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I also have him profiled, several times, on dontdatehimgirl.com. See URLs up there, beginning with this one: http://ddhg.com/cheater_view/74748/ If you’ve caught him cheating and confront him about it, he will flip the script to make it seem like its all in your head and that you’re the one with issues when in reality he is the one shagging someone else, another man—‘bi’ men, another woman, either, both, or multiple others. He tells you about his ‘sad childhood’ to make you feel sorry for him. He told me that he was molested by his cousin as a child and about his mentor at Edgemeade-- though that part was confusing…he seems to ‘suggest’ –if you are listening closely to this story—that this ‘mentor’ might have also molested him. LISTEN CLOSELY. He will be in tears when he tells this one!) His pattern has been to manipulate women into giving him money and material things. [ ] he should be telling you about his multiple, multiple, multiple, multiple sex partners, STD's, any bank liens, mounting credit DEBT, and past/present appointments in BANKRUPTCY COURT. When he thinks you are on to him, and have the proof in your hands, he disappears. With me, it turned out that he wanted a woman to live with because otherwise he would’ve had to continue living with his mother. He is a compulsive cheater, a sociopathic liar, and will never stop. Please don't be duped; he has hurt too many of us already. Make him show you his divorce papers—from BOTH marriages/divorces—before proceeding with him. He’s not playing with a full deck! He will mirror your interests, tell you what you want to hear. Gifts and wining and dining will follow until you are hooked, then the abuse will begin. Subtly and incidiously, he will lie, dismiss, disappear, project, name call, , have affairs, use anyone for his needs, and when he is done you will be left with your head spinning and nearly ruined, as your credit history nearly will be (as his 2nd wife’s was or nearly was…he admitted that much to me.) The guy is a narcissisist and cannot feel empathy but will do his best with pulling the ‘pity me’ act. He plays the victim, and excels at it. I was his 4th long term, co-habiting relationship, (to my knowledge) and Melinda is his 5th (to my knowledge.) He nearly broke my spirit, my mind, and, with his down-low, extra-marital and ‘bi’ activities, could’ve seriously affected my physical health, too. He merely moved on to Ms. Next…Melinda…his next naive victim, leaving me broken, without any true explanation. He told me that his first wife, Patty, cheated on him; I think it was the other way around. He'll do anything to prevent being confronted. What he's after is to be supported by a woman and have NO responsibility. He’s in love with your paycheck; one that’s gone, he’s gone. He uses women for his own benefit, has a history of bankruptcy (before leaving me, he told me he still owed his sister, Paula Pendergast—not sure of spelling--$17,000 from a loan she’d made to him, and it was in a contract they signed, in case he went bankrupt, that he’d still owe her the money...they agreed that he couldn’t write his debt off to her, and he DID file for bankruptcy, while living with me), juvenile delinquency, alcoholism, visits to psychologist Michael Borash (this before dating me and while dating me), porn addiction, admitted history of incest, police record for peeing in public, and membership/advertising on a swingers’ site, for casual sex with men and others. See other profiles up here on him. His other locations, in the past, have been Manassas, Fairfax, Warrenton, and Vienna, Virginia. His legal name is Everett Raymond Brown Jr.
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8/14/2008 2:32:29 PM - To see photos of JAY BROWN, a.k.a. EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR., see http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/84065/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/84063/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/84057/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/89815/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/89817/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/89811/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/89800/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/cheater_view/84064/

8/14/2008 2:41:26 PM - I have also profiled him on playersandpsychos.com, so that makes four web sites on which I've posted profiles on Jay. Also, see PROFILE No.6, on datingpsychos.com. I believe on that particular profile, I listed names that I found on Jay's "buddy list" (apparently the bi guys and/or swingers he'd met and contacted, while still living with me)...see the one for "NOMOREGURLZ" (or a similar "handle") If any of your boyfriends lived in Virginia at that time (from May-June 2000), and were advertising for casual sex on line, they might have assumed any one of those "handles" (aliases) on Jay's list, to deceive you with "down-low" and casual sex, so I would be VERY concerned, if I were you, and if so.

5/24/2009 1:35:12 PM - UPDATE. Recently, I spoke with Jay''s 1st wife, Pattie. She told me that he''d cheated on her with the neighbor''s wife. She also told me that two gay friends of hers had told her that they''d slept with Jay. Please also see my most recent profiles on datingpsychos dot com...very revealing with details. Jay had told me that Pattie cheated on him. Looks like he flipped the script.

10/28/2009 11:43:01 AM - Below are contents of another profile I had up on datingpsychos.com, about him, but that website deleted it, so I''m posting this, below, and I will post it in sections. The photo I''ll upload later, was taken in the 1990’s, when he lived with me. Do his eyes show the expression of a sociopath? They do seem so, now, to me, in retrospect of the abuse I endured, sexual and psychological, from him, for years. Domestic Abuse whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, verbal or sexual happens in SECRET. Jay Brown, aka EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR, is, in my opinion, EXPERT at it. Never in my life has a guy misrepresented who he was more than Jay. He has a history of initiating relationships with women given how many women he’s lived with, as far as I know: 5 so far, luring them into a false sense of love/security/commitment, and apparently gets off trying to destroy other people’s marriages 3X, and his own 2X. He can fake emotions “being in love” very well. He, by far, is the most mercenary man I''ve ever known! He’s the kind of male that could, when he’s done with a woman, almost make her hate men, if she didn’t finally realize that there is a BETTER MAN out there, just waiting to truly love her. IMO, he’s a sociopathic gluttonnymphomaniac, and,..FACT!.. he advertised, in 2000, on a swingers’ site, that he was bisexual, and sought casual, discreet sex, with strangers and bisexual/bicurious men, after living with me for more than 8 years. His ad stated that he wanted to jack off “j/o” together, with a bi man! Yeah. I kept a copy. JAY THE FRAUD/DECEIVER plays head games with good women. He’ll make it seem like it was all the women’s fault, for why his relationships ended except for his and Evelyn Vignola’s relationship…somehow, he was able to remain “friends” with her, for years…will take no blame for any pain he caused. Responsible folks finish one relationship before moving on to the next.. are honest in what they say in person or in profile. Jay even LIED in that profile/ad he placed on the swingers’ site…stating he was age 48, when he was older closer to 50 or 51 Those are SERIOUS RED FLAGS or danger signs!

10/28/2009 11:43:42 AM - Seriously, people, I suspect that Jay is DEVELOPMENTALLY STUNTED..as in HIS EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT WAS ARRESTED STOPPED at age 12, and that THAT IS WHY HE WAS INSTITUTIONALIZED IN EDGEMEADE MD when he was a teen, during his delinquency, because Edgemeade is/was a place that institutionalized developmentally disabled minors. I speculate that he’s NOT PLAYING WITH A FULL DECK, and hasn’t done since age 12…the age he said he was when his gay male cousin, Paul Brown, had oral sex with him Paul, he said, was around age 15 at the time it happened. A “theme” of Jay’s is to use girlfriends or female friends to meet the next woman. For example, he met Debby through MariAne Fowler Rick Burnette’s wife. I think Debby was the second in a line of women with whom he cheated on his 2nd wife, Lori Janet, I think was the first. He met Melinda and Ed through a former supposed friend of mine Matt Andrea..I’d known Matt since I was a teen Matt was not a friend of Jay’s…Jay didn’t know Matt from then who also was a friend to Melinda and Ed. I think he met Janet when he worked with his 2nd wife, Lori, at that rock shop that Lori’s father ran/owned possibly, Janet was a customer of Lubon or Lubon’s..not sure how the name of their shop was spelled. So, it seems he uses one woman or the circumstances around her life, for example…admitted to Pattie, wife #1, that he’d sexed their neighbor’s wife to meet/sex the next woman.

10/28/2009 11:44:25 AM - He presents as charming and somewhat shy, but he’s cunning, and his sexual addictive ways could be deadly, since I finally discovered from his 1st wife, that he had sex with at least 2 gay men, when he was with her it was decades later, and after living with me for years, that I discovered his ad for sex with bi and bicurious men, that he’d posted on a swinger’s site, and he regularly watched gay male porn, to which I caught him masturbating. Weeks before he said he was leaving me, he was quietly learning Don Henley’s tune, “The Heart of the Matter” some folks think the title is “Forgiveness” on guitar, and I wondered to whom he was singing it to Pattie? Lori? Me?, or who he was about to impress with it, the way he’d first impressed me with his strumming/singing. Below is Jay''s Buddy List I kept a copy, after culling it, when he lived with me, and after living with me for more than 8 years he had given me his password, to use his computer, when I was job searching, showing the handles of the guys and others who contacted him in 2000, around the time I discovered it. Notice the one NoMoreGurlz3, about a third of the way down the list.

10/28/2009 11:44:56 AM - The stupid idiot IMO didn''t realize that I''d been working for one of the global IT leaders/companies in the world, so knew how to capture/cull information, before I became a part of a massive downsizing at my company. It let go 1400 workers, nationwide I was only one among hundreds in my region. We were all told, one month before the layoff, it would happen, and the last hired were the first to be let go. I was one of the last hired. Folks don’t collect unemployment insurance if something was wrong with their work conduct or skills, but to hear Jay Brown on this topic, you’d think he thought otherwise. ALL of those folks let go from that company collected unemployment, most probably, and collected it because THEY DID THE BEST WORK THEY COULD, even if undertrained, which many WERE undertrained there, else such would not have been posted, about that company, on the net! He complained about my income and net worth, probably because, I think, HE WANTS THE LITTLE WOMAN TO BE THE MAJOR BREADWINNER, NOT HIM.

10/28/2009 11:45:23 AM - Jay forgot or didn’t realize: 1 “traditionalist” men vie/compete for those highpaying professional jobs that women otherwise need, so want to keep “nontraditional” women out of the job market, often 2 too many men are still in control of recruiting/hiring, and too many of them want “eye candy” younger women, usually under age 40, to “decorate” their offices, as well as have the credentials, despite many older women having BETTER credentials 3 too many men, like gigolos, have jumped onto the “feminist bandwagon” as an excuse to work less than their female partners 4 often, elitists, either with nepotistic “connections”, and even with “mafialike connections” women of those ilks didn’t even need college degrees, got the highend, highpaying jobs, and others came by their careers sooner, when, in the 1970’s, for example, federal jobs were more plentiful, for nonminorities…not so, or not as much, since the 1980’s. It gets worse for women if they are “late bloomers” and did not achieve their college degrees until middle age but worked in lowpaying secretarial and administrative jobs, for decades, before that, and those situations prevail even if the women have no children, and are willing to work overtime/weekend hours which I did, for years that workers with children are often unwilling to work. I doubt if Jay had ever read Barbara Ehrenreich’s books, Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By in America, and Bait and Switch: The Futile Pursuit of the American Dream, nor realized that, for most of those years living with me, recession had hit hard—that many families were in the poor house, beginning in the 1990s. Jay was surrounded by what seemed to be nepotists. In fact, I suspect that Jay’s biological family didn’t teach him about the “evils” of nepotism..suspect that they saw no “wrong” with it. “The Brown clan helps its own” was one of his mother’s expressions. He noticed that his sister Paula gained from the financial help of her welltodo husband, Joe. He told me Paula’s husband financed her human resources outplacement business she was the one that lent him $17,000..MAYBE HE WISHED HE WERE A WOMAN? HE’D ASKED PATTIE, WIFE #1, IF SHE’D WEAR A STRAP ON PENIS..ASKED HER TO REVERSE SEXUAL ROLES, SHE SAID. The rock shop that Jay “married into” was, I think, run on nepotism. Lori had a job because her father owned the business that Jay married into Lori’s daughter would later work in her rock shop. Joyce, another of Jay’s sisters, helped her son, Mark out, when he returned from the Gulf War Mark worked in real estate with her, Jay said CODEPENDENT MUCH?. He noticed that his band buddy, Rick Fowler, married to MariAne Fowler, highlevel sales professional with Judd Inc. in Strasburg, VA had a goodpaying job with Judd. Most of my relatives worked for the federal government, where nepotism is not allowed relatives are not supposed to hire each other. I hate the bastard.

10/28/2009 11:45:51 AM - So, if any of you ladies found to your shock that your guy was using a discrete handle, and it was one of these, and your man lived in the DC/VA/MD area at that time first through 4th quarter of 2000, I would logically conclude that your guy might have also been on the downlow or is a swinger is my opinion. These names or handles came from Jay’s buddy list, around when I discovered he was on the downlow, in 2000, and he’d given me his password to use his computer I was jobsearching..he was, apparently, pretending to be understanding of my unemployment situation, in 2000. I saved this list to a disk, in 2000. Below are the handles I captured, mid year 2000, off Everett Raymond Brown Jr’s Jay Brown’s computer, around the time I also found/captured his membership emails, from a swingers'' site he’d joined. If these handles appeared in any of your men’s computers, in his email correspondence, then I WOULD SERIOUSLY BE CONCERNED that he is on the downlow, or involved in swinging activities, or advertising/soliciting same, as Jay was/did I HAVE PROOF and I would seriously be concerned for your own health, mental and physical. I still have hard copies of his emails from 2000, confirming his membership in The Swingers Directory www.swingdirect.com: To see what he looked like, at different stages in his life, see my other profiles, for Everett Raymond Brown Jr. aka Jay Brown, City: Chevy Chase, MD.

10/28/2009 11:46:16 AM - This is the buddy list people, who I assume and allege he was swinging with, from whom he received correspondence, in 2000. This was the list with which I confronted him, and, after doing so, he asked me please not to let his family know. He also, at one point, tried to pass off his gay pornviewing computer activities as just a distraction. DON''T BELIEVE HIM! HE''S BEEN LYING FOR MUCH OF HIS ADULT SEXUAL LIFE! Whenever I''d catch him viewing gay porn on his computer, he''d: 1 minimize the screen, OR 2 he''d get angry at me for coming into the room where he was watching the stuff, as if I''d violated his privacy. THAT''S HOW SNEAKY AND OILY HE WAS! Somehow I could not get the table to appear on this profile, as it should, in tact: Listed in order of Screen Name, Member Name, and Location for each, unless the name stands alone, and didn’t state address, then only the Screen Name appears, grouped in lines of three, for each buddy on his list. I have spaced three times, between each name. Hopefully, perhaps Interpol or some other public protecting organization can use it to possibly bust a pornography or pedophile ring. I am not sure the spaces between the names will appear when I post this, but I kept a hard copy of the files, when Jay still had his computer at the house we rented together. His name was also on the lease. He broke the lease when ditching me, and did not reimburse me for half the security deposit, to help out with that, so, in my opinion, still owes me around $350. Our full rent, at that time, was $725, and I had paid the full $700 deposit to be returned to me, if the lease was broken, if the house was in good shape, and according to the landlord. He did pay $350 and me $350, to the landlord, for the first month''s rent, when the rent was only $700/month, when we first rented the house but I paid the full $700, or security deposit, which was an additional month''s rent, per typical landlord/tenant lease agreement.

10/28/2009 11:46:57 AM - My purpose for providing this list is in case women who suspected their men of being on the downlow might recognize their former mate’s alternate/hidden lifestyle, if/when recognizing his handle. I also have hard copies of emails, from year 2000, that Jay received, not only confirming his membership on swingdirect.com from Ashley, Customer Support, Swingers Directory Network, http://swingdirectcom, email: admin@swingdirect.com SwingDirect Admin, but many more emails to him, from that site. Jay had lent his computer to me, given me his PW so I could look for work, and this information is what I found, shocking. NOTICE THE HANDLE, NoMoreGurlz3, in the middle of the list:

10/28/2009 11:47:24 AM - CrZyGrL134 Sandston Va. FOUR PLOG Lanny VA LarNOVA LarNova Arlington, VA ScRFCE6866 b patrick g Richmond, VA AsherZ4u Ashley, Ash, Asherz in boring va Ffyrman if i tell you''ll va PrincessHthrboo Heather blonde Roanoke, VA SWard22 Sherry Fredericksburg, VA Allusion62 Mel 24, Amanda 20 Va, NC and OH KATXSOON2BHUSBAN WILLIAM Richmond, VA R11GS96 michael 6''1 Va. Beach, VA TheyCallMeKirk Kirk E. Hozman, Jr. Fairfax, VA CALIkid13 J D Stafford, VA I''m Easy Ed EASY ED Leesburg, VA MustangEMT, Lou Newport News, VA VampiroNIN Lew Newport News, VA ChicnHawk7 i''ll tell if u tell Virginia Beach, VA Hetfan Hetfan, Scott Cville, VA Centerville Rusti211 Rusti211 lea VA Beach yatyas01 HERO Quantico, VA BIGDROTC David VA InfiniteV63 Vic VA NLheard Lorenzo Virginia Beach, VA Tasteysnak I wanna your Richmond, VA Abenson51 Adam Benson Botetourt, VA JGray10695 david VA SALLEYSAL TROY SALLEY VA ChinaDoll20 Richmond, VA F12vasfan Jimmy Williamsburg, VA Matt145059 matt VA Stngbkmn chaz Northern VA BoneCrusher534 matt VA ILuvCaGnGn Yes it is My Mame Arlington, VA Peruana717 TRAVIESA**LILBEBE Falls Church, VA XSMEGX Magpie eater AKA Va but not 4 long DuDwli OOOOO oooohhhhh Chester, VA HaRoLd6883 Harold aka my babys might tell later Virginia Beach, VA OAKSTIGGER VTWill01 Wil McLendon Blacksburg & sometimes Cartersville, VA Adobe2981 Sir Everythings A VA JUD72J Judy formally Q.C. Alexandria, VA MES0102 Mary Beth Roanoke, Va. but for now Fairfax, VA VaDirtBiker Jeff Richmond, VA Brandy5273 Shari Live in Maryland, also interested in DC, Va and NM Kwjellypig Big Bertha Fairfax County, VA Mike81765 Mike Hopewell, VA YurUltimateLuva Luva Md, Dc, Va area Cheer iwa Niki and that''s more Somewhere in this boring little place called Smithfield, Va Ira5860 *eMiLy* Lil town in VA, AKA dulpecker! MrGoooddic Mr. Good Woodbridge, VA Whitetigerva Richmond, VA Bassace220 Brian Chesapeake, VA JCline1999 Jess Bristol, VA/Tn. NoMoreGurlz3 Richmond, VA Wildejokers if i feel you need Richmond, VA DannyboyVa Danny VA JFranssen5 JOHN Midlothian, VA MSY22 MEL DC, MD, VA Zepplin278 john Fairfax, VA BiDCcpl Washington, DC Justine849 Justine AKA Latina Va Babe Mlstrawser Melissa Hampton, VA Vaultr311 Alex New Castle, DE/Harrisonburg ChillBMnVA Central VA JBPoersch JB Poersch Northern VA Remeo22 David Michael Lynchburg, VA WKS1180 WKS1180 ITS STAND LIVING HERE IN VA CHILLIN VA Decris01 Beach,jVA GR8DANZN1 ****~Ericka BIG VA Photo1chic angela Richmond, VA USA Vallygal16 Ashley EB C’burg, VA Cookieaz7 You’ll find out Petersburg, VA Guyute214 Christie Richmond, VA Libs19 *~* Libby *~* VA TattaButt02 *~* Shannon *~* Altavista, VA Blaze23669 Kat Kris, Rayn VA Justic875 Ask and you shall Virginia Beach, VA 04U2B6andIB9 Boy Meets Boy, Boy Richmond, VA UVAgemini R Roanoke, VA Ailasuisej Alison, Al, Ali such a great place JAnde76215 Janita Hernandez Dale City, VA LiLMiSsBIOnDy88 Ashley VA Thomassm SMT Sterling, VA CptWife Beth Ft. Lee & Virginia Beach, VA Jonescin16 JASON JONES Ft. Lee, VA RaistlinDN David Northern VA SugurRe88 Ashley Q I live in VA I wish I live in FL Crikkett19 Didn’t we go over VA Jessamy Jessamy PlaynLife Jeff Parrish Poquosan, VA WBanks942 JB Virginia Beach, VA Ananas17 Tara Charlottesville, VA HARVNUTS Christopher Norfolk, VA RRSEAMANS David, Rachel, Adam VA XWkD420X I am 420 GoD VA sucks DrewPowles DREW M. POWLES Herndon, VA GMERCK G Merck Alexandria, VA LARGEPAPA BRIAN MCHUGH CAN U Virginia Beach, VA STAINDsHeAdTrip shannon H VA

10/28/2009 11:47:55 AM - I wish for JAY BROWN any of these things preferably all three! to occur: 1 A massive stroke that will leave him paralyzed, and dribbling his food out of his mouth like diarrhea, so that Melinda Yalom or his daughter Jolene will be the one to feed him while he’s bibbed in a hospital I would have done this, when I loved him, for I was a nurse’s aide as one of my first jobs in life. Knowing what I do now about his unhealthy lifestyle of debauchery and waste, he could very possibly go out this way. 2 Prostate cancer 3 AIDS/HIV 4 He gets chemically castrated when it''s discovered what a pervert, sex offender and sociopath that I think he is He treated me like doo doo on the bottom of his shoe, after I had: 1 helped him through bankruptcy, divorce he also told me he''d foreclosed on his marital home/property with Lori wife #2 2 helped him through the death of his sister Dulce, and also during a time that his sister Linda was worried about her dying husband he was dying of cancer, or had cancer: 3 worked in his shop, Stone Art, on Battle Street in Manassas, between my own contract jobs, while he drove a cab, and before that shop folded I was not paid for that work either 4 worked at no pay, helping him set up for crafts fairs, at strip malls, etc., to sell jewelry I made many necklaces for him to sell, out of his dwindling inventory, as well, that sold 5 put a roof over his daughter Jolene’s head, almost every other weekend, for 8.5 years though Jay paid half the rent/utilities, most months, know that HER room in my house, WOULD HAVE BEEN MY OWN ROOM, separate from Jay’s room, had I not kindly consented to allow Jolene to live there during his custody time with her, so really…I, in fact, paid part of the rent that went toward her board, is my opinion 6 The utilities gas, water, electricity were in MY NAME, for the rental house we shared in Manassas, VA his name was also on the lease HE BROKE THE LEASE, did not pay me for half the security deposit, either, after he broke it, after dumping me. For the first few months we lived together, the main phone was in MY NAME, and I had to wean his jewelry repair customers from calling my phone number, after he finally got his own business phone in our home. I helped him that way because he seemed to play on my sympathies and kindness “down and out” “oh poor me, I’m so misunderstood” ploys?, and he would soon go bankrupt. 7 paid him and hired him for performing as a guitarist and bass player with my jazz ensembles so that work put a little extra money in his pockets! and/or for performing with me, in our duo/folk/C&W act 8 prepared/served any and all meals that needed preparation cooking at home, for 8.5 years. These are just a few things I did for him. He is, in my strong opinion, a DEPRAVED, SICK, AMORAL, EMOTIONALLY/MENTALLY UNSTABLE COWARD who has cheated on, I think, EVERY WOMAN WITH WHOM HE HAS LIVED, PRIOR TO LIVING WITH MELINDA YALOM, and those women he cheated on, besides me, included his first two wives and the two other women he lived with, at two other/separate points in his lifetime, and, before living with Melinda: Evelyn Vignola and me.

10/28/2009 11:48:19 AM - And when/if he’s ever paralyzed, an old man finally, and in a hospital, I hope that when Jolene or Melinda or any of his other family members are not there to attend to him, and when he calls for a nurse’s aide for help, when he’s ****ted in his sheets/pants, I hope that the nurse’s aides will take their sweet time responding, to leave him in his mess, or they’ll come in, after he buzzes for help, to say “go ahead..**** in your drawers”, to leave him to his mess and walk out of the room LAUGHING AT HIM, …because THAT IS WHAT I THINK JAY BROWN DESERVES…a “BROWN” or “BABY TURD YELLOW” because he is YELLOWBELLIED!, SHITTY, INCONTINENT MESS! He should be made into a eunuch and chemically castrated! Melinda or whichever woman he lives with, if not Melinda should beware. I’ll betcha ten to one it’s my opinion/suspicion, that when she’s not home with him, he’ll be watching the Logo gay channel. I truly believe that he''s the sort of male who will change out the woman with whom he''s lived for 8 or 9 years, for the next woman, because Ms. Next has gained or stands to gain her inheritance soon, and Ms. SoontobeFormer won''t have her inheritance for another 8 or 9 years yet. He told me not that I ever asked him, beforehand, I didn''t ask that he would not be getting an inheritance from his mother when she died because she and/or his sisters had loaned or given him so much in the past, that he''d pretty much used up their graces/resources, across the years. Sucked them dry is what I interpret IMO. Another thing…when Jay and I started our “jazz jam” gatherings at Melinda and Ed’s home aka the “Knotty Pine Club”, at one or two of those gatherings, Carey C. Ed’s former girlfriend before he lived with Melinda, also appeared. Carey is also a jazz/gospel vocalist, she was once the girlfriend of my best friend’s current husband, decades before he married my best friend.

10/28/2009 11:48:42 AM - Carey remained Ed’s friend after Ed and Melinda split up. Now, Carey also happened to be the SISTER of Jay’s 1st wife’s brother. Jay NEVER mentioned to me having known or met Carey before he knew me, never mentioned knowing Carey before or after we began our Knotty Pine Club gatherings, though I’ll bet he had at least met Carey at some family gathering or another, of his first wife’s, Pattie’s, while married to Pattie. Jay never told me if he knew Carey before the Knotty Pine Club gatherings, back then. Possibly, he was afraid that Carey and I would speak to each other, get friendly, and possibly he thought that if Carey spoke to me and got to know me better, the crap he pulled with his first wife, Pattie, would surface, and then Carey could’ve shed some light on who Jay REALLY was/is. It would have been helpful, if Carey knew of Jay’s shadiness via Pattie, because Pattie had a close relationship with Carey, I think, long ago, to warn me. Carey did try to warn Melinda possibly through Ed, possibly directly NOBODY WARNED ME ABOUT JAY! It was as if I was “destined” to be “onedowned” and clueless for years, even though Carey, who remained Ed’s friend, tried to “warn Melinda” or warn her, through Ed when Melinda was in her initial stages of her affair with Jay or so Pattie would explain to me, years later, that Carey had tried to warn Ed and/or Melinda.

10/28/2009 11:49:03 AM - You can’t imagine what I felt, having gone years without closure, as long as I went, being “the last to know.” I felt betrayed by a whole gaggle of people, mostly those in Ed’s musical circles, with whom I once thought I’d shared a musical fellowship. My point? I don’t believe in the platitude, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you” ...rather, I believe that women should be warned of a man''s infidelities as soon as they occur, from anyone in her circles who are in the know. Also, when I first began dating Jay, I asked him why he and Pattie wife #1 divorced. He told me that she cheated on him. I would find out from Pattie that it was JUST THE OPPOSITE: she said he cheated on her with a neighbor''s wife, and ADMITTED it. Pattie also told me that two of her gay male friends told her that he had sex with them. I believe Pattie, since her experience story falls into the same Jay bisexual patterns as my own. In my opinion, other than having managed to pay child support for years for his two children and quitting alcohol/drugs for years, to me, he is a weakminded, gutless individual without character. If he’s caught again viewing gay male porn on his computer as I caught him, he’ll probably try to pass off that activity as “that was just a distraction” as he said to me. He richly deserves any low selfesteem issues he has/had, is a chronic liar, and his past with several women, with whom he each lived, has borne that out. He liked jerking off to male porn videos I caught him more than once, plus, he ADVERTISED, on the swingers'' site that that''s what he liked..the code he used was j/o. He is/was a SICK man.

10/28/2009 11:49:25 AM - He also recycles songs that he sings to his women one means of seduction he uses. He also might teach you some lapidary skills, as he did me I knew some already, that I learned while living in New Mexico, years before living with Jay, as another means of seduction. And/or, he''ll come on to you as the handyman like I think he did with Melinda Yalom he also came onto ME that way, in the beginning, for example, when we first moved in together, he assembled an armoir that I bought at IKEA. He said, I''ll bet you didn''t think I was domesticated, huh? WATCH OUT! Sorry, Missy Jolene Jay’s daughter, but Jay’s “bisexuality” is NOT normal, given the incestuous circumstances with his GAY MALE COUSIN, that he described he had with PAUL BROWN, a whether former or current transcendental meditation instructor you also traumatized me with your hate letter that was UNDESERVED, and you brought Paul Powell into our home. Paul Powell, in less than a year I think, murdered a female. God, how I hate liars who steal the last years of a woman’s reproductive life, without a thought, without conscience. In my opinion, if you are a woman still with reproductive years ahead of you, and he snows you, like he did me, he’ll probably have sex with you more in your mouth than in your “V”, maybe because he’s a weenie, afraid to get a woman pregnant Pattie, wife #1, said when she was married to him and he impregnated her, he was reluctant to discuss what the name of their baby would be, and was bedding others, meanwhile consequently, she aborted the child, got an infection from the abortion, and could not have biological children, consequently, but more probably because he swings BOTH WAYS! He has a morethan 30year history of thinking with his penis. Just remember, when he says to you, I want a woman who can roll up her sleeves, just add on what I think is his unspoken message..the rest of his sentence, because I don''t want to roll mine up too far, except for myself…when it benefits me only/majorly...especially when he gave me the excuse about his 2nd wife, Lori, and said, she wanted me to be a cash machine.

10/28/2009 11:49:51 AM - I should know. I met him when I was 18. He cheated on Evelyn Vignola, the woman he lived with at the time...WITH ME! ...or tried to, he couldn''t get it up, but he didn''t tell me he lived with her UNTIL HE GOT NAKED! He also seems to prey women who are vulnerable and/or who''ve been hurt by a guy in their past Lori, 2nd wife, most probably betrayed by the biological father of her son me, betrayed by my 9year, longterm boyfriendANOTHER NARCISSIST! Melinda told me that her first husband cheated on her. He seems to show a repetitive, longterm decades cycle of using women for his own personal GRAVY TRAIN! He NEVER ONCE—not that I can recall, anyway—EVER cooked for me! Not even barbecue. I did ALL the cooking, and usually ALL the laundry, did ALL the vacuuming/dusting, and paid for ALL of our wall decorations, interior designs, new furniture, reupholstering, etc. Plus, would pick up and drop off his daughter, when he couldn’t do so if he was working late, for her custody time with him. Had he had to pay a maid/chauffer for the years I provided those services to him, he would’ve had to pay out the yazoo. Any man who wants those “traditional” duties done for him, should not whine when his woman looks to the man to provide the “traditional” duties of paying for her shelter/food not just for half of same! I also chauffeured his son, James, to the DMV, to get his driver’s license for some reason, his mother was unable to do that, or was unavailable to do so, apparently. I even gave James a guitar lesson in Travis style fingerpicking, had him over for dinner/meals quite a few times, gave him a copy of Eric Johnson''s CD, with the song, White Cliffs of Dover, so he could see what electric guitar playing is all about. So, don’t let him feed you a boatload of crap, telling you that I “didn’t roll up” my sleeves, or that I didn''t mentor his children! At one point, I asked Jolene if she’d be interested in modeling I thought, back then that she could do that, if she’d wanted to. I sometimes thought that she resembled fashion model, Maryna Linchuk see page 43, of the July 1999 issue of VOGUE, with her depicted with DUNDAS, OR see web page, http://models.com/work/voguetheprinceofpucci/8289, for the same photo ... I was briefly a fashion model at the age of 17, attended modeling and finishing schools, modeled for Garfinkle’s store, so I don’t think I was “far off” with my suggestion, realizing who could “make it” and who couldn’t, realistically. But when she died her beautiful/natural blonde hair a severe “goth” black..or was it red? I can’t recall now which color she died itI thought otherwise, but didn’t tell her so.

10/28/2009 11:50:16 AM - I think he just wants to reverse ALL “roles”, not just the ones he asked to “reverse” of his 1st wife in the bedroom Pattie TOLD ME he asked for that he’d probably be happy to have his financial “roles” reversed as well…for “his woman” to PAY FOR THE ROOF OVER HIS HEAD Interpret: GIGALO! And I’ll still wager that he got that big FAT hemorrhoid on his anus that resembled a fat, engorged tick! Only fitting that something resembling a small parasite would be attached to the ass of a BIGGER parasite: JAY BROWN! Truth hurts, doesn’t it Jay? ..reveals/manifests itself in strange forms…probably from some man going up your anus with his penis, or from some woman using a strapon or dildo on you! Oh…and when he convinced me to go, for the first and last time, to a strip club with him, during our last vacation together, in the Outter Banks, before I was about to be trained to a new job I would earn upwards of 52K, so it was crucial that I had my mate’s emotional support at the time, I agreed only because he seemed to suggest it would just be “fun” like in La Cage Aux Faules, that movie about a gay transvestite, the female of the couple danced, in a place where both gay and heterosexuals came for entertainment, and although the place we went had only FEMALE strippers—well, I consented only to “humor” him, and I figured that perhaps I could learn some sexy moves from the strippers, that I could practice with my man Jay, at some point in the future. Hey…women these days pay for poledancing classes, don’t they? So they can entice their partners? But he turned the occasion into another emotionally abusive situation, and hired a lap dancer there to lap dance on him, and when I had to watch her shove her breasts in his face, pretend to be happy about it. Hey. How could I escape? He was the driver, and we were between 5 or 6 hours away from our home state. I couldn’t exactly leave. I WAS TRAPPED! To compound the abuse, days after we returned from vacation, he had the gall to write a raunchy story about that stripper, about how kind her eyes wereas if, for years, my eyes and his hadn''t ''''smiled together, as if we hadn''t laughed together all those years, about how easily it was to imagine her making love to him, and showed it to me. I HOPE THAT BASTARD GETS WHATEVER BAD KARMA IS COMING TO HIM, TWENTYFOLD, AND SOON! And, Melinda Yalom, he told me, at the time he wrote that story, had “encouraged” him to write encouraged his “writing talents,” …as if she was his muse!, so I hope SHE gets whatever negative karma she is due, too! How long can a relationship last that’s founded on mutual deceit and adultery?!

10/28/2009 11:51:10 AM - Any guy who has to use the word dumped to describe what he did or is about to do to you, as Jay described, instead of using CIVIL LANGUAGE to describe ending your relationship with him, is simply CRASS, UNREFINED, and to me, NOT RAISED WELL ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER! He actually asked, “What’s the matter? Haven’t you ever been DUMPED before?” [Well, actually, Jay, no, not the way YOU did, except for ONE other COWARD, the longterm, almost tenyear relationship I had with the guy I decided to go steady with, after deciding, when I was age 18, to not date YOU, because you told me, back then, after YOU got naked, that you lived with Evelyn Vignola, so were DISHONEST even back then! Every other relationship that ended with me—and most were longterm, usually three years or more—I ENDED, not the men. One was someone I was engaged to, and I ended it because he was addicted to subscription drugs. Had I known about your alleged DRUGSELLING PAST, as Pattie, wife #1 of yours told me you had, when living with her, I WOULD HAVE AVOIDED YOU ENTIRELY! Really, you are NO BETTER THAN ED EASTRIDGE, the ol’ buddy of yours from Edgemeade, who ran MO Recording Studios, in Annapolis, and who I think, got busted, and who, I think, you tired to make yourself appear to be “better than” him…said as much, when you lived with me!]

10/28/2009 11:51:30 AM - When Jay lived with me, he also phonecalled a former guy I had dated out West really, I urged him not to in quiet exasperation, I gave up protesting, said, “Do what you want. I don’t care.” That guy was a meathead jock, anyway, someone I dated for less than two or three months, who didn’t know me at all, and would wonder later why he ever pretended to be my friend, to Jay. But maybe some side of me wanted him to have Jay hear a male WITH MORE TESTOSTERONE, and HANDSOMER than Jay was, so he’d know that handsomer men and a more SUCCESSFUL manhe, at least, had a career in the music businessmore attractive than Jayhad been attracted to me, in my past a former boyfriend of mine, from another state, from the late 1970’s, to see “what was up” with him, a person who had treated me badly. The ex b/f told Jay on the phone that I was a friend of his I guess that former b/friend felt guilty for what he’d done to me, unlike Jay probably feels: NOTHING. NO CONSCIENCE. To me, Jay “gets off” on having a woman feel “cognitive dissonance” i.e., EMOTIONAL ABUSE, sometimes subtle, sometimes not, to see her in emotional turmoil, or “fixed” in “past bad memories mode.” He called that guy in a “what did she mean to you at that time?” manner. Nosey, wasn’t he? after I’d confided in him Jay, explained to Jay that I’d had no closure to that relationship and “no closure” is EXACTLY what I’d have with Jay, months later! So much for “opening up” to the perve, Jay! DO NOT SHARE YOUR DEEP SECRETS OR FEELINGS WITH HIM! HE’LL STOMP ON THEM, SOONER OR LATER!

10/28/2009 11:51:53 AM - Jay’s character is, I think, a lot like that described/profiled about Matt Clark on DDHG, area for Matt is stated as Farmington, Granby Age, Connecticut:: “talks very smooth. [ ] talks you into bed and then brings other women into the picture. Lies, omits info, involves you in his pity parties for these other women ‘friend''s’ tells you you''re crazy for feeling suspicious and then sees and talks to them when you''re not there. Takes your choices away to leave by lying and suggests that you doubt your gut feelings. Relies on imbalance in relationship to serve himself. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS CHARACTER. Sociopath.” … YEAH! EXACTLY! WELL PUT! Jay finds weaknesses in women’s psychological states, like being a single mother, history of betraying boyfriends, unhappy marriage, etc., then feeds it with affection, words, and songs that include “Christian”, C&W and “soul” songs, as if he’s the “fixit” man, as if he’s “the one” who will be different…make things better…as if he’ll give you the roots/family that you never got to form, to include you in his, as if you’d finally get to exhale. With me, he “wooed” me preyed on me is what I’d say with jewelry as gifts that came from his inventory from the shop that wife #2 and he once had, and enjoined me in business ventures of his, as if I was his personal assistant or his employer the former when I worked in his rock shop for no pay the latter when working in bands with me, that I formed, with me as the lead singer.

10/28/2009 11:52:18 AM - Jay CAN and DID “look a gift horse in the mouth.” His excuses? “I need a woman who rolls up her sleeves” and “your magnanimity was ingenuous.” INGENUOUS?!?! I did, for years, HIS laundry, along with my own learned/prepared/served, for years, HIS family recipes. If I am a better chef now than I was then, that’s because my S.O. takes me to oriental and ethnic food markets, so I can get special ingredients I need he knows where to find them Jay would NEVER think of that Mr. 7Eleven Junk Food Eater..especially on the way home from band rehearsals! our food shopping was mainly limited to Giant and WEISS. Not that I was a bad cook when I lived with him. Long before I lived with Jay, my best friend, former chef in New Orleans, taught me to make my first white sauce, how to make gumbo. Jay knew I was a good cook, too. I chauffeured his daughter to/from custody visits with her father worked, between my contracts, in HIS shop before it folded in Old Town, Manassas, VA & helped him set up his trade shows, FOR NO PAY…and a WHOLE MESS of other domestic duties, for years living with him paid him to perform guitar/bass in the bands I formed. All house utility bills were in MY name b/c his credit was bad. He would soon go bankrupt. To me, Jay Brown is a SOLIPSIST, VILE FRAUD, PREDATOR, SOCIAL CLIMBER WHO SEEMS TO WANT TO GET A “LEG UP” ON THE PURSES OF WOMEN, SHAPE SHIFTER! Jay described his own father as a pedophile no, he didn’t use that word, but he told me that his niece, Holly Holstrom maiden name Holly Sipprelle, daughter of Jeanine and Dale Sipprelle, told him that his own father EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN SR. had molested her when she was fifteen, that he came into her bedroom at night…ANOTHER one of those few times, in retrospect, I think Jay wasn’t lying, and if so, then, apparently, PERVERSION RUNS IN HIS FAMILY!

10/28/2009 11:52:42 AM - Jay also told me that Jill, a former singer in the band he was in Change of Heart, before she got married, did phone sex for a living as if he was stating that to be able to switch out of being a normal citizen in society and a perverse one, was something that people can do easily! He told me that about Jill, when he was about to go to his first party without me at Rick Burnette''s and Mariane Fowler''s house, where he said he''d see Jill again, after not seeing her for years. When he told me about what Jill had supposedly done before she got married, it was as if he was comparing HER double life to his own! As if he was promoting “alternative lifestyles” as the “norm”! He crushed my spirit and my heart..so did she Melinda theirs should be crushed as well, and perhaps my profiles about them will teach her a lesson about honking after another woman’s man! Not all that glitters is gold, Melinda. Crows often fly down to shiny things, only to find they don’t shine so much, once they get closer. They also go after carrion! After removing all of his stuff from our rental home, he returned, one more time, to get his bicycle the only thing left in our garage, of his, and pedaled off into the sunset bicycling was one of the first activities we did together, when first dating, so he’ll probably fake like he’s an avid bike rider, to do that activity with you, too. My S.O. has trekked twice across Tibet, on his mountain bike, a REAL outdoorsman, not like Jay, an unfit slob in more ways than one, never to be seen again, no full TRUTHTELLING, NO REAL EXPLANATION.

10/28/2009 11:53:07 AM - He may or may not tell you that he worries I think that part of his “cheating problem” may be genetic. He told me that his niece, Holly Holstrom, daughter of Jeanine & Dale Sipprelle not sure if it’s spelled it Siprelle or Sipprelle, told him that his father came into her bedroom when she was a teen, & molested her. He also told me that his father chased one of his girlfriends around a table, & asked him how one of his women was in bed. He also told me that his older sisters used to pay him to wash out their hosiery. He told me that his youngest sister, Linda who married her cousin…her second husband, I think let him watch her masturbate, when he was a teen. Jay shocked me when he told me that about her. My opinion about Linda changed from that point on. I''d once thought she vaguely resembled actor Leslie Caron but had that Tomboy thing going on...the tough woman who liked horses and men who rode them I think, better yet, a man who OWNED them, like her husband/cousin, Les. Still, I wondered why she''d chosen a man who looked old enough to be her father, for her first husband. I might post a photo with a profile on her, later. I think Jay is a very sick man, with some form of erotomania, and hides that he is a BOTTOM BOY! I guess his “convincing” me to go to a strip club with him, on our last vacation together, was a close as he could get to having a “threesome” with me. That’s what I would think long after I saw the disgusting story he wrote about the “kind eyes” of the stripper he tried to publish it in the Sun, but it got rejected..ha ha, when he got home when Melinda was “encouraging” him to write..he told me. Truthfully? I think that trip to the strip club triggered/accelerated his sex/porn addiction.

10/28/2009 11:53:39 AM - Through Jan and Feb of 2000, we were still having sexual relations. Every week of March 2000, we had sexual relations, though in the first week of march came bull**** from him about “wanting a real partner”, wanting “not to support” me, where he accused me of being a prima dona in the band, accused me of not being able to keep a job, of not being “normal”, he resented feeling “like he’s married. Yet sex continued with us, though March, and in the 4th week of March came our discussion about his seeming to blacktop me with Melinda, about my “chronic unemployment” We were still sexually active the 5th week of March, though, and in the 1st and 3rd weeks of April, though, in that 3rd week, I got flack from Jay about “rethinking our relationship” 4th week of April we were sexually active, as we were in the 1st week of May, late in the week, but early in the week, he rebuffed me when I asked if he was in the mood, he mentioned something about “it should be spontaneous, shouldn’t it?”..which preceded more crap from him about me being “chronically unemployed” and “trying is not good enough” Note: that was still within the 3month period when he didn’t have his car and had to borrow mine. We were sexually Active every week of May 2000, but in the 4th week came more **** from him, when I asked him why our love life was not as active as it once had been, followed by more excuses from him and “let it come naturally”, when he had not initiated in quite some time, and for years, the “mood” had been mutual, or he never denied me I never had to “coax” him much, if ever, …certainly never had to “cajole” himto be “in the mood”, for years, before this. Suddenly “inhibited desire” syndromeHIS “inhibiting” MY desire, that is, set in, OR he acted like a “frigid” man, toward me.

10/28/2009 11:54:00 AM - We were sexually active the first three weeks of June 2000. In the first week of June, I went to Richmond for two days of training in Quark Express. Sometime much later, I noticed that two photos from the photo album I had assembled, had been removed. I suspect that Jay removed them while I was in Richmond. One photo was of him, when he was probably married to Lori it was of him, walking on the beach, holding young James’ hand. Another photo was one of me that he had snapped candid without my express permission…I was nude, or at least bare breasted, and the photo also snapped my “surprise” or “annoyance”, as I whipped my hair across my face, so he would not photograph my face!, he would later hide that one in his ledger book, in his office/desk drawer, but I found it and took it back. One time, Jay insulted me or at least I thought it was insulting, said that my bare breasts resembled a “walleyed dog”. Well…in Africa, when a woman’s breasts are perky and point in different directions, those qualities are considered highly attractive, and two former lovers of mine, each in a morethan 5year relationship with me, one being my exhusband, often complimented me on my breasts so Jay’s opinion is worth SQUAT! In my opinion, Melinda Yalom’s breasts sagged like pendulums, almost appeared, when clothed, as if she was flatchested, because of their seeming “droopiness” possibly he wanted a woman who could APPEAR to be flatchested MEN ARE TYPICALLY FLATCHESTED, IF THEY DON’T HAVE MAN BOOBS!

10/28/2009 11:54:40 AM - I suspect that Jay rifled through my things, while I was out of town training to a new skill. In the 2nd week of June I overheard a call from Jay’s mother to Jay she seemed to be asking about finances interfering? Very possibly! June 14 was the last time Jay and I “made love” before he told me he was leaving almost one week later, which left me with a horrible feeling, as that was the night he used our “toy” on me he had been unable to “keep it up”...guess that''s what happens when a guy gets PORN CREEP. My point in rehashing that old calendar? If Melinda thought we weren''t still sexually active back then, she was wrong. I guess she didn''t mind overlapping me...sharing him with me without my knowledge if so, what does that tell you about her morals? Jay had received an email from Jon Frederick that made me suspicious. Jon lived at 814 Anvil Rd., in Fredericksburg, VA 22405 It had the subject “Divorce Letter!” Sender was FrederickJW@NSWC.NAVY.MIL, the date, 4/19/00: “Oooo, if it’s not true, it’s too good to pass up! [ ] This soldier had been stationed overseas and was fooling around on his wife. She was back home in the states. She found out about it through some anonymous letters. [ ] The soldier gets a package from his wife. He finds inside a batch of homemade cookies and a video tape of his favorite stateside TV shows. [ ] He invites a couple of buddies over to watch the tape. They’re all having a great time eating the cookies and watching episodes of ‘South Park’. [ ] right in the middle of one episode, though, the tape cuts to a home video of the soldier’s wife, on her knees, giving the soldier’s best friend oral sex. [ ] After a few seconds, the best friend ‘does his business’ and she turns, on camera, and spits it right into. . . a mixing bowl of cookie dough. [ ] The wife then looks right into the camera and says, ‘I want a divorce.'' [ ] Now THAT’S a ‘Dear John’ Letter.”

10/28/2009 11:55:01 AM - IMO, Jon Frederick and Jim Gilliam are misogynists. Jon’s former girlfriend, Lori Pierce a pretty red head, from Maine, with a son to support, told me that she offered to sign a prenup, wanted to marry Jon, and that he treated her “like a sycophant.” Jim, though, not a “cheater” as far as I know, to me, is an “elitist republican” who only associates with women with “bucks”, is oblivious to women who have difficulty finding work or who are down on their luck he married—I think his second time, to Nancy, a woman who’s previous husband helped build the house he lives/lived in with Nancy I think I recall Nancy telling me that her previous husband built or helped build the house. Jon, if I recall correctly, had been divorced at least once, before he & Lori dated, and he has a daughter. I suspected that Jon was an alcoholic. Jim also conveyed that a previous wife of his was also a musician, so perhaps that means MAYBE he discouraged Jay from partnering with a musician as in “that never works”, as a life partner, which would really be a sad thing. I know several longterm couples all married in which the man behaves like a good old fashioned “traditional”, supportive partner, and who are BOTH musicians, who work TOGETHER…earn money with their music, have CDs to sell, get bookings, etc. [Hey Jay…Marge Calhoun married a drummer, who is a friend to my Significant Other. Stanley Whittaker guitarist, songwriter, formerly in a nationally known band, Happy The Man, works/worked with his WIFE, a singer in a duo with him, sometimes. We KNOW it CAN work…the twomusician thing, so get your COWARDLY, BACKWARD, MISOGYNIST ass/attitude off the planet!]

10/28/2009 11:55:33 AM - After finding that one, I wondered just what were “the boys”, who’d agreed to rehearse with Jay without me, saying behind my back…what B.S. was Jay feeding Jim or John? I paid Jay to perform in my jazz ensembles, I also paid the other performers I found venues for them, too, and we all performed for several years together. The last quartet I formed and worked with, for several years, in the late 1990s, was with Jim Gilliam jgilliam@erols.com and Jon Frederick. When Jim came to our home to try out for the bass player slot, and heard Jay and I, he remarked, “You guys are just great!” …probably, he didn’t realize that it was MY IDEA to form the band, and I did most of the band’s marketing. When Jay decided to exit our personal relationship, he also I allege stole my musicians, or else they sided with him, and, according to Jay, they rehearsed without me, after he decided to “dump” me. Fine with me if they wanted to work as a sub group, just the boys, apart from our main group. I had no complaints there, and as time went on, I even opened the stage for them to perform more instrumentals—just the three boys—two or three more songs, each set, giving over my “power”, so they wouldn’t think I was some “prima dona” or “chick singer” with the “lady in charge” syndrome so they wouldn''t think I was Bogarting the choice of set material. But Jay, pulled the complete rug out from under my professional/musical momentum, since I had gained several main performance venues. In one of them, we were practically a house band. That gig income supplemented any unemployment insurance benefits I received at the time, while job searching in my usual profession requiring my B.A.. One or four gigs monthly with my band meant additional income for me. Maybe that’s what Jay INTENDED to do, leave me in TOTAL financial crises when he left. The “damage” set me back about two years, from fall of 2000, until about three years later, when I finally met and performed with other guitarists who were MUCH BETTER in the jazz genre, as far as talent went, than Jay was, in my opinion.

10/28/2009 11:55:54 AM - I never again performed with the two musicians, Jim and Jon. They never asked me if I needed them for hire in future even without Jay, when I could’ve hired another guitarist, to replace Jay. It seemed that neither of them cared that Jay was a male involved in “down low” activities ADVERTISED HIMSELF AS BISEXUAL, with bi men and bicurious men, & that shocked the hell out of me. Nor were they concerned whether Jay could’ve compromised my health. They seemed to side with the Jay. Fino. No discussion. So much for democratic decisions. I almost never trusted a male musician again. When I confronted Jay, asked him if there was another woman in the picture, he denied it. I think he bolts once his cheating activity has been discovered or is about to be discovered. Too much baby momma drama, as well. Didn''t Melinda Yalom think something was wrong or strange, that Jay lived with his MOTHER, at age 40+, while separated from wife #2? Jay bored me at times, like during football game, when I thought he lusted after male genitalswatched their butts. I’d rather watch the Olympics or couples ice skating.. ballroom dancingthings that MEN & WOMEN do together as COUPLES, which should be further proof to anyone that I have not one lesbian bone in my body.

10/28/2009 11:56:20 AM - Jay also told me while he was pending divorce from his 2nd wife, Lori, and I supported him emotionally through those difficult times that his 2nd fatherinlaw, Lou Walters, said that Jay was underemployed. Well, I don''t know about that, but I guess Lou was right, and Jay was trying to flip the script on me. In my opinion, besides being a home improvements and jewelery repair guy for a living, to me, Jay was basically a DILETTANTE, who also drove a cab for not long, worked only days for a telemarketing place, worked briefly, for a music store in Manassas, during those awful days, pending his divorce from Lori. In other words, I think his employment situation was not all that stable. In my opinion, he worked like a gypsy/vagabond/drifter works...here, there and everywhere. If you insist on letting a man take you for your money what you can buy for him or your time, you might as well be paying for a gigolo with whom to have sex, because, really…Jay, most of the time, didn’t last more than I could count 15 “Mississippi’s”…and that’s was being more than generous…saying each “Mississippi” verry slowly, to yourself, giving each more than one second! Any male who lies about how many former sexual partners he’s had, & about their genders, to win his way into the hearts/lives/beds of women/men, is worthless as a partner.

10/28/2009 11:57:04 AM - I think Jay thinks he’s Robert Cray & George Jones combined, sings “Walk Through This World With Me”, as if he’s a “spiritual” kind of guy…had me, female vocalist and accomplished guitarist, professionally singing with him. He and his band members, from former band, Night Patrol, named their band after a Robert Cray song. That tune’s about young girls who live on the streets as prostitutes. To me, Jay’s life is not much better than a PIMP’s! He is as unpredictable in his interpersonal relationships as he is in his business life the only things “predictable” are his unreliability & roving eye. His lines? You make my blood boil .. I was taken with you. He’s like that “pompous fiancé” in the Hepburn/Tracy film, “Pat and Mike” You will, toward the end of your relationship, be secondguessing yourself and your own judgment/abilities. Films I recommend: “Cover” The Band Played On: Politics, People, by Randy Shilts Sex, Lies, and Videotape Jay, to me, is like BOTH sex addicts in that film, combined, given his history of voyeurism, & sexing friends of partners, and, according to him..HIS RELATIVES “Sex, Lies and Obsession” though a bit “Hallmarky”, about sex addictions. If Melinda ever wakes up to discover who Jay REALLY is, to encourage him to couples counseling, I would recommend she had done what the therapist did in that film: have him take a lie detector test that the therapist gives, asking questions like, “Have you ever cruised for sex with others, in the last month, six months, year, two years?”, etc. Jay compartmentalizes his life, so his family, children, significant other or wife, and friends don''t know everything he does.

10/28/2009 11:57:48 AM - When living with me, Jay''s addiction to porn included watching/renting/buying gay male porn. When he did, he''d pull the shades down, said, so the neighbors wouldn''t see. He''s preyed on single mothers and/or women who seemed to him to be professionally successful. About what I believe was his mercenary sidethe side that “determined” him to live off women, or “made” him unhappy unless they had as much money as he had or MORE than him, derived, I think, from something sinister in his upbringing, but also may have it''s origins in his genes or brain chemistry. Seriously, I think he’s a good candidate for Sexaholics Anonymous, while I also think he can’t be helped. Shortly after he left me, I attended one support group meeting, that exgirlfriends, girlfriends, and wives of sexaholics similar to Alanon attended, in a Catholic church, in Virginia. Typical to Codependency “jargon” the psychobabble Jay liked to use, as reverse psychology, to convince his partners that THEY were in the wrong, not him!, the group steerer suggested to all to “take no heed of his inventory”… suggesting we “look the other way.” Hooey! I’M PUBLICIZING HIS DAMNED INVENTORY! I’d like to believe that the 12 steps work, but I have my doubts. “Psychobabble” is what Jay regurgitated..what he learned from AA, to flip the script on women. I think he practiced Sexaholics Anonymous IN REVERSE! http://www.step12.com/12stepsreverse.html

10/28/2009 11:58:10 AM - The best Chanukah present that Melinda Yalom’s relatives could ever give her, I think, would be to have a complete background check done on Jay Brown and pay to have a P.I. tail him for several weeks while she’s at work, then deliver the results to her via certified mail, or better yethand the results to Melinda in person you wouldn’t want him to intercept her mail..some male cheaters do that. Otherwise, there just might be some tranny/bisexual sexing him while she’s at work, or worse see profiles on this site for Rob Martin, of Allentown/Northampton, PA. Or, possibly, Lou Walters who seemed to have the financial means to do this, and who Jay told me wanted to put Jay out of business for good, could do this, to avenge ALL THE WOMEN that Jay has hurt. Once in a relationship, Jay changes. Any problems in the relationship are YOUR fault. WHAT A TANGLED WEB HE WEAVES! Very charismatic, but then, so are most narcissists. PREDATOR! USER! COWARD! FRAUD! EMOTIONAL BULLY/ABUSER! PATHOLOGICAL LIAR! PARASITIC, PSYCHOSEXUAL SPONGE! FOUL PLAYER! Admitted dyslexic he won''t tell you, though, until you''re well into your relationship with him.

