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Fan Mail and Infidelity Testimonials

Barbara Niven reveals her own stalking experience and how she now recommends
using WomanSavers.com date screening service to screen before a date or to report
bad behavior to empower women against stalkers and abusive men.

I had a date with a guy and things didn't feel right so I searched his name in the Rate-A-Guy database and low and behold, I find not one, but 4 different postings about him. I wasn't sure whether to believe them so I contacted one of the posters and got in touch with her by phone and she told me that she had been date-raped by my date! He was very sexually aggressive on our date and luckily it was during daylight hours and we were in public so he could only do so much. My situation could have easily gotten ugly and I am so thankful I did not go on a second date. I can't thank this site and the posters enough. Lucky Girl from the Midwest

for existing.
for connecting womens experiences.
for validating my experiences.
bless you.


Thank you so much for this website. Because I have this place to come 
to for advice and to vent, I have managed to not go back to my abusive 
husband, its been 7 months now. The longest I have ever NOT gone back 
to him. I still have my Order of Protection and my divorce is still 
on. I almost gave into him during the holidays. He had me convenced to 
call my Attorney and to vacate the petitions. This website and the 
woman here helped me to stay strong. I really appreciate this website 
and the women here who give such good advice.


Dear Stephany,

Thank you for being a guest on Holder Tonight. It was a pleasure to have you on the program to talk about your website, womansavers.com, and the service that it offers to women out there. Guys will have to spend more time on their toes behaving themselves if more and more women take advantage of your service, and thats not necessarily a bad thing.

Respectfully yours,
Peter Anthony Holder

My Heroine!

I just wanted you to know that you are my heroine! It wasn't until  I saw my boyfriend on your site that I was convinced he was a sociopath. I am now in contact with another one of his victims. There are many more.  He has several aliases but the one way to truly ID him is through a picture. I am afraid that the man I was seeing will just use a different name and hurt others. He preys on overweight women because of their low self esteem and has really crushed their hearts. I discovered your website last Sunday. I was sitting in church, thinking that there should be some way to find  out about these cheating guys and to post info about them for other women. I had decided to start a site if I couldn't find one. When I  got home and searched, I found your site! I wished I had found it a year ago and saved myself much heartache. There is a need for this kind of website and I am thankful to you for starting it. The only  people who have to fear it is cheaters.  Finally they will be exposed for the loathsome creatures they are, whether men or women. No one should have the right to trifle with someone's feelings.

With much gratitude,

Jill J.
Eastman, GA

I just wanted to say that I really do like your site.
Tho' male - I too am pretty disappointed in what I see women going with and being attracted to (no less marrying).

I like the articles that I've read - a bit biased at times but gave me a few new perspectives.

 Thank you!
Dr. James S. Reed PhD


Thats right!!!! My stupid ex found [womansavers] and made up a phony lawyers letter threatening me with slander! Ha ha ha.....!! Honey, its only slander if it aint true. I ignored him completely and deleted all his emails.

Its ABOUT TIME there was a place to get back at the cheaters!!! Up until just recently a man could dump his wife and walk away no problem! Now with the internet we have a way to sing it to the world who he is and what he does, and theres JACK he can do about it.

Tell your ex to go practice safe sex with himself and keep on telling your story.

Member Terabyte25
Central New Hampshire, US

This site has helped change my way because helped me realize that I had a problem. I have since apologized and have been seeing a therapist. I have also joined my local church group. My past actions are a constant reminder of my past self that I do not want anything to do with. This site seriously helped me realize the errors of my ways. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

Male Member, FromDogmaToDisco

I think this site has been needed for a long time. I'm also glad to see that it has been maintained so well. The reason I am writing is because I wanted you to know that shortly after I put my ex up on your site, he murdered and raped an old lady, who was one of the founders of C.O.D.A. (Co-Dependents Anonymous). I just thought you'd want to know. Your site was one of the only things that helped me after he kidnapped me since the police in my county wouldn't do anything. Thanks so much for hearing me, and thank you again for your site. I hope more girls will post and more girls will at least check it out. Good Luck!!!


