is what motivates him to look for a sugar momma” “He used to agree to foursomes with other couples so he could have the “thrill” of watching his wife being ****ed. Truly, I think he has closet issues” “He has to pound away like a jack hammer and you are not allowed to move or talk so that he can try and come. FUCKING DISGUSTING! He has a piss fetish and the first time ever I went down on him the asshole pissed in my mouth. He thought this was very clever because he can pee with a hard on. Maybe thats because his dick is so small” “He is a complete control freak and is truly insane” “He blames you and tells you you are not normal and have issues that you need to sort out” “He promises you that you will live the life...WHEN HIS FATHER DIES” “This person deserves to be here as he is a liar, manipulator and bull**** artist after YOUR money. He will move very quickly ~ will want to take you away or will tell you he loves you after only a few days. He gets very serious, very quickly” “He will also tell you how he wants to take you away on holiday on a boat to Greece. He tells the same thing to all his women although since this posting he might have changed that to something else” “he is paying off his ex wife”s debt and he gave her everything but the truth is everything was hers to begin with so it was right that she kept it” “make sure that your money stays very far away from him” “He borrowed large amounts of money from a friend of mine and because of his lies and deceit it cost her around 100,000. He also borrowed this money without asking and she had to repeatedly beg him every month to pay it back” “Phone sex will be a big deal with him” “This “man” and I use that description loosely, is a parasite. He has unfortunately moved from Sweden to the U.K and he will literally suck the life from you whether you are the one to end it or not” “he is an out and out loser and user of women” “He will borrow money ~ sometimes asking first, other times not, and when you check your bank balance you will find money missing. This is because he has helped himself to pay for something that he is busy paying off” “He uses facebook to pick up women” SOURCES: several datingpsychos.com

2/2/2011 1:38:52 PM - Compare John Michael Meehan : “is a fraud” “is a convicted felon, check with the OTIS site in Michigan Department of Corrections. He conned me out of money” “He continuously lies about what he does and where he is” PROFILE COMMENTS: “He will travel far to come to meet you. He has a sarcastic manner and knows every trick in the book to make you fall for him. Trust your intuition ladies. He is a pathologically rotten apple!” “Drug addict is what he is...been to prison too. State of TN Nursing board says he was stealing drugs from ER and has no license at all” “always it is the women who were bad to him. His mom, his ex~wife” “Anger management problem” “He continues to lie cheat and steal. Did it long before prison too!” “Declared bankruptcy last year too Sociopath! Here is his prison record for your enjoyment... http://www.state.mi.us/mdoc/asp/otis2profile.asp?mdocNumber=437871” “Emotionally needy” “Slick liar. I think he stole the money from my purse the last time I went out with him. The postings calling him sociopath do not do him justice. He is a dangerous psychopath” “Very charming but quick to anger and lies continually. Attempts to juggle multiple women while declaring fidelity and commitment to whomever he is with that night” “is a sociopath/narcissist. His mother rejected him because he was so defective. He is an equal oppurtunity player~male and female. He is a thief, a con artist, a felon, a lousy father” “I had a family member check him out further and the guy is a true criminal! He doesn”t own his car or his house and his license is revoked in 6 states” “Well here I am, his latest victim [ ] soon his stories became inconsistent and suspicious. He came on very strong and made himself at home right away and was practically moved in [ ] He cost me $1,000. He has many match accounts {San Jose also}. He seemed to know my every move. After he grabbed me by the throat and did his thing, I was persuaded by friends to call the police. The officer confirmed it was assault. The officer checked him out and told me there was a restraining order against him [ ] Do not let this man into your life...He does have kids and hates his mother” “keep him away from your computor, cell phone, jewelry, bank account, and use a CONDOM. He is looking for a “cash cow”” “The more time you spend with him the more “I am getting checked for a sexually transmitted disease as I had unprotected sex with him and my rectum still hurts. That is his specialty” “I ended up in a hospital severely traumatized by my experience” “He is always looking for new victims” “This guy is a phsychopath. I actually believe how he lifted my full length fur coat out of my closet valued at 22,000” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=14327


2/2/2011 1:39:48 PM - Compare Danny Berczyk {Muskego, Milwaukee, WI}: “is a crackhead who manipulates women for anything he can get his hands on. He is a drug addict that disappears on his daughter for a week or more. He does sexual things w men and women for the rock. He is a sick individual, he can play it off as he is a hustler, but watch out! He will steal everything you own. Look him up on CCAP, you will see it all! He has a daughter who Mommy takes care of, he can not take care of himself. He is in and out of jail and a complete loser!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:40:29 PM - Compare Pete Berardi, aka “Pietro” {Canada~Ontario, Thunder Bay}: “is a women abuser, emotionally and physically. He”s a drug addict cocaine, booze and pot. He beat me to a pulp last year christmas eve, ended up in jail, threatened my friends and myself with his guns, kicked, punched, and choked me {my feet were dangled off the floor} Prior to that we had moved to Edmonton Alerta to work, he was holding all the cards, cause I had no friends family there. First, he had me fired from a number of jobs threatening my bosses, constantly calling me, excusing my bosses of wanting to *** me that”s why they hired me. When i was totally dependent on him, he threw me out of the house 15 times from Jan06~Jun06 averaging 2 and 1/2 times a month” “i spent every holiday 06 in women shelters. Then he”s tells my family and friends that i”m a crack ***, meanwhile he uses coc crack to get sex from young girls and women who are unfortunate enough to have a crack coc habit. He told one of our neighbors when he was drunk and high that he didn”t know i was friends with cause i wasn”t allowed friends, that he had anal sex with a crackwhore for $10 and bragged about it. WHo”s the sick one. He tells women in TB that were broken up, tellin them a sob story that i”m crazy, a thief and drug addict to get laid. And we were still goin out. I found out from his voicemails or they would call and I”d answer the phone or he would outright tell me. We”ve been broken up now for quite some time and he”s still emailing and calling me at work my family. He”s insanely jealous” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:40:59 PM - Compare Theron Benymon, aka “Chico” {Burbank, CA}: “actor from the show “Half & Half”. I only hung out with him once or twice. He was cool. When I met him, the other guy was nearby, but I didn”t think anything of it. Chico got my number on the low, said he didn”t want everyone to know his business. I thought “cool”, must be a celebrity thing. From what I found out, he was in a relationship with a guy that I went to high school with. Later after I stopped dating him, a friend of mine informed me that he had been dating the in high school, who went the hell off when he found out Chico went out with me. Warning: This man is on the downlow. He sleeps with men” SOURCE: DDHG


2/2/2011 1:42:06 PM - Eldon Benus {Keokuk, IA}: “Owner of TriState Golf Cars Turf & Utility Vehicles Keokuk Iowa. Is also a hotairballoon pilot. Is a Sexual predator and a liar. Cheats and lives off an old lady in Hamilton Illinois. He is 46 years old. Uses women and they end up paying for everything. Works at Midwest Academy in Keokuk Iowa too. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN! He is MENTALLY UNSTABLE and sexually abusive. Spanks, bondage very rough etc. Does not use condoms. Only thinks of himself. Is not able to live on his own. Is a major mooch. Lives off of this old 65 y.o lady. She crazy and protective of Eldon too. Both are unstable and crazy!! Eldon knows the right things to say and charm his way into your life and your friends and family as well. You NEVER get to meet his family and nonexistent friends. Except for his old lady MamaBetty Beware of this man. Psychologically disturbed man. Had preyed on me and many other women. Is tall and very handsome. Quite the charmer until his true colors show thru. Is addicted to hardcore porn websites” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:42:26 PM - Compare David Bent, aka man**** : “always bent ready to take a cock” SOURCE: DDHG, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266550/

2/2/2011 1:42:50 PM - Compare David Benson {Jacksonville, FL}: “he”s got a girlfriend who is very passive and lets him get away with basically whatever he wants. He”s a swinger, liar, control freak and ***” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:43:14 PM - Compare “Benny” {Gold Coast}: “he loves to get girls into bed and screw the around. He dresses and looks GAY and could be in denial with his preference so he screws around and makes girls feel like ****. He is a user so DONT DATE HIM unless you like to be used and thrown away” SOURCE: DDHG


2/2/2011 1:44:27 PM - Compare Errol Bennett, aka “Errol Omari” “EO Entertainment” {Baltimore, MD}: “Errol is a LOSER with gay tendencies. Ladies beware of this soft spoken brother~ unless you are looking for a liar and a manipulator. He will say whatever it takes to get what he wants. Trust me! If you like no good men whose day job consists of being a secretary ~ this is your guy! I”m not putting down being a secretary~ but he runs around like he is the sh*t, and all he does is answer the phone all day!” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/2/2011 1:44:54 PM - Compare Doug Bennett {Oxford, PA}: “he”s just as arrogant and ignorant as he is ugly! Doug is a pompous, snotnosed punk who treats women like ****! He”s a married man whose wife is way too good for him. Don”t know if he cheats on her with women, but he does cheat on her with men. He was caught making out with another man at a party, with his tongue jammed down another man”s throat. So it”s obvious that this loser is an undercover gay who comes out of the closet when he gets drunk. Makes you feel sorry for his wife, doesn”t it? She deserves a better husband than this queer boy, chasing cheater! If he”d rather **** a man, he should tell her, instead of living a lie, right? Um, that could be why he”s been so mean to women cause he”s a down low, turd burgular. Stay away from this married loser. Even if he was single he”d still be worthless to you. He won”t be honest to you, if he”s a homosexual living in denial. Not just that, but he”s a mean, piece of ****, bully. Likes to run his mouth too much, and then pusses out when someone wants to stomp his redneck ass into the ground. He”s just a low~life, loser all around. Don”t waste your time with this crazy, inbred hillbilly!” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile

2/2/2011 1:45:25 PM - Compare Anthony Bennett, aka “Tai” {Los Angeles, CA}: “is an identical twin. He shares EVERYTHING with his twin, Michael~who calls himself K. This would include all of your personal information, fantasies, compromising pictures you take at Tai”s insistence {he is a sexist control freak}, details of your sex etc. He will even try to coerce you into sex with both of them. Pretty much nothing is between you and Tai. Nothing. Know this. Discretion and Tai are not friends” “He will tell you this only after you have slept with him, opened yourself to him in everyway, turned yourself inside out trying to please him. He will do so laughing and smirking so that you understand how stupid and pitiful you are for trusting and being vulnerable with him” “he is an actor” “He practices his craft by “acting” like a nice guy. He makes his living by bartending. This fact causes him to be bitter and hurtful to his woman. Of course, he “acts” like a nice guy with everyone else. For all intents and purposes, he uses all of his “nice” with others. As his woman you can pretty much count on being lonely, unfulfilled, disrespected, and unhappy. Sex he uses to reward you for successfully silently suffering through his BS. If you stand up for yourself, he takes sex away. You may find yourself going months without sex in an effort to be faithful to him. Tai, hates black women. Especially his mother. Because of his relationship with his mother, he views black women as gold diggers trying to take from him. This prevents him from providing for you, protecting you, or giving to you. Emotionally, financially, sexually or in any way” “He seems to feel guilty for his hatred of black women. He will still date you as a result. He will just punish you for your blackness and create situations where you can see him give ALL to anyone not black like him or you. These women he will treat as “prizes”. He will go to great lengths to provide, protect and elevate them in your presence so that you will feel less than” “he will move a non~black woman in with him while dating you and claiming to be “committed” to you. He will do this with the full knowledge that you will be unhappy with the arrangement. He will allow and condone her being rude and disrespectful to you. Tai Bennett is over 40, never been married, has no children. On purpose” “He is incapable of loving anyone but himself. If you are not black, you are still screwed because he will dog you in a different way” “he will gather a group of “friends” that are actually his exes and leave this tidbit of information out. You will learn when the angry ex shreds you a little. You will be “stupid and insecure” for wanting to be fully informed. Tai Bennett is emotionally and verbally abusive. Prepare to spend money” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:45:51 PM - Compare Armando Benitez, aka “Dillo” {Miami, FL}: “really likes the finger up the ass. As a matter of fact, it makes you wonder when a guy only wants anal” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:46:13 PM - Compare Darrion Benefield {Folkston, GA}: “was bisexual and having sex crack hoes back in Folkston” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:46:52 PM - Compare Greg Bender : “I work with him and he tell me all about all the women that he goes out with and stories. sometimes even shows me emails. all he does is lie until he gets sex and then he is gone. He tell women how wonderful they are how much he misses them can”t wait to be with them but as soon as he has sex all of the sudden he talks about how stupid and trashing they are” “he likes to be with men and couples. he puts an ad up on CL and answers ads regularly. He will tell you the story about how he is divorced because he and his wife had a three way but he won”t tell you that he still has sex with men he lies and said that he is no longer interested in that. that is BS he even tells me about his men. He is on match.com and usually talks to 2~5 girls at time but will tell you are the only one and how he can”t wait to see you and be with you” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=27694

2/2/2011 1:47:18 PM - Compare Rico Ricardo Benavides {Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, ID}: “This ****head will use and abuse you. He is currently in jail and will be for awhile. He is crazy. He will lie to get anything from you. He will ask you to marry him while he is seeing other girls. And being in jail so much has given him a liking for men too. His family hates him and no one who really knows him wants anything to do with him. Just avoid him. Even if he says he”s changed. I”ve known him over 8 years and he”s NEVER gonna change. In case you want to know if he is still in jail, you can go to Idaho”s department of corrections webpage and put in his offender number {65717} and check. I check often to make sure I am not going to start getting crazy phone calls again” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:47:48 PM - Compare Eugene D. Bemis II {Flagstaff, Fort Mohave, AZ Bullhead City, San Berdino, CA NV}: “is scum. he has a problem with women, his own family, gay people and immigrants. he puts on a front and tries to be everything a girl asks for, but then his complicated issues come out and he turns evil. he causes problems, argues and blames. He was even part of the down low movement in his drug days. he needs help in his head and hasn”t gotten help to be off drugs that he says he”s been off for about 2 years. he brings around these Cali boys who act all supreme but aren”t anything at all. they bring him and everyone else down. he”s a 29 year old little boy. he”s been abused and never had a real relationship because he”s afraid. he”s nothing but negativity and talks about his problems that he can”t even grasp or move past. he even uses girls for money or loans or whatever he can con them into. if a girl is ever into him, he only makes them miserable. he has no intellect. he puts on a big “knight in shining armor” front. Especially talking about his pit bulls and quads that are mine. don”t fall for it. it”s better to not give into his game by wasting time and to just say have a nice life” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:48:34 PM - Compare Brandon Belote {Annapolis, Kent Island, Severna Park, Baltimore, Arnold, Crofton, Grasonsville, Ocean City, MD and PA}: “Mr. Brandon Belote is totally insane. Stay far far away from him. He will ruin your life he will claim that he”s a successful musician… BULLSHIT. He will claim that he wrote the song “In the Rain” for you… BULLSHIT. He is a liar…he will lie about anything and everything… He is a whore…He has herpes…Just ask Laura..his crazy ex whom he still screws on the side. She may even bust in on u and him at any time..but in short she has them. Brandon Belote is a thief, a drug addict, and a convict. He had been in and out of jail since he was about 18, I think a little younger. He is a totally narcissist. He is also violent with stalker tendencies…if your with him, that must mean he”s out of jail… so, just ask him what put him there in the first place. Everything he touches turns to ****. Rockstar Cockstar my ass… Stay as far away from this demonic, asshole, criminal, loser if you know what”s good for you.. And always know.. he will never be true… The only time your mind can be set to rest that he”s not cheating on you and, his where abouts when dating him is if he”s in jail. By the way… it”s not only the ladies you need to worry about.. Mr.Belote swings both ways” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:49:00 PM - Compare Tom Bellwood {Austin, TX}: “is into BDSM but also into poly relationships...w/o letting you know it! if that is your thing, cool, but if not, beware!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:49:22 PM - Compare Omar Bellous {District Of Columbia}: “is a sex addict who has unprotected sex with both men and women and has spread around STDs. Me and this guy are still technically married but I am filing for divorce soon. Omar is a master manipulator. A suave, smooth talking con artist. He has mastered the art of conveying sincerity so that you automatically trust him right away. Once he has your trust he uses you for whatever are his needs at the moment. Which usually means taking care of him financially because he is always broke and sexually cause is a diagnosed sex addict. He has cheated on me with girls and guys from his work. And he would always claim to be “straight”. I also know that he hates wearing condoms and is having indescriminate, unprotected sex with countless men and women spreading STDs” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/2/2011 1:49:42 PM - Compare Mike Bellotti {San Francisco, CA Portland, OR}: “This creep will F an entire football team. Hey, he”s from Oregon, cut him some slack. Once he finishes his man~on~man “bidness” {black speak for business}, he will then send his platoon of minions to attack the blogs and forums in support of his blatant queerness” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:50:15 PM - Compare Justin Bellamy {Charlotte, NC}: “has females males in MANY different area codes. Be VERY careful for an STD {read between the lines}. he is one of the best liars and con artist you will ever meet. I think he is on the DL because he was “caught up” in questionable situations and lies” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:50:51 PM - Compare Michael Bell {Bringelly, Budgerys Creek, NSW Australia}: “pretends to be every woman”s dream until you get to know him and than the relationship turns into a nightmare. He is a casual truck driver. He is on all the dating websites under the name of Yalta or Mick, Jonno12c, Irish and maybe some other names. He cannot spell. He says he his between 56 ~ 59 he is actually 63 years old” “I dated him for a while until he physically abused me and stupid me I took him back because he fell on his knees, crying and begged me to take him back saying “You are the love of my life and will never hurt you again”. {Have letters to that effect}. Until few months later the same story, physical abuse, never mind the psychological one as he could not get through the barrier I built. I broke up with him when he demanded anal sex and a transvestite to join us in bed. He would not let me go {he cannot cope with rejection}, e~mails, txt messages, phone calls {about 30 all of it in 2 weeks time} promising, threatening, intimidating, manipulating, inventing crimes I never even thought off... hell. The whole box and dice. Had to get an AVO order against him as he was trying to intimidate me, big time, and threatened me with losing my job, I work for government department {he actually wrote a nasty letter to my employer about me}, false accusations to the police to have me charged with invented crimes. Nothing came of it as there was no evidence of anything he alleged. Just as well I work with lawyers who need evidence before they take action. Does not know how to turn a woman on, learnt how to boink from porn sites and thinks he is the greatest lover. Beware of this man he is a psychopath, manipulating bastard and violent. Has been in prison when he was younger and had 3 AVO orders against him. His other photo is further down the list with lipstick on. Beware” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:51:16 PM - Compare Emmanuel Bell {Chicago, IL}: “DOWN LOW BROTHER! He sleeps with transvestites and men! BE AWARE! He is charming and a excellent liar” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:51:43 PM - Compare Andre Bell, aka Dre {San Francisco, Oakland, CA Detroit, MI Chicago, IL Bowling Green, KY}: “Andre” James Bell, african american from detroit, kentucky, chicago, and the bay area” “was NEVER honest with me and he didn”t like to work. He”s only happy being someone”s house boy. He will lie right to your face, cheat, betray and deceive you. He”s passive~aggressive that”s for sure, saying he loves you right to your face, then turning around and cheating on you. He likes getting attention from ladies {BBW”s} AND MEN he finds online. He doesnt even care who they are. He likes to “cuddle and make out” with BBW”s, and “stroke and suck” with gay men behind your back. He likes craigslist. He”s all over the internet giving out false information about who he is ~ wrong name, b~day {says he”s 32}. He has many, many, many cryptic email addresses {jbme, itsme...,} who knows how many. he works at a coffee shop in alameda now, but I don”t know how long that will last. He”s might say he”s in marketing, PR, graphic design, 3D animation ~ but he”s not. He has no real job, no checking account, no money or future prospects, no car, no place to live, horrible credit. and he”s just NOT a good/honest/hardworking person ~ like he claims to be. He was also paying people for “sexual encounters” behind my back... i”m the fool for letting him stay with me for 3 years. this is just a warning though for future people who may run into him. What a freaking loser. Feel sorry for him, as he”s only good for one thing ~ IF even that. He and I were together in chicago from july 2006 to july 2008 ~ then we moved to Cali together. i kicked his ass out on aug 27, 2009. finally” I found out too he was getting together with gay men for anonymous sex behind my back. He”s a closet homosexual. I guess his family would frown on that, but they support his infidelity and the fact that he”s a manipulator. Trust your instincts on this one ladies. He”s not worth anything” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:52:23 PM - Compare Allen Bell {Tulsa, OK}: “Uses his disability {legal blindness} to make women feel sorry for him. Married his “high school sweetheart,” then left her after four years because he was having an affair with a married woman he worked with. The married woman wouldn”t leave her husband. Mr. Bell has a pathological fear of being alone, so he immediately went looking for another wife. Married wife number two, after three years together, she eventually caught him online flirting with a woman in Florida who was old enough to be his mother. Wife number two threw him out and he weaseled his way back into his first wife”s life. He remarried his first wife, and almost immediately started cheating again. When first/third wife caught him sending suggestive emails to a {married} coworker, he admitted that he wasn”t sure about wanting to continue their relationship. While he was supposed to be trying to work it out with wife number one/three, he renewed his online relationship with his {married} Florida cougar AND began dating a somewhat younger trust fund baby, another co~worker of his. He led on his wife and his Florida paramour for awhile before finally leaving them both for the trust fund baby, who is, as far as I know, now his fourth wife {and he”s probably not faithful to her, either}. This man is incredibly damaging to the self esteem, passive aggressive, and seemingly incapable of monogamy” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:52:57 PM - Compare John Belfield, aka “Jonathan Criswell” “Backdoor Belfield” {Willingboro}: “When you first meet this “man” you wonder why he”s single because he”s attractive and well spoken. However you will soon find out that this weirdo is admittedly bipolar and has OCD. Every time we slept together, he had to fold all of his clothes first like in She”s Gotta Have It. He”s also the only AIDs activist I know who NEVER USES CONDOMS. He claims to be straight, but made me wear a strap~on and **** him in the ass, because he said “I”m not gay, but I want you to poke my prostate”. He has three kids that he never takes care of and never visits” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:53:33 PM - Compare Ahmet Salcan, aka Scottie”, “Matt {Jacksonville, FL}: “He is Turkish but will say he”s from wherever you think he”s from. He has a heavy accent. He was born in 1967 but will lie about his age. He will also lie about his employment. He only works two days a week and barely makes a living. He sells ice cream illegally out of a van where he also has has sex with young women he has encountered on his ice cream truck routes” “He also has Chlamydia and will knowingly pass it on to you. He also has mysterious blisters on his buttocks. And, his testicles are always inflamed and as a result he is constantly playing with them. He is unable to wear any kind of underwear because it is too painful. He prides himself on sleeping with women within hours of meeting. Don”t be one of his many victims! Chlamydia may not manifest symptoms for a long time but if it is with you too long you may become infertile or have other lifelong problems. In my opinion, Ahmet/Matt/Scottie exhibits sociopathic behavior, is a pathological liar, and is a narcissist. He has at least two DV restraining orders filed against him. Look them up online here http://www.duvalclerk.com/oncoreweb/. You will also see that HE IS MARRIED and has been since 1999. He smokes and drinks to excess, lives in a trailer park, and has had sex in a porno, with strippers, and with streetwalkers. He has a violent temper and is a bully. Ask him how he bought his “single wide” trailer. He claims he slept with the elderly female owner” “The only thing you”ll get from him is less money in your wallet and a bill for treatment of STDs. A note to men who might be reading this: Keep this guy away from your woman... he has no problem sleeping with married women even, say, in the bathroom at the restaurant where the husband and wife are eating” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/2/2011 1:53:59 PM - Compare Carl Saffell {Lakewood, CO}: “Likes to solicit sex on the internet even while dating/living with someone. And let”s just say he doesn”t have a preference. Lies when caught and does not know how to be faithful. Lives in his own world of lies” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile

2/2/2011 1:54:38 PM - Compare "Safee", aka "fels" {Philadelphia, PA}: “This bootleg swagger is a north Philadelphia native goes by the name of Safee aka Fels you can catch him hanging near Alleghney ave. I dated him for about 9 months later to find that he has several girl friends all whom he has kids by a total of 5 recently had a baby and has one on the way. He will try to win you over buying you a designer bag or taking you thru McDonalds at broad and Allegheney but dont go for it. He”s broke, Fella is a old a$$ looking immature liar from the 80”s who still thinks he”s young messing with little girls basically a boy in a crusty old man”s body {can”t screw} disrespectful ignorant towards women he lives in a roach infested section 8 crab shack in the hood with a bunch of snotty nose crack babies while running around wearing fake bling on his wrist and ears. This is coming from a young woman who he took advantage of and gave me several STDs one which I cant ever get rid of I would hate you to get charmed by him and later on regret that he ruined your life. By the way I think he may have a lil sugar in his tank, check out the finger in the mouth take FYI... any man who dates several women at the same time is bi~sexual” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/2/2011 1:56:18 PM - Compare Jason Paulino {Rosemead, CA}: “here”s a new potential loser. Many *many* aliases. Message me for more. Cheater, many many secrets which I only found out about later. Very secretive and private. Expect lots of false promises and talks of marriage if he likes you. Guy is looking for a maid and woman to support him, as far as I can tell. If you”re into being cheated on, having an argumentative and domineering partner who is rarely faithful and {sorry} doesn”t bathe often, you might be into this guy. Just a few hours after I left for good, he was looking for shemales and various sex hookups on craigslist.org. Make sure you want this and be *certain* that he isn”t changing” “Insane” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=17180

2/2/2011 1:56:55 PM - Compare Josh Robert Church {Bloomington, IN}: “I think he is a fag” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/2/2011 1:57:20 PM - Compare Robbie Jeffry Clapp {Odessa Midland, TX}: “Gay Tendencies” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 1:58:14 PM - Compare Roy Pierce : “This man recently moved to Canada from the UK and likes to use his “english accent” to attract women. He is a LIAR. He will tell you he is an only child, has no family or ties, when in fact he has a whole slew of siblings who want nothing to do with him. He lies about having been in the military, {never was} about previous injuries {never happened} about past marriages {omits them ~ has been married twice, in fact may be a bigamist} even about where in the UK he is from. He has no friends, no one will stick around long enough, but he will lie and tell you about his “best friend” who lives back in England. He tells people he is sought after in his line of work, that he is highly specialized, even his Resume is composed of lies, the entire thing is fake. His ENTIRE life story is a lie. He will lie about the colour of the socks he is wearing, just for the sake of it. His lying is compulsive. Almost everything that comes out of this man”s mouth is an untruth. Prefers VERY young women {has been known to date teenagers}. He has some serious mental health issues that he needs to deal with, but instead he creates a new persona for himself and tries to sell this to women. He is a relationship hopper and is always looking for someone to “love him”. He is not capable of honesty. This guy uses the internet as a tool to meet women and may have profiles on dating websites. If you are smart, you will steer clear of this one like he has the plague” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/44599/

2/2/2011 1:58:44 PM - Compare Timothy Pickering {South Salem, MA}: “Tim Pickering is a {former?} Merchant Marine and graduate of the Maine Maritime Academy. He is currently engaged to one Corinne XXXXXXX, girlfriend of 6+ years. He has cheated on her for at least 4 of those years, during his time out of state in Maine. He trolls numerous dating sites, including but not limited to: adultfriendfinder, asian aff, bondage.com, craigslist personals, erotichumiliation.com, ****meandleave.com, etc.” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=16684

2/2/2011 1:59:29 PM - Compare Jeff Kluczynski {West Seneca, NY}: “He”s a manipulative abuser. I was with him for 4 years before I got up the strength to leave. He”s not right in the head. I once woke up to him using my feet as a sexual toy...use your imagination on this one. He”s sick! He has filed false police reports and child protection reports all unfounded and dismissed. He uses the system because he”s a smooth talker and no one knows none the wiser. He calls at all hours of the night and sends texts. It”s been almost 2 years and he still harasses me. You would be very wise to stay clear of him” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 2:00:02 PM - Compare Alexander Kloske {Carson City, NV}: “is a predator that seeks out vulnerable needy and lonely women. He uses them, literally living off them while he professes to write his great novel or screenplay. He has not had one steady job in over 10 years, as eight of those were spent living off a government stipend while he went back to school~~which he lied about. He lies about his past, he lies about his jobs and he lies about women. He has never been faithful to one woman in his entire life,...his parents will tell you that he has a history of living off women and quitting jobs so that they can support him. His own child will have nothing to do with him,..nor will his own parents or brothers. Lying is second nature to him,..in fact he has told some lies so many times he actually begins to believe them. Including one in which he claims to have been a “black ops” agent that has seen horrible things. He can not be trusted or believed. This 60 year old man had pornographic pictures of 18 year old girls saved to his pics file in his email account and on his computer hard drive,...girls younger than his own daughter. He has sexual perversions which are played out with what ever woman will accommodate them. He comes across as extremely intelligent and charming. Beware. He is the worst kind of predator” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile

2/2/2011 2:00:39 PM - Compare Carl Eoin Klarner {Terre Haute, IN}: “Avoid this man at all costs! He is incapable of fidelity and lies to avoid public censure and his own guilt. He is one person in public and another in private. He is a MAJOR sexual addict. He spends an hour to two hours every day looking at online porn and self~stimulating. He posts profiles on adult sex sites {alt.com} even when in a stable relationship. While out of town, he will pay strippers and prostitutes for sex and various forms of oral pleasure. He stated to me on many occasions that “prostitutes are the highest form of life on Earth”. This man wanted me to give up my job in college administration {I have a master”s degree in business!} to become a phone sex worker or dominatrix. I showed his emails to a counselor and was told that he has narcisistic personality disorder {NPD} with sociopathic tendencies. He fancies himself a “dom” to a woman”s sub and plays some very bizzare sex games where he is supposedly a child who has been stolen and is being trained to be someone”s sex slave. I suspect he was sexually abused as a child. Plus size women be especially wary of this man!!! He posts on plus size dating sites because he likes women with very large bust sizes {G or larger}, but he intensely dislikes being seen out in public with plus size women. He will tell you he keeps his blinds pulled, and that you two can”t go out anywhere, because he doesn”t want his students knowing his private business {he is a college professor at ISU in political science}. This is not the case. He dislikes plus size people and believes they reflect poorly on himself and the image he wishes to portray to others. He will lie about this to you! He did to me. During our dating life, I would only stay with him on weekends because I lived and worked an hour away. We were sexually exclusive, or so I thought. He, in fact, was buying second supplies of condoms {in case I was counting them, I suppose!} and having women over to his place for sex during the week and then meticulously cleaning up any trace of them having been there. He will try to change everything about you to fit his blonde, Barbie doll with big breasts, and sexual profession fantasy. I ended the relationship when he told me to lose 80 pounds or he would start having sex with other women. He lies and cheats pathologically and, obviously, has some severe mental issues. I had to do six months of counseling after I broke up with him to get my self~esteem and sense of normalcy back. He”s a very dangerous man for women. And, what”s appalling is that the people he works with and even his family think he”s this nice, normal guy when in fact he has this whole other double life he leads full of illicit sex, lies, and manipulation” SOURCE: womansavers.com


2/2/2011 2:02:00 PM - Compare Saffire Bouchelion, aka “Kenney Bracey” {Portland, OR}: “Age: 47” “Occupation: Nia Instructor/Musician/Con Man” “Saffire is a predator. He preys on vulnerable and trusting women who once drawn into his web of deceit are sucked dry of emotional and financial resources. He portrays himself as a healer and yet he is a very sick man. Women who want to save him must save themselves instead. He is a text book narcissist. He cares about no one but himself and expects his women {yes, that”s plural} to care about no one but him. He is charming, seductive and emotionally abusive. Many have commented that he is a wolf in sheep”s clothing. If you get too close you will get burned. Please comment on your experiences with Saffire. We have a duty to protect ourselves and others” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

2/2/2011 2:02:26 PM - Compare Chrys Kirby {Wingate, NC}: “He is married with 2 kids but he will tell you that they are swingers and he can have sex with whoever he wants” SOURCE: DDHG

2/2/2011 2:03:22 PM - Compare Julian James Bennett {Sheffield, MI}: “met me while going through a divorce, then had the world think i was a home wrecker when i had nothing to do with it. THEN if that wasn”t bad enough cheated on me which his ex wife twice. To top it all off his wife called me who informed me that all he had done was play us both against each other. He is a charmer! Don”t be fooled. he made me feel so special to only know it was all a lie! Stay away frm him, but if you do see him.. spit on him from me!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/4/2011 4:12:57 PM - Compare Valnei Goncalves : “Valnei Goncalves has to be one of the worst human beings in the world. I, unfortunately have had the unfortunate experience of this man in my life, and it almost killed me, literally. I am posting this information totally accurate so that NO ONE else gets hurt or killed by this person as I almost was” “Valnei Goncalves AKA PRIMO is an obsessive and violent person who''''s only focus on life is to victimize women and torture them until they either kill themselves, or he kills them first” “He likes to rape girls anally also if they are not willing to give it up and I had to endure this FOR ONE WHOLE HOUR just because I told him during sex one time that I wanted us to work things out and be more affectionate and caring in bed. He got up from on top of me and started to kick me in my ribs and face. I had to act quick and try to roll over and crawl away. He pulled me back and called me a whore, punched me hard in the back of the head and raped me anally while I screamed. Later he told me he loved me” “He ALWAYS tells the girl AFTER the abuse is up that he loves her and she needs to LOVE him too and understand him. BY This point the girl is under his control and he is capable of killing her if she doesnt get away. One time he put a knife to my throat until I was bleeding and forced me to call sprint at knife point and change my number because I was a little whore ” “I got a restraining order... he has SEVERAL on his criminal record by different women.. it doesnt help.. he will still come after the girl. SHE NEEDS TO RUN AWAY literally as soon as she can without him knowing and disappear” “PLEASE DONT BE FOOLISH AND FALL FOR HIS TACTICS. HE IS CRAZY AND DANGEROUS. IF I DIDNT GET AWAY I WOULD BE DEAD. He also cheats. He will tell the girl he loves her but tries to have sex with any girl who is drunk at a party and allows him” “IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME, GO TO THE POLICE IN HYANNIS OR NANTUCKET AND ASK THEM TO RUN HIS NAME IN THE SYSTEM. YOU WILL SEE” “I put this on here to warn others. I am happy in my life now and dont want him destroying another"s” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

2/5/2011 11:45:16 AM - Compare Joshua Lanakila M. {Hilo, HI}: “Trust me, you do not want this man any where near you or your loved ones. BE EXTREMELY careful when dealing with him because he is very skilled in the art of lying, he can also sweet talk his way into anything, especially sex. He has been known to sleep with friends, partners of his friends, and will even sleep with YOUR BOYFRIEND in your house while your mother is ON HER DEATH BED. {NO PEOPLE I AM SERIOUS, HE REALLY DID} I can”t even say this without wanting to scream but he also tried getting with my 16 year old brother. you can find him on myspace at: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=9520625” SOURCE: former womansavers.com profile

2/5/2011 11:45:48 AM - Compare Barry Keel {South Barre, VT}: “the girl he is with is terrified of him they have been together for 3 yrs now he plays mind games and takes away her cell so she cant call for help he moved her out of state away from her family he is never home and she is at home with the kids with no car and no money and hardly any food most the time he has friends that he hangs out with he calls her liar all the time over nothing” “she is always honest never cheats and he screams in her face in front of the kids and throws food at her and forces her to admit to lying even though she hasnt” “his temper will turn on a dime you have to agree to everything he says all he cares about is himself in bed, loves porn, watches it on tv, online, runs up the cable bill ordering it and then cant pay the bill. tries to tell other people she is bi~polar and crazy tries to make himself look like the victim. bad father, bad boyfriend, stay away from him!! he is psycho!! she is trying to leave him even now” “he use to have A LOT of one night stands down in Texas. Also he loves anal sex, when you do have sex with him, he never looks as you, or kisses you or make any noise or say anything. he doesnt cuddle with you afterwards either. he loves blow jobs and always wants to do nasty things {like squirt it all over your face NASTY!!!!!!} HE gets mad if you stand up for yourself, cause hes so controlling” “A compulsive extraggerater, and when you call him on it, he says your lying. BAD NEWS LADIES!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 11:46:28 AM - Compare Ricky Kee {Castle Rock, CO}: “RUN, don”t walk away from this sociopath. When you first meet him, he”ll open right up and confess all his past sins, but the reality is that he”s not really repentant, he”s just warning you about what”s to come. You see, Rick will tell all about how he sometimes sleeps with MEN accidentally ~ apparently the Paxil made him do it {who knew that”s what they mean by “sexual side effects”}! But if you want him to turn straight again, just tell him you”ll tell his mommy, who is apparently a bible~thumping Southerner who just wouldn”t get it. It”s usually at this point he will boo~hoo and sob for forgiveness “just like Jimmy Swaggert” and might even offer up an elaborate suicide plan designed to put an end to your suffering AND his. If you make the mistake my friend did at this point and stick around, be prepared to be decorative material for the Christmas cards, because this guy will never get enough dick~on~the~side. But stay at your own risk, because he has at least one social disease that I know of, maybe more, along with a record for domestic abuse. A real ass and a complete nutcase” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 11:47:04 AM - Compare Bill Keating {Canada, Ontario, Ajax}: “Five years and $45,000, three other women and countless lies. Emotional, mental and physical abuser. Extremely convincing, will have you doubting your own sanity. Tells every woman he meets the one before cheated on him. Hails from Newfoundland, a millwright who can”t pay his own bills, he lives off the women he seduces. Has two children he”s never been a father to although he will tell you quite a different story. He is a sociopath and will wreak havoc on your life. Do everything you can to get away. And for Gods sake don”t let him move in” “He lies. He charms. He cheats. He lies again. From Newfoundland. 3.5 years, $45,000 of my credit. Don”t even consider dating him. Not to mention very freakish sexual practices and fetishes. I finally got him to sell the truck that was in my name, now I”m down to $20,000. He has since threatened to stop making payments on this debt as he claims he”s broke but seems to live quite extravagantly. He pretends he has money but doesn”t. Update: he”s moved on but hasn“t changed. He cheated on his newest girlfriend and it”s my understanding he”s already started borrowing money. She apparently hasn”t been smart enough to check him out” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 11:47:39 AM - Compare Michael Kearny {Springbay, IL}: “ever hear the saying Love is blind? Was I blind?!?! Anyways I was with this controlling ass for four years. He took me away from everyone and everything I loved. He cheated on me a countless number of times. Even when I caught him he still denied it. Sex seemed to be the only kind of relationship we had” “he now has a baby boy who he denies.... Imagine that! He is completely worthless he blames his mom on why he didnt get an education. The only job he has had is working at Kmart and mowing lawns for two weeks” “he uses everyone as long as he is happy nothing else matters. I worked with his cousin and pretty much everyone that knows him swears he”s gay and talked crap about him to me. Now I know why. Because it was the truth and they werent blind like me” “This ex *** of mine cant accept the fact that I found someone totally better than him. He”s only jealous because when he cheated on me he went for girls that didnt even make me feel bad about myself because they were so hidious *{just like him}* You guys know the saying Bros b4 hos? Remember that! Michael is definately a ho and worthless. You all deserve better!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 11:48:08 AM - Compare Lee Kearly {Dover, DE}: “is in the USAF and believes he is a BDSM GOD! I was married to him for 10 months and he was gone 3 months and went on Adult Friend Finder to find himself a slave. He is probably on alt.com, bondage.com, friend finder & adult friend finder too. I was wife #3 and he will NOT stay faithful to anyone!” SOURCE: DDHG


2/5/2011 11:49:05 AM - Compare Kerry Kavanaugh {Kitchener}: “This guy is a religious fanatic! He will try & suck you into his “cult” and tell you that everything you believe in is wrong. He”s been married and gotten divorced within a year. He likes to prey on much younger women so he can “mould” them into being the perfect wife. He will break up with you, then call back & make up with you, like 5 times over a matter of a couple of days. He claims that he wants marriage and children, yet, he has no idea how to be a real man. May have homosexual tendencies” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 11:49:29 AM - Compare David Kass {Pittsburgh, PA}: “has had a man give him a blow job 4 money. He still hangs out with gay guys and who knows whats really going on with them. He also is in love with his cousin, and has sex with her every chance he gets. He will tell you he can”t where condoms 2 spead what ever disease he getting from these guys” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 11:49:52 AM - Compare Pete Karos, aka “Tony” and “Paul” {Providence, RI}: “is a no good cheater likes to have multiple gfs and not tell them and at times becomes crazy and tries to kill u... think hes borderline gay too” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 11:50:22 AM - Compare Peter Kane {Las Vegas, NV}: “has a serious temper problem. He is very abusive, emotionally, mentally, and physically. He will drain your bank account, promising to pay you on payday. He will keep your clothes and other personal items at his house and won”t let you have them back. He also could be bi~sexual, as he carries a dildo around in a duffle bag, says it”s his ex~wife”s. Very cocky for a short sh~~. Does drugs and is also an alcoholic. Once he latches onto you, he stalks you, waiting for you outside your house or job. Will also leave you on the street after he”s pushed you out of his truck. I”m telling you what I know, this guy is big trouble!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 11:50:46 AM - Compare Saran Kalsee {Portland, Vancouver}: “has herpies too! and will try to pick up on your girlfriend or boyfriend!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 11:51:17 AM - Compare Harry Kalinowski, aka Jay {Plymouth, Los Angelos, Austin}: “This one is a traveler ladies. Just as I made the switch to an “intimate” relationship with this man, I found him to be sleeping with a total of 10 women. Not just in my home of MN though, also in Texas and California. He is very charismatic and an excellent liar, fooled me more than once unfortunately. He may also have his own personal doubts on sexuality due to the threesome he more than enthusiastically encouraged me to participate in...with another guy. As well as some off~handed comments made more than a couple times” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 11:51:48 AM - Compare Austin Khan {no location posted on Aug. 27, 2007}: “hes also good at everything... so he says... but wait.. if thats the case then why is he single????? well, A few months ago i was dating him and found out he was flirting wit my “best friend” come to find that she was dating him behind my back... I was so mad at him i forgot to hate her.... He gave her all the birthday and Christmas gifts he says he bought for me as a “thank you” for some stupid reasons.. he would find reason to call her and be with her through out the day... hes got such a big ego that he even says hes good at cheer leading... becuz hes good at everything... can you say GAY? my friend D says he wears eye liner.. well, hes Arabian so hes dark but it really looks like he does. hes such a pretty boy.... don”t even mess wit his hair..you wont see him for another three hours cuz hes in the ladies room fixing it” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 11:52:21 AM - Compare Scott Wesley Marshall, aka “Roth”, “Scotty” : “Scotty is a really dangerous “Psychopathic deviant with no conscience” and there are papers to prove it. He also has a felony for sexual assault on a 6 year old girl. He is a liar and a cheat. His police record is longer than your leg {breaking and entering, drugs, illegal guns, etc}. He swings anyway, including children. I checked him out on the sex offender registry and he is not there, he has slipped under the radar again. Last seen in Gold Canyon, AZ but has lived in WV, WA, OR, CA, AZ, IL, and only God knows where else. He is armed and dangerous” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/50766/

2/5/2011 11:52:58 AM - Compare Donald Marshall : “He can”t hold down a job for more than a month and is a pathological liar. He also can”t handle his booze. One night while I was at work he got drunk with his friends and ended up puking on some of my clothes and instead of washing them he put them in a bag and hid the bag at the back of my closet!!! I also caught him using my vibrator on his ass so needless to say I had to throw it out. He has the nicest parents in the world so I”m not sure what the **** happened to him. I don”t have a pic of him, but he is about 6”3”” with really nice dark brown eyes and his hair is brown. He also has a tattoo on his right arm of a pot leaf with the letters PK underneath it which stand for Parkdale the neighborhood he grew up in. Please for the love of God stay away from this guy. He is disgusting and can”t even seem to brush his teeth on a daily basis. He also has a nasty coke habit and is quite proud of it. He even stole his parents” new computer to sell for drug money and his parents put out a warrant for his arrest!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/74749/

2/5/2011 11:53:23 AM - Compare Craig Marshall : “He”s confused ladies. He doesn”t know if he”s straight or gay” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/7503/

2/5/2011 11:54:15 AM - Compare William Marsh : “This picture is about four years old, check out the leather pants, please... A real con man. He lures you in with being romantic, doing and saying all of the right things. Candlelight dinners, giving you all his attention, etc. but leaves out the real person. He is shallow, needy, dysfunctional and a psycho. When we first started having sex I kept thinking it would get better, but it never did, in fact he is taking medication for his heart so he can”t “get it up.” “This person will try anything kinky to reel you in. His daughter robbed him and took everything except his black bag full of BDSM goodies. Puts a new meaning into the saying Daddy”s Little Girl. Watch out if he wants to take you to get pierced in the pubic area! That is something he talks about non stop. BDSM, piercings, bondage, porno and swinger/fettish parties. A real sicko” “If you have anything of value, never let him or his daughter know, because he will tell his daughter and she will rob you of it” “He wants you to think he is a normal everyday guy. But he is not, he has a fondness for leather, hence the pants and he will want you to wear these ugly leather outfits that he buys on ebay.{porno} For your own safety and well being, stay far away from this person. He also has a STD. {***} A real looser” “Don”t bother with this con man. He is addicted to BDSM, porn, fetish/swinger parties and anything else kinky. He also has a STD {herpes} which he will tell you, you can”t get it if it is not active which is not true” “He is terrible in bed unless you like to be tied up and left. He will also try and get you to get pierced in the pubic area, don”t go for it. Stay far, far away from this one!” SOURCES: womansavers.com & http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/3631/

2/5/2011 11:54:44 AM - Aaron Marsden {Sydney, Australia}: “He”s a sex offender taped a 15yr girl assaulting her and having sex with her he was convicted of this and is on a good behaviour bond on the sex offenders register as a result and nearly killed me, during sex raped, hit and strangled me till i blacked out over and over brusing me black eye burst the blood vessels in the left of my eye took over a mth to heal and lucky to have no been strangled to death. Type in Aaron John Marsden to google to see the news on what he did he uses the internet to find victims and cheat on partners targets larger women and single mothers as their easy targets and their kids...looks up teen porn and has it at his house despite his conviction he fantasies about killing, raping, group sex etc bondage this man is really sick I hope this helps others and one been involved with this psycopath let me know. He is on rsvp and redhotpie that i know of and list as being 5”9 or more which hes 5”8 in the army and management he”s lost his job due to his conviction and he”s a Private oh yeah total management says he reads the guy can bearly spell says his ex gf b4 me jane liked to be raped and all of them cheated on him no way would he ever cheat he”s the one into rape this gunna is full of well created lies and is so believable” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 11:55:14 AM - Compare William Marrero, aka “Baby Jesus” {Providence, RI}: “is married and has a gorgeous daughter 11 that dont see then has 3 other kids with this girl ivy that mind you is a little down syndromy has a crack problem and has mental issues likes to prostitute in manton projects. eats good ***** and sucks good dick too comes from a family that out of 5 boys 3 are gayish, dont work and is lacy and a cheater stay away from him do your self a favor” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 11:55:37 AM - Compare Pablo Marquez : “Age: 48” “I like to collect women. I am 5”9 I use steroids, I am bald with a graying goatee/clean shaven. I wear glasses at times, I have two FAKE front teeth, and a disarming smile that I like to use to charm women. I lie to them all that I am single/divorced” “My favorite is emailing them naked pictures of myself! But I go deeper than that I find ways to block the progress of the “relationship” Do you wonder why I am never available and I never take you to my home? I am actually MARRIED to a nice woman named Liz in modesto and I have 3 biological teen kids with her. I left her for my girlfriend Paige Lane of over 10 years that I live with in Walnut Creek and we have a little girl named Emma together. I like to deny that my youngest daughter exists. I continuously cheat on my live in girlfriend with anyone I can fool and get into bed. Perhaps you can find me on adult websites trolling for ALTernative sexual pleasures” “I actually do NOT have ANY medical licenses at all. Try to find Pablo Marquez on the CA state medical board website. You won”t be able to! I like to walk around in hospital scrubs wooing women, especially ones that work at hospitals, medical centers, and doctor”s offices. I like to pretend that I am available and starting a legit relationship with these women” “I like to be worshipped by young men that can”t see I am a total liar and a con artist. I use the excuses that I am “working out” or “have to work” as an excuse why I am not available nights and most weekends. sure I might sneak away behind my GF”s back, but it is only for a few hours at most. I travel to San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and other places for business and I like to have one night stands when I am gone. I was a big whore in the sailing world as well, I collected women from San Diego, New Zealand, and Seattle to name a few places. It was fun getting all that attention from unsuspecting women” “I lie constantly and DENY the truth when confronted, even with undisputable proof. It is easy to verify all this info on the net. Just do a web search” “Put my name in veromi.net and you will see my wife”s name as well as my girlfriend I live with. Look at pics of my kid on my girlfriends site paigelanephoto.com. You can see I got married to two people in the 80”S including my lovely wife if you look it up on the contra costa county marriage index online. You can find out a lot about people online including me! I am a very good liar so trust your instincts. I am a womanizer and love having sex with many different people as well as fooling women into thinking I am in a real relationship with them. I am a manwhore and will LIE LIE LIE so trust your gut, do some checking, and don”t be my victim!” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

2/5/2011 11:56:10 AM - Compare Giovanni Marquez : “is the type of man, that looks into your credit before anything else, he likes women that can support and maintain him, and if you can”t provide in that shape or form, then watch out, he will most likely have you selling your body.. He usually likes European women. Some additional information I should share, he bi~sexual tendencies. Meaning he will allow a women to insert fingers, not sure if he is up to objects yet. But I just wanted to put that out there” SOURCE: DDHG, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/56321/

2/5/2011 11:56:41 AM - Copare David Marquez : “His sly ways are just a cover~up for his very dark side. David is in major trouble with the law.. and will use any girl that comes his way for this car, money, and body. While running from the cops, david also enjoys men.. a little too much. Oh and he won”t admit to this.. but you eventually will find out” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26166

2/5/2011 11:57:06 AM - Compare Aleander Marquardt, aka “Alex” : “This *** is the most confused individual, first he wants a girlfriend, then he doesn”t. Now he says he”s “better off” by himself after he strung me along for months. He was only sweet to me when he wanted to *** and when he is drunk. He”s a lousy kisser, the sex was ok, but he”s not circumsized so it was challenging at times. And he had this wierd anal fixation, always wanting to *** my up the ***, or have me put my finger in his, wierdest sex ever with him, he will spank you too hard when he”s drunk, ad even bit you sometime, he has major problems! He”s not a good listener, only a good talker and can drink like no one else, and get biligerent. All around he”s really just a piece of ***” SOURCE: DDHG, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/61888/

2/5/2011 11:57:33 AM - Jacob Marlow {San Diego, CA}: “will take you for all you”re worth. Former Shitbag Marine who likes to make you fall for him, impregnate you with his demon spawn. then tell everyone you”re the one who cheated when he”s been sleeping with half his unit, male and female alike. he”s disgusting and can”t be trusted. stay as far away from him as you possibly can. he”s about 6 feet tall, very tan, shaved head and prolly has facial hair. he will say anything you wanna hear then leave you with nothing” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 11:58:04 AM - Compare Jemerson Marlon : “This guy is the usual player that”s only after sex. He will lay it on thick, and pretend to be really interest in you, just to get some. After he gets the sex he”s after, he turns cold and uninterested. If you ask why he changed, he will even try to turn the tables on you, and act like you”re crazy for asking why he”s changed. He”s a DOG, with a capitol D! Also he might be in the closet {gay}. Watch yourselves with this one ladies” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/251002/

2/5/2011 11:58:32 AM - Compare Scott Lee Marks : “The beginning part was fantastic. As soon as we moved in together and got married he would leave me at home and go to the bar with his friends. He thought it was soooo funny to gross me out with totally inhumane acts. He blames his issues on his child hood instead of dealing with them {we tried counseling twice but he put it all on me as if I were the crazy one and for awhile I thought I was.} He got me on drugs {speed}, He told me if I loved him I would do this. I think he might be gay or have gay fantasies. He was physically and mentally abusive. 10 years later and I still have to deal with the demons of his wrath on occasion. In fact he went to jail {west valley detention center in San Bernardino CA}. In fact that was why i left him, becouse that didn”t help him realize how bad he had gotten, it happened one time after he got back from jail, I knew then I tried all I could and if he didn”t want to change then he wouldn”t. So I left and never looked back!” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=4451


2/5/2011 11:59:26 AM - Compare Franco Marino: “This guy is SCUM! Father of 4 beautiful kiddos! From newborn to 3 yrs of age. He has a wife of 5 years. He gets on dating sites such as Singles Net, Yahoo Personals, Lava Life or where ever he finds. He lies to women about what he likes, ok its more about conforming himself to her likings so it seems like he is interested in her, then meets her, screws her, leaves and never remembers who she was. His wife has called me, and probably many many others and some get it, some don”t believe her and others want to do a hit on the guy. He has an incurable STD, thats one of the reasons she married him, she didn”t want to be with anyone else due to the fact he gave this to her! And he doesn”t use protection all the time and if he does, you can still get what his has and its in his mouth the strain and also in his privates, he won”t tell you at all either! I found his bottle of Valtrex in his backpack he carries with him, along with his ring and the neweset baby”s hospital bracelet {which when this baby was born he was cheating! cause the baby wasn”t born on his b~day the next day and the baby was 7 wks early!}. He denies having kids or a wife or what he does for a living. He is the nasty person on the earth! I met his wife and lets say the evidence is there of abuse, she is scared, she didn”t want to me to tell him she contacted me, that I didn”t know how he would react once he got home, that she just wanted to let me know to protect me from him and his nasty ways. Here I thought he was nice, he liked what I liked, took me out, did all the right things and just before the big thing was suppose to happen she called and that I did thank her for that. He still wonders what happened and either he knows or doesn”t but I think you all should know, protect yourself and other women from this man. She would leave but there is too much in play and you all know what I mean, she has no family nobody but those kids and his sorry ass. She said is planning to leave but with 6 kids 2 are special need and a newborn she needs time, her biggest fear one of the women will follow him home and cause problems her kids don”t need. So all the single or not single ladies watch for him, he is nasty, a liar, a cheat and whatever else you can come up with. Ok if and I mean IF he is gay then its the right time to come out of the closet or whatever cause he has children involved in this, the sooner the better” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/228805/

2/5/2011 11:59:57 AM - Compare Stephen Marinaro : “I dated him for 3 years, first he was so sweet and caring.. but then became abusive in many ways. He tends to prey on young spanish women that my come from a broken homes and already have children.. he gets a kick out of it..just because he thinks he is better than them..this guy also has strange sexual desires, meaning he likes black dildos being used on him..what”s so funny is his is the biggest racist...not only that he loves she~males..this guy has some dark secrets...and will make your life a living hell if he doesn”t get his way.. he tends to use his one liners such as “I”m a hair stylist..you would make a great hair model”..don”t trust this guy.. He would make you believe you”re the only one...and will give you fake tears...I learned my lesson too late..this guy has put me through the worst..he cheats with both male and female...and doesn”t like condoms...and if you have children keep him away from them..he is not to be trusted!!! this is a real sick person...and beyond cruel...very heartless” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/194647/