10/28/2009 11:58:39 AM - If anyone else women, gay men, or straight men have any Shady Jay stories, please comment. It would be interesting, straight from the mouth/mind, to hear what Debbie and Janet Janet told him, I don''t want your problems to become mine, when he either had an extramarital affair with her, or tried to do so..he admitted as much to me, said it happened while he was still married to Lori, wife #2. Stacey D’Erasmo published in The New York Times Book Review of 10/04/09, “Glory Days” in which she described gay writer, Edmund White as “somewhat sexist”… “I didn’t think of women as horny but as needy,” D’Erasmo quoted White. I believe Jay thinks of women the same way. He reminded me of the psycho, Lilith, in the film, Lilith and of the psychopath in the 1971 film, “The Night Digger”, ...about Nicholas Clay: “ominous young intruder [ ] he''s the sick, mysterious fiend who''s raped, killed and buried a halfdozen girls in nearby roads that are being paved [ ] something unusual is troubling him [ ] But a viewer needs a clinical elaboration beyond brief vignettes about his being a eunuch.” source: http://movies.nytimes.com/movie/review?res=9506EEDD1E3BE73ABC4B52DFB366838A669EDE “The plot as it is involves the mother and daughter taking on a young biker to look after their crumbling family pile, but what they don''t know is that he''s also a serial killing nutter. [ ] he makes a pretty fair job of tarting the old place up. But it''s not long before he''s up to his old tricks, tying women up, raping them or maybe not his sexual inadequacy is sledgehammered home so perhaps he gets his jollies in the act of murder, who knows, murdering them and burying them under the nearest halffinished road. In an unexplored avenue of his perversion, he also removes their clothes [ ] we''re given an insight into the young chap''s sexual inadequacies in a couple of blackandwhite flashbacks we see him raped by gipsy women on his way home from school and later abused by a girlfriend for not getting it up. [ ] we get a frankly ludicrous and openended finale which seems to say that it''s okay to murder a bunch of girls and bury them under concrete as long as you find the love of a solid, middleaged woman. It then adds that the love of a solid, middleaged woman is enough to give any young lad his libido back and enable him to shag younger women without killing them and burying them under concrete afterwards.” source: http://www.britishhorrorfilms.co.uk/nightdigger.shtml

10/28/2009 11:59:08 AM - I also suspect that Jay might have when a minor been diagnosed with Conduct Disorder. Once, I saw a Brown family video or tape of Jay as a toddler. It showed him bullying another kid. Some Brown family members just laughed while watching it with me, at the time. Possibly, his gay cousin, Paul Brown, also has/had Conduct Disorder. A good source on Conduct Disorder is: http://www.healthsystem.virginia.edu/UVAHealth/adult_mentalhealth/condis.cfm. Some excerpts from that source include: “Conduct disorder is a behavior disorder, sometimes diagnosed in childhood, that is characterized by antisocial behaviors which violate the rights of others and ageappropriate social standards and rules. Antisocial behaviors may include irresponsibility, delinquent behaviors such as truancy or running away, violating the rights of others such as theft, and/or physical aggression toward others such as assault or rape.” “Neuropsychological testing has shown that children and adolescents with conduct disorders seem to have an impairment in the frontal lobe of the brain that interferes with their ability to plan, avoid harm, and learn from negative experiences.” “Some experts believe that a developmental sequence of experiences occurs in the development of conduct disorder. This sequence may start with ineffective parenting practices, followed by academic failure, and poor peer interactions. These experiences then often lead to depressed mood and involvement in a deviant peer group. Other experts, however, believe that many factors, including child abuse, genetic susceptibility, history of academic failure, brain damage, and/or a traumatic experience influence the expression of conduct disorder.”

10/28/2009 11:59:29 AM - Jay was in denial about his sex/porn addiction and/or about his sexual identity confusion that has HURTFULLY impacted women in his life. Read about sex addiction. Read as much as you can, to avoid individuals like Jay. Here’s a clue: “ ‘a sex addict is a man or a woman whose sexual behavior use of pornography, masturbation, fantasy, sexual and/or emotional affairs, humiliating and demanding sexual behavior is harmful to their finances, intimate relationships, careers, self esteem and probably that of the partner as well.’ Some people use sex as a coping mechanism for their personal problems. There are three reasons why people become sexually addicted, they are biological, psychological, and spiritual. The three building blocks of sex addiction are 1 sexual fantasy, 2 pornography, and 3 masturbation.” Source: http://www.csun.edu/~psy453/addict_y.htm

10/28/2009 11:59:56 AM - Books that helped me understand the crises/grief that men on the downlow cause: “The Other Side of the Closet: The ComingOut Crisis for Straight Spouses and Families” by Amity Pierce Buxton “On The Down Low: A Journey into the lives of ''Straight'' Black Men Who Sleep With Men” by J.L. King even though I can’t stand the bastard for what he did to his wife, I found the book to be eyeopening. My Significant Other found the book for me, for only $2.00, on sale, so I didn’t “promote” King’s book by paying the full price! Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited by Sam Vaknin, Ph. D.

10/28/2009 12:01:11 PM - Pattie Jay''s 1st wife or Evelyn Vignola need not reply I have their stories. If any gay man EVER had sex with him back then, and recognizes him from this photo, please post a comment, and say when/where. JAY NEEDS TO BE PERMANENTLY STOPPED FROM HURTING MORE WOMEN. Another photo, that I might upload, to another profile on him later, was taken in the 1970''s, approx. when Jay was married to wife #1, Pattie. I might post more photos taken of Jay up here, attached to less than oneparagraph profiles, with: To all gay or socalled ''bi'' men, and to women: If you''ve had any sexual experiences with Jay, PLEASE share them & WHEN you had them. OR..you can email Melinda Yalom & tell her that Pattie, Carrie & I were NOT lying! If you don''t recognize him from this photo, please see photo on http://datingpsychos.com/view_psycho.html?psycho_id=2548, from around 1999. Jay convinced straight males who REALLY love women for years, that he’s “straight”, males in his bands & the fathers 3 of the women with whom he’s lived. He’s THAT good. He’s NOT your “straight” guy. He seems to even have convinced two guys, Jon Frederick & Jim Gilliam who I profiled on DDHG because they wrote me off, after Jay dumped me. They wouldn’t believe me, apparently formerly in a band I formed & that Jay was in, that he was a “good guy” and/or a “musician’s musician”. When Jay was “done” with me, my own father discouraged me from talking about what a psychopath I think Jay was. Same thing happened to Pattie, Jay’s first wife, who told me that when Jay was done with her, her “Catholic” father told her, “women who’ve had abortions shouldn’t be believed.” Jay is POISON to women.

10/28/2009 12:01:34 PM - I also blame Jay’s gay male cousin, Paul Brown See http://www.thequietpath.org/ Last Known Email: paul@thequietpath.org I profiled him on http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/75590/, for, I think confusing Jay’s sexual identity when he had oral sex with Jay, when Jay was age 12. Jay told me it happened & told me that his youngest sister, Linda, showed him how she masturbated, when he was a teen. Jay told me he’d stolen the Cottage Ln. street sign Fairfax Cnty. Property?, said that it ended up at his 2nd wife Lori’s home in Manassas. THAT’S CALLED “VANDALISM”, I believe. He told me he’d lived on Cottage Ln. with Lori, wife #2, at some point. Yet, Pattie, wife #1, told me that SHE had also lived on Cottage Ln., at some point with Jay. He might''ve “overlapped” Pattie & Lori, too. Strange, Jay gained an “instant job”, marrying Lori her father owned a rock shop, & that rock shop was only blocks away from Cottage Ln. Jay told me that when he went to return the antique bed of Pattie’s an heirloom she cherished, she said he “couldn’t find her.” Pattie told me that when she asked for it, he told her he’d “stored it” at a “friend’s” house. The bed ended up in the bedroom of Jay’s daughter, Jolene. Pattie told me that Jay had had an affair with the wife of a neighbor, when she was married to Jay.

10/28/2009 12:01:57 PM - To me, Jay IS A THIEF..constantly leapfrogged from one woman to the next...changes out one woman, holds on to her while sexing/dating another, until he finds “Ms. Next” who he likes better, then crushes the previous one''s heart. He’s “changed up” several times..with just about every wife/girlfriend & while still in a relationship with another. He usually did this for sex and/or financial gain. He’ll try to keep past lovers on good terms, use them as sounding boards when necessary, like with his 2nd wife & Evelyn Vignola. Jay told me that his time at Edgemeade, a facility correctional? in MD, was for auto theft. He’s a “recovered” alcoholic, spent rehab time in Melwood Clinic in MD. My musical friends, a couple who “knew him when”, recalled when Jay asked where he could get a drink at 10:00 A.M. The wife of the couple described Jay: “he seemed a little ‘oily’ to me.” Jay’s 2nd wife, Lori, might forever hang in the background of your relationship, as she was w/mine, when she continued to “feed” jobs to Jay, & he used his own daughter, Jolene, to deliver Lori’s jobs to our home. It''s as if he wants his former women and/or relatives to continue shoring up his lifestyle, to ensure he always has $ coming from them.

10/28/2009 12:02:21 PM - I think that Jay counts on life being so fastpaced that no one will have time to slow down to notice what he does. James Dean was supposedly “bisexual.” According to Kenneth Anger’s book, Hollywood Babylon II, in his chapter “The Trouble With Jimmy”, Dean was “a host of thriving colony of crabs. He acquired the critters from a binge of sleeping around…Dean had taken to hanging out at the Club, an East Hollywood leather bar” 135 Anger described Dean as a “predatory night prowler, who dug anonymous sex” & “had recently discovered the magic word of S and M…Regulars at the Club tagged him with a singular moniker: the Human Ashtray. When stoned, he would bare his chest and beg for his masters to stub out their butts on it. After his fatal car crash, the coroner made note of the ‘constellation of keratoid scars'' on Jimmy’s torso.” 135 Jay told me about his “game” with other boys, as a teen, how they’d place lit cigarettes between their forearms, & see who’d be “the winner” ..whichever was the last to withdraw his arm while being burned. Jay told me in the beginning of our relationship that a scar on his arm came from burning himself with his jeweler''s torch. He told me, at the end of our relationship, that the scar really came from the cigarettechicken game he’d played with other teen boys. Jay will only give you the PARTIAL truth about anything, if at all. His favorite mode of lying is omission, with impunity.

10/28/2009 12:02:48 PM - Pattie Jay''s wife #1 told me about Jay''s having run off with gay motorcycle guys & disappeared into the night, not coming home that night. One of Jay''s flattery moves when living with meafter, I assume, he''d begun his affair with Melinda Yalomwas to tell me that I should write stories. I think he was jealous of me. After that, Melinda so he told me encouraged HIM to write, which resulted in a raunchy story he tried to publish in The Sun. The Sun rejected it for inappropriate content. I saw the rejection letter. He wrote it after returning from our last beach vacation together. On the last night of our vacation, Jay went to a strip club, had a lap dance from a stripper. He wrote about the stripper, showed me the story. I have a copy. He may try to convince himself & others that I “made” him “choose” between me & his family as he cruelly said, after informing me “it’s over”, so had to leave me. Truth: He was separated or so he said about one year, from wife #2, Lori, & lived with his old mother, before dating me. Julia Leigh’s email to me conveyed that his excuse to Julia, was that it was “The cat’s for God’s sake” that “made” him leave Lori, & that was BEFORE I began dating him. He told me his excuse that he left Lori because she made him feel like a “cash machine”, & told me that he had tried to have or had an extramarital affair with a married woman named “Janet” while still married to Lori. Debby came after Janet, I came after Debby. I didn’t “make” him bring his daughter to live in our home almost every other weekend, for 8+ years, when she had custody time with him. He USED me & my home as a place to raise her. Not too much longer after she was no longer a minor, he ditched me.

10/28/2009 12:04:15 PM - His mother seemed to want to interfere in our relationship, too, said “Jay never could refuse Lori anything.” She also told me one time, Evelyn was good for Jay What was her motive, if not to interfere in my relationship with him? She seemed wonderful at other times, albeit “provincial”..your typical Campbell’s Soup cook, ham loaves & all like Aunt Bee from the Andy Griffith show. She’d probably not tried steamed mussels before I prepared them for her. When she said those things, she came off just like the mother Angela Lansbury in The Manchurian Candidate. I didn’t deserve to be dissed by Jay’s mother. My family didn’t deserve his/her disrespect, either. My mother’s musical talent passed to me through her genes, talent I have is through her, & by my discipline. Jay, to me, insulted all that. Perhaps I should’ve been more mercenary, like I think Jay is, should’ve gone for a CEO, banker, lawyer, MDsought their “net worth,” instead. In my heart, I sought one who could share my musical spirituality, someone to share music with me, as another musician. I''ve forgiven myself for choosing Jay Brown. He could easily dupe even some smart women. He used his ”love” of his children to attract me, could possibly do so again. He did it to Lori, wife #2, I think that''s why he was able to adopt her son, James born out of wedlock..convinced her he''d be good with children. Wife #2’s daddy owned a rock/gem shop because of that, Jay “landed” himself an “instant” job, for years. HE SAW THE “DOLLAR SIGNS”, I think.

10/28/2009 12:04:42 PM - He SEEMED like a good guy since he adopted James. I hope he didn''t molest James, and hope that wasn''t why James seldom, if ever, in the 8.5 years James visited us during Christmases, James usually had a scowl on his face. James seldom gave Jay presents. Jay noticed me, my college degree finally earned, divorcee, careerseeking, & he didn’t have to pay full rent or mortgage for a lifetime, to put a roof over my head no kids to care for, time on her hands to help care for his daughter I put the roof over her head, just about every other weekend, for 8 years or more. Yes, so did Jay, but my money paid half the rent/utilities, most months. He apparently even had his daughter convinced that “bisexuality” is the “norm,” despite what Jay told me about his cousin Paul Brown having oralsexed him when Jay was age 12. She sent me a hate letter after he’d left me, one I did not deserve. I don''t believe in the term “bisexual”..think that those claiming to be “bisexual” were sexually molested/abused as children, & that the only legitimate “bisexual” is someone who has BOTH sets of sex organs “hermaphrodites”, & that those claiming to be “bisexual” are merely trying to JUSTIFY sexing both females & males, but who have CONFUSED SEXUAL IDENTITIES!

10/28/2009 12:05:08 PM - After years of mentoring/hugging Jolene, gifting her for many Bdays, etc., she sent me a letter with “You are only his ‘ex’ [ ] a worthless piece of skin.” She needs a life lesson in sociology, & to read Tatum O’Neal’s book, A Paper Life..should read DDHG profiles, posted by daughters of alleged/errant cheaters..those about Jody McComas, Alex Malin, James Jones, William Northrup, Jeanno Hall, Gerald Galbraith, Jack Steelman, Joseph Hayes, Joe Romano, & Marvin Spates..all posted by daughters, about their fathers. About Spates: “My father is a lying cheating bastard & has been married to my mother for over 25yrs. They were high school sweethearts have three children and one grandchild together” Ask Ezra Yu, Dalestone Jewelry Collection, Inc. proprietor in Lakeridge, VA, Taiwanese man & my supervisor for about 7/8 months. He brought wax jobs for Jay to cast when Jay lived with me in Manassas. Ezra told me, when I showed him Jay’s ad on the swingers’ site that Jay had joined advertising for casual sex with bicurious men/strangers that he “knew” Jay was “sick”. Ezra DID NOT SAY WHY HE THOUGHT SO. Ezra… “MR. CHRISTIAN”.. FESS UP. Stop hiding behind the “CHRISTIAN” FAÇADE if that’s what you’ve done. COME OUT & TELL US WHY YOU THOUGHT JAY WAS “SICK”! If you do not come out to tell us why, then I’ll think that you, too, are a FAKE who does not believe in commonlaw marriage, so wants to “punish” women who live with men “out of wedlock,” EVEN THOUGH MORE THAN A DOZEN STATES IN OUR UNION RECOGNIZE THAT COMMONLAW MARRIAGE EXISTS AFTER A WOMAN HAS LIVED WITH A MAN FOR 7 YEARS, & I lived with Jay for 8.5 years!

10/28/2009 12:05:43 PM - Was Ezra just another male “artist” wanting to “live off” majorly the earnings of wife Dorothy “corporate career” woman, so “backed” Jay’s WEAK in my opinion excuses for living off women? PROVE your Christian ethics, Ezra. TELL US WHY YOU TOLD ME THAT YOU THOUGHT THAT JAY BROWN WAS “SICK”. If not, I will NEVER trust another professed Christian! Ezra, there’s no “forgiving” Jay the Pervert. Ezra, when I showed you proof positive the ad I found that Jay had placed on a swingers’ site, for casual sex with bisexual men, you told me right then that you “knew” had “known” for some time that Jay was “sick” but didn''t tell me why you thought you “knew”. In my first mos. working for Ezra, an insurance rep came in, asked if Ezra wanted insurance for his employees I heard Ezra tell him “no”. Possibly, though, Ezra bought insurance for himself. Later, I was assaulted, held hostage at Ezra’s shop, robbed by 2 black felons, my only recourse was filing for workman’s comp, which Jay Brown, I think, tried to prevent me from receiving. One felon bound/assaulted me at gunpoint, left me bleeding, shocked. Consequently, I’d not feel safe working at Ezra''s shop. Months later, after I filed for WC insurance, Jay Brown called my brother in MD, asked my brother to “persuade” me to not file, told my brother that Ezra was “just a small businessman”, that I shouldn’t try to collect my WC claim. Ezra drove a BMW, paid for private art classes for his daughter. After the robbery, Ezra invited me & my S.O. to dinner we accepted twice. Why would he suddenly, for the first time in seven months, invite me & my S.O., to dinner? Ezra had NEVER invited me & my S.O. out to dinner BEFORE the robbery.That’s how an honest, vulnerable woman’s life fared, caught twixt a “Bible Thumper’s “action” NONaction, when the “Bible Thumper” would not tell me why he thought Jay was “sick” & Jay’s socalled “democratic” world views, & when both, in my opinion, “supported” each other as “friends.”

10/28/2009 12:06:06 PM - Melinda Yalom should find out who “Janet” was married woman who Jay told me he tried to have a fling with, or with whom he had a fling...she came before Debby. Debby came before me. Jay told me that Janet told him, “I don’t want your problems to become mine.” I think that Jay’s second wife knows who “Janet” is. I’m not willing to talk to Lori to find out who “Janet” was, but feel certain that Lori knows who “Janet” was. If Melinda were to contact Lori, & ask Lori, I think Lori would tell her who Janet was. JAY IS/WAS A SICK PREDATOR/OPPORTUNIST WITH A SEXUAL ADDICTION. He “supported” the porn industry when buying/renting hardcore porn orgy, malemale, femalefemale for years. I lived with him for 8.5 years in the last 4, he seldom “rose to the occasion” without first watching a porn flick, usually maleonmale. It’s called porn creep. I wasn''t denying him sex, either, so don''t let him tell you that bull. He also had some strange TV program habits childish, liked to watch the The Simpsons cartoons, as if he was still a kid himself.

10/28/2009 12:06:28 PM - He’s probably turned Melinda Yalom’s sun room into his jewelry repair studio, with his lapidary equipment, as he did when living with me in Manassas. He’ll probably try to “build clients” from there, find antique shops, offer to repair jewelry, trim chipped crystal glasses & perfume bottle stoppers on his wheels, resilver brass flutes for music stores, get “piecemeal” jobs. Meanwhile, he''ll shatter the crystal/pure heart of some honest woman or dishonest woman, like Melinda Yalom, when she moved in on her former friend''s man, while still married to Ed Rejuney, husband #2, I think, leaving nubs where her confidence once was. I also don’t think Jay is as “good” of a silversmith as he has many think. Silver pieces that he made for me have “firescale” black/purple spots that can’t be shined out, which means he probably didn’t pickle the annealed silver piece enough before finishing the piece. One gold ring he made for me definitely has “pits” in the gold, pits that could not be mizzied/smoothed out he said it happened when he didn’t put enough “flow” or dust mixed in, to make the gold flow. See about firescale on http://projewelrydesign.com/tag/firescale/ : “While some artisans may deliberately cause firescale, it is usually a blight that one wants to avoid &, when that fails, treat.” Jay’s “M.O.” is the “chameleon”, to morph into the conformed/woman’s “ideal match,” present as the shy boy next door, with a big grin to please & a singing voice to go with his seduction plan. Sure, he’ll be full of “I love you”, “hon”, ”sweetheart”, for years, before he dishes more dirt, to totally undo you.

10/28/2009 12:06:49 PM - Jay can also cry on Q, did when I began dating him, had crocodile tears when he spoke of his time at Edgemeade & about one counselor who was “like a brother” to him years later I’d wonder if he had sex with THAT guy, cried after he told me he was leaving, said “Look what I’ve done to you,” as if he cared. He’s had YEARS of practice on stage, as a professional musician, KNOWS how to fake emotions, can simulate them to convince women, easily, said I Love You even after he''d moved out on the day I was perfecting an oil painting. He’s used women to bail him out financially more than once. He should be arrested for fraud, I think. I’ve probably saved some poor woman at least $2,000 spent for a background check on Jay. She now knows who else to ask for more info & where some of those others are, to verify my story. If Melinda Yalom still won’t believe me, Carie, or Pattie, why would I have found while jobsearching, using Jay’s password that he gave me, used his computer an instant popup message from someone asking HIM, “Do you have a beard?”..when I didn’t know what the hell a “beard” was except for what’s on a man’s face until months later. I discovered that a “BEARD” is a woman who “cover’s” for a guy’s gay/downlow activity. She can be a “BEARD” or some permutation of a fag hag WHETHER REALIZING IT OR NOT I DIDN’T UNTIL I FOUND HIS AD FOR CASUAL SEX, ADVERTISING HE WAS BI, & FOUND THAT AD CLOSE TO THE TIME THAT POP UP MESSAGE APPEARED!

10/28/2009 12:07:18 PM - Pattie told me that Jay wanted her to reverse roles, have her be the male & him the female. I think she even said that he wanted her to strap on a fake penis. If so, he wanted her to sodomize him. He once wore my underwear & wig, stretched my underwear/bra out. I just thought he was being silly but now I realize that he probably expected me to “reverse roles” with him, too, but I didn’t & didn’t have that in mind at the time, or ever. SICK! I wonder if that B&W etching he said he did “years ago…before I met you..I must have been thinking about you even then”.. of a nude brunette, reclined, bare back facing him, wasn’t of Evelyn, Pattie, or some other brunette he’d bedded. Did he say the same thing to you? He showed it to me after I’d etched him in several postures, nude & otherwise. He knew I was a good artist, so seemed to want to be “just like” me, like what I liked, do what I did, prove that he was “as good as” me. To how many women has he said, “I was taken with you”? Yes, if Jay could’ve stolen my shadow, he would’ve.

10/28/2009 12:09:00 PM - FRAUDS LIKE JAY CAN USE WOMEN FOR THEIR MONEY and can go UNDETECTED for years! Jay was LIKE THEM ALL! Most NORMAL people try to FIND ANOTHER JOB BEFORE LOSING OR QUITTING THE OTHER ONE Jay does this WITH FEMALE SEXUAL AND LIVEIN RELATIONSHIPS, INSTEAD not normal, leaves once you’ve busted him, he''s depleted your self esteem, and your bank account is low, or you’re on your last unemployment check, between jobs, & when the job market/economy is in a recession. Vanish as soon as he’s used you up. That might take even a decade. Jay also gets herpes sores on his mouth. Jay is an adroit liar, just like that little girl, Rhoda, in the flick, “The Bad Seed” Even she could charm with her music…had an enchanting smile. So could the psychopath in the flick, “Gaslight” also like Jay Lilith in Lilith also like Jay. He cheated on Evelyn Vignola with me, one of the first women he lived with, before marrying Pattie D. wife #1 cheated on Pattie she said with two gay guys & also their neighbor’s wife, so at least 3 different times, with 3 different people, and perhaps a 4th, IF he “overlapped” Pattie with Lori, wife #2 cheated on wife #2 Lori cheated on me I lived with him for 8.5 years with a “friend” of mine, Melinda Yalom, married at the time, & with whom he ended up living when it all came to a head, I was as livid as Mia Farrow was when she discovered that Woody had boinked her adopted daughter. I never watched another Allen movie after I found out about Allen. Meanwhile still with me, Jay advertised as being bisexual, on a swingers’ site, ADVERTISED for CASUAL SEX with BICURIOUS MEN. He wouldn’t have met Melinda if not for a mutual friend in common to Melinda & I, who invited us all to a party, so he LEAPFROGGED from me to her. My many longdeveloped networks were UNDONE because of Jay’s deceit.

10/28/2009 12:09:23 PM - Just like the flick, Three Faces of Eve, it’s Three Faces Of Everett, one he shows to family/outsiders/musicians, another to his Woman of the Moment, another to his “buddies” on the downlow. Probably has more faces than that. He could simulate emotions when seducing women with his “romantic” songs, “morphing” into what he thought they’d like. He probably did it with Lori, too. Jay’s daughter’s named after a Dolly Parton tune. He would find a song I liked, knew & played on guitar, harmonize with me, back me up on guitar. We sounded like Ian & Sylvia, or like Emmylou Harris & Don Williams. One example was the tune, You Don’t Know Love “til it chills you to the bone, turns you inside out, leaves you all alone” A big “killer seducer” tune he used when he was in Night Patrol, from Glen Frye, The One You Love, was about a guy who seduces a woman away from her partner. Hmm. Wonder if he used that one on Melinda, to leave Ed?

10/28/2009 12:09:48 PM - Quote from Gita Mehta’s A River Sutra: “to prevent suffering a man must be capable of suffering..a man who cannot suffer is not alive” 35 Jay’s life of sexual excess led him to despise anyone’s “weakness” for imposing on the least charity of which he was/is capable. He is truly “dead” inside. Melinda or whoever else is his current “squeeze” had better have internet software detection & a keystroke monitor because she is going to need them with Jay, to catch him in his lies. Last I knew, Jay still has the same cell phone # he had when I knew him. CELL PHONES MAKE FOR EASY CHEATING. Jay is a home handyman many, if not most, of his clients were women. He’ll probably do to you what I think he did to me, when he’s done with you: tell your friends lies about you to get them to side with him and/or cover for him. JAY, the HUMAN SIPHON! I tried confronting him after all that crappy malemale porn he wanted to watch & watched. In bed one time, I asked him, “but have you ever been attracted to a man?” His reply: “I saw a guy in a book store one time who I thought was attractive.” After he’d moved out, but still came over to the house kept waffling, giving me mixed signals, he admitted that when he was younger, he’d had sex with men he’d met in theaters, adult bookstores, etc. Lying poser! I recall one vacation in Hatteras. Jolene & I got caught in a rip tide, she, Jay, myself and two surfers the only persons in sight, in the area. Jay was on the beach. Jolene & I stuck on a sandbar. I screamed to him that I couldn’t swim back. He didn’t dive in at least to possibly save Jolene, acted was he? helpless. If not for my screams, those 2 surfers wouldn’t have saved Jolene & I. Notice that ONE “alias”, among the names on Jay’s “buddy list” See http://datingpsychos.com/view_psycho.html?psycho_id=2149, “NO MORE GURLZ”.

10/28/2009 12:10:13 PM - Jay had me “repeat” my mother’s pain female musician abandoned by a male musician, her 2nd husband, in her 10th year of marriage, but her 2nd husband was a genius. Jay is/was NOT a genius. My mother’s 2nd husband was a Stanford graduate, a retired US Army Colonel, a syndicate cartoonist, jazz pianist, oil painter, & a career analyst in the defense industry. My mother was a beautiful woman, physically & spiritually. She told me that she was a “poor man’s Greta Garbo”, because she had beautiful “gams” legs. My mother’s 2nd husband, an alcoholic LIKE JAY!, left her for a Barroom Betty. She stopped going to his gigs because his skin reeked of alcohol when he got home at night. Probably, before Jay was treated for alcoholism at Melwood Clinic, while married to Lori, wife #2, his skin also reeked of alcohol..possibly why Lori stopped sleeping with him, and/or she stopped sleeping with him b/c she knew or suspected his proclivities for sex w/men, so didn''t want to compromise her sexual health!

10/28/2009 12:10:45 PM - A lousy lover, my mother’s 2nd husband was left limp by alcohol. Jay was also limp most of the time when he lived with me, couldn’t stay up very long. If I am wrong, then why, in Julia Lee’s email to me, about Debby Jay dated Debby before me, did Julia quote Debby, indicating that Jay “had problems” sexually? Though Jay had been on the wagon for years, he, to me, had short endurance couldn''t “keep it up” Jay gets “bored” when the financial resources of the woman with whom he lives fail to “shore” him up she''s at most peril during economic crises, when he is likely to leave her, in my opinion. Once Jay’s decided to ditch you, when you speak TO Jay, you will really only speak AT him or PAST him. His eyes will glaze over. Conversely, when your relationship is new with him, he’ll be like that gay guy you hear about, who “can communicate with women better than straight men”…SEEMS like he EMPATHIZES with you. WHY THE CONTRAST? HE IS SEXUALLY CONFUSED, MORE LIKE A GAY MAN THAN STRAIGHT! He''s vile. An oaf! The type who just wants to see if he canhas been this way for decades, at least since I knew him, & I met him when I was 18. He’s a twotime divorcee with a wake of unhappy women in his past, a selfish, gluttonous male slut, a shapeshifter, NOT who he says he is! Remove him from the planet, Goddesses Kali & Saraswati. No woman deserves his crap.

10/30/2009 7:41:02 AM - “Psychopaths can be found in legislatures, hospitals, and usedcar lots. They''re your neighbor, your boss, and your blind date. Because they have no conscience, they''re natural predators. If you didn''t have a conscience, you''d be one too. “[‘]The con man works oneonone,[’] says Babiak. [‘]They''ll go after a woman, marry her, take her money trust/ love/ sex..., then move on and marry someone else. The puppet master would manipulate somebody to get at someone else. This type is more powerful because they''re hidden.[’] Babiak says psychopaths have three motivations: * thrillseeking, * the pathological desire to win, * and the inclination to hurt people. [‘]They''ll jump on any opportunity that allows them to do those things,[’] he says. [‘]If something better comes along, they''ll drop you and move on.[’]” Source: http://cyberpaths.blogspot.com/ That source exactly describes who I think Jay Brown is!

11/1/2009 11:19:00 AM - Jay, it would seem, likes to pit pronatalists breeders against barren women ..those who had difficulty trying to have children, to see them in psychological pain, because, I think, deep down he is a misogynist..hates women. He did it to me, even after I unselfishly helped him raise/mentor his daughter, for 8.5 years. And I doubt that any of his other women besides Pattiehis first wife, who was loving and adopted a child, later, when she found an honest, loving lifepartnerwould have been so selfless to have helped raise or mentor another woman''''s child.

11/2/2009 8:30:59 AM - Jay has an history of meeting his next fling/affair, through his female friends, WHILE he was either 1 still not divorced, 2 living with a woman in a supposedly monogamous/committed relationship, 3 separated from wife, or 4 living as man and wife.

11/2/2009 8:31:15 AM - Whether legally married to Ed Rejuney, at the time, or “commonlaw” married to Ed when I knew her, I still considered Melinda Yalom to have been MARRIED to Ed at the time she began her affair with Jay Brown. Melinda Yalom was the THIRD MARRIED WOMAN that Jay consorted with…with whom he engaged in adultery, or “stepped outside” of his livein relationship. He “stepped out” while married to Pattie wife #1 with the neighbor’s wife. He “stepped out” while married to Lori wife #2 with he told me this and that she was married at the time he had a thing for her Janet. He “stepped out” with Melinda when she lived with Ed who I considered to be Melinda’s husband, and between my 8th and 9th year living with him. He even cheated on Evelyn Vignola, when she lived with him in McLean, VA, and that time, cheated WITH ME..or tried to, and that happened 28+ years prior to my getting involved with him again stupid me! He got naked, but couldn’t get it up, then. But he got naked BEFORE he told me he lived with Evelyn back then, and after seducing me with music.

11/2/2009 8:31:59 AM - The first two married women he cheated with, I think, were WISE ENOUGH not to leave their husbands to live with Jay. Jay admitted to me, that he’d had a fling or tried to with Janet. He told me that Janet was married at the time he also told me that Janet told him, “I don’t want your problems to become mine,” and that he was married to Lori, wife #2, meanwhile. He never told me about another MARRIED woman, the neighbor’s married wife that he bedded, while he was married to Pattie, wife #1. SHADY AND SICK! I’m still befuddled that Melinda would leave a man like Ed, college educated, I believe, and played beautiful classical/jazz piano with a full time career, for, in my opinion a not college educated, last I knew wageearning, sloppy fraud with a juvie history, an history of alcoholism, a history of bankruptcy, an history of treatment for behavioral problems Edgemead, in MD Jay also had sessions with Michael Borash Reston, VA, before I lived with Jay. I know because rendezvoused with Jay in front of Borash''s offices, when we first began dating. That should have been my RED FLAG to discontinue with him. history of foreclosure on his marital home he told me about foreclosing. It was the home he owned with his second wife, Lori and an history of cheating on women that stretches back to the early 1970’s more than 30 years!

11/2/2009 8:46:54 AM - The songs Jay sings are about love, but he is more about deceit than about love. If you listen carefully, many of his songs even the ones he sung on stage..like Randy Travis’s On The Other Hand, and Glenn Frye''s The One You Love are about cheating men, like Pittsburg Stealers by father/daughter duo, The Kendalls Ry Cooder''s The Tattler and various Robert Cray songs. He''s a snake...a fraud for more than three decades.

11/2/2009 12:50:23 PM - When I discovered emails he’d received from the swingers’ site that he had joined, confirming his membership, around that same time, I also found and kept a copy of a couple of emails that his gay male cousin, Paul Brown, had sent to him, with the message from Paul, “be careful,” so I suspect that Paul Brown KNEW what Jay was up to. Also, around this same time, while on the computer, a pop up message came to Jay that asked, “Do you have a beard?” I didn’t know what a “beard” was back then, except for what’s on a man’s face. “Beard” is code for a woman who covers for a gay or bi or closet gay guy, when in a livein relationship with him. I certainly never agreed to be his beard, nor agreed to be a swinger. While at the dinner table with me, one time, he got angry and threw a set of keys yes..a FLYING PROJECTIVE WEAPON! toward my face/head area, and just missed by inches. He had to spackel the wall where the keys had left the hole, and paint over it later, to hide the hole the landlord gave him a discount off the rent, that month, for the paint job. Another time, he raised his fist to my face, as if to hit me. I told him if one finger of his landed on my body, I’d call 911 so fast, it’d make his head spin.

11/2/2009 12:50:46 PM - After he moved his things out, he dropped by with this book that he’d bought, that he thought was “cool”. It was a photography artistic??? “coffee table” book, written by Calvin Klein’s wife, and depicted transvestites “vogueing”. One year, he took me to a salsa club, because I wanted to see what salsa dancing was all about. The club turned out to be a place where transvestites and crossdressers hung out. While I was sitting at the bar, waiting for Jay to exit the bathroom he took a looonngg time!, eating my shrimp scampi, a goodlooking, lean man approached me, who looked straight. The stranger struck up a conversation with me, told me he was married and that he was also a crossdresser shock! I shrugged him off. Years later, I would wonder what Jay was doing, taking so long in that bathroom Jay, once or twice, brought home The Blade, a homosexual publication, to read.

11/2/2009 12:51:09 PM - One time, in the first year of our relationship, I found, in his inventory, a pendant he said he’d made. It was a pink rose quartz, cabochon triangle, set in a silver bezel the pink triangle is a gay symbol. I asked him whose job it was. He told me it belonged to a gay customer who had forgotten to pick it up. I suspected, years later, that it was something that Jay, himself, might have worn, when he was out on the town, without his female “main squeeze” of the moment. He took me to D.C., for a day trip, one time…said we would go see art, bookshops, etc. On the way, he bought for me, a silver pair of earrings form Afghanistan, with green stones. I think it was another one of his “guilt gifts” to me, because, when we arrived at a certain book store, it turned out to be a bookstore where gays hung out.

11/2/2009 12:51:39 PM - After he’d moved out, he called me on the phone to ask me if I wanted to go to lunch with him in Manassas, VA, at a tavern. He asked if I’d go to a Harville Hendrix, Getting the Love You Want seminar with him..he said he’d pay for it. I said yes. We went to lunch which he paid for, but he reneged on the seminar. So, he was torquing my chain back then. An emotional rollercoaster hell.

11/2/2009 1:33:36 PM - Other psychopaths, narcissists, sociopaths, and creeps, depicted in films, remind me of Jay, whenever I see those movies: Dickie Greenlief in The Talented Mr. Ripley Frank Abagnale Jr. in Catch Me If You Can Harry Powell in The Night of the Hunter Diego Rivera who seduces Frida’s, his wife’s sister in Frida Kahlo Hugh in Blood Oranges John in Nine 1/2 Weeks Seducerviolinist in The Red Violin only Jay did not have the same “stamina” Sex addict in Eyes Wide Shut The last four films on the list are ones that Jay chose to watch with me. After that, his choices of videos were more and more malemale gay porn and male gay orgies. I told him, EXPLICITLY, that I DID NOT WANT to watch films, however erotic, when they were not about people in love, and involved more than two people in sex. He evidently did not hear me, because he kept purchasing and renting them, and I caught him masturbating to them, on various occasions. Jay is, to me, in many ways, like Richard Forbes, who is profiled on this site area for Forbes is Newton, MA: “He is attracted to a woman who is soft, caring, loving and sensitive, therefore takes advantage of that part of her. He will claim to love them, but when it starts getting into the next level, i.e. commitment... he backs away, hurts the other woman and the wife, although he admits to his spouse that he is involved with someone, he plays the martyr and states that he can''t make up his mind therefore playing both women... wanting his cake and to eat it too”

11/2/2009 2:16:11 PM - And, to me—in my opinionany adult, middleaged woman, who keeps a room full of Barbie dolls in boxes, and has doll houses that she purchases furniture for, never grew up. While pretending to be my friend, she gave me a “jazz singer” Barbie, that I researched on Ebay that typically sold for $9, and said, “This is you.” I gave it away to a State Theatre benefit for disadvantaged children in Falls Church, several years ago. I heard it from Jay, that she had bitched about an ecrucolored, lace, long skirt that I’d never worn, but was beautiful, and that I’d given to her. I heard, from Jay, that there was a “spot” on it. Well, I guess she just was not creative enough to die it black. It would’ve been fitting, I think, for her to have worn a black lace skirt, for she, in my opinion, is not much better than a Black Widow.

11/2/2009 2:28:15 PM - Melinda Yalom, while I think pretending to be my friend, in the first or second year that I knew her, at her home, one time, confided that she’d had problems with her own mother. I had confided that I also had “issues” with my own mother. So, I think, back then, she was trying to “get into my head”, to find my “weaknesses” to work against them, with Jay. To me, she is nothing more than an underhanded backstabber, who will go to any lengths to subterfuge another woman’s relationship, to get that woman’s man, no matter how long the other woman has been involved and living with the man for whom Melinda has the “hots” . And, to me, Jay Brown “works” those dynamics woman against woman to his advantage, to prey on them, to destroy them, or deplete or whittle away, at their confidence and self esteem. He plays one woman off or against another.

11/2/2009 2:35:48 PM - And, I think, when Jay Brown “plays one woman off another”, it is because “Ms. Next” has more money, property, or a better job, than the last. So, I think that Jay Brown is nothing better than a GIGOLO, mercenary, or opportunistic BITCH! From what I witnessed, he had a beautiful home that he and Lori 2nd wife had bought together, that was MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL at least from what I saw of it, from the outside than what Melinda owned in MD. So, I think, sooner or later, like the rest of his “disposable women”, Jay will do the same with Melinda, who confided in me that her first husband had cheated on her, and because JAY BROWN goes for the “easy mark”…the “easy quarry”…when he sees that it is to his financial or personal advantage.

11/2/2009 2:46:51 PM - At least I stood alone, without any partner or man by my side, my entire lifetime..an independent woman, when searching for my partner in life, and when I thought I’d found the few who turned out to be jerks. Not like Melinda, who I think leapfrogged, from one man to another, meanwhile, in a supposedly committed, livein relationship with another man than the one after which she honked, which, to me, shows her insecurities. But then..if she did that, then Jay Brown and she were perfectly matched, because Jay’s habit was to leapfrog from woman to woman, bed to bed, house to house, too.

11/2/2009 2:59:47 PM - Jay once showed me a pencil or charcoal etching that he’d drawn, of a nude brunette, lying on her side, back toward him. He said “I must’ve drawn this back then, when thinking read: foreshadowed of you, because I think it was of you, back then.” Don’t be surprised if he uses that same etching to say the same thing, of his next woman. He liked to keep a “gallery” of photos—some nude, of his former women. One photo, though not nude, was of a woman he’d lived with, Evelyn Vignola. It was a photo that appeared to be of her taken in the late 60’s or 70’s, that a professional photographer had taken of her..not sure, but the photographer’s name had, I think, “Vincent” in it..possibly his last name. I wondered whether Evenly had given it to him, or whether he’d just appropriated it, without telling her, and kept it. Another photo, a baby photo infant photo was of his 1st wife, Pattie. It was one that Jay kept at the base of his lamp, in his office, on the back porch of the residence we rented. Years later, I told Pattie about that photo. Pattie said that she never gave Jay permission to keep that photo. Think about that…and NEVER LET HIM TAKE ANY PHOTOS OF YOU, nude or otherwise. Avoid this fraud.

11/2/2009 3:24:23 PM - Jay also told me that his oldest sister, Dulce, had either paid off or gave him the money to pay off—his attorney that handled his 2nd divorce divorce to second wife, Lori..so, yes, I think more women “gladhanded” Jay than his mother and the women with whom Jay lived. So, to me, Jay is a horrible financial risk for any woman.

11/2/2009 3:41:44 PM - Inevitably, he may “shore” you through a first few “low times”, between jobs, but, ultimately, I think, and finally…, when the woman’s money runs low or her income is about to run out possibly her last unemployment insurance check, as happened with me, or she is in financial crises because, I think, in large part, what she contributed financially to their partnership, over years, Jay will run, too. He told me, during or after his divorce proceedings with 2nd wife, Lori, that her credit line was bad because of him I wondered about that then I don’t wonder about it now. And he just might break a lease on you, as he did with me, and not give you half the security deposit back when you paid the full security deposit, when you rented a house together, for example, even though he may have split the first month’s rent with you.

11/2/2009 3:50:53 PM - One time, while still operating his rock shop in Canterbury Square, in Manassas, a thief stole a large amethyst parrot, or bird made of gemstones, out of the shop. The police caught the criminal but Jay told me later that he let the criminal off the hook..didn’t hold charges, because the criminal had told him that he was gay, and wanted to go to Jail, so he could get free medical treatment for AIDS. So, I thought later…was Jay “transferring resentment” or “blame” to another gay man, or “getting back” at his gay male cousin who he told me had oral sex with him when he was 12?, to “punish” a gay guy, by not letting him get free medical treatment for AIDS? Or was he “protecting” a gay male criminal, just because he was gay?

11/2/2009 4:05:31 PM - Jay also saved himself, in storage fees, 21,000 dollars, or more, across the years he lived with me, by storing his rock shop inventory in our garage which he probably got a writeoff from the IRS, claiming that percentage of the residence for his shop territory..I know this, because one of my parttime jobs, after Jay left me, was in property management, renting out storage units to people. So I KNOW how much storage space he used in our garage I had few things in it, compared to him, maybe a bicycle and a couple of trunks at the most I would guess he used more than 90 percent of our twocar garage space, for his things. So, yes, I think he uses women for whatever they can give him, to take the stress of himself, financially.

11/3/2009 9:27:56 AM - I read profiles on dontdatehimgirl.com and on this site, for about an hour each day, as anyone would read the daily newspaper, and found another guy profiles on DDHG,Terrance Tee Lassiter, who I think shares a similar “M.O.”, or at least many facets of Lassiter’s “M.O.”, to the Jay Brown I knew: “He seeks out insecure women who have there own home and does what will seem like all the right things JUST so he can slide his way in and on to their ‘lease’” and “He''s always on the prowl for women who will be blinded by his charm, move him into their home, buy him things and babysit his kids while he runs the streets” Lassiter is described as a thief in that profile on him. Jay admitted to me that he’d stolen the Cottage Lane Street Sign, which was Fairfax County property, and he had lived on Cottage Lane, in the 1970s. He said that that street sign ended up at the home that he had shared with his second wife Lori, and that he had lived with Lori on Cottage Lane. Well, I came to find out, from Pattie, Jay’s first wife, that he and she had also lived on Cottage Lane at one time, SO JAY JUST MAY HAVE OVERLAPPED LORI AND PATTIE, TOO.

11/3/2009 9:28:19 AM - Jay told me that an antique bed that once belonged to Pattie, had ended up in Lori’s home, and that the bed ended up in Jolene’s—Jay’s daughter’s bedroom. He said he had tried to find Pattie to return the bed, but couldn’t find her to give it back to her. Well, Pattie tells a different story about that heirloom bed of hers. She told me that when she asked for her bed, Jay told her that he’d been “storing it at a friend’s house”. Pattie said she never gave Jay that bed. So, I think that Jay is a thief. He also told me that his time at the Edgemeade institution was for stealing or breaking into cars. You do the math. Now…back to that Lassiter guy, to compare…one of Lassiter’s exes brought him up on charges of domestic abuse “and with pictures of her bruises to prove it, and sent him to jail .. I believed him when he told these allegations weren’t true .. that is until the final chapter when my face was on the other side of his fist ..”

11/3/2009 9:28:48 AM - That blond tiki bar that Jay had, or still might have, with a black top on it, once belonged to my father. My father gave it to me. Yes, I gave it to Jay, but when he arrived to live with me, he had few things . . just a chest of drawers and one gateleg table, not much else. So, I think he likes to get as much as he can out of each woman with whom he lives, then moves on. And, I compare Jay to that Lassiter guy in another way: he also had me babysit his daughter, when he performed at gigs with Marge Calhoun .. gigs that took him to Ocean City, where I’d be left at home, during his daughter’s custody time with him, so Jay was a user in that way, too. And, I’ve already described that time when Jay lifted HIS fist to MY face, when I told him that if he laid one finger on my body, I would call 911 so fast, it would make his head spin. So my comparisons of Jay to Lassiter, are now complete. You do the math.

11/3/2009 10:22:15 AM - He will probably, if he hasn’t already, try to make some part of his next woman’s home his office, from which he can operate his jewelry repair business. Well, let me tell you that I don’t think he is as good at silversmithing as he thinks he is. I have FOUR pieces that he made for me that ALL have fire scale on them. If you don’t know what fire scale is, look it up on line. I’ll quote the description from one source: “Firescale is sometimes referred to as ‘firestain.’ It is a purplish blotchy stain that can appear on silver alloys that contain copper. It appears when the silver/copper alloy is heated in the presence of oxygen. While some artisans may deliberately cause firescale, it is usually a blight that one want to avoid and, when that fails, treat.” He’s not as good in the jewelry business as he thinks he is, in my opinion. Another piece he cast/worked for me was a large gold ring my gold he made for me. He left pits in the gold that couldn’t be “mizzied” or smoothed out. He admitted that those pits were there because he didn’t mix enough gold flow powder or flux into the gold, when he was melting the gold to be cast.

11/3/2009 10:22:40 AM - He will probably try .. if he hasn’t already .. turn Melinda’s back porch into his workshop, with his lapidary equipment, and present himself as a jewelry repair person, who can make smooth chipped crystal glasses, or promise you that he will silver plate things for you, or repair your jewelry. He used the back porch in our home, when he signed a lease with me, that he eventually broke. Please don’t believe him. His rock shop business, Stone Art, went under, and he, not long after, went bankrupt, so could write off debts to various vendors to which he owned money. Frauds always make themselves out to be more important, better people, or better qualified, than they actually are. I FOUND a handwritten note, on line paper, and made a copy of it. I guess he was journaling. He wrote that he felt like a fraud, and that he could never love just one woman. Guess not, since he liked to sex men, too!

11/3/2009 10:24:51 AM - He cheats on the one he cheats with, too, and that has been his consistent, repeat pattern, for more than 30 years of his adult sexual life. Believe it!

11/3/2009 10:45:44 AM - Last I knew, he was supposedly working at Music and Arts, in McLean, VA. He possibly still is there, either selling musical equipment, or possibly giving guitar lessons. A male guitarist friend of mine told me he worked there. The guitarist who told me was a guy who once came to visit Jay, when I still lived with Jay, and stood up for me when Jay told him that my home decorations looked too busy and said it right in front of me, apparently trying to embarrass me or make me look bad in the eyes of someone with whom he was attempting to befriend...seemed like he wanted to keep that new friend he''d met and invited over, all to himself, like the manipulative, sick freak I thought..and still think..Jay Brown is. Jay, in my opinion, was trying to dissuade other jazz musicians from knowing me or knowing about my talent, or from working with me. That guitarist told Jay, I don''t think it looks too busy. I think she did a nice job. It looks nice here. Her decor looks nice. Joke was on Jay. That guitarist became someone who I would occasionally hire to back me at jazz gigs I got, after Jay left me.

11/3/2009 11:09:41 AM - Jay also talked about his “friends” behind his “friends’” backs, both male and female. About Bruce Turner, the guitarist who worked in my first jazz band, Jay said that Bruce’s eyes looked “glazed over” when he wanted Bruce to learn new standards. About John Leigh, former guitarist in Night Patrol, the band was in, Jay said that John looked like he was “stiff”, like he was “carrying two buckets of water”. He also said about John that Julia, John’s wife, was “clinically depressed” and that he suspected something about John’s behavior or personality, that made her depressed. He said about Ed Eastridge, an old buddy of his, from Jay’s Edgemeade days, that, more or less, he thought he was better than Ed, because Jay had stopped doing and dealing drugs, when Ed, formerly of Mo recording studios, in Annapolis, MD, had not stopped. But Pattie, Jay’s 1st wife, told me that Jay sold drugs when she knew him, so Edgemeade, it would seem, didn’t “rehabilitate” Jay from that habit, back then.

11/3/2009 11:10:43 AM - In my first year with Jay, I went with him to a shooting gallery, with his adopted son James, to watch them at rifle practice. James had joined the Army, years later, had hoped to become a ranger, but didn’t make it through training. So be careful, they both know how to use guns. James is Lori’s son, born out of wedlock, by a man Lori knew before she married Jay, and Jay adopted her son. That was why, at first, I thought Jay was a “good guy”, but don’t let Jay fool you. He is NOT a “good guy”. And, I’m afraid that James might take after his adoptive father, because, on one of our vacations in Delaware together, when I also invited Jay’s daughter, Jolene, and her friend, Andrea, to come down there with us, something allegedly happened that I was not comfortable with. Andrea either was still a teen then, or had barely turned 18, so I didn’t know if she was still a minor or not. Andrea admitted to me to having been prescribed Zoloft for depression. One morning, after sleeping in our rental place at the beach, Jolene told me that James had slept with Andrea. If so, he apparently did not care if he might’ve slept with a minor, or that there might have been consequences to his behavior, for example, had Andrea become pregnant, Jay and I might have been cited for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, or something like that. And it''s never nice to take advantage of a girl or woman who is depressed..they can be easy targets for preditors.

11/3/2009 11:19:47 AM - Also, it is just my suspicion, but it may have been Jay who vandalized my car, years later, after I got free of him. I found the driver’s side mirror knocked off of my car, one morning. I made out a police report, and told them that I suspected it may have been my former boyfriend, so they know to keep an eye on him. I also told the Virginia police that I suspect him to be a guy that defrauds women, and told them why, and about the time he threw keys toward my face and head area. The police told me that I should have reported the incident when I lived with him, but I have put police in Maryland and Virginia on notice, about Jay, in case he does something illegal or tries to stalk me. It wouldn’t surprise me if I were to find out that Jay is also a stalker, and someone who would stalk a woman by any means, such as making nasty “breather” phone calls that say nothing when women answer the phone and say “hello”. Jay knew that I had been harassed that way, on one job site, and he seems to like to find a woman’s weaknesses or fears, and play on them, to “tweek” or escalate any psychological pain she might have or has. For example, he might enter a woman’s phone number into phone marketing banks, so she’d be annoyed with crank calls, or he might enter her email address into porn or Viagra marketing sites. I got much of that kind of SPAM when I moved to a new residence, and I highly suspect it might have been Jay who instigated that, but that is only my impression and opinion. Just be careful around him.

11/3/2009 11:49:40 AM - Jay had five older sisters: Dulce, Paula, Joyce, Jeanine, and Linda. Paula’s son, Mark, was in the Gulf War. I heard, from Brown family members, that Mark had knocked up a woman he’d had a relationship with, and who bore his child, and that Mark didn’t marry her. Then there was Billy, Jeanine’s son. He impregnated the woman he lived with, Susie, and, to my knowledge, did not marry her, at least not when I lived with Jay. So, it seems here were two more examples of male commitmentphobes, in the Brown family. Then there was Doug, Linda’s son. He seemed to like his drink, and I suspect he was an alcoholic. His face often looked flourid, the way alcoholics’ faces looked, when they drank. Then there was Sarah, Linda’s daughter. Jay told me that Sarah was reprimanded for borrowing, without permission, the video camera of Michael Fowler, physics professor who lived and worked probably still does in Charlottesville, VA. Michael is from Britain and was the husband of Jay’s oldest sister, Dulce.

11/3/2009 11:50:04 AM - The Brown family, in my opinion, was just a MESS, and, as far as I could tell, the only “decent” ones who came out o.k. were Cathy, Jay’s niece, and daughter by Jeanine, and Dulce, Jay’s oldest sister, who he said gave him money to pay off the lawyer who handled his divorce to 2nd wife Lori. Paula and Joyce both seemed nice to me the whole time I was with Jay, but in my opinion, they contributed to “codependency” by either lending or giving large sums of money to Jay, so, in my opinion, they, too, were part of the “dysfunction”. Jeanine, Jay said, let him stay at her home, when Jay was between women, and if so, I think she also contributed to Jay’s “codependency” on her. Jay confided to me that he had asked several of his sisters if his father ever did anything “untoward” to them. Years later, I would wonder if Jay’s father didn’t do something “untoward” to him…like sexual things.

11/3/2009 11:53:32 AM - Jay told me that his sister, Linda, worried that her husband, Les, was dying of cancer. Les also happened to be Linda’s cousin, as well as her husband. Around the time that Jay was worried about Les and Linda, and this was about a year before Jay left me, Jay had composed a song, about how he was some lady’s “handyman”, so I suspect he’d written that song about Melinda Yalom, after she hired him to paint her house. I’m not stupid, and neither should any other women with whom Jay involves himself, be stupid, either. He came off like my “handyman”, too, in the beginning. He assembled an IKEA closet for me, and that was when he was only too happy to have moved in with me, when his daughter, Jolene was around 10 years old. Don’t be fooled like I was. He manipulates his music to seduce women. He even composed .. or tried to .. the bridge of a song that I had composed decades before. When I think back, it seems to me that he was trying to suck from my soul, full of light before I involved myself with him. He even bathed in my bath water, often, after I was done with it, and had me give him monthly haircuts. He''d sit on the floor, nude, towel around his neck, between my knees, while I cut his hair. I think he would''ve stolen my shadow if he had the chance.

11/3/2009 11:59:33 AM - GET OUT NOW, BEFORE HE CONVINCES YOU THAT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MONOGAMY, BEFORE HE HAS YOU FEELING YOU CAN NEVER TRUST ANOTHER MAN! HE HAS NO RESPECT FOR SOCIETAL CONVENTIONS OR NORMS based on my personal experience with him, and in my opinion gained from same. He seems to prey on single mothers, but others will do if single mothers aren’t available, and if the working professional woman has no children I could not conceive, so she has more time and financial resources to devote to him. GET OUT BEFORE HE SAPS THE LAST REPRODUCTIVE YEARS OF YOUR LIFE, AS I BELIEVE HE DID WITH MINE AND PATTIE’S, HIS FIRST WIFE! Or, failing that, if your reproductive years have passed, get out before he tries to live off you, and you won’t recognize that about him, if he’s up to that!

11/3/2009 12:31:45 PM - Jay also stooped to emotional blackmail goading/baiting, too, I think, accused me, in a smutty email his last to me of being a homophobe. It came after I confronted him by email. I’d written that I hoped he wasn’t boffing little boys in those empty homes he’d been hired to paint. He replied, on Oct. 3, 2000 with, “Where was all this selfrighteous fervor when you were soaking your panties watching lesbian porno movies??? Do I detect a bit of hypocracy here? I wonder who would be interested in that bit of truth?” His email address back then was EBrown1762@aol.com. Yes. Once or twice I watched films with “lesbians” in them, with him. One was not a “porn” film, per se, and one that anyone could rent at Blockbusters, another was a film about derelict artists in New York, that Jay had chosen for us to watch, and had one lesbian theme in it. But he exaggerated, later, as if to make me out to be a lesbian, which I am not one. My male therapist thought that email of Jay’s was the worst he had ever seen. And I think that any woman, once Jay is done with her, will need to see a therapist .. possibly for many years. He was the one always renting/buying porn films, from adult video stores, not me. Those videos were mostly about gay males or female lesbians, in orgies together. Heck, I think he was supporting the porn industry. I think, seriously, that he had “porn creep”, because, toward the end of our relationship, he often would watch those videos before trying to bed me, and I suspect he found it difficult to get aroused, without them, when, in the first years of our relationship, I was sexy enough for him, and he didn’t need them, nor needed any coaxing, to make love, though he almost always never lasted longer than 8 minutes, if that long, and that “little problem” of his was worse, I think, when he first tried bedding me, when I was age 18. He couldn’t even get it up, back then.

11/3/2009 12:32:20 PM - Jay’s ad for casual sex, on that swingers’ site, in 2000, when he ADVERTISED HIMSELF AS BISEXUAL, informed: “Hi,
I’m a SbiM iso someone to share my other side with. I’m a 48 yo, 6’4” 230lbs, good looking I think healthy, discreet, regular guy. N. Va. Area Manassas.
I like 69, j/o” The title for his ad? “BiMale iso a Man” The ad ID number back then was “Jay 1248” Somewhere, in one of Jay’s spiral notebooks, in his handwriting, I found this “poem”: “After a while you learn the difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul [ ] And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning and company doesn’t mean security [ ] And you begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts and presents aren’t promises [ ] and you begin to accept your defeats with your head up and your eyes open, with the Grace of an adult and the grief of a child [ ] and you learn to build all your roads on today, since tomorrow’s ground is uncertain for plans [ ] After a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much [ ] so plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers [ ] and you learn that you really can endure…that you really are strong…and you really do have worth” Well…Jay seems to have gleaned, from any convenient philosophy, whatever he needs to prey on women, so he can continue to be a predator and commitment phobe, when, really, I think he used the AA philosophies in reverse: http://www.step12.com/12stepsreverse.html

11/3/2009 12:47:34 PM - Jay also told me about John Leigh, former guitarist in Night Patrol. He said that John’s first wife “left him for a lesbian.” While that may or may not be true, I think Jay is also hoping that his female bedding partners might “go lesbian”, too, just like I think that Jay’s own cousin, Paul Brown, wanted to turn Jay queer, because Jay TOLD ME that Paul had had oral sex with Jay, when Jay was around age 12. Thus, I truly believe that Jay wants to “purge” that kind of experience onto his adult female sexual partners, as if to “relive” the experience. Yes. I truly believe that, now.