Nicki, Female Member


Ive been single again for the last 7 months and this site has been an enormous part of my healing. I love the way I get alerts from the abuse section articles that are bumped up now and again. I reread them and see how far Ive come. There are still days where I have Stockholm syndrom albeit for an hour or two.

Im still taking the anti-depressants but am enjoying life again and have been for at least 3 months. Sometimes I still think about him and wonder if he thinks of me but mostly I dont care. Wow. Thats one big step! Indifference! I never thought Id get there...

Thank you BlogMistress Womansaver. Keep it up!


Dear WomansaversBlog:

I wanted to contact you to thank you for linking your blog, http://Womansavers.Blogspot.com, to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  Your site is in our top 25 referrers list, and we wanted to check in with you to both thank you and offer our support.

As you might know, The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a 24-hour, toll-free suicide prevention service available to anyone in suicidal crisis. Those in need of help can call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Callers are routed to the closest possible crisis center in their area. With over 120 crisis centers across the country, our mission is to provide immediate assistance to anyone seeking mental health services. The call is free and confidential.  People are encouraged to call for yourself, or someone they care about.  The Lifeline is funded by SAMHSA, and operated by Link2Health Solutions, Inc a private non-profit agency.  The Lifeline logo and number are owned by the American people.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the Lifeline.  Thank you again for linking to us, and for the work that you do.

Best Regards,
Jessica Haas
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


With Help Comes Hope

I dont have any heartwrenching testimonial like the ladies do, but a few observations Id like to make....

The simple fact is, if you hit the "off" button on this site tomorrow, or god forbid got run over by a bus....you have done SO MUCH for so many folks. There is absolutely NOTHING "insignificant" about it in the least. There are just countless stories about women coming here in their absolute darkest hour amongst the most profound despair, that have used this website to pick up the pieces and better their lives. (Also, dont ever forget about the "lurkers" who never post or chat...that just read the forums and articles)

Quite simply you have left a lasting legacy....for ALL TIME. Think about all of the women that have been helped here, and the advice and life lessons they have learned. Then imagine how they are now setting the positive example to their daughters, hopefully not making the same mistakes or at the very least a little more savy at spotting toxic people. Those daughters pass on their skills and experiences to their kids and so on, and so on, and so on.....

Youll never ever "know" a finite number of how many people youve touched and helped along the way. But without a doubt you have given more to women and this world in general... making it a better place.....than most folks could in a thousand lifetimes. That isnt exaggeration, but simple fact. You have already left a legacy that will not be forgotten for a very long time. Only very few folks in this world can manage to create such a fabulous legacy...so your impact is QUITE SIGNIFICANT!

Props, kudos, hugs...and all that other mushy stuff! YOU ROCK! : )

DaGuru, Male WomanSaver Member
Cleveland, Ohio

I came here in March 2006. I had finally separated from my ex-husband. I moved into my own house. I was so scared. I never lived alone before and I was terrified I would not be able to handle the daily responsibilities of a house and 3 kids. I had very little money. I often said to myself "what the hell am I doing? I cant do this!". Then one day I found this site, god knows how, but I did. I saw a post from Krazykelly and that was all it took. I was so very inspired and it made me realize that I could accomplish anything I wanted. Even just a month after posting here my ex saw a change in me. I was actually happy and full of hope. I had a positive outlook on life and I finally had a better understanding of where I had been during the past 4 years of my marriage and that made it easier to see where I was heading. I finally took back control of my life. This site has made me a better mom, a better friend, and overall just a better person. never steered me wrong . This site is awesome, I would not be where I am today emotionally or physically if I had not found this site..
DerangedKitty, Age 29
Virginia WomanSaver Representative

