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cheating men

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  Posted: 2/10/2011 10:59 AM Subject: Should I confront the other woman ?
New WomanSaver
Female Member
Age: 51

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motorcycle valley
United States
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I recently was on my husbands computer because I was looking for some family photos that he had taken with his camera , as I was searching  I came across a file that said favorites when I opened it I found a picture of a woman spread eagle in a vehicle I nearly fell to the floor !!! As i keep looking at it I finally realized it was my personal vehicle ! The woman was totally naked from the waist down ! That night I acted like nothing was wrong and nothing was going on . As bed time came and he was fast asleep I searched  through his phone and found the same picture in his cell phone and also a video of the same women ..but one problem I could not play the video because it would not let me . I could see what she was wearing she had on a black bra and black fishnet pantyhose . That day when I confronted him he told me that  his friend sent him that picture ...what a liar !!! I knew it was my vehicle because of 2 certain things that showed on the picture . I also asked him about the video he kept telling me what video ? I don‘t know what you are taking about ? Somehow  the next day it was erased ...! I asked him who she was but he finally semi confessed and told me that she was just a pick up and drop off and he did not know where to find her again ! Double liar ..it drove me crazy...I could not believe he had a woman in my vehicle like that . I did some research  on his droid cell phone that night and little did he know that when you take pictures of places or people and are there more than 30 min it will log in the location and mark the date as well as the time  too ! Well it marked a address  but he does not know about this  ...now should I confront the other woman and what if she is married ? What to do ?I just wanna ask her how long has this been going on?..And to boot she is 30 ish and my husband is 49yrs old what is up with that ?

  Posted: 2/13/2011 8:36 AM Subject: Should I confront the other woman ?
WomanSaver MoFo
Female Member
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Women and Cats
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Sure, confront the other woman, but you probably will not get answers.  Your husband needs to answer your questions.  He is the one who choose to cheat.

  Posted: 2/17/2011 9:19 AM Subject: Should I confront the other woman ?
WomanSaver Lurker
Female Member
Age: 37

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tiny town
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Have you confronted her yet? What do you hope to get from that confrontation? She will likely not tell you the truth, but you might get some answers. Are you going to do it just to make sure that "she knows that you know" and she did not get off scott free? This might make you feel better, even if only temporarily, but beprepared that it could possibly make you feel worse, depending on what you find out or what she tells you.

  Posted: 10/15/2011 8:34 PM Subject: Should I confront the other woman ?
New WomanSaver
Female Member
Age: 45

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United States
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no, you need to confront HIM.  He is the one who cheated on you and made vows to YOU....she didn‘t.

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