2/5/2011 12:00:23 PM - Compare David Margulies : “He is very charming, witty and outgoing the first time you meet him. He will hook you in with these things. But women please beware, it may be good for the first few months he can make you feel like you”re the only one but trust me you aren”t the only one, he is the biggest flirt and is known to be dating multiple women at once. He has cheated on all his ex girlfriends and has owned up to it. Once the novelty wears off you will notice he is” “He will make you fall for him, then manipulate you with threats and verbal abuse. When I dated him there were always other women, I would find other women”s personal items at his house. And he will without consideration flirt with other women in front of you, he has a wandering eye and once you”re no longer up to his standards he”ll belittle you. While I was with him he was sleeping with other women, he will rub it in your face when he”s upset” “Pressured me to sleep with him and his friend. After he said the whole time in our relationship he loved me. 4} First time I introduced him to my friends, he walked out naked” “A lot of inappropriate comments when upset with someone else he would take it out on me, either being rough or saying comments such as “ I just want to slit your throat” or “ I am this close to beating you to death”. 7} He doesn”t view sex as cheating, and believes if he still provides for his family financially it”s okay to sleep with hookers/other women. 8} Has multiple sexual partners , picks up strippers and hookers{ especially when he”s away in other countries}. Has caught sexual transmitted diseases Chlamydia being one of them. 9} When we became friends , he was dating 4 women at once and having sexual relations. 10} Very inappropriate but would comment on sexual experiences with the women he was/is with, will comment on their intelligence and bodies. With me { his ex} and with his friends” “He is smart because he won”t punch your face, but he”ll punch the same spot so there is only one bruise” “Screaming belittling comments ie. “You”re not good enough to be my friend “ and” you”re the reason I do this” etc” “He ended up only being held in a holding pen over night and now he has a criminal record which can be erased eventually. I left the relationship with bruises, emotional problems with self worth and value. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety while I was with him. Believed it was my fault for everything, because I wasn”t a good enough girlfriend/friend” “He has major problems with drugs and controlling his anger and uses violence to solve problems. Believes he is better then everyone and more important” “he is extremely charming, good looking and extremely bright but he will conquer and destroy you to feed his sick humor and enormous ego. He”s 30 now and he wont change now or ever” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/66382/

2/5/2011 12:00:53 PM - Compare Dominic Margherita : “pretends to be completely in love with you then completely drops you like you aren”t even a human being. He then will only decide to contact you when he wants to have sex with you and plays on your emotions. Also, I have heard he is a bit on the man loving side...so watch out” SOURCE: DDHG, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/18553/

2/5/2011 12:01:15 PM - Compare Jason Ross {Kalamazoo, MI}: “Please stay away from this man. He will steal from you and your children. He is known to date both men and women. He makes you think you are the only one but when the truth you will be one of many. He is a known felon and does a variety of illegal drugs and activities. He has stolen from me my friend and her babies and while we were talking a 3rd girl calls too Please he is out to get what he can out of whoever” SOURCE: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3639

2/5/2011 12:01:52 PM - Compare James Ross : “I was dating this guy for awhile. He broke up with me and it came as a shock, but I was fine. Within a week he was inviting me over, spending time with me, acting affectionate, and telling me how important I was to him. For the next 5 months he would take me on trips, spend lots of time with me, and call and text me everyday. Little did I know that he was talking to a 19 year old behind my back. He”s 30 years old! We weren”t officially together but I asked him several times to let me know as soon as he met someone else so I could move on too. He found out pretty quick that she”s his cousin and has now told me that he”s in love with her! I had found teenage porn on his computer before and he told me it was due to a virus. Now I realize that he has a thing for teenagers and apparently it doesn”t matter to him if they”re blood relatives. He”s very intelligent and knows what to say to keep you hanging on. Now he threatens me that if I tell her anything he will ruin my life. He”s manipulative and tries to intimidate you, which is probably why he”s preying on children now. Stay away!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/231225/


2/5/2011 12:03:03 PM - Compare Adrian Roseboro : “Adrian is tall handsome and hardworking and has a good job. Do not let the good looks, fool you. He is an ass. His ass is really bipolar as hell. He is now divorced and has two kids. He tells everyone how his ex wife is a ***. That he wanted a family and to be married, but it was her fault and she had too many boyfriends. He is a sex addict with many lies about many women that he has been with. He is a cheater, wife beater, cop beater, and recovering alcoholic and possibly used other drugs. He likes professional women who believe his bull****, and pamper him. He also loves sex” “He can be really nice, then turn into the devil himself. He calls himself going to church and trying to do the right thing. He is dating a new women that is a physical therapist, however, he always in my face begging for sex. I would not sleep with him again if he was the last man on earth. If you have slept with him unprotected, get yourself an STD checkup. He maybe down low. He has a buddy that he could possibly be getting oral sex from” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/200043/

2/5/2011 12:03:32 PM - Compare Colin Rose {Odessa, TX}: “isn”t happy with just one woman but always has women to cyber, phone and sweet talk even when married. Divorced twice. 4 children whom he abandoned to run off to another woman on the internet. has genital herpes and is a carrier of HPV the virus that causes cervical cancer in some women, he has had it since age 17 and never told any of the women he has been with that he has it. His own words when found out were, “You have no proof I know I have it” is also VERY Bi sexual so men are at risk as well from his diseases. He is very ashamed of his bisexuality and tries to hide it by the many women he chases. He has a transexual fetish, fantasizing about being with one and also being with a “large” black man. He also preys on young women online, under age 18 and cybers and phone sex with them. I have seen and heard this with my own two eyes and ears.IS A PREDATOR!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 12:04:00 PM - Compare Angel Rivera {Brooklyn, NY}: “he slept with me with her son in the bed with us! He also admitted to sleeping with men and I”m not surprised he is very flaming {homothug} and he got his butt popped by his godbrother Jamie who is infected with AIDS! He lives on 2525 Linden Blvd APT. 6B Brooklyn NY” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/5/2011 12:05:24 PM - Compare Charles Greene : “serial bigamist conman. He was known as Charles Edward “Ed” Hicks, but now he calls himself Charles Greene. It is the same guy. BEWARE” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=22293

2/5/2011 12:06:41 PM - Compare Benjamin R. Greene : “just got married, but he cheats on his wife Michelle with every other client and employee. He is being sued for sexual harassment and doesn”t even know it. His continued meth use is finally catching up. He thinks he is mightier than God, just because he has money, but no one respects him. He has a full prescription for Valtrex ladies so don”t even think about it. Seriously, I think he is gay and fired his best friend TJ from his office cause he was falling in love with him. He is such a mama”s boy, but even his parents think he”s a joke. BEWARE this man, he is the devil in disguise” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/224840/

2/5/2011 12:07:17 PM - Compare Amir M. Greene {Mitchellville, MD}: “is the ultimate dangerous one. Fine and very well spoken, funny, interesting. A pleasure to talk to and spend time with. Still, he”s the WORLD”S BIGGEST internet whore, playing games with women all over the country via the WWW. Plus, he engages in high risk sex {swinging and threesomes}, and he does so unprotected. Also has a kid to whom he doesn”t give the time of day.” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/5/2011 12:07:39 PM - Compare Shawn Green {Ferndale, MI}: “is a closeted homosexual and prefers black men” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 12:08:06 PM - Compare Robert Green : “claims to be a god fearing man, honest, compassionate, dependable, caring, affectionate, intelligent and sometimes spontaneous. I personally like to identify himself as being a man of “Chivalry”. But really doesn”t want to waste time if your not giving up any. And will tell you that he wants to get something for his “investment”. He has some gay and suspect ways. He”s a big fake. He is persistent and isn”t college educated actually college drop out. Lives at home with his parents. So you do the math. He tries to use big words but he uses the words wrong. He wants to claim that his last girlfriend was suspect and that he did all of this stuff for her” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/82214/


2/5/2011 12:09:20 PM - Compare Nyckolas Green {Pittsburgh, Northside Brighton Heights, PA}: “This *** is somewhat cute But he is a mama”s boy, who still live at home with his mom and fat *** sister He is Dark~skinned tall, but can”t fight for ***, He is broke as all *** & he is a cheater, He stay on the northside up in Brighton, He has a son & last I heard He was supposed to be goin into the Airforce, but anyway LADIES BEWARE He will play you once he get the ***, & he do not use Protection, beside his dick is little as hell, it look like a mushroom in a fur forest, and it was said that He might go both ways, Ladies be careful, And he is Abusive” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 12:10:08 PM - Compare Nikolas Green, aka “Davin” : “Controlling, pretentious, delusional, and even more pretentious. His favorite teacher: Hearn, someone who, miraculously enough stands on even grounds with him when it comes to being a donkey dick sucking bastard. Oh wait, last time I checked, it was a horse dick. Yeah, he won”t cheat on you with another woman, but he does like a nice “ass.” Caution: Will **** anything that moves and his keyboard is covered in jizm beckoned on by horse/woman penetration. He is manipulative and prefers the young flesh, so, um, if you”re an aspiring senior and or toddler, watch out!” SOURCE: http://www.dontdatehimgirl.com/search/cheater.asp?ddh_id=61164&return_url=index%2Easp%3Foffset%3D5%26search%3D%26search%5Foptions%3D OR %26prev%5Foffset%3D4%26li%3D61172%26ti%3D61167%26Submit%3D

2/5/2011 12:10:40 PM - Compare James Green : “Don”t **** with this nigga he will **** you, lie to you, then keep you around to play his gay ass games with. The sad part of this story is i never even ****ed with him but i can name 10 bitches i know in my circle that has so i have no need to lie!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/17486/

2/5/2011 12:11:30 PM - Compare David Green : “Age: 44” “Race: White” “thought I had met the man of my dreams after I ended a common law relationship of 6 years. David was very charming and won me over. A month into our relationship David asked me to marry him. I of course said yes because he seemed too good to be true. We married the next month on the beach. After a couple months of marriage I started to see another side of David. He would become very violent when he would drink and smash up things in the house and threaten me and mentally abuse me. This continued and the violence would escalate each time he drank. Then he would be violent and abusive when he was not drinking. He is also heavily addicted to pornography as well and I found lots of bestiality videos as well which made my stomach turn. I then found out that David was homosexual and in the closet and was having a gay affair with a man. He was also having sex with a swinging couple with both the man and the woman. All of this stuff david hid from me. I have been in contact with two of his common law exes and one told me that he was charged by the police for assaulting her and she found gay porn on his computer as well as found out that him and his best guy friend were lovers. The other ex also said he was abusive to her and cheated on her. Women need to stay away from this creep. David is also a sex addict has sex with anything and everything. He is a man all women should avoid because he will ruin your life. I have now filed for divorce from him. I was David”s third marriage and he has had several common law relationships as well as countless of one night stands. This man really had me fooled because he is very charming at first until his true colors come out. He has hurt countless women and will continue to do so. He needs serious help” SOURCES: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=4463 & http://www.womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=27805

2/5/2011 12:11:57 PM - Compare Cian Green {Bangkok, Thailand}: “We were together for two years. He cheated with his ex, dirty Thai hookers, threesomes, underage minors, you name it, he f***ed it. He”s a two~faced pathological liar who seems very sweet and caring but is really a wolf in sheep”s clothing. Don”t believe his lies. Everything he says is a lie” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 12:12:24 PM - Compare Greg Greco, aka “Brad Star” : “hes gay!! reallyy...he has a bf called angel, he”s the best liar out there... sweetes kid if it was real. sad..he”s very hot, but no brains at all. He”s a loser..leans on people and thinks too much of himself. pothead! just leave him if ur with him..he”s the worst. believe me i went through hell with him and his lies and cheats” “took my virginity only for me to find out the next day that he had two other girlfriends!!! He is a master of lies and deceit. Not only did he cheat on me with other girls but with boys too. He is now starring in gay porn films under the name “Brad Star”. He”s good~looking, smooth, and an idiot. He cares about no one but himself. This all may sound too funny to be true, but unfortunately it is. Also, he has numerous different myspace pages, all showing different girlfriends. Originally from Roxbury, NJ but now living in FL” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/50049/

2/5/2011 12:12:54 PM - Compare David Lance Grebe {Shelbyville, Frankfort, Richmond, Lexington}: “claims to be in the National Guard. He uses women for sex and money. I dated him for several months. He abused me. He has his profile listed on match.com user name comingatyousoon, adult friend finder grb_dvd, and several other swinger sites. He will post your nude pictures on these sites. He lies and cheats. He is bi~sexual and lives with a black man. He says that he owns his home, but it is his mother”s house. Stay away from this monster. He is no good” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 12:13:19 PM - Compare Jared Grazulis : “have NEVER in my life met a guy full of more drama then this kid. And to put the cherry on top he tells me he”s gay. He did me to keep his cover and was great at acting... if only I had known the truth that he”d rather have sex with a dude then with his girlfriend. Don”t fall for his act girls~ because that”s all it is~ an act” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/89089/


2/5/2011 12:14:14 PM - Compare Roger Gray {Charlotte, NC}: “This guy is a no good low down dog. He cheated on me with a man. He never told me he was on the DL and gave me a std. Ladies, beware of t his disease infested bum” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 12:14:44 PM - Compare James Lamar Gray {Birmingham, AL}: “What a charmer...smooth as a snake when you meet him....comes across as a player but catch this. I googled him and found that he is a registered sex offender living in a neighborhood with a lot of children. He was convicted of Sodomizing a twelve year old boy. This can be viewed on http://community.dps.alabama.gov/Pages/wfSexOffenderFlyer.asprx” “Watch out for this one ladies. He is known to go to the Open Door bar/restaurant and several Lakeside bars” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 12:15:11 PM - Compare James Gray Sr., aka “JG”, “Jay”, “daddyjay” {Detroit, MI}: “Mind games and emotional abuse is his game. He has one child that he claims James Jr. Has a baby moma that he claims. I think he has more children that he does not claim. Will not tell you he”s still with his BM. You will be the other woman and not even know til its too late. He will hit you. Controlling and also has homosexual desires. Heavy drinker. PSYCHO will not let you leave him. He has to leave you” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 12:15:54 PM - Compare James H. Gray, Jr., aka Jaime”, “Scooter {Baltimore, Parksville, MD}: “He is charming, showers you with attention, calls himself a christian, a private person that don”t like others to know his business, want a family, pretend to be concern about your family, job, you, but in actuality he is a womanizer. He talks to you, get all the information that he can and uses it against you. He tells you very little about him. He does not take you around his family if you have met them consider yourself lucky. Preys on your weaknesses and uses them to get his way with you. He will alienate you from family and friend by telling you that if you are with him you will not be able to see them unless they practice his way of christian life. He start his game with you by becoming the person that you trust most in the world until he gets what he wants from you, then he starts with I just want a friendship from you, I don”t think that I was meant to be married, then he stop coming by as often, but once he realize that you are about to walk out on him, he starts his campaign of getting you back, shower you with flowers, cards and the sex. He is known for saying that he gets shy/reserve woman and when he is finished with them they are “freaks”. He will ask you to do all kind of degrading acts of sex with him, threesomes and the works. He knows how to lie and he is good at his games. Don”t tell him your business he discuss it with his other women, “a friend of mine is going with such a rough time with her family or comment how he tutor your children” he puts your business out there. He has a string of woman and have unprotected sex with all of them. Come on now, diseases out there will KILL YOU! He says he works late, travel a lot, do a lot for the church, but all that is a lie. He is a pilar and a Decon of a church. Yes, go and get medical attention if you have dated him. His cheating goes on as far as 8 yrs. He says he is in a meaningful relationship now, but James arranged to meet me for sex this week and was going away with another woman this coming weekend. Thank you, Janice for warning us about him! She had dated him for 2 1/2 months and once she found out his game she called the rest of us to warn us, we were unaware of the other woman. When confronted he tried to play it as it was our fault because we misunderstood his intentions” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 12:16:25 PM - Compare Grian Gray : “acts like he is a christian but this couldn”t be more far from the truth. He is a liar, and he”s on the down low. He acts like he is in love with every girl he meets because he likes men and is putting on a front. He”s also a Kappa please ladies stay away from this confused man!” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=27689

2/5/2011 12:16:52 PM - Compare Frank Gray {Toledo, OH}: “will not tell you he”s married and bisexual. He fakes like he is so HOLY and knows the bible” SOURCE: former DDHG profile, I think

2/5/2011 12:17:19 PM - Compare Chuck Gray : “is a real smooth talker. He will behave like a total gentleman and have you swooning over him while you foot the bill for everything. He won”t get a real job, but will work as a male prostitute for old gay men. You won”t know about this in the beginning, but it will become painfully and undeniably obvious. If given the chance, he will also take your small electronics and sell them for crack. My iphone was taken by him and sold for crack!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/141856/

2/5/2011 12:17:48 PM - Compare Christipher M. Alvarez {Chatsworth}: “I left him after finding out that he is a pathological liar, a cheater, bi~sexual, and is secretly in love and is planning on having sex with his blood cousin {girl}. WITH OUT EXADERATION!” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile

2/5/2011 12:18:14 PM - Compare Edwardo Alvarado : “This guy is a habitual CHEATER!!! He has more estrogen in him that most females. He always puts on the whoa is me sad story about how he just needs time to himself to get his stuff together. He will say he has changed, but really he will always be pathetic cheater. Don”t believe a single word that comes out of his mouth!!! He still lives at home in his 30”s!” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=25545

2/5/2011 12:18:57 PM - Compare Gerald Travis Young : “Gerald is the most disgusting human being I”ve ever met! He is a worthless douche~bag! I met him at a comedy club {because he thinks he is a comedian}. He wined and dined me. After going on a couple of dates, we started fooling around. I kept hearing noises in this closet, but he said he it was the pipes. Our escapades came to and end one night after we finished having sex, I opened his closet to find his brother there jerking off with a video camera. I looked to Gerald for comfort and he said that this is what he and his brother do.... they have been pulling this scam on any woman they can weasel into bed! The most horrible thing that came out of all of this is I ended up with ***! That mother *** never said he had it! EVEN THOUGH we used a condom his case is so bad that I got in from skin to skin contact. He and his lame *** brother need to be institutionalized! told me his fantasy was to have his brother {Brandon Young} come over & have sex with us” “the bastard gave me HPV {genital warts!}” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/25672/

2/5/2011 12:19:46 PM - Compare Charles Young {New Iberia, LA}: “Charlie Young was born in 1941, 1st marriage from 1962~1970, 1st wife was “L”, had two children in that marriage. He was physically abusive, especially to 1st daughter “T”, her memory of him is punching her to the floor and then kicking her while she was on the floor, she was only 7. During that marriage had multiple affairs. One of the affairs resulted in me being born, he impregnated my mother “D” in 1967, he was 26, she was only 15. She advised him that she was pregnant, he became upset because she had “disturbed” him. She gave birth to me and I was adopted at birth. He had another affair with a young girl “E” in 1969~1970 which resulted in her also getting pregnant. In 1970 1st wife “L” was in hospital for emergency surgery, Charlie had her served with divorce papers in the hospital. Charlie divorced “L” in 1970 and married the young girl “E” the very next day, 1st child “A” was born 5 months later. They had one more child, “J”. Charlie abandoned this wife and children in 1973. A few years later wife “E” was arrested and the police tracked down Charlie and told him that he needed to come and get his children, otherwise they would be put into foster care, he refused and the children did indeed go to foster care for the rest of their childhood. In 1978 his 6th known child “M” was born to another young mother, he married this girl also, it is not known how long this marriage lasted. About 10 years ago his child “J” committed suicide after telling his sibling that he could not live with what his father had done to him. I called Charlie Young on 05/25/2007 and advised him that I am one of his abandoned children, he of course denied this” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 12:20:15 PM - Compare Ashon Nnamdi Young {Oklahoma City, OK}: “does not take care of his children but, does take care of his supa ugly stepson. He lies, cheats and because he”s still in the closet he beats every woman that he comes in contact with. He was a crack baby and acts as such. He”s married and has been for a while now but, continues to sleep with other women. If have have had this musty, same underwear 4 a week, itty bitty weenie, only good 4 his tongue action person in your bed. PLEASE consult your doctor. Truth be told he”s in denial that he”s gay.. Any man that wants you to play with his butt during sex is as gay as they come...Just a lil FYI” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 12:20:38 PM - Compare Jeff Youkett : “Erectile dysfunction...1 minute man...caught wearing lipstick and women”s panties. Liked anal. A LOT. Called out his mom”s name in bed once” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

2/5/2011 12:21:07 PM - Compare Peter York {Hunters Hill, NY}: “ “Yorky” is an alcoholic and a loser ~ a bisexual ~ don”t date him girls. He uses women and men. He has slept with every barmaid at the HH Club and HHH in Hunters Hill Sydney Australia. At 62 years of age ~ a sad sight. Drives a truck and sits himself at the local pubs and drinks till he can drink no more then he makes out he is a man about town. He is a disgusting human being. He uses women of all ages ~ the younger the better” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 12:21:50 PM - Compare Clinton Yoder : “I dated him for 1 1/2 years before I found out his wife lived 2 blocks away from me. When I found out about her...through a text message, she told me they had a 2 year old daughter. He was only married for 6 months before he started dating me. His wife told me he had been married 3 times and has 4 children with 4 different women. He had done the same thing to his current wife when he met her. In addition, he never paid a bill or for anything the entire time he lived with me. He also crashed my computer with porn from all the 174 women he was receiving video clips and nude pictures from. Clearly this man is a pathological liar and is very convincing. He will go to no limits to make you believe you are the ONLY one and his life will end if you leave him” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/196776/

2/5/2011 12:22:26 PM - Compare Shawn Yeary {Dale City, VA}: “He will tell you he”s divorced {NOT}, has a C~30 Volvo {NOT}, works at the Pentagon {NOT ANYMORE}. He seriously does look like James Pattinson”s character in Twilight {Edward Cullen}, and he LOVES the attention from it. He constantly gets stopped by girls that say, “Oh my God, you look just like that guy from Twiliight!” He pretends to hate the resemblance but that”s a total front. He even went out and bought a pea coat and the twilight wrist band. {so gay} He”s a COMPULSIVE liar and he sucks in bed but you”ll know that if you kiss him because he sucks at that too” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 12:22:50 PM - Compare Tom Weller, aka FAGGIT : “NOT ONLY IS HE A LYING FUCKING CHEATER HES ALSO A RAGING CLOSET HOMOSEXUAL!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/148362/


2/5/2011 12:23:38 PM - Compare Zach Weldon : “Closet gay” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/206828/

2/5/2011 1:55:21 PM - If no other profiles quoted stay up here..THIS ONE, AND ALL THREE PARTS OF IT, AT LEAST, NEEDS TO STAY UP, ABOUT AN ALLEGED RAPIST AND SODOMIZER! Compare Matt Dawson, aka “The Sperminater” {Lithgow}, PART I: “small couliflour shaped growths around the head of the penis. condoms don”t often protect you from them as they can grow in pubic hair. small penis with premature ejaculation, seriously, but its useful cause rapists have to learn to do it quickly. always wearing army print and no underwear” “method he uses. romances you, until you trust him then attacks. picks easy targets. he has a pattern he follows, bushwalk to blast furnace, attacks then leaves you there. calls later to threaten and will often try to come back for more. he often will seek out his victims and silently stalk them before and after. he likes to see the change in behaviour” “the most vile, disgusting, molesting, perverted sicko that has ever walked to face of the earth. i always thought there was a little good in everyone. but i was wrong. there are certain people out there who are just to damaged to be with the public. many years ago i was young and in love with a boy. i thought he was so handsome. not knowing that something so pretty was so empty and full hate” A girl came to me and my friends at school” “She said she had gone out with him to a place called the blast furnace. thinking she had a popular guy who liked her or at least a friend. she was so excited. when her back was turned he jumped her. threw her to the floor, ripped of her skirt and viciously sodomised her. he finished stood up and spat her told her that if she ever told anyone he would back. He was 15 at the time. He left her bruised and broken on the floor like a piece of trash. she confided in my friends and i am so sorry to say that we did not believe her. we called her a liar. i am so sorry that you came to me for help and we discarded you just like he did. years later after he attacked me i went on a mission to track down every girl. i even found a girl on the train who said he had pretended to go out with her best friend slept with her then dumped her while they were doing it. he apparently got nasty and started pushing to hard. she said to stop but he continued until she gave up. he then said you were lucky to experience someone as good as me. i asked this girl why the friend didn”t contact the police. She didn”t want her parents to know that she had went along with it at first. so she didn”t do anything” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 1:55:53 PM - Compare Matt Dawson, PART II: “i then tracked down another girl. She was 11 he was 15 they both went to school with each other at bmcs. he wrote her a love letter and said to meet him in the bush during lunchtime. being a child and not realising the danger she went along. there he forced her to the ground and digitally assaulted her until she screamed so much that he let her go. she didn”t go to the teacher or her parents because she was child and felt ashamed and traumatised. children don”t often tell. are you noticing a pattern? he specifically chooses impressionable, easily controlled developmentally delayed woman or woman from sheltered families with low self esteem. In laymans terms~ easy targets. i came from a shelted family and fit the mould perfectly” “he had not seen me in several years and still thought i was the shy bookworm i used to be. so i fought back” “he picked me up at my house and had someone in the car. it made me uncomfortable so i said i wanted to cancel” “we suddenly then stopped in the middle of nowhere. i got out and said just leave me here your up to something, and I”m not stupid. he then got out. his friend disappeared into the bush carrying a video camera. just then he exposed himself and i noticed while screaming at him that it had little warts all over it and was all red and smelt very very strongly of stale urine and some other smell that i couldn”t place even though i was 3 metres away. i screamed at him to put it away or I”d lorena bobbit him. i was pmsing so i was in a really foul mood. he then pleaded for oral sex. i tried ringing my da but no signal. i didn”t realise by then that something awful would soon happen. he ran to his car and came back with an 8 inch glock gun. i knew it was real as i”ve been shooting several time. but at targets not bunnies. he came at me and said i want you to run and i want to hunt you down like a dog. i freaked out and started screaming but still staying in control because i knew if i backed down he would kill me” “and no one knew where i was. i said to kill me that i didn”t care i knew God would protect me. it may sound corny but its true. he then lunged at me. ripping my clothes and pulling my hair out screaming obey obey. he slapped me to the ground splitting my lip. it is all very fuzzy thou. i tried to fight back but he kept twisting my arm. i kept fighting and biting him till he bled. he eventually got me to the floor and tried to anally rape. i fought back and threatened to crap on him if he didnt get off. seriously. i kept fighting and eventually ran away. he chased but i was too quick. when i got home i sat cried for hours. The next morning i went straight to the police and had him charged. he made sure i paid for it. i recieved death threats from girls i didn”t even know. used condoms were thrown all over outside my business, it was robbed and trashed and i had 2300 worth in damages, my budgies were urinated on in their cage, rotten eggs put in the water and were traumatised. the boy bird died soon after from fright. i had to change my number 3 times. he kept getting it as we had friends in common” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 1:56:22 PM - Compare Matt Dawson, PART III: “i was rang by a woman who said not to let my little sisters walk to the bus stop or one day someone would grab them. my dad was even harassed with phone calls at work. rumours were spread that i was a prostitute so badly that i had up to 20 calls a week at work. in the end i lost the court case. to put someone away you have to have it completely perfect so that innocent people don”t go to jail. i lost due to a complication. i did not know where the assault happened and i got his car colour wrong. pretty stupid hey. but i have hope that one of the other girls come forward” “there is more. another girl. she is sitting with me and doesn”t wish to say her name as he live very close. 3 weeks ago he threatened her by phone again. even though my avo covers her as a third party. this is her now. he came to my house and said let”s go for a walk. i was happy cos id had a crush on him. i went and we walked to bracys lookout in lithgow all of a sudden he stopped. i was a virgin and had never even kissed a boy. we were at a cave. he took out of his bag a knife, i thought he was getting juice. he then said take off your clothes or ill cut you from ear to ear and ill chop your tits off. just do what i say and i wont hurt you. i said no, please dont hurt me. he backed me up into the cave. i had no where to go. he held the knife to my throat and said take of your clothes now, don”t make it difficult, you”ll like it. he pushed me down bent my arm and tied me to a tree. he tore my clothes off and sodomised me with a screw driver while wanking himself. still with a knife to my throat. i screamed more he stopped then started cutting me little by little all over. im still left with scars. he forced me to give him oral then held my head down on it to choke me with his penis” “by this time he”d ripped off all my clothes. i couldnt get free as i was tied up. he licked the blood of my boob and said you taste just like how your cat did when i dug it up. then told me about cutting him up and how its flesh felt. i dont know if he did it but it scared me so badly. he left me their naked tied up. when i got home i couldn”t even tell my mum and couldn”t tell my friends cos i thought they”d call me a liar like they did the other girl. back to me. on year 8 and 9 camp at bmcs, it is rumoured that he and 2 other boys all 15 and 16 invited a girl back to their tent then forced her to perform oral sex on 2 then they held her down while one raped her. she had very brittle bones because she had anorexia and they broke her arm in 2 places. they had put their tent much further away than everyone else”s. we were supposed to wash in river but it was too cold. she spent the next 3 days hiding in her tent in the foetal position with sperm inside her unable to wash herself even”: “at school a girl another boy and dickhead held a girl down and pulled her stockings down, and assaulted her. i hope the girl who helped feels ashamed. it wasn”t funny, i know you had a crush on him and wanted to spend time with him but you can now call your self a sex offender. you sick cow. that night she rang the girl while giggling im gonna cut you up like a fish. freak. i dont remember her name but she lived in wentworth falls, was slightly over weight with brown hair and sorta a tag along try hard. all girls he”s hurt are still damaged. some have turned to drugs to numb themselves while us two have thrived and are more fabulous than ever” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 2:52:22 PM - Compare Rick Updike {Kalamazoo, MI}: “55 year old competitive bicyclist, skier, kayaker, to whom I was married for 20 years. He gave me herpes in 2003 and denied ever being unfaithful. He is a chronic/pathological liar who can be very charming and convincing. He can charm you out of your socks without taking off your shoes. His decision to lie to me about his STD constituted wanton negligence and intentional disregard for my life. He could have easily been infected with HIV/AIDS and numerous other sexually transmittable diseases, yet he chose to lie to protect himself rather than tell me that he had been cheating on me. Condoms do not protect a female partner from HSV II as the cells can be present on the scrotum. He finally admitted he cheated on me but he was sure it was before my breast cancer in 2004. He is selfish, self~centered and will take advantage of any woman whom he is seeing. He has abandoned at least three women, {two wives with children and a girlfriend with a child} with a propensity to try and disappear. This is a lifelong pattern. He physically assaulted me twice prior to leaving in June of 2007. The assaults occurred when I attempted to discuss his internet porn use and infidelity. He admitted to cheating after I found his profile on an adult swingers/sex partner”s site. It was a ruse to throw me off the topic. He had several women calling him on his work phone and at our home. He also consumes large amounts of alcohol. He is verbally and emotionally abusive and will deny he plays any role in the conflicts in his relationships. Stay away from the guy, his actions, behaviors and lack of conscience that closely resemble those of a sociopath. He repeatedly refused to assist in preparing the home for listing even after ordered to do so by the Court. His repeated attempts to retain all the control and power, even after he disappeared, has resulted in a loss of $70K in market value of my home as the market has shifted in the seven months since he left. He is trolling at the local Kalamazoo bars and is very interested in finding young women. Stay as far away as possible. He is usually out with his 63 year old pal who looks like his twin brother. He is married” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 2:53:09 PM - Compare Lawrence Underwood {Everett, WA}: “is 32 but acts like he is 12 he have 4 babies with 3 different woman and he dont pay any child support on any of his kids. He comes off cool as hell but when you get to know him you will realize that he is controlling and all about himself. Oh yeah he is a freak too always wanting to **** in the ass {which kind of make me believe he like men too} After he ask me if he can **** me in my ass i had to leave that nasty mofo alone” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 2:53:53 PM - Compare Clyde Underdue {Portsmouth, VA}: “Check Him from head to toe he is the MACK he is a champion & will get you for your money, your pu nanny & keep it moving & just to let you know he goes both ways” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 2:54:41 PM - Compare Bennie Umstead {Upper Marlboro, MD}: “is one dirty, low down, lying, selfish, erectile dysfuntion son of a ***! He is about 6”2, 45 yrs old, and rides a honda motorcycle, and dresses up in gold jewelry like some type of teenager. This fat face bastard is a predator among single women with kids. He looks for women who have busy schedules so his dumb *** can go have rendezvous with other innocent unsuspecting women. Ladies, hide your checkbooks, your deeds to your homes, your retirement info, and any other financial assets. That son of a *** will try to take that from you and your kids. He is totally materialistic. He is such an idiot that he thinks “things” and sleeping with 5 or 6 women equal success. It is also sexually frustrating to be with him because he has a teeny, tiny, infant dick! I put it this way..his dick can barely fit a condom!!! You have to fake an orgasm with him just to stroke his ego. You would think that the little blue pill that he takes would help him with his sexual complications. Not only that, he tries to give oral sex, but he is a amateur in that dept. I”m telling you it”s sad. Ladies, please don”t be mesmerized by his “things” That fat face faggot always tries to throw the cash around like he is balling, but the reality is that he his up to his ass in debt. He owes so much money because he has to fund his little toys. Single ladies run as fast as you can when you see the pillsbury dough boy” SOURCE: DDHG

2/5/2011 2:55:34 PM - Compare August Umlauf, aka “Gus”, “Goose” {St Petersburg, FL}: “keeps a picture of his ex room mates naked girlfriend so he can jerk off to the photo...He is so sick he feels that he is getting back at her for kicking him out of the house. He is also into dressing up in women”s clothes...he wants it all ...to be man and woman....and the hell of it is....he thinks he is prettier than a real woman...imagine that...250 lbs of hairy ape...who likes to wear lipstick and stockings” “he likes little girls...he feels that it is alright to dream about it...just not to touch...well...fine line huh!” “Worked for 10 years without a license. Gossiped about employers, customers and his girlfriend. Forced his girlfriend into handing over her motorcycle because he was jealous. Believes that no one is as intelligent as he is. This person can not be trusted. He is an ex felon who is still under the wire. Has guns and drugs on his premises. He can not be trusted around underage girls. Wants it all. He wants to be man and woman. Flirts with customers wives saying he believes that is the only way he can get his money. Major mental issues” SOURCES: DDHG, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/300271/

2/6/2011 11:46:43 AM - Compare Paul Kenneth Dawson : “Deadbeat father. has 3 daughters, from 3 different women. owes child support. swings gay and straight. has sex with his first cousins. he also lies, cheats, steals. steals everything he can. and he goes to get everything he can. he also has anger management issues that he cannot control” “this male is 43 years of age. he is a DEADBEAT DAD. he has 3 beautiful girls and loves to hide from paying child support. HE IS A GAMBLER AT FOXWOODS OR MOHEGAN. He loves to charm you as long as you have money. he worked for a wresting outfit and had sex with men that worked there. He is into the ladies and men. He likes four somes. also if you”re married he doesn”t have to commit to you. He always makes promises he can”t keep. He likes the finer things in life as long as you are paying. He also has been in the drug scene has a record for it. also domestic violence. he loves to have sex with just about anyone. his cousin”s his deaf neighbor. ladies beware and stay away. i know because i have one of his children” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/41633/

2/6/2011 11:47:15 AM - Compare Mathew Dawson {Lithgow, Sydney, Bathurst, Australia}: “met him a year ago, he promised me the world n was so nice for the first month buying me stuff n coming to my work n telling me he loved me then he got heaps possessive n kept calling me ugly mole all the time then the next minute act like he didn”t say anything wrong. if you know the train station at lithgow, you”ll know him, he”s the ugly blond guy that hangs at the station like a teenager even thou he”s like 23. he lives with his mum in a really dirty house. he left the computer on once n i ran over n saw really bad stuff as he hadn”t deleted his browsing history, i dumped him right then n there, there was a website that had adult women who hadn”t developed properly dressed up in like little girl clothes holding teddys in pink rooms, he was on findsomeone, adult friend finder, swingers.com, plentyoffish, adult matchmaker, red hot pie etc. i didn”t see his profile but i could see he had looked it up beware of this one. n matty if your reading this i don”t care my brother won”t let u near me anyway” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 11:47:44 AM - Compare Timothy Ray Holt {Dallas, Rockwall, Collin, Van Zandt & Kaufman Counties, TX}: “Mr. Holt mainly preys on the unhappily married, unstable relationships, and lonely. Tim Holt will get you at your most vulnerable stage, knowing it will take you sometime to realize what he is about. Dr. Holt uses you on his time until he has finished with you, and then he will slowly weed you out for another side~kick. Tim Holt sleeps with young, old, fat, skinny, ugly, nasty, male or female just as long as he can get something from you. Dr. Tim Holt does not care who he hurts including your children and family. He is a master bamboozler and will swindle you into believing every word he says only to trick his way into your family and home. Tim Holt is emotionally and physically unsound. He will never be satisfied with ONE person. I have seen him break up many relationships and marriages only to discard you after you”ve reached the point of being tired of doing all the giving. Dr. Holt will coax you into getting him sleeping pills, he is addicted to them. BEWARE he does carry highly contagious STDs” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 11:48:11 AM - Compare Jeff Holt, aka “Professor Holt” , Dr. Holt” {Denver/Littleton/Aurora, CO, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, Michigan, California, New York City}: “He has an STD and yet sleeps with women without protection. He is sick. He also is a closet bisexual as he sees men and subscribes to pornographic homosexual magazines. This guy is a sicko and wants nothing but sex and will do anything to get it. Even if it is with a man” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 11:48:41 AM - Compare Fred Holt {Louisiana, Sieper, Alexandria}: “is a wreck. He recently got divorced but his wife ran the show so without her he is lost. He has very low self~esteem but he is also very manipulative. He will use you to “find” himself. I personally think he is just gay. He says he is attracted to men but doesn”t want a relationship....he is gay. He will try to mask this by dating you and then end it b/c he is “confused”” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 11:49:09 AM - Compare Richard Holmes {Fruitland, MD}: “is a user big time. He is married, but spends his time seeking out prostitutes to cheat on his wife with. He is the biggest freak in the world, and I don”t mean that in a good way. I was with him for about six months, and during that time, we had a couple threesomes, I actually watched him give oral sex to three different men! He is a sweet talker, but it is all fake, once he gets what he wants, he tosses you out like yesterday”s trash. He got me pregnant twice. The first time, he convinced me to have an abortion, which I regret to this day. The second baby I kept and she is my everything. I”m black and he is an older white man so he didn”t want to be seen with me in the town he moved to {Salisbury, MD}, so he kept me cooped up in a nasty motel while I was pregnant. Our baby is almost nine months old, and he has done nothing to help me {nothing}, and he is a physician”s assistant, so he has money, he just would rather send it on alcohol, and women. He use to work at Penninsula Regional Medical Center, I”m not sure if he works there still” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 11:49:42 AM - Compare Dhyshamier Holmes {Harrisburg, PA}: “He has 3 children and 2 he is not sure about. He always claims to be broke but he isn”t” “he uses females for money. Don”t let him drive your car he doesn”t pay tickets. He seems real nice in the beginning until you meet the real Storm. He hits women, cheats constantly. He will claim that he has to go to the studio. Question where is the album. He”s been going to the studio for over 5 years and nothing. Thats the cover up to get out of the house to go be with a chick. He has a tattoo on his lower arm that is numbers and letters the letter are DAP {Devon}. Devon is not his brother he is his lover. This represents his gay lover not his Kappa number he never went to college. His gay lover has his birthday and initials on his arm to his true birthday is 8~28~80. He will lie about his age he is about to turn 28 not 30. He has some serious fake I.D. The feds didn”t give him new I.D. He got ran out of Camden NJ because someone was about to kill him. He claims that he is not married oh but he is. His wife is a smart chick she left him alone. So beware of the “Storm” He lies, he cheats, he is extremely selfish and he is gay” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 11:50:55 AM - Compare Christopher Holmes {Adelaide, Australia}: “He Preys on girls that have profiles on dating websites like Red Hot Pie Adult fried finder, aussie matchmaker and AMM. He used to use the handle names heavensonly69 and hotholmes, as well as countless others. He is sick he even plays on guys at gaymatchmaker, as well as doing fake girls and couples profiles for his own personal sick twisted sexual need on those dating websites. He will use you until you catch him out and then he will disappear without a word. He left here after I found out that he was calling girls, guys and pro”s. After several arguments, many tears and for some stupid reason “trying to understand him” he still wouldn”t answer my questions as to WHY other then it was just for fun. He loves dirty txting, dirty chatting and hotel rooms as I was soon to find out. He is a sweet talker promises you a life together but behind your back he cheats on you. He won”t ever really face you and what he has done to you, he just leaves everything he he owns because he doesn”t have the balls to face you and deal with it all. HE”S A WORM. He tells lies to make you feel sorry for him but don”t believe him because it”s all BULLSHIT. He told me a story how he spent a week interstate at the hospital around the clock with he”s brother while he was having a heart operation but it turns out that 98% of it was BULLS**T . what really happened is while his brother was in hospital he was off running around with a PRO while he”s girlfriend was back here in SA working to pay both their bills. He also like to shower he”s G/F”s with small gifts but that”s only cause it covers up his sick twisted desires. He also lies to he”s new G/F telling them all about how he was left with all the bills and had to go bankrupt because of his ex and how she had cheated on him 9 times, so he could never hurt someone like that BUT..its LIES he is the one doing the cheating and leaving the girls with debt. I am not the first either and i know without a doubt I won”t be the last....after talking to his family...this is what CHRIS has always done to his girlfriends and like he”s family say HE ALWAYS WILL!” “is a liar, cheater and will never change no matter what you do to try and help him. Lets just hope karma hurrys up and bites this guy in the arse” SOURCE: DDHG


2/6/2011 11:52:02 AM - Compare Tom Lhota {Brighton, MA}: “He will use you. He even told me one time that he only befriends people from whom he can benefit. He is a total immature pervert too. He looks at weird crazy stuff on the internet and joined all these crazy hardcore sexual dating sites behind my back as well. He is a liar, a cheater, and a bigot. Watch out!” SOURCE: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=1918

2/6/2011 11:52:30 AM - Compare Terry Libbon {Sacramento, CA}: “strongly suspect this guy is really gay. I dated him for almost two years, and there were a lot of strong signs that things were off in the relationship. He was only interested in butts, and spent a little too much time alone with his male friends. Also he needs to get some space from his mother. She still does everything for him, even though he”s 27 years old. Plus she”s a freaking bible thumper” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 11:53:00 AM - Compare Todd Libby {Portland, Lincoln, Copperas Cove, ME Ft. Hood, Denison, TX} “Serial cheater. Cheated on his long time fiancée for years while he was in the military, and then got busted cheating on her after they were married with another military police officer. All these cops are such LIARS CHEATS MANIPULATORS THIEVES. DON”T DATE THEM He is a LIAR. All he knows how to do is lie and cheat. He”s one of the most narcissistic, self absorbed, manipulating assholes I”ve ever met. He would tell me about orgies he would go to that both men and women would attend for group sex. He didn”t say that this meant he was sleeping with the men there too, but I took it that he probably was. And what kind of normal guy would want to be around other guys naked and having sex?” “The army basically told him they wanted him to leave...that is what a LOSER this guy is. EVEN THE ARMY DIDN”T WANT HIM ANYMORE. He was caught having an affair and going to places to gamble during periods of time when he should have been working, and he was also married and living with his wife at this time, so his military record can”t look all that great. He also told me that during a break up with a girl while he was at Ft. Hood, that he pushed her until she fell on the ground, and then he told me he berated her until she cried. See how he likes to emotionally abuse women? What a creep. And keep in mind, the orgy stuff, the cheating and the emotional abuse stories were all heard from HIS OWN MOUTH. THIS IS NOT HEARSAY. OR RUMOR. JUST THE FACTS HEARD FROM THE SOURCE” “This person has no real interest in anyone but himself, he cheats, he lies, he manipulates, and is completely dishonest” “I hear he is married again. Poor poor girl, I doubt she knows who she is really married to. I am posting this so all the girls he will try to cheat on her with will {hopefully} be warned. Once a cheater always a cheater. Especially with this one. I think he”s some kind of sex addict” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 11:53:40 AM - Compare Garret Licon {Santa Cruz, CA}: “wanted me to pour cheese fondue over my breasts while he”d squeeze a pickle in between and then suck on it~~~what kinda sick person would get pleasure out of this? Once, he told me this story about how he tried to put a whole bag of marbles up his ass. now i know you”re thinking this has to be a lie but he wasnt ever kidding...it was like 40 yr old virgin, but with tendencies to a strange petofilia. Did i tell you that I was 12 when we first started dating? i”m barely 14 now and yah, SCARRED FOR LIFE” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 11:54:09 AM - Compare Vince Lifonti {Oswego, IL}: “Guess they don”t want to face facts that their oldest son is a closet bi~sexual and either does Vince himself. He”s still trolling those sites with that screen name so be careful unless a “hung bottom” full of lies issues is your thing” SOURCE: DDHG


2/6/2011 11:55:32 AM - Compare Andrew Linder, aka “Andrew Clubb” {Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii}: “23 years old, has herpes {medically verified}, recently arrested for having a sex with a 15 year old, {admitted the charges to CID}, has possessed child porn, interested in children as young as 8 that we know of. Violent with ex~wife and ex~ girlfriend, cheats on craigslist and other sites. 6 feet tall, medium dark hair, SKINNY, can be very smooth and charming, likes to give gifts. Drives a silver mustang convertible, army active duty stationed at Schofield Barracks, 84th Engineers” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 11:56:00 AM - Compare Shane Keith {Louisville or Chalestown, IN}: “i was married to this LOSER and he cheated on me!!! he has a bad temper and will hit a women in front of his momma. stay far far away from him...psst he loves it up the ass!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 11:56:36 AM - Compare Shane Kellam {Chandler, AZ}: “he is a pathological liar and incapable of being monogamous. He is heavily addicted to porn and will try to make you do things you dont want to or try things during sex like choking you or punching you or try to *** you out to other guys for money but telling you its for a fantasy for the two of you to share. And if you dont do these things he will take sex from you anyway he can get but be secretly looking for his next woman to leave you with but not tell you make you think he loves you and is planning a future with you. When he meets you he will seem like a nice nerdy guy and tell you he is in relationship but not happy and that they maybe breaking up. He does not like women who drink but he will be with a woman who drinks if he thinks he can use her but he will never buy you alcohol in fact he will pay for your dinner but make you put your alcohol on a seperate bill and pay for it yourself. In fact he has a girlfriend right now but is on .com sites like myspace {shaniac} xpeeps, fling, adultfriendfinder, datehookup, flixster, mingles. In fact his girlfriend is on his myspace and has no idea what is in store for her! If you see him run the other way because there is something seriously wrong with him! it is not cool to lie to disrespect or abuse other women” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 11:57:31 AM - Compare Glen Keller, aka Bill {on yahoo personals} “swinger” “This guy is on Yahoo Personals under the name Glen located in Florida. I dated him for a short time. He is very nice at first and tells you he wants to have kids and get married. All the stuff you want to hear. I made the mistake of having him come out with me to meet my family. Here is the red flag I had spoken to someone who told me that he has tried to get 10 other women into the swinging lifestyle. He never mentions it on his profiles. He told me he likes to have sex and watch people. What he does not tell you he is into Alternative Lifestyles and swinging. He is a silent manipulator. He will tell you he wants to have sex and have people watch both of you. He will try and get you into that lifestyle or swinging. He wants you to do more things sexually. Run like crazy and don”t look back. I don”t” think he can be faithful to one women. This is a type of man that needs sex. There other things about him he can turn on you ladies he is very nice at first then he try”s the power control on you. Then I realized I could never be married to someone and have kids and have sex with other people that is not my style. He says anything so he looks good just keep running and don”t look back. He makes you feel like your the one and he feeds the fire and he will be silent about things” “He is dating a girl named Gina on myspace right now. He scams women on dating sites. I wonder if this Gina knows he is on yahoo personals looking for more women. He tries to get women in the swinging life style one is not enough for him it seems. Yet on his add he says one women to spend the rest of his life with. NOT try 5 other women or he gets bored of one and goes to another. He is a PLAYER he will say he is not. GEE he wants you to participate in a swingers life style. H His myspace account is Search and do name Glen Keller or http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=99851625” “age 41 name is Bill There were some women who complained he tried to scam them. I wonder if anyone will warn poor Gina. He will probably make her feel like she is the only one he is good at that. Think twice LOL...I knew a girl that dated him and had the joy of speaking to others he makes promises too and just well disappears and have his friends cover for him” “He is BACK This guy is a con he is reposting on Yahoo Personals again under the name Bill in Florida. He will state that he is being stocked by women or a women. He Lies and fabricates the truth. He comes across very nice the only warning we want to let women know is he is a alleged “Swinger” he never posts this in his profile and he has scammed women. Please also look up the name Glen Keller same person. I am just warning women Lisa” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 11:58:12 AM - Compare Chris Jeanerette {Dallas, Georgia}: “He tells you he has a great job working with the department of defense, that he loves you and you are the reason God let him live through his liver transplant last year. Oh, I can”t forget he will do anything for you, because you are the best thing that has ever happened to him. Then his boyfriend, aka roommate calls and emails you and goes psycho telling you that he and Chris are lovers. Yeah, I said lovers. Then, he offers to send you pictures, Chris denies everything, said he is leaving and then calls you several days later back at Ricky”s house asking you to give him more time. Ladies beware of this web” SOURCE: DDHG


2/6/2011 11:59:35 AM - Compare “Jay”, “J~Felone”, “Face711 Face711”, “J~Flossy”, “Black {Columbus, OH}: “HE IS GAY, HE PREFERS MEN, IF YOU SLEPT WITH HIM, GO CHECK YOUR HIV STATUS, AND HE”S BEEN TO JAIL, BEFORE OK, JUST GIVING YOU A WARNING” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 12:00:16 PM - Compare Jay {Pittsburgh, Homewood, PA}: “is old as hell still hustling to get drunk down at Preasleys on Hamilton in Homewood. He is well known for sleeping with several woman at a time going from house to house for a meal and a place to sleep because of course he has nothing of his own. He also sleeps with the gay guys that be in the bar all the time. I say if you can keep it real about sleeping with a lot of women then you should be man enough to admit you sleep with men. On top of that this man will not sleep with you if you ask him to use a rubber. Watch just ask him to put one on. You will see a whole new jay” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 12:00:48 PM - Compare Jason Jay {Philadelphia, PA}: “This *** is burnin. he will *** u without a condom and than blame you for him burnin. he is very suspect ladies bc he hang out gay *** negroes. he be actin like a straight fag sometimes. Ladies BEWARE! Don”t be fooled by his good looks and his nice clothes!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/6/2011 12:01:27 PM - Compare Jason “X~Ray Cat” {Midlothian,VA}: “is a cheater and a liar. Not only when I was dating him did he talk to ex girlfriends on the phone but also hung out with them. He still lives at home with mommy and all he cares about is his friends and going out getting drunk. To make matters worse when I broke up with him he went and slept with my friend {who is gay}. I couldn”t believe he slept with my guy friend” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 10:50:09 AM - Compare Rick McConnell: “Beware of the man who calls himself a devout Christian... and even has a Christian business. He”s really a total con~artist, bi~polar who refuses to admit he has issues, cheater, liar, and will take you for every penny. He”s emotionally abusive and will tear you apart emotionally. He has serious issues with women ~ especially strong women ~who he will set out to destroy. will come across as attentive and caring, but is actually very insecure and ruthless to your emotions and needs. He owes 7 years of tax debt ~ which he will also lie about and is still avoiding paying. The term narcissistic is an understatement with this man. He is a taker of every emotion, need, penny or life you may have ... he will separate you from all friends and family and try and convince you that you are the crazy one... when he is the one with the missing marbles. He has had gay experiences.. and can often come across as very feminine... probably is gay, but doesn”t admit it, into porn, is suicidal, must have his way on everything, doesn”t pay his bills.. and no matter how hard you try he cannot be pleased. This is one mentally/emotionally sick and disturbed man. Has cheated and had affairs for long periods of time... this is not a man to be trusted in ANY way. Women... please steer clear... will crush you in every way. I”ve been that woman and I”m not the only one. My goal is not to tear this person apart... but to keep him from tearing other women, their lives, their children, their finances apart as he did mine and those before me. Narcissistic men should be avoided at all costs!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/76131/

2/8/2011 10:50:39 AM - Compare Julius McClora : “burned me and gave me an STD! He likes to be a boy and hide video cameras and tape sex acts! {u know he did tell me it was rumor he was gay} so that”s why I said gentlemen” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26573

2/8/2011 10:51:02 AM - Compare Xavier McClean {Trenton, NJ, & DEL}: “always a cheater. D/L under cover” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/8/2011 10:51:30 AM - Compare Danny McClean {London, England}: “he”s gay gay gay gay gay gay..so dont date him girl! or he”l do it anal with u” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/8/2011 10:52:21 AM - Compare Jovon McClarty, aka “Thug Wanna Be” {Newport News, Norfolk, VA Beach, Hampton, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Gloucester, Yorktown, Hampton Roads, VA Seven Cities, Dorchester, SC Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, GA}: “angry, bitter pathological liar. He”ll lie about something he just totally said the opposite of and try to make you think you”re crazy. He”s supposed to have done all this dangerous “thugged out activity” in his “past criminal life” and gave it up for Jesus or something occasionally. he has a secret criminal record in South Carolina, Dorchester County? his name might not even be real. {Wouldn”t be surprised.} the fact is he”s creepin and using his work hours and his “partners” {his boys} as his cover. {Partner is usually refering to a gay relationship though isn”t it?} He”s obsessed with ghetto porn, like that Freaknik type crap, & gold diggin bootie shakers that would never look twice at him, and the lavish ghettofabulous lifestyle he can never have because he can”t get respect in the hood. He”s feminine and trying so hard to be MORE than a man he”s just XTRA wack. has no respect for women. He loves ghetto chicks because he finds them easier to degrade because they”re not as educated as him He always likes to have one or more “classy” chicks if he can keep up with them because already know that a relationship is not built on drama. These are the ones he uses to show as trophies to his “partners” {gay} or family who know he ain”t about sh*t. He lies about never being married and not knowing about having a son until recently. I don”t know if that”s more pathetic than the church thing or not!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/27218/

2/8/2011 10:52:54 AM - Compare Mac McCay : “He”s been married so many times, HE can”t even count them. Marriage means nothing to him ~ he marries and divorces with no qualms whatsoever. He often refers to women he “has lunch with” as old friends when, in fact, they were at one time married. He loves to keep all his exes on a string. He will impress you with his big boy toys airplane, motorcycle, fancy car, nice house, pool, and various assundry of rich~boy gadgets. He will indulge you with nice dinners, trips, and diamonds. UNTIL>>> he gets you hooked and then you”re just another possession. He demands an instant sexual relationship and prefers pornography and swinging. However, his sexual prowess is non~existent and must rely on alternative means, except seeking medical advice. He likes them young, too. He”s on matchmaker right now as mac1242” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/66789/

2/8/2011 10:53:19 AM - Compare Tyrone/Tyruan McCastler : “PLAYER/WOMANIZER/CHEATER: The package SMALL, the technique MEDIOCRE and/or possesses a deep~seated fear of being GAY. Therefore, the need to LIE/DECEIVE, HURT/ABUSE women trying to reassure/convince himself {and ANYONE who may be looking} that there”s nothing WRONG with him and he is not the INSECURE man that he KNOWS he inevitably is. Psychiatry 101. {author unknown} perfectly stated ........also insecure about his stature and looks so he uses material things, money, trips, dinners, etc. to help his cause......really gives the city of pensacola firefighters and all professsional firefighters a bad name. he is a horrible representative of what a hero should be. he is, however, very lucky in that he has not yet ended up in a steve mcnair situation. yet” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/223681/

2/8/2011 10:53:46 AM - Compare Samuel McCarthy : “appears to be a good guy on the outside, but in reality he”s bisexual or gay because he uses craigslist to trade cock pics and emails and meet up to have sex. He won”t admit it tho. He”s a liar and will never be faithful” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/195427/

2/8/2011 10:54:10 AM - Compare Darejun McCarty {Los Angeles, CA}: “his lil faggot ass was snappin his fingers at me. And everything dats done in the closet will come out sooner or later” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 10:54:41 AM - Compare Jessie McCants : “treated my niece like pure cow sh*t!!! He never worked not one lousy job nor 1 day of his pathetic life. He used her for her money and attention. He cheated with girls who looked like men! At this point I consider him to be gay and he”s confused on what sex he wants to be with. He barely showered & hardly ever brushed his teeth! Im actually glad its over for them. Girls watch out for his snaggletooth as* he trie to be quite the wannabe charmer!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/78597/

2/8/2011 10:55:13 AM - Compare Demetrick McCamery, aka “Rifaa Muhammad” {Chicago, IL}: “is a cheater and he has aids! he sucks a lot of dick” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 10:55:35 AM - Compare James Edward McCain : “is a cheater...and he”s a closet gay....he won”t tell a woman but will cheat on her w/other men” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/1583/