I am forwarding one of the messages I recieved, which I believe was sent the due to the man I posted on your site trying to get in and edit/remove the content. 
I believe this is him due to the fact that he has been trying to break into my phone voice mail systems also, and as I stated, I have already filed charges against him for harrassing and threatening me just this week.
The profile(s) I posted are on _________ aka _________.
Myself and the other victims of this man that I have been in touch with are thankful for this forum to air our feelings/frustrations/concerns and attempt to reach out to his numerous other victims around the world who have been too afraid to speak up and ask for help.
Is there anything we can do to help with your program also? There are MANY of us involved in this, and having been victimized to this extent, would like to become pro-active as your site is doing in this war on the abusers.
Thank you in advance for your help!
Shannon, Database Poster

Yes, thank you LMWS (Little Miss WomanSaver), and everyone here. : )

This site has been a refuge for me, a haven where I can vent, complain, get advice and laugh with my fellow women.  Sometimes I feel almost like I don't deserve to be here because I have not been through half of the stuff some of the women here have had to endure.  I respect and look up to everyone here for making it through such hard times, never giving up, and coming out ahead. 

Thanks for all the support and adivice.
to good times!

and keep the coming! :)

Female Member, Aquagirl

It re-engergizes me and encourages me to continue coming to the site, despite being busy.  No matter how busy I get, I cant ever leave the site.  I always check in.  If I dont have time to respond, Im at least reading and keeping up with everyone.

Im so happy the site has helped so many of us.  It is more than a database...its a group of women (and some men) helping each other.  Its good to know that none of us were ever alone in our struggles.

Im so proud of everyone here!

Lady 1981, WomanSaver Representative, Age 24
Columbia South Carolina

I havent been here for more than a month but Im glad I found this place.  I finally feel like I can break free from my ex  with the support here. I find theres more support here for me than I get from my friends. Everyone has been so nice and I am grateful to be here.  I think every woman should know about this site. Ive told my friends going through issues to seek help here, but they dont want to listen. One day I will turn around and Ill remind them that I was able to do it with the support I received from WomanSavers.com.

Anti-niss, Female Member, Age 21
New York

I came here just after being forced to move 3,000 miles because my ex-husband had given me an STD and then kicked me out of our apartment, and the heartbreak of knowing that he was moving his mistress from Detroit to live with him in Dallas was just devastation-on-a-stick.

It was so bad, I was getting nervous ticks and sick to my stomach on a regular basis. I dropped about 30 pounds in 2 months and lost my gallbladder to the sudden weight loss (very unhealthy!).

And then I found this place. Women who understood me and what I was going through. Who identified with my pain and could offer the kind of advice that only someone whos been through it can offer!! You guys pulled me up by my suspenders, dusted me off, and helped me back on my feet. Without the kind of support Ive gotten from you, I have no doubt Id have committed suicide by now. 

Now that Im feeling much better and have straighted my life out somewhat, its still therapeutic to be able to offer experienced advice to the women who arrive in exactly the same condition I was in when I first got here. If anything I say helps anyone through that time in ANY way, then Im here for you guys. We have to stick together; there is no other option because no one should have to do that type of thing by themselves.
Terabyte25, Female Member, Age 28
Central New Hampshire

When I first came to the site two and a half years ago, I was a "Manhater". Alex was the first to answer my post. He was so caring and thoughtful. Like he was really interested in listening to me and helping. He was concerned. I miss him very much.

I would read and read about the abuse that others were having in there lives. A lot of you were going through the same shit as me. A cheater. A yeller. A man who would knock you down by just looking at you.

You were there D.C., as was LL, Candyshopgirl, Summerbreeze, Lady, Chick. Well....you know who. We have all helped each other. You all have been a blessing to me. I know all I need to do when I feel down, is to log on. There you are. Waiting.

To all of you, it doesnt matter where or how I live. What I wear or what type of job I have. I always feel welcome.

