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cheating men

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  Posted: 6/2/2006 8:48 PM Subject: How to Warn Others?
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Any ideas on different ways we can warn other women about the cheater and/or abuser? I have contacted a number of women and most were very grateful to be warned. Some were physically safe, not sexually involved while others had to be tested.

I am concerned I have not done enough but am aware that if I don‘t present properly people won‘t listen. I know this because another woman my ex cheated on had called all the same women and more people and no one listened to her. They even lied and denied knowing him believing she sounded strange and suspicious.

Feel free to share ideas.

  Posted: 6/2/2006 9:08 PM Subject: How to Warn Others?
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Go to the blog (click on PEOPLE on the Yellow Bar above and then BLOG TODAY)

on the right is a list of links under PAYBACK & REVENGE where you can post the cheater everywhere and anywhere.

and start telling ANY woman you know - if they meet a new guy - to AT LEAST run his name and internet nickname(s) through 2-3 search engines and read EVERY SINGLE HIT before investing time and energy in someone.


also on the Blog are "PERSONAL PAYBACK SITES" that some scorned partner made for their cheater/abuser - you can start a free site (be careful about posting too much of the cheater‘s personal information, like address, phone, email or SS# - you could be sued) but you can list their name, pictures and tell your story.  The sites on the blog will probably give you some good ideas....  


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