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  Posted: 4/21/2008 7:02 AM Subject: HIV?
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Female Member
Age: 34

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new york
New York
United States
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I have heard that HIV has to be in your system for 6 months before it will show up on a test.  Is this true?  Somone I have been dating went inside me without a condom with out me knowing, and he has had MANY partners.  After I questioned him about it he got violently angry with me and is unwilling to get tested.  This is someone who used to be willing to do anything for me, now, he takes money from me yells at me and tells me no one will ever love me,  I think he is right and I am scared that he may have givin me HIV.  When can I check?

The Beth
  Posted: 4/24/2008 4:54 PM Subject: HIV?
WomanSaver Lurker
Female Member
Age: 29

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United States
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Girlfriend...get tested.  I will when I go for my annual. 

AND DITCH THIS A-HOLE!  It‘s better to be alone than in bad company!

Good luck.

  Posted: 4/27/2008 3:14 PM Subject: HIV?
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Male Member
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Los Angeles
United States
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Most people will seroconvert once exposed around a month or so. The classic "window period" is 3-6 months. Get tested now, to see what your results are. Get tested again in three months, and again in six months. If by the six month mark, you still do not have a positive HIV result, then you can be fairly confident you do not have the virus.

  Posted: 4/23/2009 10:44 AM Subject: HIV?
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Female Member
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In a Dark Castle
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caresbegone wrote:
Wow! I really hope you do not! I will be here for you if you do! No one person should ever have that! I am 38 and single for 3 years. Now, in a relationship for 1 1/2 years no condom with this guy. I trust him to a limit. But, that fear has always haunted me. My ex-husband and I used condoms for 17 years. I have been tested every year when I was single before my boyfriend. Love is a funny thing. If I trusted my fears I would live in fear. But if I dont use a condom with him where does that get me? We have threesomes sometimes. Follow my posts. Or, choice to go with your inter feelings. I love all the women here and I feel their pain. You guide your life, we just supply the ammo to get through it.Ever see the movie with Robin Williams in it? It was the dream movie. Trust your instincts. Dont hate yourself for mistakes. Or, better yet, get winspy.It has helped met out girl.......

Hmmm...you say you trust him TO A LIMIT, yet you dont use condoms & have 3-somes? One moment you say youd live in fear if you trusted your fears, then you say to trust your instincts?  You are a very confused & confusing woman!

I say - trust your gut. If something doesnt seem right, it probably isnt.

Not to hijack but....this is for Dawn & the woman I quoted here:

Unless they guy you were with was an IV drug user, bi, gay, or a male prostitute, Id be more worried about HPV than HIV.

HPV = human papilloma virus. The low-risk kind causes warts, and most guys will know if they have warts (but not always). The high-risk kind, which doesnt cause warts & has NO symptoms in men, CAN cause cervical & other cancers in women.

At this point in time, men cant be tested for HPV. Women can, and usually if your pap comes back with abnormal cels, the lab will run a test for HPV.

Might as well get an HPV test while youre at it, altho the virus can lay dormant for YEARS before rearing its ugly head.

Any woman who has sex without a condom puts herself at risk for HPV. If you have sex with more than one partner, you are compounding the risk. But even condoms cannot completely remove the risk of HPV.

I agree with he other gals, dump the loser BF. If he acts like that & wont get tested, hes not good enough for you.



Kitty Kitty
  Posted: 7/8/2009 10:08 AM Subject: HIV?
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Female Member
Age: 29

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The Windy City USA
United States
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Are you serious? You wouldn‘t feel this way if it were you in the situation. Not everyone affected by HIV and a slut. And if you want to be taken seriously while being mean and nasty learn how to spell.

I won‘t even address you by "your disgusting name"


  Posted: 5/20/2010 6:50 AM Subject: HIV?
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Female Member
Age: 31

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Great Britain
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Hi, stop stressing and go get the test, they will arrange for you to go back for another one in 3-6 months to double check.

Also, your partner totally disrespected you so get rid of him


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