I am very proud to be a "WomanSaver".Thank-you, Little Miss WomanSaver!

Judyl, WomanSaver Moderator
Revelwood, Oregon

This site is truly a haven.  I know I wouldnt be where I am now emotionally if I never came here last fall.  I too have to thank Little Miss WomanSaver from the bottom of my mended heart.

Slappy Squirrel, Female Member, Age 43
Scituate, Rhode Island

Its been just a bit over two years since my ex hubby and I got divorced. Since then I have been thru three relationships. Two of those ended in deceit and heartbreak for me. I came here a mere five months after my divorce as I felt I had no one who understood how I felt. It turned out there were... many, many , many women who knew how I felt. It started with me telling my story  and reading the heartfelt replies. After that my WomanSavers family was there to support me and sometimes to talk me out of many situations. Yet no matter what decision I made, they stood by me. Alexander was my first Womansavers man  to give me a different perception, and a great friend. I was also lucky enough to meet Lovelabyrinth who lives here in the St. Louis and whom has become one of my best friends. Without her, I may have gone nuts by now. I became a rep so that I could try to prevent others from going thru what I have. And now as this site has evolved, we are no longer "Manhaters," but WOMANSAVERS!

Recently I decided to leave my boyfriend of a year. I am to move out of our home this weekend. Two years ago, I would not have been strong enough to do this on my own. I have never lived alone and the idea is scary, but soooooo liberating. Finally after listening, but never hearing the people who love me say, "You have to be at peace with yourself before you can have a healthy relationship with someone else." I think maybe someone turned on my "hearing aids"    I finally hear it. I have to love me before I can possibly love anyone else.

To all of our new members who are just coming here. It takes time. Nothing will happen today, or next week, look into your future. Screw the people who care too much about the unimportant things in life. Take care of yourself and your future, let them worry about their own lives. My Aunt told me something the other night that I want to share with you. She said that once I have my life together and I am making it for me and my son, then I will attract the kind of men that also have their "shit" together. Until I do that I will keep attracting the same old losers. THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOO TRUE. Ladies, we deserve the best. I may be mean and bossy as one of my exs  told me as he broke up with me, but I am a strong and independent woman who can take care of myself. This is who I am.  If they dont like it, oh well.  I can make it without a man. And when its time, God will send me the man who is going to tolerate my mean and bossy attitude.

Thank you Little Miss Womansaver. This is one woman you have SAVED!

DC, WomanSavers Representative
Fenton, Missouri

I know Im not here as much as I used to be, but I do come in occasionally and read the MB and browse around, but in case I never said it, THANK YOU to Woman Savers.com for helping me through such a difficult time in my life...has it really been 6 months since that cheating SOB walked out on me & my kids?  I was so down & out and it felt like I would never pull myself out of the despair.  For those that are going through a similar situation, IT WILL GET BETTER!!  I promise.  Time really does heal all wounds.  

Life couldnt be better these days.  Im dating someone, my spirits are good and best of all, Im sitting back watching karma work its magic!  My ex & her (the one he was cheating on me with) couldnt be more miserable...they fight constantly, he moves out every other week, its like cartoons.  Its to the point where my kids refuse to spend their every other weekends with him anymore because of her and their constant fighting (and why should they have to see that bullshit?)  Im just so thankful that I got myself out of that situation and that now its her having to deal with the drama.  Im free...hes her problem now!

Anyways, this site is awesome...the advice that was given to me here is priceless!  I printed a lot of my posts & the responses and when I started feeling down or started to miss him, Id just pull those out & start reading and Id remember why it is I left him in the first place. Thank you Woman Savers for helping me to stay strong and finally get rid of that loser! 

from member: mightaswell69

What I think is that you are all very special to share your advice and your stories.....when I came here last week I was a total wreck...no one to talk to about my problems.  I cant express what every reply means..but the best I can do is its --


each post has a refreshing new piece of advice.  I get something from each one.  It has helped me through this CRAP. Thank you all.  I decided a few days ago that I couldnt swallow my so-called pride and just accept what my X had to offer.  I was hurt/humiliated and just plain heartbroken.  He made me feel old and ugly.  I still love him.  I forgive him for his weakness, but I have lost all respect for him and I pity him.  I dont want to be with a man I pity...its such A TURN OFF!  I do want a body to be with me, but not one that makes me feel inadequate.  I believe there is someone out there for us all.  WE JUST NEED TO KEEP LOOKING!  Bree.