11/3/2009 1:09:32 PM - After Jay’s first “Stone Art” shop closed on Canterbury Square, in Manassas, and before he went bankrupt, he moved to a tiny, “postagestamp sized”, oneroom shop, to continue his business. For months on end, between my contract assignments which were in my usual profession and my lifestay, I worked, for no pay, running that little shop of Jay’s, while he drove cabs, to stay afloat. When he ran that bigger shop on Canterbury Square, he received a write up about his shop, and it showed him with his arms folded as if he was some Big Shot in a local Manassas paper. Finally, his smaller shop and business folded, and he went bankrupt. But, while working in that smaller shop of his, on Battle Street, one time, a middle aged man came in. The man didn’t buy anything, but said to me, “He’ll suck you dry like a lemon and discard you.” I wondered, then, if that man wasn’t Lou Walters, Lori’s father and former fatherinlaw to Jay . . wondered if Lou was warning me about him, back then. It also crossed my mind that that middle aged man might have been a gay guy that Jay had sexed. Jay was not able to, when first living with me, or else could not, get a phone in his name, because I think he owned the phone company, on back bills, so the main phone we used, was in my name, not Jay’s, and he used that phone, for a year, I think, for his Stone Art customers and vendors, who still called him. I later had to wean those customers and vendors off using my phone number, when Jay was finally able to get his own business phone for his shop, in the back of our house. YES. He WILL, I think, take advantage of any woman he lives with, as he did to me..just anything for him to “get ahead” in life.

11/3/2009 2:02:00 PM - He might, as I think he did to me, “put it in your face”, though subtly, so you might not notice until years later, how his ex wife or livein girlfriend cooked..what she served him, or liked to eat, to that you’ll “compare” yourself to them, like when he told me that Lori liked to squeeze limes on her smoked oysters, or when Evelyn Vignola served him miso soup, and if you are not secure with your own cooking, those statements of his might have you secondguessing your culinary skills, even though your own might be excellent.

11/3/2009 2:17:34 PM - He also admitted to me, at one point, to having low selfesteem. Well, who wouldn’t have low self esteem if he had repeatedly broken down the confidence and selfesteem of women, only to try building up his own, pitting woman against woman, and leapfrogging, like a gluttonous pighedonistcybarite and sycophant, from one to the other, overlapping them, time after time? He deserves to be ostracized for the rest of his life! The night before he told me it''s over, he said he was going to drop off a repair job .. a stained glass window, that belonged to his 2nd wife, Lori, and drop it off to her. Well, that stained glass window was still in our home, after he''d taken off. He told me, the next day, that he''d had a conversation with Lori, where she reminded him that he has done this with women before, and with her. So, if that happened, there he was.. using her as his condifante, instead of me, to work things out.

11/3/2009 3:54:33 PM - I also think that his sisters, or at least one of them Jeanine comes to mine..possibly Joyce and Paula, too.., know that Jay has mental problems, but any number of them will help him out like Jeanine, like invite you to their house for dinners or holidays, or to beach houses they rent, to have family reunions—and I got invited to those twice or three times—down in the outer banks of North Carolina. So, I think that his sisters will try to help him win over his “next” victim or conquest, and/or at least Jeanine, I think did give him a place to stay, while he’s “between women”, full well knowing what Jay is all about, and that you might get hurt, or that he’ll hurt you eventually, but they will give you no warning about that..no warning at all. These are my opinions. In fact, weeks before Jay left me, he told me that he was going for a weekend away, with his mother and sister, to a bed and breakfast..somewhere in Pennsylvania, I think, and he also told me that a couple of gay guys owned the place. I wasn’t invited, of course. On another night, Jay had told me that he was going to a men''s only night out. I don''t remember if he actually went there, but yes...You can guess what that men''s only night out might have been about.

11/3/2009 3:55:21 PM - sorry..one typo..Sentence above should have been: Jeanine comes to mind

11/3/2009 4:09:12 PM - Oh, and that “Mambo” or “Mambo” or “Samba” or “Rhumba” song he sings? That he claims to have written, with the lyrics, “she was stompin’ on my heart, tearing me apart.. and that girl she did the [mamba, samba, rhumba..or whatever words he uses]”..I doubt he really wrote that, as he claims, because one time, I suggested he play it at a party, and he got mad at me for bringing it up, and paid no heed to me, didn’t play the song. Melinda knows that Carey Creed, a wonderful singer, songwriter and musician, who was a friend to Ed Rejuney with whom Melinda had lived, before involving herself with Jay Carey was once married to Jay’s former brotherinlaw, the brother of Jay’s first wife, Pattie tried to warn her about Jay. Pattie told me that Carey tried to warn Ed and/or Melinda, about Jay, but that Melinda refused to listen. Perhaps she will listen now. Carey, long ago, once dated my best friend’s husband. I think Carey also knows I wouldn’t lie about these things.

11/3/2009 4:44:44 PM - I think that, had Melinda first read about a man, anywhere on the Net, described as I have described Jay Brown, and had she been free to date and looked through what women have posted about OTHER men on the internet, first, before dating any man..that…had she seen things like I have written about Jay, but about any other man, she would have taken caution not to date him. But she chose to ignore what I said, and she even according to Jay said that I had “badmouthed” him. Well, there is JUST TOO MUCH hardcore EVIDENCE to refute the things I have said, and I think she stuck her head in the sand, like an ostrich, and put on her “rosecolored” glasses, so she would not have to see what a fraud he is/was, and/or not admit what a betraying bitch she was to me, so she could justify stepping out on Ed, with a man who lived with a woman who she had pretended to befriend for almost two years.

11/3/2009 5:27:51 PM - Long ago, when I sang folk and country tunes with my guitar, I sang a song by Conway Twitty, “The Image of Me”.. when I sang it then, I sang it with some gender changes to the lyric, such as “he made her the image of he”..or something like that. The song’s about a man who mistreated his woman so much because he was an alchie and wanted HER to become an alchie, so destroyed her pride. Jay, to me, is much like that man in the song. I’m not an alcoholic, never was, but Jay IS an alcoholic though “recovered”. I admit to only ONE TIME getting “drunk” at one of his gigs, in my first or second year with him. But that, in part, was because I had rum and coke that night, and forgot how much it affected my head and my stomach!, and got so sick on it, that I had to rest in the bathroom. I made sure, for many years, after that, with Jay, that he would NEVER see me drunk, nor would I drink that way, and I kept my promise to myself. However, weekly, for about three or four weeks, before Jay left me, when he hadn’t done this before, he bought, with our groceries, one large bottle of Merlot, for me, which would typically, when stretched out, last me the whole week. Sometimes I think he, back then, anticipated leaving me, so he bought me those bottles of wine so he could easily justify, and say to others, falsely, that he left me for one among several reasons, possibly even said, “She drank. I didn’t.” But he would be lying, because I only drank with dinner, and usually only one glass of wine a night, at home, if so, possibly two, but no more, when I attended social gatherings, because I know my limit. I also never drank alone, nor ever hid bottles from him, and only drank wine with dinner, when he was in my presence. I think you get my meaning. I think that Jay TRIED to “turn me into the image of him”, but failed. I will NEVER let an alcoholic “recovered” or otherwise, again, abuse me the way he did…NOT EVER.

11/3/2009 6:12:29 PM - I also think that Carey Creed would not lie about Jay’s character, if she knew or said anything negative about him. Remember, Carey was once “related”, albeit through marriage, at one time, to Carey, and Carey probably heard some tales of woe from Pattie, Jay’s first wife, back then, about Jay. Carey was once married to Pattie’s brother, a wonderful musician, Pattie told me. Thus, It think that when Jay noticed that Carey was attending Ed Rejuney’s and Melinda Yalom’s parties, he probably thought to get me and Carey “out of the picture”, possibly so others would not know what Carey knew about him. Also, Carey holds no grudge, that I know of, against my best friend’s husband, who once dated her. Last I knew, Carey was still a friend to both my best friend and my best friend’s husband. The world is just too small, and Jay should have known that word about him would get around, sooner or later.

11/3/2009 6:46:56 PM - It took me a long, long time, to forgive myself for getting involved with Jay, and for being or feeling “stupid” for being duped by him. But I did forgive myself, when I realized that at least four or six women had been duped the same way, including Evelyn, Pattie, Lori, Melinda, Debby, and Janet possibly, and those were otherwise “normal” women, like myself, most of them except for, I think Melinda were probably kindhearted women, wanting to help him improve his lot in life, like me. Now, though, I only want to warn other women about him, and I think you will find that my story, across time years is consistent, in its explanation, across many profiles I’ve posted about him, that my story lines about him do not “shift”, and stay on the points, do not shift in logic or about proof that I have provided or still have.

11/3/2009 7:09:32 PM - May my dead mother’s and father’s souls haunt Jay Brown, for the rest of his life. Jay should have died instead of them. If there is one person on this earth, who has only one day left to live on this earth, and knows it, and who hates sexually confused creeps..men who abuse women sexually, I hope he or she shoots Jay dead. Would it have been legal to do so, I would have done so myself.

11/3/2009 7:13:20 PM - I suspect, that at some point, Lou Walters, the father of Jay''s 2nd wife, felt like killing Jay, too, and I wouldn''t blame him if he felt that way.

11/3/2009 8:14:42 PM - When Jay performed with me, first as a bass player, later as a guitarist, in my various jazz bands that I formed with him, at one venue, Okra’s Louisiana Bistro, in Manassas, Virginia, in the late 1990s, Jay had created a poster for our band for that night was it one øf his “guilt presents” to me? I had to wonder about that, later on Well, one night, at that venue, there was a handsome guy, who seemed years younger than Jay, with a conservative haircut, wearing a black shirt, that appeared in the audience, who seemed to be ogling Jay the entire night, during Jay’s performance. I had a brief conversation with the guy, after our sets were done. He told me that he was in some kind of home improvements business..another blue collar worker, like Jay. I suspected, much later, that he was a gay guy who Jay knew, and who could have been one of Jay’s gay lovers.

11/3/2009 9:12:32 PM - Jay, on various occasions, dined on the “fat” of my relatives, including on my sisterinlaw’s and my brother’s her husband’s graces and invitations, to dine at their residence, while living with me. He attended my father’s 80’th birthday party in Rehoboth, Delaware. It was a family reunion…my family’s reunion my three brothers came, from three states in the Union, for this event, so was Jay’s daughter, Jolene, invited, so I didn’t leave her out. I even have pictures of that event. In one photo, I see Jay “schmoozing” up to my oldest brother. It appears that he is looking at the photographer who snapped the photo, a woman who my father mentored, who became a dental hygienist, and who, decades earlier, when a young woman, because her own father abandoned her, she, out of desperation, became, for a short while, a hooker and junkie, and was rehabilitated, and my father mentored her back into a decent life. I made the mistake of telling Jay about her, so I think he looked at her “lustfully”, when recalling what I had told him about her. On the same day that Jay attended a party thrown by Bob Williams a jazz guitarist who jammed with us, at Melinda’s house, when we called Melinda’s venue “The Knotty Pine Club”, where Melinda and Ed did not attend on that occasion, only hours before, Jay had attended one of my family events, where he was fed well. My own father, one year, for a Valentine’s present to us, paid for us to stay at Koolfont resort, in West Virginia, where Jay ate with me on my father’s money, and enjoyed the hot tub, in our Aframe, that my father had paid for, that night. To me, Jay is nothing but a GIGOLO, who lives off women and their families!

11/3/2009 9:47:37 PM - Jay told me that to get out of the Vietnam War draft, he “faked being gay” to the federal government recruiter. I repeated what Jay had told me, to Patrick, my elderly, nextdoor neighbor, a former Marine, in Manassas, VA, who was my friend and my support system, after Jay had left me. He, Patrick, a man who, in his life, raised Catholic, but abandoned the faith after discovering abuse in the Diocese, and who later became a Seventh Day Adventist, told me, that Jay “must not have had to fake being gay too much” for them to have let him out of the draft, back then. Patrick was the one who gave me the Whitman Walker Clinic flier, on AIDS/HIV statistics, consequent to my conversation with Patrick. If not for Patrick, in Manassas, I think I would have gone crazy. Patrick Smith was another father figure to me, for years. I loved him like I loved my own father. He has probably passed from this world by now, but, if not for him, the brave Marine, I would have lost faith in men entirely. After Jay left me, once a month, like he would invite a daughter, Patrick would invite me to his local veteran’s establishment, while I waited for my new boyfriend to come home from an overseas excursion of two or more months. He suspected that Jay had depleted my self esteem, and I would dress in my best clothes, to have that fatherlike date with him. He would tell me, “You look like a million dollars.” He also read me passages, from Seventh Day Adventist texts, and told me, that, according to the scriptures, I was right to try to find another husband, and deserved to have one. It was Patrick who said, about Jay, He knows the cost of everything but the value of nothing.

11/4/2009 7:20:12 AM - Jay also, in his shop, on our back porch, when I lived with him, regularly listened to the shameshameonyou Holier Than Thou…Better Than You Dr. Laura radio program. You know . . Laura Schlessinger . . the religious Republican, I think hypocrite, who, in her past, was supposedly caught posing in the nude. I guess so he could convince himself that he was living “in sin” with me. He might as well have been listening to Rush Limbaugh. Makes me want to vomit whenever I think of it. Maybe he liked listening to hypocrites like himself, to shore up his own conflicted beliefs. The hypocrite who began an affair with a democrat. She had invited us over for a social event, to celebrate Bill Clinton’s inauguration.

11/4/2009 7:33:56 AM - He also kept, by his lamp, in his workshop, an old baby photo and I do mean infant by the base of his lamp. He said it was of Pattie, who was his first wife. When I spoke to Pattie and told her about the photo, she told me she had never given him that photo.About Pattie...when I asked him why their marriage broke up, he acted as though she had broken his heart and cheated on him but it was the other way around. She said when she got pregnant with his baby he wasn''t even interested in helping pick out baby names. She said that two of her gay male friends told her they''d had sex with Jay. She said that one night he took off with some gay motorcycle guys and didn''t come home that night. She said he sold drugs back then, too. She said that he ADMITTED sleeping with their neighbor''s wife, and that that happened when Pattie was married to him. So..his stories DO NOT ADD UP, and he has flipped the script more than a few times in his life, so to me, is a pathological liar and sociopath.

11/4/2009 7:43:55 AM - Pattie also told me that the never intended for Jay to keep her antique, heirloom bed . . the one that Jay said ended up in Jolene’s bedroom, at his 2nd wife’s home. So I suspect that he “overlapped” Lori and Pattie, too, because he told me he’d lived on Cottage Lane, in Fairfax County, with Lori at one time, and Pattie told me that he’d lived with HER Pattie, on Cottage Lane, at one time, too. And, it would seem that Jay is the SAME THIEF that got himself into Edgemeade he told me it was for stealing cars, because he ADMITTED to me to having stolen the Cottage Lane Street Sign which, I believe, was Fairfax County property, and he told me that it ended up at Lori’s house, at one point. The reason I’ve posted this much additionally about him is because my profiles about him, that were up on datingpschos.com, for a year, possibly more, came down, against my wishes, so I had to repost the information somewhere else.

11/4/2009 8:13:57 AM - Must mention a typo above..was writing too fast, I guess. the typo appears in comment of 10/28/2009 11:45:23 AM. The name of his band buddy was Rick Burnette married, or was, last I knew, to MariAne Fowler. Rick was divorced at least once, before married to MariAne. His first wife''s name was Kitty, I think. It would be easy for anyone, though, to slip up and make the mistake of saying Rick Fowler instead of Rick Burnette, because, to me, in retrospect, Rick seemed like a Mr. Fowler, married to Ms. Fowler, and I thought that MariAne was the major breadwinner in that marriage. I thought the same about the marriage of Julia and John Leigh ..the other guitarist in Jay''s former band, Night Patrol. I think Jay saw that his band buddies had landed sugar mammas, so wanted one of his own. As stated before, when the woman''s money runs out or runs low, Jay will be gone, after he''s used her for his selfish purposes. That is my assessment about what went down, and with good reason, and many years of experience living with him. He even admitted to me, when or after divorcing Lori, that she told him that he had ruined her credit line.

11/4/2009 8:37:26 AM - I’ll quote verbatim, again, below, the email I received from Julia Leigh, wife of John Leigh, on 8/8/00. Her email address then was julia.leigh@blackbox.com.She was trying to comfort me after Jay left me: “I am so very sorry to learn this. John found out only this week that you and Jay were separated. I asked several times why? Why? Because I didn’t get any sense of problems when we last saw you in Strasburg. John didn’t know why y’all were separated, or maybe didn’t want to tell me. Jay did have one girlfriend before you, and old neighbor and friend of MariAne’s. I remember she told MariAne that Jay had some “performance” problems. At the time, I thought it might be sour grapes because I sensed Jay wasn’t all that keen on her. But it could have been part of the same proclivities you’ve discovered. And I know MariAnd did not think her friend was lying at the time. But, then, we just minded our own business. I am not going to share this news with John, at least not in the near future. John has known and cared for Jay a very long time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jay was confiding in him. Since what I know doesn’t jeopardize anyone else’s health at present, I think I’ll keep it to myself. I would like to share it with MariAne, but I won’t. I respect your confidence, and I am truly sorry because this is a horrible experience and I know you love Jay and that he loves you.”

11/4/2009 8:38:06 AM - Another email from Julia, from 8/9/00, to me, indicated: “I hardly knew Lori. Saw her twice at most before John and I married in 1986, so she never would have confided in me. But I do remember never fully understanding why the marriage broke up. Jay and his was the only side I heard told John Lori’s obsession with cats got to him. But that had always been so. Also, Jay’s business was failing after he and Lori borrowed money to start it. Previously Jay worked in a rock shop owned predominantly by Lori’s father, I believe. But Lori totally supported Jay’s startup business, and I believe Lori’s father was most supportive of Jay. After all, he was surely glad to have his daughter married to a decent guy—Lori’s first son had no father—some biker dude, I heard. Moreover, Jay and Lori had recently built the first and only house they ever owned on 5 lovely acres. Again, I remember thinking why would they break up just as their lives were falling into place? I know Lori’s dad would have helped because he was very invested in the welfare of his daughter and two grandchildren. John liked Lori, was present at their wedding and tried very hard to talk Jay out of leaving Lori. But Jay’s mind must have been made up. I didn’t know Jay or Lori well enough to speculate on anything beyond the surface. No, [****], the only hint I ever got of anything weird with Jay was from that friend of MariAne’s who mentioned Jay had some “problems” but was utterly vague. I suppose she was smart enough not to share anything speculative with people who’d known Jay since his troubled adolescence. I’d have done the same in her place. [ ] And I am quite sure Jay will try to explain why you and he broke up as he did with Lori the cats, for God’s sake. As far as your unemployment, I never would have bought that completely. Lack of money can certainly strain a relationship. But you have worked and, to my knowledge, you never refused to work and you will work again. No, y’all were together too many years and people our age don’t break up because times are a little tough. That’s usually when you hang together hardest—if you’re grown up and committed. I know how devastated you feel, believe me. But I think you are wise to realize that Jay probably can’t easily change this about himself—even if he wanted to. I am so sorry for all of this John is sad, too. You will heal, though, and be the stronger for it.[ ]” Jay talked about John Leigh behind his back . . said that John’s guitar playing was “stiff” ... that John’s guitar technique was like a guy carrying two buckets of water. He also told me that Julia had been clinically depressed and he suspected it had something to do with the way John treated her. Gee. Now why would Jay speak that way about a friend of many years?

11/4/2009 8:53:25 AM - Though this is speculation, I predict that Jay will cheat on Melinda Yalom—or the next woman after her, if there is a next woman—while she is at work. His commitmentphobia always had me on edge, even on my best days at work. Don’t let him diminish you, too. I suspect that he will, eventually, with any women or woman that came into his life, after me, little by little, slowly, over time, erode her selfconfidence, as he did to me. I mean..for God''s sake..he was living, at age 40something, WITH HIS OLD MOTHER, while separated from Lori. I heard it from Jay''s mouth, that he was separated more than once from Lori, and that EACH TIME, he went ran, I interpret to his mommy''s home. To her tit, apparently, because he figuratively speaking, of course couldn''t wean himself from it!

11/4/2009 9:35:16 AM - I think that Jay was not only jealous of my musical talent, but was also jealous of my talent at painting, drawing. I drew him nude several times, and well, because I am an artists, so wanted to draw the man I loved. He showed me one drawing that he said HE did, a pencil or charcoal etching, of a brunette, with long hair, reclining, with her back toward the viewer. He told me that he’d drawn it “a long time ago” and that he probably “foreshadowed” his relationship with me, because he thought it was ME that he drew “back then”. So, if he shows that drawing to YOU, and says the same thing, KNOW that he’s pulling the same “line” on YOU. I also knew about sculpting and, one time, he cast, with my gold, a tiny charm I''d sculpted perfectly, of the Marcos Island cat. Yes. I think he was jealous of me, and of many artistic facets of me that he wished were his own.

11/4/2009 9:56:45 AM - I knew and sang, for years, professionally, hundreds of songs, folk, country, pop and jazz, that I fingerpicked on guitar to, beautifully, and had learned them way before my relationship with Jay. He would “glom” on to them thus my soul, either built harmonies to my voice and/or accompanied me on guitar to them, and I didn’t have to “prod” him, either. He just saw me taking interest in a new tune I’d heard and learned, then he became “a quick study”. I’d learned those tunes during my downtime, while driving to and back from work, stuck in traffic. Just as soon as I’d learn a new tune, Jay would be right there, learning the parts to harmonize with me, or to play second guitar to my own, like a BIG FAT SIPHON ..like those parasites that one author described in his book about Peruvian mysticism, about parasites that drain the energy from people, where one could see the blueish or greenish “aura” leaving the person whose soul was being sucked out, and entering into the sucker’s body. It bears repeating . . he MIRRORED my likes and dislikes, to PREY on me and my kindness. Men who MIRROR women’s likes and dislikes, to FEIGN love, are LOVE FRAUDS, when they have no intention of following through on commitment, after years of living with the woman, and especially with Jay’s HISTORY of having cheated on EVERY WOMAN that he lived with which made four, including me, before Melinda Yalom.

11/4/2009 10:16:57 AM - Jay will lie, obfuscate, manipulate, displace guilt or blame, and will have you feeling like you are the one with the issues, not him. He has done this to numerous women. He is TOXIC.

11/4/2009 10:37:19 AM - He even said to me, after moving in with me, “when I get seriously involved with a woman, I wrap my whole life around hers”.. yeah .. I’ll say! Like a lethal AnacondaBlack Mamba mutant! I should have seen the BIG PINK FLAGS back then.

11/4/2009 10:48:57 AM - I suggest hiring a P.I. before you believe his lies. I wish I had done so.

11/4/2009 11:02:13 AM - If I haven''t told you this already..he wanted me to put butt plugs up his anal cavity and wanted fingers up there, too. This fact, along with what his first wife, Pattie, told me, about him asking her to wear a strapon penis, and asking her to reverse sexual roles with him, so that he''d be the female and she the male, confirms my belief that Jay is not mentally sound, and is sexually confused as to his sexual identity. I think he tried to have women reenact with him, his childhood sexual abuse he told me that his gay male cousin, had had oral sex with him, when he was age 12, so that they end up being the vic or the perp. One of his excuses it certainly wasn''t reason as normal people know reason for leaving me, was that he thought my sex sex acts? love? was too powerful, so that was something I think he SHOULD have said to his gay cousin, Paul, to tell him: No one should OVERPOWER any child sexually, before he/she is ready!, and You had NO RIGHT to take my virginity, at age 12! or You are NO BETTER THAN A PEDOPHILE, for what you did to me!..but no..Jay, to me, is TOO MUCH OF A COWARD to CONFRONT his own cousin. Hence, the Be careful email content, he received from Paul, around that time I captured his ads on the swingers'' site, for bisexual sex. And, around the time I performed at Okra''s Louisiana Bistro, in Manassas, I also saw another email that Jay had gotten, from one person or another, in a couple, that I did not recognize their names, but the person who sent him the email wrote that he and his wife were coming into town and could meet up with him, so, after things were all done and over between Jay and I, I reflected back on that email, too, and wondered if that couple wasn''t a swinger couple who Jay had met up with, for sex.

11/5/2009 11:29:00 AM - Also see various photos of him, at different stages of his life, and profiles to go with them, on the Don''t Date This Guy site. I posted several profiles, on several sites because: 1 I suspect he has Multiple Personality Disorder, and 2 Gay or bi guys he may have sexed might recognize him from his younger days, but may not recognize him in his middle age, or vice versa, and I REALLY hope they post comments, to indicate if/when they had sex with him, and as I REALLY think he needs coming out from behind the closet, so that he doesn''t hurt any more women.

11/5/2009 3:23:18 PM - Want to know more, or see what he looked like at different phases of his life? Check out the recent profiles I posted about him, this week, on Don''t Date This Guy.com Women seriously need warning, I think, to avoid him.

11/5/2009 4:11:50 PM - just testing here, to see if the URL for that gallery, mentioned in the last comment, displays up here..it is: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=results

11/5/2009 7:30:40 PM - If I pick up a guitar again anytime soon, I think I’m going to regenderfy the lyrics to the Tom T. Hall tune Leo Kottke sang it, Pamela Brown. It would go something like this… I’m the gal who didn’t marry pervert Everett Brown I was a wellintentioned, educated good girl in my town Wonder where I’d be today if he had loved me, too I’d probably be driving kids to school Chorus: I guess I owe it all to Everett Brown All of my down times, all his runnin’ around One of these days he might be in your town Be careful not to fall for Everett Brown Hid his downlow ways from me Hid them by the score He sexed the ladies and the men But few knew him, for sure I guess Melinda Yalom was the best part of my luck She dug him cause she thought that he could **ck Chorus: I guess I owe it all, etc. I don''t have to tell you just how perverted he was Everything it took to get another man sexed up No woman could be happy when she finally comes to see Especially what he hid from you and me

11/5/2009 8:08:35 PM - Be careful women..I think that he has used women as shields to his homosexual activities that he cannot or will not, apparently, face up to. All the dirt on him should come out. Even puss rises to the surfaces of boils, and must be lanced.

11/6/2009 10:29:36 AM - He has cheated countless times before living with Melinda, on FOUR women..each in a different relationship with him, across three decades, while living with the woman and when the woman finds out she becomes the tramp, the “taker”, and/or he gaslights herhas her thinking she''s the crazy one, not him, suggests SHE needs therapy, when it''s HIM that''s the pathological liar whacko, sociopath and con artist, in my opinion.

11/6/2009 11:54:30 AM - Jay is known to carry on multiple sexual relationships with his sexual partners be they man, woman, both, or one of each simultaneously, while lying to everyone about his level of commitment and without divulging his sexual gender/preference confusion out loud. Jay has done this, I believe, both while dating women and while married to women. When things start to become questionable, he is expert at making the woman question herself, rather than fess up to the full truth. If Melinda Yalom wants/wanted a “chocolate finger” or fingernails, I guess that’s her choice/thing it wasn’t mine..never was.

11/6/2009 2:06:23 PM - I suggest reading the profile on Brad Shaffer, posted on dontdatehimgirl.com, posted recently. Areas for him are Indianapolis, IN Cincinnati, OH Chicago, IL Louisville, KY and Detroit, MI. Here…I’ll quote some words from that profile for you, because I think he’s a lot like the guy Jay, in many ways: “He mainly sleeps with married women because he is a committment phobe. Everywhere he lives he is taking away women''s self esteem and positive self worth. Also watch out for the yucky stuff that he is carrying down there. He makes other women mad at each other instead of him. He is full of drama and loves to cause it. He lives with women, uses them to take care of him in all ways possible, while he is sleeping with other women on the side. He is definitely the definition of the biggest loser. He acts like he is all that, but is rotten to the core. I think his passion on this earth is to hurt all women. He is also on many psychotic medications.”

11/6/2009 2:38:08 PM - Hi. I read the profile above, and the comments under it. Another profile I would suggest reading, from DDHG, is about Edward Spratte, of St. Louis, Missouri, because in your profile, you describe how Jay “mirrors” the woman’s likes/dislikes, as one of his seduction techniques. Here I go..I’ll quote a short paragraph from that profile on Spratte: “If you are Catholic, he will say he is Catholic. If you are a nudist, he will say he is a nudist. He is, in general, a guy who will move really fast and promise to marry you within a short period of time. He has lived in many states and moves from one woman to another usually using the internet dating sites/game chat rooms” and, also about Spratte I quote again: “Not only does he have a troubled past with his own family, but also his past exwives. He will tell you not to listen to this, but, give it time more than the few weeks where he pushes you to make him the center of your world, and it will all become too clear. Definitely a mentally ill person who is manipulative and may not be aware of it.” Good luck! He didn''t deserve you!

11/6/2009 2:56:47 PM - From the profiler about Jay Brown . . thank you for your positive comment, last commenter. I am not a slut and I took my time before letting Jay bed me, before beginning my relationship with him. In fact it was between 2 or 3 months when I finally did consent to get “intimate” with him, when once weekly, I would visit his shop in Manassas, at night, to play music with him .. both of us on guitars and vocals .. was totally and innocently platonic .. , and even slept on his mother’s couch, for some nights, when he was living with his mother, before deciding YES..THAT WAS MY CHOICE, and a CHOICE I should NOT have been made ashamed of! to get “intimate” with him. I wanted things to go slowly with him, as I had already been hurt by an abusive husband in the military, who learned to yell, one inch from my face, probably from drill exercises, as the officer he would eventually become. It was horrible . . my first and only “legal” marriage. I was in school, at mid age, trying to earn my college degree, and it was difficult to achieve, under stress and under the circumstances. Plus, my former husband, despite the white officer’s uniform, did not bathe enough, and I found skid marks on his underwear, not to mention he had another “hairtrigger” problem, but in bed, so it was not right for Jay to pile hurt upon hurt, on me, and I think he took full advantage of a vulnerable woman..the way I think he ALSO took advantage of the women before me, who I think were also vulnerable, meaning, his second wife, Lori, who’d had a child out of wedlock, and the father of her son, I think..or so it is rumored, was a biker type Melinda Yalom TOLD me that her I think it was her first husband, had cheated on HER. So I truly believe that Jay seizes on the OPPORTUNITY to prey on vulnerable women, to shore up his weak self esteem, as if to sap his women of any of THEIR selfesteem, to build himself up. Well, I’ve heard it that cheaters never profit, and I am sure Karma will turn around, to get him.

11/6/2009 3:16:41 PM - He began courting or “wooing” me with songs . . said he had a recording from when I was 18 years old, of me performing an a capella tune voice/traditional that he liked, and invited me to his gig at a VFW function. Then he began playing guitar to my guitar/voice, on songs like Mary Black’s No Frontiers, and schmoozing me with songs like From A Distance, to have it seem like he was the “spiritual guy”. When he started hedging, after I had moved to another city to be with him, after his encouragement, I shoved all of his things..amplifier, etc., that he''d left at my apartment..to the front of it, and told him to get out of my life if he wasn''t going to be serious. He then appeared to be real, as if apologetic, and it was around Valentine''s Day. He and his daughter brought me breakfast in bed, and he presented a basket, with two crystal goblets, a bottle of champagne, and roses, with a Valentine: Hope this Valentine is good enough for you. Love, Jay .. even his daughter gave us a handmade Valentine: To Daddy and [****] I''m telling you. This guy is a FRAUD. AVOID HIM. Oh please, please don’t believe him. He is NOT mentally sound!

11/7/2009 10:00:14 AM - Jay can and will lie without blinking. He’s a degenerate whose nature is the most devious kind. He is/was also a sex addict and a porn addict at least while living with me, he was. His lies will ensnare women into any situations to his advantage, financially and sexually. His mother and sisters bailed him out numerous times when he cheated on women in his past, whether by giving/loaning him cash, or by letting him stay at their places until things blow over with the women he’s deceived. He’s lied to most, if not all, the women with whom he’s lived, and blamed at least three of those women..each of them..for his behavior. He’ll probably hide any of his paperwork from his next woman, and possibly even hide them with his family members who knows?, like bank account info, and the document that he and his sister, Paula P., signed that stated he would still have to repay that $17,000 she loaned him, even if he went bankrupt, which he did go bankrupt when he lived with me. He doesn’t learn from his mistakes and doesn’t take responsibility for his actions, especially for the women he has hurt, and he has hurt many. Cons and frauds like Jay only get better and craftier at hiding things. THEY DON’T STOP. His cheating got worse after he got a cell phone. Very possibly, if not probably, his excuses might include having to run errands, then he’ll probably be calling the next woman..OR BISEXUAL OR GAY MAN, or several ..either man OR WOMAN, from his cell phone. And he will probably turn off the ringer or turn it all the way down or the voice mail answering machine feature to the lowest volume possible, when he’s around the woman who’s put the latest roof over his head. Pay attention to when the light on his cell phone blinks, and at those times, if he refuses to answer the call. If he does this, he’s probably up to his tricks. Meanwhile, the woman he lives with will be waiting for him to get home, if he’s gone on those “errands” he said he was on. He also might tell his flings man or woman, men or women to please not drop by when his main woman’s car is parked outside. And, very possibly, if not probably, he’ll be bedding other people while his main woman is at work, or has a weekend away from him. He might tell his main woman that he needs going out for a drive to clear his head. A couple of months before he left me, I overheard him, on the back porch, in his repair shop, in low tones, barely audible, but I heard him. He said to someone on the phone, “I’ll try to get away but doubt if I can right now.” Typically, when he was talking to a home improvements customer on the phone, he wouldn’t bother to lower his voice, and spoke naturally, so if his voice volume lowers, as if he’s speaking in secret, know that he is probably speaking to one of his flings or the next woman with whom he’s begun the affair, and will be charming her, in the beginning, the same way he charmed me. His cheating pattern is CHRONIC and HABITUAL, wellestablished across more than THREE DECADES. He’ll lie with impunity, with halftruths, and by omission. He tried to flip the script on me, in the end, projected that I was “impugning” his “manhood”. HE impugned HIS OWN manhood! Again..see my recent profiles on him, on the Don''t Date This Guy website. Use the Advanced Search engine, plug in the name, JAY BROWN..and click!

11/7/2009 10:05:58 AM - He constantly bitched to me while divorcing 2nd wife, Lori, and emotionally DRAINED me through that divorce, while using me as a crutch. He even said that she''d purposely quit her job and that her lawyer had advised her to, so as to hike up his child support payments.

11/7/2009 10:10:50 AM - While either contemplating beginning his affair with Melinda Yalom, or after having initiated it, he asked me, Don''t you think she complains too much? At another time, he asked me if I thought she was attractive. It was as if he was sneakily asking me for my permission to bed her. Months before he left, he told me about a conversation with Melinda, and about some former boyfriend of hers, who couldn''t get rid of or get out of his house the woman that the former boyfriend had been living with for years. He was ALTERCASTING then, I think .. talking about HIMSELF, and what HE wanted to do! He''ll do it to you, too! PROMISE!

11/7/2009 12:02:38 PM - Jay’s “ruse” is to appear to be the “good father” and a shy, good, peaceful guy and someone who has his goals in line. He’ll “morph” into anything anyone he thinks the woman wants him to be, to get into her bed, and possibly her “pocket book”…his mother and sister gladhanded him. His mama bought him many of his nice clothes, and so did I. As if a MIDDLEAGED MAN couldn’t provide for himself in that department! He saved himself $21,000, if not more, storing, for 8.5 years, his rock shop inventory in our twocar garage, when only a few things of mine were stored in there, and his stuff probably took up 99 percent of the space. Now I KNOW what it costs .. how expensive it is .. to rent storage space, because one of two of my first parttime jobs, after he left me, was in property management..renting units to people, in Dumfries, VA. When he left me, he broke the lease that BOTH of us had signed. When we had moved into that place in Manassas, yes, he did pay for half the first month’s rent, but I PAID FOR THE ENTIRE EXTRA MONTH’S RENT, for the security deposit, which was $725 at that time, and when he left me, he did not pay to me $362.50, which I think he SHOULD have done, so I think he still owes me money. I say he’s a FRAUD and a GIGOLO, who social climbs to take advantage of women, meeting his NEXT WOMAN from his previous woman’s friendship circles..women he WOULD NOT HAVE MET, if not for his previous woman and/or some wife of his band buddy.

11/7/2009 2:01:53 PM - Hi. Found the profile up here, about Jay, after I saw a comment under a DDHG profile about another guy on DDHG, so decided to check out the profile you posted up here. I noticed that some others who’d posted profiles on DDHG also noticed your comments, came on here, and mentioned a couple of other profiles posted on DDHG, about men who seemed to have similar M.O.’s to Jay’s apparent M.O. Ask yourself if Jay seemed like Bjorn Nybom, profiled on DDHG, especially these parts: “What’s worse is that the girl he moved me out for knew about me and it didn’t bother her to be a home wrecker” and “He did it to his ex wife [and] he did it to me” and “[He will] deny everything thru his teeth, and TRY to make things so he comes out squeaky clean!” and “HE''LL USE YOU FOR ALL YOUR MONEY OR YOUR FAMILY’S MONEY AND WHEN YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO SUPPLY THE CASH HE''LL FIND OTHER WHO WILL. AND TELL YOU THAT YOU DON’T MAKE HIM FEEL LIKE A MAN! HE''S THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF ‘ONLY GUILTY PEOPLE GET DEFENSIVE’” And, no, I didn’t profile Nybom….just thought I’d point out that one to you, too. I am sorry he put you through that. My ex did the same to me.

11/7/2009 4:03:35 PM - Precisely. It’s as if he preyed on women, pretending to be an empath to them.


11/8/2009 10:57:10 AM - Yes, I noticed that many profiles up here and elsewhere seem to share the same M.O. I think Jay had. All I'm saying is..don't mess with him. He had, in my opinion, too many issues..psychological, financial, sexual and mental. He was not healthy in all senses of the word..in my opinion. And I would believe his first wife, too. Social workers don't become social workers without good reasons, and sometimes the good reasons happen to be personal experience with a sociopath or two.

11/8/2009 2:42:18 PM - My other main point, and to sum it all up, is this: Jay, for years, JUSTIFIED his cheating on at least THREE women with whom he has lived, and it is a VERY UGLY SICK PATTERN. So, apparently, he toys with the emotions of women, and this, I think, is a SERIAL habit of his. ABOUT LORI, HIS 2ND WIFE, HIS “EXCUSES” WERE: “She turned me into a cash machine.” “It was the cat’s for God’s sake.” [he obviously .. an I witnessed this .. loved his black, shorthaired cat, PJ, but left it behind, with Lori] “She overreacted and was codependant” [I think it was the other way around] “She bought too much inventory [or the wrong inventory..his excuse for why their shop together folded]” “She wanted tanzanites” “Lori denied me marital sex” [Well, if she did, I think she had MORE than one good reason to .. she probably suspected or knew about what I think is Jay’s sexual and porn addiction] ABOUT PATTIE, JAY’S FIRST WIFE: He said that she cheated on HIM, when Pattie told me it was THE OTHER WAY AROUND. ABOUT ME, HE: Told me I was a child when it was HIM who, I think, who has/had a stunted emotional development Told me he wanted a woman who would “roll up” her sleeves [I did that..even worked in his shop and for his jewelry shows, for no pay. He even admitted to me that his second fatherinlaw, Lou Walters, had told him that HE, Jay, was the “underemployed” one] Told me that I should see a shrink [he had seen a psychologist or therapist—and I KNOW the guy’s name—before dating me, and in our first year together HE was the one with the psychological problems, but he FLIPPED THE SCRIPT on me, to gaslight me, and make it seem as though I was the “crazy” one. Isn’t this a “theme” with most con artists and frauds, who are profiled on this site and on other sites? That they call their former girlfriends and wives “crazy”?

11/8/2009 3:04:22 PM - Last, but not least..this bears repeating again...While at the dinner table with me, one time, he got angry and threw a set of keys yes..a FLYING PROJECTILE WEAPON! toward my face/head area, and just missed by inches. He had to spackle the wall where the keys had left the hole, and paint over it later, to hide the hole the landlord gave him a discount off the rent, that month, for the paint job. Another time, he raised his fist to my face, as if to hit me. I told him if one finger of his landed on my body, I’d call 911 so fast, it’d make his head spin Our argument on that particular night, came when I confronted him about leaving me alone for many nights, to be babysitter for his young daughter for which I was NOT paid, by the way, during those specific weekends he had custody time with her, and when, on many of those weekends, he worked with Marge Calhoun''s banda C&W band, for about six months, and especially when she booked many of her gigs out of town, at or near Ocean City, and I''d be left alone. Yes, I complained about that, so he lifted his fist to my face/head area, as if to strike me!

11/8/2009 3:09:22 PM - Another time, toward the end of our relationship, he lent his cell phone to his daughter, Jolene. I remember him telling me that she’d run up his cell phone bill to over $200. He was pissed about that, so I think he took out his anger on me.

11/8/2009 5:40:52 PM - Your profile smacks familiar to another profile I saw on DDHG. See profile up thee on Tracy Panich Milwaukee/Greenfield/New Berlin, WI: “I have been involved with this man for a number of years. He is extremely manipulative, lies more than he tells the truth and he is a cheater. While he was married and yes when I was involved with him as well I caught him with two other women at varying times. He left his wife and abandoned his children for yet another woman. For the past 4 years, since his divorce, he has been involved with at least two women aside from myself and the women he was involved with during his marriage. While this shouldn''t be so much of a concern normally, he normally cannot have just one woman at a time, he has to be involved with two or more. He manipulates women into allegiance with him, pitting the women against each other as ‘proof’ of loyalty to him. If he is found out, he, at best lies around the situation. He uses the excuse of ‘having his kids’ when he is entertaining a woman that is not you. He preys on women that have self esteem issues [ ] He also uses and manipulates women for money, credit and other material favors. When he left his wife, he manipulated a woman to bankroll his apartment and necessities. When he takes therapy seriously he has the potential to make a good partner. However, he also has a tendency to use the fact that he is in therapy as a pick up tool. Please girls, be careful. This man will break your heart.”

11/8/2009 7:27:33 PM - Wow! Good piece of advocacy here...suggest reading profile up here for Brian Geddes. I''ll quote it for you: “This man has real mental issues when is comes to women. Married 3 times and has lived with many, many women, always searching and moving. Left his first wife with a baby, reconciled with her, got her pregnant then left her again with a toddler, while she was pregnant. Will convince you that he is completely in love. A very well rehearsed act that he has done over and over to several women. Likes to play the big shot but is bankrupt, no money, no assets and will quickly use up yours and then move on to the next woman. Will try to get you involved in some sort of business deal or sure thing investment with your money of course. Works with a little shrimp called Kevin, another user of women. A big boy, 350 lbs, has diabetes, difficulty getting a hard on and HE HAS GENITAL HERPES. Is convinced that all the women are after him. He is a salesman and very good at lying and can turn on the charm. Has been on Plentyoffish, Lava, Eharmony and msn.”

11/8/2009 7:48:44 PM - From the profiler: I may come off as bitter for my profiles on him, but I would rather be seen as bitter, for, now and then, remembering and exposing all of this about Jay, and for divulging my truth, than be the CHRONIC, PATHOLOGICAL, SICK, MENTALLY ILL LIAR who I think Jay Brown is/was. I just want to ensure that no other woman, in future, falls into his trap. Other than that, I HAVE “moved on”. My current beau, with whom I have lived for more than 9 years, is, as far as I can tell, a BEAUTIFUL HONEST man and, as far as I can tell, will never hurt me the same way Jay did, because he has HEALED me. My life partner, as far as I can tell, doesn’t look to live off women..was not afraid to put his roof/house over my head, doesn’t look to MY PURSE for his answers in life he, to me, is a MAN, not a BOY.

11/8/2009 8:53:30 PM - Hi. Noticed your profile up here and thought you might want to read another one, also profiled up here. It''s about Graham Alexander Walling Patterson. Below are just a few sentences quoted from the profile: I always felt he was cheating on me with adult woman, but I could never catch him or prove it and he had so much to offer. So talented in so many areas. He could fix almost anything, I called him my walking, talking encyclopedia/dictionary. I was willing to forgive his infidelities to stay with him. [ ] After about 10 years into the relationship he let me know he worked as a prostitute in San Antonio for almost a year. Then after 10 more years a couple more tidbits came out about him [] In Feb. 2006 I found what looked to be a woman''s phone number on his desk. I called it and sure enough, a woman answered. [ ] This got me to looking around his office even more and I found a box on the bottom shelf of a cabinet with other boxes on top of it. It had about 75 floppy disks in it. I opened them up on my computer. [ ] The first pic I opened was an adult woman in a red neglige and was titled ‘Linda’ I thought ‘Adult porn, no big deal,’ but then I opened the second pic. It was my husband having sex with a little girl! She looked about 10 years old. I had to look at that picture three times before it registered in my brain what I was looking at. He was arrested the next day. The detectives found thousands of images of child porn on his computer. They also found about 200 negatives. Yes, negatives. There was thought that he was transporting the children with his pilot''s license and being the photographer as well. Of course, there was no proof of any of this, just an assumption by them, so charges were never brought on that part of it. They said they couldn''t prove it was him in that picture either, but I know it''s him. I slept with him for 25 years, I know what he looks like naked! His rich doctor brother came into town posted his 2 million dollar bail and hired him a high power attorney. The scum ended up with 2 years of probation and has to register as a sex offender the rest of his life, which I hope won''t be that long! It would have been easier to deal with if he would of just died! This man has no soul! He is cold and is only for himself! You think you know someone, especially after 25 years, but you don''t. If you happen to ever come across this person, YOU RUN!!! AND KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM HIM FOR SURE! On the floppy disks I saw pics of every act imaginable. This man will do anything! Boys and girls, animals, bondage and I saw chains, not nice bondage. Then the detective calls and says they saw torture pics on his hard drive.

11/9/2009 1:40:35 PM - From the profiler..thank ya''ll for posting bites about other men who seem like Jay Brown. Jay''s best defense is deflecting all his lies on the woman he''s defrauded or is about to defraud.

11/9/2009 2:42:33 PM - Got another one for you..another comparison to make. See DDHG profile about Duane Gillette. Area for him is Miami, Florida. They do look sooo normal, don''t they?

11/9/2009 3:42:45 PM - We could form a nationwide club, call it the OUT ALL THE DOWN LOW MEN club. Another one . . Roger Best . . area is Arlington, Texas. Profile is still on DDHG today.

11/9/2009 4:06:49 PM - I may have forgot to mention these other details about Jay, but they bear mentioning again. He will lick your arm pits and suck your toes. But I would, years later, think that his toesucking fetish meant something else: that he imagined that he had a male''s penis in his mouth. That''s my take on things.

11/9/2009 4:47:27 PM - Here''s one for you to read, about Sylvester Ashford, aka “CatDaddy”, “Ash”, “Slim” and his area is Durham, North Carolina. He''s profiled on DDHG, too.

11/9/2009 6:50:28 PM - Just want to give you some brief excerpts from a profile about Charles H. Kim, up here. Area indicated for him is Richmond, CA: “has a three year old daughter, Hailey, who he likes to have sex in front of. [ ] He has major mother issues and was sexually molested when he was around 9 years old. He''s never been treated for the abuse and has turned into somewhat of a phychopath.” You can read the rest, if you like. Just thought that part about having been sexually molested when he was a kid would ring a bell, since some things about the profile on Kim seem very similar to the guy profiled above.

11/9/2009 8:23:07 PM - Another guy for you that seems like the guy you profiled. His profile''s also on DDHG: Sean Trisch Houston, Texas

11/9/2009 8:54:17 PM - Got another for you..on DDHG as well...Croix Waage...Denver, CO

11/9/2009 9:00:21 PM - Search for the profile about Timothey Waltenburg . . yet another DDHG profile, and compare!

11/10/2009 11:52:18 AM - Something that I had earlier, in one profile about Jay that I had posted elsewhere, needs repeating here… The gay male cousin who Jay said he had oral sex with Jay told me that he had been age 12 when it happened, and that Paul was around age 15 at that time, presents as a Transcendental Meditation instructor all around the world. His name is PAUL BROWN. I profiled him on dontdatehimgirl.com. Area I posted for Paul is San Francisco, because that is where I think he based his business. I also blame Jay’s gay male cousin, Paul Brown, for, IN MY OPINION, “confusing” Jay’s sexual identity, with incest. See http://www.thequietpath.org/ Last Known Email: paul@thequietpath.org I profiled Paul on http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/755 After I first profiled PAUL BROWN on DDHG, later, I noticed that the first web site features, on Paul’s home page, that he’d had up, BEFORE, I profiled Paul on DDHG, had changed, or were GONE. The first web site that PAUL BROWN created, showed, on his home page, a photo of PAUL BROWN, wearing a blue or green shirt, and showed his full face, grinning like a maniac, in my opinion. AFTER I profiled Paul on DDHG, I noticed, later on, that Paul Brown had CHANGED the features of the home opening page of his web site, and viewers could no longer see that fullfaced, real photo of him. Instead, they would see a big “logo” circle, with choices to click on, and the only “resemblence” of Paul could be found by clicking on the word, “instructor”, and when viewers would click on it, what would pop up was a sideview “cameo” of Paul. So, I SUSPECT that Paul was AFRAID TO BE RECOGNIZED, after I profiled him on dontdatehimgirl.com, and I suspect that the reasons for Paul CHANGING his web site features, was to HIDE from others.

11/10/2009 2:13:40 PM - Jay has repeatedly tried to in more than just one woman’s opinion, break up marriages and/or cause drama between couples. Jay is twice divorced. His most current “victim” ..at least that I know about..there may have been more, since her is/was Melinda Yalom, who lived ..she might still .. on Aragon Lane, in Chevy Chase, MD. I should add this, too: in or around 1994, my purse went missing, and it was discovered that some middle aged guy had tried to access my ATM account. That''s why I since no longer have or use ATMs. Consequently, I had to change my IDs, because the police thought that someone tried to steal my identity. I even had to change my social security and license info, to that thief they caught, could not longer access it. I don''t see how it could have happened at my place of work when I noticed my wallet went missing, because I used to lock my purse in my desk drawer there, daily, so was never far from my pocket book. Police snapped a photo of the middleaged guy, while the thief was accessing my ATM. No. It wasn''t Jay, in that photo, but it WAS someone Jay''s age. It occurred to me, years later, that the thief might have been some GAY GUY and FELON, who Jay MIGHT have known, at some point in his life, because, the only other person around me and close enough to me to access my purse back then, on a regular basis, was Jay Brown and, of course, his daughter Jolene. But I eliminated Jolene from my suspect list, because I don''t think she would''ve known any middleaged felons, but her father had known felons, and at different times in his life. Jay admitted to me that he had let some gay felon off charges, when the gay guy was caught stealing that large amethyst bird from the Stone Art rock/gem shop, on Canterbury Square. Lord knows how many felons Jay might have known or slept with back then that last setence was conjecture on my part...merely suspicion or opinion, however, please do not stop reading.., since he advertised for SEX ON A SWINGERS SITE, and guys who may or may not have responded to his ad, might as well have been felons, right out of prison!

11/10/2009 7:58:40 PM - Jay, one time, telephoned my old father, telling my father he thought I was “harassing” him, and asked my father to tell me to stop. Boo hoo hoo. Poor little Jay. Probably did it because I had made copies of his nasty ad on that swingers site, advertising himself as bisexual, along with copies of the email confirmation he got from the swingers site administrator, confirming he’d joined it. I circled Jay’s email address with a RED FELT SHARPIE, and mailed those copies out to about 40 of his friends and/or family, because I wanted them to know what a FRAUD he was back then. Chances are high, I think, that he probably still is. I’ll wager that 30+ years of cheating and defrauding women he’s lived with, and defrauding them about his sexualI think sexual identity—confusion, shows PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR, across more than three decades, I think, so I doubt he will change, because I believe it is INGRAINED in his personality and brain mosaics part of his personal paradigm.

11/10/2009 8:57:13 PM - Finally, and this will probably be my last comment for a long time, unless someone posts who also had her life ruined by a narcissist, then I will answer her question…Jay, I think has traits of both the cerebral narcissist and the somatic narcissist, though I think he leans more to being a somatic narcissist. Read about the Somatic and Cerebral Narcissists, from Dr. Sam Vaknin, on http://samvak.tripod.com/faq29.html Another source on Wiki.Answers.com, “How long will a narcissist stay in somatic mode?” informs: “It is a mistake to assume typeconstancy. In other words, all narcissists are BOTH cerebral and somatic. In each narcissist, one of the types is dominant. So, the narcissist is either OVERWHELMINGLY cerebral or DOMINANTLY somatic. But the other type, the recessive manifested less frequently type, is there. It is lurking, waiting to erupt.” Source: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_long_will_a_narcissist_stay_in_somatic_mode source

11/12/2009 10:58:03 AM - Oh, and to see what Melinda Yalom looked like, see my profile on Ed Rejuney, on the Don’t Date This Guy web site. That profile has a photo of her sitting next to Ed, taken, I think at a VALENTINE’S DAY celebration, at her home I attended, and taken AFTER Jay Brown had painted her home, I believe. It was when Jay had painted her home that I think she began her affair with Jay. The thing I found to be ironic was that she had admitted to me, at some point, that she had ceased to work fulltime for the former boss of hers who was Moslem, I think she told me, and said she was working parttime, instead. I guessed that she probably went from fulltime to parttime, to make it easier to have her affair with Jay, and to open up her schedule to do so. Watch out for her, too. She might stab you in the back as she did me, or go after YOUR man.

11/12/2009 6:47:57 PM - See profile up here for Frank Del la femina Framingham, MA: “a 62 year old sociopath that is just looking to take your money. he''ll say or do anything necessary in order to have a place to lay his head and store his crap. watch out hoooolia we''ve all heard how he''s filled your cellar with all his crap because of course he hasn''t paid his bills at his storage facility. are you feeding him? covering his bounced checks? helping him get ''organized''?? WATCH OUT! WE''VE ALL DONE IT. do you think he''s ''in love with you''? is that before or after he''s criticized you, humiliated you, made fun of you, told you that you don''t KNOW things??? you''ve been through a few divorces do you think that''s by accident? wise up get out NOW.” Yeah…I see parallels between the “M.O.” for Frank and the guy you profiled, especially since you mentioned about him saving himself $21,000 or more,across 8 and onehalf years, to store his rock shop inventory at the home you rented. And yes, I would agree, he probably got to write off, on his taxes, that part of the home you both rented, for all those years he lived with you. Frauds like them should be brought down to the bottomlevel pond scum, bottomfeeder level they all are.

11/12/2009 6:58:43 PM - Precisely my feelings, last commentor .. that is why I think that the Internal Revenue Service IRS ought to investigate his A S S, and take another look at his tax reporting documents, from 1991 through 2000, when he lived on Windsor Avenue in Manassas, Virginia, because, even though the twocar garage on that rental unit, that we BOTH signed the lease on, held between, I would say, from 90 to 99 percent of HIS stuff.. mostly inventory from the rock shop Stone Art, that he operated, and even though it was mainly HIS rock shop equipment and workshop stuff, stored on our back porch, for those years, I still paid half the rent most of those years/months, so I SUSPECT that he MAY have cheated on his taxes, for years, back then, too, but that is my opinion.

11/13/2009 10:24:41 AM - I posted a whole “gallery” on the Don’t Date This Guy web site, so folks could see what Jay looked like, at different points in his life, and so that any gay guy who has had sex with him no matter when, or how far back could comment to any of my posts, and help me OUT HIM TO THE WORLD, and to let everyone know that…NO, INDEED, PATTIE, JAY’S FIRST WIFE AND I WERE NOT WRONG ABOUT JAY’S DOWNLOW WAYS: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3532 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3533 One profile shows Jay with his sister Linda the sister he said let him watch while she masturbated, when he was a minor: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3536

11/13/2009 10:25:13 AM - These are the rest of the profiles, on the Don’t Date This Guy web site: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3539 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3540 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3541 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3543 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3544 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3546 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3547 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3548 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3549 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3550 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3551 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3552 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3553 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3554 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3562 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3564 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3565 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3566 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3575 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3582 http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3584

11/13/2009 10:25:39 AM - On these URLs, you can find more profiles about him, on dontdatehimgirl.com. I just want to make sure that everyone knows what this jerk looked like, at different times in his life, so they can STAY CLEAR of him: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/74748/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/84065/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/84063/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/84057/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/94796/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/94682/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/94678/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/94668/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/89817/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/89811/ http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/89800/

11/13/2009 12:43:51 PM - I retold my story on this site, in case you get tired of reading it in pieces: http://friends.portalofevil.com/sp.php?pi=1000692408

11/13/2009 3:57:08 PM - Last I knew, Jay didn’t have any “retirement plan”. His idea of a retirement plan, in my opinion, is to steal from loving wives or girlfriends, and probably to get him on HER retirement plan! Don’t go for it! Anyone STUPID enough to become this guy’s THIRD WIFE, had better have him sign a prenup, and one that is in HER favor.

11/14/2009 1:14:13 PM - Suggest reading DDHG profile on Darren Powell, that might “resemble” yours about Jay: “He is also a pervert and he spends hours wanking using his webcam, this seems to be compulsive behaviour too. I even found a video on MY laptop of someone wanking over a photograph of a girl whilst the girl watched this on webcam. He constantly wanted to do that to me. He wanted me to dye my hair and look a certain way for him, and he was more interested in watching himself wank over me than actual sex. I am convinced he has a deep seated personality disorder, including paranoia and girls you should AVOID THIS MAN at all costs. If you are seeing him LEAVE NOW! He is a sick individual.”

