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WARNING-WARNING-WARNING A Soldier's Story Secrets of infidelity, lies, and deceit This catastrophic incident is based on a real life experience, my real life experience. My devastatingly emotional, almost deadly marriage to a United States Army Soldier. In my heart I was move to present my story to the world that it may save other women from this tragedy. This is not a story of vengeance for a broken heart it is in fact a story of saving the female population from this predator Sergeant First Class CONRAD (last name withheld) of the United States Army. I refuse to keep this information to my self, I intend to get this warning out plain and clear so that no other woman in this world will be subject to being his next victim, please keep in mind that he is very cunning, charming, handsome, witting, slick, manipulative, he makes you feel sorry for him with stories from his childhood and considers himself a victim from having been a foster child at the age of around three years old, he also alleges physical and verbal abuse by his foster parents and their biological children when actually CONRAD Sexually abused his foster sister at a very young age along with his two brother's. He preys on vulnerable women VIA the internet, clubs, churches, grocery stores, or anywhere he can find a single mother with a child or children and beings to tell them what a hard sad life he has had and how he does not have any family alive or friends that he can go to, he would tell us women (victims) that his foster parents abused him and put him out of the house at the age of 16 and he has been on his own every since. CONRAD preys on these women including myself as I am his fourth wife, he has been married 6 times. I could not hold my tongue any longer and this may just save someone's life, I wish that no more women are hurt by the hands of this man he is verbally and physically abusive he has gotten several women social security numbers including me and my thirteen year old daughter's social security numbers and has tried to gain credit and merchandise with them. I was able to contact the credit reporting companies to clear my name of his false credit purchases. I have been married to Conrad since June 21st, 2006 when he forced me to come out to Colorado Springs, Colorado which my family knew nothing about he said that I should marry him because we were the same type person and that he had spoken with my mother and she did not care what I did. He convinced me that no one was on my side and that he was the only one that would take care of me, when in fact after I came back to Birmingham, Alabama I never seem a dime of spousal support which the United States Army says a soldier must pay. He begin to tell me that he was coming to Alabama to pick up me and my daughter, but never followed through, He would come visit about every three months or so just to make sure that I was not on to him and his schemes, I came to the conclusion after speaking to the other women that he had married That once their divorce was final he would find another woman to married after carefully searching insurance claims and files to see if there were any insurance claims pending for these women, he had an inside track because of two of his Mason brother's place of employment one being an insurance company with access to that information, and the other mason brother was a lawyer. Conrad and I were never divorced, however he married be again in the presence of my Pastor, my mother, and my entire family to prove that he was legit. He knew about an accident claim that I had on going after a car accident and he would constantly ask me if the claim had been completed and if I had gotten any funds yet, he stated that he needed $1800.00 to pay a bill that he owed he would never tell me what it was for, he also told me that God put man over the woman and we are not suppose to question men about anything that they do. He pledged Kappa Alpha Si two weeks after he had gotten the money and told me that he was going to First Sergeant School. I spoke with him and heard Kappa chants in the back ground as his line was probably going over. I just asked him about it and he started yelling and screaming and hung up the telephone. This letter will most likely turn into a book, I will freely tell my story to anyone who will listen, there is so much more to tell, and so many people to warn. Here are a few of the other issues that I am currently dealing with: A woman gave birth to another one of his children about three months ago while we are still married and the United Stated Army is dragging there feet concerning the investigation, His ex-wives have expressed that Conrad has given them sexually transmitted diseases, thank God I have been tested and I'm ok. He has stolen money from me and my daughter, he has given out my address and telephone number causing me to be contacted my many law offices threatening to sue him for payment of unpaid accounts, collection agencies threatening to garnish my pay check to cover his debt because I am his current wife. Conrad is a LPN (Army Nurse) by army trade, his license has been revoked in the state of Florida for some type of violation in which he owe them money for fees etc. All this information came to me and I began to open my eyes and heart and I want to warn the Universe about this predator he has it in for women and he must be STOPPED. PLEASE LADIES, MY DARLING SISTER'S WHOM I LOVE DEARLY. DO NOT DATE OR MARRY THIS MAN HE IS THE CLOSET THING TO SATAN, IF NOT SATAN HIMSELF, I AM NOT HEART BROKEN, I AM RELIEVED TO BE FREE FROM HIS DECEIT. WARNING DO NOT DATE OR MARRY CONRAD WALTERS CURRENTLY STATIONED IN COLORADO SRPINGS COLORADO SERVING IN THE UNITED STATES ARMY AS A FIRST SGT. PLEASE LISTEN TO THE WARNING, I CARE ABOUT ALL MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER'S TOO MUCH TO KEEP THIS TO MYSELF. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME. And to my Earthly kings (Men) please pass this on to the women that are close to you. thanks.