46 Year Old Female Member
Michigan, USA

I want to say thank you to everyone on here. Im 37 and married for 18 years. I read a lot of the posts on here, and they are just like everything Ive felt and went through with my husband. He had me believing I was wrong and crazy to wonder why he had a password on his phone and why he wouldnt want me to meet his friends or why it was ok for him to go out clubing while I stayed home with the kids.

He's my first so I thought maybe he was right - that I was nosey! He said he didnt want me to meet his friends because while he was at work they would try to get with me.  I know now that was an excuse and he didn't want his friends to know me in case they would get mad at him and tell me things. Whenever his cell phone rang, he would go outside to talk. Boy, I must have been the most stupid person! Now I know after reading the posts on here that he was wrong, not me. Thank you all and thanks for this site.

Starlett68, St. Joe Missouri

Hi folks,
You know that people pay good money to vent and express their feelings to doctors who promote for continuous business and form a medical prospective only -- trying to text book categorize you. The participants of this site come from all over and from different perceptives and backgrounds. What a well rounded group -- full of REAL people. This is my very first time posting anything or chatting -- I value your response and feel for everyone who is looking for insight and has a story to tell. Please dont lessin the positive reasoning of this site -- it is good. I wish I had had this a while ago.
I need to express to each viewer and site participant that your support and open ears (even if you disagree) is quite nice in a really pathetic world where value is placed on deception and sex -- of all things!! People also pay for those two items. If you can buy substitute morals and integrity with money, its never really valuable. It's like buying a photocopy of a beautiful original piece of artwork. Well Im sure I am over my posting limit. If you get a chance read my story. I actually cut down on it alot. I just want to work through my thoughts and anger.
Thanks again.
"Skylark," Female, 43
Sykesville, Maryland

I would just like to say what a great site this is for providing support during what has been the most difficult time in my life. Those who read my last topic will know that I was in despair after finding out that my boyfriend of 6 yrs was cheating on me with a friend (who incidentely was also his ex). When I first found out, of course I displayed the usual emotions; hurt, rage, depression etc... I cried so much I didnt think I'd have any tears left. All this, and also having to put on a brave face in front of the children takes its toll. I couldnt eat or sleep and was constantly tortured by images of my boyfriend and his ex together.

To all those out there going through something similar, I would like to say you may not think it now but you will get your strength back. I am not fully restored, but I feel that Ive come out of the dark pit of despair when you first find out.

Yet again, thanks to all who gave me advice. I'ts nice to know that in a not so perfect world, there are still people who care.

Twinkle, 30 yr old Female member
Leeds, Great Britain

I got my stuff today. Thank you sooooo much. I love it. Thank you for this awesome website! I know I havent been a member even a full month yet but this has helped me so much! Its amazing how much better I feel just from coming here. I dont feel anywhere near as angry and bitter as I used to (despite my screen name). I just feel more cautious about men, I guess youd say.  Thanks again for this site and for all of my cool new stuff. YOU ROCK!!!!!

Summerh8sMen78, F, 26
Tennessee WomanSavers.com Representative

OK, here it goes.  I am NOT a poet by any means so read at your own risk...  (ha ha ha)

Little Miss WomanSaver loves us all
Were like her little orphans
She hates to see us fall
Shes a mother hen
Protecting her chicks
From the big cruel world
And men who are dicks

She adores animals, Fendi, Prada and the mall
But creating this site is her God-given call
Shes an angel sent from above
To spread her wisdom, most certainly her love

We are all so thankful for her good works
To save us from ourselves
And to help get over the jerks

We are all thankful for this site to express our feelings Reveal ourselves
And seek comfort if only for the night
She is all this and so much more
Beauty on the outside
And a heart we all adore.

