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Dating Disasters

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5 Dating Disasters to Avoid
5 Dating Disasters to Avoid

Dating is a difficult task. While it's supposed to be fun, it often comes out more like work. Everyone has had a bad date before and if you've been in the scene long enough you probably have a long string of complete dating disasters you can look back on.

Here are 5 dating disasters to avoid from the get-go:

1. Mr. Full-of-Himself: You know who I'm talking about here, the guy who's always staring at himself in the mirror, takes more time to get ready before a date than you do and is completely obsessed with himself. He talks about himself all the time and he rarely even looks at you. He may have chosen you as his date simply because you make him look better. Steer clear of this guy. He's bad news. While he may look good, there is no depth to his character and with all that preening of himself, he will have little time for you.

2. Mr. Let's-Get-Married: This guy is totally into you on the first date. He will lean in close to you, tell you all the things you've always wanted to hear, gaze deeply into your eyes and profess he's found his one true love. Mo matter how nice it seems at first, if a guy is ready to marry you on the first date, there's likely something wrong. He may have emotional or psychological problems that you're not ready to deal with. Perhaps he's looking for someone he can easily use. Be cautious if he's coming on too strong, too soon.

3. Mr. I- Don't-Know: A man who is indecisive can be a problem as well. It's nice if he's thinking about you and your needs first but when he can't make a single, simple decision on his own, you know to watch out. If he asks you what he should eat, what he should drink and he answers every question with "I don't know" then you'll be in for a long road if you continue to see this guy. Just get out while you're ahead.

4. Mr. Addicted: It should go without saying yet so many women are still making this mistake. Avoid the man with an addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, porn, etc. If he's addicted to something, there's no room in his life for you. Don't think you can change him and don't believe him when he promises he'll stop.

5. Mr. I'm-Going-to-Change-You: If your date starts off trying to change you or convert you, run for the hills. You need to be with a man who loves, accepts and appreciates you for who you are, not one who tries to make you what he wants you to be. If he's controlling or demanding on the first date, can you imagine what a life with him would be like?

If you find yourself on a first date with one of the above, get out early and politely call it a last date. Don't think you can change him, don't make excuses and don't think you can "deal with it". These guys are all the kind of trouble you don't need. Move on and find a man that you really deserve.

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