2/8/2011 10:56:31 AM - Compare Grant McBride, aka “Grant Jolley” {Alamogordo, NM}: “I spent 2 and a half years with this guy, he has cheated on me with at least 5 other guys, ran up all my credit cards, messed up my credit, and is just a downright ugly bastard” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 10:56:53 AM - Compare Andre Michael McBeth : “feel I have a moral obligation to warn all women about this predator and SOCIOPATH. His full name is Andre Michael Mcbeth. He is on every internet dating website looking for his next victim. HE SCAMS WOMEN FOR A LIVING! He is a good for nothin loser, doesn”t pay child support, unemployed/can”t hold a job and is a sexual deviant who likes to have sex with couples...this brother is on the “down low” for sure! will sound to good to be true and he is. Be forewarned he is someone that you want to stay far far away from” “CON ARTIST ALERT!! This man has been posted many times by many victims in an effort to alert all other women that meet this man. Andre is UNEMPLOYED, owes $29,000 in back child support, has been sued for two real estate scams by two women and THEY HAVE BOTH WON DEFAULT JUDGEMENTS against him. He currently resides with a Diane Hadfield” “He will wine and dine you, then ASK YOU FOR MONEY” “Do a background check on him if you have any doubts~you will have met him online as he trolls for victims on any dating sites~latest one was Yahoo Personals” “he won”t tell you he likes to FREQUENT PROSTITUTES, has had Chymadia due to fuc*kin whores and has Her*pes and will do anything to hide his Valtrex from you!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/127860/

2/8/2011 10:57:25 AM - Compare Michael McAninch {St. Augustine, FL}: “the king of deception the truth is some foreign concept to him. I have never met anyone like this before in my life, and I hope you don”t meet him either. This is why I feel the need to warn the female population. is a predator. He has a black heart and can look you dead in the eyes and lie his ass off. He is incredibly charming and can truly sweep you off your feet at first.....Then when you come back to reality you begin to question the inconsistencies in the stories he tells” “He told me he wasn”t married, when I confronted him, he denied it. I produced a copy of his marriage certificate for him” “he is married, and for the third time. He told me then that he was getting a divorce. He lied about putting an attorney on retainer for a divorce, didn”t happen” “His wife runs the show and makes all the money {the house is in her name}. I get a call from his cell phone, my caller ID reflected his wife”s name” “I do believe he has been screwing around on his wife for years. He also has this narcissistic hobby of taking nude pictures of himself {We”re talking every shot imaginable uncensored and getting down with himself yep, even the money shot} He is especially fond of his **** besides being a complete one. I was talking awhile to one of his conquests, {a 57 year~old grandma, we both think he is a closet bisexual}. As I recall she said “I always thought Mike was a little light in his loafers”. He will lie to you over everything, even when there is no need. He has no shame, no morals, or values and treats women horribly” “This guy is enough to make any woman turn lesbian. If his wife should ever stumble onto this site, please accept my heartfelt apology. I am in no way interested in a married man, I have no wish to wreck havoc on anyone”s marriage. If I had known he was married in the beginning, nothing would have ever happened between us. I was deceived..... UPDATE: This asshole is on the prowl searching for his next victim. You can find his profile on AdultFriendFinder.com under the handle talentedtongue43” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 10:57:56 AM - Compare David McAlary {East Longmeadow, MA}: “is married with 2 children. He is seriously disturbed, a pathological liar” “{he used his private email and then his work email to hook me in prior to his wife catching him}. He will tell you he”s a “former” escort to many women and loves women of all shapes and sizes. He will tell you he”s either not married or he and his wife sleep in separate beds. He has duped many women into his web of lies and could be carrying god knows what for diseases. Rumor has it in our town that he got one of his conquests pregnant and has brainwashed his wife into believing he didn”t and the girl is raising the baby on her own now. His story goes into how his best friend”s wife is after him and during a “double date” trip with this couple, he was having sex with his wife while he was watching his best friend have sex with his wife and Dave claimed to have gotten turned on by this and said that his best friend”s wife had come onto him many times” “His wife”s name is Kelly and he claims she is a paralegal so he will try to scare you into keeping quiet” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 10:58:20 AM - Compare Matt Janssen {Cedar Rapids and surrounding cities, IA}: “He will lure you in with a sweet/shy guy personality ~ Then make you believe he is very intelligent and helpful. What he is... is a physically, verbally, and mentally abusive bisexual male. He is known to carry on several sexual relationships with men and women while lying to everyone about his level of commitment. He has done this both while dating a woman and while married to a woman. When things start to become questionable, he is skilled at making one question themselves rather than fess up to the truth. That is ~ he is DAMAGED. Lastly ~ keep this pos away from anyone that you love ~ especially any children!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 10:58:46 AM - Compare Rob Janssen {Lakehurst, NJ}: “I forget things because of my alcoholism and drug use, my brain has been mush since I was about 12 years old. I am completely attached to myself and cannot stand to be around kids of any age, yes I have a daughter but I have nothing to do with her, I just give her money to get out of my hair. I am a lousy lover who cannot please a woman due to my ALONE time and meetings with other men. I am a distinguished “truck driver” because I cannot read or write. I was too busy partying all my life to get an education. I recently divorced but still live with my ex~wife and sleep in the same bed. I think I am a very good liar, in fact I believe my own lies. I would love to meet someone like myself. If interested please stop by. I will take your heart and stomp on it and forget about you until my ex~wife and I have another fight. I will at that time call you and sweet talk you and tell you how much I love you!” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/8/2011 10:59:11 AM - Compare Nate Levit : “nasty nate likes his women bisexual so maybe that”s why he”s with her who knows. but that *** be in the past time thats his spot and the *** be on his dick everywhere anyway so i guess you can call him an official dont date him girl cheater, but his woman don”t mind so really why should we. so if you wanna ride around in his white lincoln or his black denali, drink, smoke, and get your brains *** out of you he”s your man but remember SHEEN sleeps with him everynight! Ha~Ha if she likes it i love it!” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26190

2/8/2011 10:59:46 AM - Compare Robert Lindale Levy : “is a nerdy ladies man. He tries to act sweet and innocent, But he is a freaking weirdo. He is on some type of drugs. He also is very flirty with his male friends which suggests he may be bisexual. He also loved to try on my pink thong or lace underwear. Ive got pics to prove it. Found out he had 4 or 5 other woman the whole year we dated. One was almost 50 and he was 25 at the time. YUK! Told him bye bye and for months the loser kept calling and stalking. After one month I finally got checked and had a couple curable stds. I never had any std before. So I text him and his girlfriends {the ones I knew} and let them know. and they didnt believe me. they thought i was hatin. So watch out because he probably has yet to get treatment and maybe a few more stds to add to the list” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/132934/

2/8/2011 11:00:15 AM - Compare Steven Lewandowski {Location: unknown} “I would have to have sex with him, and if I “passed”, then he would take me on a “real” date. He exposed his genitalia and forced me to satisfy him. He didn”t care about me or my feelings one little bit. After all that, he told me that he was gay, a homosexual. He went out to a strip bar and bragged about what he did to me, while I felt like garbage. I know now that he tried to rape me. I learned some time after the fact that that was his intent. A few years ago, I learned that he now has a wife ~~ I found out in an obituary for his sister. How I wish I could tell her that her husband is really gay and ask if she had to pass his little “test” before he would take her out. Steven robbed me of my self~respect, my trust, and because of what happened, I had a promiscuous reputation. It was very hard to live down what happened when rumors are circulating about you and your character throughout your workplace. Steven may have done his damage many years ago, but it has taken years and years to regain my self~respect. Because of him, I cannot trust any man, in any way, ever again. This is one no~good, faggot loser creep. Don”t be fooled! I will regret what happened every day of my life” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:00:47 AM - Compare Howard Lewin {Los Angeles, CA}: “For all you on j~date, match, true or friendster, etc.. watch out for this serial dater/cheater! His hobbies include: paying for prostitutes {either@his house, a cheezy motel or her pad}, bull****ting women about how he”s looking for his “soulmate” {when he”s just looking to get laid}, and getting some heavy duty “swingers” action on adultfriendfinder.com. Classy guy! NOT! But it”s not his fault, he just has the burning need to sleep with as many women as possible as well as to see how many 3~ways he can manage. Any race, any size, any age~he does not discriminate! Poor guy he just can”t tear himself away from his computer girl search~~not with all the porn and prostitutes to pick from! This guy is a doc, so I hope he”s triple layering his “lil penis & chilling out on the viagra. Wouldn”t want the old VD”s to catch up with him or for him to have any heart problems” “He seems like a good guy who adores his kids, but it”s a front! He adores his prostitutes & can”t seem to stop lying to women. He has a serious problem and his therapist obviously is not helping much. He probably lies to her too, thus he will never be helped and/or “normal.”” He”s a total waste of time and seriously creepy!” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/8/2011 11:01:16 AM - Compare Krystan Lewin : “has only “been with” about 4 girls. He lies to make it seem like he”s been with A LOT more but he really hasn”t he just wishes he had been with a lot of girls but not a lot of girls would even look at him. He has no money, nothing appealing about him, the only thing he has is that he is tall and even that does not work to his advantage. He has cheated on his few girlfriends with other guys at clubs. He hides it well from classmates at school. He lies about pretty much everything and believes everything that other people say because he is that ignorant. He likes ugly, fat spanish girls because they are easy but even they won”t go out with him. *He has no dick because of an injury he sustained when he was younger. He is in the closet, not yet out of the closet, so girls beware because he is not really interested in girls. He thinks he is the greatest thing ever created and that he is so “cool” but that is FAR from the truth, you can probably see a picture of him on facebook or myspace. He has absolutely NOTHING worth giving a second glance or second chance. Ignore this fool at all costs he is not worth any of your time, money, or air” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/233587/

2/8/2011 11:01:58 AM - Compare C. A. Lewis {Newark, NJ}: “BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY” “He”s been married three times” “went out one night and the next day he tells me he got married to a woman because he thought that she was rich and that he felt that he had made a mistake, because she wasn”t rich, the dumb ass was just going by the fact that she had a BMW and a nice apartment, and she stretched the truth about her finances. He thought he had someone to help him with his household expenses” “This is his justification for cheating on his wife. He let her believe that he was a church going person, which he isn”t” “He doesn”t have a mind of his own, he lets everyone else influence his decision making” “According to him she was spending his money” “as they started arguing this would be his excuse to leave the house. He actually told his wife that he was impotent for over a year because he didn”t want to have sex with her” “He claimed he wanted her to leave on her own so that he wouldn”t have to pay her alimony, so he acted as if he would move in with his father if worse came to worse, but really said he would come stay with me if she didn”t leave. He claimed to have spent nights in his car or driving around all night because he didn”t want to go home or he would spend nights with me or go home in the wee hours of the morning. He was with me on his second wedding anniversary, while his wife calling leaving messages on his cell. I have children, so that was his main excuse for not wanting to marry me, he didn”t know if he was ready to be a father again. Now that he”s on his third wife, she has grown children, with grandchildren that come over and disturb his privacy. Now the privacy, peace and quiet he thought he wouldn”t have being with me, he doesn”t have being with her, especially with her parties and get togethers. His excuse for divorcing his second wife is that her daughter was disrespectful to him” “He”s told me that he neglected his daughter from his first marriage when she was a child while he would go to New York”s red light district to have sex with prostitutes in his car. He would tell his wife at the time, that he was going out for bread on Friday evening and not come back home until Monday morning” “He”s told me about doing things that were unethical, such as cashing a money order that was left blank by one his clients and keeping the money for himself instead of filing it at bankruptcy court, and making another client of his lose her car and house because he told her not to list all of her assets, then when it comes out that she didn”t list these assets he wants to back out of the case to cover his own ass” “I also believe that he may be on the DL” “ DONT EVER TRUST HIM, EVEN IF HE”S DIVORCED, BECAUSE HE”LL BE ON HIS 4TH WIFE SOON” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:02:26 AM - Compare James Littleton : “His ex left him right before he caught syphilis from one of his friend”s wives. He and his wife are swingers, they both go both ways” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/17829/

2/8/2011 11:02:51 AM - Compare George King : “He is a psychopath. He is bi~sexual. He likes guys more than girls. He is a psychopath. His mom was schizophrenia. She lived at mental hospital all her life. Schizophrenia is genetic. He is a paranoid~maniac. He is going to be his mom way.....SCHIZOPHRENIA” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/41874/

2/8/2011 11:03:14 AM - Compare Jacob King : “This faggot is a down right liar and fake. He”s a no good drunk who can”t have sex for more than 5~10 minutes. He and I dated and all of a sudden the calls stopped. I asked him whats wrong and he wanted to ignore me and was too scared to say he was sleepin with another girl who was fatter, with nappy hair, and ugly. His boys said he changed a lot and they don”t know why he left someone like me. The girl he”s with is married with kids and don”t have any business about herself. He”s not a real man and I wouldn”t spit on him if he was on fire. All he is good for is drinking and getting his rank taken away from him. He will never progress in the Army nor will he ever be man enough to handle any woman. He”s a little punk faggot who has nothing better to do with himself other than drink, drink, drink. 24 years old and look like he 40. Ugly faggot” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/256115/

2/8/2011 11:03:43 AM - Compare Keith Anthony King {Paterson, NJ}: “He is a compulsive liar!” “The only reason I know his name is because I seen his ID” “He fails to tell you that he has TWO kids by TWO DIFFERENT BABY MOTHERS! {and a third on the way}” “He lives with his mother, fathers, brother, sister, and one of his sons. He has no car, the CAR he is driving around in is his girlfriend”s car that he has been with for 8 years, with another girlfriend on the side and a few other chicks he was ****ing. He is low down dirty dog with no expectations in life!” “he live at home with his family, barely takes care of his kids, has no education” “he will tell you that he loves you in a heartbeat, and don”t let another chick call you because all he will say is that she is lying. When he is around you his phone will be on lock and on silent so that you can not hear it ring or vibrate. He has been locked up for Domestic Violence and every time {about 4} another chick has bailed him out, Oh and he will lie about why he has been locked up. The phone he has is not his either!! He also will try his hardest to get you pregnant. He does not like to wear a condom and will keep trying not to use one. He also likes for his *** hole to be played with anal beads and loves it when you squeeze his butt. He is currently ****ing about 8 girls between Paterson, Newark, and New York. You can find him on facebook and myspace or at any club in Paterson. He lies about going away for weekends when he is really with another girl for the whole weekend”” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:04:12 AM - Compare Michael King {New York, Glen Iris, Australia}: “Don”t have sex or give him a head job until you read my posting. If you have already done so, a trip to the doctor is worth considering ASAP. I will share with you my terrifying experience in hope that it will save you from the agony, stress and humiliation I have gone through with Michael S. King” “I will tell you my story why I misplaced my trust with Michael King... photos of him licking a girl, one on one with another guy, and in group sex Adult Party is not why I am in tears and shaken up from my relationship with Michael .. Michael is great with words, please be careful” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:04:36 AM - Compare Thomas King {Pittsburgh, Larmier, PA}: “he is burnin I heard he tried to but **** his boy” “gurls don”t date him he is larmier”s biggest hoe” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:04:58 AM - Thomas King III : “I think that he was a closet faggot because he LOVED TO GET HIS ASSHOLE LICKED EVERY CHANCE HE GOT! See this is what happens when you **** with a “mama”s boy”” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/25875/

2/8/2011 11:05:28 AM - Compare Herve Lacorne, aka “Steven” {Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Orange county, Alhambra, Thailand, USA}: “This guy is married! has many girlfriends too. He is a classic closet case... into Transgender women {pre~operation} and man in dress. Visit Asia and have sex with many. He have unprotected sex and paid for them too. Cheater and a player. Beware!” “Married, into Both women and transgender women, unsafe sex!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:05:58 AM - Compare Jarrod Karl Lackemacher, aka “Jay” {South Bend, Spring Lake Heights, IN}: “Jarrod is also admittedly into group sex as he”s many group sex encounters with several of his “coworkers”” “in addition to a cheater, he lies and manipulates. He uses people and treats women very badly” “I learned Jarrod was a daily visitor/subscriber to multiple sex/porn websites for example there was a swingers website where you meet people to simply hook~up whether you”re in a relationship married or whatever. Jarrod remained a member of these swinger sites and various other dating websites through the duration of our relationship. When I found out he brushed it off as he simply uses the pictures to help him fantasize while he masturbates” “he was then caught cheating on me with Sandra, again he denied it and a few months later admitted it. While I was with Jarrod two separate unrelated women contacted Jarrod to say he is the father of their child{ren}. Jarrod of course had nothing to say. Then Jarrod sent Sandra to send me a text message telling me Jarrod is the father of her expectant child” “in the meantime Jarrod has decided to tell me he still likes me, still wants to be with me but until he sees a therapist we can”t be together but he is going to be with other women. Then on top of all of this he says well we should get couples counseling” “He said in recent conversations that he has no problem cheating on a girlfriend but will not cheat on his wife. He has also said he attributes his “meanness” “negativity” and “anger” to his mother. Apparently as a child jarrod was screamed at and yelled at all the time by her for his entire upbringing and according to him to this very day. This a very very confused 36 yr old who continues to do things in my life to drive me nuts. I”ve never in my life met someone who had the potential to be sooo much but is soo obsesssed by “freaky sexual” things and experiences that it even gets in the way of his career” “Jarrod cannot perform without the use of ENZYTE. If asked about it he”ll say he ordered it but never even used. He also will not have sex with a condom and if you force him to he”ll be pouty through the whole thing and mostly will roll it off while you”re in the middle of it” “he”s into the freaky stuff like handcuffs and all these really f”ed up toys. If they”re not wrapped in plastic like a retail item would be he has used it on someone else” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/8/2011 11:06:30 AM - Compare Fiona Lacey {Mesa, AZ}: “Dated this guy, thinking he”s nice, has his kids, crazy ex, has his life together ~ boy was I in for a RIDE! He is still in the CLOSET, LADIES! That”s right. An attorney makes a lot of money, but this money goes to a man who will never be faithful to you, because you women just aren”t his type! Wow, when I tried to break it off, I had to move. I started worrying about my own kids. This guy will hurt you and make you think that it its all your fault” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:06:51 AM - Compare Jonathan Labontos {Regina}: “Is an admitted homosexual who only uses women for money. Dates girls then leaves for another province to play “football”. Enjoys booze a little too much” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:07:22 AM - Compare Rob L., aka “Bobby” {San Francisco, CA}: “Bisexual, drug addict, user and cheater. You can”t make any kind of commitment with this guy is a bad person use you. He took 20 thousand dollars he never paid me back and all he cares his dog lilly who unfortunately died. He loves putting extasis on drinks to the girl he dates. You won”t even know you had been drugged. He hates woman and love man so forget about been with a nice guy he is wiseguy who know how to get you and once he does watch out for your wallet you don”t had money you don”t get honey” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/8/2011 11:07:50 AM - Compare Darryll L. {Bronx, NY} “He lies, steals, cheats old women out of their change when he runs errands for them which is his major “hustle”. I really believe he is a latent homo {maybe not so latent actually} anyway in almost 5yrs of our so~called relationship we”ve had intercourse approx 5 times. We got together in May and by July of the same yr. the sex was over. 1st it was because I had become too fat to ****. I had gained bet 5~7 lbs @ 45/yrs. old then we were to old and so on. One night I asked him to come into the shower and wash my back I swear the bitch started screaming like I”d asked him/her/it to do something nasty in Macy”s window. When I suggested to him that perhaps we could utilize the wonderful world of “sex toys” he promptly informed me “I”m not touching one of those.” When I tried to speak to him about the lack of physical love in our relationship and his reluctance and ignorance re how to please me he told be he wasn”t interested and didn”t care about finding out how to please me or any other woman because it was “nasty.” This guy has never experienced giving oral to a woman {nasty} so okay I can live w/that~~but when he told me he didn”t want to get oral because he was afraid the woman would bite his dick off I really knew I had a loser. Every time I think of the time wasted with this “man” I become literally nauseous. The abuse I accepted from him was totally emotional but just as painful as any other. I know he couldn”t do anything to me that I didn”t let him do~~but to think I was that far down is painful. It seems as if I were in a lesbian relationship and didn”t even know it. Two women in the bed. Well all I can say is while he is not physically abusive if you want a relationship with no lovemaking, kissing or intimate touching no dates {unless you pay} a relationship where none of your needs are addressed let alone met he”s your man?” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:08:15 AM - Compare “Kevin” [no last name provided on Aug. 7, 2007, but photo of him was] {Orange County, Long Beach, CA}: “Tranny Chaser!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:08:44 AM - Compare Byron Jones, aka “BJ”, “Kyle”, “Eric”, “Trae”, “Greg” {Houston, TX}: “is such a liar. he is married and has been for 10yrs. He does not have a real job. And try to convince you to break the law for his own gain. And will leave you high and dry. He does not have a problem in telling you he love you when he really does not mean it. His careers are a fraud. and he likes to hang out downtown houston, pretending he”s a CEO of a business..{ it”s his homeboys} He comes across like such a nice guy who has his s..t together, but he is truly a lost soul and will lead you to heartbreak and hell. Once he can not lie or toy with your emotions and his wife give you a call, that is when he will ask you to lie to his wife for him. Then will change his number on you. And girl, that wife ain”t going no~where” “i guess she is only with him because they have 6 kids.. Oh and he don”t mine u messing around with his butt. If you are just looking for kinky sex and I mean he does it all. He”s your guy, Real Relationship... HE”S ALREADY MARRIED and BROKE” “He Got a Criminal Background . I am never doing chat~line or internet dating again. It is just a place for men to play games” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:09:12 AM - Compare Brian Tyler Jones {Jeffersonville, IN, Louisville, KY Cincinatti, OH}: “He also is part of several swinger groups on yahoo in the adult groups” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:09:52 AM - Compare Anthony Jones {D.C.}: “Most young ladies in the DMV area have probably run into this man. He is considered the *** of DC. His name is Tony, he lives in NE by the stadium, light skin, low haircut, about 5”8, had a chevy Avalanche {not sure what he has now} He is disease ridden, he likes to use women, please don”t fall victim, I also heard from a guy that knows him that he”s GAY! I really wish I had a picture. If you run into him you better RUN FAST! We have a little unfinished business, if you know his whereabouts pls let me know!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:10:15 AM - Compare Jamie Jackson {Brampton, Canada, Ontario}: “He ain”t no man, he cheated on me with the dog. I came home one night, and he had his little dick all out with peanut butter on that **** and the dog lapin it up like a little slut. I kicked bof him and that bitch out onto the street” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:10:42 AM - Compare Eric Jackson : “comes around first of all gentle and nice” “he is involved in the Lifestyle of D/s and tries to use that Lifestyle to abuse women. He will cheat on you, sleeping with different women in unprotected way, try to get you pregnant ~ so to call that you on his whim! He will at least isolate you, has different women all time hiding them of each other. He is a predator and in the meantime there exist a bunch of women had bed experience with him. Be aware when you get in touch with him... and never ever let him get in your pants without condom. A lot of places in the meantime in Washington he is not able to go there, cause people know him as a Player and he will threat on you if you try to warn other women” NOTE: comment posted to this profile, inquiring what “D/s” meant, and the profiler {I assume it was she} replied by e~mail: “D/s means Domination/Submission. He use the Lifestyle of BDSM to get involved with submissive women and as an excuse to abuse them. Beside he is in the swinger scene and sleep there without condom. I do have in the meantime with a couple of women contact who know him and they all told me about him and his violent manner. and he put you definitly in danger sleeping with you and having unprotected sex.... myself i had a very bad experience with him” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/127026/


2/8/2011 11:11:32 AM - Compare Steven Kelly {Sussex}: “Likes to dress up in women”s lingerie and be locked in chastity! Neglects his sick mother to cruise around the net looking for Dominate women to toy with” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:12:00 AM - Compare Kevin Kelly {Eugene, OR}: “Be Aware of this man he is selfish and cares about no one but himself, he is also bi~sexual......he will use you for what he wants and then toss you out” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:12:24 AM - Compare Quinten Kolakowski {Oak Park, River Grove, IL}: “He uses sympathy to get to money from girls. He acts innocent in the beginning. He is a past child molester of little children. He uses you till he no longer needs you or realizes he can”t get money out of you. Then disappears for month at time. And eventually just stops answering you all together. I advise you to stay away” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:12:48 AM - Compare Roger E. Foster II { Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Mount Pleasant, James Island, SC, Indianapolis, Beech Grover, Southport, IN, charlotte, ashville, NC, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Alaska, Ketichikan, Florida, Keys, Keyes, Miami, Orland, ALL OF USA WORLD}: “If your looking for a good fling, and dont mind him seeing sleeping with other people, he”s your guy. Loves Myspace and dating swinger websites” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:13:20 AM - Compare Justin Foster {Camden, Elizabeth City, Yadkinville, NC}: “This idiot boy {he”s 26 but} he is far from being a man. He”s about 5” 5 , but the only big about him is his foul mouth. He is a coward in his face, but on the phone he is the loudest mouth you have ever heard. He gets young girls to feel sorry for him and says his mama hates him. When he really is trying to get money from you because he sure won”t keep a job. He”s had about 10 different jobs the time I was with him, working about 1 week at each one. That”s your first clue he will never amount to anything. He can talk almost anyone into taking out a loan for him. Then he takes all the money and leaves you with bad credit. My mom and dad tried their best to tell me he was no good, but I had to learn for myself. I hope I help just one girl out there to not start out with this miserable creep. He can damage you emotionally, that”s the hard part. He will take your money too” “He likes to get on the internet and meet girls. I have always had a feeling that he might be gay. I think he just gets sympathy from girls and their money” “He will go anywhere anybody will let him live for free. He stays with his aunt or daddy in Elizabeth City, NC, the last time I heard. His mama lives in Yadkinville, NC” “Lately he has been writing bad checks, because the coward gave the bank my phone number and they have been calling me.This is the life you will have with this wimpy LOSER!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:13:50 AM - Compare Hodari Foster {Montgomery, AL}: “is a smooth talking ***, ladies. Be very careful if you cross paths with him” “He wishes to be a porn star and thinks he has the biggest dick in the world. Don”t be fooled! He is a *** who does not like to use condoms and has at least five women in the south suckin” on it not to mention a few overseas! His punk ass is probably still working on a boat overseas and he is very generous with his money. He is an arrogant bastard who doesn”t even know the child he has across the country and pays child support for. He is a dead beat who will give you the impression of a long relationship but he is the biggest liar ~ he is a smooth liar and everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. DON”T YOU BELIEVE HIM GIRLS ~ ALL HE WANTS IS ***!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:14:19 AM - Compare Derrick Foster “Age: 44” “Occupation: Firefighter” COMMENT UNDER PROFILE: “This one is a sincere psycho. He needs professional help and even then I don”t think that his dissociative disorder can ever be repaired. He”s been up to some nasty no good business lately searching for a new victim to be his “one and only” so he can move in and pretend he”s the greatest boyfriend. While you believe his lies about honor guard meetings and hanging with the boys {PLLEEAASE!} he will arrange to attend swinger parties, meet women he”s known for years to screw and play you like a fool. Can”t go to Canada cause of his DUI so, he meets them in hotel rooms in South Dakota! Deviant, Disgusting, Derelict, Filthy. The only thing he can focus on is the next conquest to screw. He”s a pig” SOURCES: datingpsychos.com

2/8/2011 11:14:43 AM - Compare Dennis Fortin : “This bastard was rumored to be having a homosexual affair with some guy named Eric Grenell, who was his so~called best friend when we first met, although it was never proven. He was effeminate, but came off as very sweet, kind, helpful and misunderstood” “is nothing more than an opportunistic parasite. He rarely has money, and seeks to mooch off of everyone around him. Let him in your house one time and he never leaves, because he has no place to go. All the while pretending to be so into you, seeks out woman that have their own apartments or houses, to insure that he has a place to stay. Take a shower and he”ll be going through your purse looking for money, or your closet looking for something to pawn later like your leather jacket. He”ll also use your phone to hook up with some woman he met on the bus. When you confront him, expect him to turn everything around on you. Nothing is ever his fault. He has no problem calling you or another woman names like “bitch” or “****” when angered. He has no boundaries or sense of decency. He will **** your best friend, your sister, co~worker and even your mother, if he thinks he can get away with it. Two weeks after I kicked him out of my house, he started ****ing his best friend”s little sister. He”s a big time “meth” user, smokes weed and takes pills loratabs, etc” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/49606/

2/8/2011 11:15:12 AM - Compare Michael Wayne Forte {Kansas City, Grandview, MO}: “He has several STDs including Herpes and HPV {which you can”t get rid of}, but he”ll deny having them if you ask. He doesn”t care about informing anyone even those that he may claim that he loves or cares about. I don”t care to tell how vindictive, or manipulative he is. I”ll only give a few examples. He says he”s in the Army” “he didn”t even make it out of training” “He is unemployed, and doesn”t support his child, even though he claims he does. He has been known to say he coaches a little league team, and that he attends church: Both of these are lies. He claims he”s respectful to females: he states that the females he sleeps with are “trash” that “they don”t mean anything” and that”s why he”s not upfront to them about having herpes” “His credit is so bad that he couldn”t even rent an apartment, car, not even a phone” “please don”t leave him with your purse or cell phone. A woman called me once saying he stole her phone and purse. the dumb ass called me from her phone after he took it and she said she was going to press charges. She claimed she met him through a swingers mag” “Hopefully you will take heed and you won”t fall into any of his traps. I”m merely warning others so they don”t have to go through what I went through” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:15:47 AM - Compare Jeffery Forsberg, aka “Xion” {Hoffman Estates}: “is a 21 soon to be 22 yr old male who has a daughter but can”t take care of her! Through FOUR YEARS he was intimate with other women, and probably even a man. He treats you like scum, abuses you, and calls you constant names. He starts out to be nice and ends up to be a jerk. I suggest staying as far as possible from this ass!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:16:15 AM - Compare Kevin Foreman, aka “Makai” {Baltimore, MD}: “is short, with big lips and a bigger bald head. He is 39 {not younger} and a womanizer. Let him tell it he owns Baltimore with all the schools he runs and companies he”s started but the truth is this man is broke and lame as hell! Every other word is a lie. But be careful, he will charm you into thinking you are his one and only, using his illness and other sob stories just to get in your pants, treat you like dirt and then get missing. I have been told by one of his former high school classmates that he uses women as a cover up due to being secretly involved with men. While I know this is a rumor, he does have heavy feminine traits” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:16:45 AM - Compare Robert Allen Ford Jr. {Oceanside, CA}: “Robert is GAY. He”ll only date you as a patsy. He”s in the Marines and can”t have people knowing his little secret. I found out he was gay 2 weeks before our wedding, threw a text message. He also has a lot of mental issues” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:17:08 AM - Compare Justin Ford {Tucson, AZ}: “i wouldn”t even recommend becoming friends with him {and i”m talking to both males and females out there. he”s bi. At least that”s the last i heard} if you let him get too close he is liable to want to have sex with you. if you refuse, chances are he will force himself on you. he”s done so in the past. and if you let him have his way that is ALL he”ll want from you, as much as he”ll insis this isn”t true. eventually it becomes obvious. He”s dangerous, and not just for your heart” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:17:39 AM - Compare Joseph Ford {Martinez, GA, Augusta, GA, Columbia, SC, North Augusta, SC, Edgefield, SC}: “works as a prison guard at a federal prison for men in edgefield, sc that is not your average cheater. he isn”t your average cheater because he doesn”t cheat on you with other women. he cheats on you with other men. He is eligible for this website because he is dishonest and deceptive about his sexuality. i had my suspicions and confronted him. suffice it to say that he never denied it. to see him one would never suspect. he is extremely handsome, has abs like a 8 pack, and looks like denzel washington. he is 44 and has been married a brief 3 months about 15 years ago, and hasn”t any children. he wants a trophy wife to cover his double lifestyle. he does well financially, he owns two homes {one of which he rents out}, drives a money green bmw, and is an impeccable dresser. however, don”t be fooled. he loves beautiful women and also loves to have sex with men. beware. i guess being a guard in a men”s prison is like being in heaven” “is not an honest man and is a brother on the “down~low”. Ladies you must not be fooled. He is a very handsome and well~built man who is a correctional officer at a prison in Edgefield, South Carolina” “I know he”s gay because I confronted him and he did not deny it. he likes men too!! Family, co~workers, and individuals outside of his hidden lifestyle, are not aware of his “down~low” lifestyle {I guess if they were, it wouldn”t be down~low}” “he”s all about appearances and keeping up, therefore, he”s always having financial problems. Besides, if your a man, dating a woman could be expensive, but dating both genders could be very expensive, especially when your on the “down~low” and have to duck and hide. he is gay, pretending to be straight, and dating women, and not telling them about his sexuality. That makes him a dishonest and deceptive individual” “He was raised in a very religious background and is the only son that has not married so I assume a little suspicion is being raised since the other only male sibling is married with a family and he is not” “works in edgefield, sc. lies, cheats, and is a closet down low brother” “he is very pretentious and likes to appear to be more than what he actually is financially. ladies, he does not cheat on you with other women. it”s his cheating with men that you have to worry about with this handsome and masculine gorgeous man” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/8/2011 11:18:19 AM - Compare Eulas Ray Watson : “is a crossdresser who started dressing up in front of my teenage children. His mother allowed him to watch movies with her, dress up as a girl....at the age of 13 year. You figure that out. I don”t think I want to know. Also started walking around the house with just a {short} long t~shirt on with no underwear. I couldn”t take it no more. We divorced. Watch out ladies...he sings every Sunday in church! Watch your family members around this man...He is sick!” SOURCE: http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=14115

2/8/2011 11:18:47 AM - Compare Lee Kohl {Reading, PA}: “the boy never tells you that he has herpes when you ask him before you start dating him if he has any STDs, he never tells you he is bisexual, he never tells you he is a casual webdater, and he is a habitual liar” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:19:24 AM - Compare Steve Koehler : “Age: 42” “Occupation: Narcissistic Psychopath” “This man is insane. He is a narcissist who thinks of nothing but his own wants and needs. He seems normal at first glance but after spending a little time with him, you realize something”s not right. He lies compulsively and has a pornography addiction. He spends hours and hours on porn sites. He joined www.lonelywifehookup.com, www.xxxblackbook.com, and www.smutshare.com. He frequents amateur porn sites and leaves comments for ladies, giving them his email address and pleading for sex. He is destructive and vindictive. He has filed false police charges on 2 of his former girlfriends that ended up going to court. When the date rolled around, guess who was a coward and a no show? Yep. Steve. He hit himself in the head on both occasions, giving himself a black eye, one time dragging his autistic son into the charade. He likes to send anonymous emails to the boyfriends/husbands of his exes, making up lies and trying to stir up trouble. He called DSS on his exwife, trying to get her children taken away. After the worker came out, the claim was considered false. He is a leech. He pays no bills, buys no groceries, and does nothing around the house but sleep and eat. If it isn”t on ESPN he doesn”t want to watch it. He bathes every 3 days or so and rarely changes clothes. He”ll try to get you to take out a loan for him in your name. Please have good sense and don”t. When he decides he”s used a woman as much as he can, he picks a huge fight over something {real or imagined} and storms off, pretending to be the wronged party. However, he”ll never leave one woman unless he has another waiting in the wings. He will create anonymous email accounts and profiles in YOUR name and then send hurtful and destructive emails to people you care about. This man is dangerous and crazy. Stay as far away from him as possible” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

2/8/2011 11:19:51 AM - Compare Marco Koch {Tampa, FL Lake Mary, New Orleans, LA}: “Cheater, addicted to porn, sleeps with all his female friends, liar, hides his cell phone when he knows he”s doing something wrong, rapist, creep, gets off thinking about other people having sex with his girlfriends. Lazy, messy, broke all the time” “has no clue how to move on from missionary and doggie style. Also thinks he”s the king at cunnilingus... haha what a joke” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 11:20:18 AM - Compare Robert Kobat {Skokie, IL}: “is a cheater, a user/abuser and a liar with a serious porn addiction. Not only does he have an excessive porn addition but he also frequents websites that encourage guys to post pictures of their NUDE girlfriends and ex”s ONLINE. He a disgusting man I pray no one else ever has the displeasure of having to know” “a ****ing disgusting monster with a questionable past” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:25:35 PM - Compare Ryan Thomas White {CA Detroit, MI}: “look up livejournal community “ryanwhitevictim”~ he preys on depressed women, pretends to be abused and all sweet, he also preys on men too. He was born in 1986, so young to be so evil” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:26:11 PM - Compare Peter Whitehead {Brisbane, Australia}: “cheats without feeling any remorse. He steals, he lies and he is only interested in what you can do for him. He will show you no respect as the only person he will ever care about is himself. There is already a post for this guy on here, but I want to ad a pic so you will recognize him. He moves around a lot as he wears out his welcome fast. I didn”t receive an STD like the others that have posted on here, but he does like it both ways” “is bad news girls. He WILL make you pay for everything. He WILL see other people behind your back. They could be either male or female, he isn”t fussy as long as he can score. He WILL steal from you. He WILL give you an STD like he did me. He has many children around the world, but only one he will admit to. He is so completely selfish you will lose all your self respect if you date him. There is only one person who matters in this world according to him, himself. He has no conscience and will use you until you can”t be used anymore. He in incapable of love unless it”s himself. Very vain and egotistical. Please beware!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:26:40 PM - Compare Adam Rysio : “Girls! He is gay but is acting straight! He has fooled around with every guy in Averill Park that will succumb to his dirty advances. He likes penis and will not be afraid to lie about it just to get laid” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/239582/

2/8/2011 7:27:06 PM - Compare Le”nard White {Dallas/Lancaster, TX}: “De”mond is a compulsive liar, he goes above and beyond to deceive females. All he do is tell lies to get what he wants when the whole time he is ****ing you and several other females/males at once. Ladies don”t let him fool you is not the most handsome but he is very charming and will take you off your feet with charming ways because he do whatever to please anyone he”s with a that present time. But don”t get him wrong he never upgrade he always downgrade to someone less than what he already had. So ladies BEWARE of this deceitful ass young man claiming to have a teaching degree and claiming to belong to a fraternity but he doesn”t he has never graduated from college not sure if he even attended it so ladies when you run across him don”t be afraid to run cause believe me his life style will scare the **** out of you” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:27:32 PM - Compare Trey Whatley {Ardmore, OK Dallas, TX}: “Don”t do it, male or female. He likes underage children” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:28:02 PM - Compare James Whisenant {Whaleyville, Suffolk, Chesapeake, VA}: “was married to my best friend. He was caught in bed with another man, on more than one occasion. And with different men. He is a big time cheater. He believes every woman wants to be his sex slave” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:28:29 PM - Compare Ryan Whitaker {St. Louis, MO}: “Flirty with the guys, too. A bonafide PATHOLOGICAL LIAR” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:28:54 PM - Compare Tim Whitington {Irving}: “total control freak!! he is a total liar and cheat, a real racist pig, has to make up for a small ****!” “he has this weird pervert thing for porn! he also has this perverted pleasure in taking showers with his son. and he REALLY enjoys it {wonder if cps should be involved!!}” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:29:30 PM - Compare Wesley Williams {New Albany, Palmyra, Louisville}: “He always said he liked my big butt and big boobs and guess what kind of porn he liked to look at after that ladies? Yep, he takes the attributes he likes most about you and will always find something better online. He also likes nude strip clubs and professional phone sex! He also pays to stick his tiny penis in a hole and have someone on the other side, whom he thought was probably a man, suck it with who knows how many STDs” “he is a disgusting pervert and he is not worth your time. We were engaged and lived together for 2 years and dated for a total of four years and he broke my heart. He was ok to my face but behind my back he lived a secret double life. It turns out he was addicted to “adult material” {so much that he watched it like it was regular tv and even looked at it during school on the schools computers!!!} and despite my efforts against it he never shook the addiction. He also frequented strip clubs, called phone sex operators, and even paid for a “glory hole” {which is where you stick you privates into a hole and somebody on the other side, whom you never see, gives oral pleasure...and he even said he was pretty sure it was a man on the other side!!!}. Disgusting. He is a user. He will give up everything for the women he can never have” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:30:00 PM - Compare Zac Williams : “Ladies this dude is a complete dog! he uses women all the time. Plus he is Bi~ Sexual! One of my gay friends confirmed that he had sex with him. I only dated this piece of *** for a few weeks but i found out so much about this fag. His ex wife called my house, then he sleeps with mulitple women. He will act like he is so professional when in fact you can find him out on the town drunk. What kind of professional acts like that. And ladies he loves to use God as a way to trick women.He will make you think he is so God fearing when in fact he uses God to get laid. And women fall for it.Then he sleeps with men! He does not like to use condoms so that lets you know he is a nasty *** dog! Then he is broke as hell driving a tore up cadillac with rumage sale rims on them. What a bum.Then he will beat the hell out of a woman, maybe because he really wants to be with a man {he sleeps with them on the down low}. What a NASTY Dog. You have been warned he will leave you after he has screwed you a couple of times.He never tells the truth he was always texting when i did spend time with him other women i bet” COMMENT UNDER PROFILE: “this guy is gay for real! he beats up women. He once told me when he lived in tiberon trails he let a guy suck his dick for the rent money! So the person who post this was right about him. He is very abusive and he has a very fat ex wife who will lie and do anything for him because she does not believe she can get another man” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/308530/

2/8/2011 7:30:34 PM - Compare Gordon Williamson {Merritt Island or Orlando, FL}: “will treat you like a lady and sometimes like a queen. He will woo you with attention, words, great meals, fine wine, romantic boat rides and flowers. But all is not as it seems. He can be a great communicator and appears to be sharing himself however, look deeper and listen harder pieces of the puzzle are missing, what is he hiding? When you get too close he avoids true intimacy by inventing elaborate stories that are believable but are lies. He”ll run from you because he runs from himself. Everything he says sounds good but look for the red flags~they are there. {Maybe those flags are pink or perhaps even have a rainbow on them}” SOURCE: DDHG


2/8/2011 7:31:43 PM - Compare Terry Willis {Dallas, TX}: “is kinda crazy. We hooked up thought he was a pretty decent guy until he started spending a lot of time with his friend and started telling me I needed to do this and that as if I was his child or something. Yeah this is how guys get you everytime isn”t it ladies, lol. The story is much worse than this but come to find out he is on the DL {downlow} for those who don”t know. My dummy part to sleep with him unprotected but I did and ended up having to take an HIV test just to be sure I”m ok. I”m ok though don”t know what I wouldve done if I caught something from this loser. So with that being said ladies get to know a guy a lil longer before u sleep with them especially without any protection. I suggest you be married but these days that isn”t even safe. Oh well what can you do ya know. Anyway he denied the whole DL thing and guess is gonna be in denial the rest of his life. All I hope is that his current wife finds out before she catches something” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:32:10 PM - Compare Willie Willis Jr. : “is a constant drunk and will stand you up and then cry because you told him off. He claims to love his son that doesn”t live with him because his very own mother is raising him. {Probably killed his baby mama} He claimed that his ex~wife was bipolar and that she was crazy, but he is the one that is crazy. He is very insecure and has gay tendencies” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/27581/

2/8/2011 7:32:38 PM - Compare David Wilson {Houston, TX}: “He walked out on his child before my son was even born. He is an admitted bisexual and will probably give you an STD. He cares about nobody but himself and lives off of whomever his girlfriend is at the time” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:33:13 PM - Compare Ryan Johnston : “he thinks he”s so invincible cuz his daddy”s a cop so no one will touch him but if some1 would stand up to him he would run away like the little kid he is... he”ll say how he”s been with all kinds of girls and even give out names and when u find them n ask if they even know him they will say he”s an ass whose nick name fits him better than anyone they know... he cheated on me with about 3 guys yes GUYS o ya and this 1 girl that looked like a guy i think it was his sister to b honest... one day i was sleepin and he came over n i woke up n he was beatin off over top of me completely gross so GIRLS REMEMBER DON”T DATE THIS LITTLE GANGSTA WANNABE” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/93141/

2/8/2011 7:33:41 PM - Compare Christopher C. Johnston {Sheffield, MA}: “What an asshole! This man, will say anything to get a girl in bed with him, has dirty gay fantasies. Probably has STD or is HIV positive. Has had MANY one night stands while was married, and in a relationship” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:34:12 PM - Compare Arno Johnston {Bloemfontein, Free Stete, South Africa}: “He cheated on me in a gay club {since he has gay friends, please notice I have nothing against them}” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:34:41 PM - Compare Craig William Krentsa {Ft. Lauderdale, FL}: “I had been dating this loser for about 3 or 4 months when he said he did not want me to date others. I found out that he is bi and I called it quits with him. He denies he is bi but I always had my doubts. Seeing it for myself one night made me vomit” “It is bad enough to be cheated on but to have the guy cheat on you with another guy? That is low! The whole thing makes me sick. Watch out ladies, unless you want to be exposed to all kinds of disease. Yeah, he uses condoms but they expired 5 years ago. Not much protection there. I have been tested for aids twice with one more test to go next month, so far so good. Don”t get involved with this guy” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:35:11 PM - Compare Cale Kritzer : “This guy is a self proclaimed sex addict and alcoholic. He”ll use you for all he can and cheat on your the entire time, even has a child that he signed away rights to. BAD NEWS! RUN! Steals your things and sells them for his fix, but OH so charming initially. Possibly into men too” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/294847/

2/8/2011 7:35:39 PM - Compare Lyle Krueger {Alaska, Juneau}: “comes of as the Misunderstood Man. He will ply you with gifts in the beginning. What he doesn”t tell you is that are repossessed gifts from the previous relationship. If you”re good ~~ or hide your gifts ~~ you get to keep them. If you”re bad he will go through your belongings to remove anything he considers “rightfully” his. That can be anything from cheap lingerie, which his previous girlfriend left behind to Christmas gifts to your mother. His temper is so volatile that his dog trembles and his cat goes into hiding for hours. He will use anything you told him while you”re in a vulnerable state against you. He does not know when you yell, “Stop!” during an unwanted sexual encounter is rape. He believes your body is his. He knows no sexual boundaries. He favors pornography involving incest” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:36:07 PM - Compare Marcus Krupp {NY, NY}: “sodomy is not a good surprise. don”t pretend it”s an accident!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:36:50 PM - Compare Robert White {Horsham, PA}: “is a loser that wins you over with his nice guy facade. He makes you feel bad for him, telling you stories about all the bad things that have happened to him, playing himself up as a victim. He started off being really sweet and emotional, he acted like he genuinely cared about me. However there were always incidents where he would show his true colors. And he does come with his share of baggage including having a little girl with a mentally unstable drug addict. One time he had even become very violent and punched me several times in the face, neck and chest, he is currently on probation. He has been known to just disappear for days or weeks at a time. He would eventually call saying he left the state to visit his cousin or he was in the hospital or someone died. I heard rumors and I had beliefs of my own about what he might have been doing and let”s just say it involves sleeping with loose, disease ridden girls and a couple men. I didn”t care to try find out what he was really up to, I would just stop talking to him. But after months of not speaking he would always find a way back only to be an even bigger dick. I broke the cycle and cut him out of my life for good. Do yourself a favor and never let him in your life. He may seem great at first but once he knows he has you he changes, making you more and more miserable. He has serious mental issues that he needs to deal with, alone!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/8/2011 7:37:25 PM - Compare Ronald Kruse, aka “Louie Kruse”: “He went to great lengths to make me feel special” “he never had any money because he claimed every dime when to support his x~wife and daughter. He even complained that his x~wife took his money and went to Reno to gamble while his daughter stayed alone at home. Over the course of a year we went on several trips, ate dinner out, went to movies, car shows, flea markets, junk yards and many many bars. Everywhere we went he was especially friendly towards women who were alone. I just thought he was an out going guy and very friendly. He kept asking me to marry him” “he showed up at my house and claimed he had no where to live so I took him in” “He appeared to be a very happy man. A couple of times I found strange pictures on my computer of random women. At first he claimed, he got them from a porn site but after a while, I began to suspect that he was playing around. I purchased software to record his every keystroke and then the horror I felt when I discovered all that he had been doing. He was stringing along women in other cities and states, telling them he would come for them as soon as his duty was over. He called them wifey and told them he wanted to marry them and make babies with them. At the same time, he was looking for more women. To this day, I continue to find out more and more. Getting back to exposing him for the liar, cheating womanizer he is. I found him on several sites including online booty call, fling, bbw, yahoo personals, hoverspot, sex in your city and he even regularly cruised the personals on Craig”s List” “I began to see phone numbers on the bill and knew he was talking to other women. When he got back I confronted him but he just denied everything saying they were friends. He got mad and moved out but we continued to see each other until 6/12 when he offered to service a woman right in front of me. Since then i have done a lot of research and talked to many women who he has destroyed” SOURCES: formerly datingpsychos.com, quoted on & http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=27608

2/9/2011 9:56:56 AM - Compare Anthony Perez : “This guy is dirty. He will sleep with anyone he can get drunk. He is a closet homosexual and lies to make himself seem like he is interesting. He also has a very small penis and has cheated on past girlfriends” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/64724/

2/9/2011 9:57:34 AM - Compare David Chalmers, aka “Serve” {Las Vegas, NV: “he leeches off women. He is a compulsive liar” “My homegirl said he has nothing to offer however he vould possibly be gay. Be aware of him if you don”t want to be itching. He claims to get a test at the clinic every couple of months but damn my pee still burn” “This is a broke ass dude. He has no ****ing life and he leeches off women. He is a compulsive liar and he sneaky. He lies about being single no matter who he”s dating. All he does is *** females left and right and the dick ain”t even that good” “My homegirl said he has nothing to offer however he could possibly be gay. Be aware of him if you don”t want to be itching. He claims to get a test at the clinic every couple of months but damn my pee still burn lmao and his number is [ ] More on Mr. Chalmers is as any relationship starts out good and well but I couldn”t figure out why all these girls kept calling his phone when I was with him and then after 8 months I found out he was ****ing all these females.Then to add to it one even live with him it doesn”t matter who or what you are HE WILL *** YOU. As time went on I got into it with more then one female over him and the lie he tells is “my exgirlfriends have a hard time letting go” when he actual reality is that he won”t let go of them. He can lie his *** off and the killing part is from what I hear is he”s a momma”s boy and she”s a christian woman. Be aware ladies, be aware don”t let the old skoo car fool you he can”t even keep A job” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 10:01:49 AM - Compare Ryan McConnell : “If you know what”s good for you~you will stear clear of this one!! Take it from one of his countless victims. He”s not capable of honesty. He preys on innocent women~promises them the stars and the moon~says everything that a woman wants to hear but what he falls to mention is the fact that He”s telling the same things to SEVERAL others. BE CAREFUL....I WASN”T” COMMENTS UNDER PROFILE: “Stay Away From This SKINY UGLY GAY HOMO!” “Pass this along to all of the sick teenage sex websites that this gay freak visits daily! “ He has an itsy bitsy smelly shaky saggy itchy doughy teeny~weeny” SOURCES: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=14798

2/9/2011 10:04:54 AM - Compare Brandon McCurry Philadelphia, PA: “This *** name is “B” and he aint ***... He so into his self that I think he”s *** GAY... All he talk about is his *** money but it aint his yall so dont fall for him. He looks like a lil boy and trust me yall his dick is like a lil boys also.. All balls but no dick! His sexy game is soooo lame so ladies stay the hell away. I aint gon lie though, a lot of *** b on his top but once they see the size of his dick and they realize that they got crabs because of him..... There leave his *** right alone.... LADIES PLEASE DONT DATE HIM... HE”S A DOG AND A FRAUD” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 10:19:01 AM - Compare Kevin McDaniel Charlotte NC and New Brunswick NJ: “He is a conartist and targets white and spanish women. He is married but will tell everyone, even his own mother, he is divorced when in fact she refused to sign the papers. He will steal money, clothing, jewelry all to hand onto his wife and when you confront him he will throw a fit and try to attack you and then deny all the accusations and compulsively lie his way out of it. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie and him and his wife Kimberly Mcdaniel {formerly Howard} regularly steal people”s identities. Kevin Mcdaniel has recently been living at his mother”s home in New Brunswick NJ, but left to live back with his wife in Charlotte NC. His own aunt said “Kevin has always been a liar” ~ so what does that say about him!? he has all these claims to fame none of which turn out to be true, he is a small time drug dealer who lies to make his way through life and even comes out with disgusting things such as “My son was a mistake, I wish I could change things” and puts his wife”s business all over town ~ the abortions, the welfare ~ everything. Kevin has recently worked in NYC as a male escort having sexual relations in return for $150 an hour with various men. So I would strongly consider the possibility of STDs before having sexual relations with him. His escort name was “Dion”” “I would strongly advise you stay well away from his man” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 10:24:49 AM - Compare Benjamin McDonald : “uses you for money and expects you to pay for everything and to drive his *** around town....treats his girlfriends like ***...this guys a total basketcase...his family is a bunch of trailer trash..so beware of this closet gay idiot” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=23311

2/9/2011 10:34:00 AM - Compare Lonnie Cornell McDonald {Oak Harbor, WA}: “is a walking talking disease. He carries herpes type II and is in completely denial. He doesn”t believe that every 1 out of 3 people get herpes. He gave it to his ex wife Laura and blames that she already had it, which is a complete lie. He will tell you beforehand that he stays committed but sometimes he cheats. That statement is unfortunately true. He might have gay tendencies and loves to wear mascara and eye liner. He loves one woman but not his ex wife. His ex girlfriend dumped him after he cheated on her. I spoke to her and she said that they dated for almost two years and was completely faithful unlike him. I dated this guy and ended up breaking up because he still loves her and she hates his guts. This guy is obsessed with his ex girlfriend and he told me that if she ever came back to him then he would drop kick me in a heart beat. He is in total midlife crises and drives a corvette to feel young. He”s about 39. I hate this man so much! He”s not normal. I totally gave myself to him just to get hurt and then I find out he has herpes. Thank God I was saved” “he has a son and he is completely spoiled. He”s a good father but sucks as a man. He loves his male friends more than his girlfriend” “There”s one thing about military men they are all dogs” “He loves multiple females fighting over him. He ain”t worth it. He”s nothing but drama. STAY AWAY FROM HIM! HE”S GOOD FOR NOTHING TWO TIMER! IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH THEN STAY FAR FAR AWAY!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 10:35:54 AM - Compare Matthew McDonald {Minneapolis, MN}: “Matt is addicted to online websites. He had sex with 5 other women that I know of while we were together. It is not proven for sure but I was clean when I slept with him, only having very few previous partners and now have an incurable STD. He plays baseball and uses that to get girls. He is a big fan of AFF and online sex groups” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/9/2011 10:42:44 AM - Compare Keith McDuffie {Houston, TX}: “is nothing but a fraud. He portrays himself to be the big man on campus like he has all the money in the world and he is a big joke. He does nothing but use women and cheat them out of money. He used a very good friend of mine and even took it so far to marry her. Only for her to find out later that he was a bigamist {already married} and his whole life is a lie. Keith and his family swindled her out of a lot of money. Everything he has had over the past year has been because of my friend from clothes to vehicles. His family owns a brokedown funeral home and they all are shady. Ladies be very careful. He is a nice looking man and a good charmer and you can get suckered in easily. DONT FALL FOR IT! He has a lot of kids that he doesnt take care of Keith is very messy and childish. He lies a lot and keeps a lot of mess going in the street. Also I hear he is horrible in bed” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 10:44:33 AM - Compare Michael McElwee, aka Mike”, “Scott {Lexington, Columbia, SC} : “is smooth but a liar. Lies about being married, is in the national guard in Batesburg. Talks a good game and is good at it but women be warned he WONT be faithful and hes also interested in other MEN!! STAY AWAY” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 10:47:03 AM - Compare Cameron McElyea {Plano, TX}: “he started showing signs of being gay right away, and by the end of our marriage, he was practically in love with his best friend {a guy, of course}” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 10:54:11 AM - Compare Dexter McFarland {New Orleans, LA}: “he is very nasty, be careful ladies and MEN! he used my friend, shes an older sister and she gave his broke ass money knowing she has a husband and children, he is married also. his wife and i are also kool, she left him after she got sick and had a miscarriage from a disease he gave her from some dirty ass ho from the country. please be careful, he is not good for anyone, this is not a hate post but we just found out he is kicking it with a few sisters at the same time and one is going broke falling for his lies. we need to stick together and help this to STOP. HE IS ALSO LISTED WITH THE STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH FOR a STD. This is a fact, my mom works for the state and she got the info. His parole officer is currently trying to get his parole revoked because of him beating his wife. her sister Mickee hates him and even said he tried to sleep with her. nika, his daughters mother also put him on blast. BE CAREFUL UNLESS YOU WANT AIDS OR A BROKEN HEART/BANK ACCOUNT” “some girl from the country was dealing with him too and we got wind she has a child for him and has AIDS and is on drugs but he still sleeps with her {left his wife for her.} this girl caused my friend some problems and he allowed it” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 11:14:40 AM - Compare Rickie McGinnis {Pittsburgh, PA}: “rickie is funky a big liar and a cheat dirty house dont clean is a big front got 3 jobs and have nothing to show for it dont take baths got real real bad bad breath dont brush his teeth had the nerve to say he was gettin plague off his teeth yeah he will treat u nice but at the same time wash your funky *** clean your big house its dusty *** hell bed smells old wash your bedding get new pillow cases bed smell like slobber get it together funk box faggot cross eyedbi” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/9406/