Thank you ! Thank you LMWS.

Jen (Candyshopgirl)
Married Mother from CA, Age 27

Hello everyone! I am new to this site and I have to say I am very happy to have found it. What is incredible to me is that so many others are going through the same thing. "What is wrong with these men?" I too, have been cheated on by my husband and when you first find out you feel so alone....like you are the only one that it has ever happened to. It is nice to have a site like this to go to and vent your feelings and know someone else out there is understanding exactly how you feel. I know in my case I did not have many people to talk about it with and that is so hard. I love the area that shows cheating signs because they are exactly on the money. One thing I have learned to do is TRUST my intuition or "six sense" about things and I do not let my guard down. I love the saying "If I only knew what I know now" because I would have done and handled things very differently.  To my fellow WomanSavers...keep your heads up!!! :)

"Desert City Mom," Female Member, 33
Henderson, Nevada

I'm actually sitting here with tears in my eyes. To know that there are people out there who would take the trouble to read about my problem and to write a reply has moved me deeply.  Thank you both so much for your advice and I think it has just confirmed what deep inside I  was already beginning to realize.


I have been fortunate in my life that I have not met a man like this before.  Being in love or thinking that you are in love does make one feel very vulnerable - it opens you up and allows someone to get inside.  I guess we all have our personal armour that protects us and then one person like this can get inside your heart and mess you up.  And it hurts. 


I think I was on the brink of a deep dark canyon but I really feel that I am just about to take a step back into the sunshine.


Thank you both for being there.  You are very special people. xx


Posted by Female Member,  "Unsure," Age 45
San Diego, CA

South Carolina

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my boyfriend breaking up with me and totally sending me on a rollercoaster of emotions. I since have found out that he was seeing someone else behind my back, and now in front of my face.

Somewhere in between insult and injury, I grew a backbone and decided that being alone is better than being with a liar, a cheater, or someone that just doesn't know what they want. I can see things from a mile away now. I guess that I just really needed something to open my eyes to how some men can really be.

I just wanted to thank you guys again for all the advice that you hav given me, and from now on (since I have gotten my head a little more clear) I will be posting and trying to help others with some friendly or not so friendly advice. ( I learned to be brutally honest as well).

I don't agree with all of your opinions but your site has served me well.  It has given me the opportunity to self reflect and I have come out of this a better person in a strange sort of way.  My name is ******* and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I work at NYNY casino and hotel as a table games pit manager (boss). 

I think you are doing a service that is beneficial. I truly understand the time and effort it takes for you to do this. You have my respect. Good luck with your site.

JustaDad (male member)

I joined womansavers about 2 years ago when I found out my boyfriend of three years was cheating on me on and off with his ex. I vented and cried on these forums and got a lot of great advice. I took time to really evaluate my life and my goals. I realized I had been sidetracked for so long by someone who was pulling me down. I took care of me and when I finally felt ready to start dating again, I met someone who I wouldn't have considered my type 2 years ago. But as bad as I had it with my ex, I have it sooooo good now. This man respects me, really listens to me and takes an interest in my passions. He is kind, quiet, insightful, and very loving. The best way to describe the feeling is like a slow burning fire.....nothing flashy or explosive, just a warm, soothing, long-lasting kind of love and affection and security.

Anyway, karma's a bitch because all of the sudden my ex started texting me wanting to "reconnect." HA! The old me would have obsessed but the new me changed my number and that was that. So ladies, I wanna say, keep your heads up....being cheated on is one of the worst betrayals ever. But I firmly believe that women need to stop justifying a cheating man's behavior and make him deal with the consequences of his actions. Dump their asses without a second thought! Womansavers is great!

