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cheating men

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Joined: 9/1/2003  0:003
City: San Jose
Country: Costa Rica
Website: www.womansavers.com, www.myspace.com/womansaversdotcom, womansavers.org
Occupation: Webmistress
Age: 69
Interests: I get satisfaction from helping women and men heal & prevent pain caused by being involved with an abusive, cheating and/or lying partner. My goal is to change the way the next generation of women deal with men by making better, safer and more informed decisions by networking together and sharing their experiences. A portion of proceeds arm a much better skier, tennis level 3.5, scuba diving certified Advanced, Rescue & Nitrox, waterskiing and playing with my dogs and cats. I recently took up golf and even though I have the coolest Callaway Clubs, it can`t cover up the fact that I really suck & have yet to par a hole. I`ve traveled to over 37 countries and ive put my heart and soul into it! oh, and if you don`t like the site, please move on quietly to another site. That`s the beauty of the internet, there`s something for everyone! To each their own. Hope to see you on the message board. Enjoy! Little Miss Womansaver, Site Creator 2002
Total Posts: 827
last post: 6/18/2012  10:59AM
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