2/9/2011 11:19:24 AM - Compare Lee McGowen {Taylors}: “His friends are what”s important to him you would think he was in love with men. {He might be}” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/9/2011 11:57:10 AM - Compare Michael McGrannahan, aka “Mike Benson” {Kansas City, MO}, PART I: “Age: 60” “Occupation: Psychopath/Predator” “i was married to {imprisoned by} this lunatic for 15 years” “he is an alcoholic, a drug addict, a thief, a liar, a con man and manipulator” “he is a convicted federal felon” “for years he verbally, emotionally, economically and physically abused me....while draining me dry” “he tried to murder me twice” “i had a successful real estate business...which he destroyed..after he had completely drained me dry....he ran my home into foreclosure.....my business into the ground...stole my car and took off..leaving me penniless” “he has no sexual preferences...and will predatorize ANYONE he can get his hands on” “he is known to cruise Kansas City gay bars and porn movie houses and public restrooms...looking for men to predatorize” “He has told victims and employers that i am a drug and alcohol crazed stalker, in the event i should contact them about what he”s really like” “his current victim is a MAN...sort of....a persistent felony drunk driver..named John P. Murphy of Ferrelview, Missouri, who is living on social security disability” “ “[Mike] is always looking to better himself by finding a new victim he can fleece for anything they have. He has over the years filed false police reports against me..kidnapped one of my dogs and held him for ransom...murdered my most beloved dog....stolen my jewlery and credit cards.....and slandered and libeled me anywhere in any way he can. He likely has Hepatitis, and is all but impotent from years of drug and alcohol use....so don”t be expecting any rollicking good time in the sack with this limp dicked psycho” SOURCES: datingpsychos.com & http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=28719

2/9/2011 11:57:33 AM - Compare Michael McGrannahan, PART II: “don”t expect any fun and games....except him having fun playing head games with you” “do expect to be pillaged and plundered and left for dead” “he smothered my dog BEN to death in his own bed.....and tried to smother me to death” “so i wouldn”t be taking any naps while he”s around” “be very very afraid” “he continually attempts to find work driving Airport shuttle buses for motels.....because it provides him with a steady stream of unsuspecting victims...he likes to predatorize gay men who are in town for only a day or two.....he has been fired from the Hampton Inn Airport, and the Microtel Inn Airport for being drunk on the job” “this guy is strickly after MONEY, honey.....because he currently has none...and he”s always looking to take someone else”s......another of his favorite ploys is to say that i took HIM for everything he had......and to try to get someone to feel sorry for him” “he currently flits between two places of residence” “McGrannahan is a Judas, and he would drop his current meal ticket for anyone he thought might be a more lucrative “catch”” “he despises children and animals.....although he claims otherwise....he abandoned his own children, one severely handicapped..and dodged child support for years by being “self unemployed” “he will abuse pets behind your back..and will eventually threaten their lives if you try to cut him off” “he enjoys dating women so he can cheat on them with MEN...it”s one of his favorite ways to humiliate a woman” “this man is a TRUE classic psychopath..a total misanthrope...with ZERO conscience, Zero morals, and absolutely no emotion or feeling for anyone other than himself....whether you are 25 or 75....male or female...it makes no difference to him......he”s hungry....and you”re fresh meat” SOURCES: datingpsychos.com & http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=28719

2/9/2011 6:17:21 PM - Compare Philip Baum {Aberdeen, NJ}: “is gay but cannot admit it to himself or anyone. He goes online to craigslist and solicits for sex from men. He does the same on adultfriendfinder. I have seen the ads and the emails he has received in return. I also know he met a man down the street in the church parking lot for an “intimate encounter”. He is involved with the Boy Scouts although he does not have any children that are scouts. He was married twice but at least one of the exes knows the deal. He”ll want you around 24/7 but only to help himself resist his urges. Move on. He is not worth your time and really doesn”t offer anything. After a short time you will find he is the most boring man you have ever met. He has profiles on match, jdate and adultfriendfinder {claiming to be straight} and he has eight accounts on gay.com” SOURCE:

2/9/2011 6:17:50 PM - Compare Michael C. Baumann : “should be avoided until he figures out what he wants. From what I witnessed, he should go back to his ex~gf, cause he isn”t over her yet, and check out an A.A. meeting. He drinks everyday and turns into an asshole. He is not good at being emotionally supportive when it comes to painful past secrets you may share {for example: he asked me if the man who molested me when I was a kid had a big dick.} His passtimes include Girls Gone Wild videos, sitting around in front of any sports show, drinking, and unconsensual anal sex. He can”t ejaculate without anal probing of some sort, whether it be his or yours. He will compare you to his ex~gf, has a massive double standard {i.e. stays in contact with her, lies about it for 2 months, and gets jealous of any man you have the audacity to ask for an ashtray from.} Avoid him. That”s all I can say.” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=634

2/9/2011 6:18:24 PM - Compare Aaron Bates {Silverton, OR}: “Talks to girls a long time before he finally convinces them to do cam sex with him. Lives with mom. When mom goes to bed his clothes come off and he is on cam masturbating. Pretends to be a virgin to hide the fact that he is a huge player. Is on a live cam sex porn site and does it ALL with ANYONE male or female. Has women in Portland and Salem he sees. Is in love for 3 years with the same woman at a distance and supports her~sends her over $1000 a month. Often sends her most of his paycheck. No, he won”t fall in love with you, he is already in love. No he won”t give YOU money, just her. With any other women he won”t spend one dollar. Claims he has no luck with women again to hide the fact that all his free time is spent either talking to his love or trolling the net for more and more women to try to get to do cam sex with. Most all of what he says are lies. Has a P.O. box he gets sent girls soiled panties to. Total pervert addicted to live porn cam sites. Visits a long list of cam strippers 7 days a week and does perverted live cam sex with them daily. Tries to make you feel sorry for him for being so lonely but he has dozens of women he chats with on cam and does cam sex with. Sick perversions” “Wants to waste your time endlessly while he waits for the next time his love will talk to him. He is totally devoted and addicted to one woman that he supports financially” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 6:18:49 PM - Compare Matt Bass {Arizona, Travels, All US States}: “is someone who often embellishes his stories in a way that he believes will impress people. Matt is different from a normal liar he believes the lie he is telling to be true and likes to “play” a role. He has a serious mental problem that needs to be rectified. Matt knows precisely what he is doing. He has a fascination with married women, pregnant women, older women, young girls, bisexuals, lesbians and strip clubs. He is known for the given name “ultimate liar” and will tell you exactly what you want to hear, he has a long history of criminal records, violent abuse and battery records, stalking records, domestic violence records, the placement of mental institutions for psychotic behavior, bipolar disorder and with considerations of split personalities. This male needs hospitalized attention because of his jaw dropping behavior. When intoxicated his split personalities will reveal them selves, he has no self control when alcohol and drugs come into effect. This male is considered highly dangerous and can be life threatening. He will try to charm do not fall for this behavior it is an act. Matt craves attention, neediness following with raging jealously, he is considered a known cheater, with the possibilities of STDs” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 6:19:16 PM - Compare Mark Bauer {Avon Lake, OH}: “This divorced sociopath has simultaneous addictions. He has lost his drivers license multiple times due to DUI”s. He seduces and juggles several different women simultaneously. He lies, deceives, manipulates. His tactics for hunting and seducing women from the Cleveland and North East Ohio area consists of on line dating sites, visiting local sex clubs, using his network from work and community in general and even his apartment complex. He desires only sex and will do and say what ever he needs to overwhelm his victims. He has unprotected sex and can be passing disease. While initially appearing charming, witty, adventure seeking personality, this predator lacks empathy and social skills to bring anything of value to fruition” SOURCE: DDHG


2/9/2011 6:20:15 PM - Compare Thomas Base : “Closet Homosexual. Claims to be conservative, Christian man who wants to get married and have children. Not True! Has a secret bi~sexual lifestyle. Not to be trusted. You”ll find him searching for a “serious relationship” on Yahoo as “Officer & A Gentleman”, MySpace, eHarmony, etc. But he actually searches for gay sex on Adult Friend Finder ~ disgusting. He dates as a cover~up to his family and co~workers and has a true hatred for women. You won”t see this at first but his dark side comes out soon enough. This psycho will describe himself as this manly man with conservative “Christian Values” and how he is trying so hard to get married and have kids. Don”t believe the lies! He is a confused, self~hating gay man with so many issues from a bad childhood that are too numerous to list here. Be safe and if you see him online avoid him and don”t be fooled by his complete set of lies on any of his profiles” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26003

2/9/2011 6:20:44 PM - Compare Desmond Baskville {Brooklyn, NY}: “He”s on the DL!! He livez n my hood n he”s az gay az dey come! Don”t let him smooth talk u he will giv u the big C! Watch out he livez in the PJ”z in brooklyn n will lie n say he dont! Dont let him say dat those bumps are always there. Its a problem below!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 6:21:14 PM - Compare David Bass, aka “Dawud” {Orlando, FL}: “pretends to be loving and caring and once he gets what he wants he goes and finds another one” “This man is a mama”s boy took my money uses women all the time and he is married his wife is a hoe and we found out that she is a “transvestite” so you know what that means he is gay .. we are loosing out black men fastly. they go around finding women to use. Big time cheater stay away from him he is a DOG. He was in jail for 11yrs he will hurt you girl stay away. He own his own transportation services.. called Savoye Transportation.. so if you come to orlando watch out ...they will take your money ..http: profile.myspace.com index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=141650587.. here is a myspace page .. you can see him and his transvestite.. much love” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 6:21:41 PM - Compare Nickolas Bartlik {possibly Idaho}: “i gots blistas” “i went to da docta an he says i got herpes. then 2 days later i noticed my cat bleedin from the ass. this all happened in 4 days. he had a sexual orgy wit anotha man so everyone be callin him NickDickLik. he be movin to idaho soon an i dont no were he be goin” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 6:22:36 PM - Compare Daniel Barrett {Manchester, NH & Maine}: “is actually a thief, liar, cheat etc. He has not only stolen my identity but also my elderly mothers. He is constantly on the run looking for nice innocent girls to mooch off of. He has NOTHING! This LOSER has stated that his own father died, for sympathy when in fact he, to this day is alive and well. He has alienated himself from several family members who he has also taken advantage of” “he said his own niece was in love with him and he needed to help her with therapy. How sick is his mind. He has 2 daughters and denies one of them but doesn”t pay child support for either of them. Because of all of these things, he has lost his license and has many warrants out for his arrest. At this time he is on the run and on plenty of online dating services, PLEASE be very careful. I found an old dvd of him in my garage months later that showed him in several acts of BESTIALITY!! Please look this up you will all be HORRIFIED! I never want any one to go through what my family and I have been through and are still going through. I almost lost my home because of what this idiot, who calls himself a man, has done. He also is FAT and UGLY and claims to be athletic in his online profiles. Currently, he is on cupid.com and my space. LADIES BEWARE! STAY AWAY” “This man stole my name and ran up so much dept that not a day goes by where I don”t worry or stress. Thanks to him I will be paying off “his bills” until the day I die. I met DAniel Barrett on Cupid.com and really fell for his personality, he said and did everything right {I should have known}. Trust me he doesn”t look like the pic he posts online, he since has gained about 30 lbs. He told me he had a job and goals. Then why was i the one who paid his child support {not by choice he stole that money too}! Dan also turned out to be a real pervert, I caught him masturbating upstairs when we were visiting my brother and his kids! What if it had been my niece who walked in on that ? It was almost as if he was asking to be seen! I am currently seeking a lawyer to help me handle some of this fraud” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 6:23:10 PM - Compare David Barrett, aka “Jsin Diablo” {Lafayette, Walnut Creek, San Francisco, Berkeley, CA}: “He was working as a stripper and I later found out he was working as an escort for men on the side also! He has a public access show called “Late Night Sinners” which doesn”t exist. He will go to music shows and record them and interview bands and claims the show comes on public access once every two weeks but it doesn”t. He will cheat on you with men, women, transexuals and whatever else he can stick his penis into” “is the weirdest sickest low class freak I have ever met in my life” “He will use you for your $, car, and will manipulate you. He is 37 and has nothing to show for it: no car, savings, place to live or any possessions of value” “He will expect you to worhip him, cater to his every need and when you don”t act like a big whiney baby. He smokes pot 24 7 and I found meth and a glass pipe in his apartment when I was house sitting for him. He also worships satan, practices voodoo and has a collection of mannequinns and devil themed things. He pretty much goes through women pretty fast. He can find them as he is attractive but can”t keep them for long. I spoke with his ex~gf before me and he did the same to her but gave her 3 STDs {I was lucky and didn”t catch anything.} He likes to date overweight women as they have low self esteem and buy him things and he doesn”t have to do much to keep them around. This is all true even though it”s really bizarre. Ladies you have been warned! Save yourself from this walking freak show!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 6:23:58 PM - Compare Christian Barries : “I often wondered if he was really gay. He liked to “pretend” he was gay. He feels on other guys and thinks its funny. He told me he was going to Utah state on a scholarship to play football. Then when the season started he said he got red shirted. Come to find out he was never on the team. Ladies he may look straight but hes a punk when it matters and a fag. Don”t let him lie to you” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/35324/

2/9/2011 6:24:26 PM - Compare Doug Barry {Gainesville, Melbourne, FL}: “lies and cheats and will take you for everything you have. never loan him money he says he will pay you back but wont. he is a swinger and possible homosexual. he has been cheating on his girlfriend for years now! he will deny everything if given a chance. he believes he is a playa and can get any girl he wants, also believes he is well endowed but he”s definitely not. watch out ladies!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 6:24:55 PM - Compare Raymond Barrios {Belleville, Newark, Glen Ridge, Bloomfield, NJ}: “want to be young cradle snatcher home wrecker on the loose. he will tell u he love you get close to u and ur kids then leave you he tries to give you then impression he got money but in all reality he aint got nothing and he is and has been workin the crappiest jobs if u want to take the risk go ahead but can”t say i didn”t tell you. ps he”s an undercover bisexual” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 6:25:33 PM - Compare Marv Barski {Lincoln Park, Canton, Dearborn, Hillsdale, MI}: “Very sneaky. Lies a lot. Cheats a lot. Meets Whores on line and then in person for grose sex acts behind my back. Checked his emails has 6 that I found. Belongs to decreataffairs, cheats..wifeyworld, marriage cafe, and others. You name it. I lived with him for 3 years and he dated several women. Very slick. Was good at cheating. Now I have to worry am I going to get aids or something. Caught him in the act. Having anal sex in my truck my blankets...How gross is that. brags he works at the airport as a aircraft tech. says he has a boat, cottage on the water and loves to please women. PLEASE BEWARE if you should meet him online. He is a user an abuser and a big loser...I have proof” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 6:26:37 PM - Compare Glenn Bavister {Auckland}: “I started to think he was cheating on me and kept asking him. He just told me I was insecure and emo! In july I woke up one day and decided that I was going to find out if he was cheating. I went through his email and his msn and found a new person had been added, so i made a new msn addy and added the new name, turned out this person was his gf ~ for 5 years in fact. I was just his game! Anyway she took him back that night, told me to f*#@ off and said he loves her! hehe I carried on seeing him until last week just to prove to her he didn”t love her. Now she”s moving in with him. {Yes it was his game before, but I then made it my game!} He screwed me over, I thought so much of him. I guess my payback didn”t work, I wanted him left with nothing ~ just what he deserves! But shes still with him” “He pretends he”s single, oh and also he is bisexual, trannys are his favourite!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/9/2011 6:27:34 PM - Compare Timothy Barrier {Salisbury, NC}: “He has an STD that he has been giving to people left and right and refuses to admit it!” “He married me and took a job as a bouncer which i asked him not too, while we were engaged. I then find out after 3 mos of marriage that he has been meeting girls online and in the club and sending them naked pics and trying to hook up with them. One was even 15 but he had been talking to her since 13” “I took care of him, paid most of the bills, because if my check was enough to cover them, then he wouldn”t go to work with his dad” “He takes steroids and can”t control his temper when he does. I found out I had contracted and STD through him and he was still at this time denying ever sleeping with anyone just saying he was only talking to them at the club and online” “i found out 4 girls that he did in fact sleep with. One in my own bed. He tells me not to believe them, all these girls are psycho, out to get him. But the one girl could describe my sheets and mentioned losing her gum once and i remember getting back from my work trip and finding gum everywhere” “All these girls also said that he was telling them that OCT 3rd {the day we got married} that he had moved out of state with his brother due to work. And then he would call them and say he is back in town when he wanted to meet up with them. Then the ones in the club who knew he was married, he would tell them we were swingers so it was ok. But I can”t prove anything it is his word against theirs” “When confronted with it, he says I have mental problems and that I”m paranoid, and all these girls are stalking him or have problems with him and are out to get him. He says they want to ruin our marriage. Why would these women i dont even know what to ruin my marriage, and why would he have so many girls stalking him?” “he comes off as sweet, sensitive, sexual, and like he cares and will listen when you first meet him, but believe me as soon as he gets off the phone or IM or leaves your company, he has a whole next shift waiting!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:14:43 PM - Compare Michael Stevenson, aka “Wachovia Ho” {Columbia, SC}: “He”s a loser that uses girls for sex. He cheats on every girlfriend that he has ever had and there are rumors circulating that he is gay. he has a horrible odor. He works at a call center and ****s everything with a hole that works there. he”s nasty ..he went to vorhees college....i made the mistake of having sex with him without a condom and he gave me herpes. has a girlfriend that he cheats on constantly. He is a loser that treats women like crap and is secretly on the down low. He has works in a all female environment so that he can have his picks of the chicks....and has sex with many women he works with.. he is a ho” “I agree with the last persons post... He”s nasty and he will have sex with anything moving. ... he is a wachovia ho and there are a lot of girls that will agree” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:15:11 PM - Compare John Stevenson : “This guy is confused. He is bisexual, porn, attitude, and broke. You will never have a good sex life. He won”t come out of the closet. Nice at first but would rather be with Roland then Rhonda” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/309134/

2/10/2011 3:15:41 PM - Compare Jamie Stevenson : “This guy is a chef and he works in Solihull. He will make out that he”s on the big bucks, but he”s not at all!! He likes people to think he does because he thinks money is all that matters. He is a loser” “I also think he might be gay, so this may not be called for ~ lol? He”s just scarily close to his best mate. This guy {if not gay} will con himself into your life and make everything seem perfect for the first few months. Then, you wake up and realise that he”s completely taken over your life!! He has no control over his finances, always buying stuff he doesn”t need, although will offer to help you with yours if you”re in debt. He will even say that you don”t have to give it him back, but then makes you feel guilty for it whenever he needs to win an argument. Actually, he doesn”t argue. He uses emotional backmail to get his own way, saying that you don”t love him as much as he loves you, or telling your friends “I just want her to love me” {which makes them think you”re being unreasonable} and makes you feel guilty for seeing your friends and family. Also, his Mother is the biggest ***, who will never accept any of his girlfriends. He will even tell you that “oh, she hated my ex” and made me think that she liked me, but you can just tell that she doesn”t. In fact, if she weren”t a lesbian, I”d have seriously wondered if she wanted to shag him herself? He will TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE!! Be afraid, very afraid! He usually goes out to Barracuda in Birmingham, as he likes to mingle with the young 18 year old chavs who don”t know any better! Remember that episode of SATC with Samantha and that guy who she didn”t even feel? Yep!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/6522/

2/10/2011 3:16:11 PM - Compare Dr. Walter Salathius Stevens : “For years he went to Swing Parties and took women he used to trade for other women. He is not only married, he is a player of the worst kind. He is prominent in the community and tries to hide his activities. He makes empty promises and rarely does anything he promises to do. He uses women, who think they are dating a single available man. He is jealous and taps your phone and hires a detective to make sure you are not doing what he is, in fact, doing. He married his wife for money and will hurt other women out of his greed to keep what he has and his fear that someone may do the same to him. I have met 5 women he has pulled this on” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=27211

2/10/2011 3:16:50 PM - Compare Paul Stevens : “he a chicago HALF GAY freak! Yes, the down low, partylines the whole shindig..... stay away from this beast!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/37468/

2/10/2011 3:17:20 PM - Compare Matthew Stevens {Allison Park, PA}: “claims he”s into bdsm, but just uses it to abuse women. he picks women who are new to the bdsm scene and tries to make them go past their limits in play and in life. he will tell you anything you want to hear, just so he can get the power he needs over you” SOURCE: DDHG


2/10/2011 3:18:13 PM - Compare Trevella Stephens {Croydon/Blackburn, PA}: “How is this for a male representing the male family man? Were together over 20 years, i supported him financially gave him 3 beautiful boys, house, car, overseas holidays everything he ever wanted. He finds a new relationship with a MALE accuses me of abuse on himself and the children, takes me to court receives the house, furniture, all money in bank accounts and the 3 boys. I havent seen my kids now for nearly a year and when i do get to see them it will be in a contact centre for a hour and a half only. This guy does not represent the male population he represents the pussy society with no balls. Please be aware I am the 3rd successful person he has been able to take to the court system and sue for everything they have. Dont even look at this guy let alone date him. Signed His beloved EX ~ Every dog has its Day Trev yours will come!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:18:44 PM - Compare Riley Stephens {Raeford, Fayetteville, Tolar, TX}: “has been married 6 times now. All of which he will tell you ended cause of something the women did. Ladies if you decide to go out with this man, be fully aware that he will try to get you involved in the “life style” I was engaged to this man for a little over 3 years but it sure feels like longer. He lies about everything to everyone. He will tell you he got a purple heart for getting hurt in Iraq, but actually he had an ulcer come through his stomach and left a big scare. He had 2 children, whom he gave up custody to his son, and lied to his daughters mother to lower his child support. He sells his army gear on ebay. He makes his newest wife take naked pics to post on the swinger sites. And yes, I know his newest wife. He married her 4 days after I kicked him out of my house. Of course that hasn”t stopped him from cheating on her and asking my friends out totally denying he even married her. LOL She is already hitting him and threatening to kill herself and messing up his laundry...so you can tell he picked a real winner there. You might ask how I could know all of this and have stayed with him for awhile. Well, I did love him, but mostly the man is a CON MAN. He could sell a drowning man water. So beware ladies....Riley Stephens” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:19:16 PM - Compare Reginald Stephens {Covington, Decatur, Stone Mountain, GA}: “Possibly Married, Owes child support, likes other men, and previously carried syphilis and gonorrhea. Very fifthy medium complexion black male. Last Place Of Employment: Dollar Tree. Abruptly left Dollar Tree because child support papers were served against him multiple times in 2002” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/10/2011 3:19:55 PM - Compare Matt Stephens : “This guy will tell you anything you want to hear to get you into bed with him, it”s pathetic! He”s had sex with AT LEAST 30 women...GROSS! He is a complete womanizer, and definitely won”t treat a girl with any respect or dignity. He acts so cocky, and claims to be awesome in bed, but when it comes time to perform, he is less than average. This may be due to the fact that I think he is secretly gay {While we were dating I found him in his room one night making out with another guy, but he was “too drunk” to remember}. He dropped out of college, has no job, and now depends on his friends to pay all of his bills. He has nothing to offer relationship~wise, so ladies {or gentlemen}, unless you want a mediocre one~night stand, stay away!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/35602/

2/10/2011 3:20:23 PM - Compare Mark Stephens : “This 40 yr old Jamaican construction worker is nothing but a liar and a cheater. He does NOT date black women, he just sleeps with them until a white woman... ANY white woman comes along. He claims that he doesn”t smoke, but that”s a lie. He even smokes weed in the mornings before going to work on site. He claims to be some kind of carpenter, but all he really does is throw out trash. He doesn”t use condoms, is never anywhere to be found, and will only give you ONE of his cell phone numbers. That way he can “leave you at home” while he goes out drinking on the town. Oh, he also says he doesn”t drink much, but I”ve seen him drink an entire pint of moonshine. He hangs out at Timbuktu sometimes on Friday nights {but, then again, there aren”t many of them that don”t}. He”s got dread locks that are about shoulder length and he used to sing with a band called Unity the Band. He”ll act like he owns you, get you pregnant and pretty much demand you have an abortion. He doesn”t value women at all. You are just a vagina to him. WOMEN BEWARE! He may also be a “down~low” brother!” SOURCE: DDHG, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/64524/

2/10/2011 3:20:56 PM - Compare Luke Stephens {Tampa, FL}: “is the most unsuspecting womanizer I have ever had the displeasure of dating. He is 41 years old tells this fantastic story about wanting to settle down and start a family before it”s too late. After dating him for a year and a half and becoming pregnant with his child I learned that was a GIANT crock of ****! His only interests are trying to juggle as many women locally and across the country as possible. He while dating me maintained at least three other relationships. His primary hunting grounds are online there he feels less vulnerable to the scorn that he receives from most women due to his less than appealing appearance. He frequents sites such as BPM, Yahoo Personals, Singles. Net, and the saddest of all his grown ass is still on Myspace. http://www.myspace.com/xcvxcv Don”t be fooled he is abusive both physically and mentally {police reports to prove it}. He is an accomplished liar, quite capable of telling lies both calmly and coolly. spends his free time gossiping online with his female friends because he at the end of the day is just one of the girls. also has an unhealthy and quite disgusting obsession with porn. is a functioning alcoholic. beware the boat he brags about which doesn”t really function truth be told. It is a weapon he has threatened on more than one occasion to bind my hands sail out to the middle of the gulf and dump me off the side. his obsession with trying to attain anal sex and the giant hissy fits he subsequently threw when denied often made wonder if he was a homosexual” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile

2/10/2011 3:21:37 PM - Compare Jonathan Stephens {Anaheim, CA}: “spoons like a queer. OH YAH! That”s because he is one! His MYSPACE even says so. He says it wasn”t him, but we all know it was. He”s always hanging out with “his boys”. I think thats because he knows there will be a chance of going to the bathroom and sneak a peek at the old “soul pole”” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:22:08 PM - Compare Herb Stephens {Cincinnati, OH}: “Everything was going great with Herb but I got so sick of him asking me how my ass look in these pants. Then he started hanging out with his biker buddy”s and started not coming home. But the straw that broke the camels back was one week I was suppose to be out of town until friday but i came home wednesday and found him in bed with a transvestite I was horrified and I have not talk to him since. I had my new boyfriend go move my things out and I never go an explanation.... He sucks.... literally!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:22:39 PM - Compare Sebastian Christopher Stephen : “he is an empty shell. steals HUNDREDS of dollars from his mother”s wallet and has been doing so for years. attention whore and needs to feel wanted, better than you, and only sex from HEAPS of girls will make up for all his insecurities you will end up being his mother as well as his lover. His claim to fame is that he”s a model” Comment under profile: “Seb is just Seb”, “I took into account everything you”ve said ages ago when I found out. {It happened a long long time ago. He hasn”t been molested, I guarantee it. He was experimenting with his best friend” QUESTION: Was this man on the down~low, with his best friend or other men? SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/25752/

2/10/2011 3:23:07 PM - Compare Peter Sterenberg : “This “man” is scum. He pretends to be honest and moral AND into women, wanting to find someone to “spend evenings sipping wine with.” He just forgets to mention that he really spends every night on~line in a gay video~chat room. He is in law enforcement and is about as deceitful as they come. I don”t have a problem with men being gay, just gay men who pretend to be straight” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26099

2/10/2011 3:23:43 PM - Compare Jordan Stenzel, aka “JorstParoc” {part of a screenname} [Country: Greece}: “Is a compulsive/pathological liar about STDs {has several nasty ones, such as genital warts} he is violent and emotionally unstable. Dabbles in the homosexual” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:24:09 PM - Compare Jamar Stenhouse {Wilkinsburg, PA}: “He ****s wit like 10 girls at a time, and he”s gay as hell. I heard he made one of his niggas suck his dick b4” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:24:35 PM - Compare Samuel Stem : “He tells you everything you want to hear, like how he practices radical honesty. And it will seem like that is what he is doing because he will tell you up front that he loves his girlfriend and that they practice polyamory and she will have to talk with you and approve of your relationship with him. But he will find other ways to be dishonest, to jack you around, to manipulate you and gain psychological power over you. He”s a clinical psychologist so he knows what he is doing. He doesn”t even do it for sex....he”s into the power trip. He loves the attention. He creates this aura that makes people think he”s great and want to be around him. But he”s all talk. And sooner or later, you find out he”s a big phony. Whatever you do, DO NOT play with this man in any BDSM context because sooner or later, you will get hurt” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/140895/

2/10/2011 3:25:05 PM - Compare William Steiner : “is completely amoral, and has no problem cheating on whichever girl he happens to be currently cheating on his wife with. Seriously, coworkers, carpool moms, neighbors, no woman is safe. If he can, he”ll talk them into threesomes. He may not look like much, but he can be charming. Don”t let him turn you into as big a fool as he”s made of his poor wife. The truth is simply that he can”t leave her, because then he”d be paying child support to THREE different women” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=9174

2/10/2011 3:25:33 PM - Compare Greg Stein : “He”s charming. But he is TROUBLE. Constitutionally incapable of being faithful or of caring for anyone. Greg believes it is his duty to father as many children as possible because of his “great genetics” ~ last count he had two he knew about and took absolutely no responsibility for. Social Services actually TOOK the last child out of the home PERMANENTLY. This only happens in the worst cases. It”s safe to say that he truly hates women, despite the “player” status he prides himself on. Also beware of some of his “women” ~ lots of ex~convicts, IV drug users, paid whores, thieves ~ women with no character who are more dangerous than Greg himself. There are also transvestites, homos in his wake. He and they have been exposed to a number of sexually transmitted diseases {they never practice safe sex}. Greg has a propensity for rape, violence and crime. He will not turn down any drugs and is a known alcoholic.Lots of women {and men} have thought they “understood” him and would be the one to “help him”. Don”t be stupid. He loves the despicable way he lives and has no interest in changing. RUN!” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=20964

2/10/2011 3:26:02 PM - Compare Benyamin Stein {Tel Aviv, Yafo, Israel Los Angeles, CA Little Rock, Bakersfield, Conway, Sherwood}: “WARNING: Dangerous man! *Violent outbursts when upset. Both physically and verbally abusive. *Suspended driver”s license and arrest for drinking and driving *Order of Protection issued by Court preventing contact with former girlfriend *$40,000 child support debt *Major alcohol problem that leads to violent outbursts *Tendency to change his name and reinvent himself when he feels the need to run and hide *Married three times with one child, but denies it Likes to go by the following names: *Benyamin Aharon Stine *Benyamin Aharon Stein *Benyamin A. Stine *Benyamin A. Stein *Ben Stein *Ben Stine *Aaron Leigh Stine *Aaron Stine *Al Stine *A.B. Rousakov *rousakov *bennychev *dergolem *der_golem *gen3geek *The Southern Golem *benny65s *Bad Benny He claims to have been/worked as the following: *EMT/Paramedic {25 years} *Police Officer *Firefighter *Information Technology Specialist *Porn Star Manager *Computer Programmer *E~commerce Specialist *Used car Salesman *Graduate Assistant *Private School Teacher *Journalist/Correspondent *Professional Writer *Musician {Punk Band Midget Toss} *Child Actor *Stand Up Comedian *Professional Speaker/Lecturer *Special Effects Artist *Independent Tow Truck Operator *Website developer *Auto Mechanic *Rabbinical Student *Radio Personality *0ld sk00L hax0rZ *Famous Southern Jew “Alleged” Education *UC Berkeley, Bachelors, Math *UC Northridge, Masters, Literature *{Ask to see his diplomas! As a matter of fact, ask his family if he ever graduated!}” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:26:33 PM - Compare Charles Steilkie : “This person {I hesitate to call him a man} has not only cheated on me with a couple of women, but I”ve just recently found out that the whole time we”ve been together {3yrs. 10mo.} he”s also been having sex with men. He”s a sorry ass lying piece of horse excrement that needs to be neutered” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/80551/

2/10/2011 3:26:59 PM - Compare Daryl Steger {Fort Lauderdale, FL}: “I would like to warn the women of Florida specifically South Florida about Daryl Steger. He is a Sleep Tech with a lot of issues. He dates other sleep techs and patients. He dates even married women. He only cares about himself. He first tells you too much information about himself and blames his ex girlfriends and his mother for all his problems to make you feel sorry for him. Then he wines and dines you to make you have feelings for him. Then you end up running errands for him because he “just is too busy because of his job.” He refuses to wear a condom because he “can”t feel anything.” Then after you are intimate with him, he criticizes your appearance to make up for his not great performance in bed. If you keep his interest long enough, he will then take you to Swingers clubs so he can swap you out for another woman! He watches porn on a daily basis and his hero is Howard Stern. He is a piece of trash and he also thinks he is superior to Americans because he is Canadian! He is racist and sexist. He frequents strip clubs and brags about dating strippers. He should just move back to Canada and leave American women alone” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:27:29 PM - Compare Jack Steeley {San Fernando Valley, CA}: “Compulsive liar. Big time alcoholic. Expensive tastes. Usually broke. He used to be addicted to crystal meth when I knew him he has been in prison for it since I saw him last {over 10 years ago}. He lied about owning the house he rented. He lied about having a gangster brother who was killed in Pacoima. Actually, he had only 1 true brother who was a gay transexual. I gave him up when I noticed him talking to his imaginary gangster friends on the telephone.......while I heard the busy signal at the other end !!! He has been in jail for illegally kidnapping his child with his tweaker girlfriend. The day he left me he said that he got into a fight against several gang members, and he accidently pushed one in the street and killed him. He said he was on the run for murder....when really he had gotten his roommate”s girlfriend pregnant....Good riddance” SOURCE: DDHG


2/10/2011 3:28:59 PM - Compare Andrew Bryant {Millstone, NJ but now in PA}: “I”ve also heard rumors about how he meets women and MEN online to have intercourse with them! So girls watch out. He also has an std called trech which his ex gf bought him medication to take care of but it didnt go away! He once asked me to finger his asshole which OF COURSE i didn”t! {homo}” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:29:37 PM - Compare Mark Dunn {Albany, Lebanon, Monmouth, Diamond, OR}: “is a sex offender, has been accused of sex abuse by three women total, including molesting his younger brother. He also happens to be the father of my 3 year old son, who I found out about all this stuff after the fact. He hasn”t voluntarily paid attention to the existence of his son nor paid child support. He has no car, no job, and a real loser. He seems harmless, but beware. He was forceful with me and other women he”s been with” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:30:15 PM - Compare David Fick {Los Angeles, CA}: “he has severely beaten at least 4 past girlfriends, and was most recently arrested in Los Angeles in 2006 for Felony Spousal Battery. He has had numerous orders of protection issued against him, and has violated at least one of these, and was issued an arrest warrant for Felony Harrassment. {these are in public records and can be easily attained} Has no remorse for his actions, believes he is always in the right, no matter what. Has a son out of wedlock who he never sees. Former alcoholic, current abuser of amphetamines and other prescription drugs. Addicted to porn, worships Hitler. He often wears womens” underwear and hosiery at home. He masquerades as a respectable intellectual white college professor with the utmost charm. Seems like he should be well~off, yet never has money. Constantly pawns his belongings. Will brag that his father will buy his way out of anything, and will threaten you with this, since his dad pays for all of his lawyers. He has followed the same pattern of charm and abuse with several women, yet he believes to have done no wrong, and always claims “self~defense” though he is never hurt and the girl ends up with broken bones and a bloody face. this is just proof you need to fully investigate ANY guy you are serious about...beyond the fact that he will lie to you, cheat on you, charm you like mad, beg you for money or throw a childish fit, verbally abuse you...who cares. The fact that he could actually beat you with no remorse is much scarier. Look up a guy”s public records, do a background search before you get close. Always have a phone nearby, with video capabilities so you can record him beating you for evidence, like I did. he will claim to be autistic, and use that as his excuse for all of his crimes. his mom defends him, and his dad will pay for everything. the university where he works is aware of his arrest record however has been charmed by him as well, since he is a white male who {used} to be somewhat attractive. he is under very close watch by the administration. very, very dangerous and abusive” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:30:43 PM - Compare Wally H. {NY, CT, VT}: “Married. Chronic cheater gets around quite a bit, both men and women. Very charming, smooth talker. Will always tell you exactly what you want to hear. Knows how to manipulate and play people flawlessly. Really a fun person to be with but dangerous. Always on the prowl a predator who has no respect for women or families or ruining other peoples marriages or lives” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:31:10 PM - Compare Larog H., aka “Rog”, “Taz” : “is a cheater and a liar. He has sex with little girls 18 and under and puts them on tape. Ladies if you see him beware, he has no job and herpes. He hits women. He has four kids and he doesn”t take care of any of them. He dabbles with men occasionally. He hangs with a lot of losers and they all have sex with men. He has a young boy with him named charley... they have sex with each other” “This is one person you don”t want to deal with. When I first met him I asked him how many women he had sex with he said “I stopped counting at 100”. He is a total bum and has 2 kids from 2 different women and doesn”t mind trying to have sex with you raw. He is disgusting and stingy. He doesn”t want to give you anything but expects for you to give him ***. He is a total waste of time. He would be considered the bottom of the food chain in his crew. he does petty work here and there and lives in a raggy trailer in the bushes. Larog doesn”t care about anyone but his so called homies and himself. He is not capable of treating a woman like she is supposed to be treated. His mouth STINKS, REALLY STINKS IT SMELLS LIKE SHITTT ALLLL THE TIME. He is one of the worst people in the world if you see this fool you better run. If you are reading this and you think im lying he has a tatto of a lion on his body and a small cock. He rids bikes all the time. last 4 digits of the number {803}***~3723. Hes a dixiana fool” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/253182/,

2/10/2011 3:31:38 PM - Compare Kevin H., aka “Hamster” : “is just a dumb stupid Hamster looking guy who is in the closet about being gay!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/27474/

2/10/2011 3:32:08 PM - Compare Eric H., aka “Shakur”, “Frisco”, “Allah” {Atlanta, Frisco}: “He will claim that he is a Righteous Muslim, but that is the farthest from the truth. He is not active in any nation or mosque. He smokes marijuana and watches porn. He has these grandiose ideas about him being God, and that the black woman never believes he is god. He has issues with women. He will admit that he will hit a woman. He is very abusive. He is emotionally and mentally abusive. He will demand all your time. He will humiliate, degrade you, and criticize you. He actually says he was a pimp. He doesnt like to use protection, because he claims he wants children. But he will demand you take a hiv test, but he wont take it himself. He has mentioned before that he could have been a DL brotha, but he wont go any further than that. Nor will he deny it either. He claims he has over 300,000 dollars in the bank, but he lives like he has 30.00 in the bank” “he is a sex addict, but he feels so guilty about it afterwards he will claim you forced him to have sex. He is a religious fanatic, as well as, a narcissistic person. I believe he is bipolar as well. His moods are always changing, you never know who you gonna get” “beware of those STDs, because its not going anywhere” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:32:35 PM - Compare Blake H. {Mankato, MN}: “talks the talk but can”t deliver. He”s actually said “I know what women want to hear so that”s what I tell them.” Don”t fall for it ladies. What a wank. I”m putting my money on him shacking up with a dude in the near future” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:33:06 PM - Compare Charles H., aka “Dried up DJ Titibaby” {Cookeville, TN}: “Said it was illegal to post his picture where he was dressed in drag because he was embarassed” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:33:37 PM - Compare Charles H. {Putnam County, TN}: “HaBITCHual liar, suicidal psychopath, manipulator, cross~dresser” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:34:10 PM - Compare Chris Guzzo : “We started dating 2 years ago and he told me he loved me. I just found out the whole time we were together he was not only cheating on me with a bunch of girls but he was on a gay porn site and having sex with men. He seems like a nice guy when u meet him but hes a great actor” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26987

2/10/2011 3:34:39 PM - Compare Alex Guzzi : “Womanizer. He like to met people online then go out with them for awhile. After that, he will neglect to call you after he ripps you off. He will stand you up. Very dum, no standards, like fat chicks, possibly gay. Very small package. He is not a man” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/257634/

2/10/2011 3:35:08 PM - Compare Brian Guzmann {UNSURE of location, former DDHG profile} “He”s a big time player. He loves to flirt with both female and gay flight attendants. He is very affectionate, he will kiss and hug you in public, in front of your friends, and acts as if he”s so into you. Don”t fall for this. He has done this so many times with so many women, it”s like second nature to him. If you think you”re special, your wrong! His friends are mostly women and gay men. No real straight male friends. Why I do know this? Because he used to crash at the “dungeon”. He didn”t have a crash pad so he slept downstairs for years! There are thousands of flight attendants here in Chicago but a lot of people kind of know him because they see him all the time. Plus, he likes to tell his life story to anyone who cares to listen. He was married twice, has a son whom he doesn”t have a relationship with and blames his ex~wife for that. Talks about his exes all the time. Should be a warning but a lot of women fall for his “wounded bird” tale. He”s the tall, skinny, white, balding guy whose phone is always stuck to his ears, talking to different women or flirting and always checking out people. there was just a parade girls, blondes, brunettes, Asians, blacks....latinos, {even dates salad bar girls!} he has no preference. He”d say that they”re just his friends, some of them maybe or maybe it”s normal for him to kiss and be “lovey dovey” with his “friends” at departure gates. We think he”s got an addiction or maybe he”s just trying to compensate or hiding the fact that he might be bi. He used to hang out in gay bars in Chicago, looking like he”s comfortable with his sexuality but the funny thing is he likes men to touch him! Even his good friend who went out with him to these bars questioned his sexuality. He just loves attention from both sexes! He likes to portray this “I”m a loner, I love to ride my bike, I”m Mr. Listener kind of guy” to get the attention he needed. After a while it became phony and annoying. He”s based in Denver now but comes over here to hang out. He probably doesn”t get that much attention over there so he flies out here to get his fix. Sad” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:35:43 PM - Compare Anthony Guzman : “is a user and will take advantage of you...he will *** you then leave you and on top of that he eats the box and the butt and then goes back to other girls kissin them and uses lame excuses for his hickies like a baseball hit my neck or a vaccuum got stuck how pathetic is he ...he claims he got a big one but he seems to be false advertising and he be askin you to finger his butt and im so not into that... he needs to be put non blast” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=28139

2/10/2011 3:36:11 PM - Compare Toby Christopher Lange : “bipolar alcoholic with a history of homosexual promiscuity and pedophilia. tries to isolate partner from friends and especially family. is verbally and emotionally abusive. unstable personality. has many triggers. is obsessed with his own family/childhood. is divorced and has one daughter. wants desperately to have a son because he thinks he will be in his father”s favor vs. his brother. is a poor caretaker of his current child...doesn”t want her to be involved in activities unless it”s not on his “shift”. very emotionally needy and high maintenance. inflexible. has religious issues that don”t correlate with his behavior” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=14822

2/10/2011 3:36:41 PM - Compare Brian Irvin, aka “Doug Jr.” {Las Vegas, NV}: “Little did I know that everything out of his mouth was a lie. Everything he claimed someone else did, it was really him” “He will end up stealing your social security number or anything he can get his hands on because his credit it shot! I found out about the real him {AND GOT THE HELL OUT} when I went to pay the TMobile bill. I found text messages from numbers I didn”t recognize. From there I found out he was living with another girl in Vegas and flying out of state to see the other girls he had fooled. We found out that he has a warrant out for his arrest in Texas and two felonies on his record. The ID he has that he says is a “Military ID” is really the ID criminals in Texas have to carry by law. He has lived in several different residences in a short period of time and is a total scam artist. Plus, I think he might be gay. He always wanted to take bath bubble baths and used women”s deodorant when he thought I wasn”t looking” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:37:11 PM - Compare William Irish {Auburn, ME}: “Lived a triple life with 3 different women, marry man for 6 years, he manage to go to 3 different houses with same story I was too tired after work to drive back home, I had to work twice as hard to support you and he cheated on his beautiful 26 years old wife got her pregnant right in the middle of winter use to come home drunk and beat he up, she lose the baby and got away with domestic violence and he use woman for sexual pleasure only he is a swinger and bisexual got nasty add online everywhere, if you become his enemy he will posted add with your photo in the new england swingers to try to get revanche on you somehow he is dangerous and a psyco, he hates his own daughter Marissa he think all womans just want sex and we are all whores. His favorite victims are woman with little girl and already full of childrens, he is bipolar and got serious mental issues. When he get drunks he turn very violent be careful out there this romeo really could hurt your kids. He likes hang out as a reenactor 1777 massachusset, new york, boston, new hamsphire, green, auburn, portland and saco Maine. So watch out he moves a lot but got house in Auburn. He like buying flowers and victoria secrets gifts to get you once he does you had to pay back his affection with good money he is a user. Bass player rock band in Maine” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:37:44 PM - Compare Dehaven Irby, aka “Gil” : “If you meet him he”ll impress you by talking about all the great plans that he has to make a lot of money. His greatest achievement in life was selling drugs with Jay~Z back in the day. Although Jay~Z has disowned him since 1998. Recently he made 3 You Tube videos about a book/dvd that he was supposed to release {male superhead} exposing Jay~Z. He had a web site, and another web site where people could comment or vote on whether he should expose Jay~Z or not. Turns out the only one who was exposed was DeHaven. The site has been up since August 07, and I”ve learned that 1} Dehaven likes to get head from young men while in jail 2} Dehaven has 3 children he claims 3} Has 6 children that he does not claim 4} He”s engaged {but visits me each time he”s in Cambridge 5} Has no money 6} Is hated/despised by pretty much everyone that knows him. I dated him for 2 years before he went back to jail in 03. Shortly after dating him I found out I had Genital Warts {HPV}. We had been using condoms only half the time that we were having sex, but I wasn”t sure if I had contracted them before or after we started being intimate. So I let that one slide. Then on my following PAP appointment, it was discovered that I had Herpes. My life was shattered. I knew that I had been feeling itchy down there but I never in a million years would”ve thought that I would have herpes. Then I learned that he was sleeping with a woman my apartment complex and she”s the one who gave him Herpes. I had to move because her and her girl friends wanted to fight me for no reason. Dehaven is always in and out of jail, and when he”s home he never has a job. I once asked him how come he don”t get a parole violation for not worked and doing whatever when he”s out. He just told me that “He had connections.” Turns out his connections are Federal connections. This man has been a Federal informant for the past 10 years. I found that out when I saw a check that he had from the goverment. So now he”s a snitch. I can”t believe this man could be so foul” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=27864

2/10/2011 3:38:47 PM - Compare Scott Marshall Stephens {Austin, TX}: “After I met this LOSER, he did some minor handiwork in my house. He said as payment he would accept a piece of artwork from me {I”m an artist}. That”s what he does...acts like he”s not going to charge you because you”re a friend. Then we became involved...and then I got PREGNANT...fully intending on keeping the baby I had to put up with all his CRAP and Dysfunctional behavior cause he couldn”t “Process it all”. Then I miscarried and to make a long story short. We always agreed we”d be friends and we would split the costs of all the medical bills cause neither one of us has insurance. WELL THIS LOSER LOW LIFE PERSON decided to go back on his word. Decided he didn”t want to be friends {right at the time the bills were due} and then FIRST SAY I NEEDED TO PAY HIM for the “work” he did in my home and THEN SAY HE FEELS THE WORK HE DID WILL AMPLY COVERS HIS SHARE OF THE MEDICAL over $4500.00. AS IF LOSING A BABY WASN”T BAD ENOUGH. Forget how during these past 5 months I paid for EVERYTHING ~ $1700.00 worth of food and meals for him and his dog” an endless stream of breakfasts, lunch and dinners. $900.00 in non~medical pregnancy items and now the doctor bills. Yes, I know ~ hormones kept me blind. As I laid here miscarrying his baby.... I was also making him dinner! He never contributed or even offered to do anything. HE IS A LOW LIFE LOSER. He”s very nice one moment and then literally will blow up and storm out of your house the next. He is EXTREMELY MEAN and CRUEL in his words and actions. He behaves like a 4yr. old, hanging up the phone, erasing msgs, storming out. He has the maturity of a 4 yr. old...He”ll blame it on his abusive background. STAY AWAY FROM HIM...All his friends said what a LOSER and HOW MESSED UP IN THE HEAD HE IS. Now I have to take THE SLIME BUCKET to small claims court. He lives a Pathetic Life. He”ll be 41 yrs. old, lives w/ 2 gay guys cause he”s A LOSER ~ AND HE HAS AN ASSAULT CHARGE AGAINST HIM FOR HITTING HIS EX GIRLFRIEND FOR 45mis! ~ of course that”s not the story he told and I just found out the TRUTH. He steals, he lies, and he cheats. Watch out for this “charmer” who is so dysfunctional and who poses as a handyman and dog trainer” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:39:31 PM - Compare Matthew Stein {Herndon, VA Long Island, NY}: “A very smooth talker, but don”t be fooled. Unless you tell him you knew him in a past life {I mean this literally, and you should say you were a fellow wolf, an angel, or a fairy}, and sometimes even then, he will cheat on you whenever possible. When you say that you”re exclusive and he”s not to do anything with anyone else his definition of “anything” morphs to suit whatever he still can get away with. He will boink people who have diseases because he thinks that he is special and therefore cannot catch anything. He”s deeply in debt! Do not let his expensive toys fool you. He is also into BDSM and he would like at least two girls ~ preferably in their teens, while he is 32 ~ to be his slaves, collars and all. He is looking for a woman to support him because of various debilitating diseases he thinks that he has. These do not stop him from taking 2 day rides on his motorcycle. Use him and remain indifferent. He will try to get you to do things for him, don”t do them. The only way to come out on top is to string him along” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:40:09 PM - Compare David Stefanidies {Melbourne, Victoria, Spotswood, Australia}: “He seems nice and charming when you first meet him, but he is a drunk with drug and anger issues he can become physically and emotionally abusive, He will also tell you a story of him being stabbed twice by an ex girlfriend he will never tell you why, its because he sexually assaulted this woman”s 17 yr old daughter and became violent. This isn”t a begrudging ex or a terror girlfriend i am David”s 13 yr old daughter who can”t take her father with all these women it needs to stop he is an animal a disgusting pig and i hate his guts more then anyone in this world.. You might of touched me when i was a child but now im a women ill kill you!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/10/2011 3:40:40 PM - Compare Joe Dunn : “Got with a friend ten years his junior {yes she was underage}, totally skeezy, stalker, even kidnapping NO JOKE. hangs out at Lestat”s, always drawing and worked at the zoo and The Living Room where he picked up kids. like sexually. obsessed with his ex and stalks her blatantly. Plus, he”s covered in ugly hairy moles which wouldn”t be so bad if he wasn”t a pedofile” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/231802/

2/10/2011 3:41:08 PM - Compare Deric David Gwinn {Atlanta, GA}: “We divorced amicably, then, AFTER he took advantage of my finances, it was found out that he cyber~sex cheated NUMEROUS times over he last three years of the marriage. Really creepy, live video streaming...over and over again...and spent THOUSANDS of dollars on it. He took advantage of me and my family financially. NEVER APOLOGIZED. Comes across as loving, sincere, honest, when he really is a self~absorbed, stupid ass. Is now dating a woman 12 years his junior...she attended the high school where I work, WHILE I was a teacher there...he couldn”t even stay out of my high school...prick. He admitted he likes young women and is a cyber~sex addict. If he did it to me, he”ll do it to you!!! New girlfriend is an idiot” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/10/2011 3:41:51 PM - Compare Marcus Langford : “The biggest liar to mankind, this guy will lie about any and everything. Has a history of telling people he is a “self made millionaire”” “This liar will often have a local girlfriend and another girlfriend out of state, while he working on other new victims. He has history of physical and verbal abuse towards his exes. Always blame others for his actions and is extremely self absorbed and selfish. Claims to own part of the gym he works at but really is a front desk clerk. Always freeloads off family or a girlfriends, has never had his own place. Others have been taking care of him all his life because he doesn”t like to work. He has bad credit and owes numerous banks which is preventing him from having bank account. Pretends he has a good relationship with his family but the relationships are beyond strained because of his lies, cheating and freeloading. This guy is addicted to the internet. He spends most of his time on porn sites, social network sites, dating sites and blog sites. He has found many of his victims on these sites. Lies about the number of sexual partners he has had. Always making comments about gays, strongly believe he is gay but scared to come out. Ladies and gentlemen please be careful this guy has at least two incurable STDs !!!He will not tell the truth about his STD status and always attempts to have unprotected sex!!!This guy is sick!! A very selfish person with no morals!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/317199/

2/10/2011 3:42:21 PM - Compare Alfred Irving, aka “Mycal”, “Mike”, “Al” {Chicago, IL}: “has been terrorizing women in the Chicago area since he was 16. He likes to hang out around in the infamous Clark and Halsted intersection in the Boys Town area of Chicago {infamous as a magnate for male street hustlers workin” it for the Chicago”s largest gay community} and play the gangsta weedhead while barely able to hold a job! When you first meet him, he”s going to play a really cool guy that”s into you, and into the things you do. Soon, however {I”d say give it a week or two} you discover you are in waaaaaaay over your head as he starts blowing marijuana in your face and tells about his drug and sexual exploits ten more times than what you consider the threshold of pain. claims that his real family is abusive, and wants nothing to do with him~~I think the REAL story goes that there is a family in downstate Illinois looking for this troubled young man and have no clue where to start! Having this guy in your life is hazardous to your health~~when has finally decided that he”s just not that into you, that”s when the beatings will start. I endured the nightmare of getting a court order and pressing charges but a LOT of his other girlfriends {including the one after me} didn”t bother because mainly out of outright FEAR! The north side area of Chicago is crippled by guys like this and unless we women don”t stand up to them, they will continue to rule the night and our lives” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:30:42 AM - Compare Michael Turner {Pittsburgh, East Liberty, PA}: “This old head dude has HERPES! While messing with him I found out I was burning and that he was GAY! He said his lover was his brother and to make it worse he has custody of his 6 year old daughter. Watch out ladies, he definately should come with a warning label” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:31:18 AM - Compare Louis Tutt {Mason, Lansing, Detroit, Southfield, MI}: “He”s a pathological liar he”ll never change. I was with him for five years, and he lied the whole time” “If you”re looking for an independent, honest, trustworthy, established man, this is NOT the one! He can”t work any of his problems out on his own... He badmouths you constantly to his friends and everyone else. The first year we were together, he had a female friend that I had no problem with. Then, he started telling me that she said I wasn”t the one for him” “she said negative stuff about me. Later, I find out he was talking to her behind my back, sending texts back and forth saying, “I love you” and “I miss you” and “I wish I could be with you”... Why didn”t he just let me go?” “I find out, five years later, he”s telling people that he was compatible with her and not with me. So... why was he here?? No one had shackles on his legs! I found a website that he had been going to, that was some Sex Hookup website or something. I hacked into it and found a profile that he had made saying that he was single and was looking for sex. He badmouthed me to other women” “tried to make me believe that he was all innocent, and that it was soo wrong to talk about people behind their backs. I found other texts on his phone to other women, calling them “Baby”, offering to buy them stuff. He offered to buy some girl some new glasses because hers apparently broke. He told me that he only liked me and was only attracted to me {which NOBODY told him to say! and which he shouldn”t have said if it wasn”t true!} and then I find out that he”s telling other people {men and women} that he wanted to talk to and mess with these random other girls because he liked them. He doesn”t pay his bills. He has creditors constantly calling and harassing him. His credit score is probably something like 400 or maybe even less” “I was his fiancée” “to this day, he acts as if he did nothing wrong” “He gave me an infection and pretends as if he has no idea where it came from” “He might even be gay. He”s constantly on the phone {at one point, up to 7~8 hours a day, NO KIDDING} with this guy. Gay men are always hitting on him. You will sometimes notice that he walks with a switch. Watch out! He might be on the Down Low” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/11/2011 11:31:49 AM - Compare Greg Tuve : “He is bi~sexual and cheated with men and women. Be careful because he probably has a STD for as much and sleeps around”.. “Greg has had sex with a gay fag with HIV. Steer clear of him!” SOURCES: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=14997 & http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=14996

2/11/2011 11:32:17 AM - Compare Boris Alexander Twillman {no area mentioned when 1st profiled}: “Cheater, Hits women and children. Compulsive liar. Many broken marriages broken up to fulfill his selfish and nasty sexual acts to include homosexual acts. Dont be deceived. Sociopaths are some of the most charming and intelligent people you will ever meet” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:32:49 AM - Compare Deangelo King {Macon, Atlanta, GA}: “is a cheating brother that is on the down low. We dated for a year and then one day his “girlfriend“ e~mails me and tells me that they are in the process of moving to North Carolina together, and that they rode to NC together recently looking to buy a house. The whole time he was telling me he was going with a frat brother of his! He lied to me the whole time saying he had a job interview there and that he would be staying with his frat bro, but he wanted us to do a “long distance” relationship. He also told this chick, horrible lies about me, i.e. he and I were never togther and how only used me for sexual favors, etc. Like an idiot, I took him back after all of this b/s, just to find out that he is now sleeping with his ex~girlfriend. He never admits this to me, instead he dumps me and doesn”t give a reason. The bastard wasn”t man enough to tell me the truth. Don”t listen to him ladies, he pretends to have a lotta money and he doesn”t. He searches myspace.com to find local women to sleep with and on top of that, he searches gay men websites as well” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:33:24 AM - Compare Christopher King {Louisville}: “Is a womanizer, liar, and cheater. Will try to use you to support him and his drug habit {smokes crack}. Sleeps with numerous women and possibly men. Will not use a condom if you let him. Has been in and out of prison. Is in financial ruins, stay away! His favorite phrase to you, “you”re my homey, lover, friend”” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile, I think.