Sentiment (Female WomanSavers Member)
New York

Hello Everyone,

I had to stop in to say "hello" and tell you all how much I really appreciate your help when I was so far down. I read back over the postings I made back in 12/04 and cried all over again.

The main reason I signed on tonight was to tell tell you all thank you very much for being here for me when I needed you all so much.  I remember well how far down I had gone.  I thought I was stronger than that but I guess what you love so deeply can hurt you the deepest as well.

Good luck to you all and I pray that your hearts are forever happy and full of love! I will never forget your kindness in my time of need.

Shegirl, WomanSaver Member

It was a great night and I only wish that LMWS could have seen it. The response from everyone who saw us was awesome. I am totally out of everything.  The night was great. We started off at a little night club where a friend of mine is the DJ. As soon as we all walked into the door, I gave out so many WomanSavers.com business cards and bumper stickers, that I am in need of more. The girls all wanted to know how to "Research and Rate B4 U Date. It was hillarious! We also went to OZ, a nightclub in east St. Louis (Illinois side of the river) We got in for free and the DJ (same guy from the other club) was spinning from 2-6 am. He announced that the girls representing WomanSavers.com were in the club.

I love being a Rep for WomanSavers.com! Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

Submitted by DamageControl
St. Louis, Missouri WomanSavers.com Rep


It's always great to hear from the creators of things just how they got the start or idea.  Although things often happen in a shitty way sometimes, it shows everyone that something good can usually come out of something bad.  Thank you so much for this site.  It's been an amazing tool to many people and to me alone.  I've loved this site ever since I heard about it and found it.  Thanks for everything LMWS.  It's been a great experience and a great stress release.

Michelle Wilder, Lowville, NY Womansavers.com Rep

I wanted to say "thanks" to everyone on this site!  You all have been wonderful.  Before I even began posting about my own situation or responding to others, I would read the threads and I learned so much from all the women and men on here.  That's when I decided to join.  It has really been such an encouragement to see so many people come out of situations like mine and many situations much worse than anything I could imagine ever going through.  You all are so strong and I really admire each one of you.  The message board has been a way for me to vent and seek encouragement.  It's hard for me to talk about things with people I am close to, but I am able to on this site. You all rock!

Submitted by Lady1981, South Carolina, USA

This site is exactly what everyone has said about it. It's addicting to be honest. It's just really great to have people out there who don't even really know you at all give you the time of day to help someone out whose going through tough times. I'm amazed by the advice I get sometimes. I don't always follow through with what I should...but I swear, some of the members here are better than some of the therapists I've seen. No joke.

Submitted by Dazed Star, WomanSaver Member



I just got on to womansavers.com. I wanted to tell you not to let jerk guys get to you, because these things tend to work themselves out (and what goes around comes around). I know from personal experience because I used to treat women really horribly- as though they were objects. That is until three years ago, when I was actually diagnosed with penile cancer. Im healthy now but I had to have surgery, removing the organ to stop the spread of cancer. So dont worry about getting revenge or whatever, because guys who act like this will eventually get whats coming to them somehow.


Well anyway good luck and I hope that things go well.

Mike G.

I love it, I love it! LMWS, you have done so many new things to the site and I love every bit of it.  This truly is the best site in the world.  I know that everyone has not heard from me in a while but I have been kinda busy-but I am back and here to STAY.... GOSH I LOVE THIS SITE AND SO DO MY FRIENDS.


Darla, Canada WomanSaver's Representative

Count me in on the giving kudos to LMWS.  Great job!!!  You probably will never know how many people you haved helped.

I find the only good thing about dating is providing friends with amusing stories about single freaks.

I am happy I found this place!!! :)

Krismiss, Pennsylvania WomanSaver's Rep
(Female Journalist)

Bravo Littlemisswomansaver,
Some people only talk about what's wrong, but you do something about it.  Did I ever tell you that you're my hero, because you make the world a better place for so many?