11/14/2009 3:19:21 PM - As I’ve said before…he might, as he did to me, mirror your interests, to seem like you both have much in common. Sure, he’ll turn on the classical public radio station, acting, I think, like he’s a “cultured” man. Meanwhile, the only “culture” you might see is that I think fungus on his yellowing, aging toenails. He didn’t even know about the public radio, Sunday program, “G Strings” until I learned about it from my brother. Jay used to ask me for the answers to the foreign words of the crossword puzzles he’d read while on the toilet.

11/14/2009 5:07:23 PM - Jay’s to my knowledge oldest living sister, Paula Pendergast not sure of spelling, who, when I knew her, I believe lived in or owned property in Connecticut, and who was married to a guy named Joe, who, I think was or is disabled, was the one who loaned Jay $17,000. I think I saw an article about Paula, possibly it was in Newsweek, possibly from the early 1990s, about her successful business in Human Resources. I think she operated a temp company or a human resource agency. In my opinion, her loan to him represented, to me, his “codependency” on her. He liked to toss around the jargon of Codependency theory, learned, I think, from his Alcoholics Anonymous membership/attendance, but, to me, he was the BIGGEST “codependent” of anyone I have ever known.

11/16/2009 10:41:08 AM - Clarification: Paula lent Jay the $17,000, not Joe. Last I knew, in 2000, Jay still owed her the money. I almost feel sorry for Melinda, because, if he still owes that $ to Paula, it would take him a loooonnng time, I think, to pay that much cash back to her, so I think Melinda will be in for a rude surprise, if she thinks he''ll be in the black to make her life comfortable.

11/16/2009 12:43:40 PM - Here’s another one you could compare Jay to, from the Don’t Date This Guy site, and for Scott Barta. Here are some bytes quoted from it: “you get hints he''s prawling around because he won''t answer any personal questions” “He has an oddly oedipal relationship with his mother” “His sister tells you he has 8 kids with a series of women who when you contact have the same experiences that you do.” “I had many guys who know him tell me he''ll never just be with me, because even they don''t like his behavior with women” “hang on to your purse” “He''s always screwing at least two women at a time” “He doesn''t think he needs help, he''ll try and make you think it''s you. Don''t fall for it, it''s him. He''s built like a thirteen year old, and emotionally, that truly is his age.” “he''ll make you feel loved for about 10 minutes, but its what a sex addict does to make you his enabler.”

11/16/2009 1:35:25 PM - Oooh…got another for you .. Compare him to Paul Marney Ledbetter. He’s profiled up here, too or was: “can‘t do anything without his mother‘s permission! He said my friend was the love of his life, the only one he ever loved and ever would love again and then he wanted her to sign over her property and everything to him and him only. He is a CON man and a liar! His mother calls constantly and controls his life” “He has been married 3 times and was only 38 years old! He has a police record. He is a very good con artist.” “He is the most horrible hateful person and comes off as such a sweet shy guy it is all an act! People in town have told us that they suspect incest in the family and with his issues in the bedroom it sure looked like it!”

11/17/2009 12:35:14 PM - Jay seems to have this uncanny “ability” of being able to move between states or cities, cutting ties with people as he goes, to make himself over. If you are well off or financially set in life, I think you’ll be on his target list. Just like Dave Paul Auvinen also profiled up here: “He will put on a good show, flowers, gifts, the works, until your replacement comes into view” I’ll wager he’ll do the same to you as he did to me, that once he’s done with you, some of those gifts he gave you, across the years, he will admit, were “guilt presents.” A few days ago, I added another profile about him, to my “gallery” about him, on the Don’t Date This Guy web site: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3607 Just go to dontdatethis.com, select the “Don’t Date This Guy” link not the other one, use the “Advanced Search” feature up there, plug in the name JAY BROWN, and you’ll find all the profiles I posted about him on that site, so that GAY MEN WHO HAVE HAD SEX WITH THEM, IF THEY DID, CAN RECOGNIZE HIS FACE, FROM DIFFERENT STAGES OF HIS LIFE, AND COMMENT TO ANY OF MY POSTS, TO INDICATE WHEN AND WHERE THEY SEXED HIM, IF THEY DID, and because I believe he’s been DEFRAUDING WOMEN FOR DECADES!

11/17/2009 1:57:30 PM - It still seems to me, after all these years yes..that''s how much it shocked me a HEINOUS SIN for someone like Melinda Yalom, to step on the relationship of a supposed friend, just because she was experiencing some financial hardships, to go after that friend''s man. It seems WORSE if I believe what Jay said about her, that she was encouraging him to write, when, around that same time, his writing about that stripper, which he showed to me and I kept a copy of it was nothing but DENIGRATING to me, and further, EMOTIONALLY and PSYCHOLOGICALLY ABUSIVE. Worse when it seems she BUTTED into my personal and health life, by suggesting that book to him or, at least he said she suggested it, about perimenopause. Again..I would be that person to answer, when the priest or minister announces, Speak now or forever hold your peace..about sexual abusers or psychological abusers, or offenders, to help any woman avoid getting herself involved with someone like Jay Brown.

11/18/2009 10:38:18 AM - To see what Melinda Yalom looked like in the 1990''s, see this URL. It''s a photo of her during, I think, a Valentine''s Day celebration she held at her home, after Jay had painted her house, or was about to paint it. There she is, sitting next to her thenhusband, Ed Rejuney, still seeming to be tight with him.: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3585

11/18/2009 11:12:54 AM - Don’t let him seduce you with his supposedly “spiritual” songs, like Ry Cooder’s THE TATTLER Nancy Griffith’s FROM A DISTANCE John Martyn’s MAY YOU NEVER Rodney Crowell’s TIL I CAN GAIN CONTROL AGAIN. They are all part of his slimy seduction technique.

11/18/2009 12:28:21 PM - Compare Jay to another “mama’s boy” profiled on DDHG, Ali Mohamed: “He is very controlling, abusive and unstable. Blames everything on others, takes no responsibility. Refuses to admit he is not nice to women, that they deserve respect. Pretends to be a gentleman until you believe it, than the angry outbursts and fake accusations begin. To make you feel better, he will say ‘Don''t worry, I yell at my mother worse’, but he cannot stand up to her or his father. He is pathetic [ ] is very very insecure and will resent you for this and withhold affection and sex [ ] has a love and hate relationships with women because his mother is very controlling. He does as he is told so as soon as a relationship gets serious, his parents will tell him to break it off, and he will. They threaten him with cutting his money off and so since money and status is more important to him than anything else, you will be history. Than he will act like you were mean to him while he breaks up with you over the phone, will make false accusations about your behaviour to justify the breakup, because he is a coward but he thinks if he doesn''t admit to it, you won''t realize that he is breaking up because his parents told him to. He will never live his own life, his muslim parents are the puppetteers, he is the puppet. He acts like he has no remorse but is always depressed and sick and anxious and can''t sleep. This is because he has hurt so many women, broken so many hearts because his parents told him to. I have met them, nice to your face, evil on the phone after meeting you will laugh and rejoice in the fact that their son did what they told him to. They will laugh at your heartbreak. He is not his own man, he is a child desperate for their attention. He will act like you don''t exist, that he never told you you would move in together, but he did and you were lovers. You end up heartbroken and homeless in a hotel for a month because your temporary roommate situation ended when it should have, when you were supposed to move in together. He doesn''t care that this is happening because he deceived you. He is very cruel and heartless.”

11/18/2009 1:15:46 PM - Wow! Compare DDHG profile about Marquis Collins, aka The Kidd: “has several full time girlfriends at one time and none of them know anything about each other because he uses his pathetic music career to cover his cheating. He uses excuses like he is going to the studio so he can stay out late or not come over at all, his artist has a show or some road trip with one of his artists. All lies to allow him to have time for his other women!! Everything about this man is a lie. He is a fronter and he is a bum with no money. [ ] He lives with his mother. He does not have a car nor a house or apartment and hasn''t unless it was with another woman. So you better believe if you see him in a nice car or he has a pocket full of money, it is definitely financed by another woman, who most definitely thinks she is the only one in Marquis''s life. He is attractive and will steal your heart and take your money with ease. [ ] He just uses women for money or anything he can get out of them. He even uses and takes advantage of his own mother! [ ] There are also strong rumors around Baltimore he is on the downlow.”

11/19/2009 11:08:32 AM - One of Jay''s nicknames was Junior. I also profiled him on DDHG as JUNIOR BROWN I noticed that one of the hardcore, malemale porn videos he’d bought or rented, when he lived with me, had the theme of gay male firefighters masturbating together, orgy style. Consequently, I suspected, and still do suspect, that there is a DOWNLOW subculture in the firefighting profession. For proof of his pornviewing habits, though I threw in the trash most of the porn videos that I found that he’d bought, but I tore off the box tops to several of them, and those boxtops have some of the names of the nasty hardcore porn videos he’d bought. They also have the scanner code on the tops of them. If anyone had the bucks to further investigate, they could go to that adult video store in Manassas, Virginia, that’s near the junction of Interstate 66, off Sudley Rd, where he NOT ME! bought and rented them. To buy them, he had to have shown his driver’s license there, so I suspect he still might be in the records at that store, as proof of his purchases and rentals. The stupid dog didn’t even care it’s my opinion that those rentals and purchases could have compromised my own life or even my professional life a straight profession that usually pays well, when, at the time he purchased and rented them, my address was also his.

11/19/2009 11:43:05 AM - OTHER HELPFUL SOURCES: www.lovefraud.com http://helpguide.org/mental/domestic_violence_abuse_types_signs_causes_effects.htm

11/19/2009 11:44:02 AM - http://www.lovefraud.com/01_whatsaSociopath/key_symptoms_sociopath.html

11/19/2009 6:44:45 PM - COMPARE. This profile about Saffire Bouchelion, aka “Kenneth Bracey” was once posted on datingpsychos.com, but got deleted, and many women think it should not have been deleted: “Age: 47 Occupation: Nia Instructor, Musician, Performer [ ] Intial impression: Happygolucky, upbeat, manic, creative, childlike, and utterly confident handsome black man, with shoulder length dredlocks, and a gap between his front teeth. Someone who really loves themself, and who feels confident in their place in the world and their abilities. [ ] Markets himself as an enlightened, soulsearching, newage, community minded/building, lovemonster who is creating a more loving and beautiful world by bringing folks together through movement, music, tantric sex, and selfawareness. [ ] Check out his myspace page for the full selfdisclosing/promoting illusion. [ ] What you find when you get up close and personal is a man who has the emotional intelligence of about a 5year old, who has a solid history of troubled, shortterm relationships with lovers, roomies, friends, ''students'', etc.. that are characterized by his subtle, and not so subtle demands to have his ''needs'' met. He lives a parasitic lifestyle, using a variety of people to just squeek by...but that still allows him to indulge in travel, shopping, and the consumption of lots of alcohol and drugs. He elevates his inability to emotionally connect and make commitments in love relationships by appearing to be ''questioning'' and ''undecided'' about monogamy vs. poly amory. He has been confused about this his entire adult life, using it as a way to elevate his pathology to the level of idealism. [ ] He is a complete fraud, a newage con man. Many have been fooled. Lots of broken hearts, lightened bank accounts, and chaos are strewn behind him. [ ] He typifies all of the characteristics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Grandiose, lacks empathy pathologically insensitive to the feelings of others, never admits fault though may pretend to for the sake of appearance, jealous, emotionally abusive, selfish to a fault, threatened by others success or riding the coat tails thereof, critical of others while being nice to their faces, a chronic liar cheater, manipulator, bullish, addicted many/most are actively addicted to several things: sex, drugs, booze, tv, fast lifestyle, drama, etc..., UNTRUSTABLE... [ ] Getting too close to this ''man'' will lead to INEVITABLE HARM: betrayal, deceit, possible exposure to sexually transmitted disease, loss of finances, emotional abuse and degredation of feelings of selflove and respect. I have unverified information indicating he has been physically violent with at least one woman. [ ] I post this in the service of all others who are searching for what is real and true.”

11/19/2009 8:56:51 PM - That poem that I found that Jay had handwritten in his notebook, with the words, “After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul and you learn that love doesn''t mean leaning and company doesn''t always mean security” …wasn’t even his own. I found it on: Recovery Emporium Comes The Dawn A Poem http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/johnshaven/review/11432975/ I think it came from recoveryemporium.com From the page: After a While Maybe he got it from his AA meetings or some therapy meeting he had at Michael Borash’s office. Maybe it’s part of the Codependency hogwash jargon he seemed to hijack and use, to flip the script on women, like when telling his women there were overreacting or enmeshed..a PROJECTION I think, of what HE himself was doing or the was HE was, to DEFLECT the blame from himself to others!

11/20/2009 12:11:15 PM - That poem he''d copied, in his handwriting, was © 1971 Veronica A. Shoffstall So, it seems, he''ll digest/regurgitate poems as well as songs, to twist their meanings, to whatever suits his convenient sick purposes, when I''m certain that the artists/composers did not intend their words to be misconstrued, twisted, or used the wrong way.

11/20/2009 12:34:54 PM - Not only that, but Virginia Shoffstall apparently didn’t give credit to the author she was interpreting. So, if Jay was “plagiarizing” or “borrowing” from Shoffstall, what he thought was “cool” was secondhand, and possibly plagiarized. See: See blogs on that site: “I think it''s a translation of a poem by Jorge Luis Borges” and “Thank you so much! I feel slightly duped, there was no reference to Borges”

11/20/2009 1:47:08 PM - Here’s another comparison for you..Marc Rainish, who is also profiled up here. I thought it would help, since you mentioned Jay’s rehab? time at Edgemeade and Melwood.: “married 3 times each marriage was dissolved because of his infidelity. [ ] I hired a private detective and that''s how I found out about his 3 marriages I even spoke with his exwives and they told me their sad stories. I also found out he has 4 children from these marriages AND he has 3 illegitimate kids one is an adult now and one is severely handicapped. [ ] one thing he''ll never tell you: He has a criminal record a mile long! He''s been in prison for everything from fraud to beating one of his girlfriends and her daughter. Not only did I talk to his exwives, the private detective was also able to track down some of his other exgirlfriends, who I also was able to speak to. [ ] The other women, exwives and exgirlfriends all informed me that this is a typical ‘Marc Rainish’ pattern. He''s a golddigger who uses women until they run out of money. He traditionally will date/have relationships with 2 to 3 women at a time. One of the exwives said he was living with another woman before their divorce was even final. His ex''s have stated that Marc has been an active drug user since high school. He''s been institutionalized at a place called ‘Halbrook’ ReHab. Stay away, Marc doesn''t love himself, so there is no way he is capable of loving a woman. He has so much bitterness and resentment towards women, he feels no remorse when he cheats on us or steals or takes advantage.”

11/20/2009 2:02:47 PM - Another profile about Marc Rainish, aka CONMAN of CT”, “DeadBeat is up on http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/235721/: “Deadbeat Marc Rainish has been SUED 8 times in the past 10 years. [ ] That''s why the utilities ALWAYS have to be in YOUR name ladies! [ ] You''d have to be pretty stupid to get involved with a man in his early 40s who already had 3 failed marriages and not think ‘something is seriously wrong with him [ ] is a criminal, can''t be trusted, don''t hire him, don''t get involved with him. He''s trouble! Everything listed here is FACTS! [ ] If you still think this Conman is ‘The Man of your Dream’ and ‘A Stand Up Guy’, then you deserve to have your credit ruined and your bank account emptied and your heart broken for being so blind and stupid. The women from 10 13 years ago didn''t have the advantages of web sites to instantly inform them what kind of man Marc is. We have them now, and shame on the woman who chooses not to investigate him before getting involved” Yes..COMPARE…since, when you lived with Jay, the utilities were also in your name only.

11/20/2009 5:41:54 PM - He called me on the telephone, after he''d moved out..asked me, you''re not going to hurt yourself, are you?.. to which I answered, No. Nobody is worth hurting or killing oneself over I suspect, though, years later, that he probably WANTED or EXPECTED me to hurt myself. There are, to me, only TWO kinds of men in our lives..those who RESTORE, and those who DESTROY. To me, Jay is the latter.

11/22/2009 3:53:27 PM - this one is too scary...very much like the Paul Gerlach profile of a psychoptath

11/30/2009 1:50:55 PM - I worked my behind off since age 18, avoided having a baby out of wedlock like, apparently, Lori, Jay’s wife didn’t do..she had one out of wedlock, that Jay later adopted, or so I heard from several people, that this happened, because I didn’t want to raise a child without a husbandknew that children need TWO parents to grow up healthy in body and mind, and even though I still wanted children got my college degree even though late in life, I was the first woman on both sides of my parent’s lines, to earn a college degree..only to have Jay’s in my opinion bratty daughter send me that “hate” message that I didn’t deserve after he moved out, and only to be abused by him. If he knows that the next woman stands to know the bad things about him, that his previous girlfriends know about, he will do the opposite just to try to convince the next woman, or the woman he currently lives with, or is interested in, that he is a good guy. Don’t believe him! Quoting from another woman’s profile on DDHG, about another, apparently sick narcissist, Sam Gottlieb: “HIS ACT IS SEAMLESS. Even for me, raised by a CIA agent, he went under the radar” and “For the averagewitted girl, the charade would carry well into marriage. Beware that he LOATHES the idea of marriage, but will then he finds a rich, wellconnected one he can fool for her $, then behind her back with young bods...using his wives'' $. He regards no girl as marriage material and is proud that he was the one to leave the girl wanting marriage *every time*. He thinks he''s the *** and is attracted to girls who are easily led/desperate and cooperate in massaging his ego. [ ] Sure, you can catch him in many acts little you do serves as repercussion to him. He''s so desensitized that all the womens'' lives he''s damaged doesn''t make him lose any sleep. He''s no intention of getting attached, and already planned the breakup BEFORE he met you. He puts on his cl***ic warm, sensitive, animalloving, boyish, jolly persona he knows women are soft for: His way of DISARMING so he can grow on you like CANCER. ‘Sam cancer’ is specific in that it has expert cells that leech fastest to vulnerability. It multiplies at a deathly rate on the following gals: OLDER clockticking, CHUBBYOBESE, LOW SELFSTEEM/EAGER PLEASER, LONELY, LOW POINT IN LIFE, NOT MUCH ATTENTION FROM MEN, SHELTERED, DISABLED/ILL. All the better if you''re rich and might share some of your lifestyle and contacts with him, for which he''ll later drop you for! [ ] Warning: If you''re trying to be a better person, he''ll act like he wants that for you and SABOTAGE your every step up so you stay on his level, needing him. When you get stronger and doors open watch the ''happy guy'' persona crumble and the let the criticism roll. The best chemo is to cut off the blood supply SEX, SEX, SEX...bj''s...ego gratification. Best thing is not to supply it, so he''ll know he''s not fooling you. Sad thing is, he''ll quickly find other victims. A mutual friend accounts that he''s cheated on ALL his girls after me, including his present one. [ ] PEOPLE ARE MERE TOOLS FOR HIM for which he''ll exploit mercilessly. Even when caught redhanded, he''ll fault your character for perceiving him wrongly. [ ] easily aids the left hand to dupe the right. The right hand you can''t see, so his defense is ''what you didn''t see didn''t happen. And, yes right had is always RIGHT. And ENTITLED to.party life awayno commitments. He tells you he''s working or with family [ ] Smart or dumb he''ll dupe you just the same. If you''re smart you''ll be more miserable because you know he has and will always get away with his scams. Some dumb exes who never knew he laughed as he left because playing you was so easy.” Jay, like was described about Gottlieb, also “went under the radar”…did so FOR YEARS. His “act” was “seamless”, too.

11/30/2009 3:16:17 PM - I also, years later, suspected that that time he told me he was going to Pennsylvania, to stay in a place Bed & Breakfast, I think he said that was owned by gay guys, and would meet there, with his mother and sister, that possibly, he really was going somewhere to meet and sex Melinda Yalom. Possibly, also, that time he said he wanted to go to a men''s only party, either he REALLY wanted to go to a GAY men''s only party, OR..meet for another rendezvouz with Melinda Yalom. Yes. He was THAT deceitful.

11/30/2009 8:33:39 PM - See profile up here for Walid Mohammed Aburwida. I’ll quote a few lines from it, because Walid, in MANY ways, “resembles” JAY BROWN: “he is a big time user of women to get lots of money from them and anything else that he needs. He will be so romance, caring, and attentive at first because this is how the spider will catch the fly. He is a dangerous man that should not be out there on the net or in real seeking dates relationships marriages. He is such a player he is NEVER monogamous in any relationship, he loves to play around alot on the net and in real to seek other sexual partners while in a steady relationship. He is a sex freak and the woman has to be concerned about possibly contacting sexual diseases and or infections from him. [ ] He loves to go after vulnerable divorced single separated women in the 33+ age group to play with their emotions, ONLY to utilize them. [ ] He says ‘I love you’ like if he was giving out candy he is not a man of action in the love just a man of words with empty promises. He has no respect for women and to him, we are just objects to be utilized. [ ] This man has an extensive imagination he has no limits to what he can make for his reality...what i mean by this is he lies compulsively and exclusively and is very imaginative..it is impossible to remark how fathomable his creativity is...he is very insidious and sly very smooth...he is a professional expert conartist and can even fool highly intelligent people. At first appearance he is very very charming and will appear as if he were the one that was abused in the previous relationships when in reality it was the other way around everything that comes out of his mouth is half truth intwined with some of his imagination and or a complete lie to keep you on the hook interested so he can further take advantage of you or use you, he will lie like this about his assets and other things to lure and fascinate others he is generally interested in your financial situations. Also if you have any younger children he likes to brainwash them against the mother to take side with him and further manipulate the mom. He is an expert flatterer . HE HAS VERY LOW SELFESTEEM AND IS A COCAINEADDICT HE HAS COPING PROBLEMS WITH DRUGS, he is an expert at reverse psychology and will manipulate to the extreme. He can be very impressionable and even if someone were to tell you and warn you about him he can talk his way out of anything he easily produces crocodile tears and can generate sympathy. [ ] he is like a butterfly flitting from woman to woman this is how he makes a living. beware of him ultimately you will never meet anyone like this he is a very dangerous and is capable of HIGH AMOUNTS OF PSYCHODRAMA [ ] will appear as if he is an independant man making you easily flattered with him he also goes under a new alias of ‘leonardo’ he is bisexual and sodomizes many many people and has had affairs with other men it is not safe to have sexual intercourse with him he uses sex as a weapon and controlling device he will verbally manipulate you and lower your selfconfidence self esteem and selfworth he will use reverse psychololgy and will make you feel like he is doing you a favor by being with you and he has actually said this to me, it is easier for him to brainwash slowly and gradually over days, his behavoir is adamantly a guilty conscious and fights generate easily you will end up hurt and crying and not even know what you''ve done [ ] HE GOES THROUGH WOMEN LIKE NOTHING AND TREATS THEM LIKE OBJECTS and he will make you apologize for everything little thing his behavior is indeed guilty he will accuse you of what he is actually doing [ ] everything he says about another person is usually about him he will strike up conversations about other people putting them down and at the end making himself look better than others, everything that comes out of his mouth is reversal, a lie, and half truth stay away form him he is sociopath” ONE COMMENT FROM UNDER THE PROFILE: “12 30 2006 4:48:14 AM [ ] I see that I am not the only victim, this is so very sad. Something definitely needs to be done about this guy. I found out that he is married and all along he had been telling me that he is single and never has ever married. This guy is on the net on websites looking for dating and or sexual encounters and he is married”

12/2/2009 8:27:01 AM - Just like Christopher Beckwith…also profiled on DDHG: “is on his third marriage and has never been faithful once AND is a part time musicianthinks he''s god’s gift to women AND doesn''t leave a woman until he has another to move in with AND He also has problems with his sexuality can''t figure out which way he wants to go! AND He is also a habitual liar!”

12/2/2009 9:45:51 AM - Thanks again, for your comparisons and your support. I receive an email each time someone posts to my profile. After I began to catch him out, with his lies, he vanished. One time, I saw him at where we both banked, in Manassas, at the drive up window. He may or may not have seen me pull up behind him, to do my banking. I thought he did see me, but from his facial expression, you would’ve thought he had a head injury or amnesia, and the smile he gave to the female bank teller was a similar expression to the one you see on his face on: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/213784/ …flirting with, yet, one more female! One of these days, one of those two gay men—or maybe both of them—who his first wife, Pattie told me she’d heard from—they said they’d had sex with Jay—will finally comment, to say when and where the sex occurred. Then Melinda Yalom won’t think Pattie, Carey C. and I were lying. Or better yet…one or both of those gay guys could try to contact Melinda in person. They can find what I think might still be an email address, or at least a work contact phone number, for her, on: http://www.uucss.org/contactuucss.html … or look up her phone number in the White Pages, online, and look for an address Aragon Lane, in Chevy Chase, MD, and give her a phone call, to let her know that three women weren’t crazy or imagining things. He did nothing but lie, and then tried to, I think, make me feel crazy about being suspicious of his activities. He might be “partially honest”, at first, about “mistakes” he''s made in his past, to say he wants to change .. that he won''t do the same to you, but he will. It''s just another ploy. He mixes truth and lies, so you won’t be able to tell what is what…like when he first told me that scar on his forearm was from a jewelry torch accident, and years later, after he told me “it’s over”, he told me that the scar on his arm was really from playing a game of “chicken” with guys in his youth, to see who could leave their arm burning the longest, when a burning cigarette was between their forearms.

12/3/2009 9:12:37 AM - And if he wasn''t trying to make me feel crazy, he was blaming me for invading his privacy, when I found him viewing all that male gay porn online. Jay’s just lucky .. so far! .. that I haven’t posted, on the Don’t Date This Guy web site, among my other photos and brief profiles on him up there, that photo of him from the 1990s, smiling, seemingly toasting me, together with his SMILING EARTOEAR, young daughter, Jolene, and Jolene’s SMILING grandmother, Gayle Brown .. Jay’s mother, at Jolene’s birthday party .. was it Jolene’s 12th? 13th? .. not sure which in the backyard of my home, CAKE ON TABLE, everyone turning their HAPPY faces to me, as I snapped the photo, as if we were ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY. If I did, everyone would recognize his daughter from that photo, from when she was still a young girl. I wasn’t the ‘Worthless Piece of Skin’ to her, back then. He’s been lucky, so far, but no one can be lucky forever. If I did post it, I’d make sure that the photo didn’t upload sideways, like the rest did up there. Jay said to me, not long before he moved out of my home, ‘pictures are just pictures’, said more or less that they mean nothing, represent nothing. But then, I think Melinda Yalom and Jay Brown are two of a kind, both deceitful backstabbers, so deserved each other, and she probably thought the same way, that pictures represent nothing, because you can see the one where she still APPEARS to be HAPPILY MARRIED, in the photo taken only weeks, I think, after she’d begun her affair with Jay Brown, WHILE STILL MARRIED to Ed Rejuney, where she’s sitting next to her thenhusband, Ed, on http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3585 Again..glad it’s the Next Woman’s wallet, not mine.

12/3/2009 7:30:16 PM - Take a peek at two profiles recently posted on datingpsychos.com, about Scott Bernier and Gordon Adams. They seem a lot like this Jay guy.

12/5/2009 1:28:19 PM - Below, I’ve cited a few passages from the DDHG profile on Victor Sjodin. Compare him to this, fraud, Jay, you profiled… ‘For him, free love means free reign over your boundaries’ ‘Since he is nice and does care about social issues, girls tend to open up quickly to him, leaving themselves more vulnerable to his deception of caring for that individual''s well being. Yes, his gentle and socially conscious soul can help you heal through the power of sex. Yes that is correct, he will help you get over your trauma through ''sexual healing''!’ ‘He has bragged about seeking out girls that have low selfesteem issues as they are easier to persuade to sleep with. His actions back this up. He seems overly obsessed with the subject of girls being sexually assaulted and his disgust of such violations throughout the book.’ Just thought I’d compare Sjodin, too, since one profile about Jay indicates he liked watching disgusting porn, the disgusting kind, including women getting violated anally, and S&M, etc. Sick bastards!

12/5/2009 2:20:06 PM - Again, thanks for the comparisons and about Sjodin. I got an email, indicating someone had commented again. I''ll probably comment to the DDHG profile on Sjodin, too. And you''re right..to me, Jay was the sickest voyeur on this earth, hence, the strip club episode, with that lap dancer, and probably why it seemed he got PORN CREEP, watching all those gay porn videos. Hopefully, Melinda Yalom, Evelyn Vignola, and anyone else Jay chooses to sex, will now know that about him, and the REAL him, not to deceive themselves any longer. How blind they were!

12/5/2009 3:23:54 PM - Apparently, Sjodin and Brown each get off on watching women degrade themselves or being degraded, and yeah, they both seem like sick misogynists.

12/7/2009 9:27:46 AM - He torqued me with his false offer of us going to a Harville Hendrix, Getting The Love You Want seminar, causing me cognitive dissonance or confusion, double binding me, and wouldn’t admit he was in an affair with Melinda, meanwhile my instinct had been right on, all along. After he left our home, within days, he was back, saying, ‘o.k., let’s not throw out the Baby with the Bath Water’ .. so, in at least two instances, it appeared like there was a potential to work things out, but there wasn’t. He would say that it was HIM who needed to ‘soften’ toward me, not viceversa, as if it was ME who needed forgiving, and not HIM. He raged, with how I wanted my ‘pound of flesh’ as if I had nothing about which to be justifiably angry, and suggested I was the one who needed psychological help, not him, yet while admitting that he would soon see a therapist, which probably didn’t happen, and meanwhile he said he would return to Alcoholics Anonymous, as if that would help with his Sex Addiction. Jay’s friend, the wife of his former band mate, Rick Burnette, Mari Ane Fowler, liked to say, One Woman’s Garbage is Another Woman’s Treasure, but just as often, if not more often, One Woman’s Garbage is the Next Woman’s Garbage. And no one warned me, the way I’m warning other women. I want to vomit to think that I ever bedded him.

12/7/2009 9:29:09 AM - And no one else has to point out the next comparisons to me. I found them myself. Like Paul Brantley, profiled up here, Jay appeared genuine and kind until he feels secure in the relationship, then became emotionally abusive in private while maintaining the ‘perfect’ public persona. Relationships were started maintained only to meet his needs’, not the women’s. ‘The more he thought he ‘needed’ the woman, the more he hates her for it.’ Like Decland Thomas, profiled on DDHG, Jay is a ‘chilling example of a liar’ with a ‘reputation for using women to meet his needs for a time and then terminating the relationship abruptly and claiming that the women needs to change before he can stay with her. Like Peter Serra, profiled up here, Jay ‘falls in love fast and falls out of love just as fast’, is a ‘smooth talker, player, a depressing soul,’ .. has been with numerous women, and when or if I caught him lying about his cheating, he tried to turn it around and blame me, ‘uses people to the max then discards them like toilet paper’, and ‘is never happy with his life’ when ‘he can''t be alone and will worm his way into your heart and bank account, and when he has finished sucking the life out of you’ he will ‘blame you for everything’ gone wrong. You’ll be in for the ‘ROLLERCOASTER RIDE’ of your life, and when it’s over, you might need anti depressants to ‘get out of the funk he will put you in’ [I didn’t need them but I don’t believe in anesthetizing oneself to kill mental anguish] and ‘2 jobs to get back on your feet’ [I did!]

12/7/2009 11:31:24 AM - While waffling, after he said it’s over, he also said he was afraid to lose me, it was more like he was afraid of what I would say and do to others, after losing his loyalty to me and causing me to lose my loyalty to him.

12/7/2009 7:09:25 PM - Here''s a good source for you: Are You Dating a Sociopath? Recognize the Warning Signs! by Kerry L. Gray URL: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/article_view/beauty/areyoudatingasociopathrecognizethewarningsigns308.html You might even ''recognize'' Jay Brown in that story, or someone like Jay Brown.

12/8/2009 10:07:36 AM - Last commenter above..PRECISELY! And thanks for the source. He plays the I DON’T THINK YOU’RE GOING TO LIKE ME CAUSE I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU card, to the hilt, then you don’t find out how much REAL debt he’s, nor the extent of his sexual addiction, in until YEARS later, after you’ve lived with him for years. I sense that he probably did that with 1st and 2nd wives, Pattie and Lori, when he told them about his time in Edgemeade, just like he did with me, in the beginning of our relationship, but his huge debt to his sister, Paula, I would not know about until, I think, my last year living with him, probably in the last six months, before he decided to bolt.

12/8/2009 11:10:48 AM - Besides hoping that some KIND gay guy who’s had sex with Jay in his past, will FESS UP and say when and where that happened, I’m hoping, too, that Janet and Debby will post comments about him, too. I’m a patient person. Just knowing that Pattie came forward, after my profiles about Jay appeared on DDHG, gives me confidence, because that gave me a great deal of closure, but not ALL closure. Know, too, that the email I quoted, from Julia Leigh, about Mari Ane Fowler’s friend, about how Mari Ane didn’t think it was ‘sour grapes’..well, that was about Debby. Debby was Mari Ane’s friend, and I’m hoping she’ll speak up too. Even more, I hope Janet will shed some light on this topic, too, with comments, finally, and because Janet and Debby were the women who came before me, who were Jay’s ‘interests’ while still married to Lori, and I REALLY want to know what Jay told Janet, about his marriage to Lori..I want to know what SICK EXCUSES he used on Janet and Debby.

12/8/2009 3:12:37 PM - If you read the article by Kerry Gray, mentioned above, you will know she wrote of being subjected to 2 years of, more or less, hell, from the sociopath she knew, and subsequently or consequently was treated for symptoms of Battered Woman''s Syndrome. I am treated for the same symptoms, only, my time with Jay Brown was 8.5 years, not just 2 years. So, you might multiply the anguish that Gray suffered by FOUR, and you''ll know, I think, what damage Jay Brown can or might cause you or some other woman.

12/8/2009 3:19:31 PM - One song I find healing is Joni Mitchell''s SEX KILLS It fits the bill. In fact that whole CD of hers is very affirming...healing.

12/8/2009 3:49:21 PM - You see.., groupie types are those females who can put up and shut up, when abuse happens, to them or to others..as if the abuse never happened. And Jay as much as said to me, one time, when I was put on admin leave wrongfully from employment, in 2004, and an EEO case was settle in my favor, at that time, ..he as much as said that I should''ve put up and shut up. Well. I couldn''t. Not when there was gender discrimination, age discrimination, and hostile fraternizing in that place, that I proved. The man who wrongfully committed several EEO violations, was only at his job less than four months, when this happened. He was also voted out of office, out of his job, voted out with NO CONFIDENCE, by at least 17 highlevel employees, and before he''d even held that job for 7 months, and I wasn''t the only person the director had offended there were several. But STUPID Jay had to behave as if it was MY fault that the jerk had wrongfully forced me to quit, and I only quit when forced to quit I often asked myself, afterward, why couldn''t my lawyer have worked a better settlement, to let me stay in my job, or transfer to a less hostile environment? Yet, I receiving two letters of praise, of high commendation, for my work, from my former supervisor. Did Jay recognize that? In retrospect..Hell, no. He didn''t seem to, anyway.

12/8/2009 7:00:53 PM - It''s just a HOUSE OF CARDS. Don''t go there!

12/10/2009 10:05:16 AM - If Jay is not a latent homosexual, he is, I think, at least confused as to his sexual identity, and is an utter misogynist down deep. I think he hates women and loves abusing them, and that he hides behind multiple failed relationships with women in order to hide the fact that he wants to sex men. He seems to prey on the Polly Anna types, or ‘good girls’ .. the ones who will love faithfully and unconditionally, while he is out behaving poorly and twotiming them. I also seriously think and believe that a few of his family will back him knowing he''s dead wrong. I honestly believe that he has used women his whole life to get ahead, and I think he’s one of your typical PassiveAggressives. It’s all Smoke and Mirrors.

12/11/2009 10:03:50 AM - Jay’s consistent pattern has been to talk to other women behind the back of the woman with whom he lives. He comes across as sweet and playful, but he does that to all women. No one is special. I seriously think he should be reported to Rip Off Report, Better Business Bureau, and any other fraud reporting site, because, to me, he’s been shady in his business dealings as well as his personal life, the latter repeatedly. Otherwise, he would not have gone bankrupt when I lived with him had he not done so, he could not have written off so many people from his business dealings. Just because he can trim your broken crystal glasses, recoat your silvered brass flutes, repair your jewelry, paint your walls, drywall your home, does NOT mean he’s a ‘good guy’. He’s a lot like Eddie Whitaker, profiled on DDHG: ‘can be the most believable man you could ever meet. he makes you feel as though he truly cares until one by one the lies start to wash away like a waterpaint canvas to reveal a cold blank surface of a man. No feelings and no regret for mindfully ruining to people’s lives that had only been expecting his love. All the while not knowing that it was being shared between the three instead of the two. Never will you encounter a more selfish individual. [ ] He would be more profitable to just go ahead and switch professions from a lame rental car salesman and just start pimping cause what he does to women is not that far off.’ And what have I said about men on the downlow? How usually and often, when profiled, they are also profiled as users and gigolos? Real profile for Jeffrey Boyer, posted this week, on DDHG. One of Jay’s favorite CDs was Robert Cray’s Strong Persuader, which celebrates the ways of cheating men.

12/12/2009 11:43:46 AM - Jay wouldn''t cut the ties with some of his old flames and dragged them along into his relationship with me. I suspect he will do the same to the next woman. He wanted me to stop ''impugning his manhood’ or his ‘character''. One must have ''character'' to begin with if someone were trying to impugn it! I just spoke the truth. He takes no responsibility for his actions and is above reproach. He’s created ‘love triangles’ with FOUR different women with whom he’s lived, each a different time in his life. THAT’S RIGHT! FOUR! Cheated on Evelyn Vignola [or tried to] with me cheated on Pattie, wife #1, with, she said, two gay guys and the neighbor’s married wife cheated on Lori [he told me he tried to, anyway, and told me that Janet was married] with Janet, plus with Debby after that, and he was still separated, for about 1.5 years, from his 2nd wife, Lori, when he began his relationship with me and, cheated on me with another married woman, Melinda Yalom, and also [if not in reality, at least EMOTIONALLY, and on line] advertised himself as BISEXUAL, seeking a BI man with whom to share his ''other side'', while living with me! READ THE AD OF HIS I QUOTED, ABOVE, THAT HE PLACED! This is NOT a lie! I am SERIOUS, and still keep the proof!

12/12/2009 2:44:20 PM - Please be extremely careful. Jay will, or will try to, ruin you for your next real relationship. Similar rotten things happened to a dear female friend of mine, a friend for years. The first man to take her virginity, took it in a Church parking lot, not long after she turned age 18. Yes, he married her, but the marriage ended in divorce, less than one year later, as he cheated on her when he went off to college. She later, for four years, lived with who would become the love of her life, but he, too, was a commitmentphobe…at first. He broke off their livein relationship, and she was seriously distraught. They parted. It was out of rebound, probably, that she married again. Her subsequent husband, in New Orleans, she discovered, to her shock, also sexed men, and this occurred after he convinced her to move to another state with him, to live with him. Can you imagine the trauma both of these episodes caused for her? Well..she finally found a happy life with her final and present husband, of more than 20 years, had children with him, and they are still happily married, to this day. She had reunited with him after nine years being apart. He was the one she lived with for four years, previously, before marrying the downlow bastard. But, if not for me, she and her love from Virginia, might never have married, because his mother was not too keen on her, and I circumvented his mother’s destructive intentions, when she lived with me, along with her child, after her second divorce, and I called the mother of her love of many years aka, intended husband, to say that I was having a high school reunion party, and wanted to invite the woman’s son, got the address of my good friend’s life long love intended husband. She called him. He dated her. They married, avoided the interfering BITCH mother of her intended husband, who otherwise would never have been her motherinlaw, and otherwise might never have been the grandmother of her two children, if not for my intervention! POINT: Too many mothers can be so interfering as to affect, injuriously, the lives of their sons and future wives, like I think Jay’s mother did with me. At least I helped prevent this, in one instance, for a dear, life long friend of mine. I guess that is why I’ve said that I identify with the strong female character, wife of the biker, in the TV series, The Sons of Anarchy, because sometimes it takes a strong woman to make things happen, whether for her or for someone she loves.

12/12/2009 3:23:29 PM - Please be extremely careful. Jay will, or will try to, ruin you for your next real relationship. Jay also told me that his mother, Gayle Brown, told him that he should marry his second wife, Lori. I don’t know if his mother advised that before or after he’d impregnated Lori with Jolene, or not until after she gave birth to Jolene, but perhaps he was ‘under directive’ from his mother, to do certain things he might not have otherwise done, just like the mother in the movie, The Manchurian Candidate, and perhaps her advice to him, was the reason he later divorced his 2nd wife, Lori.

12/12/2009 3:56:20 PM - When I wrote that it seemed as though Melinda Yalom ‘identified’ with Hillary Clinton Melinda wore headbands. Hillary wore headbands. One party I attended at Melinda’s home, when I was still living with Jay, was hosted by Melinda, to celebrate Bill Clinton’s inauguration…, it seems even more so now, as if she’s like Hillary Clinton [who my father once described as ‘about as sexy as a potato”]… ‘looks the other way’ when a man cheats on his wife or Significant Other, so that he can return to her, after his cheating is done. Maybe she agreed to an ‘open’ relationship with Jay. Who knows. I just do not respect her, nor do I trust her, and neither should you. She might do the same thing to you…bed your man, whether she’s married or not, or whether he’s living with a woman or not.

12/13/2009 9:21:13 AM - I believe that Jay is a Sociopath with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and that’s why he never told me what his diagnosis was, from his sessions with Michael Borash. A master manipulator, Jay knows exactly how to reel a woman in, has no empathy. None. Like other guys with abusive backgrounds, Jay does not want you to know about his past, in particular, about his sexual past with men. When questioned about his online gay, male on male, porn viewing, he got defensive. Weeks later he threatened to end it all, since he was then not trusted, after I had busted him for his habits. That was when he spewed his B.S. about how he ‘wanted a woman who could roll up her sleeves’ ..as if I had not ‘rolled up my sleeves’ the entire 8.5 years I lived with him, and helped his sorry ass out of some bad fixes, like his bankruptcy and divorce pangs, while divorcing Lori. He emotionally abused me by pulling me in and then pushing me out. His pullpush was constant, creating self doubt and insecurities in me.

12/13/2009 9:38:15 AM - On his computer that he let me use to do my job searches, I gleaned the list of his web searches, and kept it. Among the sites he visited were: suckit Maledirectory.com, Cocksucking Classmate Maledirectory.com, Gay Adult Story Archives Male Diretory, Gay Male Search Engine, Video Reviews, Adult Stories, Personals, and More Gayrated.com, Adult Sites [Stories] Opening Your Swingers Directory Account Gayrated.com, Adult Sites [blow jobs] The Swingers Directory [evidence of log ins] Blow Works Those were just a FEW on that list.

12/13/2009 11:21:01 AM - Jay lived with his aging mother when I began dating him, and while separated from Lori, wife #2, because, I think, he could not stand on his own two feet. That’s why he expects women to take care of him and house him..to be the ‘major breadwinners’, I think…and why he goes from woman to woman, and house to house, living with them each. Though I do not buy whole hog, the Codependency Theory, I believe that several of Jay''s sisters and his mother'' encouraged his codependency on them.

12/13/2009 11:28:26 AM - I can just about guarantee that Jay will only need you for three things: your money [or your good credit], sex, and a place to live!

12/13/2009 12:06:56 PM - Since he NEVER used condoms with me, NOT EVER..not in the 8.5 years he lived with me, I would be extremely careful if I were you, because, even if you won''t believe me about his ads as bisexual seeking a bi, to share his other side with, on that swingers'' site [when I STILL have the proof!], you should believe Pattie, his first wife, who told me that TWO of her gay male friends told her they''d sexed him, and Pattie is a social worker.

12/14/2009 9:38:45 AM - I could almost pity Melinda, but I don’t. So..all you people in the jewelry business who knew him from Manassas…Willy Krug, David Balboni, Les Thompson in Leesburg [Gold Market?], and others who did business with him…Law’s Antiques people, people in Canterbury Square in Manassas… those who knew him in AA meetings…, and others, like Mary Hutchinson, Jacqui Dixon, Katherin Rudasill, who worked for Stone Art in Manassas… And all those folks who knew him when he worked for LouBon not sure of spelling, but it was his 2nd wife’s father’s rock shop, off Columbia Pike, in Fairfax, VA, in the 1980’s…now you know who Jay REALLY is and was. I kept asking him, after he’d purchased and rented those gay male porn films, ‘What is this theme you seem to have, or fascination with gay male porn? Are you bisexual or what?’ He would constantly deny, deny deny. One time he said, “I don’t think so.” Yet, he clearly ADVERTISED himself as bisexual, on that swingers’ site, seeking sex from a bisexual male [or several?] But, another time, while in bed with me, I asked him, ‘Were you ever attracted [sexually] to a male?’ He answered, said that a guy he’d seen in a bookstore once was attractive to him. So, there you have it. ADMITTED IT! And he admitted this further, after he’d left our home, when he came back to get some of his stuff..he said that when he was younger, he’d met men for sex in bookstores and elsewhere. You just have to listen closely.

12/14/2009 9:57:45 AM - He might first come across as a guy who is misunderstood. Possibly he will say about his first wife, as he did to me, that she cheated on him, when it was the other way around. He might say, as he did to me, that his 2nd wife treated him ‘like a cash machine’. If you listen closely, though, he might tell you, in the beginning, as he did to me, that Lori thought he was unable to give affection without sex, or the kind of affection that has nothing to do with sex. He might ply you with gifts in the beginning, as he did to me. I finally came to the realization that they might have been ‘repossessed gifts’ from his previous relationship…from his ‘take’, or his ‘share’ from his divorce settlement, from the rock shop inventory, from the rock shop that folded, that he and his 2nd wife operated together. Just think about that antique heirloom bed of Pattie’s that ended up in Jay’s daughter’s bedroom [or so he said that’s where it ended up]..the bed that Pattie finally told me she never gave to him. He might use anything you told him or did together while you were in a vulnerable state, against you later. He knows no sexual boundaries.

12/14/2009 12:03:32 PM - His sparkling smile and deep voice make you melt until you realize not only is he a scammer, but he''s probably had that mouth full of penis. I recall when I won an EEO settlement, where I worked, where I resigned from proven hostility at work, and had told him that one thing that bothered me was getting annoying, harassing silent, ‘hangup’ calls at work, which I traced to harassing employees, and proved it those calls backed up my legitimate grievance. At the very next job I had, months later, I again, began getting harassing calls silent, no response when I said ‘hello’, and the caller hung up when I said ‘hello’ They occurred for a period of five months, at my new job, and I kept a log of those calls..turned my log into the police. I could not trace those calls this time, because my place of work could not install a caller ID system, not without my new supervisor knowing about it, and I did not want to appear as though I was imagining things. I was NOT imagining things. There was NO ONE at that new job site that knew I had been harassed that way at my previous job. No one. The only person who knew about those harassing calls, aside from the lawyers involved and the HR people at my previous job, was Jay. So, years later, after he left me, I suspected it might have been Jay making those ‘silent’ and freaky phone calls to my next job, to harass me, the way he KNEW I was harassed at work, at that previous job, and I suspected Jay did so to cause me psychological pain or distract me from my work at my new job. It was a temporary assignment, less than a year long I’d been hired to replace a woman on sabbatical, so I desperately needed the work. In my opinion, Jay made me seem like someone who could not hold a job, when I worked contracts consistently and for years. It is not a ''far stretch'', I think, for someone to imagine that a porn addict, like I think Jay was, could ''stalk'' a woman with harassing ''breather'' calls, nor to imagine that he could''ve been masturbating while doing so.

12/16/2009 1:36:30 PM - Once Jay''s had his fun, he distances himself and shifts blame to his target because she''s not [insert lame excuse here] enough for him. The time frame varies from female to female, but the end result is the same. He comes, he takes, he leaves.

12/18/2009 6:07:51 PM - This perverse individual was so in a hurry, it seemed, for me to leave the house we both rented, instead of him, that he bought me packing tape and boxes, so I''d pack up and move out, instead of him. I think that was because he didn''t want to be INCONVENIENCED, because his jewelry repair spot was on the porch, in the back of our home. I was confused for awhile, really thought I would move out, instead of him, when he ended things, then gave it a thought, and decided it was HIM who would leave, not me.

12/20/2009 11:29:40 AM - I honestly believe and think that Jay preys on women with money [or who he THINKS have money] to live off their labor, and will drive more women than me, Pattie, and Lori, to financial and/or emotional ruin, or close to it.

12/20/2009 12:30:33 PM - GOT AN EXCELLENT COMPARISON FOR YOU…DEADRIAN TROUPE, ON http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/39981/


12/20/2009 12:51:54 PM - SEE ALSO DDHG PROFILE FOR JOHNATHAN HARVEY, AKA ''JAY'', ''DEADRIAN TROUPES BOTTTOM'' ATLANTA, GA: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/190836/

12/20/2009 2:45:15 PM - Oh. And to Melinda Yalom…that story he wrote, about the stripper who lap danced for him, on our last vacation together? Around the same time that he said that YOU “encouraged him” to write? Was his muse? That lap dancer was a BLUEEYED BLONDE. Her name was FAITH. I kept a copy of that story. He wrote that Faith had “kind eyes”. Well, if that was his ‘preference’, then what was he doing with all those brunettes you, me, Evelyn, and possibly Pattie he sexed and/or with whom he lived??? I have to wonder now, if he wasn’t more like a NAZI!

12/20/2009 2:53:30 PM - Also, another favorite tune he liked was Stevie Wonder''s ''Creepin'' ...I guess because he liked to creep also. Other tunes he and his former Night Patrol band did, included On The Other Hand another song about a man who either cheated, or who was not far from it, I think that was a Glenn Frye tune. Yes. I, too, am an earning musician, so NOTICE these things!

12/20/2009 4:49:45 PM - Regarding comment of 12/20/09, at 2:45:15, Perhaps, with that lap dancer, Faith, he imagined ‘doing’ his own daughter. Wasn’t she blueeyed and blondehaired, too? And wouldn’t that have kept with the ‘incest’ theme that appears to have visited his past?

12/20/2009 7:25:12 PM - Wow.Hadn''t thought about that one. But I wouldn''t put anything past him, with his sick fetish/fantasies.

12/21/2009 12:08:23 PM - Compare him to Colin Denis Corneau, also profiled up here. Corneau liked to say he learned about women from having so many sisters, which makes me wonder if Corneau didn''t have sex with one of them, too.

12/21/2009 12:36:42 PM - I wasn’t so worried about his sisters [unless it was Jeannine, who could seem haughty when I became unemployed, and when I survived on unemployment insurance, whilst she seemed ever so comfortable with a hubby who probably supported her, mostly, when, I think Dale was comfortably living, probably on a fed government retirement], as I was with his mother, who seemed to do a 180 degree flip on me, and that happened, when I think Jay had ‘replaced’ me, or was in process of ‘replacing’ me, with Melinda. Like I said, his mother went from seeming to be like Aunt Bee in the Andy Griffith Show, to seeming like the mother in the film, The Manchurian Candidate, and meanwhile, Jay seemed more and more like the female character, Lilith, in the film starring Warren Beatty, in ‘Lilith’.

12/21/2009 12:52:32 PM - It also seemed all so dysfunctional in that family, as though there was a major COMMITMENTPHOBIC thread or theme, running all through it. I wondered if Jeannine’s son, Billy, ever married that woman Susie, that he impregnated, and she bore him a child last I knew, he hadn’t married her after that, when I lived with Jay. Then there was Jay’s sister Paula, whose son, Mark, who served in the Gulf War, also impregnated a woman who bore him a child, and he didn’t marry her, as last I knew. These sons seemed just the opposite of my own three brothers, who only married once, and who have remained with their wives, not to cheat on them.

12/22/2009 12:55:10 PM - Jay, I think, is much like [[profiled up here, too]] Daniel Immanuel Coates: “He has no problems trading his sexual favors or the promise of sexual favors or a ‘relationship’ for professional assistance from women who have some particular career connection and resource he needs at the time. Like a car for rides when he doesn''t have one, food when he is too broke to pay for it, or someone to chit chat with while he''s waiting on another ‘investment’ to cash in [that would be, another woman he is more interested in but is not readily available to him], or someone to hold his furniture since he can''t afford to keep his belongings in storage. [ ] he is textbook addicted to porn” [[Coates is alleged to have been or is an addict of incest porn]]

12/22/2009 1:41:00 PM - Jay has preyed on the vulnerable, serially has ‘dated’ women he met from groups of friends. [[In more than one case, he met the next woman through these friends, or would not have met those friends, if not for the previous woman. In my case, friendships from when I was 16, dissolved, because of him, so I think he’s ruined part of my innocent history, as well..times I would’ve otherwise thought of as happy memories!]], until many, if not all, of their friendships are ruined. He''s exceedingly charming until he breaks hearts and damages their trust in him.

12/25/2009 2:33:50 PM - See profile for Alex Garcia, on: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/140067/ The profiler about Garcia found out that he was a sex addict, was online constantly during their entire relationship hooking up with men, transvestites, couples, and women, she wrote pretty much everything under the sun.. that he was typically online most of his free time looking for anyone to hook up with and worst of all .. that he mainly targets innocent women victims to have as his ‘girlfriend’ while he leads this other life, entirely hidden from the woman he''s with. Profiler about Garcia, discovered that he was prostituting himself to other men and bringing them back to her house while she was on business trips or at work.

12/29/2009 6:19:58 PM - Also, it seemed like he had perversely and backhandedly asked for my “permission” to bed Melinda, while still living with and bedding me..asked, about her, “Do you think she complains too much?” ..did so while in bed with me. But then, adulterers and adulteresses belong together. They’ll always be wondering who will cheat on who next. Seems he loved to lie and delude himself into thinking he’s a ‘man’ when he’s depended on women for places to live, for cars to drive, for food, and to care for his children when he 2nd wife or his old mother wasn’t taking care of them. He also didn’t seem to love himself and that’s why, I think, he kept messing around with multiple women..in hopes to snag a woman with a home or with children, which, to him, would mean ANOTHER MEAL TICKET. He only wanted his women/girls to call him their ‘man’ when it was convenient for him. He bounced around from place to place so much, he had little, if anything, to his name, so depends on his women to have things in THEIR names!

12/29/2009 6:20:21 PM - I also forgot to ask Pattie, Wife #1, if Evelyn Vignola was still “hanging around in the picture” as Jay’s “friend”, when Pattie was married to him. Not sure, either, if Evelyn was “hanging around in the picture” when Jay was married to Lori, Wife #2. But she was “hanging around in the picture” as Jay’s “friend” while with me, and while with Melinda. So, it seems, he wants to keep a “harem” or “back ups” as sounding boards, when things get “testy” or he goes through tough times with the Woman of the Moment.

1/4/2010 3:20:15 PM - Jay’s very convincing but it''s all fake. Also, in June of 2000, when he told me he would be attending a party without me, at the home of Rick Burnett and Mari Ane Fowler [[we attended their parties together, for many years]], he told me he’d be seeing an old friend there, a woman, Jill, who was in a former band with him [[Change of Heart]]. He also pointed out to me that Jill had, at one time, done sex call phoning [[those 900 calls, where the sex pervert hears the woman’s sexy voice, emulating sexual congress]] for work, before she was married. It was as if he was saying people can live any lifestyle they want, and change whatever they do, whenever they want..as if he was PROUD of being perverted and kinky.

1/4/2010 3:21:16 PM - He is twisted.. is probably a narcissist, sociopath, psychopath. He cheated on me with a married woman, Melinda, leading her to believe he was in love with her. He is only playing with you and your life. Is a cheater and a slut. He likes pretending to fall in love with women to see how deep he can make them fall for him only to dump them. He said to me one time, “I didn’t feel that wave of relief when becoming one with you.” Well, he should’ve said that the first time we had sex, not after years of bedding me! And how DARE he use that CHRISTIAN, “becoming one” term in that sentence, . . as if he was some kind of religious fanatic. HYPOCRITE! He definitely told a male jazz guitarist, who I would, years later, work with, that he felt “uncomfortable” attending a Universalist Unitarian church, when the jazz artist invited him to church one time. I hope Melinda FINALLY discovers who Jay REALLY is. It will serve her right for going after “another woman’s man” when she was married. And she will probably also learn what feminism DIDN’T do for women, that it hurt women, and just gave weak men excuses for not becoming husbands and devoted partners. Compare Jay to Cleve Fulton, aka Cleve FultonFranklin, profiled on DDHG.

1/4/2010 7:49:26 PM - GOT ONE FOR YOU…Carl Mintz, aka “Lee” whose area is or was Orangepark, FL. He’s profiled on dontdatehimgirl.com, too. It’s true. They can cover up their downlow ways FOR YEARS, and you might never know it, unless other women put their stories together, to out them, like you and Pattie apparently did, finally.

1/4/2010 8:05:45 PM - Got another comparison for you..Peter Thom, aka “Verisign”, “Santa Cruz” profiled on DDHG.. area for him is Santa Cruz, California.

1/4/2010 8:18:11 PM - I’ve got one for you and he’s on THIS site. John Boltjes. Not sure if he’s closet gay or not, but his actions are much like you described Jay’s.

1/4/2010 8:28:15 PM - Thanks for the comparisons, ladies. And you’re right. They ALL seem like sociopaths. Also, anyone with additional poop on Jay Brown, especially if you’re a gay guy who’s sexed him in the past, please feel free to fill in the gaps. I’d greatly appreciate it. When you do, I will be notified by email about your posts, just as I was when these other ladies commented. I plan to add a few more brief profiles with photos not yet posted, of Jay, when he was in his teens, in his 20''s, in his 30''s on the Don''t Date This Guy web site, to show more views of what he looked like back then, so any gay guy who sexed him could probably recognize him, if they knew him at those times. Hopefully, someone will respond to say when it happened, what year, what place, and where they met him.

1/4/2010 8:42:24 PM - One more! Stephen Hagan. Area is Reading, PA. On DDHG.

