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cheating men

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Guy Details for  Jerry W Scally

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Number of Times Viewed:  158507
Scally had a live in lover, a girlfriend and a wife in another state all at the same time. At 57 years old, he has no friends, neither women nor men. He is passive/agressive and will not confront you but will lie to you. You will invest much more in this man than he will in you. He will not nurture you or your family. He will tell you that "you will be pleased" but you will not be. He will promise to be faithful and generous, but these will only be words. He is a bad bet if what you are looking for is a long-term,honest relationship. Walk away from Jerry Scally or be forewarned.
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12/3/2007 12:28:53 AM - hey is this guy an irishman,cause i lived with an alistar scally and hes really knotted up like this guy,you cant get a straight answer or avoids serious conversations wont plan any goals with you snaps at the slkightest thing run for your lives

3/9/2009 3:44:35 PM - He picked me up in New Orleans, the SOB, took my wallet when I went to the bathroom, and then asked me to pay for dinner cuz'' he had too much kid support to pay. A creep

3/13/2009 3:09:07 AM - last I heard, he was grazing in Florida.

3/15/2009 12:00:44 AM - He sounds like a royal jerk!

3/15/2009 2:48:35 PM - I can''t believe I''ve been coming to this website for some 2 years and totally missed this character. Hope he stays where he is and hope that''s not in Georgia!

3/15/2009 2:57:30 PM - look what you get when you google search on jerry w scally.


4/29/2009 8:02:02 PM - Who breeds these scumbags? A guy with no friends is a BIG red flag!!! Liar Liar pants on fire!

6/19/2011 5:53:50 PM - To the profiler..let us know how long you were his lover. Good for you, for posting him. I posted my ex up here, too. He DESERVES to be in the Top Ten viewed/commented. I was with him for almost a decade..that is how long he got away with his FRAUD.

3/2/2012 12:04:54 PM - POST HIM ON dontdatehimgirl.com, filthyliar.com, reportyourex.com and datingpsychos.com, TOO!

8/18/2012 3:20:13 AM - Passive aggressives can be the most dangerous psychos of all, they''re long gone before you know what hit you because they do their dirty work behind the scenes. Check out the narcissistic sociopath I almost married, he nearly strangled me to death when I confronted him with his lying and cheating: Cain Ace Dewitt.
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1. This man has
Had sex with one of your friends, associates or multiple partners behind your back while involved with you
2. If he was ever caught cheating, he would
Admit, under pressure, and lie that it only happened once
3. This man can be compared to
A lying, cheating scumbag and you canít believe a word that comes out of his mouth
4. This man has lied to me
A lot, but tries to deny it
5. Regarding trust
You feel you can trust him some of the time
1. Regarding verbal abuse, this man
Plays the silent treatment game for long periods of time
2. With regards to jealousy and control, he
None of the Above or Choose not to Answer
3. This manís temper can be described as
None of the Above or Choose not to Answer
4. Does he ever apologize or admit when he is wrong
Never (i.e., he thinks he is always right)
5. Describe his selfishness
He is usually selfish, but occasionally thinks of others
1. This man wants
None of the Above or Choose not to Answer
2. This man wants
A slave, mother and slut
3. This man
Thinks he is too busy to take care of dependents or pets properly
4. He has been divorced
4+ times
5. Regarding marriage/life time commitment, this man
Is desperate for any relationship
1. Regarding this manís ego
He thinks heís Godís gift to women/men/the world
2. This man
Appears to be organized, but really isnít
3. This man would help you: (i.e., fix your car, home repair, lift something heavy, etcÖ)
Only if and when it is convenient for him
4. Regarding companionship
None of the Above or Choose not to Answer
Donít touch him with a 10 foot pole, heís a complete waste of your time
Date Survey Submitted: 3/28/2007 2:16:53 PM
Last known residence: Jacksonville  Florida, United States
Dating Site Alias & Website it's on: aaron on eharmony
  aaron on yahoo personals
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