I should probably say it more often but I think that the people here are some of the bravest I've ever meet because they are reaching deep down to find strengths they never thought they had.

Thank you.
Steven (Frequent Male Poster & Law School Student)
Arkansas, USA

From CheatersSuck, Utah Male Member &
Chelsea Buns, Canadian Female Member

(Both had been cheated on, met on WomanSavers.com and developed a very deep friendship.)

Your ideas are wonderful and each day you make the site better and better.  Keep it up!

(New Jersey WomanSaver's Representative)

Hi - Well, I am happy that you have created this website so hot headed people like me can get even in a safe, lawful way. I feel better. You also need a site for having my head examined! Thank you for the very useful public service.

Chef Kate
Pennsylvania WomanSaver's Representative

My wife works at a search directory so she sees junky sites a lot, and it means quite a bit that she likes this one.

While I am myself a man, I too hate them and my wife does as well :)

- Charlie

I've just recently joined and I never expected it to be like this! It's great to be able to speak to people who are on my wave length and be able to get some advice.  After all, love and relationships can be the start and unfortunately the end of lives.  I look forward to discussing and debating with you all.

WomanSavers Member

I think the ecards are funny.  You did a good job.  lol
Nashville, TN

Hi Little Miss,
I lovee the e-cards soooo much on this site.  Wow, so excellent.

Signed 2lostsouls

Hello Everyone!

This doesnt have to do with anything directly relating to relationships. I just wanted to take the time to give thanks for this website. It seems that every day, something is new, and better. Regardless of the haterz...( the bashers who come here and say we are lesbians, we hate men..blah blah blah) This web site is great for the broken hearted, female and male.

Since I have been a member, I have noticed the overwhelming concern for one another. When I really needed an opinion or advice, I got truthful replies with out judgement. I thank you!

I also want to give a thanks to the guys on this site. Wire and Steve and the others. You have helped me a lot. It's good to always get a guy's point of view without embarassment. You guys ROCK!

Once again...Thank you for the web site. It's looking better everyday!!

Freakadistik, WomanSavers Member

I just wanted to say that from a minority (a man) on this site, I think this is an awesome site  :)  All of you have helped me (with helpful advice) and my friends and I know that this site is going to grow & be very prominent on the web. I am a married, loyal, faithful, kind & caring guy and reading about the way these guys treat all of you women is sickening!

You go girls, spill the beans on all these LOSERS because they deserve it (I know all the pain & heartache my friend went through years ago when all she did was love and care about someone & he lied, cheated & played her) so I hope to god he gets what he deserves & someone he cares about does that to him.....I truly believe "What comes around goes around." 

Anonymous Male

This is a great site, and I just happened upon it by accident. I was working on the most boring paper imaginable and typing in random phrases into Google. The best thing I like about this site is the strong people who frequent it. Everyone here has a story. It's like group therapy.  :)  :applause:

Arkcharger, Male WomanSavers Member

Just want to say THANKS for this awesome website.  I've been a member for a little bit and have to say this rocks! This is the place to vent, get advice and best of all report those fu*king rat bastards who done did us wrong (this includes those skanky whore b*tches too). 

Thank you WomanSavers.com
"Bamboo," WomanSavers Member

Hey Little Miss,
This is Chelsea Buns. I saw a post from someone on your site and was also interested in helping. This site has helped me so much that I think other people in Vancouver, B.C. should be aware. What can I do to help?
Chelsea Buns

Little Miss WomanSaver,
Hey. This is Sarena. I would love to be a representative of WomanSavers. I think the site is great and I have told all my friends about it. I was the one you had to help get started because of all the techinical difficulties. It was was right around the Madonna concert in Las Vegas. I won't take up much more of your time. Thanks for all the great work you do.
Sincerely,                                                           Sarena
Alabama, USA

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