2/11/2011 11:33:54 AM - Compare Charles King {Evansville, IN}: “He also likes to sleep with men too” “He is a loser druggie. Charlie is a liar, I am his ex~wife and all he did was lie and cheat on me. No one needs to be with this loser, and its true when no one wants him he runs to the mental hospital or says he is getting better. ITs all a lie!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:34:26 AM - Compare Aaron King {Orlando, FL}: “IF any of Aaron Kings friends were to show this to him for questioning, OF COURSE he will deny all of this {who wouldn”t?!} and he would try to flip the script, spin the situation to make himself look better” “In all seriousness, he is a walking time bomb, could snap at any moment, and if I was able to get to the phone in time to call the cops {hadn”t he thrown me to the ground and strangled me} he probably would already be in jail for physical abuse” “How about one of the many nights he”d strangled me, telling me to shut up, covering my mouth, so I couldn”t breath, tears streaming down my face, having to turn my face from side to side to grasp for air” “I notice that my WHITE dildo is missing…..So I called Aaron, “uuum…where”s my dildo,” at which point there was silence and then childish mannerisms came about” “Aaron then told me, that last night, HE got MY dildo out and started to shove it up HIS ASS” “this is where the mysterious condom I awoke to in the morning comes into play. After he realized he stained it, he then put a condom over my dildo and proceeded to have anal sex with my dildo, by himself, in my room, late at night” “He told me over and over again to **** HIM in the ass with MY DILDO” “is he really making me shove this HUGE dildo up his ass?” ...and yes..he was...and of course i was too scared not to, thinking he”d strangle me like he has done so many times in the past...bc I can”t even count how many times he did that to me.. If he”s abusive physical behavior, strangling me, stranding me to have strangers take me home, throwing me down to the floor…and if his secret sexual preference, ****ing himself with a dildo throughout the late hours & then trying to cover, wasn”t enough for you….then maybe the fact that he always asked for money will… Not saying you have to be rich, hell I”m FAR from it, yet I find it odd that I was paying HIS bills for him, before I was paying my own” “as far as I”m know, he”s still fronting as if he likes women, ****ing any walking vagina, all while hiding his real sexual preference, acting like he”s everyone”s best friend” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:34:55 AM - Compare Christopher Kina, aka “Christopher Caldwell” {Atlanta, GA}: “We were married 25 years and he practically overnight abandoned me, ruined my finances, forged my name on loans, left me with no money and a pile of debt while I am disabled with Lupus. He lived off my family for years, and mine and my son”s credit card. Changed his name and ran to Georgia to live with his parents. He held me and my son at gunpoint, and threatened a police shootout if we called for help. His friend, Anne from Georgia told him that if he ran out of state that he would no be prosecuted. He told all his friends that he needed protection from me and my 22 year old son. Told everyone that we were forcing him to kill himself for life insurance so that no one would ever speak to us or find out what he did. While in a hotel in Savannah, my son and I overheard him talking over the phone to another man {he thought he hung it up} about group sex, midget sex, naked cheerleaders, voyeurism, mutilation, and smothering people so they can”t scream. There are also pictures of him in women”s clothing. He is as dangerous and cruel as he is charming” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:35:30 AM - Compare Joseph Richard Coulter, IV {Miami, FL}: “I dated this guy for almost a year. He is never home, always at an “event.” Little does he know, I discovered that the event was other women. One of the women was his ex~girlfriend! Careful girls, he”ll play with your heart but then throw it away as if you mean nothing. He also treats you as if you are a princess at first but then only uses you. I think that I might have been a cover too for something else. I have suspicions that maybe there were some guy “events” if you know what I mean” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:36:00 AM - Compare James D. Weston II {San Leandro, CA}: “Works for United Airlines in San Francisco, California, as a storekeeper! Uses his flight benefits to visit unsuspecting women he meet on the internet but cannot visit his two children who live in Florida, because according to him, “baby mamma drama”! What “real man” prefers stroking his dick while laying next to a woman who he wants to suck his nipple and that”s the ONLY way he can “get off” makes that the ecstasy of his life far and way above even an ounce amount of that time spending with his own children! Womanizer! LIAR, USER, ABUSER! He will charm you and appeal to you sympathetic side by making you think that he is a victim of women using and abusing him when in FACT....he is a con artist who uses and abuses women for their money and licking his nipple/s while he uses his hand to satisfy himself! This is a “natural” picture of him {non~studio, several year ago, make~up}! He committed to have an exclusive relationship with me beginning April 2008. Around October or November or that year, after repeated BS excuses from him not being able to see me...I discovered and confronted him.....I had the goods!!!! He was still ****ing his ex...Soskita {Kitty}! The ironic thing about it is that I found her phone number on the phone bill {which I got him a cell phone that he promised to pay each month and still hasn”t} ...anyway ....I called her and she was VERY nice and completely shocked and had no clue as to him having an “exclusive” relationship outside of her!!!! And to make make matters worse.....I still FORGAVE him for that while he stayed at my home for over a week, crying and begging and recommitting his “ever lasting love” to me! He is the kind of DEVIL that is just beyond words!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:36:28 AM - Compare Craig Weston {Telford, England}: “I discovered that my then bf had a number of profiles on sex sites including gay and transsexual websites. He recently rejoined match.com {username “westci” or “shine76”} direct claiming he is straight! he”s BISEXUAL. I know cos I”ve copies of the profiles stating that he is. Don”t date him. he”s not what he appears to be” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:37:05 AM - Compare Joel Wesemen {NY}: “has the mind of a PhD Player and a past of abandoned sick kid, that would like to patiently play you, till you start doubting rational thinking versus delusion” “he will devote ALL his time and resources to get you, he”ll be so picture perfect, you better be smart to question it~ and he won”t stop for a long time till you are very comfortable with him and come around the idea of living together or tying the knot~ then you are up for a treat you have never seen coming~ once you admit that you are his, things start to look different~ he will refrain being intimate with you, {it”s a pattern, the Ford model lived with him and for the past 2 years she has complained that he was not even intimate with her}” “The sick stuff is that he wants to start family with the ladies who are initially unatainable for him, with all of them~ like serial monagamist, but with a subconscious of a polygamist, because he never forgets the ladies around him. He have never seen his real father and have not enjoyed happy childhood, so I am guessing he is only after the chase to start a family till that idea and situation is available for him ~ then he persues it somewhere else.. On top of that there are high doubts of his sexual orientation~ he looks very “gay friendly” and so do all his friends from college, who live very close to his house, in a gay neighbourhood, and some have gay roomates.. Still, while persuing a lady, his manners and play would be undeniable for a straight guy {except his plucked eyebrows, and trying really hard}.. Just makes you wonder how he looses intimate interest towards the gorgeus models he”s dating, but he”ll keep proving his flirtatious skills towards any new female in a room.. Anyway ~ even though he”ll say that you are the one~he will be the one who is gonna put the end of the “movie” that he played for you..in the most flattering and backstabbing way, where you”ll almost feel that you made the decision, even though he is the one who handed it to you” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:37:38 AM - Compare Vince Wertz {Baltimore, MD}: “I was living with Vince for 3 years and together for a total of 5 wasted years... He was always very mean and explosive even when nothing was wrong.. I hacked his email and found he was exchanging emails with men to beat him and he would service them in exchange.. These went on for months! He is now on websites looking for a female but until he realized he does not like females he will always be abusive” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:38:13 AM - Compare Kevin Weitkamp {Jasper, IN}: “He like to wear bras, and has a nice set himself” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/11/2011 11:39:29 AM - Compare William Weir : “Age: 46” “likes to date several women at once, he likes to have the constant woman/girlfriend who he sees most of the time but likes to have his alternate sex partners or “friends with benefits” on the side. He gets his women at his place of employment and on the Soccer field since he is a coach. He targets soccer Moms and female co~workers. Some of his interests are participating in threesomes, swinger parties, always likes to start sex in the shower and has a porn obsession. He also likes to video tape himself and some of his sex partners sometimes outdoors. Coach Billy likes to take pictures of you naked or wants you to send him some via email. He is a liar, a con artist and does not always use protection. Every time you ask him if there is any one else he will lie and say no. He will also target women with younger children or dependents so that you don”t have a lot of time. Then he has more time to chase the other women. The main GF gets his most of his time but the alternates don”t think that anything is wrong at first, since he”s said up front that he doesn”t have time to date. The main girlfriend also thinks that he can”t possibly have time to see anyone else but he”s seeing at least 2 or 3 women at a time. There will be periods of time that he is unreachable {don”t fall for the~my cell phone battery died excuse, he needs it for work}. Part of the deceptive charm is that he will tell you what he thinks you want to hear to get what he wants and don”t fool yourself, he knows exactly what he can get away with. He”ll also turn the conversation around when you ask him about something that doesn”t “seem” right and he will make it seem like it”s your fault and that you are nuts for questioning him, he is extremely manipulative. He will be verbally cruel and hurtful to all the women and he will turn on you in an instant” “Coach Billy aka William doesn”t care who he hurts, if he gets caught, he will still lie about it” “One of his other interesting opinions is that girls by the age of 14 or15 should know how to work a stripper pole, truly a sad individual. He also seems to think every woman wants him, young or old” “He will lie and cheat on any woman as often as he can get away with it” “He has no morals or conscience he is a narcissistic sex addict. He is a total loser and a coward in many ways. If you have that inner instinct that says he”s lying and cheating believe it!! If you do have sex with him protect yourself and make sure to use a condom, he is not monogamous and he will put your life in danger and he doesn”t care, use protection or he will be the death of you” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=28205

2/11/2011 11:39:59 AM - Compare Cale Weiland {Rossford}: “I dated him for three months and found out he is gay. Him and one of the guys he works with have a relationship on the side. I walked into his house while they were getting busy with it. I am still barfing in my mouth” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:40:30 AM - Compare Adam Weikert, aka “Amanda” {Troy}: “When we first started dating, Adam seemed like the sweetest guy! Charming and handsome. Then, I found him sleeping with his cousin Brian...wearing my lingerie!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:41:00 AM - Compare Steve Webber {DC Alexandria, VA}: “he will lie to you about where he works and what he does. His job in IT at USPS Headquarters gives him rights to your IP address allowing him to easily find you on the internet and cyberSTALK you” “he takes down posts on Craigslist, so count that one, too} where he has put up tons of fake pics and profiles and communicates for FREE with unsuspecting victims {women}, and African American men. Webber cyber harasses and cyberstalks {because it”s harder to prove} women he”s dated by matching all his phoney ads up with the victim”s real one. While masquerading under a fake African American woman”s pic and profile on Yahoo Personals, Webber emails/chats {for FREE} with unsuspecting black men {who have PAID} and asks them for money” “your eHarmony personal info and psychological data will be used against you” “Webber enjoys making people feel bad, calling this his sense of humor. Similar to that of serial killers and other stalkers, Webber has neither compassion nor empathy for other human beings. Also like killers and stalkers, any means justify the end” “frequently posts on Craigslist looking for a partner for domination and submission {BDSM}. A sex addict, Webber gets away with masturbating over the phone from the server room at postal headquarters during work hours. If you or somebody you know has been mixed up with this creep and you or they are being cyberstalked, the FBI has a website where you can report him. * * He is a racist online predator freak who preys on women and African American men while sitting comfortably under the wing of Uncle Sam * *” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:41:36 AM - Compare James Lee Webber : “is a very sick and disturbed individual. A complete cheater and liar” “is very dangerous. Sleeps with hookers all the time. He is very, very abusive both physically and mentally. He breaks the law on a constant basis. He will make your life nothing short of a living hell. He is also a non convicted sex offender, and child molester. Psychopath is the perfect word for this devil living in frozen hell” “He”ll want to put you through hell before you find out who {or WHAT} he really is!! He sleeps with every prostitute off the street in the jail where he works, suffers from little man syndrome badly, has no self esteem, but thinks he is the devils gift to the world. Don”t waste a second of your time on this super loser! All he has is his job and lives for it, although he only has ONE and ONE person only there that likes him, everyone else knows what a phony he really is! He does illegal stuff all the time and it is only a matter of time he ends up on the other side of the bars where he works! His main goal in life is to screw over as many people as he can and screw as many females as he can” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26836

2/11/2011 11:42:05 AM - Compare Paul Webb {Tampa, Riverview, Clairmel, Orlando, FL}: “is known for his bi~sexual tendencies I know of two men in dresses he has been with for a fact” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:42:35 AM - Compare Kenny Tyree {Watervliet, NY}: “stay as far away from this wanna be rap wannabe superstar as possible. Kenny is a bum and has used me and my friends for everything that we have. He sleeps from place to place and can”t hold a job” “He cheated with mad girls that i know. He has this obsession with puttin his penis in anyone”s ass and he has a real thing for getting his ass licked. He use to take these long drives with his “uncle” but for some reason he always came back with money in his pocket. I was unsure about the situation but now it has come to my attention that after his long drives he use to go to the bathroom and he would be in there for a while, one time i went in there and he forgot to flush the toilet, there was enourmous amouts of blood and left over dookie. I know that sounds disgusting but its the truth. Kenny robbed my pocket for money everyweek and like a dump ass i thought i spent the money somewhere eles. He gave me a few STDs and i am ashamed cuz i don”t think that i can get rid of one. It sucks when you have to use valtrex and when you first find out you soak in the bathtub for days. he was just arrested a few days ago for non payment of child support. Don”t be blinded by all the dum ass bitches on his web site, they don”t know what they have in store, they”ll fing out when their at the doctors beggin for help” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:43:06 AM - Compare Thomas Tyler : “Is a raging alcoholic who likes to act holier than thou and blame his short comings on others. Claims to be a faithful, moral family man yet was dating someone else the entire time I dated him. Admitted to having an illegal sexual fetish, play strangled me and bit me on the breast once during an argument. Drunk dials with nonsense on a regular basis. Is in his mid~thirties yet lives at home and sleeps on a kids bunk~bed in his parents” house. Had one near fatal car accident because of his drinking yet continues to drink” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

2/11/2011 11:43:36 AM - Compare Paul Tyler {Huntsville, AL}: “I have been married to this guy for 3 years and he has lied everyday of it. He has not touched me in the last 13 months and less then 10 times since we married. He of course was the perfect man until we said I do, then the verbal and emotional abuse started” “He is addicted to ph sex and wholes and I really do suspect he may be gay. After some research I discovered I am not the 1st female to fall for his bs, just the one stupid enough to marry him. Since he is on the road most of the time and now has anew pc, noone is safe. He is a very likable guy to meet. I refer to him as “Eddie Haskle” He has lived in Dallas, Birmingham Al.,Ia. His mom lives in Reno. Trust me...he will destroy a woman emotionally and care less. When I found a ph number in his truck he told me to call it, he did not know who it was. He let his whore tell me “Yeah, I did your husband” I do have plans to leave him but not until I regain my selfworth back.The SOB can support me until I am ready to leave. I plan to pawn our wedding rings on 4~13, since that will be our 3rd aniversity. This is my 1st step in correcting the biggest mistake I ever made. So if you happen to run into him, don”t fall for his bs He will never change. UPDATE ON PAUL!!! Paul has genital warts. he recently had 11 removed and don”t expect him to share his secret with anyone before sleeping with them. Male or female. He is bi. Thank God I have not slept with him in years! I tested clean for everything” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:44:43 AM - Compare David Curtis King {Houston, TX}: “has been married and divorced four times, I had the misfortune of marrying him last, and it was a short marriage. He is a psychopath, a liar, a cheat and a man who has too much of an eye for the very young girls, and I mean YOUNG. 12, 13 or even younger. He has a photo cache of Thai girls, naked, that I discovered” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:45:27 AM - Compare Michael Coulter : “Age: 33” “Occupation: unemployed” “This psycho is a convicted abuser & has a long history of domestic violence. He charms his way into women”s lives by giving them a sob story & actually tells everyone that HE is the victim!! He has done this with at least 3 unsuspecting women in the past 4 months so can use them for a place to stay, use their vehicle & spend their money. He was married for over 10yrs, abused his wife, kids, & animals during that time & was cheating on his wife with an 18~year old girl that was living with her parents & still attending highschool! Before the wife found out, he started cheating with another 18 year old girl that was her best friend. He actually tried to keep all 3!!! He has a knack for tearing apart homes & families with his abuse, lies & cheating. He broke up another seemingly happy home in January 2011 when he convinced a married woman to sleep with him & leave her husband for him. He is extremely possessive and controlling & when the woman doesn”t “listen” to him he becomes violent” “He is currently with the married woman & is with at least 2 other women at the same time. He can be found at most of the WAWA”s in the area” “typically drives one of his “girlfriend”s” cars to the WAWA & gets picked up by another woman. If he is seen or caught with these other women he quickly lies his way out of it by saying they”re simply “friends” One of these "friends" is the 2nd of the 2 young girls that is now 20yrs old. She is well aware of what he is & what he does but she does not care! She is ok with "sharing" him & even lies for him!! This psycho is very believable & charming & has the ability to suck people in quickly. This usually doesn”t last because he can”t hide his true self for long & when most of the women find out what he”s really like they hit the pavement running. He then spreads nasty untrue rumors about them. His cell # is constantly changing as each new chick also pays for his phone. WAKE UP & SMELL THE MANIPULATION & LIES B4 U BECOME THE NEXT VICTIM!” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

2/11/2011 11:46:12 AM - Compare Victor T. Webb : “When you are first entranced by this man you will think you hit the Jackpot for Romeo. The poetry, the massages, the eroticism” “You are lead to believe that you are IT” “He is victim to the beatings of his father, his mother over protected him. He is victim to everyone, it is never his fault. You will feel compelled to empathize with him & feel you can help him with your love which is what he wants you to believe. His eyes are eerie and his stare is all telling. When you think that there is nothing he wouldn”t do for you” “Never never pay his bills & he won”t be around for long” “When the red flags finally shout loudly for you and you stand your ground and/or something in your relationship goes awry you will be the one at fault, like all the ex”s before you will be the one who is at fault. I wished I had talked to his ex before me as I know now we have so much in common and could have saved myself a lot of heartache and saved thousands. He goes from wife to an inbetween to another wife and so on.. history keeps repeating itself. He is in debt up to his ears, has an attitude of entitlement, and believes he is a renaissance man” “research Narcissist, sociopaths and psychopaths. If you leave him, don”t be distraught when you learn someone has quickly replaced you {within weeks!}, he cannot stand to be by himself that would call for introspection which he is unable to do” “If you have other interests he will interfere with them and your friends” “Keep a piece of yourself because when he is done with you, you are going to need it to get through the healing process, and hopefully you didn”t spend too much money” “He refinanced my own home thank god I had a prenuptial” “He boasts about all of his conquests, he is proud of his violent history in HS” “His license tag says it all QUICKDRW, Hits you quick & leaves you quick when he”s gotten everything he can out of you” “His employment history is as stable as his relationships, nothing lasts forever because it involves the “w” word, WORK! Which is something he is incapable of” “He will try to rush a commitment to secure his meal ticket” “he can”t keep his mask on without using sex as a tool = it”s too much work! He prefers older women {I was 9 years older} because we have more money & established careers” “He will charm you & show you what a wonderful father he is to his daughter misleading you to believe he has that potential to be that way to you forever, but it”s the only girl in his life that doesn”t know any better” “he got me for $22k & left me in a gutted home, how much do you have to lose?” “he”s a porn addict, 6 months, & the mask comes off! I am only one of the ex”s, there are more and we all share the same story” “He prefers older women and latinos” “he will probably plagerize his own work to give to you, how sweet.. a leopard never NEVER changes his spots” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/33211/

2/11/2011 11:46:50 AM - Compare Keneth Twitty {Sacramento, CA Lacey, WA}: “This guy carries both *** and GENITAL WARTS. He is not prone to disclosing this information to his unsuspecting victims and he is not fond of using condoms. He would like you to believe that he has never had a *** outbreak in his life and may try to convince you that you gave it to him! Be wary of these words, “I don”t care, I love you anyway” ” “Kenneth Twitty prefers to date African/American women, but will persue any female whom he believes will provide him with a steady set of needs: shelter, cash, food and sex” “He is a gold digger and would love to date a woman who has good income. Palimony is the ultimate goal. He does not pay for much in the relationship and is very keen about manipulating a women”s needs” “He prefers to date women with children so that he can play the role of a stay~at~home dad. Another ploy that he will soon tire of and eventually begin to verbally abuse the children” “has a lot of secrets to hide. At night when he is telling you that he is looking for a job, well he is really viewing pornography. He has a daughter that he does not like and though in the beginning of the relationship he will verbalize a need to see her and cites the mother of the child as the reason for not being able to visit on a regular bases {one of the many victimization cards he uses to get you to get overly involved in his problems}, he is actually not wanting to see the child and has on many occasions during a custody court case, for which was paid for by the women he was dating at the time, called her a “***” ect.” “Kenneth is a girls basketball coach and maintains an emotional relationship with some of the girls that he has coached” “he is also addicted to pornography and prefers to visualized young black girls and white guys” “Kenny is a cheater. He will move up in your domain and then invite a hoe or two up in your bed when you least expect it. Eventually you will tire of this man, but unfortunately you will have to deal with the venereal diseases for the long term. He will also rob you blind. He has stolen from family members and ex~girlfriends” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 11:47:54 AM - Compare John Krawiec : “a sex offender, don”t date this man if you have children. I met John on the website called Adult Friend Finder” “John told me he was single but after my research found out he is he is married and his wife lives in Lemont. John was also dating another woman that lives in Montgomery the same time he was with me, when I contacted her she was surprised to know he is married and not single... He also claims to live in Chicago with a mother, get this a 42~year man living home with his mother. Don”t date this man period” “He is a liar, sexual pervert, thief, on probation, mentally sick, a fraud and a cheat. John is not divorced. He lies on his online profiles. John meets many women online claiming he wants a relationship but he is still on these online dating sites catching his next victim and the next” “John”s entire life is nothing but lies and he feeds his lies to all willing to fall victim to him. Always whoring around and using his cell phone. No a land line phone” “John”s steady woman and mother is Donna Hawkins and she believes every word out of this man mouth. Donna lives in the south burbs, but works close by to where John lives in Chicago and gets her groove on with him often after work and his other spare time he drops in for more sex. There are more; there are Donna {not DH}, Shelia, Maria, Kim, Linda, Sandra~~~~~~~ just to name a few” “John 43 years of Chicago” “claims he is divorced, but he still has not finalized it after 2 years. John has no regards for other people”s feelings since he have many girlfriends all at the same time including telling you he loves you within weeks of meeting and he wants a LT relationship. He treats you like a queen by showering you with gifts, but beware you may be in possession of stolen goods” “John has a black married girlfriend of 2 + years by the name of Donna Hawkins of Hazel Crest, a so call “Christian” woman who leaves stupid comments that this posting is a lie. What a role model as a mother/wife/ adulterer, who”s in love with a thief, liar, jail inmate, cheater like her and womanizer” “Yet another surprise he was also dating another woman that lives in Montgomery while he was in a relationship with me. When I contacted the lady in Montgomery she too was very surprised. She told me John was in love with her and was very hurt. I confronted John and he got very abusive towards me, including calling me a wetback cunt. I am Mexican American... John refers to Black Women, as niggar bitch hoes even though his Adult Friend Finder list is filled with Black Women. . John claimed he is living with mother in Chicago and is single. That”s a lie! Sure, a 42 year man living with his mother” SOURCES: DDHG & http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=23491

2/11/2011 1:56:56 PM - Compare Vance Albright {Forrest Park, GA}: “worlds biggest and dumbest liar. *** carrier and God only knows what else he could have by now. This guy is 53 years old with the mentality level of a 16 year boy. He”s carrying *** virus Simplex2 and God only knows what else he”s contracted by now. He”s a liar and a thief. Preys on married women or single women wanted to get married. He cheats with any one and will bring them in your home while your sleep or not there if he knows your schedule. This guy is bi~sexual so beware. He”s nasty enough to meet men in a park and bring them home into the garage and sleep with them while you”re asleep. He”s very fake and will pretend to be straight and just the guy you”ve been waiting for. Be very cautious he doesn”t use condoms and will definitely give you a disease” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 1:57:27 PM - Compare Hassan Akinbiyi {Chicago, IL}: “is a dog and a liar. And goes both ways. He portrays himself as a heterosexual genuine caring guy but always cheats and sleeps around with both women and men. Always has one or two women on the side while the “main” one is in the dark the whole time. Is manipulative and plays mind games” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/116715/

2/11/2011 1:57:59 PM - Compare Anand Ajarwal : “narcissistic” “is without any real conscience or principles and he is a follower of a violent bully bastard sadist by the name of Chris Ryan Smyk {see profile}. He is a mockery to the term: “Good Samaritan”. Thank God there are still some good guys in the world, not like this evil, transsexual wannabe, faggot ass, bully following twerp by the name of Anand Ajarwal. I have gotten back at Chris Ryan Smyk and another of his faggot ass cronies and Karma will get them back too and Karma will also get this Anand Ajarwal faggot ass creep back too” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26120

2/11/2011 1:58:29 PM - Compare Evo Juan Evonmmorales Aima {Peter City, UT}: “lying latino with a criminal record. likes to kiss boys too” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 1:58:59 PM - Compare Sammy Ahmad {Flushing Queens, NY}: “is stupid as hell, possessive, abusive, ugly, dirty and all around gay! Run a background check on this winner! He beats his girlfriends, sleeps with she~males and hookers. He will act really jealous because this gives him an excuse to screw around. He drools when he talks eats like a pig and has a really bad drug problem. Don”t waste your time, money or effort. He is just a cruel person who never accepts responsibility for his actions...he will call you 1000 times a day and text you double just to tell you he loves you one minute and how he hates you the next. WHATEVER HE SAYS DO NOT TRUST HIM!! There is nothing more disgusting then a junkie who hits woman and sleeps with hookers. Everything is about sex for him for a reason because that is all he is after...he hates women and will destroy you by trying to make you feel bad that he hasn”t found love and how he tries so hard! If you do get into it and it fails...I TOLD YOU SO!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 2:00:45 PM - Compare David Aguirre, aka “Tejano” {“lives in Houston, TX”}: “he”s been actively seeking women AND men to have sex with. I had no idea that he was swinging both way. He has profiles on all sorts of websites in hopes to hook up with women, and he”s trying to hook up with men using Craigslist. He has also been looking into buying sex, so I guess he”s at the point that he”ll do whatever with whoever” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26119

2/11/2011 2:01:21 PM - Compare Daniel Aguilar : “I was in a long~term relationship with this person..and I”ve known him since I was a kid. He”s a nice person..but he”s got a dark side that some may handle..but most can”t. He claims to be “in love” with you and does everything right to show it. But he let something slip after a few months into our relationship about “being in a threesome, being with a man” and had a profile on AFF as bi~curious, looking for sex with men women, tranny”s of all kinds, and a lot of other kinky ***..and I”ve caught him trolling for men on a gay site. All this while we were living together. He”s reactivated those profiles on those sites! He lies about alot of things and now it makes me wonder the real reason his 23 year marriage broke up. He turned it around on me saying I was the one who ruined the relationship..but I”m healed now and I know better. I just don”t want some other poor unsuspecting girl to fall for him, end up being hurt or worse..not know what he”s up to and catch some disease” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26118

2/11/2011 2:02:02 PM - Compare Bradley Agerter {Pickerington, OH}: “is the worst creep i have ever had the displeasure of knowing. He”ll make you believe you”re nothing with his constant complaining of your looks, clothes, makeup, and personal grooming. Nothing makes him happy because he is a miserable wretch! He lies about his age and hunts younger minority women because they don”t know any better. If you”re with him long enough, then he”ll start to pressure you to pull a train with him and his friends. Be especially aware since he is a cop” SOURCE: DDHG

2/11/2011 2:02:29 PM - Compare John Afoun, aka “Patrick” : “Is in his mid 40s and extremely HETERO~QUESTIONABLE. Trolls the internet for desperate and lonely BBWs and introduces them to his family to give the appearance of being interested in women. Will not sleep with women claiming that his “Christian values” prevent him from having premarital sex. Members of his family openly suspect his odd behavior as a sign that he may be on the down low. Has no intentions of having a serious relationship with a woman and is suspected of having a wife {or male partner} in England” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/92959/

2/11/2011 6:57:39 PM - Compare Lane Wilson : “got his first wife to shoot up heroine and she died. The second serious relationship he had after her he totally ruined her life also and caused her to lose custody of her children and when she was crying about missing them he had her read the course in miracles that says our thoughts mean nothing” “He is bisexual and told me, someone is going to suck this and there were only two people in the room, me and a homeless guy! He used me up until I was a drug addicted basket case, he used all of my furniture and made me move with him and then he left me in another state like he did with his last girlfriend” “is manipulator and a con artist and a major sex addict” “He definitely ruined my life and many girls before me” “he really wants to use people even more then and starts calling all his old girlfriends for handouts”} “Why is he a psycho? Because he ruins your life and makes you and everyone else believe it is your fault” SOURCES: http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=28728 & datingpsychos.com

2/12/2011 2:34:08 PM - Compare Auteria Auteria Winzer Jr. : “He charmed me out of substantially over $10k and so many other things. At the time of my final breakup, I had opened a bank account with this man. He needs to go to jail. Please contact me if you wish to join me in taking him to court. He owes me too much money to just let him get away as an internet con man” “This man goes around pathologically perpetrating and preying on women out of a deep psychological insecurity. While he operates like he cares and is concerned he really is self centered and devious and only wished to exploit and use women for his own gain. He feeds his ego but can never be satisfied because he was abandoned and denied by significant women he”s met in his lifetime. So he puts his displaced resentment out on undeserving women. He likes to lead someone onto the idea that they will be well taken care of” “His demeanor comes off as though he is deeply spiritual and allows God to guide his moves. He has no guilt and will try to make you believe that it”s you that has a problem and that he will not tolerate insecurities. He calls it his “zero tolerance” rule…..except he never speaks of it before he”s caught or made in whatever imaginary person and world he”s managed to create with some. This man is seriously insecure which is why he lies and is a definite sociopath” “The only area I found any info on him whatsoever that was associated with music was and old article where he did some work with the late Sylvester....Yes ladies and gentlemen...the very gay Sylvester...which turns me to the consideration that he may be gay” “He claims to one day return back to the music industry and build a music studio and all the greatest will show up to record and ask for his collaboration services. I can tell he”s been doing this for some time. Especially after talking with another lady who took him to court in 2006 for lies and stealing from her thousands of dollars” “let me not forget another lady he pissed off who posted him up on “Don”t Date Him Girl – See the deal he ran on her at: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/search/index.asp type in AWWJ” “We have some real sick people in the world and Auteria is one of them” SOURCES: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/62519/ & DDHG

2/12/2011 2:34:46 PM - Compare Steve Winton, aka Svin Aspen : “Girls, this one is trouble. He is a recovering {what a joke, he isn”t recovering and never will} sex addict. He uses girls up to get to more girls... and guys.. I caught this one in bed with 3 guys and 2 older women. He thought i was going to be away, well i caught him, SCUM!! Stay away from this one girls... unless you want to catch something” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/242110/

2/12/2011 2:35:14 PM - Compare Rodney Winters : “I found out this guy was hitting the local gay bars when I was on business trips. He owned up to it and said he was confused, and wasn”t sure what he wanted, well I wasn”t confused and walked away” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/62417/

2/12/2011 2:35:48 PM - Compare Gomez Smith, aka “bothways” {Ft. Worth, TX}: “mid~30”s 2 kids no place to call home, bisexual tendencies carries STDs, herpes to be exact. He”s really creepy, not sure if it”s him or that big ass forehead and that far back ass hairline .. he”s really unattractive for a light~skinned man, I mean bottom of the barrel ass nigga. If you do make contact, please be sure to strap up pleaaaaaaaaaaaasee. Don”t want to put him out there anymore than I have but trust me on this one” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:36:44 PM - Compare Gavin Smith, aka Juvi”, “Giovani”, “Tony {Cambria Heights Jamaica, Queens, NY}: “is a nasty dude he is only 23. I was with him for 2 1/2 years first and for one he is a women beater and very extreme at it, and two, he is gay as hell and im not one of these girls on here just saying this couse im hurt he is really gay he *** trannys.and the only reason i found out is becouse he robbed one of them and they called me the very next day i was tested thank god im fine and this all ended in jan,2007 . now im about to get married to my daughters father and he is totally straight. back to gavin he is on the downlow major, at first he was denying it all but then he killed someone and went to jail so he had no one so he had to confess to me his *** i wouldnt have it any other way.so he told but he says when it first happened he didnt know but thats bull**** couse the tranny told me everything and he has been with a lot of them. i just wanna let women know from cambria heights all the way to jamaica the west indies that this dude is a major threat to our community he is in jail now but he didnt get that long for the murder he committed he got 10 years and he is young so he will be out the latest age 33 so watch god onley knows what he is doing in prison and he has no kids couse he was trying to have one with me but come to find out he can”t breed, sorry slang he can”t have kids. he would have to take drugs in order to even try, his father took drugs to have him thats probly why he is gay, crazy and every thing else. he is talking to some girl right now and i know couse he told me couse i won”t communicate with him like i used to since my daughter has been born.and im sure she has no clue the only reason i found out is becouse i was with him for a lil while he has never been in a realationship for more then 6 monthes. this is a link to his picture i should have known he was gay now that i look back but its all good lesson learned he is from kingston j.a. and lives in cabria heights on linden and 226 BEWARE...HIS PIC HERE... http://pages.badh.biz/models/male~giovanni.php” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:37:21 PM - Compare Gardiner Smith {Honolulu, HI}: “abuses women, lies, and does not tell women that he is bisexual! when he takes you out on a date he constantly gets transvestites and gay guys approaching him. He refuses to tell you the truth, but it is a well known fact on this island! He is not a player, a pimp, thug, or a christian ~all that he confesses to be, he is a homosexual, who lies to women, because he does not want to face the truth that he sells his ass for crack cocaine and money. He is a trick! This guy has a long history of Domestic Violence against women, but you will never find any one that will tell you he will go up against a real man! He will physically, verbally and emotionally abuse you, separate you from your friends and family.. When you are in a relationship with him you feel lonely, isolated and lied to.. often he will hit you, body slam you, choke and threaten you! then make you feel like it”s all your fault” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:37:52 PM - Compare Fred D. Smith, Jr., aka “Fred Dent Smith, Jr” “Age: 60” “Fred has been married for over 10 years and his poor wife has no idea that he searches for whores on the internet sites like adultfriendfinder.com. He doesn”t use protection with these women and then takes it home to his wife” “For over the past 10 years this man has been a womanizer/cheater/liar” “poses himself on the online dating sites.... He is married and his wife”s name is Teresa” “Teresa has her home in Thomasville, NC and she sold it and helped pay off his outstanding credit issues and back payments on bills that he had when he was married to his first wife Tina...whos parents are well off and the former general assembly politicians in NC...He was married to her for about 18 years and walked out and left her....He was left in 30K in debt after the first marriage ended....Poor Teresa however was taken for a ride and has been used by this man ever since he married her 10 years ago” “is not aware that during the marriage to Fred..he has been having numerous affairs behind her back” “Sherill Cates [ ] has a drinking problem..she goes to AA meetings....This affair between her and Fred has been going since the later part of January this past year when she met Fred on the the website AFF {Adult Friend Finder}” “This website is for swingers/swap/lifestyle parties.....Fred loves this type of lifestyle.....Unbeknowling to his wife Teresa she does not know how really nasty he is because he does not practice safe sex....I know I have been with him myself at different times this past year...Fred will lie to you straight to your face and claims he is a church going GOD fearing man” “ON THE WEBSITE CALLED ADULT FRIEND FINDER..THIS MAN HAS BEEN ON THIS SITE FOR TEN YEARS SINCE AUGUST OF 1999..HE HAS HAD MANY CONQUESTS OVER THE PAST DECADE AND THERE IS NO TELLING HOW MANY MORE HE WILL HAVE FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFETIME IF HIS WIFE DOES NOT FIND OUT FIRST” “SHE IS THE MAIN SUPPORT SYSTEM IN THIS UNION FOR SHE IS THE ONE WITH MONEY....HE MUST STAY MARRIED TO HER IN ORDER TO LEECH OFF OF HER AND MAINTAIN HIS LIFESTYLE OF COURTING SINGLE YOUNG WOMEN” “HE IS ON ADULT FRIEND FINDER AS ROCKETJSQUIRREL...57 PENSACOLA FLA...BULLSHIT HE LIVES RIGHT HERE IN GOOD OLD NC” SOURCES: formerly on datingpsychos.com, still on http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=28224 & DDHG

2/12/2011 2:38:26 PM - Compare Dennis Smith {Frankford, PA}: “I dated him in 1999. I know it”s a long time ago, but it still stays with me. He was my first boyfriend. He took my virginity by rape. I stayed with him because I was naive and thought I had to stay with the first person I had sex with. He was always cheating on me and I”m sure it was over a dozen girls during our 7 months together. He also invited a friend over one night and allowed his friend to rape me while he held me down. I did not report this to the police because at the time I was scared and up until 2 years ago I don”t fear him anymore. He also was good for using me for money to further himself. I lost a lot of money. I moved out of state to escape the memories, but even distance doesn”t help that much. Please be careful!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:38:57 PM - Compare David Smith {Barnoldswick}: “often texting and msn”ing a few women at once but having them believe they”re the only ones. He”s also heavily into porn and likes to do things he”s seen on the porn films, loves anal sex, giving AND RECEIVING {so is he bi? ~ your decision!} and maybe even peeing on women” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:39:31 PM - Compare David Smith {Chicago, IL}: “is ADDICTED to online PORNOGRAPHY. He looks at porn nearly everyday. His computer history showed not only women, but NAKED MEN as well ~ morning, eve, and night! He looked at porn when I went for an early morning jog, when I was out getting us coffee, when I was away on vacation, in the middle of the night when I was sleeping... It seems the pills he takes for depression and 6 ~ 8 years of weekly therapy sessions with the psychologist would have helped him. You can catch him walking his lovable golden retriever, Sandy. Dave seems sweet and quiet when you first meet him. Not true. I am voicing my hurt because it is not right to tell someone you want to marry her, take her thousands of miles away from her home, and then treat her no better than a stranger. This person is for you if you want someone who: takes away affection, disrespects you, contacts ex~girlfriends without you knowing, is loving when he wants something {errands or intimacy}, disregards your feelings, lies to your face when you know the truth, with other woman while you are away, pays for online porn sites ~ manipulative, deceitful, selfish, self absorbed” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:39:59 PM - Compare Danny Wayne Smith {Dallas, Arlington area, TX}: “should not even be walking the streets. He is a disgusting liar and cheater. He is seriously disturbed and has been in a mental institution at least four times in the past 2 years. I thought he was the “perfect man”. I suspected he was cheating and told him we could work through it. What finally came out of his mouth surprised and horrified me. He confessed to picking up strange men in adult book stores and having unprotected sex with them. He said it was something he has done for about 12 years. He confessed to having molested a male and female family member as a teen. He should be registered as a sex offender! He is lazy and won”t work but has an excuse for everything. He has admitted to harming himself for attention. He would get mad if I didn”t immediately answer his calls or texts. He became demanding, both physically and mentally abusive. He is a bully and has a drug problem. Any woman who gets with this man is in danger. Once he confessed this to me I wanted him to leave and he took my car keys and cell phone and refused to go to work. I was held prisoner in my own home. I hope this post saves at least one woman from the pain he put me through” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:40:27 PM - Compare James Newton : “This man will use you for your money and your good heart. He uses women for places to live {as he did a co~worker that was interested in him but he wasn”t interested in}. He has walked away from 2 of his children due to allegations made in regards to something he did to his daughter.....he claims he walked away to save his career.....if he wasn”t guilty it shouldn”t have affected his career. He prefers to spend time and have a good strong relationship with is gay {male} roommate. He will lie to you and talk to other women behind your back. He is very lazy and will not do anything unless you directly tell him to. He thinks that because of his job title he is “God”........UM NOT! Ladies just beware ~ men in uniform are not always gentlemen.. a lot of them are LOSERS and USERS!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/317929/

2/12/2011 2:40:56 PM - Compare Corbin Newman : “He is a very sweet guy at first but loves to have girls at his disposal. He will constantly flirt, give out his number and have sextathon”s and hookups behind your back. DO NOT trust a word he says as he is a liar, a cheat and a fake. He also frequents AFF and CL, sometimes searching for m4m fun” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/298890/

2/12/2011 2:41:41 PM - Compare Kai Richard Nergård : “you should know that he”s not into monogamy at all. He”s into open relationships, which means: Even if he accepts you as his girlfriend, he will still want to have sex with other women... And he never lets you forget that you have several rivals wanting the same as you: Him. He actually brags about it. I don”t know if he”s still married, but I know for a fact that he”s cheated on his wife at least twice. He also likes group sex and anything wild. He married his wife while having an affair with another woman. To him women are either whores or madonnas. This means he expects his wife to take care of the house and his children {he has two children with two different women}, and he worships her like a saint, but he has sex with everyone but his wife. Actually when he was seducing me, he said there was no romance or sex in his marriage. In addition to myself and his wife, he had at least four women waiting in line wanting to become his girlfriends, and he didn”t know which one to choose... So this is a guy who can”t be in a serious relationship because all he wants is to please his sexual appetite” “He loves having sex when high on drugs, but is still not able to give a woman an orgasm... When he can”t afford paying for the drugs, he steals money from his own son, who is still a child” “This guy once said to me: “I”m a snake. I”m a manipulating psychopath.” So this guy is proud of being an asshole” “Kai is a mediocre guitar player in a Norwegian band called Griffin. The members of this band are all lying cheaters, and I know for a FACT that at least three of the other band members have also cheated on their wives/girlfriends” “He also hangs out with underage drug~addict girls” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/248624/

2/12/2011 2:42:16 PM - Compare Peter Nelson {Aurora, CO}: “This man does what he pleases, and expects his mate to be “changed” by him. There have been countless young girls who have made the mistake of falling for him. He doesn”t know how to treat his mate, even from the beginning there is something sort of slimy about him. There is NO romance in a relationship with Peter. He pulls you in, and makes you feel dirty. If that is what you like, awesome, if you don”t like it, he won”t waste his time with you for very long. This man breaks hearts, it”s something deep, something psychological. This man has some serious skeletons in his closet. He is the worst sort of man” “No emotions, scared of commitment, and the type to fill the empty void in his life with “convenient” partners. This man thinks he is a ROCKSTAR! he thinks that his darkness is alluring....which it could be, if he was dark yet beautiful....he is just dark and heartless” “Ask some of his friends” “They will tell you one of two stories, that he has a horrible taste in women, or that he has issues that prevent him from being truly happy with someone. He is a hypocrite” “It”s a compulsive thing for him. He is the type that makes a woman want him over and over again after painful breakups. He just wants to use you over and over again. He feeds off the weak, and once a woman shows strength, he freaks out and it”s over. 4} He will tell you ANYTHING you want to hear at the beginning just to lure you in, even ideas of marriage” “This man has some skeletons in his closet that would make most women not only vomit, but call the police and have him exposed for what he really is” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/224665/

2/12/2011 2:42:47 PM - Compare Lorne Nelson : “Comes off as a super nice guy. Will convince you that he is a sweet, sensitive caring guy. Tells you he is single, then when you find out he is not, he will tell you how unhappy his gf {who he keeps returning to} makes him and how his life is so different since he met you...blah blah blah. Will tell you he is leaving her, and the next time you talk to him, they are buying a house....or something along that lines. Found out at the end of our “relationship” that he is still married {and not to the one he is currently living with} he has 2 kids from a previous relationship that he abandoned in the US with their mother and has never had contact with nor paid to support {DEADBEAT DAD} Is very indecisive, uses women, likes nothing better than to suck a guys cock...is a closet bi~sexual, gets turned on more by the thought of what a guy would do to him that what any woman ever could. Ladies, if you meet him....RUN DO NOT WALK TO THE NEAREST EXIT...save yourself the hassle” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/227232/

2/12/2011 2:43:38 PM - Compare Andrew Nelson : “Single mother”s beware this guy has picked up on two single moms that I know of, He is based in Iraq with the national guard, he is a border line stalker, likes to promise you the world before his psycho side comes out!!! and when it does you are stuck with collect calls and wondering what the hell was the point of all that! any way bottom line is the guy is just straight weird! there is no point rime or reason to his actions, and to be frankly honest I think he may be in the closet, he picks girls up on my space and probably other chat lines but I guess the point is the guy is really really out there!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/69600/

2/12/2011 2:44:10 PM - Compare Edwin Navarro~Vatipka, aka Alex Navarro : “He searches out young females online using photos of himself in his Army uniform and cute poses and some half dressed poses. Starts out very sweet, but everything he says is a lie. He claims to have very little experience with women because he is such a shy guy, and he claims he was raised right by his parents, his daddy taught him how to treat a woman, the whole schmiel. The truth is he is a sociopathic personality who tells any lie he has to in order to get what he wants he is emotionally abusive, and a cheater. He lied to my daughter about everything from his rank in the Army to his family relationships to his bank balance. He convinced her to marry him before he deployed to Afghanistan, but has never deployed. Still don”t know if that was a lie. She caught him having online relationships with other women, who all think he is single and shy. He claimed he couldn”t come see my daughter before deployment because he had no leave, but secretly went to SC to hook up with some online tramp who had sent him naked pictures of herself. He was busted by his family when an old friend told them he was in town. When confronted, he told my daughter that he had to take emergency leave because his mom was dying. He is just a real slime. Now, after torturing her with his repeated requests for a divorce, then subsequently begging her not to divorce him whenever she relented, he is refusing to sign the anulment papers so she can get on with her life. At one point, he claimed he was sexually assaulted by other soldiers, then tells my daughter that he actually liked it and wanted to try out that lifestyle for a while. Alex also told his family that he was supporting me and my kids {in addition to my daughter} in order to borrow money from them. He never did anything for my daughter, would not even add her as his dependent after the wedding, and he certainly never contributed to my household. Don”t let him near your daughter. He starts out real sweet and showers gifts, then once the girl is in love, he turns into some gay version of jeckell and hyde” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/298816/

2/12/2011 2:44:40 PM - Compare Anton Nash : “he”s a closet homo ladies!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/59512/

2/12/2011 2:45:08 PM - Compare Darryl Walker {Seattle, WA; Portland, OR}: “IF YOU WANT A MAN THAT IS FING 4~5 WOMEN WHILE TROLLING THE INTERNET FOR A HUNDRED MORE......he is constantly on CL searching for girls..He is a sexual predator into bondage and likes a finger up his @#$# Be careful he will lie, cheat, and manipulate to get into your pants. Seems like serious corporate attorney but really he is a low class porn junkie... he has cellulite on his ass GROSS!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:46:14 PM - Compare Vincent Walkem, aka vwalkem@hotmail.com {Canada, Ontario, Toronto}: “Infected with HIV. Knowingly spread it to at least 2 women. Went to jail for a short time, but is now free. Most often in Toronto or Barrie, ON” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:46:41 PM - Compare Matthew Wahus {Dickinson, ND}: “has 4 kids all over the state of north dakota, he had sex with me and cheated on me with my brother, {my brother is gay} one nite i came home early and he was ass ****ing MY Brother.. Me and matt broke up right away.. he told me he was with 423 women, and he denys being gay but was in bismarck prison for 4 years . he has a tattoo slurpie cuz he gives such good blow jobs. the guy is a walking std with no licence and no money..his number is 701~290~7714 ..... he has a daughter named destiny in fargo north dakota. he claims all women want him .......he”s an ugly ***, dont know why i touched him.. He also is dating a girl named Rachel who is a month pregnant with his kid...everyones from DIckinson.. hes a cheater and cheats on everyone.. he once told me if his mom wasnt his mom, he would *** her.. he has no brain , hes soo dumb. also hes in his mid 20s and went to prom last year with some little young girl and raped her.. hes a bad boy...very dirty.. also the janitor in highschool caught him ****ing a teacher.. NO LIE” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/12/2011 2:47:12 PM - Compare Derek Wagner : “This guy is a total ***. He liked to call me fat and check out other girls, and commented how they were skinnier and how his ex”s were much skinnier than me. He braggs about how he won”t go down on a woman but that”s because he can”t do it for a woman. in fact, i found out he was gay so i dumped his ass. Maybe he can do it for a man though” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/310193/

2/12/2011 2:47:40 PM - Compare Compare Bob Wager {Bacliff, TX}: “tried to get back with me and I told him NO, he then told me that he was cheated on me with not just woman but also GUYS” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:48:09 PM - Compare Mike Waddell {Eastover, SC}: “basically hides behind the fact that he is a youth minister for his church. He pretends to be religious or maybe deludes himself into thinking he is. Goes to church every Sunday, etc. What is telling is that this guy is into Female Domination, being submissive, is bisexual, enjoys anal penetration, toys, etc. This guy is out for one thing and one thing only. Once he gets it hes off to his next conquest. He hides behind being religious. Once he has bedded you he then lets you in on his need to be dominated. If your not into that stuff or get turned off by it, he uses his religious side as a sheild and THEN says lets take our time...He is clearly wanting sex but no commitment, though he will promise you the world to get in between your legs. So be forewarned. This man is no good. He won”t even call you later! WHAT A DOG” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:48:39 PM - Croix Waage {Denver, CO}: “has many issues, he may even be gay. He pretends to really be into someone and aggressively pursues a relationship then backs off suddenly for no reason. He went from sending me links to properties near me to nothing within hours for no reason. When I asked, he refused to answer. I guess there is a lot of question as to his sexual orientation. I found out through my best friend that he has done this several times. I found out the hard way that he is dealing with a myriad of issues, only hope to save another from that experience” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:49:07 PM - Compare Mikey W. , aka “chitown playboi” {Plainfield, IL}: “this kid is messed up in the head. he uses girls just to get some and then drops them. no wonder why he never has a gf cuz he isn”t good enough.. he lies numerously..he”s a homo and he fucks up the best things in his life” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:49:37 PM - Compare Robert Vrchota {Tinley Park, IL}: “is a closeted bisexual. Although he”s married and has a child, he sleeps with men. His current boyfriend is a co~worker named Jeff Watzke, who is also married and has three kids. These two work together and are very flagrant about their relationship in the office. The only reason Jeff got promoted is because he”s sleeping with his boss!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:50:16 PM - Compare Daniel Ronald Vovak : “divorced, lives in a predominantly gay neighborhood where he picks up women off the street. Has serial 6 month long type of relationships that are “not exclusive yet” because it is “dating.” “Gets women to chauffeur & support him financially. One known woman in Pittsburgh, PA. Many others in Florida” “He has multiple female sex partners/”friends” of all ages he lives off of. West Palm Beach is his favorite vacation spot where he is known shockingly enough, as a gigolo” “His behavior fits the profile of a narcissist. He has no fear of AIDS or VDs” “He is spoiled, as older widows, former beauty queens wine & dine him. He has no empathy and will use you unmercifully and then dump you” “watch out especially if you are wealthy. His other prey are any other vulnerable women: divorced, unhappy marriage, single mothers, etc.” “he is a sociopath. He also is a sex addict who is in total denial. His behavior is spiralling downward to group sex & orgies” “Has a history of using women. Has been living with a woman old enough to be his mother, but still is cheating as he has her fooled” “A real player~ nut case. Has a preference for not paying his way. Many women have treated him in the past like a gigolo” “A total hypocritechurchgoer” “As friends of his gf whom he lives off of, we have tried to tell her to face facts. But she can”t seem to let go of her boy toy. How someone so set in her professional life could lose it in their personal life” “This guy is like a con artist. It is upsetting that he victimizes those he is supposedly closest to” “He has an agenda to live off women it is clear” “D V always will take the easy way out & bleed those around him dry both emotionally & financially” “He remains a leach, with a real bitch for a partner. We have met her before a calculating control freak who financially floats her crazy boy toy” “He screws over everyone eventually” “Total silence allows him to circulate in good society. He is pathological liar” “He still lives off a woman old enough to be his mother” “It is no secret he has hurt a lot of people, mostly females” “For him to not be selfsufficient at his age is appalling. Who wants a modern day gigolo for a friend, associate or county executive?” “He now gets off by posting ads on different websites. One is nothing but graphic porno text~ a play by play. The other ones seek submissive female or couple to “train.” There is no fear of exposure it seems. It is also public record from his previous campaign blog that he despises gay males, as if his behavior is above any decent person”s, whether straight or gay. The secret to this guy is he is into “DB/S& M”. For him, woman are mere receptacles, objects to control and use sexually, and any other way he can. Pathetic. There is no romance, real feelings, only his oversexed sick self using women. He is a misogynist and most likely a closeted bi~sexual who refuses to practice safe sex” “He has several Sugar Mamas taking care of him. One is probably married. If her husband knows, he”s a pervert, too. They use people like Kleenex. He uses Craig”s List to prowl for threesomes, and any other twisted sexual stuff. This guy is poison” “As a someone who cares about his S. O., she has been repeatedly warned, to no avail. She will find out the hard way. She is only a meal ticket” and a *****”” SOURCES: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=24538 & http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=16068

