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I've known Donovan ever since high school. He has never stopped being there for me when i needed him, and even set me up with my husband even though i knew he liked me at the time. He can be old-fashioned, and quite stubborn when he believes something is his "Duty", he has the most genuine heart of any man I have ever known. I know it seems im gushing about him, but i've been in contact with him for years since we were in school and it breaks my heart to know he hasn't found his true love yet. If you are checking him out on this site, don't let him slip by. You own't find as good a quality man anywhere, he will absolutely treat you like a queen, and if i was ever certain a man would stick by a woman no matter what, it would be him. Even if he seems clumsy in his approach to you in the beginning stages, or awkward, know that this man is genuine and will always put you first. Last thing, when my cousin passed away last march, Donovan sent me flowers of sympathy. He remembered a conversation we had back in 1998 about how much she meant to me. One of the most thoughtful warm hearted men ive ever met.
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3/18/2008 12:40:55 AM - Me and a friend of mine put Donovan on this site just because we think it's a shame he has fallen through the cracks as far as dating goes. I've known him since high-school. He has always been a gentleman. I have seen him stand up for women he didn't even know. I have seen him be a protector and advisor for women no matter any personal cost or sacrifice for him to do so. He goes out of his way to help his lady friends and though can be overbearing at times, he always has the interests of those around him at heart. As far as me personally, he stood up to 5 men who were harrassing me one time, even though if they had taken issue with him he could have gotten really badly hurt. He has been there for me at every one of the low moments in my life, and even helped save my marriage 2 years ago with his advice and patient tenderness. He also set me up with a man i dated for several years and almost married. Donovan was a great friend and no-one should pass up the opportunity to be with a man who will absolutely move the world for you if thats what you want. He is also one of the smartest, most compassionate, physically strong men I have ever known (other than my Robert). Even if you arent considering dating him, this man will fight to change your life for the better asking nothing in return. I can't ever repay him for what he has meant to me.

3/18/2008 1:16:28 AM - My friends said they were putting Donovan up here for St. Patties day. Donovan got me through high school. he saw me through 5 abusive boyfriends. At one point sitting next to my bed through the night when I was all alone and a guy had threatened me because i had broken up with him. He even helped me stop drinking, getting me out of alcoholism,while at college. I remember best one time my little sister twisted her ankle at the fairgrounds in tallahassee. Donovan carried her across the whole park to the med station. Thats the type guy Donovan is. Recklessly giving. He's nt a saint, and he's not perfect, but if there ever was a knight in shining armor, it would be him. Don't let this one get away. It took me to get married to understand and appreciate what a prize he truly is. If you are considering him, i'd say this guy is not only worth saying yes to, but he is worth pursuing, chasing down, catching on and never letting go. I agree completely with my friends, this man means more to me than ill ever be able to repay

3/18/2008 1:21:34 AM - And he doesnt flaunt the secret wonderful things he does. Don't be suprised if you find him in a soup kitchen, or volunteering at a children's help home. He's pretty secretive about alot of things most men would brag about. (Mira from above again)

3/18/2008 5:03:57 PM - 'Though some of those comments were over the top Donovan is a great all around guy. I have known him for almost 14 years and think that he is a wonderful man. I knew about this site well before i gotthe email saying htey were putting him here and i must say its good to see a guy here for good reasons. This site lists cheaters and warns people about abuse for most of the men listed. I like to see such a quality guy getting the recognition he deserves.
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Date Survey Submitted: 3/18/2008 12:18:20 AM
Last known residence: Tallahassee  Florida, United States
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