1/6/2010 8:05:18 PM - Look up Tom Schott ..area: Phoenix, AZ He's profiled up here.

1/10/2010 4:06:59 PM - I know you found the profile about Brandon Morrow on DDHG, and commented to it. You are correct, I think..many similarities, it seems, to this profile and the one about Morrow.

1/10/2010 6:21:21 PM - When I lived with Jay in the 1990’s, his daughter, Jolene, brought, into our home, for her birthday party which I was MENTORING enough to encourage and foster that event, despite not knowing who she would invite, a guy named Paul Powell. Within months..or that same year, after her birthday party, Paul murdered a female in Manassas, VA. My story about Jay should be a MOVIE. The trauma he caused me, is, I think, by hands over fists, much more than the typical sociopath, who has abused all women in his life.

1/10/2010 7:05:38 PM - The Jay Brown Experience is a TRAUMA that I think no other woman should have to face. Otherwise, I would not have posted so many profiles about him on the Intranet, and his first wife, Pattie, would not have confirmed similar experiences with him.

1/11/2010 7:44:39 AM - I think you are correct. What you’ve described is not a man .. it’s a CONFUSED HESHE, without the hermaphrodite’s hydraulics!

1/11/2010 9:06:49 AM - Perhaps he was also sexually abused or seduced by one of his “mentors” at that “juvie facility” or correctional facility you mentioned, where he’d spent time Edgemeade? You explained that in the beginning of your relationship, he was in tears when describing some “mentor” of his there. Suggest reading an article from the Editorial section of The Washington Post today, “Sexual abuse of youths in detention” web page is http://www.washingtonpost.com/wpdyn/content/article/2010/01/10/AR2010011002264.html If that happened, still, no one should feel sorry for him, as he’s had plenty of time to learn what is right and what is wrong, and apparently, he’s a repeat offender.

1/11/2010 9:51:53 AM - An aside..TO LORI [maiden last name, Walters], JAY’S 2nd exwife: Normally, I would’ve kept private information about you out of my profiles, but I think you, also, deserve to have the “underbelly” of some of your private life exposed up here [like posting that you were an UNWED MOTHER when Jay married you, and had had James out of wedlock, which, technically, I think, would have meant that James was a BASTARD before Jay adopted him!], too, because you, allegedly, didn’t stay out of my life, to leave my life with Jay have a “fair chance” at survival. By, allegedly [from what Jay told me you did] offering yourself up as a “confidante” on the night before he broke it off with me. By keeping Jay as a jewelry repair person for your shop, or doing jobs for you, AS IF HE HAD TO KEEP BRINGING IN FAMILY INCOME TO YOUR HOME, EVEN AFTER YOU AND HE DIVORCED. By inviting him [he brought me there, so I was “open” enough to prove to him that I was not jealous of you, and I even purchased beads and stuff from your shop!] to that multilevel marketing seminar you held at your shop in Warrenton, when he lived with me. And when he dragged out dropping off things to you, like the book case, and the lap saw that he said your father wanted returned, and other things from your divorce settlement with Jay. By [he said you asked him for this] asking him to busque as the “strolling minstrel” in front of your Warrenton shop. By seemingly not recognizing that I mentored [in a HEALTHY way], your daughter, Jolene, when I was kind enough to, for years, let her stay under MY ROOF, all those weekends. By seemingly not advising Jolene to not mention private things about you IN MY COMPANY, IN MY HOME [like the time she blurted out that the reason you and Jay had stopped having sex was because your uterus had dropped.] Sorry, but some of your cr@p should be exposed, too, because I was NOT the “other woman”, and I think you should contact Melinda Yalom [she possibly still lives in Chevy Chase, MD], to let her know about Janet, the “married woman” that Jay told me he had an affair with, while still married to you, and to let Melinda know that, yes..Jay has had an history of having affairs with married women, and breaking apart marriages [or trying to], including his own! OR...you could post a profile about Jay, up here, or on DDHG, to tell her and everyone else, the same. Quit hiding Jay''s wicked ways [if that is what you are doing or want to do]!

1/11/2010 12:29:14 PM - Another comparison for you, though you might have already noticed it already, and commented on DDHG: John Sayres. I’ll quote a few lines from it, so you’ll get the idea: “I was with him for 8 years. 2 years after we got married, he started cheating on me with men. He would pick up random men from a porn shop in Rahway NJ on Route 1 south, on his way home. He''d pick them up, either go to their house or a secluded park, and have sex with the guy. Of course, he would tell me that the traffic on the way home was difficult which is why he was coming home late. Route 1 traffic can be a bitch, so I bought it every time [ ] He claims he still likes women, but believe you me, even his sisters have come out with his ''crossdressing'' as a teen. He''d steal their panties, bras and hose cut school and get dressed up in the basement. He also keeps a collection of women''s panties in his top dresser drawer covering up the gay porn mags [ ] The worst part HE DOESNT USE CONDOMS.”

1/12/2010 10:23:57 AM - Yes, I may sound superstitious. Perhaps I am. But I think trouble and EVIL follows Jay and many people who’ve been involved with him, in business and personally. Take for example the fact that, after Jay abandoned me, one of the only jobs I could get was in a jewelry store, where Jay was associated, in business, with the jeweler. Well, I was assaulted by a felon in that store, left bound and bleeding! I felt as though I’d been raped EMOTIONALLY by Jay, then that happened, the next year. Take, for example, those vendors and others he wrote off his debts to, when he went bankrupt. And if Lori doesn’t come forward, to tell about Janet [if she knew about Janet] or any other woman she knew, or thought she knew, or suspected he was having an affair with, while married to her, then to me, in my opinion, Lori is no better than a woman who’s been raped and who will not help the next woman who’s been raped, when the next woman asks all women who’ve been abused by the same guy to come forward, to prevent the next woman from being likewise raped.

1/12/2010 10:54:26 AM - It is worth restating that I SAW him raising his voice to Lori, one time, when we went to either drop off or pick up his daughter, at Lori''s home in Manassas. So there may have been some domestic abuse issues in that household, too, when Lori was married to Jay. As well, he ogled me when I was married..had a wedding ring on, in the late 80''s, when I walked into that rock shop in Fairfax County, that Lori''s father ran or owned. I was married at the time, and he gave me the perve eyeball then ..WHEN MARRIED TO LORI. And I walked right back out of that store, because he was THAT creepy to me [I should have kept with that thought, not dated him ten years later!] So, you see, Jay''s had a strong history of ogling or honking after married women, not just me, either. I believe Pattie, Jay''s first wife, who told me that he ADMITTED to her having sexed their neighbor''s wife.

1/13/2010 2:02:39 PM - He left me to be with one of his prey who still probably doesn't believe the things he's done. Since he joined a swingers’ site at one time, I can only also assume that he loves group sex, too. He compromised every value I've ever had, including my personal belief and value that there is nothing wrong with being commonlaw married, before considering being married on paper, and in order to get to know someone well, first, especially when a woman had been abused in a former domestic relationship or previous marriage [I believe she NEEDS to know what the guy's financials are all about i.e., if he's gone bankrupt, and what liens he might have, or check public records to see if she can find any documents indicating he owes huge amounts to someone, even relatives!] but since him, I highly recommend that every woman do a THOROUGH BACKGROUND SEARCH on any guy they date or with whom she considers living with.

1/13/2010 2:16:05 PM - As well, I would check, whether by hiring a P.I., or checking public records, police records, etc., if the guy has ever had any restraining orders placed on him.

1/13/2010 2:22:53 PM - In my opinion, he''s also taught his daughter, Jolene, and son, James, that women are interchangeable, and to expect nothing more, in their adult relationships, which is very sad.

1/13/2010 2:25:54 PM - Again, more information about him is posted in my many brief profiles about him, on the Don''t Date This Guy web site. Just use the Advanced Search feature, plug in the name JAY BROWN, and see for yourself. I''m seriously hoping that one day, some KIND gay guy, who sexed Jay whenever, will pay it forward and comment to this post, or to any profiles I''ve posted about him on the Intranet, so that Jay will be outed, once and for all. Or else, that KIND gay gay can post a profile about Jay, too, and refer to this profile or any others I have posted, and so that Jay WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DEFRAUD any more women.

1/13/2010 2:30:26 PM - In response to the commentor who posted at 1/11/2010 12:29:14 PM...Jay told me that when he was a minor, his sisters paid him to wash out their panty hose. To me, Jay is no better than those perves I used to hear about in high school, who sniffed girls'' bicycle seats.

1/16/2010 12:26:44 PM - Ha ha ha. This guy’s name is the first name that pops up, on the DDHG list, after searching the key word, “downlow” on DDHG. Good for you, girl! If this story doesn’t top How Stella Got Her Groove Back, I dunno what does.

1/16/2010 7:25:22 PM - Thank you, last commenter. Jay also disliked the work of the sensitive male songwriter, David Wilcox, who I admired and whose open tunings and brilliant lyrics reminded me of Joni Mitchell’s, and which I learned it took me years to learn them..David’s and Joni’s. In particular, I loved the lyrics to Wilcox’s “Language of the Heart” and Distant Water, that I learned on both guitar and dulcimer. Wilcox’s lyric in Language of the Heart was about a man who was very forgiving of his narcissistic lover. It tells me that Wilcox had a conscience, and suggests that Wilcox was forgiving in a way I could never be, about Jay Brown. I think he disliked Wilcox, deep down, because he, Jay, could never be as brilliant as Wilcox, and could never be THAT fine of a songwriter. Also, Jay probably thought I was “too sentimental” for admiring and learning the many lyrics of Stan Rogers, deceased Canadian songwriter.

1/16/2010 9:03:41 PM - Also, I think anyone should question why Jay wanted to keep photographs of his former lovers. I mean, if you think about how psychopaths and rapists keep “tokens” of the women they’ve “perped”, think about how he kept that photo of Evelyn Vignola. I think the photographer was George Vincent, and it was taken between 1968 and 1971. He kept a baby photo of Pattie, his first wife, at the base of his lamp, in his workshop, on our back porch. Years later, and since I profiled him on DDHG, Pattie told me that she had never given that photo to Jay. Then, he tried to keep, and hid, that half nude photo of me that he snapped,candidly, of me, against my permission and will, when he lived with me. I found it in his ledger book. I removed it, after finding it.

1/18/2010 3:31:45 PM - Reminds me of Collin Castaneda, another guy profiled on DDHG.

1/18/2010 3:46:47 PM - Compare profile for Cesar Castro also posted on DDHG

1/19/2010 3:06:28 PM - Also, to Lori Jay’s 2nd wife and 2nd exwife .. Had Jolene not sent me that “hate letter” that I didn’t deserve!, I probably would not have brought up details about your personal life in my profiles. But she did, and that occurred after I’d housed her for years of weekends, and for years of hugs and presents, back and forth, between the both of us. So it seemed totally INCONGRUOUS that Jolene would have written me such a nasty letter. Possibly, though, she thoguht that when Jay left me, he was returning to you, Lori. Well, maybe she knows now, the TRUTH about what a J A C K A S S P E R V E R T her own father is, and he, to me, didn’t set her much of example of what a devoted, monogamous partner in life, or father should be. To the contrary. I think he just proved to her that women are interchangeable and that she can expect no more from a man she might love in her life. Jay left me because, I think he thought Melinda had a “cushy situation”, and left me because I’d had a few financial pitfalls not uncommon for women in their 40s or 50s, in a job market rife with setbacks! I suffer no more of those pitfalls..haven’t for years, but I will wager that if Melinda Yalom falls into difficult financial times, Jay’s cowardice will shine through, loud and clear. I think if he looks “appealing” to women and has any “decent” wardrobe, it is because women have bought him those nice things as his own mother did, well into his 40s! and he wants a SUGAR MOMMA. I think that Lori should admit that that is exactly what he wanted of her, too.

1/19/2010 4:12:42 PM - My face may have “reminded” him of his guilt over divorcing his second wife, Lori, but remember..I was NOT the OTHER WOMAN. There were 2 OTHER WOMEN, Janet & Debby, who came before me, who Jay had a thing with, while still married to Lori, Wife #2, but surely, Melinda Yalom’s face will remind him of at least HALF of my reasons for profiling him on the web. He is a yellow bellied USER. I feel certain that his sisters & mother tired of his crap, of gladhanding him and/or giving him shelter, to “cover” for him. He told me that he’d gotten so much money from his mother over the years, that she would not be leaving him much, if anything, in her WILL that was one of the few things I would later believe was “truth” that came out of his mouth. I also never asked him ONE THING about any of his family members’ “wills”, although I had HIM & his daughter, as beneficiaries in mine. I changed all that! Jay comes off as very intelligent but mainly regurgitates what he’s heard others say/sing. In the beginning, “romantic” as he appeared, he gave me tourmalines. He left me. He said Lori asked for tanzanite/tanzanites & he gave her one. He left Lori. He’ll probably give Melinda Yalom jewels, too, then leave her, eventually. If he gives her jewels, they''''ll probably be from part of his “take” from his former rock shop inventory, from when he ran a shop with Lori, from his “divorce settlement.” If he comes across as a “natty” dresser, it’s probably because of clothes women like me have bought for him. Silk ties, dress shirts, black shirts to wear for his band jobs, etc.

1/19/2010 5:33:41 PM - Compare/see another profile on dontdatethisgirl.com, about Joseph Ruiz, aka “Joe”, aka “Joseph A. Ruiz”. Area for him was and still could be, Stockton, CA.

1/19/2010 6:24:12 PM - “Black Sheeps” are among many families. My father even told me that one of his brothers, Jack, was a “black sheep”. My father said that all of his brothers and sisters knew that his brother, Jack, was a black sheep, that he had bounced checks, and done other criminal things, in his life, and had “conned” women. My father came from a large Catholic family, that lived in the prairie, in the mid west. My father often, through his life, gave to his relatives who were less fortunate than he. THAT is the mark of a MAN, not a BOY! Jack, my father said, ran from town to town, from state to state, deceiving people around him. Jack finally landed in the home of a woman who owned a hotel, my father said. My father didn’t tell me if or not Jack, his brother, remained with that woman, who was, in my opinion, a SUGAR MOMMA. I will bet, though, that he didn’t. Jack was also an alcoholic. Jay is, to me, like my father’s brother, Jack. To me, Melinda Yalom is like that woman, the hotel owner, who took in my uncle Jack. Hopefully, Melinda is not sorry for doing this. But I will bank my bottom dollar, to bet that, sooner or later, Melinda will be sorry for ever involving herself with Jay. My father was buried, early this month, as a hero, in Arlington National Cemetery. Jay, on the other hand, told me that he pretended, to the military recruiter who interviewed Jay, after Jay got his draft notice, and was interviewed..called in..or so Jay said he was interviewed.., Jay told that recruiter that he, Jay, was gay. Jay said he did this to avoid the draft, during the Vietnam War. My father was also in the diplomatic service, and made sure that he did not leave me a poor woman. Consequently, I share my good fortune with my HONEST and LOYAL mate, not with Jay Brown.

1/19/2010 6:34:46 PM - I only wish that Jay Brown''s relatives were forthcoming enough to admit, if not post, to my profiles, or with their own profiles, that, indeed, Jay Brown is or was a Black Sheep. Possibly, if not probably, Jay saw or knew, from his teen years, that something was wrong with his own father, Everett Senior..noticed that he was not faithful to his mother, so that his father set no good example for Jay, for Jay to become a MAN, and so, later, the fruit did not fall far from the tree. How I arrived at this conclusion was from the stories that Jay told me about his own father. How sad.

1/19/2010 6:53:33 PM - Although, if you think that ALL military men are honorable..THINK TWICE. I also advocate, to help abused women, abused by military, or former military men. I point them to a source I know of, to access a source, which is a list, compiled, with profiles cited, about men in the military, or who seem to have been influenced, by the armed forces, to abuse women. My source, who calls himself or herself, THE COMPILER, has gleaned profiles, about men allegedly in the armed forces, or seemingly influenced by same, to abuse women, and these profiles were culled from FOUR or FIVE different web sites, since those web sites were created. The lists of those profiles are accessible, FOR NOTHING..AT NO COST. One only needs sending an email to the creator of those lists, THE COMPILER, at feathersfromphoenix@yahoo.com, to have THE COMPILER send, with that list series, attached to one email, to gain those lists, that you may forward to other females, friends, or other concerned persons, to warn them about alleged predators, who have been profiled on the Intranet. The reason I advocate is because, before I lived with Jay, I was verbally and emotionally abused my my first and only legal husband, for four years in my strong opinion. I had hoped that Jay would be the alternative..that I had met the man of my dreams, who was aligned with my musical soul. I was wrong.

1/19/2010 7:06:40 PM - Never again will I settle for less than I deserve. Given my experience with Jay, I am ARMED with information about frauds, which I will share with any woman who crosses my path.

1/22/2010 12:34:38 PM - See profile for Ashiao Greenidge, also profiled on DDHG..another comparison for you.

1/22/2010 6:59:16 PM - Check out http://dontdatehimgirl.com/search/0/Michael%20Armstrong/name/ re Michael Armstrong

1/23/2010 4:28:20 PM - I saw a comment under a DDHG profile. I think you were correct in thinking that most guys on the DL are also gigolos. See DDHG profile for Brian Hiske, for example.

1/24/2010 12:45:06 PM - He meets or has met women with relationship issues, then talks them into leaving their mate because he he may use other words than these “feels your pain”. Not too much longer, he’ll tell you he “loves” you, and, in so many false words, that you’re “the one” for him. He loves NO ONE. He might encourage “marriage talk”, as he did with me, in the beginning. He is SICK and uses/used people’s pain to hurt them. He''s got his act down, pretending to be the “nice guy” who helps you out all the time, does things for you, introduces you to his friends and family, only to get your guard down. He had his friends, me, my family and his family, totally snowed. I suspect that he is aging very badly, thus, my loss, I finally decided, was to my advantage, except that I lost valuable time in YEARS, in my relationship with him. Don''t fall victim to his cheating ways like I and THREE other women have.

1/24/2010 1:01:42 PM - He acts shy and unassuming, but he’s a USER. He’ll worm worm his way into your heart and home, and your bank account will suffer for it. Once you’re hooked this may take years! and he drains you, “it’s over.” He will try and tell you that it is all you, that you cause the problem, but he’ll have already had another replacement or hook up when he dumps you. I believe that he still has some serious problems, probably undiagnosed mental problems. He seems to have no concept of having a real relationship that does not include sex because he equates emotions and showing he cares with sex, which is just one indication of something being ‘off’ with him. He even ADMITTED to me that this very problem was one that his 2nd wife, Lori, saw in him.

1/24/2010 1:15:14 PM - This individual is an abuser. To his friends and coworkers he is/was a ‘nice’ guy, yet, behind closed doors, things are/were very different. I predict, with almost deadon certainty, that if you are involved in a relationship with him he will abuse you JUST LIKE HE DID ME..eventually. Do NOT be conned by his “sensitive and caring” act. It IS an ACT, and it will not last forever. Eventually, he’ll cut you off from everyone else at least from his family and the friends you shared together..possibly even business contacts that you helped earn you and them money and/or the many networks it took you to build with him, and perhaps some that you had, that he DIDN’T have, before he met you, which COULD have been potential sources of help, had they not believed his lies.

1/24/2010 2:38:00 PM - He will likely cheat on you, MIGHT take you for your money, emotionally abuse you, take your self worth, and if he’s sexing men or swingers MIGHT give you STD. I’m not just miffed or getting even I’m looking out for his next victim. Thank God my father didn''t leave me poor nor did he leave my brothers poor when he died. But THANK GOD I won''t have to share my good fortune with Jay Brown. No. I''ll share it with my HONEST, LOYAL, MONOGAMOUS partner of years, instead. Eat your heart out, Jay! And, as I wrote somewhere above, I don''t think Jay will have the same fortune, because he told me that his mother gave him so much over the years, that he wouldn''t be getting much, if anything, of an inheritance from her. Ha ha.

1/25/2010 10:45:54 AM - Reminds me of Roy Balagna, also profiled on DDHG.

1/25/2010 11:37:46 AM - Another jerk profiled on DDHG, to compare gotta love that we are outing these guys!..Ross Makibbin

1/26/2010 1:55:43 PM - Oh yes. And that Paul Powell guy, the felon, that I mentioned above..the one who murdered a Manassas girl, then waited to rape her sister, on the same day? He was the one who Jolene invited to her birthday party, the party that I was so nice to allow her to have in my home? Well, that Powell guy was a RACIST. Guess that’s the kind of guy Jolene befriended, back then. If you think that Jay’s baby momma drama didn’t add many gray hairs to my head and stress to my life, you’d be mistaken. That was just ANOTHER example of how I think Jay and his “lot” brought, in their “wake” and into my life evil happenstance per my paragraph about superstition, above. I can’t believe that felon, Powell, was allowed to live another 9 years or more, after the murder and rape. He will be put to death, though. I heard it on the news yesterday. Articles about him can be found on these URLs: http://lifeontherow.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=stays&action=display&thread=1050 http://www.prodeathpenalty.com/virginia/row.html http://www.imsurroundedbyidiots.com/peopleondeathrowinvirginia/paulwarnerpowell/ http://www2.insidenova.com/isn/news/local/article/murder_attack_victims_mother_talks_about_healing_process/39134/ http://www.washingtonpost.com/wpdyn/content/article/2007/02/09/AR2007020902406.html http://hamptonroads.com/2010/01/highcourtclearswayvirginiaexecution

1/26/2010 2:18:32 PM - I hear ya gal. Got two more profiles to point you to similar M.O.''s, I think, to your ex, also on DDHG, and they were just posted this week: Philly Parker and Lewis Cooper

1/26/2010 2:20:24 PM - Oops. Forgot I just commented last, above. There were THREE guys that I noticed, profiled on DDHG this week. The third was Cecil Cole.

1/26/2010 4:00:51 PM - Another creep, who I think is much like this Jay fellow you profiled: Clinton Rademeyer He''s also on DDHG.

1/26/2010 4:10:33 PM - Read all about Manny Ramirez, on DDHG.

1/26/2010 4:14:54 PM - Here''s another posted on DDHG gals...Walter Lee Rampton use only the first and last name in the database search, up there, and you''ll find it

1/26/2010 5:16:25 PM - See about Robert Perkins another DDHG profile

1/26/2010 5:18:37 PM - You rock, girl! Here''s another one on DDHG: Otto Perlera

1/27/2010 3:02:31 PM - Another one, ladies...posted within the last 24 hours, on DDHG: Brian Main

1/27/2010 4:56:31 PM - Thank all of you women, from the bottom of my heart, for reminding me that I am/was not alone, to experience a jerk like the one I profiled. I get an email every time one of you comments, so I can see what other profiles are like my own, about this jerk. Jay was, probably still is, a habitual, serial liar..has been caught in so many lies regarding women and his relationships with them. He will, I think, use any woman he can to boost his self esteem and his lifestyle and purse. He seems to prey on professional or “successful” women. In other words, a woman who is with a reputable company, or has a fulltime job for years, or who he sees will probably keep a fulltime job, when he cannot, and I think he’ll only love a woman with an important job title .. or better yet..if her Daddy owns a business that he can just “step” into, no fuss, no muss as I think he did with wife #2.

1/27/2010 6:38:32 PM - Check out the Jimi Fear profile on DDHG.

1/27/2010 6:58:42 PM - Jeffrey Lee Fenn. He’s profiled on this site: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=12183

1/27/2010 7:42:16 PM - John Pineiro. See DDHG profile.

1/27/2010 9:10:38 PM - Theodore Alan Chapman .. profiled on this site, too.

1/27/2010 9:19:18 PM - Patrick Robertson, aka “Big Belly” Sierra Vista, AZ.. yet another DDHG profile. ANOTHER DOWNLOW MAN!

1/27/2010 9:43:38 PM - Fernando Boccalandro was ''outed'' on DDHG, too!

1/27/2010 9:46:43 PM - Jason Boch .. also exposed on DDHG.

1/28/2010 12:04:33 PM - David Richard Hunt..profiled up here, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=15803

1/28/2010 12:09:53 PM - See DDHG profile on Joseph Hunter. You''re right. We have to out all the downlow bastards.

1/28/2010 12:43:03 PM - Several more for you: Randy Hunter, Tyrone Watson, Xavier Hunter, Rodney Hurst,Charles Hurston, Niel Hutchinson, Roy Hutchinson, Joseph Hyde, Louis Hygrade Jr.,Robert Ieston, John Ijams, Tyler Imbrogno, Kerim Imes, Billy Inspect2004, Frank Iossa, Dehaven Irby, William Irish, Nokomis Jackson .. all are or were profiled on DDHG. And Jon Leigh Huseby, Sylvester Lee Jackson ..all profiled up here or were .. Those are just a FEW of the names on the ALLEGED DOWN LOW BOYS, ETC. list I got from one source. If you want to see the WHOLE list, it''s free. Just send an email to feathersfromphoenix@yahoo.com, and ask for it. One by one, they are ALL being exposed.

1/28/2010 1:10:09 PM - I also found your profile about this guy by using the key word search, downlow into DDHG''s search field. Terry Willis Dallas, TX is another one up there.

1/28/2010 5:32:52 PM - Matthew Turek...another one profiled on DDHG. He might remind you of Jay more than the other downlow boys so far mentioned.

1/28/2010 7:28:13 PM - Bruce Celmer..another DDHG downlow man example

1/28/2010 7:43:36 PM - David Chalmers..another loser profiled on DDHG.


1/28/2010 8:32:23 PM - Jason Charles. See DDHG profile.

1/28/2010 8:54:21 PM - Since you wrote that his first wife said he asked her to strap on a penis, and reverse sex roles with her, I thought I''d tell you about this next profile, which was once on DDHG, but I couldn''t find it recently I saved it, so I''ll quote it: Jerry Murdock, aka “jerygram” Scotsdale, AZ: “I don''t know if Jerry actually physically cheated on me with another woman but he did cheat on me by masterbating to strapon on porn.The strapon porn is woman wearing strapons doing men in the ass. I found it really offensive & it hurt my feelings. I told him how I felt about it but he kept doing it anyway. What normal man would masterbate to strapon porn then wanting to be with his girlfriend is what I didn''t understand? I thought maybe he was bisexual & even asked him if he was but he denied it. I did some research online about men that like that kind of stuff & it suggested that men that are into that are bisexual.”

1/29/2010 10:46:00 AM - Bishop Clark! .. aka Canicky .. another DDHG profile.

1/29/2010 12:31:34 PM - Thank you, ladies. He is DEFINITELY a creep. Evelyn Vignola lived with him for only about one year if that long, and after that, saw him briefly, every few years or so, as a supposed “friend”. She didn’t KNOW him like I KNOW him, after I lived with him for 8.5 years. Nothing she could say, with any FULL knowledge or validity, could negate the things that Debby affair he had on his 2nd wife, Lori, or his first wife, Pattie, and I, could say about him which is the TRUTH! I still think Lori is “keeping secrets” about him, and I will bet that Janet other woman with whom he had an affair – or tried to – while married to Lori also would have some notsonice things to say about him, too.

1/29/2010 1:27:23 PM - Jay openly admitted to me that he’d asked Lori 2nd wife to watch porn video or materials with him too, said, “She tried it once but didn’t like it.” So, apparently and allegedly, he tried the SAME CRAP with her, too! Too bad she hasn’t come forth to say he did that still keeping his “secrets”? And, I feel certain, that if you were to contact her father, Lou Walters last I knew, he lived somewhere in Texas, last I knew, possibly El Paso, but I’m not sure where, somewhere with his wife, Bonnie, if she’s still his wife, and spoke with him, he’d have a few notsonice things to say about Jay, too. He’d probably give you a piece of his mind, about Jay Brown. Jay told me that Lou or Lu, not sure how he spelled his name wanted to put him out of business permanently it was one of the FEW things that I think Jay spoke truth about.

1/29/2010 2:25:27 PM - Suggest reading profile about Darryl Spencer, on DDHG. Seemingly many similarities to what you''ve posted.

1/29/2010 2:48:25 PM - Look out for Jamey Saine, also profiled on DDHG. I''m telling you, there''s a WHOLE LIST of these guys. A free list. No Cost. Go to the source mentioned above, to get one. United We Stand, in exposing these frauds!


1/29/2010 3:49:36 PM - Paul Durbala''s another one profiled on DDHG.

1/29/2010 5:38:15 PM - Just a few lines I’ll quote, from the DDHG profile on Andre Bell, aka Dre areas indicated for him were San Francisco, Oakland, CA Detroit, MI Chicago, IL Bowling Green, KY, which may be difficult for you to find again, because there are so many guys with the last name “Bell” profiled up there: ‘Andre'' was NEVER honest with me and he didn’t like to work. He''s only happy being someone''s house boy. He will lie right to your face, cheat, betray and deceive you. He''s passiveaggressive that’s for sure, saying he loves you right to your face, then turning around and cheating on you. He likes getting attention from BBW big FAT ladies he finds online. He doesn’t even care who they are the larger and older 60 years old no joke, the better. He likes to ‘cuddle’ with them behind your back. He''s all over the internet giving out false information about who he is wrong name, bday. He has used the name carl parker and likes to pretend he is 32 years old. He has many, many, many email addresses like jbme, itsme, etc..., who knows how many. He''s on a TON of dating sites, including CHUBBY chasing ones. [ ] he has no checking account, no money or future prospects, no car, no place to live, horrible credit score = 500. and he''s just not a good/honest/hardworking person like he claims to be. I found out too he was getting together with gay men for anonymous sex behind my back. He''s a closet homosexual. I guess his family would frown on that, but they support his infidelity and the fact that he''s a manipulator.’

1/29/2010 6:00:28 PM - SEARCH FOR THE NAME, Andrew Schaefer, ON DDHG, AND SEE WHAT YOU FIND.

1/29/2010 6:07:34 PM - Again..thanks for all the comparisons, good women. I can only hope that Melinda Yalom has nosey or concerned neighbors, who plug in either her name or Jay''s name into Google search, to see what comes up, and/or will report to her, if/when they see strange MALES coming to her house, during the day, to ''visit'' Jay, while she''s at work, and just in case he convinced her to let him be a lazy, househusband, to have HER work, while he''s underemployed..just as a pimp ''farms'' out his bevy of women. Possibly the Neighborhood Watch team in that neighborhood might also be concerned about preventing one more woman from being defrauded, and many of them might be women, who also visit these ''Report A Cheater'' web sites, to read the profiles like many people read the daily Obits in their newspapers.

1/29/2010 6:31:32 PM - Sorry for the false lead. Profile on Andrew Schaefer, aka “Andy” Ferndale, MD was somehow removed, since it was posted. But I saved it, and I think it should''ve stayed up there, so I''ll quote from that previous profile: ''We dated for 7 months he cheated on me for 5 of those, WITH TWO DIFFERENT GIRLS. Enough said. Oh and he would admit to me regularly that he thought he was bisexual/gay and had thoughts of being with his best friend Edwin! Stay away! Player!''

1/29/2010 6:42:33 PM - Here''s one for you .. RAPHAEL M. MIJARES .. and the profile about him is still on DDHG.

1/29/2010 8:54:41 PM - Two more guys profiled on DDHG. Scoop about them is they both allegedly need women to use strapons with them. One of them allegedly called or calls himself a pimp: Brannon Pitcher James Lee Moore

1/29/2010 9:12:54 PM - Well, he never used a strapon on me, nor would I have let him, but I noticed one video he’d either rented or purchased, when he lived with me, that had, on it’s cover, two women, each wearing strapons, so, perhaps his sick idea was to try ‘grooming’ me to become a lesbian, OR to do what he asked of his first wife, Pattie..she said he asked her to wear a strapon and penetrate him I feel certain she didn’t comply, either That is what I mean by Jay’s ‘sickness’. Interesting the commenter above, before this comment, mentioned those other two guys profiled on DDHG, who apparently wanted to involve strapons, during sex play with their girlfriends. Perhaps we could find more guys profiled on DDHG, using the key word search with a hyphen, between the word ''strap'' and ''on'', which could probably give us a clue to why those men are as sick as I think Jay was and probably still is. Too bad this site has no key word search feature. We''d probably find more of them.

1/29/2010 9:41:17 PM - Read all about Martin Bishop: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/80753/

1/30/2010 12:18:55 PM - Suggest reading DDHG profile about Brandon Bui.

1/30/2010 12:24:27 PM - GO SISTERS! Here''s another DDHG profiled: Jerry Bulford, aka Frank Marine

1/30/2010 1:59:48 PM - All of your comments and kind feedback are very confirming to me. Just last week, I received a kind email from one woman who’d seen my profiles about Jay. It contained these words: ‘Your profile info is detailed and well written. I''m trying to make as many comments to your work to the postings as possible. [ ] I have no doubt your information is credible based on your writing skills and sense of duty. I was married to a man who is similar in many ways to this loser and am still trying to pick up the pieces. I have known men like him and knew to run the other way when I sensed similar sociopathic characteristics based on my experiences all the while saying to myself ‘why didn''t I see it’ or ‘had I only known’ or ‘why hadn''t someone spoken up’ which would have saved me much money, time and heartache.’ Of course my information is credible I would not have been consistent for all these years, pressing my point, to warn other women about him, had it not been credible. Keep those comments coming, ladies. And I hope I never see Jay Brown’s face at any gathering of friends of mine some of whom, in the past, he would not have known if not for my introduction, because, if I do, my Significant Other will be nearby, to support me. And if Jay is present, I know I will feel like spitting in his face or kicking him in the nuts. I insist..still say that he is detrimental to any woman''s emotional health and psyche.

1/30/2010 2:23:30 PM - Look up DDHG profile for John Lister. Even though it is not stated that he might go both ways, the way he allegedly behaved is much like you have described about your ex..couldn''t keep his pants zipped, and his apparent conquests included married women and/or neighbor woman..whoever he came across and was within his reach..seeming to seek the next ''social situation'' that would lend itself to a fling or affair.

1/30/2010 4:03:04 PM - Paul Nash, Anton Nash, Emile Myburgh, Don Myers, Eric Myers Upland, CA, Dante Myles, Jim Nafe, Mark Nance,..to name a few more DDHG profile. I’m tellin’ ya, ladies, there’s a WHOLE LIST she’s right about the source mentioned above..this list should, by now, circulating this earth at lightening speed!

1/30/2010 6:14:38 PM - He seems a lot like Danny Ray Donegan, jr, profiled on this site. Other men alleged to be on the downlow DDHG profiles: Sheldon Dixon, Terrence Dixon, Joshua Dobarganes, Jason Dobbs, Patrick Dobrinen, Lucas Domian, Darin Dominick, Timothy Donahue, Kyrone Donald..those are just A FEW of the HUNDREDS OF NAMES on the list/source, mentioned above, that is free. And yes, it SHOULD be zipping around the globe like wildfire, so women can take heed.

1/30/2010 6:29:52 PM - I obtained a copy of that list. VERY worth it! I noticed you found the profile about Alex Lucchesi, on DDHG, so thought I''d remark.

1/30/2010 7:44:04 PM - You''re lucky you came away without an STD. Here''s another one: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/124380/

1/30/2010 7:56:05 PM - He probably went ''Commando'' no draws because he knew he''d get ''em streaky if he had them. LOL! See about Curtis Clay III on DDHG

1/31/2010 2:06:53 PM - MORE GUYS ALLEGED TO BE ON THE DL DDHG profiles: John Lewis Haberecht Daryl Steger Wayne Fletcher David Barberree GUY ALLEGED TO BE ON THE DL, on datingpsychos.com: Kevin Thomas

1/31/2010 2:38:12 PM - He might have a dissociative disorder. I found a good source about that: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/dissociativedisorders/DS00574 Some excerpts from it: “People with dissociative disorders chronically escape their reality in involuntary, unhealthy ways ranging from suppressing memories to assuming alternate identities. The patterns of dissociative disorders usually develop as a reaction to trauma and function to keep difficult memories at bay.”

1/31/2010 3:00:48 PM - Ooh! Got a good one for you, though you may have already seen it, since I''ve noticed your insightful comments under some of the profiles about alleged DL men on DDHG: Craig Heffernan

1/31/2010 3:31:23 PM - Read All About It! Michael Mitchell, aka “mboojigga”,aka “pj2” Jacksonville, AR..another DDHG profile.

1/31/2010 3:39:45 PM - Two more guys with the last name Mitchell DDHG profiles, also alleged as guys on the DL: Shane Mitchell, aka “MatthewMitchell” Tampa, FL and Timothy Mitchell Jr., aka “Brazil” and “Himmy” and “Kamaree” Fairfield, Richmond, Sacramento, CA

1/31/2010 4:05:39 PM - This one I found from that list or source you mentioned above, another DDHG profile that warns about men on the DL, alleged to spread STD. Two profiles about him are posted up there: Sean Edwards

1/31/2010 6:48:43 PM - Actually, I think your description of Jay aligns more with that of Eric Files source: DDHG

2/2/2010 11:32:11 AM - Jay has acquaintances and relatives that I think will lie by “omission”..just like he does! for him, when he’s in his cheating mode. When you confront him because you have a gut feeling that something is wrong with him, he tells you that you have “abandonment issues.” That''s because he''s about to abandon YOU!

2/2/2010 3:07:59 PM - MORE GUYS PROFILED ON THE WEB, ALLEGED TO BE ON THE DOWN LOW, CLOSET GAY, SWINGERS, OR ANY OF THE ABOVE I also think men who use Adult Friend Finder as “swinger” types, too. These names came from that source or list, mentioned above. First, those profiled on DDHG, or formerly posted on DDHG: Clifford Bryan McCreary Oluwole Okeowo, aka “Wally” or “Wole” Ryan Bieniek, aka h3lm3tb0y Jovon McClarty, aka “Thug Wanna Be” Steven Hart Darryl Speller Mike Cheever Donald Wayne Cheatham Tyrone Cheatham John Johnson, aka “Jaye” Lithiona, Augusta, Atlanta, Savannah, GA Marshall Thomas, aka “DJ MARS” Bobby Gray, aka steele511@match.com Antonio Hampton Sean Edward Fitzgerald Eric Fitzgerald, aka “E” Mark Ehlers scooter1969 Darren Fiske, aka “DBo” Patrick Fistler Sean Fisher, aka “fatz” Calgary Christopher Fisher, aka Guppie Donald Berg, aka “Don” Louis Berger, aka “bozie” Aaron Fisher, aka AJ”, “Kai Fisher Michael Finnegan, aka “spinguy” Emmie or Emerson Sherrod Steven Brown, aka “Steve”, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/47888/ AJ Finch Keith Ptasznik Jeff Matthews, aka Jeffrey Wilmette, IL Matt Bass Steve Butler Griffin, Atlanta, GA Danny Wayne Smith Dallas, Arlington area, TX Michael Hayes Cincinatti, OH Frank Herrera Gilbert, Phoenix, AZ Shaunta Travis Atlanta, GA Ricky Kee, aka “irish_creme69 [ ] dr_rk” Castle Rock, CO Eric Files, aka “bigredone” Florence, OR Dewitt Fiella, aka “deebo” Buffalo, NY North Tonawanda Tonawanda Amhert Clarence Cheektowaga Vincent Taylor Jackson, Brandon, Forrest, MS William Coleman, aka Curt Phoenix, AZ Colin Rose, aka “Silvanais” Odessa, TX Arthur Coles, aka “Art” Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale, AZ Harold Henderson, Jr., aka “Junior”, “Harry” Dardenalle, Russellville, Atkins, AR Kenneth Heil, aka “Kenny” Palmdale, CA Jesse Helton, aka “Jess” Corbin, KY

2/2/2010 3:09:30 PM - NEXT ARE A FEW GUYS PROFILED ON womansavers.com, with same or similar M.O.s, or formerly profiled on same: Q. Grant Paul Grant Atlanta, GA Dwayne Madison, aka Jasmon”, “Jasmond”, “Titus Kit Chell Anthony Tawain Fitz Danville,VA: Howard Finkelstein Sean William Findley Eric Albers Bob Sousa, aka “Bob Souza” Jordan Cox NEXT ARE GUYS PROFILED ON datingpsychos.com,or were: Jeff Johnson Castle Hayne, Wilmington, NC Scott Young Ogden, UT

2/2/2010 3:23:07 PM - If things become any worse in our world and society with these creepy DOWNLOW and gigolo types, I think our justice system and laws need some serious changing, to include: Fraud laws changed or improved, to nab the guys who hide their “other” sexual identities, to defraud us. Common Law Marriage laws changed, to recognize Common Law Marriage Laws in ALL states of the Union, so that women can live with the guy for a few years, so they can see if the “gigolo” factor rears its ugly head..or butt..or whatever the case, so that women can get out of the relationship, before tying the knot, and before they bankrupt us! You ought to check the Common Law Marriage laws in VA and MD. I think there are some on the books, though many women think there aren''t. I think this Jay fellow ought to have left you half of his divorce proceedings inventory, for all the time you put in with him if not that, at least he should''ve, I think, paid you $21K for storing his **** in your garage, for all those years.

2/2/2010 4:44:59 PM - I seriously think and sense that he determines who is a keeper based on the size of her wallet, and based on his history with his past mates.

2/2/2010 5:03:03 PM - Richard Cox Mongler, aka “Grinman”, , Cockmongler”, “Richard C. Mongler”, “Grinmongler”..Drumheller, CanadaAlberta .. SEE all DDHG profiles on him!

2/2/2010 6:26:04 PM - See profile for Brandon Bui, aka “Brandy Bui”, “Brandy Mangol” Natrona, PA, on DDHG.

2/2/2010 6:38:28 PM - Any gay guy who might have sexed Jay in his past, for example, those two gay guys that Pattie, his first wife said were her friends, who told her they’d had sex with him while he was with her, might look up M. Yalom, in the phone directory for Chevy Chase, MD. Last I knew, she lived on Aragon Lane. They might, if they so choose, call her, to let her know, that yes, Pattie WAS NOT lying. And neither am I! The Don''t Date This Guy site, on which I posted several profiles about Jay, with photos of him from his past, is temporarily unavailable, for the past week. Hopefully, it will be back up working soon.

2/3/2010 2:12:52 PM - MORE GUYS ALLEGED ON THE DOWN LOW OR IN OTHER “UNSAVORY CATEGORIES”, FROM DDHG PROFILES: Glen Nunley, aka “Rocco”, Columbus, GA Robert Ofelt, aka “Bob”, “Bobby”, Portland, OR Emmanuel Nyuon, aka “KCi”, Rochester, Sioux Falls, Owatonna, NY Rob Nyman, Issaquah, WA Brian Nyman, Provo, UT Kingsley Nweke, Fayetteville, NC Pat O Brien, Wellsville, UT Matthew Obrien, Singapore Sean O Brien, aka “shizz”, Philadelphia, PA Russ O’Cornan, aka “Twink”, AC Dallas Ochoa, Denver, CO, Las Vegas, NV Dennis aa O Donohue, aka funguyinsydney'''' on alt.com BDSM site, Sydney Mosman Chuck Oldham, aka Chuckie, Mesa, AZ Thomas Odom, aka Thomas H. Odom, II, Carlisle, PA Grant Olafson, Minneapolis, MN Abiodun Okunaya, aka Abi, Philadelphia, PA Mike D. Ogrin, aka “MDO”, “Moges”, Spokane, WA Damien Ogden, Poughkeepsie, NY Mark Oberdick, Hanford, CA

2/3/2010 2:13:38 PM - OTHERS PROFILED ON womansavers.com, ALLEGED TO BE EITHER CLOSET GAY, SWINGERS, ON THE DOWNLOW, or SUSPECT OF SAME, or ALLEGED TO BE PORN ADDICTED OR “TOO KINKY”: Darrall Odell, aka “dazzman”, Long Beach, CA Levie Old, San Antonio, TX Kareem Oderick, aka “Reem”, “Johnberg”, “Towns”, Philadelphia, North, Blumberg, PA Nate Ohzourk, aka Nate Dog”, “ND336, San Diego, CA Ray Oglesby, aka “rayflexin”, Raleigh, NC Arturio Offord, Silver Spring, MD Stephen Officer, Indianapolis, IN Ricky Glenn Oaks, Kingsport, TN Jerry Nunez, aka “Rogelio”, Bakersfield, CA

2/3/2010 4:58:38 PM - These also came off that list, are profiled on DDHG: Jonathan Althoff , Columbus, OH Daniel Elliot, aka “Danny Blaq”, Silver Spring, MD David Bacchetti, aka “Dave, Hubbard, OH. NEXT ONES ARE PROFILED ON womansavers.com: Byron Elliott, Kennewick, WA McComb McPherson, Brooklyn, NY Jonathan McPhee, aka “Jon” and“Arranustipin”, Fort Myers, North Ft. Myers, Lee County Area Terence McPartland,District Of Columbia Tom McOsker, unknown city, New York Steve McCornack, Dayton, OH. That whole list from THE COMPILER is still available, and is updated each day or night. It’s free. Just ask with an email to feathersfromphoenix@yahoo.com for it, to see ALL OF THEM!

2/3/2010 7:20:19 PM - TWO MORE PROFILES ON DDHG I SUGGEST READING, also on THE COMPILER''S list. IF THESE DON’T BREAK YOUR HEART, I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL: Dan Brown, Fullerton, CA Drayton Hall, aka Dray, Lake Wylie, SC. Ask to see the WHOLE list, then you might see the extent of how bad this societal problem is.

2/4/2010 11:41:53 AM - ALLEGED TO BE EITHER ON THE DOWNLOW, CLOSET GAY OR A SWINGER, PROFILED ON DDHG: Mark Gutfreund, aka “guy1957”, Paducah, KY Samuel Stem, aka Grim”, “Grimster, Portland, OR Jamar Stenhouse, Wilkinsburg, PA Jordan Stenzel, aka “JorstParoc” part of a screenname, Greece, NY Wayne Fletcher,Gold Coast Carlos Clemente, aka “Kilo”, “riccan.nikka”, Louisville, KY. MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW OR ALLEGED CLOSET GAY GUYS, PROFILED ON womansavers.com: Peter Sterenberg, aka “PJ” , Chicago, IL Matt Clemmenson, Tinton Falls, NJ.

2/4/2010 1:44:27 PM - Seems like another Stripper Groupie with a false personality.

2/4/2010 1:50:14 PM - Oh. I thought so, too. And that BRIEF time he worked for that music store in Manassas, he complained to me that some guy was “stealing” his sales. Add to that he admitted walking off the job..not sure if he was painting for her or did carpentry for her..for Bonnie Hawley, or Hauly..not sure how she spelled her name..in Manassas, when he lived with me. Add to that how he seemingly “bucked” the yoke his 2nd fatherinlaw, when he worked for his 2nd fatherinlaw’s business..probably didn’t want to be under fatherinlaw’s close eye. Then add the way I think he destroyed my band, formed with him, so that I had no replacement back up band, and lost those friends who were musicians I hired, because of him, so I lost income that way. Yes. I think he has some serious anti authority personality, and particularly when it comes to women with authority.

2/4/2010 2:40:19 PM - You mentioned child abuse issues in his past. He seems a lot like Charles Kim, profiled on this site: http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=23743

2/4/2010 4:27:11 PM - If the Don’t Date This Guy web site isn’t back online, in operation, soon..it’s been down for about 1.5 weeks now.. I will repost every single one of those brief profiles up here, including those I posted with photos of him, from his youth, and this time, I’ll get the photos upright. I’ve saved all those profiles, and hope that some gay guy who might have sexed him, whenever, will be able to identify him, from one of those profiles, and will comment, or post a profile about him, too. It’s high time he stopped deceiving and/or defrauding women. I think he’s been doing it for years!

2/4/2010 4:48:35 PM - In more than just my opinion, he will become whomever you desire for the perfect man until he knows he has you .. knows you’ve fallen for him, then, out of the blue, it''s over. I think all he wants is a house to lay his head, possibly to pay little or no rent or mortgage, wants money and sex from whoever.. doesn’t matter who. That''s what sick sociopaths do. They mimic your likes and dislikes easily, to morph into whatever they think is your perfect man, only to abuse women emotionally, and whatever other way they can, and replace you with someone else, before their done with you.

2/4/2010 5:16:43 PM - OTHER ALLEGED DOWNLOW MEN, OR OTHERWISE ALLEGED SICK PERVERTS, PROFILED ON DDHG: Steven Kidd, King of Prussia, PA Jeremy Kiger, aka “Kei Kiger”, Portland, OR Seattle, WA, Yosemite TX, or TN John Clifden Killary, aka Clif Killary, New York, Granville, VT, New Hampshire, Canada Charles Dotson, aka Chuck”, “Smokey”, “Junior, Chicago, IL Brian Dougherty, Indianapolis, IN David Dove, aka Dave”, “David”, “David Coleman, Charlotte, Mount Holly, Belmont, Huntersville, NC Zikomo Dorris, aka “Zeek”, Gaylord, MI Robert Dorrough, aka “ReBorn”, Llandilo, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Glenmore Park, NSW, Australia Bruce Dorsey, Oakland, San Francisco, Emeryville, CA Paul Dose, aka “Harv”, Lamar, CO Oliver Killeen, “Could Be Anywhere!”, Canada Hal Dorr, Greenville, Enoree, SC Dorrell, aka “Jack”, Philadelphia, PA. OTHERS, WITH SEEMINGLY SIMILAR “PERP” CATEGORIES, PROFILED on womansavers.com: Phillip Doss, aka Phil, MS, IN, CA, TN, VA, GA Craig Scott Dostie, New Britain, CT. These names came off that list from feathersfromphoenix@yahoo.com. Check ''em out, if you don''t believe the source.

2/4/2010 7:14:05 PM - See profile for Tom Bowman on DDHG: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/207753/

2/5/2010 10:14:46 AM - COMPARE HIM TO JIMMY SMITH, aka hutchisyodaddy: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/239240/

2/5/2010 11:25:45 AM - Just like Michael Acosta: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/47121/

2/5/2010 11:28:14 AM - ...and Raphael Acosta: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/213969/

2/5/2010 12:05:51 PM - Thanks for that list source, girl. Here''s another that I found from that list, eerily similar to your ex: Tracy Duncan, aka nascar jackman 99”, “Carl Edwards Jackman 99”, “Jackman http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/200965/

2/5/2010 12:05:52 PM - Thanks for that list source, girl. Here''s another that I found from that list, eerily similar to your ex: Tracy Duncan, aka nascar jackman 99”, “Carl Edwards Jackman 99”, “Jackman http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/200965/

2/5/2010 12:28:16 PM - Seems like Nick Brock also on that list: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/40097/

2/5/2010 12:33:30 PM - See also Shelton Brock: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/161571/

2/5/2010 12:38:54 PM - Too many of them out there like this. Read about Brodie: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/14947/

2/5/2010 12:49:03 PM - Yes, we are finding many of them by key word searching the words gay, bisexual, downlow, and DL, dookie, dookie, etc., on DDHG. I noticed you''d seen the profile James Bronoske, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/8740/, and commented, some time ago, but that list does help too, so thank you for mentioning the source.

2/5/2010 1:03:33 PM - Another alleged gigolo type..similar profile..Benjiman Jonathan Brooks, aka “Benji”, “Jonathan” : http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/36961/

2/5/2010 1:09:05 PM - It''s not just the emotional, sexual or physical abuse..it''s the AIDS and HIV scares! See profile on http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/2473/ ..about David Charles Brooks!

2/5/2010 1:14:34 PM - Ditto to the comment above. Read about Dustin Brooks: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/73797/

2/5/2010 2:22:18 PM - Totally concur with last two comments. See profile on Ernesto Hinley: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/34639/

2/5/2010 2:27:33 PM - Porn addicts, like this guy seems to be, sicken me. He also seems to be a pretend christian, like Byron Hinrichsen: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/72860/

2/5/2010 2:46:48 PM - Seriously, if you haven''t read the profile on Brian Hiske, yet, suggest you do so. So many things posted so far, from you and others in your comment section are SO TRUE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/43948/ and http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/42932/

2/5/2010 3:10:42 PM - That list you mentioned helps women out the swingers as well. See profile on Corey Abram: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/58275/

2/5/2010 3:28:55 PM - Speaking of swingers or men on the down low. Two guys, each named Michael Allen, are profiled up here: http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=10031 AND http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26116

2/5/2010 3:32:52 PM - Just so you know, I believe what you wrote about men who are on the DL being also gigolos. Here''s another for you. Marquis Allen: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/165732/

2/5/2010 4:27:33 PM - Perhaps he also minimized or minimizes his own transgressions, like being a divorced man, because some of his male friends, like John and Rick, were also divorced men who each married twice. Meanwhile, John’s and Rick’s second marriages have survived, Jay’s didn’t. That should tell you something.

2/5/2010 4:44:53 PM - Thanks for sharing and please check out Curtis clay III on DDHG as well as facebook along with his current victim Tanya Wilson in dallasft worth

2/5/2010 4:49:13 PM - Two guys profiled on DDHG, both of them alleged to be on the downlow: Kevan Johnson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/168038/ Evan Johnson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/53752/

2/5/2010 5:55:00 PM - ANOTHER GUY ALLEGED ON THE DOWNLOW: Hassan Akinbiyi, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/116715/

2/5/2010 6:32:17 PM - Another guy profiled, indicated as on the downlow or closet gay: Thomas Burch http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/43924/

2/5/2010 6:39:43 PM - Another one in the closet allegedly: Wesley Burd http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/51493/

2/5/2010 8:59:57 PM - HERE''S ANOTHER, YA''LL... Jimmy Emmitt, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/154940/

2/5/2010 9:32:28 PM - Wanna know about another gigolo and singer? Elvis impersonator? Read about Peter Guerin: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/16547/

2/5/2010 9:36:28 PM - Matt Guarano..another closet case: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/46511/

2/5/2010 9:48:08 PM - Porn addict? Gigolo? See reposted profile for Grady Griswold: http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26125

2/5/2010 10:03:31 PM - Two guys alleged to be on the DL or bisexual, both named Robinson: Torrey Robinson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/6908/ Stanley Robinson, aka Blake, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26126

2/5/2010 10:15:38 PM - Another alleged downlow guy: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/50181/ Gino Pareja

2/6/2010 2:24:02 PM - MORE MEN ALLEGED ON THE DL, SUSPECTED PIMP, OR SUSPECTED IN THE CLOSET, OR SUSPECTED AS SICK PERVERTS, PROFILED ON DDHG: Thomas Mixon, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/265834/ Alex Conrad, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/265810/ Daniel Arzate, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/200361/ GS, Gastonia, NC, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/138559/ Floyd Burk, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/56597/ Scott Froehlich, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/49514/ Michael Fromgosford, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/218341/ Ken Fulghum, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/225938/ Christian Fuller, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/77275/ Derek Fuller Sr., http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/8032/ Cleve Fulton, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/43715/ Frazier Christopher Bowman, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/12604/ Cedrick Harper, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/230184/ Kerry Harper, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/49586/ Melvin Harper, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/64004/ Xavier Harper, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/226804/ Eric Harrell, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/184897/ Albert Harris, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/55067/ Alonzo Harris, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/78780/ Craig Harris, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/64028/ Danny Harris, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/5823/ David Harris III, aka http://www.myspace.com/djh23558, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/74669/ Terry Maurice Harris, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/25433/ Thomas Michael Hart Jr, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/5982/ Jeff Hartley, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/27501/ Deon Harry, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/226273/ Greg Harts, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/50720/ William Hart, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/28219/ Mathew Sabin, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/2610/ Nathan Acevedo, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/41454/ Jose Bumpers, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/193770/

2/6/2010 2:25:23 PM - MORE MEN ALLEGED AS ON THE DL, SUSPECTED PIMP, SUSPECTED IN THE CLOSET, OR OTHERWISE ALLEGED PERVERTED OR SICK, OR SWINGERS, OR SEX ADDICTED, PROFILED ON THIS SITE: Romel Powell, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26127 David Aguirre, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26119 Gerald Hooper, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26131 Andrew Harris, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=12464 Byron O’Neal Harris, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26133 Damon Alonzo Harris, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=12119 Stephen Douglas Harris, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=5232 Al Harrist, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26134 Harvell “The Chameleon”, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26139 Herschell Harvell, Jr., http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26140 Wayne Anthony Hasler, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26141 Daniel Aguilar, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26118 Anand Ajarwal, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26120 Vinny Buotte, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26121 Robert Burden, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26122

2/6/2010 2:25:58 PM - ALLEGED DL or ‘PIMP WANNABE” GUYS, or SWINGERS, PROFILED ON datingpsychos.com: Joe Funk, Newark, DE

2/6/2010 2:28:58 PM - Geesh! One guy like that''s too much for one woman''s abuse, let alone that many. Yes. I do think the fraud laws in this country and elsewhere need some serious changing, to protect women, and to include prosecution for fraud by defrauding another of one''s true, but hidden, sexual identity.

2/6/2010 4:13:58 PM - Read this article, then you might know the depths of my hatred of Jay Brown, and might find your own sociopath described in it: http://cyberpaths.blogspot.com/

2/6/2010 4:32:32 PM - The up side of my story is that my sincere lover and friend, with whom I''ve lived for more than 9 years, has beat Jay''s time, and has welcomed me fully to his circle of friends, as I have welcomed him to my own new circles, and he helped me produce my first CD, that would not have otherwise been produced. I also, since Jay exited my life, befriended at least five other guitarists who I think are each better than Jay!, and employed them to work with me, in places where Jay and I never worked, so I can sell my CDs there, too. So, there IS a good outcome to all these travails, and my friendship circles continue to swell, along with me reconnecting, with my best female friend, since age 15, who went through the same thing I did husband before the one she''s lived with since 1984, was also on the downlow..it was a shock to her, too!, but she also came out of that thriving, to raise a family of beautiful, smart children, who are also successful in their careers, and raised him with her first REAL love..the one she''d met after high school, but was separated from, for 9 years. So, we don''t have to let one sociopath ruin our lives forever.