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10/26/2007 11:01:55 AM - I AGREE THIS GUY IS TRASH

11/25/2007 12:49:35 AM - This is a copy of an email I sent Conrad on 22 Jun 2006-just a day after he married this women. Unbelievable! Pls read-u will see. Conrad & I never married, but we had our share of drama. I guess I played "I spy" (as he called it) too well. Unfortunately not well enough to not fall in love with the man I thought he was & sadly still in love with THAT man-not the real Conrad. I was involved with him when he was "not involved" with a woman who later became wife #3. He claims she's now a lesbian/bi. The good thing about the www is that I found this info out before I fell prey to his game once again. (Modified to fit) Conrad, it breaks my heart to be writing you this email, but it would break my heart even more to know what I know and continue on with any type of relationship with you. I don't know what is worse, the "double" life you continue to live or the fact that I still have access to your hotmail account. You don't have to call me Friday after (L) leaves CO, either. By the way, are you two really married or is she like the rest of your "play" wives. Yes, I know everything-whatever that is-EVERYTHING! I don't even know what truth is when it comes to you. That is so sad! I wanted so much to believe you were being sincere; just like all the other times. This time I REALLY wanted to believe you! I was willing to try to forget the past--to love you for the rest of my life & grow spiritually together. But all the little gaps of time in between talking, your story about AL & the gift of discernment were big RED flags! Unfortunately, my flesh needed concrete info. I had to know...you know me! I can't believe the lies that you have been sharing with me-and all in the name of Jesus Christ! That's right, based on my faith & walk with Christ, you have been playing me & the other women too. With the whole "rededicating my life; I'm done with breaking hearts; I'm a baby in Christ; I'm a different person now; I miss talking with you; I'm your man"...the list goes on! Here we go again! Your same ole games. You had the audacity to have me on the phone late at night to go over a theology paper you were doing for another woman. Thanks for the quality time, BABY! Nothing has changed other than your spiritual conversation is more sophisticated! God is omniscient, omnipresent, & omnipotent AND He is not in the game playing business! I thought I made it clear to you when we started back talking that neither was I. Why, Conrad?! Why would you do this again, after all we went through before & the time it took for either of us to heal? Why, when I let you back in to my heart despite the past? That was the night you apologized for everything that happened in NC & TX. Don't even bother to answer; I wouldn't know if you were telling the truth! The better question may be-why did I trust you again? Humph. No doubt in my mind, you truly do need the Lord to help you deal with the demons you face everyday. I hope you realize that you will have to atone for EVERYTHING you have done on the Day of Judgment, especially those things you have done in the Lord's name. How dare you?! And not just to me, but to those other women as well!! It sickened me to read some of your emails to those women & vice versa--the lies! Let me get this straight, you met these women on singles websites?! You couldn't possibly marry all of them or me. So, who's the lucky girl? Or would (N) have something to say about that? You must know, that my main concern all along has been that you two were still married/together and it would be a repeat of NC-never this. Oh, I'm the lucky one for finding out the truth (again) before I made any major life decisions concerning you. Forgive me, I digressed and I keep sensing that I've gone far enough. We all battle with our flesh daily; you know some of my struggles. No one is perfect. You see how I upset I'm getting in this email, but I have refrained from the full extent of how I feel. It's not worth it--we are through & my faith is more important! I am still Proverbs 31! I deserve better & will continue to believe God for my spiritual mate. Ultimately, I do pray that you will seek God for a true life changing experience/relationship with Him. I pray you find what you are looking for (long hair and all) & that you are honest with her. Conrad, eventually I know I will forgive you because I serve a forgiving God & you know it's my nature to forgive. When I contacted you last year, it was to tell you that I forgave you & see how you were doing. I also missed you & our initial friendship-never intended on you being divorced, rekindling what we had or still being in love with you. It was like we picked up where we left off-at least to me it did. Conrad, I can't go through that with you again. I must love and respect myself, even if you don't! From this moment on, please respect my decision to severe all lines of communication with you.

1/7/2015 1:43:55 PM - Thank you for warning us about him. Ladies .. a MUST read : http://www.thecoli.com/threads/blackfraternitiesthesafehouseofdownlowhomosexuals.146913/ Black Fraternities: The SafeHouse of Down Low Homosexuals LET US OUT THEM ALL!
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