2/12/2011 2:50:49 PM - Compare Mike Webb {Deltona, FL}: “I was seeing him for a while & had no idea he was married with 2 kids.. He took me to his home in Deltona. When he decides to tell me he is married & he can”t use a condom, because he will break out in Hives.. What a loser. I guess he gets off on bringing his woman home and having sex in his & wife”s bed. She even called when I was at his home.. I was not into that. He finally tells me he does it all the time ~ his wife knows but turns her head to it.. I told him they should be swingers.. I heard about this site & see he is on here & he does MEN, which really was not too surprising.. I thank god I never went there with him. He is a walking AIDS.. Too bad is wife is not secure in her self or she would have left his ass & move back to a home they have for sale in Orange City.. He states when they sell that home, he will get a new Truck & she will buy him everything.. She really needs to wake up.. Girl, u better keep your money, because your man will NEVER change.. I hope u get tested monthly” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:51:22 PM - Compare Jon Webb : “is a con man, and habitual liar. He will use any excuse to get money from trusting women and even single mothers. He preys on women on dating sites and will get you to buy him a plane ticket to come see you, he will then ask for some “traveling money”. Nothing that comes out of this brothers mouth is the truth, he will even get his family involved to con you out of money. He has kids scattered all over that he doesn”t support or take care of in any way. He is always online looking to meet women to con out of money, plane tickets, clothes etc.. he is in the music industry and claims to be something he is not!! He is a nigga lookin to come up on unsuspecting sincere genuine females so ladies beware !!!! He lives on Myspace and other web sites~ Dont believe the hype! He is straight up sorry! Some would call him a dreamer~~ fly by night kind of boy. He”s talented but dont know nothing about being a man!! HE looks for women to manipulate into “sponsoring” his trips to all these cities to “supposedly work on music” to see other chicks he prolly meet online ! HOw do u spell sorry ass good for nuthin bi sexual down low ass lyin ass shallow ass nigga? JON WEBB! GROW UP!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/70617/


2/12/2011 2:52:25 PM - Compare Andy Wills {Killara, Sydney, Australia}: “he would have sex with me but no kissing or cuddling. He gives more attention to his animals on the farm instead of me. He gambles, smokes cones and drinks. He has got a short temper and he can be very scary when he looses it. He loves anal, with his long penis he always pressured me into anal. Which I never liked. glancing at his face I noticed he had shaved. I said “Oh you shaved.” He replyed how he was hoping to be a chickmagnet instead he had blokes come up to him” “By the end of the relationship I knew nearly all his girlfriends. He even said that his best friend used to have sex with the said girlfriend before he had. Hmmm is that saying something or what” COMMENT UNDER PROFILE, IN RESPONSE TO SOMEONE INQUIRING IF THE PROFILER THOUGHT HE COULD GO BOTH WAYS: “I think he could be BI”, posted 3/14/2007at 1:10:00 AM: “After reading what I had written. I am guessing you guys are right. He is denying being gay either that or he is bi. Thank you for your comments and I am feeling better. He is indeed a jerk. Thanks last comment....”, posted on 3/15/2007, at 5:52:00 AM: “You are right in so many ways. To be honest I did look up his search engine and I nearly felt sick he did have searches looking at bestiality. And of women having sex with animals. He also told me had had a fantasy of where I would wear a horse tail butt plug and pull him around as he sat on a little cart. I wish I knew now what a sick jerk he is. And to the comment the person had written at 7:48 you have never ever experienced being in an abusive relationship. This guy was giving me emotional abuse. When I did something it wasn”t right. When he wanted sex I had to have sex. I hadn”t ever asked him to have sex with me. It was always on his terms” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:52:59 PM - Compare Todd Williams {University Place}: “gay but won”t tell you so don”t kiss him you never know where his mouth has been!! cheats on every girl he is with. ASSHOLE!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:53:34 PM - Compare Kevin Williams {Cranston}: “he”s trying to just plain get laid. He does go both ways. He claims to be “good to his women” because he “knows how to treat them right”, but he”d really rather not give it a label. He”ll tell you that he”s getting a divorce and is separated and living with his parents. His fetishes include watching gay porn and video taping his sexual escapades and saving them for later. Woman who have an anal fetish and enjoy ass play and expresses this fantasy to him he will have no problem and is quite agreeable to have you manually have anal intercourse on him with a dildo while watching gay porn. Due to his Ju Jitsu lessons he ejaculates blood and acts like a little girl repeating that he”s so embarassed feeling like he”s having his period” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:54:35 PM - Compare Roger Williams {Dallas, Duncanville, S”Port, TX}: “will tell you he is single and living with a roommate when he is married with 2 small children living with his wife. He has 2 kids with his wife, but also has several other kids. One of which is by his wife”s step sister! He is an electrician by trade {also a convicted felon} but he won”t mention that part. he fucks everybody maybe even men and he does not wrap up! He also preys on women he can use because child support from all those outside kids is tearing his butt up! His oldest is 20yrs old and the youngest is about 7 or 8yrs old. So, watch out ladies he is charming but messes around with A LOT of women” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:55:29 PM - Compare Jonathan Williams, aka Mark” : “Stat: 6ft4, greying, tiny pud MARRIED!!!! travels for work and has multiple multiple partners and also bi~sexual affairs! says hes 40~hes 54! A real playa and a liar! If you been with this one get tested for STDs!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/268932/

2/12/2011 2:56:01 PM - Compare Jeffrey Whiteman {Palm Bay, FL}: “professes to be straight when in reality he”s gay. He gives/recieves sex from other men in order to support himself and his drug habbit. He likes to start arguements and will tear your life apart. He uses women as a trophy to appear straight in a community but after three long years of this emotional abuse, and many conformations of his bizzar activities with other men. He con”s you out of your money, your life, runs off your family, and leaves you empty, confused and in pieces” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:56:52 PM - Compare Kevin Wilson {Glendale/ Scottsdale, AZ}: “Fucks every girl he can get his hands on. He wants to put it up your ass, and secretly likes it up his own ass as well. I would not doubt it that he”s dirty” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:58:09 PM - Compare John Wilson {Gulph Mills, PA}: “Pure evil. A walking psychopath on the loose. Embarassed to say I dated this guy a couple of times. And was even attracted to him and vice versa. But that was until I figured out that he gleefully lies and has twisted fantasies. I have ALL messages/emails/pervy photos from him on redundant back up harddrives offline for proof. Because Im sure psycho would either love to hurt me over revealing his wickedness or try and destroy evidence. In IMs he revealed that he would enjoy tying up women, making them hurt, forcing them to be pretend raped. He also says he is 30 or 31 on his profiles when he is really 38 {birthdate is June 26th 1969} He is a St Joe”s Alumnus. Is a stockbroker. Drives green hummer and a silver saab. He said that I m boring because I didnt want anal sex and that I didnt have sex with enough men. A very twisted dangerous person and Im being very brave to post this. But I feel so bad that other women might be swayed by his charms. I am literally in cold sweat, but I”d feel bad if something would happen to a girl he dates” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 2:59:07 PM - Compare Jamie Tyrie Wilson {Atlanta, GA Jacksonville, NJ}: “The only thing he will tell the truth about is his name {maybe} and that he was in the Navy {with nothing to show for it} MOST IMPORTANTLY HE LIKES TO GET FINGERED IN THE ASS or PUT ANYTHING IN HIS ASS REALLY {ANAL BEADS...ETC}” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:00:00 PM - Compare Eugene Wilson {Pittsburgh, PA}: “This boy who claims to be a man is broke, he is fronting for us women. His sexuality is questionable, hes a woman beater. From what I hear he has all types of baby mama with 3 girls. He use to be a stripper when I knew him. But he has a small penis see theres hope for small men I guess. The only performing he is good at is lying through his teeth, and hating on other people. Another beneficial man all for himself. LADIES WATCH OUT FOR THIS DOG BECAUSE WE ALL HATE STEPPIN IN DOG SHIT” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:00:45 PM - Donte Wilson, aka “Donte Edward Wilson” {unsure of location}: “I just had to let it be known that Donte Edward Wilson son of Joyce Dillard is a con artist, bi, abuser, and possibly bi~polar. I met Donte at the Home Depot in Capital Heights, Md. He pursued me with a vengeance. He also verbally and mentally abused me several times through the relationship. I received two black eyes and a host of bruises. He was not limited to kicking me or using me as a punching bag. With all of this going on his mother was basically losing ever thing she owned trying to assist him in living expenses. He claimed that he was in school~Clayton State. I found out that he was taking one class a day. He did not have a job and his momma Joyce Dillard was sending him money. She was going to famous pawn to hock her jewelry to give this guy money to eat. I also forgot to mention that he kicked my car door and caused a dent that he would not pay for at all. He also ruined the ignition switch in my car. His father before he passed paid for that. So until this day he owes me money in the some total of 3238.43. So ladies beware. He may have a nice size penis but is it really worth the money? I also remember thinking that they saying is right size is not everything especially when you do not have a job” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:01:40 PM - Compare Dexter Wilson {Bronx, NY}: “is a MANIPULATOR to the fullest!!! He will lie lie lie lie lie straight to your face about dumping his girlfriend or being single just to boost his ego and sleep with you. He is 21, still lives with his parents, works in a supermarket and is an ABSOLUTE LOSER DON”T BE FOOLED by his “gentlemen~like” demeanor! He will come off as shy, innocent, and sweet Dexter is extremely two faced and never faces his issues He is a pedophile and likes to piss on women. He also throws temper tantrums. Be ware he is a pyscho” SOURCE: DDHG


2/12/2011 3:15:01 PM - Compare Henry White {Homestead~Penn Hills~Pittsburgh, PA}: “This “MAN” and I use that term loosely, is a neurotic, paranoid, closet homosexual. He is a so called “fire officer” and paramedic. He is the one that needs medical and mental help. I just want to warn my fellow sisters out there. Watch out for him...he may try to draw you into him by flaunting the fact that he works as a fire~officer and paramedic. Despite that he has a long criminal record that includes setting fires, domestic abuse and also a trip to a mental institution. He is mentally and emotional abusive and if you stick around long enough...who know”s what he can do. I believe that he is a O.J. Simpson in the waiting. If you want a controlling DRAMA QUEEN then you can find him on MYSPACE and Black Planet as KUNTRY or 238 safety officer or 238~safety. Even with the kindest person he can accuse you of whatever his un~medicated mind dreams up. If you want drama...he is the Queen of it. He will try and force unGodly acts on you. Which is why I believe that he is hiding the fact that he likes it that way. He knew too much about it. Telling me that if I let him “DO IT” and it hurt, I can put a broom stick up his A$$. {SCARRY} I am not into that. He needs to find a mutual homosexual for that stuff. I just want to warn you sisters out there. Everything that glitter”s is not Gold. If you are wondering about the SEX, it is NOT worth all the DRAMA that he WILL put you through” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/12/2011 3:16:06 PM - Compare Gregory White {New City, NY}: “preppygregory is on BBWpersonalsplus.com he is a sick individual, He has been harrassing me for almost a year now. His profile says this.... “seeking clean cut, bossy woman...She has high expectations...She refuses to settle....she gets what she wants” ...but he gets you talking and he is really seeking a woman that will let him share her man. Do despicable things to her after they have had sex...especially with the bodily fluids. He is ILL. Ladies PLEASE stay clear of him he needs help and I am getting him barred from the site now. I do not know what other sites he is a member of yet. He is a LIAR and is an IMPOSTER. BEWARE! He is Caucasion, 61 , 220, light brown hair, brown eyes. He says he is an Executive/Owner of his own company” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:17:02 PM - Compare Ed White {Middlesboro, KY}: “I met this guy online, and the signs that he was a player were there...only using a number that registered as private, avoiding questions about his personal life and interests, talking marriage after one conversation?! The red flag came up very, very, quickly! Thank goodness I never met him in person. He comes across as a smooth talking, southern boy and then bolts never to be heard from again. He is only about sex and swings both ways...do you really want your man to be double dipping? Trust me, avoid this man at all costs. He”s been warned that if he was a player I”d post his profile and now he”s paying the price. DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN THE TIME OF DAY! He also has a myspace page and is listed under the name UNIQUE. BEWARE of this perverted, slick individual” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:17:58 PM - Compare Dave White {Grand Forks, ND}: “from hastings, mn. can”t let go of high school, pathetic. caught him cheating with guys!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:18:49 PM - Compare Brent White, aka “Brent Scott White” {Spring Hill}: “is a manipulative, violent bully who preys on women via the Internet for sex. His pattern is simple: Meet someone on AFF or MySpace, charm them by telling them how “special” they are and insisting that he cannot live without meeting her. He falls “in love“ instantly and pressures them for sex and/or an instant commitment. He proudly claims to “love sex” on his profile and will try to pressure you into a threesome. Once he”s had his fun, he distances himself and blameshifts to his target because she”s not {insert lame excuse here} enough for him. The timeframe varies from woman to woman, but the end result is the same: He comes, he takes, he leaves” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile

2/12/2011 3:20:21 PM - Compare Mark Toof {Norristown, PA}: “transmits STDs. When you confront him he puts it back on you. Be very careful ladies. Mark is 6”1”, 185 lbs, brown hair and blue eyes with shaved genitals. He is originally from Vermont and loves to brag that he is friends with J. LeClair {Retired NHL Player who played for the Flyers}” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:21:16 PM - Compare Tony unknown, aka “Omar” {Roseville/Antelope, CA}: “Tony is a dawg. He”s always looking for new women. He”s been with a transvestite. He”s very good with the lies and sweet talk. VBFL” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:22:10 PM - Compare Patrick Tonks {Brooklyn / Michigan / Rhode Island}: “has serious sexuality issues. I knew he was bi~sexual, but he likes to pretend he is straight, and used me as his beard ~~ and then tried to get me to meet his family to show that, “look guys I date women!” The sex wasn”t even worth it, and completely unmemorable. lives in massive credit card debt. He sleeps around with other women {and likely other men}, and then feigns innocent when evidence is found. One day he made a mistake and sent me unknowingly an attachment of GAY POETRY he was exchanging with his Studio 54~era, male chorus teacher via email” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:23:01 PM - Compare Willam Tomer, aka “Rumble” {Columbia}: “Old country from Batesburg SC posing as a New Yorker. Evil as hell 666 this dude is the antichrist. Married with Kids. 4 to be exact. Was caught in local 5 points bar receiving oral sex from an unknown white male. When confronted about the situation he claimed that is what men do now and no one can stop him.. This Alien takes frequent trips to Batesburg SC {#1 Aids Capital in SC} to go to cheap hotels with cheap hookers. Anyone that messes with this man is in serious Danger” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile

2/12/2011 3:24:00 PM - Compare Tom {Hellertown, PA}: “is an avid drug user with an arrest record for domestic violence against one of his FIVE ex~fiancées. He enjoys wearing women”s clothing, and his girlfriend”s underwear” “If you see this guy, stay clear...he is nothing but a liar and a loser! Ladies, hold on to your underwear...he will steal them...and wear them!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:24:58 PM - Compare Bjorn Tollefsrud : “Of Norwegian extraction, Bjorn is a typical Nordic God, very tall, lean and extremely chisled features. He”s also a real pig and a former airline steward for Air Canada, very promiscuous and God knows how many women {and possibly men} he”s gone through. I wouldn”t be surprised if he”s a got a few STDs...He hung out with a number of the gay airline stewardesses, not sure if he does now. He used to work out of Toronto but he lives outside of Montreal, frequents St. Sauveur quite a bit and the party scene there. Give this one the shove, he”s a real bad~boy and not a very bright one either. On his paltry salary he went out and got a Mazda Miata, a typical small~d*ck car. What a waste” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/22250/

2/12/2011 3:25:52 PM - Compare William Tolbert {Philadelphia, PA}: “In the beginning everything was good until i realized it was good because i was making it good and doing all the work....This man is 31 yrs old and isnt about a thing but himself!! he is the most self centered man I have ever met. And i think he”s gay...yes men love to hang wit thier friends but he must be with them like everyday its ridiculous...he doesnt do anything that he says and is ultimately a waste of time” SOURCE: DDHG


2/12/2011 3:27:42 PM - Compare Douglas Toft {Chicago, IL}: “cheated on me! He cheated on his first wife, Maeve, thus the divorce but never once took responsibility for it. He blamed she was abusive and an alcoholic! Not true. I was pregnant and he was meeting women anonymously for sex. He was having a long time affair with Jan, Sydney and even his bestfriend”s wife Debbie. He was using prostitutes and was actively posting on on~line dating sites. The worst of it all is the child pornography as young as 11 and 12 year old girls. If he was not caught, he would have acted on those” SOURCE: Former DDHG profile

2/12/2011 3:28:33 PM - Compare Robert Todd {Moberly, MO}: “is lazy. He is on disability even though he is perfectly capable of holding a job. His mother micromanages his life and everything he has his parents bought for him. He is not as good in bed as he thinks has cheated on several ex~girlfriends at least once with a guy. Has a fettish with having his anals stimulated. Is probably gay and deeply closeted” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:29:27 PM - Compare James Tober [Fairborn {just outside of Dayton}, OH]: “This colossal piece of trash sayz he”s my boyfriends, dude.... God I hope not! Every chance he gets he hits on me, I have lost count of the times he sayz my boyfriend only thinks he”s a man, and he could show me the difference. Has a kid and a fool.. oops I mean girl, whom he claims means everything in the world to him. But all that goes out the window the moment he gets any drugs or alcohol in him. Oh, speaking of drugs, he did time in prison. Not as much as he probably should have done. One night, just before passing out at our place, he admitted how he ****ed over his then best friend and his girlfriend by rolling over on them to the grand jury for a lighter sentence. So much for having your back {side, as in totally ****ed}” “Now, I have heard that prison changes people, but because I have only known Jimmy for a couple of years, I don”t know if he has always been on the D.L. Or if it started with him being someones bitch in there. He”s such a wussy, it wouldn”t be hard for anyone to do. Now this is just conjecture, but it wouldn”t surprise me if his fool, darn, I mean his girl, wears a strap on. I say girl because she doesn”t deserve to be slammed. She has potential, he don”t. Get this, he tells people that he is an office manager of a business that someone in his family owns. On his MySpace page he claims to make 30 to 45 grand. LMAO. I have lost track of the amount of money he owes my boyfriend. Not that my man is a sucker, he tries to see the good in everybody. It”s not my place to tell him who his friends are, but believe me, I keep a close eye on things. If I thought J.J. was Fucking this mess, I would be history. Wanna check out this freaks MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/eternalmaster” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:31:53 PM - Compare Jon Titus {Cleveland, OH}: “Age: 41” “Race: White” “This low life is living with a girl named Annette and he is a player. He is sleeping with an x friend who is a male. He would go out to the local bar and then he would end up at my x friend”s house where the two of them slept togather in the same bed. he would return home to Annette...play house for the week and then meet the x friend. This poor girl has no idea that she isn”t the only one that he”s porkin. She has been told by many reliable sources but still refuses to beleive the statements. What else can we do?? Please if your sleeping around on your partner and living in their homes...do the right thing admit it and move out” SOURCE: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=4148

2/12/2011 3:32:44 PM - Compare Phillip Tissington {Western Sydney, NSW Australia}: “Liar, thief and just plain bastard. Screws around with as many girls as he can, tells you he loves you, forces you to have sex, hits you, then reveals he has another girlfriend already. He may seem like a nice guy but he is out to get you if you ever try to dump him. He threatened to kill my new bf after I got rid of him and vandalised my car. It is also well known that he likes to screw around with boys and has STDs. He has SERIOUS issues, don”t believe a word he says. Steer well clear” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:33:42 PM - Compare Michael G. Tirello {Cranbury, Princeton Jct., Yardley, Selinsgrove, PA}: “is a violent bully follower of Chris Ryan Smyk {see profile} who lives both in New York and in New Jersey. I have gotten back at this creep as well as his co~bully Chris Ryan Smyk and Karma will too” NOTE: Excerpts from profile for Chris Ryan Smyk follow: “CHRIS RYAN SMYK, aka “violent sadist” This gigolo, wannabe transsexual, gay woman hating, violent creep called Chris Ryan Smyk acts like he is straight and likes women and will make nice gestures to them or sleep with them but he does so only for his image so that he has more credibility in his reputation when he makes money off them by telling his experiences with them in songs. Consider yourself lucky if you never experience any sadness over anything in his presence, then you just might get by o.k. with him, but if he ever for a moment senses tears in your eyes, sad silence, or any weakness, if he ever senses you need any kind of emotional reassurance from him, he will sadistically mock your pain not only in his own presence but in the presence of others too of men himself and have children with them {though more with his ego, not with his heart as I do} and he was jealous of me for these reasons because he knows these type of men love me and he knows he is not worthy of these types of men. He feels he is in the wrong body and actually wants a female body to correspond with this desire of his to date and have sex with and have children with these men but he feels he is stuck with his male body and that it won”t be good for his music job if he doesn”t show he likes females, so he overcompensates with his testosterone” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:34:37 PM - Compare Clifton Tinnen : “proclaims to be this perfect gentleman that is studying Theology to become a minister. I don”t what type of minstering he is doing, but it can”t be about God. He stays at home with mommie, no kids, and NO MONEY!! Constantly wanting to borrow money. He is so wishy washy, one day he loves you, and the next he is calling you every name in the book because you busted him on an online dating sight. The man is crazy, so be ware if he ever crosses your path. I know that he post on Craigslist, Tangowire, and not sure where else. He focuses on white women because he thinks they are naive and will put up with his lazy tell. He is everything you don”t want in a man. And honestly, I think that he is bi~sexual or possibly borderline gay. BE CAREFUL ladies!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/214705/

2/12/2011 3:35:34 PM - Compare Jason Tindall {Fort Wayne, IN}: “is currently on several dating sites including swinger sites. He is actively calling and emailing quite a few women looking to hook up” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:36:37 PM - Compare Brian Cole {Orlando, FL}: “He has been doing XXX GAY PORN movies. You can find him at www.activeduty.com He is “Trey” in 4 movies. You can find him in About Face 1, About Face 2, About Face 3, and The Surge 3. He is a reservist in the Marine Corp {USMC} here in Orlando. He is currently under investigation by the Marine Corp to be discharged for doing GAY PORN while in his dress uniform. {About Face 3}. In addition to doing the GAY PORN, he was also trying to pick up girls while living for free in my home. He was on singles sites and on Myspace trying to chat with girls. I let him stay in my home because I felt bad for him being evicted from his apartment. He is currently in a hotel here in Orlando. He is a liar. He will lie about everything. He owes me $1500 that I fronted him for his tuition at BCC last year. I will never see that money again. He claims that he went and served in Iraq, which is a lie, he never served in Iraq. The only thing he used his uniform for was to make gay porn movies. He also claims that he has a degree from FSU, which is also a lie. He will say that his degree is at his mom”s house or in storage...... He tries to get girls to chat with him on AOL or Yahoo Messenger. Then he will try to talk about sex or, worse yet, he will send you a link to see him *** off in front of the camera. His screen name on AOL is berger0151 and on Yahoo it is bergermeister808. Please stay away from him. He will try to use you to live off of. He will have you pay for everything! He doesn”t pay for anything! His car registration is still expired by 6 months! He is looking for another girl to EXPLOIT BOTH FINANCIALLY AND EMOTIONALLY!! Don”t let that girl be you! I had to learn the hard way. The links for some clips of his videos are: http: queermenow.net blog the~surge~3~trailer~porn~comedy~version~cum~eating~kaden http: www. jizzflixxx. com view 325 about~face~3 http: www. activeduty. com videos about abouttwo. html” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:37:28 PM - Compare Amir Cole {no area mentioned, as of Aug. 16, 2007}: “I don”t want to forget i found all kinds of gay porn, letters from gay men in jail, he thinks that he because he has a big dick that life will flow by but ladies he dont know what to do with it.. trust me!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:38:14 PM - Compare Craig Cogan {Wappingers Falls, NY}: “Craig is a liar and an abuser, he is a cheater who likes both men and women. Don”t let him fool you into believing he is the greatest person you will ever meet. HE IS NOT. Period. He has 7 biological children with 4 different women whom some he has no parental rights too and some he has rare contact with. He cheated on every single women he has been with, with both men and women alike. He was married 3 times and had one ex fiancée. DONT let him make you believe he is a good person. He is aweful, and it is all fake. He is good at what he does, and convinces young women in their most vulnerable state that he is their best friend. He is addicted to online pornography as well... and going into gay chat rooms to find people local he can hook up with. He will use you and take advantage of you! BIG TIME. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN! there are much better men out there” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:40:22 PM - Compare Russell Atkinson {Martinez, AR}: “has molested many young children, including one of his own family members for a period lasting over six years. He has only been prosecuted for a minor incident and continues to walk among us as a normal citizen living a normal life. If you come into contact with this man, RUN” SOURCE: DDHG

2/12/2011 3:42:41 PM - Compare Troy Asphall/Asphal, aka “down low brother”, “tranny man” : “I 4got this part b4 n my 1st post about this down low brother. He will REALLY try to convince you that he has over 50 gay tranny porn dvd”s and magazines cuz he sells it ok! so he is n2 men who like gay tranny porn! if he is selling the stuff then why is there only one copy of each dvd and they are all from the distributor. all the dvds were scratched and dirty and most of them didnt have a cover! ROTFLMAO! When asked this question in a text msg he admitted that he is in the CLOSET!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/150778/

2/12/2011 3:43:47 PM - Compare Michael Anglin : “This so called man is married ladies!! His wife is seriously beautiful, so he will do everything to keep her clueless to the fact that he has several women on the side. He will never leave her for you! He loves to Fu**! Hates condoms~ so watch out! He spent years in Prison too so he”s most likely done the undercover thing! {read the book called “On the down low” by J.L King. He was also on the Oprah show talking about this topic} {maybe that”s why he loves blow jobs and deep, hard *** Fu**ing!} Don”t get me wrong, he”s short with a beautiful body and knows how to use his package well, but he”s addicted to unsafe sex AND married, so watch yourself. Please, wear a condom with him if you do play in his garden!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/154389/

2/12/2011 3:44:52 PM - Compare Todd Noah : “I dated this guy for almost three years. Everything was great for the first 7 months while every weekend I slaved over fixing up his new farm house in Pisgah, IA and once all the work was just about done he stopped taking me up to his farm. For about 8 months after that he made me feel like I had done something wrong.. that I needed to change... well come to find out I found his ex~gf online and sent her a message and it so happens she was still dating him and they were about to move in together. So we broke up. He threatened suicide and said he found GOD and vowed to change so after awhile I foolishly took him back. About 3 months later I found him talking to this girl name Shari in his phone. I couldn”t prove he was cheating so I let it go. Then he started lying about where he lived about having a facebook account and all sorts of things. Recently I caught him at his parents cabin with his girlfriend. I”m not sure how long they have been together but he said her name is CJ and it was his first love and that they are just friends. He started a fight with me and said that he and she were having threesomes together so I quit talking to him all together. It”s only been a few days that I”ve finally stopped talking to him but now it”s for good. I hope every girl has the opportunity to learn about him before they date him. He is a pathological liar and pyschopath!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/317919/

2/12/2011 3:45:26 PM - Compare Howie Nave : COMMENTS UNDER PROFILE: “this is a real womanizer” “he is a coward and a liar” “i am glad he is listed on here this guy really lied to me about who he was and he treated me like dirt” “I dated and lived with Howie Nave on off for years and years. He is a pathological liar and user of women. He has sexual problems/confusion including a crush fetish. These blogs are deliberate marketing tools. If he has changed and gotten psychiatric help, wonderful, but it doesn”t take away what he did to the rest of us. Hopefully he will stay with his new girlfriend and not hurt or lie to any more women. It is shameful that she criticizes others before her and pretends they do not exist” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=16263

2/12/2011 3:47:04 PM - Compare D. Tookes {Indianapolis, IN}: “is a phony and a fake! I was in a serious relationship with this man for over 14 months. I am a college educated professional and I have *** together, but I didn”t see this coming! We lived together and did everything together... MEANWHILE he was on Bootycall.com, singlesnet.com, MySpace, and any other website that he can access on his crack berry. He was talking to OVER 30 other women all at one time. He acts like a “nice guy with a big heart” that would “never hurt you”. But in actuality he is a compulsive liar that lies about everything from what he ate for breakfast to the fact that he NEVER GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE. His profiles say that he is a business professional ~ but in actuality he ONLY CUTS GRASS! HE will send these ladies flowers, cards, and tell them that he “wants to marry” them. ALL THE WHILE he was living with me... doing my laundry and taking me out. He is the worse kind of man ~ because he is very manipulative and he had everyone fooled ~ including my parents. DON”T LET HIM FOOL YOU ~ I just found out that he doesn”t have a License or a car for that matter. He drives his work truck that he takes when his boss ISNT THERE!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/13/2011 12:02:50 PM - Compare Thomas Wise {Los Angeles, CA}: “has a track record of screwing people over in various capacities. He”s been linked to a sordid past of drugs, and other crime. When we met he was employed, said he was in college and shared an apartment. He quit his job shortly after and played a poor me card. Ended up moving in with me... he nickeled and dimed me out of almost $3500 dollars. He told me he loved me.. which made me fall for him, and then he cheated on me with one woman that I know of... but was emotionally cheating online with like dozens of women from Adult sex only dating sites, swinger”s sites, among other dating websites. The only reason I found out he cheated was that the girl found out about me via facebook and contacted me directly. He cannot be sexually intimate with a girl that he loves, and despite whatever chemistry you may have with him, it will fade after you give it up the first time. He loves the chase of the game, he loves nice things, and is looking for a woman to take care of him. He has a horrible credit rating and cannot get anything himself, he is a swindler and a cheat and is ALWAYS looking for the next best thing. He has the ability to make you feel so horrible about yourself that you get physically ill with worry and anxiety” “He likes to think he is the ultimate player, he preys upon bigger women or those with perceived low self~esteem” “he might seem like a good bet, he is working a decent job which I helped him obtain, is in school, and shares a place over in West Los Angeles. He will hurt you, cheat on you, and will connive you out of big ticket electronic items. He has been with several men and is really gay” “You are worth more than a sociopathic grifter! He is so lost within himself that he can”t admit that he is really gay” “He is on about 12 of the social networking sites including OK cupid, POF, Adultmatchdoctor.com, Mingle2, Stickam.com to name just a few” “please I beg do not get taken in by this scam artist. He can be sweet, charming, and loving... and it is easy to be taken in by the facade... but his true demons run deeep. He is truly truly damaged beyond repair and this will only only serve to hurt you in the end. I barely survived” SOURCE: DDHG

2/13/2011 12:03:36 PM - Compare Marcus Wohlken : “Beware of this mental and physical abuser. He is a sweet talker that will beat you and rip off for everything you have. He has numerous wives that he never divorces {bigamist}! He also likes men. We all have restraining orders against him for our safety. He loves woman who own property, has them sell and move away from family so he can get his hands on your money. Has many warrants for beating women. You think you met a dream come true, but you have met the worst nightmare you could possibly have. It scars you and your children for life! RUN from him!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/32935/

2/13/2011 12:04:13 PM - Compare Andy Wolf {Plymouth, St Cloud, & surrounding area}: “His profile is full of lies. Including his income. And he is Bald not thinning. He lives with his Daughter her baby and baby”s dad. He tries to live with friends or others so he can keep up his big spender look. Dinners out, Nice clothes...for himself. He asked me if I thought he was Gay. Hmmm...He will be really nice at first then he gets whiney and stressed out too easily and acts like a jerk” SOURCE: DDHG

2/13/2011 12:05:01 PM - Compare Clint Wolf : “Age: 55” “Briony was married to Clint Wolf. She left him in December 2007. Clint was meant to watch over Briony”s animals and once she was settled, send them over AT HER EXPENSE to be with her” “who paid for their trip over from the USA to South Africa? Not Clint! No! The ****ing thief, loser, manipulative, psychopath who spread herpes around ON PURPOSE didn”t pay. Not even after stealing stuff from Briony”s consignment and keeping her furniture which he looked her in the eyes and PROMISED to return it. Clint stole Briony”s heirloom furniture and also blackmailed her into signing off on a divorce ~ the papers of which were completely falsified by Clint ~ by threatening to kill her pets. In the interim Alison Dawn Blydenburgh made herself known to Clint. {Of course, Ms. Innocence and Ms. Saint} and started ****ing Clint long before he was divorced” “What kind of person {a} ****s a married man[?]” “A std~infested thief {Clint}” “LYING SCHEMING THIEVING LOSER” “HASN”T HELD A JOB IN 10 YEARS. STEALS FROM PEOPLE ~ EBAY ACCOUNT SUSPENDED DUE TO THEFT. STOLE HIS EX WIFE”S POSSESSIONS. SLEPT WITH 420 MEN AND WOMEN AND GAVE THEM HERPES! SICK FUCK!” “{lice, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, scabies, candida} infested, {if you have ever had sex with this person you need to get tested. He frequented Atlanta, GA & Plano and Dallas, TX & Ridgewood, NJ & NY & CT ~ various locations ~ posing as a Dominant/Top in the BDSM scene and frequented hundreds of strip clubs and bars in those areas. } Amoral, psychopathic, sociopathic” “womanizing {402 women and counting ~YES FOR REAL}, serial lying, mother~hating, failure, threatened by anyone with a brain bigger than his” “closet gay, complete narcissist, needy, pathetic, blubbering, thieving, lying, pathetic LOSER who hasn”t held a job in over 5 years who needs to steal from people on Ebay” SOURCES: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=28204 & http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=28174

2/13/2011 12:05:38 PM - Compare Anthony firecity100@aol.com {Los Angeles, Valley, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, CA}: “this twisted minded fool was emailing shemales asking them if he could give them oral sex {him sucking them} im confused how can he claim hes str8? i was shocked when i was faced with this” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/13/2011 12:20:52 PM - Compare Lars Erik Jensen {Birmingham, UK}: “All he wants is a girl with a stash of money” “Once he has established you have money he will hint at how he is struggling to pay his rent/his furnishings/his car etc” “he will tell you the story about how wealthy his parents are and that when they die, he will inherit a tidy sum” “He has no morals and he has no money” “constantly trolls for women on Facebook” “real intent is to use and abuse you for your $” “you”ll be out of a couple of thousand $$$$ and will waste a few months of your life” “liar and a conman” “cheated my friend out of 100,000 with all his lies and extravagant holidays that she paid for” “constantly couldn”t pay for his part of the things which included a 2 week holiday” “he lied about having put money into her bank account” “helped himself to money of a friend of mine to pay for some furniture he was paying off” “he still owes her for the R100,000 she wasted on him on vacations and things she would never have done” “Any man that preys on a woman for financial support is a WANKER and LOSER” “owns no house, no car” “has no money saved out will come the story of how his desire is to be a pilot” “disappears mostly at the weekend and turns his phone off” “talks about sex all the time, he tries to find out what salary you have” “he even runs the line about trying to get a loan for a car but cannot get a loan from UK banks. Presume this is when I was to offer him the loan. The loan was for a car and for him to go flying and was for a substantial amount” “He saw my credit cards whilst I was paying for us” “I knew he was excited about that, he then said he would pay for dinner” “after ordering and eating he says he doesnt have enough money to pay!” “I suspect he lives elsewhere with a woman who knows nothing about what he is really up to” “charming you, he is actually working out how to get money out of you” “I suspect I did not have enough money for him and he moved on” “All he wants is a girl with a stash of money” “has major issues in the bedroom” “real intent is to use and abuse you. He has had his name removed from DP and other “expose” sites because he doesn”t want women googling his name and finding out the truth about him” “is a liar and a conman. He cheated my friend out of 100,000 with all his lies and extravagant holidays that she paid for” “Any man that preys on a woman for financial support is a WANKER and LOSER” “He also moves very fast and will be telling you that he loves you within 2 weeks ~ maximum!” “he owns no house, no car, no nothing and has no money saved out will come the story of how his desire is to be a pilot. He took my friend on a 1000km journey to check out pilot schools and then hinted at the fact that he couldn”t pay for it and suggested that she come up with the money” “This guy is just looking for a rich girlfriend/wife” “this psycho is trying to get his pilot”s licence and that is what motivates him to look for a sugar momma” “has a piss fetish” “the first time ever I went down on him the asshole pissed in my mouth. He thought this was very clever because he can pee with a hard on” “is truly insane” “blames you” “tells you you are not normal and have issues that you need to sort out” “promises you that you will live the life...WHEN HIS FATHER DIES” “he is a liar, manipulator and bullshit artist after YOUR money” “will move very quickly” “will tell you he loves you after only a few days” “tells the same thing to all his women although since this posting he might have changed that to something else” “has all the excuses ~ he is paying off his ex wife”s debt and he gave her everything” “everything was hers to begin with so it was right that she kept it” “make sure that your money stays very far away from him. Don”t fall for his hints about flying school and wanting to be a pilot unless he has the cash for it, otherwise you”ll be subjected to various hints and ploys to get you to pay for it” “borrowed large amounts of money from a friend of mine and because of his lies and deceit it cost her around 100,000” “borrowed this money without asking and she had to repeatedly beg him every month to pay it back” “Phone sex will be a big deal with him” “parasite” “he will literally suck the life from you whether you are the one to end it or not” “You will be looking back 6 months later wondering what actually took place” “His attention is flattering and he can be witty and will make you laugh” “He will borrow money ~ sometimes asking first, other times not” “when you check your bank balance you will find money missing” “has helped himself to pay for something that he is busy paying off” “He”s almost 50” “no car, no savings, no furniture and no house” SOURCES: datingpsychos.com/womansavers.com

2/14/2011 10:55:01 AM - Compare James Zephyrin, aka “Lex”, “Rico” {Huntington, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY FL}: “is a hot mess. Likes to meet/chat with multiple women from mutiple dating services Blackplanet/Myspace/Match.com claims to never have time for you because he”s busy working as a director of an adult with developmental disorders facilty but is always broke and is always driving a rental car or hoopty. Has 2 beautiful daughters that he will play the great dad role to his hoes, females, whores to the tee meanwhile he spends hardly anytime with them” “He is admittedly a metro~sexual but I can almost guarantee he is on the DL he spends more time in the mirror & bathroom than I do” “is waaaay too into fashion moans very loudly weird during oral sex so much so that i stopped doing it he sounded so much like a female it was scary always talks about encounters where men wanted him like he likes that doesnt even say it with disgust/distain its like hes proud of it. The sex is sooooo wack it”s so much he won”t do or you wouldn”t want him to do no oral either way, waaaaaaay too much into kissing, slobbering breast face ewwww i got a big pimple on my face one day after being with him from all the slobber/friction. he wants you to lick, bite his nipples and moans like a little hoe its nasty not masculine at all. Promises you the world but its all talk waaaaaay to sensitive and you end up not wanting it or him anyway” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 10:55:46 AM - Compare Yi “Anthony” Zheng : “anthony got me pregnant and will not step up to the plate. our 14 month old daughter has no health insurance, he will not take me to the doctor and he constantly cheating. he enjoys porno but not the normal kind, he likes bestiality, mom and daughter having sex, minors, men”s dicks {he puts things up his butt so hard it bleeds}. the dirtier it is the more he likes it. he thinks its NORMAL. i have personally seen him jack off a dog and i told to stop. he is a major kiss ass. he has like 8 teeth even his 2 front teeth are gone! he pretends he has money but he a broke joke. sometimes he gets blisters on his dick. it takes 2 weeks for them to go away. he enjoys smelling his, mine and our daughters farts. he fascinated w/buttholes. one time when we first met he said he wanted a dog to lick peanut butter off his butthole. i really thought he was joking~boy was i wrong” :.”everything i said is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. they say people can change and they also say you cant teach an old dog new tricks” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/41391/

2/14/2011 10:56:41 AM - Compare Joe Ziegenfuss {Newton, NJ}: “Race: Asian” “PLAYER/WOMANIZER/CHEATER: The PACKAGE small, the TECHNIQUE mediocre and/or possesses a deep~seated fear of being GAY. Therefore, the need to LIE/DECEIVE, HURT/ABUSE women trying to prove to himself {and ANYONE who may be looking} that there”s nothing WRONG with him and he is not the INSECURE {small package and/or boring sex and/or gay} male that he inevitably KNOWS himself to be. Psychiatry 101” SOURCE: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=4386

2/14/2011 10:57:15 AM - Compare Mark Zimmermann : “He spends more time on the internet in swingers sites and downloading porn, or going to swingers clubs in South FL. Tells women he has no kids and he”s a widower! But he has three kids and two ex”s! He tells so many lies he can”t even keep up with them. And by the way...STD!!! Don”t believe it when he tells you it”s a cold sore!!! If you live in the Ft. Lauderdale, Miami area~BEWARE! He will suck the life out of you, and the money” COMMENT UNDER PROFILE: “OMG that is the same guy that screwed my friend over!!! he is VERY VERY verbally abusive!! He is totally psycho!!! He is definetly into all the porn stuff and will do it when your sleeping and play with himself too!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/18240/

2/14/2011 10:57:54 AM - Compare Nick Zink : “At the start of dating him I was nothing but a freakin taxi and an atm card. If I wasn”t taking him somewhere I was paying for something. Not to mention that the whole time he was with me he was constantly hitting on one of my best friends.... I didn”t find that out until much later. He would always blow off our plans to go hang out with this fat lesbian....I guess he likes that sort of thing.... That was before he joined the military. After he joined it got so much worse. He became the biggest *** in the world. I wrote him a letter everyday and devoted everything I had to him, but that still wasn”t enough. He constantly used me for my money and expected me to take care of his family in his place while he was gone.While he was gone he never called me or answered my calls and when he did he was always mad at me for something just because he was having a bad day. He even went as far to tell me that he wasn”t going to support me for the rest of my life and I wasn”t going to get a dime of his money ever, even though I was in college and had been supporting his ass for nearly 7 months {like I need him to pay my bills}. After spending 600 dollars to go visit him five states away, he basically had sex with me and then broke up with me. the next day he said he wanted to work things out and I told him that he needed to treat me better and he turned around and walked away without a word. So I guess treating me with a little respect and dignity was too much to ask from an *** like that. Since he”s been in the navy he has said on several occasions to me and our mutual friends that his job is the best job in the world and no one else job even comes close to being as great. He also said that none of us in his hometown will never amount to anything and will never be as successful as him. He is so cocky and he thinks he is God gift to Women and he is clearly mistaken! So if you date this guy just know he will expect you to pay for everything, he won”t give you any respect, his friends and acquaintances will constantly come before you, he will look down on you for the rest of your life because he thinks he is so important” “Also I think that one day he will come out of the closet and reveal himself to be very very very very gay” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/246929/

2/14/2011 10:58:30 AM - Compare Robert Zolia {Jackson, KY}: “bi sexual male prefers company of she~male girlfriend. cross dressing, infested with stds, hiv, and several sores” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 10:59:01 AM - Compare Alex zorba00, aka “zorba00”, “master coriolanus” {Tampa, FL}: “Intelligent Jordanian doctor 30s claims to want a monogamous long term relationship. He will tell you what ever you want to hear. After chatting online and meeting we had intimate relationship. Then I happened to google his user name. To my surprise he is looking for 3somes, group sex, trannies, orgy. He is on every sex site out there. ie. adultfriendfinder, passion, collarme” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 10:59:39 AM - Compare Michael Zorn {Irvine, CA}: “he”s a ****ing psychopathic lunatic! he likes to wear women”s clothing and teaches his son to touch little boys! he seems like a great package, but DONT LET LOOKS DECIEVE U! STAY AWAY FROM MICHAEL ZORN! LIVES IN IRVINE CALIFORNIA. COACHES YOUTH FOOTBALL AND CHEATS ON THE GOOD WOMEN IN HIS LIFE!” SOURCE: playersandpsychos.com

2/14/2011 11:00:17 AM - Compare John Young : “he pulled out a vibrator and asked me to **** his ass he is one sick puppy.....BEWARE GIRLS PLAYER BIG TIME” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=27909

2/14/2011 11:00:45 AM - Compare Lamarr Young {Washington}: “is a ho that is a suspected undercover gay. Been locked up for almost nine years. Don”t do **** for his child sad when your child don”t have respect for you. Beware ladies!!! This dude is a ho and don”t believe in protection” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 11:01:17 AM - Compare Micah Young {Tacoma, WA}: “I Have 2 different Baby”s Mom”s I”m Still Married I Have been Daten This girl For Almost 4 years but now I”m Daten A white girl but still going back to my girl friends to sleep with her I Do Lie About Every Thing I do Cheat I Can”t Take Care Of My Kids I”m Going To Jail Next Week For not paying child support I go in and out of jail all the time I Love To See Females Cry I Love Braken Their Heart My Girl Friends and other people think I Have Bi~sexual tendencys I”m The Biggest Heart Breaker on the Face OF Earth So If You Do ened up daten me just remeber you will get hurt you might get hit I”m Still Married I have A Girl Friend Of Almost 4 Years And Now I”m Daten A Phyco White Girl So All Together I Have 3 different girls in my life” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 11:01:48 AM - Compare Shakim Hicks {Atlanta, GA}: “refused to use a condom” “I also strongly suspect him of being on the DL. Another time he invited me to go visit him on tour, I travelled several thousand miles, got there, and when I got to the hotel he was asleep, naked in a room with three naked men. I”m lucky I didn”t get HIV from him” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 11:02:28 AM - Compare Ed Hicks {Emporia/Alexandria, VA}: “has been known to advertise in dreammates.com americansingles.com adultfriendfinder.com tickle.com match.com, yahoo personals and has ads online right now on Yahoo Personals and american singles. He is a consummate liar, con man bigamist and in my opinion very much a psychopath. He was exposed on Dr. Phil!” “If you are trusting, kind, financially secure and/or have a job, and/or have parents who are going to leave you an inheritance, if you are 35~65 years young are reasonably good looking, smart, articulate short, tall, slender, average, or a have a few extra pounds, it does not matter” “STOP dead in your tracks and RUN” “run a full background check” “This man advertises himself as an outdoorsman, tall and athletic, saying he was born in 1951 or 1952, and will lie to you for the sake of lying” “he would go to work each day, drop me off at the metro station, park his car in the adjacent lot, and walk across the street into his office. On his walk, he would remove his wedding band and his coworkers did not even know he was married. He never mentioned me to them and always talked about himself. He would leave work in the afternoon, put the wedding band back on while he walked to the car where I as waiting and we would drive home! He will refer to you by Honey or Sweetie, and will rarely use your name” “he controls your mind, your soul, and your spirit and will try to send you tumbling to his darkness” “You will immediately observe his gregarious laugher, his gravely voice, his fake caring parental nature” “he beat his first child mercilessly, abandoned him & has allegedly physically abused a couple women. He has some outstanding complaints for abuse against him. But you will forever and ever be reminded that you had an easy life and his was Hell, but he has always kept a good sense of humor and a laid back attitude. His humor, his charm, and his kindness grab you” “ALL endearing qualities are FAKE and will be used to manipulate you” “he enlisted in the AF right after high school and worked as a mechanic. He was fired from his job for using job resources to chat up women” “He”s been married 8 times!” “go to http://fightbigamy.typepad.com He is a cunning, glib, charismatic, smooth psychopath who uses people {friends, family, wives, lovers~~~it doesn”t matter} and he throws them away, without remorse, without conscience and without guilt. Currently serving time for felony bigamy!! Continues to play the victim” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/14/2011 11:59:18 AM - Compare John Michael Wilder {Cleveland, OH}: “I believe he is gay and that”s why he can”t be true or good to a woman. I kept a yeast infection because I think he was sleeping with men and other women” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 12:00:05 PM - Compare Eric Wilcoxin {Detroit, MI}: “is a child molester that has not been convicted yet. He lives in Detroit. Has a daughter. He molested a girl that stayed in his grandma”s house. He could have molested the boys too, we never know. He is light skinned, has what they call good hair. He deserves to burn in hell” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 12:00:48 PM - Compare Shawn Allan Wilbourn : “is 24 but acts like he is 2. The entire time we dated {year and a half} he had a job for only about 3 months, and even then i had to get the job for him and practically drag him to work. He doesn”t have a car or a valid driver”s license. He has a really bad weed habit and will expect you to pay for it. In fact he expects everyone to pay for everything and if he doesn”t get what he wants, he pouts and nags until its just easier to give in. He also has a drinking problem, he doesn”t know when to say when and will drink until he passes out and then will pee the bed. He also gets very paranoid and accusatory when drunk and will try to start a fight. He generally doesn”t even remember it the next day. He has hit me by throwing things at me in a drunken rage and has a very severe anger management problem. He also has hepatitis B, but doesn”t care to go to the doctor or worry about how it will affect his health if he continues on drinking. He will cheat and then try to lie his way out of it, but his stories never quite add up, but i could always tell when he was cheating, he would start accusing me of doing it. He would also spend the night over at his friend”s house, never call, never let me know what was going on and expected me to just be cool with it. He would be online while i wasn”t home and talk to girls AND guys sexually. I had a keystroke monitor and knew what he was typing and when i would confront him with it, he would either say it wasn”t him, or he was just bored and messing with people. There are other signs that pointed to him being bisexual or gay. He only wanted sex his way, in fact everything had to be his way. He loves to blame everyone else for his problems and will never be a responsible human being. He has a daughter, but has only seen her twice in a year and a half. The mother told him that she had a miscarriage, obviously because he”s such a loser and didn”t want him in her daughter”s life {i don”t blame her}. He blames me for him not seeing her, said i got mad everytime....the problem was, he was telling me that i needed to be a part of her life and i told him he needed to form a relationship with her first. He expected me to pay for a carseat, bottles, clothes, etc. I was kind enough to let him leave his stuff at the apartment while he found another place to stay, but he was acting childish and so i asked him to remove his stuff asap, when he failed to do so, i told him i was changing the locks and he threatened to break into the apartment. Things came to a head and i had the locks changed and his stuff was packed and put into the hallway. He came to get it and threatened my life” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=21913

2/14/2011 12:01:21 PM - Compare Shawn Lehnert, aka “Silence” {Seattle, Lynwood, WA}: “has cheated on every girlfriend he has ever had, always has a live~in and a few on the side that arent allowed to his house. Abandonded his infant son, cheated on his baby”s mama repeatedly throughout and after the pregnancy. Not to mention that he did not disclose the nature of his criminal history!!! Just look him up in the Sex Offender Registry, and the REAL story is even worse than u could imagine. Disgusting Pig!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 12:01:57 PM - Compare Michael Lehman : “will sweet talk you into next year, be the utmost gentleman, give you a sob story about his ex, tell you he”ll call and really, really wants to see you again, and then BAM! You never ever hear from him again. I”m a flight attendant and HE asked ME to go something with him on my layover there on Christmas Day this year. The bastard stood me up without so much as a peep of a call or email to explain. Thankfully, his friend is my friend on Myspace and told me of his quickly waning interest in almost every girl he dates. I swear he is GAY! Stay away from him, ladies. He”ll break your heart” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/82493/

2/14/2011 12:02:35 PM - Compare Roger Legg {cities in Tennessee or Florida}: “is wanted in Newport Oregon, Lincoln County, for child molestation which he failed to appear in court on the charges. He married his cousin and had at least one child, a son with her. He is a womanizer, unfaithful in his relationships and certainly not to be trusted with children. He likes to play the guitar and jam with other musicians and has tried most all illegal drugs” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 12:03:06 PM - Compare John Leffler {Waukesha, WI}: “guilty of sex offenses” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=16295

2/14/2011 2:40:17 PM - Compare Lawerence Hill {Charlotte, NC}: “This cocky little bastard is on the DL and likes to think he is better then everyone else. Larry is a married man but little does his wife know he has sex with men and strippers all the time. The only reason why I am putting our business up on this site is because I”m sick and tried of him putting me down all the time and here he is ****ing a man and going home to a women who he cannot stand! Well I guess its finally out in the open so you might as well come out of the closet!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 2:40:51 PM - Compare Forest Hill : “is scary he might be on the down low, he loves the company of men so much,well women too! no stranger to threesomes thinks he is fine! big big liar, cheater, bad dad. watch out!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/183706/

2/14/2011 2:41:23 PM - Compare Derrick R. Hill {Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI}: “is heavily into drugs, sleeps around and is never faithful. He uses woman for their money and once he gets the money and buys his drugs, moves on to the next one. He is extremely manipulative and has a very bad temper. In the last year he has been with at least 20 women that I know of and dated three of them at the same time. He has STD and will never admit to it. He also has homosexual desires and occasionally you will find him at the boys town in Chicago. CHEATER/LIAR/USER/ He is one of the most manipulative people you will ever meet in your life. He dates several woman at a time and sleeps with all of them. He is not faithful, and can not commit to a relationship” “Once he has you hooked he borrows money and never returns. He uses his charm to lure woman into his life. He makes you think that you are the only woman in his life while he is already sleeping with 10 other woman. He is heavily into drugs and alcohol. He shows off with his clothes and car {which has been paid for with other woman”s money} and charms you. He is the biggest liar that you will ever meet in your life. He has lost all his friends and their respect due to his lies. He owes everyone money, including IRS. He is very selfish and self centered. All he cares about is money. He hits woman as well as his dog when he is having one of his mood swings. He loses his job all the time because of his addiction to drugs. He is usually out of job for a year at a time. Don”t even believe a word he says. While we were dating, I found out he was sleeping with three other woman at the same time. He gave me infection but never admitted that it was him sleeping around. He loves to do Orgies. After we broke up, I found out through his friends that, he also is bi~sexual. He will do anything for money. He paid for his school by sleeping with older women and getting paid for it. He has lots of mental issues. DON”T BE FOOLED BY HIS CHARM, he has absolutely nothing to offer but misery” SOURCE: DDHG


2/14/2011 2:42:34 PM - Compare Bobby Hill, aka CHIPZ”, “CHIPPER BLUE “This guy looks good but lies about everything, and he”s gay. all the men he hangs out with are undercover Bi” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/157468/

2/14/2011 2:43:07 PM - Compare John Hilfiger : “is a hot mess ladies. Number dude is messing with dudes and coming back and messing with the ladies. I guess the little thing he got between his legs can only satisfy some man”s rectum. Be careful ladies he is cute but he will charm you out you drawers and your money. he usually preys on overweight women with low self esteem and money. he is no real Hilfiger. he is a broke busted *** fake wanna be blood. All he is a closet dweller looking for transvestites to ***” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/210762/

2/14/2011 2:43:53 PM - Compare Nicholas Hildebrandt {Melbourne}: “Nich is a 20 year old creep. We dated on and off for 3 years and in this time he had between 14 and 18 other sexual partners, both male and female. Ladies {and gentlemen} be warned, if you frequent the inner eastern suburbs of melbourne he will be sure to try and pick u up {especially if your at the Harp in Kew or Arcadia in South Yarra, these are his main haunts.}” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 2:44:30 PM - Compare Christopher Higham {Houston, TX UK}: “A shocking man ~ only interested in making love anally ~ no lube” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 2:45:00 PM - Compare Glenn Higgins {Austin, TX}: “He”s totally weird. Came on as normal at first, but wants a slut. He wants his woman to be with other men & wants to join in if he can. Very forceful when he tried to get me to pick up other men. I ran out of the club and dumped him” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/14/2011 2:45:36 PM - Compare Christopher Higgins {Baltimore, MD}: “is a 50 year old pervert who will treat you like a queen while cheating and talking to other women online making arrangements to meet them. He will make up excuses to leave town and go spend the weekend with his latest victim. His computer is littered with porn, gay and everything sick you can imagine. Be careful of this sicko, he will be caught and hound you constantly trying to break you down to take him back again. Once you do, he starts all over again. He is lower than a pregnant snake”s belly in a wagon rut!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 2:46:10 PM - Compare Bobby Gene Higgins {Greensboro, Winston~Salem,Thomasville, NC}: “is a liar, cheater, and a smooth talker. i met him in winston ~salem he cheated on me with a girl havin sex with her bent over on the rail road traks in plain view of the world. he also was driving around with other guys giving oral sex for money!! he also has a record for hitting a disabled child. he has a temper and he also uses drugs. the ones that i know of are weed, coke & crack. he is bad news. Beware!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 2:46:47 PM - Compare Wesley Higginbotham {Lubbock, El Paso, S. Korea}: “He can not ever be faithful to anyone. He will tell you anything & everything he thinks you want to hear. He will cheat on you with men & women. I met him after he got from S Korea when he was in town for 2 weeks. Stupid me, we started dating even though he was going to be stationed in El Paso. He even flew me to El Paso about 2 months later for the weekend. Had all of his friends telling me how much he liked me and cared about me. While I was there he even asked me to move there & talked about marriage. He didn”t realize I stayed in contact with a girl I met there and she told me what he was really doing. He had a girlfriend down there too that he was telling the same lines too. Then he finally broke up with me after I confronted him with it. Come to find out he was also sleeping with one of my gay friends” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 2:47:22 PM - Compare Michael Hiebert : “He is very manipulating, lies, and he is also MARRIED as well has having other women in different cities that he likes to have a sexual encounter with. He will LOVE you for a while, then will disappear only to reappear when the time is right for him. When you figure him out or ask him questions, he wants to try and reverse the role and put the blame on you like it is your fault. When the relationship gets to a point where you expect him to put you first and do things that could move the two of you together he gets lazy, its too hard, he”s bored... he moves on to the next one...you”re out... he”s on to the next “true love” of his life. Whom he will be sure to torture you with by telling you ALL ABOUT HER, how much better she is at X Y and Z than you were... how happy he is now... WARNING He WILL be lonely between women and decide to use you again to pass the time by telling you how much he misses you and would like to be with you again... but the next day he”s online finding someone to get his freak on with. A foursome, man on man sex, the more outlandish the better. He will SAY and make you believe he will “do anything” to make it work. That he will do what it takes to be with YOU, be faithful to YOU and love you and make a perfect life with YOU but when it comes time for actions he fails. He can only DO things to further his insatiable appetite for sex and alcohol and drugs. Always pushing limits and over the top. He”s a 13 year old trapped in a 42 year old body. He is bi~polar and manic depressive. A ball of insane sadness that will wreck your life and all your dreams. He is sly and charming and loving. He”s a professional liar and will break you not only mentally and financially but if you let him work his way into your future and dreams he can crush your spirit too” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/317490/