2/6/2010 4:49:18 PM - I forgot to mention the name of that article recommended in my last comment. It is THE ONLINE SUCCUBUS Byline is My perfect lover became my worst nightmare, written by Sue Thomas. Although I did not have an online relationship with Jay Brown, NOR DID I APPROVE OF ANY GENDERBENDING ON EITHER OF OUR PARTS, WHILE HE LIVED WITH ME, I think the fantasy life he has led, with several women, including, I guess, at least 4 or 5, so far, with whom he has lived, each given her different time with him, amounts, I think, to the same kind of SICK deception, given that one time he wore MY wig to bed yeah..asking if he looked like Robert Plant, when actually, I think he wanted to be..ALWAYS wanted to be..A WOMAN!..and given the fact that he advertised himself as bisexual on a swingers'' site, in my last year with him, claiming to be bisexual.

2/6/2010 6:59:54 PM - By the way, the first woman who informed me of Jay''s affair with Melinda, was a pretty redhead, Lori Pierce. She told me that she''d double dated with Jay, Melinda, and her then boyfriend former drummer the band that I hired and paid, Jon Frederick. She told me that she thought that Melinda resembled a troll and that I represented light and lightness of spirit.Not that I needed Lori P. to remind me of this, but it surely put things in perspective!

2/6/2010 7:15:39 PM - Hey, I can’t blame Melinda for leaving who I think was her coward husband, Ed Rejuney, who, in my opinion was just as, if not more, homely, than she was, despite his seeming brilliance as a musician, but who I think she married out of rebound after, she admitted to me, her first husband abandoned or cheated on her, but I also think Jay saw her vulnerabilities as an advantage and preyed on them, as I think he had, on the previous four women, with whom he’d lived, prior to living with Melinda. But I also think she went to the “other extreme”..a male who had no formal education, no social standing or goals, a blue collared worker, with a former juvie record, who, in my opinion, had not as much gray matter as Ed Rejuney, nor was formally trained in music, and, I will wager, she will discover as I did, and as Debby did, that his sexual stamina was lacking.

2/6/2010 7:35:11 PM - I think, sooner or later, Jay will tire of boredom, in his relationship with Melinda, if he hasn''t already, just as I think, his longtime musician friend, Jeff Lodsun did, with his attorney wife, Beth Jeff had children with Beth, and ran off with one of his wife''s friends. Then, he will leave Melinda for someone else, as he did with Pattie, Lori, and me..before Melinda. For that is his pattern, across more than three decades.

2/7/2010 11:52:43 AM - MORE ALLEGED CLOSET GAYS, OR MEN ON THE DOWN LOW, OR SWINGERS, OR GIGOLOS, PROFILED ON THIS SITE: Jeffrey Aaron Harber, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26154 Ron Maggio, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26153 John Ashley Campbell, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=12516

2/7/2010 11:53:10 AM - MORE ALLEGED CLOSET GAYS, OR MEN ON THE DOWN LOW, OR SWINGERS, OR GIGOLOS, PROFILED ON DDHG: Chris Tilley, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266043/ Michael Davis, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266048/ Robert Deleo, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266135/ Ryan Marshall Lodygowski, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266152/

2/7/2010 12:21:09 PM - Another guy profiled up here several times, actually, who is also alleged..or at least the profile and/or its comments, suggest he''s into group sex, and suggest he is also a gigolo, and goes after women, whether married or single: Lorenzo L. Conley, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=16130

2/8/2010 9:36:47 AM - Here''s another example of an alleged undercover gay and gigolo. A Must Read!: Brandon Guinn Marceal, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/76430/

2/8/2010 10:28:59 AM - Here''s one very similar to your ex..very similar to the ''strapon'' fetish: Stephen Marinaro, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/194647/

2/8/2010 11:17:09 AM - Another one ladies..the alleged gigolo and downlow combination: Giovanni Marquez,http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/56321/

2/8/2010 11:22:14 AM - BDSM, piercings, bondage, porno and swinger/fettish parties. A real sicko. [] He also has a STD herpes” ..about William Marsh, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/3631/

2/8/2010 11:38:35 AM - While we''re on the topic about deviants and swingers..: Scott Wesley Marshall, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/50766/

2/8/2010 11:43:49 AM - Got that list that''s goin'' around. Talk about switch hitters, gigolos, and con artists. Here''s one you should read: Shane Marshall, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/143104/

2/8/2010 11:52:02 AM - AIDS carrier and spreader: Travis Marshall, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/249009/

2/8/2010 11:59:34 AM - Re sex addicts and closet gay or down low guys. This one''s profiled up here: Salvador Perez Martell, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=15530

2/8/2010 12:04:03 PM - The Adult Friend Finder site, IMO, is tantamount to a site for swingers: William Marten, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/253532/

2/8/2010 12:12:43 PM - ALLEGED BISEXUAL WOMANIZER WITH AIDS: Jeff Gintner, AKA Jeff Martens, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/138369/, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/29748/

2/8/2010 12:37:24 PM - LET’S GIVE THEM TRIPLE EXPOSURE!: Andrew Laidlaw, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/39024/ Chris Lail, http://datingpsychos.com/psycho/ChrisLail/1431 Kristopher Lambert, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/15395/ Antwain Lambouths, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26155 Rob Lameira, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26156 Carl Saintlouis, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26157 Joseph Singh, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/49329/ Oliver Smith, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/37390/ Mark Stephens, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/64524/ Matt Stephens, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/35602/ Jerome Upshaw, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/135814/ Craig Upton, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26158 Jeffrey David Upton, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=13639, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=13682, Christopher Stamper, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/125786/ Tom Stiller, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/81314/ J.T. Trollman, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/225577/ Johnathan Westley Walls, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/55342/ Zach Weldon, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/206828/ Jamey Saine, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/60325/ Chris Schwartzbauer, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26159 Stephen Sciancalepore, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/89350/ Bruce Scott, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=14372 Daryl Scott, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/39494/ Edward Scott II, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26160 Ader Marcelin, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26162 Timothy March, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/131102/ Brett Marcott, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/229138/ David Marden, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/55032/ Dominic Margherita, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/18553/ Abdel Marine, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/229283/ Scott Lee Marks, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=4451 Aleander Marquardt, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/61888/ David Marquez, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26166 Craig Marshall, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/7503/ Donald Marshall, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/74749/ Daniel Joseph Marsiglia, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/79176/

2/8/2010 12:52:49 PM - ANGEL VELEZ..Alleged gigolo and moocher, alleged sex addict, alleged to troll for men, alleged to sleep with his woman’s friends, alleged pimp, alleged mental health issues, alleged player, kids by two different women. “He''ll take you money, your respect, your trust! whatever you are willing to give and once he runs out of it all. He moves on to the next victim” http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/74591/

2/8/2010 1:04:17 PM - Jose Venegas.. HIS MOTTO IS I’M NOT GAY MY BOYFRIEND IS!” .. http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/67766/

2/8/2010 1:16:42 PM - Alleged punk on the DL and alleged thief.. see comment section about Tony Vereen, on http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/76204/

2/8/2010 1:44:18 PM - I was reading the DDHG profiles again, a few minutes ago I''m snowed in, as many are, and found another one. Two profiles were posted about this one at least two, one of the photos of the guy reminded me of how I''d caught Jay viewing online, male on male porn. He even sort of resembles Jay..has that same balding, flatlike head.. at least from what I can see of the side view of him, and looks to be the same age. The profile indicated the guy had hemorrhoids Jay had a huge one, and is or was a porn addict. I did post a comment to the profile. The guy''s name is Matt Loone, profiles are: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266224/ and http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266228/ .. one of the profiles alleged him as being a gigolo, more or less, who “Frequents internet dating sitesLoves older women up to 59yo acceptable if they have money/assets” SEE A PATTERN, YET, LADIES?

2/8/2010 2:44:41 PM - Alleged bipolar, STD giving bisexual..eight kids with eight different women: Douglas Howard, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266328/

2/8/2010 4:06:14 PM - Similar thing...Scherone Clark..http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/43086/ ..alleged on the downlow, chronic liar, cheater, and con artist

2/8/2010 4:11:24 PM - Alleged porn addict, Steven E. Clark,discreet sex membership sites... he would claim to not be married and younger than he actually was http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=20420

2/8/2010 4:20:20 PM - Another Steven Clark, different guy, different location..http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/131738/ I found out that the person that he contracted a disease from was his gay lover Carl [] his main boyfriend Joe Joe, tried to jump on me because I had moved in with him and Joe Joe felt like I was trying to break up their happy home. [] In a week’s time he cheated on me to my knowledge with 3 men”

2/8/2010 5:09:40 PM - Douglas Romero, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26173 : “cheated our entire relationship. When I''ve had conversations with some of these women, they''ve told me lies that he''s told them. [ ] He''s still using me for a roof over his head. [ ] He''s a bisexuala year ago, he left his email up on MY computer. I read some of his messages and there was an email to some guy he had met on some dating/sex website. Doug wrote in the email that he''d never been with a guy, but was definitely interested in pursuing a physical relationship with one. I should have known he was bisexual when he bought a strapon dildo for me to use on him. [] His body has no other way of producing testosterone, so he fights this artificially by injecting himself with steroids containing testosterone in order to maintain a sex drive. [] I bailed his ass out of jail not once, but twice.”

2/8/2010 5:29:29 PM - I commented to this profile about Fouchi, because the guy is alleged to have had some kind of childhood trauma that allegedly made him a sexual deviant at a young age, thus he reminded me of Jay: Corey Fouchi, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/251751/

2/8/2010 6:09:04 PM - Galen Fous, aka Robert Fous http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/240958/ professes to be a sexual ‘healer’ and he uses New Age spirituality to engage and then keep his victims completely in his control. Galen is a Dom in the BDSm world, but considers their rules above him. He is an avowed and proud Sadist and admits he is ‘at times’ a Misogynist. In fact, he is a Misogynist at all times. He uses women for his sexual addiction as well as any other financial needs he has. He BEATS WOMEN and claims that because he does so with their consent, there is NO HARM. He seeks out vulnerable women who are looking for strength and leadership when their lives are falling apart. Then he makes their lives worse causing great distress to the point of many of ‘his women’ becoming very suicidal. He enjoys this aspect as well...driving women to the point of suicide, then blaming them for being weak or emotionally unstable.

2/8/2010 6:10:03 PM - Sean Fournia “DRESSES UP IN WOMEN’S LINGERIE” http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26174

2/8/2010 7:24:39 PM - A FEW MORE, BY COMPARISON, but again, the whole list is available at no cost, from feathersfromphoenix@yahoo.com, and these are just a mere fraction of the guys on that list: Matthew Seddens, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266305/ Sean Fournia, Http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26174 Bryan Fox, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/33147/ Cory Fox, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/33475/ Jerald Fox, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/59184/ Ronald Fox, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/84306/ Steveb Jay Fox, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=13415 Pescolie Fragale, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=14370 Hilbert Frakes, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=2680, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=2914 David Francis, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/46874/ Adam Frank, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/83269/

2/9/2010 9:47:29 AM - If, after years living with Jay, after you’ve been convinced he’s been “in love” with you, then suddenly, out of nowhere, he tells you he “doesn’t feel” that “wave of relief” when becoming “one” with you, those words will probably come AFTER he’s begun bedding the next woman. The “wave of relief” he seeks besides sex with as many women/men as he wants, I think, is really what “financial security” the woman can provide him, when he can’t provide his own. With me, and after going to Melinda’s house only a handful of times, as her guest, when we were a couple, suddenly, he embraced her as if she’d been his lifelong friend, calling her “sweetheart” when she greeted us at her front door, right in front of me. I ignored it at the time, but shouldn’t have. She lived with Ed Rejuney then. To me, Melinda is no better than a slut and a homewrecker.

2/9/2010 9:48:41 AM - I doubt that Jay’s family members will let on, to any of his girlfriends, if they think Jay is mentally ill, but I suspect that a few of them knew, and hid what they knew. I think Jay has made it his career to look for women to support him so that he can continue to search for more women/men to sex. One of my worst experiences with Jay was when he chose Melinda as his confidante, while still living with me. He took up her friendly *?* suggestions as to where we could go, where to dine out, and what we could do on our vacations together for example, at Assateague Island, where she and Ed had gone. He divulged with her my PERSONAL information…about my gynecological health, about when I, for weeks, bled profusely, from polyps I had to have them surgically removed, in hospital, which he, she, or both ASSUMED was peri menopause for me because, he said, she’d been through menopause herself, therefore, he presented her as a “expert”, when, my bleeding could have very well been from STRESS brought on by what he and she were doing behind my back. Very likely, in my first three or four years together, I could have conceived of a child, had Jay let my natural course in life progress, because I did not begin menstruating until age 15, so was late in my physical “biological clock” development, so, very well, my reproductive cycle could have stretched longer, or begun later, than other women. He took Melinda’s suggestion of what I should read, and bought a book about peri menopause, gave it to me on her suggestion, he said. I resent the hell out of him, for her interloping. And what was he doing, divulging my personal health information, to a third party??? Melinda reminds me of that bitch, Livia, in the series, I, CLAUDIUS.

2/9/2010 9:49:09 AM - If Melinda did it to me, she’ll do it to you, too. So, I think, no man is safe around Melinda Yalom. If he''’s sexy to her, I think, no matter if she is MARRIED or living with a man seeming to be in a COMMITTED relationship, if another sexy man comes her way, he, apparently, is not off limits to her, even if he''s been in a supposedly committed relationship with another woman, for years living with that woman. Watch your backs! And it seems she likes to keep old boyfriends in the background or in the wings, too. There was one guy I met who hung around, who still seemed to be smitten with her, when I’d go to those Knotty Pine Club parties of hers. Just like a QUEEN BEE, I''''d say. I noticed she''d placed, on an occasional table or credenza in her living room, a photo of her in a bathing suit, when she was a young woman..looked like she was in her late teens or early twenties, that she’d leave out, displayed for any man to see, when she had guests. Truth? She looked no better in a bathing suit back then, than I did, at same age. Narcissist, is my opinion.

2/9/2010 9:49:50 AM - During “lovemaking” with Jay, one might sense that he “observes” more than “participates” like a voyeur does, and if you are on top, you might see him in a kind of “wincing” , squinting or rapid blinking mode, as if afraid to open his eyes to see YOU smile, or to smile himself. Was he “disassociating”? He can turn on the waterworks crocodile tears pronto! As far back as I can see or tell..., he''''s shortcircuited and/or cheated on all and any relationships which makes FOUR with the women with whom he has lived. Melinda Yalom would make FIVE, if he was overlapping sexing the both of us at the same time, when and after he''''d begun his affair with her, which happened while he lived with me, because we were sexually active, weekly, before he left me, up into less than a month before he moved out, so if she thinks he had cut me off, she''''d be wrong.

2/9/2010 9:50:19 AM - Hopefully, some gay guy who may have sexed him in his younger days might recognize him from one of the photos in the profiles I posted about him on the Don''t Date This Guy site comes available again, to plug in the name, Jay Brown. There’s a whole gallery up there, about him. When that site is back up, you can also see what MELINDA YALOM looked like, around the time I think she began cheating on her husband, ED REJUNEY, with JAY BROWN. You find the profile up there about ED REJUNEY, so see he and Melinda as a couple. Then you might know how I felt to be THE LAST TO KNOW, and how sadly, my networks were affected by the actions of FRAUD, JAY BROWN: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/page.php?mod=contents&sec=cheater&id=3585

2/9/2010 9:51:04 AM - TO JAY BROWN: the profiles I have created about you on the internet are NOT coming off, if I have anything to say/do about it. I will, when I can, repost profile information once posted on datingpsychos.com or on the Don’t Date This Guy site, up here, if I missed mentioning anything in this profile, but I think I’ve just about covered it all. My WHOLE story needed telling. To quote Pattie Boyd, from her book, PATTIE BOYD, WONDERFUL TONIGHT: “This is my truth, which may not necessarily be as others remember it. But if my story is to have any validity, I have to tell the truth as I see it.”

2/9/2010 10:23:09 AM - Jay cheated on both wives exes and every female since and before them YES! Including YOU, Melinda, because he was still sexing me, for months, after he’d begun his affair with you, which I guess was almost a whole year before he left me, PLUS he advertised on that swingers’ site for BISEXUAL SEX..MAN SEX, AFTER he’d begun his affair with you!

2/9/2010 11:04:33 AM - Thanks for the info Jay & Derrick are two of a kind! I wouldnt be surprised if Derrick was a part of that swingers club S#@T or Bisexual. These men need to be stopped. They hurt too many people. The sad thing is that some of these women will read our warning & still date Guys like our exes. Nevertheless, If we can save ONE woman from the heartache & pain that we were caused, thats enough for me!

2/9/2010 2:20:44 PM - Seems like Carlos Martinez, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266453/: “when the time comes to do his mom the ultimate favor in moving out with her son she didn’t even try to convince him to do the right thing and marry me. All she wanted was someone to help her son move out because he is broke like a joke”

2/9/2010 2:22:39 PM - To sum it all up..Jay’s past is very sketchy and tainted.

2/9/2010 2:23:32 PM - A FEW MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS: Akeem Niens, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266419/ John Gioffre, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/51974/ Mike Gioia, DDHG, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266468/ and http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266475/ Martin Bishop, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/80753/ David Bent, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266550/ Jason Dunn, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/73764/ Robert Dunn, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/24049/ Bo Dunn, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/17915/

2/9/2010 3:27:16 PM - A FEW MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS: Mark Swalley I [the first], http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/16230/ Kaseem Randell, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266565/ Joshua Thurman[hyphen]Meade, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/27567/ Jeromy Taylor, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26179

2/9/2010 5:25:22 PM - A FEW MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS: Jason Duffield, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26180 Craig Dzierwa, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/53260/ Clint Eilbeck, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26181 Wayne Eskridge, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/43455/ Buddy Evans, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/124760/ Matthew Evans, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/52449/ John Earl Ewing, SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/63777/ Eddie DeWayne Faison, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26182 Robert Lamm Fan, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26183 Jim Faulconer, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/165900/

2/9/2010 6:11:23 PM - A FEW MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS. Included are URLs to the profiles: Brian Felty http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/149454/ Stephen Fenley http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26184 Walid Mohammed Aburwida, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=8899 Denis Accardi, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/198789/ Carlos Accetta, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/215767/ Joseph Albert, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26185

2/9/2010 7:53:57 PM - A FEW MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, with URLs provided: Adam Ardolino, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/53110/ Bryan Alvord, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/151756/ Anthony Quinn Anderson, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=16442 Harold Anthony, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26186 Corey Appelbaum, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26187 Salvatore Ardillo, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/6011/ Chris Ardito, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/169741/ Damian Arroyo, see comments, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/1838/ Munther Asad, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/33943/ Jeff Ayers, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=20433

2/10/2010 11:39:39 AM - He seems to have much in common with Michael McGrannahan, http://datingpsychos.com/psycho/Michael%20McGrannahan/4495

2/10/2010 1:15:11 PM - Keep ''em coming, ladies. Perhaps our government will do a STUDY on this kind of fraud, and the laws will change in women''s favor, to protect them from SEXUAL IDENTITY FRAUDS and LOVE FRAUDS. Hopefully, that list will help. Wow! Great research, whoever''s doing it.

2/10/2010 1:22:31 PM - Seems like too many of these guys seem to be reading the same book, How To Live Off Women While Unemployed or Underemployed. No such book to my knowledge, but it wouldn''t surprise me if there is a book like this that they''re all reading. The quirky thing is how so many profiles about men on the DL, closet gay, or Bisexual keep disappearing off DDHG, but its a good thing that SOMEONE reposted some of those profiles up here, to protect women.

2/10/2010 1:32:50 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, with URLs provided: Mehul Gandi, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266794/ Rajeev Rohitendra Prasad, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/49573/ Jim Ferguson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/163104/ Jim Ferguson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/153130/ Buddy Evans, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/124760/ Brandon Fajardo, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/36720/ Cedric Fajardo, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/60992/ Raymond Fagnon, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/46240/ Mario Everett, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26200 Jermey Everett, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26201 Greg Evans, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26203 David Gregory Evans, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/36631/ Philip Federico, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/1087/ Hassani Farid, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/120050/ Farzin FarhadiNiaki, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/187971/ Mehr Mehrdad Fard, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26198 James Farah, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26199 Kalpi Prasad, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266708/ Marc Levinson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/36621/ Hakiem Allah George, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/16308/ Johnnie Levingston, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26191 Paul Gerlach, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/72542/ Dave Giacona, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/150699/ Mark Gill, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/26700/ Jeff Gintner or Jeff Martens, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/138369/ Carlos Lugo, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26188 Ricky Long, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26189 Leon Long, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/71605/ Robert Lindale Levy, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/132934/ Nate Levit, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26190 Greg Harts, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/50720/ Carlos Feltrerr, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/253527/

2/10/2010 2:18:06 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, with URLs provided: Otis, aka “Big O” , “Lucky”, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/50631/ Jonathan Over, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/58786/ Erik Outlaw, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26204 Evan Otruba, SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/125753/ Jacob Otero, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26205 Gabe Ostrovsky, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26206 Paul Ostwick, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=24404, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=24406, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=24405,http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=24409

2/10/2010 4:33:11 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, with URLs provided: Steve Costa, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26207 Brian Cortez, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/219187/ Luis Coronel, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26208 Anthony Cornell, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/51966/

2/10/2010 4:45:04 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, with URLs provided: Jon Magoch, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/191604/ Andy Magnuson, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=11784 Zsolt Magony, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/73243/, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/83803/, and http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/83732/

2/10/2010 5:53:08 PM - TWO MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, with URLs provided: Henry Hobson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/139324/ Nando Hobbs, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26209

2/10/2010 6:09:57 PM - This guy will probably remind you of your ex: Derek Paulin, aka Derek Tyler” aka “Derek Dunne : http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/16616/

2/11/2010 10:11:50 AM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs provided: Wesley James Thornton, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266891/ Denell Carrasco, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/266869/ Ray Eckelbarger, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/17908/ Duane Eberhard, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/75544/ Bryon Eckert, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/24310/ Jamal Jamie Brothers, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/71120/ David James Hobbs, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=16875 Eric Hoard, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/64858/ Tim Hinton, aka Tim Vvoda, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/195680/ Kyle Ecton, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=20651 Stephen Gasior, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=16427

2/11/2010 11:33:35 AM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs provided: Michael Hallmark, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=17242 John Hamamy, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26213 David Barberree, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/66441/ Theodore Barber, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26212 Michael Dane Barber, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26211 Matthew Barber, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/68359/ William Barber, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=11759 Kim Flintoff, SOURCE: http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/47621/ Victor Florez, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/150966/ Chris Flory, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/208103/ AND http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/163797/ Ron Flott, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/245365/ Lance Cox, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/201799/

2/11/2010 11:43:22 AM - Thanks, ladies..or whoever the main researcher is. Someone should get that list from feathersfromphoenix@yahoo.com THE COMPILER, start a whole web site, with a headline in the URL, for the Google search, something with a hook, to draw attention, then list those perps by the URLs mentioned above, and so that women can keep adding the names and URLs, to warn other women.

2/11/2010 1:09:01 PM - Please! I warn you! Just stay away from this male! I’m not even sure he’s a male anymore, as I think a transgender operation would be in order for him, to solve his sick problems. I was clinically depressed while with him, he stunned me so much that I couldn’t even leave had I wanted to. My relationship with him resulted in destruction of two social musical networks for me, the ‘Knotty Pine Club Members’ although I still consider Bob Williams and his wife to be friends of mine and my former band members guys that I hired, that he would not have had or met, if not for his musical and professional involvement with me. I predict that, given enough time with him, he will destroy your social life, too, and it will take YEARS to build back another one!

2/11/2010 2:00:26 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs provided: Byron Simpson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/188712/ Chris Simpson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/78352/ Chyld Medford, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26219 Derek Calland, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26218 Christopher Simpson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/138882/ Chris Simpson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/29874/, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/71441/ AND http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/31376/ Tj Halvorsen, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=20244 Lance Dobbie, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/194917/

2/11/2010 2:12:41 PM - Interesting..that last group of “alleged pervs” mentioned. Of those, I think the one whose character or lack of it that reminds me most of Jay was that Medford guy, .. almost to a Tee, and I’m glad someone reposted it.

2/12/2010 4:00:29 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs provided: Dave Newnham, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267095/ Jarrod Barger, http://datingpsychos.com/psycho/JarrodBarger/4505 John P. Murphy, http://datingpsychos.com/psycho/John%20P.Murphy/4504 Rich Phelps, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267072/ Jason Sheldon, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267074/ Brian Bolduc, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267078/ David Cheshier, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267087/ Jason Loinette, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267094/ Lance Bennett, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/183834/ Lance Barber, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/153050/

2/12/2010 8:27:44 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs provided: Richard Pazin, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267278/ Julian Skinner, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/232194/ Tag Skinner, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/50834/ Donny Skipworth, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/64830/ Neil Skinner, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=16339 Ken Wienski, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=11792 Michael Ferris, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=14856

2/13/2010 4:56:39 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs provided: David Dadisman, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26224 Daniel Foster, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267437/ Duane Henderson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/74921/

2/13/2010 6:19:32 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs provided: Diego Beaslbub, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/73377/ John F. Battey, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/93476/ Mark Bauer, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26227 Philip Baum, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/175926/ Michael C. Baumann, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=634 Tony Baxter, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/82162/ Frank Bazile, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/212834/ James Beamish, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/23571/

2/13/2010 8:08:54 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs provided: Zachary Coney, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267502/ Brent Hanson, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=20060 Leo Rivera, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/71996/ Felix Rivera, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/31449/ Edward Rivera, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/74727/

2/13/2010 9:46:31 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs provided: Peter Augustovic, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26231 Edward Audette, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/50639/, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/52960/, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/50580/ Richard Ferraro, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/260718/ Michael Edenborn, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26230 Anthony Haroian, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/60315/ Cesar Ferreira, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/195379/ Nathan Acevedo, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/41454/ Seneca Adkins, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/10952/ Larry Augurson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/131377/ Dick Dyer, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267523/

2/13/2010 10:16:10 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs provided: Clayton McNeil, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26232 Kyle McNeely, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/53873/, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/54105/ Anthony McNeil, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/27124/ Kevin McNichol, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/133564/

2/13/2010 10:27:04 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs provided: Steve Mason, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/226591/ Carlton Massey, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/16645/

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2/14/2010 12:41:36 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs provided: Hicham Dlal, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=25664 and http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=25062

2/14/2010 2:37:20 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs provided: Todd Taylor, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/219522/ Dean Taylor aka “Dino”, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/158275/ Dean Taylor, aka “Jeff”, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/73179/ Vincent Taylor, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/13831/

2/14/2010 3:39:45 PM - Thanks, again, for the sources, for comparison, ladies or men, if men helped, too. Just be careful, because I think Jay has that JohnBoy Walton, Jr.‎ remember the TV show, The Waltons? or aw shucks demeanor, when he first approaches a woman, to I allege prey on her, only he''s a much older JohnBoy type.

2/14/2010 4:55:14 PM - ANOTHER ALLEGED PERV OR PERP, URL provided: Mark Dodd, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=20362

2/14/2010 5:26:14 PM - Seems a lot like Ric Mornes, who “will play on your sympathy, he will find your weakness, and he will use you for all you are worth...either financially, emotionally, or socially.” See http://datingpsychos.com/psycho/RicMornes/4519

2/14/2010 6:32:27 PM - ANOTHER ALLEGED PERV OR PERP, URL provided: Nick Chavis, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=16580

2/14/2010 7:08:14 PM - ANOTHER ALLEGED PERV OR PERP, URL provided: Alex Crane, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=19680

2/14/2010 7:08:15 PM - ANOTHER ALLEGED PERV OR PERP, URL provided: Alex Crane, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=19680

2/14/2010 11:32:50 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs PROVIDED: William Dungan, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=14696 Trevor Nelson, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=24172

2/15/2010 8:00:03 PM - I found a web site, http://www.sussexcountian.com/lifestyle/x640869011/MarriagelicensesAug192009, indicating that Melinda Carol Yalom and Jay Brown had gotten a marriage license in Aug 2009. I feel very sorry for her. This is a SICK guy, and I would not want any other woman to be hurt by his fraud, as I was.

2/15/2010 8:01:00 PM - MORE ALLEGED PERVS OR PERPS, URLs PROVIDED: Mark Raynor, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267869/ Jaraun Simmons, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/215590/ Xavier Hunter, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/40202/ Zachary Hunter, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267784/ Tyrone Watson or Hunter, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/37354/ Randy Hunter, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/65498/ William Shaw, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/134300/ Barry Owens, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/77489/ Kevin Walsh, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267706/ Richard Barnes, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267724/ Rigoberto Martinez, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267832/ Luther Edwin Waldrop, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267847/ Freddy Stone, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267848/ Keith D. Mishaw, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267850/ Jim Simmons, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267861/ Jeremiah Simmons, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/128958/ Blake Little, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267871/ Wahnly Dorbor, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267885/ Noah Plener, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/267911/

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2/17/2010 4:29:13 PM - Yes..good comparisons..all of them.., but it''s Melinda''s problem, now. I hope he takes her for half her assets, like I think he did to his second wife, Lori. If so, she''ll get what I think she deserves for being IMO stupid, and not listening to Pattie his first wife and/or me.

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2/19/2010 11:25:38 AM - ANOTHER ALLEGED PERV OR PERP, URL PROVIDED: Vincent Espitia, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/27910/

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2/21/2010 12:14:31 PM - Hi girl …I saw the Don’t Date This Guy profiles you posted on him before that web site went haywire, and also saw the one depicting her former hubby. She and her former hubby both look like the “homely” types. You’re probably right, he alternates between “homely” types and “natural beauties”. You were probably the “beauty” type while she was the “homely” type who’s first husband cheated on her, so he knew she was an “easy” target. I mean..a room full of Barbie dolls??? Wore head bands? Aw, common. Easy pickins when it’s little girls who don’t grow up, and seems like he prefers preying on women who have houses or their own businesses..another gigolo. You are lucky to have escaped with credit line in tact.

2/21/2010 2:02:59 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Wyatt Banks Jr, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26288 Gary Barber, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/29714/ Robert Banks, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/74365/ Adrian Torres, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/70379/ Saleem Dakkak, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/19667/ Matthew Dahlberg, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/243699/ Alexander Dagnino, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/188262/ Leslie Banks, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/93941/ Tom Byron Banks, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=17071 and http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=17071 Fernando Baragano, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26289 Charles Barbee, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/6052/ Kareem Barber, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26290

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2/22/2010 5:19:09 PM - If you don’t believe how emotional scars from childhood sexual abuse can be lifelong, I suggest reading these sources and articles: http://www.christianaggression.org/item_display.php?type=ARTICLES&id=1236909790, “Sex, lies and the cloister” “A Church Leader''s Unusual Confession”. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wpdyn/content/article/2009/06/12/AR2009061203725.html “German lawyer: 115 claim sex abuse by Jesuits,” http://www.washingtonpost.com/wpdyn/content/article/2010/02/18/AR2010021802278.html. I also mentioned, somewhere in this profile..probably in a comment section, about sexual abuse by religionists, and compared what I thought also happened to Jay, at the hands of his gay male cousin, Paul Brown, when Jay was age 12 Jay told me so, and when Jay told me this Paul was around age 15. I gave a source that mentions how many supposed “religious leaders” have been alleged or charged with sexual offenses, and gave the URL on which those offenses were reported or posted, as: http://www.christianpost.com/article/20070419/sexoffendersusepewsforhealinghiding/index.html

2/22/2010 5:46:43 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Terry or Tez Lerche, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/247272/ Randy Gene Hunt, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/269531/ Craig Davis, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/269566/ Tony or Antonio Campos, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/269583/

2/22/2010 6:34:01 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Jeremy Johnson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/269603/ Fred D. Smith, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/269673/ Christopher Dunivan, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/269715/

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2/22/2010 7:54:43 PM - Thank you, again, ladies, for all the comparisons. Hope folks continue to provide similar comparisons, because now we have a substantive list of guys alleged to be either on the downlow, swingers, bisexual, or closet gay, that can circulate around the globe. Jay can lie through his teeth all he wants as, I think, he''s done for three decades or more, about what I allege is his confused sexual identity, but what I have said is THE TRUTH, otherwise he could sue me. But he knows better, because I still keep the proof or evidence documenting his activities. Besides, I am just about deadon certain that if he could extort money from me that way, he would try to do just that..SUE, only, he knows that I have told the TRUTH.

2/22/2010 8:20:15 PM - Not too long after our relationship was finished, it didn’t take me long to realize that, while Jay was “artistic” on several levels, his intellect and conversation skills, in my strong opinion, were severely lacking, in comparison to my father, my brothers, to several men I’d dated before Jay a handful, across two decades, each in the individual time with me, with years apart, between each relationship, including my current longtime Significant Other…, that Jay had nothing in the way of intellect in my opinion, education including ways to impart “knowledge”…including sexual to “bring to the table”, and I realized, much later, after it was all over, that I’d “had better” even though one or two of my former lovers’ main issues included immaturity and commitment phobia, too, Jay’s issues were much worse, by volumes, and, in retrospect, Jay seemed to have developed a proclivity and intolerance for “boredom” with his female partners, much worse, and much sooner, than any man I had ever known in my life.

2/22/2010 8:34:51 PM - The next profile, on this web site, is worth quoting, as it might have something in common to what the profiler has written about her ex, Jay aka Everett It''s about Charles H. Kim. Area indicated for him is Richmond, CA.: “Tells you ‘you are the only one...he sees a future with you’, says ‘can''t have sex with condoms’, ‘says he''s ‘been single or without a sexual partner for a long time’ has a three year old daughter, Hailey, who he likes to have sex in front of. This guy is into money and power and is very smart! Don''t let him know any personal information about you, don''t let him ‘look’ at your cell phone or computer. This man can''t be alone...even for one night. He has major mother issues and was sexually molested when he was around 9 years old. He''s never been treated for the abuse and has turned into somewhat of a phychopath. He studies the Saw movies and uses that type of mind**** on the girls he dates. The second you leave...he calls up another girl to come over. Good in bed, very gentel, makes you think he is making love. Has sex with all women unprotected even on the same day. Danger, Danger, Danger....Stay away from him!” SOURCE: http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=23743

2/23/2010 11:54:53 AM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, AND~OR SWINGERS, REPEAT CHEATS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Charlie Coleman, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26304 Albert Coleman, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=14885 Troy Nathaniel Harris, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=21849

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2/24/2010 10:57:46 AM - No “shame” in being taken to a strip club only once in your life. In the flick, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Fred Varjak [George Peppard] escorts Holly Golightly [Audrey Hepburn] into a strip club [at a depressed moment in her life, Golightly had requested he take her somewhere to get thoroughly sloshed], and Varjak was portrayed as a “kept” man. Golightly extricated Varjak from his “kept” lifestyle.

2/24/2010 11:51:57 AM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, AND~OR SWINGERS, OR REPEAT CHEATS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Chris Williams, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26332 Robbie Whorms, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26331 Derek Whitney, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=19832 Ryan Whitaker, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26328 James Whisenant, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26327 Brian Whatley, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=14944 Jeremy Whatley, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=16213 Tim Whitington, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26330

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2/24/2010 2:12:42 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, OR REPEAT CHEATS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Daniel Ronald Vovak, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=16068, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=24538 Jim Williams, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26337 David Straughen, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26338

2/24/2010 3:50:53 PM - You seem to have a keen insight about the blight of child abuse in our society. One good source I recommend is Dave Pelzer''s book: A Child Called It. Pelzer was physically and emotionally abused by his own mother for years, enduring abuse including starvation and beatings the extent that few children survive, without deep emotional scarring. Though Pelzer''s abuse didn''t include sexual abuseor he didn''t write about it, if he did, Pelzer was, at least, able to expose his abuser his mother, so confronted the problem, though he forgave her and when he could have put her in jail, he didn''t, and was able to move on with his life, to have a son of his own apparently, problemfree enough to have a loving partner with whom to share his life. But to do that, Pelzer had to CONFRONT the person who''d abused him. I think you''re probably correct..that the fellow you''ve profiled probably never confronted those who sexually molested him, nor possibly confronted his own mother, for missing what happened to him. While Pelzer chose the right path, determined never to hurt another soul, seems this Jay guy chose just the opposite path. But then sexual abuse or molestation can be something much worse to overcome.

2/24/2010 6:12:48 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, OR REPEAT CHEATS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: John Rodman, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=11272, Joseph Ribaudo, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26341 Eric Rhodes, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26342 William Prout, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=20917 George Prothro, Jr. http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26349

2/25/2010 10:53:34 AM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, OR REPEAT CHEATS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Rolf Staples, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26353 James Thompson, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26352 James Thompson, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26351 Rodney Snapp, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=20317

2/25/2010 3:32:40 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, OR REPEAT CHEATS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Maurice Geanes, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26361 Stephen Harris, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=5232 Bill Landreth, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26354 Smosie Harris, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26355 Albert Hardy, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26356 Juan Gutierrez, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26358 Joshua Gutierrez, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26359 Glenn Geiser, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26360

2/25/2010 6:33:58 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, OR REPEAT CHEATS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Donn Hanrahan, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=24246 Kevin Handy, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26362 Jason Handy, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26363 Fabian Handy, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26364 Cornell Hanratty, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=10701 Vincent Hampton, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26365 Antonio Hampton, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26366 Nick Hammond, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26367 William Christopher Hammond, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26368 Mike Hammond, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26369

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2/25/2010 8:42:56 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, OR REPEAT CHEATS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Darin Dominick, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=22869 Timothy Donahue, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26374 Richard George AthaNicholls, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26373

2/26/2010 9:42:29 AM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, OR REPEAT CHEATS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Robert Carneal, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26386 Morris Carroll, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26384 Scotty Carpenter, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26385 Aaron Dixon, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26381 Shawn Penrose, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=13096 Clive Dixon, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26380 Dustin Wallace, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=15598 Chautauqua Kimble, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=14627 Chris Kimberlin, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26375 Jeremy Kiger, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26376 Steven Kidd, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26377 Deon Dixon, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26379 Douglas Dames, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26382 Ken Butler, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26383 Ron Carroll, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=13063

2/26/2010 11:53:24 AM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, OR REPEAT CHEATS, ABUSERS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Paul Laut, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26389 Basil Laurie, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26390 Scott Laurie, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26391 Chris Lauria, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26392 Lorenzo Atencio, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26388 Drew Clark, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=12432 Dustin Atkins, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26387

2/26/2010 12:35:54 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, OR REPEAT CHEATS, ABUSERS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Teoma Griffin, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26396 Terrence Griffin, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=24962 Todd Jeffrey Griffin, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26395 Lew Griffith, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26393 John Griffith, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26394 David Griffiths, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=10557

2/26/2010 12:50:38 PM - Thanks again for the comparisons ladies, I assume, or one researcher who provided them. The reason I think that Lori, Jay’s second wife knew about his sickness possibly knew about his sex addiction or porn addiction, is because Ezra Yu, my former Taiwanese boss, who did business with Jay, I think also did business with Lori, when Lori and Jay had their shop, Stone Art and or, when they both worked for Lori’s father’s shop in Fairfax, VA, on Canterbury Square, in Manassas, VA. Well, Ezra TOLD me he knew that Jay was “sick”. How else could he have known that if Lori had not, at one point, confided as much, in Ezra? I think that Lori just wanted to protect her children from this knowledge about him, letting them think he was a “good guy”, so kept quiet. Well, I think when she “kept quiet,” the subsequent women in Jay’s life would take too long to figure out his “sickness.”

2/26/2010 1:03:21 PM - It honestly SUCKS when those who are “in the know” about any male’s abuse or perversion history leave a woman to be “the last to know,” to let her remain in the “sink hole” for years, to experience further abuse, or for her to receive no closure. “Silence” is NOT the answer! Speaking out IS!

2/26/2010 1:34:21 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, OR REPEAT CHEATS, ABUSERS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Derek Brownbridge, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=14899 Bill/William Hagerty, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26398

2/26/2010 2:02:37 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, OR REPEAT CHEATS, ABUSERS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Rick Dale Jones, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=15362 Szymon Kraszczynski, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=12428 Orlando Jones, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26399

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3/1/2010 7:39:09 PM - Once again..thanks for the comparisons. Stressing again..seduction was only the half of it after all..each partner in any unit can only take half the blame, for seduction. It was his DECEIT, usurping YEARS of my life, and his, I think, M.O. at trying to transfer or purge his sickness debauchery, gender confusion, sexual confusion onto his adult female partners about which I think it is IMPERATIVE to warn others.

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3/2/2010 5:26:48 PM - If not debauchery, I think Jay''s modis operendi, when I knew him and lived with him, involved involving his partner in voyeurism trying to have his partner watch homosexualfemale and male porn. How can this not be SICK BEHAVIOR???

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3/4/2010 3:47:15 PM - Again ladies, I would just advise anyone to stay away from this A$$WIPE who personally told me about THREE incidents of incest in his family two who he said he had incest with, and the other one being his own father, who he said molested his niece! If not, you’re just asking for trouble. Had he told me about those incidents during our early stages of dating and before he moved in with me, I would have steered way clear of him.

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3/6/2010 11:54:51 AM - Again, thanks for the various comparison profiles. No matter if he uses his THIRD “marriage badge” [probably still on Aragon Lane, in Chevy Chase, with Melinda] to hide behind, to make it seem as though he’s a “good guy”, NOTHING he can do will remove my profiles on him. I saw what I saw and know what I know, and so does his first wife, Pattie. I think he’d be only too happy to use Melinda as another “beard”, against her knowledge [“beard” meaning someone who uses women to live with to hide his proclivity for sexing men.] Not sure how many years he was able to fool Lori, his second wife, though I think he was married to her for 13 years, more or less, so he, apparently, is able to hide this side of himself, for years and years. I also still hope that Janet and Debby [his “flings”, or attempts at them, while still married to Lori, and before living with me. He told me about Janet..said that Janet was married, too] will eventually see this profile and will come forward to comment

3/6/2010 12:55:42 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, PERVS OR PREDATORS, REPEAT CHEATS OR ABUSERS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Chase Ames, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/48015/ Mathew Amersdorfer, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/5301/ Jaime Ambler, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/70711/, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/45824/ Fernando Boccalandro, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/22653/, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/72827/ Pedro Alvarez, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/244025/ Jason Boch, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/67918/ Ellory Bockting, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/52707/ Clifford Levirn Bodkin, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/57211/ Scott Bergset, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/272056/ Steve Bergsten, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/217772/ James Bobbitt, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/272062/ Michael Alvarez, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/21550/ Pedro Alvarez, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/196422/ AbdulSalam Ali Yousef AlWerikat, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/194209/ Will Alzugaray, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26631 Jesus Jay Amaro, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=22485 Donald Joseph Ambrass, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/9472/

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3/7/2010 2:35:46 PM - Hi. Checking in again. I get an email every time someone posts to this profile, but I can’t answer all of them. Another thing I will add, though, is that I still occasionally have nightmares of his ugly face, smiling as he masturbated to gay male porn [I caught him several times!] If I’ve written or said it once, I’ll say it again…all one has to do, to see that what I’ve written about that is not lies, is go down to that adult porn shop, near the junction of Sudley Road and Rt. 66 West, off Sudley in Manassas, in the shopping center behind a hotel. If they keep records in that shop on who bought and rented porn videos, then his name should be in the database there, because that is where he bought or rented most of them. That shop is [or at least, was] catty corner to a music retail shop where he once worked [he didn’t work there for long he complained to me that some guy was “stealing his sales” there.] That adult video store was next to a place that sold Middle Eastern food, and the owner of the Middle Eastern food place had a red haired wife. If you have on hand, a photo [or several] of Jay’s face, from the 1990s, and if the owner of that video place still owns it or the clerk who sold or rented out videos still works there, I’d present the photos to him, and ask him or them if they ever saw a guy who looked like him [show him the photos of Jay] ever regularly came to rent or purchase porn videos there.

3/7/2010 2:55:41 PM - The reason I know about that adult [porn] video store [it was a place that also sold sensual oils and sex toys] was because I only went in there TWICE [upon Jay’s urging, when I was reluctant, all along, embarrassed, beet red, etc., didn’t really want to go in, but he assured me that I could purchase sensual oils there], and bought some sensual oils..don’t recall what else I bought, but it DEFINITELY WAS NOT porn videos, because it was JAY who purchased and rented all of those! The other times he went there, I was usually in that Middle Eastern food store, learning about moulakhia soup recipe or buying middle eastern food. Yes. It happened. In my mind he will ALWAYS be a psychological abusive S.O.B.! I mean…he turned whatever was innocent, sensual “playfulness” from me, and openness, into things far beyond the absurd…I think to CONTORT my idea of healthy sex with love, into something ugly, and I still hate him for it. I will never forgive him. He did the same thing with me when I showed a shy interest in buying sexy lingerie he led me to a sex shop that sold lingerie, in Manassas, right off Rte. 28, near the intersection of Rte. 28 and Sudlay I would not have known about it had he not showed me. I think Victoria’s Secrets was not enough for him for me to wear,and, if I recall correctly, one time in that shop, he produced a pair of dressy high heels that looked to be more than a size 10 [does that “smack” of transvestitism to you?] When I shopped in that Middle Eastern store, I was full of cognitive dissonance, I think just numb, trying to pretend that he wasn’t in that video store, doing what he was doing.

3/7/2010 3:12:08 PM - Now...put together what I last commented, with the comment I posted on 11/2/2009 12:50:46 PM: After he moved his things out, he dropped by with this book that he’d bought, that he thought was ''cool''. It was a photography artistic??? ''coffee table'' book, written by Calvin Klein’s wife, and depicted transvestites ''vogueing''. One year, he took me to a salsa club, because I wanted to see what salsa dancing was all about. The club turned out to be a place where transvestites and crossdressers hung out. While I was sitting at the bar, waiting for Jay to exit the bathroom he took a looonngg time!, eating my shrimp scampi, a goodlooking, lean man approached me, who looked straight. The stranger struck up a conversation with me, told me he was married and that he was also a crossdresser shock! I shrugged him off. Years later, I would wonder what Jay was doing, taking so long in that bathroom Jay, once or twice, brought home The Blade, a homosexual publication, to read. ...yeah. What I have written, throughout my profile here and in my comments, is CONSISTANT!

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3/8/2010 7:02:44 PM - This one will probably remind you of your ex more than the others: Wayne Eskridge, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/43455/, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/41018/

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3/9/2010 4:19:19 PM - Thanks, ladies. All of those are excellent comparisons. I can see at least two, if not more, “facets” of the Jay I knew, in each of those profiles. Another thing I will say, is that, even if he did marry Melinda, she can contact, at any time, Jay’s sister, Paula, and ask Paula if she signed a document with Jay, requiring he pay her back $17,000 or more..not sure of the exact amount that she lent to him. And if Paula says “no” to Melinda, then I think Paula would be lying, because that document had to have been filed in some court, somewhere possibly in Fairfax County, VA, and I think that all documents of that sort are accessible to the public. Point is…I urge you…believe me…I think that Paula KNEW what a scoundrel and fraud her own brother could be, so had him sign that document, so he couldn’t “get over” on her, if and when he went bankrupt, after his and his 2nd wife’s business, Stone Art, went under, which happened. I think you get my point.

3/9/2010 4:51:04 PM - Hello. Thank you for commenting to my own profile about the guy I lived with, who seemed like your ex boyfriend. The profile about my ex is on this ongoing list someone generated up here. Your description, “leapfrogging” is very adept. Word I used for my ex was “springboarder”. . same thing.. as if they’ve “springboarded” off a diving board to jump to the next woman, to gain a “better” lifestyle than the one they have, seeming to live off the woman’s labor or achievements, like pimps. I also concur that the fraud laws need a major overhaul..improving..in the U.S., and worldwide for that matter, to prevent more women from being hurt by men who fail to disclose their hidden sexual identities and sexual histories, and especially when they want, or even prefer, sex with men, too.

3/9/2010 6:11:41 PM - Get this, and HEED ME WELL! If, at some point this individual, Jay, in your first five years of involvement with him, takes you to his mother’s home [meanwhile, you may have to sleep on the sofa, because he’s not yet divorced], and “diddles” you, under the covers, while “convincing” you to watch a movie that involves lesbians or gays, even though the plot may be innocent, and not porn, and that film could be rented at any Blockbuster or other video rental place, therefore is NOT a “porn” video, Jay just MIGHT be “reenacting” his own childhood sexual abuse onto you. Either his gay male cousin or his own sister, Linda, may have done this with him, when he was a minor! Later, he might, as I think he did to me, try to PROJECT you as a lesbian, for simply watching a movie with him that had a lesbian in it, and I think he did this because his own gay male cousin, or his sisterwho knows whichmay have DONE THIS VERY THING with him. His gay male cousin, Paul, or his sister, Linda, may have shown him porn, gay or otherwise, when he was still a minor, and had his or her “way” with him, so he has to “reenact” this scenario with whomever he is with, as if to “purge” the situation, in a “TAG..YOU’RE IT” situation. Later, he might, as he did with me, send a smutty email to you, when things are “over”, after years of you living with him, to try to PROJECT you as a lesbian, when you are not one. I described, somewhere above, an email of this kind, that he wrote me, when our relationship was done, and described it, ACCURATELY, I think, as EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL. This is a very SICK person who does this!

3/9/2010 7:39:34 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, PERVS OR PREDATORS, REPEAT CHEATS OR ABUSERS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Juan Gallaga, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/26276/ George Clifton Hester, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=17102 Miguel Hernandez, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/756/ Robert Gall, http://datingpsychos.com/psycho/RobertGall/298, http://datingpsychos.com/psycho/RobertGall%20II/4624, http://datingpsychos.com/psycho/RobertGall/989

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3/10/2010 3:39:24 PM - It’s at the stage of the relationship where Jay says, “I’m here because I WANT to be, not because I HAVE to be” .. that’s when you need to start worrying. He might not even stress the “want” or the “have”. That’s the irony of it all. It probably means he’s already begun his cheating on you, or thinking of it, and it will come out of nowhere, when he does, like a left hook to the jaw. You won’t see it coming. His behavior became more and more erratic, impulsive, compulsive. In the photo of him with the green shirt [THE SHIRT THAT I BOUGHT FOR HIM], on http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/74748/, to me, it seems he’s beginning to get “paranoid”. By then, he was probably in his affair with Melinda for almost a year, meanwhile still living with me and still sexing me. What an a$$!

3/10/2010 4:57:40 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, PERVS OR PREDATORS, REPEAT CHEATS OR ABUSERS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Erick Thompson, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26689 Edd Thompson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/273091/ Jim Thompson, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26690 Jonathan Thompson, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/214054/, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/213622/ Jim Thompson, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26691

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3/10/2010 5:49:41 PM - I also suspect it was he who, for years, who has been sending me SPAM emails, since the first year I began living with my [still my Significant Other] man [the one who came after Jay], and those emails contained “psych meds” advertisements, porn site links, Viagra ads, and, one time, I even received an email, that when I opened it, was a live video of a man having sex with a woman [curiously, she looked a lot like me, but I have never done any such thing..never agreed to be videotaped with any man, much less had sex with the man in the video!] Jay’s the only one I know who I think is sick enough and could have done such a thing [it’s called HARASSMENT and STALKING!] I saved an email or two, that I sent to my former friend, Lori Pierce [former girlfriend of Jon Frederick, the drummer in my former band], letting her know that I thought that Jay was still harassing me.

3/10/2010 5:55:58 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, PERVS OR PREDATORS, REPEAT CHEATS OR ABUSERS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Mac McCay, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/66789/, Corey Gene Martin, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=16655

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3/12/2010 4:36:49 PM - Another thing..if I didn''t write this before..it was also YEARS before he disclosed his debt to his sister, Paula, to me. Had I known about that up front, I would never have dated him or lived with him. Honestly, he will waste YEARS of your precious life and when it is all over and done, I will bet on my parents'' graves that you''ll most assuredly be a financial and emotional wreck. You won''t even see it coming, that''s how good a fraud he is.

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3/14/2010 12:55:45 PM - COMPARE: Ramar Thomas, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/274130/

3/14/2010 1:11:57 PM - I sincerely think he needs to stop dissing and harassing people who caught or catch him in his lies while he tried or tries to make up new ones. Also, when he still worked at Stone Art, in Manassas, at Canterbury Square, when I first began dating him, there was this “republican”, longhaired, bearded guy, who used to come in to the shop, who also went bankrupt. I think he’d been divorced once, too, before his second wife. Don’t recall his name, but his second wife was a petite blonde woman and landscaper. We went to their house, somewhere out in the western part of Virginia or West Virginia, in the mountains. That guy gossiped about me, too, because Jay told me that that guy thought we were “incongruous” as a couple. So it seemed Jay “aligned” himself with other golddiggers who sought the next woman “with property” that he could “jump to”. Plus, around that same time, when Jay still attended AA meetings, we went to the fish fries that this other AA member also divorced put on..a Polish guy and Catholic, and whose new girlfriend, a short, in my opinion, “squat” and slightly overweight woman, insulted me when she knew I was living with Jay she said that I would never be on the “in” with Jay’s children, as if any woman that wasn’t their mother would not be received well. So, all around, I faced a crappy start with Jay, that only got worse as time went on.

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3/14/2010 5:26:28 PM - I still think, as I began to think, after putting the pieces together, after it was all over, that the reason he wore no underwear the entire time he lived with me [i.e., “went commando”] was so guys could have easy access to his penis, in those public restrooms, parks, theatres, which he TOLD me happened, after he’d moved out..almost like he was shoving it in my face, when saying “but that’s all I will tell you”…arrogantly. Again, consider this..as I explained, above..that after he moved out, he came over with this “photo art” book..like one of those coffee table books, by Calvin Klein’s wife, about transvestites or crossdressers, and told me he’d found it, and thought it was a “cool” book. I feel very sorry for any woman who crosses his path, EXCEPT Melinda Yalom, who would not believe what I or what Pattie [through Carey Creed had to say about him.

3/15/2010 9:39:19 AM - FYI..the Don''t Date This Guy web site is back up, so those profiles about Jay Brown are also accessible again.

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3/15/2010 5:50:51 PM - To let everyone know..my “moving on” process is still ongoing, but I must say that I think I’ll learn “I Thank You” by Sam and Dave [Dave Porter] for my love of more than 9 years..someone who I think is a MUCH better handyman than Jay could ever be, not only a carpenter but an electrician, as well, among many other things, including an “in your pocket” guitarist, on every level, and an artist on many more levels. And he was NOT..is STILL not..afraid to put HIS roof over my head, when I called to God for comfort. That is a BLACK and WHITE difference since Jay Brown, and I am only too happy to share my life and whatever prosperity comes my way, with him. Without him, I could never have produced my first CD.

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3/17/2010 7:53:56 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, PERVS OR PREDATORS, REPEAT CHEATS OR ABUSERS, SEXUAL DEVIANTS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: Michael Murphy, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26824, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=9215 James Lee Murphy, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=16021 Earl Michael Muriekes, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/46528/ Chris or Kris Blumenstein, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=20883 Jess David Murillo, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26823 Carlos Kimbrough, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/69607/ Brian Murphy, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/33077/ Troy Lee Kimble, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=14612

3/17/2010 7:54:31 PM - MORE ALLEGED DOWNLOW BOYS AND~OR GOLDDIGGERS, GIGOLOS, AND~OR SWINGERS, PERVS OR PREDATORS, REPEAT CHEATS OR ABUSERS, SEXUAL DEVIANTS, ETC, URLs PROVIDED: David Day, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=19907 Ron Archer, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=26821 Gideon Kwasi Sakyi, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=20676 Sonny Eugene Ganaway, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=19528 John Vincent Edward Ramer, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=6186 Michael Kenneth Powers, http://womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=15894 Jeff Murnane, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/124685/ Jason Murphy, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/243267/ John Murphy, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/90769/ Jason Alexander Murphy, http://dontdatehimgirl.com/posts/32286/

3/17/2010 7:57:25 PM - A million thanks to whoever notified me that the Don’t Date This Guy web site is back up working again! For everyone’s convenience, that web site URL is: http://www.dontdatethis.com/ddtguy/ … Just use the Advanced Search feature up there, plug in the name, JAY BROWN, then see the profiles listed there. If you are a GAY MAN who had sex with him in his youth or younger days, you may recognize him from the 5th, 1st, 6th, 9th or 10th profile in that list. If so, please post comments to say so, to either the DDHG profiles on him, or to my profiles on him up here, for Jay Brown and for Everett Raymond Brown Jr, because I seriously think he should be exposed permanently for the fraud I think he is, and I believe, with all my experience and knowledge about him and his past history with women, that he has been conning women ALL HIS LIFE! The only time I heard him say “I’m sorry” [followed with, “look what I’ve done to you”..he had crocodile tears], was around the time I’d found that instant message [instant pop up message, sent to him], asking him if he had a “beard” [which means a woman who covers for a man on the downlow or closet gay], and I think he was more “sorry” for getting caught [or about to be caught] than he was for his nasty deceit, porn addiction, and what he’d done to me.

4/16/2011 7:18:57 PM - I have reached the conclusion..my opinion..that Jay ENVIES women..HATES them, deep down, but REALLY WANTS TO BE A WOMAN. You see, IMOP, Jay cannot be truly vulnerable, with ACTUAL emotions, so he FAKES them. He cannot actually FEEL true emotions, so he FAKES/MIRRORS them. He is ENVIOUS of women b/c he has seen [seen this because his older sisters had men PROVIDE for them, who were NOT gay] that his sisters had men PROTECT them, so wanted the same thing, only, because he was born with a PENIS, he could not have the same thing, so went after women, SERIALLY, to TRY TO CONFUSE THEM, tried to have THEM SEXUALLY CONFUSED, in the SAME WAY that he feels. He cannot bleed. Does not have a vagina. Could never be vulnerable or IN PAIN enough to have gone through monthly periods for decades nor experienced PERI~MENOPAUSE/MENOPAUSE [so, in my opinion, he MANIPULATED the circumstances of my own, probably due to his MISOGYNY & HATE of the female species!] to know that type of grief/pain.] He cannot breed children, so he could NEVER find a REAL man to “protect” him, like HETEROSEXUAL WOMEN have, but WISHES HE COULD. This is my opinion about JAY BROWN, aka EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR! Why else would he have worn MY PANTIES during sex play, one time [as if THAT was supposed to be FOREPLAY, and WHY ELSE WOULD HE HAVE DONE THE SAME THING WITH HIS FIRST WIFE, WHO DESCRIBED SAME TO ME!? Why would SHE say that he wanted to REVERSE SEX ROLES w/HER, & ASKED HER TO WEAR A STRAP ON TO PENETRATE HIM??? [Why else would he have DONNED MY WIG, one time] .. EXACT circumstances that Pattie described to me [except for the wig part]? Why else would he have ROLE PLAYED that “pharaoh” thing he did, w/his T~shirt dangling from his head, like a headband. I thought, after things were all done w/us, years later, that he PRETENDED TO BE A FEMALE even then! Forget the cloth of the T~shirt, think WOMAN WITH LONG HAIR! HA HA. WHAT A MIXED UP SICK PERVERT!] Answer those things & if you cannot, you will probably arrive at the same conclusion/opinion that I have & continue to have, after 11+ years, that he HAS A SEXUAL IDENTITY PROBLEM & is MENTALLY ILL! Why else would, when he was living with me, would he have discussed my supposed “peri~menopausal problem” with Melinda Yalom .. taking my PRIVATE/MEDICAL business to HER, then bought a book for me about peri~menopause on HER SUGGESTION [or so he said it was HER suggestion]? THINK ABOUT THAT! I still think JAY IS MENTALLY ILL! Trust him & you are at your FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, SEXUAL [at least as far as him eroding..or trying to..your sensual confidence], PSYCHOLOGICAL & possibly PHYSICAL peril! Do not let him fool you into thinking his past ad on that swingers site long was merely to try to try and fool me into “just thinking” he was closet gay so he could get rid of me .. in case he tries that. If that were true, why did my story and the story of his first wife, Pattie, carry so many parallels, on many levels? Ask yourself that.

6/24/2011 2:46:39 PM - Notice, in this photo, Jay seems to have “pursed” lips? Please compare a younger photo of him, I posted up here, with the profile, http://www.womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=28686 , as, I responded to another comment under it, responded to someone who suggested that, instead of him having a fantasy of being Robert Plant, perhaps he had a fantasy of being Janis Joplin. In that other profile, you might see some resemblance to Joplin [at least with the unruly hair part], but this profile photo of him a similar “fixed” stare to a famous female musician, Janis Joplin, on the cover of a biography of Joplin by Myra Friedman, BURIED ALIVE [but her lips were not pursed, and the lips of Jay Brown do appear to be PURSED in the above photo!] Either in this profile or another I posted up here, about him, I explained how he often PROJECTED his own quirks/anomalies onto me. I described how he liked to point out my foibles or oddities, one of them was my occasional pursed lips. DO YOU GET IT, YET? I reiterate, I read, in BURIED ALIVE, more or less, that Janis also had a confused sexual identity, and sexed both men & women. She, allegedly, always had a problem with her image, was INSECURE, & was described as greedy and confused by many. She seemed to want to have sex with any man or woman who she fancied, & had substance abuse issues most of her adult life. If Jay DID have a fantasy about being Janis Joplin, I will bet you his fantasy included him being Janis WHILE sexing a woman! DO NOT underestimate the FACTS I have written in any profiles I have posted about him, up here or on DDHG. I STILL keep the PROOF. He CANNOT do away with it! Jay Brown jadedly said “a picture is only a picture” .. after he appeared to be HAPPY with his mother/daughter/family, in MANY photos I had/took of him, or that others took of us, from almost a decade. Pictures do tell “a thousand words” , yes? I can now appreciate why it often takes a TEAM of police investigators, across many years, to solve any crime. It took me more than a decade to put all the pieces together about the myriad levels of deception that Jay Brown had perpetrated for more than 30 years. I DID NOT HAVE A TEAM to help me unravel the levels of deceit! I relied on myself, my smarts, and the help of two female friends who told me THEIR stories about their encounters with Jay. Are police detectives “obsessed” with finding out answers to crimes? Perhaps, but most folks think that that kind of “obsession” is the LESSER OF EVILS, to discover the TRUTH, which is what I have done, too. By the by, I mentioned, above, about Jeff Lodsun, musical friend to Jay since, I think, the late 60s or early 70s. I heard that Jeff was not too long ago released, after 3 years in jail, for some charges. Do they NEVER think that their pasts will catch up with them?!?

7/2/2011 10:09:59 AM - I believe it is Jay Brown [who else could it be? No one in my established social circles, since Jay, would do this sick thing] who keeps having SPAM emails sent via third parties who keep sending me email containing ads for Viagra, Cialis and “penis enlargement” .. He should know that whenever/if he does that, it will REAP MORE EXPOSURE for him and his gay male cousin. I recommend, again, viewing the profile about his cousin, Paul Brown, on datingpsychos.com. The URL for it is [replace wavy dashes with straight dashes]: http://datingpsychos.com/psycho/Paul~Brown/5304 … I also recommend to read also the profile up here for Tony Lewis Shortall, http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=14918 , because, in the comment section under that profile, the profiler mentions that Shortall was on the Down Low list of Jay Brown [I assume it is the SAME Jay Brown I knew] .. Jay underestimated [probably still underestimates] my intelligence. I still believe that Jay Brown is a SICK [as in mentally ill] MONSTER. Recommended read: Profile of a Pedophile” by Charles Montaldo, .. I can only guess, but I think the son of his 2nd wife was around age 2 or 3, when Jay entered their lives, & I think his 2nd marriage started disintegrating when his [adopted?] son James was post~pubescent..btwn ages 13 & 14. I think Jay is SO WORRIED about becoming his dad [in the end, Jay told me he heard that his dad molested his niece/Holly..but for yrs, I always heard from Jay that he had asked his sisters, Did Dad do anything untoward to you? .. Jay might have forgotten what Pattie told me..about her younger sister waking up to him molesting her..GET IT?!] If you have SEXUAL I.D./GENDER CONFUSION, JAY, STAY AWAY FROM WOMEN! WE HAVE NO NEED OF SICKOS LIKE YOU! I think there was a HUGE expectation on Jay [ONLY boy among his siblings, under 5 sisters, to be the carrier/successor of the name of his father, & probably a HUGE expectation of him to be the “MALE”.. long awaited, I think, by his mother, it must have been too huge an expectation for him to live up to, when he seemed to be confused as to if he liked men or women to sex, throughout his life..what a BURDEN! Honestly, I think he has problems he will never lose .. the kind that mess with the minds of others. And do not let him fooling you into thinking he is generous with his "Want anything?" after you two have "made love" .. he probably said it to each woman he lived with or married.

7/23/2011 10:28:06 AM - He seems to genuinely adore women, yet wound up mistreating them, when sharing intimacies w/them about his mistress/lover/wife & put them in the awkward position as his confidantes to suit his selfish needs to overlap them, or pit one against the other. MORE PROFILES ON JAY are on DDHG w/different photos of him from the 1990s, when I lived w/him, most of which are not on womansavers.com. PROFILES & PHOTOS ON HIS GAY MALE COUSIN, PAUL BROWN: http://www.datingpsychos.com/psycho/PaulBrown/5660 & http://www.datingpsychos.com/psycho/PaulBrown/5304 & http://womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=29062 Also, I saved one e~mail from what I think is from someone in a swinger couple, that was sent to Jay, indicating they would be in town. From the signature, I did not know this person, these people. This was after I had lived w/him for >7 years! This happened around the same time I caught/captured that instant message from someone who asked if Jay had a “beard.” I never presented him w/my evidence..just stored it away for proof later, if I needed it, which now I do need it. Melinda should know, too, that if it can be proven, by Police, that Jay has been instigating SPAM via 3rd parties, since Nov 2010, and/or is the one who has instigated hangup calls &/or 3rd party robo phone calls since the latter half of 2011[of which I have meticulously logged, each/every time in my journals], & if I call in police to track their origins, & if they trace back to Jay, & if Melinda knew of these activities [if it is/was Jay] & did nothing to stop him, then SHE, too, might possibly be prosecuted.. for HARBORING A CRIMINAL! I read online that if caught stalking, perps can get 5 years in jail or longer, depending on how long the activity persisted. Also see profile up here for Tony Treichel. The woman who profiled Treichel admitted he met her on a forum about doll collections, admitted she was “old fashioned” , “still somewhat childish” & collected dolls. She wrote that Treichel, seemingly “mild mannered” , also collected dolls, & often went MIA on her, exuded “mixed signals” that confused her, “misread” things, looked for girls behind her back that he “deemed better” .. had feelings that were “empty” , “mercenary” , an “emotional rollercoaster” who “will torment your very soul with his falsities & fickle love” & “ditch you for a woman with less “complications”” .. GUESS WHAT, FOLKS..MELINDA COLLECTS/COLLECTED DOLLS, TOO! SEE ANY PARALLELS? He probably cheated on me when I had to pull occasional overnight shifts at my contract jobs. Who knows, he may have pretended to be at Marge Calhoun gigs, but cheated, instead. He also seemed to have a fetish w/having his anals stimulated [NOT my thing!], which is why I arrived at the conclusion that he is probably gay & deeply closeted” Will flirt with other women in your presence, or with only one wall between the two of you, even in our own home, or at an event celebrating your life together, where you worked hard [you paying for food, you prepared it] after living w/him for years, meanwhile SAME WEEK saying “I Love You”. Him calling you “honey” & “sweetheart” is just his way to getting his ends met..sex, $, possibly a free place to stay, or transportation, etc. After him, it might be that you discount/discourage your NEXT lover, but a TRUE ONE, to refrain from words of love, rather PROVE/SHOW IT w/his ACTIONS, not WORDS. His favorite methods of abuse, I think, were covert abuse, ambient abuse, especially ABUSE BY PROXY, & building up HIS pride by CRUSHING the pride of women, & Abuse of Information [he even KNEW he was re~abusing me by having me re~experience abuse from my past..ADMITTED so in that story about stripper Faith, that got rejected by The Sun. No wonder it was rejected..I think they KNEW he was an abuser!], though I think Jay exacted ALL subcategories of abuse, as described in “Gaslighting and Ambient Abuse Survivors” , http://www.dailystrength.org/groups/gaslightingsurvivors .. Also see “ambient or stealth abuse” , http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_ambient_or_stealth_abuse

12/1/2011 7:59:24 PM - I mentioned, in one comment above, about a pink rose quartz, cabochon triangle, set in silver..a pendant that was in his inventory, when I first lived with Jay. Jay told me he had made it for a gay customer who never came to pick it up. When I mentioned to my Significant Other about that pendant, my S.O. laughed..said, maybe..just MAYBE.. JAY wore it while he was out in D.C. .. or at those Salsa clubs, Mr. Henrys, gay book stores, or wherever..seeking men for sex..wore it so they would know what he was? .. as in CODE for I AM GAY.., like gay guys wear handkerchiefs in one back pocket or another, or a key chain in the back pocket, as in CODE for COME GET ME BOYS..I AM GAY..or I WILL BE IN THE MENS ROOM, BOYS, AT THE GLORY HOLE? Or maybe, if he got a HAMM radio, he heard that BREAKER ONE NINE..BREAKER ONE NINE FOR A CONCRETE COWBOY call, to meet the guy at a truck stop restroom, & the breaker one nine guy knew him by that PINK TRIANGLE PENDANT? Maybe Jay did not make it for his gay customer at all, maybe he made it for himself. Another friend of ours, a GAY friend..long time friend to me and my S.O., an EXCELLENT drummer in the DC Metro area for years, before he died, thought so, too, when I told him about the pendant. GET IT? PINK TRIANGLE? Ha ha. Then remember..all those “keep sakes” from his former women [victims?] ..the photos, the tiki bar I felt pressured to give him, the little round leather box with a fleur de lis on it that I gave him, in which he kept an inlaid ring [I think it had PINK TRIANGLES of sugilite, if I recall correctly] he had made for himself the blue/yellow bowl that I gave him from my pottery classes [that he paid for..to get me out of the house at night? So he could cheat?], that antique bed..heirloom, that Pattie said he never tried hard enough to find her, to return it to her..that ended up in the bedroom of his daughter, Jolene.., & I wonder if that handmade coffee cup he had, w/the little mouse inside of it & the word Everest on it, that he said some woman gave him..another victim, maybe? Seems Jay high~tailed it..fled absolutely, after I discovered his “bi” ad on that swingers site, & fled once he found out Pattie had been told that 2 of her gay male friends that Jay had had sex w/them. SEE A PATTERN HERE? DO THE MATH..CONNECT THE DOTS..especially the BIG FACTUAL dots of which I keep evidence of his past swinger membership activities..a whole folder of it that I keep in a safe place, not in my home. Out of respect for her privacy, I will not divulge the married last name of his first wife, Pattie. But her maiden last name was Ditori. If you want to inquire, discretely, of her, personally, please contact me on this site, she might be willing to answer your questions, as she kindly did for me .. & I am willing to mediate for that, IF AND ONLY IF Pattie gives her permission, & IF the son/sister of Melinda, wants to contact her, but she wants a quiet life w/her hubby, & I do not blame her. But if THE WORM TURNS for Melinda, & it is only a matter of WHEN not IF, they will have all the basic info to do some investigating, when it does. If you only knew how many hours/days I studied..worked out..memorized the lyrics..many..created my own “feel” & arrangement, to A Child With The Blues [Erykah Badu & Terence Blanchard], where Jay had me going on it [he learned the chords, seemed interested..another song he GLOMMED onto, when I found it to me in my range .. when learning it was heart~felt on my part], only to never perform in either jazz trio/quartet I formed w/him, you might then understand the artistic frustration I experienced under his influence! That tune was the main theme from the film, Eve's Bayou, so why would it not have been a success, on stage? It took much support from friends [who Jay never knew] I had known for decades, who loved me, to heal from the abuse from Jay Brown! To get an idea about the ways of abuse he perped on me, read “Emotional Abusers” by Natalie P., http://heartlessbitches.com/rants/manipulator/emotional_abuse.shtml , then you might know the various forms of emotional abuse I think Jay dealt me, & probably dealt others before me.

12/4/2011 10:39:06 PM - His hairline recedes faster than the eastern seaboard. Several of his male friends in his past should all GROW A PAIR.. stop covering for him, if they have. Would THEY want someone like him screwing THEIR daughters & Effing w/THEIR minds/spirits/bodies? I almost guarantee that he made sure that Melinda does not face THE TRUTH, keeps her Rose Colored Glasses on & snowed enough to convince her not to read any profiles posted about him. That should not stop her sister/son from reading them, nor anyone else in Chevy Chase. He is the ONLY person profiled up here, so far, w/a Chevy Chase addy, so that s/get Jay AMPLE ATTN. Jay seems to have that “ONE CANNOT CHANGE A WHORE INTO A HOUSEWIFE” , gutter~level mentality [I guess, to him, a woman who he can convince to cheat on her husband is better than a whore? .. especially if the woman he convinces to screw over his live~in lover of yrs., has more $/land than the woman he screws over], even when women are not whores, & when his 35+ years of serial adultery, convincing other women before/after me to commit adultery on their husbands [any guy who convinces women to cheat on their hubbies, who plays one woman contra another, esp. if the 2 women are in the same social circle, is SCUM!] & cheating would contradict that viewpoint, & when MY worldview is that ALL COMMON~LAW WIVES SHOULD BE RECOGNIZED, HONORED, ACKNOWLEDGED. Go mess w/someone else’s God~given life/time & sexuality/sensuality, Jay, or go hire prostitutes if variety is what you want, but STAY AWAY FROM GOOD WOMEN & THEIR CHILDREN! You will not mess w/MINE anymore or anyone else’s if I can help it, not even if YOU instigated 3rdparty SPAMS for Viagra/Cialis, penis enlargement, etc.! Melinda should ask my former friend, Matt Andrea, D.C. resident, @ 1 time her friend, too, if Matt ever thought I was the “lying” type. Matt may be many things, I doubt he is a liar, I am sure he would tell you~he knew me for yrs, since I was age 16~he never knew me to be a liar. These are SERIOUS ISSUES. I believe that Jay has SERIOUS character flaws, DEEP PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES that NO ONE can help, not even a shrink! If she is not careful, Jay might try to turn HER into his quasi shrink, like I think he did to me! Those sessions he had w/ Borash, when 1st dating me, for all I know, might have been his marital correction issues about Lorrie. I believe what Pattie told me, that her young sister woke up to find Jay touching her private parts [I interpreted genitals], & if her sister was a MINOR @ that time, & if what Pattie told me is true, then JAY IS A PEDOPHILE! I may post another profile w/a pix of Jay in Manassas, in front of our home, w/2 young boys [looked to be once. I will ask anyone if they lived on Windsor Ave. in Manassas, ask them if their boys ever complained about feeling icky around Jay, ask them if they RECOGNIZE their boys from the profile photo, should I decide to post it! &, IF they felt “icky”..why would they not feel “icky” around a guy who advertised himself as BI seeking BI on a swingers site, an ad in which he claimed to like “j/o” [“jacking off together” w/another male]? Why would they NOT feel icky around a guy who was stopped by Manassas police, w/his penis out, peeing in an alley? What would have happened had a young boy chanced by to see him? Now & then, I ask myself, why did he say he wanted to donate his rock samples/posters, & wanted to offer to talk to the children in a nearby preschool/nursery, about rocks/minerals? His TRUE motives? Guess. It was not until AFTER my last vacation w/Jay in NC..after he wrote the story that he tried to get published in The Sun, about the stripper, Faith, that he told me that Melinda had “encouraged him to write” .. that should have been another clue to him having an affair w/Melinda. I have nothing but pity for her, if that.., pity that he had to USE me & my networks to seduce her next. To me, she is just another victim of his sexual addiction. When the worm turns again w/Jay, the sister & son of Melinda ought to ask Matt Andrea, friend to me since age 16, also a friend to Melinda at one time, ask Matt if he knew me to be a liar. I doubt he would say yes. To get AIDS/HIV from Jay would be her just reward, although certain individuals, though few, have immunity from those diseases & he may be one of those, still, that would not exempt him from passing on other diseases to her, given his past proclivities.I think he knew, in his own mind, when he asked me in that phone call he made to me, asking me if I was “going to hurt myself” that, if I knew the truth..that he was having an affair with Melinda, that I would feel like upchucking, depressed, etc., & that a WEAKER woman than me might have wanted to commit suicide.

12/23/2011 6:21:24 PM - UPDATE: per Jay Brown..recently, I rcvd more SPAM from email spammer, Adriana Bland several times, which I provided or will provide to the Fairfax Cnty. police. Apparently, this Adriana works as a cam sex person at home .. he/she may be Jay Brown in disguise, after all, Jay, I allege, had a fetish for cross~dressing when I lived w/him [he donned my underwear & wore my wig once, I think trying to convince me either he was just being funny, or else, in his mind he thought it some kind of foreplay. Sometime around that episode, Jay showed me a pix of him IN DRAG when he was younger, & told me he dressed up that way just for Halloween..uh uh..DOUBT IT WAS JUST FOR HALLOWEEN.] Adriana addressed his/her SPAM email to someone he/she apparently met on myspace. I DO NOT HAVE A MYSPACE ACCNT, NEVER DID, so this “person” could never have met me there. 2nd, this person has OBVIOUS DYSLEXIA. JAY HAS DYSLEXIA. Jay might be PRETENDING to be a girl & sending this stuff. I kept handwritten samples of his from the past, & the dyslexic patterns from Adriana are very much the same as his. The “person” sending these tells us he/she works for a webcamming org from home. The person to whom he/she [Adriana] sent the copies, i.e., the cc address could also belong to Jay..to his other persona. I also suspect that Jay is either schizophrenic &/or has multiple personalities. I hope Jay lands in jail. Hopefully that will happen around the holiday seasons or shortly thereafter, so as to get his sorry ass away from decent, law abiding, moral citizens! To me, Jay is one sorry, stupid dolt/clod w/out morals or common sense, who has NO GAME, since he was caught cheating, is a COWARD, ran when caught. I have let readers know that the last addy I had for Jay Brown was on Aragon Ln in Chevy Chase .. the last addy I knew to be the home of Melinda Yalom, where he & I went regularly for jazz jams w/her then husband, Ed Rejuney. I hope that any gay guy who had or may have had sex w/Jay Brown at one time or another, sees the profiles about him, & CALLS MELINDA, to TELL HER THE TRUTH ABOUT JAY. I do not lie. Again,one night, Jay took me to a Salsa club in D.C., that place turned out to be a venue for cross~dressers. I did not know this beforehand. A guy approached me while I sat to eat my scampi @ the bar [he was dressed like a straight guy but he told me he was a crossdresser, said he was married. I waved him away, wanting to dine in peace, but kept what he said in mind.] Meanwhile, Jay TOOK A LONG TIME..seemed much longer than usual IN THE MENS ROOM. Was he getting serviced @ the glory hole back then? Jay told me, around the time I met him, that he, @ one time, worked @ Mr. Henrys restaurant in D.C. WHAT STRAIGHT GUY WORKS AT MR. HENRYS?! Thinking of him makes me ill. I also wonder if those hang up calls or breather calls as I would describe them, that came to TWO places where I worked, were not from Jay Brown. When I reported them, my jobs were compromised. If it was Jay who made them, this activity [similar to that of a stalker] is the behavior of a sick sociopath. Call me a “rabid dog” but I have SAVED all the evidence, since year 2000 to prove otherwise. It seemed serially PREYED on females “with means” .. from their families or their professional/career endeavors, to advance himself in life, at their expense. To me, that means that JAY BROWN, aka EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR, is no better than a gigolo/pimp! I filed a police report lately naming him as a suspect SPAM MAILER/STALKER, even IF possibly, he instigated it via 3rd party. If it is found to be him doing this, I may have to get a restraining order on him..& YES, one CAN get an RO to have a harasser stop spamming you! I think when Jay gets bored w/his life/lover/wife, that is when his sex addiction mode kicks in & he starts making trouble for others..also why I think he might have multiple personalities or schizophrenia. Jay is much like the blond horn player and “switch-hitter”, Langley, portrayed by Paul Koslo, in the Charles Bronson film, “The Stone Killer” .. Langley rode motorcycles .. {his “macho” side? I guess} .. was into shady business, always on the lamb. Langley was what some used to call in the beatnik era, “AC/DC”, only you couldn’t tell from just looking at him. The main {and probably ONLY things} Langley wanted others to publicly notice about him was how good~looking he was and how good he was at his music .. so “jazzy” ..

12/23/2011 9:48:59 PM - If he wants to mess with me or my mind in a COWARDLY, WEAK WAY, via anonymous aliases, sending porn content my way, just know I CAN MESS WITH HIM EVEN BETTER..THROUGH THE LEGAL SYSTEM..so much that he will not know where my strength came from! He does not know psyops. I do. I worked in it..was PAID for doing it. To those of you who know me and know who I am, know also that recently I found a FAKE myspace profile with my name and city on it, without a photo, THAT I DID NOT CREATE..never had a myspace account..never wanted/want one, so I notified myspace today, as soon as I found it, asked them to delete it..told myspace that I suspect that someone created a FAKE profile about me, PRETENDING to be me, and that is why, possibly I have been getting SPAMMED by others claiming they saw my photo on myspace, and those SPAMS are replete with perverse sexual content. Again, I SUSPECT JAY BROWN! I will also notify the police officer who took my police report last week, about this latest incident/episode. If Jay is harassing/stalking me or anyone else on the internet, he WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT, as, if he did, his “footprints” or evidence of CRIME will be all over the net for any good investigator, who is skilled at sniffing out internet predators, will discover. I also suspect that he, at one time, CREATED A FAKE MYSPACE PROFILE using my city & email addy, that has cause me to receive HARASSING SPAM. I have also tagged the police person, with whom I made my police report recently, about this issue. I keep the proof. If it was HIM, he WILL BE PROSECUTED, that much I promise. In my opinion, Jay is MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY COMPROMISED/STUNTED..is UNDERDEVELOPED MENTALLY, is a DOLT [no matter if he has some lapidary and musical talents, and can paint houses, drywall or do some carpentry], so if he is perping crimes on the internet, he is TOO STUPID to know he WILL BE CAUGHT, eventually. No apologies to Melinda Yalom if she is still dealing with him, but if she is..SHE DOES NOT KNOW WITH WHOM SHE INVOLVED HERSELF..DOES NOT KNOW HIS TRUE, SLEAZY, LYING, DESPICABLE CHARACTER, nor of what he is capable or what he has done to hurt other women in his past! If she DOES have an inkling of how he hurt women in his past and/or how sleazy he has been, and still accepts him despite what he did, then that tells me she is just as low as he is. I mean, for GOD SAKE, when he lived with me I CAUGHT HIM MASTURBATING TO GAY MALE PORN, and I STILL have the PROOF of his purchases/rentals of that porn. So..WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH? She might want to EDUCATE herself on the REAL dangers of women who involve themselves with closet gay men or men on the down low, by reading the book, The Boys in the Band [1970] or by renting the 2 part video, Angels in America, or read the book by J.L. King, On the Down Low: A Journey into the Lives of Straight Black Men Who Sleep with Men. Even though Jay is Caucasian, I recall one porn video he bought/rented that had a well endowed black male beating off. I know this. I have rental/purchase proof of his gay male porn viewing..raunchy, hardcore porn that he bought or rented them. If Jay thinks that I was just so STUPID to just sit IDLY by while he involved himself in this trash, he was SORELY mistaken. I wanted to see HOW FAR HE WOULD GO with his sexual addiction, and I saved the evidence. Me crazy? Is that what he told you? I may be CRAZY AS A FOX for saving the evidence, but not a crazy or stupid female like he may want you to believe! I wondered why Jay had seemed so happy or eager to take me to a theater to see The Crying Game, when Julia & John Leigh, friends of ours, recommended that film. I doubt they knew why I thought later, that he seemed over~enthused about taking me on that date. Now that I think about it, maybe he was OVER~ENTHUSED because he had SUCKED more than me into his PRETEND LIFE, including others in his friendship & musical circles. I may just have to post another profile, but elsewhere, about MELINDA YALOM, w/a photo of her sitting next to her 2nd hubby, Ed Rejuney. That photo would have been taken, I think, around Valentines day, when Jay & I attended their party, not long, if I recall correctly, after or shortly before she had Jay paint either her home or another home of her relative. She poses in that photo as if she is HAPPY with Ed as her husband..yet??? She appears to be “prim and proper” wearing a head band, but WHAT KIND OF WOMAN COMMITS ADULTERY to go after a man in a long~term relationship who lives w/a woman..the woman with whom, I allege, Melinda PRETENDED to want friendship [ME!]? Any male who pits one woman against another is FILTH! I will bet he did this in his youth..pit one sister [among the five of his sisters..all older than him] against another, if not one against one, or several against several. He is to me, ONE MENTALLY ILL male.

12/25/2011 7:28:55 PM - Just my take/opinion on things, I think that Jay, when growing up, his mother told his sisters to “marry the richest, most successful man you can find” .. Jay, with five older sisters, noticed/saw that his sisters married successful men, if not in wealth, then by position/status in life. His oldest sister, Dulce, married a physics professor, though she also became a lawyer, despite her disability [?] later in life, when she, apparently, had to rely on the success of her husband, Michael. Next, his sister, Paula, married Joe [disabled, apparently, when I met him, he was in a wheel chair] Jay told me that Joe helped Paula to financially start up her Human Resources business Joe, to me, was very well off. In the beginning or my relationship w/Jay, I saw a magazine article about Paula & her successful business [in general, I think in Human Resources, aka a temp agency or series of them], probably in News Week, if not, maybe in Time Magazine, about her successful business. Next sister, younger than Paula, Joyce, well, honestly..I thought she had the most potential for being an “honest” sister among the bunch, I know that she loved her husband, Bobby, who died [unknown what causes], but I think I heard that she married, after Bobby, a guy who was an ass, so, after that experience was reluctant to marry again [even though, after Bobby, later met a VERY NICE GUY who seemed to be in love w/Joyce, when I was w/Jay, it seemed Joyce would not commit to him, I think his name was Andy, but it has been so long, I forget details.] Next, not sure if Jeanine was older or younger than Joyce, probably older than Joyce, Joyce seemed to be among the most “level~headed” among his sisters, but she also seemed to me to be a woman in the “slot” of having married a successful govt. husband, while she could remain the “traditional” wife to Dale Sipprelle, even if/when she could not find work for herself, so it seemed like she RELIED on Dale, a Catholic~raised guy, for majorly sustaining her household, even when/if she became unemployed. Then there was LINDA, the sister who Jay told me let him watch her while she masturbated. Well, I am not sure how many times Linda married, but I know that she was married at least twice. One time was to John Hunley [not sure of spelling], a guy who I thought must have been as old as her father, and so did the 1st wife of Jay think the same. Her husband after John was, Jay told me, her cousin, Les. So..you tell me..does this family seem dysfunctional or not? What I think is that Jay saw that his older sisters married SUCCESSFUL MEN and/or gained SUCCESSFUL careers, so WAS JEALOUS OF THEM, and that the only life tact/move he could take was to TRY TO MARRY A SUCCESSFUL WOMAN, whether a woman in line for a family inheritance or a woman who had “gained” somehow, from her previous life experiences, so he could JUMP ON THE BACKS/PURSES of these women, to advance himself in life. To sum it all up.., I think that Jay has been JEALOUS of women most of his life, of not just me, but his own sisters, or any other women.., very possibly JEALOUS that he WAS NOT BORN AS A WOMAN, so possibly sought to destroy women in his adult life, who he seduced, who might have seemed to him, in one way or more, successful, or who could have succeeded WITHOUT HIS HELP, so I think he SOUGHT TO DESTROY THEM. Possibly, Jay saw, from his sisters, or imagined, that women MANIPULATED men, or was jealous of THEM, so wished to be a FEMALE instead of a MALE, so went about MANIPULATING his lovers/wives in later life. Sad. I spent about 2 or 3 brief summer vacations w/Jay & his sisters in NC [probably paid for on the purses of his sisters, but Jay also spent time w/my relatives, on their purses, including a beach vacation or two, to enjoy the good life .. it seemed like we were on level w/each other, balanced family~wise, anyway].. it just seemed like Jay was, underneath a façade, on a quest to get a step up on the social ladder, despite his lack of higher education or want of it, that he wanted to LEAPFROG on the gains of the next & the next woman, before & after me, like one SERIOUS, GREEDY, SOCIAL CLIMBER, without credentials, wanting to CLIMB ON THE BACK/SUCCESS/CREDENTIALS/MATERIAL WEALTH of his next woman, after me, despite his NOT having a college education [& having admitted to me never wanting one or never having interest in a college track] his bankruptcy, property foreclosure on his marital home w/2nd wife. I recall how Jay told me how his nephew, Mark, son of Paula, had a child out of wedlock to a woman who Mark did not marry, while Mark served in Desert Storm, & who Mark did not marry. Then there was Billy, son of Jeannine & Dale Siprelle, who sired a child out of wedlock w/a woman named Susie, who loved Billy deeply, supposedly. Apparently, Billy & Susie both worked in the air lines business. It seems like the Brown extended family, particularly some of the males, had issues committing to females.

12/26/2011 11:05:21 AM - I still scratch my head wondering how I could have let such a pathological liar in my life for years. Do not let him convince you he is a “spiritual guy” just b/c he sings From A Distance [& if a female musician, convinces her to harmonize on it w/him] .. he used the souls of women as his stepping stones, if not meanwhile used their purses like marsupial pouches in which to suckle, or has done & will probably continue to do..like an OVERGROWN yet UNDERDEVELOPED Joey .. kangaroo, learned to BOUNCE..a BOUNDER. Think of kangaroo courts too, no justice, no conscience, favoring those w/MONETARY ADVANTAGE..GREEDY. He cheated at least 2 women out of yrs of their lives, Lorrie & me, cheated on another, Pattie. [She was luckier, though, only spent about a yr married to him. After him she became a social worker, I think b/c of her horrific experience w/him] Result: she could not have children of her body after she aborted a child conceived w/him, consequently had an infection that rendered her barren, apparently when he would not be a stand~up husband/father. He cheated me out of the last reproduction yrs in which I could have had children [I wonder if he thought, since Pattie & I had brothers, we were “predisposed” genetically to have MALE children. If we had, my guess is Jay would probably have been JEALOUS, in COMPETITION w/males who might get MORE attn than him!] & he expects others to be convinced that he “changed for the better” .. that others can now trust him, when his actions before me & w/me demonstrated he has been a sick cheater, if not an outright con artist, most of his adult years? A man is NOTHING w/out his reputation. To me, he is NOT a man. His mostly duplicitous/amoral/shady reputation precedes him. It was as if he GOT OFF on or got some THRILL from “proving” his manhood several times, w/more than just one woman but INCLUDING Melinda by having sex w/ MARRIED WOMEN, WHILE he was married or in long~term relationships, one each, consecutively. In 3 SEPARATE relationships he did this, I believe. Cheated on wife Pattie, w/a MARRIED WOMAN [she told me.] Cheated on Lorrie [or he SAID he did or tried to] w/Janet, another MARRIED WOMAN [he told me so], then cheated on me w/yet ANOTHER MARRIED WOMAN. His behavior more than convinced me that he did this b/c he is SECRETLY GAY, WANTS TO HAVE SEX W/MEN but had/has COGNITIVE DISSONANCE about that, feels low for having a CONFUSED SEXUAL IDENTITY [he the youngest among his siblings, the ONLY MALE, possib. felt PRESSURED to be all male.. a conundrum, yes? Esp. if he had GAY proclivities, raised in a Bible Thumper family?], so compensated by seeing how many women he could sex/dupe, to convince himself otherwise. This happened before me & during my relationship w/him. Seems like each time he was caught/confronted by his women he flipped the script to JUSTIFY his behavior as THEIR FAULT, to RATIONALIZE, so he would seem infallible/absolved from his behavior. For all I know, when Jay told me about Jill the singer having done phone sex before she got married, he might have been telling me about HIMSELF. When he told me about having done several weeks of “telemarketing work” was he ACTUALLY doing phone sex himself..the kind where the guy uses a voice changer making him sound like a WOMAN on the phone, on those 900 sex lines, where GUYS call thinking it is a WOMAN on the phone, when it COULD BE a GAY GUY or CLOSETED DL guy GETTING OFF by having phone sex w/MEN? Maybe when he told me he was on a “painting job” maybe he phonesexed instead? It would not surprise me if he was a male whore for men in his youth. I do not put anything past him, including possibly whoring himself out to men. He told me one time, while in bed w/me, that he was attracted sexually to a guy he met or had seen in a book store. Yes. He did! Later was the incident where he asked me if I thought Melinda was “attractive” .. I wondered, then, what were his motives. Years after we ended, I wondered if that question meant he wanted a threesome or some other perversion..none of which I ever wanted. None of his ex wives were stupid, each were pretty/smart women like me, w/good families, he fooled them, too. I still think he will ALWAYS be a SICK FREAK. My SPAM features are set to instant delete, I do not worry about SPAM. Any other spam arriving to my in box unsolicited, I will let the POLICE handle that if I want, to TRACE that dog poo back to the IP addy of the sender/senders, but if you gals want to know how sick freaks send spam to their exes, read the DDHG profile on Charles Beatty, his area cited as Denver, CO. If nothing else, my descriptions of Jay & how I remember him should tell you not to trust your emotions when dealing w/him, I think he counts on you not having the wherewithall to see through his lies.

1/1/2012 9:42:01 PM - Jay is the ONLY male, in my entire dating/cohabiting history of more than 35 years, who NEVER WORE UNDERWEAR, seldom, if ever, brushed his teeth. I gave him more than ample WIDE BERTH on his hygiene habits, which I should not have done. Question WHY he had that large hemorrhoid that resembled an ENGORGED TICK, when he lived w/me. My guess..one or more males entered his anus w/their penises, on the sly, against the knowledge of any of his live~in females, lovers/wives. Melinda might want to defend him, dispute what I have written, but, how can she dispute what I knew of him for 8.5 years, plus what his 1st wife, Pattie, disclosed about him, which, finally, gave me some semblance of closure, when he would not admit to having his affair w/Melinda WHILE living w/me..HE COULD NOT BE HONEST & THAT HAS BEEN HIS OPERATIONAL SYSTEM/MOTIVE, more than just once in his life, & seems to be his repeat PATTERN! Look out for the Recovered Bad Boy Gimmick. It seems to be a trend/ruse w/guys profiled up here. Gimmick = I AM REFORMED..A NEW MAN..GOD IS CHANGING MY LIFE ..that he now wants to be genuine, honest, forthright..will tell you what a sinner he was but he now wants to be GENUINE/HONEST, he tells you what a jerk he was, how he once was a thief, but what he is becoming/became [complete w/fake tears], after his last disastrous relationship, is now a better man OR Because of you I am better, whole or will become better, if not in those words, HEAVILY implied. Yes, I heard that one, too, packs of lies w/the songs about God, when he 1st began w/me. I will bet he has played the I AM TURNING MY LIFE AROUND BECAUSE OF YOU card w/EACH & EVERY ONE OF US, from Evelyn Vignola & w/the next 4 women he lived/w after Evelyn. Later, after it is done/over, the woman turns into the sinner or has much wrong w/her [except for Evelyn, she remained his friend, probably b/c she ended the relationship, not him, when she wanted children & he did not want any, or so she told me, but she certainly did not live w/him as long as Lorrie & I did, so did not get to see his abusive side, like I think Lorrie, Pattie & I did], while he, probably, becomes almost a saint, probably, I did nothing wrong, or he saw nothing wrong w/how he used/abused women in his past. He is between the ages of 60 & 62, I know he was a little older than me but not by much. I also think his problems were MORE than just mere mid life crises. Seriously, I think he has had MENTAL PROBLEMS most of his life, or at least in his teen/adult years, but that is my opinion. Hopefully, this is my last statement, but I thank all others who have posted comments to this profile, to let me know that I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO EXPERIENCED ABUSE OR USORY/FRAUDULENT GIMMICKS/METHODS FROM A MALE FOR YRS. This is my strong OPINION, Jay Brown is no better than Eric Cooper or is ON HIS WAY to being another Cooper, the main differences in levels of deception/fraud, I think, being that Cooper had many more wives than Jay, was suspected of actual bigamy, & Cooper deceived by pretending to be a Navy Officer, while Jay, I allege, pretended to several women, to be totally straight, but his advertisement on that swinger site tells me loudly/clearly, that he advertised himself as BISEXUAL no lie, I keep the proof. When I look at the eyes of Cooper, from the photo of Cooper in that article, I perceive a SOCIOPATHIC DEADNESS in his eyes the likes of which I also thought I saw, several times, in Jay, in our last years together, & like I think his eyes show in this profile photo of Jay. Read the story about Cooper on abcnews.go.com/2020/story?id=2301523&page=1 Mature adult, female cougars like me do not like, nor deserve, lions who are wet behind the ears, who have no lair to offer, i.e., no stable home, no roof of his own to put over her head or lost his to foreclosure. A mature female cougar hates it when the male lion fails to protect her and hates when there is more than one female cougar in the scene on which the lion dotes. Female cougars do not deserve lions who hide that they only want “friends with benefits” or for HER to pay HIS household bills. Mature female cougars do not need male cubs depending on the females to finance them. Neither do women, who have sought all their lives, to have stable homes, who do not want perpetual MOBILE LIVES..NEVER DID..need cubs like this, to interrupt their lives or life progress! Worse, I think, are males who have foreclosure, bankruptcy & multiple divorces in their history, as this one has. I am RELIEVED when this male was finally gone from my life.

1/17/2012 5:18:05 PM - I am glad that I finally told Jay to GET OUT OF MY HOME, otherwise, if he WAS active [participated physically, to have sex w/men or women] on that swingers site and/or had sex w/men on the sly, I might have acquired AIDS/HIV. I totally believe EVERYTHING his 1st wife, Pattie, told me about him, in our long phone conversation. She gave me much closure, when he gave me next to none. After Jay, I was not sure the male body/mind could ever be trusted again. Since, Jay, w/my more than 11~year partner, I am convinced that Jay was the odd ball. My loving partner convinced me that I could trust again. Jay WILL NOT ERASE that. Do not let Jay convince you otherwise! I will say it again, it SEEMS Jay covers his deceit & his past serial confusion/transgressions or sex addiction [I allege] like a cat covers up doo doo in the kitty litter box, expecting others not to smell the stink of his life. Even more ironic is the reason why he told, more than just me, why he & Lorrie [his 2nd WIFE] & he divorced..b/c of her cats? [Sue me, if you want Jay, but I have the address for Julia & John Leigh, to whom, I think, you gave the SAME excuse! Plus, Pattie told me she would back me up if it ever came to that.] I can almost promise you this, but for legal reasons I cannot..if you dig beneath the surface, & THIS MAY TAKE YRS, I allege, until the multiple levels of lies FINALLY unravel, you will be left CLUELESS, then you WILL FIND A FRAUD who IS NOT who/what he says he is or has been saying he is, for yrs! This is why I THINK he either has multiple personalities or has Borderline Personality Disorder, but on a level that is NOT detectable UNTIL you have lived w/him for at least 9 years, but that MAY TAKE LONGER [Lorrie, wife #2, I think was married to him for 12 or 13 years, before their marriage dissolved, so, apparently/allegedly, he is able to maintain the illusion for a LONG time before things go rotten!] Oh..and please DO NOT BELIEVE him if he tells you he is a changed man if/when he tells you he is going to therapy for sex addiction or is attending Alcoholics Anonymous. Even sexual predators HIDE in those venues! Alright, I might have been MORE abused had I chosen some criminal on the dole, straight out of prison, more desperate than I think Jay was when I met him..but I thought he had a good family or origin..at first, but MY FAMILY was not a family where ANY female would choose to mate w/any male partner who had issues in their lives, nor, before me, had any woman in my family line ever chosen for a mate, a male who was not educated, much less..NONE OF MY FEMALE relatives would have EVER accepted a male for her life partner who DID NOT have a career built on solid blocks of time from years invested in his career/education. I should never have deviated from my life path. Because Jay was [or seemed like] an artist, I made a mistake..accepted his waffling in life. I should not have done so. Do not do as I did or you may be left as I was....spent..he used your last years for producing children from your body, leaving you nothing in his wake but DEVASTATION..UNLESS.. you met a MAN [NOT A BOY] after Jay, who was NOT IN MAJOR DEBT AS THINK JAY MAJORLY WAS, and when, the MAN I met, after Jay, had MUCH MORE in life to offer a woman, to allow her set down her roots, finally, .. to EXHALE, when Jay never allowed that, in my opinion, but counted on, I think, taking away from others who already had their lives established, to jump up on the next rung, like a typical social climber. All I ever did was CARE about the well being & health of his daughter, Jolene, for all those years, I never disciplined her. She had two parents to do that. The only time I ever came close to disciplining her was to try to discourage her from smoking in MY home, but Jay let her smoke on the back porch, despite my wishes otherwise. As of Jan. 20, 2012, at 9:31 P.M., I got a marketing/solicitous phone call, from a telemarketer, from . When I asked her, an afroAmerican Female, who gave you my phone number?..she hung up.

1/30/2012 9:06:41 PM - I hope this will be my last entry to this profile. Now and again, I feel the urge to return to this profile, to post a comment. TRUST YOUR FEMININE INSTINCTS IF THEY TOLD YOU “Something is wrong here!” I heard those when I was age 18, when I found out that Jay lived with Evelyn Vignola, but he did not tell me he lived with Evelyn until I was at the house where he & she lived, & did not find this out until he got naked, apparently wanting sex w/me. But I did not let him have it then, and Xd him off my list, to go on to have a 10~year relationship w/another male who I would later think was my “true love”..another ALCOHOLIC, though, I did not know it @ the time. More than 30 yrs later, I IGNORED same instincts, when Jay Brown worked @ Stone Art, Canterbury Square, in Manassas, VA. I felt, upon seeing Jay, after all those years had passed, that he seemed like a criminal. I ignored those instincts & should not have. I had no idea then that Jay was [I must say “allegedly” to be legally safe] about to go bankrupt. Honestly, I did not know then..and not until a couple or few years later, what financial trouble Jay was in, or would seem to be, later in the middle of our domestic relationship..a couple or a few years after he had convinced me to move in w/him in Manassas, VA. I was TOO trusting then, but I am an HONEST individual. Since then & since Jay, I will forever be “on guard” against potential frauds or con artists..moreso than before I lived w/Jay Brown. I think of what he did much less frequently than I used to, which is a good thing, & I have just about arrived @ the stage of indifference .. another healing stage typical of those who experienced years of abuse from a former partner. Still, I continue to warn others about him & males like him, so that women do not fall into the traps of abuse, nor fall into the nets of sexual predators who put on masks to deceive us into thinking they are nice guys when they are WORSE than the opposite of what they represent. I am here to give TESTIMONY, & my testimony will REMAIN up here for as long as I am alive & after, if I have anything to do w/it, to save other women from similar fates. To me, any male who pits one or more women contra the women w/whom he lives, will always be, in my mind, a SOCIOPATH, & nothing less. Some times, my best work is done at night, otherwise, I would not have excelled @ my musical [former/current] profession. So I post this, finally, to warn any/all women. Please add up the points/incidents which I have described here, before you arrive to any judgment. Ask yourself, How many women has he lived w/ or who received abuse, mentally/psychologically/sexually/verbally? & ask, How many women did he abandon.. who told him to get out of their lives?..before you make the mistake that I made! Sure..of course..in the 40+ years of dating men, I also ended, or had relationships that ended w/me. Those that I chose to end, I saw that they were NOT responsible in life, but I NEVER left any guy w/whom I ended things w/NO CLOSURE, & I NEVER GASLIGHTED THEM, so, I found this relationship w/Jay to be FAR more abusive than ANY OTHER RELATIONSHIP I EVER HAD, in my entire life! One cannot deny what HE actually DID if there is PROOF. I still have proof. To understand the levels of what a PERVERSE NARCISSISTIC ABUSER I still think Jay is, I suggest reading Stalking the Soul by Marie~France Hirigoyen, then read the profile on http://reportyourex.com/ex~report/chris~kutch~run~like~hell~budaaustin~tx/ [substitute wavy lines with straight lines to get the URL] about Chris Kutch for comparison. Read also the 2 profiles I have up here on Rick Burnette/Burnett in Strasburg, VA. Rick & his wife seemed to embrace me as a the partner of Jay, for years, UNTIL Jay & I dissolved as a couple. It was as if they accepted his depravity & serial lack of moral character, over my honest character, to exclude me from their friendship circle, after Jay left me...when I needed friends most, when I think it should have been Jay left without friends, if they believed in honesty.

3/5/2012 5:10:26 PM - I am getting from this profile, about him having paid for that blonde, blue eyed stripper to lap dance for him, you might be correct in your guess..that he might have had incestuous fantasies about his own daughter. Seems like a sick freak with few, if any, or absent boundaries. I, too, see a reptilian gaze in his eyes, as if absent of soul. I pointed out this profile to a male friend of mine, who knew a guy on the DL, he said this guy looks gay; I would tend to agree.

3/5/2012 7:51:04 PM - I agree w/the person who profiled Jay, quote from the profile up here on James E. Maksoud: “A man that lies to so many women, plays mind games, makes them feel like they are the only one and tells them so even when there are others, is not fully disclosing the truth to the woman. As such, he isnt giving her the opportunity to make an informed decision about being in a relationship with him. That is EMOTIONAL RAPE. She doesnt have a choice as she isnt being fully informed on the situation..I have no empathy for the woman he is with now, if she is Melinda, because she ACCEPTED for him to DISRESPECT you, and to join in his SABOTAGE of your long relationship with him, WHILE she was married to another, so I think she deserves all the DISRESPECT coming to her. Count your blessings. And that woman..his THIRD WIFE?.. needs to realize that guys with character flaws this deep, who have hurt others repeatedly, across years, do NOT change. Character flaws THAT DEEP are just what they are..MAJOR CHARACTER FLAWS or PERSONALITY DISORDERS! They leave a deep path/swath of destruction wherever they go, with whomever crosses their paths, though they might come across to friends and family as the sweet guy, this is what they do..they lead DOUBLE LIVES! From my understanding of what you wrote, after acquiring his SECOND wife, he later used her .. her $? her labor? her family ties? .. to help finance a business that went nowhere after several years, then he subsequently had to file bankruptcy, after a long separation from her? And he was cited for public urination? If so, Melinda [wife #3?] has not much to look forward to but more of the same or similar times with him. Just paraphrasing to confirm that your message was not in vain and to send out some luv. I think you probably had a similar experience to the women who posted up here about Thomas Earl Athey & Wesley Joseph Bowers, and on many levels, Jay is possibly like Robert Charles Gerke, also profiled on this site. A bully is still a bully, no matter what mask he wears. Too often, he is also a serial psychological rapist.

7/4/2012 5:52:00 PM - I thought Jay and Melinda lived in Chevy Chase. Last known address for them is on Aragon Lane in Chevy Chase Md. I believe her relative, Abraham, lives in Silver Spring, MD. See also three profiles about Melinda on datingpsychos.com, just plug last name Yalom into search field and you will find them. I thought they lived in Chevy Chase because the web page, http://www.whitepages.com/name/Melinda~C~Yalom/Chevy~Chase~MD/5hguynb?site_id=15277 [replace wavy dashes for straight dashes and you will have the URL] indicated as much, but another search elsewhere yielded Silver Spring, MD. I highly suspect Jay of continuously harassing or stalking me, with 3rd party spam emails from 3rd parties, that have continued to escalate, to more than 650, since 2001. I have saved them all, began a police report months ago, naming him as the suspect stalker/harasser, & I have followed up since, with the police. I also believe that Jay libeled me on another web site, datingpsychos.com. After I reported the libel to the FBI, the libelous info about me came down [see 3 profiles on that site, under the last name, Yalom for explanation], but the SPAM emails to me continue, to the tune of between 6 to 13 SPAMS each day, to date! I recently informed the office of the Fairfax County Sheriff that I want to file a PERMANENT RESTRAINING ORDER on Jay Brown, and want, from that office, to know how to proceed, so Melinda should not be shocked if/when she is informed about it, if/when that happens. SPAMS continue to me, to the tune of between 10 and 15 SPAMS daily, typically from 3rd party emailers, and the topics typical to those spams, are ads for Viagra/Cialis ads for swinger or sex sites ads from fucbook, etc. I know NO ONE ELSE but Jay, amongst my past friends or current friends or social circles, who are DEPRAVED enough, to send such sick content. I still believe that his M.O. is to first build up then break down the personal/sexual/professional confidence of his women then, later, between 1 and 13 or more years, break it down to levels below what they were before he began his relationships with these women. I also believe, still, that Jay might have seriously compromised/ended my former career, of years, in IT, that required my having a secret level govt. clearance, that required me not being influenced by anyone, when he bought/rented porn material all those years while living with me, especially when he rented/bought those materials required those adult video shops acquiring his drivers license, which could have later, been traced to my address..where I lived with Jay. For those of you not aware of that possibility, I suggest you watch the last of the TV series, 24, to know of what I write. I found out about this series, more than 8 years after Jay left my life, but the coincidences I found in the plots were just TOO REAL, and the details about the life of one blonde woman in that series, who was emotionally blackmailed by her ex, too similar to my own, except, I never had a criminal background, when Jay had a juvie background. I think that Jay is just ignorant enough not to realize that his IP address can be traced back to the origins, from whence SPAM came, even if he instigated 3rd parties to email SPAM to me, especially those emails to which I had to UNSUBSCRIBE, when I never SUBSCRIBED in the first place!

8/18/2012 3:23:26 AM - The narcissistic sociopath problem seems to be growing in leaps and bounds. I''m staying single from now on. Check out the narcissistic sociopath I almost married, he nearly strangled me to death when I confronted him with his lying and cheating: Cain Ace Dewitt.

11/4/2012 1:08:58 PM - I TRUST NO ALCOHOLICS, NOT DRY ONES, NOT WET ONES, NOT SO~CALLED RECOVERED ONES, NOT THE ONES WHO WERE OR ARE IN AA. AA seems to be a place for sex addicts to hang out & for people w/MULTIPLE addictions. Since 1983, I have known 3 alcoholic males, all of them AA members at one point, who, to me have each had sex addictions in their lives. 1st, a married man approached me @ my place of work in the early 80s. Years later, he called to apologize to me, b/c of his 12 Step program. Next was Jay. Next was another musician, not my lover, but who has been married at least 3 or 4 times, who is/was an AA steerer, who said that several of his exes were crazy, & he, at one point, overlapped women. No. I trust NO alcoholics, will never trust ANY of them. Though I moved on in my life by leaps & bounds & want to put these issues to their final resting point, IF I HAVE TIME, I might post one more profile up here, about Jay Brown, with a photo depicting Jay, his old mother, & his daughter Jolene, probably around age 12 or 13, then, all celebrating the birthday of Jolene, in our back yard, in Manassas, in the early 90s, all w/wide smiles on their faces, seemingly enjoying themselves when I took the photo, so you can see what all the Browns looked like back then. I recall when I visited the Fairfax, VA home of Gayle Brown, mother of Jay Brown, when Jay first courted me. I washed dishes after preparing steamed mussels for Jay, his mother & myself. She said to me, “I do believe in soaking” .. which, I thought she meant the food encrusted pans. Who knows, she might have actually meant, w/double entendre, “I do believe in soaking others of all their worth, & so does my son.” I prepared many meals for Jay, repeated the recipes that his sisters, aunts, daughter & mother had given me..their family recipes..Joyce's chicken curry, Ma Brown's ham loaf, summer lemon bundt cake & London broil recipes, Dulce's rudabaga pudding, Pat Holstrom's chile cranberry bread, Jolene's chocolate cakes, Jay's favorite no~bake chocolate coconut cookies, etc. Also, I served Jay MY OWN recipes [my best friend was a New Orleans chef, so I served him gumbos & poultry stuffed w/chestnuts or oysters, that she taught me to make.] Never did Jay want from me for decent dinners. Never! If he did not appreciate these things or forgot them, then he has a sick selective memory, or like someone w/brain damage. Many family activities we did that were healthy were MY ideas, NOT HIS, like canoeing, assembling puzzles, bowling & iceskating w/his daughter, etc. I still suspect that Gayle Brown, if still alive, might also have multiple personalities or be schizophrenic. For years, she behaved like a good mother to me when I lived w/Jay [much like Aunt Bea in the Andy Griffith Show], then seemed to turn into the interfering mother, like the mother in the film, The Manchurian Candidate. DO NOT TRUST THIS, I ALLEGE, MENTALLY SICK MALE, who fed me the lines, You Make My Blood Boil & I Was Taken With You & Our Lovemaking Was Just Like Out Of The movie, Love On a Hot Afternoon.. [OR, "This pencil/charcoal drawing I drew at one time (of a naked brunette, reclining, back to the viewer) must have been a foreshadowing of you, when I drew it"], OR, quote, I Could Recognize The Scent of My Woman If She Were Naked In A Room With Ten Other Naked Woman [while he is in bed with you!] After my horrific, terrorizing experience with Jay Brown, for a long time in aftermath, the simplest of gestures from other women, like someone suggesting I should read a book or where I should go on a vacation, might have become “suspect” as motives of INTERLOPERS. That is how much this S.O.B. affected my trust levels. After all, Gayle Brown, Jay’s mother, when the sh*t went down, had sent me this little book about how when the honeymoon is over, the “in love” stages cannot last with a man [INTERLOPING!] & if Melinda suggested the book [as Jay said she did] about peri menopause, that he bought & gave to me, when actually that probably was NOT my “condition” .. I had bled from polyps in my womb that I had removed, & those polyps probably derived from STRESS that HE put me through!