2/14/2011 2:47:54 PM - Compare Oswald Hidalgo {Nora, Indianapolis, IN}: “broke my heart, liar cheater, hispanic has a green card living in nora close to broadripple,wears a medallion around his neck signifies something evil of course that is his personality, he likes to go to swingers clubs have sex with lot of women, dont like to use a condom, think he can”t get hiv becouse of something he saw on tv, becouse of bloodtype, he actually made that stupid comment, this guy is so ignorant, he actually ask me to bring my friend to him to have sex with them, this man is 40 and have children, what a nasty example, and we wonder what happening to our children today, he like sex with multiple partners at same time, dont care what he gets or what he give to someone else, has absolutley no respect for any woman not even his own mother, he has had sex many times with a woman who husband is bisexual and sleep with other men and they both had sex with her at same time, that is nasty, has no morals whatsoever, scarey stuff, so if you been with him please get checked and if you going to be with him take precaution , because he dont care who he hurt” “is on myspace under this same name, and on yahoo personals saying looking for good friends actually what he really means is looking for sexual partners with no strings attached, this man has no concience, and will laugh in your face at the pain that he inflicts in your life, on others period, coldhearted. so run as fast as you can and spare yourself the pain, is wasted on him.” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 2:48:30 PM - Compare Jamie Hill, aka Jay {Willimantic, CT}: “I married a man whom ended up cheating on me and took me for everything I have. He was a gold digger. I want to warn other woman about him. He works in Groton CT, and is a big mommys boy. He lies and steals, cheats, and love to drink and go to strip clubs. Please be ware of this man. He just wants a girl with money and does not care what she looks like. He is very cheap, and is a heavy drinker. He now owns a harley that I bought!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 2:49:08 PM - Compare Benjamin Hilderbrand, aka “Joe” {Barrow, AK}: “has a lot of problems * He will put you and your family down, anything to isolate you from them. *He has ***, won”t tell you until its too late, then rationalizes his dishonesty by saying “everyone has it.” WILL NOT BE UP FRONT ABOUT THIS! *Constantly trolls the internet for BBWs and other women to meet up with, and is never happy with what he has at home. *Cheats when he is out of town. *Collects porn. This one is a sicko. *Tries to isolate you by telling you he doesn”t like your friends. Always wants to know where you are and checks up on you. *Contradictory. Says one thing then does another. *Will say things to upset you, then deny he ever said it. Tries to make you think there is something wrong with yourself. *Bad mouths everyone, never anything nice to say. I call him the town gossip. Badmouths his friends behind their backs. *Moody and takes it out on you. Makes it a point to try to ruin your day by being an ass. *Says he is of normal size. Believe me ladies, he is not, don”t waste your time. *Constantly criticizes you. As far as he is concerned, nothing you do is right. *Way too fat, and won”t be honest with you upfront about that either. He will tell you he is 280. Try 100 more pounds than that. Says he is on a diet. Eats twice as much as anyone I know. *He lives in another world and insists that you have a “BDSM” relationship with him. Has BDSM online relationships. *Has really bad bathroom habits and always leaves a mess for someone else to clean up. Will not raise the lid, and leaves it wet for you. Does not flush after himself. Use your imagination on this one. *Will manhandle your children then lie about it. Calls them “stupid” and is not someone to have around your children. He has no patience with kids. Will try to tell you that you are a “lousy” parent and then tries to take control of you and them. He is inappropriate around your female children. *This one has a lot to hide, will not be up front about things, then tries to pass his faults on you saying your the one that has all the problems” SOURCE: DDHG

2/14/2011 2:49:43 PM - Compare Steven Hiesler : “Age: 54” “Occupation: theatre stage manager” “I dated this person for a 2 year period. He was separated when I met him and kept pursuing the relationship with me. I broke off the relationship stating that he needed to at least start his divorce proceedings after seeing him for a year. Steven kept coming back and telling me he had done this to continue the relationship. Then he started to call my 15 year old daughter on her cell phone without my knowledge because he was trying to help her with her diet, also joined MySpace and was contacting her through the internet and reading her blogs while on his profile he had some strange very perverse photos of women. When I confronted him and told him it was not right to be contacting my daughter over the internet while we were not even seeing each other, he threatened to come over and burn down my apartment and rape both me and my daughter and kill us referring to me as a stupid cunt and saying that I was a hot bitch and that my daughter was also hot althought he would not touch her until she was eighteen. This man is a sick pervert and a true psycho. Initially he comes across as a very conservative church going family orientated well educated gentleman but what lies beneath is very sick. Four months after I broke up with him he sent me a birthday card with yet another sick abusive letter inside. I am sorry I ever met this man he is one scary person, and the fact that he waited for a year and started contacting my daughter on her cell phone and joined My Space to read her private blogs and pick up women in cages black leather outfits, women naked painted green and women naked women crucified. Believe me I never had an inkling as he has an 11 year old daughter and a 21 year old daughter of his own and seemed to adore his 11 year old taking her shopping to music lessons choir practice you would never dream he is a psycho pedophile pervert. Now I have to be afraid that this sick psycho knows where we live and has repeatedly called both my home phone and cell phone and kept hanging up. I am putting this on here to warn other women especially those with young daughters at home because this man is very devious and waits quite some time and pretends to have a paternal interest which is anything but” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

2/14/2011 2:50:24 PM - Compare Zman silly silly, aka “Idunno” {Ormond Beach, FL}: “is a flaming homosexual who likes it in the behind 9 out of seven days a week!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/27269/

2/15/2011 1:01:48 PM - Compare Dean Landy : “a friend of ours showed up at our doorstep, shaking and pale. It took her a while to tell us what had happened to her for the past months” “After the first meeting Dean told her “she is the one”. The relationship blossomed and she was very happy, she met the children and the parents” “Even though the first time we met Dean, we had our reservations and that feeling was shared by our other friends; We all thought, he is not good enough for her” “we kept our opinions to ourselves as we believe she deserves all the happiness she can get” “my friend found out that Dean had been cheating on her, not only with women but also with men. All these times everything that happened in her relationship was all lies. She kept on digging and these are what she has found: During all his relationships after his separation from his wife, none of his women he had relationships with at that time knew he was also sleeping with other women and men. Most of these were done during the day. When he is picking up guys, he will be using the name PAUL. He will be meeting all these men in their homes during the day mostly or to a place they have agreed on. When he is overseas by himself he also tried to pick up women, in Fiji, he was heard trying to pick~up this woman by using this line: he likes women who are married and their husbands ignored them and made them feel un~attractive. He picked up vulnerable women for casual encounters. This is his value of sanctity of marriage and fidelity. This is just a list of his profiles in the dating sites. [[sites are left out, see profile, if interested]] In the above sites, he mentioned his age is between 41 ~ 43, when in fact he is 50. She then stopped searching as she found it very sickening. She confronted him and he deleted most of his profiles except the ones in RSVP. However the burden of it was too much for her, it took tolls to her mental health. She hasn”t slept well since she found it about his activities in the gay sites” “she told us the whole story. His depravities cannot be explained in words. The things that he did were much much worse and we couldn”t write here as it will offend the morality of normal people. My friends and I were stunned at the enormity of the burden that she carried for this long and yet looking at her shaking, she came out stronger and we can only give her comfort by hugging her. We hope time will heal the wounds and will not shake her trust in man kind” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

2/15/2011 1:02:25 PM - Compare Miles Landry, aka ”Robert N. Gordon” : “Age: 57” “He robs women of their money, their soul and their hearts. He is a cop~caller and a cheap dickhead” “He likes having dogs lick his dick. He is a sociopath of the worst variety. Lying piece of shit has the smallest dick I have ever seen. Huge balls, however but not in the ordinary sense. He is a coward and a thief” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

2/15/2011 1:02:59 PM - Compare Sheldon Landa {NYC, NY}: “plays piano very egotistical, claims to be spiritual but he”s looking to be taken care of as far as money is concerned, smokes lots of pot, doesn”t like to work, parents pay his rent, very spoiled, college educated, attracted to Asian women, is into group sex” SOURCE: DDHG

2/15/2011 1:03:34 PM - Compare Lance, aka “L” {Overland Park}: “You will start getting anonymous phone calls and hang ups when you start dating him. I think where he gets ya is that in the bedroom because he eats, licks, and sucks any and everything. He likes licking ass so much I am thinking he has DL tendencies. LOL. Ladies beware and just because you are a big girl does not mean you have to act desperate. He”s nothing but a big fat internet player!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/15/2011 1:04:19 PM - Compare Michael Lamoureux : “I was with him for 6 months and we lived together for almost 1 1/2 years. When we first got together he was charming, sweet, romantic and passionate. After the first 4 months, he started getting shady. He would sneak around, and lie about where he was and who he was with. He cheated on me with 4 other women and was trying to pursue a male friend of ours. He tried to poison me when I was pregnant to make me lose the baby. He was physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive to me. I went to work several times with bruises and black eyes. If he tries to hook up with you, know that he is probably in a “committed” relationship with someone else. And if you are dating him, he was cheating on someone when you got together with him and he is probably cheating on you with someone else now” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/319675/

2/15/2011 1:04:59 PM - Compare Kwasi Nangila, aka “Deon Plummer” [his real name] : “he was always online We went back and forth but any way we got close and he admitted he stayed with women for survival he admitted he liked sleeping with drag queens but he also has let at least six or seven men do him and he enjoyed that too. He said he felt free with me so he just told me all kind of things. The problem with Deon is that he lies doesnt work and did not mention how much money he owed in child support. I found that out when I checked the mail one day. It was like one hundred thirty thousand dollars, mind blowing. He says they meaning his mom pays twenty five dollars a month now. I am sorry but those children will be receiving social security before he pays them off. He was in the black panther party, well, the new black panther party but he really does have SIX biracial children. It was crazy the way he would rant about white people when his children are white. Ok, my beef was the lying not working or even trying to support or see his kids” “he would be online talking to others because he has to always i mean always has an exit plan. So his new woman in Georgia good luck. He told me he was going there for a mission for a church that he felt the Lord was preparing him for but he wanted to come here first and get some good coochie. yeah insane. he talked about trying to find a job and stay in Houston with his CLAN until then but of course she is the mission. Be careful girls, he doesnt like condoms either. saving the best for last, he told me last month that his ex wife was harassing him on facebook because she said the papers were not signed and they are still legally married” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/298468/

2/15/2011 1:05:39 PM - Compare Mohammed Namvar, aka NADER : “LADIES AND GENTS BE CAREFUL if you run into this bisexual Pervert, he has a one tract mind. He is a Heavy METH and Heroin user and Alcoholic and Sex addict and will do Anything to get his FIX. He has 6 kids he does not take care of. He does not work but lives off of several different girlfriends and boy friends and tries to CHEAT, LIE , STEAL have sex or do anything he can for $$. He has hepatitis so be very careful!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/302017/

2/15/2011 1:07:28 PM - Compare Steve Landrum {Round Rock, TX} : “used me by telling me he loved me to work for him and book him, he cheated on me continually, he was also married, now going thru divorce, i am not the first, he had one girlfriend after another. he verbally abused me constantly” “he is a user cannot keep a job, wants a woman to take care of him, he sleeps with both men and women i found out for money, it doesn”t matter if your 70. he will sleep with you for a buck, omg what did i get myself into. found all this out a little too late” “your not allowed to have any problems or issues and not allowed to talk about them to him, he will shut you up immediately, because only he can talk and you are going to be forced to hear it all the time” “he is a user ladies, looking for a woman to run all over, he is also addicted to porn, and cannot be faithful, he constantly lies and keeps secrets, while he keeps in touch with other women in your face, he lives on the phone calling one right after the other with his problems, and the same darn story” “he has a band that he can”t get off the ground because he keeps screwing everyone over, he has serious anger issues and will take them out on you” “he never took my feelings into consideration, and told me he loved me after only 2 weeks [ ] here are some of his lines [ ] [“]now get out there and book me, and work hard, and I will pay you one day, when i get rich.. and here suck my dick while youre at it cause youre the best ever[”] [ ] “the minute i stood up to him for his behavior he was so out of here” “i find out he canceled bookings with band members behind my back, and wanted me to show up at club with no band out of revenge” “his wife threw him out” “later I get a call from the sherriffs department, he called me a harrasser and a stalker, boy was I taken back by that” “i also found out after i broke up with him, his exs all came out of the woodwork, and told me he gave them herpes” “he has stds, and he just wants to use you for your time and money” SOURCE: DDHG

2/16/2011 2:11:33 PM - Compare Mackey Drew {San Leandro, CA}: “Emotions and mood swings of a woman. So basically, he”s a little bitch. He”s very manipulative and deceitful. Likes to create love triangles, and make you feel like you”re the only one. He”s very self centered and doesn”t care about anyone but his penis {which isn”t worth it at all... a.k.a. NOT packing} He acts like a pmsing bitch 24 7.. more estrogen than testosterone. Is in denial about his true sexual identity!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/16/2011 2:12:07 PM - Compare Andre Dreams {Salem, OR}: “this guy is such a loseer, i was his friend nothing more but i got so sick of him using girls and cheating on them that i had to X him. he is a registered sex offender, not for young young kids, but late teens. he is one of those everyone owes me something, doesn”t work, bums money off anyone he can, even screws over his own parents. he had a girl takin care of him while he has been in prison had her move from las vegas to oregon as his “girl”, and cheats on her constantly, he is cute and charming, but moms lock up yourselves and your daughters, he doesn”t discriminate” SOURCE: DDHG

2/16/2011 2:12:42 PM - Compare Steve Draper {Pineville, Charlotte, NC}: “We were together on and off for over a year. At first when I met him I thought. “Wow what a really sweet, fun guy”. Boy was I wrong! First of all, he cheated on his girlfriend at the time with me {I had no clue}. When we first started dating there was “rumors” that he was cheating on me, but I never caught him in anything. Later on I come to find out that every single girl that he has ever been with he has cheated on.. and this isn”t even the bad part of the story. It was just revealed recently that back in September him and one of my {ex} good friends, started sleeping together. I was totally unaware of this until now that this was going on for 7 months. I just thought they were really good friends that worked with each other on their volunteer fire dept. A friend of mine told me she had heard that they were sleeping together and were meeting people in chat rooms. I thought this was a bit strange.. I figured that this had to be something that involved sex, so I googled swingers websites and went to the first one I found. Sure enough there they were... naked! I have never been so grossed out in my life. They were looking for guys and girls to do S” SOURCE: DDHG

2/16/2011 2:13:27 PM - Compare Ryan Doyle {Syracuse, NY}: “Ryan went abroad to London for a Fall 08 semester and cheated on his girlfriend. He lies about not being with anyone else to sleep with girls. He also Sodomizes girls without asking... If you see him, punch him in the face. He”s in college, Syracuse 09” SOURCE: DDHG

2/16/2011 2:14:35 PM - Compare Mark E. Doyle {Ft. Lauderdale, FL}: “was my best friend. I was engaged to him for over a yr before I found out that he is a lie. A double life is an understatement. I found him on my space stating his success rate with Blow jobs on the first date with myspace sluts. I found him on falcon.com a male porn site. I was made aware that a month after he proposed to me on the Ft. Lauderdale beach in front of his condo that he slept in our bed with a girl that was herself married with 2 children. He apparently dated her all but the last month of our engagement when she found out about me. I am still in shock. We had planned our lives together and were to be married by the end of the yr. He has an STD and according to a few of the girls I spoke with never used a condom. You will notice if you date him that he keeps his home ringer off and cell on vibrate. He does not know the truth or what love is. I still do not know why he wanted to marry me. He will tell you he wants kids and play the innocent catholic boy it is all a lie. I was able to speak to 2 of his exes and the story is the same. He sends the same message to each girl~ everyone is stunning. You will notice that he is cheap relatively early and he will usually have you drive so that he does not have to pay for gas and is not recognized. He lies with a straight face and has no remorse. I only share to hopefully prevent one of you from wasting the 2 plus yrs I did. He is a master lier and you will never suspect. If you have any questions ask around his hospital in which he works ~ you will be able to find me and I will show you all of the myspace e~mails. Please be careful” SOURCE: DDHG

2/16/2011 2:15:09 PM - Compare Kenneth Michael Downs {Barboursville, KY}: “has been my bf fiance for 29 months he drives a semi and has just told me he is bi and slept with a transvestite. he is also in the national guard” SOURCE: DDHG

2/16/2011 2:15:50 PM - Compare Glenn Downs/Kestner {Wenatchee, WA}: “This guy is a level 3 sex offender in the state of Washington, currently bouncing from home to home to avoid address registration. He is a user, a liar, a sneak, a conman, a sexual deviant and deadbeat. He is smooth and slick and will get in your good graces quickly. He is 6ft5, WHITE {even though he claims Native heritage}, 300+ pounds with 10+ tattoos. Get involved with him and lose all self~respect you ever had for yourself. He is known to play multiple GIRLS at one time, as he cannot handle a REAL woman. Not a bitter or jilted ex here, just thought it time he was forced to quit hiding and be a man...if he is at all capable that is” SOURCE: DDHG

2/16/2011 2:16:24 PM - Compare Gregor Dowgird {Albany, NY}: “Here is a really sad story. Greg Dowgird is a 48 year old mentally unstable individual with a history of alcohol abuse as well as abusing depression related drugs and number of suicidal attempts. He also suffers from low self esteem and cannot function as a “normal” human being. Because of these problems he is a notorious manipulator and has mostly lied & “bought” women most of his life because he knows no other way to keep one except by “buying” them with little gifts and cheap trinkits. He is as said “mentally unstable” and has been known to beat up and abuse women and has in the past and will again. He is definately a real “not job” not to mention that he has a lot of issues with his “real sexuality”. Greg Dowgird is and has been a homosexual for years and tries to hide it and is ashamed of himself, so he uses women and blames them whenever he “can”t get it up”. he is a cheesy~aging loser with no talent and no potential to ever make you happy. He also will use you to “sheild” him against any ex~boyfriends and will control you so that guys will not come near you. He would just as much by a car or buy a trophie as hook up with you. He is and always will be a low life & a bottom feeder. So beware ladies. This guy is not capable of love and is only using you as a sheild to hide is homosexuality that he cannot face up to. His current girlfriend is a goth~bimbo who he has “trained” like tool to do is bidding so when she realizes what a loser and fake this guy truly is as have his previous girlfriends or he beats her up, YOU may be his next “tool” SOURCE: DDHG

2/16/2011 2:17:01 PM - Compare Brian Dougherty {Indianapolis, IN}: “This man is the best friend you”ll ever know. He will listen to you and comfort you. He will gain your trust. Don”t trust him. He gets out of one relationship with one girl, then jumps into another one with someone in a different state. He moves away. He tells the new girl his sob story about how his two exes screwed him over and won”t let him see his kids. That”s right! KidS. He”s got two children by two different women and doesn”t pay child support on either of them. He can only keep a job for about 7~9 months and has no problem letting his girlfriend pay the bills, even if she”s eight months pregnant. This man carries $100,000+ in debt, and is trying to avoid being sued and put into jail. He is very sweet and very charming. He relies on his boyish charm to get what he wants. He is a very good manipulator. He likes to talk his girlfriends into “sharing”. He”s very into threesomes. If you want an ear to listen to you, more debt than you can handle, more people in your bed than you can count, and a life of a single mom, by all means, this is the guy for you” SOURCE: DDHG

2/16/2011 2:17:33 PM - Compare Randy Stolper {Ocean Beach, CA}: “Lived with this guy for two years. I hope he finds this. He mentally and emotionally manipulated me. Feeding me lies and cheating on me with women that he met on myspace and craigslist. He literally drove me to the point of insanity before I finally got my own place and have been living on my own for going on three years and have never been happier. It wasn”t till right before we broke up that I found a profile of someone wearing just thongs on OUR bed. I went to confront him about it, thinking it was a girl, but when I clicked on the next picture IT WAS HIM! IN MY UNDERWEAR! I did still care for him at the time and was willing to help him explore this new side that I hadn”t heard anything about. Needless to say, I bought the biggest black strap on I could find and showed NO MERCY to his cheating ***. After that I found out that his sister knew about it, saw that he was cruising on craigslist for guys and TRANNIES along with the typical bored at home housewife. He even tried to get me to go with him to meet one of these transsexual. He would make his own toys out of broom stick handles and other things that he could whittle away at/mold/melt into the form of some kind of penetrating object. He worked at a laundromat {which he got fired from for stealing} where he would steal girls underwear to wear at home when I wasn”t there. Also he would take pictures of his penis and send the pictures to random phone numbers. Anyway, he”s a confused person that doesn”t know what he wants and only can enjoy life when he”s driving someone else insane or making them unhappy to the point of being suicidal” SOURCE: DDHG

2/16/2011 2:18:08 PM - Compare Kevin Stockford : “self~obsessed liar. It started off in the relationship fine, he would take me out to dinner, and be a perfect gentleman. But come to find out, he was lying the whole time. While he was talking sweet to me, he was also talking to many other ladies. But I did not find this out until after. We ended the relationship because he had to move to California to “model”. Well, I found out that this “modeling” was actually GAY PORN. When I brought this up to him, he got very upset that I would ever accuse him of this, and said we could never speak again. So I got the website and emailed him the link, and he had nothing to say” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/61542/

2/16/2011 2:18:43 PM - Compare William Stinchcomb {Columbus, OH}: “I have known this guy since Middle school. I tell him that I am having his baby and he tells me 6 months in to my pregnacy that he is bi~sexual and he doesn”t know what he wants out of this. We we have the baby we start messing around again after the baby was about 1 1/2 it was going good for a few months then I get sick and go to the hospital and on top of me being sick the tell me I have HERPIES! Now he is the only guy that I had been with since before I knew I was having a baby and had a full blood work up 3 months before I found out that he gave me a STD. SO all the ladies out there {Or guys out there} Don”t date him u will catch something!” SOURCE: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=2298

2/16/2011 2:19:15 PM - Compare Tom Stiller, aka “Atticus” : “Biggest emo bastard ever. Closet gay/bi. Gets randomly aggro over nothing. The WORST in bed, period {seriously, ridiculously bad}. Likes to pretend he”s smart by spouting big words {which he doesn”t know the meaning of}, especially when he”s drunk, but he”s actually really stupid. Would be good looking if he lost some weight and dropped the dramatic emo act. Totally self~absorbed. Flabby, sloppy, pathetic loser. Don”t go there” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/81314/

2/16/2011 2:19:47 PM - Compare Anurag Doulatram {Scarborough, Canada~Ontario}: “GAY BOY” SOURCE: DDHG

2/16/2011 2:20:22 PM - Compare Andre Drake {Lakewood, Tacoma, WA}: “This worthless piece of rot got my friend pregnant and bailed, changing his number, work just so he could dismiss the idea. talks like he is for real.... gay. Dumb ass was also seen on the personals a few times online. I just did a quick search around and yep, that is him” SOURCE: DDHG

2/16/2011 2:20:58 PM - Compare Danny Driscoll {Quincy, MA}: “On dating websites now...first wife committed suicide. He met someone right away who was married. She left her husband for him. He got remarried~lasted about 6 months. That woman put him in jail for 6 months for Assault and Battery. After he got out of jail 9 months ago, he continued sleeping with her as well as victimizing other women. He is currently on probation and his 3 kids live with his parents because he is unfit. DO NOT GET MIXED UP WITH THIS GUY!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 12:40:06 PM - Compare Christopher Hendrix {Oklahoma City, OK}: “Another orphan, raised by his now dead granny. His much older lover lived in AK until they met in a gay chat room. Then the lover moved to OKC because Christopher was such a shining example of class and truth. And, why wouldn”t he be you might ask? What with pulling cats out of trees for little old ladies, and saving people from burning cars as a rookie firefighter.. Hmmm. And let”s not forget his 10 endowment. Who wouldn”t pay to have him travel cross country to meet you? His scam, along with the many lies, is that he believes in love at first “site” {his spelling, not mine.} And if you could just send him $600 to come and see you, he”s sure you and he would be a perfect match. This guy is just too much. If it smells like a liar, talks like a liar, then it must be a LIAR!!! Lonely gentlemen beware. Pass this one by” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 12:41:05 PM - Compare Nolen Hendresen {Chicago, IL}: “I dated this guy on and off for the past 1 1/2 years. He really knows how to gain your trust and then manipulate the **** out of you. He got what he wanted {SEX} this summer while we were spending time together” “He used me and I will never let him back into my life again” “I met this man a couple years ago and it has been DRAMA every since. Everytime I would get out he would pull me back in. I was told he was having sex in the park with some guy I met that works out at Ballys, he told me! He cheats all the time with either men or women, at this point who knows. Hangs out with gay women and is always playing some emotional mind game. I wasted 2 yrs with him I won”t do it again! Good luck Crazy Person! If you”re smart you won”t test it. I read letters from his ex~wife and he really put her through the ringer. I am educated and very bright, he would tell me how to feel. I couldn”t have any emotion about anything. He is can be nice but it is not real he will turn on you and disregard your feelings all the while saying he cares about you. He is a user and he lies constantly. He has a very high capacity for hurting people. Very hurtful. I”m just glad to be out of it with him. He”s always got some big secret going on. It”s was never easy, always some sort of test” “I believed and trusted him again this summer when he said that he loved me and missed me. He told me he loved me and that there was nobody else. Which was a lie!” “The heart wants what it wants so I got all caught up in his Master Manipulating again. He really knows how to gain your trust and then manipulate the *** out of you. He got what he wanted {SEX} this summer while we were spending time together” “He knows the bible backwards and forwards but hangs out with Lesbian women on the regular basis. And also keeps a few Gay men as associates. Why? When I tried to talk to him about it, he was obviously upset and acted as if I were invisible and started another conversation” “I felt and still feel like this is strange behavior from a Christian man. I refuse to be unmarried and without child hoping that this fool was going to do what he said he was going to do “love me and treat me with respect” “So secretive about every little thing, but at the same time telling me how much he loved me. Bull****!” “Nolen the Great Pretender! I won”t be fooled again.” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 12:41:38 PM - Compare Samuel Henderson Bennett III : “Ex~marine now club gigalo. Cheap doesn”t like to spend money. Still living with MOMS. Might be downlow suspect, likes to put it where the sun don”t shine a little too often” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/46491/

2/18/2011 12:42:11 PM - Compare Wayne Henderson {worked for Verizon in Maryland}: “is a drug user and alcoholic. He has a daughter that his mother is helping him raise. He is a liar and is Bi sexual. This came out after I had left him alone. We never had unprotected sex, {thank God} and I have been getting tested every 6 months...its been over 2 years now and I am in the clear...he has a son by some random chick had her while he was in college” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 12:42:45 PM - Compare Nick Henderson : “is a girlfriend beater and likes to give girls drugs and try and date rape them. He has man boobs. And will do anything to get in your pants. He probably has every STD in the book ladies. When you see him coming just turn the other way. Or stab him. Whichever is more convenient. He drives a lifted 2 door black truck as of now, with a blue light underneath it. I”m sure he is closet gay. Or at least likes it in the ***. He has a chode” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/140425/

2/18/2011 12:43:20 PM - Manyani Henderson {Minneapolis, MN}: “DL” “has so many kids that he cannot even count them. He is a lying manipulating piece of trash that will try to make you become a prostitute because he is so lazy he cannot get a job... He has been stalking and beating me for years and we have been broken up for almost a year. He goes after young women who don”t know any better and I would keep my friends and anything with a pulse away from him... All in all he has nothing at all to offer except sperm and a couple diseases!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 12:43:52 PM - Compare Jesse Helton : “the first 5 years and you keep asking yourself “are you sure he”s not gay?” Then he comes home with all these stories of how men want to f*&k him in the ass, and laughs and says its funny, and for Valentines day you get a black bag with a vibrator in it with several different attachments, when you explain to him that you don”t use foreign objects and he looks at you and says I know, It”s not for you...ummmm HELLO SOMEONE NEEDS TO JUST COME OUT OF THE CLOSET AND NOT WASTE 5 YEARS OF SOMEONE”S LIFE. So waste your years on someone else, he will soon come out of the closet... He loves Cher...Wants to go to GAY bars to watch.... Changes his voice to sing like Beyonce {which maybe if he bent over he could hit a high note}... Everything down to his boxers have to match.... I know men have style but I mean come on down to the boxers?.... Yep HE”S GAY, in DENIAL but HE IS GAY. If you have dated him research August issue of Cosmopolitian it tells you how to tell if he”s Gay. Okay Jesse is linked to over 20 different signs that he”s just not came out of the closet... He is wasting your time girls just with you too cover up his deep emotions to be Gay just doesn”t have the balls to come clean to his Family, his brother and sister is in the military and they would not be supportive of him as being openly Gay” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/39735/

2/18/2011 12:44:33 PM - Compare Benjamin Heiland {York}: “Ben is afraid of commitment. He is ODD and he is bi~polar/manic~depressant. He ignores you, and has no libido whatsoever. He is a major jerk and is insensitive to your feelings. He thinks about everything logically and he always thinks he is right, and he acts like an ass about it. Oh yeah, he acts really gay” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 12:45:33 PM - Compare Kenneth Heil {Palmdale, CA}: “Kenny met me at the 24~Hour Fitness Gym on the East side of Palmdale. I was overweight at the time and yo~yoing with my weight. At first Kenny told me that he liked women who were overweight. But next thing I knew, he started critizing me for being overweight” “I became self~conscious of how other people perceived me. So I got lasik eye surgery, then a year later gastric bypass surgery. I started losing weight, bought new clothes and for the first time in my life, I started feeling happy with my looks. Well, it wasn”t good enough for Kenny. He criticized me more and said now I was “too thin” ” “what a slap in the face it felt like after I went thru all the work of losing weight and sticking with my weight loss program, only to have Kenny cheat on me with a fat woman? Kenny then told me Samantha was married and since she didn”t want a divorce, she therefore, was not a threat to our relationship! He wanted me to join them for three~way sex! I said “hell no” “According to Kenny, Samantha began having sex with women while being in prison. Now that she is out of prison, she participates in sex with multiple partners while being married. I would imagine her husband is probably cheating on her too. During my 2~year relationship with Kenny, I have had abnormal pap smears, positive for HPV. I couldn”t have gotten HPV from anyone other than him. Kenny is a high risk partner. He also gave Joni HPV and she had to undergo a freezing procedure for removal of warts. The woman before me also had HPV. Kenny is well aware of the three women in his past who have contracted HPV because of his radical sexual behavior but he doesn”t care” “He also told me he had 3~way sex with a man and the man”s wife. He said this man works as a police officer and the couple also goes to California City to ride dirt bikes with him. Apparently there was a party where everyone there got drunk then took off their clothes. After the party, Kenny went home with this couple. As far as I”m concerned, any man who has had sex with another man is a deal breaker for me! Kenny is a walking disease waiting to infect his next partner. If you are dating him now and are having unprotected sex with him, you will also be subject to HPV and HIV. Think about all the diseases he has exposed himself to by having sex with men and by having sex with a woman from prison” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 12:46:07 PM - Compare Bill Hegarty : “is a deceiving liar, unfaithful, inconsiderate *** who”s such a hypocrite being the way he is. He has two timed or even cheated on me with multiple women all over Southern California who acts like he”s this goodie too shoo male who has bible studies and goes to church on Sunday to cover his sins and acts like he”s this innocent guy. BEWARE! He brags how much money he makes because he owns Hegarty computer solutions and he”s just this disgusting pig! He loves anal sex and also requested that I shove a dildo up his ass!!! BEWARE!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/181252/

2/18/2011 12:46:39 PM - Compare Alastair Heath, aka “John Mathews”, “Jack Murray”, “Morgan Freechild” : “HE LIKES TO POST CHILD PORN ON FACEBOOK, ENJOYS HARASSING AND STALKING PEOPLE. HE IS A HACKER AND A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT. HE IS SHAGGING A CHEAP SLUT CALLED NICOLA DRYSDALE. NICOLA ALLOWS ALASTAIR TO HAVE SEX WITH HER CHILD. THIS WHORE AND THAT SICK PAEDOPHILE NEED TO BE REPORTED TO THE POLICE ASAP!” “Alastair Heath is a sick liar, hacker, paedophile and twisted plonker. He likes posting child porn on social networking sites and he has many STIs. He is currently shagging Nicola Drysdale and is also fiddling with her kids. Alastair Heath is a danger to any woman or child. Avoid this sick freak at all costs and report him to SS ASAP” SOURCES: datingpsychos.com

2/18/2011 12:47:14 PM - Compare Frank Heath {Killingly, Putnam, Thompson}: “This worthless waste of a man presents himself as a poor misunderstood man, faithful, hardworking father of two, athlete. In fact, he is a deadbeat dad who has no contact with his children due to his addiction to crack, and his sixth arrest for domestic violence, evicted repeatedly, racist KKK wannabe. He can”t stay clean long enough to hold down a real job, and is currently mopping floors and screwing whores at a local strip club. MARRIED, Frank will have sex with anything he can con. Ladies, {and the occasional man as well}, BEWARE: He is a long term, violent addict living off of his current wife”s income, driving her vehicles with no license. He will tell you he is divorcing her, she left him, etc. All bull. She has already caught him messing around repeatedly and he boasts how her dumb ass still stays with him even after he beats her kids. The most expensive gift he has given his wife in their two years together was a nasty sore on his penis a week before their wedding, and recently a case of chlamydia he tried unsuccessfully to get workmen”s comp for. He will **** you, lie to you, take your money and then beat your ass to get what he wants. And then go home to **** his wife with your juices still on him” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 12:47:48 PM - Compare Prestin Greer {Philadelphia, PA}: “he is also said to be a fagget yes he likes men” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 12:48:22 PM - Compare Gerard Greer {St. Petersburg, FL}: “I have been married to this guy for six months and am already in the process of divorcing him. He is a cop and was arrested last week for battery and left bruises on me during an argument. Google it and you”ll surely find the story. When I first started dating him, he was in the DARE program and was already dating some of the teachers from various schools, all the while he was on eharmony, match.com, yahoo personals, mate1.com, and several others, looking for more women. I was unaware of these other women as he told me we were “soul mates” and had already asked me to marry him two months into the relationship. He dated one of these teachers for a full six months into our relationship, had her take him to and from the airport so he could take a vacation, then while he was on vacation with his seven year old son to his aunt”s house, he slept with at least one {and possibly two} women ~ during the FIVE days he was there. All the while he had at least one teacher {who picked him up from the airport after his little vacation} and his fiancée {me} waiting for him here in Florida. Since all of this, I have found him on several disgusting websites, including adultmatchdoctor.com adultfriendfinder.com alt.com and others, going by the handle steeler1217 Gdawg1217 baker1217 Gdawg etc. and he says in his profile he is looking for “discreet encounters” “one night stands” “sex” “fetishes” “anal play” “handcuffs and bondage” “candle wax” “couple sex {two women to watch and or participate with}” and many other nice requests. He even says on one of the sites that he doesn”t have any children {which he has four from two previous marriages} He is a porno addict and will watch while in the act with you, before, during and after. He has been allowing me to pay for everything while he hoards thousands of dollars away for himself. He is a smooth talker, cries easily to get his way and will tell you everything you want to hear. He pretends to be very emotionally supportive. He tells all of these girls the same lines. He wants to be married so that he can have someone always there for him to financially support him and satisfy his needs when he can”t get anything on the side. Don”t fall for his crap ladies. Trust me on this one. He will isolate you from your friends and even get jealous and start fights if you dare try to spend any time with your family or even your own children. I have the bruises and medical bills to prove it. It”s not worth it!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 12:48:55 PM - Compare Shaun Patrick Greenwood {Sydney, London, Toronto, Australia}: “has herpes contacted from a whore in Thailand and probably other STDs. He is violent and has a furious temper. He is physically and emotionally abusive. He has gone to jail for breaching an Apprehended Violence Order. He is a cheater and a compulsive liar and he will never be able to change” “It wasn”t until a few months into our relationship that I found out what he was really like. He has major anger problems and he always blames this on his childhood sob story. He told me he was sexually abused” “It was all just an excuse to treat people horribly, to keep hurting and lying. Whenever he would get in trouble, he would blame it on that. But it happened 20 years ago, and since then he has hurt so many people. He tried to make them suffer the way he did even if they were trying to help him” “I wouldn”t have PHONE SEX with him even though he knew I was studying for my finals and I needed to concentrate on the exam the following morning. It wasn”t until my uni friends opened my eyes one day and reminded me just how many times he would start fights with me {over nothing} the night before my exams that I realized just what his intentions were. When I finally confronted him about it, he admitted to sabotaging me because he didn”t want me to have anything in my life other than him. He admitted it and swore black and blue he wouldn”t do it again” “The more I tried to make him happy and to stop the fights, the more he took his anger out on me. When I broke down and started crying, he would come back into my face and keep telling me how it was my fault. His blame and anger would not stop for weeks. I didn”t really know what “emotional abuse” was until I met him. He would constantly control everything I did, yet he would be cheating behind my back. He isolated me from my friends and family by teaching me how to lie to them, to keep them from finding out the emotional abuse that was going on” “He had been keeping girls on the side “just in case we didn”t work out”. “he wasted four years of my life” “he tried to convince me to go to a swingers clubs by saying it was “normal” in a relationship. I didn”t want to do it and I told him so, but I said I was willing to check it out but did not want to participate in having sex with strangers. His response was angry and he said “well what”s the point of going to a swingers club and not ****ing anyone? It”s like being a vegetarian at a BBQ!”. He has been to swingers clubs many times in his past with what he calls “**** buddies” without condoms. When he is angry he likes to push and shove” “he threatened to post all our sexual photos on the net. He tried to get back with me when I wanted to break up and will do anything just to get me back. When he got me back, he acted like a complete psycho again. he frequented Thailand a lot and has admitted that he”s contracted herpes” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 12:49:31 PM - Compare Sonny Beckly, aka “Alva Deforest” {Fairfield, CA}: “Sonny, real name Alva Deforest Beckly originally from Michigan and is a retired loadmaster US Air Force. He is married and has never divorced his wife they have been together since the 80”s he has 2 daughters he does not attend to cause he goes oversees on those contractor gigs in Iraq he is the best liar I have ever met. He is on every dating site known to man. His wife”s name is Robbin she does not care that he cheats and I even think he is bi~sexual found him on a site looking for transexuals YIKES, I was with this guy to damm long he is so smooth you really think you have met your sole mate he will tell you he is seperated and divorce is coming YA RIGHT he has been saying that since 2001 I also got a STD from him he is a pig” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 12:50:07 PM - Compare Ralph Geary : “He had told me on many occasions he was having sex with other women never believed him. {why would I he lies about everything} He always tried to get me to have a threesome” “this morning we start fooling around and he says he is going to show me some video of him and his new girlfriend im like sure....haha well he had it I wanted to throw up...........She is old and a skank they just started to date and there she is laying on the bed giving a show. I put on my clothes and told him he is sick” “He hates women. He treats all women like hookers and and man that will not talk to his mother hello think about it when all the others sons thought she was wonderful. LOOK OUT HE IS ON EVERY DATING SITE” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/316531/ & http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=4543

2/18/2011 1:33:11 PM - Compare Dennis Smith : “Age: 57” “CON ARTIST, THIEF, LIAR, CONTROL FREAK! thinks he”s some kind of HILLBILLY WHITE TRASH MESSIAH! HAHAHAHAHA” “this piece of backwoods trash claims to be wealthy, but he literally doesn”t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of!! HUMAN GARBAGE!! he thinks he is not only God”s gift, but this schizo dogpatch hillbilly thinks he is GOD!” “the real estate he is trying to sell DOES NOT BELONG TO HIM! he has the brain power of a piss ant! smokes pot and rolls his own hillbilly cigs! he reeks of body odor and mental illness!” “limp dicked and likely homosexual! all his claims of his “connections” and his wealth are complete fabrication. he”s looking for women to bilk” “wants a woman to support him and his insanity. Is also a car thief. Scrawny cowardly pussified hillbilly white trash who likes to talk shit and try to control women; but when the shit hits the fan, the piece of shit runs into hiding!” “He appears to be inbred, possibly a first cousins sort of backwoods thing!” Everyone around says he is mentally disturbed and a con man” “I bet this one wipes his ass with a corn cob, ladies; IF he wipes it at all!” “Don”t touch this piece of stinking hillbilly SHIT with a ten foot pole!” “Beside his website he is on PLENTY OF FISH as PRICELESSSMITHCOM” “he doesn”t want to state his OCCUPATION, because his OCCUPATION is being a worthless non working piece of hillbilly white trash!” “LET”S HOPE THIS ONE DIES FROM LUNG CANCER SOON AND MAKES THE WORLD A SAFER CLEANER PLACE!” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com

2/18/2011 11:01:49 PM - Joe Deverell, aka Gondola Joe {Weedsport, NY Syracuse, NY}, PART I: “SEEMS like a GREAT guy and will totally charm you initially. You will honestly think you have met an amazing person. But then he will torture you emotionally and become emotionally abusive. He has narcissistic defenses, due to an abusive childhood. He will, after making you feel like he loves you, say he can”t be in a relationship right now then, he will come after you again then he will do the whole cycle, over and over, until you are driven mad. He will become increasingly condescending and unpleasant, but then work harder and harder to draw you back in, calling you 5 times a day, and telling you you are the perfect woman for him, and all that jazz. He is a compulsive liar. His former girlfriend essentially committed suicide after he did this to her over and over for a long time” “He also likes to engage in unsafe sex and he does not get tested! STAY AWAY! CHARMING, BUT DANGEROUS!” “Junior~league SOCIOPATH who lives in a fantasy world of his own creation, like Willy Wonka or Wizard of Oz. A pathological commitmentphobe and liar, he has trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy. Seems utterly charming but he is a CONTROL FREAK who will play his sick little game of “EMOTIONAL PUNISHING” on you: he will pull you in, showering you with intense amounts of attention and apparent affection and then for no reason he will push you away then pull you in, push away ~~ and become increasingly condescending and emotionally abusive as he goes” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 11:02:24 PM - Joe Deverell, PART II: “He has damaged many many women with his sick on/off game, including one girl it drove to her death. Do not underestimate how dangerous he is, though he seems at first like just a nice and slightly silly man. He does horrible things to women and is fundamentally a TRUE MISOGYNIST, seeing women as a species apart and as objects, he really looks down on women. He himself doesn”t understand why he is like this, he is so deeply damaged from an abusive father and childhood because his mother did not protect him as a child, he is deeply angry with women yet he is desperate for women”s attention” “He has a split personality or extreme fragmentation of the self due to the extreme emotional abuse in his childhood an absence of real feelings is substituted by 2 selves: in one, he is “hyperromantic” and “on,” and says he loves you in position 2 {to which he can switch in 5 minutes}, he is “off” and you won”t know who you are talking to, as he is in a personality dominated by fear, withdrawal, and an extreme need to control. It would take years of therapy to work this stuff out but he won”t go. He has narcissistic defenses which make it impossible for him to accept intimacy, because it feels to him like control, and it terrifies him. He uses humor to draw you in but also to deflect intimacy. He will go after OTHER WOMEN while he is seeing you. He broke up with a supposed fiancée over email, saying he never wanted to speak with her again, after she had a miscarriage. Then he moved right on to his next victim. He is truly a CRUEL COWARD, a real piece of work” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 11:03:04 PM - Joe Deverell, PART III: “Although in his mid~forties, he acts like he is in high school and he changes girlfriends every couple of months. Also he is really lousy in bed and has no clue about female anatomy. Also he likes UNSAFE SEX and he refuses to go to the doctor and get tested, and he has at least one STD condition he doesn”t get treated. He pretends to be easygoing and a romantic, but he lives in a world based on fear and control, cloistered in his little cottage and surrounded by the markers of a lifelong commitmentphobe and narcissist bachelor: a million expensive toys like cars, motorcycles, and boats” “He believes he is a fashion designer and into Native American spirituality and numerology it is all part of his strange fantasy world, none of it is real. He is completely self~absorbed and he will call you five times a day to talk about himself, but he will never learn who you are he will list all the reasons you are “perfect” for him and then he will dump you. He has all the traits of the SOCIOPATH: extremely charming, self~aggrandizing, hypervigilant, hypersensitive to criticism, no empathy, constant need for attention and stimulation, no planning for the future, illogical reasoning, contempt for his victims {girlfriends}” “If you check out his little outfit in the photo, you will also guess that he likely bats for the other team {likes men} this would make sense as women both intrigue and terrify him. As part of his act, he will tell you his sob stories about his mother dying and his girlfriend dying. Don”t let it fool you it”s all a part of his little game to draw you in. Also he always goes straight to the tallest girl in the room. Beware!” “ “Underneath all the laughter, Joe is really the “sad clown”. One could pity him if he wasn”t so cruel.” That is a comment someone posted on the other profile that was up on here last week. So last night we go to look up this guy”s profile so we can post a comment, and his profile was no longer on here. Too bad, because it was one of the best profiles we ever saw on DDHG, really well written, lots of info. We hope the girl puts it back up!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/18/2011 11:03:46 PM - Joe Deverell, PART IV: “Basically he is a control freak and narcissist, supposedly because his father was one. And he seems “funny ha~ha” but as soon as I met him I thought he was “funny not~right.” And then when I saw his profile on here it confirmed it. He plays major mind games on women. Probably too sick to even know it. If you go to his blog “Gondola Joe” dot com you can see his pictures {including one where he is wearing this weird hat, SO GAY, that looks like he stole it off a little girl.} Being a narcissist all he is interested in is attention, and he has no real compassion or empathy, he just needs attention and once he has it he moves on to the next person/girlfriend whatever. So he goes around in this boat and goes for sympathy about his girlfriend and his mother who both died. He goes after newspapers and t.v. even to get this attention. And he does it to try to attract women, going for their sympathy {as one person said, trolling}. Sad thing is he apparently had something to do with the girlfriend”s death by playing his narcissist/commitmentphobe mind games with her. Also he supposedly broke up with his fiance over email after she miscarried: SO MEAN. He plays around, cheats, dates someone different every couple of months, even though he is middle~aged. We don”t know why women go for this kinda high school behavior but probably because he is funny {ha~ha} and he seems like a nice guy and drives fancy cars and motorcycles. But also it said he was really bad in bed, wants unsafe sex, and even has an STD. Conclusion: stay far away!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 8:51:06 AM - Compare Akira Devereaux, aka “Rick Burns” {Camarillo, CA}: “after a few weeks, his true colors start to show. He becomes abusive, jealous and untruthful. He hates kids. He”s a down right evil man. He has no respect for women and treats them like crap. Also, he is crazy. He will cry like a little baby and go through a self loathing trip. He”s also been with men sexually so be careful” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 8:53:47 AM - Compare Curt Detweiler : “Liar, manipulator, sociopath, user...LADIES listen up! This man will use you for WHATEVER you will do for him or buy him. Will make you feel like the center of his world while 17 year old girls are calling and texting him! Severe anger management issues...flips at the drop of a hat. Mentally and verbally abusive. Drug dealer. Will beg you to come over as he”s leaving some other girl”s house! Lies so much HE THINKS he”s telling the truth. Throws a damned temper tantrum when a simple question is asked. Verifiably insane...he will TELL YOU HIMSELF that he is crazy. Can”t get it up or keep it up...and if you ask him if you can give him head he will tell you, “No...I”m just not like that!” Yeah... that”s because he”s a damn homosexual! Literally. Gotta have teenage boys around him CONSTANTLY. Stay farrrr away...more than a few fries short of a happy meal” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/41463/

2/19/2011 8:54:21 AM - Compare George Despar {Hockessin/Newark, DE}: “he”s a big time liar and cheater. Don”t fall for him..he will swear he loves you more than anything..drag you around to meet his family...have you babysitting his kids ..all the while screwing this nasty a** girl named Dawn. He is MENTAL as they come. he”s a FREAK. A friend of mine found his swingers profile on Adult Friend Finder which included a full frontal nude photo of him...while he was supposed to be in love with me and trying to get me to sell my house to go buy a houseboat to live on with him” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 8:55:05 AM - Compare Harold Deshong {North Beach, Lothian, Calvert County Anne Arundel}: “is a sweet talking man that likes to make women feel sorry for him. He starts off really nice and then the next thing you know, he is degrading you and making you feel like you are the dirt on the bottom of someone”s shoe. He will buy you things, tell you that you are the best, bad mouth his ex girlfriends and then boom....He”s cheating on you saying that he has to work late. Well ladies beware, he is not worth the effort and tells anyone and everyone that he loves them and wants to be with them forever. Once he has you, then it is off to the swingers club. If you don”t perform with another man, then you are no good to him anymore. Believe me from first hand experience he is not worth it” “This is a smooth talking man. He will treat you like you are a queen. That ends very quickly. Once he has wooed you with jewelry and things he feels like you need, he turns into the laziest man alive. Once he has you in his grip, by listening to what you have to say. He will use it against you. He will in turn tell you that he has a certain lifestyle that you have to learn to live. That”s right ladies he is a swinger. However, he doesn”t like to see you with another woman, but, likes to watch another man have sex with you or you pleasuring another man. If you do not wish to live this lifestyle, he will start cheating on you saying he has to work late at his job. He works at A Royal Flush. Once that starts, he will begin picking fights with you and trying to make you feel bad. He will slowly make sure you are made to feel horrible about yourself. He will degrade you every chance he gets. Not only this but I found him on the SEX OFFENDERS REGISTRY for having relations with a girl under the age of 15. Ladies do beware of this one” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 8:55:39 AM - Compare Dave Deserano : “Most of the posts on this website are from angry exes who are just seeking revenge. This is not the case here I”m afraid. This man is abusive both physically and mentally. He has long running drug habit that he tends to hide very well. He has been in federal prison for selling drugs, but denies that this ever happened. He starts off as a very charismatic guy, but over time you begin to realize that he has some very disturbing mental health issues. Just some of the things I have found out about him from my time with him is as follows: He believes he was abducted by aliens. He talks to himself in the mirror {in a very disturbing way.} He believes the government is run by the jews and that they control the whole world thru a secret organization. {He is very anti~semitic} He has “experimented” with members of the same sex. Although I can not verify this, I have heard he has not paid child support to his ex wife in many years. He has a very strong temper and takes pleasure in embarrassing you when he is mad. Such as yelling embarrassing things at you in a crowded room. Please if you are dating him, or know someone who is dating him warn them. This man is dangerous and very unstable!” SOURCE: datingpsychos.com


2/19/2011 8:56:55 AM - Compare J.R. DesAmours, aka “Jean”, “jr”, “Jean~Robert” {LasVegas, NV}, PART I: “J.R. is what you call the eternal bachelor. He will entice you with eloquently written sonnets filled with stories of his romantic tendencies and his hopes for your future together {the marriage, the house, the dog, even the kids including names!!} All the while he will have his profile on AdultFriendFinder.com actively soliciting relations from everyone from a single gals to orgies with swingers and will be on his MySpace everyday having inappropriate conversations with anyone who falls for his ability to scribe his beautiful lies. He loves the security of a relationship, but has the attention span of a two year old…Constantly looking for a new piece of tail from anything that will sneeze in his direction. He is a manipulative, lying, cheating loser who will never amount to more than a lonely old pervert trying to get a glimpse of some young tenderloin from his wheelchair….For the sake of your own sanity….STAY AWAY!” “is extremely persuasive, convincing, and seemingly gentle hearted. He comes across as a hopeless romantic who wants nothing more than to please you and make you the happiest woman on this earth. He will shower you with affection, send you love notes throughout the day, and entrap you with his overwhelming ability to talk his way into your heart. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE! He lies for a living! He”s in advertising, and I have personally seen him weave the most intricate of tall tales without so much as the batting of an eyelash. He is preconditioned to be a liar {it goes way back to his childhood} and that will NEVER change” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 8:57:27 AM - Compare J.R. DesAmours, PART II: “One title I would give this man is the Eternal Bachelor. He will entice you with eloquently written sonnets filled with stories of his romantic tendencies and his hopes for your future together {the marriage, the house, the dog, and even the kids including names!!} He”ll even make you feel bad about all of the “horrible women” who have broken his heart {let me know what he says about me}. All the while, he will have his profile on AdultFriendFinder.com with his genitals posted for the world to see, and will be actively soliciting relations from everyone: single gals, lesbian couples, orgies with swingers~You name it, he”ll take it. He will be on his MySpace everyday having inappropriate conversations with anyone who falls for his ability to scribe his beautiful lies. This, of course, is on top of his extensive collection of hundreds of 30 second free porn videos that he”s downloaded, as well as the pictures that his “friends” send him that he has stored in his Kodak Gallery or on his cell phone...I”m sorry, but since when do friends send you pictures that clearly illustrate their fresh bikini wax from the doggystyle position, or even a close up so you can see EXACTLY how well the esthetician did at getting every last hair?!?! Don”t believe how bad it is? Google his screen name. You”ll find THREE PAGES of dating sites that he”s on, and that”s only the ones that come up under that name! The other title I”d give him is the Serial Monogamist. He loves the security of a relationship, and loves hearing “I Love You,” but he will never be able to completely dedicate himself to any one person no matter how unconditionally you love him. He”s 33 years old and has never had a relationship last more than a year. He has the attention span of a small child, constantly looking for a fresh new “friend” and we remember what some of his friends are like, right, ladies? All and all, he is a manipulative, lying, heartless bastard who will never fulfill the fantasies he weaves and who will never stay true to his word. For the sake of your own sanity~.STAY AWAY” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 8:58:05 AM - Compare Randy Derry : “When you first meet Randy, he will appear to be charming and trustworthy. He has beautiful eyes and a great smile. He is actually the devil in disguise. This guy only dates black women, that”s his MO. He can be found weekly posting ads in the casual encounters section of craigslist looking to hook up with black women only. He has a girlfriend named Tara Bynam, who is also bisexual and very promiscuous. Recently, he and Tara posted ads on craigslist looking for a threesome. Ladies please steer clear of this man. He is a liar and when questioned about anything regarding his personal life, he will become defensive and evasive. When I met him, he told me he was single until I found his profile on myspace. He has profiles on many sexually~oriented websites, such as AdultFriendFinder and he doesn”t always practice safe sex. I had to learn the hard way because he gave me trichomoniasis. Of course he denied it. He travels frequently to Memphis, Dallas, DeRidder, LA, Bentonville, AR and Florida for work. You can be sure that he will post an ad on Craigslist looking for sex while he is on the road. Ladies, especially black women, please protect yourself. Black women account for 77 percent of all HIV~infected women in the Houston area. Thank God I tested negative but I still paid a price for trusting someone I thought I knew” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=27544