11/30/2012 6:55:17 PM - If I misspelled or typed wrong the names of the relatives of Jay Brown, I correct them now. Dale Siprelle [otherwise known as W D Siprelle, & “Dale Siprelle” and “William D Siprelle” .. relative [DALE IS THE FATHER OF THESE PEOPLE…I MET THEM ALL!] to Andrew Joseph Siprelle, Ann M Siprelle, Bill Dale Siprelle .. Dale’s offspring..[Dale is or was the husband OF Jeanine B Siprelle, sister to Jay Brown.] Jay told me that it was Dale who gave him a computer. That computer was the SAME one Jay used to place his ad as a bisexual on a swingers site in 2000. Read the profile up here about the gay male cousin of Jay Brown, Paul Brown, & the profile about Ed Rejuney [former husband of Melinda Yalom] who Jay Brown cuckolded, after having lived with me for 7 years or more.] My details about the life I spent with Jay Brown, in those two profiles, do not conflict or deviate from the details I have posted in this profile [I am consistent with my facts, across time & time lines], though they might give readers a different perspective on my horrific life experience with Jay. If you want to avoid a potential LMN [Lifetime Movie Network] experience, avoid Jay Brown! For a different perspective on my true story about Jay Brown, read the profiles up here about Ed Rejuney, former husband of Melinda Yalom, who Jay, I allege, cuckolded when Jay lived with me, & Jay did so, I allege, in my 8th or 9th year with Jay. Also read the profile up here about Paul Brown, gay male cousin of Jay Brown. Then you will have the FULL STORY, if only from different perspectives, but, let me tell you..THE DETAILS WILL NOT CONFLICT, they are the same details I share, but about my life encountered with these different individuals, but eventually, I also felt that I had to confront Ed Rejuney, to try to get full closure from him [even if years had passed since all these things went down.] Ed, I allege, denied me that full closure, hence I also profiled Ed up here. Whenever any male destroys the life of any woman across years, I believe it is her JUST RIGHT to EXPOSE HIM on this & any other website on the intranet, so that is what I have done. I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE OR BE SORRY FOR WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT ANY MALES I HAVE OUTED, ON THIS WEB SITE OR ON OTHERS! Why did I, in our fledgling relationship, purchase a tie with a James Dean on it, as a gift to Jay? [THIS DOES NOT MEAN I WAS A FAG HAG!] It was when I had seen many films with James Dean, that I admired, & BEFORE I knew about James Dean, & BEFORE, more than a decade later, when I read a biography about James Dean. [James Dean was supposedly “bisexual.” According to Kenneth Anger’s book, Hollywood Babylon II, in his chapter “The Trouble With Jimmy”, Dean was “a host of thriving colony of crabs. He acquired the critters from a binge of sleeping around [] Dean had taken to hanging out at the Club, an East Hollywood leather bar” 135 Anger described Dean as a “predatory night prowler, who dug anonymous sex” & “had recently discovered the magic word of S and M…Regulars at the Club tagged him with a singular moniker: the Human Ashtray. When stoned, he would bare his chest and beg for his masters to stub out their butts on it. After his fatal car crash, the coroner made note of the ‘constellation of keratoid scars' on Jimmy’s torso.” 135] Repeated from the profile about EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR, profile among the Top Ten Profiles Viewed on this web site [“I think that Jay counts on life being so fast~paced that no one will have time to slow down to notice what he does. [] Jay will only give you the PARTIAL truth about anything, if at all. His favorite mode of lying is omission, with impunity”]

1/16/2013 4:24:48 PM - Read also womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=23261 and womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=28784 and www.womansavers.com/p_guydetails.asp?id=377899 .. those are about Ed Rejuney, the husband who Jay cuckolded [yes..I felt I had to confront, Ed, too, and will not apologize for standing up to him!] I will always know Melinda Yalom as an ADULTERESS, hope everyone else will see that about her, too! I hope her son and sister see the profiles about her and Ed Rejuney! You might also want to read my profile about Melinda Yalom, on datingpsychos.com [I had to split my story up into three parts, somehow the other two parts got deleted .. look for M Yalom] And yes, I have crossreferenced all of these profiles, so you will see that my details do not conflict..my story is true through & through, no contradictions. Please read the three profiles I posted on datingpsychos.com, about Melinda Yalom. GASLIGHTING is the worst form of emotional abuse anyone can perp on another human. In my opinion, Jay exacted this form of abuse on me, especially in my last month living with Jay. Strange to me and might be to you readers, too, why was it that Jay, before he moved out from our Manassas home, when he thought I might be the one moving out first, he purchased cardboard boxes & tape, to help me pack & move, gave those supplies to me. I did pack my things in those boxes, packed with the rolls of tape he gave me. Then I thought. NO! HE SHOULD MOVE, NOT ME! I told him to leave my home. I think he thought he would do me in, to be without residence, him the survivor, but I proved otherwise, to him..stood my ground! Unfortunately, since 2007, my first profiles about Jay on dontdatehimgirl.com came down when that web site changed, but so did the profiles that possibly more than 60,000 women had posted about cheaters in their lives. Also read recent profile about Jay Brown on datingpsychos.com and on cheaterville.com, in that one, I repeated much of what is on this page, but added a few more things are are not mentioned on this page.

6/30/2013 7:11:08 PM - Melinda should know that I keep getting spams, including the perpetual Adriana spam {from someone who claims to be a woman wanting sex from a woman} in my email box, and I still suspect it is Jay who sent those or who instigated someone else who sent same. I have received SPAM since 2001, since I first profiled Jay Brown on dontdatehimgirl.com. One of the first spams I received in 2001, was a spam with an uploadable file, a live sex video, of a male performing sex with a woman who resembled me, though it WAS CERTAINLY NOT ME, and whoever sent it had to have viewed HUNDREDS of porn films before finding, in any of them, any female who had physical attributes similar to mine. I persist to warn Melinda and any other women who might encounter Jay Brown in his/her life, to STAY CLEAR OF HIM, because Jay Brown is ONE TOXIC MALE. He was toxic to THREE females with whom he had long~term relationships, before his relationship with Melinda, two of them were former wives, the other was me. If Melinda is still with Jay, she in in DEEP TROUBLE and does not realize it. In his last months living with me, I overheard Jay on his cel phone conversations, and in those, it seemed he was arranging to meet with a stranger, or strangers, for sex. Also, I saved at least one email that he received, I think from a couple who wanted swinger sex, when he lived with me. I keep it as proof. Melinda should realize, that if Jay fooled his first wife, Pattie, to whom he was married for about a year or less, then fooled Lorrie, to whom he was married for, I think, about 13 years, then fooled me, for 8.5 years, then she, Melinda, should expect no less from Jay, no matter how many years he convinced her to live with him, or if he convinced her to marry him. I still keep documents as PROOF, of what I saved from his ad, on a swingers'''''''' site, plus other emails from him that I saved, as PROOF, do not lie. Jay is a SICK male with PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS who has, by some fluke of fortune, escaped being exposed for what he is, UNTIL I finally exposed him on dontdatehimgirl.com and on other web sites, including this one. I have NOTHING TO LOSE by posting this. I am not just a bitter ex, but a woman who found, after Jay, a DECENT mate, with whom I still reside, 12+ years, since my relationship with Jay ended. I still keep, as proof, his ad on that site for swingers that he placed when living with me. As well, I keep one of his last emails to me, the one I refer to as his EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL email to me. Melinda should SERIOUSLY think .. take mental time away from her time with Jay, to consider the EVIDENCE of what I have written here.

7/5/2013 2:50:45 PM - I strongly suggest reading the profile about Everett Brown on datingpsychos.com .. I believe that Jay Brown is like the character Aaron Stampler, the sociopath in the film, Primal Fear, who knew about people who had multiple personality disorders from having been sexually abused, so, like a coward, on the run from having murdered his girlfriend and a priest, Stampler FAKED having MPD [complete with black outs or time lost episodes or elipses in thought], to his lawyer, to his jury, to his judge, so he could get off from having committed two murders. I believe that Jay can create, and HAS created a nice guy persona, to hide his evilness .. that is if he does not TRULY have Dissociative Identity Disorder, which might also be the case. But Jay also reminds me of the character, Billy Jarvis, the sick sociopath and handyman in the film, The Night Digger as well as the female sociopath, Lilith, in the film, Lilith. Jay has a substance abuse history {not just alcohol, but he has that history, too}, that, according to his 1st ex wife, did not stop after he married her. So you still think he is a good catch, Melinda? I almost pity you. You should read read “Child Facility Blasted by Grand Jury” on the website http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1298&dat=19780404&id=_uVLAAAAIBAJ&sjid=d4sDAAAAIBAJ&pg=2086,373574 Edgemeade was apparently a facility that “warehoused” emotionally disturbed children. Jay said he did his juvie time in Edgemeade in Upper Marlboro, MD. I also believe that when Jay lived with me, once he had obtained a cel phone, it gave him more false courage and impetus to cheat on me. I also recall a time, not long after he got that cel phone, his daughter Jolene borrowed it from him and ran up a bill of over $250, or so he told me she did, and caused even more drama in our lives. Meanwhile, even after he had begun his affair with Melinda, for another year, he continued sexual relations with me, up until the very month or even less than a month, before he moved out, and continued to say he LOVED me, even AFTER he moved out, when he continued pulling mind games on me, including that SICK episode when he dropped by with that book about transvestites, that he told me was a cool find .. written by the wife of Calvin Klein. If ever there was a SOCIOPATH and SEX ADDICT in my life, he was it! Then there was the EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL email he sent to me, that I still keep as proof, of his vulgarity and sickness [just you try to disprove me, Melinda or Evelyn. You will lose on these counts.] I think I wrote, somewhere above .. that Jay seemed to COUNT on the world operating on such a fast pace that he thought no one would notice what he did to me and others. Evelyn Vignola, I allege, was one of his first victims with whom he lived. Decades later, if she did not want life to be lived at a much slower pace, then I think she would not have moved to Alaska, but not to the extent of living in the WILDERNESS of Alaska, as few strong & independent women did alone, or who, with their {seemingly hunter, provider, ALPHA MALE MATES, stood by the side of their men, to support them.} Rather, she moved to a CITY, like Fairbanks. Think about that one. Maybe she liked males who were MORE LIKE FEMALES? Not saying here that alpha males are superior to males who are in touch with their female sides, because I have known plenty of alpha male types in my life who were abusive, not to me, but to other females who were my friends. Extremes are never good. Jay stayed in touch with Evelyn for years, after their relationship ended. He seemed to convince Evelyn, who, apparently, his latest victim, Melinda Yalom also met, that he is a decent guy. Evelyn came to VA when I first began dating Jay. I was not jealous .. even invited Evelyn to stay, one night, in my apartment in Manassas, VA, when Jay stayed with me that night [she gave me a small potpourri of herbs, to place under my pillow, & called it a "dream pillow"] .. “Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes.” ~ Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember] I am still unsure as to whether, on that night, Jay sneaked off to have sex with Evelyn [asleep on my couch] while I was sleeping. That is the extent of emotional abuse to which Jay had subjected me!

7/12/2013 10:23:53 PM - Clues to his true personality, when I first dated Jay, should have been clear to me, when his friend, REPUBLICAN, Rob, who had a bankruptcy history, & who I suspect Jay met in his AA meetings, in the same shopping center where Jay & Lori operated Stone Art in Manassas, VA, at Canterbury Square. Jay told me, back then, that Rob told Jay that he thought that Jay and I were “incongruous” as a couple. Rob had invited Jay & I to his home, near Front Royal, VA, a home that Rob owned with his next wife {I know not how many wives Rob had in his life}, a SUCCESSFUL LANDSCAPER, and we went. In retrospect, I now believe that these were MIND GAMES between two males whose main interest in life was in achieving FINANCIALLY on the backs or inheritances of any women they could! And if Jay gets testy with my testimony, to post falsities, I am ready to post yet, another profile about Jay, with a photo of Jay & Rob, in front of the Stone Art shop that Jay & Lorrie owned in Manassas, VA. The short time I knew Rob, Rob was, to my face, nothing but friendly. In fact, Rob invited Jay & I to a fish fry at his home in Manassas, an event that Jolene, daughter to Jay, also attended {I have the photos} .. this happened when I first dated Jay. It was shortly before or after this time, that Jay was stopped by two policemen in cars, in Manassas, for peeing in the alley, directly behind the Stone Art shop on Canterbury Sqre. in Manassas, VA, which HIGHLY EMBARASSED ME at the time, & THIS INCIDENT IS ON RECORD. Deny all you want, Melinda or Jay, I KNOW what happened in my life, & Jay cannot erase the proof! It was not the only time that Jay urinated in a public place in Manassas. Jay, I allege, did the same thing .. urinated in an alley or in a public place, on one of his last dates with me {more than 8 years later}, near the Manassas train station, near the club, HEROS, where, if I recall correctly, Jay & I went to hear that night, one of two male jazz guitarists who I had admired professionally {EACH, LATER, AFTER JAY & I ENDED OUR RELATIONSHIP, WORKED WITH ME IN MY OWN MUSICAL VENUES, AS GUITARISTS, PAID TO ACCOMPANY ME ON VOCALS.} I recall, distinctly, at my first gig at Heroes in Manassas, VA, when I wanted to hire an excellent drummer, Bubbles, aka Lawrence Dean, who I had seen perform at same club with an excellent jazz guitarist {who I would year later, when Jay was out of my life}, Jay, I allege, tried to discourage me from hiring Bubbles, & wanted, I allege, for me to hire the drummer with whom Jay & I had worked clubs in VA for a year or more {who had a main, high~paying day job, so any drumming work he did was only a side job, & I suspected that he, Jon F., was an alcoholic, at that point. I was reluctant to hire Jon, who Jay wanted me to hire, because Jon was mainly a ROCK drummer, who I suspected was an alcoholic, & I did not want to f*ck up my first performance in one of the only clubs in Manassas, VA that hired jazz musicians. I mistakenly conceded to Jay’s wishes, and, subsequently, was never hired back at Heros in Manassas {despite my filling the club with my entourage that night, & many, if not most of them, dined & bought many drinks, fulfilling the “quota gain” for the club owner that night. The room was full when we performed. The seats were full of customers.} BUT .. several years later, after my relationship had ended with Jay, I hired Bubbles, who I wanted, for a subsequent gig I landed, & for that gig, I received an excellent review & mention for not only my performance at that gig, but for the performance of Bubbles, the drummer who I had originally wanted to hire at my first performance at that club in Manassas, VA, Heroes.

7/12/2013 11:32:28 PM - To sum it up, I think Jay envied me my ability to find and enjoin musicians in musical projects that might enhance the projects of same. If so, his envy did not work.Please see the 3~video YouTube series, Borderline Personality Disorder {BPD}: My Story” by Atypical Aeshe, a transgendered woman who used to be a guy. Aeshe, a former dancer, admitted to having had anorexia, admitted to having “issues” with his/her father, admitted to having experienced disregulation of emotions and self injury, dissociation, traumalike symptoms, early childhood sexual abuse chronic feelings of emptiness all good or all bad {black & white} thinking. Aeshe admitted to having a series of relationships with women and to having gotten herself totally immersed in new role after new role, then purged, then assumed new identity roles, thinking each time, “this is going to be the thing, this is going to save us.” Aeshe admitted that he/she was “the person who broke things off.” Aeshe admits, “I knew they were going to leave me so I’ll leave them first.” Aeshe admitted to first idealizing women then demonizing them, in a “preemptive” pattern admitted to having had trouble sticking to things till the end. Aeshe would start to devalue those things or people and admitted to having finally “come out” as a “bisexual” and was discharged from the army because of it. Aeshe admitted to having gotten engaged to a girl then admitted he/she “began to freak out emotionally” with another identity disturbance again, so he “began to devalue her”, but before that he was meeting up with guys having random sex with them, then got married and changed his degree to his wife’s choice, “making his identity for someone else”, he says, “I gave up a lot of my power”, that it “turned into an emotionally abusive situation” .. he said he then met another new girl who turned into his “husband” {he said they met through the kink scene}, when, he finally decided it was clear that he “should go through his gender transition.” ALL OF THOSE THINGS AESHE DESCRIBED ARE SIMILAR TO WHAT I KNEW ABOUT JAY BROWN, right down to some of the very things that Jay said to me with faulty reasoning & excuses, like “I’m a pleaser who tries to please everyone else at the expense of myself, then I feel engulfed and hemmed in” .. or similar words. Jay even said to me, “your lovemaking is too powerful .. overpowers me” .. DOES THAT NOT SOUND VERY SIMILAR TO WHAT AESHE SAID, WITH, “I gave up a lot of my power”? .. I highly doubt that any of Aeshe’s former girlfriends think that Atypical Aeshe is innocent. Maybe JAY BROWN should have gotten a transgender operation long ago! .. or maybe just CASTRATED to save more women from grief. I still think that Jay has BPD & always will think so. I also think that the older Jay Brown ages, he will resemble and become more and more like the character, Mickey, the sociopath who John Voight portrays in the TV series, Ray Donovan .. at least from the neck up. Just so he will not try to sing to you later, Welcome Back Baby To The Poor Side of Town .. in case he tries that, along with singing The Tattler, a song he sang to seduce me, along with The One You Love, by Glen Frye, do not let him. I will NEVER go back to HIS poor side of town. Any married woman who approves of {and commits adultery to take a serial adulterer as her partner} a male who abused another woman physically {threw keys toward her face/head .. lifted his fist to her body as if to hit her} is no specimen, either. Jay might have managed to get one profile about him on datingpsychos.com, posted under his legal name, EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN JR, plus the other two profiles about Melinda, on same site, deleted [one remains of the three], but the other one on that site, about Jay, is still posted under the name he used the most, JAY BROWN, & he will NEVER be able to delete the profiles I posted about him up here! Nor will he be able to delete the profiles on datingpsychos.com that I posted for Ed Rejuney and Matt Andrea, which cross~references much of what I have described in this profile. I still standby what I have written on line, about these people, for many years now. I have only spoken the truth, and truth surfaces, must surface, as puss does .. has to, just like those two carbuncles on the back of Jay Brown, near his neck.

10/15/2013 12:58:14 PM - Dead on! I found a guy with whom to compare Jay Brown today .. Coney Southerland, who was profiled by one of his relatives, but only for awhile on datingpsychos.com, then the profile came down almost within minutes after it was posted, but not before I captured it, so now Coney is profiled on this site. Coney seems almost like a CARBON COPY of Jay Brown! I only wish that an HONEST relative of Jay Brown would be as BRAVE as the relative of Coney .. the relative who profiled Coney, but that is not likely to happen, since I suspect that relatives of Jay are still covering for him [in my opinion] in a dysfunctional family mode. Come on, Holly Holstrom and Cathy Stephens .. I KNOW that both of you are mostly honest people who usually want to tell the truth, even if your mother might not want to, about Jay. What are you waiting for? .. your mother to die, before people to find out the full truth about Jay Brown?! .. or are you each content to let others think I am batty [probably like Jay wanted others to think about me, including Melinda]? Jay can RUN but he cannot HIDE, unless he divorces Melinda, then changes his name legally, to gain an alias. Even if that were to happen, Jay probably still could not hide, as most search websites, like beenverified.com, instantpeoplefinder.com, and others, also list aliases for males with aliases, even if they changed their names legally. Did I tell you that Jay told me that he vacated, before he was finished it, his job for Bonnie Hawley [not sure if it was a painting or carpentry job] in Manassas, VA, when he lived with me? Did he tell you he was angry at her for some reason? Did I tell you that Jay told me he left working for that music store [near the junction of Rt 66 and Sudley Rd., situated in a shopping center, behind a major hotel] he worked for [or so he TOLD me he did, for several months .. probably less than 3 or 4 months] that he quit that job or was fired? If he told you that, did he tell you that the reason he was disgruntled with that job was because some other salesman stole sales from him, at that music store? Did Jay ever tell you that he probably could never get hired by UPS or FedEx because of his alcoholism history? If so, why did he get hired [supposedly, according to him] for only a few months, working for Yellow cab or Red cab, as a driver [this happened .. if he ACTUALLY worked for a cab company when he said he did .. when his second Stone Art shop on Battle St. in Manassas, VA, was failing, and I, meanwhile, worked in his shop WITHOUT PAY, between my contract jobs. That was when some man, who looked to be the age of my father, came into that tiny shop and told me, He will use you and discard you like a lemon rind .. and I STILL suspect that it was Lu Walters who told me that, or possibly some male on the down low, that Jay might have sexed, back then.] These things you MUST consider, before letting Jay into your life, either romantically or businesswise. I will never change my opinion that JAY BROWN IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN A USER, ABUSER AND A FRAUD! You only have to look for the CONTRADICTIONS in his stories to suss him out, only, he has been able to get away with this for decades.

11/9/2013 3:31:26 PM - Wherever I might have mistakenly, in this profile, or in any other profile about Jay on this web site, if I posted, by mistake, the name John Lee .. it should be corrected as John Leigh .. wherever I have posted the name Julia Lee .. it should stand corrected as Julia Leigh .. [I had forgotten how their last names were spelled, until I found another old email from Julia Leigh, today. It was hidden in my recipe box.] John and Julia Leigh are, or were, when I knew them, husband and wife. John was in the bands, Night Patrol and Change of Heart, with Jay Brown, in his far past. John was who Jay talked to me about behind John’s back. Jay said that John Leigh’s guitar playing was like John was carrying two pails of water {stiff}. Jay also described Bill Rich, the drummer who worked with Jay in Night Patrol, as a “hermit” and more or less described Bill’s being almost/nearly totally blind as the reason why it was a pain in the ass {or inconvenient .. is how Jay made it seem} for the other band members who were in Night Patrol, to have had to pick up and drop off Bill to/from his home in Greenbelt, MD, for their gigs [I thought, then, that Jay’s attitude was totally off~putting or snide. When he told me those things, they [~~as Jay might have PRETENTIOUSLY said many times, glibly, while living with me, he used this expression often, and I thought OUT OF CONTEXT~~] “disturbed my sensibilities” .. [only when Jay used that expression, he seemed PRETENTIOUS, SHALLOW, GLIB, .. as if FAKING he identified himself as “intellectual” .. BULLPUCKY! He was anything BUT intellectual. Remember .. I was the one on whom he relied for the foreign word answers to the crossword puzzles he tried to complete while sitting on the commode.] Had I remembered or seen, in my past, the film, Gaslight .. I would have immediately recognized that THAT IS WHAT JAY BROWN DID TO ME ALL ALONG! But if I ever saw that film, it was probably more than two decades before my relationship with Jay. Then I saw it again, several years after Jay was out of my life for good {though it seems that he might not be out of my life for good .. considering all the porn/sex SPAM e~mails I have received, since 2001, that I suspect HE instigated, via third parties}, and it was NOT Jay who came up with ideas for viewing intellectual films {not porn} .. if we watched them, it was ME. Just as Beth, ex~wife {lawyer in Arlington, VA} of Jeff Lodsun {drummer who worked with Jay in several bands} said about Jeff, I will never again let any male/man rent my mind .. I can totally understand her sentiments. Never once, not ever, in my 8.5~year relationship with Jay, did I ever give Jay reason to think that I would approve of or wanted an open relationship with him. Maybe Melinda did, though, since it seems she did not mind that for, I think ONE FULL YEAR, after becoming his lover, WHILE still living with me {their relationship began, I believe, while she was still married to Ed Rejuney, & she had hired him to paint a home belonging to her or one of her relatives}, he continued telling me I love you .. often .. & continued intimate sexual relations with me, even up until the very last month before he moved out {I finally told Jay, GET OUT! .. the last straw was when he brought over a coffee table book, written by the wife of Calvin Klein, that he, Jay, described to me was a cool find .. the subject of which was about TRANSSEXUALS and/or CROSSDRESSERS vogue~ing.} But there were more than just one last straw with Jay. Another last straw with Jay was his EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL E~MAIL to me, which I still have the copy of it. Jay IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY, no matter what MELINDA YALOM, EVELYN VIGNOLA, Jay''''''''''''''''s family members, or ANYONE THINKS about Jay! I still suspect that Jay has multiple personalities, and I suspect, at least two, possibly four personalities, based on my having separated out the photos I kept of him, from when he was a baby, and through my relationship with him, and placing them into four groups, where I think, each of the four groups represents a different personality of Jay, based on his facial expressions, and if any of those photos were taken during my time with him, his differing facial expressions then, showed what seemed to me to align with his apparent or extreme mood variances, some of which seemed to have commonality with other expressions of him, taken in his life, even before I lived with him. There is one photo of Jay, me and Jolene, at his mother's condo in Fairfax, at the dining table, me & Jolene smiling on either side of him, him with wide sweeping arm~hand gestures, on either side of his women {as if he was the King of the Castle} that I also thought was unusual or odd.

11/9/2013 4:31:55 PM - In yet another photo of Jay, not long after moving in with me to our rental home in Manassas, shows him assembling an IKEA closet for me, with Jolene in the picture. In that photo, he looks almost drunk, but gleeful. Jolene was age ten then. In another photo, several years after, Jay appears, with yet another expression, when posing beside someone's cabin cruiser or yacht, during our Annapolis day trip. I asked him then if he was pretending to be the owner of the vessel, and he said yes. At another time with him .. a more intimate time ..when he used his T~shirt as if it was a headband, and let the sides of it flow over his shoulders, I wondered what THAT was about, other than mere role play .. I wondered if he imagined himself as a pharoah. Years after he had left my life, I thought that possibly back then, he imagined himself as a WOMAN {T~shirt being long hair of a woman} or even imagined himself, possibly, as a NUN. Who knows just WHAT was in his SICK mind back then, but these were things that went through my mind, years after our relationship ended, & had to do with his kinky role playing. Jay also had a sick foot fetish or toe~sucking fetish & armpit licking fetish, with him being the licker .. and it more than seemed that, unless things were in the taboo range or imagination of his, then he would not .. COULD NOT get truly close to any woman on any sexual level, & especially if those sexual/sensual levels approached anything close to expressing TRUE emotions on his part, because I think HE HAD NONE, nor the capability of emoting that way. Sure. When not actually f*cking, & during foreplay, or what he PERCEIVED was foreplay, he could fake a good eye twinkling or smile, just as he could produce crocodile tears, but when it came down to the nitty gritty of actual sexual congress, it seemed as though he was locked in one of two modes .. either the expressionless mode or the mode where he blinked & winced at his partner {possibly, at those times, he imagined himself being raped? Dunno, but it was wierd and creepy), each mode without smiling or without glee or thankfulness {to God or his partner} on his face.

11/9/2013 5:28:23 PM - Jay's choices in life, across decades, tell me that he CANNOT honestly emote or commit to any one woman in his life. Perhaps that is because the person with whom Jay had his 1st sexual experience was not someone with whom Jay fell mutually in love {as happened with me .. in contrast, the 1st person I made love with in my life was Also In Love With Me, & I was his 1st lover, as my 1st lover was mine. That relationship lasted for >2 years, before I realized that my 1st love had drug addictions, so I left him}.. but was probably Jay's sister or Jay's gay male cousin, Paul. Why else would Jay have said to me, at one time, when he lived with me, YOUR LOVEMAKING WAS TOO POWERFUL {as if I had done something WRONG .. as if I had subdued or disempowered Jay, somehow? Why else would Jay have had, back then, in my opinion, no AFFECT while supposedly making love with me .. in other words, the expressions on Jay's face, while in the sex/coitus act, included JAY WINCING & BLINKING, or as if Jay was trapped in some space in time that did not include any woman, & rather than SMILING at me, while in the act of coitus or lovemaking~~the latter, in my mind~~, or, back then, what I thought of was our having made love}? I also believe that Jay could not shatter my womanly confidence totally, not ever, because I had something that I think Jay NEVER had with his 1st sexual experience. My 1st lover {name omitted} .. his sister was my dear friend. I performed musically in high school with her, for variety shows. She backed my vocals on piano. I was also the 1st lover for him, & he TOTALLY loved me, was faithful to me. We lasted about 2 years. The only reason I broke off with my 1st lover was because he got involved in drugs. I have heard, since, that while now happily married, my 1st lover still thinks highly of me & still loves me. It was ME who initiated 1st sex with my 1st lover, not him with me. POWER TO WOMEN! I will also share with you that my 1st lover & I comforted each other & stayed with each other, on one level, because both parents of each of us, were divorcing their spouses. Consequently, my 1st lover & I each sought & vowed that we each, in future, in life, would be devoted to only one partner, & to make our 1st {& hopefully ONLY} marriage in life succeed, as my 3 brothers achieved. Sometimes I think it was because I was born a FEMALE, not a MALE, that those early life goals of mine were not realized, because I was caught, at a point in time, with millions of other women~~women who believed in the feminist movement, or who were lead to believe in it~~thought we could change the status quo or double standards of men, but we were proven wrong, a decade or more later.

11/9/2013 7:17:36 PM - One of the ugliest things that happened to me, after Jay left our rental home {besides the fact that he broke the lease, so still owes me more than $350}, was that his daughter, Jolene, who I helped raise or mentor for 8.5 years, sent me a letter, and in it she called me a worthless piece of skin .. this, after MY SALARIES for 8.5 years, helped provide the roof over her head, for every other weekend she spent living in my home, and despite how she and I exchanged gifts for that many years, hugged each other, despite me being her sounding board for many years, allowing her whatever friend she wanted to stay overnight all those years, etc.. I recall, after she left our home, she received a letter from Paul Powell, in prison. I, still protecting Jolene, wrote on the outside of his letter, RETURN TO SENDER, NO SUCH ADDRESSEE LIVES HERE. You cannot imagine the DECEIT from certain Brown family members that I experienced, just before and after my relationship with Jay ended. I hope that Melinda will experience Hell like I experienced, because of her association with Jay Brown. Shame on both Melinda Yalom and Evelyn Vignola. It was my salary, NOT the salaries of Evelyn Vignola or Melinda Yalom, that helped Jay Brown pay for the roof over his daughter’s head for 8.5 years, for all those weekends, every other weekend she stayed with us, from when Jolene was age 10 until she was age 18. It was ME doing the mentoring of Jolene all those years, not Melinda or Evelyn. Jay''''s daughter, Jolene, and his son, James, might not have accepted me in Jay''''s life, simply because I was not their biological mother, but I gave my life efforts to them, while living with Jay. I even took James to get his driver''''s license when, apparently, neither his father or mother had time to do so, and I even gave a guitar lesson to James. One Christmas present, one year, from me to James, was a CD by Eric Johnson, with Johnson''''s tune, Cliffs of Dover, because I was attuned to Jame''''s desire for learning electric guitar techniques. I will not apologize for all that I did for Jay and his children, while he lived with me. My efforts & contributions to their welfare were HONEST, unlike Jay's for me. Jay Brown used my social connections, several of which I gained/developed since I was age 16, & one of those social connections he used to seduce his next victim, Melinda Yalom. In the process, He destroyed or subterfuged many relationships I had built in my life, both before I met Jay & since my relationship with Jay. If this is not the M.O. of a sociopath, then what is?

11/9/2013 7:33:33 PM - One sleazy part of this was .. about a year, or a little more than a year before Jay decided to end things, he asked me if I thought that Melinda was the sort of woman who might be a chronic complainer? It was as if he was asking me to endorse her as his next lover, securing my opinion of her as a basis for his choice of her, though, at that time, I did not think to question him directly why he had asked me that question, or if he was having an affair with her. I guess, stupidly, I still trusted him, & he COUNTED on, I think, in retrospect, my stupidity for trusting him .. like he thought that trust from a woman was WEAKNESS, therefore EXPLOITABLE! Though I still, blindly, trusted him then, & ignored his question, not grasping the nuance of his question, & he asked this question WHILE he was in bed with me. I recalled that one night where Jay, OUT OF NOWHERE, decided to sleep in the bedroom that his daughter, Jolene, typically slept, in our rental home & he refused intimacy with me {OUT OF THE BLUE .. for no apparent reason .. we had had no arguments, so this baffled me further} & I cried, that whole night, wondering what was up. He finally, after what seemed to me to be more than two hours of my crying, came into the bedroom & promised that he would never put me through that ordeal again [LIE!] It was one year or less, later, that he bolted, cowardly, &, like bullies do, he projected faults onto me, projected bad qualities to me that I did not own nor ever had .. things that NEVER, in reality, ever pertained to me, not ever in my life. OH, he would WAFFLED, told me he would see the female therapist that I once saw [when I was wrongfully let go from a job, over which I won an EEO case] .. he promised he would return to regular AA meetings [as if those could cure a serious life time sex addiction?] .. asked me to attend with him, a Getting The Love You Want seminar by Harville Hendrix [yet, he never meant a word of it.]

11/9/2013 8:04:40 PM - You need only to know how one male sociopath can influence two of his victims in a row, as did Ted Hughes, the former husband of Sylvia Plath, who committed suicide, in the SAME WAY, and for the SAME REASONS that the subsequent female victim of Ted Hughes did .. with their heads in gas ovens. Hughes was, I think, in collusion with the shrink of Plath. Hughes was also alleged to be bisexual. Melinda and her family should look out for their assets. See next comment.

11/9/2013 8:05:46 PM - Info I found on the intranet about Melinda Yalom .. “Melinda C Yalom was born in 1951. Melinda currently lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Before that, Melinda lived in Rehoboth Beach, DE from 2010 to 2011. Before that, Melinda lived in Bethesda, MD from 2004 to 2005.” If that is the Melinda Yalom I knew, and if she married Jay Brown, and if she lived in Rehoboth Beach, DE for a year, I would worry if I were her. Rehoboth Beach DE is known for being a town with a huge male gay population, and if Jay convinced her to live there with him, then one has to wonder if he is still “in the closet” … I found this other information on http://www.poedit.org/person_list/YALOM/MELINDA.html Melinda C Yalom ** State Rd Apt **, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 Melinda C Yalom ** Aragon Ln, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 I found more information on http://cpg.stparchive.com/Archive/CPG/CPG12092005p059.php , Dec. 9, 2005, the Cape Gazette, page 59 of 148 : “02/07/05, E and J Wyatt Family Limited Partnership to Melinda C. Yalom, undivided 95 percent interest, and Everett R. Brown Jr., undivided 5 percent interest, 5, Phase I, Leeward Crest Condominiums, Lewes and Rehoboth Hundred, $382,500”

11/9/2013 8:06:33 PM - Melinda is a sucker if she invested in property with him, but if he only gets 5 percent and she 95, maybe she was wise enough to have signed a prenup before marrying him. I found more information on http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/washingtonpost/obituary.aspx?n=dolores~s~yalom&pid=147724651 “DOLORES S. YALOM {Age 83} Formerly of Silver Spring, MD, and recently of Frederick, MD, passed away on January 9, 2011. She was the wife of the late Isadore David Yalom, who died in 2002. She is survived by two daughters, Melinda Yalom and Stephanie Yalom and a grandson, Daniel McBride. She was preceded in death by a son, Michael Yalom. Interment services will be held at 2 p.m. on Monday, January 10 at the Garden of Remembrance Memorial Park, 14321 Comus Road, Clarksburg, Maryland. Please omit flowers. Donations may be made to any Humane Society or animal shelter. Arrangements are with Resthaven Funeral Services, Skkot Cody P.A. in Frederick.”

11/9/2013 8:07:17 PM - So now you know about some of Melinda’s family members, or at least I am fairly sure they are her family members. If Melinda was born in 1951, she is probably age 61 by now. What a pitiful age to be with such a low life as Jay Brown {if she is still with him.} All Jay has to do, if still with Melinda and if he wanted to {continue?} living life on the down low, is when/if they go to Rehoboth and he tells her he''s going out for groceries, but instead, slips into a gay bar bathroom and get glory holed, without her ever knowing a thing, unless of course, he picks up a venereal disease. She should ask herself why was it that Jay picked a GAY establishment to take me to see what salsa dancing was in D.C., when I lived with him. And while I was there, Jay stayed in the bathroom an awfully long time .. longer than any male ever took in any bathroom, that I ever knew in my lifetime, and meanwhile, I was approached by a straight~looking male who admitted he {the strange male who approached me} was married and was a cross dresser. I still believe that Jay Brown is a compulsive sick liar and has always been one.

11/9/2013 8:08:05 PM - Jay Brown, who had TWO failed marriages before his relationship with me. Why would anyone EVER have been considered Jay to be marriage material after me? Jay had a juvie record at Edgemeade {facility in MD, Upper Marlboro, I think} he went bankrupt while living with me, he relied HEAVILY on his older sisters for financial support {two of them, I allege.....Jay showed me the document he signed with sister Paula, where she lent him $17K it stipulated that if he ever went bankrupt, he could not write his debt to her off. Jay did not show this to me until approximately my 6th or 7th year with him. Jay also told me that his oldest sister Dulce helped him with hundreds of dollars, to pay off his divorce lawyer, to help him divorce wife #2, maiden name Lorrie Walters, who, last I knew, ran a rock/gem shop in Warrenton, VA Lorrie is the mother of Jay''s daughter, Jolene, named after a Dolly Parton song. This same daughter, when she lived in my home, I allowed her to throw a her teen birthday party and she invited a male, PAUL POWELL, as one of her guests, and that same Paul Powell, would, within less than six months, MURDER A GIRL IN MANASSAS, VA! This same PAUL POWELL, after Jay had left our home, wrote to Jolene from prison. Still protecting Jolene, I wrote on Paul''s envelope, Return To Sender, No Such Person Lives Here} Jay foreclosed on his marital home with his 2nd wife. Jay had never completed a formal education after high school when he lived with me {I''m not sure if he even got a high school diploma.}

11/9/2013 8:08:54 PM - Read “Child Facility Blasted by Grand Jury” on the website http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1298&dat=19780404&id=_uVLAAAAIBAJ&sjid=d4sDAAAAIBAJ&pg=2086,373574 Edgemeade was apparently a facility that “warehoused” emotionally disturbed children. Jay said he did his juvie time in Edgemeade in Upper Marlboro, MD. If Melinda does not take heed, she might end up like the exes of Jon McCoy, profiled up here recently. Look up Melwood or Melwood Rehabilitation or Melwood Clinic [Upper Marlboro, MD] and you’ll find, “Melwood provides people with disabilities with the support needed to be successful at home, on the job and in life.” [http://www.melwood.org/] Melwood was where Jay told me he did his time drying out from alcohol, but the place is also known for treating people with emotional disabilities. Ever seen the TV commercial about Melwood Clinic? Then you will know what I mean.

11/9/2013 8:12:24 PM - I also still have more proof .. a copy of Jay’s penciled note, from his spiral journal when I lived with him, where he wrote, “I can never love just one woman” and “I feel like a fraud” .. that’s because he IS a fraud! If Jay lied about his age when he placed his ad on that swingers site {and he lied in his ad, making himself appear to be at least two years younger than he was}, seeking sex with a bi male or males, then you must believe he will LIE ABOUT ANYTHING, including his job, education, finances, and background. He told me the reason he was in Edgemeade was for breaking into cars {or was it for stealing a car?} but he might have lied about that to minimize his juvie offenses {who knows .. he might have served time for perping sexually on some girl or boy, or possibly for male prostitution or gay prostitution. After all, he told me when I first me him, when I was in my teens, that he worked at Mr. Henry’s, and Mr. Henry’s was known as a gay establishment.} He lied to me about his finances when he did not tell me about his $17K debt to his sister Paula {he finally showed me the document he and she signed} until after I had lived with him more than five years. Beneath Jay’s charming exterior lies, I believe, a dangerous and potentially violent sociopath {per the latter, if not, then why did he once throw a set of keys toward my face/head that made a whole in the wall, and why did he lift his fist as if to hit my body, though I stopped him just in time?} I believe that Jay is a mess in every way, mentally, financially, emotionally, and physically. Good luck getting any of his sisters who are still alive to tell you the truth about him, I doubt they ever will. He also foreclosed on his marital property with his 2nd wife, Lorrie and went bankrupt while living with me. I also believe that Jay has always looked for a ‘good deal’ .. as in someone to live off or to siphon their life energies for his own selfish, sick purposes. HOW TO DESTROY A FEMALE BY LETTING HER PREPARE/REPEAT FAMILY RECIPES FOR HIM .. recipes that HIS family shared with HER {as if she was “family” or his bride~to~be} .. or recipes his friends had shared with her {that she later prepared for him} .. Just make sure you repeat THEIR recipes for HIM, in YOUR home, and he’ll NEVER remember all that you did for him, because Jay either has no conscience or has short~ and long~term memory loss {short attention span, yearswise} .. It was WORSE than a “7-year itch” for him! This was a case of She Loved Him So Much, She’d Have Done Anything To Please Him, Including Feeding Him Well. And I did. No more! FROM GAYLE BROWN: No Cook Rolled Oatmeal Cookies {Jay’s favorite} .. Dried Beef/Pepper {Gayle via Roxanne Brooks} .. Chicken Tetrazizini .. Taglarini .. Ham Loaf .. Summer Lemon Cake .. London Broil recipe/marinade .. World’s Best Cookie .. FROM GAYLE’S DAUGHTERS OR NIECES : Crab Spread .. Holly’s Sweet Potatos with Quantro .. Chilled Tuna Casserole .. Dulce’s Rutabaga Pudding .. Dulce’s Melt~in~your~mouth Cranberry Pie {Thanksgiving} .. Carrot Cake .. Almond Tart .. Joyce Lowe’s Chicken Curry .. Greenpepper Jelly .. Poppy Seed Dressing .. Broccoli & Cauliflower Salad .. Cathy’s Fruit Cobbler .. various cheesecake recipes from Jolene .. Joyce’s Vegetable Medley .. FROM PAT HOLSTROM: Chile Recipe .. FROM JULIA LEE: Baccardi Rum Cake, Plum Cake, Paella, Spinach Balls and Cheese Puffs {hor d’heuvre} ..FROM RICK BURNETTE’S MALE FRIEND {married at least twice .. who I will wager was an adulterer, so assuaged his conscience by sharing a recipe with a female ~~ me ~~ who was about to be played big time, by her partner of 8+ years} : Crabmeat Crepes .. FROM MARI~ANE FOWLER: Crab Meat, Cream Cheese & Chili Sauce Layered {hor d’heuvre}

11/9/2013 8:32:45 PM - It was MY salaries, in the 1990s, that helped place the roof over the head of Jay Brown and his daughter, Jolene, for every other weekend, for 8.5 years that Jolene stayed with us, during her custody time with her father, NOT the salaries of Melinda Yalom or Evelyn Vignola!

11/9/2013 8:35:37 PM - MORE INFO ON MELINDA YALOM .. “Melinda C Yalom was born in 1951. Melinda currently lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Before that, Melinda lived in Rehoboth Beach, DE from 2010 to 2011. Before that, Melinda lived in Bethesda, MD from 2004 to 2005.” If that is the Melinda Yalom I knew, and if she married Jay Brown, and if she lived in Rehoboth Beach, DE for a year, I would worry if I were her. Rehoboth Beach DE is known for being a town with a huge male gay population, and if Jay convinced her to live there with him, then one has to wonder if he is still “in the closet” … I found this other information on http://www.poedit.org/person_list/YALOM/MELINDA.html Melinda C Yalom ** State Rd Apt **, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 Melinda C Yalom ** Aragon Ln, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 I found this other information on http://cpg.stparchive.com/Archive/CPG/CPG12092005p059.php , Dec. 9, 2005, the Cape Gazette, page 59 of 148 : “02/07/05, E and J Wyatt Family Limited Partnership to Melinda C. Yalom, undivided 95 percent interest, and Everett R. Brown Jr., undivided 5 percent interest, 5, Phase I, Leeward Crest Condominiums, Lewes and Rehoboth Hundred, $382,500” Melinda is a sucker if she invested in property with him, but if he only gets 5 percent and she 95, maybe she was wise enough to have signed a prenup before marrying him.

11/9/2013 8:38:46 PM - I found this other information on http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/washingtonpost/obituary.aspx?n=doloressyalom&pid=147724651 “DOLORES S. YALOM Age 83 Formerly of Silver Spring, MD, and recently of Frederick, MD, passed away on January 9, 2011. She was the wife of the late Isadore David Yalom, who died in 2002. She is survived by two daughters, Melinda Yalom and Stephanie Yalom and a grandson, Daniel McBride. She was preceded in death by a son, Michael Yalom. Interment services will be held at 2 p.m. on Monday, January 10 at the Garden of Remembrance Memorial Park, 14321 Comus Road, Clarksburg, Maryland. Please omit flowers. Donations may be made to any Humane Society or animal shelter. Arrangements are with Resthaven Funeral Services, Skkot Cody P.A. in Frederick.” So now you know about some of Melinda’s family members, or at least I am fairly sure they are her family members. If Melinda was born in 1951, she is probably age 61 by now. What a pitiful age to be with such a low life as Jay Brown if she is still with him. All Jay has to do, if still with Melinda and if he wanted to continue? living life on the down low, is when/if they go to Rehoboth and he tells her he''s going out for groceries, but instead, slips into a gay bar bathroom and get glory holed, without her ever knowing a thing, unless of course, he picks up a venereal disease. She should ask herself why was it that Jay picked a GAY establishment to take me to see what salsa dancing was in D.C., when I lived with him. And while I was there, Jay stayed in the bathroom an awfully long time .. longer than any male ever took in any bathroom, that I ever knew in my lifetime, and meanwhile, I was approached by a straight~looking male who admitted he the strange male who approached me was married and was a cross dresser. I still believe that Jay Brown is a compulsive sick liar and has always been one. If the URLs posted in this comment are undecipherable, please see the profile about Jay Brown on datingpsychos.com, to get the true URL, because that site, in the comment sections, does not distort any URLs posted, nor omits any dashes, etc., within the URLs.

11/9/2013 8:52:17 PM - If the daughter of a retired diplomat [ME .. the woman Jay lived with for 8.5 years before Jay became adulterously involved with Melinda Yalom, at that time, wife of Ed Rejuney] was not ENOUGH for Jay, financially, sexually, spiritually, or otherwise [MEANWHILE, JAY ADVERTISED HIMSELF AS BI SEEKING BI SEX WITH A MALE OR MALES, ON A SWINGERS SITE, THAT SAME YEAR, & HIS EX .. I AM HIS EX .. AND I STILL KEEP THE PROOF of his ad for bi sex & emails to and from that swingers site, confirming his membership], & if, consequently, Jay married Melinda Yalom [despite how the ex of Jay tried to warn Melinda about Jay] .. I think NOTHING could EVER be enough for Jay, considering his advertised proclivities for sex with males, when he still lived with the woman he lived with before Melinda! Yes. I might & still could post & might post {other than the profile that still exists on datingpsychos.com for M. Yalom} two profiles about Melinda Yalom on datingpsychos.com, with photos of her, taken, one of her in front of her stove {appearing to be the perfect wife of Ed Rejuney, during a party to which Melinda invited me & Jay}, another photo taken of Melinda, during a Valentine’s Day celebration at her home then, with her then husband, Ed Rejuney {as if she was still in love with Ed} but suffice it to say that Melinda was an ADULTERESS, CONTENT ON DESTROYING AN 8.5 YEAR RELATIONSHIP I HAD DEVELOPED, ALL THOSE YEARS, WITH JAY BROWN, A SERIAL ADULTERER & SERIAL CHEATER who, in his past, even before I lived with Jay, destroyed at least TWO marriages {his first two, &, from what he told me when first courting me, he had had at least one affair, WHILE STILL MARRIED TO LORRIE, with a MARRIED women, Janet. Wow. I hope Janet finds this profile & posts comments as to what went down when Jay & her knew each other.} Perhaps, that was the reason I titled my CD [produced in 2008, by my lover, who I still live with, subsequent to ending my relationship with Jay, more than 13 years after my relationship ended with Jay], Held In Time .. because I felt that I was SUSPENDED, without closure, from what Jay did to me, & my true love, not FALSE lover, after Jay helped me produce my CD, even though Jay is on most cuts on that CD, as a guitarist or bass player. Suspended means to me, TORQUED AROUND by Jay Brown. I was TORQUED around by Jay Brown, for many years. Hope it never happens to another woman, but I think it already did .. to Melinda Yalom. I do not pity her, though, because she KNEW what she was doing when cheating on Ed. Karma will return to her twenty fold, if it has not done already. I still wonder, now & then, when Jay asked me .. offered to pay for us to attend .. the Harville Hendrix, Getting The Love You Want seminar with him [a complete FAKE invitation on his part .. I doubt he ever meant it], when warning me, on the same day he invited me, you might not like what you hear .. might not like my answers if we go to it .. I wondered, if, back then, that had he actually attended that seminar with me, he REALLY meant he would disclose, at the seminar his affair with Melinda or his desire, for years, to have sex with males. Regardless, either disclosure on a PUBLIC forum, would have been a SICK thing to do, instead of ADMITTING, face to face, in private with me, what he ACTUALLY is & was .. sexual gender confused, sexual identity confused, SERIAL ADULTERER, or just a plainly a SICK SEX ADDICT! Jay is, in my opinion, one SICK MOFO!

2/1/2014 6:04:28 PM - This goes out about and to Jay Brown, because he seemed to BOAST about how Evelyn Vignola made him miso soup when he lived with her even though, he cheated on her WITH ME, or tried to .. but he could not get it up back then, when I was age 18, .. even though, I prepared numerous delicious dishes for him while living with him, while living with him for 8.5 years. This goes out to and about Jay Brown, because, when I lived with him, his mother was so insensitive and indiscreet, enough to tell me, Evelyn was good for Jay .. This goes out to and about Jay Brown because I even prepared wonderful dishes, some I took to the parties at the home of Melinda Yalom, WHILE Jay lived with me. This goes out to and about Jay Brown, whom I think is a SOCIOPATH and I think will ALWAYS be a sociopath, since using me for 8.5 years to help me raise his daughter, Jolene. This goes out to MELINDA YALOM and EVELYN VIGNOLA, who each seemed NOT to believe me, when I tried to tell them about Jay. In fact, this goes out to, also, any friends of his, male or female, who thought he was a GREAT GUY, and goes out to any members of his family, possibly as dysfunctional as I finally thought HE was, and whom I think COVERED for him and his lies, permitting him to LIE, CON and DECEIVE many women in his life. In fact, this ALSO goes out to Jolene, his daughter, who is probably well into her adult years by now, and who, if not for my salaries, during the 1990s, would not have had a roof over her head, when she visited her father during her custody times with him, for 8.5 years. I hope by now, she might recognize that HER OWN FATHER IS PROBABLY .. AND HAS PROBABLY BEEN, FOR MOST OF HIS LIFE .., A SOCIOPATH! I mean .. why else would she have written that HATE letter to me, after her father moved out from my home? She deserves, I think, as consequence, to be DECEIVED by a male as HEINOUSLY deceitful as her own father was to me! This also goes out to Paula P., .. last I knew, his oldest living sister, who, if she knew Jay had mental or personality disorders, NEVER told me about them, to warn me, so that I could exit my relationship with Jay in it's first stages.

2/1/2014 6:31:03 PM - This also goes out to Paula P., .. last I knew, his oldest living sister who lent him $17,000, with whom Jay signed a document with Jay promising to repay her that amount, even if he went bankrupt .. and he DID go bankrupt while living with me!, who, if Paula knew Jay had mental or personality disorders, NEVER told me about them, to warn me, so that I could exit my relationship with Jay in it''s early stages. It also goes out to Michael Fowler, former or current Physics professor at University of VA in Charlottesville, VA, formerly the husband of Jay''s oldest sister, Dulce Fowler who I admired greatly, who, if he knew that Jay had any mental, personality or emotional disorders, NEVER shared that information with me, so that I could know about them, and have eliminated spending several years living with Jay Brown. All and any persons who knew Jay personally, if they knew about him having mental, personality or emotional disorders, and never shared this information with me, early in my relationship with Jay, are, I think, EQUALLY to blame as Jay, for not helping prevent Jay from USURPING years of my life! Therefore, they, too, should be posted on the WALLS OF SHAME, if only for NEVER HAVING WARNED ME ABOUT JAY BROWN!

4/20/2014 4:30:30 PM - Each true story up here represents HISTORY recorded, or, more to the point, HERSTORY, and is, to me, VALIDATION of what EACH and EVERY woman who posted up here, to be the truth and full truth, and should not be ignored. Ignoring or dismissing any woman, when she tries to tell you THE TRUTH, amounts to almost as much ABUSE as the ABUSIVE MALE about whom the woman tried to tell you, or, in other words, COMPOUNDS her grief, and DISCONFIRMS her as a HUMAN BEING! Women .. Do NOT be ashamed to tell your true story up here. It might save more women from more abuse from the same ABUSIVE male.

4/28/2014 3:24:39 PM - I also have photos of him from way back, that are not posted up here, where he looks MUCH worse, as if he is in SCHIZOPHRENIC mode or something, one is from his old band days, where he looks drunk, another is from one of my trips to NC or OC with him, where you can see a BIG BEER BELLY on him, and he also looks zoned out in that photo. I would not have been stressing my story with so much detail, for THIS many years, if I did not think that Jay Brown is DANGEROUS to any woman, psychologically, financially, emotionally, sexually, and possibly even PHYSICALLY.

4/28/2014 8:38:43 PM - These are a few paragraphs that I had posted on datingpsychos.com about him: Jay USED MY NETWORKS to his advantage/benefit .. to SOCIAL CLIMB and, I allege, DESTROYED several of them, later, therefore one of my reasons for believing he is a SOCIOPATH! Specifically, if not for me and one network of mine~the network that took me to Browntown, VA~the network I built since I was age 16, Jay would never have met Melinda Yalom. Which meant that Jay destroyed some beautiful memories of my life as back as far as when I was a teen. This is just ONE degree to which Jay Brown can ruin a woman’s life, and has. All sexual predators and sexual harassers should be COCKBLOCKED, and I am just the person to serve as a conduit for many women who have been likewise exploited and treated shabbily, after years of investing my time, energy, spirit and money on him and his family. For God’s Sake, his mother even paid to have our photos taken together {much like wedding photos, only, in hindsight, they appear to be more like Band Guy Dressed In His Black Dress Shirt With His Adoring Beautiful Groupie in one photo with a “halo” of light .. standard artifice of the photographer whose regular clients were wedding clients} shining on his balding gray head {looking MUCH older than I was!}, while he looked deep into my eyes, as if adoring me, while lifting up my chin with his hand .., my face looking beatific, my eyes looking up to his face .. adoring him, .. me wearing a beautiful black, strappy gown, looking sexy as ever, and wayyy too trusting. Just creepy!} ~ He’ll react in an equally confrontational manner, maybe to the point of getting abusive. The chance of receiving a confrontational reaction from your partner is simply too great to risk.” [[Worse, Jay used EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL .. obvious in his last nasty email to me, which I quoted verbatim and posted up here, as well as on womensavers.com, so everyone knows just how sick Jay was and most probably and definitely still is. Then there were the “pop in” phone calls to me, after he left, like the one where he boasted of wearing a tuxedo at a gig with MY former friends {who I regularly associated with, musically}, as if he was saying, “Don’t you wish you were here with me .. me .. ME, MYSELF AND I .. the handsome man that I am, AND EVEN MORE HANDSOME WILL I BE IN MY TUX, which YOU never saw me wear, but SHE will. Ha ha.” .. very sick. Obviously, Jay forgot that men in dress are not necessarily good men. He forgot that, before Jay, I was once married to a military officer, and that military officer abused me, and ever since then, men in dress do not make an impression on me one way or another, in other words .. UNIFORMS and COSTUMES worn by FAKES, FRAUDS AND ABUSERS do not impress me!]] If he is still with Melinda Yalom, I would not put it past him to have tried to get her into the swinging lifestyle. I think he was on the verge of trying that with me, with that episode at the strip club in N.C. He was then, and probably STILL is .. sick and HIGHLY MANIPULATIVE, trying, I allege, to get women to do things they did NOT want to do, at least he was with me. He would not have gotten me to walk into that strip club with him, on our last vacation in N.C., had he not broken me down, emotionally and mentally, and had I not been in the precarious position of mentally preparing myself, at that time, for beginning a job that would pay me the most I had earned as a salary, in my whole life, the second job [in a row] for which I held [it required] a Secret government clearance. In hindsight, it seemed that he LOVED to MANIPULATE smart women with serious career ambitioins, and RESENTED them, meanwhile.

4/29/2014 8:58:03 AM - Compare him to Joshua Livingston, www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=525238 I also have several old photos of Jay where he appears to have a schizophrenic appearance. One of them was from his old band days, probably in a band with John Leigh and Rick Burnett. Another is of him in his green Tshirt that covered his BEER BELLY, when he still had long hair. In that one, he did not wear a pony tail. It was taken at a beach trip we had in either Ocean City or North Carolina, with his family. And yes, we did have beach vacations with his family [twice with his mother and sisters in OC, once in NC with his mother and sisters, another time in NC with Jolene and his mother, .. apart from the other vacations he & I had annually, together, one a year, whether in NC or DE] a few times. Do not let him tell you otherwise.

8/28/2014 1:24:26 PM - WOW!!! another one like JOHN WILLIAM SHORTRIDGE Jr, with the same story about insecurities because of his childhood traumas!!! First wife also Pat, but in his story she was dead!!... he wishes!.. 5 exwives!!! 5 Victims without counting his own children!! No remorse!!! a total JERK/MONSTER/LOOSER!! Be Careful he is actively looking from the FT Pierce to the Ft Lauderdale area!!

1/6/2015 4:27:57 PM - The profile about him that was once on datingpsychos.com, and that took careful detail, across ten years to create, got removed without my permission, less than three weeks ago. I replaced it on that site, with another about him because I saved my former narrative, and you can find it by looking up J. Brown. If that one gets removed without my permission, I will or might profile him, consequently, on the other cheater web sites that I have not yet used, like cheaterville.com, filthyliar.com, etc., or maybe even create an entire web site about him, with MANY MORE PHOTOS of him from his past [it will be an entire gallery, literally], than I have posted up here, so you can have a good idea of what I think he is .. a SOCIOPATH. If my story about him on datingpsychos.com gets removed without my permission one more time, I will submit my story to lovefraud.com, as many other victims have done about their abusers.

2/10/2015 5:07:07 PM - If you were one of those fans who regularly watched The Sopranos, and watched series 6[1] [see episodes 7, 8, 9], one mafia “captain” , a murderer and alcoholic, Vito Spatafore [portrayed by Joseph R. Gannascoli], was married and on the downlow [a twinkie!], and was involved with a fireman [also a cook in a diner, where he flips flap jacks], Jim Witowski nickname “Johnny Cakes” [portrayed by John Costelloe], also formerly married. Vito was finally beaten to death by his own brother~in~law, another mafia “captain”. Even Johnny Cakes hated Vito, in the end, for being a coward. Vito lied to his children and to his firefighter lover about his occupation [convinced Johnny Cakes that he was a sports writer and convinced his two children that he was in the CIA and a stand~up dad. Vito had a pool que shoved up his butt in the last minutes of his life. That is how I think sicko creeps like Jay Brown deserve to die.

2/12/2015 9:04:40 PM - You go girl! I read your profile about him on http://www.datingpsychos.com/psycho/19137/ and the links you posted on it will help and have probably helped many women. Thank you.

6/7/2015 4:05:46 PM - I think Jay is a lot like John Hermans, or at least like Hermans was described on http://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=496483

8/19/2015 3:59:00 PM - Look for other details on Jay Brown on the datingpsychos.com profile about him, search for just the initial J, and the last name, Brown, and you will find it. Another profile about him also made it to the top ten viewed profiles list up here, it is under the name, JAY BROWN. The first profile about him that made it to the top ten viewed list on this site was under his legal name, EVERETT RAYMOND BROWN, JR.
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