2/19/2011 8:59:12 AM - Compare Frazier Christopher Bowman {Memphis, TN}: “he might be bisexual. He is always stuck up some man”s ass, and he will not get anything of his own! He was in prison for seven years, and I”m pretty sure he got “lonely” while he was in there” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 8:59:41 AM - Compare Patrick Weisbrod : “This piece of crap has fathered kids all over Tucson. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He”ll tell you everything you want to hear, until he sleeps with you or your money runs out. He”s extremely immature~~seems to be great with kids, but when he”s done with you, you suddenly become a psycho bitch and he badmouths you to his friends and at work. Suddenly Mr. Devoted will have all sorts of problems. His cell phone will start acting up. He will be throwing up blood, have the flu, his kid will be deathly ill, he”ll be in the hospital, Robert...his “roommate”... won”t like you and won”t want to have you over...it”ll go on and on. I think he might be bisexual, too...his relationship with his roommate is too intimate for just friends. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE! UPDATE...HE”S MARRIED! Look up case # ML20073426 in the Pima County recorder”s office! This is his third marriage!” COMMENTS UNDER PROFILE: “You forgot this information girl. All the info on the profile with his picture is correct. This guy has no balls what so ever. He chose a women over his daughter, and they JUST got married. He is SICK!! While he was planning his marriage he was still leading me on, giving gifts, and having sex. The last time we did it was 4 days before he got his marriage license, then he turns around and calls me psycho, give me a break!” “This guy is full of lies. I should have seen through the lies. He had Cancer, camping {to make peace with god}, daughter sick or dying, whatever. Can”t talk on weekends, can”t talk at work, can only talk at work, can”t talk in parts of his dad”s house. Recovering from chemo, coughing up blood, in the hospital. I could go on and on he got caught in these lies and now he is telling new one”s” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=17026

2/19/2011 9:00:18 AM - Compare Anthony Arnold, aka “Taz” {Bronx, NY}, PART I: “this dude turned out to be a pathological liar, he doesn”t know the difference between the truth or a lie, he also talk too much and he is a huge thief. During my 3 year relationship with this man he lavished me with gift and anything that i wanted, but the down side of it was when the relationship was over he broke into my home and stole everything back. The craziness is he broke into my home almost a year after we broke up. He did this because everyday he would call me with a lie that he”s traveling all of the place and he wanted to take me with him to DR. He would call me and just make up lies just for fun, and because i knew he was a liar i would just blow him off the phone because i didn”t want to hear it. Finally one day he text me a said he was tired of me not calling him and ignoring his offers. So because he was so angry after months of me not feeding into him he broke into my home. After doing my research once he broke into my place i found out he had a prior history of Theft. He was fired from Our Lady Of Mercy Hospital in the bronx because he stole a floor buffer, money, he had a scam going on there. When i met him he had he had a prior case with another young lady where she claimed he ran her over with a Escalade. He convinced me that this was a lie and the case was dismissed. It wasn”t until our relationship was over that i found out that he was on probation for this case. I won”t go into the order protections that other women had against him. I dated this guy on a rebound and realized shortly into the relationship that he wasn”t for me, but i continued with the relationship because it benefit me. Personally i thought he had homosexual tendencies that turned me off. He had a habit of walking with a switch with his but in the air. I would constantly ask him whats up with that. He would lay in the bed at night and cry for me to hold him. I would be so turned off that i would turn over and avoid him. He would cry and ask why i didn”t want to be intimate with him, I didn”t because his 12 year old body turned me off. I thought at first it was do able, but the more i looked at him the more it turned me off. He is a constant complainer and he cries and act like he”s 5 years old. He will convince you that he has his own business, and he has his own place and he has tons of money, which is a huge lie. When i allowed him to move in with me he was living with his mother in a little room on a twin bed. When he moved out of my home he went back to his mothers house to his twin bed. Anthony has Nepoleon syndrome which mean he is very complexed about being 5ft. He got to have everything BIG, he had to have an Escalade, motorcycle, chrysler 300 anything to prove that he is a big man” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 9:01:01 AM - Compare Anthony Arnold, aka “Taz”, PART II: “He”s also an ass kisser, backstabber and very sneaky shady character, you would not want to work with him or for him, because he will throw you under the bus I realized that this guy was a thief when my brand new jacket with the tags still on it disappeared. I searched my house high and low and of course he never showed any interest in helping me look for it. He just tried to convince me that my son stole my jacket. I wasn”t sure at that point if he was a cross dresser or he was giving it to his another women. To this day that jacket has never appeared. I would like to clearify that this post isn”t because i still have feelings for him, because i wouldn”t have him if my life depended on it. But its because we as women need to know what kind of person we are dealing with. I can go on for days about this guy that i honestly took him as a joke, he would cry and ask me why didn”t invite him to the events i would go to. I didn”t take him because he talked too much and i would have to constantly remind him to shut up. Also he was so insecure around other men because of his height he would cling to me and i couldn”t breath. I would get upset because he had a habit of sitting on my lap in front of people, its bad enough he look like a 12year old. I could go on for days about this little sneaky bastard, but it was my stupidity for not seeing the signs. So ladies please watch yourself because he is great by making you think that he is the perfect man. He was very good to me but when things didn”t go his way he turned into a crazed, stealing *** hole. BTW, i spoke to his mom and she admitted that he was a thief and that he stole things out of her home to give to his women in the past. So you know i didn”t make this up. This man talk so much, he talked about his brothers, his sister and his childrens mothers like a dog. Only if the sister and her man knew what he really thought of them, they would never speak to him again” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 9:01:35 AM - Compare Scott Armstrong, aka “that GAY guy” {San Francisco, CA Sun City, TX}: “This guy is soooooo GAY and everyone knows it but HIM! He is an Izod wearing, big shades, too tight pants guy. He frequents all the gay bars in the city and usually hooks up with dumb bitches who don”t mind that he sucks dick on the side. The guy in the middle of the picture is his male secret lover, JAMES” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 9:02:06 AM - Compare Michael Lafferty Psakis Armstrong {Pawleys Island, SC}: “claims to be divorced from an ex~wife who had to be institutionalized. He claims to have owned 4 houses in NC in his past having been a high level manager of Citibank. He said he quit, yet in supposed reality he got fired. He is bi~sexual. That I KNOW for sure now. He claims “women” he has screwed over in the past are “after” him. I believe he is Bi~Polar or Schitzophrenic. Claimed to have prostate cancer. Not true. Claimed to have undergone treatments for it, again not true. He used these lies to string me along as he dated extensively behind me back on adultfriendfinder.com, etc.” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 9:02:37 AM - Compare Johnathan Armstrong, aka “Jonate” {Charlotte, Fayetteville, NC}: “is a crackhead and he has untreated herpes! he has a criminal record including assault on a female...if u wanna see his mug shots... go to www.charmeck.com and click on the link to the sheriff”s department. he is also an undercover brother who often calls the INTERACTIVE MALE CHAT LINE and watches male on male porn” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 9:03:12 AM - Compare Eric Armijo {Claremont, CA Orange County, CA}: “PLAYER/WOMANIZER/CHEATER” “Whoever wrote the quoted remark above really knows him. He is also SELFISH, CHILDISH and CRUEL! Every time he opens his mouth either lies or BS come out or some sarcastic mean remark. GROW UP! He points out all your flaws, hoping you won”t notice how screwed up he really is, and he is WAY screwed up. He is an alcoholic and I don”t just mean he drinks too much, I mean full blown alcoholic! He is addicted to pornography and needs it to have sex. You would think watching that much pornography he would get some pointers for the bedroom, WRONG! He has no idea what to do with a real woman {no wonder he prefers the ones he can”t really touch}. The other girl is probably right, he is really looking at the guys in it not the girls. The only thing she was wrong about is the mediocore bedroom skills, she is being too gentle, he is awful!” “I hooked up with him in Las Vegas. I had a suspicion he might be gay the minute I met him, and decided I was going to try to sleep with him. I gave him the “Im a virgin” story and he totally fell for it, GULABLE! He is a LIAR!! Don”t even bother a one night stand with this guy! LOUSY!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 9:03:44 AM - Compare DJ Armageddon {Washington DC}: “He has homosexual tendencies” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 9:04:20 AM - Compare Matthew Ariock Vandevoorde, aka Ariock Vande Voorde”, “John Vandevoorde {Mansfield, OH Milton, WA}: “Matt is a habitual user and woman abuser he has beat up every woman he has dated and even landed in jail for it. now he lives in milton, washington thinking he escape the tremendous lawsuit and creditors following him. he is married now but considers himself a swinger and a player and dumped his poor son in ohio with his mom. total loser. seriously stay away from him look for charm and numerous tattoos including: satanic star {12 inches} on back, thursday, and Sisters of mercy and other goth band tats” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 9:05:02 AM - Compare Jody De Valk, aka “Jay” {Sierra Vista, Phoenix, Tucson, AZ Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Schertz, Cibolo,Tul, TX}, PART I: “Let me start by saying, No, I”m not the bitter heart broken ex~wife. I divorced this looser and I think women need to unite and look after each other so we don”t get taken advantage of. These loosers are out there taking advantage of women who are just looking for honesty and someone to love.....Having said that, here”s a guy who is as smooth as they get. He”s been married THREE times and has cheated on each of his wives. He does make sure that his kids are taken care of by paying his child support {of course because the child support office caught up with him}. It is quite a bit so he”s having to live with his brother in a not so desirable area of town because that”s all they can afford. He”s waiting to find the next lady that he can move in with and will want to within weeks. He travels light and only has his clothes, TV, and football cards so he won”t take up much space. He comes pretty much debt free because he saddled all of the ex~wives with all the past debt, because his credit was too poor to have anything in his name, that or he did it on purpose because he knew his time with them would be limited. He will make you feel special with a lot of canned lines, all the while using the those same lines on other women. He”ll tell you things like “you”re the best thing that”s ever happened to him”, that no one makes love like you do, that he”s never been more attracted to anyone elses body as much as he is yours, and of course that he can”t live without you. He”ll tell you he loves to go antiquing, he”ll want to take you on wine tours, he says he loves animals but I”m not sure of that, I still can”t get him to come pick up HIS dog so I”m still caring for it. He loves to see multiple women at the same time because. Of course he”ll never own up to that. He”ll use the excuse that he”s “studying” or was at the gym, or fell asleep and that”s why he didn”t call you but more than likely he”s with someone else and he will then use those same excuses on them when he”s with you. He has ads on mutiple dating sites but will lie about it. He prefers women who are late 30”s mid 40”s he thinks their more desperate and likely to fall for his BS. I beleive he hopes their kids are probably grown so he can move in quickly and not have to worry about her wanting more kids. If the kids are still at home, he”ll win you over by working the kids. He”ll promise to make you a romantic meal and “his special” cheesecake, but of course it will have to be at your place, it”s not likely he”ll show you where he lives. He”s too embarassed to take you there” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 9:05:35 AM - Compare Jody De Valk, aka Jay, PART II: “He”ll deny having been married three times and even dismiss his third marriage all together. His lies run so deep that I don”t think he even knows the truth any more. He has forgotten what lies he”s told to who. He”s a good lover but that”s because he”s had LOTS of practice. It”s his only claim to fame. He”ll even show up at your door with another woman on his breath and not even think about showering in between. In fact recently he had sex with one woman while another woman watched his son who had flown into visit him during the Christmas holidays! He”ll want to marry you within weeks and will be cheating on you just as quickly. He has learned all the do”s and don”ts of not getting caught while cheating. You”ll have to be a super slueth to catch him. He”ll use pay phones, calling cards, his phone at work, different email addresses and different names to contact women. He”ll have excuses for anything you ask him and will get very angry if you question him too much. You”ll literally have to hire a PI to catch him in the act he”s gotten that sneaky. But keep in mind even if you present him with a “smoking gun” he”ll deny, deny, deny. He”ll hide all his phone records, receipts, and bank records locked in his desk at work so you can never get to them. His phone will always be on silent/vibrate or he”ll leave it in his truck so you won”t know who”s calling. He knows how to clear all evidence out of his computer and will probably do all his dirty deeds on his office computer or the computers at SAC. He likes looking at porn and chatting with slutty type women. “Myspace” is his favorite. He”ll claim he”s “downloading music” but will be on the computer for 8 hours at a time contacting women. He has no problem sleeping with women on the first date and will do or say anything to get you to cave in. DON”T FALL FOR HIS BS, he”s good and can even cry on que. He might even try to get your sympathy by telling you he has cancer or a hernia. He”ll lie at all cost to get in your pants. He will emotionally and financially bankrupt you and leave your children confused and hurt. He left our home twice around the holidays and even made sure to stop at the Christmas tree and grab the kids gifts on the way out so he could return them for the cash. I wished I had listened to the first two wives when they told me how this man was. He made me feel like for me he would be different. He wasn”t, he was calling women the night before our wedding from our drive way once he returned from his “bachelor party” and even was back to emailing women the day we returned from our honeymoon and would end up sleeping with her two months later. He”s very convincing and will try to beat you down and make you question your own gut instincts, PLEASE DON”T DO IT. He has no conscience or sense of right an wrong. If you feel in your gut he”s lying, it”s because he is but will make you feel like you”re the crazy one. ONCE A DOG ALWAYS A DOG” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 9:06:06 AM - Compare Mark DeSouza {Rohnert Park, CA}: “Everything about this guy looks good on the surface, but he has a LONG history of being a DAWG, both in his marriage and in subsequent relationships. Screwed up his marriage with crystal meth and constant cheating. Left his wife for one woman, who he then promptly left for another. Into bondage, S. Oh. My. God. Just don”t do it, ladies. Everything about this guy looks unbelievably good on the surface. He”s VERY convincing in his role as Mr. Nice Guy ~~ he should get a friggin” Oscar. This site keeps cutting me off at 4 lines, so that”s all I”m gonna say. But consider yourselves warned. Seriously” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 9:06:44 AM - Compare Ronnie Deschenes {Salem Beverly, MA}: “This brown haired brown eyed 5 ft 8 large creep is a liar, cheater and scam artist...He has a nasty jealous streak! He was screwing around with women he was meeting on a popular adult web site while making me cut all ties with male friends! He scammed me out of money and is now onto another sucker! Ladies beware of this man..he comes on sweet” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 9:07:30 AM - Compare Jason Bowman {Corinth, TX}: “Jason Bowman is lethal ladies. He is a liar, and a repeat cheater. We just finalized our divorce yesterday after 11 years of marriage. His claim was, “I”m not happy” but I discovered a few weeks ago he was seeing a 19 year old in Ohio that he found on a WEB CAM SITE!! 5 years ago, he begged me to stay after sleeping with a co~worker in his car in the parking garage. I can”t believe I was so naive to think he would never hurt me again. He crushed me over and over and all I could think was how much I loved him. Cest la vie.... Avoid him if he comes near you. He can”t tell the truth to save his life, he cheats, and he has a severe porn and sex addiction. Firefighter Jason ~ run the other way!” SOURCE: DDHG profile, posted under the profile name, “Jennifer Armstrong”, who I assume is the profiler

2/19/2011 10:43:22 AM - Compare Jesus Martin Pedraza : “can have four or five women going at once, all ages from 25~55, married and single, sometimes two serious girlfriends at a time, and an older woman in LA on the side he sleeps with, and does business with, when someone else is not available. None of them seem to know about each other, each thinking she is only one” “HE WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY SOONER OR LATER. This is where it gets good, girls: Narcissists like Jesus Martin Pedraza have a preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, beauty, or ideal love. Don”t let him drag you into his fantasy world, no matter how good it sounds to begin with” “It was pretty clear he was a player but he was subtle about it” “This sob posts on the personals looking for tennis partners and salsa dance partners and claims he is not looking for sex. Totally into himself as a lover boy but puts on a modest and sweet and puritanical act to begin with. He particularly likes women older than he is with money and property ~~ especially married ones” “This is the pattern and it has not stopped yet” “Always says he likes older women” “He takes advantage of these women”s affection and has devised lies to get large sums of money from them. We have verification on this. He has or had an apartment in Darian, IL on county lane to be near SS, a good person who believes in him like all the others. He has told friends that they broke up but it appears he still goes into Chicago, we expect to be with her. in the meantime his now ex~wife sgd, is giving him thousands of dollars even now, supposedly to finish the house in pv he tried to scam yet another woman with. We dont know whether he pays SDG back, or whether she just launders his cash. How she can believe his lies is hard to undertand. She is 26 years older than he, and may have few choices. She never figures out that he is with someone else when she tries to reach him on Skype or he says he is doing business or visiting his family, as noted above” “We are also seeking information on his various illegal business activies in Mexico, investment scams and the like, and would appreciate any information or leads in English or Spanish that you might have as certain agencies have made inquiries. We do not accept information from women currently involved with him as we prefer that he not be aware of the extent of the investigation until its conclusion” “This is the “red box” guy. How many movies have you watched with him from Red Box? Ever notice how many of them have gay themes?” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=20957

2/19/2011 1:04:55 PM - Compare Michael Patrick Brennan, aka "Mick" {Buffalo, NY}: “This classless lowlife was in my life for too long. He is a drunk, abusive, controlling, cheating, lying, ***. I worked my butt off behind a bar the whole time I was with him, only to have this scum steal money directly out of my purse. He even lived with me for a while, the whole time lying and cheating. He sex with women in my car, he also maxed out 2 of my credit cards. I have heard convincing testimony that he is more than likely gay. He has a wicked cocaine problem and his weiner is 4 inches of living disease. When I finally did decide to end all communication with him, he called and texted my phone so much that I had to get my number changed. All the while he is with his new girlfriend {who he probably fucked in my car anyway}. If u see this man in the bars on Allen or Elmwood, and u most certainly will, run the other way and hold on tight to ur purse. Don”t let him try to charm ur pants off, at this point, ur gonna get way more than ur asking for! Be warned ladies and from what I hear, Men too!” “he took my car and got $400 worth of parking tickets in my name, he steals lortabs from his poor sweet grandfather who he sponges off of as well. The boy lives in a fantasy land where he thinks he is involved with some sort of Irish mafia, and he tells people this as if he really believes it. He hasn”t had a job in over 3 years, and he lies about that too saying he is working in television and movies now. His only source of income is stealing his grandfather”s credit cards. The only word that truly describes him is “sociopath” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 1:05:44 PM - Compare Richard James Hays {Reno, NV}: “is a Master Sgt with the Nevada Air Ntl Guard. He also has a country rock band, “Rick Hays and American Steele” He uses both to attract women, he said so. He has a webpage at Myspace.com featuring multiple women, including prostitutes and a pimp from local brothels. He has a profile on Match.com saying he is looking for a good christian woman and apparently has met other women on this site as well even while we are still married claiming to be divorced, I”ve met them and am now good friends with a couple. His MO is the same. He woos a woman with his credentials” “He then talks her out of her money” “We married June 30, 2005. He asked me to pay for the wedding rings and the honeymoon” “The day after the wedding he insisted I sell my house and pay off his mortgage but said I wouldn”t have my name on the deed” “He left on Valentines day when I was still pregnant after leaving a dear john note on the bathroom mirror. Other women said he did the same thing to them, fortunately they didn”t get pregnant” “I found phone records, love letters, pictures and schedules showing that he called the same woman 1~4 times daily up to the day of our wedding and she calling him and recommencing 4 days after, while we were on our honeymoon” “I found 1~2 women”s names per week on his schedule. Shortly after I got pregnant he asked me to have orgies with women he had met while playing in bars. I said NO WAY, he said he was bored with me and might look for other women. The day after he left he called and said he wanted me out of the house, would get a restraining order falsely claiming that I was violent and bring the police to escort me out. He also said he would deny paternity and not pay child support, he has kept his word on these threats sadly enough. We are still married and he has managed to delay a divorce and child support nearly 2 years. And all the while he insisted that he was a christian man of character and even quoted a few scriptures. Those are the facts and I have the transcripts from wire taps, the phone records, his journal and the evidence to support my claims” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 3:16:09 PM - Compare Anthony Riggs : “I dated Tony on and off for nearly 2 years” “He convinces you he”s everything you want and is quite the charmer, but after about 2~3 months, the real him starts coming out. The rest of the time you are trying to figure out where the nice guy went” “He told my grandfather that he would dump a girl if she didn”t “put out”. You don”t tell someone”s grandfather that! During the time we dated: He was “dating” 2 different girls {meaning at the start of the drama they were 16 and 17.... can we say: illegal} on the internet. He was having them send him pictures of themselves naked. When I confronted him, he said he would break it off, instead he called both, and told each that the others, {myself and the other girl} were “psychotic, stalker b*tches” and continued the charade” “He stole a license plate from the back of a car and blamed me for his getting arrested {“you were supposed to pick me up”}” “He borrowed at least $600 from me that I haven”t seen a penny of back. He borrowed more than $200 from a friend and claims she never did anything to help him. He doesn”t know how to keep a job he lost at least 4 jobs while we were dating. He”s a self~admitted “pathological liar.” He will lie and then get caught and lie again to cover up the first” “If you back him into a corner {i.e. I know you”re lying for _____,_____, and ____ reason} he becomes physically and verbally abusive. He hit me numerous times, called me every name in the book and had me convinced that all our problems were my fault including his hitting me” “He lied about me to his parents or allowed them to believe lies about me, that never got straightened out because his parents hate me now. They are convinced that every bad decision he makes, is ultimately someone else”s fault: his girlfriend at the time” “he is a closet bisexual. If you are comfortable with that lifestyle, he will tell you this and convince you that you are the only one he”s ever told, otherwise, he will flat out deny it. He told me himself and admitted to having the hots for a close friend of his. He threatened my with further violence if I ever let it slip, but I feel a girl should be forewarned and yes, he has had sex with a man. Regardless, I”ve never met a straight man who claimed to be bi. I”ve only met bi and gay men who claim to be straight” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/21515/

2/19/2011 3:17:26 PM - Compare Brandon Ridley, aka “B” {Hamden/New Haven, CT}: “has an nasty STD and is sleeping around with tons of women and he is a DL brotha!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 3:18:30 PM - Compare Frederick Howard Branch, aka Hasani Rasi El”, “Frederick Mabron”, “Frederick Mabon” {Chicago, IL Gary & Merrillville, IN}: “is a pedophile. I dated him for 3 years before I found out that he impregnated one child when he was 22, impregnated a 16 year old when he was 27 and now at 34 was attempting to entice my teenage daughter. He forged my name on some documents and borrowed a substantial amount of money from me which he refused to repay because he found out I was getting a tax return and that should be enough. After I reported him to the police for what I discovered he was doing to my daughter, he sent me a trite email apologizing for “letting me down”! He is mentally unstable and a danger to all single mothers. He also is a slob who would rather put his dirty dishes in bags under the bed rather than just put them in the sink. He is a very good liar and knows what to say to lull a woman into a false sense of security. Don”t fall for it!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 3:19:46 PM - Compare Anthony Branch, aka “Tone”, “Capone”, “Chris” {Detroit, MI}: “I caught him with a trans sexual” “He is on myspace all the time trying to get “models” for clothes. He says he is straight, but he is not. he thinks because he does not do guys, he is not gay. watch out for him, don”t let the smooth taste fool you. and his is BROKE! a freeloader” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 3:20:53 PM - Compare Albert James Branca {Lake Elsinore}: “I caught AJ looking at child pornography on the computer a few times when I got up in the middle of the night to pee. Searching through the browser history, I found not hundreds, but THOUSANDS of pornographic images of children. AJ was cheating on me with several women and a few men” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 3:22:11 PM - Compare James Beamish : “Girls this man is the biggest cheater going around. not only cheats on so many women but he cheats on them with other males” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/23571/

2/19/2011 3:34:06 PM - Compare Bill Rigopolous {Baltimore, MD}: “Met him through craigslist. Total asshole and very self~absorbed. First date only talked about scoring another woman for a threesome and having anal sex. Has no impulse to care or give a damn about you. Very needy and insults you when he doesn”t get his way. At 38 very immature. Seeking a woman to impregnate because he”s biological nuts are sagging!!! Prefers AA woman but like I know, don”t fall for the banana in the tail pipe!” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/19/2011 3:37:06 PM - Compare Eric Riihimaki {Scarborough, Canada, Ontario}: “This guy if you want to call him that is cheater and liar, con artist, and is not into women he into men, this guy will do anything possible, he may say he is studio Musician/own his business/ but he is bulls... liar, he can”t even hold a full time job, and lives in Hostel when he can”t find a place to live, he is low life, he lives off of other women so he can get to know men, he also on gay dating site for men he also know as Svenn Maki, so beware stay clear of this guy!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 3:50:27 PM - Compare Earl Riley, aka Skip : “MOST IMPORTANTLY HE KILLED A MAN about 4 years ago! He is a USER, he always wants you to give~give~give and recieve nothing in return. HE IS BROKE AS A JOKE, NO CAR, NEVER GRADUATED from high school. He has a 4 or 5 year old son he has NEVER done ANYTHING for. he is verbally AND PHYSICALLY ABUSIVE, he is THE MOST LAZIEST person on Earth. He behaves as if he is still 16, with a JEALOUSY problem out of this world, EXTREMELY possessive. He is also TOO sexual. He wants sex 24/7 and if he doesn”t get it he cops an attitude. He is a LIAR. He lives with his aunt in her RAGGEDY DIRTY TRIFLING apartment and never gives her anything to compensate except FOOD STAMPS. DATING HIM WILL BE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE. Oh, did I mention he tries to PIMP on women. He used to have cars, clothes and money because he was a PIMP. He will try to get UNDERAGED girls to whore for him, he does check scams, boosting, anything for money HE WILL DO. Selling drugs, the whole nine. He is ADDICTED to porn, he smokes weed and drinks heavily. DON”T DATE HIM GIRL! I BEG YOU” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/192535/

2/19/2011 4:01:38 PM - Compare Jonathan Rios, aka “Jon” {Spring, TX Prescott, AZ}: “Jonathan is actually gay. He stole my husband and is a spoiled, deceitful little brat. He gets whatever he wants and is jealous of all of his friends spouses. He is a Courtney Love. Meaning, he will try and drive everyone out to get what he wants. He is trash” “Jonathan Rios is probably the most manipulative person I have EVER met. He is a terrible date, especially at special events. He is boring, has no personality, and makes up lies about people. All he ever does is hang out with this married guy he is like in love with and chicks can”t even get a word in. He thinks he”s super rich and famous and his family are like plain jane. Definitely steer clear of this maniac loser if you know whats best for you” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 4:08:27 PM - Compare Chris Risenhoover {Springfield, I assume, Missouri}: “Chris seemed like your average guy. At first he was sweet, charming, and honestly, a lot of fun. After I grew to knew him, four years had passed, and I realized something~ even though he was getting older, he never quite matured. Although he appeared older, his brain mentality stayed steady in the 12 year old stage. Although Chris never participated in drugs, or abused any substances, his maturity sunk lower than low. GI~JOEs seemed to take up the majority of his time, and soon I became too mature to understand. Then the playing with toy guys the kind that go pow pow pow in the back yard became a tradition every fall with his little brother and too close for comfort buddy. After I called it quits with him after four years of my life had disappeared into fights, yelling matches, and arguments over his obsessive porn disorder, and his ocd, i could no longer take it. He also had this really uncomfortable relationship with his mother. The kind where no matter what, even though I watched her hit her son on multiple occasions, he still held her oh so dear. It was the kind of relationship you read about in the novel oedupus. sp? Anyways, something about his immaturity caused him to not understand the “break up.” I was harrassed on many occasions for my foolish mistake. HAHAHA. best decision of my life! Beware, the quite, tame, mischevious type can bite back. Keep in mind, still waters lie deep. Oh and remember, when the mom goes out to get a slut stamp at her 40th, you know that she has issues of her own that trickle into the family. Did I mention she had an affair?” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=27722

2/19/2011 4:16:38 PM - Compare Alex Evans {Tucson, AZ}: “i was at this party. it was wild. i met this cute boy named alex. we talked we drank a little and had a great time. then he invited me back to his place. i said sure. when we got there he introduced me to his room mate. Miguel. then much to my surprise they started to make out in front of me. i was shocked. but what came next was worse. they started to remove each other clothes. then alex got a video camera and demanded that i film them having sex. i was disgusted. i called a friend and got a ride home” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 4:20:48 PM - Compare Victor M. Evangelista {Greenwich, CT}: “He said he”s a gay, so beware my fellow ladies. His sexuality is questionable!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/19/2011 4:25:43 PM - Compare Barrie Evans {Oakland, CA}: “This guy is the biggest piece of ***. After being warned by many of his ex friends I wasted 4 years of my life with him. Things were actually pretty good between us we even talked about marriage and got an apartment together. That is until a fugly tranny started *** with me and told me about their relationship. Of course, he denied everything and after repeatedly lying to my face I forgave him. Until today, the tranny”s boyfriend called me and told me everything. Barrie was not only sleeping with that ***, there are photos to prove the whole incident including their posting on craigslist to find a 3rd person for their STD infested threesome. Despite the fact that Barrie is pushing 50 years old he is still trying to hook young girls. He is a big looser who lives on workers compensation. After 30+ years of struggling in the music industry he is still trying to hit the jack pot. He plays base in a band called Plan9 and sings in Christ on Parade and Hellybillys. He likes to give oral sex, but is way too rough and sucks at it. If you were to ever meet this person, no matter how he tries to make himself look innocent as to the reason why he has no real friends believe me, he has mental issues and should get professional help. He is a sick..sick ~ sick person” “This guy takes cheating to the next level. Not only is he pushing 50, has nothing going for him. He has no job and after 30+ years of failure in the music industry he is still trying to play rock start picking up on girls that can be his daughter”s age. He is a complete douche bag. Not only did he cheat on me with a tranny, he took photos and videos of their sick sex escapade and even tried to invite a 3rd party on craigslist to join. Whatever you do, do not date him. He gives painful head and can”t *** for ***, all you will get out of him is a BATCH of VD” SOURCE: DDHG

2/20/2011 10:58:22 AM - Compare John Wilson Macdonald” {Bukit Timah Road, Singapore}: “for the first meet he will give you sweet talk and give you hope. promise to marry you and living together have kids. but after few month he will stop contacting you and he will avoid you.. in the same time he will talk to other girl and tell them that he not attached to anyone.. Ok Ladies look out for this man. he big liar, likes to give big hope but no delivery. He”s a sex maniac. He is a total abuser and had sexual problems. He only wants be a sodomite and will not offer any other position. He is also a liar saying he is single and he lives with someone. He is cheap to start with but will expecting sex on second time meeting. He has twin daughters but maybe more. He treated me very badly he promise me to marry me and live together in his new house, after few month he will avoid you and don’t answer your message or call you and also in the same time he dates other girl, is really weird. I had very bad experience with him and he lies. I tried to kill myself because of him. Maybe he enjoys his life but please don”t date him. He will make you feel bad about his sex habits. He is on many dating sites and will try to get many women. Watch for him” “Please Be careful with this guy” “for the first meet he will give you sweet talk and give you hope. promise to marry you and living together have kids, but after few months he will stop contacting you and he will avoid you.. in the same time he will talk to other girls and tell them that he not attached to anyone” SOURCES: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/197313/ & http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/197310/

2/20/2011 10:59:00 AM - Compare Lesean Davis {Cleveland, OH}: “he is bisexual” SOURCE: DDHG

2/20/2011 10:59:44 AM - Compare William Barry Evans : “This is a man who makes you feel the world revolves around you, will partner with you and spend loads of time with you, or invite you to spend time with him and his friends, but also needs independence. He is a huge flirt, and will dance/flirt when out with the guys, but justify it even if it bothers you. He”s very secretive about phone calls and email; he”s been caught repeatedly with curious emails about hookups, Craigs list, yahoo personals while living with someone; he is great at projecting guilt when caught, will apologize but get mean and demeaning, refuse to discuss “the past” {i.e., 2 days prior when you had an unresolved dispute}, and lies like butter to cover up his cheating. He lied and led me along for months, before I found out about another woman he”d been intimate with, while we were together. There were also curious emails from casual men, ? ? He SWEARS he doesn”t know how to cheat, would never do it, and isn”t Bi... hmmmm... not what the men and women said, who were contacted via email! I don”t know if he”d cheat if things are good {I don”t believe he did}, but when things get uncomfortable, he looks for an “out” while he”s supposedly still monogamous and committed. Good luck, he”s a real charmer!” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/20/2011 11:04:22 AM - Compare Matthew Evans, aka “Big Country” {Clearwater Tampa, St. Pete, FL Brandon, Knoxville, TN}: “Please review hillsborough county sheriff"s office arrest record for further details. http: www.hcso.tampa.fl.us pub default.asp? Online sname01” “Matt lives off of women and gay men. He lived in a mansion owned by a gay "friend" of his for quite some time. Matt is usually unemployed because he flips out on people at work. He got me fired from my job because I had to call the police to work at a small family run company because HE WOULDN''''T LEAVE. He was abused as a child and has become an abuser himself his brother is in jail for raping a little girl” “He is not emotionally stable has been arrested for violence at least three times, once he beat up a single mom, another time he attacked a police officer. He has stolen my cell phone and car keys so many times... About a month ago I overheard him talking about homosexual activity and confronted him he hit me so hard that I saw stars, just like the cartoon characters. I didn''''t know he was bisexual until a month ago. Matt was so messed up he actually told me about an encounter he had WHILE HE WAS DATING ME!! He disappears for hours and shows up for food, money, and cigarettes. If you don''''t help him he will beat you up because he is always between coke binges. He''''s kicked, hit, shaken, screamed, broken my property, thrown my dishes, and punched through a door” “Matt is listed on Mate 1, Alt.com, Vonage, Yahoo personals, Roommate to go, Roommate click, and hundreds of other sites. He sleazes around with men and women” “He owns nothing” “I''''m glad to be rid of lil'''' Abner but man, that was a waste of time with a country bumpkin. DELIVERANCE ~ just like the movie he has no education, a brain that has been fried by years of addiction, and ambiguous sexual preferences. Matt is a thief, a sex addict, a liar, has split personality disorder, he''''s really just a criminal. He knows he is sick but won''''t do anything about it. He has a strange recurring cyst on his head from steroids, or drugs maybe. It''''s sad what a sick mom did to this boy ~ one of his personalities is the sweetest thing ~ but he won''''t let it out. He was brutalized as a boy, beaten up and exposed to too much” “He''''s a looney tune that''''s just pathetic, and well, he''''s kinda got that pasty redneck doughboy thing that makes you want to teach him how to spell. Anyway he''''s also dangerous ~ out of control, so just walk on by” SOURCE: DDHG

2/20/2011 11:05:11 AM - Compare Lorenzo Evans, aka “Alonzo”, “Mark, “Tony” {Bay Area, CA}: “is scum, uses woman like they were nothing and now is going towards men. What diseases will he be dishing out? he feeds off woman, uses them takes from them and gives nothing in return. he will take everything you have and smile as he walks out the door. watch out for this scum” SOURCE: DDHG

2/20/2011 11:05:43 AM - Compare Kelly Evans {Lockport NY, Greensboro NC}: “likes for girls to play with his asshole! he’s prob really gay, one of them undercover brothers!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/20/2011 11:06:17 AM - Compare James Mitchell Segler : “I am currently married to this man, but hopefully not for long. I was fooled and I admit it, I threw him out of my home after finding a DVD full of child porn. I mean little girls around the age of 7 to 10 with adult men. He also used me in many other ways, never worked. There are also unconfirmed rumors he even had sexual relations with his own daughter. Please women watch out for this man. He is a smooth talker” comment under profile: “This man mostly goes by the name Mitch the picture i have posted is the one that I have found him using. Its one of our wedding pics with me cut out. go figure. He is currently on Tagged.com as Mitch S. Says people are spreading lies about him....but I can assure you what I have said is the truth and I only hope to spare some one else from the pain I am going through now. that and only that” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=24250

2/20/2011 11:07:11 AM - Compare Craig A. Seeman {Chicago, IL}: “don’t let his pleasant demeanor fool you. He is a liar and a cheater! He physically cheated on me once that I know of and was caught sending dirty texts/emails to several women even after he proposed to me! He’s also into transsexuals” COMMENT UNDER PROFILE: “Plays drums for the band Chronic Seizure. Really tall 6ft7 with lots of tattoos. Appears sweet and innocent, but has a dark side. Heavy drug user and will hit on anything that moves” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/20/2011 11:07:43 AM - Compare Dale Roberts : “I am not exaggerating when I say he is a sociopath, gambling addict, alcoholic and maybe bi~sexual. {don”t know about STDS} I met him through an expensive dating service in Boulder ~ “Introductions” Dale met me {In jan 2005} and was set up with me while still in another relationship with a woman from Introductions {unbeknownst to me}. He was asking us both to marry him at the same time. He is a dentist with 2 bankruptcies and a host of businesses that he has ruined” “When I broke up with him, I started putting the pieces together, and contacted two of his former partners, both of whom told me “stay far away from him. He”s a sociopath and violent. Deserves to be behind bars” “He courted me but I started thinking something was wrong when he started crying on our third date about how he felt for me. I was dumfounded, but the guy is smooth” “We dated for six months before I started seeing how abusive he was getting” “I just knew something was telling me not to “go there.” Hmmmm...was it the fact that he had a demale roomate at 43?” “Or, the fact that his own family disowned him?” “He”s on eharmony, match.com and various dating sites in the Denver area. Has a dental practice {where he sleeps with many of his hygensists, or at least tries to grope them}. Stay far away, the most amoral closest thing to evil I have ever encountered. You will leave him feeling as if a part of your soul has been destroyed” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/50877/

2/20/2011 11:08:27 AM - Compare Graham Roberts {Adelaide South Australia}: “plays mind games and the best is that in the middle of a diagreement he says that I couldn”t give him what a man gives him he”s been sexually active with men for over 12 years and has visited gay haunts had sex and visits the gay sauna in the city and has unprotected sex with men. He doesn”t care what he can be passing on to any one, he then dumps one woman and goes on to the next” “one man who has sex with both a woman and men who uses no protection, whos gay and uses women to pretend. works for sa water lives in fairview park, and is a tosser literaly” SOURCE: DDHG

2/20/2011 11:09:02 AM - Compare Jeff Roberts {Ottawa, State: Canada, Ontario}: “BIG CHEATER, A......, COKEhead, still lives with his parents and uses makeup... he”s a douchebag” SOURCE: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=2991

2/20/2011 11:09:38 AM - Compare Jordan Roberts, aka “Lord Rah”, “J~Rob”, “Jerrard” {Hollywood, FL}: “works for his dad lives with his mom and doesn”t take care his child he”s a low life LOSER claiming to be in the music bussiness passing out bootleg cd”s he make at home after copying other rappers **** and rewording ithangs at the hard rock as his homeboys flunkie trying to make it look like he”s ballin sharin rooms with niggas {hmm maybe he”s gay}” SOURCE: DDHG


2/20/2011 11:10:55 AM - Compare Dereck Wright {Aliso Viejo, CA}: “IS MARRIED! Don”t let yourself be sucked into all his lies!” “Anything that he can say to get you to “fall for him” or send you personal pictures, or meeting him, or having sex with him. He will work on you for MONTHS” “His ex~wife has FULL custody of their kids, he has visitation ONLY. He pays the minimal amount for child support, which generally his wife gives to him to pay” “he is almost a deadbeat dad” “Basically lives off his wife {which her parents even say so}. He sent me messages during his wedding reception!” “He has been engaged in sexual relations {blow jobs, sex, etc.} with at least three girls at his work. His wife”s own father has been weary of him from the very beginning. And says he wouldn”t really have anything to do with anyone long term unless they had money and/or a house. When his wife is sent PROOF, he will lie to her saying that you have been “stalking him for years”, or that the proof was “altered”. He will then give his WIFE your phone numbers, where she will call until you answer and call you names, blaming YOU for everything. Saying she will “call the cops and file a restraining/harassment order” on you. Generally, he lurks in the “bondage” groups on myspace. He will make fake myspace profiles as being a “bi girl” to get other girls to send him pictures. And make fake e~mails... Don”t send any pics to something that includes names such as Sin, Lost Soul, TabooSaint. Aside from this, I am pretty sure he is a bit of a pedophile. He dated a 19 year old off and on from the time she was 16, and likes to be called “daddy” ” SOURCE: DDHG

2/20/2011 11:11:52 AM - Compare Antonio Wright : “This man is a psychopathic dog. He is about 6ft2”, 180 lbs, a teacher, has 6 kids, and is married but lies about everything. He wants a woman to take care of him and has very serious anger management issues. He really does need psychological help. I met him 5 months ago and he told me he was single and only had one child. While grilling out one day his son mentioned to me in casual conversation that he had six sisters and brothers on his father side of the family. When I confronted this bastard about it he lied and said he son was lying. After we got into a big fight a few weeks ago because I heard another woman”s voice in his house, I started investigating. I finally got his exgirlfriend”s number after he lied about what her name was and she confirmed everything. He is from Memphis, TN and has kids there and in Orlando, FL. He also has one son that lives with him. STAY AWAY he is crazy!! He will tell you that he loves you and go to church with you to make it seem like he is a good person, BUT he is broke, will choke you, call the police on you for no reason, curse you out, and has very bad mood swings” COMMENT UNDER PROFILE: “He is also has gay tendencies” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=27336

2/20/2011 11:12:26 AM - Compare Eric Wray {Virginia Beach, VA}: “Most people who meet him question his sexuality. No one knows the truth, but him and his gay best friend. If you cross him, he is verbally abusive and has been physical in the past. Even when he is joking around, he goes straight for your insecurities. Everything is a show for him. He does things so that others can be impressed, not from the heart. He”s conceited always telling himself and others how good he looks or how great he is” SOURCE: DDHG

2/20/2011 11:13:07 AM - Compare Michael Workman : “Ive known this man for years...He has recently gone from total Womanizer at the club every weekend luring in young girls to Rigid Christian Man who wouldn”t dare have sex before marriage. He uses this as his way of taking advantage of innocent woman and then turning his guilt onto them. He has impregnated two woman...made promises to them...then fled...only returning to pretend he”s a father to his church. It is known that he may be doing these things to cover up a bigger issue...He”s Gay!” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/215102/

2/20/2011 11:14:02 AM - Compare Pride Evans, aka "Tohma" "Atlanta, GA}: “is the definition of a perpetrator! The man is dumb! He lives with his mother and he doesn"t have a job and catches mood swings like a little girl. He went out with a girl online and was talking to her for months on the phone and then he just kept dogging her about her looks and trying to force her to change just for him. She didn"t like it and she was way too smart for him, so he got dropped. After that, he kept hitting on one of her best friends trying to get her to go out with him even though she told him over and over that she had a boyfriend. He actually got upset and hit her. He said it was an accident and that he bumped into her, but she knows it"s not true. WARNING: This guy is a pedo. He was talking to 16 year olds online and he"s almost 24” SOURCE: DDHG

2/20/2011 1:32:20 PM - Compare Jonathan Ray Bartley {Kingsport, TN}: “when you develop feelings for him he changes. He won”t rent his own place if he can slide on into yours and avoid spending his own money. He is a user of women to get what he can and has been at it a long time. He once made the statement that women whose husbands were mean to them and heavy set women were “easy to get” he will use you for sex, a place to live, anything he can get that he feels he needs. He can really charm you when he wants. He will then fall off the face of the Earth leaving you to wonder what happened and when confronted he blames it all on you and criticizes you, your friends and anything else he can do to shift blame away from himself. He is always looking for the “next best thing” and always talks about his ex~girlfriends and wives and how they did him dirty. He likes women with money and talks about money all the time, but he is a total cheapskate after you are with him long enough. You can tell when he begins cheating on you because he is at times singing your praises {out of guilt} then turns on you like a mad dog and starts being verbally abusive trying to make you feel all at fault. He claims he doesn”t cheat but he is a habitual liar, he for a while had two cell phones {one that he uses in front of you} other for other calls. If he thinks you have some money, land or a home anything he can get his hands on and he is interested in you watch out. He proposed to at least 3 of us with the same engagement ring, which his new wife now has {poor thing she doesn”t know how many had it before her} and as usual fashion he moved in with her she has a home she bought” “he has lowwwwww self esteem as a man and needs to realize it takes more than a penis to be a man, a good man treats women with respect and doesn”t use them and lie to them and cheat on them and try to belittle them, he has temporarily settled down, {poor woman} juggling all those women at one time get tiresome as well as trying to keep up with all those lies” “loved to bar hop and his disrespect of women is unbelievable, think he has some bolts loose upstairs. He can be good as gold for a while but in time you see just how low class he really is” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/20/2011 1:33:27 PM - Compare Michael Anthony Bartock {Cocoa Beach, FL}: “This man is a sociopath. He lies on very grand scales. He has proposed to other women ~ while still married. He will end the relationships with them by saying he has cancer and dying and can”t put them through it or that he is being shipped off to Iraq. He usually will get women to fall deeply in love with them ~ telling them he has never been in love before. He is a great lover and VERY convincing. He is though a pathological liar. He is on his third marriage and is incapable of love. He has hurt woman very deeply. During his deep love relationships he will still meet many women and have random sex. He has numerous sex partners and he never uses a condom. He will tell you because he is in the military he has nothing to worry about ~ plus he will tell you he hasn”t had sex in a couple of years. He usually says he is 5 years younger than he really is” “He will send pictures and everything. Don”t believe a word and RUN! Read the story of Scott Peterson and Amber Frey and this guy is just like him! He is incapable of love himself but will really have you believe he loves you and you are his salvation. Watch OUT! He has devastated and destroyed many women out there. It is very sad” SOURCE: womansavers.com

2/21/2011 10:27:27 AM - Compare Walter Jordan, Jr. {Atlanta, GA}, PART I: “WHORE. Women, you are as dumb as two left feet if you do not see that the man you call yours belongs to another man, excuse me, men!!! Get yourself checked and stop allowing him to play games with your mind!” “he is out to use and abuse you and bring you down to his level because your success makes him look more inferior. Notice how bitchy he is. Those are tendencies of a woman and not a man. Check your self and do your gaydar! If he fails, which he will, head to the clinic immediately” “He is sticking it to the guys and gals. If you are lucky, he may admit he”s Bi!” “Atlanta...don”t be fooled by this DOWN LOW LOSER. YES I SAID DOWN LOW. Walter puts up a front that he is straight and loves all the women and claims to have screwed them all but in actuality, he has tried to screw damn near all of them and MEN! He loves to surround himself with gay men because he says they are funny and entertaining, but birds of a feather flock together. He uses his gay friends to charm women with astrology and tales of how great he is in bed and how he would make a great lover. Of course they would know this information because it is from first hand experience. If you doubt he is gay, watch is mannerism. Listen to his lies and contradictions. If you knew him when he worked at RARE~~~~~~~should I say anything else. Supposedly he has a girlfriend who looks like a cross between a horse and a frog but the point is, he has three boyfriends. FRED, NATE, AND MIKE. It isn”t gossip. It is fact. I know because girls always kiss and tell! Walter loves nothing more but to talk about women while he is screwing a man. So what his dick is big....its whack because everyone has had him from the back~~~~AND THATS A FACT!” SOURCE: DDHG

2/21/2011 10:27:56 AM - Compare Walter Jordan, Jr., PART II: “Among being a repeated cheater, he is a habitual liar and uses and abuses any woman he comes in contact with. Usually, he dates women 5~10 years his junior and uses any tactics of manipulation to warp the mind and make you feel inferior. Walter is extremely insecure, however plays on your intelligence to make you believe you are the one with issues. Walter is in the restaurant industry and has not held down a job for longer than 2 years. With every job, he has stolen money and merchandise as well as slept with anything with a vagina” “Walter has an extremely active sex life {with no restrictions}which includes contacting strangers on chat lines for meeting and sexual pleasures. Walter”s game is to shower you with gifts and more importantly his charming charisma and good looks to sucker you in and hold you captive mentally. Be prepared for “I love you” after the first time you make love and a marriage proposal approximately 6 months or less later. Beware of the diamond shaped cloudy ring that he has given to several women, all who have return it. He makes you believe you are a cheater and a liar when it is really him. Walter is very verbally abusive from the beginning which will later lead to physical abuse. He will resort to following you, searching through your cell phone, and latching on to your friends to attempt to manipulate you and know your every move. Walter has nothing to call his own. He rents homes due to horrible credit and once every 6 months or less gets a vehicle repossessed due to lack of payments” “Do not get caught up in sympathy and loan him money because you will never see a dime of it again” “Walter has no true identity, meaning that he has taken bits and pieces of others life experiences and made them his own to all form an identity he believes the public will be pleased with. If you know what”s good, you will beware of him as well as his brother, Wayne Jordan” SOURCE: DDHG

2/21/2011 10:28:32 AM - Compare Walter Jordan, Jr., PART III: COMMENTS UNDER PROFILE: “He always talks about all the women that want him, when it”s really that he wants them and tries to have them all to mask the fact that he”s gay and has sexual relationships with men. It”s no secret. His soul is empty because he can cry and look you in the eyes and lie like a dog. Lay with him and wake up with more than flees. Trust me I know!” “He”s abusive and manipulative” “He is totally A QUEEN” “His personality is definitely bipolar. One minute you are having a good time and he is all in your face and you are the best thing that has happened to him and the next minute, you are *** to him and he brushes you off. Just as soon as he cusses you out you are back to being his favorite girl again. He tells one lie after another and when you catch him in it he tries to play you stupid and change the story like you”re the dumb one. The rumors keeping coming from several places that hes gay and the more I dealt with him, the more I saw signs and for sure there is not a straight man working at Rare where he liked to flaunt me and other women I hear with fags all asking me my birthday and sign so go figure. I know he is a cheater because I went to go see him at work {Rare} and was mistaken for another woman he always has visiting him the guy said!” “He digs into your soul and tries to use you for whatever benefits him. He tries to control you with sex and wants you to think he is the best thing you have going in your life. Leave this looney~tune alone” “the same things I went through with him and then some that would take a lifetime to discuss as far as the disgracefulness of this man” “the DISGRACE is that he is victimizing so many women OVER AND OVER AGAIN. the DISGRACE is that you are defending a man who demeaned my character and tore me down to shreds. the DISGRACE is that he seems to get off on ****ting on women and people in general” “I dated him years and years ago and needless to say he was the most arrogant, abusive, self~centered man I had ever met. Besides the feminine traits he displays he worked at a damn gay club called Tracks {the old Warehouse}. If you don”t know, you better ask somebody bout it. Do your ATL history homework!!! No strait man works at a gay club! Believe it. I know too many gay men that keep his name in their mouth and know him too intimately. Women who have dated him and have slept with him, please test yourself” “Your mental psyche and physical health are in jeopardy if you mess with this man so you should be aware” “Heard he is a under cover brother with aids so ladies please beware you know how men are in the atl!” “He had too many feminine tendencies for me when made me afraid he may be a downlow brotha and I don”t have time for that because he already came with drama on his plate” “To be quite honest, there were several problems with this guy! He”s nothing short of being manipulative, a liar, a cheater, a womanizer, a physical and verbal abuser, a thief, and so much more. I use to date him too!” “all of a sudden, he flipped! It was like dating Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde. One day he”d tell me how much he loved me and cared about me or how he wanted us to move in together and in the next second, he”d accuse me of sexual indiscretions!” “He latches on to women who may have it going on like a blood~sucking leach, so he can try and drain them of their time, their money, their dreams and their womanhood. As you can see, he”s a socialite” “he”s a male groupie who will curse you straight out if you tried to steal his thunder” “He lied and said he was single, but then I found out he was living with someone” “He”s always between jobs and for some strange reasons, blame you for his problems to get you to feel sorry for him. He”s accused me of cheating, but that was because I later found out that I was one of about 4~5 other women he”d been seeing, in addition to this lady he had at home” SOURCE: DDHG

2/21/2011 10:29:08 AM - Compare Kevin Jordan, aka “princess” {Cincinnati, OH}: “When you have met this very charming, sensitive, and allegedly wealthy man~~~RUN, ladies, RUN! First of all, the internet can tell you of his criminal history. Second...the money? All his mamas. He is a mamas boy to the tee, and without her, he”s got nothing. She pays for his house, car, etc. Once he explains that away, {his mama treated him badly as a child, he is scarred, etc} then he will start some pretty passive agressive bullying stuff. It”s subtle at first, and he inserts enough charm in between that you convince yourself you need to be a better girlfriend. WARNING: he is just manipulating the situation so he can cheat on you without your suspicion. Seriously, this is a man who admits he has never been loyal to just one woman. Also, he is super into illegal drugs {he covers it well} and finally, I am convinced he is on the down low with other guys” SOURCE: DDHG

2/21/2011 10:29:43 AM - Compare James Jordan {Overland Park, Olathe, KS}: “We dated on and off for about 4 years this jerkface had the nerve to break up with me while we were in the bahamas not to mention that after we promised to each other to stay pure until marriage he slept with a co worker at jose peppers HE IS A LIAR A CHEATER A DRUG ADDICT A BROKEASS AND A BI SEXUAL” SOURCE: DDHG

2/21/2011 10:30:16 AM - Compare Ste Jones {Liverpool, Knowsley Village, UK}: “I am a single mum with 2 children and he stole all my savings so be warned don”t date him girls {or men cos i believe he is bisexual}” SOURCE: DDHG

2/21/2011 10:30:51 AM - Compare Stacey L. Jones {Nashville, TN Montgomery, AL Tacoma}: “He is a sex addict who hangs out in the swinger lifestyle and does not always practice safe sex all time, he has passed on herpes to one woman already” SOURCE: DDHG


2/21/2011 10:32:22 AM - Compare Will Jordan : “Will Jordan has been charged by the police in Oxford with bigamy and fraud {amongst other charges} and also has an existing police record. He is a serial impregnator and has 10 children {that we know of so far} to 4 different women {none of which he supports as far as I know}. He passes himself off as a CIA intelligence officer, or MOD, or MI6, he has also passed himself off as very high up in Microsoft ~ all of which is lies. He meets people online and comes across as the nicest guy alive, but he is a consumate liar, a fraud and a con~man. He has left women bankrupted and alone to support his children. I know that there are other women out there, probably supporting him now, and probably putting themselves in debt for him. Women BEWARE” SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/10214/

2/21/2011 10:33:32 AM - Compare Alan Jorgenson {Lakewood, CO}: “He NEVER works, hangs with a very LARGE gay circle yet calls himself straight and was once living with a transvestite, he is a couch jumper because he has no real place to call “home”, big time moocher, he cheats and is a pathological liar. He owes a lot of unpaid child support for a son he never sees. He has been arrested multiple times, several misdemeanors and FELONIES {Lareceny and credit card fraid} on his Colorado Bureau of Investigations report. He has a felony warrant for his arrest out of Garfield County hes been dodging for nearly a year” SOURCE: DDHG

2/21/2011 10:34:05 AM - Compare Jose “Dario” {Miami, FL}: “I had the pleasure of being involved with this jack ass! Ladies stay away but guys are welcome! He is looking for the “perfect” girl, this is impossible as he digs the dudes! He is a master manipulator and will convince you that you are less of a person because you can”t cook milanesa, while hemming his pants and giving him a BJ at the same time. He is a cheap bastard and his father”s family is crazy *** up, although his aunt is an angel! He is a sweet talker in the beginning and knows how to talk to a woman {since he is one}! He seems like a catch as he has a great job and owns his own home but don”t let that fool you. He travels a lot to Latin America/Carribean and if you think he is faithful, I assure he is getting a BJ from that tranny hooker in Puerto Rico. Underneath the metrosexual,/vegetarian visage is a gay man in denial. Since he has unresolved issues regarding his sexuality he is very big at controlling his environment... namely you. He will notice that you have gained a pound or if you need to do your highlights and he will whine like a little girl until you fix it. He will ask you to paint your nails red like his dead mother...yes girls he will compare you to his dead mother and you will lose. All I can say is that if you have a dick you are welcome to him but those who don”t need not apply! P.S. **HINT** He does not believe in going downtown on a woman. He complains that it irritates his tonsils. I am pretty sure he wouldn”t think twice if it were a penis” SOURCE: former DDHG profile

2/21/2011 10:34:43 AM - Compare Brandon Joy {Ohio, Pennsylvania}: “Several years ago he hit on his best friend”s sister in a perverse way. He was about 20~21 years old and the sister was 13. I don”t see him wanting to date any other women that are three dimensional because he has a strong obsession with anime women. watches anime porn all day. When not watching anime porn, he watches only lesbian porn because he doesn”t want to run the risk of seeing any “dude parts”. This is strange however because he has an unnatural obsession with his best friend, seeing as he calls him probably about 30 times a day. unless you would love to be with a man that hits on minors, obsesses over his friends, and is an attention seeker, please do not waste countless hours of your life within hearing distance of this man” SOURCE: DDHG

2/21/2011 10:35:19 AM - Compare Travis Joyce {Sydney}: “He and his flatmate Tim {who is married ~ his poor wife lives in ballina} suggested to have a threesome with them. Girls he will never remarry so dont think that you might be the one to change him” SOURCE: DDHG